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5 years ago



Eddie Bravo

91 appearances

Eddie Bravo is a champion martial artist, founder of 10th Planet Jiu-Jitsu, musician, stand-up comic, and author. He's the host of "Look Into It - with Eddie Bravo" podcast.

Alex Jones

3 appearances

Alex Jones is a filmmaker, writer, and host of the Alex Jones Show.


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Let me tell you a story first. Back when I used to work at the strip club, it only takes like 20 seconds. Back when I was a blue belt, 1995, I worked at the strip club and there was this girl I was dating, she was a bartender. She was seriously 4'10". Why are the bartenders and waitresses always the best looking at strip clubs? I don't know, you gotta let them... I will! She was 92 pounds bartender, the smallest girl. And I showed her how to do a rear naked hair. She was tiny. Her name was Kimmy. And the strip club manager was your size. Big, like used to be buff but... Fat ass. Yeah, but used to be buff. You can tell you used to be buff. Football player type. Big manager. And he didn't believe in jiu-jitsu at all. And he said, if she could choke me out with one of them jiu-jitsu moves, I'll give her the keys to my Corvette. So she had to literally get on a bar stool and had to go around him and she went like this. And he was just like this. And then he went out. Lights out. So he hits the ground and then he pops back up. And he didn't know what the fuck happened. He was just sitting there going, no, you wouldn't ask how to go to the front. He didn't know what happened. I thought he faked it. People usually don't hit the ground and pop back up. Usually they hit the ground, they're done and they need an ambulance. But he popped right back up. And he's like, what happened? Like bitch, you need to give her your Corvette. I'll pop right back up. It was a gold Corvette. No, this was a thing. I didn't know about this. About in seventh grade during lunch, some of the kids would choke each other out. You put your hands up on their neck. But then it'd be like the cheerleaders wanted to be choked up. And then they would choke us out. I probably did it about 300 times. Where did you go to school?