RZA on What Went Down After Andre Johnson Cut His Penis Off


4 years ago



Donnell Rawlings

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Donnell Rawlings is a stand up comedian, actor, and podcaster. His podcast, The Donnell Rawlings Show, is available on YouTube and most podcast platforms.


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RZA is a rapper, record producer, musician, actor, and director. He is the de facto leader of the Wu-Tang Clan.


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You know what, Dave did have a lot of jokes with Wu-Tang in it, right? And I really appreciate it. I love our music. It was beautiful. It had us on the show, but he did one Wu-Tang joke, right, that fucked me up. What was it? Can I talk about it real quick? Yes, please. So I'm watching it. So he did the three Netflix specials. Right. It was the first one. And so made my wife be excited. Yo, we did it. Boom. We put it on. We was like, we're dying laughing. And then he goes into the scene where he does like he's at a party and he had the transgender dude fall out and all that and everything. And then he goes, you know, he don't understand, you know, how somebody do that. Like, you know what I mean? Like, what does somebody do to this? You know, they just chop the dick off Wu-Tang. Bang. They just keep going. And I was like, what the fuck was that? Hold on, let me finish this. No, I'm sorry. My wife Bo was like, we both kind of didn't say nothing like for the first three minutes. You know, I just woke up and just kept watching. He was just shocked. And then it was like, what the fuck? And we pause it. And we get that one. No, I didn't get it. No. So we didn't get it, right? Next fucking day, next fucking day, I'm somewhere to meet in an elevator and boom, it hits me. Because it stayed in my fucking mind. I fucking start dying laughing. It was a punctuate. No. No. So what was the difference with what you thought the joke that you didn't get, but what made you get it? What made me get it was just the, I'm trying to, because David's a genius, yo. His shit is crazy, right? It's like a lyric. You're going to get the rhyme when you get the rhyme, right? So what he was saying, he said, he don't understand how a man chop his dick off. So what a man do? A man just goes Wu-Tang, bow. The reason this is, I'm going to tell what you got. I'll tell you what I got. What I got was the most gangster phrase you could say that describes the hardest shit you could do. Right. Like, it's Wu-Tang. You know what I'm saying? Right. Right. Now cut your dick off, don't take it back. Like, like. That's thief. Now. No. It's true. Because one of your Wu-Tang man's did that shit. Exactly. So that's what it was. Who did it? Who did it? No. So there's the truth. There's a dude that was affiliated with us, right? Don't say affiliated, my friend. He was a Wu-Tang. He was a Wu-Tang. Hold on, listen, man. He wasn't part of the Wu-Tang clan. All right, clarity. Hold on, now I got to give you a test before we go further. I don't want a test. I agree with you. I agree with you. From the slum, the Shaolin Wu-Tang clan strikes the game. The RZA, the JZA. Old dirty bastard. Inspector Deck. Rayquan the Chef. You Guard. Ghostface Killer. And Method Man. Method Man. And Master Killer and Capadonna. Method Man and Rayquan are in New York right now for the Jets Giants game, right? Yeah, yeah. Okay, that makes sense. That makes more sense. Of course, Capadonna and Master Killer and a lot of mathematics and sometimes even a lot of songs with them, talent, young brothers. So one of the members of the North Star zoned out. He zoned out. Zoned out. Get it out. One of them drugs you talk about. Zoned out. And what they call it when you do it? I don't... What they call it? Yeah. There's a word for it though. What's the word when you do it? Castmates yourself. Castmates... I had to get the word, brother. Yeah. So now, now... The castmates themselves, right? So now, that's the purse line of his joke. The purse line is like, because this dude for no reason... It was a car back, yeah. Oh. So you got it in an elevator? Yeah, I'm just walking on this in an elevator. Oh, shit. It's too late. I'm serious. Yo, it's a long joke. I've been doing this joke with the issue like 24 hours later. Oh my God, that bit has a long fuse. Yeah. But Dave does got those kind of jokes. Oh man, I remember when we were on the road when that actually was the news. Right. And he was like, Wu Tang punctuated so much in anything, whatever you do. For fun anyway. For anything Wu Tang forever. Yeah. So when a member, or at least an affiliated member of the Wu Tang cuts off his dick, and he does the thing... He could have been a Wu Tang. He could have been like a nephew, a Wu Fuel. Did he glue it back on? He could have been a Wu nephew or whatever. You know what's so crazy about that incident? First of all, that incident was very hurtful. You know, like, you know, just... Yeah, hell yeah, it was hurtful. I'm probably sure it was hurtful to him, but it was hurtful in a sense like when it happened, I was doing a TV show called Gang-Mellated, right? And so, you know, like I would go like, say it happened on the night it happened. The next night is a cast where all the whole cast get together. And this shit is the news. This is like on every network, every TMZ, this is like, oh shit. And I'll come in the room. And everybody's like, what the fuck happened? Like, you know what I mean? Yeah, but I'm gonna tell you, the thing about it is like, I don't know what you need to do to represent your gangster, but cutting your dick off is the most go-hard shit a motherfucker could do. It's hard, right? That's like next level. It's next level. Now, homie, so I had a buddy with me at the time, Paul Banks from Interpol, and we was working on the album. And so he saw me, he's like, damn, Bobby, you look kind of fucking depressed. I said, yo, man, like, I don't like the way this shit sounds, man. Right. I mean, it's like the press, it feels, you know, feel like, first of all, I don't think I found in the history of me or my study, I never heard of a man chopping his own shit off. This shit is biblical. You know what I mean? So, so, so I'm already, even though some people may have done it, you see this, this shit is biblical. Do it to yourself. Right. So my Haberata. And when he said to, when he said, he's like, listen, he probably was really fucked up. Probably. He said, he was probably, he said, nah, he was fucked up. He said, he's probably really fucked up. I said, yeah, I said, but then, you know what I'm saying? Then they say he jumped out the window out of a two story. He jumped over the balcony of a two story apartment building, but did die. They said he jumped after he cut his dick off. Yeah, after. No, not, no, no. So, no, this is back to him. Cut your dick off, jumping over it, then hit fours, try it with a hit down. No, no. So, so, so my man Paul said this, he said, I think he was sober when he jumped. How can you get that high? Check it out. He said, I think he was sober when he jumped and he went on to give me this whole story by one of his friends that had a problem. And he had it because he had to console me. Right. Right now I'm kind of puzzled. So he's like, he's trying to fuck up. He's trying to console me. I say, yeah, but he didn't die. He said, yeah, he didn't die because he wasn't going to die. Like, you know, I mean, so gave me a little metaphor in my head. So he said, I had a friend who used to drink and shit. And one night he had a problem with it. One night he was in a hotel and he, and he laid on the fucking the balcony of a window. Right. And then he said, and I said, yo, get the fuck off that. And the windows over and said, if he fall this way, he's going down 10 stories. But if you go this way, he just hit the floor. He's in the room and that's the, that's the whole thing. He said that he went this way. He went down 10 stories. But during the fall, he soldered up. But when he hit the ground, he didn't die. He became quadriplegic. The dick cut off motherfucker. No, no, no, no. This is the alcohol dude that fell down. The only thing that's been made is that you ain't going to go until it's time to go. Right. Oh, 100%. So you think you're killing yourself. It ain't happening. But if you cut your dick off and you survived that, that's the time to go. Hold on. Hold on. But so, so the idea is was he sober when he jumped. And so, and I had the chance to speak to him, right? I sent him a caron. You know what I mean? I was like, I think, you know, you might have to get into some studies, brother. And you know, it's so, so, so, so anyway, sending the caron. Can't nobody hold you down off of that. And then I said, let me ask you a question. And the question was, you know, did you know when you jumped, you know, was you said, yeah. He's like, for that moment, like it was everything else was whatever it was. And you know, you could read this story and he says why he says what happened in the story. But when he jumped, that was the moment of sobriety. And for me, that was like, now that's the. When he jumped, when he cut his dick off, that wasn't the moment of sobriety. It's after. Okay. I mean, you ever do some shit, you ever been fucked up? Yeah. You do some shit that, uh oh. Like I had a really bad sexual thing. Mad, mad. It was one of them sex nights. You know, I was, I was, I was covered up. I kind of, I kind of had like a blanket over me and we was going to room to room fucking girls. It was like, it was one of them like bad sex drug in your system. I'm fucking everybody tonight. Right. I know what you're talking about. You know what I'm saying? I know what you're talking about. I know what you're talking about. I know what you're talking about. I know what you're talking about. And you just going room to room, room to room, room to room. Going crazy. Kind of, no kind of motherfucker. I'm going hard body. Against the grain. Against the grain. But then there's that moment. Like, oh shit, I fucked up. Right. I knew I fucked up. Right. And you, and you get sober for about 30 seconds and then the high kick back in, you go knock him out the door. He's like, yo, yo, yo, I'm all right. The dick back, the dick is back. The dick is back. You're like, I don't know where those loads went. Anyway, anyway, that's my, that's it. But so he jumped, but didn't he glue his dick back on? I stitched it back on, right? Jamie, they fixed it. It's all good. Bro. Is that you? Yeah. I stopped following the story after that. Yeah, that was after. I hope he's okay. I was like, that, that was just. Thank God for the surgeons. Thank God for scientists. Thank God for the miracle work and medicine people. That's like forever would be the most gangsta shit you can do. I'm going to dig up and say that dude. They should say that because he's going to film it now. They're going to world star and hoping that Dave sees it.