Randall Carlson & Graham Hancock on Lost Technology and the Great Pyramids


11 months ago

Taken from JRE #1897 w/Randall Carlson & Graham Hancock

#1889 - Dr. Phil


11 months ago

Dr. Phil McGraw is an author and psychologist. He hosts the television show "Dr. Phil" and the podcast "Phil in the Blanks."

#1869 - Dr. Gabor Maté


1 year ago

Dr. Gabor Maté is a physician, speaker, and author regularly sought for his expertise on a range of topics including addiction, stress, and childhood development. His latest book, "The Myth of Normal," will be available on September 13, 2022.


#1655 - Sebastian Junger


2 years ago

Sebastian Junger is a bestselling author, journalist, and an Academy Award-nominated documentary filmmaker. His latest book, "Freedom", is available now.

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Agree. Theres a few episodes with Brian Simpson. I just started listening to #2006, its great so far


Astute and well stated. btw, I'm gonna steal ..."____has some points, but they drown in _____" Ive thought that so many times! I've even caught myself drowning my own good fuckin points!


I can't listen to Kaku anymore. I'm done trying. He acts like a stereotypical arrogant academic. His tonality sounds like he is talking to a kindergartner, and he is really arrogant. He frequently makes absolute statements about things that he cannot possibly know. Its bad for people to listen to someone like this. If his logic is so broken about "This is the final evolution of computing" (for ex), then how the actual fuck is it a good idea to trust anything he says? This motherfucker needs to go on a heroic dose of psychedelics. His behavior is dangerous and bad for the world.


Yeah just finished binging it. It's really good Hancock is really good about genuinely considering opinions and theories aside from the ones he already has. The evidence is pretty overwhelmingly supportive of the younger drius(sp?) impact theory.