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This is the episode that made me a Rogan fan. I appreciate everything you have been doing. I watched a few episodes during Covid. Then when they tried to cancel you I organized a unity action for everyone on telegram to email Spotify and demand they stand for freedom of speech. Stay strong and stay true to you.





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As long as we want man. No, no, no. Here we go. Four, three, two, yes, Alex Jones. We're live. Wow, it's good to be back for the second visit. It's good to be here man. It's good to see you. We've got Trump meeting with Kim Jong Un. We've got the Cohen hearings in Congress. A lot of energy going on. A lot of things are happening. Planets are aligned. We should tell everybody that you and I had, well first of all we had a long conversation on the phone which led to just a lot of talking about things. You were driving to Vegas a few weeks ago. We talked like an hour and a half. And then we decided to do another podcast and we cleared the air on the phone. We decided to clear the air more on a podcast. There's a lot of things going on. I told you a long time ago that I would have you back on and in the interest of being completely honest there was, I was hesitant to do it not because I didn't want to talk to you but because of just the amount of bullshit that I get from people that get angry that you and I are friends. Why give that guy a platform? That's the big one. Why give that guy a platform? That's the big one. But you and I have always had a good time together. We've always had fun together. Our only problems have always been when we're not, like if you're talking about me or if I'm talking about you, not if we're talking to each other. The distance has been the problem. It's the telephone. The lack of communication. The lack of communication has been the problem. The thing that people are upset about you, the thing that we wanted to talk about quick to get it over with, or not quick but just to get it up front. That's the best way to do it. Or to be misrepresented. Yes. Is the Sandy Hooks. Yes. Yeah. So your take on it, just give me your take on it. Well first off, because it's always misrepresented, I believe mass shootings happen and they're real tragedies. And I believe Parkland happened. And you believe Sandy Hook happened. Absolutely. And now, just last year, the media came out and said, Alex Jones says Parkland didn't happen and he's sending people to Parkland parents' houses. And there was no video, no audio, it wasn't true. In fact, I said I believe Parkland happened. So I'm not going to be the mass shooting denial guy. I have been branded as the Sandy Hook guy. I mean, imagine a Final Cut Pro video editing timeline. And you go back almost, it was seven years ago, I guess it's more than seven years now, and the internet didn't believe some of the things about Sandy Hook. I started covering it weeks after, my first articles and things are, oh, this will be used for gun control and I bet the guy's on Prozac and a mental patient, which he was. Of course. But then about a couple weeks into it, my listeners and others start sending me all these anomalies and things and later it turned out some of those anomalies weren't accurate. And then I just moved on from it. Okay. I mean, I'm not Adam Lanza. I didn't kill those kids. But when I'm on the streets now, people don't know who Adam Lanza is, the guy that killed those kids. They think it's me. They say, I can't believe you're not in prison for what you did to Sandy Hook. All they know is Alex Jones, Sandy Hook, dead kids. So. Well, I don't think that's, I think the majority of them are angry because the narrative has been that you're sending people to these Sandy Hook family's homes. Exactly. And I'm not, and I never have. That you're responsible for these people getting harassed because you said on your radio show that it wasn't real. Yes. There is video and audio of me saying I can see how people don't think it happened and I can see how people think it's synthetic because there's been stage events before that then gets edited, put together, cobbled together. But I never said go to people's houses. I never said go investigate. Did you ever say that you think it's not real? Yes, I did. But now you do think it's real because I learned some of the anomalies were not accurate. That's a problem with all this conspiracy shit, right? Because the conspiracy theory stuff, the people that want to believe, they believe in conspiracies with everything. And I think there's a certain percent, and we talked about this just a few minutes ago. Yeah, when I started getting accused four years ago, a couple of years into it, and I said, no, I think it happened. Then people that I had interviewed and things started saying, he's involved. He's one of them. Because you are now saying that it happened, they thought that you had been compromised. Yes. And then I was realizing, oh. This is how it worked. Certain percentage of people are schizophrenic. Exactly. And then they just think everything's a conspiracy. Well, this is the thing about conspiracies. It's very attractive to people that are schizophrenic. Schizophrenic people think everything's a fucking conspiracy from top to bottom. Every single interaction that people have is some sort of a stage event that's trying to take them down or control this or mind control that. That's a big factor in a lot of this conspiracy theory shit is mental illness. When I started to have people come to the office saying that I'm Beau Bridges or that I'm Jeff Bridges or that I am Bill Hicks and people in restaurants screaming, F you, Bill, we know it's you. It's kind of like Dan Ratter, the guy threatening me. What's the signal, Dan? What's the signal? What I've experienced now, the quote, fame of being super famous, being the conspiracy guy. I was legitimately questioning things because of Gulf of Tonkin, Northwoods, things that really happened. Babies that weren't thrown on incubators against the Iraq war. But I kind of realized a few years ago that I kind of had my own mild psychosis in that when you've been lied to by the media and the culture so much over and over again, everything then starts becoming automatically, you're sure it's fake. And then everything you see fits into that. This is probably, again, four or five years ago, I began to realize because I was on the receiving end of people pulling up in white vans with guns at my office saying, I know you put a microchip in my head and I'm going to kill you. And so it was kind of like once I got super famous, it was like, whoa. There's a certain percentage of people that are way off on the spectrum where they believe everything's fake. And then there's people that believe everything they hear is true. I mean, you should be questioning, you should have the right to do it, but it's somewhere in the middle. And so this one I'll say about Sandy Hook. I legitimately questioned it when people brought up anomalies. I then had debates about it on both sides. The internet pushed me to keep covering it. I probably covered it 20 times in the first few years it happened. And then as soon as I questioned it, not being staged, I got attacked so much that I said, screw it. Mass shootings happen. I believe it happened. But then media would call me or interview me and say, okay, but tell us the anomalies of why you questioned. They were getting me to say it again. Not that I didn't have the right to question it, but they thought, well, Alex Jones versus dead kids, Alex Jones denying it. Alex Jones are asking families. This is a perfect way to get this guy who's so popular and getting people to question and getting people to think. And so it took me years. I think I'm smart. I guess I'm not to figure out what was going on. So when Hillary a few months before the election gives this huge speech, it says Alex Jones is a dark heart. He knows Sandy Hook kids died, but he says they didn't and he sends people to their houses. He's the worst guy in the world. So I came out and I said, listen, I never sent anybody to the houses, but I apologize for taking out a context. People have a right to question, but I'm sorry for the families and I'm sorry for your hurt and I get it. And I've experienced crazy people now big time, just like you have. Please stop saying that I'm saying it didn't happen. Please stop saying I'm sending people to people's houses because here's what happens when they put it on every major TV channel, local TV channels, radio. I mean, thousands of articles that then get syndicated. If I said a hundred thousand articles, that's a low number. The amount of Sandy Hook coverage against me has been so insane and so huge because it's supposed to be the first domino that once I'm taken down, then all the dominoes fall. Well, it's also click bait. There's also a thing if you say Alex Jones, Sandy Hook, and you put in a title, a certain amount of people are just going to click on it. Alex Jones is still pushing a Sandy Hook conspiracy theories, one that I saw just two days ago. Exactly. So, so this is the point I've gotten to is here's the key. They then they say more people are showing up in Connecticut, more people are coming to their houses, which they are because the media is all over the news saying there's a big conspiracy here. Alex Jones says it doesn't happen. And so people then hear it and they think, oh, you know, it's like looking for the moth man or something. They're all running up there and the media is saying it in my name. And I'm saying, no, I believe it happened years ago. And so then I'm getting the blame and the attacks and the demonization and the threats for what the corporate media is saying over and over again, that I'm saying that it didn't happen. And the families are getting the threats and the families are getting the attacks and the families are getting called crisis actors. Yes. And then it gets even worse. Did you see something different? Oh my God, in hindsight, absolutely. But again, I legitimately didn't think my show was as powerful as it was so that I wasn't retrospectively looking at everything I was doing as much as I should. Nobody's perfect. As you get older, you grow and you learn things. But I just began to realize about three years ago that they're making my identity, not being a nationalist, not being a populist, not being a free market guy. They're making my whole identity Sandy Hook. And I didn't know they were going to sue me then. Well, it's just because that's what gets clicks. Yes. But then, but then before I ever got sued, I said, I believe Sandy Hook happened. This is not my identity. I barely ever covered it. Stop. Right. But you understand that's not what they're doing. That is weakness. It made it even worse. They're not trying to make your identity. They're not trying to define you or do some sort of a documentary, a biography on your life. They're just finding something that people want to pay attention to. This is one of the problems with news coverage today, is that they find things that people want to pay attention to and they focus on them out of proportionate. I agree. And then they say that I'm making money off Sandy Hook when the newspapers and the publishing houses are using me as a way to put out that incendiary hurtful thing. Well, it's also to be hurtful. I didn't mean to be in senior. I was legitimately questioning as the Internet was asking a bunch of other state stuff. And then I say, hey, take it back. Don't do it. And they go, no, we're going to commit this hurtful thing that's still free speech, but it's hurtful in your frickin name. And that's what I'm saying. I'm the victim here. I'm saying stop it because everything they do about the platforming me, the biggest frustration is I still have my huge audience and radio stations and, you know, info wars dot com and news wars dot com. But reaching new people is very hard. And then now that I've been silenced, the mainstream media can say whatever they want, Joe, about you, about me. And I can't respond. I mean, you can go to YouTube and type in Alex Jones. Well, this is where you and I have this problem. And all of it's the negative stuff. And there's one that says white supremacy and Alex Jones. And you click on it. It's a famous British actor and author saying, Alex Jones says, kill the families of, of Parkland parents. And I actually have lawyers getting ready to file suit over this. I warned the guy, I sent letters. He didn't take it down. I have to. You can pull up this famous British actor. I forget his name. You can pull up just type in Alex Jones to YouTube. All the mean stuff's put up on top. It's like the seventh, eighth link. And it says Alex Jones and white supremacy, what to do about it. And he says, Alex Jones and the white supremacists are saying go to the people's houses at Parkland and kill the parents. And we have to take him off the air because he says, kill the parents. There's no free speech for killing parents. And I'm like, dude, do not say that. I'm going to get killed. I mean, I have never said nobody died at Parkland. I sure as hell didn't say kill their parents. So now, you talk about fake news. They have green lighted making anything you can imagine up about me. And it's like insane. And that's all I'm saying is, is that at a certain point, it's like Jesus. Again, let's, let's take this step by step. I'm sorry. Okay. Listen, this is what we want to give you an opportunity to communicate and clear the air and talk and some of the shit that you and I talked about earlier. There's a bunch of things going on. One there's, it's a story that attracts people's attention, right? A story of a guy who's saying that people didn't get killed when they did get killed. And it's horrific for people to look at. It's horrific to people to think about that their own children will not only get murdered, but then someone would accuse them of being a crisis actor. So then they start pushing that story and that story becomes something that they make money off of, which is really in some ways kind of ironic. They keep this story in the news and they keep getting clicks off of you and misrepresenting some of the things that you've said. Yes. And some of the things that you said you wish you hadn't said. Absolutely. That's also real. But, but, but, I mean, let's be clear. I'm not even defending myself. People learn stuff as you get older hindsight. You're like, well, why did I do that? Like I used to, whatever was the big hot thing on the internet, I would just debate it because it was interesting. But this is what I wanted to get to. You, you were doing this show and in the show you're on the air hours and hours a day and you're ranting about all these various things. Is this, is it fair to say that you weren't really a hundred percent aware of what kind of influence you were having? Absolutely. You did know you would have phrased things differently and done things differently. You know, it's even beyond that. I was just younger and, and I was covering what other people were saying. I was not the first, the 10th, the hundredth, the 10,000th. You were reading about it on the internet. It was a firestorm all over the news that people are denying it. And I've got producers going, hey, look at this video. But isn't that the problem with every single national tragedy? Anytime something happens, there's a certain amount of people that think that there's a conspiracy, even when it's just a plane crash, even when it's just, fill in the blanks, any sort of national tragedy. Well, exactly. And all I'm saying is Sandy Hook's not the hill I'm dying on. I support people's right to question and I understand because there's been so much lying in corporate media and by governments and, and, and staged events that are admitted and declassified that once people see that one thing was staged, then everything else must be staged. And then I have been on the receiving end of literally thousands of made up conspiracies, which you laugh at until people in a truck with guns show up. And so I understand part of this is the complex world we live in, all the information we have more than ever. And a lot of it is all the drugs people are on. And it's just a lot of it is schizophrenics. This is a big problem. We were talking about the percentage of human beings. Half of Brazil has the brain worm that makes you basically psychotic. Well, it doesn't make you psychotic. It makes you risk taking crazy. It affects your judgment. This is toxic. It programs you to want to have more cats, smell piss. Yes. Well, it definitely does that to rats. It actually reprograms rats brains, makes them sexually attractive. And there's a bunch of parasites. Yes. There's a bunch of them and there's some that probably haven't even been identified. That's where the whole crazy cat lady thing comes from. Yes. That's what it is. It's one of the reasons why they tell women when they're pregnant to stay the fuck away from cat litter. Don't touch cat litter. Don't get only your cats. Yes. I mean, it's, it can be actually fatal for babies. But what I'm trying to get at is when they said, kill the damn cats. Well, I'm sure there's a lot of factors there, right? See the old wives tales were like, you get demon possessed by that cat and really it's a damn brain worm. Well, that's probably also why they told you not to eat porn. That's a real brain worm programming you. Like you were saying earlier, it's true. I looked at it's true. I didn't even know that. Yeah. What's the biggest level of brain worm infestation? Well, it's, there's a disproportionate amount of people that live in countries where the high toxoplasmosis infection with successful soccer teams. There was some study that was done on that where we had a Dr. Robert Sapolsky. Sure. Well, like women that have it or more sexually promiscuous. Yes. That they just, it's, it's recklessness. Yes. And they think the men are more reckless and that's why there's a disproportionate amount of motorcycle victims that test positive for toxoplasmosis. This is where Robert Sapolsky at a Stanford university was telling us. Is there a way to remove? I don't think there is. There's a brain worm, yeah. I don't think there is. Well, you know, there's like snails that get a brain worm that programs and go to the top of a tree. So birds eat it. Yeah. And then, and then it's crapped out and the snails eat that and then go, and it's a food cycle. Yes. Yes. So how, don't tell me in classic evolution and I'm also believe the interpretation by, by right wingers of the Bible. That's not what it says. I mean, obviously evolution happens in big quick jumps, but we know what's going on. But the idea that just there's worms and there's all these different, well, what you're talking about, the one that gets into a grasshopper. The aquatic worm, the aquatic worm gets inside of a grasshopper's body and gets the grasshopper to commit suicide, gets a grasshopper to jump into water and drown. And then it comes out of its body and that's where it lives. It lives in the water. So it literally gets its host to commit suicide. So how did that chain of events, how does that evolve where suddenly a worm gets in a grasshopper and does something a supercomputer couldn't do? It programs to drown itself. Well, this is a matter of complex biology. I think it's insanely complex and it's something that scientists are studying on a daily basis. We're going to get to that coming up because I'm going to, because I don't want to just talk about me all day and I appreciate you having me on here to do it. And I know I don't have a talking point. I don't have a PR firm. You know, we even talked before we went on air about what am I going to, you know, I mean, Alex, what do you want to say today so you can help me get it out? I don't know. I'm only, I want to say a bunch of things. I'm only learning how this works, being in the process of it. It's giving me a much bigger view than I knew 23 years ago when I first got on air because I've experienced what other people have said these bad things I did experience. I did it from a good heart. I believe questioning was okay. I was covering other people questioning, but then there's a weird sick irony in the media that says that I'm the one that pre-generated. Sandy Hook didn't happen when I wasn't to that in my name, popularize it to a level of like they've put out more Sandy Hook propaganda against me. This is key than before you invade a major country. I mean, this has been going on for years, every day, the news, the print, no one died at Sandy Hook. Alex Shone says, Alex Shone says, go to their houses and hurt them. What the hell is it for? It goes on and on and on and on. Well, you're thinking this because it's about you. So because it's about you, it becomes a primary point of focus because it's affecting your life and it's something that you're concentrating on. But the volume is massive. It is volume is massive. Because it's something that generates interest. This is part of the problem with the way we do news today, anything that generates interest. I mean, honestly, if the media really cared, they probably would have never talked about it. They probably would have never brought it up. We had real terror attacks in the 60s and 70s that weren't staged. If you go back and look at them, like the weathermen and all that stuff and the government, the media didn't cover it. Well, this is a long time ago. But they didn't cover it because it gives, if you cover terrorists, they do it more. Right. That's true. I was agreeing with you. Yeah. Okay. That's true. In other countries, they don't print the name of mass shooters in the newspaper because they don't want people to get attention for that. I mean, some different countries have different philosophies on this. All I want to say is, Joe, I genuinely, I've known you 20 years, or since like 1998, 1999, I genuinely really am trying to find the truth. And I realized that once I saw a bunch of declassified staged events like Northwoods or like Gladio or like Gulf of Tonkin or or or Jesse Smollett. I mean, I couldn't help it. I knew he'd probably sue me the day after it happened. I said, the guy's got a noose around his neck at 2 a.m. in Chicago. Who the fuck has a noose in Chicago? Who's walking around with a noose? Who even knows how to write? Who knows how to make a noose? Like who and the cops show up 40 something minutes later and he's at the door with a noose around his neck. Yeah. I mean, so I said, it's fake. Yeah, but I said, that's what I said. Sue me, destroy me. It's fake. I can't help it. But see, the problem is that's the that's where the psychosis comes in because if you, if you're a little kid, because I've been reading more about psychology, trying to understand this stuff. If you're a little kid and somebody with red hair beats you and tortured you, a man with red hair, I'm just a hypothetical. You're going to not like guys with red hair. So it's kind of like, or if you've been lied to as a kid later, that's what creates mental illness later. Right. And the media and the corporate system and seeing all these fake hoaxes and, you know, the fake stuff about Kavanaugh and the face of the covenant kids and the face of a small it she that's now the public actually here's what's happened. I'm getting huge backlash and small it. It's not it's not. Wait a minute. Who's giving you backlash? Listers and the public are like, hey, small it's fake. The covenant kids are fake. Bela Z Ford and most these women said it was all fake. So why are you saying Sandy Hook's real? Everything's fake. No, dude, everything's not fake. That's what I'm saying is the differential is gone. And so, yeah, there's a bunch of fake stuff and we have a right to question it. But now, now then now the general public, my fans believe everything's fake. But let me stop you there. I'm ranting. I just can't. It's okay. I want you to rant this. But this is this is the nature of the beast. This is what you're selling to a lot of these people. This is why they're tuning into you. They want to hear you uncover conspiracies and some of them aren't as bright as others. And some of them can't see logic. They don't see it. They don't understand. That's what I'm saying. I'm legitimately questioning. I don't just think everything's fake. I know you don't. Listen, I think if you never talked about Sandy Hook, you'd have no problems. I really do believe that. I believe there would be problems. I think people would look down on you and call you a right-wing lunatic and all sorts of other things, which they don't even know when I knew you. When I first knew you, you were getting arrested for going after George Bush. I remember when George, you were not a right-wing guy. I just asked him a question he had me arrested. You were asking him a pertinent question. About the CFR and his dad's drug deal. Yes, exactly. Exactly. And this was a guy that was running for president as a Republican. And you were getting arrested for questioning him. I brought up my grand contra, the CFR. My point is, you weren't tied to a party. You were trying to find the truth. I know you're right. When I aligned with Trump, that's when all hell broke loose. Yeah. Yeah. That was part of it. I think that was definitely part of it. She looked at my whole bio and said, Sandy Hook, hit him on that. Right. Now, do you still communicate with Trump? Not in a while. And it becomes a big issue. I mean, I obviously communicate with surrogates and people that talk to Trump. I mean, Don Jr. was on Tucker Carlson last night. They were talking about me and saying what happened to me is wrong. And the fact that they've used me as the way to start the casual society. And then, I mean, imagine they're never supposed to block somebody from banking if they have a good record. Here's a whole other story. I had an A plus plus rating with my shopping cart and bank accounts that I had for 22 years. And banks looked at it and said, we've quite frankly never seen anybody with a credit rating this high because you never even do chargebacks with our shopping cart. People do that. What does that mean, chargebacks? The point is we have the best credit there is. Okay. A group out of Boston, which I'm not going to mention here for your show and things, that we're preparing litigation against, who does the ratings. It's a secret rating system for like Taliban, Al Qaeda, the mafia that's given to bank executives. Two days before PayPal bandits, they put a hate designation from the Southern Poverty Law Center saying, I'm basically a terrorist. So when they call you a hate person now, it means a terrorist in Interpol. So all over the Western world, I am listed and we've been sent documents out of England and out of the US that we were sent this by high level bank people that are freaked out. We made contacts, lawyers checked it. They can't believe it. They have designated me as an international terrorist. And that's how they took five of my six bank accounts and got me down to one bank account with perfect credit saying you cannot take money on your shopping cart in fullrestore.com for your products, t-shirts, books, whatever. You aren't allowed to be in commerce because you are a terrorist. And what do they use to define terrorist? H. It's classified symbols and we got some of the documents. H is hate. H is hate. And then just make executive... So they just decide arbitrarily that you're a hateful person, that you promote hate. No judge, no jury. It's the global Chinese social score. That's what they're all testing for here. But this is what we were talking about that's very important. This is actually dangerous. This is actually dangerous to give people the ability to define people without any strict rigid qualifications, without anything that you can point to on paper. If I was a convicted murderer and got out of prison, I'd start an online store and sell t-shirts. Right. Charlie Manson, he had like four TV specials on CBS on 60 Minutes. When I was a kid, I watched Charlie Manson. I don't think he was allowed to get paid for those though. I think that was part of the thing because he's involved in murder. Well, sure they have laws on that. But the point is he would do all the reverse shows. The point is Hitler basically was the number one thing on the History Channel when they first launched it. So you can hear what Hitler has to say even though we know he's a bad guy. Well, why can't you hear what Alex Jones has to say? Because they have found what I talk about is effective. It gets people thinking and they want it shut down because we've relaunched populism. M4 has done this. My audience has 1776 worldwide. Populism, anti-globalism, anti-communism, anti-China. And the big tech companies, Google and Apple and all of them have publicly moved to China and they publicly agreed to censor and control the population. This is in the news. And that's why Tim Cook got so mad at me. And I made a huge issue to Trump and I sent reports to the president. I know he got. And that's what happened on that Sunday night when they said, that's it. We're done with Jones. We have to take him down because I got investigations going at the national security level sending big reports to the president through law firms of Reuters and AP and then the articles, which he wasn't getting, where China has given the code keys by Apple, this is last year, and is moving their database there and all the code keys have been given to the Chinese government. And Apple says it's just part of being there. And Google's building Dragonfly Project helps censor the entire population with a social credit score. They're already testing in Venezuela with China. They're going to bring it here and everything you do and live time will be controlled and you know, all the big airlines now are putting cameras in that watch you while you're on the airplane. So you think, let me stop you because you ran again. I am ranting. It's okay. You think they're using Sandy Hook as an excuse to get you off the air and to censor you and to take away your ability to make income, not because of that, but using that as an excuse because of the other things that you do. Like targeting things like Google and talking about things that you're talking about where they're in China and China's allowed, they're allowing China to censor the population. I'm just telling, I'm not against Google or Apple. They did a lot of cool things. I'm saying stop it. Congress told you 10 years ago, you were built here in the US with DARPA money. Don't go help China do this stuff. Don't be evil. Well, let me tell you something because I knew someone who worked at Google. I know someone who used to work at Google, I should say. Their thought process was that Google is going, if they don't bring Google to China in a censored form, they're going to copy Google. This was their real worry because China copies everything. I mean, their intellectual copyright law over there. Yeah, but then they're just going to steal it better now. True, but this is what they're saying. Think about that, Joe. But let me explain something from the point of view of Google. As a business, and I don't necessarily, I'm not saying I agree with this because I don't. Make some more apple juice. Get some apple juice in your system, fella. They were thinking, and this is what I was talking to a woman who was a very high level executive and she was saying that they're going to steal it. If we don't work with them, they're just going to steal Google and take the code and make their own version of it. So them as a business, they're like, this is inevitable. They're going to do it anyway. We're just going to give in to their censorship demands. I don't agree with it. I don't think it's a good idea, but I don't know what I would do if I was Google. I'll tell them. You'll tell what? I'll tell them what they should do. What should they do for China? You're dead on with what that person told you. When I had the globalist 15 years ago, 20 years ago, try to buy me off 10 million a year, you know, whatever. By the way, cheers. You're a cheers brother. Anyway, when they did all that, when they did all that. What were they trying to do? Who's trying to buy you up? Well, I can't get into it. You know, they're private meetings and it's journalistic stuff off record, but everybody gets business offers. Like Alex, you're going to influence things by being on the inside. If you don't join this and help save the planet and do all these big things, might have got the same speech when he was in high school already. UT had planned to tell you about that. We'll get to that later. But if you don't join us, then the bad guys that are in the system are going to win. That's how they co-opt you. Because that's how those people you're talking to are probably pretty good person. That person at Google, they've had hundreds of their top engineers quit over this because here's the thing. China in 1949 was nationalist and capitalist and our own CIA, it's been declassified, leftist, the Ford Foundation, that's who's above the CIA, helped put the Chai Coms in power. It took them decades to get running water in toilets. They have no environmental standards, no rules. They've had all of our investment. They've been built up because the Chinese Communist will do whatever the globalists want. You go and you are in China. They make you become state run to get 0% tax corporate. That's why Trump is trying to lower ours just to be competitive. China has 0% corporate tax. Look it up now. If you become state sponsored, state run. So they're claiming, oh, so that China doesn't rape us of our technology, we're going to go over there and spread our legs to them even more so it's not a rape, we're willing, and we're going to take you along with us. So the idea that, well, if we don't give it to them, they're just going to rip it off. So let us go really give them all the big secrets and have Google last year tell the Pentagon, we're not going to help you with AI autonomous drones. But Google gave them all the latest AI, and I'll get into more sophisticated stuff in a moment, gave them all the sophisticated AI, and now China announces they've got all these AI drones that are autonomous and all these AI weapons systems to direct their aircraft. So what I'm telling you is China has no rules. 20 years ago, they had cows that produced human milk. 20 years ago, they had spiders that produced body armor, spider guts. They have human animal hybrids 30 years ago. They've got giant human tissue farms. You hear, oh, your Achilles is torn. We've got a grown lab attendant. It's not a frickin' tendon grown in a lab. It's a frickin' deal humanoid. These aren't humans. The way they get around it is they make them... Wait a minute. We're saying so many things. This is, listen, I love you to death, but you say so many different things. I bet you $10 million humanoids are real. I believe they are. But you say so many different things without stopping. It's hard to keep them to the door. Because I'm reporting to the government agencies, so they'll listen and investigate. I'm decompartmentalizing. Okay. This will be studied for years. So what... No, I'm telling you... I believe you. Joe, Joe, Joe, Joe, Joe. Yes. Joe, it was in MIT quarterly 25 years ago that they had human animal embryos, but they killed them at the embryonic level. You can pull it up. I believe this. They've got humanoids. I believe this. Look, they've already used CRISPR to enhance children. With higher intelligence areas. Yes. In China. It was actually a side effect, they believe, of making their immune... Boosted intelligence. It was something about HIV, immune to HIV. Joe, Joe. Yes. Everything they roll out has already been tested. Oh, I believe you. But it has an aim. So let me tell you what's really going on. The globals want to play God. They have what they call a breakaway civilization. So I said I was talking about the breakaway civilization. I was talking about Sandy Hook, which I get, and I appreciate you letting me cover, and I'm sorry it never happened. I believed it happened. I'm sorry for people's pain. And then I ask the families, and I ask the lawyers, and I ask them all, stopping my name, saying I'm the wolf at the door, saying go after these families, and stop running around through the news everywhere saying Alex Jones says Sandy Hook didn't happen. Because the media... Well, how about saying to the people... The media is the most unpopular thing in the world with 7% approval rating and Gallup. So when they say that I say it's fake, that sends people to Connecticut because people think the media lies. So if they're saying Alex Jones said it didn't happen, it must have not happened. And now they're trying to create a violent event. Not the families, but I think some of the people involved know that if they make a big enough hype about it, they're going to have a big event up there in Connecticut, you understand? And they're going to blame it on me. So I'm saying no, no, no. I believe it happened. Stop saying I said it didn't happen. And stop saying that I'm saying no kids died. Because I want to talk about human animal hybrids and humanoids. Because Joe, why has it got to be a humanoid? Why? Because if you make it a few percentage points, another animal or another creature, it's a gray area. There's no human rights. You have an animal rights movement. You have a human rights movement. There's no alien movement. Aliens are real. They're creating human animal hybrids that are a new creature never here on earth. It's alien. So the aliens are already here. AI is alien. The chimeras are alien. Aliens are already here. So you're saying they're making these human animal hybrids so they can what, harvest tissue from them? That's just level one. What's level two? What's level eight? Because a lot, I'll tell you, a lot, for the best of my knowledge, a lot of people think, oh, it's human harvesting of Falun Gong or are these Buddhists really healthy. That's big. That's going on. They still have a better non-rejection rate. But with the chimeras, I remember 22 years ago reading a BBC article that was kind of testing the waters. They occasionally test it. And they go, oh yeah, about 15 years ago, the first animal human chimeras were made and tested. They were not brought to term. But some scientists want to implant them in utero and cows because obviously that's a bigger uterus. You can grow up a bigger humanoid and get more tissue. And so then I went, I better go research that. So I went to UT library at that time. We could get some of the internet like 1996. And I went and actually pulled up all these MIT reports. I took them to my dad, other people who was a doctor. And they go, yeah, that's really crazy. And it was all about how we've got to prepare the public for this because we're going to be able to download their memories and then put it in a new body. This is before Blade Runner. So see, it's not like this is the world's not imitating Blade Runner. Blade Runner is a preparation for what's coming. And they're telling you more human than human. This is going to be more advanced. This is going to be better. But like everything, like a cell phone or like a vaccine, it's got a Trojan horse. It's got a back door. It's already been tested. It's already been perfected. It's being rolled out. You're not given the real technology. You're not given the real life extension. You're given the crap, Joe. And the earth is seen as like an egg yolk to give the propulsion power for this new thing that's going to be born. And whether you believe that or not, just like when the new thing, meaning artificial intelligence beyond that, it's a fusion of artificial intelligence and a whole synthesis of new life forms. And so that's the big giant race when Elon Musk came in and told you, because he goes these billionaire functions and he has a conscience, so he's freaked out. And they go these billionaire functions. I don't just know this. I've talked to people and I was in Wired magazine 20 something years ago, why the future doesn't need is Bill Joy, a billionaire co-owner of Sun Microsystems. He goes to a billionaire meeting with 200 guys. And the consensus was we're not going to let people play video games and party all day. We're going to set up a world government. We're going to slowly titrate the dose and poison the public, dumb them down, put electromagnetic radiation out with 5G that scrambles their DNA, lowers their IQ. We're going to cause mass mental illness and a controlled societal collapse that will then be organized and controlled in the mop-up crew by robots controlled by the globalist programmers who believe with the off-world entities they're in communication with that they're going to be given the operation to upload and be in that larger kind of Borg Cube system. Okay. Let's just say, shell the country out. You got to hit the brakes because we need to, we take this back to, I'm so baffled. What's the matter? I googled one of these things. MIT Technology Review estimates that about 20 pregnancies of pig human or sheep human chimeras have been established during the last 12 months in the US. Total white watch. 2016. I 100% believe it. Look, I think that especially- This was going on in 1985. I'm sure. They tried to recruit my dad to a DARPA program. I believe that. In college, I think when he was a dentist. I believe that. I believe that they will take all sorts of liberties in gray areas when it comes to scientific research. I definitely believe that. Did you ever see Trinity and Beyond? But hold on. William Shatner, I know you know. But let's start slow because you go over so many different things. They detonated 200 hydrogen bombs trying to ignite the atmosphere in the 1960s. Oh no, I know they do. The US Air Force tried to destroy the atmosphere in 1968. Yes. Operation Starfish Prime. They actually detonated a nuclear bomb. Okay, so it's psychotic. They detonated a nuclear bomb in the upper atmosphere. Trying to blow up the radio and radiation bomb. Yes, they've done a lot of goofy shit. See, that's the thing. That's why I got mad at you. And I love you and you're a smart guy and everything. Because I know- You got mad at me because we didn't communicate. No, you know all this stuff I know. You're even better at saying it. And then you sit there because you can't handle it. And you sit there and you dole it out. It's not that I can't handle it. There's two factors. One, I don't have any time. I don't have enough time to go into it as much as you do. You asked why I flipped out and got mad at you. That's it right there. Every time I bring up a fucking subject, you know all about it. I don't know all about this. You fucking know all about this shit. I don't know all about this. Bullshit. You're a smart guy. Listen, I don't know about this human-hybrid chimera shit. Joe just is a- Bullshit. You know exactly what you're- I don't think you're a bad guy. You're trying to survive for you and your family and do good. Okay, but- No, no, no, no. My family, your family, none of us are gonna make it. There's a post-human error coming. The breakaway civilization, the deal's been made. It's not the third dimension. They've made frickin' deals with interdimensional aliens. Okay. And notice the media never attacks you for that because that's the truth. Maybe this is true. I do not know this. We'll get into it. Okay, I do not know this. And even these human-pig hybrids, Jamie just pulled this out. I believe it's true. I mean, I'm worried about human-pig hybrids. I'm sorry, the Sandy Hill kids died. My identity is not that. I get it. They admit 5G and all the studies, LA Times, causes massive mutation and cancer- Wait a minute. ... and literally rattles your DNA apart. All of our kids are under attack. You mean 5G? And I'm mad at Trump for allowing 5G to come in. This is the new internet protocol? You know why they won't let China put in Wapo? You know 5G, you major. That's the big Chinese 5G. You are on fire today. Can I just tell you? No, the big 5G! You're on fire. No, Joe. Joe, the 5G. You're on fire. Okay. Remember how I told you in the ABC article in 96 about human-animal hybrids with pigs and cows? Yes. You gotta make you part cows so the cow keeps you and doesn't reject it. Or part pig. Okay. You know about pigs and rats were most closely related to us. I mean, chimpanzees. That's why a lot of the organs don't get rejected. Okay. You know about that? Yes. Okay. So pigs are very close to humans. They even use pig organs and people with- Exactly. As usual, you know everything. So, no, it's true. I mean, you know, in a general knowledge, you know everything I know. No, no, no, I don't. Listen, let me tell you, folks- Joe, Joe, Joe, this is literally, we know what they're doing. So just like they say, just like they say, oh yeah, we had human-animal hybrids. This is like freaking 39 years ago now. 23 years ago, I'm reading in the BBC about it and go confirm it's happened. Okay. And they're just floating it. There was an article in 1999 in the Baltimore Sun. And I interviewed Nick Beggett. You read Nick Beggett's channel? Dr. Nick Beggett's channel? Oh my God, he blew you away. Who is he? His dad was a US Congressman that got killed. His brother, US Senator. He like- You don't have him on the show? They're the guys that got all the money given to Native Americans. Can you spell his last name? Uh, Beggett. It's, it's, it's, it's, he's a good friend of mine. Can I get him on? Absolutely. We'll fly it right now. The point is- So what does he do? He was telling me all these years ago, he goes, Alex, it isn't chemicals in the food and water. That's challenging. Spell his last name again? Beggett. Shag. It's, I can't wait to write it. Yeah, right. Jamie? It's electrochemical. Okay. It's electrochemical. But I'm reading in the Baltimore Sun after I just had him on and thought it was crazy. He's giving me all these patents for mind control using wavelengths and microwaves. And I'm sitting there looking at it and I'm reading it and I'm, and I'm seeing it. And the Baltimore Sun says, the CIA is testing on cell towers, uh, wavelengths to calm the public during crises. I just had Beggett, Sean, with patents talking about that. What Beggett explains is it's not that the microwaves have somehow interfaced with the brain. We already interface with the space winds and all these other magnetic fields and everything else. So they're all just testing this stuff. And so everything they deploy, they've got all these other technologies. My dad was at UT in 65 when he was in high school. They already had CD-ROMs, computers, everything, but they had a nuclear reactor underneath the building and he wasn't supposed to tell them. And they, oh, absolutely. That's what I'm telling you. It's a breakaway civilization, dude. We don't know what they've got. We don't know. We don't know who they're, we don't know the whole thing. That's what I'm telling you is this is hiding in plain view. And that's why it's so crazy. Imagine if you knew all this, you're trying to tell people and they go, Oh God, he's doing that. Find one thing he did that sounds mean and make that his whole world. So that's what I'm telling you is it's been in the newspaper that the cell towers are being used for mind control. That sounds like a schizophrenic. So see here's, here's what schizophrenic is. I want to see that. How do they use the cell towers? Pull them up probably. Look, here's the thing. Listen, here's the deal right here. You've got a total schizophrenic that thinks the sun is following around town and thinks their dog is watching them and works for the aliens. That's not happening. You've got someone over here, someone over here that believes everything they see on Fox News. Yes. Okay. Yes. Now, questioning is good. Science is good trying to figure out what's real. Yes. Science is good. Science is good. Science is good. Science is good. Science is good. Science is good. Science is good. Science is good. Science is good. Science is good. Science is good. Science is good. Science is good. Science is good. Science is good. Science is good. Science is good. Science is good. Science is good. Science is good. Science is good. Science is good. Science is good. Science is good. Science is good. Science is good. Science is good. Science is good. Science is good. Science is good. Science is good. Science is good. Science is good. Science is good. Science is good. Science is good. Science is good. I say science makes sense. How doiz protects our bright young blended Twitter language together, our content dots and our Twitter, hashtag social media professionally. It's thegur quietly. Habito Bay so I don't even share with my emailto Growingsoft. upper atmosphere to see if you could ignite the atmosphere and destroy the earth yeah but that was in the sixties i know but what i'm telling you is the same professors train people but those people are dead the people that detonated those hydrogen bombs in the sixties they're dead now does not we're not doing the same human beings i'm with you on most people in a lot of ways are more on immoral now i think i i agree with you in some ways that everything evolves and things get better this is one of my arguments about operation north woods that if they were able to push operation north woods and get it signed by the joint chiefs of staff in nineteen sixty two was it sixty two yes if they were able to do that and no one went to jail no one got arrested for proposing that they were gonna arm cuban friendlies and have them bomb guantanamo bay and blow up a cuban jetliner and and and shoot people in the theater yes and schools yes that things evolve things evolve and if unchecked and obviously that was unchecked no one went to jail for that no one got you know you know even pbs covered it like i never even knew this here at the history this would hear the significance of the research he explained is that although the cell phone power is low electromagnetic radiation can nevertheless have an effect on mental behavior when transmitting at the proper frequency what is this article jamie side of american and scientific american it's titled mind control by cell phone so really does have an effect they did a whole study let's go further it does it's yeah so there is so would you think that they're making this no they classified last year a thirty seven page cia manual for the nineteen seventies where they were putting up cell towers that look like trees already testing at neighborhoods okay did you know that it's also so you can i can i tell you what you and controls you can serve a l g you think what uh... you that that that it's one way but beyond that it's a microwave realer relay system that can manipulate and then the powers even more powerful so this is a device given to us by the gods okay given to us by the technology that the breakaway government nasa has developed that you don't just think they made up themselves right what do you mean who do you think made it up well when you're ready to get to it i want listeners understand something i noticed that is the media is not going to cover this the media is not well they'll cover that was on the show they're not going to cover this the meat of because this is not my opinion this is the real research that i have heard that up that i have talked to army generals commanding generals major generals general generals cia everybody and they're all a hundred percent uh... and i thought it was a sign up before and i've researched i've talked to hundreds of people now not on air but i make a film on this who take an iowas get dm t i've not taken it and be bit for obvious reasons and and it's unbelievable because i mean they are a percent in san francisco is the main project site literally have an alien base and they are literally communicating and they've got like astronaut level people taking super hardcore levels of drugs and going into meetings with these things and making intergalactic deals and i think again that's what the government believes in says they're doing who is in addition to see the government is a broad stroke you're painting a you're using a broad brush we mean by the right away rogue intelligence agency so what you're saying is essentially that they're using psychedelic drugs to communicate with interdimensional beings spirit i took it everyone everyone who's done a high dose of psychedelic drugs has had this experience so everyone is listening to you right now who's done dm t or done five grams of psilocybin they know that this is a but you have some kind of communication with something else the question is is that something else inside your psyche or is that something else a chemical or a is there a chemical doorway inside the mind that opens up in the belief is that when you die this is the what the afterlife is that when you die your brain reduced to be produces these chemicals these chemicals open up this doorway and this is the portal to the next dimension so you're saying you're saying that the government is aware this they must be aware of this they've heard enough people talk about it they must have done experiments on it what is going to leave one another singers the universe for sure and and people that have the courage to experiment with these things and try them themselves realize that this is such a profound experience that it is it's so alien that if an alien landed right now in our parking lot and uh... a little gray man with big black eyes got out it would be nothing compared to what i've seen on psychedelic trips let me just tell you me getting into this job is just because of people understand that i've known about this for a long time and i just don't think people are ready for it but a lot of folks who uh... have low oxygen and and i have a little brains well well who have uh... you sleep apnea of the big next big heads tongues go back to me you know that sixty two percent oxygen but that's another time that the brain releases dm t show my whole life since i was about my first memories were every night was a dm t trip show i basically uh... i don't want to sound arrogant it's not i've seen everything well i believe that when you're dreaming it's most likely the same chemicals that are being released at what he pointed when you go into the room sleep it opens the gate which side is a proven your brain is working in the fourth fifth six dimension and if you can work in those images you see beyond it so i'm trying to tell you this i know you already know all the show of your audience here's what's happening i'm not saying you're bad i never said you were in the cia i say the cia is on record with timothy larry and everybody promoting hallucinations in the sixties they admitted it was a plan to try to uh... see what we do in the public to make the more suggestible but there's a larger program and they cut it back off because it kinda control actually created some some people were actually fighting so so it didn't have the effect they want to then they moved on the i was care the dm t that they promoted which good strong people have uh... compass don't have problems with the weak-minded stupid people and others here's an example this guy smart uh... eric uh... man cal molar security also my kids you just lost me well i'm gonna tell you story you say smart needs a nice time to be smart and i think i've been on the show before i like to like to i'd like you to do it is not going to run he will everybody's it everybody's on this quest and i told you i thought i had a hundred people i've talked to more which is a lot of people going to do in these the dm t and i was good trips outside austin are doing all the place yes uh... i'm on the show he's only the same story everybody tells me we're in peru or being you know kostarika you wanted to try to honor any said yeah uh... we're sitting there we take the i'll ask it and then all these basically elves aliens come out of the woods and we're all seeing the same aliens we're all hearing the same thing and it's like with forty three of us are whatever seeing it goes but it was the drugs effect on our brains no no drug everyone see something different when you open a gate and now inter-dimensionally your brains already filtering out most stuff because you can handle your eyes are a senior like a cat looks like seeing something in our dog well you know when they first identified uh... there there's certain there's certain components to i wasca and one of them is harming and when they first identified it they tried to call it telepathy yes the reason why they call it a leopard theme because when they were taking i was going to have in these group experiences that were undeniable they were experiencing like very vividly the same things and so the government's obviously obsessed with this and is it what about but the here's the problem here's a problem that that term the government you talk about the post office i know no i don't know i don't know what police officers are you talking about the fire department are talking about the real ruling technotronic but who are these people but i think the government is a shitty term and i know they are okay but that that term the problem with that term is it lumps you into the know that mel gibson movie conspiracy theory was or a wacky dude was driving a cab believed in fucking tin foil hat type shit because he'd been tortured yes exactly departmentalized yes but but that kind of stuff when you say the government is doing it like who is doing this who's working on these experience we don't have to say names no no here's a face is it is obviously okay maybe you want to say the government i'll tell you who brought a show you know you're right it's done to say the government and the big question is who runs things that's smart question that's the thing is that they when everybody says they don't want you to know do you remember that fucking guy who is ripping people off like weight loss secrets that they don't want you to know Kevin Trudeau and they put him in jail for that he's in jail right now because you won't give up the money he's got a pile of cash somewhere and he said he would do that they would say i think they said they would give him Kevin Trudeau i think is a con man i've met him a few times very manipulative but i think he has a right to say health care cures or natural cures i don't know you know about there are some there are some of the point is they don't look i i have some love in my heart for Kevin Trudeau because he started the international pool tour was uh... he's putting a lot of money in a professional pool yeah but i mean i mean here's the oxy cotton company the documents came out said we're gonna totally a dick people and then we're gonna sell them drugs to get off of it yes that's pure freaking evil so lock your ass up and then we'll get to Kevin Trudeau later i agree with him i'm not even defending Kevin Trudeau because i met with Kevin Trudeau a few times i didn't know all about him and it was like he was a hundred percent about him in a one-way freaking street well i didn't get that experience with him with me and him just talked about pool i was doing some stuff with him when he was first starting the pool tour i came to a couple of his events but he that they this thing that is like you always have a good way of asking questions of saying who runs at all right you wait till i do the cliche the government and you correct me you're not just about what i'm doing is playing devil's advocate and i'm also looking at it from the perspective of people five hours actually and he's coming to another hour and get any of her let's let let you know what you want to come to no no no no not yet you want to come to two instead of one year yeah yeah whatever you want i'm a Texan anyways let me let me try to be clear i'm having a good time with you it's when you know let me try to be clear i can't say all of this on air okay okay and i'm gonna leave it at that but i'm on record 20 years ago before anybody else was talking about the clockwork elves and now the globalist think they're in touch with these entities and things only because and i don't want to get i'm not the CIA the CIA is bigger than coca-cola it's in base like bigger than walmart i've never been an intelligence agency i've never been part of any of the stuff but i had family that was in advanced DARPA research projects that i don't know all the details about and when i was a kid my dad told me about some of it not knowing i'd be a talk show host layer but like when the deputy director the CIA needed to have a tooth pulled he came to my dad okay so my dad was like the doctor to you know these guys and i remember sitting around the kitchen table i'm like seven he's like Carol i can't tell you all about it but it's a classified program in Maryland in an underground base and they won't give me all the details but it's double the money i'm making now this is financial security but i think i think it's basically you know we're gonna we're building cyborgs and we've got special forces that have volunteered so we can infiltrate the Russians and get two codes and systems and i believe it's implanting but messages in their teeth and i and i also think as i do in plants i think it's a brain surgery program for microchips and so i'm hearing and my carol's like david i'm sick of these people and you've already done so much for the government and look what they've already done to you and my brother you're not going to be you know that i want you out of this so this is like you know seven eight years old you're not hearing about the you're hearing about the cyborgs okay okay so so that's the kind of stuff that i grew up seeing and you know oh let's go get your uncle he's coming off a c-130 you know army thing an army uniform from guatemala you know there's like armed guys and machine guns i mean i don't know okay and i don't need to know okay the point is is that's what i grew up you know the type of stuff i saw and my dad never told me about all this stuff when i was older till it was like 12 years ago and i was finishing in-game blueprint for global enslavement that's free still online and it's all about the world government and how the cell phones watching you and everything everything's proven in it it didn't come true was already true and the plan for one world government and don't have kids and all that and attack on the family and we were gonna go to ballet recital for like my you know three-year-old daughter she's like 14 now or whatever and they sit down for like an hour and watch the end of the films three-hour film and my mom goes David that's not true he goes yes it's all true when i was in you know junior and high school they recruited me into the program there and they brought us in they said the Nazis were wrong because they were only targeting certain groups we're gonna target everybody and it's a planetary breakaway and world government and blah blah blah there's a nuclear reactor under UT and all those stuff which later I went research is actually true it's not even hidden but the point is it's not that my dad was even that special they my dad was like the score like the six smartest in Texas and they had a group of less than 10 kids and they brought them in as juniors in high school and said we're going to do all this like they recruited him cuz I want to be in NASA that's why we're in the NASA shirt so when Eddie gets in here because because Eddie's right NASA is a big secret group it's the other side of the breakaway government there's the CIA breakaway government 1947 and there's Kennedy setting up NASA 1961 so they're two different competing breakaway governments and those are the real governments of the US when you say by breakaway governments what do you mean breakaway governments breakaway civilizations it's the real groups that are like the cult you say who are they they're scientist cults who were based on your psychic ability and on your IQ and then on your commitment to the program and so the program starts with will you go inject black people syphilis for a greater cost or will you do research programs on babies where we tell poor women that oh your baby died right when they were born really you'll keep the baby alive and sometimes kill them sometimes harvest them sometimes do experiments on them that's why they've got a lot of nurses have noticed now that the babies disappear at birth they tell them oh your baby died that's why the governor said who's a actually more than harvesting doctor he goes we keep the babies alive after they're born have a discussion they are getting caught now because we've decompartmentalized wait a minute what I'm confused what you're saying I just never rinse yeah what are you saying about babies like what are they doing with babies you you saw the governor of Virginia say we keep babies alive after they're born and kill him right well I didn't see them come but I am very very concerned with late term abortions well this is a very close or post birth Joe understand post birth how much money do you think they get with a seven and a half pound baby they can keep alive for two weeks and mama doesn't know so if they can register the organs and get bidders boy me you're then they can make five hundred thousand when you're saying maybe they kill on the spot only gets fifty grand but even saying that they take the baby from the mother and the mother doesn't know that the baby's alive yeah you know how they engineer tomatoes the last on the shelf yes you can pull all this up California's past it assuming Virginia's about to pass it New York's trying to pass it California's trying to pass it three other states trying to pass it to keep babies alive and allow notice the governor goes we don't want this three-minute clip put up we don't want the government involved the doctors and the mother who's drugged up you can say that are gonna decide about the future and maybe she keep baby alive a week maybe she started get rid of baby wait a minute is this a viable baby there's nothing wrong with this baby viable the Senate voted three days ago on Monday to not pass a bill for post birth abortion to not kill livable post birth it says viable babies already born can be killed if the bio ethics board I bet you 10 million please pull it up Jamie we got a figure because I know the listeners won't believe me I believe what you go crazy finding posts about this but it says that he did it's been taken out of context what does that media matters no snopes Huffington Post is that snopes it's mostly false how faint of snopes said where no you do this Jamie what's worth Jamie go to you go to the source of the governor go to YouTube and type in governor of Virginia talks about post birth abortion watch the unedited three-minute video how do you call it abortion if it's already been born well that's what Trump said he said he said a month ago when this first broke he said and see the left is so compartmentalized I'm a singer to left it's mainstream media whatever we're so censored now they're making their move right now who's they the globalist technocracy the mad scientist the guys that are want to learn the cigarettes the universe so we already have him so what you're saying is a lot of this censorship I will give one million I don't have 10 million I will give before God and country to Jamie's I'm not kidding I will give 1 million dollars to your charity of choice no no listen to me this is serious Jamie children I will give you 1 million dollars if you can prove that I'm making up that the governor said we keep babies alive after they're born we keep them comfortable and then it turns out he's an organ harvesting thing and that's what they're doing so they keep babies alive don't go to snopes go to the governor go to the governor of Virginia that's why they went ahead and burned him for the blackface what they were using to blackmail him they already got on him it's the same guy yes same guy as soon as he said as soon as Trump and we all covered as soon as he tweeted he said yes we're getting rid of babies after they're already born you don't want none of that no you're already figured out what George Soros is putting in it right no I mean I oversimplified that the media to know I know what I said they've weaponized marijuana into an hallucinogen category so it causes more schizophrenia I think it does I said that two years ago in court yeah I think it does I think that's certain people I had a lot of friends who are already susceptible yes and the weed so strong that they start thinking that I'm wearing swastika shoes no listen I agree with you on that I mean I think I've strong alpha types needed to not have a heart attack well I don't know if I need to have a never when you wanted me to smoke pot with you in that in that bathroom shooting a video like as a joke like 20 years ago yeah yeah then I said it makes me paranoid yeah that was funny Joe the only time I feel for we're weird fucking George Bush and George Bush senior master dancing around the Capitol it's fun times you value the beast and with the song that you wrote you at that fucking song about it Jamie Jamie I will give 1 million dollars you don't have to give any money but I believe you I just want but I have skin in the game I can pull over my phone I believe you I mean he's gonna find it we'll listen to it you don't have to we're listening to you and then he uses these arguments he uses these arguments he goes well sometimes the baby sometimes the baby is is the phone no they want the organs and so who saw the Planned Parenthood videos out of Texas and California two years ago the project Veritas others got where they're saying I'm getting a yellow Ferrari man I'm making hundreds of thousands off each baby week with partial birth they keep the baby alive they take it in the back and then they have a van pull up that takes it to a Chinese government-run facility in the US and they got the sucker let's listen this is the video where you're after birth the board decision is this it Alex yeah okay hearing yesterday when Fairfax County delegate Kathy Tran made her case for lifting restrictions on third trimester abortions as well as other restrictions now in place and she was pressed by a Republican delegate about whether her bill would permit an abortion even as a woman is essentially dilating ready to give birth and she answered that it would permit an abortion at that stage of labor do you support her measure and explain her answer yeah you know I wasn't there Julie and I certainly can't speak for delegate Tran but I would tell you one first thing I would say this is why decisions such as this should be made by providers physicians and the mothers and fathers are involved notice he's usurping law their whole plan is bioethics let's wait a minute it's only two minutes mothers and fathers that that are involved there are you know when we talk about third trimester abortions these are done with the consent of obviously the the mother with the consent of the physicians more than one physician by the way and it's done in cases where there may be severe deformities there may be a fetus that's non-viable so in this particular example if a mother is in labor I can tell you exactly what would happen the infant would be delivered the infant would be kept comfortable the infant would be resuscitated if that's what the mother and the family desired and then a discussion would ensue between the physicians and the mother so so I think this was really blown out of proportion but again we want the government not to be involved in these types of decisions we want the decision to be made by the mothers and their providers and and this is why Julie that legislators most of whom are men by the way shouldn't be telling a woman what she should and shouldn't be doing with her body and do you think multiple physicians should have to weigh in as is currently required she's trying to lift that requirement well I think it's always good to get a second opinion and for at least two providers to be involved in that decision because these decisions shouldn't be taken lightly and and so you know I would certainly support more than one provider all right let's go wow that's a weird thing that she just kind of let him say um these like to the rest story you but but hold on a second it's what's weird is that she was they were talking about resuscitating the baby that they would keep the baby alive then a decision would be made isn't that that's like euthanasia like you can't just said it Graham why you're so smart gentlemen kiss your ass but you can't do that to your Grammy right your Grammy is like 80 years old you can't you can't just kill her well remember just a week summer this week cover the case for killing granny they say that so let me explain now you've got it did you hear that legalese turns out when I saw that clip a month ago because they had them doing debate about the bill right and they said yeah we'll kill babies after they're born and they're debating well how far along well whatever the doctors say but it's jurisprudence there's law you can't do that so this is saying oh the government not involved this is the medical system usurping if they can kill a baby after it's born because sometimes they deformed you know see sometimes they deform here's the key notice he said we resuscitate they don't consider you alive till the bioethics board says that you're a viable human and under the bioethics in Europe and under the UN now which is all Nazi by the EU was set up by the Nazis Volkswagen I'm not against Volkswagen itself but that was literally drawn the first voltage by Hitler Audi the Olympic symbol I mean Hitler was a really bad dude but he literally so much of our world's government NASA everything they had a system where they first killed babies they thought were deformed that was 1934 and the final solution happened like six seven years later and so he's saying because they've got a big problem they've got undercover videos they're keeping babies alive you want to pull those up I'm not BSing there's hot there's dozens so they've got to start getting it going now with governor physicians and people to go because the nurses are freaking out mm-hmm and they're saying we're keeping babies alive and they get put in a van and drive away what's going on they're like well we didn't get the booty they're comfortable so the baby's worth $500,000 who's paying that in the chain of delivery just on time delivery I mean though each organs worth a lot of money and so but but if you kill them right on the spot they're like why are we wasting this seven pounds of meat so see if they can keep them alive and now they've built these new wings they've built new wings so I can shut up look they have wings where they go oh we consider the baby dead the mother decided it didn't live if she decides we resuscitate and it lives but it didn't resuscitate it's flesh it's a legal ease it's passed into a special ward with doctors that make a few million a year and the little fleshball is kept alive and comfortable until all the orders come in the plains land and they take the organs then they take the blood and they take the skin Joe you see how it works now you know what you're freaking out with his voice no no but see it's a southern loving voice you see my dad knew organ harvesters in Dallas and he said don't sign your organ donor card they've got corrupt hospitals where if you're totally viable they take your organs oh Jesus and then I said dad you're crazy but I didn't sign the organ donor card and then am I known to hospital to in Dallas then when I was deck a decade later at my grandparents house for my grandpa died watching 60 Minutes and it was Dallas Texas and Chicago caught killing people that were viable to take their organs tonight they 60 Minutes expose and it was the freaking hospital my dad told me about Jesus Christ so Joe that's what I'm telling you is were you at the kitchen table when you were eight hearing about cyborgs see that's why I know about this my dad never got fully into it he decided to get out of it he decided to get out of it he decided you're legitimately freaking me the fuck out Joe I will I will let you know the problem is some of it makes sense because people figure out a way to rationalize a lot of things and if you see a guy who's mangled in a car accident but he's still alive and you know you can sell the broken he could say five lives yeah I mean Joe the thing is how many people would have to be involved for that to be real Joe I can show you what's on exaggerate 15 videos of Planned Parenthood workers laughing saying I made a million bucks yesterday last year it's incredible we can just keep them alive longer we'll get ten times the money rolling at 50 grand per baby because we got to kill them before they leave the building the mother doesn't know they're they talk her into it oh man you're three months pregnant all the baby might have a problem might have a heart murmur oh the ultrasound oh yeah and then they get the you're saying you're gonna get this is truth yeah they then keep it alive but only a few hours and they got to get planes coming in and vans and they don't get the full price because they can't put it on the auctions they've got digital corporate auctions look this up for organs let me let me bring something up to you I had this guy on yesterday this guy wrote this book El Naco his name was Yoan Grillo and he's he's an investigative journalist who lives in Mexico and he studies the cartels they show organs and what but this is one of the things he was saying was that they they get these people used to killing and they were getting these kids and having these kids kill at a young age and dismember people and they were doing it to get the fear out of their body so this one guy who they had a nickname for him Tyson he would he was a cop but he was also in charge of hiring these little kids and training these little kids to be assassins and he would teach them how to dismember people and he was going into it and all the things they did and all the beheadings that they did he was saying that they try to that in certain certain groups of people when they have this organization they try to get them used to horrific acts well it's called the cement of blood and that's a Heinrich Himmler term head of the SS is that the SS as you know Hitler had about seven eight years for launch the war so he got like 12 year olds ready for war and they would get them like having fun and swimming and working out and boxing and then they would like when they're like 15 give a super hot hooker and then give them drugs it's the LS eating and discovered Switzerland Hitler was put them all on it DMT everything and they would then have these religious experiences and say you're invincible you're Superman this is all been declassified but it's in more esoteric writings and so they would get them all wound up and then to graduate as an SS officer after you've had a dog like five years you had to strangle your German Shepherd yeah that was my friend Ari his dad was in the Israeli special forces one of those one branch would you remember what branch was one branch of the Israeli military and they had to kill a kitten like look Jews are just like anybody else there's good people there's bad people but yeah Israel because they got so screwed by the Nazis and a lot of sickening waves it's kind of copied a lot of it and by the way the palaces trying to kill them blow them up I'm not even my point is is that the Nazis got evil down so much that like we brought 34,000 in to run NASA the run the universities I'm facing paper clip everybody wanted Nazis they were like they were like one in the lottery yeah because they were all robots would do whatever they were told well the winter von Braun was absolutely yeah and he was a Nazi so so so what happened was first they gave him a sex they gave power they would really pressure him you had to go through things and then they would basically you know just condition them to do whatever they were told and they called the cement of blood because then it's just like satanic cult say you know kill your dog I mean I remember when I was growing up in Rockwell Texas I ran to like a satanic cult I was like god this girl's a senior in high school she's super hot I mean I'm in I'm in I'm in I'm in ninth grade and like she's picking me up in her Mercedes and I'm taking me some mansion the sex with her is incredible and I'm walking out of the house because I look like I was about 16 when I was you know 13 and the dad goes you like screwing my daughter yeah I screw her too well just as soon as you join us you love Lucifer you get all the tell you want boy cuz we want you but but oh yeah but that's yeah man I've had incredible life look I saw do now you know but the point is is that oh yeah you're in LA you know about all this but the point is I don't know about all that the point is is that then the Satanist cuz I never really got into say this and they said well I said well what do you want because I don't want to be being like we want you to kill your dog whoa and so the point is is that now all these years later kill a loving thing that serves you cares about you is interface dogs are very psychic they're psychic buffers dogs are able to like interface with you and they want you to take something that's where you to die for you and they want you to kill that that's like killing a child a dog is very similar to child very spiritual very holy you're very good I'll talk we'll take on its masters aura and be evil but job is totally spoiled my gut servers people need to know about all this and this is what's going on and this is what's happening and show so they want to cement a blood is they get people in a group and they get him to horrible evil things during per pressure and then they create this synthesis you have to know the darker elements of the criminal networks that are inside our government are actually running Mexico as a laboratory test because they know Americans are Americans are done ho and they're tough and they're ready to fight not and you know I'm part Native American only like six percent to Manchi and you know Texas and just that little bit makes me wild yeah and so they can get them because they're smart they're neat they're cool but genetically they go into group think really really fast and so Native Americans you can mind control really fast hmm why's that well it's like Vietnam I mean you know the the Bering Land straight and basically they test the genetics of Mesoamerican especially Chinese or you know Han because there was always some whites and Vikings even 10,000 years ago in the area. Uh, but, um, like that nobody in fights like in Korea, fighting the Chinese. That's who we're really fighting there or Vietnam. Do you think? I mean, they're like, they're conscious and real people, but when they get into a fight, they all sync up and a robots that have no fear. I mean, you're not about psychotic killers you're fighting. And so Asians are about the most fearless killers. There are like the Mongols, like the, any of them, I mean, once Asians go to war, it's like they do not, they're it's in fact, they're not even craze going wild in the battle. They're like robots coming to kill you. And so, what do you think that's from? Do you think that's from the heritage of war that they have a long, like, like if you think about Japan, Japan is a long history of being a noble warrior culture with the samurai's and all the martial arts are from the nobility. It's the genetics, right? But I've noticed that it creates that, you know, it's like 500 of you loading planes, go kill yourself. I'm saying, I mean, think about what I'm saying is think about a place like Japan where so much martial arts came from. Kendo, sword fighting, karate, a bunch of different branches of karate, judo, jujitsu, Japan, all that stuff came from Japan. I mean, that, that, that is a group of people that were obsessed with combat. I mean, they, they figured out the ruling class was well, not just that the soldiers and even the civilians. No, no, I agree. But the ruling class was samurai. Yeah. Show guns. The ruling class was the show guns, right? And when you think about what a small place Japan is and how stunning it is, that so much innovation, especially in terms of like, I don't get into bell curves because you've got black people that are as smart as any white person. And then you've got black people that are way better at sports or whatever. I mean, there are genetic differences. We're not, and then you've got the head of your former, you know, it was cold Springs Harbor Watson comes out and says blacks aren't human. All that BS. That's just the racist crap is in the government. But it's true that Northern, some groups are Northern Europeans. And then the Japanese on average per capita have the ISIQ. And so they're, they're Japanese. And then there are some Northern Europeans that have the highest IQs, but then you can get into like, say, Jews have very high IQs on average European Jews have an extraordinary high level of like, social trials winners. And it's a bunch of, so there's not just one type of intelligence. Yeah. Oh, for sure. Yeah. Well, there's, there's, I mean, there's tests that you can run in terms of mathematics, but there's no real tests. You can run in terms of social. Real tests is psychic connectivity. They've proven the DNA is a transceiver. And so my skill is that's why I'm usually kind of like almost autistic is I'm just being constantly like everything that's going on, but then if I actually focus in, I can like figure out the exact enemy operation. That's why they're really pissed. They. People that are Jewish, that are German, that are Chinese, that are Japanese, that are Italian, that are Mexican people that either through fear or whatever, get into dark side, light side, get into, don't give people the knowledge, control the people, dumb them down, dominate them because they're only rocket fuel for you to go to the next level. You know, what's interesting about this, not that you're right or wrong. What's interesting is how many people resist the idea that it's possible for someone to try to control everybody. And if you just go back in history, just, you know, go back to world war two and how Hitler controlled Germany. And that's it. They tell you, no one's trying to control you. But that's all that's going on. But that one is a particularly fantastic one because it was a culture that came out of a bad time, right? They had out of world war one and this guy, and this guy offered them pride in being German, he offered them this, this idea of a master race. But the master race is a crazy idea because, but if you look at the black Israelites, or you look at at La Raza or Metzia, or you look at some of the right wing Jewish groups, every, the Chinese, every group says what the master race. Yeah. Well, sure. But I mean, how many have tried to engineer it the way Hitler did? That's what's really crazy. Well, no, exactly. The reason, the reason the globalist, wait, if you want to, you want to get the secret of Hitler. But I'm, but I'm saying, but, but hold on a second. What I'm saying is that it is amazing that there is a guy who has this idea of a master race and if you were, but people rejected it worldwide. It was one of the most evil aspects of who he was. That's really interesting to me that people rejected it because they knew it was like an improper calculation. The general public rejected it. The idea. Other elites tried to duplicate it. It was an improper calculation. The calculation was the only way to get people to get, you want to get a master race, you have to have master genetics. But what it didn't take into account was compassion. It didn't take into account what's necessary to have a real healthy community. That was a slow, like a quick flash community. Because everybody was like hyper focused on the nation to have a real long-term community, you have to have compassion. You have to have camaraderie and there's going to be people that are in the master race, the leftist compassion when they support China and death camps and engineering, the left cell. Oh, compassion. Right. We can't hurt anyone's feelings. We're helping arrest Falun Gong and sell their organs, but we're Google. And talk to me. You're right. You're right. The left has giant flaws. It has giant flaws and it's ridiculous ideas. You know, I'm against war. I am too. And so now you've seen national studies show this Gallup poll Democrats now support war more than Republicans. Well, this is about what? This is about pulling out of Syria. Trump's trying to get denuclearized and everybody's loving it in South Korea, Japan and North Korea. And he's actually got them to not fire missiles and destroy nuclear. There's a real, the real problem. There's a real problem in people not being able to say that anything that Trump does is good. If a Democrat was doing what Trump was doing on some issues, I disagree with some, I would support them. I don't give a damn what they're D or R. Well, and so, and so then Trump got rid of the, he's getting rid of the minimum sentences. I mean, Hillary Clinton, you know, Oh God, I saw this the other day. I know I'm ranting, but I was watching, I forget who the top Democrat was. They were on CNN. I meant to play the clip of my show and I didn't do it. And they, and they go, they go, they go. President Trump thinks blacks. Yeah. The clip was CNN, CNN says Trump thinks blacks are stupid. And it was a CNN panel going, Trump says blacks are super predators who have to be brought to heel. And Joe, that's Hillary Clinton, 1994, after she passed the crime act. That's her quote. So they're inverting reality, knowing our talking point is she did that. We have the video type in Hillary says blacks are super predators. They said Trump did it. It's not about Trump. It's that he didn't do that. Okay. But let's get back to what we're trying to say was that if you, if he does anything good, no one can accept it because he's on the wrong team. That's part of the problem with what's going on. It's part of the problem with people willing to accept ridiculous shit on the left and people willing to accept ridiculous shit on the right is that we get on a team and that the people that are on the left, they can't admit if the economy's going well, they can't admit if things they will bill. Mar said, let's crash economy. Well, I don't know. You know, I don't, I don't, I, listen, I've been on his show before and I talked to him once. We did a show together once with Craig. No, nobody can lie and say that he's not very talented and, and that he's more, he's more truthful than most leftists. He says, I want abortion. I want death. I want more room in the highway. He's a comic. I'm telling you, man, the shit that he's saying, he's only saying, cause he thinks it'll work. And I don't, I don't need to go on his show with his bits. Why would he be the highest ratings you ever got? Not invite me on. I don't know, man. You'd have to talk to him. But what I'm saying is when he starts talking, like people are saying, oh, Bill Mars mocking the red States, he's doing a bit, he's doing a bit. Like he thought there's funny in that. That's all it is. Like if you've talked to him about his legitimate opinions, he's capable of having a conversation about legitimate opinions. And you can disagree or disagree. On that point, what did you say that the red States want to be the blue States, the demographic show, the opposite. I think is this a joke. I really do. I don't think he even means it. I mean, if he does mean it, I disagree with them. But let me, let me have a piece with you on this and I'm not saying you're wrong. Okay. Because everything I've learned is great. There's, there's mixtures of everything. Yes. And by the time I go to the next photo, forget the last thought, but, but the point is, is that, is that. What we're saying was that he was doing a joke about the red States wishing that they were the blue States and you were saying that that's wrong. And I was saying he's just fucking around. He's like prodding. That's it. That's it. Mainstream news is dead. It has very low ratings. I mean, it went down to almost nothing and they go, Oh, ratings are up in the Trump era, like a dead cat balance. It's like 10% of what it used to be. Larrick used to have 15 million viewers now the top scene and show us a million. So we're looking at that. This is the future. This is the, this is the, this is where the people are real things, not scripted, no teleprompters, there's no teleprompters here. This is real. And so they get up on television. I'm literally having all summers. What was the point again? We were talking about Jesus Christ. One problem. Here's the thing. Where's the problem with no teleprompter? I am literally, I literally tell you what's in my brain. The dude's just like my truth doesn't mean I'm accurate. It doesn't mean I'm perfect. It means I'm telling you what I really thought. Oh, I don't want to fucking around. I know what it is. No one's watching mainstream news. No one's watching mainstream news. But let me tell you what they are watching. The big five, the nightly comic shows and comedy central shows, the daily show, Trevor, Noah, Stephen Colbert, all those guys, because they want some relief, but it's, it's not, they want relief. Right. I used to watch the ratings are down. It's still not as bad as, you know, as, as, as other stuff, because now that no one's watching news, does Sean Hannity do really well? Isn't his show very popular? Only Fox because it's seen as alternative. Just like you. Oh, okay. But, but what I'm saying is the problem is I'm not articulating this well. It's the truth. It's not like some package thing. They have turned all of the so-called comic shows into fake comics posing as fake news people putting out political commentary, which people take as real and believe on the street. And so that's where all the propaganda is. And so you say, Bill Maher is just joking around. Bill Maher is just over here. Bill Maher doesn't know what he's doing. It's all a unified message. They have Stephen Colbert get up on air and say that I'm a KKK member and make jokes and you know what? People shouted at me on the street. Well, that's unfortunate. Um, but what I, what I will say about what they're trying to do, they're not trying to deliver information. They're not, they're trying to crack jokes. I guarantee you there's a whole writing staff. I know, but all those harsh, the Democrats called them and tell them what to write now. I don't know if that's true. Uh, but if it is as true and they do listen, that's not good. And that's unfortunate. Who's the guy you host the man show with? Doug Stanhope. No, the other guy. Uh, that's what I work with. Uh, there's Jimmy Kimmel and Adam Carolla says he gets calls every day from Chuckie Schumer and then they, then they work on what he says for his television show. This one's so frustrating. He might've been fucking around though. No, dude. It's talking points, man. Okay. I believe you. I believe you. When Hillary lost, Jimmy Fallon went from being funny to being totally weaponized. So you think it was NBC's idea? Do you think it was someone in the government that contacts NBC and says tell Jimmy Fallon. There's a very well known UFC fighter that you know, who has shows on the Discovery history channel. I'm not going to say his name. Okay. And I got a call about a month ago and they're like, wow, this is incredible. Don't say my name, but you can talk about it. They were going to offer me this new big lucrative show, but they said you're going to come out, denounce Alex Jones on the show, or we're not going to give you the show. And he said, no. So hell yeah, man. Huh? You're going to denounce him on the show. Why would they need that from you? From him? Yeah. But why would they need that from him? Because because here's what's happening. Here's what's happening. Here's what's happening. I'm not that important. That just gives you even more attention. Well, let me explain. That's their dilute. Okay. Well, then why did everybody else censor? Why did Hitler censor? A lot of the Russian censor. Like you think most of the time, censorship actually works. Yeah, but that's a weird one, man. Someone's saying they're not going to give you a gig unless you specifically denounce Alex Jones. It happens. What kind of show is it? The cooking show. No, Joe, Joe, Joe, let me break this down for you. Okay. I swear on my kids. I told you the truth about that. I believe you. I believe you. But I'm saying it just seems so crazy that they would ask him to not, to denounce you on a television show. I'm not saying it's impossible. That's what everybody who's not independent is told because they're beholding other people. You're a rarity. I'm one of the only people that's not beholding any other network of people. You're one of the, you realize that much as Taylor says some kinship. Who else has a big mega popular show that's multimedia that isn't controlled by a parent company? Adam Carolla. Yeah. Who else? Um, most podcasters. No, no, but see, when you look at the numbers at most podcasts, you're threatened by though. But I mean, almost all of them are backed by something that's shittery. I know for a fact that you run your own show. Yeah. That's a fact. Look, I've got some notes here and all I want to say is this. I want to put in one point that you had about that. That was really good. You were saying that if you sense yourself, you just like, I'll just sense on myself a little bit, just a little bit to make this point. We started the show, but please make it. You made it in the back. Start over. And it's right. You, we were talking and we were, first of all, we gave each other a big hug. We talked it out. We're both happy that we're not angry at each other. And then when we started talking, you made a really good point. You said the thing is, if you sense yourself, just 1%, you say, I'll just censor myself 1%. That's what they want. I'm going to make them happy. And then they're just going to keep moving it. They're just going to keep moving it forward, moving the gold post and providing you with more money and giving you more things, but keep moving it in a certain direction. And if you keep giving into it. They're going to have a hold of you and they can control you. And that's how network television got started. If you really think about what network network television is, the reason why they don't swear and they don't have explicit content isn't because people wouldn't want to see it. The reason is because the advertisers won't let them. There's a whole commerce aspect to it. It's not, it's not just, Hey, you're the CSI guys or Hey, exactly. And so now they've organized with sleeping giants and media matters, a couple million people that call and threaten and attack anybody and then notice Joe. Once they're done with me, now it's Joe. You better not have this person on or you better have that person on. And so what is your soul? What is your destiny worth? And I always thought I was smart because I got to analyze politics and history. I was kind of socially retarded. And so I don't think you allowed to say that anymore. Exactly. But, but I mean, I was. And, and, and so that's what I'm getting at is the biggest lie is what I want people to know the truth. I don't come up with some cold blooded calculation about what I think is going to advance my personal life. I really care about people and the process. I've seen things wrong. I've grown, I've hurt people. I apologize. Listen, that's true. That's true. What you're just saying about you. And this is one of the things that I've always tried to explain to people. If people get mad at me for knowing him, like I have a great time with that guy every time I see him, you and I have had a great time at Austin. We had a great time at the UFC. We've hung out at numerous comedy shows that I've done in Austin. I've done your show. Yeah. 20 years ago. We've had a lot of fun together. And so when, when people get mad at you about Sandy hook or about anything, I just go, even when he's, even when you were mad at me, I wasn't mad at you. I was like, I just got to talk to him. Like it's one of the reasons I Eddie Bravo got the two of us to talk again. I'm like, once we talk and just be honest with each other, we'll be fine. And I want to clear this up because when I was going big guns on you, just so you know what it's like to be judge. I thought that you probably never had me on the show. It's not an attempt to get back on your show. Listen, I knew that if I'd gotten to the point where you're that upset that I must have made mistakes too. I'm not, I'm not that person that sees things and always points in the other direction. I pointed my, I'm a fucking ruthless self critic, ruthless. I'm terrible. Like, so I beat myself up about everything. I'll flub one word on stage and I'll sleep for the hours. I'm going to toss it and turn it into this. Let me raise this to you. And again, self-doubt is a good thing. It's not going to be a narcissist and crazy. Um, I got offered at the time, like $5 million worth of Bitcoin. I think it was like $38 million by the time it got there. I refused it. And I, and I got told like eight years ago, I got told by two different people, uh, very well-known rich people. They said, uh, Jordan, Charles likes you. He wants to work with you and Alexander Soros and those other Soros. Um, you just need to stop attacking him. And, and by the way, we want you to pump Bitcoin, which I believe in cryptocurrencies. I believe it's the future. We had a private federal reserve. It's all fiat. I'm not judging anybody. I'm just saying, be careful. And I was so dumb back then. I don't even say so dumb. I was not in the corrupt mindset, the way the world worked. Like I knew how politics worked and I knew how science worked and I knew how crypto type, you know, government and CIA stuff worked, but I was like never trying to get a deal for myself. I had my own thing. Right. So then I look back in retrospect, where, where that was going on. So when I saw you as my breaking point, go, Hey, Alex Jones is full of crap. George Soros, uh, was a victim of the Nazis in the Holocaust. That's not what I said. I didn't say you were full of crap. I said, he wasn't a Nazi. I go, the story that I watched the interview and I don't know what he did. I don't know the guy. I don't know him. I don't know. I've know very little about him, but what I remember from the story was that he was saying that when the Nazis occupied, he was with his, I believe it was his uncle. Godfather is Godfather and took him around as a Christian and pretended he was a Christian, why they were stealing from these Jews when they would take, take their, and he just thought it was normal because he was 13 years old, but he was talking about it, that he was shielded by this person. No, I would be willing to take his explanation. That's what I'm saying. But, but, but, but, but here's the difference. Even before that happened with you, I got approached by a major Hollywood actor, uh, that my name's ever been associated with. And they said, listen, George Soros told me to tell you that he'd have been killed if he didn't do that and that, and that, and that he did what he had to do. Right. And I said, you tell George, if somebody put a gun to my head and said, we're going to kill you, if you don't help round up Joe Rogan's kids and put them in a concentration camp, I'd say, Oh yeah, I agree with you. I'm going to grab the gun away and kill him. Did he say, he just said that it was just taking property. No, they were, what do you think? Was it the Nazi show them take your property and then you don't go away? I don't know. I mean, I don't know what happened in Romania and Hungary, but, but Joe, what he was saying, they have headlines saying, okay, Joe Rogan. So you're saying you think that it was more. No, no. He did an NPR interview. I'm not trying to go indict George Soros. Okay. Well, here's where I fucked up. Cause I shouldn't have even said anything about it. Cause I don't know much about it. The, the real, it's open to interpretation. I've seen, I've seen a couple of. Open to interpretation. When I was 14. To interpretation for me, I'm telling you, I don't know anything. So let me tell you about it was incorrect. Sure. So when I'm 14 in retrospect, if somebody said we're going to, you're going to help round up your community or we're going to kill you, I would have tried to kill people that were trying to kill my people. I get it. Not everybody's like me and I'm not trying to top a sky route. I think I've proven I'll go up against people. I get your 14 you're scared and you help the Nazis. He was so arrogant about it. He said it on NPR. He said it on 60 minutes. And then I learned you're being sued because you did this. This is why he's financing it. Well, I'm not going to stop saying it because of that. I get, he was in a bad situation. The problem was, if you play the clip, he says, it was the best time of my life. It was happy making. Uh, it was, it was invigorating, uh, to be there with all this evil going on. But I was with my father and I had faith in him. And so we were able to do this. And then I went and looked at the logs and the records of him. He was like going around looking for Anne Frank's man and getting their money. And yeah, he got the money. There's something else. I'm not, I'm not even running up a white flag to George Soros. George Soros overthrew all these different governments. George Soros tried to crash the pound. George Soros is the, is the art type of James Bond villains. And the fact that his money, so I remember being a kid when I was like, uh, uh, eight years old, my mom always had a color TV in the kitchen, but she cooked three meals a day. Can I stop you? Can I stop you? What are you, what are you saying that he's like crashing economies and what? When I was a kid watching PBS and maybe they were lying, maybe he's great. George Soros was an international currency speculator who overthrew governments. You know, but what do you, yeah, but that's what I'm saying. What do you, what are you saying over, over through governments? Like what did he do? I literally know nothing. Well, here's, I'm gonna tell you, this is actually declassified. Do you know anything about George Soros, Jamie? No, this will type in George Soros. Okay. Crashing the pound. Let me tell you more. In George Soros's view, after World War II, he got hired, brought to the US. He worked for the CIA, OSS before that. In his view, from his perspective. Well, this is admitted. He doesn't brag about this. Okay. George Soros is the guy willing to take the money and divvy it out. And he's a very bold guy. He's really smart. I mean, I'm not kissing his ass here. I give him up my back. He's not gonna stop me. He wants to hang my hand on the wall. George Soros does have 150. Why does he want to hang your head on the wall? Because I went after him. But the point is, it doesn't matter. George Soros ran the breakup of the Soviet Union. George, I've had the former head of, of, of, of, what do you got, Jamie? Got anything? Type in George Soros tried to crash the pound. The pound. Anyways, guys, let me tell you, I told you they got human pig. You pulled up MIT. Yeah. Okay. I told you they're keeping babies alive. You saw the governor say it. Okay. George Soros is highest level deep state. He, he is the manager or was the manager. Are you sure? I actually know. But how do you know if he has deep research? He ran the, cause I'm off the Alex Jones 10 years ago. He ran the. Marshall. We got here. Did George Soros break the bank of England? Make the little bigger, please. In Britain, black Wednesday, September 16th, the day the speculators broke the pound, they didn't actually break it, but they forced the British government to pull it from the European exchange rate mechanism, joining the ERM, which was part of breaking the Europe, breaking the pound is launched the Europe. Scroll it up, please. Uh, although it's stood apart from the European currencies, the British pound, blah, blah, blah, compounding the underlying problems inherent in the pounds inclusion in the ERM. I'm not seeing this. Where's the part where George Soros does this? Well, that's just what you pulled up. I mean, I'm just, I'm just trying to find it. That's all I'm saying. Spotting the writing on the wall. Britain upped its interest rates to teens and attract people to the pound, but speculated George Soros among them began heavily shorting the currency the British government gave in and withdrew its ER, the ERM, uh, as it became clear that it was losing billions trying to buoy its currency artificially. Although it was a bitter, bitter pill to swallow the pound came back stronger because the excess interest in high inflation. But Joe, you notice you go to investor PDA, like it's the boss. Hold on. There's films about the Soros. Soros Soros pocketed $1 billion on the deal and cemented his reputation as the premier currency speculator in the world. Now, if you're a currency speculator, isn't that what you do though? I don't know what a currency speculator does. I don't want to get into here. Here's the deal. George Soros works for the works for the people that run our government. And he's a guy willing to do it all. And he's been very successful. Okay. My point is two plus two equals four in my, in my equation, you don't fight the Nazis because you're 13, 14. You think you can't, you join them. And he says, he talked to me about the investment. I, I, if I wouldn't have done it, someone else would have done it. That's a quote. It was happy making dude. If you help round up Jews and take their property, don't say it was happy making. You don't talk about it. So my point is him saying, so you, you think the way he describes it even as a problem, it's problematic. It disturbs you the way he's describing that it was happy making that it was not a big deal if I didn't do it. Other people would have done it. That's a problem. What I'm telling you is I'm going to get off into Soros is that if you, if I had five minutes over there on Jamie's computer and he did a good job, Jamie does a great job of just saying it, pull stuff up. He's a goddamn Google wizard. Look at him. Let, let, let, he's been beating me at quake too. It's very frustrating. I would have gone over there. I can pull up Soros. I can pull up BBC reports. Soros crashes. The British pounder tries. Here's an example and I'm not indicting you for this. Um, someone in my family about 10 years ago was digging through stuff for basically a garage sale was a garage sale. We're going to give it away to charities and, uh, you know, all these clothes I couldn't wear cause I didn't want 180 pounds anymore and a family member got into a group of things and there was a Japanese bayonet. There was a German officers dagger that I bought for like 200 bucks. That's worth like 2000. Now I still have it. Wow. And, and, and, and all the rest of it. And there was a British metal and a Nazi metal and this person in my family, cause it's like a power thing goes, oh my God, you're a Nazi. So I walk in to the garage and up the box and I go, I bought this at a gun show. Uh, like a decade ago, I yeah, I think a fricking swastika metal thing though is if you own, this is a thing. If you like see that helmet that you were talking about, that's what I'm going. Yeah. Yeah. Can we show them the helmet? That's what I'm gonna say, Joe. Well, you won't, you get to it. So you've got a German helmet that a French artist dug up with all these mass graves and it's got a German bayonet. You're not a fricking Nazi. That's a piece of history. I think that's a U S soldier. I don't know. That's a German helmet. That's a German helmet. That's a personal, but it doesn't matter. France has banned owning German war memorabilia. The coolest thing I ever saw at the Smithsonian when I was a kid, so proud of us, beat the Nazis was they had a German helmet with a bullet hole in it. The Smithsonian is not Nazi. That's what I'm saying. I'm not Nazi for having a Nazi metal and a bunch of other war paraphernalia. I thought was cool. You're not a Nazi for a Nazi bayonet. Well, it's a helmet and a bayonet. What is the gentleman's name that makes that shit? Shane Martin. Can we show it please? What is his, yeah, we showed it. He also made me a fucking super dope skull. He's got a really cool artist. Yeah. The German helmets. Interesting. That's what I was going to say is that you, you could have a Nazi helmet 20 years. Look about Hogan's heroes. Hogan's heroes was a goddamn sitcom about Nazis. It's a sitcom about Nazis and prisoners of war. I mean, that was the political correctness that I literally had a family member. This was like 18 years ago. Go. I'm really upset about what I found Shane against the machine. Right. Yeah. Is that in the garage? And it's like British medals, us medals, a couple of days. Of course I wanted the Japanese thing. That's even had a Marine carbine from Vietnam. That's not as cool as World War II. Yeah. Go to Shane against the machine on Instagram. There it is. So he's not a Nazi. That's fricking cool, man. I don't want you to those. He sells those folks. If you want one, I'm going to do a product plug. I just be plugging it on. He's a good dude. He's, he made me a, another sculpture too that I bought from him. What's his, you know, what I'm saying, Joe is I'm not saying you're a Nazi, but I had family think because I had one Nazi party member. Yeah. And the metal. Yeah. It'll be on the news today. Jones admits he has Nazi stuff. No, it's fricking interesting, man. It is. This is from a battlefield dug up of dead people. Yeah. You couldn't be in more interesting and you take darkness and light comes out of it. You make evil become good. I mean, if you talk to the artist, God, I'm doing a huge plug for him. I'm like, this guy does shit. Look at this guy's stuff. Look at that eagle. Go back to that bird with the fucking cylinders. With the cars. Is that what it is? First? Knives or the bayonets. What's the top of his shoulders? The top of his shoulders. Is it on a car cylinder? That's a car cylinder. Yeah. That's a polished down car cylinder and then bayonets for the, I didn't mean to be in product placement because they're trying to shut me down. And for our, this is incredible product. Artist, man. He's a great artist. I brought this up because I walked in here and I said, God, that is amazing. And, and you, it took, you told me the story. Like they dig up. I know these battlefields in France and stuff with, and then people get this stuff. That's a rotting German helmet. Then you put light in and it makes it beautiful. And it takes the evil of Hitler and makes it beautiful. Yeah. Not Hitler takes humanity and makes it beautiful. Yeah. It's a, but, but it is interesting that you can't own, like you could never own a Nazi flag or, uh, any, like you could, but you can own something from Genghis Khan. Why can't, here's the thing. Both my grandfathers and I'm not bragging about family, but you remember Tom Landry. My grandfather was UT football, won state championships and track all my mom's dad. And he went in the army air core with Tom Landry. I remember being over there on Sundays, even before he played with the Dallas cap, he'd be like Tom Landry calling. They pray for five minutes. Both my grandfathers, both Jerry Jones and, and, and, and, and my, you know, uh, my mother's father, Mr. Hammond, we almost died in a crash landing and another deal. I almost died. I don't almost exist because my family America fought Hitler. And then now I'm a Nazi because I believe in the second amendment and I believe in America. That's not fair. Well, that's not what they're saying. They're saying it because you had a Nazi piece of memorabilia, but it still doesn't make any sense. Doesn't make any sense. You look, if I saw some cool Nazi thing at some place where I could buy it, I might buy it and frame it because it's just a piece of history, just like I would buy a Genghis Khan dagger or a helmet. Oh my God. Eddie Bravo's here. Jesus Christ. We're having a great time talking about, uh, two dimensional beings. This is not a bro. I'll choke you out with this shirt. NASA. Hey, you know, I'm going to make you regret wearing this fucking shirt. Listen to high school. We used to choke each other out. That's like a DM teacher. Go ahead. Chug me up on there. No, no, no, no, no, no. Please don't be hilarious. Please don't. I'm not scared. Let's do it. No, no, no. Eddie. Don't do it. Please don't choke him unconscious. Do it now. Please pray. Let's go. He can't do it. You know, you think I'm afraid of this. Let's go. I definitely don't think you're afraid of this, which is why I don't want him to do it. You know what? Let's not be pussies choke me up. You know what? Let me tell you a story first. Let me tell you a story first back when I used to work at the strip club. You're the one. Hold on. I'm afraid. Alex, sit down, please. Come on, please. Alex, we have to work together here. We're towards together. Come sit down. If you guys don't, I'm not gay, but Eddie's good looking. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Have a seat. Have a seat. You better choke me out. Alex, please. Please have a seat. No, no. We said it was in high school. I know you did. You told me you grab each other and you fall down and hit your heads. It only takes like 20 seconds. What were you going to say about strip club? Back when I was a blue belt, 1995, I worked at strip club and there was this girl I was dating. She never had any other items. She was a bartender. She was seriously four foot 10. And she waved bartenders and waiters is always the best way to strip clubs. I don't know. Because you let them. I will. She was she was 92 pounds bartender, the smallest girl. And I showed her how to do a rear naked. She was tiny. Her name was Kimmy and the strip club manager was your size. Big like used to be buff, but fat ass. Yeah, but used to be Bob. You can tell you used to be Bob football player type big manager. You know, you want those guys that manage strip clubs, you know, intimidating looking big dudes. And he had a Corvette and he didn't believe in jiu-jitsu at all. And she said he said if she choked me out with one of them jiu-jitsu moves, I'll give her the keys to my Corvette. So she had to literally get on a bar stool and she was standing on a bar stool and had to go around him and she went like this. And he was just like this. And then he went out lights out. He dropped like a sack of potatoes. He hit his head on the fucking floor and the impact, the impact of his head hitting the floor, woke his ass up. So he hits the ground and then he pops back up. He didn't know what the fuck happened. It was just sitting there going, no, you wouldn't have to go to the. I thought he faked it, but I'm getting it. People usually don't hit the ground and pop back up. Usually they hit the ground. They're done and they need an ambulance. Right. But he popped right back up. He's like, what happened? Like, bitch, you need to give her your Corvette. I'll pop right back up. It was a, it was a gold Corvette. This was a thing. I didn't know about this about in seventh grade during lunch. Some of the kids would choke each other out. You put your hands up on their neck. Kids don't do this. I'm not teaching like, don't do this. You can not doing this, but then it'd be like the cheerleaders wanted to be choked up. And then they would show us how to probably did it about 300 times. Where did you go to school? Where did, where did, where did Bill Hicks go to school? Where did Bill Hicks go to school? He's not Bill Hicks, but I know we already went over this. These guys talk about that. You know, the crazy thing, you know, what's crazy is you can put together a case where you fucking, you believe it. Can't, I wave no, but I saw Bill Hicks live. I've known Alex since just a few years after building. All you got to see is a little way different. There's a bunch of old pictures separation because you and I work with somebody that worked with him. We work with thousands of people. Suddenly it's like, oh, we knew the same person. It's it's overall. All you got to do is just show those pictures of you like at 20. I don't like this. What do you buff? I'm like, Bill Hicks is never 20 and yoked. You are. You don't jacked. I was like a bodybuilder. And I used to run like, I think I wish I get in that zone again. You can. I got in this zone where I ran six miles every other day and I lifted weights. People go, dude, you'd be bigger if you didn't work out three hours. I was addicted. And then I got on radio and TV and like sort of drinking and just stopped. It didn't work out for like 10 years. Getting like a hundred pounds. Alex, let's, let's get you on something where we actually like put it online and talk about what you're doing. If you commit to something online like that, you'll do it. All you have to do is like set a realistic goal. I used to do 40 pull ups and I can do like two 40 in a row, like CrossFit type pool for you, your whole body and everything where you're like doing the worm. And she's amazing. But the problem was I used to go to all you could eat buffets. That's amazing too. Chinese and, uh, I don't believe. And, and regular. And the problem was I would literally like order. I go, no, I don't want the two. What do you think about this? What do you think about a self improvement thing that you do online? Well, you do it online. I need to do it. The problem is every time I try to work out the phone's ringing. And it's like, Oh, shit. Listen, you just get up earlier, get up an hour and a half earlier. I'm going to have surgery too for my torn bicep. Well, once you have surgery for your bicep and everything gets fixed, I think once you get your bicep torn, you're probably going to be a little bit out of action. But that's at least six months. No, you know what? Um, Novitski had it done. It's fucking amazing. I had my bicep done. But to the shoulder or to the bicep? You know, I don't like this. To the elbow. Bicep to the shoulder. I'm way more like a little different. No, no, no. You have to do it. I want to be choked up. We're talking frickin 100 million views. Number one. No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. There's no need to choke you. You try to sue me and shit. This is one of the first things that I swear to you. Not been choked up. This is you sue me. Once we made up on the phone, one of the first things you want me to do is choke him out of the air. No, you might need to go to the SMM. Those those SMM. That's not in the pain. When you get choked out, you like go somewhere and have a little dream and then you come right back. It's like DMT. You hate that shit. Jamie's on point. All right. Let's get serious. Let's get serious. Say a few things before he goes down this road. Okay. These are the notes. What are the road? What are we just talking about? We know what the road is. You're talking about George Soros. No, no, no. We passed that. Okay. What were we just talking about? You were talking about the strip club, the guy choking the girl, the girl choking the guy out, the guy falling and hitting his head. And then what happened after that? Any ideas? Jamie, no one, everyone's stupid for that. More of that. I remember one time I got choked out. I remember watching babies. I remember one. It was, it was cool. I don't think I've ever been choked completely out. The first time I got choked out was like this 17 year old super hot chick. And I was like 13 tied up and she lived down the street. No, no. And she goes, I already, I got promiscuous. I was pretty young, like 12. And she goes, I'll have sex with you. This is a true story. I'll have sex with you. If you let me put makeup on. So I'm not in the gates of everything. So the girl puts the makeup on me. I have sex with her and she's super hot. And then like a week later, she goes, she goes, now I'm going to choke you out. And that relationship went really well until like 30 year old boyfriend caught me at her place once cause her mom was always working and trying to kill me in the parking lot. Oh my God. I'll have sex with you. If I can put makeup on you. I let her. It's a full deal. Listen, you're a wise man. She can, that bitch can dress me up like a clown. Here's some of the things I have and then we can go forever. Here he goes. Not conspiracies, but real world programs developing a breakaway civilization. What does it breakaway civilization? You understand that it's the key to everything. Uh, standardized total surveillance control grid, the power to spies, the power of control, human animal hybrids, we recovered that. Yeah. Mass farming of humanoid tissue transhuman end game multilayered binary weapon delivery systems. That's when we have an ad. Oh, what's that? Well, I will get into some of that. The pain is 5g behavioral modifications. We hit that Trojan horse delivery system, cell phones, vaccines, GMOs have been tested and designed to hurt you. Again, vaccines are real. You can give somebody something that gives them the cure to another disease that they would get, but they're jacking it like a cell phone. They're adding stuff. Uh, your ticket to immortality. What do you, what do you think? Let's cover that. What do you think is happening with vaccines? I know. Okay. Tell me what's going on. You've always used this because everyone's heard of it. Everyone heard about 1947 to 1983. And it only came public because the program was exposed in Peru and promote exposed in West Virginia. But the media picked up because it was white on black. Not all the white people that happened to, I don't care if you're black or white. Injecting over a million people with live syphilis in the name of vaccines. You know about Tuskegee. I do know about that, but you only know about Alabama and over 40 something years only injecting blacks, but it happened all the world search engine. Hillary Clinton apologizes for syphilis experiments in Tuskegee. It was just giggy. It was, it was in Peru. Can I ask you this? Was the Tuskegee was the, um, the conventional story that they had syphilis, but they weren't really curing them. That's a cover. No, but is that what they say? No, no. If you actually read it, they were giving them syphilis. Okay. I understand what you're saying, but was the, the, the conventional explanation of what happened was that that they knew that they had it and they allowed them to pretend they were treating him out. Okay. Have you heard about here? It is right here. You asked apologizes for Guatemala STD experiments. That's another one. I made that bigger. They did all the world. Different one. Just type Peru and medical. Hold on. Get to Peru. Can you make that a little, go scroll up. So I can read it. A U S government medical researchers intentionally infected hundreds of people in Guatemala, including institutionalized mental patients with gonorrhea and syphilis without their knowledge or permission more than 60 years ago, Jesus Christ. So Joe, again, um, when you've read, cause what I do is Jesus Christ, look at this. Many of those infected were encouraged to pass the infection as you tell others as part of the study. Where does this end? What is, what is the website here? Can you imagine finding out you have syphilis, but you've never had sex before. Let me stop. Let me stop. Jesus Christ. Can you imagine how confusing are you ready for another ultra secret? This is 46 to what? 46 to. Says that at the bottom 46 1948. God damn. That's a white wash. That's not true. Okay. It's not two years. Okay. So, so, so let me expand. Then imagine Joe. Here's what's happened. Okay. We had a real liberal media in this country. They weren't leftist. That's that's a cultic. That's different. We had a real liberal media in this country that had problems, but they really cared. They were open minded. Like when I said Delta. Focus on information. Years after I proved Delta force was in Seattle and in 99 and proved it, they all said Alex Jones is right. It's incredible. That's the WTO tape that I always cite that tight that we show the agent provocateurs went into a peaceful protest and started smashing windows. And I'm not against the army, but Delta force ran it cause they always go, Oh, the army's terrorist. Like you said, don't call it the whole government. It's like, right. Oh, the army did that. They staged it. So imagine used to the, the press would get a lot of stuff right, but they would get demoted or whatever would happen. Once Trump got in, which I don't think Trump's pad and the gut level things good, but I almost think like it's more sophisticated. They put him in knowing it piss everybody off to get the liberals who traditionally have been the real watchdogs for free speech and against human experimentation. And suddenly they're like in Gallup polls. We love war. We love experimentation. We love everything. I'm getting chills right now. And so imagine Joe, I've been on air for 23 years and I'm a news hound. I spend four or five hours a reading news. I don't just believe NBC news that our government gave people notice. I said Peru because that was a big document. Okay. You just found Guatemala. Different case. You track of this. What's the same program? It went on to the eighties. It's still going on. So imagine, imagine. I have literally by the time Sandy hook happens, I've literally seen 10,000 articles and documents or more where they're admitting in 1962, the joint chiefs of staff under LL M and sir came to president Kennedy. This is on PBS and said, we're going to blow up buildings, shoot up schools and movie theaters and bomb army bases and Marine bases. We're going to have people with their kids with name change, their CIA, get on a jumbo jet that takes off. It gets blown up over the Caribbean. We blame Cuba, but that plane really lands. And there's another plane. That's a drone. We blow up. And then Kennedy says no, but his brother says, no, I'll do it. It's why they killed Kennedy. Because Bobby said he would, but then he got pissed when they killed his brother. So they classified. He wanted to bomb the Honduran embassy and blow up stuff and go to war with Moscow. Bobby was bad. You could actually, this is, you can pull this up. Pull up Bobby Kennedy wanted to bomb the U S embassy in Honduras. This is declassified. And so imagine you see hundreds of these and then a Sandy hook happens and your listeners don't buy it. And then it's a psychosis where then. Well, because every, every man I knew when I was, this is hypothetical. My dad was great. Every man I knew when I was a kid backhanded me and beat this crap out of me. So men are bad or a woman has been raped. You know, she thinks all men are bad. So I get like the psychosis. And I'm not trying to put myself down. Like I'm a victim. I'm being honest retrospectively that got to where when I learned that so much stuff was false, then later I experienced where I had the guest, I did the thing. I knew it was true. And then people made up a whole story because they don't believe anything anymore. So that's all I'm trying to say. Do you think a part of it is that even though this stuff does exist, it's almost like there's too many things happening for one person to pay attention to all of them. And if you're only focusing on informational overload. Exactly. Or if you're only but hold on. If you're only focusing on that aspect of life, it can be incredibly overwhelming because you start thinking that's the whole world, that the whole world is these conspiracies because these are the things you're concentrating on primarily. But this is what I'm saying. That's it. He just talked about Operation Northwoods. That whole thing. Yeah, that was Operation Northwoods. Yeah, that is some that's about ABC. That's about as that's true. Clear as dead. Yeah, it's clear as dead. Oh, I broke that. But if you break it down and you look at it. I'll tell you. You look at Operation Northwoods. You look at that shit. That is about as gangster and sinister and evil as you can. Yeah, we went over just a little while ago. We were going into it. Totally. So my point is if you believe that no other conspiracy theory, whether they're right or wrong, like government conspiracy should be ridiculed. You shouldn't. There's no there should be no ridicule. You're right. You should instead of looking at them with ribidocool, you should look at them objectively and and exactly. And the only the only people that have a right to ridicule conspiracy theories are people that don't believe in any conspiracy theories. If you don't believe in any of them. Yes, I understand why you're ridiculing it. I was talking with people all the time. What's the same? You believe in some of them. You believe in some of them. The other ones you don't believe in. I think you should be more. I don't believe in that shit, but I understand why people do it. My defense almost almost we can probably get this run on a court. I'm almost looking forward to trial in Texas and in Connecticut because I want to and the lawyers already agreed. I'm going to sit there and I'm going to show them history and all these things and say like, I mean, I watched the it's already been out for like a year or two, but I watched the minions three or four and it's like in the sixties and they break onto the set of Hollywood and the moon landing is being staged now. Now astronauts died doing that. So how traumatic is that for their family? But I believe they had a lot of stuff. I said, we're going to get to it in a minute. Wait, wait. Astronauts died. Which ones? Oh, a space shuttle. Well, we're going to talk about it. No, no. The guys from Apollo one had the Apollo launch. It's not going to one. But nine or seven are. Well, you're talking about the ones where they were practicing. Yes. They were practicing. Okay. Listen, we're going to get to this next and I respect you. Hey, I want you guys to yell at each other for three minutes while I go pee. I got to pee too. Okay. As you don't talk to yourself, just hold, we'll do it in shifts. We'll do it in shifts. I'll go first. Okay. Anyways, any, no, when I'm saying your bad questioning, I get it. No, you do get it, but you know why? Because you know, um, of course, of course, of course, of course, Alex, you, uh, you are someone that I could talk to about the flat earth conspiracy and you believe in so many crazy things about the government. You don't, you don't, uh, you don't believe in flat earth, but you can kind of understand where I'm coming from. Right. Yeah. Right. GPS is real. I know airline pilots that fly from California to, uh, you know, places like Australia and they've got another wing over to Hong Kong and then they go to Moscow. You can fly anywhere in the world. If it was flat, if it's flat as you could go from east to west, just like you could go on a ball. You just don't understand what a, uh, like a pizza is. You could just go anywhere. Like if you're on a flat, you know, the flatters, you could travel anywhere. Give me two cities. You point at two cities and you just go there. I do so much. I get what you call it. It's nothing to do with a bus. I'm not that rich. No, but no, no, listen, I do have the money. I'm not trying to convince you. I'm not trying to convince you, Alex. My point is my point. Take, you gotta, you gotta find it on your fucking own. There's no way you're going to be convinced. No, no one has ever been convinced. They have to really find it within themselves and do some deep. I understand what I'm telling you is soul search. What if I finance a research ship, large ship and make a documentary? I can't go away for three months. I will pay for you three months. I'm not BSing, you know, because to me, having money is not a big deal. It's simply can do cool things with it. What am I finding? Can you raise? I mean, I, to go to the south pole, we're going to need, we're going to need, uh, are you guys going to the moon or into orbit? I can tell you right now, you're going to cruise. Okay. You raised the money for a trip. No, there's no raise the money. I got the money. Okay. You got the money. This is the deal. Go pee. Go pee, man. Are you going to go see? Listen, I don't have a shop. The plan. You're going to the ice wall. He's the ambassador for flatter. He's the ambassador. I forget astronauts. The guy that discovers the flatter, the big ice fields. That guy's going to be, this is what we're going to do. Alex, Alex, can you give me time? Can you give me 20 seconds? Entire crew. You're a command. No, no, you are going to the edge of the planet. Totally. But it's not going to be me. I'm going to, I'm going to designate somebody. I'm just scared. So I'm going to, we're going to do this. We're going to do this. We'll send Joe Rogan. Yeah. No, no, we're going to do this. I'm going to send someone else. You're going to find the edge of the world. Yeah. Yeah. Caps caps. They're not going to film the drop off with my iPhone. Yes. Yes. Go pee man. Go pee. Don't you have to go. We're going to send someone else. Alex, we're going to do this. You know what? We're going to do this. I don't have to be the one that goes. I don't want to be the one that goes. Let me tell you something right now. Come on. I came here and I proved they're keeping babies alive and taking their organs. How did you prove that? I see they're getting it. Jamie pulled some shit up on Google. They admitted them. That's you too. They're normalizing it. No, the fucking, the governor. Listen to me. You really think, do you really think there's people out there campaigning for late term abortions? You think that shit's real? You think that shit's real? They voted Monday to keep it legal. Who would do that? Who would do that? Who would campaign for that? They fucking did it. That is the craziest shit ever. You can't fucking admit they're fucking killing already more kids. So you're telling me it isn't real when they had a fucking vote in the goddamn fucking Senate. That's a conspiracy theory. I am right. That's a conspiracy. You think you're fucking tough. You're about to get it. Bullshit. They're killing already born babies. Stop fucking lying. God fucking dead. I'm getting pissed now. Don't get pissed. Go. No, I mean, you saw the dude. It's going to fucking with Alex. Alex. Alex. Alex. Alex. Alex. Alex. Alex. Alex. Alex. Alex. Alex. Alex. Alex. Alex. Alex. Alex. Alex. Alex. Alex. Alex. Alex. Alex. Alex. Alex. Alex. Alex. Alex. Alex. Alex. Alex. Alex. And so The point is, the point is, is that, dude, I'm not, the reality's so crazy. Why are we debating whether the Earth is flat? Dude, they're keeping, they have human-animal hybrids. The frickin' I have been there when people that work for the Pentagon say that they, we go to the laboratory and we meet with the ambassador, we have to take higher and higher doses to meet with them, they're giving us technology and the technology worked. This is going on, dude, do you want to know this? Listen, relax. For the better think about space isn't real, the frickin' dimensions, man, the aliens are coming through the dimensions. Think about what I said. I said, dude, do you think there's actually people out there that believe, oh, they're campaigning- I got a $20,000 debt deal telescope, and I can look and frickin' sit-shatter. Listen to what I said. Alex, he's fucking with you. Did you hear what I said? He was fucking with you. I said, do you think there's actually people out there that are campaigning for late-term abortions? Of course there are. It doesn't seem like I don't believe they are. No, I get it. I'm being the ultimate skeptic. Okay. I thought you were- I'm being the ultimate skeptic. Listen, and he does that all the time. Listen, listen, and he does that all the time. He's just fucking around. I like it. I want you to be your enemy right there. I'm threatened. I'm up Mr. Goody Two Shoes by them keeping babies alive and killing them and that nobody cares. I fundamentally, that's what I'm saying, and I'm being honest here, is I'm not like certifiable crazy, but I deal with this all day long. I get why Joe tries to shout away and people go crazy dealing with it. I never saw that clip of that guy saying that they would resuscitate the babies and then they would make a decision. You haven't heard about that New York bill that they're trying to pass? They passed it, they fucking passed it. It's like worse than Gotham City. It's worse than Gotham City. They're giving a bunch of goddamn fucking organ harvesting doctors control outside of law. You heard that piece of shit, fucking KKK guy, fucking governor, say we're going to keep them alive after they're fucking born. They want to fucking take their organs. It's incredible. He's a KKK guy? It's incredible. Oh fuck. It's so incredible that I- He's in a picture with a guy on a KKK outfit in blackface. They elected him because he's black males. They had that shit and when he messed up and said we keep them alive to get their fucking organs, they'd use that to deactivate him. Jeez. Why do you think fraternities have you screw sheep in all this and you know, give guys blow jobs? That's why I never joined them. Because they wanted to- Wait, wait, wait, go back. Go back what? Say that again. Fraternities. Okay. I'm so happy we decided to do this podcast. I'm so happy. See how it turned out? It's fucking amazing. Did they piss on you, Rob? It's fucking amazing. You did your job at three o'clock. It was good. We got pressure too. We got a piss. We put down bad. Go ahead, piss. New fucking world order. Oh my God. Eddie? I got you. I wasn't. Dude, you got so pissed off, I'm so glad I fucked with you. Dude, do you realize how many JRE clips they're going to make of that shit? Dude, they're going to put you to music. They're going to put you to my yachies. You pulled up MIT saying they got animal human pigs. Oh yeah, we did. Let's just not forget. We did. Listen, go take a leak. I'm with you. Listen, man, you just kind of freaked me out about several subjects. No bullshit. Yeah. He freaked me out about several subjects. There's people out there campaigning. For the record, that article says that there was no written data on that. That came from three interviews they had. This is a human pig one? People were saying that to them in the article. Of course they tried it. Why wouldn't they try it? If you were the leader of the free world, wasn't there some, God damn it, was it the Nazis that were trying to theorize how to combine humans with animals to make a stronger human? Wasn't there some of that? They were for sure into that. Was there something like that? If there's a YouTube link, that's a... For sure, right? For sure. They definitely... I mean, I think all governments definitely give their soldiers steroids. They definitely give them amphetamines. They definitely give them chemicals to make them crazy. Should I would? Are you kidding? That's where they started doing... You're running your fucking army? The Nazi... Not the Nazis, rather, the Kamikazes. The Kamikazes, they would meth them up. I mean, I'm pretty sure that's true. Read that. 100% I read that on YouTube. Yeah, that was one of the ways they would get them, not just nationalism and pride for their country. They would jack them up on crystal meth, and that's why they'd fly that plane right into that fucking boat. They knew... Boom! I mean, that is a nutty thing to do, man. You gotta be in a weird state of mind. And you gotta have such a horrible life that you're like, fuck it, let me just crash into this fucking boat, right? For the general. And they're happy about it. They're like, I can't wait to escape this shit. What an insane choice. That's the only piece he has is when he's in that plane killing people. What a fucking crazy choice that you're gonna do that for your... Alex, welcome back. We're talking about Kamikazes. We were saying that we think Kamikazes were... That was... They gave them crystal meth, right? Wasn't that a part of the program? Yeah, no, I mean, warfare is always drugs. And the Nazis and the Japanese... The Japanese learned about, in World War I, when they're actually on our side against Russia, when they went back and forth. And in World War I, the Japanese learned about MSG. Because Japanese like good food. And they're like, the military wouldn't complain. They just lose weight and started to death. So they learned when they were fighting the Russians in World War I to just go ahead and give them MSG. Which, MSG, it holds your brain and everything. It's super toxic. And so, yeah. Monosodium glutamate, like the stuff from Chinese food? Is that what you're saying? Oh, it's super freaking toxic. Yeah, but the point is... Is it really? But beyond that, yes, they would give them... Well, the Germans were big on steroids and methamphetamine. Mm, because we were just saying that. Yeah, well, that's on record. I mean, it's not... Yeah. Well, this is like in mainline history stuff. By the way, I said I'd give you the secrets of Hitler. Oh, the secrets? Yep. What are they? But this is not the BS. This is the real thing. Okay. How do you know, though, who's telling you this stuff? You two... Beyond classified, Eddie. Beyond classified, Eddie. No, I mean... Alex, seriously, do you ever think... Okay, my grandfather... Okay, my grandfather... You have a lot of sources. My grandfather was German in Dallas, and he worked for the inventor of indoor air conditioning. It was a billionaire in... What's the rich area of Dallas where the Republicans all live? God, what's the name of that place? Arlington. No, it's not Arlington. It's the thing right there in the middle of Dallas. On it? Like... No, that's Austin. No, you think... That's Austin. You think Dallas is like all buildings. There's a huge park in all these big mansions. Hmm. He lived up there, and it wasn't just from him. You know, I'm not gonna get into it. The point is that Hitler was on the cover of Time Magazine, and he was. That's true. Unless that's a Photoshop that I saw on the internet. You want it twice. Well, Trump was on the cover of Time Magazine too. Exactly. Not really. The problem is, I'll give you guys the data. Was that fake? He made his own magazine cover. Or should I just... Give it your stall, like a boil down. Here's the thing. It wasn't just my grandfather, or was these other people. My grandfather said it was really confusing for him because he worked for this guy that was in refrigeration and air conditioning when he was in high school, and his dad owned the car dealerships in Dallas and stuff. They lived there in the rich area of Dallas. And what did they tell you? Well, through one reason he wanted, by the time World War II started, to drop out of UT and, you know, all that, and go join the Army Air Corps. He used to tell me all this stuff. I'd go, your grandfather is a little eccentric. Now, like, my grandfather knew Werner von Braun. He came to Austin at events. What? Yeah. Yeah. So anyways. Your grandpa knew Werner von Braun? Well, we went to some of those events. Yeah, we came to, you know, one of the UT events, a little private event. Okay, that's incredible. The point is, I'm getting to... Well, because they were like German... No wonder you believe in the moon landing. I get it now. Didn't make sense before. Well, let's just say... Let's let him finish his tour. My family's was what they called high German. Yeah, that's what that is. Uber mention. So they only would talk to people that were in the club. Oh, shit. Okay. Yeah. So anyways, my grandfather, the family was like an Uber mention. And so, you know, high IQ, the whole nine yards. So he was working with this German guy, and he would just go over there after school and work with his apprentice. And my grandfather watched him get more and more depressed and more and more crazy by the end of the 30s. And the guy confided in him. He said, collide with my grandfather's name. He said, yeah, the Nazis have my family in Germany. They're going to kill them all about, I'm having to give them everything I got, all my money. And I'm having to sell the patents and work like that. I was working like 20 hours a day, giving everything he had because they were going to kill his family in Nazi Germany. He was German. And so my grandfather, wouldn't enlisted in the Army Air Corps to fight Hitler because he had that experience. And he was so mad when I was a kid. He was like, when I was a kid in Dallas, WBAP had Hitler speeches on because Germans are a big part of the US. And there was the boom. Everybody was supposed to join it. And Hitler was good. And we never really bought into it. And then I found out that this mentor of mine, and this guy be like Bill Gates today, had everything he had sucked out of him by the Nazis. So that's what the Nazis would do, was extort and control. So I kind of heard about that. And my grandfather would go, so they'd see me down there like a week during the summer. And I was like, eight years old, I'm hearing this. And he's like, Ron Braun has a plan for this orbital spacecraft. We landed and we're going to have artificial gravity systems. And I'm hearing all this stuff. He's not like markers at the table, like talking about it. And I'm sitting there listening to this. And he would talk about, yeah, then I was at Lee's town for, you know, Texaco. And the only place you get a chicken fried steak out in New Mexico or West Texas was a military base and all these goddamn Nazis. And you know, one time I didn't want to do it, but that guy smarted off about how they had more better at shooting our planes down. So I went ahead and just ran his head right through the wall. I never knew what happened after that. But son, you just got to kill Nazis. And those son of a bitches, our government brought in thousands of those assholes. And I'm like, listen to this. So I'm like, I'm going to read about Nazis. So I tell about 10. I start buying books. I was like 12. I walk into a bookstore and I want my cop. They go, are you a Nazi? Like reading Hitler is my struggle. No, I'm not a Nazi. Both my grandfathers told me how bad Nazis were and both almost died fighting Nazis. So I wanted to know about Nazis. It was this whole ethos. And so that's just the whole story of understanding that. And then my dad's angle and my grandfather's angle and all these other angles. Operation Paperclip? He didn't call it Paperclip. He said, our government brought those. You think you would always say it was? Yeah, but I think there was several waves. There was the- It's like 34,000 of them. Yeah, there was a lot of fucking Nazi scientists brought over here. On YouTube it says Operation Paperclip was anywhere from like 1,200 to 1,500 scientists. The search engine, the total number of admitted congressional hearings in the 1970s. Operation Paperclip. Frank Church Committee in the 70s released it. I believe the number is 34,200 and something. Look it up. Just like I told you, they gave people samples. You pulled it up. But it is fascinating that they brought those people over here and that's where the space program came from. Well, that's why I wore this shirt, not as a sick joke. They already had the CIA that was OSS. Okay. The CIA is OSS? That's all on record. Okay. I'm glad you questioned me. Hey, can I pay a precursor to CIA? What is OSS again? Uh, Office of Special Plans. That was before the CIA. Then the CIA came up. The Office of Strategic Services. The Office of Strategic Services. Like what was before the SEALs? What Jesse Ventura was in? No, the S- The Frogman. Jesse Ventura wasn't in that. He was at Auxiliary of the Navy. He was never in combat. Anyways, let me expand on that. The OSS- DDT. The Office of- What is it? My memory falls. The OSS was British Intelligence. Or the most powerful British- or the most powerful intelligence agency ever. They set up Proud House in 22 after World War II to anglicize the U.S. with British intelligence. Not a British intelligence takeover of marriage. This is all- This is like on PBS. Okay. This is stuff that's true, they admit. Same thing only academics are watching it, so they'll tell the truth. The general pop culture is all crap. It's meant to be dumbed down, meant to turn you off. But when you go to the real academic stuff, on the old days of front line and stuff, like I watched that to know if it's true, later I got the documents, it's all real. That's like- Those shows are like really accurate. Like Bobby Kennedy planned to blow up the embassy in Honduras. It was like that. What was I getting to? I don't know. Nazis. Nazis. Well, it- Warner von Braun. Okay, okay. Isn't it weird that- Isn't it weird that the one man who directed all Six Moon missions was a Nazi? And he was brought in over- That's not weird. Isn't it weird that- Warner von Braun in 1935- Isn't that crazy? One guy didn't smoke weed and one guy's having a problem with his memory. Two guys did. Why? He wanted to defend Warner von Braun. I'm not defending him. That's fine. I get it. In 1935. Nazis. And I've seen Dr. memories and read about it. He sketched for Hitler this plan to drop atomic bombs that they hadn't developed yet. So when you see Red Skull, Marvel comic, they've got a big bomber to blow up New York. Yeah. It wasn't a bomber, it was a space plane. And it was about half the size, but look just like this. And the Germans, actually some of their scientists went to the Russians. Remember when the Russians tried to build their space shuttle and it was half the size? That was actually the German plan. So, look it up. I'm not kidding. Because the Russians took a lot of Germans as well, correct? About a third of them, yeah. So look, the reason I'm wearing this is to explain this is a gateway to all of it. So you have British intelligence that had won World War I. Even though Germany had way more advanced technology. They then take over. British intelligence basically merges with the US. And then the Germans and others say we've got to go way ahead in technology. It was all theoretical in labs, but they couldn't mass deploy it. They didn't have enough machine shops and systems to build it. And US Special Forces went on suicide missions and blew up the underground mountains. How about the Nazis were the first to build flying saucers? All of it. How crazy is that? But let me tell you. That's crazy. So, it's not a coincidence. It's amazing cars. British intelligence. Flying saucers, dude. The CIA in 47. So now the Nazis are over here and they go, listen, you don't want them running everything. And they go to Eisenhower and they say, we want to launch an off-base breakaway civilization where you compartmentalize things, forget empires, and you have a new ruling class of technological elites. And then the elites are all in charge. The public's watching TV and we'll give them widgets and foundation series type things that divert. This is all in the documents. And let them try to run an empire. We'll build a whole new empire. And so Eisenhower gives a speech, worry about, he doesn't just say military initial accomplish. He says the technological elite, watch the full 21-minute speech, his farewell address in 62, he says, or 61, he says you need to watch out about the scientists. Because he said no to the NASA plan when he found out what it was. What is it? It's a breakaway civilization where you don't try to run the whole planet. You siphon off resources and build a whole new advanced system and then you pull everybody off against each other and collapse it. So when I say, what is NASA? If we could take NASA back over, it's bigger than the CIA. It's the real government. The spaceships and the stuff, that's all PR. NASA is the real government? NASA, there were two breakaway governments, two shadow governments. Brad talked about shadow government 20 years ago. It's in the documents. And so you had one that was British run and the Germans came to our own US elites and said, hey, you always need a couple plants. They said, we've got all this on the drawing board, the EU, a plan to poison the food and water to get rid of the dumb people, a plan for off-world bases. We've got, by the way, we're taking hardcore drugs and we're in contact with aliens. They're giving us technology. No, it was the Germans first got in touch. Well, how'd they do it? They were really into the occult. Yeah, really into the cult. That's what all the Indiana Jones shit is about. Yeah, like witches and shit around him at all times. Yeah, human sacrifices. No, no, no. That's real shit. The Vril Society. What I'm telling you, Joe, this is not me. You go to the real deep PhD-level history books. NASA is the German breakaway government. Just always the Germans and the Brits fighting for dominance. So what you're saying is when Operation Paperclip acquired all those Nazi scientists, they essentially started running NASA. So NASA became almost like an offshoot of the German government, this offshoot government. Yeah, the Germans had piled all the wealth away. They had everything, so they made deals. Does that really make sense though, that in 2019 that's still going on? No, no, no, no. The British intelligence doesn't run the CIA today. The British Empire was under attack and just bankrupted itself in World War I. It said, we'll give you the keys of the kingdom. Churchill wrote three books, this history of the English-speaking peoples. He was half American. And this is officially in books. We merged with the British Empire in like 1930, covertly. Okay, that's what the CFR is, is British intelligence and US intelligence. So the US runs the show. Okay, so you've got, but German intelligence came to Eisenhower and said, listen, you don't need to do all this. We haven't given them the real technology. We're in contact with aliens and they've given us the whole plan. Now, where are you getting this from that you're stating it so confidently? It's in the literature, man. Hitler would go to mainline historical books about SS castles where they go, the aliens want blood, so they'd kill like 20 kids and everything. So the aliens would like, come in the building. They'd take them in, they'd bring them in like sharks. And then they would give them technology. They'd go, this is how it works. You build the atomic weapons this way. They would like show them bombers and like the aliens are like telepathic. I don't even believe this. This is what the Nazis believe. And the aliens with mind meld and give them the technology. They're bad aliens. So are you surprised the Nazis were influenced by demons? No, if demons are real, I would definitely think they'd be on the side of the Nazis. Yeah. But Joe, what I'm telling you is there'll be no media, no media is going to attack this. I'm giving you, I want to know where I can read it. Where can I read that? Those statements that they were in contact with the aliens. Obviously your podcast, Nazi real society, V R I L society. You had a group of chicks, aliens, that's the only right up there with them. Like doing the ritual for three hours. If I can fly here with a report, I'll send it all to you with mainline books. Also, I'll mail the books with tabs in them. Okay. And I'll mail documents. Okay. Cool. Yeah. I'd like, I listen, I think that they absolutely were obsessed with the occult. That's been pretty well documented. They made flying saucers. Yeah. And I think many, many governments. They developed a more advanced form of nuclear fuel, heavy water. And we had to sit in special forces on suicide missions back when it was really special forces to blow it up. And I'm telling you, the Germans had all sorts of advanced shit. They just couldn't ever keep the plants from getting blown up because they were a few years behind. Yeah. And by the way, Churchill wrote about this in his memoirs and said the Germans were way ahead. It wasn't the Germans were bad. I mean, the Nazis were bad, but it wasn't the Germans that first bombed civilian targets. In 1941, the Brits were losing the war. Hitler was bombing their medical facilities and military facilities. And so they went and bombed German towns and German cities like, what's the famous German city Dresden, where it was designated a safe city for kids. Half a million people died one night to trick Hitler to turn his bombers on the general population. And they tricked him psychologically to do it. But Churchill, this has been declassified. It's an esoteric books. It's admitted. So Hitler was set up. Well, Hitler was bad, but here's what happened. Albert Speer was his chief armaments and architects minister at British double agent. Rudolf Hess was the deputy Fuhrer. The guy Hitler totally loved, but you never hear about him since 1941 because they had a peace treaty with Edward VIII, who was the king of England, who was a Nazi and who was German. First family German. And they had a deal to stage the attack. The French stood down. Vichy French didn't fight. They put Nazi occupiers in the Dunkirk operation was allowed to evacuate. Edward VIII was supposed to then sue for peace through Neville Chamberlain. But it's come out that it was all set up by Churchill and others. Not that they ran Hitler. They weren't bad. They were pretty good. But they master manipulated him and never Chamberlain all them and bet on the British people in America to come in. They had deals with Roosevelt to then bring us into the war. And that was the whole master plan. You can actually go to the history and see all that. That's what's so incredible, Joe. When you have all this info. And so Rudolph Hess in 1941, 42, he flies a one man bomber. He was a World War I fighter ace. Like the number three ace. Like a hundred and something aircraft. Look at that. Rudolph Hess. He flies in, parachutes into the castle the king was in at the time in like northern England. I forget the name of it. He parachutes in with the peace treaty, signed by the king of England. They lock him up in the tower for the rest of his life in London. And Edward VIII had to advocate. Type in Edward VIII Hitler. And you'll see him in videos, films and photos. He was in Spain when World War II started. Where do you think the contact with the aliens came from? When did that start? All right. This is the most important thing we're in. Not aliens. No, no, no. Hold on. Interdimensional aliens? Alien means anything, none of this world. When did that happen? That I get that motherfucking vodka loose. No, no, no. I don't think it's fake. It's fake. I need to hear about aliens. I'm gonna take a photo of that cigar, but I'm on smoke marijuana. Yeah, the cigar marijuana. You know what's crazy about it? This is just a cigar. You know what's crazy about aliens? Is it YouTube made a big announcement that they're gonna go after a 9-11 videos? Anything? I don't know if this is true. I don't know. Is it true that they're demonetizing any videos that have truth or liberty in them? Is that true? Yes. I don't know that's true, but I heard that. That sounds crazy. But the crazy thing, hold on. Hold on. Let me finish. Let me finish real quick. It's crazy how they're going after 9-11 Miracle Curals. I already know. I've been living five years here. But they're blowing up alien videos. Let me tell you. My wife is wonderful and she's sweet. Those are the strongest monetized videos out there. I don't know about that. No, no. It's the strongest monetized video. It is. It is. Well, there's a lot of videos out there. They're getting the best deals. They have the best toys. They have the top of the line sponsors. I'll tell you when Eddie's right. I actually know the numbers. They're blowing up alien videos right now. There's a little kid who makes $22 million a year reviewing toys. No, no. That's like the number one. Isn't he like one of the number one guys on YouTube? He's like eight. I'm saying alien videos get monetized by high-level sponsors. You know why? The high-level one. Because that's what I meant. They're not offensive. They're not offensive. People get drawn into them. But they're saying that the government's covering this up. Why aren't they shutting that shit down? Because they're talking about that the government is lying and covering it up. Because it's funny. But it's hysterical. Tell me you're right. How did the connection with Aliens start? You said this is the most important thing you discussed on the podcast. And Eddie, I love you to death. You're awesome. That's why I asked for you to be here. If you want to believe in aliens, I'm cool with that. I still love you. I don't care. I don't care about that. Listen, this is not what I believe. I love you for who you are. I'm trying to tell you something. Listen, man, let me tell you something. Let me tell you something. I'm not making this stuff up. I believe you believe it. No. The stuff I told you earlier about my dad at the table being offered half a million dollars in 1986 to build cyborgs and to marijuana. No, he wasn't here for that part. He came in later. Tell me how the connection with Aliens got started. With who? Connection, Aliens and the Nazis? When people started becoming obsessed with contact with the aliens, he was saying the Nazis developed some sort of a connection. You know, Eddie's right. They flood YouTube and mainstream media. They always thought it was safe. I talked about the private Federal Reserve, the New World Order, everyone on some big show as long as they mixed aliens in with it. And I was never the alien guy. Right. I've never been the big alien guy. Never. Never. You know what? That's right. I remember when I was balls deep in aliens because I believed all that shit. I believe it used to be that you'd be a conspiracy theorist if you believe that aliens are not anymore. But now if you believe in aliens, this is your conspiracy. You're mainstream now. OK, but let's tell me how the connection between aliens and the Nazis took place. When did all the start? Let me let me begin. This is really I'm telling you, Joe, this is a real deal. I believe you. This is you ask who are they? It's people who are psychically, genetically available to interface in this incredibly diverse universe with all these dimensions above and below and all around us with consciousnesses. And the truth is no energy is ever destroyed. It all continues on. The truth is our bodies, this is a fact, are a communal hive organism of all of our ancestors and all of their race memories, but not in just some compressed epigenetic system. It's beyond that. It's an electrochemical antenna. They've proven this that connects to higher and lower dimensions. So our body suit, because our predecessors would put us in a position without giving us a body suit that is them. Our families are loving us. They're holding us. They're wrapped all around us. Their strength, their will, their bad, their good, their sins, the good things they did, the battles they won, the battles they lost, the woman they loved, the man they loved. It's all in us. All these people, it's why we're able to look into so many things and have so many different experiences. And so all the shaman, all the ancient religions, everybody says there are the good ones and there are the bad ones and people are interfacing. So you say, where does it begin? From the Tibetans to the Mesoamericans to the Egyptians to the Druids to every ancient society describes the same thing. There are bad things that look like elves that have horns when they show you who they really are and there are good things, but they don't contact you unless you contact them and then they're almost not even concerned with what you're doing. I never bought into this, looked into it. But then I began to think about what did I hear when I was a kid? What did I see? What was coming out of government documents? What was being admitted? When I read all these books about World War II of the Nazis and Hitler obsessed with the Dalai Lama and the Tibetans and what they were able to do without drugs to interface with this and all the rituals they would do and how they were believed that beyond the ether like at Skull and Bones, it's a German death cult, they do rituals and take drugs to talk to the goddesses. Well, they're just appearing as sexy, beautiful women. It's whatever you want as the spirit guides because lower entities will come in and violate your free will. God and his angels, which are below him, will not get involved in your everyday life. They will not manipulate your free will unless you ask them in. But the devil masquerades as an angel of light. So we're on this planet, the third dimension, which is a launch pad to all the other dimensions below and above. The third dimension, all the mathematics shows, is the primal sea of where all this happens. And the Earth's like an egg. And we've got all this potentiality. And God will send out a transmission for a larger plan, but evil is willing to come in and what does it say? Demoralize, get rid of children, don't have kids. Humans are bad. You will be better once you're all gone. And it's because it's their operational mission for whatever reason that we'll understand later what's going on. So the Nazis, if you get the deep literature, they believed they were basically seancing and being possessed by entities that, I mean, it was before the Nazis. For whatever reason it was the Germans that this happened to and the Swiss. They didn't discover LSD in the 30s. These people were running the psychology departments. They were interfacing with the occult. They were involved in all this crazy stuff. And it was all about their power and how great they were going to be. And the Germans were seduced. And they were seduced because they had high IQs, but more than that, they were psychically connected to each other and would work like robots. This Chinese and the EU want robots to replace it because they'll follow orders. And the Chinese are very conscious when they're conscious, but they're also very robotic. But the Germans are just as robotic. So this entity system picked Germans as its attempt, even in World War I, World War II, and it was manipulating the Brits as well and offering them technologies but two different paths. One was social control and also their stuff with the Brits. The other was high tech weapons, systems, interdimensional with the Germans. And so whoever these players are, and you can dial into it, but it's very dangerous. They're manipulating the British arm versus the German arm. And then they've got the Chinese arm that's almost seen as like their robot army. And so when you study it, the globalists go to these events and they take bigger and bigger doses of drugs. They do electroshock. If you go back to owners of timeline books, they weren't just in the 20s and 30s in the LSD and other hallucinogens. And apothecary, they were doing electroshock. They were having people turn their heart off to try to communicate with these things, to try to be dominant and get that. So you go back thousands of years, Merlin, the archetypal, or these magicians, or these wizards are taking drugs in these temples and interfacing with these palantires, these crystal balls, which aren't really crystal balls. It's their psychic focus of an interdimensional connection while they're on drugs looking into glass to then be able to see the future and understand what's happening to give them temporal power over this planet. But like the Bible tells you, any pharma key or any of that always leads to destruction because only evil is going to come through that way. So we're basically have these light sockets. We can't jack into the higher, unless it's our free will and that takes time. We jack in to the evil. So you can jack into evil. You can't jack into good right away. So it's quicker. It's easier, like Yoda says about Darth Vader, quicker, easier, more seductive. And so then I remember being a kid and my parents, they don't really get mad about this is whatever. They didn't even know what they were hearing at the time, but they had friends that they knew at UT that were involved in research projects. And then they were, and nine times out of 10, I wrote about research projects in San Francisco. UT has some, MIT has a lot, and taught me the time you want. But this was in like the sixties. They had virtual reality gloves where you'd put them on and put goggles on and you'd go into stuff that looked like the holodeck from Star Trek 20 years before it existed. And they were doing surgeries and all this and they would do empathy loads where they'd say, we need the public because we're so weak because the West is so strong. People haven't had trauma. So they sold them low level. Oh, we're going to create trauma. Like when you go to Mars, you're not getting any gravity. So your heart's still good when you get there. Who's organizing all this? Well, they don't tell you. They go, Oh, it's a special class. You've been a doctor. So in the sixties, they had a special class of people that are organizing all this shit. It's the highest scores, but is it for, for, for what purpose? You don't know. Financial gain. So Jack Parsons, uh, was he a propulsion laboratory? Alsier Crowley devil worship. Exactly. Okay. So wait a minute. So you're saying over a hundred years ago, listen to this. How crazy is this? The aliens give the plan. The founder of JP arrow, Jack Parsons. Have you heard this before? No, I just can't believe I didn't want to have Alex on the podcast. But did, let me finish. Just let me say this. I'm not trying to take over, but two years ago, I'm not bullshitting you. Okay. I'm telling you this stuff. I don't believe in this. Okay. There it is right there. This patented 1957 SVR machine. Exactly. No, exactly. Crazy. So I've talked to people, not just family and gives you wind vibration, aroma, stereo sound color, motion, wide vision, and three D three dimensional. But let me tell you, they wore a mask in the sixties and seventies that was already like you see like paper thin TV screens and it was already, I've talked to you. They said there's no way this was human technology. So you've seen these foldable phones. Yeah. Yeah. I think the aliens have already taken over Samsung and Huawei. Yeah. So do you think the aliens are taking over Samsung? Do you have any something to do with Samsung? Well obviously that's what I'm telling you is that the Pentagon isn't worried about. What is all this Jamie? This is the patent. Wow. And notice that's the weeks of the sixties. I believe 1957. So notice that's exactly what your, that's what my dad told me. That's what our HTC vibe looks like. Do we have today? Today. So this is big. My dad didn't tell me this until he saw endgame and he said, no son, we had virtual reality goggles and we had sheetie rom and we had things and then something else happened and I'm not at liberty to get into it, but I was shown three years ago what the university of Washington was doing under Bill Gates. And this is in the nineties. What were they doing? What do you do? They, they don't even know what they're being given. It's intervening. So you think it's some sort of alien intervention type shit? They, they, they, to get even deeper, they turn your heart off for five minutes and they pump oxygen into your blood and you're in the meetings. I've talked to people that are involved. I mean top scientists and you're in the meetings with fricking aliens. Elves is the main group, but they're like, so by shutting your heart off, it makes you have that psychedelic experience by keeping blood in your oxygen. It keeps you alive. Well, let's explain. Okay. The heart goes out. The body thinks it's dead. So you can stay in longer. I don't know all the science behind it. I understand. But let's explain this. When you take a DMT or ayahuasca 200 times, like most are astronauts and test pilots are flying planes. Those are robots now. It's all mind war. So these dudes are like, it stops working once you've taken it hundreds of times. So then they start taking their most psychic people who are able to do this and they turn their heart off and then they put them into these, these events. And it's like the things that aliens tell them, they come out and they tell scientists and it works. So like what kind of shit they didn't tell me to kill for this stuff. Joe, this is not the way they want me off the air. Because when I finally figured this out, because I never touched aliens, I kind of knew the whole thing already. Here's what I'm telling you about when I was a kid, eight, nine, whatever it was, this one, this lady would come over that had known my parents and CUT and was involved and she talked about, yeah, we call it the psychedelic research institute or whatever the name was. But it's really a CIA deal and you know, we just can't find people that can handle it. They're going in, the elves want this and the elves want us to basically reduce population and agree to these certain plans and it's all a dehumanization and they call them the elves. It's the clockwork elves. And they're like, yeah, and I'm listening to my parents. You're like seven, eight years old. Like they don't think you're listening, talking about, well, this is what the elves want and this is what they're going to do. And the thing is, it's not my parents are that special. You go out to San Francisco. That's all there is, dude. It's a cult, man. All these guys you know from San Francisco, dude, you look at the head of Google or YouTube or fricking Apple, he's on TV. Tim Cook and his eyes are this big under lights, man. These guys are on stuff that like nobody even knows. What do you think they're on? Stuff they've been given. I mean, I know people at UT, they won't tell me specifically, but I was telling them. Like the dude who owns YouTube, who's that guy? What's his name? The guy owns a girl, you sexist pig. No, no, nobody owns Google. It's like he, him. It's the alphabet. It's the parent company. Maybe it's his or. Take, take, take. It's not one dude. There's not like a Jack Dorsey of YouTube. Take, take, take, take Sundar Pachari. He goes in Congress. I'm there. He's the CEO of YouTube. He's the CEO of Google. Google. Sorry. And he's literally on TV going, we never fixed the result. We don't spy on anybody. There is no surveillance. And you've got all these old white men and I'm not saying white men to be trendy. It's all a bunch of old dumb ass white men and a couple of dumb ass old Mexican black ladies. They're all dumb. We'll call they are. Going, so you don't spy on it or control it. Meanwhile, their own prospectus to their shareholders is how they control it all and how they're going to deliver maximum profit. And Sundar's like, yes, it is true. We have never controlled the search result. And it's just, I'm just listening to Pure Lies. Meanwhile, this guy's only the front guy of Eric Schmidt. And God knows what they're into there. I mean, it's been proven that Google does something to to alter search results. I'm asking because I don't know. I'm not asking to fuck with you. Yeah, I don't know. What did they do? Google itself is about if you pay them, they put your results at the top, just like Facebook. Okay. Well, that's definitely altering search results. So what he said was not true. If they, if you can pay, it's like saying water ain't wet, Joe. I know you know all this stuff. No, no, no, no, I don't know that. I don't know that. Now, listen, I'm honest about what I don't know. I know some things, but there's a lot of fucking holes in my knowledge base. That's a fact. Well, you know that they try to block my name and direct it toward negative stuff. I'm sure they do. If they do manipulate data. All they do is, all they do is the negative, you attack me, it's like, it's digital currency. You go to the top and they pay you money. Right. You're already a little tip watching a tap me lie about me and go to the top, but you lose your soul. Your soul. But I don't want to burn this out. It's important stuff to cover. Aliens. This is a good podcast. Fuck yeah. But you need to drink some whiskey. Tell me about your sponsor. Listen to, listen to. Don't end this, Joe. I'm going to miss my flight. I'm already missing my flight. Look at this right here. What is the end game? I mean, I mean, here's an example earlier. We already talked about human animal hybrids, mass farming of humanoid tissue, transhuman in game. And we talked about aliens. And you looked it up and it's all right there. Yes. As for the aliens, creating a human animal hybrid is an alien. Like grays and stuff like that. Do you think grays are like a robot? Yeah. I think I've heard that theory that it's not a real, moving thing. The idea is that at a certain point in time, you can interface with that robot so that you could see it in real time through its eyes somewhere else. Do you believe in grays or real? No, no, no. This is what I'm saying. If one day in the future. Grays are biological androids. Hold on a second. If one day in the future, they figure out a way to take a thing that looks like a humanoid. It's an avatar. Yeah. And transport it through a spaceship onto another planet and you could look through its eyes because you're somehow or another connected to it the same way they're connected to these satellites. No, no, you're all being prepared for video games. Yeah. Where you're bow hunting and you're all that. You just saw the 1950s diagram of the VR goggles. Can we put a famous photo of a. You don't believe in any aliens, Eddie? I don't believe they come from up there. Pull up. They're interdimensional. I think they're from the same place. We're all wearing VR. I think we're in this vast plane. There's a lot of shit everywhere. They got us enclosed in this little thing. Eddie, you learn. Here's the thing. You learn what the plan is by the attack. They don't want us having kids. They want us demoralized. They want to break us down. They don't want us to think we can expand and they don't want us to believe that there's space. And I'm not trying to attack you, but they don't want third dimensional resource expansion. I don't even know what that is. Well, they don't want us. Third dimensional resource expansion. Yeah. What does that mean? Well, I don't know if I want that or not. That's a 1950s diagram. No. By the way, I never saw that. I'm glad he found the patent. Yeah, that's crazy. He told me, oh, we had virtual reality. And then I talked to this scientist and he put me in touch with somebody else. And then I found out other stuff. Let's just say this. I'm not in the CIA. Me neither. I'm not in the NSA. Me neither. But they've been tracking me my whole life. Do you think they give you disinformation sometimes? Oh, absolutely. For sure. It was the CIA. It was the former deputy director, basically the CIA section chief, founder of Delta Force, who got me to like a two weeks ago. Alex, you're not saying Sandy Hook stage. You need to go say Sandy Hook stage. He goes, oh, we have the people. We're there. And just because he was famous MIT scientists and stuff, I went with that. So do you think they already had AI computers probably. I'm speculating looking way out to set me. I mean, I don't know. I'm sure there's people setting everybody up. If you think I told you about this, I don't know if I told you, but I told people that to listen to this podcast with this woman, Renee DiResta, and she had a podcast with Sam Harris where they went into detail about the operation that people had used to troll Facebook pages and Instagram pages and create these, where the Russians had created these troll bots and these meme pages where the hundreds of thousands of people. By the way, the Russians are all doing it. Everyone's doing it. Everyone's doing it. The idea that just Russians are everyone's doing. But the thing that was fascinating was she was saying that they organized a Muslim event across the street from a pro Texas event. Yeah. They would have Black Lives Matter next to Blue Lives Matter. They'd set everybody up with everybody. There's a Blue Lives Matter. There's a lot of them. What was Ken Morrison at film school here in California trained on by the CIA? What was he trained on? He was trained on. Can I hear this when I get back? No, no. Let's hear a video. Eddie's has said this before and I've said that's crazy. No, don't end the podcast. I want to keep going. I got to pee. I got to pee. I'm not going to work. I got to pee. You got to pee again? Let me go first. Let me go first. Because me and Jamie, all we got is the Cleveland Browns. We'll go off about fucking Baker Mayfield for like 10 minutes. Let me just say this. Nick Chubb. They got that new guy from Kansas City. The only way they get what I'm actually saying is info wars.com and news wars.com. You have to be. We had 26 million subscribers between my three shows on iTunes. All they were doing was linking to my feed. They delisted that and it killed us. And I was always like, Oh God, I don't care about people. You're off YouTube or Facebook. God, don't figure out the iTunes. Don't do it. Ah, that was like devastating because people are like habitualized. Listen to you. They don't anymore. But I want to be 100% clear. You have to go to info wars.com. You have to go to news wars.com. If you want to actually hear what I have to say. In fact, I'm not telling you guys what to play. Joe. I'm not mad at Joe, but he heard me say that Jimmy Savelle would go have sex with dead kids and also cut out their pituitaries that has adrenochrome in it and eat it. And I know that sounds completely insane. He was a famous child molester. It's admitted. And so Joe's like, Oh, that's crap. That's crazy. Alex has gone schizophrenic. Well, yeah, I probably gone crazy looking at all this and actually caring. Most people don't because they'll go crazy. But the adrenochrome thing is real. So if you go to what's the exact name of that video? This is a three minute video that I really think people should see. It doesn't defame anybody. It doesn't name names. It doesn't do any of that stuff. But if you go to info wars.com, adrenochrome, let me see it right here. What's adrenochrome? Oh, man, dude, it's just you've heard about all these rich startup companies that like, well, the parents agree. The kid has a right to have the 10 year olds and below his blood. What what what? People taking kids blood, right? Yeah. Seems like teen blood is works well for people in their elderly years. Is this true? Absolutely. Was that a conspiracy theory? No, it's all true. And that's what I'm saying. It's a vampirism. It doesn't mean vampires are real. It means that attitude. I don't know if we can find this a three minute video on our reporters did adrenochrome. Oh, yeah. Yeah. You sent it to me, right? Can you tell them the name? Is it on your phone? You got it? It's only three minutes and I'm telling you this is real. We can't play it. Here's the thing. Stop. Stop right here. YouTube just released a bunch of total new guidelines where if you play anybody's content, you get a strike against you. You're pulled for 90 days. You can't stream. You can't do shit. Yeah. Now they're saying you can't have comments that are bad. Yes. So now you're guilty for what your neighbor does. Well, not just your neighbor. You're the king of the YouTube. They're not going to do that to you. Well, I don't know who the fuck's going to do it to who. But after this podcast, I think all bets could be off. This is our own content. Is it fair use? Is it true that YouTube is really demonetizing any videos that have truth and liberty? Is that true? Everybody on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. We all advertise on our businesses, our radio shows and our TV shows. This big diversified media worldwide said, hey, here's where you can get our material. It's a great system. So for 10 years we built it up so that the Web was 90 percent decentralized. Now it's 90 percent centralized. And so once the big tech got us all centralized, they went, oh, yeah, just like when your castles will take your bank account away if you don't support us. Boom, you're all gone. So now we have to fight back against that. There's something to that. You know, there's something to this idea that one giant corporation can decide, especially based on their own personal ideology, what gets put on and what doesn't get put on because Joe, they're control freaks. Well, everybody's so glad you're in the fight now. Thank you. Is there a question? Is there a. What does that mean? Japanese is is. Listen, it's my video. It's totally legal. He just talks about Google searches for a drain of Chrome. No, I authorize you to air my video. OK, the only issue I just read the beginning. I see it has a part of fear and loathing in Las Vegas. Yeah, 10 seconds of the get us the get us. OK, skip past it. I know that you just tell it. Let's tell people the link so they can go to it themselves. Show it. But I mean, this is this is essentially about people that are putting old people. I don't like it. Is it people are putting young people's blood into old people's bodies? Is that what it is? It's that you were. And I know what your question is. You're not a psychotic demon demon person. Thanks. You and I don't believe that Alex says that some BBC broadcaster would go have sex with dead kids bodies. The Morgan eat their brains. That's not what I said. What I said, I didn't believe Bill Maher was a pedophile. That's all I said. I said that his thing is named. I don't think it's a pedophile. You're everybody I know says he likes women, which is fine. I think he likes women. You know, we're talking about him earlier. And I could say this from the perspective of a stand up comedian. We say a lot of shit that we don't entirely mean because we think it's funny. Eddie and I do it all the time. That's why Eddie said that to you earlier. You really think that someone's going to heart. They're going to legislate to harvest babies. He's doing that to fuck with you. No, no, that's his style of comedy. But like Eddie's been doing that style of comedy since I met him. Like he loves to do that. He loves to pretend and fuck with you and then get you upset. He's like, I'm joking. Joe, you're nursing that drink. Let's let's slam them. Okay. Salud, my friend. Hey, can I have one of them whiskeys over there? Yeah, we got another beverage. Oh, Bravo's about to turn loose. No, just a little. Hey, I get you're busy. But last time you were a comedy show, we get steak for this or no? Yeah, let's do it. Let's do it. Let's get some steaks. Shit. You want Zevia in it? No. No. Can you imagine if we announced we're going to get steaks? Cheers. No, we can't tell. That's a Joe. Hey, but Joe, let me get real serious. I appreciate everything. I appreciate you. Listen, I appreciate you. So I'm glad we did this. I'm really glad we did this. All right. No, I'll stop. I just want to say this. I want to be clear. Um, I have literally been trying to find out what's going on. And as you get older, you figure out more stuff. I am not the one saying there's all these aliens, the entire government and all of these advanced groups. That's why they've given up on space is they're all about interdimensional. So I didn't finish up about, and I want to get any take that I'll get into your take is that I've got a pretty good understanding by interviewing a bunch of people involved about what the master plan is and exactly who we're dealing with. Cause it's not just one group of aliens. What, what's the different groups and what, what are you basing this on? Like what, when you say it, you're saying like, really, like you're really sure. What are you basing this on? You know about general stubble button, right? No, don't. Okay. Well, he was a major general, was a three star general and he was the head of all class clandestine operations for the U S government for like 15 years. And he said on my show before he died at like 98 or whatever, but also in private discussions, and this is like six, seven years ago and I was there to be like 15 years ago, I mean, this is the guy that ran the whole show. You know men who stare at guys? Yes. That's a joke about that. It kind of whitewashes it all, but they broke through and got content and they had volunteers, really serious people who, who, who were taking huge doses of drugs to do this, then I learned NASA was doing it. And that's why they got to the point of saying, well, why should we try to go to other places? The third dimension is just as empty wasteland above it and below it is all this incredibly complex stuff, but our brains tune all of it out because we can't handle it. Okay. Okay. That's why like young people, before they hit puberty are known to be psychic because wherever reason they're able to see through the veil and all religions are based about seeing through the veil. Well, that's what intense meditation does for you, right? That's the holotropic breathing, a lot of that Kundalini stuff. What they're doing is allowing your brain to relax its boundaries and interface with all the other dimensions that are around us all the time. Exactly. But you usually can only get through psychedelic drugs, but dark forces, dark forces generally are the ones that are willing. Good forces are not willing to get involved in free will. Um, so you think that there are actual entities that are in these dimensions that you're in contact with? Okay. There are, have you experienced any of this personally? Let me get to that in a minute. There are, there are hundreds and they're discovering new ones all the time of parasites, bacteria, worms that control life forms. Yeah. I want. Yes. You ever seen the zombie ants? Yes. Or a zombie wasp? What is it? Zombie wasp wasp. Yeah. They, yeah. There's so many of them. They keep finding it was particularly in the insect world, which is really interesting. So, so the lowest level is able to infect you with something that controls your brain down to exact activities. Yeah. Exact activities. Have you personally had any experience with interdimensional beings? Well, because it's all taboo and people, let me tell you, I have a hundred percent about doing DMT. Uh, I've a hundred percent communicated with something. The question is whether that something was actually in my imagination or in my mind, or that something was something that takes place in another dimension. I don't know. I can't be sure. There's no way to put it on a scale. There's no way to run it through a test. But what I do know is that it's the same experience. I can be sure. Okay. I mentioned Eric Mueller, who, you know, uh, man, Kel Mueller, because he's the one guy willing to let me tell a story. I've literally talked to, I see a hundred people. Mm-hmm. It's, it's probably more than that. Cause I've known about this for a long time. He is a Christian, but he heard about all this. So he went down to a couple of places in central and south America and did it twice. Both times it was 30 to 40 people in the group. And he's like, well, Alex, I just don't believe in demons, but I did see basically aliens come up to the edge of the forest and we were all seeing it and we were all seeing the same thing, but I think it was a chemical reaction. You don't have a, if you, everybody gets drunk. We all think about what happened to us in high school or college or what's good or what's bad. We all have different experiences when you're taking on hallucinogen and suddenly you're all seeing the same thing. It just means it clicked off the part of your brain as a filter. So you go crazy. Yeah. Cause a lot of schizophrenia people just see more and then they see everything. It doesn't mean they're right. It just means that the filter is off. Well, I always said, do you ever run your hand over an insect that can't see? They have no idea you're there. They're like certain insects. They just don't see anything. Whether it's a centipede or whatever. And how do we know what they see? Well, we don't know. You're right. We, we, by dissecting dead ones, we have an understanding of what sensors they possess and we can, we think a bee or a fly sees like in a bunch of little like a dude, I told you hexagon. We know that they have a different, yeah, we don't know what the exact experience was. I told you the whole story. They've got computers hooked up to the damn bugs. They've got everything. Computers are hooked up to the bugs. The difference is, let me tell you. Yeah. They've got rope up 35 years ago. They had remote control rats with microchips. They could send 500 yards into a bombed out building with a camera on their top. They had 30 years to dolphins too, right? Yes. They've got roaches and mainline scientific American roaches with a chip on their head that run around. The difference is the reason it's dangerous is that once you open that gate, it's all bad. They have it all bad. Why can't you experience that interdimensional being and learn something from it and be a better person? Because, because for whatever reason, at first it's all beautiful. And soon you're an Aztec base, catnapping all the local tribes and killing whoever's the tallest or the smartest. Every time it gets control, it starts murdering everybody and it always starts beautiful. It always starts great. So you're talking about ancient civilizations where they ritualize psychedelic drugs and they wind up killing everybody. In every case, in every case, the priest say, we have to probe babies in the fires. We have to cut their hearts out. We have to bite their genitals. True or false. Supposedly the mushrooms were used by the Aztecs so that they wouldn't resist. They'd get them all high on mushrooms. It was beyond that. They had a cocktail. They had a cocktail. They don't resist. Is this true? Dozens of allucinages and toxins that would give them an enema. True or false though. They didn't use the mushrooms just to keep them sedated. It makes sense. It makes sense. If you get, they killed the pull this up. I think the temple, I forget how you say it, T Tio con Tio con. But in this one temple, I think they killed some insane amount of people after it was constructed as after the construction, tens of thousands, they sacrifice tens of thousands of people that the ones that were actually working to build the temple once they died, killed everybody. I've been down there with like real, real university heads who I want to hear from them. These are the Mayans and they said, yeah, no, we're open hair dimensional gate. The gods want blood and they didn't take it internally to the mouth. They would take enemas of dozens of allucinogens and alcohol. And so the priest would take a couple of drugs and then the priest wanted to communicate with the aliens and the aliens wanted blood. And they also, so it was more like we're chopping hearts out. Yes, sir. Okay. We did a thousand. Okay. The gates open. It's open. Here goes Jamie says, it says they between wow, between 10,000 and 40, 80,400 persons were sacrificed in the ceremony in 1487 when the Aztecs completed the temple and how do you say the temple name? Pull up the top of the, how are you saying? Memory is good. It's a, it's all over. How do you say the temple name? Oh, it didn't say that's Mexico city. Tia con. I think I'm saying Mexico city is where they think they killed about 5 billion people. Fucking, this is one day. Fucking insane. They killed 80,000 people in a couple of days. That's bananas. By the way, you go down there and you're walking around in the woods and the Mayan guy goes the bones and they pick up and you're like, it's not gravel. It's petrified bones are everywhere. Oh my God. Let me go further. The priesthood were meat sellers. This happened in Europe as well. They would hang people up and the stores, the market is below the temples. And so you would eat the meat and the most valuable meat was warriors. Like when you won the ball throwing game that it went on for days, they would kill you. They killed you. The ones who won were murdered. This is the thing they used to think that they sacrificed the losing team. Now they realize the sacrifice, the winning team. I had a bit about for a while where I was like, that must've been the longest fucking game ever. It's just dropping the ball. Fucking up. No, no. But they were all fighting because they wanted to fight. They believed they were food for the guys. Yeah. They wanted to die. They said quits cottle poodle, the flying serpent Quetzalcoatl. Quetzalcoatl. Yeah. Yeah. Is gonna, you're going to interface it, upload its brain and you look at their paintings, it's all like spaceships and dials and they have perfect in the Spanish museum for 200 years, proving it's not a hoax because there's, there's, there's drawings of it, 200 year old Spanish textbooks, but you can go see it. A, a, a, it's about like a half foot long. It's a, looks like a jumbo jet with the windows and the engines. True or false. The Mayans smoked penis blood. They did. They did. See what they, what they did was you thought I made that shit up. I did. I thought you were just being silly. No, no, that's true. But they took, they took long lines of leather, Jaguar leather, and it had, it had, it had nails on it and it had like a spiky things, a glass, and they would put it in their genitals. The most skilled priest, the high priest, while they were sacrificing people for hours taking a loose in a gym would, would like not try to cut his testicles off, but only the most skilled would sit there and draw them through the, and they would smoke the blood. So that they can see the lower priest talks to their ancestors. The lower priest would then put up. To their ancestors. They would put it on sacred leaves and then they would smoke the general blood of the high priest. They would talk to their ancestors. I believe it's just fine. People are so goofy. Look, if you see those African ladies with the giant plates in their lips, if you believe that the next, the next, yeah, how about that? They stretch their necks out to the point where if they take those things off, their head will fall off. People are willing to do all kinds of crazy things to their body. I'm not surprised they smoked penis blood. The Bible says the Old Testament, New Testament, which is pretty powerful. I know people misinterpret itself, but it's ancient texts. The people that are there like, like you read Ezekiel, like three burning wheels land. Yeah. There's a blue firm and over its head, it gives me something to take. I take it and I'm given the full data of the plan that, that, that, that the genetics has been infested and God must destroy everyone. Do you think that's an alien story? Oh, it's a hundred percent, but that's what they always talk about. They always talk about that being an alien story. That's one of the primary stories when they talk about the Bible, Ezekiel's vision, a wheel within a wheel that they always talk about. If you read it, it says floating off the ground in the Hebrew and the kingdom changes pretty clear too. Floating comes to thing with a crystal firm and over its head. And then the face is shifting different creatures. It's like a video screen. Well, if you think about how long it would take for an alien to get here, it really only makes sense that unless they have a constant basis in a robot, they visit, or if they, if they came by themselves, they came by themselves a long fucking time ago, like if they were able to make interstellar travel like 3000 years ago, which is not that big of a leap. If you think about us 3000 years from now, we probably can do something like that. Right? So if they were doing that 3000 years ago and they found human beings, and these are the stories that we have these stories like Ezekiel and like, uh, there's a bunch of different ancient stories about contact with the skies, you know, the, uh, no, I mean, take, take revelation. Yeah. There's a world government. The beast is 50 feet tall. It shifts. Everyone can see at the same time. It's a hologram and you've got these digital systems. If you don't go along with, you can't buy or sell. Yeah. People say, Oh, that's not real, but it's manifesting. And then go 2000 years in the future. They have advanced technology. They don't send people anymore. Now they send aliens. If you go back to the old days, it was actually some sort of humanoid or a large thing like all the Zacharias, it's and shit. The comparison, the Sumerian texts. Exactly. That's what, um, it makes sense. That's what all those guys are telling you. Like avatar James Cameron's definitely dialed in. It's like, no, we're, they're Jack. We're jacking in. Well, it makes sense that if there was a visitor to this planet, five, 10, 15,000 years ago, if there was maybe more, maybe if there was a visitor, hundreds of thousands of years ago that actually did genetic experiments on lower hominids, if that was really the case, it makes sense that their technology would increase far more rapidly. But let's go past that. Obviously scientists like to plant things, gardeners like to plant things. And, but that's Joe. That's exactly what the globalists believe is that maybe they're just aware of what the fuck's going on. They're as powerless as we are. If they're really, I know more and more, they only put solace people in charge who are compartmentalized. Nobody else knows who will carry this out, but we're able because we're advanced. Look at this because let's just get down to brass tax tax. I love tax. Look, no, Joe, you just said it. Instead of some weird dumb preacher, you know, in Alabama, not bashing Alabama, saying stuff, you get mad at this. Don't look at why it's so demonized. Look at why it's demonized. Think about that. Right. Think about how it says that there's no reality and God creates a whole new virtual reality, gives light, does all of it. And then his genetic experiment by rogue elements gets involved. It's all right there. And when you actually look at it and you expand on it and you're like, oh my God, this is beyond a science fiction book. And so it's the obvious thing. That's why they keep telling us, oh, look, pilt down, man, almost fixed stuff. No, Joe, they did an accelerated mutagenic. They're doing to us now something new. They did an accelerated mutagenic program on this planet and humanity. Well, what does the Bible start with? It says we are bait in the image of God. What does that mean? We don't have God's knowledge. We don't have God's advancement. We're the image. Well, what is an image? It's a scan. It's numbers. It's the genetics. It's the potential. So we are the aliens, Joe, and everybody already knows this. We are the aliens. Do you think that we are a product of alien intervention? They took these lower hominids and they accelerate their evolution by applying their genetics. Do you know, we, here's the deal. They say we're 97% chimpanzee, but then they actually get into the deeper genetics. We're closer to pigs or rats. So I think that this was an environment built for us. We're the master genetic program and they're all subsets of us just for a backstory. Uh, and that's what the globalist thing. Yeah. But do you think that the aliens created us like this is like one of the primary, here's what the elite beliefs, the elves are biological androids, the grace. And then there's other systems going on and no one knows his old warfare, psychological stuff. No one knows the truth. Cause it's, it's virtual reality. Once you get to that level, so no one knows, we just know we're advanced, but we are, and I'm not just saying it's very powerful. The globalists are obsessed. The elites are obsessed because reportedly, obviously humans are pretty fricking cool. We've got some big giant mission and maybe that's a program. I don't know that we're like pretty super advanced, but you can't put something out like the Spartans were when their kids were seven, they throw them out for two years in the woods. You can't just put something out like, like, like, like liberals, you give everybody everything, they're little assholes. So this is like bootcamp and training and they, and so they have to test us and do all this. And basically this planet is what the people say. It's a big testing ground for other things that are going to come. And we are it. We are God. And I don't mean I'm God. I'm already God. I've achieved Godhood. Cause you can see that potential in yourself and the, and the, and the lower level elves will tell you that cause they already know you're bad ass. But if they can trick a tadpole, it's going to grow into Godzilla to go kill itself. They're winning. So you say, so the elves are a test. The elves are a test on us to attack us and see the survival of fittest, but they're nothing. They're like, by, by the time we achieve conscious and we're looking back and go, we're not going to be looking at that because I think when you jump to the next level, there's even bigger war going on. What's the biggest war? Consciousness in the universe is an interdimensional spacecraft beyond that. That looks like a comet from my research and it, it, it has, it has its head. It has its Corona. That's consciousness. Consciousness. It carries evil in the tail end. So consciousness has a location. No, there is this giant consciousness, this God swimming in a giant system of survival of fittest that God has created to test God's self. Okay. And it looks like a comet. So you've got God's conscience and all the good things, the knowledge going forward, but God knows that everybody has to be tested. So the tail goes out and at the end of the tail is basically evil. That's why Christ says, get behind me, Satan. And it's always trying to test God and infiltrate up into it to sabotage. Damn. They do pull the plug in this podcast is a good way to end this motherfucker. Uh, if you're burnout want to finish, I'm not, I'm just saying it. 1,300 and something. If the fucking government's come in, but show they love you. No, no, no, no. You guys been talking about aliens so much, dude. Trust me. This is going to be one of the biggest YouTube videos of all time. Is that the move to talk about aliens as much as they love aliens. They love it. It's all over children's programs. Want BS alien stuff where they come out of space. It's interdimensional Eddie. Well, when you say aliens, it sounds like you're talking about the Pleiadians. That's what it sounds like. You literally believe they're in contact with these things. Well, maybe they are. Describe what you saw in DMT and you tell us. You have these experiences where thoughts become patterns. They become like geometric patterns that are moving through space and they change and shift, but they're letting you know that they know all your bullshit. They see right through you and they want you to relax. Yes. There's a lot of that. There's a lot of thought is creation. Yeah. But, but what the only, uh, Oh, relax to see don't struggle. I wouldn't call them aliens though. What I saw would, I never referred to him as alien, but that's the term. Everyone knows not of this world. Not of our average thing. I would listen. I would think it was aliens. If it woke me up in the middle of the night and took me aboard a ship. And that's what I experienced. I would be a hundred percent convinced that I went to an alien spaceship. And I talked to these things. The difference is how it was like to smoke it and then lay back and then experience that is like, I expected that progression of, of events. But if I woke up in the middle of the night, I was going to take a leak and, uh, a light shown down to the bathroom and they sucked me through the window. Took me aboard a spaceship and I saw the exact same thing that I saw. Well, I was high on DMT. I'd be 100% convinced that I was in contact with aliens. The different, the only difference is how I got there. Like I got there through a drug. I got there through smoking something that's produced by the human brain that I knew was pretty safe. No one's ever died of it. I'm like, let's see what happens. And I go back to everyone I'm out to in mass groups taking particularly ayahuasca, they have group events and see the same things. They hear the same thing, which is the psychic connection, but it's beyond that you could argue, well, one person's a psychic leader. They project it. Everybody else's minds, but who's projecting that into them? So that's the only way it's out. This, this is why the Pentagon, it might not be someone projecting anything into your mind. It might be your new found ability to perceive things that you could, the way I look at it as like, no, I agree. But why are they all 43 people? You know, in Costa Rica, all seeing aliens. This is a bad example. This is a bad example, but it's not a bad one. If you fart and you didn't have a nose, no one would know. If we didn't have a sense of smell, if we didn't have a sense of smell, we could still get along in this life. No, I agree. There was a way to visually see if food was lying. Individual hallucination. They're all saying. But what I, what I'm saying is it's entirely possible that there's a multiple dimensions or multiple things that we can't perceive that we haven't, we don't have the senses for that are around us all the time. I agree. So just briefly, and you jump in there, Eddie, let me tell you what my deep research and basically vision is. Okay. And vision just means you're like things crystallize epiphany. To talk about 12 dimensions, 11 known 12 being omnipresent. So we don't say it actually exists. To say that is arrogant. So I won't say that, but I have had dreams my whole life that come true. And the weirdest thing, like a lady drops a thing of pickles at the store for five years, I have the dream and then one day I'm there and it's the woman in the pickles break or, or I want to know when was this? Pickle. When I was a kid, it was more intense. That is fucking crazy. So for five years you had the same dream and then one day it happened. Yes. Was it exactly how you dreamt? Yes. Fuck for about six months. I had a dream of a guy in a purple and green striped shirt. And I'm like, why am I wanting this? Cause it's not like normal dreams. It's like you're been taken over. You always get vomit. Lucid, like a lucid dream lucid dream. And I'm walking around like, well, I'm behind a building and all of a sudden there's some dude in a purple and green striped shirt. He attacks me and six months later it happens. And I mean, it happens exactly. So what do you think is going on? If you, I mean all thoughts of yourself aside, just, just look at it objectively. What do you think that is? You could say that it's human programming and basic programming in the brain. Do you think you're tapping into a timeline that maybe you can't access all the time? That's what I know it is. I was trying to be one of the reasons why you can rant and rave. And when you spew out information, the way you do, which is very impressive, the way you can talk about things, three hours straight, six hours straight. You do the majority of your programs entirely by yourself. No teleprompter. I agree with you. It's not like I'm telling you this is the, you're doing something unusual. Do you understand that? I'm not even doing it. It's like a river's going by. There's a turtle, there's a fish, there's a log. I that's why it's like random. Like what is this? What is that exactly? Right. But that's how you communicate. That's like in the beginning of the thing we were talking about Sandy hook. I kept trying to slow you down. I was like, I'm not following you down this river. You just hit this one rock. I want to talk about this rock. I want to talk about the next rock, but you just keep going. The way you think about things is you're, you're chaining one thing to the next thing, to the next thing, to the next thing. And for people who are not thinking the way you're thinking, it can be exhausting. Like you're trying to follow what you're saying. I'm right about it all. I'm only seeing the, like the code. But I'm wondering because of the fact you're telling me that you had these dreams that came true exactly the way you dreamt them. I know you're not full of shit. I've you're not a liar. I've known you for a long time. If that really did happen to you, if this is your real life experience, I want to know what the fuck that is. You are you, are you on the periphery? Do you have your finger on a membrane that maybe other people can't totally touch or occasionally just occasionally you get a little peek through and you get to see the other side, even if it's only once or twice in your life. Who's to say that what you're experiencing by being able to see these things that manifest themselves realistically in the future, that this isn't what human beings will have five years from now or a hundred years from now. Well, sure. Exactly. We think of like a cell phone, be magic artists. We think we're all the same. That's the thing. We think we're all the same. We're not all the same. We're not all the same in our ability to talk. You can talk for a lot longer, but a lot of things that I do. Eddie Bravo could talk about jujitsu better than both of us. He needs a musician. Sorry. You and I both suck at music, right? So there's certain things that people can do that you can't do. Let me try to describe it and they'll use it against me, but notice they don't touch it because it's their whole religion and they can't stand up talking about it. By the time I was like three years old, I would have this dream that God has. Cause God knows everything is just super intelligent, omnipresent, unlimited dimensions, but God doesn't know where God came from. So just like we're trying to find out where we came from, God is like a virtual reality simulation as well. And God is constantly running every program, every operation, turning evil, loose, good, loose, everything. So I would have these dreams, but the earliest memories, like two, three years old, where I would fly out to the edge of infinity and it was a continual message, find out where we came from, find out what it is. And it would just be this big, giant spinning black vortex, like a black hole. And then I would have to go into that trying to figure out what was going on. And it never, it was the same thing. And so it's just incredible frustration. So then growing up and dealing with things and questioning politics and questioning all these other areas, then having dreams that come true exactly. And like knowing what's going to happen before it happens and then questioning it and then it never being wrong. Um, be like weird, not bright, like crazy stuff, man. Like, like just so much stuff where it becomes like, you can't even deal with it, you like dial it out. And then you just reach that point where you don't even know what's real anymore because it's so crazy, but then you see like the mathematics of the whole system and you know how it works. It's not like you're some schizophrenic. You talk about it, you deal with it and actually works. Like now when you fight the system, you automatically know what to do. Like when you talk about something, the president word for word, repeats me Trump is what freaks them out. Word for word, a whole speeches, like whole things. And I'm not on power trip. That's what they flipped out about at the CIA and everywhere else. And they're like, well, Jones is like connected to Trump. And I think Trump's like an idiot. Savon. What does that have to do with this speech? Explain that Trump speech. I'm, I'm trying to follow you. I don't even know. I don't even know. That's the thing. It's hard to follow you sometimes because you were talking about Trump's speech abilities. Well, even before that, he was talking about God. Okay. So God, God knows everything except where God came from. That's a good sound bite right there. Do you think that God is just like every other system that we see? Like think of this. There's no one, God is the most advanced AI. There's no one bird that's running all the birds. There's no one person that's running all the people. There's it's all chaos. Even if we elect someone, if they have to fuck people hate them, everybody's in chaos, there's con they're trying constant power struggle. Do you think that God is decentralized? Do you think that the idea of God is decentralized that maybe God is a real thing, but God's not one person. God is literally all the organisms. God is not just free will God, it's consciousness. It's all the organisms. It's every fucking technological innovation. No, I think God is the tell of the things. No, I agree with you. And that's not some new age thing. New age is a counterfeit joke. I agree with you. Is it counterfeit? No, I'm saying a counterfeit of what's real. Oh, because they all say, Oh, God is everything. It's true. God is experiencing consciousness through all of us. There's, there's, you know, Mike, wherever a hard time saying that I know this, I could say God might be decentralized. I could say God might just be just like every other organism on the planet. It's just some thing that's moving in a certain direction, trying to protect itself and trying to procreate and trying to advance and trying to innovate and trying to be better than it was yesterday. That's what everything is doing. Every fucking animal that started out as a single celled organism is trying to survive. Create themselves. Well, it's not necessarily that it didn't create itself with something created it slowly, but surely through the process of evolution and mutation. This is the, we keep going on, keep going for hours. We should do an epic podcast, but the point is we should not give up. Let's don't give up. The point is there is a pro human future and a pro free will future and the globalists are at, are at anti-human anti-free will future. So all I know is to swim towards the light. This is a pro human future. This is a point. And this is one of the reasons why I wanted to discuss this with you. And this is one of the things that I talked about with Tim Poole recently. And one of the things that when we have a revised podcast, which is coming up very soon with Jack from Twitter, we, we, we all need to talk about open communication that this is, it's very bad for all people involved to shut people down from communicating as long as they're not doing anything to actively try to harm somebody. Kennedy said those that make people peaceful action or whatever he said, people that make peaceful action illegal and make violence inevitable. And I'm not going to butcher that. That's a, that's a, you might've paraphrased it, but that's a perfect quote. People don't like being left on the outside. And that's what I came. One of the things about you and I having this conversation and we had our blowup is coming to understand that you felt like you were left on the outside. And me as a person who was constantly busy and wasn't paying attention to that, it was selfish of me to not pay attention to how you must've felt to be stuck on the outside. Well, I just felt jealous of what you did. What, what, what you wish you didn't do or didn't do. What I like about you is what we saw today. I mean, one of the best things about this podcast to me is I got to show people what I really love about Alex Jones. You're fucking fun. This is hilarious. And you say a lot of shit that turns out to be real and turns out to be of real concern. And you make some really good points about all the shit that has happened in the past. I hear you. I don't want to be right about them killing babies. Doesn't, I know you don't want to be right about human. You don't have to be, you don't, it means it doesn't matter whether you want to be right here. We're going longer. Oh Jesus. What's your longest podcast? We're going. No, don't do that. That was like six hours or something. I think Kevin Smith was the longest. He's like five and a half. Fuck that dude. Oh, he's a great guy. I'm just kidding. I love him. Okay. 30 more minutes. You want to give up. You're going to be staying though. Dude, I'm fine, man. I'm going to be fine. Listen, I'll be honest with you. I'm kind of retarded. In that. No, no, no. That's going to be a soundbite. They're going to put that to my music. No. I might have to use it. You are a must flame thrower to light the next joy. I'll take a public tobacco. But no, no, seriously, when it comes to regular life, regular tobacco with no marijuana at all, would you like some? Yes. Okay. There you go. No, but I know weed for Alex Jones. That's never wrong. That's it. I'm not going to show it. I want to get into all your points because there's no what points. That's all I got points. 100%. Yeah. 100%. I ain't got no points. I just got some great points. No, no, Eddie, Eddie, Eddie, big UFC. As we are the ambassador of the flat earth society. No, he's not. That Eddie barely listen, Eddie doesn't believe more than he believes. Listen, if somebody became a universal truth, he would fucking start believing the earth is round. No, flat earth society is the flat earth society is controlled opposition. Nobody that's in flatter. Okay. Listen, I know there's a lot of bullshit. So I really, I respect you. I do. I love you. The point is, is that I'm asking you a real question here. Okay. It'd be the biggest documentary in history. It only costs like a million dollars. Okay. Let's do it. A 50,000 ton big ship and to have it circumnavigate the planet and you will be there with GPS. No, no, no, no. I'm not going to be there. Fuck no. We're going to get someone to represent me there. Okay. I got a drone. No, we'll get. We're launching the discovery of flat earth project. Well, that rocket man dude's already shooting himself in the space. Isn't he like, you know, you know, you prove the earth that we really live on a ball when you, when they supposedly make those missions to the ISS, when they shoot up, just have that one of the astronauts that's going to go to the ISS, just have a GoPro camera on his helmet and just go uncut, no cuts, no cuts from the time you get in on that ship. To the time you dock and I want you to dock. Hey Eddie, are you denying we have cell phones and friggin technology? Who's going to be my cell phone? I know, right? My cell phone is awesome. Let's, let's not be Eddie. Let's not be combative here, but if that happens, this is how we talk. I know, but you're talking over each other. If that did happened, would you, uh, you want some more of this tobacco Alex Jones? Dude. Sure. If that happened, this isn't the first time I'm saying this. I've been saying if that happened, you let it go. There's no footage of the construction of the international space station. There's no footage. You just appeared. There's not a spether space. There's no footage of the construction of the international space. Are you sure about that? A hundred percent. There's no footage of the construction. I have known people that worked on the space station. I've known astronauts. They're real people, man. They were there. They are real people. I didn't say they weren't real people. So you don't think it's really constructed or you would like to see the footage first. Listen, listen, if you know, there's a, there's a debate, let me finish too. Let me just, there's a debate, uh, out there, whether you believe we went to the moon or not, you, how everyone needs to acknowledge it. There's a debate. There's people that want to leave the laser. Hold on. Hold on. There's people that believe we went to the moon and there's people believe that we faked it. You have to understand both reasons. Exactly. Exactly. So when you talk about, uh, the people that don't believe we went to the moon, when they also say they're faking other space shit too, you have to kind of understand where they're coming from. Well, that's six moon missions that they believe whether they win or not. Maybe we went, maybe we didn't. I don't know. But there's people that don't believe it. So when they don't, you should understand it. They have no trust for any of that. I love you. How many times you got a fake going to the moon before you go, okay, before that bullshit meter just fucking explodes. No, I agree. Listen, it's, it's. Sandy hook, which I think happened. I have a right to question. Oh, I was watching minions three or four where they go to us and they run through the, the minions, you know, run through Hollywood and they're, they're staging the moon landing people have a right to do that. The truth is, nobody wants to send people up because a bunch of them die. A bunch of test pilots die. We fly on jumbo jets around the country. Our cell phones work. Do you think we definitely went to the moon? Absolutely. A hundred percent. Absolutely. Bet your life on it. But the difference is, is that they say, I say it didn't happen. The truth is that we have a type of Alex Jones and eyes moon landing. I've denied it a bunch of times. You know, they say Alex Jones says that there are, uh, you human slaves on Mars never said it. But all I'm saying is I know the real NASA people and. Warren von Braun, the guy who directed all six moon missions was a Nazi, correct? Yes. Uh, he, he hung out with, uh, uh, Walt Disney, correct? Yeah. Yeah. Who in the fifties just made up space. They never, no one went ever went to space. How is space? What? Walt Disney had space. Why was on the phone with you for 45 minutes this morning? I told you I have a 12 inch telescope, 12 inch diameter opening aperture. Yes. It's a freaking mode. You're taking 35 millimeter. Yeah. It's there. It's there. All the shit you see when you look up, it's there. You get, you get a telescope, you get closer to what's that. We're not going to have a spaces for conversation. You told me the fucking like your face. I can't do this. I didn't say the lights are for it. I don't know. Well, I don't know what they are. The way I described this is the same way I talk about jujitsu. You, you should never talk about how effective martial arts are to someone who hasn't trained at all. You can't prove that shit. You can't prove all those things. You can't prove all of a sudden. It's not a 3 million miles away. There's no proof of that. Like are we even, you got to believe it. You have to believe in real people that have souls and free will. Cause you can say, maybe we don't even exist. You don't exist. Joe doesn't exist and nobody exists. So because we can't have a spaces, fake talk, my fucking head will break. No, I agree. Let's not do it. No, but the only, the only, my point of all that was I don't want to have a space discussion either, but my point is that if there's people out there that believe we faked going to the moon six times, you have to understand their skepticism. That's just not the kind of like, this is, hold on. You know what it means? You have to understand that talked about before when you was talking about that. That's all. This is what we talked about before when he was talking about the reason why he questions anything is cause he's, he's seen so many different things that turned out to be bullshit. So he's going to have to understand it earlier. And he was actually saying that sometimes you can get fucking crazy with it. You think that everything's fake and you call bullshit on things that really aren't. But a human exploration is real. Yes. Well, we can do some stuff. Like what? I mean, we've done, man. Um, what, like what, like fight wars and shit? Like what? Like electricity. That's awesome. Tesla, right? Yeah. Right. Where's Tesla? I know. I know. Just how about all the technology that you enjoy and make your life. Totally. I love it. This is science. Of course. Right. Of course. I'm not talking to science that allows people to understand the distance between earth and Mars. That's, but that kind of stuff. Then you get into, it says, by the way, I'm not proud to make points because Eddie, you've taught me a lot and you're a really smart guy and entrepreneur and a bad-ass. So I think it's healthy to be where you're at questioning everything versus buying everything. All I'm telling you is, is the stuff we have now a hundred years ago is be considered magic and we humans can go away. Yes. I agree with that. Fucking iPhones. Are you kidding me? People that I was there with the hospital and I was like, there were like, that's the scientists on the main line in the videos running NASA. And I'm like, were we there? Yes. I ran the RCA cameras. We faked the photos because the radiation belt hit it. They dolled them up, but we wouldn't have done that. I freaking know what happened. That makes way more sense to me. And it's one of the things that Jamie and I have actually discussed when we talked about the Gemini 15 photo, the famous photo of Michael Collins. That turns out to be just a reverse of a photo of him on a training mission where he's in the harness. They wanted PR. That's what I said. It was overzealous PR agents. I didn't go to two. I went to three. They were beds of NASA engineers. One of them was Raymond T. They allowed me to talk about this. Raymond was there running this fricking. He ran the lasers on the moon. He ran the deals. He said, well, it was weird is that another group of ships. And I'm not, you know, Raymond told me how to say this. I just shouldn't do it. Another group of ships. Well, they had another group of ships, but basically he wouldn't say it. And this is not drama. I was going to meet with him. I met with him at the former NORAD command base. That's the Hilton outside Austin. And he wouldn't tell me. And then like a week later, his heart blew, but he was ready to tell me. He said, no, it's real, but there's more advanced. And he had like presidential letters in his house. You look at him, he's like the main guy, like run the cameras. Like number three in NASA, like for engineers, fricking G was in Vietnam, ran black ops in Cambodia. And he said, he said, well, we lost a lot of people, but those were clandestine operations. I wasn't part of them. It's all compartmentalized. But he said, you're right that there were a bunch of missions beforehand. Cause the U S is willing to kill 50 people to do that. Just to see if they can get someone. No one else will do it. It was a tragic thing. Cause people think the U S is that great Joe. No, we were willing to, we had men are ready to die over and over again for the one time it worked. And that's what pisses me off. Well, Gus Grisham and those, the original blew up on the launch pad, you know, will be incredibly tragic if it is, if they actually did go to the moon, but they faked the footage because of the radiation. So the release is bullshit. But do you know how horrific that would be? If you were a guy like Neil Armstrong and you knew that the footage is bullshit, but you actually had gone to the moon and you're like, fuck. And this whole thing was like, people were starting to go, why are these, why does it look like they're on wires? There's eyes looking at, they're on trampolines. Like, yeah, by the way, they all got radiated. Cause it's true. Like he says going through that it's like a thousand chest trays or something, you know, even flying noon, you know, it's like 10 texts. Chest and trays, right? Yeah. You know what? Everything's terrible for you. Notice all the, I thought it was only one notice how to know it's more. Notice how the international flights are all now at night. Why is that? Cause there's fricking no radio, dude. Cause you go to sleep. It's a red eye. No, no, no. Solar radiation from 35,000 feet to, to, to sea level on average is 10 feet of water and about six inches of stone. There's dirt. Why is the sun so big on the, on the, uh, explain that again. What are you saying? Imagine that the atmosphere is a lens. Okay. So when you, why do you think the sun of the moon looks so much bigger on the horizon? Why is that? You ever thought about that? Refraction. I always thought it was just in comparison to the bigger that close to the surface. Why is it red? The atmosphere? You're looking at all that air. And yeah, you're looking through a thousand miles instead of 20 miles. Okay. So the moon gets smaller. It turns totally wide as it goes up. Right. So this is, this is like astronomy. I'm not saying because you're looking at it on the, on the plane. And I forget, uh, we were talking about flights. Yeah. Radiation. Whatever it is, you get a bunch of chest X rays when you fly during the day because the sun solar radiation, because you're above, like everybody knows you're in the mountains. You get a worse sunburn. Why is it less oxygen? Less dropping the, the, the, the UV. Yeah. So when you're at 35,000 feet, that's above the Himalayas. Yeah. You, you are up there and there's no, there's, there's on average 35,000 feet. This is NASA statistic. So probably not true. 10 feet of water and six inches of stone. It's because there's, if you condensed 35,000 feet of dust, the filter. Oh, wow. Why when you hit a filter on your iPhone, does it turn another color? Put a filter over it. Right. So think about, think about the atmosphere. When you're looking straight up, the moon's fucking white. Look at this angle. It's yellow, it's big and orange on it. Like, damn, that's big. It's not just where it's coming up. That's part of it. Right. It's that it's, it's bubbled. It's deformed. You're, it's like, look at their pair of glasses on the edge. So you're looking through all that atmosphere. You look at through pollution, you look through dirt, everything. Yeah. Yeah. My dad told me all that. That's fucking amazing. Yeah. So that's why moons are red. They're, they're red when they rise. They're white when they go to the top. It's all the shit we're looking at it through. Yeah. We've got a weird situation, huh? A big ass, one quarter size planet just floating, just floating above us. We stare at it. Well, that's a full moon tonight. That is fucking weird. There's a planet that's right there. I, I, I, I fell asleep like 10 o'clock last night and missed your call. And I woke up at like three 30 and I had to get up and I looked out and it looked fake. It was so beautiful. Sometimes. Yeah. Half moon. And I was looking out the, the hotel, like a 500 yards from here and I'm looking at how beautiful that is. It's just like, Hey, it's okay to say it's made out of cheese. It probably isn't. Did you ever see that movie dark city? Yeah. Yeah. I love the way fucking movie. Keep for Sutherland. Yep. Fucking great movie. Sometimes I would move. That's like a twilight zone. That's like a twilight zone. It's a classic. I'll watch that motherfucker again, but it makes me feel sometimes like reality. Like, like that movie was so strange because it was like this weird scripted reality that these people were like, they'd have to like finally through the surface and shit. They're all lucid. The family's real. Yes. Your consciousness is real. No, no, no, I'm not saying that. No, no, I know you know that. No, no, I agree. It's all virtual. I'm saying it's fascinating. Sometimes I'm saying you're right. I'm saying you're right. It is virtual. Yes. But you're real. Yes. You're real too. You've been put in all of us were put into a simulation to basically test us. And that's the big thing I'm trying to get across to people. Damn, Alex Jones. Let's wrap this motherfucker up. It's almost four o'clock. It's almost four o'clock. Yeah, let's eat, man. All right, so let me ask this question. Okay, go ahead. You get a helicopter in at South Africa or wherever I can. Can you imagine the film? She can search flat earth. Let's do it. Anybody. I'm sending a representative. We should do it. No, no, no. Yeah, you should be on the show. I'm not going. Who would you say is representative? Do you have a guy? I'll have a contest. Do you really believe him? Oh, that's a good move. I have a contest. Yeah. And then we'll just have a cameraman on the whole time. We'll have a cameraman. You pay for the cameraman's flight. Hey, GPS. So hundreds of these satellites. It was a meek of film. 64. How many satellites are there with GPS? So there's this whole GPS and you can like leave LA on a ship and you can go all the way over to Japan and see everybody and go down around India and around Africa. You can go land in New York. You could do it if it's all a flat plane. That's like you're just not thinking right. You could do. You can go anywhere you want. If it's flat, you just go anywhere you want. People think like, how could you travel around me today? How could you circumnavigate? So we can't talk. Listen to this. You told me this morning. Joe, let's get off this. You told me this morning. Not this morning. Yesterday. No, no, this morning. Oh, this morning. You said you said basically that there was no way to prove any of this. Prove any of what? What are you talking about? This? What's this reality? Space. You're saying is a generalizing. No, I'm not mad at you questioning. I think it's great. I'm not saying go to jail or be sure. But you said I, you just said that I said something and I don't even know what you mean. This whole space. I got Alzheimer's. What do you think this all this shit with like people thinking the earth is flat or people thinking space is fake? What do you think that's coming from? I'll tell you in my view, we'll get Eddie's view in your view. Oh my God. We're going to have to say, you've got a spectrum. So you've got people that don't even know they're human or of life exist. Is this all elucidation because they've been lied to so much for so long. They don't know what's true. And then over here, you've got people that just believe whatever they see on CNN. And me, I'm just trying to look at everything on, well, they've lied a lot, but sometimes it's not that sometimes it's incompetence. What's real. And so I don't blame it. Anything's like way over here or other people that are like way over here because they're trying to find some solace and believe there's order in the universe. The truth is there's not order in the universe. There's people trying to bring order to the universe. And that's why they stage events so they can try to bring order within that event. That's all I'm trying to say. What event are you talking about? No, Northwoods or Gulf of Tonkin or whatever. The thing is, or taking a real event and making it big, but it's not bad to question that. And so how do we get convinced to say, well, you know, I ask questions and I need to be shut down as long as I'm legitimately asking questions. It is going to judge that I have that right. So that's where we're all going. Just what is the system on get rid of free speech, right to self-defense the family to defend those things and ask yourselves, what are we about to govern? Amen. I believe in that. You can say that shit again. What was it? Right to bear arms, free speech. And what was the third one? Family. Family. What were the big three? Sneezing. John, I'm asking you a question. What was the big three? Say that again. I think mystery is what's key. I think mystery is what's key. Mystery is what's key. But here's the thing. Now you get why. I appreciate having you on, guys. My, I don't want to be like, my life is not Sandy Hook. I'm a sad, their kid's thing. Tell me what you were telling me earlier that you were actually, even before all this happened, you were planning your exit strategy. Like you get weary of this. Yeah. And it's not like I'm afraid of the fight, but I'm 45 and I've had a long adventurous life. So I'm probably like 60. And I was already like, I wasn't sure about Trump or whatever. Has really bad feeling when he got elected. Nothing was bad. Just like all the wars about to start. And then I was already planning to kind of face things out just because I don't like dialing up 55 or heart attack. And the fact that they attacked me so much makes me have to battle and fight and never give up. And, and, and, and so it's not like they even wore me down before they ever, they kept me in the game. I want to explain it. They kept me in the game attacking me and lying about me because now I'm well, I've now become, when I was worried about now, I dream about this stuff. You, that was what you were worried about initially. Yeah. Because I realized about the four or five years ago, it's obsessive that I was already totally obsessed. You were, you were telling me that it fucks with your head, the certain amount of it after a while, it just fucks with your head. Yeah. The negativity. Yeah. And I like have dreams. I have like dreams are like 20 years long. Like you don't like DMT where I'm a farmer and like, it's like, it's like 500 years ago and I'm just like planning things and eating food and like putting my kids to sleep and like, you know, cutting trees down and like walking around. I have dreams where I'm just like normal and just being a normal person. And so I never, I didn't like the global thing. Like they have like all these shows, Homeland, all these shows are on this big demon. I didn't like calculate what I was going to do. And then I was already not ready to give up. I was ready to move on and innovate. And now it's almost like it's God doing it. God's like, no, no, it's not that easy. You're going to be pinned against the wall by your enemies and you're going to fight to the death. And then I don't believe God's a sadist, but I realize it's God's plan. I'm not going to be turned loose. I wasn't just going to do a couple of tours in this fight and be turned loose. And so it's been, it's been freeing to realize that this is all big stage and God wants to see some people dance. But I tell you, the globalists think they're like running me out or they think they've got me. It's the difference. It's like, it's, it's, it's, it's the opposite. Now they've turned me into this maniac. Well, there's a, there's definitely some sort of a struggle going on right now. And there's a, it's a, seems to be like a universal struggle for figuring out what people are and how we should behave and who gets to decide that. And there's certain universal truths that are ignored and there's certain ones that are emphasize, overemphasized. And there's certain ones that are, you know, that are in the Goldilocks spot. And we, we're working it out. I think that's part of what's going on with human beings, but what we have to be really, really careful of is that by silencing some people and never giving them any path to retribution, we create eternal enemies. And this is, this is what easily could be happening right now when someone doesn't have ability to express themselves. Because an evil force wants conflict. And what you say is totally, you know, if it's an evil force, but it's a archival force, they're, they're listening to all those around them. And there's a hive hive mind sort of thinking to a lot of this. There's not a lot of debate about. Let's just say this, Joe, and to 10th plan, everybody else, you didn't give into the pressuring of the threat. It was more of the nagging, like a siren, like a bitching woman, not against women. But I mean, but I mean, I get it. That's why. And so that's why you didn't have me on. But then you realize I was just a symbol of you just trying to live the life and put out good ideas and talk to people. But folks are going to make you choose a side. And that's what's happening in this quickening edge. I don't want to choose a side. That's why Ryan Seacrest has got it nailed. Nobody's coming to Ryan Seacrest for like political advice. He's got it nailed. He hosts a bunch of shows, a real nice guy. He's got a great smile. He figured it out. But you understand, Joe, that sweet spot, man. He's probably looking at you going, dummy. Look at that guy. We're talking about anything and everything. Oh my God. But Joe, he's just leaving himself wide open. Entropy is stagnant water. Oh, it's still nothing's going on. It's all clear. It's dead and rotting. What's a live ocean? Big crashing waves. Yes. Seriously, I've seen beyond. Everybody has, but I've seen wave beyond. Guys, you want to be in the conflict. You want to be in the fight. You want to take all your. You're not successful, Joe, because you played along with the system. You're successful because you did it organically and real. Doesn't mean it's perfect. Doesn't mean it's bad. It was real. That's why your success. And then they come in and you think, Oh, I'm not saying you're bad. I'm the same way. Oh, all these people are telling me how great I am. I play ball with them because I've got this thing, but they want you because they're soulless. And so all I'm saying is you've made the right decision and I'm not just saying having me on because I'm not perfect is deciding, no, America's still America, the world's still the world. We're allowed to talk about real things and hear real things because they want to shut other voices down so they can lie about those voices. And any idea that fears exposure or fears debate is a failed idea. Well, you know, I have a unique perspective. My perspective is less and less inclined to pursue it in the idea that it's a fight and more to be able to pursue reason and to have everybody communicate with each other. Cause I think part of what the fuck is wrong with all of us today is that people are so willing to take sides and so willing to join teams and so willing to fight about shit that they really don't have to fight about. I wanted to say this. I'm going to say, cause this is so powerful. I don't dislike Donald Trump. And I think he's done some good things on trying to do peace and trying to get jobs back to America. But I hate Donald Trump because I got behind him. I knew Hillary was bad and then he became my identity. He's not a bad guy, but the truth is I hate him more than Hillary Clinton because he's who I am now. And whatever he does is who I am. I'm with America and freedom and everything else. And I'm not throwing them under the bus to get George Soros on my back. Though they already asked me for the reasons I'm with them. I'm not against even Trump, but I get in a fight like this. That's so dumb down that then no matter what I do, they take my radicalness, my weirdness to hurt Trump. But then all it does is like radioactively attack me. I don't know how to describe it, but it's like, it's like Trump is breaking my legs every day. And it's not like I'm not willing to go through the pain except a lot of what he says I don't agree with. And he's not my identity. Shannon hooks, not my identity. This is Donald Trump. You're talking from your own personal perspective. And I appreciate that, that he's not your, I don't know how many people actually think that he's your identity. But I think that what we're getting at, that's important is that we don't know when they're shooting at me, they're going to Trump. I'm sure. I'm sure there's a lot of them. I don't mind the shooting at Joe. It's that I'm not Donald Trump. I understand that from you, but what I'm talking about is just the human race in general, if we could just do one thing, be reasonable, just be reasonable and understand that emotions cloud judgment and that when people start screaming and yelling at each other and you take one side and you're the left and this guy takes another side and he's the right and you're going back and forth. If he falls to mindlessness, it's nonsense and you don't ever get anything solved and you never get to understand how that other person thinks and feels. And we're constantly trying to mock people. And what you were talking about, about the Bill Maher thing, about him cracking a joke and I dismissed it as a joke because it was a joke. We was talking about how the red states wish they were the blue states and all that shit. That's, that's exactly the type of thing we're talking about though. That that, that, that us versus them, that me versus like, you're generalizing for entire swaths of the country as if they're one united. Every time I say California is lost, this is a beautiful state. A lot of great people, but this is a lot of people here. A lot of them are fucking lost. That's a fact. You know, this like, who knows how many, this is like 30 something million people. 38 million. It's crazy. That's a giant country. It was a population of California. It's fucking giant. That's too many people to, there's no way you can say Californians do this. There's fucking Californians that are ranchers. 40 million. Can't we fit the whole population of the world in Texas though? So when you look at, isn't that true? Right. Where are they? So we are overpopulated in some ways though with our technology, but let me just make this point now we gotta end this. I got a piece so bad. Well, go, go, go PP and come back. We'll finish five more minutes. Cause I want to, I want to get into the talk to Eddie. Talk some sense of no, I got a picture. Tell me about Buzz Aldrin. Tell me about your boy Buzz Aldrin. You know, I'll tell you about Buzz Aldrin. He told me. Christ. I know where you go. Okay. It's going to be brown.com. Cleveland Browns.com. I'm here live. No, they can't both leave. Jamie. Eddie, how are you doing? I'm doing good. And so, um, what do you, what do you think about the wide receiver, uh, the, of the Browns? I don't think we can turn the talk to Brown's talk right now. No. Unfortunately. Is okay. Is there any conspiracy theory that you, uh, kind of are suspicious of? There's gotta be at least one. Yeah, there's definitely. I'm like, which one? Like 9 11 9 11. You think, uh, you know, are you familiar with tower seven? Yeah, I would say from almost every story, even though the stuff we've talked about before in the past, I, I don't believe the, the official and quotes. Okay. So when you, so you know, the tower seven was the third tower that went down. You're aware of that, right? Yeah. I look more when, when that comes up, uh, all of the surrounding information about, uh, what it, what was in the buildings, not, not the actual event. I know the event happened. I'm not, I'm not so curious about that. Did you see the video of tower seven? It's going falls free fall speed. That's gotta be a little suspicious, right? A red flag gotta come up at least. Right. If you're trying to, if you're really trying to get to the truth, you're like, wait a minute. I would say this more suspicious that a third building fell. It wasn't, it wasn't even hit exactly. That's what the whole story is with tower seven. And not only was it not touched by a plane, it went down at free fall speed and it's caught on video at five different angles, right? There's five different, no one's saying that it's fake footage. That's tower seven, a 47 story skyscraper fucking falling at free fall speed. Some people are saying it got hit with a direct energy weapon. Some people are saying that it was a brought down like a, a control demo and like in Vegas, like one of those buildings, you know, but regardless of how it was brought down, you got to look at that video footage and go, wait a minute. And why is YouTube taking down building seven footage? Yeah. I mean, here's my footage. Why are you going out to flatter on syndicated radio, like 50 stations in 2001. And I'm sitting there. That's actually, I was on 120 stations. I lost like 70% on for saying it was an inside job. I didn't mean the firemen blew it up. I'm watching Fox news, CNN at my studio. And then I go get a pizza at four o'clock with CBS radio back then. And they go Solomon brothers building seven is going to be brought down to control demolition to save other buildings. So I go back on air and announced building seven is being brought down to stay with their buildings. And for like five years, everyone goes, I'm crazy. Then CNN and all of them archive it on the internet and everyone's watching building seven, BBC, ABC. Let me ask you, what do you think happened with tower seven? CNN, ABC, and CBS told me the government blew it up. The government played the clips. They go, the cops are like, get back. We're blowing it up. And the media goes, Oh, you mean the cops blew it up? No, the cops are told get back on the countdown. I've interviewed the cops like 10, nine, seven, six, five, four, three. Explain it to me. Do you think that they had detonation set up already in the building? See, that's where this goes next. Joe, which I used to always like, try to follow down what it means. I don't know. I've learned to go, Hey, I've got five different newscasts when it happened. And before is saying they blew it up. I don't know what happened. Is it possible that it collapsed because of those gigantic diesel fires? Right. And then the way tower one and two sevens is on building seven, seven had a diesel tanks in the basement and they caught fire. They said it was an inferno and they said it cooked through the internal. Hold on a second. It's always, but I want to ask you this cause I don't know. Oh yeah. Right. But it did. They said that what happened was this is whoever the fuck explained it. That, you know, was making these YouTube videos that the fire had burnt through the internal structure of the building. It's such a high temperature that all of these floors collect, stay pancaked. And then it came, but it never happened before since. Right. Never hasn't happened before since. That's a fact. Here's the thing about the Alex Jones 18 years ago would argue every point and say I knew what happened. Okay. The Alex Jones of 2019 is honest. Well, I'm glad you're, you know, I'm going to say, I've seen them say they blew it up and nobody can describe it. I don't know Joe. What happened? Right. Well, when you look at it, the way it falls, it falls exactly like a controlled demolition. Exactly. So it falls from the top down. But if you actually, what do you fall speed, right? But if you watch the full video, the center of it collapses, like there's a full video where you're looking at the top of the building and the center of it collapses far before the outside does. That's how they take, they take out the elevator shafts. They take out the central thing first. And then they do light up the rest of the building. Do they do this with, do they have it all set in advance? So they knew that 9-11 was going to come in two weeks. You should answer my question. I don't know. Right. And what they do is they take like some clip of me from 20 years ago or 18 years ago going, here's CBS news. And they don't show it. I mean, I've got CBS. I've got, possible that even though operation Northwoods happened and golf, a tonkin was a conspiracy, is it possible that the internal fires in that building were so unbelievably hot that it fucked up every floor and they really did pancake on top of each other and then the exterior structure just collapsed. Is that possible? Because I'm not an engineer. I've had the engineer say it's not, it's not possible at all. And here's the problem, Joe. They announced it fell on its own footprint 27 minutes before it did on five channels, BBC world. That's real. BBC, CNN, CNN, and CBS. Joe, I'm a, I like to eat food. I do too. It was four o'clock. I've been on air since the morning on syndicated radio. I drove down to local pizza place at four o'clock, got my pizza, was eating it in the car and I heard CBS radio driving home and they said, the decision has been made to save other buildings to control demolition. The Solomon brothers building, building seven, by the way, we have these clips now, but no one archive stuff. Then so I go on air and I go, yeah, they just blew up a building. Everybody started freaking out. But here's the thing. And then they blew it up. How long does it take to set up explosives to the point where you get normally takes a week. And that was the next story. But then I interviewed the head of emergency management for New York. Yeah. And the loose change people got him on and he says, no, I was there. They had bombs. The CIA, you know, it was patient building seven, right? But what the CIA, the FBI, all of it, wasn't NSA as well. Everything. See, he always says, Oh, I don't know. He goes, I'm not just kissing Joe's ass. He's beyond what's up. He's little. It's bullshit, man. You know, every fucking day, just fucking say yourself. No, why don't you explain it to everybody? Oh, yeah. You're like, what's it going to say on there, too? It was like 40 fucking stories of fucking government. Right. So there's 40 with a diesel tank and pre-rigged explosives in case shit. Dude, I didn't believe I wasn't sure that even though I heard CBS say they blow it up and even though and like the news ago, Jones says firefighters blow it up because the government same thing point you made is a good point. Like I said, the government. No, I don't mean my grandpa was in the army. If it really did pancake from the from the fire. What a shit design. Yeah. What a terrible design. I'd be so mad at that architect. Those were the debates from underwriting laboratories. Because everyone went and looked at the blueprints in New York. And I'm not defending what you're saying because seven was built well. It was looked at by lawsuits. They were sued. Tower one and two, though, they were built with like bubblegum and like bandeats. Really? Oh, those buildings were already leaning. Oh, no. It was a big mob scam. Yeah, they were. No. They already had fucking leaning. They already had buckling in the wind. Oh, no. Mathematicians guess that within like five years, one building would collapse. Oh, fuck. Oh, my God. So there goes your argument. It's New York. These buildings are built for shit. And that's when you get older, you know. Some of them are built for shit, right? For sure. Right. I don't. Yeah. I mean, especially back then when the ones on your back, you're more tobacco. I do have more tobacco, but I'm just. Can I have a little bit more tobacco? Yes, for sure. 100 percent. You know who Dr. Judy Wood is? Oh, I do know. She's got Dr. Judy Wood wrote a book called Where Did the Towers Go? Yeah, Particle. Her theory. Her theory is this is just this is just some lady scientist lady. No, I know. She said it was a federal agent. I'm leaving her. Based on the fact that there was this what she claims based on the video and the pictures that she has of where the towers collapse. She's saying that's her speaking for me. Sorry. She's saying that there was no rubble. The book, the name of the book is called Where Did the Towers Go? She said that direct energy weapons, some kind of direct energy weapons, dustified the buildings, turn the buildings to dusk because there was no rubble. A dude gave me a book on that. Have you seen that? You got to read this. He's like in Australia. In Australia? No, no, no. He's in America. He was in LA. He told me they use Tesla technology. I was like, what? I don't say you're wrong to ask that question. You know what? For me, it doesn't matter if it was justified or they, but I'm up in a Las Vegas style. I have been a huge. Here's those buildings. In my opinion, in Sandy Hook and in the World Trade Centers, I've been accused of covering up. I don't like that. You be what? He hasn't. He's been accused of covering things up, of being a bullshitter. Nothing like I'm covering up. Like, oh, you know, you know, a lot of people think a lot of people think you're a Zionist. Hologram planes. A lot of people think you're a Zionist shill. You know that. That's the biggest one. That's the biggest one about Alex Jones. You know, I'll be honest with you. That's the biggest one. People always and you know what? I always have your back. Always, always. I said, you know what? If I didn't know him, I would probably think that. This is so I know you. You are honestly making it a mission in your life to search for the truth to you're all about liberty. You're for real. You want the best for people. You're looking out for the people's best interests. So whether you're right or wrong, it doesn't matter. You're you know, sometimes you're wrong. But you are. Oh, so it's hard for me. Like I'm saying, I always have your back. It's hard for me to to think you're like some Zionist show. Like I know this man. People make up rumors about all kinds of people. They come up with ideas that they want to push. They decide to accuse someone of doing something really stupid, like being a part of something that they're not. Here's the best way to describe it. I always have your back, Alex. You know that. I take a lot of heat for it. People think I'm a show. They think I'm a Zionist now because I'm friends with people. When you when you see conspiracies, when you see conspiracies against you that you know aren't true. Doesn't that make you distrust conspiracies? Well, I told you that's the part of it. That's the evolution of you between you now and you. Yeah, there's a lot of stuff as lies. But then people that just say everything's BS, you got to check it. There's a lot of that going on, right? Exactly. So let me try to answer any questions. Your question is excellent as well. And the two go together. I mean, I grew up in Dallas, Texas in the 80s and 90s when it was like the murder capital of the country. I lived in a middle class area, but it was still like and, you know, I got in fight rednecks. I got in fight with racist Mexicans. There were racist white people attacking Mexicans. But I mean, I had a big black guy is attacking me. Like three grades in school. And my black friends would say, man, you're so cool. You're not racist, even though, you know, my cousin is 18 or if you're like 14, he's attacked you. And, you know, that was all just part of a development. People do things. It doesn't care what color their skin on is or where they came from. There's good black people. There's bad black people. There's good white people. There's bad white people. There's good Mexicans. There's bad Mexicans. There's good Asians. There's bad Asians. There's good North Koreans. There's bad North Koreans. And I'm stating really simple stuff for everybody knows. But I'll go to a restaurant if they've got good food. I don't care if it's Ethiopian or if it's Mexican or if it's German. If the food's good, the people are nice. I love it. Like a woman, like I love black women. I love white women. I love Hispanic women. I love mall. Like if the woman's cool, like I don't know a bunch of black women that are bitches, black women that are cool. What about Swedish bitches? I love mall. The point is, let's just say I'm super gay. But the point is what I'm getting at here though is. I don't like Swedish girls. What are you doing? I don't know. Let's wrap this up. No, we need to wrap it up, but I got to make this point. I don't know what it is. How is that getting into that? Oh, the racism thing. Oh. It's not about, I don't know. I'm saying something so simple. Everybody's like, yeah, you told me grass is green. Martin Luther King. Like it doesn't matter what color someone is. It matters what they stand for, what they do. I go to restaurants that can be owned by Koreans or black people or white people, whatever. If the food's good, like music, I love Jimmy Hendrix. He's a black guy. What if the food sucks? Then I hate it, but it's not because they're white or because they're Hispanic. Of course. I don't, Joe, I don't know. You've been sitting next to a Mexican for three hours. 100% believe you totally love Mexicans. I do too. Mexican food. Fuck. Yeah. Fuck. Joe, we've had a big epic interview. It's been pretty goddamn good. People at the end is you've, this is not your record six hour though. No, but it's pretty damn good. We're at like four hours or something, something like that. All right. You think this, this, I think you guys talked about aliens to fucking really boost your search engine results. No, we'll be, we'll be eliminated from all search engine results. But I really wonder about that. You'll be penalized for this. And Joe, you should say something about that. Like you're in America and you're allowed to talk to me because they're going to say Joe Rogan at Jones on to say no one died of Sandy hook BS. Well, I don't think anyone's going to say that, but people probably will say some things, but I think also, you know, the idea that like anybody should be able to tell you that you can't talk anymore. Ever. If you said one thing that people don't like, or if you do talk, it has to be only on your side and you have to be trapped out of all of the different platforms for social media, that's a slippery, slippery slope, you know, and other training. But here's the thing. Are you not a hateful person? I know you're not a hateful person. You might've said things that are angry in the past about certain people or been angry about a certain event in the news, but you're not a hurtful, angry person. If there's things that you say that they can say, Hey, this violates some sort of a pattern of behavior, you're attacking someone, you're giving out someone's address, that kind of shit, they should be able to take it down. Yeah, great. They should show that's not, that's not speech. That's what I was going to get to. There should be a clear like set of rules and you could look at these rules the way a lawyer would look at them and say, is this in violation? Is my client arrested? Well, no, your client didn't have anything illegal on him and we did a search and we found no drugs and we found no illegal weapons. So, but we suspected that he was up to something. And that's what I'm getting at. Just in closing to say this, I don't want to make myself the center of this. At the end of the day, info wars went from really successful and huge to like zeitgeist insane. And do you take any responsibility for any of that? Do you think? Oh yeah, I'm a human. I'm not perfect. Right. Do you think that maybe it made it easy for some of the people that were going to attack you and I've been guilty of this myself. By providing fuel, you know, saying stupid shit. They take it out of context. Yes. But that's what I'm saying is exactly. They say it. It's, it's, it's global. It's fun. It's a big corporation. This is what I'm gonna say in closing. It's come out. We're going to release this soon. The thing is, it's all left wing. That's where it's weird. But it's a problem. Yeah. It's a problem because you have one ideology that's overwhelmingly in control of tech and I agree with them on a lot of things on, on social programs and a lot of it on welfare and universal basic income and civil rights and women's rights. I agree with them on a lot of stuff, but it's an ideology. Like any idea, I want to agree with you. You have to do it. I want to agree with you. We're wrong, but it doesn't have free speech in it. There's a lot of, there's a lot of, I just learned all this two weeks ago. What? I got documents. I'll come back if you want, but you just, you're right. I've been attacking the left for doing it and they're the instrumental group. That's carrying it out. He would think we'll defend if you're right wing fascist, who do you get to go after free speech? Who do you get? The left. Uh-huh. He trick them. You trick them. And I'm not trying to worship right wing is tricking the left wing and the shutting down free speech. No, I've confirmed. Oh, Jesus Christ. I have confirmed. It's goddamn conundrum. Well, that's a Republican party, not the average, you know, tea party people. The Republican party is blue blood. It thinks it runs the Democrats and it learned what was happening. I can come back for a whole show if you want on this. I'll come on my show about it. No, seriously, I'll come on your show. I'm going to be at a cap city comedy club in Austin. Promise you're coming on. I'm coming on. All right. Good. I'm coming on. So I'm not just saying this. I swear to God, dude, I'll bring it back up about me. I'll tell you about me. I'm telling you the truth here. I believe you. That tobacco was amazing. But it's pretty good stuff. I'm sure you could be a standup comedian. He could be right. You could do, you could transition. My problem is why do you stand up? Sure. You could crush Joe. I'm not trying to lie to you. Dude, he would tell us. I'm telling you the truth. Very good. I'm not trying to like bullshit like everybody else. I'm telling you, man, I promise it's so real. Like every time I forget what I was going to say, what was I talking about? Do you be in a comic? Yeah, man. No, no, no, no. You said you wanted to transition out of this. What else? What else got planned? We were just talking about social media and YouTube and people being able to silence people and push their leftist ideology or right wing ideology. You were saying that the Republicans were manipulating the Democrats. Because I know your secret. You are a pathetic real guy. That's why I love you. And you were kind of like couldn't handle it anymore, which I actually want to be like that. So then you kind of dawd out. So I was aggressive as you look at it. I have looked at all this stuff and I have seen what their own perspectives and their own plans are and they go to Congress and they lie about all of it. They're not liberal. They're not conservative. It's big corporations lining up with China, as you said earlier, to unify the propaganda to quote influence China. No, dude, they get all the technology. They've used our open society to totally take over. And so that's what I'm trying to get through to you is that they're coming after everybody. Like you said earlier, when I first met you today, you walk in the office, I was here 10 minutes before you and you go, I want to talk about the thing you said about the censorship and how once they get us to submit, we're broken. No, it's what you said was that it was a slippery slope that if you give in 1% you go out to 1%. I still have this other other 99% and then you start moving the boundaries. They start moving in closer and closer and then 100% makes sense. People exist in these control patterns. It's really common. And they keep asking me like, oh, when are you going to give up? Everything's okay as soon as you do. Like when are you going to give up? Be okay. What does that mean? What does give up mean? You stop talking. So people enjoy watching. This is where it gets weird. People enjoy watching you talk and other people don't. Why can't the people who don't just not watch you talk? What is going on here? He's promoting truth. He is promoting truth. But I think what they've done is they've found these little pockets of things he said. Well, that too, but things you said that maybe you should have said. No, they've got organized bichers to threaten everybody. I don't want to put down the truth is I make Jack Dorsey, this villain, like we had pool on us. True. They had millions of people harassing the stock and attacking and lying going, he's currently attacking children. He's trying to attack children at their houses. And so it wasn't the fact that I got to see in any guy's face. And I get as a shareholder and a company owner, I'm not defending Jack Dorsey or whatever his name is. Yeah. What's the guy? The other guy. I don't know who the other guy. Jack Dorsey is the Twitter guy. Yeah. The jet and all over Darcy. Yeah. And it's all admitted is what I'm saying is I'm not even that guy's enemy. I just, I understand like he had millions of people attacking the shareholders. Yes. Did you hear about there's a chef that makes pastries. She's worked there 10 years at Trump's hotel in Florida and Buzzfeed found out who she was and docked her and said, she's a cult member. Fire her. You're like, what does that even mean? Like, why would anybody harass a pastry chef? That's a very good question. People feel like they're at war. You know, that's part of the problem with all this shit. That's why I was saying be reasonable. People feel like they're at war the right versus the left. Instead of just being a bunch of people talking about ideas trying to figure it out. But at least take on Hillary or Alex shows or, or, or Bill Clinton or Donald Trump. Well, s***s when is it? In pastry chef. Yeah, that's crazy. By the way, you think I'm both. No, you're going to be a s*** at all. Type in Buzzfeed targets, Trump pastry chef. I don't think you're both saying at all. Let me ask you this because I've been talking way too much. In closing here at the end of this transmission, we should talk about a lot of things along those side of here. Let me just tell you, this was a fun f****** podcast. It was fun. This is what I wanted people to see. Well, then there's nothing to worry about. What I wanted people to see is why I like Alex Jones. Like why I enjoy hanging out with you. I wanted people to be able to see it because I have had to defend that because of this narrative that you're just totally evil guy. But Joe, you can say I disagree with Alex and whatever. You don't need to let the leftist like make you bad. If I was Charlie Manson, I should be able to come on your show. I want you to come on my show. All right. We don't have to do this Charlie Manson type thing. But I would interview the, here's the thing. I'm sorry. I would interview the devil. A big fluke of smoke. You would interview him. Would you want to stay a certain distance away from the devil? The devil's very sexually seductive. You know, the devil appears. What are you going to do stand up? Will you just please just go to an open mic. Have you ever seen the devil? Yes, I have. Hotter now. Yeah. Hot. Okay. No, but I have to buy the devil. Just open mic now. The devil is pure sexual seduction. You know the obeyed thing that you went up stage. Joe, how sexy is the devil? I wouldn't say sexy. I don't think I can get it up in front of a demon. No, no, not a demon. This is Lucifer. Oh, the big one. The big daddy. You never know until he's kissing you, I guess. You could be the next Sam Kinneson. No, but it's the thing. Like, you know what I mean? Remember Sam Kinneson was like a preacher. Well, when he was screaming and yelling about the babies. Jesus Christ. He was on the top. Yeah. He could do it. And then he just said fuck it. We made jokes about this. When I was a little kid and I was having one of these invasions when I was asleep, I hadn't seen Conan the Destroyer yet. Conan the Barbarian was the first one. Remember how the demons laying on its sides like this good looking guy who turns into this big fucking goblin to text everybody? And when I was a kid, that was like the thing. Like, I would try to... In these dreams, I'd go way back to his universe. He'd be like... I was like, it's a gay dude sitting there on his side like this. And then a few years later, I saw Conan the Destroyer. And I'm like, that's the thing from the dream. So what I'm saying is... You've seen like the Hobbit remake. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Where Gandalf goes to the castle and Sauron's not made his body yet. And he looks like that fire. I've seen exactly that. So you want to talk about what the real controllers of the Greys are. It looks like Sauron. Have you ever had a significant head injury? You have? What happened to you? What happened to you? You know, they're going to NPR piece coming out next week. I apologize. I've never did that. What happened to your head? I've been piledrive. Somebody piledrived you? What happened? How old were you? I was about 13. 13. 14. Somebody piledrived you in your head. Did it change your personality? I got up and punched you in the throat and they had a drinking out of me. I was dead. Wow. So was it a friend of yours? It was like the state wrestling champion, middleweight, and his cousin or something. And Dallas was like this, like, you know, got me down. I was never starting fights, man. Here's the thing. I'm not a victim of racial attacks. I'm not like Jeffrey or Jesse Smallet. Because I fought rednecks and I got my leg broken, you know, by. So this guy piledrived you in your head during your 13. Yeah. What did it do to your personality? Then I had to fight his whole family. Fight both his family. It was a Jane Ganger. Did it change? But did you have any significant change from that head injury? Sometimes when people have head injuries, especially it seems like young people. You know, stuff just got better after that. Really? Oh, a lot of. That's what he's telling me. He's so serious. Like, dude, we got to get to the root of this. That's good timing. No, no, no, no. I mean, that's happened to a lot of folks. My friend Dave Foley was just on here and he was talking about how he got drunk and he fell down and cracked his head. It's crazy, but it cured his depression. Yeah. Well, let's say playing this. Any given time that somebody's a regular guy and they, and I would never start a fight. They kick my ass. Like the average 150 pound guy, you're probably kicking my ass. But when like a bunch of people are coming after me, it's like Darth Vader. And when I was a kid, I mean, I learned rock way. Like the first time I bashed somebody's head into the concrete when they attacked me, I got hired in hell. But when the kid dropped you on your head, what effect did it have on you physically? It was by the field house because his cousin attacked me and I beat him up. And so the state wrestling champ was like a senior comes and goes, Oh yeah. He slammed around and he got up on my head was putting like he'd won and I punched him in the neck and broke his, they had to trick you out of me. Almost died. It was like, yeah, he almost killed me. It was like he couldn't like he slammed me in the ground. My head's bleeding all these stitches right there. And he couldn't believe when I got up and said, well, you die. He couldn't understand like the energetic. Equivalence. He couldn't understand being the nail. You don't understand being the hammer. He didn't understand that. And then they, you know, they took me to jail. They let me go. I'm not some tough guy. The point is I'm getting killed. I'm gonna fight back. And so Dallas was like, what happened to your head after that? I mean, I, uh, I never even got knocked out in that one. He slammed my head in the ground and I remember like everybody made a joke because the concrete cracked. Oh, Jesus Christ. It was like on the edge of the concrete. He, he piled grabbed me right into the concrete. Like split my headway open. This is your story. I remember just getting up. It was like slow motion pushing around the neck and the ambulances. The police came. That was that story. Did you, did you go to the hospital? No, they took me to jail for that. But then they let me go. They didn't check your head. Did you tell them you got piledry? No, they sold it up. They sold it up in the, in the jail. But they didn't like check to see if you had a severe concussion or anything. Some dermal hematoma. Wow. Go ahead, Joe. It's been it. I mean, what? You think that he's a conspiracy theorist because he got dropped on his head. Uh, I think, I think there's something, there's something to people that have had head trauma that become brilliant at speaking things. It's true. The black dude, all along the fight. I don't think he got dumped. The black dude, his name was Corey Strange. His name was Corey Strange. The only reason he won was he was better, more powerful than me. Is he, like fucking, he had six packs. Look at Arnold Schwarzenegger, black dude. He waited and gloated while blood was going on in my head. The only reason he lost was he floated. Yeah. He was way more man. I am. But you're, you broke the concrete with your head. That's big. No, he didn't. The concrete didn't actually break, did it? Maybe it didn't, but they made the joke. Okay. So either a dinner, he still got spiked on his head. Knocked out cold. No. Dude, getting spiked on your head in the concrete. Other than me choking myself with other people for fun. I've never been knocked out. Okay. So I don't think one time a guy got dropped on. Diggers. I said that incorrect. You're incorrect. You absolutely. I think he barely tapped his head. He would have been knocked out. Maybe not. Doesn't matter. Like sometimes people get knocked out through severe head injury. Sometimes they don't. Sometimes their head cracks. What you say is true. My dad, hold on. Sometimes they never lose consciousness. You can't think they always lose consciousness. Sometimes their head gets cracked out. I would see like numbers. Like I was a robot. Like red. I would see like, remember when she sees red? Yeah. She was like, No, I'm not kidding. No, that's your story. That's your story. Dude, man, when you get dinged, there's something about getting dinged with a punch. You see that flash and you realize that your central nervous system is like 30% functional. Whoa. Very, very weird feeling. See, Joe's done it. That's what the people say. See stars. Yeah. That's why the Luciferians said, oh, Hollywood stars, because they'd seen the stars. Like each star is like a whole data bank. And I remember like some dude choking me and like, guys are like, some dude's like pulling a knife out and you see that knife pulling out. You're like, and like, and at that point, you see everything from only those minutes when everything's clear. It's like survival motions. But then you see like, like the wars and the attacks and the submarines. The spacecraft and like, it's like when you dial into that, it's like total war. It's like, didn't you say that when your friends would choke you out, you'd have like these long dreams? Oh yeah. No, no, no, no. I remember being in junior and I six, seven, eighth grade because we, I got choked out a couple of times and I finally stopped and there'd always be like, guys, like it's incredible. We do this during lunch and we go back and like someone to press on their arteries. Like bad times when you hit your head, but it'd be like one time. Like I remember this one time. They choke me out and all of a sudden it was like a black knight with a sword goes, and like attacks me on this horse. And then like, it was, and then I was like in England thousands of years ago and I had this wife and these kids and it was a whole lifetime, like taking care of them and like growing food. And like a kid started to death and died. And it was like, just those moments were like whole lives, dead kids, everything. That's what I'm saying. Like you dial into all those ancestors. And it was like my kids and kids starving to death and like people attacking us. So you think all that information from your ancestors somehow or another encoded somewhere in your mind. It's definitely encoded, Joe. That makes sense if you think about what reincarnation must feel like. You know, when people have that feeling, they have this feeling that they lived before. Our whole bodies are everybody before us. Right. Well, it's not, it's not quite exactly. So people, they underestimate, they go, Oh, I lived before. No, they all live before. They would also explain certain fears that people just have as children. Like children have a fear of animals. Like you see an animal with big teeth. Children have a natural fear. They've never been attacked by a cave, but their ancestors got killed by them. Yeah. They probably got attacked by some bear somewhere and, you know, and somehow or another, they got through and they survived. And that left a sagging impression on the whole tribe. Yep. Yep. It's, it makes sense how animals learn things. I mean, animals just know things. My dog. You know about epidemiogenics. They have studies where they can take 10 generation chickens in closed UT. Did a study on this like four years ago and fly a hawk over. They all ran scared. They fly a triangle. Nobody cares. The exact shape of a hawk makes all the chickens run because they did it. It's it's programming. Exactly. Exactly. It's why if you have a puppy and you take it for walks, even when it's like six weeks old, it'll never be around another dog again. It knows exactly what to do. It knows how to sniff things and piss on trees and knows the check for other dogs. Piss. He knows what to do. They know what to do. They do. There's a, they know what animals to chase. They see a squirrel. They want to go after it. So what I've lined up is with them when you know, is it looks like our species is super old. How old? I don't know. Because I can't even interpret the stuff I've seen. I mean, I saw like, you've seen like, what was that stupid Tom Cruise movie where? Stupid Tom Cruise movie. How dare you. How dare you. Jack Reacher. As of tomorrow. Jack Reacher too. Oblivion. They've got these giant landers selling up. Oh yeah. Yeah. They're sucking the ocean up. That was a dope movie. And he doesn't even know he's working for the system. And so that's what I'm telling you is that literally whatever it is, it's like a joke. Like whatever created us is like super bad ass. But is it possible that there's not a thing that created us, but that we are just like every other organism and every other system on this planet with this constantly evolving thing that doesn't really have a leader and it's trying to get better constantly at everything it does. I agree. I agree with you. But this is where this stops. 360 Joe, you're right. But there wasn't a worm learned how to crawl up the ass of a grasshopper. Right. To program and do that. There was some prime essence that was put into things that did that, that said free will. And we're the top of the food chain. Or was it thousands and thousands of generations of failures, thousands of generations of bugs that got into this grasshopper just was just killed it. And then wind up suffocating to death inside of it. Even though they were a parasite, they never figured out a way to get it. And finally one figured out. And finally one of them through some sort of weird mutation figured out a way to interact with the brain of the grasshopper and actually guide it to the lake. Get it to jump into the water and drown. And so it would burst from its body and then swim away. No, I heard that hypothesis, but I think it's one of the most unlikely. But if you're talking about things, learning from things, if things learn from things and they keep getting better over thousands and thousands of generations, but these same things keep procreating. Wouldn't it eventually get to some state where it figures out how to do something if it is still a parasite and it gets inside the body? What if it figures out, oh, if I just like grow these things off the top of my head and connect it to the brain of this dumb little motherfucker, I can get them to drown. They're saying the one thing mutated right. Yeah, they just kept. To make the connection and all the cells go up, eaten by birds, shit down, more animals eat it. That's the thing. I think we're dealing with an unfathomable number of creatures that are being born and dying and new ones are being born and dying. I think our puny little brains can't really calculate the exact amount of cycles that it takes. Okay, well, let's say you're right. To get from a single celled organism to a human being. Let's say you're right. We deserve free speech then. Yes. Does that just make open things? 100%. So is it the whole modern leftist thing, the denial of the leftist ethos that we're going to let things be free? Well, the problem is the leftist ethos is also the idea of inclusiveness and kindness and caring. Like the idea is that they're promoting all the kindness. No, I get it. And so the pedophile wants to date my five year olds. Okay. But what I'm saying is kindness, unless you're a right wing person. Now, if you think on the right, then they want to attack you. Then they want to, they want to demonize you. And if they could shut you down and silence you and find some sort of a bullshit excuse to do so. In a lot of cases, it seems like some folks lean in that direction. And this is where it gets dangerous because you can't, it's like if someone says, Hey, if I knew how to fight, I'd run in front of Peach. I just fuck everybody up. Well, you'd be dead in a year because eventually people are going to kick your ass and kill you. You can't just beat people up. Well, yeah, exactly. If you get a one on one, beat somebody, but it's that everyone gangs up against you. It's that childhood, childish mentality. I'll just knock this person out and nothing else will happen. Like that's not, you know, you're setting a whole thing in motion. When you silence someone, you're setting a whole thing in motion. And this is something that we're all learning. This is what we have to come to grips with. Social media has only been around for a really short amount of time. It's only been around in this kind of form for 10 plus years. And we're, we're figuring it out. And these people that think that they can just silence people and shut people down without it having a bad effect on all of us. It's not right. It's not right. Well, I appreciate you. It should be a path to redemption. I appreciate you. I appreciate you. Eddie, what do you think should be done about the denial of the reign of terror of censorship that's admittedly going on? Yeah. I don't know shit. You know, all I know is that it seems that the right is being censored a lot. And when you look at the left and how they've been acting, I mean, they're acting like psychopaths. Like pick, you know, putting signs up for late term abortions and all that shit. They're pushing that there's people pushing that. AOC says don't have kids. There it's, it's like someone who's trying to get fired. You know, when you have a job and you want to get fired, you just. I was talking to a double force a major who runs whole CIA squads. And he said, what do you think Alex? It's like they want to lose. What's the sign up? I don't know. Yeah. That's it seems like they're trying to lose. It's so bad. It's so bad. How much of that is influenced by people that are trying to fuck with the whole system? Imagine if this is like stage five Russian influence, just get people to support later, like figure out a way to get people to support super late term abortions, figure out a way to get people to support trans women competing as women with no hormone replacement in high school. Yeah, like I'm watching newscast where like some 25 year old dude is like 18 year old girls. He takes all the titles like now guys haven't, you know, it's hilarious. It is. It's hilarious. Imagine if your daughter was up for a scholarship. And she had to compete against some six foot five man who identified as a woman and wanted to play basketball. I feel, if you've committed a crime, if you're a felon, you can't chop your dick off. I like the Japanese model. They said, Hey, because I don't care if you're a trans or you're a dude that wants to be a woman. Literally I'm a libertarian. Don't act like I'm trying to suppress you. But the Japanese said, Hey, you don't get the trans designation unless you chop the Johnson and the Wavos off. It's like, Hey, you get taxpayers will pay for it. You get that vagina bill and you sit there and do it. Leave like, you know, I think there's a lot of people that are legitimately trans. That's not the problem. The problem is them wanting to compete as women and Martina Navratilova just caught a rash of shit because she was talking about it. You know, she's a famous tennis star. She's talking about it that women are breaking all these records. And right after she said that these kids, number one and two were transgender that won the girls high school track meet. And it's just, you know, at a certain point in time, you gotta stop doing this. We're talking about somebody because they think they're another sex. I was there, but like at the same time, like I watch like bike races and running races and soccer and high jumping. And it's a dude like, it's not just like, these are bigger than me. They're like these six foot four guys with huge shoulders that would kick my ass. How about a lady and I won. And the girl, they're like, that's mental illness, man. Yeah. There's, uh, there's some nonsense going on. There's some people that are legit and then there's some people that are just legitimately crazy. I mean, there's, but with everything in life, there's people that are legitimately trans and there's people that have real bit delicious. Man wants to see himself as a woman. Logitech shows the Kimbells that happens. That's the issue. Whatever. Vice versa. But like, I'm going to watch NFL and like, we're supposed to like, you know, like women's NFL and like, it's all guys and they say they're women. It was like a thing in England last year where the guy comes in with tattoos, a big beard, and was in the police report. The guy had like a foot long cock and he goes, do a cervix exam. What kind of police report is this? And the nurse said, uh, sir, uh, I don't see a vagina. And it was in the report. The man had a foot long dick. So she's supposed to mentally ill go, okay, well, let me check all this and decide that you've got all this. I mean, it's just like, it's mental illness, man. It's not that I hate somebody that feels like they're a woman or a man or whatever. That's the lie. They're like, oh, you need to accept this or you hate everybody. Imagine if all this ridiculous propaganda really was like the very, very highest level Russian meme farm propaganda. And this is why people could totally be as saying this, the most preposterously left this, like even things like these babies being resuscitated and then killed, like the people wouldn't freak out when they heard a guy talk about that kind of shit. Imagine if this was all just designed to make everybody go fucking crazy. No, Joe, I wish it was, but it's the governor saying it and it's them doing it. And there's this one point we're in this transmission. What is the end game? What is the end game? Everything we're told is humanity is bad. Humanity is wrecking things, but the very environmentalist groups that are doing this are all like weird transhumanist, anti-human. I'm all transhumanist if I really get life extension, but it's all like, oh, you die. You're up to a machine. I'm just saying anything you see the big corporate media promoting. They don't know what they're doing. I've been around them. I've talked to them. They don't know. I don't think I know. I don't think Joe knows. I don't think Eddie knows, but I think in the spectrum of like one to a hundred, we're in the 95th percentile of really being woke and we care about, look, I don't like to say, well, I mean, I'll never forget like three, four years ago, remember that black one was right around the Capitol. They had military drill going and she saw him and ran and they shot her. Oh yeah. And, and it was during Black Lives Matter like four years ago. And I had like this outpouring of black listeners and I'm not, don't judge things about money, but like a million dollars came in like a week and it was all black people saying, we thought you were against black people. But when you saw cared about that woman being shot by the, by the police at a checkpoint DC, we knew you were good. No one knew who she was till a day later. I didn't, wasn't thinking, is it a black woman? Is it a white woman? Is it Hispanic woman? And I was thinking they report, she went through a checkpoint, got scared, and then the police shot her. I'm not against the police either. Oh yeah. That's like cops out of his bed. Shooting a woman running away. It's like, there's gotta be a better way. You can't catch her bro. No, no, I agree. That cop was bad. I think you got it. That's what I'm saying is that I'm not some goody. What was she doing? She's running away. She was just running. They had a military drill, four or five, whatever it was, they had a military drill in DC where most of the roads were shut down. What was the story, Jamie? Can you find it? The woman got shot. Black woman was shot in front of the White House. How many people get shot in this country every year because someone just can't handle pressure? Right in front of the White House. It's about 40 times. It's your trigger figure, doesn't know what to do, just makes the wrong decision. And again, it's been a wellness. We don't blame guns because you use a car. Yeah. But it is true that about half of them are suicides, but the rest of half is like, people can't handle it. And that was like four or five years ago. Here it is right here. Capitol Hill, United States, Miriam Carey, a dental hygienist from Stanford, Connecticut, attempted to drive through the White House security checkpoint in her Black Infinity G37 coop. She struck a US Secret Service officer. But that's a lie. Did they have the main roads? And I'm not trying to like anti-caught Black Lives Matter. It's not true, dude. They had all the roads shut down. But she was trying to drive through a security checkpoint. That could be still possible that they had all the roads shut down and they had security. No, it was. She went to one of those army. Right. And then she went to another of those army and then they just shot her. No, they shot her. And I'm not against the cops. They shot her and she had her daughter in the car. Huh. That's a horrible story. I don't want to end with that. But my point was, I don't judge things about money. Black people, because that was really a big story at the time, when I came out, because I'd seen the footage I was watching live and saw him take her dead body out as a Black lady, I said, it's a Black lady. And what the hell? This woman was like, they were like, oh my God, he cares about Black people. Yeah, man, I care about whatever the color they are. I mean, I'm not saying what was that moment. They like all just bought product. And it was like this outpouring in letters and flowers. Like you stood up for a Black woman. I'm like, dude, half of the Black people incepted in this country are aborted, Joe. Those the plant per unit groups. Is that a real number? Yeah. It's like 60% in some cities. They were hired. It was all set up. Margaret Sanger said, we're targeting Black people. And you know what? At the end of the day, I see big populations. I see dumb White people, dumb Black people, all these people. I get like, there's too many people in some areas there are. I can get the little bit. The point is, is that you're going to like target Black people and then tell them that you care about them when you're the KKK Democrats. And you've got Margaret Sanger set up and you're doing all this. And I walk out of a mall. I walk out of a mall two years ago in Houston, the same Black Israelite group that was yelling at the Covington Catholic kids saying, you're all Nazis when they attack them or the same one they covered. They're like, Black people are God and White people are the devil. And we're going to kill the White people. And so I'm sitting there walking out of this mall, right after Trump got elected in Houston. I remember because I was there with my wife, she wanted like a Burberry coat or something. I was out visiting a family and these Black guys go, we're going to kill you. And I didn't hate them because they were Black guys. They were literally Nazis. And I remember sitting there in that parking lot, walking across and I said, well, if you're such big men, kill me now. And it wasn't my wife's life. How I shot you. It's like, slow down. We're not going to kill you or we're just going to beat you up. I'm trying to be tough. They're saying, you White hookahore, we're going to kill your ass. I want to end this show on a positive note. No, I'm not against Black people. I know you know. No one's saying you're wrong. One percent of Black people are like that. One percent of Black people are like that. But 10 percent of one percent. The point is that I've literally, you go to a Black Israelite group. Yes. I've been around it. I wrote a story about it on my website way, way back in the day. So tell me what happened. We're just hanging out with them. We're not ending yet. They were saying George Washington was a Black man. They had all this crazy interpretation of the Bible. One guy would read and the other guy would like repeat what he said. Where is George Washington? I said, I said Isaiah. They were saying that everything was Black. So exactly. How do you back down to somebody saying I'm going to kill you? They dress up like superheroes. It's a very unusual organization. Whoa. Yeah. They're saying everybody was Black. I wasn't putting down Black people. No, no, I know you weren't. I know you weren't. They were, he, you know, his take on it. I mean, I don't think it's a unified front. I don't think all Black Israelites across the country have the exact same ideas. You're not breathing? Keep breathing. Oh, we got to end this. It's almost five o'clock. Oh, my God. We're still going to take five hours. Yes. Five hours. One punch in the ribs. I get one. Don't hit anybody. Let's be friends. Eddie Bravo. Thanks for coming in, man. Thank you, man. Keeping this thing light. The only place you can find me is info wars.com and newswars.com. They blocked us everywhere else. It is the verb of. And you have an Instagram page, though. You do have an Instagram page. Well, don't plug your little band. I don't know. I had to. Hey, they're taking everybody's free speech. We got to. Whether I agree with the white supremacy, the black supremacy, I don't. Whether I agree with the Scientologists or believe with the Muslims. The point is we should agree with free speech and say no to this and not have some sellout to China where we just to go to China. You got to waive all your rights here here. Alex Jones, ladies and gentlemen, we'll see you guys soon. Don't believe we're off tomorrow. Gave Lee Roth info wars.com. Don't visit that site.