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Donnell Rawlings

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Donnell Rawlings is a stand-up comic and actor. Catch his new special, "Chappelle’s Home Team – Donnell Rawlings: A New Day,” on Netflix. www.donnellrawlings.com


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RZA is a rapper, record producer, musician, actor, and director. He is the de facto leader of the Wu-Tang Clan.


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Eating Tito's a tonic here? Remember last time you gave me a drink, son. Do you want a drink? Yeah, I'll take the Tito's. You don't drink, right? You don't drink your vegan. You don't drink, right? You said, I'm a vegan, I don't drink. No, I just asked your question. Vegan's not a drink. Ain't no meat and vegan? I mean, ain't no meat and drinks. I didn't know when someone be sis, they'd be like, what is the potato? And I don't know how, you know, they'd be like, is it corn syrup? Is this dehydrated? What's the origin of it? I don't know. There's a lot of wine that's not vegan, apparently. Yeah, they put egg whites in a lot of wines. Is that what they do? Egg whites. Yeah. I don't even really, to be honest, I don't even really know what the fuck a real vegan is. How you doing? Okay, what does that mean? Is it? You can't eat any animal products. What is it? What is it? It can't. You can't, right? Well, if you are claiming to be a vegan, a vegan diet is no animal products. So, do true vegans give a fuck about vegan for the health of it or for actually what it's doing to animals and shit? Both. Both. For sure. Really? Yeah. So, you give a fuck about like how- People share. How chickens are slaughtered and shit is the reason? Yeah. To be honest with you, bro, I just, you know, I just hit you with this right here. The reality how I feel, no animal needs to die for me to live. Okay? My son turned 14 this year, never had a piece of meat in his life. Okay? He gonna do eight pull ups right now. Okay? My oldest son, having to have meat in his life, he could bench over 200 pounds. Okay? Six two, eight pack, play guitar, piano, great memory. He never had no hot dogs or not? Never had a hot dog. He never had a hot dog. Never had a hot dog. He never had a hot dog. You ain't never tell him. Hold on. He never, you think he never ever had a hot dog. How old is he? 18? Listen. How old is he? 18? 21. 21. He never, listen. Okay. If he had a hot dog, it was a vegan hot dog. You know what I mean? Not over grandma's house or nothing? Nah. Nah. The whiskey? No. But I'm not knocking it. The point being made to you right bro is that I'm only saying that to say that I got, I could look at my household as a living example that you don't need. I'm with you. That delivered. I ain't mad. I'm not arguing with other because I'm especially so now. I talk shit about vegans and shit. I talk shit about plant based motherfuckers. But I know now like what the way people cook it and the more options is more options to eat like that than it was when I was coming. When I was coming up, it was just like that sunrise patty. That's the only vegetable. And they can tell you eat some broccoli or carrots or something. But it wasn't no options. And it wasn't so many people doing it where you, you wasn't finding no vegan restaurant. You like it would be one spot. You got away, go way over there. You go to a Jamaican spot in Brooklyn. If you was a vegetarian, you had that one steamed pot and they had to mix vegetables. That's the only thing you was going to get. They didn't have no meat in it. Yeah, I was a vegetarian. I became vegetarian. So me and the ODB. You want some of this? Yeah, man. Why you switch on me, but I'll do it. You could have that. Yeah. Jamie wants to get the Tito's. You're a Tito's man. I gotta change my flight. I ain't going. I ain't going. We got them. We got them. We got them. We got them in the first class. What I got to do, what I got to do, I could like, and plus I didn't really see my son that much. What I got to do, I could do it anytime tomorrow. I'm going to see somebody. I could be there four hours later. I need to get some time with my son and I'm chilling here. So I know I ain't get invited, but I ain't. Hey, what are you talking about? You're here. So, so did you, when did you stop eating meat? How many years has it been? I haven't had a piece of red meat since 1995. Wow. And what about fish? I haven't had a piece of poetry since 1996. I think I finished the liquid sword album. And I haven't had fish. I stopped eating fish in 1997. I feel the average motherfucker feel good if he could hold on to fish. You feel good. Like a pespataria? That was my man. Oh, you know, you got squash. He's got turmeric, turmeric coffee. Yo, you got squash, man? Yeah, I'm drinking meat. Do you not drink vegan? You don't drink any alcohol? Oh, shit. No, I just got some vegan Kool-Aid. Would you like a glass? No, no, I had a good weekend of drinking. So I'm going to take the weekdays and... Congratulations. Thank you. I respect that, son. I respect that, son. Yeah, I got, you know, I got to, I like to drink. I mean, I drink, but you know, if I go for a heavy weekend, I got to take some, I got to take some chills. So what do you, do you monitor your nutrition and make sure you get all your bases covered, your amino acids and your proteins and all your, like, how do you, do you mostly a whole food diet or do you supplement? No, I don't, I don't really monitor, yo. Right? I don't eat a lot, personally. You know what I mean? Like on a good, on a good day for, if I'm on my best, the best riser, I'm going to eat in once a day anyway. Once a day? Yeah. Like I have a... What's a typical meal? I haven't eaten today. Really? I got some, you're going to love this. I got some lettuce wraps. Yo, you give them that shit you're trying to give me, son. That I want to eat after I might finish this. What's a, yo, why you act like I'm against being a vegan? I'm not against it, man. I'm just saying, you're going to love this. No, but you, I know, but I never said I wouldn't love it, son. I'm not mad at your diet, man. Only thing I'm saying is, you know, I don't know a lot of vegans. I need to know more vegans. Yeah, this is something that you would eat, right? F bombs, you would eat one of those, right? What's this? Uh, the weed? It's nut butter. No, it's just nut butter. Nut butter. I told you, son. I told you, son. You got to remain, bitch. Yo, that's the first thing I said, y'all. Fat bomb. Then you can't lead in with nuts. You can't lead in with nuts. Healthy oils. You can't lead in with nuts. Yeah, nuts. Cool. Crunched up nuts. Can I say crunched up nuts? Is that all right? Yeah, you can't. This is like butter in it anyway. Like you just try to stay everything nut related. But I eat a lot of those. It makes sense, but I'm just not used to a liquid. Some people are cool with a liquid diet. I'm just not comfortable with it. It tastes good. And if I just need nutrition, real quick, there's no bullshit. And I'm not mad at you. I take what is with me. Yeah, you kind of. I'm not mad at you. I'm going to send you some. I'm going to send you some. Okay. It's great shit, man. Well, I like being just reading it. It sounds so much sense. Very healthy. It's just basically just protein and organic dark chocolate. I'm going to say this to you, brother. No offense on this. Man, why you keep... Why you keep... Because... Because everything you... Only people don't say this to you because it won't go away. It won't go to him. This don't work on him. All right. But every time you say something to me, you said it like before you start tripping out, I'm not. I know you do that. Yes, you are. You like, let me tell you. Go ahead. I'm going to say something to you gentlemen, but this is for you. Okay. No, no. It has dark chocolate in it. Okay. So dark chocolate is known to reduce high blood pressure. Right. Us as black men, we're... You know, they say we have high blood pressure. Right. Based on us being in America not getting that real natural sun and having a high sodium diet... I understand. ...high blood pressure, dark chocolate helps reduce it. So this is... Good for me. It's good for everybody. But why you got just directed at me? Like, I need dark chocolate. Well, brother... I'm just saying, I don't even know why you felt like I needed the dark chocolate. I don't know. I had to... You know what? I just... Next? No. No. No, I'm just saying, you keep pointing at me and shit. I'm sorry. I like dark chocolate like everybody else likes dark chocolate. You like milk chocolate or dark chocolate? I like dark chocolate.