RZA Shares the Advice He Gave Martin Shkreli


4 years ago



Donnell Rawlings

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RZA is a rapper, record producer, musician, actor, and director. He is the de facto leader of the Wu-Tang Clan.


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What happened to you guys with that one album that that that drug pharmacy dude Martin, what's his name? Mark Scarelli. He actually got a hold of one of your out that's an unreleased Wu Tang album. I heard it was two of them. The street said it was two. What's the reality? Well we have the man. What if you want to be the reality of it is that it's now sitting in a temperature control room in the Department of Justice. Really? So it's his. He owns it still? Well, he's you know, he's a he's incarcerated right now. Right. Right. Right. And so so I think a lot of his assets has been seized by the government and including that album. So those songs have never been released. But let me say one thing about the art. Look at that fucking thing. Yeah. Is that beautiful or what? That guy's got to be broke. Is there a way I could buy that off of him? For real. How would that look right here? How dope would that look? It'd be beautiful. But I would release that online or or release it with you or let you really buy it. You made for freedom. I don't give a fuck. Whatever you want. But that sitting there makes no sense to me. And that box looks dope and I know that guy's in jail. You figure out a way to get out. Holler at your boy. And you know what? That's how you write. I tell you what. Dope right here though. It would. I tell you one thing. I did have a conversation with the gentleman right with Martin. Yeah. I said listen yo because he had a you know, he had a lot of bad things going on for him. I said yo, if I was you I would take this chance to do philanthropy and I would give this away to the public. If I was him. Yes. Based on how much he had talking from the public. Yeah. But he was in that like we talked about earlier. He wasn't a nice person. He didn't want to give the impression. It was a nice person. He wanted to be I don't give a fuck. And what you said was too. He was having too much fun son. Right. It was just too much. Whatever bitch. Fuck. I got this. Waba. But you know what? I don't think he understood consequences. I think he was doing that. No. Of course he didn't. He was he thought look he's a kid wasn't he born into money. No. Where'd he make his money? No. He made his money in a pharmaceutical industry. He was he was immigrant parents who was like janitors. But he wasn't like born into this company. No. So he was a part of the company. He was part of company. I think more than thing that he had tenacity more than anything. Oh, okay. Very smart. Very smart dude. He probably never experienced a public guy like he did with this whole pharmaceutical crisis where he's overcharging for was AIDS medication. I think he probably did but I think that his point he wanted he wanted to be known as that guy. He was a smart dude. He wanted to be known as that guy. He didn't mind being a super villain. Just put it down. Yeah, he didn't was like he wanted to relax Luther. But he didn't want to be on a low maker money. He tried to be on the podcast. He reached out to me. Yeah, that would have been interesting. But I didn't tell him I mean interesting just to yeah, whatever his interest but I did tell him I mean me I'm a type of person. I'm always going to try to say some advice in a positive form. Right. That's just my personality. I'm like listen bro. They talking shit about you in the world. Don't look good for you. Wu-Tang is good. Wu-Tang Veba. Yeah. I say if I was you I'll take this opportunity to do something good. How about this? How about this? Maybe he sells me the box and then we release the music. I'll buy the whole thing from him and then we'll release it. I don't know. I don't know. Okay. I got that. If he's got it he wants to sell it. The weird thing to me. The weird thing to me. He wants to sell it. The weird thing to me. The weird thing to me. He's locked up. For how long though? He just lost his appeal. So. Oh. The thing. Can you sell shit while you're in jail? Mm-hmm. And you play Monopoly. I play Monopoly. Don't you do that? Yo, I just think like this. I think like this. Do that. Do that. Do that. Do you play Monopoly and you're in jail. It's your turn. You still be like I'm wearing a house. No, no, no. It drives me crazy. I do that. How many songs? Like twenty five songs. That is ridiculous. I think me personally. That needs to be released. I think I don't. My personal opinion. Nobody in the history of music has been able to make an idea or so that's never heard art. Art. Like to be quite honest. It might not even be no motherfucker songs in there. You think he listens? No, he knows. No, I'm not saying that. What I'm saying is the point I'm making. The point he's making is the point I'm making is. It's more valuable. It's legend. Never being heard. Never being cracked. Didn't release. You release it then you set it up for people to be critical of it. Kind of give their opinion.