RZA Talks Wu-Tang Clan, Meditation and Kung Fu


4 years ago



Donnell Rawlings

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Donnell Rawlings is a stand up comedian, actor, and podcaster. His podcast, The Donnell Rawlings Show, is available on YouTube and most podcast platforms.


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RZA is a rapper, record producer, musician, actor, and director. He is the de facto leader of the Wu-Tang Clan.


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Talking about physical meditation, right? And still meditation. So let's just say like there's a meditation where you just sit still. Yeah. And you just breathe and actually Wu Tang, right? So I'm gonna give you a little Wu Tang law. So Wu Tang, the story is there's a monk named Chen Sangfei who leaves Shaolin Temple because he feels that the physical exercise is not the pure way to enlightenment. Right? He thought that the Kung Fu was too external. Right. Too many complications by ego. And so he returned. So he retreats to the mountain and he goes for internal Kung Fu. But in the process of doing internal Kung Fu such as tachi, zenyi, bokwa, right? Like these techniques, like there's this thing called the Ace Piece Brocade. When you just sit, you know what I mean? And you just do very small movements. First you bang on the back of your ears. It's called banging on the heavenly drums to open up the back of your brain. Like if you do that right now, if you cover your ears, right? If you take the headphones off of that and you cover your ears like this, you take your thumb like that and you... Okay. Of course it's louder, right? You hear it, right? Oh, it gives you like a little rhythm. Right. So you do that first, right? And that's just to open up your brain, like to open that up, right? You do it right, inhale and exhale and bouncing again and again. That's one of the brocades. So he's made these eight pieces of brocade, right? Brocade means like something is blocked, right? Right? The blockade? Right. So you want to open it up. Right. You want to open up these, open up your main vessels, you know what I mean? Okay. Of course being your ears, your eyes, your nose, your mouth. You know, that goes back to Jesus saying the seven churches. What is the seven churches? And Jesus spoke to the seven churches where he spoke to the two eyes, the two nose, two holes in your nose, your mouth, your two ears. So he's speaking to a man. He said out of his mouth came a double-edged sword. The sword, of course, no sword can come out of your mouth. Your tongue is that sword. Double-edged. Exactly. Yeah. So we'll shout out to all the preachers to eat pussy, but go ahead. Wait, that's P. I just said that. That's P-E-P. All right. You got to make that an acronym. P-E-P. Well, get down with P-E-P. You know me. But anyway, before the kind of league is part of it comes in. Before we get to the kind of league is so, so Wu-Tang itself, right? This guy leaves the temple, goes to the mountain to meditate, and he's dealing with still meditation, right? But in all reality, when you mix it together Wu-Tang and Shaolin, you have the physical and the still meditation. And it takes both to actually find this level of enlightenment you're looking for. So when Bodhidharma came to Shaolin, he actually came from India. So Bodhidharma was an Indian monk who was more of a yoga student. He comes to Shaolin and he's trying to teach them the Indian way, but he realized that all the monks are too weak to sit there and there's still meditation. And so he created something called the low hands, right? Or the 18 low hands. Or like and he these forms and these steps were made so that now they could do a physical movement to build their body up. So now they can meditate longer because you can have a strong mind. What's the use of a strong mind without a strong body and what's the use of a strong body without a strong mind? So that's the yin and yang must be balanced. And so that's the Shaolin and Wu-Tang philosophy. So when we made Wu-Tang Clan and I'll go back to myself with this. When we made Wu-Tang Clan as the name of our crew, we took the verse from the Bible about the double-edged sword in Jesus speaking, right? We said, okay, we're going to use our words and our wisdom and our spirituality to talk to the world through our music, right? But we also took that in the Wu-Tang law. They said the Wu-Tang martial art monks, they developed the best sword style, right? So we're like, well, we're the Wu-Tang. We have the best sword style. But we come from Shaolin because that's the well which springs forth, right? And so we took the physical of Shaolin as our base, the spiritual, the meditate force of Wu-Tang and we put it together and our album starts off. If what you say is true, the Shaolin and the Wu-Tang could be dangerous. Damn. Oh my God. That's hip-hop history, ladies and gentlemen.