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Deleted by Spotify

Running list of the episodes (quietly) removed from Spotify

Episodes from 2021

Updated after each new episode

Episodes from 2022

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If life wasn't real it'd be the craziest psychedelic trip ever - Joe Rogan


UFOs, aliens, Bigfoot, oh my

Ancient Civilizations

Graham Hancock, Randall Carlson, John Anthony West & more... The heyday of the Joe Rogan Experience

Actually Interesting

Fuck boring episodes. These guests are actually good (imo). Comment at bottom for suggestions

Duncan Trussell only

The greatest JRE guest

Intellectual Dark Web

Long live the IDW

The Brain

Psychology, neuroscience, all the brain sciences

Health fitness nutrition

Diets, exercise philosophies, fads, supplements, breathing techniques, float tank, ice bath, sauna..

Interesting Life Stories

Live vicariously through others who have infinitely more interesting lives than you

Musically inclined

Singers, songwriters, singer/songwriters... Musicians of all sorts


Black holes, wormholes & other things I'll never understand

Most popular of 2019

The most popular episodes of 2019 (Youtube views)

Most popular of 2017

The most popular episodes of 2017 (Youtube views)

COVID Sensemakers

People trying to figure out what this COVID thing is all about

Most popular episodes of all time

Based on the old Youtube views

Got Kind Of Heated

Someone's gotta be the alpha chimp in the room

Most popular of 2020

The most popular episodes of 2020 (Youtube views)