#1933 - Jordan Peterson


1 year ago

Dr. Jordan B. Peterson is a clinical psychologist, the author of several best-selling books, among them "12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos," and "Beyond Order: 12 More Rules for Life," and the host of "The Jordan B. Peterson Podcast." www.jordanbpeterson.com

JRE MMA Show #134 with Belal Muhammad


1 year ago

Joe sits down with Belal Muhammad, a mixed martial artist competing in the UFC welterweight division. www.ufc.com/athlete/belal-muhammad

#1919 - Bret Weinstein


1 year ago

Dr. Bret Weinstein is an evolutionary biologist, podcaster, and author. He is the author, along with his wife, fellow biologist Dr. Heather Heying, of "A Hunter-Gatherer's Guide to the 21st Century: Evolution and the Challenges of Modern Life." Together, they are the co-hosts of "The DarkHorse Podcast." www.bretweinstein.net

#1918 - John Reeves, from The Boneyard Alaska


1 year ago

John Reeves is an Alaskan gold miner who first came to public prominence on the 2012 National Geographic docu-series "Goldfathers." More recently, his ongoing search for gold uncovered the remains of thousands of Ice Age animals lying beneath the permafrost on his property. The discovery is featured in the 2019 documentary "Boneyard Alaska" and popular Instagram account @theboneyardalaska. www.fairbanksgoldco.com

#1917 - Fedor Gorst


1 year ago

Fedor Gorst is a professional pool player whose career highlights include championship wins at the World Nine-Ball Championship, U.S. Open Pool Championship, and the Derby City Classic. www.fedorgorst.com

#1916 - Jon Bernthal


1 year ago

Jon Bernthal is an actor known for such roles as Sheriff's Deputy Shane Walsh in "The Walking Dead," vigilante Frank Castle in "The Punisher," and more recently, corrupt cop Wayne Jenkins in HBO's miniseries, "We Own This City." Bernthal is also the host of the weekly interview podcast series "REAL ONES with Jon Bernthal." https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCrOR14O-kBHEyrLQRdHJgDQ

#1915 - Brian Simpson


1 year ago

Brian Simpson is a stand-up comic and host of the podcast "BS with Brian Simpson." https://www.briansimpsoncomedy.com

#1914 - Siddharth Kara


1 year ago

Siddharth Kara is an author and expert on modern-day slavery, human trafficking, and child labor. Look for his new book, "Cobalt Red: How the Blood of the Congo Powers Our Lives," on January 31, 2023. https://carrcenter.hks.harvard.edu/people/siddharth-kara

#1913 - Brian Redban


1 year ago

Brian Redban is a comedian, producer, co-host of the podcast and live-streaming YouTube show "Kill Tony," and founder of the Deathsquad podcast network.

#1912 - Steven Rinella


1 year ago

Steven Rinella is an outdoorsman, conservationist, writer, and host of "MeatEater." Watch season 11 now at www.themeateater.com.

#1911 - Mark Boal


1 year ago

Mark Boal is a screenwriter, producer, and journalist. His new series, "Echo 3" is available now on Apple TV+.

#1910 - Mark Laita


1 year ago

Mark Laita is a photographer, documentarian, and creator of the YouTube channel "Soft White Underbelly." www.youtube.com/c/SoftWhiteUnderbelly www.softwhiteunderbelly.com www.marklaita.com

#1909 - Stavros Halkias


1 year ago

Stavros Halkias is a stand-up comic and host of the new "Stavvy's World" podcast. His latest special, "Stavros Halkias: Live at the Lodge Room," is available on YouTube. www.stavvy.biz

#1908 - Erika Thompson


1 year ago

Erika Thompson is the owner and founder of Texas Beeworks: an organization promoting public awareness and education about the valuable work bees and beekeepers do. www.texasbeeworks.com

#1907 - Protect Our Parks 6


1 year ago

Shane Gillis, Mark Normand, and Ari Shaffir are stand-up comics, writers, and podcasters. Shane is the co-host of "Matt and Shane's Secret Podcast" with Matt McCusker. His special, "Shane Gillis: Live in Austin," is available via YouTube, and a new season of "Gilly and Keeves," his sketch comedy series with John McKeever, is available now at www.gillyandkeeves.tv. www.shanemgillis.com Mark is the co-host of the podcasts "Tuesdays with Stories" with Joe List and "We Might Be Drunk" with Sam Morril. His latest special, "Mark Normand: Out to Lunch," is available via YouTube. Try his signature whiskey, Bodega Cat Straight Rye. www.marknormandcomedy.com Ari is the host of "The Skeptic Tank" and "You Be Trippin'" podcasts. His new comedy special, "Ari Shaffir: Jew," is available now via YouTube. www.arishaffir.com

#1906 - David Goggins


1 year ago

David Goggins is a retired Navy SEAL, public speaker, and author. Look for his new book "Never Finished: Unshackle Your Mind and Win the War Within" on December 6. www.davidgoggins.com

#1905 - Derek, More Plates More Dates


1 year ago

Derek is the fitness educator and entrepreneur behind the "More Plates, More Dates" YouTube channel, podcast, and companion website. www.moreplatesmoredates.com

#1904 - Neil deGrasse Tyson


1 year ago

Neil deGrasse Tyson is an astrophysicist, director of the Hayden Planetarium at the American Museum of Natural History, and host of "StarTalk Radio." His newest book, "Starry Messenger: Cosmic Perspectives on Civilization," is available now. www.haydenplanetarium.org/tyson/

#1903 - Kurt Metzger


1 year ago

Kurt Metzger is a stand-up comic, writer, and host of the "Can't Get Right with Kurt Metzger" podcast. www.kurtmetzgercomedy.com

JRE MMA Show #133 with Sean O'Malley


1 year ago

Joe sits down with Sean O'Malley, a mixed martial artist currently competing in the Bantamweight division of the UFC. https://www.sugashop.co/