#1768 - Dr. Robert Epstein


4 months ago

Dr. Robert Epstein is an author, professor, and Senior Research Psychologist at American Institute for Behavioral Research and Technology: a non-profit, non-partisan organization that offers data regarding the power of Google and other Big Tech companies to censor dissenting opinions online and sway the outcome of elections.

#1713 - Mike Baker


8 months ago

Mike Baker is a former CIA covert operations officer and current CEO of Portman Square Group, a global intelligence firm. He's also the host of "Black Files Declassified" on Discovery’s Science Channel.


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There are feeding (I mean RSS/Atom) tools out there, both for working with YT and for consuming on your back-end. You'll figure it out, I'm sure. <3


Yeah, that's right. Be that. Be that always and everywhere, so that we can spot your shallow ignorant and unsubstantiated bigotry. But do us a fav, ya? Learn you some words, so that you don't need to explain (/words). And some grammar so that laughing at you isn't such a chore.


You didn't put it n the homepage, and not in the nav menu? Why? How come I find out about this from a random comment?


The people that value what you did here are drawn from a pool of JRE listeners, largely. Anything you do to ease the friction between a person chasing Joe Rogan across his different platforms, activities and debacles will be welcome. But there are others in here. People that came for what you did, and not for Joe specifically. You have set up for us, so we mostly see that. And it is not very functional at the moment. It seems to be the same software and stack as but not caught up to where that is in terms of being usable or even working correctly. I used to watch you closely, when it was about the part I cared about, you were playing with community building and public-access tools around conversational podcasting and I loved everything about that. But now you must have been 99.99% playing here and not over at OGPODWEB, and as much as I like Joe I did not come here for Rogan. I don't think you can make Rogan better. You can untangle and streamline the timeline of the episodes, the interesting points like lists of books and whatnot mentioned, you can map and taxonomize the individual episodes with chapters or segments. If Spotify ever figures out it's video game so that you can change streaming parameters like quality and camera angle while watching, then sure, you can shave some friction off the corporate monstrosity of a thing that that would probably be. What I'm saying is you probably have spent a time sufficient to be knowledgeable in this problem space and have arrived at the obvious solutions. Now it's time to improve those solutions, and you have the domain knowledge to tackle that, one at a time. Set goals, reach targets. Stop looking for things to do, for things to explore. Apply yourself. There are two pillars of your turtle that need immediate attention. Making money, the survival of this project into the next two years of it's life. And community, including folks like me that would like to talk to people that listen to Sam Harris about something Lex Friedman was asking Bret Weinstein, all while watching Jordan Peterson. Me! Me, me me? Notice me? Alright, enough of that. <3