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Tom Segura

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Tom Segura is a stand-up comic and podcast host. He is a co-host of the "2 Bears, 1 Cave" podcast with Bert Kreischer. He also co-hosts a podcast with his wife and fellow comedian Christina Pazsitzky, "Your Mom's House," as well as his own Spanish language podcast: "Tom Segura en Español." His new book, "I'd Like to Play Alone, Please: Essays," is available now. www.tomsegura.com


2:11:00Texas is wild (kill zebra)
2:11:30Joe Beef Montreal (introduces by Bourdain, horse meat)

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---started making these late into the episode once I realized timestamps not being posted anymore--- 130:00 Tannerite Fridge https://youtu.be/DjlOEhUr4Ys 131:00 Texas is wild (kill zebra) 131:30 Joe Beef Montreal (introduces by Bourdain, horse meat) 132:00 Felix Restaurant Venice Beach LAhttps://felixla.com/ glass room to see them making pasta 133:40 sushi bar, croissants 135:39 Red Ash http://www.redashgrill.com/ 136:00 Jake Harvers Restaurant 136:50 Texans being friendly and neighborly 136:45 Fox's, coyotes 139:16 Tom's Neighbor with pit bull. Joe seeing pit bull at pet store after coyote attack 141:15 kid in Calabasas killed by mountain lion https://keyt.com/news/california/2021/08/28/mountain-lion-shot-killed-after-attacking-5-year-old-boy-near-calabasas/ 141:90 California strict laws, Liberal DA George Gascon 144:50 Jim brewer, Life after having a kid 146:05 https://www.foxnews.com/us/malibu-machete-attack-family-eye-homeless-suspects , Liberal DA George Gascon 148:45 Berts house under construction getting robbed 149:50 CA Governor recall, the wild headline of "This is the black face of white supremacy" Governor Newsome and taking credit for CA economy 153:40 Phones, not feeling guilty about purchasing 154:38 Toms fear of setting up new phone, Joe not installing apps, Joe taking picture of the moon & how it looks good same side of the moon Joe sees Toms dad's taint photo 157:20 Dr. Shanna Swan environmental epidemiologist, and phthalates health effects, reproduction, taint size measuring Dr. Shanna Swan book Countdown https://www.shannaswan.com/countdown Dr. Shanna Swan Jizz Quiz on instagram 160:53 AI and photos, and deepfake, https://www.inputmag.com/reviews/is-samsung-galaxy-s21-ultra-using-ai-to-fake-detailed-moon-photos-investigation-super-resolution-analysis 163:35 Tracking on android phones, Edward Snowden on Apple scanning your photo library IOS 15 update on upper body image recognition 167:00 Australia police state & covid 167:40 Paris forced vaccinations, beating woman who tried to shop unvaccinated 168:57 https://twitter.com/Partisangirl/status/1434267241604792320 creating laws without thinking about enforcement difference between private business and government creating rules 172:56 people used to be able to disagree. 2024 election and politics 176:16 Tom showing Joe his arm photos, rehab from the injury, and surgery. Tom's live shows https://livestream.ymhstudios.com/ Wrap up





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Hey bud, can you estimate when you have time to add the timestamps for this episode? Keep up the great work!





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