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Katt Williams is a stand-up comic and actor. His new comedy special will stream live on Netflix from the YouTube Theater in Inglewood, California as part of Netflix Is A Joke Fest on May 4, 2024 at 7PM PDT/10PM EST.www.kattwilliamslive.comhttps://www.netflixisajokefest.com/artists/katt-williams Learn more about your ad choices. Visit podcastchoices.com/adchoices

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What's up? How are you? I can't believe we never met each other until today. That's kind of crazy. It's really weird. It's kind of crazy. It was always like at the store like, Katt was here last night and I'm like, fuck, it was always two ships in the night. Right. I would, I would see you and not be able to get to you. Like comedy is small, but only if you're mediocre. This big is a vast, vast place. It's vast and it's also small because there's so few of us. In worldwide, we were talking about this the other day. There's maybe 500 of us on the planet. You know, you got to be real generous and say 500 because it's really probably about 250. Right. But legit comics. Guys you wanna hang out with? Guys who are fun. Guys who your numbers going down. Your numbers going down. Your numbers going down. Guys who you'd recommend, leave your house, get a babysitter. The numbers going down. It's not a lot of people. Right. You think about the billions and billions of people on the planet. There's a little smidgen of us. Well, as children, we all take to talking with ease. And so the fact that later on in your life, you'd be one of the people that could say I talk for a living is an amazing honor. It's amazing. Even if you look a thousand years back. Yeah, especially today. Did you be able to talk for a living? Oh my God. And that's a problem also with what we do is that everybody can talk. [2:00] So they see you talking. I could do what he's doing. Right. He's just up there talking. And the better you do it, the easier it looks, which is part of the trap. Yeah, it's part of the trap. It looks like he doesn't think about what he says. He just says stuff, but you couldn't be as accurate. No, no. And then there's hanging around with comics and getting to know about shit like their electric rolls, Royces. Hahaha. get to know about shit like their electric rolls, roises. Right. Right, if Satan hits me, just know I'm hitting the back immediately. You're going to know about it if I've never heard. Yeah, the electric specter, I think is insane. Other things insane. Just the way the doors open up, the way the doors close, we touch the brakes. Totally silent for the price point, it would have to be perfect. And the whole thing is it is. And that's what you're trying to do in any genre. [3:00] You're trying to find that thing that is flawless in that genre. Right. And that's it. That's the Rolls Royce. Never had one else. Right. Well, because it's important to you that you be grounded in the important ways. So I can see you not having not had a Rolls Royce. I've had four, five. I'm not opposed to it. It's just the idea of it to me is like, don't do that. For me, you know, I'm always like, damn, get away from that. Right, right. I'm also crying. Well, see, you see what I mean? Yeah, because we live vicariously through these things. And it's been that way for all of humankind. I'm saying it was still like that for the Roman and his chariot. Oh, yeah. Like that's how he felt. That's how horsemen feel about that ride. You know, like transportation and people have a love story. [4:05] Yeah, that's really the only object that I'm really into. Like I'm into vehicles. I'm into mechanical vehicles. Right. There's like something about mechanical vehicles that just speak to me. I love them. I love looking at them. I love sitting in them. I love driving them. It's just like it's one of the things that people say like money can't buy you happiness. That's definitely true. If you're fucked up, you're not gonna get happier if you get rich. But if you're already reasonably happy and you get afford a nice muscle car, God damn you'll feel happier. You'll feel happier. But every time. Every time you do. So what I'm saying is when I got the 67 Chevy Camaro, I needed no other cars. I was complete. When I got the Grand National, you couldn't tell me anything. There was nothing on the highway that was of my ilk, but I've felt that way 12, 13 times. [5:04] That's what makes it real love. Yeah, they give you real joy every time you drive them. And you feel like that character in that movie. Fuck yeah. Yeah. Yeah, you drive in 1970. She felt like John Wick. Yeah, it's a sacred, sacred place. There's music there. There's recklessness, but there's safety. You know, it's like it gets to the essence of a being. And I think it's a thing that won't exist 100 years from now. I think automated driving will be mandatory. I really do. I don't, I think we're about 100 years away. 100 years away from no, no personal automobiles. No control of your vehicle. We're gonna stop all crashes. We can stop all crashes and all highway deaths. Come on, Kat, won't you contribute and give up all your rights to drive? We're gonna stop all death. Yes, but understand that all of these things [6:04] have financial benefits and then they use those perks you just mentioned to get you in. But yeah, I believe that it'll be mandatory. But for practical reasons, like this thing where the police want you and they have to chase you and you may get away, those days are done. Yeah, there's a shock to car off. Yeah, your car is going to do what they tell it to do. Yeah. Just get behind this patrol car and follow us to the station. Dispetulation that they've had that for a long time, you know. There was that famous journalist Michael Hastings, those are names. This is journalists. I don't know if you know this story, but it's pretty crazy. This guy went to Afghanistan. So Afghanistan with the troops. And he was only supposed to be there writing a Rolling Stone article about this general for a very short amount of time. But then there was the volcano in Iceland. And the volcano in Iceland stopped air travel. [7:02] So this journalist from the Rolling Stone was embedded in this troop and they started talking shit. And he started reporting, the shit that they were talking, including disparaging comments that the general had said about Obama. So the general gets back, he has to retire. He has to, you know, it's the Rolling Stone expose, it's a big deal because everybody loves this general. So here we're talking about Michael Hastings guy is on the run and he's terrified. He's telling people if I commit suicide, I did not kill myself, people are threatening my life. And then he's going down La Brea and his car is going like 120 miles an hour and just slams into a tree and explodes. And there's a video footage of it. This dude is just flying down the street, hits a tree and the car explodes. And they ask security experts at that time. I think there's like 2005, 2004, 2005. Is it possible to control a vehicle remotely? [8:08] They said does your vehicle have a computer? Your vehicle has a computer they can control it period There's a way and they know that and they've been doing that for this is 2010 so this is 14 fucking years ago easy peasy if they could do that then what can they do now? Let's just shut your fucking car right off Oh, well how's the article in 2010 if the accents in 2013? Well the article came out first and exposed Macrystal. Oh, oh the Rolling Stone article I thought you meant the article on the. If you actually do reading about Tesla, see that's the thing, Joe. That's why I love history so much because once you find out that this world is a circle, you can never get lost. Like you can look at certain things [9:01] and it'll tell you what's gonna happen later, like with amazing accuracy. Yeah, like that's how I knew that things like what you showed me with hastings that those were real things. It's not, they've always been real. Everybody who has ever been killed in one of those ways. There was a financial benefit to it. It was obvious. It was easy. You know where it came from. It's just that they do a good job. But how is that difficult if that's your job? Like they do this, they do this really well. They do it worldwide. And so this guy fucked with the worst person you could fuck with. A high ranking beloved general who's in charge of train killers who love him and you don't think he could put one of those dudes on you with a coffee meeting just have a sit down at Starbucks with no phones on you and let me explain what's going on. [10:01] A shadow government is no more difficult than a government. Yeah And so none of that you don't have to get elected. It's even better Even nicer they stay for a long time They can mean think about J Edgar Hoover. How long did that motherfucker stay in power for he was running the FBI We're in a dress for three. Because of what you just discussed. Like, like, there are, that, that's why I can speak with impunity about the illuminati because I know who you would have to be in order for what I'm saying to bother you. Number one. Number two, I know your big secret. I know that you're not the illuminati I am. So you can't be illuminated. You're too dark. But the difficulty is getting people to believe something that they don't want to believe. And in each of these cases this is where the money is. If you're just [11:06] a capitalist it is find something, establish a value for it and make sure that that includes your profit and make sure people really want it. It's very fundamental. Also, if you're running corporations and you're making billions dollars, you're going to get bored. What's the ultimate game? The ultimate game is a run the whole world. Do you know what the ultimate game is Katt? We have an overpopulation problem Katt. Yeah. It's an overpopulation problem. And we're going to be able to mitigate that with vaccines. We're going to be able to mitigate that with healthcare. We're going to figure that out. We're going be able to mitigate that with healthcare. We're gonna figure that out. We're gonna get rid of a bunch of people. We used to be able to do it with neglect and it was called nature's way. Right. You know, like, like whatever was ailing you, it wasn't ailing everybody in the world. The Chinese didn't have it because they had [12:00] 6,000 herbs, 6,000 years ago and knew what each one did. You know, like, you know, people are very resistant to that when they don't realize that almost all pharmaceutical drugs come from plants. You can't be against the original. Yeah, it's ridiculous. That's government propaganda working on you. That's like when they, remember when they had Maranol, when they were making weed illegal and the people were going through cancer and their doctors were prescribed and weed for chemotherapy. So they gave a marinal. Do you remember that, Chet? It's like a synthetic version of weed that's terrible. I, but, but terrible is subjective to nothing. But terrible is subjective to nothing. So they have this oil-like cannabis that is for people having seizures. And it's the only thing that will stop a seizure. Yeah, it's incredible. But here's the thing. [13:03] The fact that there is a God is the biggest conversation worldwide, but the truth of the matter is there is more reason for you to believe there is a God than there is for you to not. Like, the way that things interact, like if we're just talking about marijuana or alcohol or whatever that is. You have to understand that this thing serves no other purpose than to bring pleasure to this small group of beings. And the fact that it already was set up to do that, the fact that it was already set up on this planet for there to be medicines for us to find it, you to lies. And you said, I'm saying it's not like, oh, yeah. So he made a cow. No, to make a cow, it means you had to also have made grass. And it means you would have had to have invented [14:02] a whole new eating system for this animal, which was cudd. And that means you would then have to have given them three stomachs to be able to, and you would have to have known that he was going to then emit a gas that was going to be necessary on the planet. Like, none of these things are the fact that everything goes together is how you know. It's pretty wild. And every time we step in and fuck with it, it goes haywire. Right. Every time human beings do it. Predictably haywire. Haywire. Right. But that's part of the benefits of free will. Is you really can jump into a volcano, dude. Damn. Haywire. You really can't. I mean, think about what we've done in wildlife. The craziest thing in this country, especially right here, is pigs. We've got wild pigs everywhere and there's so many of them. I went to a friend of mine's farm, or was it like a ranch to hunt wild pigs? [15:01] And you just hear them like Lord of the Rings characters and the bushes and there's 150 of them near you, 250 of them, thousands on the ranch, they're all over the place and they have three litters a year and they start having litters when they're six months old. They just pump out piglets, let's go. You can tell they're not delicious. They are delicious. Oh, well then here we go then. We don't really have. We don't really have a problem then, really. No, we have a we need to eat pig's problem. No, we need to be sending this off somewhere to someone who does. Well definitely we should. That would be an easy way to solve a lot of hunger problems. I'm saying we live in a country where we're complaining about food sources. It's a good point. These chickens are pecking us to death. They're everywhere. I can't eat them. Yeah, but they're delicious, right? Yeah, you have more chickens. Yeah, for sure. Yeah, we do have an over abundance problem for sure. We really do. But the [16:05] pick thing is a wild one. It's hard to get them. Like you got to, they're very smart and they spread out and they're so fucking many of them, they shoot with helicopters. They're like, I haven't been invited three times since I moved here to go shoot pigs out of a helicopter. But that's part of the reason that you came to Texas. The freedom. Texas is a place of great adventure. Yeah. And people who believe in that. Yeah. It's really God's country in the right places. It is in the right places. I think you're going to have annoying people everywhere you go in this world. But in general, I think the people here overall are nicer, they're friendlier and they're not captured. They're not captured by the ether of Hollywood. That they haven't been sucked into the vortex of ideological thinking and just that weirdness of that town. So when you escape that and just be around regular people, [17:02] you're like, oh, people are right. I'm just been in a sane asylum. You're looking for a girlfriend. You have to be in a place where you're around good people, like normal people. That's better for you. You're not trying to say that people that happen to live there are not nice people. There's a lot of nice people there. For sure. There's the thing. Hopefully we can agree that the problem is with extremes. Yeah. Extreme anything. Yeah. Extreme left is as vicious and as far right. Yep. It's, you know, the middleness of it all that makes America great. Of course. And Texas has been front and center of that forever. I think a big part of it though is how much does your government control you? Even when things don't even make sense. Like in California, they made flavored vapes illegal. [18:00] Can you imagine you were strawberry mist is our number one problem? That was fine, but they let it also hurt black people in that it counted menthol as a flavor and hurt new port So you can't sell menthol cigarettes in California, right? They have their own cigarettes They have non-mint-thal new ports. It's terrible. Why do black people like menthol so much? What's out about? It's a totally different type of cigarette. You're gonna get me canceled. Oh, this is very racist, this conversation, even though neither of us are. Go figure it out. Just talking about a type of cigarette that people are saying, just saying, why do black people like Newport so much and a black person actually getting ready to answer this. Oh, it's terrible on all ends. I don't think it is. Well, I don't think it is either because we have a news story. It's like if you started asking me about spaghetti, I'm not going to get offended. You started asking me about Italian food and why are Italian people so loud? [19:02] I'm not going to get offended. How many people have ever died of pasta related illnesses? A lot, Joe. A lot of fatso's out there kicking the bucket, bro. That's not because of pasta. That's an overabundance of carbohydrates, sir. They were gonna be fat wherever they lived, sir. Maybe. That's an overabundant. That's gonna be great bread eaters and delicious carbohydrate food. Delicious like a standard food they couldn't stop it people are addicted to food like they're addicted to anything If there's a thing that I could ever be addicted to it's that right that's all of us though all of us and what a blessing Yeah, we have so much starving people aren't addicted to anything and they don't have food related illnesses But back to where we were yeah Exactly. Exactly. But back to where we were. Yeah. You were asking me about that. The last question is the right. I just meant all cigarettes. Oh, that's right. And the answer is, we value strength in product. So there's this whole thing with liquor and malt liquor and [20:10] difference between the two and one is richer and stronger. Oh, more potent version. Right. And as a, as the people, we tend to go with those products. Things are stronger. That makes sense. Right. Like before things were called concentrate. We tend to go with those products. Things are stronger, that makes sense. Right, like before things were called concentrate. Yeah. That's what we appreciate. That makes sense. Concentrate. And the fact that, um, menthol is a natural thing. So, you know, anybody who is from the south knows about mint plants. And menthol used is a skincare product, like injuries and shit. Right, like you appreciate that as a flavor profile. [21:01] Right. That makes sense. The mint julep. It's just telling people they can't have that anymore. Who the fuck are you? That's my position. Well, and that's a noble position and we appreciate the fact that you represent that, but the truth of the matter is not pretty. And the truth of the matter is that most people would like to be controlled more by their government if they make it easier. Most people are all for government control as long as they don't have to discuss it. As long as it works in their favor, they'll give up a lot of rights. And then hopefully the next administration that's right there, generally worthless at the time. Yeah. Well, there's a lot of people that if the government can make life easy, a lot of people have it hard, right? So the government comes and says, I'm going to make it easier for you, but I'm going to need certain requirements of you. I'm going to need you to have a digital ID. [22:00] That digital ID would be attached to a social credit score. And we're gonna give you universal basic income. You no longer have to worry about food or shelter. You'll be taken care of, and now you can pursue your dreams. Is this the mark of the base? Yeah, I think it is. Right, that's the whole thing, is it's never been difficult at any point in history. Like, like we got to do right now, that's telling you front and center that I put a computer in somebody's head. Right. Like yeah. And everybody's going yeah. It's the greatest thing in the world, sir. Yeah. But we understood this 15, 20, 25 years ago. We understood while watching Tron or while watching Cyborg, we understood that there was just this small line medically that needed to be crawled in order for us to be able to do these things. Like if you can hook a battery up to an octopus and make it go like this, you're halfway [23:02] there. Yeah. Why? Because this is a machine that we have. It's a biological machine, right? And what you understand it, you understand it. Yeah. And you can fuck with that machine. You could juice it up, you could fucking get it stronger, you could get it smarter. This is a lot of things with that machine. This is what the Anunnaki said. This is how you know that these are not made up things from people's imagination because everything is too factual. Like this necklace, right? People online were like, is that Buddhist or this or that? It's none of that. Like I just try to find the answers to things so our shipwheel I designed this because this is that thing that you see that all the Anunnaki guys that have that look like a rich watch and they always have it and you're always trying to see what that is it is a time and it's a compass. [24:06] It's a time keeping compass. That's what that was? Yeah, so that's what made the carrier of great importance because he was able to do things that were magical in nature, like go somewhere and get right back. Like, you know what I mean? The thing on the wrist was a compass, a time keeping compass. Yeah. Right. So you had to believe in things that didn't exist at some point, like Right. That's how like, if you were to read like thousands of books about people that [25:11] knew a bunch of shit, like you started finding out that it's not really about knowing anything, it's about where to go to get the information. You know what I mean? So like when we look at all the ruins all around the world like we don't see a ruins of colleges and universities and all of that We're seeing temples and synagogues and churches and But people don't understand that that's where that information was coming from for that period of time when we went to these temples they weren't in there singing and reading from a book they were in there being taught things that they were able to go put into practice you see what I'm saying like they were being taught [26:01] our agriculture you know what I mean like they were being taught our agriculture, you know what I mean? Like they were being taught. Yeah. Yeah. They had some very bizarre knowledge too. They had a detailed knowledge of cosmology. They had a really detailed knowledge of our solar system. 100% of the writings across the world, whoever said anything about space or the universe or what was out there. Why were all of them correct, Joe? It's not even possible. Like, how did they know that Mars was the red planet and why was it a worldwide fact? Planetarily, the Saturn had rings like based upon what information because nobody worldwide is disagreeing. Nobody's like, oh, I thought of this or I, it came to me in a drink. Nobody's saying that anywhere in anybody's civilization, everybody's civilization says this information came [27:08] from the people that came from there. Yeah. Like there are no coincidences. Well, they know that Mars used to have an atmosphere. Mars used to have an atmosphere, used to have water. Something happened to its environment. If that's correct, then there's a guy right now saying he's gonna put people up there. Yep. Exactly. It started all over again. 50 years ago, there was no water in our whole universe. Let them tell it. Now there's been water almost everywhere. There's water on the moon for kind of you familiar with the younger dryest impact theory? Do you know what that is? Say what is. The Younger Dryas Impact Theory is a theory that Earth goes through a cycle of like comet storms every June and every November and most of the time nothing happens. But every now and again we get hit. We get hit big and they think we got hit big 11,800 plus years ago and that that had [28:04] to restart civilization and that what you're seeing from like massive atami all these people 6,000 years later they think that is a rebuilding of civilization that was already like just whispers and stories and tales and then they rebuilt it again thousands of years later but if you go back to like 11,800 BC 11,800 years ago you're you're dealing with what we thought were hundred gathers and now we know they weren't. Now we know they built complex stone structures. And the real speculation is they think that the people who built the pyramids built them way earlier than the conventional dating is. They think there's real evidence in children. 9,000, 11,000 years old. Easy. No people built the pyramids. No people. No, who built them? No people built the pyramids. And if you and if you look around the world, you see certain tail-tailed things that let you know that advanced machinery was in usage. Look, there. [29:03] This whole thing where slaves are stronger people is a fallacy. We like to believe that slaves are stronger. Slaves are weaker because they don't eat the right food and they live a terrible life. The slave population is not smarter and better conditioned. Well, then let's do something to do. They stopped thinking that quite a while ago. It's not smarter and better condition. Well then, last year, I'm slaving the juice. They stopped thinking that quite a while ago. They think it was actually skilled labor because the way they were eating, they found what their camps were, where their food was. They ate like very good food. So they think they were actually skilled labor, but also probably forced skilled labor. But that's probably not the people built it. That's probably the people that were working on it. That's probably not the people built it. That's probably the people that were working on it. That's probably the people that worked in the village or in the city. How many companies have done renovations on the White House? None of them have done enough renovation that they can claim it's their White House. So yes, thousands of years worth of people were there. [30:04] But that doesn't have anything to do with the building of it. Who do you think built it? Well, understand, we know enough now to understand that this was a complex. This was not... Right. We've been led to believe that this is how much they worshipped their dead bodies. Right. But the evidence doesn't show any of that. No, I don't. Like when you see inside, when they have those intricate carvings and paintings and stuff and gold and stuff, you have to remember this is in a windowless room folks. There's no candle, soot, there's no. This, it's clearly a power plant and built specifically for that location on this planet for... What do you think it was powered by? The hot water springs underneath it. [31:02] So it was powered by the hot water springs and to put what to what end. How do you know all this first of all? Is this marijuana talk? I don't think so. This is, where did you read this? If you follow information about humankind, you find out that in all parts of history, people were coming to this region for their information and their knowledge and their things that were forbidden and there. These were not the highest of human civilization. Not even comparable to anyone else no more sense nor sense now or yeah, no sense right the great pyramid giezes insane Right like it's like even Tesla says that this is where he came to get the information But if you follow that information pathway [32:01] It leads you to this character called thoughts right and the emerald tablets of thoth are literally mind changing and mind blowing just because you understand when this was written and the terminology being used is, when was it written? VAR to accurate for now. So, I'm sure that, here it is. Emerald tablet. Here it is. Emerald tablet. Also known as the smart-dine tablet or the tabula smar-dina. Oh, I fucked that up. It's a compact schismagist. [33:03] Acryptic hermetic text. It was highly regarded by Islamic and European alchemists as the foundation of their art. Though attributed to the legendary Hellenistic figure, Hermes Tras, Tris Meghuse, how do you say it, bro? How'd you say it? Tris Majestus. Tris Majestus. The text, the Emerald Tablet, first appears in a number of early medieval Arabic sources, the oldest of which dates to the late eighth or early ninth century. It was translated into Latin several times in the 12th and 13th centuries, numerous interpretations and commentaries followed. So what does it say, though? The Egyptian God Thoth. Okay, it says, beginning in the second century BC onwards, Greek texts attributed to Hermes, a syncredic combination of Greek God Hermes and the Egyptian God Thoth appeared in Greco-Roman Egypt. Those texts known as the Hermetica are heterogeneous collection of works that in the modern day era are commonly subdivided [34:02] into two groups. The technical, Hermmetica, compromising of astrological, medical, botanical, alchemical, and magical writings, and the religio, philosophical, hermetica, comprising of mystical, philosophical writings, holy shit. Is this weed talk, Joseph? No, this is so legit. It was so legit, my man. So this dude was probably an alien. Dude, Joseph? No, this is so legit. So legit, my man. So this dude was probably an alien. Dude, first of all, there are no probably. Yeah. That's the benefit once you hear it or read it. Is the fact that it's given in first person and that's not possible. The things that are being said are impossible. Enough time has passed though that is not like that but I'm gonna read that he literally says hey there's spaceship on earth and this is where it is because if all you care about is [35:02] information right like that's what you start to see is when you get to All you care about is information, right? Like, that's what you start to see is when you get to everybody's civilization, Asian, Indian, African. When you get to the crux of their information, nobody's disagreeing with anybody. Right. If you figured out how the fuck they did it, if there was any logical explanation that people could have done it, I would be on board. I'd be like, no, okay. But there aren't any people saying that. In human beings can't, there are, it's possible if you had enough power and you had enough engineering and mathematics that you could figure out how to design and construct the pyramid. Yes. But then the logistical problem of getting the stones from hundreds of miles away, massive, massive, several tons up to 80 tonne stones. [36:01] Joe, that's crazy. If you, even if you could do it, let me ask you this, would you build it on sand? I don't think it was originally sand. So that's the thing. Right. This was a fertile valley. Yeah, it was. Yeah. That's the real one. They had electric and Wi-Fi and they had all of that. They probably did. And that's probably where the young Gerdriss impact theory comes in. The greatest trick is to make us believe that people back then were a dumber and were smarter. And that whole thing is a fallacy. Yeah, that's definitely not real. But it's worth it for us to believe that. I think we are the children of the survivors of some great catastrophe. And I think that's why every single... Not everybody. Typical scholar. What? Not everybody. Some people. What do you mean? Are that? Some people are the survivors? Right. [37:01] Well, I mean, most human beings probably got wiped out in common storms. And I think we probably got, there's been points in history that they know of where human beings got down to like 7,000 people. Who's counting them? I think they use genetics and they backtrace and they try to find individuals that were capable of having X amount of children. I wonder how they do the calculations. It's a good question. The things in Hollywood and in writing that have attracted our attention worldwide were all based on some truth. So all the stories of hobbits have been successful in all of their genres. Why? Because they existed. Like, we now know that they were whole pick me groups and that, you know, we understand that that's what the seven dwarves was. Yeah. Like that island of Flores, man, that they found. That they literally call it a hobby. [38:03] It was like a three foot tall person that was covered in hair, smaller head than us, use tools as a preteen. I knew that Atlantis really existed just because of how it was spoken of offhandedly. Just that it was barely writings. Well, not just mentioned, but mentioned offhandedly, like you would a place that's just a landmark. We landed in New York before we went to Montreal. We were in Austin by Dallas. Right. Exactly. Yeah. Yeah. Have you ever seen the guy that thinks that they found the spot in Africa? What is that the ring called? [39:03] The Jimmy Corsetti is he's on this this dude is an expert in this shit he's an expert in ancient catastrophes and the remnants and the evidence that shows that the civilizations existed and something happened and he's focused on this one area in Africa that he believes is Atlantis and he says it has all the hallmark characteristics and there's all the evidence of massive water erosion surrounding the area that at one point in time it's very likely that this area got hit with a massive flood and it matches all the characteristics of Atlantis when you see it when you see see the way the concentric circles of rings, like try explaining this, you're gonna see it. And try explaining this through a natural phenomenon that doesn't exist anywhere around it. Right. concentric circles that is near what used to be water and there's heavy water erosion marks all around it [40:02] that indicate massive amounts of quick flowing water in a very short period of time. Right. Yeah, I forget it's called, but I know exactly where it is. It's right here. That's it. Look at that thing. Bro, are you fucking kidding me? The reshot structure. That's it. The reshot structure. I mean, are you fucking kidding me? Now imagine if that was this massive city of concentric circles and walls and a thriving population and then it gets hit with this water you could see the water erosion all over the place The whole thing looks like it's washed out see yeah? Yeah. It looks like it was washed out because it was. Right. That's salt I believe. But that's what it makes. There's salt there. That's the other thing. Between this and the Garden of Eden locations, like these are the two, these are two of the great landmarks in human history. [41:07] Where's the Garden of Eden? Well, when you read the stories, right, the thing that strikes you is that it's so specific, like it says things in talking about the Garden of Eden, that, wait a minute, if I can't find what you're talking about, this isn't even real. You see what I'm saying? Like where the Garden of Eden was, there's I think four rivers that come from it. And then it names two of them. Like, I don't want to be specific because at least he's gonna bring it up But it's like the Nile and the Euphrates right right so you know two of them and it's saying you know Where the four meet this is where it is and [42:02] Yeah, my whole life I was like Um, yeah, my whole life I was like, uh, this is really weird because I want period of time we're thinking no flood happens. There's so many things that have lined up from these great religious books. Yeah, where we can see that. No, something happened to hear something happened. And these are stories of people telling stories that have been told of them for about a thousand years. But this is why right. This is why they were you're not producing what you're using. But these world mysteries, like, that's harder to do. A lie is not something that people are going to repeat for generations on generations. [43:05] It's being repeated like that because people have reason to believe it to be true. And as you go through history, you see that those are the stories that we still talk about, but they're still valid. Like the, there were writings that the African dogon tribe is like, like, like, from like the serious star system. Like they're saying very specific things. And for hundreds of years, we're going, you guys are idiots. You don't know what you're talking about, right? Like somebody will have a fake star story. Right. You see are idiots. You don't know what you're talking about, right? Like somebody will have a fake star story. Right. You see? Right. And now we get to the point where we can actually see what they were talking about. What if we find out that we're aliens? That we were just dropped off here. A long ass hom- the Adam and Eve story [44:01] is the story of the place where they created us. I'm sure we're the only people in the universe that think like that. You think so? Why do you think that? No portion of humankind's story differs from that. It's all creation story. Like if you go, that's why NASA and Space Force are not more forthcoming because the further you get in space, the more obvious shit is. Like once you're up there and you're looking down, this shit doesn't look like there is no God. It looks like you're in the middle of somebody's workshop and they just showed you every single way that every star can be made, every single way. A planet can be made every way that a black hole [45:00] can be a galaxy, a universe, and then showed you the best and the best. It's the spot. I mean, in our solar system, we're the best neighborhood that's ever existed. They all suck every other planet sucks. Where root of entry enough that we still require environmental help. Right, until you get that chip. Once you get that chip. It would be like saying people that didn't learn how to ride horses, they were slow. Like they couldn't run fast enough, so they got horses. Right. No, I didn't have anything to do with that. Better is better. That's really what it's going to be. Better is better. We're all going to integrate. Like we would have told you 30 years ago that we wouldn't need a space force unless we went up there and found something. I think [46:03] the space force, the idea is that they're worried about someone else being in space first with weapons flying around. You mean us? Yeah. Well, if we can do it, they can do it. That's the thing. Who is they? Whoever it is. No. China. There's only human kind and alien. Oh, I agree. Right. The problem is, this is what we really need. We really need this neural link to lock us all together so everybody could read everybody's mind. That's what's going to happen and then there's going to be no more leaders. There's going to be no more governments. You're being very controversial right now. Okay, so look that that is better. That exists already. So just understand that the worldwide government is way smarter than we give them credit for because they have us believing they don't do nothing. But the truth is like, like there's no such thing as the government is in bed with the internet. No, the internet is a government installation [47:08] that they allowed the world to use for free so that they could have the information willingly because you're on it. That's what it became. Exactly. That's what it was. It was a progression. You think so? Yes. The progression of technology oftentimes leads itself to like even cell phones. At first it was Michael Douglas walking on the beach in Wall Street looking amazing with that brick carrying that big brick. Look at that guy. He's got a phone with no cord. He's out on the beach. This is insane. To everybody having a phone with no cord. He's out on the beach. This is insane. To everybody having a phone. But not to everybody, because those in the Ham Radio community and people with the C-B's, they didn't feel like that was cutting edge because it really wasn't. Like, it's still cutting edge. This is the walk around with a device. [48:02] It's a leap in technology. Here's the thing. When you look at all of our inventions, that's when you know that these space encounters were real because we only have advancement in a couple of industries in the world and everything else is nothing. So like the microwave that they had 30 years ago, it looks the same as the same microwave now. Why? Because it was done as a military thing. It was supposed to be a weapon. And then they found out, you know, it heats up food and they put a door on it. And so it hasn't changed at all because invention is very difficult. And do you subscribe to the idea that we get back engineered? Absolutely. That's why those leaps, we don't see those leaps in anything else is my point. [49:03] Like, there's so much speculation about the creation of a bunch of different things that came out of RAW as well. Fiber optics. Right, but remember 20 years ago, 15 years ago, this is crazy talk. Crazy talk, but it's not. Like, it's at the point at at this point like Area 51 would have to be doing something They were definitely doing something right and nobody's telling a differing story as to what it is right Like people have great Imaginations all through history they could make up something the only Imaginations all through history they could make up something the only Damning information is if you read three thousand accounts of of these entities and realize Wait a minute. Why is everybody describing the same couple of [50:03] beings right like there's no Right there's no outliers. Like every there's like three different things they describe. Yeah, they describe. They said that the documented eight to 12. We're not talking about English speaking people. We're talking about world wide. Right? Like that's what is striking. Indigenous people in Australia drew them. Yeah. Whoa. Nobody's saying anything outlandish. And that's what you get to when you go religiously or... Well, the alien thing is a bit of a religion to a lot of folks They they don't want to believe it's a necessary component. Yeah, whatever religion you're a part of at some point it says You were contacted that there was a fight in heaven and you know [51:03] Yeah, it's happened and that happened. Yep, every single one of them. Everyone without nobody's telling a different story. Everybody's telling the same stories. Like that's how you know that vagina and gold are universal things because in everybody's story none of these otherworldly entities had any interest in anything other than women and gold right pussy or gold like because and you understand that now, when you start learning about what's in space, because you can see that any element or any commodity that we sell here is abundant in space like trash. You know, they found one meteor that was worth all the money on Earth. [52:07] Yeah. 770 billion. No. Trillion. It was another number. It's a crazy number. Crazy number. Right. Yeah. Wow. Yeah. They know that there's there's spots in space that have abundant minerals that are very valuable. And the thing about the Samaritan story, the Samaritan tech story, real last story, I mean, everyone on a billionaire on this earth. Everyone would be a billionaire. But every person would earn several billion dollars. So it sounds joky, right? But understand, somebody got this contract. Like they broke this up into several worldwide contracts. Like 10,000 quadrillion. It's just there. But here's the thing, if you got that much gold, is gold valuable anymore? Because one of the things about gold is that there's not that much of it. [53:02] You know, if you look at, you've ever seen the number of gold on earth? That's not necessary in capitalism. They showed us that with diamonds, that's true. They could hide. It is about the perception of things. And if I buy up all of something, it is rare now, immediately, just because I have control of all of it. And that is worth killing Tesla over. Mm. And that's why the people are still in business in Hollywood because everything's a commodity. Did you ever heard a Zechariah's Sitchon? Zechariah Sitchon was a biblical scholar who he deciphered the Sumerian texts and he's got an expert in language. And when he deciphered the Sumerian texts and he's like an expert in language and when he deciphered it he might not have been a biblical scholar, might just have been a language expert. But either way he deciphered these texts and wrote these books about the real meaning behind everything they were saying. And he said that the reason why we are so fascinated with gold is that [54:05] the Anunnaki literally would have us mine gold for them because they needed it to protect they were saying. And he said that the reason why we are so fascinated with gold is that the Anunnaki literally would have us mine gold for them because they needed it to protect their atmosphere. So what they would do is take gold, which is very rare in what it does. What gold can do is you take a little piece of gold like this big and coat this entire table. It's real weird. So you could turn into a fine dust and they suspended this fine dust in their atmosphere to protect them from a degrading atmosphere because they were getting global warming or whatever. Everybody that was... He wrote about this in the 70s. It doesn't matter because everybody in Egypt knew it. Like this is where the alchemy, yeah, it's where it all originated. Right. Like we don't even know what they knew. None of those people are saying, hey, I came up with this shit, they're saying. Right, so many gave it to us. Somebody who came from this place here came and told us [55:05] that this is how this goes and this is what this is worth because I'm saying the people that were being abused in the minds going to get the diamonds and what wasn't like that for them it was just them getting these rocks. It's crazy guys gonna pay a day's wages for us to gather rocks. Let's gather them. You know, this is, but when you follow back, it's all about the information and at the top of it, nobody's trying to claim it. Like nobody's saying, right, I invented this. Yeah, that is saying. Right, I invented this. Yeah, that is wild. If, if, if, imagine what this, that's why we're getting most of our shit back engineered stuff they leave for us. We have to figure it out, sort through it. The people that have alien technology, the people that do have an alien craft that they work on, [56:04] what a weird reality you must live in. The whole rest of the world's got guessing. And you got this thing in front of you, like, oh, it's real, we have one. That's true to you. That's how everybody in space for us will have to feel, right? Right, they must. How many of you think, see shit? I'm saying, how do you think Elon Musk really feels? Like, I don't think he's gonna tell you. No, I'm saying in his head, can he still have a superhero? Or is he one of them? You know he's one of them. Like, if you're the richest dude in the world and you're also a super genius, how the fuck do you stop yourself from thinking you're a superhero? That's the big question. No, it's not like that. No, it doesn't have super hero side effects to it. I mean you would probably think like here the more you know the more you know how little you know that's true. There's not a you know what I mean and nobody has ownership of information that that's why reading books moves civilization because like when I say like [57:12] you know I read 3000 books people like yeah right but you know everything in life is about the environment it was grown in the Petri dish right So if I told you that from the time I was eight to the time I was 12, I never celebrated any birthdays. I never went to a birthday party. I never had a Thanksgiving, a Christmas. I never trick or treated. I wasn't allowed to watch movies and I wasn't allowed to watch TV All I could do was read if I told you that then you will understand that for eight hours a day I got eight hours and I can read and I love to read and so I'm reading books that are 250 [58:01] 100 pages and it takes me about an hour to read one. I'm reading ages? I'm reading ages? A day. Yeah, like all I'm doing is reading because that's what... So I'm checking out 20 books, the limit at the library is 20 books at one time. So I'm going Monday, Wednesday and Friday just because this is my thing like. So you're getting 60 books a week? At minimum. Because really? Yeah, yeah, because I'm reading more than that because I still have religious books that I have to read. So understand this is pre-internet first. So understand that in reading one thing that I'm reading right? Right. This one thing that I'm reading is also requiring me to have this appendix book that is the source book that it's telling me is getting these things from. And so I've got four books open at a time [59:10] just for this one book like um but yeah I'm so first I guess between eight and twelve I'm only So first, I guess between 8 and 12, I can read classics and non-fiction. So I'm saying no novels or anything like that. I'm just reading the, like, time life has like 1800 of these individual books on all subjects of the world and so you just spent most your time reading? Not most. All of it. All of your time reading. And then when did it work? That was my thing because like [1:00:08] I was able to be in each of these stories. You follow what I'm saying? And I was getting so much information. Like half of those, I probably had to write a one page report on after. But yeah, that was my whole thing. And the numbers aren't even really accurate because I read more than that because like sometimes I would read something and I wouldn't get it. Like there was this classic book called Little Women that I probably read it four times because I just didn't, I didn't understand it and I knew it was a classic, but I never read it. What's it about? Are you read a gym? Some low women. So kid, I just, I just watched the episode of Kerbera was there talking about it. What is the story? Well, well, I, here's the thing. [1:01:01] Yeah, right, right. Like four sisters think that, Okay, but they they have money and an incredible circumstance, but the thing was I didn't have any sisters. So I didn't have anything to pull from and I didn't have women in my life like that. So yeah, a lot of things I would have to read multiple times for me to get. Right, to try to think how they thought. Yeah, like even like the three musketeers, like I probably read it three times because I, you know, it was so, I read it like the first time to read it, but then the next time I had to read it again, because these characters were really distinct characters. And I couldn't figure out, wait a minute, did this happen really in history? Or was somebody just as good at telling this story of the, [1:02:01] but it's things like that that leads you to the night's Templar story, which leads you to, you know, seeing how things through history have remained. You know what I mean? Like all of that you get from the books. Well history to me has always been the most fascinating thing because you can't Quite imagine it you're trying to imagine you're piecing it together Yeah, listen to these stories and you just sit back. Well, what the fuck was that like? Right, and what is what we create every day? Yeah, yeah, right? Yeah, we're creating the futures version of what the fuck was that like? This this place right here freaks me out the most because this This area specifically this area of Texas the hill country was just all Native Americans forever There's thousands of arrowheads man. Look here's a here's a friend found this on his ranch none [1:03:01] None of those people when we say those people, none of them picked a bad place ever. No. That's when you understand that there's a grid because nobody's holy people pick bad spots. Everybody understood certain things about the area and long before they had X-Ray machines. And if you just went by that in the whole world, you would start to understand, like, the true power of the Vatican and the fact that certain things are based on real shit, like the arc of the covenant and some spooky little story. What do you think it is? It's like a nuclear generator or something like that? What do you think it is? Whatever the nucleus is, that would nuclear lily power something that would have initially been in the pyramids would also have been in the arc of the covenant, which would be the [1:04:04] same thing. Something that you can't fuck with in this radio active and it's very powerful that's why I'm saying nobody's telling any crazy stories my man not globally no no everything we get less crazy every year it gets less crazy every year. It gets less crazy every year Yeah, 20 years ago talking about any of this stuff was straight up nonsense. Yes, but now people are like hold on That's probably what disclosure actually looks like it looks like a slow Trickle integration into the zeitgeist to the point where it's just normal because a lot of times they're right A lot of times it turns out that they were right that no, we couldn't have told people about this because they would have went, and this would have happened, and that would have happened. And you can start to see that. Yeah. That's why when you think about what people have always believed, [1:05:02] that's why angels and devils freak me out. Because no one wants to believe that there's a Satan, that there's a devil. You believe in astronauts, though, right? Yeah. Okay. But people have always said there is. You mean a bad and a good? Yeah, not just a bad and a good, but an actually evil malevolent force. No, just start with bad and good. Okay, so if we started bad and good, then we understand what must be at the extremes of that. Right. Nobody's telling a different story. And then there's a concept of actual entities. Yes. Actual demonic entities that do exist. Well, I'm saying your DNA is either fused or it's not. If it is, it requires a fuser. That's all. A fuser. Right. [1:06:00] What do you mean by that? I'm saying, if they tell you that certain parts of your DNA are fused, that requires a fuser. Do I say that right? I'm not sure. I see what you're saying. The structure to us and everything, all of it, does seem remarkable in a no-mistakes type of way. Yeah. In a synchronic sort of a way. Which flies in the face of the accidental big bang, nothing from nothing way of thinking. And it always has been. Well, that's what I think like in the beginning there was light when they talk about that. If you were going to describe the beginning of the universe, even if you're describing the big bang, which there's a lot of speculation that that [1:07:00] wasn't necessarily the beginning, that there might be a continuous cycle of these events happening over and over again. But if you were talking about a creation story, you would say in the beginning there was light, there was this fucking enormous amount of light created the entire universe. Literally, literally. Right, I think, which is all it says. And here's like, whatever they say that hell or hate is in any of these religions worldwide, it is the perfect description for what a black hole is in real life. It is. You fall through forever. A bottomless pit. Yeah. What time doesn't exist? You fall through forever a bottomless pit. Yeah What time doesn't exist where time does not exist where you don't die, but you don't Where the information like it eats stars [1:08:04] but but how but it eat stars and galaxies all that right but But we can have multiple of them and everything will still be okay The centra that's the flex yeah Yeah, we're fine with them. It's like if you live in Africa you got to do with line. What's this thing? Oh it kills everything Right everything what everything it touches, everything. It's gonna get us eventually, but not now. What do you mean you have to love them? They find them floating around. They find them. They find them floating around. Right. I mean, they notice them. Yeah. They notice that they're out there floating around. Yeah. They found one that's so fucking big. We did this thing, we played a video of how small the earth is and comparison to the sun, how small the sun is and comparison to the giant stars. And how small giant stars are into the most massive, supermassive black hole that they're no currently. It's bananas. Our perfect habitat is so perfect that anyone universally with sense was say, [1:09:08] location location. I think greatest real estate age, whatever. If the moon or the sun were further back, we'd be fucked. Yeah, or closer or closer. Like, like the whole thing is, you know, someone later saying, The whole thing is, you know, someone later saying, do you think Beverly Hills was, I think this was an area they built on purpose? Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha Don't let me oh Just imagine if the moon was slightly smaller Just imagine look imagine the earth was slightly further away from the Sun they know that [1:10:03] It's to the point where it some of it might have been artificially done and they're aware of that they're aware of That true done and they're aware of that. They're aware of the true specific sense of the moon. Right. That's a wild theory. Well, some of it's not theory. Like, I was on that subject as a teenager, but as a grown person is when the thing happened where they hit it with the missile and it rang like a bell, like certain things are... What was the explanation for that? Because it did have some sort of a crazy like... The question is who would offer an explanation right because it wasn't like that they didn't just do it once like all accounts say it rang like a bill for hours and hours and hours imagine if that's a feature for a stable planet, they put there. Well that's how Xbox works, you know, or PlayStation. [1:11:09] I'm an Xbox guy, but I'm saying, you know, you have your gaming system and it just requires that in your Wi-Fi, nearby, and bam, you know, right, things happen. And so many of our things globally, we come by understanding that and the magnetics and dynamics and things that really work. There's a lot of people that think that whatever we're seeing isn't just from another planet but from another dimension, that they're dimensional travelers, that they have access to places that we don't have access to. Those are too primitive. We can't wrap our head around it as a civilization. We haven't reached the ability to transcend, but that they can and that they're here all the time. [1:12:07] Well, the way we look at it, you know, we're the greatest spot in the universe, but the travelers don't lead us to believe that. Well, there's always competition. There's always going to be a greater civilization than the one previous. There's always going to be more. There's always going to be a greater civilization than the one previous. There's always going to be more. There's always going to be more. People are going to innovate to the point where they're going to make space crafts. That means these people are competing with each other. These things, whatever they are, they're still, they must be in some sort of competition. There must be something that motivates them. And so. Right, but at that level, competition is healthy and there are no unhealthy components. So, well, no, I'm not hopefully definitely. Once we're all building personal space, contraptions for ourselves, [1:13:01] we're going to push one another. It's not just, we're to all want the best one. Yeah. And we're going to insist that that be the case just like we do with cars. What I said hopefully what I mean is that like hopefully they will be like healthy friendly competition. That's what motivates them. What's not hopeful is that they could be robotic, emotionless things that have transcended biological needs and that they just have a function. That function is seeding intelligent life in the universe and establishing just like you would be a farmer and you would go out and leave hay for the animals. Nades are primitive. Yeah. They are primitive. Yeah, they are primitive, but we're always moving into some more and more complex direction, technologically. It seems like that's never going to stop. Right. And the only thing that makes sense to me is that we're doing something because that's like what we're literally designed to do. [1:14:02] We have all these things that sort of motivate people and greed and lust and curiosity. But what we're doing is we're always making better things, constantly making better things, which would lead ultimately to the creation of a higher life form, some more intelligent, emotionless being. And that's the scary thought, is that all this life out there is life that was created by biological creatures who had these desires and needs that ultimately led to them making a better version of them. And then that is like the butterfly that comes out of the cocoon. As soon as we put people in space, we became aliens that day, right? Right, yeah. A lot of things are perspective that's true I mean you could say you're a camper but you're really only going to tent your yard you're still kind of camping well then but that's what we're doing our our guy has put a date on the Mars columnization though right [1:15:01] yeah but he's also put a date on the roadster when that Tesla roadster's coming out. That motherfucker's never gonna see the light of day. What is that car coming out? No, because I- I'm not about it the other day. That car is supposed to be out for years. Yeah, it's supposed to be out two or three years ago. That's got to be it. That's part of being a billionaire. Sure. putting out something that's not right. It doesn't matter how bad it's wanted. Well, he actually explained that. He said it was manufacturing isn't insanely difficult. The way he explained it, you know, you don't consider it because people just manufacture things. I think it's normal. But he was like the process of manufacturing, especially like a car, an electric car, insanely difficult. He had a harder time doing that cyber truck than he did. Yeah. Basic stuff. Cyberjogs hard. What's all folded steel? It's this fucking massive 7,000 plus pound folded steel truck that goes zero to 60 in three seconds and it looks like it's [1:16:03] from the future. It looks like if you're gonna have this thing on my it's crazy Yeah, that's what that's what it is. Yeah, yeah, it looks like the most future is to car ever right Yeah, but as kids that's what we do I don't know when we're going to Mars and I don't know who the fuck's gonna do that That's a six months journey and you're just hoping. So what? Several billionaires were talked into getting into a capsule with limited air. To go a long way down. Whoa. That's a dark way to die. Just knowing that you just know even if you're a racist here in this all death is dark. So what I mean is the last moments must be horrific. No more, no more horrific than anyone else's. I know, but there's something about the choice of being, you know, thousands of feet under [1:17:04] the water. No, it's being a billionaire. This is it. You're so dyes, love. I could have done anything. This is what I chose. That's hilarious. That death. That guy could be fishing in Maui right now. Well, a nice cold beer. Hang it out with his friends. Listen to some music. Ha, ha, ha, ha. Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha. Instead he hears, man. Ha, ha, ha, is, man. He has like carbon fiber starting to crack. God damn. It's already done at that point. None of that's happening. They knew those people were dead a long time ago, which is interesting because I didn't know how sophisticated the underwater listening devices are. [1:18:03] But they have these super sophisticated underwater listening devices everywhere to make sure that Russia's Not sneaker not boneless because Russia will sneak up on a motherfucker Russia. I'm talking about people before None of that is Russia you think it's for aliens none of that is for Russia You think it's for aliens? None of that is for Russia. You think it's for aliens? That would be the world. What? What underwater listing devices do you think the aliens were under there? Okay, let's see if this is we talking now. Let's go. So, which one do we know more about? Do we know more about space? Or do we know more about the oceans? We know more about space. Yeah, quite a bit more. Okay, so yeah. And part of that is because the ocean is very difficult to penetrate. At some point, this government, they're hiding things from us. [1:19:01] I would hide things from people. I would definitely make it illegal for you to have a submarine. You could have a yacht. Don't get crazy. You can't go underwater. I gotta know where the fuck you are. If I need to collect taxes. Well, I'm your float around. I can pull up. It was a conspiracy theory at one point that you know the government got bases inside of mountains. government got bases inside of mountains. Right. Well, until they had to expand the boundary behind Area 51 and make Area 51 larger, they never even admitted it existed. Wasn't until the Obama administration that they actually came out and said, Area 51's a real thing, we need more land. Hahaha. Do you ever see the video of Bob Lazar, the guy who used to work there? Have you ever seen that guy? That's what I was talking about. I was following old Bob Lazar. Yeah. What do you think about that? Do you think he's telling the truth? Here's the thing, Joe. Just an opinion, but what I find fascinating is the lack of imagination and any of these [1:20:12] stories where imagination could apply. Like, if someone was bullshit and you'd see evidence of it, right? Because that's a thing. If people bullshit, they kind of bullshit about everything. Right. Because I think they're smart enough to trick you. No one's smart enough to come up with one story only their whole life. The whole life, they're straight down the middle, square, tell the truth all the time, but one time, they decide to have a wper of a lie and just fabricate this thing and structure. You're seeing somebody tell you a story that is the only explanation for certain things that are happening. Yeah. Especially he tells you a story and then you have independent people who also used to [1:21:04] work for the government now becoming whistleblowers and saying There's a crashed retrieval program crashed UFO retrieval program. It goes back to what I'm saying Joe These are the this is how you say this without getting canceled look You do think they're doing something don't you? Do it something Because we want to believe like nobody's doing nothing like... No, no, we're doing stuff. Like they're doing something. They're just not telling us. That's part of it though, right? You know what the people involved in the retrieval called the vehicles? They called donations. Right, well because that's what they think they are. They think that the limited times these crafts have shown themselves. You didn't, you as the driver or the occupant didn't mean for that to be your destination and [1:22:07] You don't take anything You only give Therefore, that's why it's known as a donation Because it's like It's what you would say if one of those meteors that we were talking about if one just the size of a refrigerator landed in your backyard. Like a billion dollars can land in your backyard. Easy peasy. Or obliterate an entire city and send everybody back to the Stone Age. That's the wildest one. Right, but deep, but it's not that wild if you look at the moon. Right. The moon shows you the evidence and that's a big, right? Like, if we could just look at it, just fill it whole. Right. Big fucking craters all over the, you could see with the naked eye. Well, I'm saying most of the people that are in America [1:23:08] and drive in urban settings know what potholes are. And so, you know, it's the same thing. Yeah. This is a weird time where people are just starting to pay attention to so many of these subjects. And so many of these things, like are we alone? Have there been advanced civilizations before? How did we become us? It's been a conversation at all points in and time. But more people are having it now without fear of being labeled an idiot. Well, it's because information is now a free commodity, whereas in different points in history, it wasn't like that. Right. It was protected. You didn't make enough money to get access to this information. And no matter where you're looking, information is the driving force of almost every war and conflict. [1:24:10] It was about the place that you conquered, not only did you conquer them, but you got a chance to know what they knew. And that you found was more important than anything else. And that's, well, think about the people that lived just before they translated the Bible from Latin. How many people couldn't read it? Well, that was part of the experience that you were getting from church was the fact that people, that it was being read to you. Right. You say what I'm saying, not what we have currently, where you have the book and they have the book, but this person is literally reciting the Word of God to you. And he becomes the holder of all that information and the only one. [1:25:04] All holders of all that information and the only one all holders of all Information yeah, yeah, it's like a human pattern Mm-hmm that people follow even if they just run an internet company Even if they run a social media company they fall that same pattern well because Everything in the universe everything on this planet everything that we could look at in the wildlife or in the plant life or Everything is a formula. Everything is that way and that's one of the You know the science and math go together with go together with the occult and alchemy and all of these things are based on things like like even the smurf's story right? The smurfs are based on something? Well, religious people say, oh you can't watch the Smurfs because it's bad because they have witchcraft and stuff in there, but [1:26:08] The whole thing is it's based on this The homunculus the Idea that you can create a human life form Without a mother or a father. So really? That's what the Smurfs are based on. So what two Smurfs do you think got together and had Smurf at? She was the only female of the Smurfs. So it's a good question. Well, it's not a question in the Smurfs. So it's a good question. Well, it's not a question in the Smurfs. They tell you, they tell you that Gargamel made Smurfette. But in somebody's history, I don't want to say what race of people or group of people it is. [1:27:02] But in somebody's history, you know, there was this homunculus thing. Like a genetically engineered human? Lifeform, yeah. Lifeform, creature. Right. And so, you know, it's spoken of history very sparingly, of history very sparingly. But you know, a lot of things in the world are about perception. You know? So we don't believe that there's clones. We don't believe that because we don't feel like we have the technology. But the truth is if you go body part to body part, you'll go, what if I lost two legs without we part, you'll go, uh, what if I lost two legs without we'd get you two legs? Well, what about two arms? I could give you two arms. Okay. Well, what about the heart? Yeah. No problem. What about the, what about the, like we're already? Yeah. All you'd have to do is make a clone brain dead, figure out how to engineer a brain dead clone that'll grow organs for you. And then they'll make cloning legal because then you'll never have to worry. Hey Katt, you need a new [1:28:08] heart? Guess what? This, sir, this is the same, this is the same pathway that everybody is on and all of these departments like this is this is what you like. People spend their life trying to find the cure for cancer. You know what I mean? And working as hard as they can every single day. You know what I mean? Unsuccessfully. Those are the type of people that help make the world go around. Yeah, because it's all about information and we'll be so close most of the time. But that's how you can see when we've had influence from something else. [1:29:12] I think it's very possible that we have. It's just so frustrating when you want to know. You know, it's one of those things where life would change forever if you had undeniable contact with something. It would just change forever if you had undeniable contact with something. It would just change forever. Your perception of light, just to drive through the in and out drive through would be different. Everything would be different. Right, but taking a shit would be different. There's aliens out there. You could say that about smelling salt, or mushrooms there. You could say that about lots of things. Yeah, but about that specifically that if that if we knew that that was real because I think it's probably true but I still hold open the path the possibility that it's all bullshit. Here's the whole thing. No one who has ever seen more space or the universe than you and I has ever seen anything that was bullshit. [1:30:12] What do you mean? Any universe? What I mean is like fake UFO footage. There's a lot of fake footage. I would want to see if you could see something yourself and I have good friends that have, I have good friends that have had experiences that they say there is no fucking way that that is us, that this is something else. Right, just understand that part of the job in any of these circumstances is to kick up kerfuffle. That's part of it. If you live in Florida, you see how many times things go off into space and you know that there's a pattern between that and government airplanes and like like our stories of cooperation have [1:31:11] been nothing but cooperative as they could only be like we don't hold any leverage. I think some of the shit that we're seeing is our stuff Right I'm saying but nobody will have a way of Like as advanced as we are We still gotta let that balloon fly over right yeah What the fuck is that that's the most obvious ever. That's your neighbor peeking over the fence. No, it is not. It is your neighbor's drone. Yeah, your neighbor's drone. In your house. Yeah, right. Right. Feel with the pi\u00f1ata of the next COVID. [1:32:08] Right. I mean, what are they doing? Flying worlds. It's not like that. It's not like that. In the world of flying things, sometimes things go off course. Hmm. You say I'm saying? You think that's all I want? Especially spice stuff? Do you think that's all wasn't one off course that it just magically happened to go near all the military They'll say magically I'm say wind The wind got it well. I'm saying Pro they just flew those things over and they hope that Biden didn't notice. They said they flew over during Trump's administration, too, but they didn't tell them. Because they didn't want them to shoot them down. Neither of those stories is true. That information was out there. I don't know if it was like to be sure. Another one, yeah. They said this was the hobbyist though, but that's what they said. So that's the idea, this doesn't count. This doesn't count and the way that you know immediately is this is over Utah like [1:33:07] That would be Where you know, that's like white sands, right? No, that's new Mexico, isn't it? What's a this gotta be military base in Utah, all right? Well, I'm saying in the actually the image I showed in in the map wise The Chinese surveillance balloons. Oh, that's what this one is. This is the one from February 2023. That's the one they shot down. Look at that. So it's just a balloon with solar power and some kind of camera. How weird. Not weird. Not weird. Well, not weird if you just think about human patterns. We've got to see what the enemies up to. Let's fly over. Take some pictures. I'm a fuck is going on with these people. I'm saying we can say whatever we want, but we're civilized and maybe they're not civilized. So if you aren't civilized then maybe part of your job is airborne weaponry. [1:34:05] Yeah. So you got to test it out. than maybe part of your job is airborne weaponry. Yeah. So you got to test it out. You got to see what it can do. Yeah. And yeah, they're going to go off course. Okay. Well, that's not airborne weaponry, but we have a lot of information is. That's true. Information is weaponry. Information is. Yeah. Just knowing what the conversations are over this wide swath of people who's worth money. Because at the end of all these information, driven society places this analytics and that's what this is. Yeah, I probably said too much. No, that's all right. We'll be fine. I just wonder where it's all headed because it seems like we're building towards an event. I think about it all the time. [1:35:01] It seems like it's not time to get a bunker. It seems like it might be a good time to get a bunker. It seems like it might be a good time to get a bunker or at least some supply of water. Well here's the thing. If you follow what becomes And so that's the true magicalness of Elon Musk. You know, just take that guy out of the story and just tell that story. Yeah. Yeah, he's moving us into so many different directions all the same time. The electric car thing, the internet satellite thing, and now this knurling thing. The knurling thing is the craziest one. Because all of these things are connected in these higher upper echelon conversations. I'm saying you see the same conversation with Tesla or DaVinci or like information is [1:36:13] what is limited and whole industries can be built upon your ability to know how certain things are going to hit certain people. And this was before we called things promotion and marketing. You know what I mean? That's Hollywood is not really there to entertain you. That's great that that happens, but Propaganda is something that is Important to all civilizations Well propaganda and Hollywood movies is built into the ingredients list It's like if you want flower you need wheat [1:37:02] You're gonna have to get the wheat and If you want to be able to make movies about certain subjects you have to get the wheat. And if you wanna be able to make movies about certain subjects, you have to be able and to work with some people. And you know, it'd be nice if you made it so that this is what we're trying to accomplish. And this is showing the negative side of this other society. And this is our hero. Is our hero who's gonna go do America's bidding and go over there and you're like, okay, and those movies are successful and so they continue this relationship and you become a bit of a propaganda arm for the government and in turn they don't fuck with you. Right. But that's what makes information so powerful is, you know. You don't care how people feel about the ritual. It's about just following the ritual work. [1:38:04] And so you can fool yourself in the thinking there isn't a one, but the evidence will be clear. So like when I would have been like, oh these guys are wearing dresses. Everybody's like, oh he keeps talking about people wearing dresses. No, it's not like that. Look at it from a different way. Look at it from a different way. Look at it. Show me one person that ever wore a dress in Hollywood unsuccessfully. That's how you understand what a ritual is. So 20 years ago I knew that transgender was going to be a thing. It wasn't because I was a prophet. Just I had gotten so much information that I understood that things are secular. So I understood that the earliest I had seen that word transgender was bafflement the transgender. [1:39:11] And so I knew that the ender ritual of bafflement the transgender to show allegiance to him you had to kiss his ass ring. Really? It said both of those things. So I knew that both of those things will become popular in the future. And that somehow calling people to go would be normalized over the sheep being always the most popular reference. Let's just... Damn, we got some good weed Katt. Jesus Christ. That must be the weed Katt. I'm trying to figure out how to jump in on that. Right. Which is my only go? [1:40:05] I always wonder whether or not all the stories in the Bible, it's just where we are experiencing it. Like the mark of the beast thing that we were talking about earlier. If that is not, if you had to tell a story for so many years before anybody ever even figured out how to write it down and you're telling a story about a civilization that allowed people to put brain implants in them. And then all of a sudden the brain implants were hijacked by machines and people became just meat zombies controlled by corporations. That would be the mark of the beast. That would be a demonic thing. If a demon tricked human beings into wearing a hat that turned you into a zombie, that demon would be like a famous character in books and folklore. But that demon exists and it's just technology. It just shows itself through this desire for the newest latest [1:41:01] innovations that are going to constantly fuel it becoming more and more powerful. And to one day it tricks you into letting it into its head like a vampire. Like the vampire stories, you didn't let a man remember? That was the thing. You had to invite the men. If you've invited the men, you're fucked. But if you didn't invite them in for some reason, they weren't allowed to kill you. It's almost like there's a story that you have to be able to benefit from the zombie like there's no benefit in that taken out of context like if you're making them zombies so that they can mine for you, then there's a story of that over there. Like, that's the whole thing is when you look at these ancient writings, they're not saying like, yeah, so he was from another world. And we had to bring him our kids. [1:42:02] And he would eat him in front of us. They're like, they're not telling those stories they're saying like Agriculture and knowledge literature and cosmology Right explain the origin of life. Yeah, like show the double helix DNA to a fault. Yeah, nobody's yeah Saying out anything outside of mathematic parameters. Well, the wildest stuff is when you look at some of those old Sumerian tablets and you see how they had the solar system mapped out. They had the sun and the center. Looked just like a sun with a little marks around it. It had Venus where it should be, Jupiter where it should be, Uranus where it should be. They're all in the right spots. It's crazy. The Ethiopian tribe have the same, that's what I'm saying. Like no, it's not, yeah, but But there is no craziness. Everything lines up. [1:43:09] The same grids. Look at that. That is just nuts, man. Yeah, I mean, I don't know what the conventional explanation for that is because that Zachary Sitching guy who said all this stuff, he was often criticized. The people said that he took things too far, that his analysis went too far, he just went into speculation, but God damn, a lot of the stuff that he was saying. Like you could see the implications in the actual tablets themselves. They show these gigantic beings with these little tiny people like sitting on their laps and the people of Tails Have you seen those? It's like genetic engineering maybe it's a tale maybe it's piping what what Jesus You could be piping you understand what I'm oh yeah what I'm saying is nobody's telling these outlandish [1:44:04] right Nobody's telling these outlandish. Right. But they're all kind of all saying the same thing. There's some higher power that comes and gives you structure, tells you what to do and how to live. And every society has information. Information. That's what they give you. Do they give you information? Yeah. Every story, every civilization, every time. Yep. Yeah, every story every civilization every time. Yep Yeah, that's it and that's what we're all thirsty for You know and what we're thirsty to monetize that's two, but also humans individually are thirsty for information We always want information We want gossip we want news. We want bullshit. We want gossip, we want news, we want bullshit, we want science, especially if you have an appetite for things that make you think. There's so much information that people are just constantly consuming. There's bullshit information like TikTok and nonsense that just passes you by. [1:45:01] But there's still, and none of that stuff is nonsense. Well, it's not all nonsense. What it is is just another off shoot to get your attention. Right. Yeah. Which is what all of this is about from the Roman Coliseums. Yep. It does a math. Yeah. The Roman King art. There's court time like. That's the first viral videos right? Right, right. Like they would tell viral stories Yeah, this is this is all about this experience of being a human being in this amount of time. Yeah interaction between other people who have done this thing you're doing. Yeah And in the middle of you doing it you realize you only have a certain amount of time and you're like, God damn it I'm just starting to figure this game out Right so understand that I was probably like five years old when I had that moment so I lucked out because it happened to me so early. But it wasn't about the, [1:46:09] yeah, I got that part. So I thought, I thought at like that age, I was thinking, okay, so I don't know how long I'm going to live because I'm kind of conflicted about how long people live. I'm going to live because I'm kind of conflicted about how long people live. 100 is a good number but there's been people that 600 seems like there's. But I'm just going to space it out seven years at a time. So every seven years that's's gonna be a life, so I don't waste anything. So I couldn't wait till I got seven because that was gonna be the start of my first life. Why'd you bring it into sevens? Just randomly? I don't know what randomly means. [1:47:04] It's a seldom seen thing in the universe randomly. So just seven seemed like a good number. Was it instinctual? Or was it tip to people around the globe? Seven. Yeah. That's a great number. That's why I asked. Yeah, well, I'm saying not for no reason. I'm saying if you like math, you know, I'm saying it's a great number. That's how you know that the pyramids are about something because of what they represent mathematically. That level of mathematical information is another step in civilization. Yeah, the idea that that was just by accident, like when they, they trigonometry is not bad. Yeah, accident. Also that they figured out like they, [1:48:00] they, there's some measurement. It's, I don't want to bore anybody with the details, because I'll butcher it too, but it's the measurements of the height and width and the mass of the pyramid in comparison to the circumference of earth. It's like they knew so much about where constellations would be at certain times of the year, like in the summer solstice. It's just wild shit, man. The deep dead. Right, but all in stone. But not that wild though, because we know that if you were traveling that buoys are out there and they're out there for certain reasons, and you understand satellite positioning. And no, no, it makes perfect sense. like positioning and no, no, it makes perfect sense. Imagine how the pyramids were. That was their ultimate buoy. That was home base. Well, I'm saying it's not different than how we would treat a planet that we had not been to before. [1:49:01] No, not at all, not different at all. I mean, we would locate where's the best place to land, where is the most hospitable of this place, and we would put something there. And let's imagine that we landed somewhere, and we found this lush green vibrant planet, and we found those hobbit people and those are the most advanced people those homo floreesis floreensisis is that what it is? Flores floreensisis? So this creature is three-foot tall human imagine if we found them I guarantee you someone would want to introduce them to tools introduce them to how to make fire introduce them to tools, introduce them to how to make fire, introduce them to figure out language, try to transfer their language to our language, try to teach them our stuff, try to genetically engineer them and turn them into something different. If we have the tools that we have now like CRISPR and we found some primitive apes and [1:50:01] there was like a massive population of Australia Pithicus on a planet. We said, look, they're on the way. Right. Let's just give them a little boost. Just give them a little boost. Right. And that's what they're gonna be thinking about. Not too much. And that's what you see when all of the UFO stories is, is they keep popping up in these times when we as a civilization are getting ready to eff it up in real time. In real time. Yeah. That's like my comedy club. That's why I named the other rooms. I named the rooms Fat Man and Little Boy. Oh, because the UFO started coming after the big bombs. That's when they really started ramping up their presence. Like if you look at all the reports, the flying saucer reports are like 1947, 1950, in 1952. If you cross engineer, I shit, it's going to show up on our radar. Some point. Yeah. This information is especially when we're using that information very recklessly wild. Even in the Bible story, the tower of Abel, right? This story is that, you know, [1:51:07] when everybody's speaking the same language, it intensifies shit getting done. And they could do stuff that was hazardous. If they, I think they're very close to being able to translate language Instantaneously in real time because they can do it right now with Samsung phones the new they have the new galaxy as Animals are doing it worldwide. Oh for sure. They they have some sort of a language They have some sort of a communication they there's something going on with animals. That's not verbal and with all of our And with all of us. You know, Tom Green, you know, Tom Green, right? Yes. Tom Green was here and he had, he has a mule. And he said that you have like a connection with that animal where you know you want to go left and you start like looking left and that thing [1:52:00] starts going left. He goes, it's really crazy. It's spooky. He goes, it's really crazy. It's spooky. He goes, you develop it. It takes time. They have to earn your respect. But once you develop this loving relationship with this animal, you're tuned into it like an avatar creature. Just like when they would lock onto their dragons, he's like, dude, it's like that. I have that with women. And with ducks and geese and Canadian geese and goats like I have. No, that's but understand again that's part of some religions story is that one of the gifts was the relationship between humans and the animal world and It's something that all civilizations have been able to use and it stayed true, you know, yeah It's amazing the relationship humans have with animals. Yeah, especially No, there's no especially like all of them. We abuse some of them. [1:53:05] And it, well, just horses don't interact with people the same way a dog does. That's all I'm saying. It's like the interaction you have with dogs is almost like psychic. Like the dogs are like your little friends, you know? They know when you're in a bad mood. They know when you hurt your foot, you know? They, when they're happy to see you every fucking time, every fucking time, bar none. I have that relationship with everybody that's, yeah, all animals and like special needs. People, it's the innocence and the purity that you get. What it's not always good. This is right. But it's so... We can learn from them. No, we have learned. We should know it. But we're scared. People are scared of other people being shitty. And we put up like shields and we're worried about when it's been proven. That's real. [1:54:01] Historically, is that? That's real. You know? Yeah, that's true. Can't, is that? You know? Yeah, that's true. Can't enable is a real story there. Like, you know what I mean? Like, people are like, people are so violent these days. And that's true. But people have been violent. Like, there was this point where humankind learned that they could take a life and it changed things. Well, especially take a life quickly, with like when they figured out swords and bows and arrows and shit. What do you think the story of Sodom and Gomorrah is about? Because I was just reading that last night. Cleanliness? Yeah. Yeah. Did that what took them out? That like plague? Okay. Because it was the 69 times I've gotten canceled in this one conversation. No, the stories. The of Sodom and Gomorrah, there's two speculations. [1:55:01] One of them was that God decided that they weren't hospitable enough. And the other one was God had decided that there was too much sin. Wait a minute, that's not speculation, that's in the book. That first one. Right, but the respectability part, that they were not hospitable enough. Yeah, that was a part of it. That's part of it too. So he just so God had just decided this I'm gonna fuck up this whole city. No, no, no, no. Right. What's the real story though? Okay, so turned it into Pillars of Salt. Two cities, right? And he said find me 50 good men and I won't do this. And then I think you said find me 10 good men. Okay, so this story is generally used to say that God, it doesn't like homosexuals. This is the story that highlights that. Okay, so it's not just sin. [1:56:00] It's not just, so because Sodom is even technically like oral sex The meaning of that word comes from Sodoming Gomorrah, right? That's why I said it's technically it includes a lot of things people think is deviant sex You know, I got a piss so bad. Can we come back to this Sodoming Gomorrah come back to that? Okay, let's take a look Sodoming Gomorrah. Yeah. So, it tells several stories, but there had to be an explanation before what the story said happened to two cities of people, right? Right. There had to be a reason to tell that story. Most likely. To tell this story, it requires all of those people that really have been killed in those circumstances. [1:57:08] And historical evidence shows us that something like that happened. Like those two cities really did exist. Do we know where Sodom and Gomorrah was? Are you kidding? I know a guy who will pull that information up so fast. We really? We put it on the screen. Young Jamie. Is there special issue? His sidekick is awake now. You can see the best part of him when Carl wakes up. Carl's awake now. He's 30-waker. Right. As we all would be if we were in charge of our sketches. Yeah, probably. What do they think that it, like, is there real speculations to where it was? Where, what do they think it was? It's not speculations. A lot of these places just change names. [1:58:01] Right. Like, they used to be called this and then they later were called something else. But Iraq used to be similar. Right, like these are literal places that you can find on the real map. That was a part of that biblical rabbit hole I was telling you about. It's just seeing the, my only concern is how do these ancient Islamic Judea, how do you say those three that exist the that all religion is built on Judeo, Christian, Islamic, that whole belief system of how that operates. So you see they have question marks here, right? Only because they know that there were [1:59:02] cities there. So they have wreckage there, or like, for example, everybody, if everybody in Gaza talks about going there, it exists. If everybody in Hebron has family members that live there, it exists. If everybody, we know that. So they think that was right near the Dead Sea. Wow. Well, they didn't think it any differently than they thought. Talal, ha mam, if I'm pronouncing that correct. Like these were places, like people throughout history. If you show anybody of water those are always My spots Water is this own Commodity and currency at all points and that was the Dead Sea [2:00:03] But that's everywhere was the Dead Sea always a Dead Sea. But that's everywhere. What was the Dead Sea, always the Dead Sea? Cause Goddamn, there's so much interesting stuff that came from that part of the world. That's what they found the dead sea. But a lot of the stuff that was supposed to be unbelievable was all based on something real. Like, right, how long was it the Dead Sea long before they knew what high salt content was right or they might have called it high content salt content sea but what they were trying to say is stuff not stuff not growing here okay don't be looking don't come here as a fishing spot Right, but it's a good spot to gather salt which at that point in time was as valuable as anything on earth Salt did go to war for salt Salt allowed people to preserve their food salt was insanely valuable [2:01:02] Understand the whole portions insanely valuable. Understand the whole portions up because at the end of the day for all people, it comes down to quality of life. So the jump that was made between people eating food, that you had to kill yourself catching just so that you could put it over something hot so that you could get it where you could eat it and eat it like you that experience to seasoning your food and you know having an order from the best place because eating too much spaghetti so you get fat. Right. That's part of the greatness of human experience and has been that the part of being a king or being royalty through all civilizations was being able to experience the best culinary things because if you [2:02:04] believe in God, that's one of the attributes that makes you believe in Him because every vegetable let's say that you would have when it gets to the point where it was spoiled and then it would be useless and you'd have to throw it away. It becomes worth more money because it's compost. No. So what do you mean? Like if you have potatoes, right? And so you have potatoes but now you got too many potatoes. You could give vodka from that. You could get vodka from that. And if you have too much rice, you could get sake from that. And if you got too much wheat and barley, you can get. And if you have everything that you could have too much, we got too many grapes. [2:03:02] You could get wine with that. The whole, that's why alcohol is called spirits, because it's literally a gift from God. Just something that's just for your milk. Once it's going bad, that's where cheese comes in. Like, whatever it is, you would be having as a commodity. Grapes to raisins, wherever, like this is why we believe mathematically, because of the certain things that are just done for the enjoyment of. Yeah. So you think there's a reason why all these things exist, why like rotting fruit can become alcohol, alcohol can put you in a different state of mind. All of it is connected together so that you discover it and figure it out. [2:04:00] Unless you can figure out the benefit that a mushroom gets for being hallucogenic. Or the frog, that's the special ones, what the special benefit did that frog get from that? Right. Why is a frog making DMT? Is he living a better life as a frog? Does he live under the effects residual of constantly carrying around DMT. Right. Right. Right. Well, they secrete it when they're scared, right? Isn't that the whole idea that you take them and you rub them on a windshield and it's drawn out. It's drawn out. It's drawn out. It's drawn out. It's drawn out. Yeah. Right. Right. They're scared because they think they're going to die, so their body's producing it. Well, they're just like ours. The inventor of perfumes and colognes was whoever saw a skunk in action first. Because that's when someone was able to see how powerful [2:05:03] smell is, even from a distance distance and that the aerosol like, you know what I mean? We've learned so much from that world. That's how we know, like we were able to look at animals and insects and understand that we would be able to do the helicopter after we got past Orville and Wilbur in Dayton, Ohio. You know what I mean? Like we understood it because we had seen the hummingbird, you know what I mean? Like we had seen how things worked. Have you ever seen those Egyptian gliders? They found these gliders, these wooden things that they carved that look like fucking planes and they were in some of the tombs that they had found? Thousands of years old. Looks like a fucking airplane. [2:06:01] I mean, they're very up. Looks exactly like a plane. a fucking airplane. I mean, they're very up. Look, the fact she is saying that these are things talked about there, like even even if you're just following Jesus, right? Okay. So you believe that he was perfect and that this was how he grew up and got it. When it comes to him going to get information, he went to this specific place that we're talking about to get information and to get taught. And that's not a hidden fact. Like it's been that way. So, you can't be reading all of these stories and not see how everything lines up. It does kind of line up in a strange way. [2:07:00] You try to decipher it from all the different cultures that all had their different versions of it. But at the end of it, there's a lot of similarities if you follow the stories and like what are they saying? Right. All of them have some sort of a creation myth. Why? Isn't that odd though, that a creature, who do you think of human beings as a creature, that a human being that's never created a being itself has this idea that a magical force that is all knowing and all loving created, not they evolved, not they came from this and they learned they got better but that they were created and that seems like a universal story the created story. That's only because the duck that's outside of my house right now believes that so the duck is sitting on six eggs on a nest right by a 250 pound dog alibi. [2:08:09] And believes that it has life that is sitting on and it's gonna come from that and that there's somebody there that looks out for them and make sure they're fed. And the Bible story, it says, the Sparrow said, like, Jesus said, who feeds the Sparrow's? Like, worldwide, there's how many birds, like billions and billions and billions of birds. Like, who's feeding them every day? Like, real talk. Right. Yeah, because what you're looking for is you need to find a mistake. That's how we would know. Maybe there's no creator, but we don't go through our regular life, seeing things and thinking nobody created it. Like I would be as weird as it's being in his room going, nobody made those curtains, nobody made these cameras, [2:09:06] nobody made, like what? We never have evidence of that. What do you think, why do you think people have a reluctance to take in the idea of a creator? What do you think about it to them is, there's some people that fancy themselves as intellectuals, and they refuse to take in a concept for which there's no proof, and that's what they'll say. They use this very reductionist view of what God is and they'll say there's no proof and that you know there are stonch atheists and a lot of them they even talk like religious people. They almost their atheism becomes a religion. So being completely open-minded the possibility of zero idea what happens when you die. A lot of people that are atheists don't like God and God will have to exist for them to not like. So the whole thing is if you were [2:10:14] To believe in the big bang, you have to believe that that had happened several times throughout history just because that's what we've seen from everything that's been created. We don't see one individual unique thing that exists and it's responsible for all things except the big bang Those are turns we can't always say there's too much thought that went into certain things like the fact that um You can study all the butterflies and not one of them has a sense of humor not one of them has a sense of humor. You know what I mean? But me and you do. And like it goes for all humans. If universally if we see somebody tripping fall, we all laugh no matter what our back. Like they are certain. [2:11:03] Yeah, like there's that I'm trying to think of what the reasons are to not believe, but I can't remember what they are because it doesn't line up with anything. Like, and we would have to have gone in space and there would be no other planets, just this one. Just that's it for this story to make sense universally. Like, we're at a terrible time in history to say, oh, we don't believe in people from outer space when we can go to outer space. Like, it's almost assing nine to try to make both of those make sense. And to think that there's Our son is not the biggest son, right? Not even close, but it's the biggest son. We ever gonna see Yeah, right. So it's the biggest fucking son, right? But the truth is no, there's way bigger like Right like that a thought went into picking this particular sun for this planet and the moon and the positioning [2:12:10] of much as if you were building a house. Like you will put particulars in, like kid rock, to make sure that throughout the time period of history you put a stamp in a mark on it. Right. That's why if you were extra terrestrial, let's say, and you were going to build one building on this planet, it would be the pyramid. Most people don't even understand that there was a whole outer covering on that thing. Gold cap, that's the top. Gold cap, it was a planetary monument yeah you might be right it makes more sense than the idea that these people push those things in the place and then got them hundreds of [2:13:01] miles out of the mouth with ropes shut the fuck up throughout history We have not done things that did not profit us and I'm and not 150 years from now right now right now always all through history right so to be thinking that this particular Civil is it oh you know what we all care about when he gonna die. Let's, we all, I dedicate my life to when he gonna die. I'm gonna die while I, yeah. History doesn't say that. And anyway, it's also the sheer mass. 3,200,000 stones in the Great Pyramid. That is so much mass. All of the wonders of the world are truly that. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah, there's a bunch of them too, man. The wild shit that they're digging out of Turkey is not too. [2:14:07] That's the gobekli tepi place where they've found 12,000 year old structures. Back at the time when they thought people were just using sticks and stones and hunter gatherers. No, no. No, because the whole time they were saying that it was there. But understand these are the things worthy of a war. Just so you know. Worthy of a war. You know. You say I'm saying all throughout history. Like you know what I mean? Yeah. That's the only thing a rational person can take from Hitler's story is being able to see what if you had unlimited resource and ability to just follow global rabbit holes. You find out that most stuff that is labeled BS is not BS. BS is very hard [2:15:10] to come by. Well the Hitler thing is real weird because the Nazis are really into the occult. As some point in the information process that was required. So it was required. So it was required to be into the occult. So in like the world of medicine, like certain things, before they had a label being toxic, you just knew, don't touch it. Like, you know what I mean? You didn't know what it was good for. But those occultists were the keepers of things that did work, [2:16:00] not things that did not work. Right. So. not things that did not work. Right. So, um, um, um, but throughout history, that whole process of thinking, anything that could fall into the alchemy conversation, was seen as occult-based. It meant, um meant doing something unnatural. So even like the blacksmith was considered a part of that world through most of history. Really? Because he had a unnatural relationship with elements. He was able to take this and turn it into things. Ford steel. Yeah. Oh, that makes sense. Yeah. I always wondered like the heart of all processes that are discussed at these pyramids and all because they're all processes. [2:17:07] Yeah. I've always wondered if Alchemy is trying to regain lost knowledge. Like if at one point in time they did know how to just make metals. They did know how to create elements. They did know how to change lead into gold or whatever the fuck they wanted to do. That's what this whole line, what consisted of, but it required money and time and all royalty, all kings, all great leaders of the world. This is what you paid for, whereas people that could make things happen. So being able to understand the weather and to then be able to manipulate it in any way possible was valuable all through human history all the way before we get to the seeding of clouds part. [2:18:06] Do you think they they had the ability to manipulate weather back then? It'd be wild if they did if that's what caused the Sahara desert to emerge because all that shit used to be lush tropical rainforest. Imagine if that's humans, fucking with cloud seeding. They just ruined it. Well, that wouldn't explain how that has its own environment. That's just that's valuable. You know what I mean? It goes further back up what I was telling you about how it seems like somebody put thought into every scenario you might be in. So let's say you lived in one of them deserts and all you had was cactus. Guess what? You could take that cactus and make tequila too. True. [2:19:06] Like every part of the process, like... People figure something out. Not the people figure something out. Something is there to be figured out. Right. Right. Right. Well that's what the indigenous people say about Iawaska. They said that the plants told them how to make it. The mushrooms told them how to make it. As a person that loves the nature, you know that most of your experience in nature is based upon how other things react. You know what I mean? So you don't know that this is poisonous except for the fact that doesn't look like anything's eating whatever's on here and looks like everything is avoiding it. Like these are these are real things and that requires creation as well. [2:20:07] The whole consequence thing and the fact that this animal is able to live with this thing that's going to be doing damage to you. So let me ask you this because this is the end conclusion of that. If creation is real and if God is real and if God created us, let's be specific. Creation of what? I just told you about my ducks and her eggs. That creation is real for sure. For sure. Yeah. I'm not. And life is going to come from here. Yeah. What I mean is that God created everything and that there's the really is a reason for all of it. There's the really is a reason for all of it. What is the reason for us? Like if God really did make all these things, synchronize together and put us here. [2:21:02] First of all, I'm grateful even if you're not. I'm very grateful. I'm very grateful. I'm very grateful. What an experience. Amazing time, right? And if you take time and space out of things, right? Like, the people that sold me call a duty, right? Gave me a great experience that I've been enjoying for years and years and years and the person that I am on that platform is the person that I would like to be all. And experience has been delivered. It would be like saying, what was it thinking on somebody making an amusement park? to amuse people so that they could have a full experience and be able to enjoy it. [2:22:13] You know that because things happen like the humor thing that I was telling you about and health, how important good healthy is over the opposite of that and how everything works without you needing to micro-manage it your heart doesn't require you to count its beats and your What's the percentage of brains? That are working perfectly versus the brains that are working perfectly versus the ones that are not like? All of the processes needed to run you are just too well done to be thrown away, like not important, because if you learn about it, [2:23:01] you'll learn about the whole workings of the universe and it's like that in too many different places for us to ignore and the fact that we get a chance to have that experience while at the same time looking at a dog. understanding that our life is one billion times greater than Fido's and we can make sure Fido has a glorious life and ours is still so magnificent that we're in control of certain things and that we can not get things right and then get it right and not know things and then know things and then you know it's a wonderful experience that was created. It is a wonderful experience and we seem to have by far the most unique one on the planet. [2:24:03] We seem very different than everything else. Very different than everything else. I don't know where apart of it, yeah, purposely. That's why I was wonder. Super efficient. What are we here for? What is the purpose? Is it just to enjoy and be grateful, which is great? Like, one of the things that terrifies people, it's a very interesting concept that terrifies people. People are terrified of living the same life over and over and over again. If you tell people that the journey of your soul is that you will live your life over and over again until you get it right. And one day you'll get it right. One in one lifetime you'll achieve enlightenment. But you're gonna go through the same lifetime over and over and over again until you get it right. People are terrified of that. But I say, but that will require a creator though. Sure would, but what I'm saying is, why would you be terrified of that when you not terrified to exist right now? Why are you terrified of existing right now forever? I don't find that terrifying. If you enjoy now, if you enjoy now, now is great. [2:25:05] Whenever you die is forever. You know what I mean? So I know and have known in my life that I'm gonna live forever. I know I'll die, but I know I'm going to live forever until then and then live beyond that. You know, right. I'm going to live forever until then and then live beyond that. Right. Well, that certainly is a better approach to life than that it gives you comfort. No, that's what history shows us. History has shown us that. In what way? That human beings are still here, not because of our wise decision making. Like nobody's story says that we've got an assistance along the way that we needed it and we have implemented it globally. This is why those, um, one-world people exist because it's a very powerful [2:26:10] concept to have and far too lucrative and beneficial to not be attempted. Yeah, I mean, I was gonna run some global power organization. I would try to co-opt every single leader trying to suck them in, offer support, bring them out to wherever the fuck I have my big ass meetings, fly everybody in private jets, talk about the climate crisis. All organizations have to follow the same rules. Yeah, that's wild. Recruitment is an important facet of all. Like we have to get some young global leaders. Well, I understand this is the only reason that we can talk about these big illuminati like entities at this period of time. It's just because of time like they aged out like you can't get in new so everybody [2:27:12] got decrepit over there and they can't exchange really through this period of history and so that's how we ended up with the Bob Lazarus and everything. Through our history, you could really, it was much easier to get people to not tell nobody. Right, as part of your job, you know what I mean? Imagine going to a world economic foreign party. What did those freaks do when all the listening devices have been scanned out of the room? All their phones have been put into bags and locked away in a lid vault. What do those freaks do? Because you know it's not normal shit. You know everybody's buttoned down like that and wants to control the world. There's something involved that's outlandish that they keep a secret. [2:28:09] That's always been the case for secret societies. I mean, that's the whole eyes wide shut thing. That there's some freak shit going on behind the scenes to anybody that really wants to control everything. You don't just want to control everything. You want to control everything so you can get away with some freak shit too. Right, I'm saying, but these Epstein like characters have existed throughout history, whether they were kings or what like like human beings are human beings universally. Everybody is a supplier Epstein Weinstein like these guys knew what These extremist liked and provided it and provided the way for you to like like [2:29:02] To have a billion dollars and not create a Fantasy island type environment Has not existed throughout history right Right right and there's always been those people could only kind of interact with those kind of people when you reach that certain level of Wealth and and global Success like you're a Bill Gates type guy. How many guys can Bill Gates hang out with Bill Gates? Bill Gates can't just go bowl and join the bowling team and make friends with the other bowlers. It's too weird He's got to hang out with his his kind and the more you do that the less you are in touch With what makes sense to say and that's when you see them saying the most outland is shit Because they don't recognize how regular people are gonna react to what the fuck you're saying You know what we're gonna own nothing and be happy. What the fuck did you say? [2:30:04] You say I'm gonna own nothing and be happy. What the fuck did you say? Did you say I'm gonna own nothing and be happy? So, but there's things. So who owns the things? And who enforces who owns the things? And how do you do that? When you take away everybody's weapons, you're the only one that's weapons, and you get to decide who owns the things. And no one owns the things, and everyone's happy. Okay. Right, but part of what you're trying to do is you're trying to come up with something that allows you to have the power while also profiting simultaneously. Right, so if it's modern religion, let's say. So in the teaching of Jesus' time, right, when they said, pay the tithives, right? It was, you had your whole farming plot, let's say it was 40 acres, and you had corn planted there, right? You would just, when it came time to harvest, you would harvest everything, except the rows that were on the fence, right? [2:31:03] And the rows that were on the fence, right? And the rows that were on the fence that was the 10% of your field that would go to people that didn't have it. So it wasn't just you giving the 10%, it was also the fact that human nature is if you were gonna give people some of your crops, you're gonna pick out the best crops for you and your family. And then you'll put another pile for the giveaway. Right. If I'm saying, and this took care of that, where it was all equal. And the person that didn't have, didn't have to feel like they was a beggar, they could come and pick and see which corn they liked and get. You see what I'm saying? Well, that's a smart move just for harmony in the community, too. Then there are people who have invested interest in this farmer being successful with his crop. Right. Some of that crop is yours. But the decision to take it from that to God said, [2:32:01] give me 10% in this plate is going to make a billion dollars a day for a billion people. Yeah. This is why Tesla has to go. Why? Because not what Tesla is saying about electricity is the fact that he's saying this should be free for everybody, everywhere. He wanted to have aerial electricity free for everybody like radio waves. And the day that you say that, that's a wrap. It's cheaper to keep her, because we make 200 billion a day and we all agree universally you should pay for this and we'll be in charge of selling it to you. And we'll shut it off if you fuck around. So for us to say, I think they're gonna do that with cars. Duh. This is how this goes in these processes. Yeah, that's the conspiracy theorist [2:33:00] biggest fear about electric cars. But it's not just electric cars. We found out it's an on-star. It's on, you know, I have a Cadillac Escalade. That has an on-star. If I'm driving the government wants to stop me, they can just shut my car off. It's crazy. And if you were in that business, what would you tell them they need to do in the next five years? Yeah, get better at it. Yeah, get better at that. Control where they go. Control the steering wheel. Control everything. I want you to auto driving on all cars. Auto driving on all cars with third party input. Is this not what we would say to Tesla? Yeah. I mean to Elon if he said I want to make cars. Right. When we say, OK, well these are the regulations and you have to make them like this. Be nice if you just control that car here. This is how you sell it to people. If someone steals your car, we can get it back. And you go, oh, that's great. Someone steals my car, they can get it back. How are they gonna get it back? Well, they control your car. You can make it cheap enough. [2:34:01] To not be a difficult sale though, Joe. Yeah, make it cheap. That's what capitalism is about. Yeah. Well, let's also look when you get free internet or free services through Google, right? It's free, but what you're giving up is your data, which is extremely valuable. So they're giving you something. You can now use Google, but now they have all your data. And it's just a big net that minds data. And because of that, it becomes one of the most powerful entities that's ever existed on Earth. You know, there was a story that we learned from fishermen. How a net works. And how much is important to get as much in as you possibly can and that that's where analytics live. Yes. And that's where I'm saying this is where the DNA industry is built off of is the fact of the future like at that same point that you're saying that we'll have those cars that do that they'll be able to predict, predict crime. [2:35:05] Oh yeah. that they'll be able to predict crime and step in before certain things even need to happen. Or they'll probably instigate you to a certain level of stress that they could indicate that you're about to commit crime and then they come in and get you. They won't need to be that nefarious only because... They won't need to be that nefarious only because some of this stuff we know already, it just requires profiling that we're not comfortable with. worldwide most terrible crimes are committed by, um, oh this is 73rd time, oh I can't get it. Most crime worldwide is done by, um, men with a micro penis and, um, [2:36:02] doctors know who they are. And so at some point, they would be able to just focus where they need to focus and they would know certain things. And that's where, you know, this is why AI exists. You know, if you're a personal AI. You store your information. You make moves based upon what you've learned. So it's not a difficult process. All through history, they had these oracles and these heads that gave answers. This is where that whole occult conversation intersects. It's because at the end of the day, information is information. And the universe is built on a yin yang thing that is replies to everybody. And we're slowly getting connected to that Oracle. [2:37:02] Slowly getting sucked into that black hole, to the point where it will be inescapable. Right. And those old billionaire dudes would love to be in control of all that. Look, what else are you to do with that type of money? No, since. By a bigger yacht. Yeah, that's the problem. Right. This is like, what's the problem. Right. What's the next game? You know, what's the real game? As human beings, that's what our expectations are of... Always. Yeah, what can you do? And at the end of the day, no matter how much money you amass, it's only about either how you can help others. And if you do that, you're never going to be fulfilled either because you're never going to help enough people. And that's going to be your whole thing. It's not being able to help enough people and just wishing that you can help more, or [2:38:04] feeling like everybody is a commodity, and that's the way this things work, and find out who I'm going to take advantage of and do so. And that's a major part of a lot of things. Like another major pattern that human beings fall into time and time again. Well, you know, the Jewish people are powerful people on this planet, and a lot of that has to do with the process that they have in stealing in their young people a certain amount of information and wherewithal and conversation that does not happen with other cultures, let's say. And that exists only in a few places around the world, but they're always important, especially if you look at things from a non-religious point [2:39:08] of view. Again, it goes back to information. At all. Yes. I mean, all cultures exchange information with each other in the healthiest cultures. Other ones that can both give the most freedom and allow people to innovate. Right, helping ourselves and others. Uh-huh. Yeah. And the profit and the benefit and the, you know, yeah. Yeah. That's part of the process, right? But that's no different than what everybody's religious story says. Like, what do you think ghosts are? You think that's real? I, um, interestingly, I don't, I don't believe in, um, well, well. [2:40:07] Okay. You either believe in the natural and the supernatural or you don't. And there are facets to everything. So if you don't believe in anything supernatural, then I would assume that means you don't believe in God either. It's like I was telling you earlier, like I don't know how you could be a Christian and not believe in extraterrestrials. This is in your book. It says there was a war in heaven and God was fighting Satan and threw him down here. That's, this is take a place. So, I, I, also when he gets to the Old Testament, a Zekiel story. [2:41:02] Zekiel story is essentially about a UFO encounter. I was really frustrated as a black person that we weren't included more in the Bible, right? And so I was very, I felt very good when I found that some of the books of the Bible that were banned were banned because they had black guys in them. Really? What books are the Bible? This is a New Testament? Is this when they were... You've heard the book... Constantine. you've heard about the book of a knock yes right so if you know that book it says that Noah was an albino [2:42:03] I always don't wonder about like no was age. They talked about being a hundred years old and it tells everybody's story. But here's my thought. If human beings become more at one point in time, more technologically advanced than we are now, which is possible. We are on the verge of taking human life and expanding it way beyond 100 years. We're like real close to that. The people that are alive today will live to be 150. I'm not qualified to be having any of this conversation. I'm barely qualified because I've talked to a lot of qualified people. This claimer, but, but understand, we know more now. Like, like, we know that the earth is not spending now the same way that it once was. We know that. We get slightly different, measurably different, right? I'm saying the interesting thing is in all of those stories that we're talking about, it never says [2:43:11] that they did anything different that got them to be in that position. It just says that they were blessed by God. So now they're there. This is at a time when people were dying of some things that today we would call it pretty easy, you know, but it was wiping out whole groups of people. But yeah, it's interesting. Well, it's fascinating because there's no way to go back there and see what the fuck was going on. So no matter what, you're not yet. Let's be fair though. They're not telling some wild story. If they say that a guy had, that this guy lived 600 years, [2:44:10] they're also telling you about the 346 children that he had and his 1500 wives. Like, hold on, it's our numbers to back up. Like, hold on, our numbers to back up. Right. If human beings do live to be 500 years old, that's a real possibility. That's... That would be the only way that you could show that. Yeah. Is by... Talking about all the wives and all the children and all the... And if you do take what we know now, in terms of like what they are capable of doing now with human beings and lengthening telomeres, there's a lot of different methodologies that they're using that they believe will extend human life. Use of metform and NMN, hyperbaric chambers, [2:45:00] there's a bunch of different things they're doing. And then there's CRISPR. When they're doing genetic engineering on kids now, and in China, they did a genetic engineering that would make the children more likely to be brilliant, more likely to be super intelligent. Sir, sir. Why are you acting surprised by key components of the breeding process? Right. True, right? If we're talking about, if we're talking about, if we're talking about freezians or, if we're talking about German shepherds or doberman pitchers, this is perfectly fine, right? Right. For me to say that, thanks to these reasons, this dog is the sheer example of the confirmation of the breed and that his attributes are his intelligence and his loyalty and his. Right. Right. This is all part of the test tube for your kid. [2:46:02] Why wouldn't you do it? That's what they're I think they they're gonna start off with normal stuff. It all starts off as normal stuff, because it's abnormal. So the first thing you're doing is, okay, so we're in charge of like, how could you not? How could you not? Is more the question to be had. And that's why in that profession, they're allowed to do certain things and then tell you they're not going to do it no more. Yes. That's a key component to it. We're not going to do that anymore, Captain. We change our mind. Yeah. If they're telling you that there's no clones, the guy telling you's probably a fucking clone. At this point, I have no doubt that they've made human clones. They've made human, they mean that they've made dog clones. You can get your dog cloned. If your dog's gonna die, you can get the DNA from your dog, get a fucking puppy, and it'll be eerily similar to your dog. [2:47:02] They think including some personality traits, which is just very bizarre, very pet cemetery. Right. But I think you do that. Why can't they do that to people? They can. Well, here's the thing. Here's the thing. Before this goes off the rail. It's too late. Because there is a god, the bar has been set so insanely high for your clone that you can't really get much usage out of it. Well, if there is a God and you have a clone, the clone doesn't have a soul because you don't have a soul to give that clone that's- Or a personality, or certain things like a subconscious. Right. Like, that's not available on the market. Lungs are hardest, arms are. But subconscious, we still don't have the understanding of that or how we're able to be as brilliant as we are [2:48:01] in this world while only using a portion of the, there are those of us that know with the pineal gland. What medicine says it's for and what that would mean. And so those people's job is to make sure that there's fluoride in all the water. So your pineal gland will shrivel. Get calcified wherever happens. That's all. The fluoride thing is wild. The fact that people aren't up in arms about them putting fluoride in your fucking drinking water is so crazy. It's so unnecessary. It's brilliant on the other end though. So what happened is the reason people have that relationship is they cleaned up the water at the same time that they did that. [2:49:00] You saw what I'm saying? So people at that time just remember the water not being that great and then all of a sudden the water is really great and it's got fluoride and it's good for your teeth. Despite the fact that there's direct correlations between high levels of fluoride and drinking water and low IQs, they think it lowers people's IQs. They think it's people's IQs. They think it's terrible for you. Florida's dangerous. That's what's swall toothpaste. Look, whatever you're saying, people won't find out about that for a hundred years, and I'm not even gonna be a hundred. And most of these decisions are made like that. Yeah, well, most people are terribly unaware of the fluoride thing. When you bring out, they always say it's good for your teeth. Like, don't you brush your fucking teeth? Like, why do you need fluoride? Why do you need fluoride in your water? Are you sure that's why your teeth aren't falling out? It's the fact that people don't understand that it's a toxic thing that you can't buy or purchase or handle. [2:50:06] It's in your drinking water. It's not doing you any good other than supposedly it's good for your teeth. Well, even if it was, yeah, even if it was. Even if it was great for your teeth and your bones, you drinking it wouldn't be the way you'd be trying to get that. No. But, um, I don't even use Florida toothpaste. I'm not gonna let you take me where this conversation is going. Where's it going? Now that we went to Florida, I like, I'm not gonna cut no further than that because once you start having the what they'll do. Like, yeah, yeah, you understand everything's a campaign. I mean, that's how you can approach everything is find out. Who's making money off of this? Where's the profit? How does this make sense? Why? Yeah. [2:51:00] Somewhere right now the fluoride plants are going, what the fuck are they talking about? Does somebody just introduce legislation to try to move Florida from some state, from drinking water. People are, some people are waking up to it. They're realizing like this is so unnecessary and obviously not good. Well just understand that there are far too many places that don't have clean waters. So you know? True. Like, Flint, Michigan. Still. Still. Still that water's fucked up. There's, what about that place in the Ohio? Ohio, where the ona? And. Why? Because it's, nobody wants it to be their fault. So nobody will take like, right? You understand how, or even the government, not spending money for not even like how are we allowed to have a foreign policy [2:52:07] when we are violating the policies here? Right, you see what I'm saying? Like what do you mean the immigrants are getting a check and we're putting them up in places that what You mean in the homeless people's face right in the homeless people's faces Right let us show you what we could have done right Wow Crazy that's not okay as a society no Crazy. That's not okay as a society. No Well, did you see the the scam that they were trying to do in New York City? Were they were trying to give them debit cards with $10,000 but there's people getting cuts all along the way? [2:53:02] That was in a scam. That was business that got uncovered. Yeah, and I'll prove it to you when you go to Like if you go to jail in New York, everybody goes to Rikers Island. So I was in Rikers Island. So if you got money on you and you go in, they give you a card when you leave. And it's got money on it. Your amount, like, systems are the system. Like, right. Yeah, there's a lot of money being made. Yeah. A lot of money being tossed around in this system. And if you have a thing like an open immigration policy, for sure, someone's figuring out how to profit off that. Someone's figuring out something about that. No, no, you're looking at the wrong way. There is no one who isn't profiting. Everyone's profiting. I'm saying, how ridiculous is it for you to think you have the greatest country in the world and then it not be a big deal to get there? [2:54:02] Course. What do you mean? Of course. What do you mean? Of course. This is the hunt, the bees saying, why do they love our honey so much? Well, no one shocked at that. What people are shocked at is that there's no effort whatsoever to stop the stem of illegal immigration. That's what people freaked out about. Like it seemed like we're not freaked out about the loss of bees. I am. If all the bees are going, we're gonna die as a civilization because we didn't protect one of the most important insects in all ecosystems. Yeah. Right. So, you know. And they think cell phone signals are fucking them up too. Well, then imagine you're going to be forever but also on someone who's cell phone signals everywhere. This is part of the purpose of religion in society is to try to get you away from exploring all of the things you could be doing with your time. [2:55:09] Put it somewhere that's healthier. Look what you mean. Like principles of meditation and, you know, believing that you should be trying to do a good job and be a nice, you know, because it's not really that profitable, right? But here we are talking about, you know, that's what really will help our country and civilization if we treated the down-trodden better. But the truth is, is very little money in that. Yeah. It's very little money in that. The truth is that the immigrants that come over here are generally super qualified at something. Yeah, and motivated. [2:56:01] And, I mean, shit. If I just wanted to hear. And that's what's made all immigration important. You know what I mean? Like the Mexican people were the second, or well, they were their own jolt to the civilization of the fact that yeah you say oh they shouldn't come over but anybody that comes over willing to work hard and succeed and those are people you want of part and they immediately help. Like you can look at the extremes of course, but the benefit are astronomical and always have been since panjee. Yeah, the benefits are great. The side effects are crime. And that's what you have to be careful of, [2:57:05] especially when you got organized crimes coming into self-fentil. You got a lot of that. That's a wild one. Because that's propped up by laws. That's propped up by our drug laws. And that puts you in a real complicated situation. Do you make drugs legal? Everything? Everything legal. The problem is you're going to get a bunch of people to get addicted to drugs. They probably wouldn't without that. And then you have to say is that just part of the process, we have to learn to deal with this new thing that's everywhere and then end readily available. And how many people are going to try it just because it's legal? Probably quite a few. But at least how many people are not going to die from fentanyl poisoning because they're going to get pure stuff. Probably a lot. Yeah, well, talking fentanyl in specific, like it's a very difficult conversation to have because most of the things that we will all agree are terrible drugs aren't being used at the hospital. [2:58:04] So until that part gets, like it's a bad look all the way around. But the bar has been set so high. Like everything that's called a drug nowadays is terrible. Like there's been no evolution and it like yikes. Well, that's part of the problem with keeping drugs illegal and especially psychedelic drugs since 1970. It's like stymied human evolution, stymied research, stymied growth. What did? Keeping drugs illegal, keeping psychedelic drugs illegal. Look, if there was... Specifically psychedelic drugs illegal. Look, if there was a guy then he put a fail safe on the drug so that you would have a barrier. And that's Richard Dexon? That's Odeon. [2:59:01] Odeon, right. Right. With those drugs. right? So really what's happening is you're like, okay Whatever you're on do it to your dead And so you know Statistically that's gonna happen you're gonna lose some people but the people that's not doing it They're not gonna start doing it like they're gonna learn from the people that died Like you learned to not eat poisonous plants. You would think but if that were true nobody in the world would ever do heroin like if you've ever seen somebody kick it like right you would never do it like it doesn't matter how it makes you feel if the end result is defecating it you're urinating in a puddle that you're laying in while being naked, then being like, you know what? Yeah, like true. You would just call that poisonous. If you were smart. Yeah. [3:00:01] You would learn. You would learn from other people doing it. And that's the things like we're reluctant to allow that factor into people's lives. But we kind of have with a lot of other factors. Well, a lot of these things were used bearingly in the context as well. You follow what I'm saying? So... Particularly on psychedelics. They were were using a ritualistic way. But that's like us saying, you know what, in that cooking show, they were using herbs and spices. Like, yeah, that goes with it. Like, if somebody tells you that when they used to come through with the ball and the smoke and the incense, at one point it was marijuana right. Understand that it was setting the mood of the room like yeah you know what I mean like um [3:01:01] that's how you know there is an occult. How could there not be? There's another side to everything universally. So yeah, I must have been a wild time in church. Everybody just got contact high. People walking down the aisles with balls filled with marijuana smoke. Well, it understands this is not being consistently done. This is being done. You know what I mean? And so there's no such thing as you're getting too much of it. You're not getting enough to do anything except relax. And relax is what you should be doing as we discuss will we discuss it? Yeah, it'll humble you a little Call me down a little it'll take the edge off. Yeah, you're not you're not getting enough To have the monthies and if you do we'll probably have a little Something for yeah, I don't know [3:02:02] But I'm saying all throughout history, people have been searching for this connection. And we don't have historically any evidence of any groups of people doing it, doing something for no reason. There was an element to this. So when we have the stories of, we went in this cave and crazy shit was down there. And like we now know that a lot of that existed. Like the air is not the same down there. Like it might have been a poisonous gas in there. And we know that you know these were things that were not known then. So it's just fascinating to see the stories where we are now and to see how advanced they were on these particular subjects and that time we did out the BS stories [3:03:09] really well. Yeah there's probably something to all of them. There's probably something to all stories from all cultures. And the reason why they would want to tell them over and over and over again. One of the criteria for it to last over time. Like that's what I understood when I broke the internet. I was trying, let me see if you know. Like when you start studying quotes and where great quotes come from, you start getting these people that are known for their great quotes, right? But the further you go back, you see who really said it first, you know what I mean? And that's what brings it full circle to that. Emerald tablet I was telling you about, right? [3:04:09] Because 70% of it is something you've heard somewhere else. Well, I can't wait to read it. I wasn't even aware of it. But it totally makes sense like there are things in it that are verbatim to the Bible verbatim to the Quran like verbatim to I'm gonna read it It's a great thing Katt Williams. thank you for being here, man. There's a lot of fun. Glad we finally did it. I made you all your support. Glad I finally met you. Yeah, me too. I appreciate you very much, man. And we talk well about you all the time. I think you're one of the best comics of all time. And, you know, I think you're a fucking animal, man. You get after it in a way that like the energy that you have, I appreciate [3:05:06] you very much. Very much. So it was a life of us. Thanks for being here. Alright, and hire a buddy.