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Sean Strickland

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Sean Strickland is a professional mixed martial artist competing in the middleweight division of the Ultimate Fighting Championship. www.ufc.com/athlete/sean-strickland

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Q: Why is Brogan trying so hard to elevate this monkey (that isn't even a very good fighter) and what is the funniest thing about white trash "people"? A: He knows his audience, and the funniest thing about them is that their hatred for "complainers" is only surpassed by the level of complaining they themselves do, about everything, everyday, every living moment.




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Can't we just joke around folks? Isn't this America? That was a great fight. It's a really good fight and it was really interesting too because That guy is so used to blowing people out in the first round Yeah, you know he came out so hard in that first round and it was very interesting. You have a very interesting style There's no one like you stand straight up. You even the way you hold your hands is different than everybody else It's more about like boxing. I like the box. Yeah. Yeah. No, it's funny like when he was throwing kicks He was kind of like giggling and laughing a couple times. They hit me in the teeth And once or twice knocked the wind out me in my mind. I'm like you fucking pussy Yeah, you like you've ever been in a 25 minute fight before sir, like we'll see how this we'll see how this adds up Yeah, that's the thing right? It's like people need to understand that that like that if you're sprinting in the beginning You can't do that for very long. Well, he broke quick I mean he like three minutes in I was shocked how fast he broke and I'll tell you when I knew he broke After he took me down. There's a moment. Where's on my back? I'm like fuck this kind of sucks You know, I was thinking like there's a moment. Oh my god, it's kind of sex Well, we know what to do get to a hip get your way up break the hands But whenever I broke his grip and he let go it was like soft It was like delicate like he broke like it's like I hit him at that moment I was like what the fuck do you say he's saving energy? He really know he quit like it wasn't it was saving he just he broke like So when you're fighting you guys wrestling's fucking hard wrestling's fucking difficult and You have to make the juice worth the squeeze So if you take me down and you're on my back, you got to hold that position Loose grip for as long as you can maybe need me in the back of the thigh hit me in the head if you could hold me there for 30 seconds and do light damage, that's 30 seconds of around you one and The fact that he didn't even attempt to do it. It was like, oh man, you're done. You're fucking done I was watching it at home and I noticed like at the three-minute mark, you know There's a thing that you could tell especially when you've seen so many fights Where you see a guy in the beginning and you see like how his body moves and then you see a diminishment Yeah, and I saw like at three minutes. I saw the feet were heavier the movement was dead He was still he still looked good, but I was like, oh, he's already feeling it three minutes in We don't do me off He fought my buddy Saudi sigh and do Saudi size a fucking savage like he's a PFL champ The fucking guy could strike and he wrestled hard against Saudi for like, you know hard three rounds So I went in there thinking oh this guy has like a tank. I watched him wrestle my friend Yeah, I was it was shocking man, but you know boys only had two UFC fights. Yeah that one fight Was it in France? Yeah against like Dustin right Dustin's a fucking can dude Like he should not be in the UFC like he again. I liked that. He's a fucking yogi, dude Like he does more yoga than training. He came to Vegas I think I broke his nose in the first minute and like and then he came to extreme I pretty much told Chris Curtis from my Curtis if you let Justin Dustin walk out of this fucking round I will respect you less as a man You know, like you're not part of our fucking team Like if you let him have any success with you, dude, like I will respect you less as a man How did Dustin get in the UFC? So it's kind of I don't know who he fought but uh, he picked up a guy or a guy picked him up and slammed and broke shoulder So his his hype train was fighting a guy who like doesn't belong here. So the guy broke his shoulder in the slam Yeah, so now it's like Oh Dustin slammed him or something happened and then like that's how he got signed Yeah, Dustin's a fucking can anyways a fucking defector. Bro. He's an American limiting in Germany. Can't respect that Don't dare you know, I don't know country you represent you motherfucker. I I do not agree with the things mr. Trickling is saying Dustin But I do agree like that. There's something about those guys that are used to taking guys out in the first round There's something about those guys a lot of do a lot of these like daggy Muslim dudes. They like they're bullies, bro They're fucking like You know that fucking all you that fucking cunt the manager I mean, I'm probably rub some people the wrong way, but fuck him, you know, I'm gonna see me spot We're gonna go fighting after I say that did you hear a shot said about me? I'm like, yeah, you're fucking cunt Do you know what? They did the accent? Yeah, he's a fucking cunt So like this fucking cunt Ali good thing. I mean I don't give a fuck He comes to the gym. He watches me spar Marvin Vittorio, right? And then we spar Marmot or I don't give a fuck You know Marvin's a friend of mine. I'm trying to help him and then Fucking three weeks later you pull out this fucking guy to fight me You know and then you start betting a prayer that he's gonna beat me like you fucking you fucking rat Did you come watch me spar and you pull this fucking guy out of your hat and you go bet Alex? He's gonna beat me. So it's like isn't that standard though? I mean, I don't know dude I don't think managers should be in the gym. I think it's interesting. Yeah. Yeah interesting That's but don't you think they have to kind of get a bead on how guys look and what they're doing? Yeah, but then it's rough dude When you like when you watch me spar and then you're handling and then you're handling a guy like, you know I'm saying that that's a rough one dude. Yeah, it's it. That's it. That's tricky Well, that's why you know, like elite gyms have closed-door sessions. Yeah, you know as it should be You shouldn't fucking bill go watch guys train and again I always tell guys like my opponents like you want to come watch me train Come watch me train how bring it bring your best bar partner and come watch me train Well, your style is pretty much the same in every fight It's like a steady forward marching and you're just very good at energy Consum conservation you're just very good at knowing when to sprint Well, I mean like three weeks prior to the fight me and my other buddy named Robin Shafar up and coming boxer Well, he's you know boxing is the most shady shady business there is in the fucking world. Oh, yeah, it makes UFC look like fall Like higher education. Yeah boxing you guys it's corrupt So he's about 16 to know and the guy could box man I seen him put work on UFC fighters Like I've seen the spar like belt or champions a guy does work So we did like a no time limit 40-minute boxing just whoever quits. Oh Jesus Christ. Yeah, just cuz we're just bored You know CTE special. Oh, fuck. Yeah So it's kind of funny. He was actually going through some like personal shit and he beat me He beat me that day, but like I was hitting him I was like, dude, you just like there's something like there's something with you right now And after we get done boxing for like 40 45 minutes. He starts telling me his personal issues I'm like, oh fuck yeah, dude. You already died today. That makes sense. I feel I'm about to go for a hike with my girlfriend Yeah, yeah you win dude you fucking win that's like when Buster Douglas fought Tyson You know Buster Douglas his mom died and Buster Douglas had always been like that really talented guy with a wicked jab who just didn't Apply himself like many really talented guys and then for that camp. He just went fucking full-in Yeah, some guys some guys do when they have that like I Mean fuck even walking even sometimes me when I walk out like I got to tell myself like dude You are a fucking loser Like you are fucking you don't belong here like just go in there and kill this motherfucker, you know, like Always joke. I always said like I had a teacher tell me in like 70 grade one of the one of the few years I went to school She I think it was like her name was like miss watch. I don't know history or some shit. She looked at me. She said Sean You're the reason you're the reason why they build prisons. Oh Jesus Christ. You're a little kid. Imagine that Naughty, but she she fucking nail on the fucking head Like I was a fucking shitbag, you know, right but shit bags can grow up and become actual men It's totally possible to dismiss a kid at that early an age No, dude, but life is strange man, like like they do very good at isolating shitty people So, I mean, I mean like when I was in elementary school, I was home schooled in like third fourth grade tell Tell like, you know seventh grade and went back to school And then they spotted me right at the back. Oh, this guy's a problem He's a shitbag like and they'll say they isolate you they put you in like a school where they start two hours later And you end now early because they actually they got isolated you high school the same shit I went to a continuation school. So society like they do well at saying hey this kid is gonna be a problem We just got it like he's like cancer. We just can't let him infect other people. Let's fucking put him away And then you go again, then you get older and he's going to jail. That's it Yeah, but it's funny that those kids a lot of those kids they can do things. They just need a direction They need something and martial arts is the best thing for those kids Every one of I when people say what's the best thing about bullies or best thing rather to deal with bullies I teach them how to fight you teach bullies how to fight They're not gonna want to be beating people up there if you teach them how to train with real people They're not gonna be doing that man. I always say like MMA like even like soldiers with PTSD That's like, you know, I mean I have a little bit growing up like just not even know what the fuck be I always thought like it sounds fucked up, but I've always like When you hear like soldiers talking about PTSD, I'm like you fucking pussies Like this is how I was when I was a kid, right? Like well, you know at 20 years old like, you know, I can't go in public or I can't sleep at night I have like I'm like what the fuck's wrong with you fucking pussy like give me a gun I'll fucking shoot some of the fucking head right now. I don't give a fuck but then I realized it like me I grew up so fucked up that That was my way of life But I couldn't imagine being a normal motherfucker just to be the normal guy trying to fuck the high school prom queen going Parties and all of a sudden you turn 24 and then like the veils lifted and you're like who the fuck am I? So like once I kind of realized that I had a lot more respect for him But you know what I was going with that is like training man Do you guys if you guys have some fucked up issues and demons man like? Training and a lot of people the trainer fucked up. So yeah, there's good like brother ship. Yes. Yes It's fucking did me wonders. Oh man me too did so many people I know too So there's so many like lost people who are some of the most exceptional people that I know Because they went through that I remember the first time in my life that I ever felt happiness Like even when I think about it, you know, it makes my eyes water. I was like 14 years old You know, I was just a fucking fuck-up loser man And my mom brought me to an MMA gym and I got the shit kicked out of me Just fucking like got the bloody fucking nose, you know, Paul Herrera Yep, so Paul Herrera used to have a gym in pyram. Hey the headhunter But he never he never trained like he was never there He was always in the business trying to fucking pedal, you know fucking juice or something. So it just be me and like probably 14 to 21 year old we just been the cage before I was close fighting So I the first day I went there man fucking bloody no, I was thinking of Pablo and tell Paul Herrera was the guy who fought big daddy. Good. Yeah Elbows Oh Jesus with the fireman's carry. Yeah, so fucking the first day I trained there man I mean, I got the shit kicked out. I mean, I was so happy I remember walking out like wow, this is what it feels like to be happy Like I've never fucking felt this, you know, you got it all out of your body. Yeah, and I was like I'm addicted I mean like even going into that dude, I was like I was like 14 15 I had like crazy racist views like I mean I was like a little fucking Hitler you which is funny make fun of a boost but like I Let's shit you not dude. Like I was like I was on a fucked-up path Even like, you know, I always like wearing white shirts and boots and jeans. I Stopped wearing this I used to wear this this all I wore as a kid But I stopped wearing it once I started training because I thought it looked too much like a white supremacist. Mmm So I was like, I can't wear that shit a white shirt Well, cuz you were your white shirt your boot. You ever seen American history X. Oh Okay, so like it's like the standard you look like a white supremacist and I love that shit when I was a kid I love that shit. That's why I wanted like I wanted to look like a piece of shit white supremacist So when I started training and I was like, oh dude, you like you were lost dude, like that's not who you are That's not what you believe. I like went away from it I grew up fucking super long got the name Tarzan and I didn't dress like that And now as an adult, I'm like comfortable with who I am. I'm not fucking I'm not a racist I love everybody now. I could go back to like my roots of being just a white trash Nice man. I've really accepted who I am, you know Well, it's it's so interesting to watch people go through these changes in life in these trials through adversity and become Like a very interesting person at the end of it Oh, you know like I you know, I know you say a lot of outrageous shit and it's very funny But you also say some very good shit, you know, like this speech that you gave when you're talking about America Like the that speech the post fight press conference speech. It's a fucking great speech Well, you know it is you man. I I'm white trash like I like what I mean by that is like I am the future of America. So like like Both my parents work, you know, my dad's piece shit, but fucking in hell probably right now But both my parents worked they made good money, but we were poor We were poor because after the cigarettes the bars and the fast food were fucking poor I mean like, you know, we had like fucking I can't tell you you find a piece of paper and you wrinkled up You use that fucking toilet paper, you know, it's I was I wipe my ass with a with a piece of fucking paper You get laying around But this is like it's like this unholy alliance that corporations are doing to America They want women working. They want lower wages and they want more consumerism And it's like I don't mean it like I'm not sexist like oh put women back in the kitchen, you know They suck and I love fucking women, you know take off the brick and wear a fucking bikini and huzzah but But I'm saying but we're truly like in a weird time to where like corporations are eroding eroding Values of America. Well, they act within their best interests and their best interest to keep people consumers and make sure that people Just pay attention only to stupid shit You you have Walmart in the in your phone now you want to go? I mean, I can't even even me I'm to blame there's some times you guys where I'm like, maybe I'm a little depressed I don't know. I fucking just in a bad mood. I'm like, I'm gonna go on Amazon Let's see what the fucking Amazon ferry is recommending me today Maybe I could maybe I could find something that'll give me a little serotonin boost find some happiness in a one-click Yeah, and then so it's like you and then you have like and then on top of that now we go full circle You have two parents working and I'm going to mostly on the West Coast you have shitty fucking kids dude, Las Vegas Graduation rates less than 50% high school dropout. No GED. I'm not one to talk But how do you raise how do you raise a family a successful family when your kids are being raised by the system? Right by fucking tick-tock after my fight. I had the doctor, you know good good guy the doctor you see he comes up to me He's like, hey, why you why are you talking bad about Las Vegas? I'm like, well, dr John or your name is doctor. He's cool, dude What school do your kids go to you just like it's a big like smirk I'm like, yeah, I'm sure you're paying like 50 50 plus year right educate your kids Like it's so again, man. I mean, where's the reset button? Maybe there is no reset button I think the reset button is teaching people that there's things that you can do in life that can transform you and I think as weird as that sounds a lot of people learn that through watching people like you Evolve through fighting because it's the most difficult thing you do outside of war And being a cop and being a fireman It's the most difficult physical pursuit that a person can get involved with for a living But again, we're talking on such a deeper fundamental level if you have no belief like we could say America's becoming atheist Like we could say that if you have no belief if you have no moral right no wrong Right and you're not taught this from like a stable family and you're being raised I mean like literally America is becoming like communist China We're like we're letting our school system dictate values and beliefs We're letting the system tell you what your kids are and again, I'm agnostic So I'm not I'm not telling everybody go find Jesus, you know, if you're gonna find somebody's it lays let it be fucking Jesus, right? but uh, I mean, how do you how do you fix a moral decay of a society when That's just where we're going. Yeah, tick-tock man, even in even fucking communist China Well, we'll mitigate what shows on tick-tock, but they give us utter fucking filth But it's just I know exactly what you're saying and I you know, I went through the public school system But I did it in the 1980s. That's very different worse. Yeah, it's a lot worse now But I mean, how do you like again like if you were you know, if you were God Joe Rogan, how do you fix this? you got a bump you got to pump a lot of money into inner cities you got a you got to figure out a way to make programs and There's there's places in this country that for decades and decades have been filled with crime and gang violence And drug addiction and that's all they know and that's that's the standard of their community and that's what you grow up with and that's what you See and if we don't fix that the odds of those people coming out of there I mean, there's a few that come out of there that become you know Whether they're artists or athletes or whatever it is. They find a way through they figure it out, but they're the rare ones Okay, they're the rare ones which we got to do is create systems where you have opportunity for kids and also Mitigate the crime and mitigate the violence and and whatever the fuck has to be done Look if they can dump billions of dollars into Ukraine its fucking name They could dump billions of dollars in return I mean, there's so many different things that they pump money into but they've never pumped any money into Baltimore They never pumped any money into Detroit like try to figure out a way like if you can like to think about like what? Halliburton did during the Iraq war they got these no-bid contracts Where Cheney was the fucking CEO of Halliburton he becomes the vice president of the United States and then the company he worked for Gets these no-bid contracts to rebuild shit. We blow up Which is wild, but there's profit in that right? So what about figuring out a way to funnel that profit into fixing inner cities? If we have less losers, we have a better America and if you give people more opportunity you have less losers You know, so even let let's go on the smallest scale of sex Like how do you Joe 55 when did when is the first time you started watching porn? I asked that question. Yeah, it was a VHS tapes came out when I was like I probably like 15 15 or 16 Okay, so I mean we had my brother so my brother's a few years older than me So he remembers things and I don't but he'll like tell me I'm in like I'm like, oh shit I forgot about that. So I was watching porn and like early elementary school like first grade and second grade Like because we had like a communal porn box. Oh, yeah Yeah, like my dad my dad my dad had this like fucking like an old-school water heater box and just stacked with fucking porn You kids don't know about this but we had like the communal VCR So like you would go to you would go to watch Aladdin, you know, and all of a sudden like buffuckers 29 is on TV So I started watching porn when I was like, I don't know I was jerking off to fucking third grade He'd my fucking third grade teacher. But like but I was surrounded by that right? So So already I'm at this moral decay and it was like and I was the odd one I was the odd one man. Like I had to go fucking find the porn. I had to go fucking My brother always jokes my brother always jokes that like when he would like take my dad's porn tape out of the VCR He would always have to rewind it to where he started. So no one knew he was watching porn But then he jokes. He's oh, man. I always know where my dad's coming now You But so yeah, right fucking a yeah, dude, my dad was fucking I'm surprised I'm not more fucked up but you know So what I'm saying alive now now he died of cancer is actually fucking Yeah, fucking good. Okay, but it's kind of funny. Um Like so I'm an oddity. I'm an odd. I'm jerking off from a little fucking kid, you know, I'm an oddity like I'm fucking violent but now but now dude you give a little kid a cell phone and You have two parents working next thing, you know, I mean you fucking go on Instagram You got titties in your face Like now we're like hyper sexualizing kids and I think that's also a big moral decay because the moment you become Hypersexualized and I can't stop thinking about fucking pussy and dick like right it starts fucking your brain up at such a young age It's a very unusual way to give it to kids where they have instant access to watching porn on their phone Yeah, and then we have no morals. There's no there's no reason not to be a shitty person these days Yeah, you ain't going to heaven just fucking go fucking fuck the chick coming her like you don't gotta raise your fucking kid so I think one of the best things we can do as society is Mitigate mitigate sex because that is like the gateway to like that's why we want to make money. That's why kids want to sell drugs That's why kids want to go fucking party. There is no fucking pussy Like, you know, no one no one fucking like no one if like if there is no fucking pussy No one's going to a party. What what I want to go to a party and drink I'm gonna go to get fucking pussy, you know, right? Yeah, I always joke I say no one shoots up a school because they have too much fucking pussy But there are some good things about there are some good things about it Oh for sure, there's good things about it, but it is weird when it's like hyper sexualizing kids It's not good and then like you go and you see fucking kids these days like the shit they were like fucking Dude, put some fucking clothes on you fucking like 16 your fucking titties are out Well, they're being told that that's what gets them attention Yeah You know and they're being they see it all the time on Instagram when a girl has like five million followers and every photo Is a picture of her ass was hanging out and shit, you know, I'm fucked dude. That's crazy You know, I'm a dot Norma don't love him. I fucking love Norma's a great guy, man. I love this skit about like being famous He's like, what do we have to do after they went to the moon? You know like you had to go to the moon to be famous and I just show your fucking asshole Yeah, it's true Norma's a gangster He didn't even tell anybody you had cancer. Yeah, didn't tell anybody fucking man Dude, my friend Adam was a very good friend of his he didn't even know Yeah, he just fucking went off to Canada to die a solid fucking guy to man like super solid good You never think he was like a solid moral human being but like yeah as you got older You started showing that like hey, I'm a decent human being like oh shit. No, he was a great guy He was a maniac though. He was really just randomly for some reason twice I was on flights with him sitting right next to him just totally randomly shit. It was crazy and one time we were on this flight And we're talking and he was telling yeah, he's not smoking I don't smoke anymore and we're talking about smoking and this and that and I'm like, well, you know What was it about smoking? He's telling me the whole deal The moment we land he goes right into a fucking store and buys a pack of cigarettes and he's lighting the cigarette up before He gets out the door. I go. Well, I thought you quit sir. Yes, I did but then I started talking about Yeah, he couldn't he was lighting it inside before he went out the door. Hey, well fucking man had a good life Do you had a great life fucking cancer man? My dad died of fuck cancer It's horrible shit. My dad dude. He was so fucked up on pills That like he had every kind of cancer like I mean like body brain cancer Every kind of cancer and I think the doctors were like dude, how did you not know something was wrong? Like at this point you should have been like there's something wrong with you, right? Right? Yeah fucking a do yeah And then he was like my dad was such a fuck coward though Like he was the kind of guy like no norm to the right thing is like a little can I'm gonna die with dignity Nah, fuck that dude. My dad was like give me all the drugs. I'm just gonna ride this bitch out Well, if you're doing pills already and they tell you you're fucked nothing do pills man You want to talk about like the corruption? Like I don't know I'm sure I'm sure your viewers have a lot of experience with dealing people do pills man. Oh, yeah It's the worst and you know that Sackler family. They just fucking bribed their way out of being prosecuted for that They just gave up six billion dollars. So then they're immune to prosecution. It's fucking evil shit what they did They knew that stuff was addictive. They knew the people were gonna get hooked They knew it was gonna ruin lives. I mean you're in the entertainment. I'm sure you deal with it It makes you zombies like like pills suck the soul from you. Oh, and I was in my motorcycle accident, man. I fucking Tour I'm still missing my quadricep I fucking by left part of my kneecap on the road and like I would not take pills just cuz I watched it my whole life growing Up, it's like fuck that. I'm just gonna be in pain. What's wrong with your quadricep? So it's Torren's gone. So you don't have a quad. Yeah. No, see there's a little indent right there Like dip. Oh, whoa. Yeah, so I got to a point where it's like I mean I could go get a fix I'm gonna be out for a year. So, you know, I'll deal that how would they fix it? Probably just like, you know, maybe maybe a pain in the ass. It probably has like Lengthen it it's probably dead now, but I think they probably could but I'm gonna be out for a year two years How much of it does it affect your movement? Have you compensated with the other muscles if I was if I was athletic it'd be really hard for me to fight I Stand like a fucking tree, you know I'm the I'm the easiest like it's so funny guys We'll come to the gym like D1 wrestlers and I'm like, I'm like listen, dude, you could shoot on me I'm the easiest motherfucker to take down. You're gonna take me down, but you ain't gonna hold me down So I luckily I stand like a fucking idiot So I couldn't I couldn't you know, it's not that bad But if I was like an explosive wrestler, I'd be fucked I couldn't drag you on me fight anymore It was my lead leg it'd be hard to because I want to go absorb the image But yeah, so like yeah pills man fucking scary. I'm never terrifying. Do you'll never forget my dad my fucking dad, dude fucking I'm like 17 18 and I come home and and like he's laying in bed. Do my brother's 1911 My mom bought us guns at like super early. I would do I was like in fucking I was like in fucking elementary school It's a loaded gun in my room, you know, really? Yeah White trash dude So I'm like 17. I come home my dad's sitting there my fucking brothers 45, you know Really cool 45 and he's like talking about killing himself and I'm like, oh god I'm like, I'm like dude dad like I'm like dude, you should do it man Like you fucking do it you tell them to do it Well, like I might eat your wife's fucking fucking her boss your wife's chain on you like you're fucking poor like your drug addict Like where's your path to success from here? You were telling them this at 14. No, I was like 17 I was like 17. I was like, where is your I mean fucked up. I would tell my 14. I probably would have a 14 I probably pulled the trigger, you know But I was like do you as I was training now is that a better place? So I was like I was like, where's your fucking path to success here? Like where's your happy ending? I mean there was at one point right fuck took down put his head push hand on the trigger. I said just fucking you know Good one your when your mile minor sociopath to you know You kind of get power out of that kind of get right kick out of it like oh, yeah I wonder if I could make him kill himself Jesus Jesus Christ, but fast forward fast forward My you can laugh at it now, oh, dude I mean fucking if you can't laugh at all your fuck that dude I mean I went through some shit growing up man, but fast forward like fast forward man He fucking you know died ten years later fucking cancer And if you would have just fucking some people you can't help dude There's some people that like I mean I'm not an advocate for suicide But there are some fucking motherfuckers in the world you cannot help Yeah, if you would have just did it it would have saved himself ten years of misery Yeah, and I'll do my dad and it might the worst thing about my dad dude is like when I was a kid He was like the monster dude. He was like the fucking boogeyman And I remember this one time dude my brother fucking strapped like we're talking elementary school Strapped a knife to his lady. Oh stab him And then he bitched out last second I remember like him taking off the duct tape around his leg just But yeah later life, I think the first time I hit my dad I was like 17 I headbutt and broke his nose and just fell down crying. I was like so disappointed I was like you motherfucker piece of shit dude like wow the biggest fucking coward you know Yeah, that's crazy. I mean how'd you man you get good parents growing up my parents split up when I was five But I got a good stepdad okay, well my dad you talk to your dad or no picture No, I'm talking to him at all yeah fucking dude men suck man some of them do I'm like a bulldike bro I like fucking I'm I don't know why lesbians hate me guys I'm I'm with you fuck the man do I like pussy I hate men like we're fucking There's good men out there, but it's hard to be a good man, so it's a long path. It's a very difficult path Oh, yeah, and then you know fucking good men make fucked up kids They make fucked up and then you sometimes you just have this but there's not really many good men out there I'm going west coast you it's hard. It's hard to be a good man I mean it's a lot of work We're growing up my neighbor sucks all my all the hoodlums I hung out with fucking suck right and that's all you know Yeah, yeah, it's like we're talking about with inner cities like it's if that's all you know It's very difficult to see a path outside of that I mean if if I you know say fucking had a kid when I was younger like that would have fucked that kid up Fuck that kid up in a white trash trailer park I mean I wanted to beat him or put my dick in him, but I would have fucked that kid up, right? It's actually funny to always tell the story My dad's dying of cancer, and he's doing like that. He's doing his like forgiveness speech I'll go see you he's like Sean you know I was I was really bad to you and your mom but uh but uh But at least I never put my at least I never at least I never molested you oh boy. Yeah, I was like fuck Yeah, no bar Hey, you never fucked me one of those oxies Fucking ride this out with you. Yeah, man Fuck man, but I think also too that's why people like me because most people are fucked up Mm-hmm they see me and they're like oh yeah, man Like I was fucked I've watched my mom get the shit kicked out of her too You know like I've dodged a beer bottle on Christmas morning You know so I think that's why people like me because a lot of people are fucked up a Lot of people are fucked up, but you've managed to go through being fucked up to becoming one of the best fighters in the world Yeah, that's the hard path. Well, man. I was obsessive like like I mean when I was uh So I didn't really like when I was fucking angry dude like I mean I wanted to fucking kill someone so bad was a kid I'd walk around with a fucking knife just hoping I'd fucking just like fuck I still want to kill somebody it just would make me feel good. You know I just fucking just Fucking love it, but so you had that kind of anger growing up, and I needed fucking so that's why I was also white white supremacist Mm-hmm I mean could you picture being like can you picture? I don't even know what this is like and no one even interjected in my life me being 12 years old walking around doing the Fucking hill Hitler sleep with a fucking swastika on my arm at no point did anybody say like hey Maybe we should help this fucking kid. You know I was in a I remember like Seventh grade I took a permanent mark I drew a swastika my arm and the teacher took me outside and like Burrated me like pretty much calling me a piece of shit like do you know what that fucking means? Like you know like you're like just you're a fucking piece of shit At no point was he like hey, man Like why is this fucking like 12 year old kid right swastika on his arm right? It's fucking yeah the systems weird dude systems well life can certainly be weird if you had those circumstances Well you're like best-case scenario from those sort of training man. It's fucking train I mean dude. I was so fucking angry like and that was the best thing about fighting for me is I Could go in the garage every Friday night Saturday night and just hit the bag all night long And when my brother's party my brother had these like so we didn't have like we had parents But like my dad's probably trying to fuck the girls and my brother brought over for the high school parties. You know so My dad's out there by getting him drugs and shit So like I would just be in the garage with all these fucking parties and debaucheries and fucking three sums of four sums were taking Place now just being the garage fucking smack in the back And then like I was I didn't fit in so like it was it was really just a way for oh Shawn's not weird He's a fighter Shawn's not the fucking weirdo that doesn't know how to talk to people he's a fire And that gave you your identity it gave him my duty. I mean every night be running at night. Yeah I mean where did you start what gym Empire? I was sorry when I was about 14 and where was that? Corona, California, and then I Had my first like smoker fight at like 14 so I mean we're fucking old now you guys that was before I am old I'm 32 that was like before amateur MMA So it's like pretty much what you would do is you would just show up they put chairs in they buy tickets and random people Just show up and you fight Yeah, so that's how I started and you didn't even want to fight. I don't want to fight I was like Paul here was a fucking scumbag He was just like you would show up and like well if you were if you're training here You're fighting here go sell tickets me being 14. I'm I think my first fight was against guys like 28 years old like you know My fucking nuts barely dropped dude Be added anger anger is a hell of a fucking thing dude Yeah, and it's impossible to grow up like that and not have anger fuck you You know it's weird though and the thing is though. It's not like and I try to tell people like I'm not necessarily anger I'm not angry like like I would love to fucking cut somebody open and I'm not angry like it just sounds nice I Gotta get that out of your system, buddy Why the guys bar three times like yeah, like you understand man. You gotta understand, bro. You gotta sound like People like I'll go to therapy like your brain dude like the damage is done, bro It's unfixable like I mean there was only think that sparring and training is a form of everything I think I spar so much Yeah, and that's why I that says I have such a good style where I don't get hit because I'd love to spar Well your control of distance your distance management because of all those rounds the U of C did a test where they let us war A mouthpiece, and I think that like my whole training camp I like I barely got hit and I spar like I spar the most and took the least amount of damage than anybody in the program Because you just spar so much so much, but you'd like is that the majority of your training? Yes Bar really sparred the hip pads occasionally, but it's all live goes really all live goes What about straight thing conditioning you doing any of that not really no really it's just just sparring sparring There's no better way to get in shape for fighting than fighting and spawn dude It's fucking fun man like you know I mean I'm such a nicer better person you know like after I go and try to fucking kill a man I Come home and my girlfriend even she wants to pick a five-mile, baby. It's okay. Don't worry about it like don't trip What did I fuck up tell me tell me I'll fix it. You know like like you're training Trainees fucking nice. Yeah, but I mean dude I don't like I think a lot of people don't have these crazy homo celerges dude I think we all want to fucking shank somebody shift somebody. There's a lot of people out there that have that is a lot of Unresolved anger right so like I used to sleep in my mom's bed a lot Because I thought I mean we're talking about like oh when I shunned it in like elementary school cuz I like I thought my dad Was gonna fucking kill my mom so every night I would like I would go to bed thinking like oh shit my mom's gonna die tonight. You know his words not mine, so like yeah I mean you gotta learn to laugh at it right at least if we see it fuck me I Mean I have some bad dreams, but I'm just gonna say those are bad dreams, right? So yeah, you know repressed memories are bad dreams. It's always better to say bad dreams, right yeah So I like like dude I used to like sleep out by her fucking and this is where fucked up to you like I used To sleep by her door and here fuck all the time Because you know because bigs being a little kid dude like and listen your mom get fucked by your dad because like you're so afraid She's gonna fucking die. That's okay. Yeah, so there's one night There's one fucking night dude, and this is just like a mind you this is nightly This is nightly, but this night stands out the most and my mom fucking dumb bitch. I love my mom. She's amazing I mean she's terrible, but she's amazing you know she grew up in a box car. How do you fix that? So her dad her dad was a piece of shit so one night like I'm like probably like third fourth grade And I went to go sleep my mom's room. I guess I fucked out there having a bad fight I'm like fuck so I'm like laying out by the door trying not to fuck him You know and I'm like fuck it like I just don't feel good about this tonight I don't feel good about it tonight, so I like crawl under the bed crawl under the bed and We had like dog. There's no white trash. Yeah, white trash It's gonna like like fleas everywhere like fleece on like I'm high into the bed now. There's fleas I think there's a fucking deal next to me here This is Christ So me being like third grade is a fucking deal go next to me this fucking fleas jumping all over me oh man So my dad my dad gets on top my mom and she says I saw I'm gonna fucking kill it Maybe it's just rough stuff. I know maybe they're gonna grab the deal afterwards So my dad gets on top of my mom and he starts fucking like strangling her right and he's like I'm gonna fucking kill you tonight, so maybe a little kid I get up like fuck no one thing I see the guitar my sister's guitar. She's so mad at me about I grabbed the tars fucking Smack it up his head grab the phone call a cops run down the hill oh my god I'm on that dumb bitch bills. I'm out of jail oh But you know like and this is where it's fucked up Do you like my mom like my that's where like my mom group in a fucking box car in Death Valley, bro like? Yeah, like how do you you know how do you fix that generation of fuck? You do yeah well yeah, I know that's the way you do by becoming you I don't drink yeah for sure Literally the only way like someone has to come out of that they go like there's some way out of this and well the thing Is dude, I'm not like I mean yeah I had a little I had a little interesting in childhood You know a lot of repressed memories and bedrooms and shit We don't need to talk about but but uh like man. I'm common dude. I'm calm And I'm way I'm way more. I'm way more than you think yeah They just don't have a voice yeah, and this is like you know like you'd especially say with the black communities of poor communities man I'm fucking guys without fucking dads like fucking rough dude fucking Yeah, life is nice hard dude. It's fucking hard Yeah But it really is there's that's the best path like martial arts are the best path to recover from that The only issue with martial arts though, dude And this is like and this is why I tell people and if you got a kid who trains and let's just say you're training What I'll tell you dude, and this is factual and you guys should always understand this I tell every everybody that comes in the gym. I'd one guy little Billy Bob's a pan-cration champion I'm gonna go that's cool, and I tell him this when I was a kid I was like 14 train at a gym, and there's a guy named Zach light Fucking old-school you know that guy, but he was like you know I'm my 14 years old this guy's like here to me I'm watching him teach cardio kickboxing and I'm watching him teach like jiu-jitsu and like he'll spar and fuck me up I'm like oh man. This guy's so fucking cool He's a life that I want and then hindsight this man probably hates his fucking life He's probably fucking half-brained ed. He's teaching cardio kickboxing classes for 20 bucks at 20 bucks a class So it's like whenever you look at you see fighters, and you want to be this understand most of us Most of us end up poor broke and regretting our life choices Like it's easier ways to make money guys. I True I love fighting. It was fighting. I'd probably be a fucking I want to be a serial killer I probably just be a just a fuckhead in jail with a swash on my arm, but don't you think that? like that path If if you're you you gotta be 100% obsessed if you want to successful, but even then man. I mean I see guys so often in life It's kind of funny Talking about you've seen money. I was a I have a buddy named I'm gonna fuck his name I'm sorry Kyle Kyle Kyle some Brazilian guy contenders guy really good really good guy trying to fight bow and nickel Anyway, you've see guy. He just bought his first house having a kid dude like the average house in Brazil to buy is like $200,000 like maybe even less I mean that's like a nice house the nice house an average house in America's 4-5 So it's like you know you see a lot more foreigners in the sport And you're like why are there more foreigners in a sport America's pussies and like no because they can afford it You go when you fight they said they're signing guys at 10 and 10 like literally 10 and 10 like 10 and 10 on four fights man three fights you get cut so they they sign these Brazilians these daggies What the fuck you want to call them they go home with their 20k, and they're living life good. They're living life good How do you live on 20k and 20 and pay your manager and pay your trainers and your gym fees? food and proper nutrition so again, I think that's also a big reason why we're we're seeing less Americans because You know they're taking our jobs like fuck you like you know it's easier to import them man It's easier import fighters, and they go back home to Dagestan Brazil, and they live on there Let's just say they make shit shit money. They're happy well It's also who's talented and why they why are they so driven and who's training them and what what kind of environment? America's the best that we have the best athletes in the world man if there was like NFL money in right in in the US again I People think that I hate on you see dude I make more money you've seen than I should make my entire fucking life like I am a fucking company man like if it wasn't For the UFC broad fucking like your piece of shit probably a fucking drug addict, but if there was NFL money in the UFC We would dominate Dominate the UFC there would not be one foreign fucking champion But do you think that a lot of those guys who play sports like they play you they play football or they play? You know basketball Do you think they would want to fight because you have to have a very different kind of mentality? To want to get into a ring or a cage with another man It's different than playing a sport if it was a high sure the Consequences if it was a high school thing and you could go get a d1 scholarship And you can leave the ghettos by by being a may fighter harm. Yeah Fuck yeah, man, so how do we fix that? Like money in the UFC how the matter man fuck I don't know you know more about that than me um well There's money in the UFC for guys like you oh yeah money in the UFC But that's also in boxing the UFC is better than what like when it comes to how undercard fighters Yeah, okay, and this is I'm a company man when it comes you see you guys like most people most people Most guys like even if they make fucking 80k a year 90k you that's better than we should have made we're like we fucking most fucking loser But how do you fix it man I? Don't know I don't think it needs to be fixed well It's better now that it's been before we a UFC Let me just say UFC has the most pay discrepancy like when you're talking about like top earnings To lower earnings. I think UFC probably has the most I think boxing is worse well boxing is worse But I mean we would say listen actually boxing But like there's way more money at the top and way less trickle down, but I don't give a fuck But it's so hard to get to the top I mean imagine imagine just trying to explain to someone what you've done to become a top contender You only need to have one fuck up one slip up one mistake two bad losses an injury Yeah, but here's the thing dude guys. I'm not like even though. We're fucking whores. They were prostitutes And I'm not like you know I'm not like I'm not saying it's a bad thing We take our fucking clothes off and go fight a man come on But it's not because horn, but it's also the ultimate form of entertainment for people that are watching There's nothing more exciting. Oh yeah good fight man Gagee versus a Chandler that fight this weekend when you started turning it on in the second round I was at the fucking edge of my seat. He's got him, but like gagee versus channeling. Oh my god That was a that was front row than that one insanity fucking lost short in their life on that one Yeah, but you know but again. I'm out one of those guys bitch and complaining about pay I get I get paid good money. I shouldn't be here I shouldn't be making what I'm fucking making in life you see gave me an opportunity And you don't know how many how many opera you have see is the common man sport right now fucking you know fucking Jamie If you wanted to he could train and probably not gonna happen, but he could be in the UFC if you wanted to Anybody could do it you yeah you let me restart my life and tell me to go be in the NFL probably gonna happen Go be in the NBA 100% not gonna happen UFC is a common man sport any any person on this planet could wake up one day and buck I want to be UFC champion, and they could make it get it done Mmm. Yeah, I mean not that easy, but you know right. I know what you're saying. Yeah, yeah, man You see fucking great dude. It's the best Best sport in the world anybody could do it well It's not for everybody that's for sure and for a guy to get as far as you've gotten that's it's the rarest of the rare I mean you think about how many people are training how many people have aspirations and then? Filter them all out to how many people get to headline you know a main event ideally though if I could you know if I Could talk to a kid and they were to tell me they would be used if I come don't do it Yeah, I would say that too so much. It's America. So he's so easily making unless you're fucking completely fully obsessed Mean that unless that's what you want to do That's the thing you think about all day long because if you don't there's someone out there that does and there's a lot of you See if I guys that suck there's a lot of motherfuckers that suck like I mean I get some extreme is like extreme is like Open doors anybody could come guys are in camp. There's some guys are badass, but there's some UFC fires I'm like dude you fucking suck how the fuck did you get here? How the fuck did what short notice fight did you get like you are a sacrificial lamb? There's definitely a few of those oh, there's a lot of those in the UFC a lot of those That's a weird one That's the the short notice fight against the top contender Like you see some of those every now and then you're like Jesus generally that's how you get in the UC though Do you generally get in the UFC by I mean I think I took a two-week notice a week notice on my first UFC fight And that's why if you're not in the UFC you gotta stay ready You gotta don't make way you gotta stay fucking ready, but yeah, man greatest greatest fucking sport in the world Love you see hopefully I could fight is he the China's little slut What is the status that like Who is it so right now Whittaker is? Fighting this weekend against Dreckus duplicity yeah, and that will probably that will determine But I mean nobody won't I mean fucking dude how many times like this would be their third fourth fight with Whittaker and Izzy Yeah, but the last one was so close. That's why it's interesting to people and you know we'll see what happens with But I think I think they want to fight on the the Australian card, so we're in the works I think I think Izzy wants it I think Izzy wants having to manage it once it you know so we're in the works and fucking easy man Can't stand that fucking guy you see that you see I love that guy. How come you can't stand? Oh, you got to interview this guy, so you gotta be nice do you see that? Yeah, I love him you said you see that the thing when he was like This is the color you look at the color of my skin you think I'm from Africa. You seen that no Oh my god. You got to see it. Do you we got to see it's from Africa Well no, there's more oh, I am NOT after I am Chinese what you've never seen that oh man You got a wall you got a watch You got a you guys if you guys watch this can you? On your time pull up Izzy cringe She says I quote you look at you look at the color of my skin you think I'm from Africa But I am from I am Chinese like dude that level of fucking I Played it cuz I do a little podcast the man dance and my buddy Chris Curtis You know I like to have a black eye on my podcast makes you look a little bit more wholesome And Kurt never seen it too, and I'm like Kurt. You know as a black man Let's uh did he say this when he was fighting in China But like that level like I always call him China's little slut Cuz like dude. I mean have you could you picture like here's the thing you guys we have all done things We have all been a whore to somebody we have all been friends with somebody we shouldn't have been friends with We've all been buddies because maybe you could plug me to this maybe he could give me a dollar But like that level of fucking being a slut dude like my god How do you and then and then later on in life they call him out for they call him out for it He was like cuz they're fucking paying me. That's why and like dude then it makes you even a bear whore Now you're like now you're getting offensive like oh, yeah, and I can't stand fucking and then he's like the video of him jerking his dog Off you see that yeah You gotta watch it right gonna. I don't sit around watching people jerk You're gonna video of you jerking your dog off. I wouldn't watch it There's a video of him like fucking jerk his dog out. I've been fucking sure Jamie seen it man That's his Jamie has not seen it. I can guarantee you would have told me about it. I'm looking for this quote I Some my type that in it's bringing up stuff because you fought in China you seen something Yeah, you just type it comes up as a short a YouTube short like Izzy's cringe moment And there's also a video of him jerking off his dog and like dude the guy is a fucking oh Man, and then fucking nail polish and God is he just fucking sucks you guys we need to bring back the old Anderson still look dude come back Come back. We've got admit to do this town. Oh, you could fucking fight man here I people always say like why you talk show and is he like I never say the guy can't fight I'm not saying here saying is he's not a champion. I'm not saying here saying is he might not be one of the best keep box in I'm saying that Izzy is China slut if he was in prison He would turn you out you turn you in like he would sell you out like Like there is not the character of Izzy is so so low and this is coming from me guys I just told you how fucking you know at least list my mom dad have sex Well, I thought she was gonna die so this is coming from like I'm an expert on like shitty people Right and Izzy man China's China's I'm in the thing it with the dry kiss remember when he got all mad at dry kissy because he'd dry kiss Talked about being African. Yeah, like motherfucker. You aren't African. You are Chinese your words quote-for-quote Dreykis has lived in Africa his entire fucking life. He never woke up one day and says, you know, what China's giving me money I'm Chinese now Yeah, I just fucking if I ever fight if I ever fight if I ever fight is you guys I'm gonna go get a little Chinese flag. That's a slut on it I'll bring it to the weigh-in for you guys. No, I'll hand him his little Chinese flag. This is slut Just for Izzy. Do you think this is pot is this talking shit about him like this? Could this possibly fuck it up? No, I mean I fucking I mean not a fucking no I mean why wouldn't you want to hit the guy that you know says that you're fucking you jerk your dog off I don't know first of all, I didn't say he jerked his dog off. He jerked his dog off I'm just I'm just reiterating what I've the video. Okay, man. You got to see this Don't have to see it. Oh, it's great Picture I got a picture so is he tell it turn about you win as you take a couple of step backs I'm gonna be thinking about you Fucking time. That's why I don't want to see it But yeah now guys a great fighter fucking hands down great fight elite that that went over a pajero That was fucking crazy. Well, you know man, he's also genetically so advantaged Like if Izzy was a normal sized motherfucker had walked through him No reason why I mean no reason why I'd be a tough fight is cuz he's fucking what six four six three eighty plus inch reach Mmm, well nothing wrong with that, but also super fucking talented. It's like you could be there's a lot of tall guys that just Not me not that middleweight. It's not many guys with his how tall was a magma meadow Not even close magma, I like a 76 77 inch reach so many I mean we're talking about like NBA level six three Like getting past five six inches of reach is hard fucking to do. Yeah hard fucking thing to do Well, I was always was this culture and protocol. Oh, no, you got to do that. Yeah It's a short bro go black I promise one isn't short this is a little longer but but it's on like the main if you Just click on a know how I am the black dragon. I was born in Nigeria I grew up in New Zealand, but I have lived in China. So I've embraced the China. No, brother I My teacher of seafood lean change one came from China and he has been teaching Chinese kung fu in for almost 50 years Now you're gonna win since I was a teenager you're giving this man. Okay Izzy I am Chinese Put it in the microphones we can hear What are you thinking? You've seen it yet wait a second Yes There's Chinese hi, yes, I am Chinese I'm a trace heart but what I'm saying to that level like China's little slut You guys that funny is to happen you guys and I'll do you one. I'll do you guys a favor I'll bring a little Chinese flag. I'll write slut on it Just so this so you get wave it like he did like he did when he was getting money from him Boy, like even me I always joke about like what you'd fuck China like fuck China Yeah, I'm gonna get kicked out of you see now. Is that my phone going off? I think so you're playing new videos Using an Android yeah Things just go off. But yeah, no man fucking China dude. You're like how do you even like after that fucking like fucking? Well, this was a long time ago, wasn't it? Yeah, I guess this was before like they were fucking yeah We weren't mocking Muslims up. We didn't have this thought about like I didn't even think about China ten years ago Yeah, China was just like oh they make stuff over there Well, it's funny. It's it's a sketchy part of the world because they have an authoritarian government that controls all their corporations Yeah, and that's what America wants and they want they want to see that and they go they want that social credit score system They want the centralized digital currencies. They can control what you buy is actually kind of funny Do you like I talk so much? I can't help it like I just talked to everybody like I got talk shit on Jews I talked on Christians But at no point is it you coming up to me at no point I talk shit on Jews all the time At no point am I like open up my inbox? I'm seeing like a Palestine flag talking about fucking cutting my head off Muslims all the fucking time all the fucking time Do you should every time I fight a Muslim dude? It's like you guys should see my inbox man It's fucking it's fucking spooky. Do you read that stuff? I'll skim through every blue moon just to laugh You know I mean I carry a gun on me. I want to kill motherfucker just make my day motherfuckers I'm gonna have the hardest time taking clips out of this one You know cuz sometimes they take clips out of like fighters interviews and they they make promos this one good fucking luck All those guys working for the UFC I salute you you got a fucking brother they had a cut I cut my last press conference. They'd like edit it out. I Started talking about that girl that like say my name. I remember your name What are you talking about the girl that died dude and like everybody fucking posted a fucking picture of her Like Dean is god. Do you died? This is your aren't you like a fucking guy? This is your guy I'm just trying to remember what you say so She died amateur girl really shitty amateur fighter. She died The letter got put to Dana and Dana posted her and says I know your name Because in the in the journal diary the let the the thing says I know your name who is this girl? Do you wear this Jamie? Oh? This no no that's not her that's not her dude Dana white posts about it Oh, okay, but anyways so it's a bit It was a big fucking thing and I kind of like went hard on the you on the on the Instagram I got a lot of shit for it so Someone someone yeah, how did she die I think car accident But again someone brought it up in the press conference I just you know me like I'm like I'm like a pseudo comedian. I'm not great funny, but I'm there I'm like I'm almost there. Yeah, so every time I make a really good point. I got a fucking ruin it You know it's like I Got fucking ruin it But again, I don't want to like I don't want to be a fucking politician. I don't want to be a philosopher I'm a fucking comedian. Oh, yeah, yeah, so like you know what Dana white did was fucking great You're like I think that's awesome, man He fucking you know someone showed him the journal and he's like you know fucking I'm Dana white I should know your name. I you know blah blah blah But then you had these fucking bandwagon motherfuckers You had like Joaquin Buckley just the little of the cringe Lord. He is Joaquin Buckley do that a guy's Instagram is fucking rough Dude, I like Joaquin Buck and I actually will hang out with him on Saturday. I like him a lot I'm gonna hang out with him on Saturday, but man every time I see his Instagram makes me want to fucking fight him Is a cringy motherfucker dude go look at Joaquin's Buckley. You'll know what I'm talking about So you know that little fucking attention whore. He is little buckles Cool little kick In the same thing same with fucking step and bonner bro. You got these fucking sluts, bro You got these sluts it just like they want to be they want to be like different than So he posted picture for her and like and I'm like oh god damn it dude. Don't don't do it shown Don't bring this up don't bring you know And you did and then I brought it up and I was like guys at the end of the day, dude She's a hot young white woman That's the only fucking reason why and she's fucking trending no one gives a fuck about her Dana white again Applauded in life that was a message directly to you But I'll give the fighters in the repost button this and that you guys are just fucking fags Literally guys are just doing it for attention and what I said There's a lot of that what I said things that people do with a virtue signal there was a Brazilian fighter And he mind you guys I'm a piece of shit. I mean, I'm just telling you how like I try to fucking kill my dad I'm like my brain doesn't work right, but this Brazilian fighter died not so long guy hit by a bus X UFC fighter and my first my first thought and when someone told me it's like oh fuck man He can't dodge a bus can't fucking can't dodge a punch right? That's why it's not if you've seen anyone Mind you guys I've been hit by a truck. I almost fucking died one So, you know, it's like, you know, it's like I have a black best friend here Like I've been there you guys I was almost fucking happened to me But that was my first response was like, but why is this man not trending? This man probably left a family He probably you know, he left a life He's not trending because he's a dirty fucking Brazilian and no one gives a fuck about him If you were a hot young white woman you motherfucker would be trending you would be on ESPN Our beloved you ex-you see fighter died And it's just like man. We just live in this fake world. It's so fake But that is a problem with social media is that people have this opportunity to try to portray a version of themselves That might not be honest. Oh, it's so fair like when Stefan Stefan Bonner died Yeah, that motherfucker was gone, dude I mean I had to talk with force and force even like force kind of reprimanded me about it because you know I was rightly so you guys I'm an asshole. I say things that are way off the cuss There might be like an ounce of truth to it, but 90% of his bullshit, right? So Stefan Bonner added me on Instagram. I'm like, oh shit Stefan Bonner. I'm a fucking fanboy I'm gonna fucking add him back and then he would like post shit send me messages and I block him right at the back I'm like you're fucking nuts dude. You're a fucking pill addict. I want nothing to fucking do with you Right. What was he sending you messages about? It's crazy. Like he just like he's just like a liver like he like He's a libertarian do but like a lot of it just like, you know Like just fucking nuts, bro Like his gym clothes down turn code with nuts But and this another thing I got shit on and I was the one that's like fuck Stefan Bonner, man I got was fucking nuts. He was a fucking drug addict Like I don't give a fuck about him like I didn't go and fucking forced the oxys down his throat I didn't fucking make him OD so everybody got me shit on that and they all posted about it And I'm like listen, I didn't like the guy and I blocked him But where were you guys when his life was falling apart? Where were you guys when he was publicly saying my gym is failing? I Can't I can't I can't keep the doors open. They're locking me out Where the fuck were you guys you guys weren't fucking anywhere? You don't give a fuck about him You never gave a fucking then when he dies This is an opportunity and then and I'm not saying I'm not gonna say names or anything But I've had fuck I can't remember who it was but I've had conversations with people who they didn't joke about it But it was like yeah, that guy was fucking nuts and yet they're posting something. It's just fake dude like just if you're gonna joke about his crazy ass dying and like him being a pill addict then you go and post about like Oh, yeah, Stefan Bonner. He was a great guy. Like no motherfucker. He was a fucking pill addict You all knew we all fucking knew there were so many people involved in his life that could have stepped in and I don't think You should have I've dealt with pill acts my whole life I think you should throw in some oxygen, but cuz ah man enjoy I ran into him when he was sober I ran into him and he cleaned himself up. I was Salt Lake City about a year and a half ago. Oh shit. He went through a stretch that he was clean and I was doing a show out there and he came to show and he came and he brought this stem cell doctor Runs this Utah stem cell clinic and he was clear eyed and we had a fun talk It was well, it's a forest that you that's what for set you and I and then I told for some like force I'm just on I dude. I've Been I mean I was watching my dad snort oxies off the kitchen table when I was in elementary school Like I know drug addicts the guy's a fucking drug addict and I was like and I'm not saying Forest is a stand-up guy. I think forest did reach his hand out mobile times to help him You know people know people are involved dude like imagine like your closest friend like if they were like addicted to drugs You would be like you'd be involved like Chris Curtis man Chris Curtis has a little white baby on the way You know a little mixed breed Chris Curtis. I'm proud of you, man. You fucking making that money got your white wife I'm happy for you We have podcasts guys. It's nice But if right now like if Kurt was an addicted to oxy you'd help him. I'd fucking help him without doubt Yeah, I'd fucking I would help him or maybe just didn't have someone like that in his life And also Sometimes those guys they burn so many bridges that by the time the shit goes sideways They don't have anybody that's gonna stick their neck That's why we talked about in segue to homeless people people like oh man like I will fucking I won't give a damn No fucking homeless person dude. You fucking be homeless. Good drink the sewer water like cuz you gotta think about me piece of shit But there is always something in my life There's a cake and sleep on my couch for a weekend you can sleep on my couch for a week Come train here sleep on the couch Like if you're such a big piece of shit to where like there's not one person You can't call one person and be like yeah But it's like you're saying that because you knew people from training people that knew you and you could sleep on the couch There's some people that never have that never find a thing. They never have anybody in their life. That's any good There's circumstances involved. I see what you're saying. Yeah, but there's circumstances involved with some people where they just never get a break Yeah, I guess it's few break look I got better breaks than you did But you got better breaks than some homeless guy did so okay to that point I am my family home my mom lives in Fallbrook Fallbrook, California. It's a very it's a migrant migrant community There's this guy named Juan fucking one man. He's motherfucker. I don't think the guy can't even read or write He just he's a migrant worker. Yeah, he Man he can raise the family right and works his fucking ass off Like what I'm saying is you have this Mexican guy that comes across the border legally. No license know anything Can't read or write and this motherfucker is raising a family a Successful family you know even if so I think only has one one kid is American citizen, but raising a successful family So it's so hard for me man. It's America, dude. I know what you're saying. It's hard, bro I know what you're saying, but it's you gotta recognize that some people have way worse Circumstances even even than me fuck yeah, I mean I'd like fucking I knew I know girls have been fucked by their dad their whole Life like you know I'm saying like I I and some of my friends bro at Disneyland I knew I met a guy in South Africa who had a fucking kill his mom like like crazy I'm fucking Disneyland and that's why I could laugh and joke at it I think about this guy every time I feel like a bitch you guys every time I feel like a fucking pussy I look in the mirror, and I think about my buddy in Africa who had to smoke his mom Why do you have to smoke his mom so again? what they do is a Like they'll come into your village or wherever the fuck you're from and they want to like they want to like brainwash you And what's the best way of doing that and then by like having to do something so fucked up? Like you know and then if they if they could get you to do that then you're pliable then they could give you drugs And they could like make you into a rebel And so they talked him into killing his own I don't think it's like that I think the mom is like I think the mom is like Kind of like if you don't do it They're gonna fucking kill you too like the mom is probably like encouraging him to fucking oh Jesus so what I'm saying you guys I Tell myself that story once a week at least and I might dude you're don't be a pussy Wow, but you know sometimes like it was kind of interesting your security team by the way Joe has a pretty solid ass security team You guys don't want to come fuck with this guy All like Navy SEALs special forces and shit has a little little overkill fucking Joe Not really fucking more than Biden over here No, it's not more than Biden and not overkill not it. I could tell you some stories Oh, yeah, I know what imagine it Yeah, but you know man every now and then again, this is not has nothing to do with that guy He was a saint But you got to like you got to do some bad shit though like I was telling your security team because you know They've I'm sure they've all done some bad shit like my buddy Chris Curtis So a real but it's a funny story this construction worker comes to the gym and it's on YouTube. It's on Instagram He comes to gym and then Kurt's like spawn my Curt You should let me spar him you should let me do the work and Chris like no I want to do it I want to do it so curse being so nice pulling head kicks and like just hit some of the body shot He falls and he stops on my career such a fucking bitch Pussy so afterwards he's like Sean like he has a family like he has a family like I'm not gonna take this man out of work Like I he just he just he doesn't know so afterwards the guy says something to Kurt like Like oh man if I was in more shape I could did better with you or something and then Kurt goes straight angry black guy Kurt's like the whitest man You ever know but the moment he gets angry, bro It's like full fucking you bonnix angry fucking black man, and I'm like Kurt you had your chance like you you got to stop dude He's like trying to fight him down the park in the gym like do you had your kids? So the guy was saying yeah, and then all a sudden Kurt just goes like straight angry black guy He's like fuck that holding the ball holding Kurt back I'm like Kurt you had your chance and and Sometimes you like you just got to be comfortable doing fucked up shit like there's probably nothing I could do where I would like loose sleep at night Nothing nothing socio-pat. No. I mean maybe like like killing a fan member or something or like yeah That's probably nothing. I kind of want to find out like I kind of be curious like there's a part of me like I Would never want to do it boy. Is there something I can do that would like Make me say oh, man. I don't like myself Well, you're lucky you're in the right business But you know what I'm saying if Kurt that what I told Kurt like if it was me I would have fucking oh, I would have fucking starch that guy as he's falling I would drop the fucking people's elbow on his ass But like man like you just gotta you gotta push this like gotta fucking fat chick every now and then you know Like Like you just so lucky you found fighting it's so hilarious But you know, I'm gonna look back on this conversation someday and go goddamn when I was 34. I was out of my fucking mind No, dude, I fucking I think I'm gonna be this way But like you think so if you're done something really bad like really bad really fucked up Not really nothing. No nothing like that. Nothing. Nothing. We're way worse shit than that No, but I don't know much luck. I've done things why I should have lost that's a problem But there is this moment where I'm like, man I really like I'm kind of curious like I wish like I could you just do something super super heinous Just just to see how you react to it just to see if I feel bad. Yeah, don't do that Don't do that, you know fucked up if this conversation comes out after you've done something really bad But no, I live in the straight in there. Maybe some shit in the past, but yeah, I live in a straight mirror No, that's what I'm saying. So like embrace that don't be thinking about this, bro I live don't even entertain. I live like know what I fucking did after my fight. I didn't go chase pussy I went fucking hat in out my girlfriend and watch a fucking bacon Championship after my last fight what championship baking championship really I watch a fucking baking fucking cookoff with my girlfriend guys That's perfect. I'm fucking boring. I don't do shit you guys well, that's whatever, you know, you probably know energy after training No, I'm fucking writers randy kidding me. No, I like boredom is my boredom is my Achilles heels. You'd like And that's why I actually might I get this voice in my head dude and you see my press conferences I get this voice in my head and I think it's like I think the clinical term. It's like Anti-social personality Conduct disorder so when you're a kid you have conduct disorder then it spirals and like anti-social personality disorder And it's like it's borderline sociopathic But one of the one of the big traits is a self-control. I have fucking no self-control, dude Well, that's also a factor of getting hit in the head a lot But it was like that when I was a kid I get this I get this voice in my head and it tells me to fucking do something and then I like it just sits there And I'm doing it. I'm doing it. I'm selling this car. Yeah growing up with no guidance Growing up with fucked up family growing up with fucked up circumstance. I do isolate myself like I'm mad people like oh, yeah Sean like you want to go hang out go to Washington? Huh? Fuck? No, I don't I want to sit at home Fuckin maybe play video game get good food. Like that's good though. That's good that you recognize that You don't want to put yourself in situation. Okay, I can't say no. I can't say fucking no to anything Yeah Well, your life is going so well right now, too. It'd be a fucking horrible shame if you fucked it up Yeah, cuz you gave in to the demons. Yeah demons. No, I'll do me my demons are fucking buddies, dude I always say I did always say like and this is I'm not religious obviously but If God and the devil were real The only person who's ever been there for me has been the devil hundred percent on my back 24 7 I Thought it was a but you're gonna get a bunch of DMS from Satanists now, but it's true like but you gotta think about it like Like evil deeds have been my friend Like when I was again when I was a kid and I had to do fucked up shit in my dad guitar Like I had to like, you know become a sociopath. I had to like turn shut to enters man the devil man 24 7 have my back 24 7 made me made me have like moral fluidity like I could do bad things now not get not not feel fucking terrible about it Do you happy with that though? Do you like that or do you wish you were a better person? Did you know it is you? Again, I'm not a bad person. I for the most probably like I hold doors for old ladies like I do I'm a pretty decent human being it's just evolution, bro. It's like evolution of being a sociopath It's like it's a purpose when you go like and this is where like this is where like it was hard for me to understand and you don't you know, you don't even know this take it older, but like I Evolved my brain My brain thought the world was different and then all of a sudden you become an adult and you're like The way my brain formed and grew up isn't the way the world is like my brain trained me that the world's brutal It's harsh. You're a victim. You have to be a predator. You have to be a bully you have to hurt people You have to crave power you have to want sex and then you turn to an adult. You're like, oh man But dude, don't you think that you continue to evolve Have you evolved watch that don't you think you continue to want you once your base brain? Like you could you could slowly change like you could brainwash yourself to think fucking I'm a chicken if I if I slowly Go through the process of brainwashing myself But once your brain once those foundations are set dude, it's hard on set them. Have you ever done psychedelics? Joke scare me drugs to I mean, I like I'm a dick like I would like to look at me. Oh Coffee's black rifles. Yeah, if I fucking knew man, I like what you said about that He was telling me about the written housing man. Thanks for clearing that up because I yeah, I just not drink this shit I said I drink the shit. Well, yeah They got a real bad fucking rap because a lot of right-wing people did the dumb shit that left-wing people Yeah, so I'm not a turned on him for no reason they were wrong and they they they weren't like turn their back on written else They just factually said they don't because they're everyone was saying they sponsored Kyle Riddell's and gave him a t-shirt to wear When he got out of jail, so that being said dude, don't fucking trust the media, right? Even me I was like fuck black rifle. I even said that I was like fuck I'm those guys are the I had a hat from them They gave me a bunch of free shit once and like I didn't go back to wearing their fucking yeah where they're at They're good dudes. Yeah, very well. Yes, Evan. Hey for I hunt with him every year We we go elk hunting. Yeah, so fucking right guy from the horse's mouth itself you guys they didn't fucking you know, just miscommunication No, they're about is right wing and pro America's yet. Yeah, caught redness off fucking dork though, right? as a kid So that was a girl dude you watch that video You want to talk about a man who fucking sits there in his underwear all day and practices reloads, right? Bro, he even hit the he even hit the slide What I know what it's called But like I didn't even know the little butt on the ar-15 that no one even knows why it's there But I'm all fucking when hit that once he put the mat or once he fucking nuts, dude Oh, he knows how to use her gun I mean he was being hired to go in to protect one of the businesses they were worried about being burnt down Oh, he was hired to do that. Yeah, man. This was his friends. Yeah I thought he was just like a white kid. It won't be here No, no was an Indian family that owned I think was a car dealership and they were worried about their car dealership getting burnt down So they asked him to come and help no shit. So when they say oh he drove across state lines Yeah, he drove 15 minutes away. It was 15 minutes away He drove to help his friends and he went there because they were worried about their businesses being looted You know, obviously who the fuck is sending a 17 year old with an AR to go and guard a business? Sounds insane. Okay, I should I'm here. Sure. Yeah, you watch that guy in the subway fucking choke that dude out Yeah, I need to see the whole video I need to see like how long you held that choke because of the guy definitely you can't hold the choke for a minute So me and me I'm the same way I'm generally like the I'm generally like on the Republican leaning side where I'm like, yeah Like, you know, I thought I thought that I thought the cop that killed George, Florida is guilty I thought that I think that like I think George, Florida is probably a royal fucking piece of shit I don't think we should put statues his plan for what happened I don't think we should put statues in his honor, but In your custody in your care. Yeah, the fact that man's like hey, I'm fucking dying and you're just like right My wife's fucking the neighbor. I don't care. I'm gonna hold this choke till I feel better, right? So I think that guy was guilty. But yeah that guy in the subway dude hundred percent You can't like be up the guy was threatening people and the guy had a long history of assaults and crime But I mean did you do jujitsu like how long do you hold a choke? Well, I do jujitsu though I wouldn't have done that. Yeah, I would have just once I got the guys back I would have just held on to it and just not squoze his fucking neck. I hope he gets off I hope he gets again again the guy was but I don't know what happened So the guy was just a guy died from asphyxiation Or did the guy have a heart attack because he was on drugs because this was the thing that they said about George Floyd Is that he was gonna die of a fentanyl overdose anyway? Yeah, I don't know if that's true But I don't know what the case is with this guy but I do know that there was another guy who was holding him down that was a black guy that they Conveniently left out of all these outrage articles. Yeah, and they tried to make it a white on black thing Yeah, I'd be curious. I'd be curious if I will say one thing if it wasn't fentanyl he died of though hundred percent guilty Mmm, like you can't you can't hold a choke for no, you can't hold a choke But it's also like some people don't know that they don't know all look anybody can teach you how to do that That's not hard to do. Yeah, it's not like doing a wheel kick. It's like a very easy movement for your body to do Every fucking kid when I was a kid when I was a boy when we would watch pro wrestling they knew a sleeper hold Everybody knew it, you know So it's like if he doesn't know any better and he doesn't know that you can't hold on to a choke because he's not trained I know he was a marine, but how much they don't teach you don't teach you shit So who the fuck knows how much this guy actually knew what I'm looking at with the way he was squeezing the neck It didn't look like he knew what he was doing. You know, it's fucked up there. Do you know this cool shit ever happens to me? I walk around the earth all day long like you're just waiting for it. I'm like fucking I don't think I think people would recognize There's something off about this guy. Maybe I'm gonna go to the next car. I actually I actually almost killed a guy once Gun to the head gun to the head fucking yeah, I fucking think I didn't pull a trigger I was at a fucking party dude, and you know some again, maybe an asshole My buddy goes or grabbed me and I fucking hip toss him and he puts a hole in the wall So I'm like I'm like night. I'm 19 I think I was going through a pretty big pretty bad court case at the time So I was already like facing two felonies on on a parole or I was on bail. Sorry and Fucking the girl girlfriend comes on Sarah said you got to leave and I'm like, you know All right woman like my bad. I fucked up like hey, he's your friend. I don't even know you guys I was invited or he attacked me. He's my buddy, but fuck it So anyways as I'm walking to the door she comes down again She's just my boyfriend's upstairs and like you got to pay for the wall, too And like she had this look dude. She had this look like kind of like scared Oh, so me being a fucking you know fucked up sociopath like oh, I get hurt somebody I'm like well if he wants to pay for the wall he can come fucking suck my dick and earn the money Actually, I know fucking shotgun fucking Racks it right to my fucking head and mind you do guys if somebody wants to kill you generally You're dead like if somebody puts a gun on you and you don't get the fucking and you don't get plugged right off the back There's a chance you're gonna walk out of that one So you should probably just do what they say. So anyways, I put my hands up and I'm like, I'm like begging I'm like, dude, please no, man. Don't fucking shoot me dude. I'm so fucking sorry I just want to leave I want to leave and then all of a sudden I grabbed the gun just fucking start slamming Set the wall boom fucking falls down even the face take the shotgun Point out his head like shit you not do right about the pull trigger his girlfriend jumps on top of him and starts crying and like Oh my god begging for his life. So you were gonna pull the truck? Yeah, but like but Then it's like it's not that but there's no the problem the problem was like the problem was the only way I wouldn't have done It like that's a hard case to be That's a hard kid. Like you have the gun use defenseless like There's a hard case to be Fuck I mean, maybe maybe I say I felt threatened I don't know but the problem was I was also fucking fucking fine to felony GBI's not good Yeah, fucking a dude, but yeah, I was gonna be my first confirmed kill you guys Well Well, I'm glad Come on, dude. You gotta want to smoke somebody by carry a gun when you gotta there There's be a time of your life. You've wanted one and I would like to go to my grave without ever killing anybody. Why? Are you religious cuz I don't want to be involved in that I mean, let's just say you get one free someone's free pass on Someone's you'd raise your son. I'd be a fucking asshole Listen to you man But listen to things that happen in your life and think about people that have had worse things happen to them I would rather go through life with minimal conflict. Yeah, I saw I started fighting again as my ad arrested So I was uh, I mean fucking I'm just rammed. It was probably some of rap this bitch up Just rambling on about my fucking life. Hey, what else would you guys like to know? I lost my virginity. Yeah He doesn't count though It was it wasn't consensual but But uh, yeah, no fuck man. I got arrested when I was like 18 But prior to that I was like to my life sucks. I'm sleeping on a gym If you ever slept on a mat you guys it's really hard on the shoulders Right, you probably slept on a mat. Usually it just kills your shoulders Yeah, it's not good after like about a fucking month of sleep on a mat. I was like fuck my life This sucks. I don't want to be fighting anymore So I go to arm recruiter. I'm like hey man, you guys are supposed to be easy to get into I don't have a high school diploma. How do I join you guys? He's like well All you need is 15 college credits and then you could blah blah blah sign up for this and you could get in It's like sweet 15 college credits. That's only if like a couple semesters or semester So I go sign up at a community college get my credits The night I go to a party and then that little voice in my head a little voice in my head that tells me to fucking Do something bad fucking comes in my head and I fucking hurt two people. I do get surgery So facing two felony GBI's I had to pay my lawyer had to pay my bailment bail bondsman and then came the cage Hit me up and like hey, we have a fight in South Africa in like two weeks You want to go and I'm like fuck? Yeah, I'm about to go back to jail right now. I need money fuck Yes, I had to pay my bail bondsman So, uh, yeah, I fucking want to get short notice fight at South Africa. Here we are with the Joe Rogan Wow life, dude Strange right it is strange. You've been arrested Joe. No, okay Yeah Yeah, that's fair. It's fair. That's fair Well, I mean, you know, you can always like tell like I don't know you just painted picture of a man Like you know, there's not really much about you Joe like you like you just Joe Rogan the podcast man that believes in aliens and does drugs Yeah, like we don't really know what makes Joe Rogan tick. I mean, you know, Fairfax was lost I watched that shit all the time as a fucking kid She was fucking what makes me tick is obviously very different than what makes you tick. Yeah, we're finding that out today But you got to ask yourself I want you to embrace that you're a better person than you were then it seems like you kind of like fall back on this I'm a piece of shit thing. It's almost like you use that as like a little bit of a shield. Yeah. Yeah You don't have to do that But I mean what I don't think you are I'm not gonna I don't think you are a piece of shit But it's also society what is society? I think you hold on to that a little too much. Okay, let me tell you something Let me taste okay This is how I look at it. Okay, let's just say you believe in God Let's just say okay Joe Rogan the Christian if he's Muslim this conversation go very differently, but we'll go okay so Society allows you to be a decent human being But let's just say in your heart in your heart of hearts, right? I'm fucking the world ends and your fucking family's hungry and you go fucking kill your neighbor and feed him of your family I'm assuming you would do that right if it came to you and your kids. That's the plot of every Apocalypse movie I agree. So you do that. So if Society is allowing you to be a decent human being yet You were not a decent human being because you would do this if the situation had arrived Are you a decent human being like it with who you are? I think you have to take into consideration All the experiences that you've had in your life and I don't think it's as simple as are you a good human being? Or are you a bad human being? Here's the thing. Are you a better human being than you used to be? 100% did you get through one of the most horrific childhood stories that I've ever had anybody talk about? 100% and You can't expect someone to come out of that and be a monk. Yeah, you can't expect that Is it just the sheer amount of trauma that you've experienced or you were talking about PTSD? 100% you've got that 100% the sheer amount of trauma and I think you hold the I'm a piece of shit and You you you hold that up as a shield to sort of protect yourself and give yourself like a way out No, it is to man. I have such little like like I have such a little respect for humanity like and this sounds like again I love life. I'm happy. I have good friends. My girlfriend's amazing it but like right, but you don't have you do you have respect for some Aspects of humanity you have respect for some people just but you have respect for some people some people don't suck Yeah, that's Curtis doesn't sound like your friends. Yeah, I'm gonna broke up my girlfriend once I shit you not Yeah, I still fucking mad at her dude. So fucking mad. We're walking and I was like, I want to get to know you a Little better. I want to get to know you a little better. I was like, well, what would have happened if I were to kill somebody She said I'll call the cops And I was like you have a magic wand and you could make it go away guys still fucking dead Fucking kids are still orphaned, but you can make it go away. Would you why would you wave your fucking wand? She's not Put you in jail. Well, she's a girl. First of all a you're not supposed to ask those questions, right? It was like you're painting a scenario. That's impossible. It was like a week It was like a fucking week of me and her like matter and she's then she's mad at me She's like you really gonna leave me for that? I'm like babe like I'm not saying this could happen But like, okay, for instance, I use this scenario. We were walking we were fucking when I was like, babe Like you need to understand this could happen Kurt Chris Curtis is fighting in a fucking I don't know where it was, um, Florida and there's this homeless guy walking and then Chris Curtis and Chris Curtis his wife or never Chris our girlfriend and whatever the fuck she is, right? Baby small over there. We want to call her is walking in this homeless guy on drugs veers off and starts following and more like probably 20 yards behind him and And they start walking this the alleyway and it's home I mean clearly like dude if you're there the guys fucking following them right and me me being a sociopath I'm like, I won't kill this motherfucker. I'm wearing a dark alleyway I'm gonna spite this motherfuckers head on the ground and we're gonna fucking just be on our merry way and We have two attractive women to be our witnesses So I fucking I'm walking all of a sudden Kurt season starts running at him and I'm like like her What the fuck dude, like we were about to fucking kill this guy You just and now I'm thinking now I'm sorry think I'm a piece of shit I'm like, did you now I'm starting my man Did you just like just use your woman as bait to kill a man because I'm thinking everything is fine Everything's fine. He's probably just a crazy motherfucker He's probably just gonna grab their ass and then can make a scuse of spikes fucking head on the ground So I'm like really mad at Chris Curtis now. I'm like you motherfucker This But anyway, but that's also easy to say when it didn't happen Yeah. Yeah, but it may begin in my brain. It's like dude, you like you you you keep saying you hate humanity But you don't why don't hate no, I just you love some people I know what we are But you love quality people the problem is you just don't have a wealth of them in your life And you haven't had a wealth of them in your life You've had a very small number of them that you only met once you started fighting So I gave my girl that story and she was like I was like that's what I'm saying, babe Like there's a situation where this could happen. I might need you to embellish the truth. That's That's not even embellishing. That's self-defense. No, I actually does attack your girl But it was like, you know, I would have it would have been push. Well, yeah Anyway, that's the most justifiable thing. I mean, what would you do man? Your wife a hundred percent? I do what you just know. No, what if your wife woman if your wife does something just fucked up woman if she has like I don't know what I'm trying to think of a scenario woman if like What if she fucking shoots the mailman on accident and you can make a make a wand and they go away Would you do it? It's a good question. Why question fuck? Yeah, you do it. Yeah. Yeah you do it. Yeah So does that make you a decent human being? Well There's sometimes people make compromises and sometimes people have to make very difficult choices Doesn't necessarily mean you're a bad human being but it's not a good choice. It's not a good situation to being either I'd hide the button. I go get a sawzall Vegas is big man. A lot of fucking desert. Oh, how many holes are out in that desert? Fuck that was was hilarious. Like when the Lake Mead started shrinking. They start finding all these bodies Fuck they found a ton of bodies in fucking oil drums and shit. I cannot imagine I was on a hike the other day in Vegas. You know my chick likes it for I hate fucking You like to hike well you like to go hunt shit I could do that Like you want to go grab a gun and walk through the I could go do that man But just like wandering through the fucking desert. I'm no there's a fucking rock Some people didn't do it because they need to get out in nature and they just like to get a little exercise Man only hike dude because in the back of our brains, we think there's gonna be a waterfall with fucking naked women underneath it Good luck finding that Vegas and the moment yeah, yeah and the moment you realize you there's no waterfall with fucking pussy underneath it You're gonna be like this Why the fuck am I doing this some people like hiking they didn't grow up like you fuck if you come who like dude You're just it's the same shit over and over. Yeah, but it's a peaceful thing for some people. They just like that Yeah, do you fucking do DMT and laying boat tanks and shit? You're a fucking hippie Yeah, I am a little bit of a hippie, but it's different people man different people they come from different walks of life different circumstances And they have I don't think you're a bad guy Shawn. No, I think you just I think you use that as a little bit of a Crutch, but I do know that if someone did fuck with you, you would spike them on their head. Yeah, that's that too Well, there's like that as we talk about this gonna be really hard case for me to fucking beat so right if something happens Yeah, I'm gonna use gonna be this is gonna be fucking use is yeah for sure what I'm saying you guys I just recently found Jesus That's the move So I make fun of fucking everybody Jews and Muslims everybody what Muslims are fucking nuts So you're very very very very upset. Yeah, talk any shit about it. So there's a guy named Albert Durov and Like we have a lot of Muslims at the gym and I fucking love these guys You're like they're fucking you know, they're fucking solid motherfuckers. So one day Albert Durov I mean, I would go hard. I'm a homie it like everything that you weren't supposed to do I'm like, well, let me show you this doodle like this. Oh Jesus Christ. Hey Twitter check this out, right? I don't give a fuck. It's America. So one day fucking, you know Albert Durov comes up to me and he was like, hey Shawn Could I talk to you I thought he's gonna show me a move out there Albert Durov is a great wrestler So my god sure I'll be your wrestling dummy for you and all these little Muslims come in the cage and they like and I go to like Get on like what we did guard what position we in here Albert. He's like, no, no, no, no sit sit sit sit sit down Sit down show me Oh fuck me puts his hand on my leg Muslim, dude You're super touchy feels it so fucking weird man Fucking you're even A bunch of Muslim guys. He's like fucking it's a friendly super friendly guys super fucking friendly It's so odd, especially because of religion. So it's like Sean Sean Sean In my country, I cannot be friends with you. I'm like, what are you fucking talking about? He's like you say things you say things about Islam That my like pretty much saying that like I cannot be friends with you because what you say about Islam Well, I've never I mean I'd make fun of Jews Christians fucking Scientologists fucking, you know, I make fun everybody, right? So after that they fucking after you crest my leg and rub my head a little bit. I was like, fuck it, dude I'm gonna lay off Islam. So Albert Durov is why I fucking you know, I give Islam a fucking pass which Makes me a sellout. But no, it doesn't I like listen man. There's there's fights that you should pick and it's not necessary It's like also it's like that belief system helps people keep some discipline keeps them on a good path I mean how many great fighters are like devout Muslims? It's a pretty high percentage. I mean, it's one of the most popular really Yeah, yeah, it's one of the most popular religions in the world, but it's also it's a religion that Embraces discipline. Yeah 100% I mean you go through Ramadan you're not eating all day. You're not drinking any water all day I mean the fact that guys also not really compatible American values It's not compatible with some aspects of American values, especially when it comes to women gay rights things along those Well, I mean, I mean it sounds reasonable to me There was a God and God and his rightful wisdom, you know as he created the earth and he created Mm-hmm. He said these fucking horse we need to come I mean, that sounds fucking reasonable to me. I mean, I just said I don't want women working Maybe I'm a fucking Muslim you guys I like pork though. God damn it Well, you said you don't want women working because you recognize the importance of a mother's role it is a job It's just not a job that pays money. Well, I look at because of that. I look doesn't get doesn't get supported it's the fact that raising a kid is a fucking insanely difficult proposition and the fact that we expect people to rate three we expect expect people to raise kids while they also are doing you know a Job a fucking eight-hour a day job and then commuting and being exhausted mom. I'm worked. Yeah My mom was a secretary. Okay, what'd you step dad? Do he was an architect? Oh fuck. Okay, so you Well, he went through school when I was a kid So like we're poor when when I was young we were very poor welfare food stamps the whole deal And then as I was in high school, he started making money How old are you when you're like, hey, I want to be a comedian. That's 21 Yeah, did you think about doing stand-up? No, I think you do a little bit Like my like I don't try to be funny. I just retarded. Yeah Well, Jim funny is a funny kind of funny like that's how I got into comedy by making people laugh in the gym It's locker room talk on steroids locker room talk on steroids Also, there's like it's gallows talk to because everyone's sparring. There's a lot of nerves and it's easier to crack the ice It's fun. Oh man, Dominic Cruz has a fucking weird gym. I mean you've treated Dominic Cruz Alliance. Yeah Yeah, I mean he's also on the court by the way. Kaleel round trees in a cult, too What do you mean? They're in a cult? Yeah, they're like a weird fucking cool. What coat I can't stand clear Oh shit round trees what I love that guy got this fucking he just cuz he doesn't know these people intimately Well, I love him talking to him. Yeah, I enjoy talking to him a couple times. Yeah, he's a dirty fucking feminist What like I'll tell you a story. I can't stand this fucking guy You guys like you seems to not like most people I don't like you and Chris Curtis against the world Well, I'll tell you why I'll tell you why so I used to run a wrestling class Jim eyes that and somebody invited Brown trim. I got to you know, why'd you invite this guy? He's a fucking pussy. So we're training right and guys I give some good speeches I get some good fucking I get some good hot raw raw speeches So I'm like well you guys are wrestling you got to pick the fucking baddest motherfucker and you got to go with them And if I see going real krill around tree, I know that's not what you fucking did you being a pussy So I said that speech as like a raw raw moment for Cleo to be like fuck you Sean I'll show you I'm gonna show you fucking what's up and I thought it was gonna make him step up and fuck me up But instead he stormed off the mat. He just fucking walked off the mat and he was like, I don't respect you I don't really like you. I'm like, yeah cuz you're fucking feminist pussy in a coal So what call do you keep saying cult? So, uh, there's like this weird like Las Vegas like I think Dom I don't quote me on this here I heard somebody was telling me dominant cruises in it But I don't want to fucking dominant Cruz did fucking chick I was into when I was like 16 So I'm so salty at him like, you know, like like bro like the hottest Like, you know the hot I think she became a stripper. Well, you're a 16. You're still holding a grudge. I was like 17 Then he was like, you know like that one when you have your life ago, we know when you get the hottest piece of ass Ever. I'm like a kid dude. This girl. She's a little older than me. She's like a little model I'm like the best piece of ass over time in my life sex with her on the beach of the goon It was awesome, right? It's actually kind of funny as having sex with her on a beach and there was like a Fish run Camera flashes all down the beach Yes, I did not stop but continue back to my story so I'm so salty because later in life I mean, he's like he's on his road to being a fucking chain He might have been a champ in the time so she went over there and started fucking a man She's so what is this cult thing? But they laid in bed. She was like he's such I'm so I hate myself for knowing this I hate my but I'm gonna tell you guys I'm if I know you guys need to know it Cuz yeah, it's such a weirdo He just lays in bed and watches fucking fight videos and plays with the cats all day and I'm like well fucking a man That's how you become great. That's how you become great. That's why I'm not fucking anymore Fuck it. I start watching fuck. What does that have to do with being in a cult? So anyways fast forward. I just want to tell you the fucking story. Sorry. Yeah, this is good This is fucking your fans like fighting. Yeah, you guys know Domicres the fucking weirdo and he stole my chick Fucking dweeb right fuck him. I love that dude, too. I actually really like Dominic. He's awesome I I talked to him every time I do like pre-fight media. He's there. I love Dominic. He's why fuck you, dude Anyway, so there's like this weird like church or like like it's like a self-help cult and one day One day like Cleo came and like took somebody out of training and was like, oh I don't want to like the kid didn't want to fucking go Chris Curtis is the witness to this and The kid didn't want to go and like it was kind of like a weird abduction situation. Yeah, he's liking I could like a self-help weird group But no, no you guys let me tell you guys about Cleo if you knew him on a personal level You would fucking hate him unless you're a dirty feminist. There is this girl named Olena Olena. She's a PFL girl There's a true story about Cleo. Let me tell you why I hate Cleo. Tell me why Olena PFL girl shave your head and kind of looks like a man now, but you know, whatever. Yeah, she had to make way I guess So Olena dude, she's like fucking five ten big dude. She's big dude. She's like Like she's big dude. She's not like she's not a sexual predator. I mean she looks like she could be a sexual predator. So Khalil roundtree showing somebody a move and she walks up to Olena Ukrainian girl and like puts her like in a move and the Ukrainian girl who looks like a fucking I mean dude She looks like you guys Google it anyways She's like oh sexual harassment, but she said it jokingly and like if you see her it's it's funny Right in roundtree is like that is not funny. I'm a black man in America You you cannot even joke about that and we're all like black guys white guys. We're all sitting like dude, Cleo What the fuck is your problem, bro? Like it's a joke man. But yeah, he's just he's just a fucking girl dude Like on a personal level you guys don't want to hang out that fucking guy Okay, I like him. Yeah, I enjoyed talking to him. Well, yeah, you know, I'm not in that situation with him Yeah, you were you were to tell also very you're gonna tell him that you don't want Transgenders in the sport and next thing you know, he's in a fucking accuse you of touching him under the desk. Really? No I mean, he's a he's a feminist Is he like a self-proclaimed feminist? Yeah, like he's just like I think people say things like that So okay, they think it's a good thing to say. I might tell you guys another It's great. It's great. Please. It's great. It's great. It's great. It's the guy's not here to defend No, this is this is bachelor. Okay. All right. I was hitting on a chick once and He ended up dating this chick So this is before I knew Cleo kind of sucked and I go yo Cleo like you salty motherfucker, man I was talking to that girl and like you ended up snagging her up like you motherfucker. I'm jealous Right. He goes to the PI and I guess this is after they broke up So I thought like a couple years pass it would be funny enough I tell him that like, you know I was you fucking snagged her from me right and a couple years pass and I tell him this and he goes to the PI and he files a complaint in the performance institute that I brought this up and I made him feel like uncomfortable or sad Fact and then the guy the the guy at the time they're on PI he had it came up in me He was like, yeah, man, Sean. I gotta tell you this like, you know, I can't tell you who it was How much it was funny like everybody in the physical therapy team was laughing like it was fucking funny It wasn't bad. Yeah. So yeah, you're right close a great guy guys. Fuck. Yeah, I love clue I know what you're saying. I know I know you're saying it's not like your sense of humor with a sensitive person Yeah, create real problems. But I didn't know that people like make formal complaints at the Ultimate for fighting championship performance incident. That's what I'm saying. Then my I wouldn't crazy I even asked the PT team. I'm like guys that I'd like because you know, so I'm gonna ask when I say a lot crazy Shit, I'm like, did I go over? Khalil's a very sensitive guy and I think you know, he's gone through these journeys where he's all in and Not all in and fighting that was actually really funny By the way when he told his mom to shut up when he she was like coaching him. He like looked over shut up mom Oh, did he he didn't see that he was like no fight bro. He like you told us well, shut up mom That is distracting your mom screaming is was it at the apex center? Oh fuck. I know I think was like a big fight But yeah, I guess I'm just a cunt dude there also is a guy you're just listen I like you but I get people like you I've been around people like you my whole life. I get it I know what it's like, you know, there's a lot of people like you out there in the world It's like as long as you understand what a person like you's been through and who you are. It's fun I mean Khalil again to think about clearly you make like a little more fun Cleo might be the first trans female athlete He's already fucking sensitive that's one thing that I'm having the UFC would never allow Oh, dude, I every time I go on the news I think like Joe Rogan's a big a cane on the trans what the fuck is going on real people allowing Biological men to compete against women before I would I mean at all the sensitive shit. I'm a pretty sensitive person I'm pretty open-minded but you got a like somebody sent me like a Video of a guy in a dress with a hard-on in a bathroom You've seen that video taking photos of women train with a woman if you're like, yes So, you know Gabby Garcia that sure I trained with her once I was like and I was like fuck before we trained I was like told the coach like dude I'm gonna have to fuck this chick up She's bigger than she's huge. I was like am I gonna have to fuck that. She's on all Fucking clit is probably gonna this fucking can You know I'm like am I gonna have to fuck this chick up and he starts laughing I'm rolling with her and then she was just weak like she just felt like a batch. Yeah Yeah, it's there's a weird thing going on this culture with gender and It's not good. You know, it is not good news. No, there's no more battles, man There's there's women are working there. There's no more racism in the real. I mean, there's still racism But you know, it's equality like people just need something to fight over It's also an easy way where you can become special Yeah, I mean the New Jersey just said that there was a four thousand percent increase in kids identifying as non-binary First of all, what the fuck does that even mean and allowing someone to say they're non-binary to me? It's like you listen, you don't have to embrace masculinity and you don't have to embrace femininity You don't have to but you got it, but if you got a vagina, yes I mean, we're just we're making people special with no effort And if you just say you're a they and of them and every has to say that and if they don't say that you can Yell at them, which is what you know, I'm surprised you know, tell the line, dude I'm shocked that you take that opinion fuck that line fuck that line because that's crazy this line the line of Biological males competing against females. That's the line. This is a true story man again, like Fucking showing the storyteller fucking I was at team quest and there was a fucking a transgender Fuck I don't know the fuck you'd call him a woman male or woman. It was a file. He had a dick anywhere address Okay, you know whatever the fucking calm and this fucking guy, dude He would go spar and my girlfriend with my ex-girlfriend at the time would go spar these women and like break their fucking noses I'm like and like fuck them up and like there's a lot of that There's a lot like they would go fucking he's gonna lock room. He has a family He had you know later on in transition, you know fucking family going the locker room You know my girlfriend a big cheese am I actually a big cheese hanging out right and they're walking around their dick hanging I fuck I'd fuck him. It's crazy. It's crazy that first of all, there's a thing called autogynophilia It's a real thing and it's a thing where there's a fetish where men get sexually aroused by pretending that their women are dressing Up like women, but they want to fuck women. Yeah, and so they're they're heterosexual so they want to have sex with females, but they identify as a female for this kink and You know, there's also trans people that for whatever reason nature threw him a curveball. They're in the wrong body Yeah, but but you can't fucking compete against women. Yeah, but man It's not fair in any way shape or form you every now and then you'll meet kids right and like masking father You're like, oh man that kissing be gay for sure Like you meet kids dude, and they already got the list But it's like dude, you're like fucking ten years old here. Yeah, but that's but gay is normal gay is just nature So that's another thing to I'm pro like I'm pro like if you if you're a dude If you're a dude and you want to suck a dick go suck that dick. He's like, oh, I know you said that above You had a kid. I thought that was hilarious Don't be wrong if I have a kid and I think he's gay I'm gonna do everything I can and make this kid not fucking gay I'm gonna I might even take him to therapy if he has a list and starts walking around like this, dude I don't want to fucking gay as a kid, but that's reasonable. You talk to gay dudes You talk to gay dudes and gay dudes don't want gays as a kid being gays fucking hard man You got like yeah, but if at some point my kid turns 18, he's like dad. I like to suck dick I'm like kids suck all that dick you want get all there get the white dick at the black dick yellow dick all the dick dude Yeah, you know get a good get a boyfriend. Hope I like him D will it be interesting Thanksgiving? Well, this is the weird thing about this whole LGBTQ Coalition like a group of people all connected together because a lot of my friends who are gay they don't like what's going on with this movement because They think that a lot of people who just would be gay are getting convinced into becoming trans they're getting convinced into becoming that they're there they really Know you know, we're gonna lose this fight. I don't know about that. Oh, we're gonna lose this fight for sure You know, what does that mean? So it's like You gotta understand dude, we're gonna they're gonna look back at us as like Like like we're gonna be the old racist white guy We're gonna be the old racist white guy on the porch saying I remember my day when fucking black people couldn't go to school That's how we're gonna be viewed. I remember in my day when when chicks had vaginas and dicks and dudes had dicks Eventually, this is what the system wants. This is what the system gets. We will only the system wants anything I don't think that's what's going on. I think there's what I said earlier I think that's there's a there's an out and I think there's also a lot of people that are teaching school that don't have children of their own and that also they get Social value and social brownie points for embracing gender ideology because it's the like but how many generations until we lose How many generations until depends on what happens one one thing that well, this is this is the question Are we at the fall of an empire because if we are at the fall of an empire I've talked about this before but Douglas Murray Who's his British intellectual was also gay by the way He says that at the end of every empire they become obsessed with gender Yeah, and that is one very weird thing that I never saw coming if you came to me Just fucking ten years ago and said that gender and transgender Ideology would be the thing that the president would be talking. He'd be sitting there with Dylan Mulvaney getting interviewed three day 365 a womanhood imagine that's like fighting in the UFC you started training a year ago Like you're pretty interviewing the fucking president. You only been a woman a year What about all these other actual biological women that are running around that have been a woman their whole life and you Oh, you get in only because you're you could be a woman of the year Exactly. There's a reason why men are better than women look we even make even make fucking better women Well Caitlyn Jenner was like woman of the year six months into being a woman The whole thing is nuts and it's I it's again It is a way where people become special without doing any work at all your kids, but I'm saying your kids kids will Maybe I don't know. I think it's turning around I think people are pushing back against it now because they're realizing how fucking insane it is But there's certain people that are just lost in the trance and they're just pushing it are these people like are they 14 year No, they're no I mean but yeah, but young kids too. I see it with young kids today There's a lot of young kids that are pushing back against this Remember when I was a fucking kid, dude, it wasn't like when I was a kid. There were still hate crimes against gays Like yeah, I'm 32 you guys so like it was fucking weird. I remember I'm sure there's still hate crimes against Yeah, there are again. There's hate crimes against gays like there's always shit, but it was common practice Like it was like we bullied the fuck out of gays. I remember there's one kid I wrote He wouldn't let me cut in the lunch line I mean my buddy Lily pinned him against the wrong real fag on his white shirt and then being gay Like a crazy progress man progress in the last 10 years and get I'm like you guys I was an angry hateful fucking kid You know like like I if I could go back I'd fucking wave my wand and what a fucking happy You know do I feel bad probably not but I was an angry cause and effect But man the amount of progress that happened for the gays in such a short. Yes wild Yeah, and you know I think a lot of people think that amount of progress has happened for the trans movement too But I think what has to happen is things go too far And then they even out and then we for what's really gonna be a fucking long string of lawsuits Which is 100% common is these D? transitioners these people that were forced to transition or Encouraged to transition when they were kids which is fucking insane when I hear people talking about hormone blockers being Reversible like what but what at what cost like what is gonna happen like there's a lot of people out there That no longer can have children. They didn't don't have their penis anymore. They don't have their ovaries You know it is it cut the breasts off media. I'll tell you what social media is a fucking plague of the earth Everybody wants to be special yes And you know if you're if to transition it's a way to be special to support that the way to be special And you immediately get loved because of it And it's a way to become special without putting in any work if right now if I like if I put a fucking wig on And I said I mean look at all these Navy seals that fucking cut their dick off or what next thing You know they become special how many Navy seals are cut there. You never watch that one dude Kristin Beck Yeah, yeah, he like on the podcast right in that Went back to being a man again right in that little Jewish kid. What's that little Jim Ben Shapiro? Oh that one? Yeah, yeah, I would love if that should happen to me. I'm like all right I never smacked a woman, but I'm gonna count this as a woman Yeah, that one was nuts threatening him because he was saying that he's a man Well, I mean, but what I'm saying though. It's like dude everybody wants to be special like I'm like, dude I'm like pseudo famous. Oh, you're you're becoming special through hard work, so you understand what it's like to be special Everybody wants to be special, but they don't want to fucking not everybody wants to work And if there's a pathway for young kids, especially this This generation where everybody wants a quick fix for everything if there's an instantaneous pathway for you to become special All you have to do is make your hair blue and say you're a they and you wear a dress to school I gotta ask them to before we run out of time. Okay. What about uh, Affirmative action ending how do you feel about that? I don't think oh see in the scene is gonna love you or hate you No, fuck CNN. I I don't think that's I I don't think that's the solution I don't think affirmative action is a solution. I think the solution is what we talked about earlier finding these impoverished crime-ridden communities whether it's white people in appalachia where they're all on fucking pills or whether it's black people that live in baltimore or Puerto Ricans that live in the bronc whatever the fuck it is. We have impoverished communities We can't just leave them alone. We can't just let that's where everything's fucked. They should elevate the quality of education Elevate the quality of life and it should be a gigantic project project that the whole country gets behind That's what I think is the way to fix things. Well, I mean Systematic oppression is a real thing and it's a real thing on white people and black people Yes, like I always tell people man, like it's actually kind of funny I got in a shit. I got I got a shit storm because I said what's his name? He's a d1 wrestler black guy and I said he was like the one and I made fun of him for not being black What the fuck's his name? Phil haas I said like phil haas when he trained with me and like he was such a pussy like he was like He was like I was like, hey man, like you're a middleman middleweight. Let's like bang a little bit He's like shawn. Are you sure are you sure you want to spar hard? I'm like, yeah, dude, let's fucking fucking fight And he's like you're an unusual guy. You have to understand like just that alone How many guys are like just banging all day for training? So anyway, yeah, he quit how many guys? Yeah, I mean I think about what's your style but listen my segue to that. Okay. I used to train at a black gym I'm at millennia with lorins larkin One of my mate johnson. Yeah, I mean one guy had a fucking bull That's a great gym every time you would grab his arm and be like, oh you're moving my fucking bullet You got shot in san, rdino. So my experience of black people were like hardcore hardcore like I was the white I was the fucking like like like when you get arrested you guys and this at least in california Whenever you get walked to your cell There they segregate the whites and the blacks and the maxins whites and maxins roll together blacks roll separate They're segregated at least in the county. I was in Amber, oh you walk by this fucking cage you walk by this cage You got these black people and that's how kind of millennia remind we got this black people crowd in the bars with their fucking big Old beards like talking shit to you. Like I remember forget dude I got I got into my jail cell and there was a guy named spider and he's like laying down He's helping make my bed. He's laying down the rules. I'm like I told him I'm like, dude, i'm not like i'm not racist Dude, like I don't hate anybody. I told this guy this He's like, yeah, that's not how it works here. Man. I see that you're with us. Are you with nobody? And I start thinking about walking past that Walking past that, you know black black segregation And i'm like, you know what man i'm gonna have to put some thought on this But I think I think I might be I don't think i'm beginning tattoos anytime soon, but I think I might be I think I might be riding with you guys So anyways, that's kind of how millennia was I walk in there and i'd fucking be like the little white kid with long hair And I don't like oh you fucking you know the tarzan is the tarzan powder And I got the shit kicked out of me by these black guys. I'll never forget this black guy comes up to me once Actually, jonathan wilson got the bull in his arm He was shawn. It doesn't matter how nice you are to me You could walk in here and fucking you know be nice to me ask me on my days I'm gonna fuck you up regardless And I was like and that's like how it hit me like oh, yeah like I gotta go in there. I gotta get the big dick. I gotta get the big black metaphorical dick You know, I need those big old chocolate fucking nut sack so now I walk in there like, you know Fuck you wilson. Are you guys ready to fuck and I started doing better. I started becoming more of a presence So whenever I told that about uh phil haas, everyone's like oh shawn strickland's racist He thinks that all black people are ghetto and violent And you know in hindsight, there is some truth to that because I did say that and that is kind of what I was implying but What I meant by that though is I like those people I to me you are a fucking nerd You're this white person that I don't fucking like I like the ghetto the trashy the boxers hardcore, dude. Yeah. I like the guys. We're like, yeah, fuck this guy You know, I like those guys. So guys like to talk shit when they spar like you So they phil took it as an insult But to me it's like I I was insulting you because I respect those people. I don't respect you phil I think you're a dirty fucking motherfucker, dude. I think you're a pussy. I think you're privileged. I think you have a d1 education I think you're a fucking bitch And then you know my boys back at millenia. I love those fucking guys. You're gonna fucking love those guys When did you start training the way you train now where most of your training is just sparring? Except well, I mean again, I I spar I I fight I fight so i'm allowed to train I hate I hate fucking fighting Fighting sucks, dude. How my paycheck goes if I lose like fighting sucks, man. I hate that By the way, we talked about it with I had matt sarah dean thomas and my friend john rallow on the podcast guys guys fight it's like guys fight way hard, it's like slavery man, like again, i'm not saying you've seen slavery but Slavery only ended for one reason Because it's a shit means of production If you pay guy people money, they work harder and they do more And that's kind of how like mma would be if you guys just paid a little bit more money Guaranteed pay it would be like the new form of capitalism guys would fight I mean there is when I fuck no one is no one's incentivized to fight harder for a win bonus They're fighting as hard as they can when I fought jerry can near again His corner won that for him dude. It was crazy. I mean the announcers coming like I it was like kind of a boring fight But you won and like his corners, you know, i'm like, oh this one like those punches aren't land Yeah, I have a chin of a girl you guys seen alex knock man. You touch my chin. I fucking fall asleep, right? I don't know to tell you But you know that that third fourth round came and i'm like, you know, dude, he's none of these punches are landing You don't have one mark on my face. Like i'm landing him. I'm rocking him, you know, like i'm winning this fight I'm just gonna fucking jab him just coast and win this bitch And then that's why I was so upset about the fight But if they were like hey sean guarantee pay maybe double triple what you made I would have went in there bit my mouth We said all right motherfucker. Let's bang but you know half your paycheck Also with bad judging Half your paycheck with a decision that people don't even agree with and you lose half of your money You know all my mistakes all the time, you know, my mistake was I should have put chris kurtis in my corner because like Because kurt would have talked like so whenever they he threw a couple combinations All miss and the co- his course coach is like yeah, man. Those are great. Those are all fucking landing I'm like when you box man when you box A lot of punches look like they land but they're missing by like Right and you're turning your chin if you go in a slow motion I mean after the jerry can near fight I had bruises all over my chest because that's where he was landing And I kind of wish I had kurt in my corner just to tell his corner to shut the fuck up and say no I'm motherfucker. Those aren't landing. What are you talking about? Right? Right, that is a crazy thing though, especially the apex boy that can influence judges because the apex There's no fucking crowd noise. You can hear everything everybody. I mean my whole chest was just bruised But I mean those aren't landed punches, right? So yeah, no, I really wish they would change that but yeah I wish they would too. That's the that's my only complaint about the ufc really They would make better fights. I wish people got made more money and I wish people didn't have a fucking win bonus It's just like they don't have that in boxing. Yeah, and I I see other uh, mma organizations adopting it too And i'm like man, this is an opportunity to stand out. Don't do that Have you ever have you ever got to know like any boxes on a personal level? Yeah, i've known a few boxes Man, it's so shady. You guys want shadiest business. Like guys they're they're like most Most low level boxing fights like between until you get to like 20 fights 18 fights Generally, these guys are paying their opponents to fight Very very often. That's why when you go look at a boston record, it's like what the fuck did you've lost? You've had a hundred fights. You're like 90 you're like one and 99. There's a lot of setups But again, it's not that they want the setups It's hard to get because these fucking boxes like princesses They know how important their record is if they take one bad loss and it goes from 16 to 1 Right. It's a fucking restart That's one thing that I really do love about mma is that when fighters lose It's not the end of their career and that the the sport and the the cultural sport has embraced the fact that guys get better Through losses boxing is also easy though. It's definitely easier. Yeah, but I mean like but it's different I mean, I wouldn't say easy, but it's just at the highest levels. It's not easy I mean you when you watch like lo macheco devin haney There's the highest there's nothing easy about that fight. Yeah, fuck lo macheco. So fucking good. Fuck He's good. I was telling my buddy robin 16 to no guy and I was like what we spar on friday I'm like robin. What did you do all week, man? Tell me tell me about your fucking week robin He goes well, I ran I hit pass. I did bad work. I ran I'm like, well, I fucking I wrestled I grappled on fucking monday. I sparred on tuesday. I wrestled on thursday I sparred on you know, I sparred on thursday tuesday and like now me and you were boxing sir Yeah, boxing is fucking that's why it's definitely easier And also the less guys pull out of fights for sure Because you have less injuries when you're not getting wrestled and you're not that's why That's why fuck france's want to do boxing's easy. Well, also he wants a big ass pay He's like 37. I really wanted to watch him fight. John jones. I did too. I did too. Be very interesting I think john jones hates me though. John jones hates you. Why I just go hard on him, dude He posted some fucking thing and we're both sponsored by monster too and almost fucking ruined my sponsor deal Yeah, but uh like he posted something and I don't follow john again, I like john john jones is again I don't think john jones is the greatest because you get popped for that kind of steroids I think this should be lifetime bands for steroid use lifetime fucking ban It'd be one thing if like like you have a tainted supplement Like let's just say like this was tainted and i'm like, you know, this is what it was joe rogan fucking gave me this Right, maybe whatever but a lifetime ban dude for for intentional use. Do you know that he intentionally used though? I mean I don't imagine ruining a guy's career if you're wrong I mean, I I mean i'm sure fucking jamie could pull it up But i'm pretty sure he was like i'm pretty sure it was like some shit, right? Well, here's the thing derrick from more plates more dates.com. You ever see that guy? That guy is the most knowledgeable When it talks about blood work and blood testing and whether or not there's indicators that show that you know Someone had taken something but you know He his take on that is very different and also his taking even daniel cornea He was saying that daniel cornea is like something's wrong with his blood work, too But I don't know what that means. So I I go hard on john jones She posted something about like I think his kid got like and again this is me being fucking cte half retardation his kid that got like a A dog like came out something crazy shit happened, but the kid was fine. I was an injured. I didn't know the story He said, you know Like I love the lord and savior. Jesus christ And I like retweeted i'm like bro, like the only one that you fucking like is a devil, man Like should we go through your fucking highlight reel? You hit a fucking pregnant lady. You drove away. You smacked your wife like you gotta You gotta you gotta highlight reel bro. You got a long long highlight reel being a piece of shit, you know So yeah, that almost fucked my sponsorship deal Yikes, but I mean it's true though. Like I hate these motherfuckers You're like this is what i'm gonna do if I ever do something really bad you guys i'm gonna be like john jones I think those guys don't want to be bad. I think there's a lot not we're not just talking about john I'm talking about a lot of people that embrace the lord. I think they generally hate what they've done and they feel terrible and so Then they go to jesus to try to like cleanse themselves and try to find a better path I think it's because they're not bad people. They just recognize they've done bad things Especially when they're partying and getting fucked up. Well, that's what's funny, too Like i'm the piece of shit, dude But like i've never like i've never hit a fucking pregnant lady and you know, that's fucked up, dude Yeah, and then drive away drive away, dude. You didn't stop. I mean how am I certain certainly some indefensible? Yeah, so what i'm saying you guys john jones, you know, it's funny enough like i'm always like like me and like uh Bahama hama I think I said some shit about palestine They should bend the knee or some shit and it's just kind of like Palestine would be way the moment palestine would be way better if they threw out humas and they went to israel and said hey Let's make this shit better. It would be way fucking better But then you have somebody like bahama hama who fucking born living in miami He's probably fucking you know barely ever goes to palestine. Yeah, fuck in fuck you israel like, you know Propagating war instead of like where's my instead of bringing the olive branch and saying hey this sucks How do we make it suck less? He's like no, fuck you israel Like you you're you're a coward bro. You sit here in america And you say divisive shit On from your couch on your twitter thumbs. So, you know, he tries like causing problems. I just but it's truth, dude It's fast. I know what you're saying like it's fact like that's a complicated issue though the israel palestine thing I've tried i've tried to understand that many many times talked to many many people about it It is a fucking well, the problem is palestine you lose You lose you just gotta you gotta bend the fucking knee, dude And this is what I said about ukraine. I got a lot of shit I was like you guys you cranes just need to bend the fucking knee And it was like why would you say that about ukraine? I'm like because there's no path that's exist Yeah, but it's even more complicated than that. But but ukraine's problem is there's There's nato forces encroaching. Oh, yeah. No we closer Yeah, we put missiles provoke the imagine if china allied with mexico and we're like, hey, we're gonna right This is not in any way saying that what putin did wasn't fucking horrible. Yeah, no, it's a piece of shit Yeah, yeah, but all that is the whole thing is calm But I got so much shit for that because I was like, yeah ukraine should just been and by the way Zalinski's a fucking piece of shit the president of ukraine, you know He's like throwing political parties in jail like he's a piece of shit itself I don't know how we even I don't know how we look at him like them like a democracy But I was like, yeah ukraine has just been the knee and everyone's like, oh shawn. Why would you say that? Why would you say that? You have Doomed your country. I mean, did you see the pictures of the cities just rubble rubble like everything's fucked You did it's only I mean, it's it's not this is not over but it's not over So what are they gonna keep bombing things? How do you come back from that as a country your kids kids kids kids kids kids kids kids? They are 100 gonna wake up every day with a ukraine flag and let's say that happens But they are gonna be in utter fucking poverty you fucking doomed your and again, it sucks And the same thing with like um with with palestine the situation sucks Although israel is way better than fucking russia the situation sucks, but like in the grand scheme of things Man, you just like you just doom your kids You just every time you sit there and you you send out a tweet you're just you're making your kids Living poverty and fucking war That's rough man. It's fucking rough, dude It's very complicated. All those things are very very complicated and having a conversation between two meatheads on a podcast Oh, yeah, we're retarded. But it's like dude. I mean could you picture like Like I mean if if you were on if you were on your tweet tweeter right now talking about like fuck israel And all that i'd be like joe you're fucking idiot, dude Like all you're doing is It'd be one thing if you were there fucking lighting kike bombs from schools It'd be one thing if you were the guy on the if you were the guy on the ground in a hospital launching rockets at israel I'm like well at least you know at least you fucking at least you're living it But just to be in miami doing on the tweeter tweet Just shitty man. Like just fucking people just shouldn't have to die, dude Shouldn't have to die. No, they definitely shouldn't have to die and there's also so much money involved in war That's the scariest thought the scariest thought is that people are willing to make decisions that they know is going to cross Thousands and thousands of people their lives, you know, like with how much money we gave to ukraine I talked about this in the press conference, man That would have financed cancer for like american cancer treatments like five ten years. Yeah, like fuck dude. We don't like It's so crazy that like There's nothing you're just hopeless. It's just utterly fucking hopeless. Yeah, it's probably Not something that we can fix. No, we'll never fix you I do want to know about before we wrap this up about your training about like when did you learn like what What made you like do so much sparring? Like when did you sort of embrace that because it's one thing that does separate you from everybody else is this Timing and control of distance that you really only get from a lot of sparring And so there's guys like max holly max halloway who's the elite of the elite who said at this point in time I don't spar anymore because I get banged up, you know He said that to you, but I ran into him and I asked him and he kind of like laughs like no I still spar. I just don't think but here's the thing about max halloway. He is so fucking good There's not many people who spar him that hit him right same with me It's like again, I could get knocked out max get knocked out I could go spar every single day all day long And I could say I don't really could take damage. I mean I proved it that stupid mouthpiece had me where right? But you know again, it just comes obsessive. I started training because I was an angry fucking kid I turned out I love sparring And it just makes me happier Has other people in your gym sort of embraced that when they see your success with that? So, you know what it is, dude? You have people live in this world fantasy like like, um, again, not naming names. I Train with great guys, but i've talked to some guys and they're like well on a fight A lot of guys say well training is not a fight training is not a fight and you know on a fight Even though I don't train or spar hard i'll turn it up and I always tell these guys dude I know you say that but i'll fucking put 10 g's on the on the ground right now You match it Wherever you want to you match it spar me five for me three to five rounds and I will bring you in such fucking misery That you will fucking quit And a lot of fighters man, we we got to say things and make ourselves feel better, you know We got to say like oh, well in a fight we do this and a fight right? Right, and so you think the best approach is just to fight all the fucking time all time But again, my style is not taking damage like chris kurtis It's hard for chris kurtis to spar 24 seven because that man like he's like a fucking in the pocket Like yeah, no matter what he's taking damage, right? So it's just easy man when I don't take my my style is like evolved around like in the spar This is good for the brain. Dude. You know this You gotta start doing dmt go lay in your fucking float tank But it's it it's interesting because there's no best way to do anything Yeah, it's like what is bringing you success and what brings you success is unique also low self-esteem, man And this is like uh, we talk about a guy like john jones again much shit at talk He's probably one of the best fighters ever fucking fighting the ufc Having low self-esteem is rough And a lot of us have super low self-esteem like a lot of us fucking look in the mirror and you know Like you take someone like john jones that motherfucker was inventing moves He was like when he was back in the day like dude He was inventing that spinning like that when he had the I actually did against rihaul. I was so fucking stoked I'm a fan of john jones, right? Let go of the single leg. Boom back spinning back up. Well, that was john jones Yeah, but you gotta understand john jones is a fucking super athlete since birth, man That kid was told that he was fucking gold, you know, his brothers are fucking gold. He's gold So he goes in there and just like i'm fucking i'm made of gold I can just go fucking do he opened up his world title fight with shogun with a flying knee Exactly, but you take you take a lot of us who has like low self-esteem like especially like my buddy chris kurtis It's nice going to a fight. No, I sparred alex. I fucking sparred artyom 11 I did I sparred me and frances aganu had a fucking you know, i've sparred me and frances aganu We had a fucking three round war, you know, really? Oh, yeah, i've like did i bang with frances? Yeah, me and frances banged Christ, well, i've that like Yeah So heavy weights are easier to hit and not get hit but the problem is they just touch you dude It feels like you hit by a truck But I always tell frances now always frant by the way, i'm if you've met you obviously frances don't play frances is the fucking greatest guy He's a great guy, bro. He's like you talk to frances and you're like And you're like dude, you're a fucking saint. It's funny. Yeah, that guy's been through some shit I thought we're happens to the funny. So I walked into the gym once it was like my birthday the day for him It's like why don't you tell me it's my birthday and I was like plus fucking birthdays are for women and children I don't fucking celebrate birthdays Francis is like shawn shawn. What does what does a birthday? What does a birth? I was like frances He's like there was no presence in the salt mines. There was no cake in the salt mines Like it's like fuck frances like oh, it made me made me make me feel like a fucking pussy The most sincere guy bro, the most sincere guy was like frances No offense man, but I would never wanted I would never want to date a girl you you dated just because like We were like six these combined and frances I've been joking bro. I'm like, I mean i'm being comical i'm joking He's like shawn shawn shawn. You don't when you know the way of a woman He's like you can make a woman You know climax with the finger and he's like he's like having this heart to heart talk with me About like pleasure in a woman and i'm like frances. I'm just making a joke Fucking with you bro. But yeah the most the sincere. Oh, yeah, but sparring frances fun I mean i've liked spar for a short. Come on, you fucking bitch. Let's fight. Wow, because he scares me He scares the fuck out of me. He's a big scary black man. He scares the fuck out of me He scares the fuck out everybody. Yeah, but like that power that guy has but what i'm saying It's like when I scares me like that little voice Me hiding underneath the bed from my dad and like him that little that little child fucking looks at him at those fear I'm like, i gotta fight that motherfucker. I'm I sincerely hope he's successful I hope that him leaving as the heavyweight champion and I really hope he gets a boxing mat But boxing they're fucking stringing them along man. They keep promising this fight They're promising them that fight and no one's gonna fight them. Yeah. Yeah, you know, but no he's doing the good pfl thing I mean, he's like he's in there But my thing he's not gonna fight in pfl until 2024. Yeah, which is crazy. Yeah, but man, I don't understand why Yeah, fucking a dude. Just money. I'm sure he doesn't have to fight dude. He has fucking money Well, yeah, but he wants the real money. He wants to I don't have to work again Yeah, I really hope he gets that and I think they prompt I think they fucking dangled that out in front of him Yeah, and then he got hyped up and you you know It was like, you know, you see what these box making my biggest thing to do like the pfl everyone's like, oh shawn Like you why do you talk so highly of pfl and bill to elect? I want everybody to win competition Competition is fucking good. I want good for everybody johnny eblom. Yes. He's my boy. He's a beast Oh, I fucking love johnny. I'm one of the best 185 pounders on earth. Fuck dude. Me and johnny eblom have wars man I fucking love the guy. I want him to fucking make money. I want I want pf. I want saudi bussai to win the championship it's like People are so brand loyal and I i'm a company man, but it's like I love in and out dude I fucking love me something in and out fucking loving it out But like I also want five. I don't really like five guys, but I like five guys. It's too greasy, bro See greasy two degrees. Yeah, interesting, but I want to give you jalapenos and bacon This is the grid the fries. You're like mush. They're great. But like great, but like what a communist five guys Fuck is going on. Yeah, but what i'm saying though, right? So I want five guys. I want five guys to lower their prices I want them to fucking steal in and out on competition. I want competition man. America's based off competition Yes, you know and that's probably not of competition guys. Agreed So support, you know what I would say is support belt or support pfl If you're a fighter support one support everybody one fc, you know, yeah, yeah, it's better for everybody I like I love that broad tang guy. I do that guy's up. Whoo He's fun to watch bro. I watch that guy always hype me up. He's just like fucking yeah Oh, he's a little animal when you're this fucking big, you know things hurt a little bit less This is some reality to that for sure yeah, but it's like watching a woman just way fucking better He's a bad motherfucker. I hate watching women fights by the way god I love that mighty mouse fight with him. I really love that fight That's a wild idea like have one one round muay thai second round mma. Yeah, I mean I like that But I just just stick to muay thai, dude Well, that would be good for him to just stick to muay thai But I love the fact that mighty mouse took that challenge on it. I love that Well, it'd be cool just to be like why does it have to be like hey, I need to beat you I'm a you are a kickboxer. You are an mma fighter. It's two fucking different sports, right? Yeah, but it's like exciting to see like let's see what happens See if he could survive the first round and just pure muay thai no takedowns No, and I think that clown show is that jake paul, man. It's just a fucking clown show What are they doing? Is he still fighting ideas that's still going on? Oh that one Yeah, I thought because he's got a pfl contract as well, right? Yeah, so I think he's gonna fight in pfl No, dude, he's one of those guys. Maybe so man. They just they game the system so well He's such a smart dude like clever All that fucking money from tick tock and just like he the motherfucker the guy and everyone's the guys fighting anderson silva The guy's in there, you know, but the last and tommy fury tom who the fuck is tommy fury tommy fury can box When's the last time tommy fury boxed before he fought jake paul? He fought it. Yeah, but he's like four months before that Yeah, but it's a thing you're saying but he he's skilled bro. He's a part-time fighter He was like did on a reality tv show like Like I would fuck some guy. I would fuck tommy fury up like I would fucking put hands on him and paul But like what i'm saying. Yeah, he's a good looking dude, man. I don't fucking know. I don't know Have you thought about doing straight boxing? Uh, i've been like i've had guys talk to me like dude, you would fucking cuz I What you really enjoy right? Yeah, like boxing. You don't throw a lot of kicks I know you have real good jujitsu, but you it's not like you're taking guys down and submitting them If uh, if the money was right and someone's like, hey, we'll pay you this money to box Yeah, fuck that dude, but you know, everything is money, dude I'd fucking joe rogan if somebody fucking came here and put a fucking A million dollars on this table right now instead of attack joe rogan I would attack joe rogan and deal with the court case later as your special forces guys coming Yeah, well, I think you got some real amazing opportunities coming in in the ufc And then if something opens up for a boxing match, but either way, dude, i'm not the paul guys You're size. Yeah, i'm not poor which is nice. Yeah, that fucking pool. It's nice, right? Dude, not being poor you guys is so nice. I mean ro fucking rogan has that like go fuck yourself money Rogan has the fucking I don't have to do shit for the rest of my life money, but you're still doing shit, bro I applaud you for that. Yeah, you gotta still do shit. Well problem is we stopped doing shit Just become a lazy old sack of shit Yeah, your brain starts going but the beautiful thing about having money is now you don't have to think about it Now just do what you enjoy doing. So I just do what I always do Is it weird that you could just wake up and just like I want to buy a motorcycle. I don't give a fuck Yeah, it's weird like there's nothing you could think about like I want to go buy an airplane I can buy a fucking airplane Yeah, but that's when it gets wild like when people start buying houses and airplanes because like then you'll run out of money Yeah, yeah, you could run out of money But I mean you could be a billionaire but you can go buy like a three hundred thousand dollars cessna and give no fucks Yeah, yeah. Fuck is it weird? It's weird. Yeah, especially growing up poor. It's very weird. Yo black rifle guys But But I don't think about money that what what i've done with it i've recognized okay, that's an aspect of my life that's covered So let's just not make any decisions based on only on money Whereas when I was younger or me like when I hosted fear factor, I was like, oh, it's good money. I'll do it I would never do anything like that No, it's like I don't want to do anything just for money So now I just do things that I really enjoy your kids. They're gonna work or you're gonna be like a hundred percent. Yeah A hundred percent. Yeah. Yeah, you listen. This life is not if you just give people everything fucking ruins They ruin some fucking ruins them. They're when the lottery when you're 18 your life is gonna be hell Yeah, you're gonna you're gonna build a business and all of a sudden your kids just fucking ruin their kids drug addicts It just seems look at hunter biden. Yeah, they found coke in the white house. Fuck. See that they really They shut the white house down. They found cookie in the white house after he visited. I think it's hilarious They're trying to cover this. Would you vote if it was trump versus biden? Would you vote for trump? Or would you just not vote? I would vote for trump over biden. I said that before I said that before i'd vote for trump over biden But I voted for libertarian in the last election. My man. I voted joe jorgensen in the last election Yeah, I think I think robert kennedy has a real good shot I think it has a real good shot and we're more than a year away from the election I think people are waking up like even the fucking I was watching this um The press secretary get grilled today all the different journalists are starting to act like journalists. Fuck you, right? They're going after asking her all these questions about these these fucking emails And these whatsapp chats that show that there's like very clear Bribery going on. Yeah, fuck pay to play man. She's trying to like i'm not going to get into that I'm not going to talk about business, you know, it's only businesses about america though Like and then on the same joe or fucking joe biden like talking about oh you would need a plane to take on the government like americas are such fucking pussified we're like americans are so fucking pussified dude that like It's like it is factual that we have sold this country is factual that we lied for iraq like we've done so much fucked up shit It's not we It's giant corporations that can lie to people in order to make money But as americans we all sit there and be like haza who's next? But we didn't we don't know what's going on. That's the problem is the media's bought and paid for but we do know what's going on Now we know now we know what was going on But even then what do you think's gonna happen in the next election? We're gonna they're gonna find some other stews on the democrat republican party. We're gonna vote for him and the cycle continues We'll see. Yeah, no, that's fucking damn. Sure. Dude. Fucking hey guys. Listen, i'm down for the revolution. Rogan's down for revolution guys Let's go fucking storm the cap. It'll be fun Congratulations on your fight and uh, I really look forward to seeing you next time you're in there against anybody and everybody whoever it is Let's go. I'm a fan. Hey, man. I'm pseudo