#1721 - Michael Malice


1 year ago

Michael Malice is a cultural commentator and host of the GaS Digital Network podcast "Your Welcome." He's the author of two books, "Dear Reader: The Unauthorized Autobiography of Kim Jong Il," and "The New Right: A Journey to the Fringe of American Politics."

#1958 - Andrew Huberman


9 days ago

Andrew Huberman, PhD, is a neuroscientist and tenured professor at Stanford University’s School of Medicine. Andrew is also the host of the Huberman Lab podcast, which aims to help viewers and listeners improve their health with science and science-based tools. New episodes air every Monday on YouTube and all podcast platforms.

#142 - Graham Hancock, Duncan Trussell


11 years ago

Joe sits down with Graham Hancock and Duncan Trussell.

#1953 - Duncan Trussell


20 days ago

Duncan Trussell is a stand-up comic, writer, actor, host of the "Duncan Trussell Family Hour" podcast, and creator of "The Midnight Gospel" on Netflix.

#1952 - Michael Malice


22 days ago

Michael Malice is a cultural commentator, host of the PodcastOne podcast "YOUR WELCOME," and author of several books, including "Dear Reader: The Unauthorized Autobiography of Kim Jong Il," and "The Anarchist Handbook." His newest, "The White Pill: A Tale of Good & Evil," is available now.

#1951 - Coffeezilla


23 days ago

Stephen Findeisen, also known as Coffeezilla, is a YouTuber whose channel focuses on exposing scammers, fraudsters, fake gurus, and their deceptive financial schemes.

#1946 - Protect Our Parks 7


1 month ago

Shane Gillis, Mark Normand, and Ari Shaffir are stand-up comics, writers, and podcasters. Shane is the co-host of "Matt and Shane's Secret Podcast" with Matt McCusker. His special, "Shane Gillis: Live in Austin," is available via YouTube, and season two of "Gilly and Keeves," his sketch comedy series with John McKeever, is available now at Mark is the co-host of the podcasts "Tuesdays with Stories" with Joe List and "We Might Be Drunk" with Sam Morril. His latest special, "Mark Normand: Out to Lunch," is available via YouTube. Ari is the host of "The Skeptic Tank" and "You Be Trippin'" podcasts. His latest special, "Ari Shaffir: Jew," is available now via YouTube.

#1945 - Eric Weinstein


1 month ago

Eric Weinstein is a mathematician, economist, and managing director at Thiel Capital.

#1942 - Mark Greaney


1 month ago

Mark Greaney is the New York Times bestselling author of the "Gray Man" novels. Look for book 12 in the series, "Burner," on February 21, 2023.

#1940 - Matt Taibbi


1 month ago

Matt Taibbi is a journalist and author. He writes and publishes TK News at and hosts the "America This Week podcast with Walter Kirn." He's also been the lead reporter on the Twitter Files, which come out on Twitter at @mtaibbi.

#1938 - Mariana van Zeller


2 months ago

Mariana van Zeller is an award-winning investigative journalist, and host of Nat Geo’s "Trafficked with Mariana van Zeller."

#1935 - Kyle Kulinski


2 months ago

Kyle Kulinski is a political activist and commentator. He's the host of “Secular Talk" on Youtube and co-hosts "Krystal Kyle & Friends" with Krystal Ball on Substack.

#1928 - Jimmy Corsetti & Ben van Kerkwyk


2 months ago

Jimmy Corsetti is the independent researcher behind "Bright Insight": a YouTube channel exploring ancient mysteries and lost civilizations. Ben van Kerkwyk is an independent researcher and creator of and the UnchartedX YouTube channel, dedicated to exploring the mysteries of the past with a focus on ancient engineering, precision, and technology.

#1927 - Forrest Galante


2 months ago

Forrest Galante is an international wildlife adventurer, conservationist, author of "Still Alive: A Wild Life of Rediscovery" and host on Discovery Channel.

#1925 - Sonny, from Best Ever Food Review Show


3 months ago

Sonny Side is the host of the "Best Ever Food Review Show" on YouTube, a series devoted to exploring and appreciating the world's unique culinary offerings.

#725 - Graham Hancock & Randall Carlson


7 years ago

Graham Hancock is an English author and journalist, well known for books such as "Fingerprints Of The Gods" & his new book "Magicians of the Gods" is available now. Randall Carlson is a master builder and architectural designer, teacher, geometrician, geomythologist, geological explorer and renegade scholar.

#1919 - Bret Weinstein


3 months ago

Dr. Bret Weinstein is an evolutionary biologist, podcaster, and author. He is the author, along with his wife, fellow biologist Dr. Heather Heying, of "A Hunter-Gatherer's Guide to the 21st Century: Evolution and the Challenges of Modern Life." Together, they are the co-hosts of "The DarkHorse Podcast."

#1908 - Erika Thompson


4 months ago

Erika Thompson is the owner and founder of Texas Beeworks: an organization promoting public awareness and education about the valuable work bees and beekeepers do.

#1905 - Derek, More Plates More Dates


4 months ago

Derek is the fitness educator and entrepreneur behind the "More Plates, More Dates" YouTube channel, podcast, and companion website.

#1901 - Steven Pressfield


4 months ago

Steven Pressfield is the author of numerous works of fiction, non-fiction, and multiple screen plays, including "The War of Art: Break Through the Blocks and Win Your Inner Creative Battles," and "The Legend of Bagger Vance." His latest is "Govt Cheese a memoir" releases on December 6.