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Bill Maher is a comedian, political commentator, the host of HBO's "Real Time with Maher" and his own podcast, "Club Random." Catch him in residency at the David Copperfield Theatre at MGM Grand in Las Vegas on September 15 and 16 and November 3 and 4.www.billmaher.com

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Must be one of the shortest episode.





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Hi Joe, great to be in Austin. What's happening? Look at you, you're all comfortable. I asked you before if I could put my, I don't know. Of course, we want this table as dirty as possible. It's not like I'm messing it up. Let's be honest. I like it lived in. I like it stained and ashes and all that jazz. How you doing? I'm good man, what's happening? In town to you know do my thing. Doing a show tonight at ACL right? Telling jokes to strangers what we do. Nice, nice. And of course when I got the invite, how can you turn down the king? I know you hate being called the king but you are Joe so basking it a little. Thank you very much. Yeah. It's always good to see you. Yeah you too. How are you enjoying doing your podcast? You know I love it especially since I've been thrown out of work by the strike. You know so it's what I have left plus the touring but that you know touring is a couple of weekends a month. Podcasting doesn't take that much time either. I don't do it every day like you but it's nice to have an outlet. It's also nice to be able to talk to people in a non-political way. I mean right my show is for let's say people who know things. My HBO show. Right. You know you just can't really enjoy that show or watch it if you're clueless. It's like I'm speaking in Chinese. Right. So you know and that's okay you know that's a lot of the people in this country that would describe. They just did not involved in politics or what goes on in the world or you know don't ask them what the ACLU is or NATO. These things are just not on their radar and that certainly also describes a lot of celebrities. You know their intelligence is is artistic intelligence generally I would say. You know it's a different kind of intelligence. It's not worse or better it's just different. So to be able to talk to a lot of people on Club Random in a setting where I can just be high as a kite and constantly blowing pot smoke in their face. First of all it's just it's just a joy. It's a sign of the progress that this country has made. The thing that I used to sweat bullets going through every airport in this country because I had this much little pot that I was hiding under my balls. That's really where I hid it. Yeah. So that if the dog sniffed it you know that they'd be embarrassed I hoped to look there and now I can freely smoke pot in a nationally aired program is kind of a amazing. So I'm enjoying the fuck out of it. That's beautiful. Yeah it's also nice to have like a pretty completely open format so conversations can really air out. Right. You know when you worry about running out of time. Right. You also you can kind of let them breathe a little because sometimes you really want to let someone talk for a long time to try to before you try to interject and pick apart their conversation their argument you really want to I want to know what you're really thinking. I don't want to be confused. Again that's kind of what you pioneered. Yeah. And we're grateful for it and I do like that. I also find it's interesting the setting makes a big difference as to what arouses the furies on the left. If I said so many of the things that I've said on Club Random on a podcast on Realtime on HBO they would have had my head. Yeah. But somehow when I say it in the setting of the podcast in my own home blowing the pot smoke somehow it's okay and I find that very interesting. I think they look at you like a guy who they're worried about because you don't tow the line. They should be. You're like a 90s liberal. You're like liberals back when they were more reasonable before they became leftists and now every liberal kind of has to be a leftist. It's not if you want to be on the team you got to subscribe to the most fringe ideas that the team is promoting and I get in trouble with that too. It's just it's such a I mean there's so many like Joe List has talked about that recently the comic Joe List very funny guy he was talking about like he's like I'm a 90s liberal. He goes what I didn't change. It's like everybody else kind of changed. It just got real weird like what you're allowed to disagree with and not to disagree with and you know it's strange. I'm always trying to make the case that liberal is a different animal than woke. Yeah. Because it is and you can be woke with all the nonsense that that now implies but don't say that somehow it's an extension of liberalism. Right. Because it's most often actually an undoing of liberalism. It's so you can have your points of view and your positions on these things but don't try to piggyback on what I've always believed. I have always believed as liberals do for example in a color blind society that the goal is to not see race at all anywhere for any reason. Yes. That's what liberals always believed all the way through. Obama going back Kennedy everybody Martin Luther King. That's not what the woke believe. They believe race is first and foremost the thing you should always see everywhere which I find interesting because that used to be the position of the Ku Klux Klan that we see race first and foremost everywhere. Yeah. So again you can have that position but don't say that's a liberal position. You're doing something very different. I think the idea behind it I think I understand their idea. The idea is that the society is imbalanced and so in order to address that imbalance you're going to prop up as many minorities as possible make as many opportunities from minorities as possible and get it to a position where there are like white people are minority and so that's not a concern anymore and that through that somehow or another you'll achieve equality. I think the way to achieve equality is your way. I think the colorblind way is the way to really truly achieve equality and to truly judge people just on their merits but also recognize that if we don't address the problems in this country as far as like how disenfranchised some people are and how horrible some communities are that people grow up in and people find themselves stuck in with no recourse no way out no role models no nothing no financial opportunities that's what our real problem is in this country more than it is race it's extreme poverty extreme poverty and extreme crime and that these things don't get addressed over and over and over again and in fact a lot of the policies that you see coming from places like San Francisco and Portland and they just exacerbated you're just seeing stores closed because like okay you can't just steal can't just have everybody just walk in a Walmart and steal I was watching a video where they were showing a Walgreens and they had everything chained up chain oh yeah chains even minor little things yeah like frozen food dinner yeah yeah they had the frozen food section chained off no again that's not liberalism was never shoplifting is progressive right yeah and we weren't interested in legalizing shoplifting or I guess we should call it justice shopping but you know in Minnesota for example I think it was Minneapolis after the George Floyd murder and the riots I think there was a movement to disband a lot of the police and they did I think a lot of the police were let go or somehow the police force was was a lesser force than it was and what happened was of course crime went up in certain areas and a lot of the officers who had been fired or let go or quit or for whatever reason they weren't on the force anymore they were hired as private security by who the rich people who could afford to do it so their neighborhood stayed safe so that wasn't exactly I thought a victory for liberalism no it's the opposite yeah it's unfortunate Austin defunded the police and then refunded it and refunded it by far more than they defunded it because they just of course corrected they went okay this is not working we have to do something to fix it which makes me very happy because I was really shocked that they wanted to do that because there's a lot of crime and where my club is on sixth street that's a wild place sixth street gets wild and there's a lot of crime there and there's there's a good police presence there and we have a lot of police to the club we hire off-duty cops uh to work the club and a lot of security we want to make it as safe as possible but the the streets in the city like you know from pandemic on it just it's not good you know it's it's sketchy and I'm glad they recognized it and did something well because so many places just aren't course correcting Chicago yeah I mean not not just the places where I mean murders have been happening way out of control in Chicago among the African American community for far too long and not really reported in the same in the way that they should it's amazing how black lives don't seem to matter when they're taken by black lives but but I mean now Chicago my friends who live there say it's not safe anywhere yeah it's very sketchy very sketchy and that's Chicago yeah Chicago used to be great it used to be easy it should be a great city I mean it always had problems in some areas but I mean even well you know even those areas I had a conversation once with a driver who was a former cop and what he told me is that they arrested all the key drug players and then there was a power struggle and things got way worse he's like their idea was like go in arrest the big kingpins and then we'll clean up the city it didn't work at all the opposite had an effect it was the opposite effect they just there was way more crime he said it was just got way more violent well I mean I think a lot of the murders that happen are over nonsense you know somebody dissed you on social media or made funny or sneakers or some shit I mean some of it is is drug turf and that kind of stuff yeah um but I think some of it is just bullshit and I don't understand why there isn't a more concerted effort to shine a spotlight on that and and where are the leaders of the community the people who who would have such cachet among those young African-American men because that's who's killing each other you know young African-American men to say cut it out what the fuck are you doing killing each other if there was a a concerted effort by by people in the music industry people in sports who they look up to wouldn't that have an effect I don't know you know at this point worth a try worth a try sure worth something I mean something needs to be done I'm not the guy to figure out what needs to be done but something needs to be done it should have been a long time ago I don't know what that answer is but no answer is not the answer and continuing the same policies the guy in the same problems and just defunding the police officers and making things far worse and then not course correcting that's not the answer either right it's nice to talk about politics it's great I would hate to be one of those fucking people to be an actual politician and have be responsible for all this shit and to and also to come in now you know yeah I mean they are the easiest people to target because of course they have to kowtow to what the voters want and the voters are completely contradictory so I do have some sympathy for politicians because if you ask the voters what they want they will basically say they want every sort of goodie that the government could provide on a Arizona tax base they want to they want a Swedish social net yeah on an Arizona tax base and that's just not possible and then the answer is always tax the rich which is well that doesn't help incompetent government it does more money it doesn't help them well I mean that's I think that's why you moved here wasn't it no I moved here because they were locking down the city and it didn't seem safe and it seemed very sketchy and I just didn't agree with what they were doing more I talked to doctors that were experts in respiratory diseases the more they were convinced there was no way to stop a respiratory disease they're like this isn't gonna do anything in fact it's probably gonna damage people's immune systems because they're not going to be around other people they're going to be filled with anxiety they're going to be locked in isolation depression no I was always making this case on real time and you know people thought I was crazy and I'm sure they think you're crazy but they're crazy and they don't know anything well they're they're definitely wrong if you talk to virologists and epidemiologists that aren't captured that don't have to deal with whatever Fauci and the NIH tells them what to say and if you talk to those people they're like well first of all you should be telling people they have to lose weight they have to lose weight it was the number one comorbidity it was a giant factor I think something like 75 percent of the people who were hospitalized or died yes were obese but of course in this country we're so through the looking glass on the obesity issue that even mentioning it yeah some sort of a hate crime right I mean it's it is so Orwellian and this is again a topic I've covered many times and there is nothing that garners me more hate than this no issue no issue you're just not allowed to talk about this and it's preposterous because first of all if this is truly a life and death issue we can't talk about the one thing that more than anything else is causing the death but it is Orwellian terms like body positivity yeah there is nothing positive health wise yeah now if you think it's beautiful great beauty is in the eye of the beholder but science is not no it's not and it's and honestly it's not even beauty it's people trying to help those feelings they're trying to help your there there are people we used to call them chubby chasers oh sure there are people who actually and I'm sure there's more than a few and and I think it's also look the ideals of beauty change I mean back in the what was it 17th century I mean you can see the paintings this war especially when people were poorer it was a sign of status to have fat on you yeah because you had food yeah more than enough right so it does change and it just it's also can be a cultural thing it's also maybe when you grew up I mean when I was first masturbating it was the era of twiggy you know the first waif model and thin was in to me like the pie wagons of the 50s like Marilyn Monroe those those hippie girls like the ones on madmen you know the big redhead on med that was like that's my father's era that that's I couldn't raise an erection with a derrick looking at those girls I liked the and I kept that my whole life you know I like that I like tight and you know what they called hard bodies in the 80s that's not in style anymore it's Kardashian Jennifer Lopez made the big ass trendy and that's what they like now so it does it does change but there's a giant difference between Jennifer Lopez and a fat person like to say that you know like things are like that's always kind of been style like big hips and large breasts it's genetic there's a genetic inclination like men are attracted to that because women with wide hips they they give birth easier I'm not attracted to that yeah it's not I mean you know people are attracted to different things for sure but it's it's like a there's a genetic reason for it I I mean I agree that Jennifer Lopez is is a beautiful woman amazing how she's continued her looks into 51 she's still hot as the sun it's crazy uh but there is no world in which I am attracted to an ass that big wow that's just not my style I'm on the other team I like it oh really I like it yeah well you then you fit in more with with good for you Joe you you fit in with the kids today and your big ass loving friends um yeah but but you know fat is fat and and and it's not it's just not healthy even if you find it beautiful or sexy or whatever you it's just science it's bad for literally every part of your health from how you poop to your eyesight there's nothing that obesity doesn't affect negatively you know who doesn't get any of that uh body positivity shit though is men nobody gives a fuck about men if men are fat you're just fat that's like when James Corden tried that shit with you yes it's such an obvious ploy oh you're hurting my feelings Biz oh yes fat shaming like first of all that guy's fat from food he's not like oh my guy's got a genetic disorder he's just that's not guys obviously not working out and living living a good life eating some nice food and a little plump yeah and in fixable interesting and well and interesting a year or so after he made his big crusade against me um he signed a big contract I think with Weight Watchers you turn right around um but even Weight Watchers is out of style because now we we have we've given up on the idea uh that obesity is something that can be contained uh by exercise and diet it's now a disease I mean these new uh drugs they have ozempic ozempic yeah I was reading about ozempic uh I didn't know this until recently they have zero clue why it works hmm they know that it works just not why this would bother me a little you know it should that if they're they're giving me something and and they're like hey this new miracle pill just take it we're working on the reason why it might do this to you but until then just fuck it there's no biological free lunch either I have friends that are on that stuff and one friend who just got off of it because he was having some serious gastrointestinal issues that are apparently one of the side effects it's not there's no free lunch if you're taking an injection that makes you less hungry something's going on it's probably not good yes and you're also losing a lot of connective tissue bone mass and muscle mass uh my good friend peter atia did a study on his patients he's a doctor did a study on patients that took ozempic and one of the things they found is they lost weight but they gained fat they were actually had a higher percentage of body fat because they were primarily losing muscle tissue and connective tissue they were losing so much of that that even though they lost like 20 pounds they actually went from like 15 body fat to maybe 20 body fat or whatever the number was but what I what I find the most alarming is the way in just a matter of a few years the group think that this is a disease now yeah that cannot be controlled by what for 50 hundred a million years before this it was the scientific consensus that of course you can control it yeah with diet and exercise it just in a couple of years that went out the window and you cannot read you cannot find an article uh on the front page or in the op-ed page of the new york times in the last couple of years that has any other belief than this one that it is a disease it is not within a person's control so they're all in on ozempic or whatever else because we certainly can't leave this to people themselves to control it that's a giant sea change and the way they sheep like just go right in a row yeah no dissent not one person standing up in the paper of record to say wait a second this can't really be the case i mean 50 years ago we looked like a completely different people yeah why is it the in 50 years did we evolve in 50 years human beings was cake not delicious 1969 i think it was and yet some somehow people resisted it well there's a lot of diet changes for sure and i think one of the things about the narrative there was there was a lot of influence by vested interests like you know i'm sure you know about the 1950s i believe it was where the uh sugar industry paid off scientists of course to uh yeah to put the blame on well saturated fat it changed people's eating and corn yeah corn corn is they changed what the sugar came from because they had too much corn because they subsidized it yeah so let's make sugar out of corn which is not really what you should be making the right i mean cane sugar is not great for you either but it's bigger better than corn you see the obesity rates go up as the as corn syrup but it's still within someone's power to turn it down you're not helpless there's plenty of people out there that have done it too that you can get examples from i mean especially in this day and age with youtube and these social media influencers that have lost a ton of weight somebody else people have gone on diets and lost uh 150 pounds and they'll tell you how they did it and you can get inspiration from them it's not rocket science it's doable but it's not easy and the idea of calling it a disease it's interesting because we kind of agree alcoholism is disease but it is similar because you are addicted to food like people are absolutely addicted to food especially high fructose corn syrup products and things where there's like you're getting that big sugar rush and the insulin spikes and well they they do this in the lab you know i mean they have all these food companies thanks all these food companies have labs where they go in and they test how much fat and sugar and salt we can put in this thing to make it as addictive as possible you know they don't want you to just eat one about lays potato you bet you can they want you to have the whole bag and then start another bag yeah um but again i look when i'm i always have the most sympathy for the obese when i'm high because i i get the munchies yeah as most of us do not in the first hour like it goes to my head first which is great and then it goes to my stomach and then it goes to my dick but yeah when it goes to my stomach i i get it i get it more than i do normally because i am just ravenous to eat but that's why i don't keep shit in the house so that when i do get ravenous for food there's nothing there and the thing is when i'm high i'm rather satisfied with food that isn't the most delicious food in the world because i'm high everything tastes good and i'm just looking to i'm just looking to eat so if i'm going to eat like buru can nuts or something they're not bad for me and i can eat a million of them and it satisfies that urge to chew and read uh but i'm not putting on weight i mean there are things you can do yeah we're not helpless it's also no one's telling you to do it it's not like you know the government was telling everybody to get vaccinated they weren't telling anybody to lose weight they weren't telling anybody to take vitamin d there's just well you know it's just it's the problem of media and industries and and even the government itself being captured by by special interests and it's a big problem like they don't want people losing weight they don't want people getting healthier it's not good for business so there's no push to do it what the push is always and what is going to make us the most money which is why you're seeing this push for these uh diabetes drugs that people are taking to lose weight you know it's like there's a lot of money in that there's a lot of money and what is it called wagavi and ozempic yeah whatever these ones are called oh yeah yeah are you kidding peptides they're going to make i'm sure they already have i'm sure yeah yeah and look if that's the only way you can lose weight and you lose weight and then that's what starts you along the way i kind of feel like that the same way i feel about ssris i've had friends that have had disastrous uh situations come up because of ssris and i've had other people that got from being suicidal to getting their life in order and then slowly getting off of them and then saying it was overall a good thing for them what is ssris antidepressants prozac well prozac's not one of them yeah that's what it is selective serotonin re-up inhibitors it's uh it's uh but i thought they recently found out that it wasn't the serotonin well what they found out is it's not a chemical imbalance in your brain right the ssris are another one where they're not exactly sure why they work you know like zoloft is a good one um they don't know they just you know help some people doesn't help other people for a lot of people just make some disconnected right and they feel like just everything is flat and dull i took a soul off once i don't know why i had a zoloft in the house but i thought it was recreationally took a zoloft i did not recreate i thought it was a sleeping pill oh z zoe and loft right like oh this must be i don't know i don't know this is a long time ago and i don't know why it was in my house but i had one pill and i remember zoloft and i thought oh good i need to sleep and it the way it made me feel because i don't have an imbalance was horrible really yes like like i know what it feels like to be doing something i don't want to do some people call that work and we're lucky we like our work mostly but there are things i don't want to do that i do and i know what it feels like to be doing things i do want to do when i was on this drug it was like neither like i didn't feel anything it was it it's it made me feel very sympathetic to the people who suffer from chemical imbalance yeah and mostly it is chemical imbalances i know i think it was mike wallace was suffered for a long time from this and also maybe it was dick cavitt somebody like that who who said you know i was in therapy for years and years and years and then they gave me this drug and i was all better and it was never anything that they were going to fix in therapy it was just the chemical they just poured something in the test tube and suddenly it was all good because some of it is just chemical yeah i don't think they think it's a chemical imbalance anymore because i think they've measured like serotonin and dopamine levels i you know there's there's so many factors there's so many factors into why someone would be depressed yeah some of it has to be genetic um just like mental illness some of it is absolutely genetic some of it is life circumstances i mean if you have a shitty job and a shitty life and shitty friends and a shitty house and a shitty neighborhood you probably feel like shit i remember when i had all that and i was depressed yeah but i felt like it was logical depression there was a reason i was depressed i was newly in the world as a as a person out of college so i was starting life for the first time i didn't have the protective guardianship of school right okay so that's scary and i was worried am i going to be a failure in life here i am trying to be a comedian okay that's a risky proposition not many people make it uh i was embarrassed to even tell people you know what do you do i'm trying to be a comedian okay that's funny um and i lived in a shit box and i didn't have any girlfriends and i had no money and yeah i was depressed for very good reason no respect i had nothing that makes people happy when i got more of those things i got happier that's normal okay that's different than the person who has lots of great things i mean you read about this all the time among the show business community and people i'm sure all the time say that why is this guy depressed he must be on top of the world right and you know and no he had to quit the tour because of mental health issues he was depressed depressed people are lining up to see him in fucking arenas and he's depressed and it's yeah because that doesn't solve the problem when it's a chemical problem yeah and i think also for some people they worship this idea of success as being the thing that's going to get them out of it that that's going to make them happy and then they get success and then they get accustomed to that success and they're still not happy and then they get really depressed like oh my god i'm at the top and it sucks right i mean if that still doesn't fill the hole in your heart right then where do you go you got nothing else yeah i always wonder i mean i think these things vary very widely and i think i always wonder like what does their life like what are their friends like what's their family like what is what do they do for activities what are they eating are they sleeping well right you know are they doing anything to mitigate it to put themselves on a path you know that gives them some sort of a feeling of accomplishment in life a feeling of like and i'm not even i don't mean accomplishment in terms of like material possessions but like you're doing something you're getting something done a reason to get up in the morning yeah something that you really enjoy and gives you joy and gives you happiness and satisfaction there's a lot of people out there that don't have that you know like you said we're really lucky that we we have jobs that we enjoy we love what we do we have like i mean that's there's a reason why when someone says to you oh you're going to be a stand-up comedian good fucking luck because most people don't make it no they don't most i mean do you remember the people you did open mic with how many of them are still around i remember everybody i was in the clubs where there was hundreds of guys yeah mostly guys some women but i mean back in 1980 uh yeah and yes you could name them all or like i always like to point out to people when they get into these discussions about the strike and show business and what kind of business this is and is it different than other businesses yes if you look at the credits of any movie uh especially ones that are a few years old 10 years old 20 years old 30 years old look at the credits as they go by at the end of the movie outside of the two or three stars of the movie you'll see a list of 20 or 30 people who were in that movie all of them thought they were going to be stars they all had parts not the biggest parts in the movies but parts and you look at that list and you do not recognize one of those names yeah they all wanted to be something that this movie that they were in was going to take them to the next level and it did not yeah it did not i was just show business i was watching an interview well it wasn't really an interview it was like they caught her at the airport with bridget fonda bridget well she just dropped out of show business and you know they caught her you're like walking and they said do you think you ever do a movie again you were in so many iconic movies like single white female and this name and she's like no way she's like nope i like being a civilian now yeah it's too much fun that's different yeah that's different she had a big career yeah and she just you know had enough of it yeah and yeah that's okay i mean it's first of all show business especially acting very tough on females as they age sure we just know that yeah i mean you have to be iconic yeah to be working in your 60s like merrill streep right because you know especially if you're the leading lady i mean they have no problem pairing a 60 year old guy with a 35 year old woman right that's that's just the way it is yeah in movies or at least it has been um so as you get into those upper ages they're those parts are not going to be there and look that's partly what the audience wants i mean you can you can hate the studios for doing that but studios are always just reflecting what the audience wants including the women in the audience yeah you know what's fascinating though the one group that absolutely gets discriminated in hollywood is gay men gay men never play straight men in blockbuster movies openly gay men are never like the romantic interest in a blockbuster movie you can have an openly gay woman and no one cares like who oh you could have one i don't think it would be a problem well name somebody like who's an openly gay woman who is one well kristen stewart is now an openly gay oh she is kristen stewart i didn't know she was the girl from twilight yeah i didn't know she was opening a gate i mean i need hello no she used to date that other guy i'm she used to gate date robert patinson i didn't that was 10 years ago i didn't i don't follow her romantic career acting like well like i'm not paying attention to the president i'm i'm offended joe um no i mean she's very i mean first of all she just definitely is i mean you've seen pictures of her she you could tell that she's walking that side of the street now she she openly announced it on on saturday night live i don't want that so yeah i i don't either but but she i know she did and of course it was met with thunderous applause which should tell you something about the hypocrisy of how brave it is to come out well she wanted to play a leading woman nobody would have a problem with that no but i just parenthetically brave by the way yeah is when you say something and people boo or they want to kill you yes right julian right when people cheer raucously that's somewhat less than brave yeah so i mean i guess it does take some courage to come out but you know as i always say let's live in the year we're living in and in the year we're living in it's like it sometimes it's preferable to come out as gay yeah it's rewarded in some circles i have friends who unfortunately are in the closet who can't come out because of their family they're worried about the impact of their family like grew up in the midwest you know religious family and you know it eats them alive they're usually drunk all the time like those guys right it's really rough yeah i'm sure it's rough i mean and i think this is why gay actors in the past did not come out i just watched a documentary on rock cutson did you see that it was terrific no i didn't see it okay well obviously this was a different era you know it was not even it was unthinkable that rock cutson could come out in the he started in the 50s right the 60s this was just we weren't even discussing homosexuality in those terms and he was a matinee idol you know he was something women were creaming their genes over so but nowadays could a gay man be the romantically i think there are actors who are gay and are still not out for that very reason for sure i'm not going to name names yeah but we don't have to no we don't have to but yeah they exist it's a clear move for them they have to kind of keep it under wraps right yeah it's uh well well show but we're selling fantasy especially in a romantic setting in a romantic movie i have had multiple people on this podcast that do not believe that gay is just something you're born with they believe that it's a choice i've had conversations with people where you're like have you met richard simmons like like crazy you think that's a fucking choice like the idea that i had one guy who he compared it to murder like you you might want to kill someone but you don't do it because it's a sin i was like but imagine if you were just like rapidly attracted to women and culturally things were reversed and for some reason like women caused reproduction and you don't want more people because we're overpopulated and gay is the only morally right way to pursue sexual activity imagine how horrible that would be it would suck well see this is why it's so odd to me that gay and trans have wound up in the same yeah grouping lgbtq i excuse me i'm sorry hate crime i don't remember all i think there's a two and an a in there and i plus okay then that's what i just said i don't know what the two is that's two-spirit i saw is that what it is it could be who knows god if that's what it is that's amazing but what i'm saying is is true that is what it is it is oh jesus two-spirit oh my god and i i'm not sure i could even define two-spirit i didn't even know existed until i saw trudoe that's trudoe rattled off the newest latest list one time we we have to unlike america we have to protect our two-spirit people um um i don't know let's find out what two-spirit is what does two-spirit mean two-spirit i think i've heard aoc talk about it too oh boy it's okay now offensive amongst native americans a person who identifies with any of a variety of gender identities which are not exclusively those of their biological sex yeah but gender identities which are not exclusively how many of them are there how many gender identities two-spirit but in that definition it said it said transgender and why do we also need to include it if we have transgender already because one person complained i'm guessing well i believe with native americans that's what they referred to transgender people as i think i think it's the lakota look that up i think it was a like a protected class in their community because they felt like this person understood both groups they were biologically male but they had so many traits of being feminine they're probably gay men but they were biologically male that had so many traits of femininity that they thought they were two-spirit like this is the type of person we could come to for guidance because they understand women and they understand men and so it was thought of that way the same way like they had some like fascinating roles in their culture like one of them was a hayoka which was their sacred clown they had a guy who made fun of everything and if you couldn't make fun of something it was bullshit like if you had the the greatest warrior the biggest chief the the the the chief's wife you can make fun of anything if you couldn't make fun of it it was bullshit like there was something where if you had hey don't make fun of that everybody's like whoa what is this thing we can't make fun of like why why can't we make fun of this is this a bullshit thing and it's a good way to detect bullshit what is this describing what the Lakota have in Lakota there are no pronouns we don't speak uh we don't have she and he and Lakota men will speak differently than women we know their gender based on how they are talking and what words they are using it's as if they're third generation and who's the dude in the picture so yeah it's the Lakota culture okay so that's where that term comes from okay well enjoy it Lakota we don't all have to follow no well also i don't have to remember it it's too long you're crazy but but what i was saying was it's odd to me that they grouped them together because in a fundamental way trans and gay are almost exact opposites because gay is all about i was born this way right and trans is the way i'm born fuck that yeah jump ball right let's change that and that to me seems to be fundamentally different well and scares me about it is what they're doing to children you know and i know you got the fucking joke on your show about break out the dick saw also i remember i remember you said that i was like jesus bill you just went hard but i'm so glad you're doing that because there's no one else on late night television that we're gonna fucking do that on the menu but it's terrifying that they're that they're calling it gender affirming care when it's really childhood mutilation before you have the ability to figure out what permanent means you're fucking seven years old you can't get your face tattooed you you can't go to war you can't get married there's reasons for all that stuff you're too young and this idea that you should be able to make a life-changing choices like hormone blockers right which are a not reversible no matter what the fuck they say they say it's reversible no the changes happen to your body during puberty and if you stop those changes that change is you can't reverse that you're going to have a micro penis you're taking estrogen while your body's developing you're blocking your testosterone if you're doing all that stuff it's going to have an effect on your body now if you're happy with that effect and you don't care okay but how many people are and how many people are young and how many detransitioners are there who have horrible stories and and you're a monster in a bigot if you even bring that up which is fucking insane i couldn't agree more they're so cavalier about the medical repercussions right now as with all of these things if this country wasn't so ridiculously polarized we could come up with some reasonable view on it which is is trans a real thing of course are some people born in a body that for lack of a better term is doesn't you know you're born in the wrong body or your sexuality doesn't match what's in your mind gender-wise it does happen and some of it is trendy some of it is just a tick tock challenge that got out of hand yeah kind of okay it's a social contagion but even if i was now this is just me but i'm allowed my opinion if if if i was 100 billion convinced i was born in the wrong body i still wouldn't do anything to my body because medical considerations come first but the idea that you can just take some sort of puberty blockers or or just snap on snap off organs yeah without really hurting medically and taking years off my life right it's ridiculous and so i would somehow make it work with whatever with the equipment i was born with because we're just not that advanced medically to make it work and still be healthy yeah but the woke perspective is this they have these terms like gender affirming care and it sounds so wonderful yeah gender affirming care sounds sounds like something hugging you yes it's helping you they're gender they're affirming your gender care about you they're hugging you this is what it sounds good but this is what Orwell said when you when you control the language yeah you control the ideas yes it's fascinating you call it body positivity you call it gender affirming care yeah and the ideas follow or the what people think are ideas how much heat did you take for the dicksaw joke oh a lot i mean that that whole that whole editorial was basically calling into question uh basically what you were saying and what i mean the point that i found people had a hard time arguing with was if this is all real why is it regional why can you go to a dinner party in los angeles with like 10 people and half of them have trans kids right and that would never happen in indiana now maybe some people in indiana are afraid to come out that could be true too i'm sure it is to some degree but it's just ridiculous that it's a regional issue to this degree so obviously and i know people who say oh yeah my school all the kids want to be trans it's just it's just not cool to be straight anymore right you know it's like every generation has to find a way to say to their parents who gave you everything fuck you right whatever you do i'm gonna do different and for a lot of kids that now is just gender my stupid lame parents think that humans are male and female gross i'm fluid okay but like you say you know when you get a little older and you've mutilated your body you maybe that'll be a decision you're happy with and maybe it won't but there's no going back no going back no going back yeah it's terrifying it's just terrifying that it's also something that people are making money of and this is this is the one thing i really don't like about biden is the way and i know you really hate him i don't hate him but the way he just goes along with shit like this i feel like he doesn't really believe in it he just he's just like an old guy who doesn't quite get it you know if the kids are doing what right but he's like the husband you know who who doesn't really understand what the kids are into but he doesn't want to start a big fight about it so when the wife says honey the kids want to cut their dicks off and tear down a statue of lincoln he's like yeah oh fine okay i'm watching the game leave me alone and so he just goes along with all the woke nonsense because he doesn't want to fight that wing of his party he can't afford to have a battle on the left yeah so that's my big issue with him i know you have others well my my biggest issue is he lies a lot and he's probably well certainly not more than trump oh please come on well listen i think they both lie i mean i don't like that more than this guy because i want to just if you want to talk about trump we can talk about trump but if you just talk about biden i don't think comparing him to trump doesn't anybody any good you just look at the police well it does because they're running against each other yeah okay so it's kind of necessary it could when if you want to talk about in terms of an election but you talk about the terms of the guy who's in the office right now like why don't i like him well one of the things that i don't like has nothing to do with any of his choices is that he's mentally compromised i think there's something wrong and i think it's clear as if the other guy isn't well okay he speaks much clearer he he might be crazy he might be a sociopath he's crazy and stupid say all those things but it still doesn't take away from the fact that there's something wrong with biden like he makes up words he stumbles through things it seems like he doesn't know where he is half the time he's very very old that's my problem with him okay well again we're living in a world where perfect is not on the menu these are the choices we're gonna have this is going to be who's running next time you're gonna have a yes a dottering old man do you definitely think that biden's gonna make it to the 2024 elections because i'm not convinced well who knows yeah he might not and some might not trump right oh both of them could die at any minute yeah absolutely when you're like 70 whatever years old 78 years old one is 77 one is 80 yeah that's that's the end of the line yeah yeah i mean you're on e i mean right i mean you might make it to town but you might might die on the side of the road you got your also blue zones where people live to 100 they don't look like those guys no they they look better yeah they're thin and active and well biden's thin that's trump is not but he's thin like skeletal thin yeah he's thin like frail like where he looks like he's just gonna fall down a lot i'll give you this point trump looks a lot and sounds a lot more hardy yeah and robust yeah and healthy that's true he's a he's a city roach he might eat the worst things he eats the stronger he gets you can you cannot kill him no i i i he's also the only guy that didn't noticeably age the moment he got it's no we did we aged when he was in office he was fine you're right he didn't look like he aged he just still he always looks the same but you i know you but he's a criminal and he's crazy and he's stupid and crazy and stupid are two different when you say crazy what do you basically okay let me let me give you an example stupid is like uh frederick douglas is alive or uh the stealth bomber is literally invisible right um or nobody knew health care was hard to solve that's just stupid he's very stupid crazy is like it's important that uh the crowd at my inauguration was the biggest ever and i'm going to make an issue of this for the first two weeks of my presidency despite photographic evidence to the contrary or i'm going to steal these documents that i don't even know what they are and i don't care and i'm going to put them next to the toilet at mara lago and then i'm going to fight you to take them back or not conceding the election those things are crazy or thinking i can somehow charm kim jong-un in korea although that might be stupid sometimes it crosses the line between both but he's both stupid and crazy and he's a criminal you know he's not he's not being charged in these trials because he's a liar they purposely didn't do that apparently it's okay it's not illegal to lie to the american people and of course he did lie and continues to lie he still hasn't conceded the election which he plainly lost he's charged with actual crimes criminal intent to obscure uh to to i forget what the actual name of the uh law is but criminal intent to basically steal the election or to coerce people in the states from uh i forget what it is and then there's there's one uh forgery uh which is has to do with the electors scheme uh criminal intent for what is the forgery that's that's the slate of electors he was putting forward the fake slate of electors um and then there was um the one here it is we can read it three counts of solicitation of violation of oath by public officer so he's trying to get someone to violate their oath two counts of conspiracy to commit forgery in the first degree two counts of conspiracy to commit false statements and writing two counts of false statements and writings violation of a georgia rico act conspiracy to commit impersonating a public officer hmm wonder what that is uh conspiracy to commit filing false documents and filing false documents then this is all based on the election results well there's also felony solicitation of violation of oath felony solicitation of violation of oath by a public officer that was what he when he was talking to rapsenberger that's the i need you to find me 11 000 votes there's there's also one i mean there's there's two there's two cases about trying to steal the election one the the national case that uh jack smith is prosecuting then there's the one in georgia now they cross paths and a lot but basically i mean yes he tried every possible way to steal this election he tried to do it through the courts he tried to do it through state legislatures he tried to do it through intimidating mike pence he tried to do it through the justice department they talked about seizing voting machines they talked about the using the army i mean you can't really believe that this guy is not worse than joe biden i mean i agree biden is not a great president and the hunter biden stuff is a stinky conspiracy not a conspiracy a stinky scandal that stinks to the high happens if you think that that in any way compares to what trump tied to do you just cannot tell unlike things apart and you're you're saying this just based on what happened after the election just that stuff yes well that's that's the criminal part yes have you ever tried to steel man his position like do you think he really believes they stole the election or you think he's bullshitting who gives a fuck it doesn't matter who gives a fuck if he really believes but i mean if he really believes there's evidence that the election was rigged no i don't care it would be no first of all that was part of the january 6th committee's findings he has multiple people all the people around him told him that he lost that election including bill bar you know and he admitted he'd see it there's a one of his quotes was uh that they have on record of him saying i don't want people to know i lost this election that's kind of crazy what he's crazy that's kind of crazy i mean it's it's insane that you can't let go of the idea that you can't be seen as a loser there's a certain there's an he is there's a i always said this in the beginning it all comes back to the he is a clinical case of malignant narcissism it's not just a quirk it's actually in the big book of crazy you know that right i mean it's a real thing and it affects everything he thinks and does it's why foreign leaders were able to curry favor with him all they had to do was kiss his ass and they got whatever they wanted do i really think that he wants to help rush and putin i think putin had him as soon as he said trump is a brilliant man good you got me it doesn't take that much he's a dangerous guy the idea that that he could be president again as opposed to joe biden again joe biden not my first choice not my hundredth choice but the other guy is a crazy stupid criminal do you like anybody on the right that's opposing do you like vivek i know you had vivek on your podcast recently i think it's vivek vivek that's i mean i think it's probably vivek in his rap he says vivek it rhymes with cake okay then vivek there um well as i said to him on the podcast i find you both disarming and alarming what do you find alarming well he wants to abolish like half the government yeah uh some of the government could be abolished i mean a lot of the government is a big fucking waste what do you think is a big waste what do you think is a big waste um well i'm not sure the i wouldn't abolish the department of education but considering how stupid our kids are uh there's a lot of answering to do there i mean i'm not sure that a national department of education has done us any good because kids have just gotten stupider and stupider and stupider they it used to be that they didn't know anything but they could read about things if they wanted to now they can't even read now part of that was because of the horrible policies during the pandemic yes um but also it's just been going downhill uh and it starts of course at colleges i mean that's where this woke rot begins it all seeps down what goes on at universities elite universities in this country is insane have you ever seen that russian um defector urie uh bezmonov bezmonov he detailed uh the soviet union's plan for the moral decay of the united states by introducing marxists and leninism into school marxism and leninism in his school marxists and leninist ideas and that these would be ingrained in younger people and then they would go into the workforce and then they would slowly but surely ruin the society through this and it's a fascinating conversation because it's in 1984 that he's talking about this wow what a perfect year to talk about it what a perfect year to talk about it yeah i think it was 84 um is in the 80s for sure but it's it's a fascinating you've never seen it no you should watch i've never heard of this guy um what's this thing former kgb asian name urie alexandrovich bezmonov claimed in 1984 that russia had a long-term goal of ideologically subverting the u.s he described the process of as a great brainwashing that is four basic stages the first stage he said is called demoralization which would take about 20 years to achieve it's really fascinating when you hear him talk it's fascinating because that's exactly what they did but i don't know if they did it i think it's definitely been done uh-huh but did it come from russia and how did it come from russia well he'll explain it use example the 1960s hippies coming to the positions of power in the 1980s in government and businesses in america bezmonov claimed this generation was already contaminated by marxist leninist values of course this claim that many baby boomers are somehow espousing kgb tainted ideas is hard to believe but bezmonov's larger point addressed why people who have been gradually demoralized are unable to understand that this has happened to them referring to such people bezmonov said they are programmed to think and react to certain stimuli in a certain pattern you cannot change their mind even if you expose them to authentic information if you prove that white is black and black is black you still cannot change the basic perception and logic of behavior demoralization is a process that is irreversible bezmonov actually thought back in 84 that the process of demoralizing america was already completed it would take another generation another couple of decades here we are to get the people to think differently and return to their patriotic american values claim the agent in what's perhaps the most striking passage in the interview bezmonov described the state of a demoralized person as i mentioned before exposure to true information does not matter anymore a person who is demoralized is unable to assess true information the facts tell nothing to him even if i shower him with information with authentic proof with documents with pictures even if i take him by force to the soviet union and show him a concentration camp he will refuse to believe it until he has a kick in his fan bottom when a military boot crashes his balls then he will understand but not before that that's the tragedy of the situation of of demoralization i still don't understand how this got from russia into us he explains it in the interview it's a it's a long interview because he explains what they did and how they it's certainly possible because i mean colleges have become so left wing i mean there's no diversity on college campuses yeah none especially the elite schools right which turn out the people who then control the media yeah i mean they're the ones who go into the places organs of government organs of media that are most influential in our society yeah um so it's coming from and and of course they teach marks andrew sullivan wrote a great piece about this about six months ago they teach carl marx is one of the most taught economists in all in all these elite colleges and of course a lot of what carl marx was about would never pass muster with anyone who's woke he was a horrible racist he very few of his beliefs were something that they would countenance today same thing with shaker vera right terrible person well he had the look though he looks great on a t-shirt posters t-shirts t-shirts yeah they think these people are heroes yeah uh and sadly because colleges turn out nothing but america-hating hysterics these days ignorant just a historical students um who are not taught any of the things i used to be taught up in school partly because we had the sin of learning what white people did you know i mean i'm sorry but john stewart mill was white he had some good ideas but you know shakespeare you know it's okay to you know you can be anti-racist and still study some great white people but you know some of that is just outre on college campuses these days but how do you think that happened that's a that's a great question and somebody i'm sure somebody did write a book or somebody should write a book about that i mean obviously it's it's slow and over time um and yeah i don't know i don't know but we there's a guy in 1984 that saw it coming yeah yeah if you listen to i'll send it to you you should listen to it but a lot of it's fascinating like something like a third of of students think people under 25 or something think communism might be worth another try because again if you don't learn the past right then you don't know and if you just discount anything old people like us say so what would you know well we we were around when communism was around and we know it's horrible there was no greater nightmare visited upon humans than communism and by the way the reason russia is still such a basket case is because the legacy of communism when you when you fuck with people's minds the way they did they're like in a russia today is like a kid who was abused as a child they're just not going to be whole as an adult for quite a while yeah i i just can't understand how the institutions of higher learning wouldn't understand the value of rigorous discourse the value of even having conservative speakers come in where you could debate with them when i was a kid when i was 14 years old barney frank uh had a debate with a guy from one of those like hard right america i forget what it was called i forget what organization he was in but it was you know some sort of tea party type on campus yeah and when i was in high school and uh it was fascinating because they allowed these two people to speak and you know the america first guy or whatever he was whatever the company whatever the group he was a part of spoke and it was kind of clunky and and then barney frank was brilliant it was eloquent it was funny it was great he was awesome love him and uh you know you got a great sense of walking out of there oh his ideas make more sense his ideas were better right and that's that is discouraged now you don't want to platform people with the wrong ideas which is just like there's only one way to find out if they're the wrong ideas you test them you test them against better ideas and everybody learns that way and when you know when i was a kid people understood that you know it was before the age of echo chambers and social media and you know people believed in freedom of speech and rigorous discourse they believed in debates i mean those famous debates that were um on television between gore vidal and william f buckler oh yeah i mean those to this day are fascinating debates they're really interesting the and the fact that those aired on television they got an enormous audience back then you know it's it's really it's it's a shame that today anybody who has differing opinions than you you shun and you never platform them and then the problem is it just makes them more convinced they're being silenced and it makes their supporters like every time they arrest trump he gets more supporters more people are more interested in it they think oh they're suppressing people are suppressing and that's what the danger is with all this stuff it's a danger of censorship on social media and you know there's just so much of it today there's just so much of this echo chamber idea and it's so stupid it's so bad to not not have discourse it's horrible how little gets in i mean when i debate you know friendly debate i'm just talking with people sure um i'm just always amazed at what they has never gotten on their radar yeah i mean like really obvious things and i remember the first time i had george will on and the first thing i said to him was you know reading you all these years has kept my liberalism honest because he's such a brilliant writer and thinker and he's so precise and he's a master of the telling detail and i don't think he ever wrote a column that didn't make me think you know and sometimes change my mind like because the way he puts it down it's like how can you argue with that i didn't know that and i didn't see it in that perspective maybe i don't agree with everything but at least it made me examine and people thing is today people don't even want to do that right they don't want that well that's they only want to have it fed back to them the echo media the echo social media echo chambers it's a real problem because it's really discouraged to go against the grain it's very discouraged to go against ideology i mean msnbc for example now i always made fun of fox news and they richly deserve it msnbc i felt used to be somewhat different but msnbc has become a place that i think lies by omission i think fox sometimes just out and out lied but they do the same thing they lie by omission they always have like no matter what trump did tucker carlson would do a show about you know some crazy professor you know which wasn't not happening too right it just wasn't the story of the day you know yeah japan destroyed by earthquake well that's topic number five right okay so msnbc i feel like now is in that category and i feel like the reason is their hosts know that they get ratings sometimes taken by the minute but certainly i think by the 15 minute mark yeah you know they know exactly how much the audience is liking or not liking what they're saying and the audience does not want to hear something that they don't think they already know and they already believe so are they going to cover that story that might get people to question what they know of course not because because otherwise they'll get fired yeah you know they had a few people on there who weren't like fully in the tank remember that guy ed schultz yeah gone yeah too reasonable well did you hate ink who hate ink matt tyubee's book he's basically saying that rachel maddow has become bill o'riley uh no it's it's basically the same thing he's basically saying that she's not even there anymore is she rachel maddow uh i believe she's occasionally there oh yeah i mean she just interviewed hillary clinton i believe that was msnbc was it uh i think she's just got a different position now she's probably got burnt out slew and propagandas hard on the back you know he's always digging and well i mean rachel maddow's smart very smart yeah okay um and again i think it's not that they're unaware of some of these other perspectives they just don't want to burden their audience with it well she was one of the biggest purveyors of actual real misinformation during the pandemic because she was one of the people telling people if you get this shot you will not get covet the virus stops with you and we can go back to normal they would they had already known everybody was saying that well she was saying it like very openly and in ways that are absolutely incorrect that's what biken said yeah get the shot and you'll be okay yeah um she was saying it worse than him literally and but but she's smarter and younger and also has access to the studies one of the people in this the first fizer study died from covet the one of the people that got the virus two people in the um placebo group died that is literally where they came up with the term 100 effective do you know that no because two is 100 more than one i didn't believe that i i said that's bullshit and then robert kennedy jr sent me an email with like the actual studies and i read it and i was like holy shit they can do that like they can just that's just a lie that's not 100 right that's like whatever the percentage is you get two thousand people one of them's dead that's that percentage like that's the real percentage like this it's not 100 that's crazy i mean what about the way they demonize the ivermectin thing yeah i mean it's a drug not a politician right i mean why that something like that would ever become politicized especially a drug that i believe when it first came out in 2015 was it i think it won the nobel prize the guys okay i i think it it wiped out some disease in africa yellow fever a yellow fever it's a it's an anti-parasitic but it shows it stops viral replication in vitro it does have some sort of an effect and there's we're actually going to have a debate about it with this scientist and another guy who doesn't believe in it it's a fascinating thing because it's like getting mad at aspirin right it's like if it works for you and it plainly works for some people and works on a lot of things i i i just don't understand that mentality well you know why they did it right well i mean it certainly was important if you wanted to create a monopoly for the vaccine well not just a monopoly but the emergency use authorization act in order to utilize the emergency use authorization they had to have no other remedies there was no other effective treatment and so any effective treatment specifically one that was i mean at the time covid or ivermectin rather had been around long enough that it was generic so no one owned the patent on it so anyone can manufacture it it was like seven cents a dose it's nothing it costs nothing well we can't have that we can't have that and that's also why they tried to discourage and then eventually suppress people from getting monoclonal antibodies they didn't want any sort of way that you could get over this without taking their medicine i find it so curious that liberals were always you know so skeptical about corporate america yeah including the pharmaceutical industry but this thing came along and suddenly and it wasn't as if we didn't just have a giant example the sachler family yeah of perdue pharmaceuticals right makers of oxycontin and other fine poisons okay i mean they were fined what was it eight billion dollars i think for selling their hillbilly heroin heroin to people yeah knowing that they were hooking people and they wound up killing hundreds of thousands of people so it's not that we don't know that they're capable of this shit right so for two to throw your lot it and then for the media to be the basically the the trumpet of government on this issue so we didn't have a watchdog on government and what they were telling us we just had somebody who amplified what they said right that's extremely dangerous have you read um robert f kennedy jr's book on fauci i read his the real anthony fauci i i think no i read a book i think it's the same stuff it's i read it before he came on club random it was like a letter to the i think it was called a letter to liberals or something where he was basically pleading his case listen to me i'm not a kook it was all the information about yeah um you know how the vaccine did in other countries and stuff and you know the book it sent a lot of the book specifically the beginning of the book sent it centers on the aids crisis right and it was that a horrible horrible misuse of medicine with azt and what they did i mean azt was killing people quicker than cancer was so they stopped using it as a chemotherapy yes i know that they've never had a chemotherapy that you said that you have to stay on and this was the first one they did and everybody who took it died including people that were asymptomatic before they got on it like arthur ash it's spooky shit man because if it is true if he is accurate and he's not getting sued for it it's a fucking terrifying that they're willing to do that to make that kind of money uh yeah i mean i don't know about that i i do know that he has a lot to answer for for the wu han yeah lab and the gain of function research yeah and even if he was well-meaning um it was a terrible decision it's terrible obama stopped that in 2014 you know obama put a halt to that in 2014 he was like what the fuck are you guys doing you guys are making viruses worse right right and and also you don't have a fucking cure for them isn't it if you're going to work on viruses shouldn't it be just working on a cure well i'm sure that that was their intent was it they didn't i don't know they didn't do it i think the intent is to get research money i think the intent is to get research money and to continue your studies i i really think that's the intent because it doesn't seem like the intent it was let's make sure that we have a cure for this stuff well i would hope that would be what they were trying to do i would hope too i mean i i like to hope people are good no i i mean other other than that you're saying what they were doing was purposely creating a bioweapon i don't say that i don't use those terms um but i have heard other people use those terms i think it's a little extreme i think what they were doing was capitalizing on the money that you get from research and there's a lot of money that goes into research and fauci controlled where that money went that's part of what was going on i think that's a lot of it if you're a bio engineer and this is your occupation is to genetically engineer viruses you want to do that that's what you do and you want to you know continue this work and continue to study whether or not it's good for the world and that's what obama thought it wasn't and then trump came along and apparently there was so much chaos that fauci slipped it back in and trump disbanded the biodefense force you know that it was pennies to to have this little small group of people over there who were watching this and he said oh no we got to save the money it cost us six trillion dollars yeah again stupid stupid crazy criminal do you think that if he didn't do that they would have had a solution to this i don't know but i think if we had a little team over there keeping an eye on those people that would be nice which we didn't it would it might have gone a little better could be yeah but joe i gotta be on stage in one hour you gotta go kick some ass i could talk to you all day i could talk to you all day too i love talking to you as well love listening to you thank you i know you're never going to come back to california if i go back to visit and go whoo dodge that bullet but if you if you do and you want to call me i'll always be around thank you sir all right thanks for coming on appreciate you very much club random it's available on youtube is it on uh all the other stuff too yeah everything i only watch it on youtube i'm sure it is it's great though i really enjoy it i'm glad you're doing it i appreciate that i'm glad you do it too like the way you do it you smoke joints drink whiskey have some fun oh yeah i like it it's just it's just about fun yes so and uh again i appreciate you paving the way my pleasure brother have a good time tonight thank you i love austin i'm gonna keep it weird all right bye everybody