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Max Holloway

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Max Holloway is a professional mixed martial artist competing in the Featherweight and Lightweight divisions of the UFC, where he is the current BMF Title holder.http://www.ufc.com/athlete/max-holloway

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Have you ever had to deal with jet lag for a fight? No, not really. We tried to go up early, that's why. So the first two days is whatever, but then after that we're all good. Where's the furthest that you had to fly to to fight? I think so Abu Dhabi, fight iron. And how long does that take to adjust? Brother, that one was weird because then you remember they had us fighting at weird times. So we had to sleep during the day and then train during the night. I remember going to sleep around like eight or nine o'clock a.m. Whoa. Yeah, remember going to sleep around like eight or nine o'clock a.m. Whoa. Yeah, because we was fighting like around that time like early in the morning. So it was just, that was insane. So you had to get your body acclimated. Acclimated, yep. Whew. That's got to play a factor, right? Like if you live in Abu Dhabi, that would be a.m. brother? Yeah, that's crazy. Is the main card start. So they're saying whoever's main line, uh, headline names, fighting at six a.m. That's crazy. That's insane. You know how drunk that audience is going to be. Right there. You see? Great. I saw, uh, you know, it is funny? I saw a clip. I saw a clip a meme of a video of like a UK fan He's like living in the UK He was like he watched our fight our fight just got done mind and Justin He played our clip and then he was like great now I can start my morning. He opens the doors It's it's light out and stuff. I'm like holy shit Yeah, they have to deal with different. I mean, it's funny the American paperview time schedule just trumps everything Oh, yeah, I mean it's funny the American pay-per-view time schedule just trumps everything oh yeah I mean crazy I guess we're the ones who buy it the most I got I wonder what the numbers are and the rest of the world I think UK UK is another hot spot right and UK big I mean they some there are some fight fans to be yeah doing that every and you know once a month they're [2:04] planning a there's a pay-per-view month, they're planning a, there's a pay-be-view card and they're like, look honey, um, 3 a.m. I'm probably gonna be screaming so please don't, you know, don't divorce me. So, it's pretty awesome. Yeah, you just got to get one tolerant wife and never everybody go over that house. Yeah, I'd be like, hey, guys, or you get the single friend, you know? You know that guy's like, he's the single. You don't have nothing going on. He's like, yeah, you come to my house. Yeah, that's perfect. So what has it been like for you after 300? I mean, it seems like, I think for whatever reason, people go through phases of their career. And with some fighters, if a fighter gets a loss or two, they start to think that that fighter started to decline. And with you, I think some people had written you off for some strange reason. Brother, I don't get it. I heard the noise. [3:01] I heard the noise. I'm like, listen, he's only 32, right? 32, right? Yeah, exactly. Yeah, exactly. I heard the noise. I'm like, listen, he's only 32, right 32, right? Yeah, exactly. It's only 32. That's athletic prime. I'm like, there's not no beatings. There's no knockouts. There's no decline in the expression of skills inside the octagon. Everything looks the same and better every fight. You know what the problem is? The problem is that these guys got to see me grow up You know, I got in the U.S. when I was 20 20 years old and a lot of people think I'm DC's old ass 42 years old or something you know, I mean and then I'm like brother I'm not DC I've been calling out DC, but I'm a young guy You know just because I've been harassing His his potato looking butt like come on bag of a tail looking ass I'm you two together hilarious. I love that guy. I love that guy. I love that guy. He's the best. A lot of guys just think I'm old because I've been fighting since I was 20. And then it wasn't and it's not like I've been fighting 20. I've been fighting since I was 20 and I thought who's who in in my team? You've been fighting the best in the world since you were a 20 years old just past teenager. Yeah, so like especially with the you know with the Vogue fights, you know it's like [4:09] That the first two fights was all was was was a right and that third fight is what made everybody go all he's done for I'm like brother like that was his Vogue's night. He was on. Yeah, I mean like it is what it is Everybody's like oh, yeah look look at Max He Vogue just did this and now they're doing MMA Matt cuz Ilya did that to Vulcan Even with Ilya doing MMA math. I beat a guy that beat you to it. I'm like brother This is not how it works. I lost the Dustin Dustin just got knocked off from from Justin And now what the now can I say a beat Dustin now? No, it's right. That's what yeah, you know styles make fights So it's also did look what happens in camp what what kind of condition are you coming into the fight in did you fight an injured? How did I yeah exactly just fight Islam? Makacha me get head kick. I mean that's a big factor man, brother That's crazy. You know a lot a lot of people was giving me a Shit when cuz isn't talked about our fight about me and Justin saying it was useless fight or whatever and I'm like [5:02] Bro like if you took the fight in February when, like you should have, you came out clean, I think so just in what a, what a fortune, you know, but like how the hell is someone that you just knocked, like that was a scary knockout brother, like that was a scary knockout, ask knockout and then that guy turned around and come on, like bro, you're not even supposed to get hit for that long. And then now you're doing a camp, even if you're okay, I say you do a camp, you don't spoil our camp, right? But then you sit training hard or whatever, and like maybe you just accidentally fall over, bump your head on something, you know, or like you're scratching your head, you know, or you're screaming or something because you're stressing out, you know? I mean, look at Justin. I just saw Justin finally doing interviews after this fight and he just said like, I'm not doing nothing for six months. Like nothing. And I'm like, bro, that's smart. You know, when Marquez knocked out Manipackel Freddie Roach made him wait a year. One year. One year. That's crazy. So you got to really heal up. That was a bad knockout. Bro, you only got, I remember it was, it was you that talked about it like that talked about our brain This is like long time ago when you're talking about the cotton candy thing and your brain and how it's how once that disappear [6:12] You don't that shit don't grow back right exactly and I remember watching that was long time I didn't know how many years that was that was a go and That really meant a lot and everybody keep telling me like, oh, Matt, you get hit so much and blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, this and that. I'm like, yeah, okay, in the fight, you might see me get hit, but I'm not, I'm not, I'm not sparring, you know, like, I'm not sparring. I'm being sparring. This doesn't gauge you one brother. I'm just going to get a hell. We have to bring back sparring. You know what I mean? I told my cousin, look, this is a man that is very dangerous. We need to get it in the two of us thick of it and get it done. So we bring back sparring for this one, but instead it wasn't. That's very wise of you. It's too, it wasn't crazy. You know, it wasn't crazy. Like, we had a hard days out, far outside of camp. Like outside of camp, and it was cluttered. And then we kind of toned it out. and get you had to but then with your brain how you need to protect your brain, you know, I mean like there's so much movies like on concussions and the movie concussion and we have [7:09] so much what is it information now about the brain and how you can help yourself and how you can mentally and physically help yourself get better and help the brain out so why not use that, you know a lot of people call me crazy a lot of people I keep hearing the talk about his chin gotta go this time, his chin. Like when the hell is my chin? My chin was supposed to go to the last 20 fights. And I mean, like, what are you guys talking about? Yeah, it's ridiculous. Someone either has a good chin or they don't have a good chin. But you're not getting hit clean with shots. When you're getting hit, you're getting hit and I see you turn in your face, I see you taking some steam off of a lot of shots and your style is so, it's a fun style to watch, but it's also a nightmare to deal with. You're switching stances, [8:00] you're constantly cutting angles, like the volume that you put on Justin, like when Justin was having a hard time catching to you, it was very evident early on that you were on it. But it was one of those fights where it's like, damn Justin with one punch can fuck people up. It's just like avoiding that one punch. And then we start tuning him up. Then he dropped you, he dropped you and what was that? Uh, so I think third or fourth round, I was that Second third third of fortrunner forget Didn't kind of the drop which is crazy, you know, I mean like a lot of people it didn't count no it didn't so I saw like there SPN is like Posting and saying like in however many fights him with the USC right I stayed in get dropped and I asked that's some bullshit it dropped and I asked that's some bullshit you're gonna get it get the real good does the dowel yeah I'll take it you know what I mean but I'm not I'll be a man to sit here be I wouldn't be a man sitting here telling you that it did bro he bro I'll remember getting hit by that punch and then like I sat and then I came back up I was like what the fuck did he say anyway I mean I was like holy shit I was like that was a good punch. And when I rewatched it, he hit me like right in the tub [9:05] of my dome, I was like holy smack, brother, this guy smacks and then I was fine as soon as I got it. It was one of those like boom, you know, like the legs just give out, the legs just give out, like I was there, even when I was standing, I was looking at him, but that, I don't know what they call it as a drop because that has to count. Yeah, yeah, that was that was crazy. No, that's 100% knocked out. Somebody just a man mistake. But like, did you ever see Ilya Toporia when he fought Jay Herbert? Yeah. Yeah. I saw that. I saw that. I was funny. I'd never saw the fight. But then when people was, uh, when he was talking about fighting and we was fighting and saying, and he said something about dropping me or killing me. And then I see the comments of him getting that head that left-hide kick getting dropped. So I was like, oh, yeah, I didn't see the fight, but I saw that part I've been. It was an amazing comeback because he knocked about in the sack around. But man, he could take a shot because he got hit so clean with a switch kick off the left side. [10:00] Right chin to the chin, just perfect. I mean, it was just whack. And then his whole body just goes out, and then he grabbed a hold of a single, well, check this out, watch this. Boom! I mean, dude, watch the head snap back. Look at the head snap back. I mean, that is just shin to the chin. That is just a perfect gyherbert headkick, but he grabbed a hold of him. And he managed to maintain's composure, got him to the ground, survives the round, and actually was winning. The rest of the round. I know it's really too, look, four minutes. It did a lot of wrestling. It did a lot of wrestling. He's a very complete fighter. Very, very good, bro. He's very good. Very good. And his fucking boxing man, his boxing is terrifying. I was shocked that Volk wanted to take that fight so quickly after the mock chip fight And if I was his friend I would have not recommended that but I don't know if you could talk to him I mean he's a champion You he's hit me. Yeah, there's dudes like that is like Mike. We can do it Mike. Yeah, we're gonna go to all He's fucking Adam. He's an animal. But the human body [11:02] It's a you know the vulnerabilities of the human body are real despite the spirit of the man. Yeah. Despite the spirit of the man. You got damage. No matter your spirit, you still have something, your brain, your muscles, your stardew hurting. So it's going to only protect itself when you feel something, when there's a warning sign going off, like, oh man, warning, did it shut off? Because it's like, look, I I'm gonna save me from myself. That's what it is. When Conor fought Dustin the last time, he had a broken ship. Yeah, his leg was broken or his chest factor, right? Yep, he had a fracture going into that fight. And he knew it and the body's just gonna, your body's gonna give up, no matter how strong the will is. And think about like what that cost him. A lot. Two years. Two years. And who knows where he could have been if he hadn't taken that fight and he let, look, it's only eight weeks. Yeah. You got a stress fracture like that? It's like eight weeks and it's healed, right? Because it's not all the way through. That's crazy. It could have healed it. And then, it and then you know and you see it did they move mountains for that man so why not I don't know if [12:07] they knew it was a fracture though it definitely was but they I think they have done MRIs on it was inconclusive turn out but it was badly hurt you know you've had bone bruises yeah yeah yeah yeah like I don't know if this broken you got to get it looked at yeah yeah yeah they suck no they hurt bro Was your left shin brother my left shin. It's alright now, but they hurt bro I saw the butt to talk about it my bro. It's got kick heart is shit Yeah, and his bow the way his bones. I don't know what it was made out of bro I think it's titanium like I like to say my my chin is made out of vibranium brother. He had a vibranium leg bro I was like he went to Wakanda too. I was thinking to myself like how I thought I only got to go to Wakanda. I guess you went to you know But you know at dinner day, but yeah hurt like I said my my changed the bruise it feels good I can move I move it whatever is like stiff after a fight in there a lot of people always I always hear you talk about in there be like, oh yeah, it hurts. I don't really feel it. Like I don't pay too much mind to it in the fight. [13:08] I can feel when he hits it and it's like, oh, I'm telling myself that's gonna hurt later. But you got 25 minutes, you know. We gotta stay in here, you know? And that's what's interesting is it does us who to compromise your movement that much. It depends entirely upon the person like some people get calf kicked once real hard And it swells up and you see immediately they're walking fucked up with trying to switch south bar They're trying to switch dances. Yeah, but you don't seem to have as much of a problem with it Yeah, well it wasn't really a problem. I know it hurts I know it's gonna be hurt after the fight But then even that like switching stances the most craziest thing to me while while after after getting completely landed nicely there. Because if I switch to that, he should screw up two of my legs. What I'm gonna do, crawl over to it. Right. I mean, I run out of one leg, then two legs messed up. And I just can't do it. And then I think that's you. I think you're particularly durable because some guys, like you see what happens with [14:01] Pejada. He kicks you. A couple of times in that leg, and that leg's fucked up, man. Messed up. Everybody, even Jan Bohovich, who's made out of rocks, Jans, like his bones are made out of stone. Remember when he was going with Uncle Lyav, he went shindishin with them? Yeah. He was just cracking shins with them, and fucking his leg up. Yeah, and then a guy like Like bro, did you see the picture of me and Alex Alex? Did you guys see the picture of me and Alex? They they faced swap them. No. They put my face on Alex for a r. Try to look it up brother. He looked like Thanos bro. And money my condom bro. Money my condom is like yeah, fuck this guy. You know, you know, money my condom is like, yeah, fuck that guy bro, you I saw Twitter. He was like yeah people asked me to to fight Max Is he's nine and I'm 10 or something or eight and nine or something like that? Are you fucking crazy? He's like I'll fight him if he if we have one rule no Love money my god, bro. He's funny dude, man. He almost lost that jail in turn fight that was there what happened there [15:05] Man, he almost lost that Jalen turnr fight. That was there. What happened there? Jalen Turner tried to look cool and get a walk off kill and it didn't happen. It didn't happen. You can't do that You got to follow up. That was the fight like if he beat moicano man and Jalen had him. He had him We was in I was at the hotel room still watching that fight I was watching it was watching it and Yeah, I was shipping out and you know And you know what, as funny, as soon as that happened, I was like, I told my coach, I was like, you know what'd be funny? If money would kind of come out and re-nick his and the next round. And he finishes on the next round. I was like, damn, whoa, it wasn't funny, but it was like, that's amazing. Well, Jaylin is so long. He's so dangerous to his knockout power at length. He catches guys on the end of shots. You can't even come close to him, and he's cracking you, and he's got nasty power. And that moicano dude, he's very tough. The fact that he figured it out, he's like fuck all this standin'. [16:01] I'm gonna grab that dude and drag him ground smart bro Yeah, I cute this fight I cute bro, what a card that was all brought in from the begin from the first I had I had a family and friends I came to the fight and they went to the first fight Cody Dobry and you had to figure it out to bro You had to and you got two former world champions going out in the first fight. Yeah And two guys that are still awesome. And it was fighting. It was a fight. It was a fight. Yeah. How crazy was it when he went for the hands-on kick? Imagine he landed that kick on Stutt's face when he went for the hands-on and then he just went for regular leg kick and almost kicked them in the air. That was crazy. Yeah, those cartwheel kicks were ridiculous. Crazy. Crazy. You gotta set them up, buddy. You can't be just trying to, trying to freely like that, you know? Well, Justin tried rolling thunder on you in like the last round, right? I knew, I knew he was gonna try it. I knew it. That's what Justin's known for, you know what I'm saying? I knew he's gonna do it. We knew he's gonna do a Power punches, late kicks. I was thinking if we got later in the rounds [17:05] or if he was getting comfortable, he's gonna try and do the rolling thunder kick. So who's ready for it? He's got this weird ability to kick your legs like in a clinch. Close, bro. Close, bro. I heard you talking about it. His hip is so flexible that he can just kick. He can, it was almost like, you know what, it wasn't a high kick, of course, but you know what, his late kick remind me of? It reminds me of your year's high kick. Like, me and your year could be nose to nose and a fucking kick comes up. I'm like holy shit, like he did it to me one time. And I was like, what the, like, why are you guys so flexed? And even like with Justin, with his late kick, bro, like some of them is even his angles that he take on his kick I'm like, you're not hitting me with this and they fucking it cracks me his whole shin across my knee I'm like what is going on? How are you landing this? It's like his angles is weird, bro He has some weird angles for it for sure. Well, he's very unique in a lot of ways is a very unique style [18:00] Very unique mentality He's a unique but but the leg kicks in the clinch. When he was, was it, was it still PFL back there? Was PFL back there? I know what you're talking about. The one that he was in the clinch and he was in the clinch. And the clinch, and the kick and full power. I think he teaked, he teaked with that guy. Oh, he teaked with that legs. He's like, we're not clinching here. Like no one can. I don't know anybody else who kicks the legs from the clinch like Justin Gates he does. Full park clinch, you know how you do that heel kick? That's what people do. They usually grab that heel and they hit it right, like this guy is like straight, holds it out though running leg kicking to you You know, it's insane. Think about all the guys you fought Max. I mean, you have fought the best of the best. You fought everybody except Marketschew. There's like everybody of your era you fought. Yeah, well, the Marketschew fight is not too far off. So, you know, I've never stayed there ever. I've got a couple more years in me for sure. [19:01] What do you think, like if you had to a planet out. Okay, so here we got Porier and Makachev are fighting. They're fighting next and that's gonna be what is that? New Jersey? New Jersey. New Jersey. So let's say Makachev wins. If Makachev wins, well even if Porier wins, if Porier wins, if Porier wins, that would be a fun fight. It's a great match. We have history, you know, especially at 45. We have 45. And make it a double belt. Right there. I would love that, but the double belt. That would be crazy. The double belt. The double belt. Every time ever. The BMF and the lightweight title on the line. That would be crazy. Wow, that would be wild. But even if whoever wins, but then I really like, no, here's a thing. At 55 you look fantastic. You look bigger, you look stronger. I'm sure it felt better. You didn't have to. Oh yeah, good brother. The cut was, the cut was a cut. Don't get me wrong, but it was, it was beautiful about that. I was eating sushi all week. Eating more sushi, I eat sushi when I go to 45 too, [20:01] but I was eating more sushi all week, but I was loving it. Do you think that that's better for you? We see what happens, you know, I feel like I still have unfinished business for five, I wanna get the time. I mean, before this fight, before this fight, you know, we only had like a couple of options. After this fight, the whole main goal with this fight was like, just have all the options. That was the me, that was going, that was going to be telling me to go into this fight was the mentality was let's have all the options. We put, we go out there, we do something spectacular, you know, I'm right up there with the top 55ers. I'm right up. I still have my, my spot with the 45ers. And then to my surprise after the fight, they announced a Connor versus Chandler fight. So it's like, me and Connor have some history. So there's options, you know what I mean? So. And they're talking about doing something at 65. I know DC's been saying this. I don't know what he knows. I haven't pressed him. I'm sure DC knows something. [21:01] I got only talks about stuff when he knows he's yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, he tries This is what DC acts about that. You know DC you've been you call a lot of fights with him You know him as a person. He don't talk about nothing unless he knows something is going on about that I like it's either yeah, it's either he knows something going on or he's just bullshit He's either they see it's it's one or the other He never played that middle. Exactly. With that, with that, you know what I mean? I know he doesn't bullshit, but I know he sees all this stuff. It's like, it's crazy, like, because I saw him talking about the BMF. And did you see that one with that bit with RC? When he told RC, he should, he should who should I'll sit fight for the BMF and I know no disrespect to him but like come on Do you see what that like he's it so off off line on that side, you know Yeah, he's so out of pocket like calling that you know, well, he's out of pocket because he's a so Bias towards wrestling. Yeah, yeah, he wants he's like there's been no takedowns in the BMF fights like I think that's what a BMF [22:05] Valdez, you know? Well, it can be takedowns if it happens, but it, you know, just have it just because you want takedowns to bring a wrestler in. Yeah, yeah. But that belt is a special belt. You know, it's a wild belt. It's like, it is wild. It's wild. These are wild fights. It's wild. You know what, you know what, it's funny because I see a lot of these guys, these MMA guys, guys, some guys who's just like even doing MMA, I see everything brother, from like the low level MMA guys that's trying to come up to mid to high. And before this fight, everybody was shitting on the BMF, whatever blah, blah. And then now that I got it, I'm happy to see that it's actually getting its worth. You know what I mean? At the end of the day everybody's saying oh no undisputed well I was on the speed of champion I have to be in Mac belt now what is it you know you cannot tell well I'm fighting number one contenders and keep fighting these number and champions what now you tell me what it is you know at the end of the day the belt is cool and I always tell everybody the belt is cool but you guys got to understand it's it what brings with the belt what what the emotions it brings and what kind of fight it brings to a card [23:07] You know like yeah that our fight a lot of people was saying could have been the main event of It's insane you know 100% and the crazy thing is there was two insane fights after your fight Your fight was so good that two insane world title fights after And to happen after, and still, people talk about your fight. And I feel so bad for the girls, because I was watching that fight in the back after doing my media. And it was such a crazy fight brother. Amazing fight. But I think so people was just, they just had a adrenaline dump. Oh yeah. Because of what happened in the last fight, you know? I lost my voice. Bro, I lost my voice. I really did. I've never lost my voice ever. You have to fight. But when you dropped him, I was the first time I ever stood up. I couldn't sit down. I was standing up. I was just like, I saw the first. Dana had the greatest quote in the post fight press conference. He said, I sell holy shit moments. When people ask me, what do I do for a living? [24:04] Look at this. I could even sit down. I sell holy shit moments. When people ask me, what do I do for a living? Look at this, I could even sit down. I had to get up. I had to hold onto those guys. I'm holding onto them. That is awesome. It's funny when they started putting cameras on us because we've been doing that forever. Like DC and I go crazy, we hug each other, we go nuts. When something crazy happens, like, what? What? I'm glad, I'm glad they did, because to see, to see like, see fans and reactions to the fight is cool, but they're fans. But then when you see like our peers and guys like you and my, and other fighters and commentators of the sport that you've been around forever. So to see you do that, that wouldn't bring like humangous that smile to my face like holy shit. I just made you roll against that. You know what I say to this day and I do it based on my reaction. Obviously this is personal. I say it's the greatest knockout of all time. The reason why I say it's the greatest knockout of all time was because everybody thought that Justin was going to be [25:02] overpowering you. He was a bigger guy. He had just knocked out Dustin Poirier. You had lost the last fight to Volkanovsky. You hadn't been in title contention since then. You had a bunch of great wins, but here you're gonna fight this bigger guy and all these people were writing you off. All these people were saying that it did, and you're tuning him up, and you did have to overcome getting knocked down and you did have adversity. You had to deal with that leg and then for you to stand, winning four rounds to one in the middle of the octagon, point at the ground with 10 seconds left and then knock him out with one second left. The way I reacted, the way I jumped up, I've never done that before. I've all even when Leon Edwards knocked out Usman. That was another crazy one. Yeah, that was for that. I was said, that was the greatest knockout of all time. Because he was down. Yeah. He was down four rounds. And John Anick just had the perfect call. He said, that is not the cloth from which he is. We're talking about him. Yeah. And it bullies his head. Like it's a movie. Yeah. So that was number one before. But you are number one now Impact all time like complete polar shift of how people think about the B.M.F. belt [26:05] They don't think about as a gimmick. Yeah, yeah, yeah, it was the wildest crazy fight with an undeniable number one contender in Justin versus you It's wild how it happens. Yeah, the whole thing was wild. I mean You only is good at your last fight, right? That's that's that's what it is this sport I I like to tell everybody, this is not like basketball, this is not like baseball or like hockey where you can just shit the bed on a Tuesday and then you come back out on a Friday and then you're just a man of the world again, you know? Like you shit like this stuff happened. You have a bad fight like with Alex, that fight don't get erased off until I have something great. And even if you have a good fight, I had a good fight with Arnold, but they still like, Alex, he did that. And then I did it with Kareen Zahm, and then I had a knockout over Kareen Zahm, and then they're like, yeah, but Kareen is old and blah, blah last fight. You know, so it was this, it was amazing, bro. [27:05] You know, like to see everybody go crazy. Like in my mind, like a lot of people ask me, what's going to remind me when you're doing that? You're up for one. I'm like, brother, that was in my mind the whole time. I'm like, bro, we wanted to 10 seconds. I was like, I minute max, they clean. And then I was like, a minute, I was like, oh hell yeah, 15 more seconds until we go to the center, we're gonna swing, am I mad? And then he's like, 40 seconds, I was like, holy shit, this clock is slow. You know what I mean? I'm like, why is it taking forever? And then he's like, coming down, like 30 seconds. And then he's like, okay, 20 seconds He got right after the 22nd mark underneath a couple seconds after he does his rolling thunder and then it pushed me to a point of Perfectly circle out and then that's when I said I did the like oh come here, you know, let's go here Let's do it because that was just everybody's losing their mind, but it knew to me. I just this is normal You know this is the second time this is the second time. I did it. You know, of course the second time [28:01] I'm doing it. I heard you guys say, yes, the first time was a record of it. They say no Justin, Justin Gachi, you know, but, you know, why not? Why not? If he was to put, if he was gonna put me out, then, then so be it, you know, live by the sword. Well, it was a wild and decent fight. There's a Rolling Thunder Dam. That was a nice Rolling Thunder too. It was close. No, right here. This is so crazy, Max. That was crazy. Yeah, it's the greatest. It has to be the greatest knockout. It has to be. And then you, he flexed and walking around. Come on, man. This is that's the greatest one. They got the sickest picture of me bro. They have the sickest picture of me when I'm flexing and I'm over I like I love Justin bro. I freaking love the man but they have like that you know like the Muhammad the Muhammad Lately picture yeah they got a moment of me like that so I got a painting for. I told you I got a Ross Baines. He's an amazing artist. [29:05] He made an incredible painting. And it's on the way. I had someone go back to my house to go grab it. Sick. It's on the way. But yeah, that was a wild moment, man. It's just complete shift of what people care about in upcoming fights. Like you are the fucking man now like whatever whatever next page of you you're in holy shit that's gonna be big and if it's you in Markichav or if it's you and Ilya you and Ilya would be crazy brother brother so much so much fun brother I know is that Spain is that three oh fuck when is uh they're gonna be a UFC spurs Perth is three oh five right I don't think they're gonna go spain this year i don't think i can i think so they know i'd said it uh... said in the uh... in the three hundred conference after fight conference he said that uh... uh... we're going to explain it just takes a time because you got a book something and it's like going to be like a year and a half that fight, that fight should be great. Yeah, yeah. Let's go back to work. I hope Vegas. [30:05] Or Madison Square Garden. Yeah, or, or, or Vegas, Legion Stadium. 66,000, brother. That's what it is. Did you use their 300 night, but did you not see all the Hawaiian flags? They were everywhere. That's the, that is the ninth island island brother. Give me you can't you can't go to UFC Hawaii Give me a Legion stadium and let's that's good go crazy there. Oh my god. Oh my god. You can sell it Legion stadium for a big UFC 100% they could sell it. I mean ever UFC sells out like that They sell out so quick so they scout tickets and a fight like that Especially if they put together a banger of a card because you know they're doing the sphere Which is gonna be wild. Yeah, that's gonna be wild. We think we think we're being the spear That's a good question right cuz that's isn't it it's Mexican Independence Day Yes, it's September yeah, well, I don't think they have it set up like who Mexicans like to [31:03] Call me as their own so I might even be in the spear who knows? They count you. Yeah. For your style. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Fuck yeah. Yeah. Fuck. What a crazy night, Max. What a crazy night. And uh, to have that happen again, like where there's two amazing fights after yours. Oh, yeah. And everybody's still just talking about your. Yeah. I know. I was, I mean, even with the, uh, I remember as soon as the fight happened, you know, a couple of minutes after, uh, my, my agent Tim Simpson came in and he told me, hey, he's like brother, they just put your knockout on top of, on top of Instagram on, and YouTube and everything. I was like, what? They never do that. Yeah, they never do that. They only did this for it. They only did it for sugar. And I was like, what? This is crazy. So we saw, I thought this was lying. You know, and they saw it was there. Three different angles. And I reposted it. Yeah. I was like, if you have sees post in this, I'm post this shit's insane, bro. [32:05] Yeah. What does it feel like when it's all over? Does it feel like a dream? Like, what does it feel like when it's over? Brother, I still, you know, like, I still, I'm still getting used to it. I don't even know. You know, I feel normal. I still, lifeed. Like not harassed, like nicely harassed, but like people like, yeah, like, you're getting, I always get noticed, but like these guys, like, it's out in about way more, you know, and so, it's just a mate, bro, even like guys who don't even look like they watch fighting, you know, grandma's and grandpa's at airports, they say, hey, you're the guy, you'm the guy. Well, that clip got so viral too. You know, that clip was so viral. It was everywhere. It was TikTok and YouTube. Yeah, bro, we, my, so I want to, I want to, my other agent on our team, Daniel, he did like, he's like a numbers guy, whatever. And the Google, the Google search on me was like, crazy, bro. [33:00] I think so, I think so is in like the billions. Like after, after I was in St. Louis, something stupid. I was like, oh wow, I didn't even know you could look that up. I told him. Yeah. That's what makes it very interesting for your next fight. Because your next fight is gonna be huge. It's gonna be huge. Like you're a fucking bonafide superstar now. Like your next fight's gonna be nuts? Can't wait bro. I don't know who it is, who it was. What the UFC wanna do, but like you said, that option brought in this game, you all wanna go out and see the options. And there's so many options in your area too, right? Like Sugar has been talking about fighting to Poria at 45, well, if Sugar's willing to fight to Poria at 45, he's willing to fight Max at 45 right yeah You know crazy matchups all over the place in a perfect world you actually in a perfect world You know, I mean yeah and a perfect world If I could have it my way I'd be stupid to not say To fight Connor, you know, I think that can't that Connor if I would be huge [34:01] Whatever but we don't know what he's gonna do so like if that's out out, in a perfect girl to me would be fight Ilia, 45 title, get my hand raised, and whoever's the next guy up at 55, fight them, try and go for double champ stats, whatever it is, or even troop belts, you know, like 45, the BMF, and put the BMF in the 55 against whoever has 55, and that would be surreal, I think that would be a crazy well as an option too if they'd really do this Conner 165 title there's an option you being a three champ that'd be insane if they didn't 165 would be fun it'll be fun you'd have to cut anyway oh no to see every day oh he's she out he's she way in there as I out eat on on the scale what is is your walk around? Wait, what's right now? Me right now, I walk around like, before I used to get to a big boy, but now I walk around like 70, 75, nothing crazy. Oh, that's not to crazy. Yeah, nothing crazy, nothing crazy. I was in there against, they make us check our weight now. And I was only 172 when we went in against Gagey. When you were fighting a featherweight, [35:06] what did you win when you fought? I would be around like 65, I'd get up high 60s, maybe 68 at the highest. So did you, I know you did a lot of strength and conditioning, your YouTube channel's great by the way. Oh, thank you. And it's really cool how you document pretty much everything, you're showing all your training, all the different stuff. So you did a lot of strength to conditioning. We did a lot of strength. We did a lot of strength. So a lot of people was talking about matching Gigi strength. And I, our team didn't want to. We wanted to be strong, but we still wanted to be fast. We knew we was faster than Gigi. So our main focus, everybody thought they were strength and getting big to be strong and to it. Of course, endure his strikes, you know? But the main thing that we wanted to focus on was speed. Like I knew I could, I could, I could, I'll go on them and then in the fit round when we really hurt him, hurt him, I'll go on them with speed, you know? I hit like, I hit him with like five, five hits and the one that you don't see, what hurt him the most, you know, made him like, I stunned him a little bit. So, which is working on speed, brother, you know, like we had 12 weeks, [36:09] you really can't, I wasn't willing to give to put strength to give up conditioning. So, I was like, I'm going to be speed and conditioned and that's the way I fight, you know, I, if you go look at it, a lot of people is looking at stats for minds of his fighter. But like, how much he's chosen strikes and how much I throw in strikes, how much he gets hit, which was less than how much I get hit. And I was like, brother, that cannot be right. And the stats is, you know, and I'm like, no way. And when you look at the stats, this guy had 12 fights. And I had like 20 plus fights in the UFC. That's what come. Our stats is so close to each other, because I have so much more fights than his, and then even that, I had a lot of time in the octagon, and he just didn't, because he would knock guys out, you know what I mean? He had that beautiful power. So, you know, at the end of the day, like, you know, the number, some of the numbers that these guys is putting out there, I was [37:05] Interesting that what you just said about strength and conditioning you you're not willing to give up conditioning for strength. Uh-huh so So how do you approach that like when you when you made a decision to go to 55? So the poor a fight you go to 55, but you did it. I'm pretty short notice. Yeah. Yeah. We had we had like So the way we train is I always take two weeks off before fights. So it was like six weeks. And then so we actually had four weeks to train for them. And I was like, I mean, put up the picture of poor punch me in my face. There's a famous picture of poor punch me in my face. I like that. Explain that. When you said do you take two weeks off before the fight, what do you mean? So like, like, straightening conditioning. So I don't do no straightening conditioning, like the week before the fight. Like maybe we do like a little lift, whatever, but it's just something you maintain, like because you can't get faster or stronger two weeks before a fight or even the week, right? So even with cardio, it's not gonna, anything I do the week before the fight is not gonna help me. all the hard work is done. And that's what these guys, look how fat I was. [38:06] Look at that top right one, that top right one right there. Look how fat I was, yeah, look at that, yeah. That's muffin top max brother. So you just, and he zooms in, wow. Wow, you're an asshole, huh? Yeah. So you only had four weeks, and there's no way you could put on that amount of muscle in four weeks or anything You know, and I was like and I didn't I didn't have my beautiful wife at the time So, you know, he meals was crazy before her I ate out every night. I was terrible And as he kissed me and as he keeps keeps me clean So it is what it is, you know, I hate using an experience Excuses because you know a dustin I came out there and fought hard and we fought hard and I ain't taking that away from Dustin. So whatever I did was on me and, you know, if that fight, if we get a third one then, I think it would be a pretty fun one. Oh, it would be amazing. That would be wild. A third fight between you guys would be wild, especially if Especially if he beats Islam if he beats Islam that's a great yeah, yeah, I'm much No burner how much is the how much is the odds I'm betting on him jumping a gilly [39:09] He's gonna try You know I didn't know that he was referencing William Montgomery the comedian when I never gonna stop over That's what he was doing. He's doing William Montgomery from Killtony. I didn't know and I'm a friends with William Montgomery I love that dude and you're not a good friend Kill Tony? I didn't know, I'm a friends with William Montgomery. I love that dude. And I was just, You're not a good friend then, you know what the hell that? You know, I felt like a bad friend. But really what it is is like when I'm doing an interview after such a crazy fight like that, interviews are complicated. You're locked in, bro. I'm trying to get this guy to express himself as much as possible. I'm trying to stay out of the way, but I'm also trying to ask questions and so I didn't pick up on it. Yeah, yeah, plus I didn't I just like no way. Yeah, you're locked in bro. You're not the only text me because did he just quote William Montgomery? I'm like no way really? Is that what that was and then really text you fuck you? [40:06] No, they had been going back and forth. He apparently Dustin told me was to say it. Oh, bro. Yeah, yeah, yeah, they've been DM and each other. Oh, that's awesome. Yeah, it's hilarious. Bro, Dustin's the man, bro. Yeah. Beautiful opera cut. Now, he had been pressuring you. There have been moments in the fight where you chose to jump to guard and try to grab a D&T. Yeah, I'll do stop doing it. I'll never stop doing it. I'll never do it. No, that's not it. That's not it. He's one of the good guys in our sport. He's a great guy. He's a great guy. I love Dustin. I love Dustin. And I was glad for him to get that win over Benoit Sandinia as a monster. Monster killer, bro. Is it killer, bro? Yeah. And Yeah, that's another fight right look something he gets staff. Yeah, so he's got staff on his foreheads Got to take antibiotics drain if you ever had staff no, bro. That's amazing. Yeah, how do you have you avoided staff? Yeah, brother I'm clean I guess I guess I guess some guys some dirty mother F was I think you know, well you get stuff easy you get staff easy [41:01] No, I know I know some guys some I mean, once it's in your system, you just gotta get we awakened, right? So one of our friends, like he's pretty bad with it. Like he's always got staff like every other week feels like. Oh, really? Yeah, it's terrible. Does he take showers? Brother, he does everything. I don't know antibacterial soap. You wanna keep your healthy gut floor. I tell everybody, I don't, I know the guy owns a company, I've no affiliation with it, but defense soap. If you're a grappler, it's the shit. Defense soap is all natural. It's like tea tree oil, you can lip this oil, and he has all kinds of products. Everything from stuff to clean, like wipes, if you can't like get to a shower quick enough, if you know if you're training in a place, that's kind of dingy and doesn't have a shower. They have wipes until you get home, they have soaps and ointments. That's the most crazy thing, bro, right? When people like, I see people like, we train, and then we have a shot at the gym and some of them just like change their clothes and like I got to go. Oh, it's like [42:07] What the hell did you shower? It's a no no, I gotta leave like that hell no way, you know like I live like 45 minutes Some that some of them live like maybe 15 minutes or 15 minutes enough for a ringworm or something to like and wake up You know, it's like probably jump in there. You're a rinse off. Yeah. I've had ringworm. I've had staff twice So it's like brother, this jump in there, you get a rinse off. Yeah, I've had ringworm, I've had staff twice. I've had ringworm a couple of times. It's annoying. It's annoying. I've had ringworm as your takeoff. The defense hope is the shit. I tell everybody, get on that. And it doesn't mess up, because it's all natural. It's like tea tree oil and you can lip to soil and it smells good, but up your skin for. I knew this dude who had ringworm. And so he started using antibacterial soap and then he got it everywhere. It's spread over his chest. And then what it does to it burns your skin. So like when you use that kind of stuff with ringworm, I remember people used to like bleach them. And then you'd have a bleach circle. It's crazy. Yeah, it's crazy. [43:01] It's crazy. It's insane. Yeah, it's crazy. Yeah, I'm on a psycho dudes use bleach. That's a crazy move. Poor bleach on an open wound. Look at the fuck are you, what are you doing man? So for this fight, how much notice did you have that you were gonna fight at 55 and that you were gonna fight Justin? Brother, so there is an idea of maybe or maybe it wasn't gonna happen for a while, but we didn't know and then we got confirmed that Ting was like 10 to 12 weeks, you know, like I don't know what it was, so it was like 10 to 12 weeks, so it was like more than enough time. This is like, yeah, we had so much time brother, we was planning, I got the training, I got the lift, I was already, we was training a lot, my last time it was in August. So I was in the gym training getting ready. Brother, after the vote, after the vote can, Islam too fight, I was like, there is no way they're letting this guy turn around. So I really thought they was gonna try and ask me, me to go fight Ilya in January or something. I went to Toronto. [44:00] I fought in Toronto twice and wanna enter them. I defended the belt there. I have a following in Toronto I call it a tent island, you know, I like to call it but I love the Canadians Well, they're literally the best so I was thinking like man, they were gonna get caught, you know like there's There's no way that he's gonna fight and then They did if they this moved it from generator February they put the other card. Whatever. They switch it around So we was I was already training and then, yeah, I couldn't tell you when, but I knew we had at least 12 weeks. At least 12 weeks. So when did you know that it was gonna be 55 and when did you know it was gonna be for the BMF belt? 12 weeks. That was 12 weeks. So had you already had a plan to put weight on? Do you already had a plan like strength to conditioning plan in did you? All for sure. As soon as we, as soon as the talks of maybe we might even fight Gachi at all, was like, we just got to, our plan was what I said was like, we gotta put on size to endure damage, but then let's not lose this speed. That's my, my, my, my, my head coach, Darren, yeah, Patatica, straight, the best training condition in all of the way. And if somebody got a problem, [45:06] then they can, they can meet me somewhere, anywhere. You know, but, but you know, all jokes aside, he's the man, bro, and he's the one that was like, yeah, you know, like I, like, look, I know you want to get strong max. He's the one that came up with it. It's like, We didn't need your speed and we got our work this guy, you know like oh he always weaponized my cardio Like brother whoever we fight you're gonna our work on so let's just get your speed up stay fast Get live a bigger without being too much to get to He didn't he was the main one. He's like I don't want to give up strength I don't want to give up conditioning for strength brother like The more you have the more endurance it's gonna require yeah Yeah and especially like even with everybody like I train with bigger guys you know here and there and I never ever once felt like holy shit this guy is so much stronger than me like I never ever once felt that way you know you hear these talks of some people saying oh this guy is really strong so I try to go with him I was like ah he's alright you know it's not like, oh my God, he's gonna be strong. So I feel like I know how to fight to my strengths, I guess. [46:09] Like yeah, he might be physically stronger than me, but I know certain techniques or certain ways to put my body that I can get away with how strong I am and not making feel as strong as he is. And that's what it is. I keep telling a lot of these MMA guys, or just people coming up, or even my amateur fighters that's coming up, but just keep telling them, like, brother, there's no difference between me and you. The only difference is my experience, you know, like even with USC fighters, you know, like the only difference between top 15 and top 10 is experience and their mindset, you know, top 10 to five, experience mindset, five to championship, same thing, and then the champion and maybe like the top three guys, after that is like, is this a mind thing, but this shit is easy. Most of these things that is hard is, because you make it hard. A lot of guys make it hard for themselves. I'm like, what are you doing? You're beating yourself off for what? This is just fucking practice, get better. You know, I mean, that's all you gotta do. Stop being yourself up and um. But you have a great mentality for that. [47:05] You're able to like go past losses easily. Is what it is and you keep moving and you're on the path. But for some people like the losses are devastating because their whole identity is based on success. Yeah. And if they don't get success, then they feel like they're a loser. But even with that whole identity thing, that's what it is like even when like you see guys with retiring from other sports or other sport like they have that identity crisis because they're so Known for one thing and that's gonna like tell him like that's gonna my love doing other stuff like people bro Oh my god. I stream on stream on kick now. I stream on kick.com and Brother I doing the whole fight. I'm streaming. They're like yup. Thank you for this Max I'm putting my house on Gachy now. She's training while you're playing fucking video games. I'm like, what the fuck? I'm like, bro, I need to be training for 24 hours of the day. Like a fucking cyborg or something. What the hell? Like, yup, yup, yup, you, yeah. Look at you over here. I freaking, I do funny. Yep. Look at you doing this shit losing my you're gonna lose your fight too [48:06] I'm like like you can't get a break those are just losers Unfortunately, I don't mean anything bad to you guys out there But if you're commenting to a guy like that you're a loser. There's no way you're a winner It's not possible. It's not possible that you're excelling at whatever you do. No one comes to you like that's Mike, he's the best. No one, no chance. If you're commenting like that on people, you're just, you're a loser. And that's unfortunate. I've been a loser in my life, you know? It's common. It's common, but you're a loser. And winners don't think that way. And the idea that a guy can't play some video games and unwind wise in the middle of camp, you're out of your fucking mind. You don't understand what you're talking about. I like talking to Mighty, because Mighty and me and Mighty didn't interview him all the time. Mighty's the best. Yeah, he's a man and he was just telling me, like it's so funny, because every time I tell everybody do in life is easy. It's just that you make it hard. [49:06] A lot of assholes make it hard for themselves. Like, it's actually pretty easy. You know, if you look at the steps, these are the steps. Yeah, you might fall down in the sense of, in the sense of actually getting it done, it's going to be hard work. But it's easy, because you know what you got to do, right? And I right and I told Mighty when I told my neighbor fighting mighty was a first guy ever that said like bro that's what I tell everybody I tell fighting is easy I was like holy shit if the MMA goal is telling you fighting is easy stop harassing me go harass him you know I mean go tell him he said it too I think it's easy for you and I think it's easy for Mighty because you guys are real champions you have this champion mindset and that's what people need to learn. They need to learn a mindset for improvement A mindset for getting better at things and a mindset for staying positive 100% that's what it's it. That's really what it's about When I'm doing that you can apply that to anything in life So it got like you that's a champion in MMA. You could do anything man [50:00] All you need is just like whatever that thing is focus on on that thing, and if you put the same kind of attention on that thing that you put on your MMA career. Oh yeah, as I told, I thought everybody, I thought it's so funny when you're never meeting my wife, you always, I was like, you so lucky it wasn't a sufferer. I would have been a world champion, so, you know what I said? I'm bad at surfing, okay? I'm bad at Sanferega game. I'm bad. I thought, but you're lucky that I don't put my effort into it because I want to be bad at Yeah, I'm sure and that's a fact. How did you get so good at that jump spinning back kick? Brother just practice bro. I did anybody show you remember? Do you remember me telling you it was here? It's a bio-crypt about me learning strikes and the game I was learning strikes. Yeah, that's the strikes, brother. I saw the strikes in the game. I was like, hand in parole, hand in parole, through it, through it, through it. Nice. I was like, what does think you more? I told him, brother, we need to do this meaning back kick shit. Yeah. It's so good and it's why I have. Yeah. And I told him like, bro, this is going [51:09] to be sick of effort. I remember Dustin Kimura. He, he, he was in the U.S. for a little bit. And, um, and I, and I was trying to make him practice it with me. He, he, I remember him saying one time, like, fuck this kick is kicking stupid kept practicing. Another guy, a big guy came down training us and he dropped them when it was being kicked and from the clinch, right? And I was like, well, I told you about the, I told you, this fucking kick is a secret weapon. How were you practicing it close up? What's the drill? He would just stand close. I was like, bro, I would get my timing from it being a distance first. And then we'd be like live it closer and be like, bro, we got to all we got to focus on is bring it our knee up and then pushing it out at the last second. And the main thing was just bring your knee up and snapping your head around, snap your head around first, see where you're gonna land so you don't kick each other in the freaking growing area because it happened a couple times to me and him. So, but yeah, it was like bringing the pie, look and then push it. Do you ever practice where you stand right next to the bag? [52:05] Yeah, I practice the bag. Touch the bag with the silver. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Try to just jump back and jump back. I create my distance from me jumping away from the bag and it's that. Yeah, exactly. If you can develop that, that is a secret weapon. Because it's one of those techniques, it's like, you remember when the calf kick came along, everybody's got a throat calf kick. If you could develop that, Yaya has it. Yaya does it really well. But this was a giant moment in the beginning of the fight. Look how close you are. Look how close you are. To be able to get that off from there and to hit him in the nose, his nose was gone. Yeah, it was brutal. I mean, you shattered his nose at the very end of the first round and from then on. What a fucking fight, man. I watch that fight at least 10 times. No bullshit, at least. That's awesome. I watch it over and over again in the gym. I would lie to tell you if I didn't watch it that much. And dude, I always pause. I always pause no matter what I'm doing. If I'm at the gym, I pause for that last 10 seconds. [53:02] Just like this, like how is this real how is this real you got that jump spinning back kick down dude you you got it down in the most unusual way which is this hot back and then throw it like Raymond Daniels does that really even even you like back in the day what was a video game and I started looking at spinning back kicks I there's a clip of you hitting a fucking killing the bag bro yeah I was like, what the fuck, Jorugget fight? What the hell is going on? He's like, kill you with spinning back kick. There's only one clip of me in a tight window fight, and it's me not gonna do that with a spinning back kick. Holy shit. And I sent him flying. But it's the same exact move. was the same move, because I was like in the air when I landed it. That was crazy. That was my favorite thing to do. So when I see a guy like you doing it from up close and I know you learned how to fucking strike from video games, which is so, when you told me that the first time, I was like, what? I thought, oh, we went to like a in real life and that, bro, Dustin, [54:06] we never have striking coach. You know, I didn't have Ivan yet. And then after their corner fight is when Ivan, Ivan Flores joined my camp. So, and then with him, with Ivan is a genius. Like he's like, rule crazy you know like even even this fight week draw like if you watch the fight a bunch of times I'm doing this right kick I do this right kick and then I just step over on my right hand or against Gachi yes I just saw we saw that like we practiced that I do that a bunch of times in other fights but then like two weeks before the fight, he sent me a clip on Instagram, and they were like, oh, look at this, watch this. And I forget who it was, but the guy, the way that guy was right kicking, he set up with a right low kick, next one right low kick, right over hand. And like hurt and kills guys. He was like downing guys with it. And then I was like, We know Justin likes to like stay there after kicks to throw. [55:05] So I was like, brother, this is gonna work on Justin. So we just kind of added it in our game. I told him, bro, I think I'm gonna throw this in the fight. He's like, yeah, let's practice it. You know, so I haven't flourished as the man, bro. He's the man. You have an amazing camp. Yeah, the boat, all my coaches are the man, bro. You Also, it's the argument that a lot of guys have been making that a smaller camp is maybe better for some athletes. Because there's a lot of guys who want to go to like ATT. But you know, the guy, like I talked to Jim Miller about this and he said that he really started improving much more when he concentrated on himself and he had a smaller camp and he stopped teaching. Yeah, I'm not running as Jim. And that's in the day, these big camps, you know, like even in Vegas, bro, like I hear everybody going to Vegas and training and like, bro, like one of the guys out there was telling me, it's like the wow, wow, Wes. So like, how do you get better every day you're going to train and just knowing I might fight this guy. You know what I mean? I might have to fight this guy. You know, like I have guys my weight, some guys my weight in my class, and I told him, brother, like I would tell him, [56:06] like if we ever got to the point where we're both in the UFC, we're fighting for freaking a lot of money, like you better sign that down contract. We done kill each other here, but you, my brother, we done kill each other and stuff for free. You'd be stupid as hell to not take a fight against me in the UFC or whatever, but that's different from going to a big gym and like and and actually being word Like I'm not worried you know if we fight with fight, but like some of these guys you're going there and fighting your your life They're like a fight every day of the week and that shit is gonna fucking like Mentally but that is gonna beat you down every day going like oh my god. I'm fighting for my life here. Oh my god like you might bro. I feel I feel Fight it like everybody can come in a liar and whatever but bro in the fight I'm nervous as hell in the back Bro with the Justin fight this last one. I was telling people I was like what the fuck am I doing here? Why am I fighting Justin? What the hell are you doing Max? You know like like that the bro I'm not even lying. I'm in the back. I'm in the back thing like fucking like what are we doing? [57:04] You told me this is the last time. What the hell? I was like now you on USC 300 be a fucking a million people that are buying this paper view. What the hell are you doing? And then as soon as the lights come on, I start hearing my song, that's when it changes. And then it's like, it's gold time. It's go get this paper. You got to own McDonald's if you're making this much money by the way. You know what shit. So let's go get it. You can own multiple McDonald's with the next one. Yeah. Yeah. That's the plan. That's it. That was it. You know, so you got to switch, flip the switch and then I know a lot of my coaches didn't know my workout song was funny because they was like, is he going to do it? Because they was waiting for me to walk out to Israel song right come on Can we go on this are you gonna do it is gonna do it and then we walked that to Hawaiian Hawaiian Superman Maui Hawaiian Superman's though. I loved it But I think it was perfect. They made the you was out there in the crowd I don't know if you could see it. Oh yeah on your screen. They made it look like the ocean bro Mm-hmm. They made they made me look like it was the ocean and that the way we had to turn in our song so early bro. So like usually I can turn in my song like the week of the fight or the week before the fight walk out song [58:06] But Heidi hit us up like eight six weeks out is like hey, we need you guys walk out song now because we're trying to do something And then that was what they did the the lights that was on the chairs that all the guys had they made it They made it go to the song like they made mine and look like at the ocean So it was like wavy but then Justin was sick because like every time the beat hit, the lights on the stuff went up but like whatever. I was like, whoa that's cool sir. What was Justin's walkout song? I forget but it was a really good song bro. I liked it. It was a really good song. It was some banger walkout songs man but Poleton. When that motherfucker walks out, hey hey hey hey hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey. Yeah, they kid so he was at the press conference, bro. [59:06] And the whole fucking press conference, I see him. And he's trying to one two three. One two three, bro. The whole time he got busted from a from a security guard to sit down, but the whole time that I watched him, he was throwing it. I was like, bro, I got it. That kid is crazy. Have you said No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no the goat. He's a man. When I say, when I say the best martial artist I've ever seen in terms of like the expression of martial arts, he's my favorite. He's the brother. If you don't have him, if you don't have him on top of your, your, your MMA rush, Mount War or whatever. Yeah, Mount Rushmore. Mount Rushmore. Mount Rushmore. I think of my son when I said, Mount Rushmore, but if you don't have him on it, you're just a hater. Yeah, you have to be a hater. [1:00:05] Everybody, everybody keep talking about like even that, like everybody keep talking about like, oh, he's only 125. No, no, no, no, no. I got the walk out there. Okay, what? What? You see it, it blinks. I don't know who to send those names on them. What is that I had this thing going to oh so here's my show the mighty miles one because that was that's incredible So here's mighty miles for ten to be so hudo So they switch what's wricklyn? Oh, it looks exactly like a it's crazy Oh my god, it's amazing. Mighty Vast. He does add a saw in your tube. Oh, look at this. Wow. You hear Yuri Prohaska [1:01:01] talking about going down to 85? Easy. Yeah yeah he apparently didn't cut any weight for that fight Yeah, I yeah me name is managed by the same guy and that's why I heard to he's a wild boy. Oh, bro Did you not see that he was outside of you see 200 yeah at four o'clock in the morning? Yeah, yeah Yeah, I started to see you know team mobile. Yeah, yeah, and the fans are looking scared as hell to go That dude's real He's so cool bro. He's so good. Bro, did you not see he just freaking won the you know, he's the other one that won the 200 bonus right then the first post I'm back home. I'm in my hut He actually lives in that hut in the forest. Yeah, but he works out punching trees dudes out there throwing front kicks a tree's and shit They got the guys on real though the guys in real Animal he's in there cuz rockets was putting it on him man, and he was just melting rockets But they some big dudes are like oh off fight week When I when I went to the PI rocket was me rocket and he'll and these month bro these guys [1:02:03] Big guys, but I'm like holy shit. You guys some big you guys are big dudes. Yeah, they're huge and you're yet 185 would be terrifying He's got such a crazy style man. I mean there's no one that fights like that guy Like if you saw his silhouette you'd be able to tell instantly that's prohaskar. Yeah He does hands down chin forward, you know the fucking crazy hair. Yeah, he's not right bun bro. He's He He just a sat bro that samurai spirit, brother. It's it's not a facade. No, he really got a guy thinks yeah No, he's like and he's a real bro. He's a really nice guy like you ever talk story to him. Yeah, I've talked to him Bro, he's so nice. He's very quiet. Like, he's tone is very, yeah, I'm good, but yeah. Yeah. Like, bro, he's almost like, he's like the guy that you call to go kill somebody for you. Hit man, you know, he's like, I need hit man. Okay, but there. Yeah, exactly. Exactly. So that fight was a wild fight too. So like there's so many fights that got lost. The fight, your fight, especially that knockout was so crazy that people forgot that you fucked Justin up the first part of the fifth round. [1:03:10] Like I kind of forgot about it until I watched it again. I was like, oh yeah. Yeah, I almost hurt him. Yeah, I almost hurt him. Yeah, almost hurt him, but you know, you heard him. Even even even even when I caught all my dad, you know, and you're gonna love this one. But then I went like this, and then when I was flirting on him, in every run, every time I heard him, I'd come in, I'd do a little bit, and if he didn't put him down or hurt him more, I just backed off, because everybody's like, why is he not attacking? Why is he not attacking? I'm like, brother, every time I heard let's get it on so I was okay you know I was like no I'm okay but I'm here I'm gonna keep picking you you know but he did he did but all jokes I said he did have the craziest looking his eyes about it was it was crazy like I heard I was like why are you even standing bro you know like and then I just think yeah you're all right you're Justin Gitchie yeah you're a freaking highlight you know so said the wilder shit before the fight So I don't make plans after my fights cuz I'm playing on being here. Yeah, when I saw that I was like [1:04:10] What the fuck is this guy human? Yeah, I mean how the hell did he get led into a condo? It's not very much on the mindset, you know There's one thing that has come up that I think we probably should talk about and it's the Paheda Jamal hill knockout. And it is it's an interesting thing that was brought up and I didn't think anything of it at the time and then I watched it again. I was like, hmm, there's kind of a point there. And the point is Jamal accidentally hits him low. He like kicks him in the hip and Herb Dean comes in to stop it. And then he does the super gangster thing. But in the meantime, Jamal has stopped and relaxed after he threw the kick. He gives him a thumbs up like he cool and then Paheda does it and then Paheda advances [1:05:03] and then Herb is to the left. So it's like he can't even move too much to the left and all of a sudden he's on him and he hits him with that left arm. And I think Jamal saying, I would have never let him that close to me if it wasn't for that nut shot and I didn't know exactly what was going on. So Herb had stopped it. Herb is out of his field of vision. Herb is over here. So when Herb's doing this, I don't know what he said. I don't know if, so let's just see if we can watch it. Because he's still, I think so, I know what you're saying. Because even there, like he stands there and like kind of like half, half like touch gloves with him, right? And then like, and Alex is like, you didn't touch gloves to step in still yet and then Alex chose the left foot steps on his foot. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, that's the old That's old boxing show box and shit So he steps on his front foot and then hits him with that left hook from hell his left hook is a crazy weapon man But it didn't even look hard. It's crazy. Tell me not It just looks like and then when did you not see the joke that it sent down his body [1:06:05] He he almost did a, was he the one that knocked out a Johnny Walker? Yeah, yeah, he almost did the Johnny Walker like his body like kind of extended. That was kind of crazy. Crazy. And is a glancing blow. Glancing brother. And it was like, it was even a hook was like uppercut hook. Yeah, like a shovel hook. Yeah, like a, yeah. Like a Mexican hook. The way he lands it, man. He's like, you don't give a shit, bro. The fight that he got before he fought in the UFC, did you ever see that one? No. Is the most vicious left hook knockout of all time, right? He hits a dude with a high kick, the guy long frame. He's so long and there's all this torque And he just torques his whole body and whips across it sounds like a like a baseball bat hit in a watermelon Just whop and the dude just drops face Our our people just have that kind of power right his power is crazy He he punched that the machine one 91 [1:07:04] How much is he going back? He punched that the machine won 91 91,000. Did you you can't do it? It was pretty back at you. But with a roundhouse kick I got to 152. That's crazy. But the difference between that and 190 with one. See how they are here. Here it is. Yeah. And he clips now let's back it up again because let's make the argument. Let's see what happens. So go all the way to the nut shot. So here's the nut shot. So now I want to watch Jamal. Jamal stops, watches Blake's set his lock legs, lock up. He's relaxed. He gives a thumbs up. We cool. We cool. And he touches her. So now they're back at it. Yeah. Look at his dance. He's ready to touch. Yeah. Paheda. Paheda has never relaxed. So there's time has gone on, this is a little, we're doing it in slow motion, right? Let's do it in real speed. So here we see this. So, you know, the fight had restarted. The fight had restarted, but would that have, would that position have taken place [1:08:02] if it wasn't for Jamal relaxing? Yeah, you giving them the thumbs up. you know like not his fight so my fight the number one thing When I was going with Justin was just beyond all the time right like just fucking max Like I was just in the back time myself mentally Physically you need to be here every fucking second right every millisecond brother Cuz you the crazy thing cuz you won't once one millisecond brother. Because you the crazy thing. Because once millisecond off, lights can turn off max. You need to be on. So that was the main thing that I was saying myself the whole fight, you know, like with that, like if I was in a situation, I don't know, what the, I would have fucking, I would have told her being the motherfucker, are we going? Like I would have been what's going on. Yeah. And when Pejita is still moving forward. Pejita, but Pejita is in, look at Pejita. He's that millisecond. He's still like, he's gonna born area acid. So watch it again, watch it again. So the low kick and then as Jamal, stop it. Go all the way from the beginning. Watch this. So when Jamal lands the kick [1:09:11] He touches them and then he makes look at this distance each closes. Yeah. Oh yeah look close there. There. Yeah Look close the distance but back it up again So you see the distance that Jamal's maintaining initially then he throws the kick now watch this they pause Jamal thumbs up But Paheda's close the gap right there. Yeah, look how close he is He's closed the gap a lot more than he Jamal probably would have let him no it's a mistake by Jamal protect yourself at all times Yeah, but also it does seem like there's a moment of confusion there is there is because he does close that distance He does grow significantly. It's like a double step watch it from here to there He's got he hops and down look great that hop hop yeah and that's not you're in the danger zone that's fucking Kenny Rogers or Kenny Lagan's highway to the danger zone oh yeah and so once he does that that little hop in he takes advantage of that moment to close the gap so he doesn't stop when herb stops him. He closes, when he puts her to a, he closes. [1:10:07] He closes this isn't then to a little talk. Yeah, yeah. Oh, doing that the whole time, watch it. It's this. So it touches it, hop close the distance, while Jamal's legs are straight. So Jamal gives them the thumbs up and Paheda had a double hop in that time. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, and Jamal didn't know. Yeah, this is a real moment. Now, I'm not making any excuses for Jamal. And Jamal can take a loss as good as anybody. And after the Paul Craig fight, he's like, I fucked up, he got me, this is it. But he's got a point here. It's not a perfect point because they had engaged again. But I know what you mean. I hate it. I had closed that gap to a point where Jamal was not letting us do that early. But then again, like, you know, playing Devon advocate, you know, another of my love for Jamal, but fuck bro, you just, you need to be locked in there. You need to be locked in there. You know, like, you're fighting another dangerous man, a man across you that you know you each other you guys land one good shot [1:11:06] You guys both can put each other away. It's like I don't know bro because that then a day It's a mistake on his part. Yeah, it is but they went with her like it sucks, you know like How much times do we hear Freaking judge or even a ref screwing up the fight, you know what I mean? So it's like you need to like Anybody fighters amateur level pro level the best fighters in the world. Whatever it is Don't don't don't put it in these guys hands man. I mean, it's easier said than done But don't leave it, you know, like it's just tough. Yeah, just be aware, you know, like you do have a third man in there They are supposed to be looking out for you, but how much time do we see what sometimes it's, that's just not the case or it's just too early, you know, so I then a day, fuck it sucks, but what are you going to do there? You know, I mean, like, all we're going to do is we're going to have this kind of talks and arguments and he's going to have arguments and stuff and nothing's gonna get changed. But here's the question, like, what is the protocol? When a referee steps in and says, stop. [1:12:08] They should even, even with him telling him, stop. The protocol should have been like, okay. Separate. Whatever, go back to the middle, you push them against the cage, whatever, we saw your hop. Okay, you want me to stop back up a little bit? Let me go, he needs to go in the middle of them and be like okay fight right you can't be like get stopped And then you move to the side okay fight fight to here because if if if what's his name? Jamal couldn't see him I can understand like in his peripherals like he's his focus, you know And then and then maybe stuff stays fight and I'm just focused on you like okay, what's going on? You know right there's there's definitely an argument that if you're going to do that and you're going to stop a fight momentarily, even if you're going to restart it, you have to understand that the momentum is stopped, things have changed. And if one guy does this and hops in during that time, you kind of have to step and separate them and then engage. [1:13:00] So he does engage, he goes off to the side. But now the argument against that that I've heard is that this happens all the times where fighters get kicked and the referee says, hold on, the fighters says, I'm fine and then they let them keep going. So maybe that's a good argument too that Jamal should have been more prepared. But it seems like he had actually told them to stop and that's when Jamal did this. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. So it's like He'd actually told them to stop and that's when Jamal did this Or excuse me Alex do this so is that Up to the fighter. What are the rules? Like when the referee says stop are the fighters allowed to say no on fine or are they supposed to address the referee and say on fine Yeah, he says time and he puts his hand up, and now where's her, her team moves away. Jamal does not have eyes on him. Yeah, yeah, he's looking at a little time, because he's not trying to get cracked. Jamal does it, but Alex is much closer to him now. Yeah, he's much closer the cage there. Yeah, he's cutting off the cage. [1:14:06] You pushing him to his right to cut off the cage, bro. And Herb is right to Jamal's left. Yeah, look at that. That was beautiful. Yeah, it was beautiful. Beautiful. Yeah, that was crazy. He's a monster. That guy's a monster. I was telling everybody about that were saying he was coming over to UFC. I was like I told DC. I go dude Get ready for this motherfucker. Yeah, this motherfucker puts people into orbit right there. He's got crazy power right there The wormholes bro Universe and if in universes you wake up on the other side You might he might have actually you know, so we talking about Klondah He might be like a boxer strange guy. He might have the ring on brother look underneath his glove or something That's what's happening, bro. Well what he is is a real Amazon warrior like that's his genie his gene Yeah, you see him bro. You seem go back to to his village. Yeah, we'll all paint it up and stuff look like leopard Yeah, bro guys is G bro. He's a real deal. He's a real deal. He's a man. How the fuck was he ever making 185 is the big question and how much do you think that compromise his chin when he went [1:15:08] A lot bro, so you know you know what is crazy? You know here's the wall look at his foot that bro that's just terrifying Look at his eyes man And everybody just love and he told Jamal when I make my walk in, then you'll think about all these things you said. Said yeah, he did. Ha! And the whole audience yells out hall with them. Look at Jamal though. He caught the, did you see it in the angle? He caught the arrow, he broke it. Yeah, that was cool. Jamal was telling me when I talked to him about it, he said, he feels like he was winning that fight. He said he was implementing his strategy. He landed that one good right hook in the first round, and he felt like he was on his way. He felt like he was doing everything he wanted to do, [1:16:01] not letting that do get close, but that thing fucked him up. I mean that, that, There's a real, there's a real old sport there. It is the sport, right? That's the sport, right? Like, you know what, it's funny brother, you know, like, you know, nothing to do more, whatever, but what is crazy is that when I read, when I read, I see comments, I see people talking about our fight. And like guys like bringing up like oh yeah, just imagine imagine if Justin didn't break his nose They would have been a whole different. I'm like well, thank the Lord. I line my screen back here because it's not broken Or just imagine if I broke my ankle walking into the freaking ocagon I'm so much stuff. I'm like what are you like people are so crazy? I'm like my god like this enjoy it Or can you guys enjoy it or why can't you guys let have other people have stuff you know like why can't we have nice stuff this is why we can't have good things again it's just losers you know you think Michael Jordan's leaving YouTube comments no it's winners don't have time for that shit but that's also part of the game yeah I need to have to deal with those people but that [1:17:04] anybody can say imagine if you didn't land something that you landed, that you planned for, that you executed, that's very hard to pull off. Yeah, yeah, yeah. That spinning back kick where you literally ride in front of each other like that, and you land it to his face. Yeah, bro, we knew he was on duck. It was the perfect time was such a a great moment on that night night because that night was Magic, oh three you're broke you have see three I can I get my head is stood not wrapped around it You know like how you said how do I feel I don't know how I feel yet because it's didn't I right like right to have that to To to to to be one of the guys to it started from all the outside of fight brother Somebody asked me to get the boat wrapped around Mark Coleman. Like when they asked me who I think and then I said Mark Coleman. You know I'm like, bro, he's the guy. He's his house with his fires and stuff just happened. So like he's the man and then to it being USC 300 to us getting asked, [1:18:02] oh, what about the, how much should the freaking bonuses be? And I'm freaking screaming, triangle cake, triangle cake, triangle cake. And that's the, and that's the, and I'm freaking, Dana to be like, 300K. I'm like, holy shit, and to win both the bonuses, this is broad. It was this crazy. And then tap the, like you said, bro, that's a movie finished, bro. To hit him with a over to hit the it was like a David versus Goliath kind of kind of story going against him You know and then to hit him with that overhand is like me hitting hitting him with a sling shot You know so and the rock at the perfect place perfect time. Yeah, the perfect bro. This is UFC 300 nobody's Event getting put together. This is not gonna top nothing to 400 and we don't even know if 400 is gonna top it You know, I mean like right we we don't know we don't know It's gonna be almost impossible to top that like every card after that you look at the card like yeah, it's okay Yeah, yeah, I know it's crazy. It's crazy and then a lot of people and then bra Dano it is the he's the ultimate trove [1:19:01] Well, I love I love they know why them when they troll people and they, you saw the video? Yeah, brother. When he's out of videos, he's calling out to, you know how much people on top of that video too? I also did videos of me talking about how I was like undergun and pillow all the way, pillow hands all the way, it's gonna get killed and I am gonna be the first Tony, two whatever I was like, brother, you guys just watching. I bet all their tones change and now they're making money off of me. I should've will write them all money and be like, hey, brother, you owe me 10% of YouTube freaking down. There's all these people that have these takes where they know what's gonna happen. It's such a stupid thing to do. You don't know what's gonna happen. You can talk about someone's strengths. Oh, opinion, but when people say stuff and go, I'm like, well, that's crazy. It's just dumb. It's just dumb. You know, you should talk about someone's skills and what they can do and this could be a factor and that could be a factor. But to say, this is going to happen. That is folly. That's a stupid way to look at things. There's not a chance in hell that you know, I saw a lot of people doing that with the [1:20:07] The fight this past weekend with With Devon Haney Everybody was counting out Ryan Garcia so many people did you see how much he bettered himself? I can't we do that on ourselves What did he win? How much did he win? 12 million. It's a bet two million to win 12 million. And he paid $2.1 million in fees. So you won 10 million. I think he paid 1.5 in fees. So he paid 1.5 to David to Haney, because he said 500 every week, right? Every pound. And he had to pay on the extra 600 or 500 to the commission wow So so that's what so it's like 2.1 million dollars. Yeah, bro, and he's like and he better He's like bro, I don't give a shit Yeah Hookie has a thing it's fast bro. It's so fast so fast. It's so fast Brian it and it's so fast and it hits so hard because even did you see the way he like [1:21:06] Or not even not only Haney but every time he landed on anybody they're like yeah, they're like they go well. Yeah, they're getting like Shocked it comes out you so much faster than other punches It reminds me a lot of Roy Jones in his prime. Yeah like Roy Jones Jr His prime barely through j, which is so crazy that a guy will be so fast that he can hit you with a leaping left foot. Yeah, because his jab was a leaping left foot. It's so crazy. You ever see this is biceps? The difference? It's left biceps twice as size of his right bicep. It's nuts. He might have been an arm wrestler then. Roy Jones had the craziest style of all time. When he was in his prime, that dude was untouchable. Every fight was an execution. Oh, crazy. Body head bangers though. He was a... He was so fat. He was the only guy in Compubox's history that didn't get a single punch landed on him in a round. For real? Yeah. Vinnie Pazienza. Didn't get a single punch landed on him. [1:22:01] Oh, jump left looking. Puts land on them and then it just put it on them and then he tried to stop the fight himself He looked at the referee's like stop this fight and the referee's like keep fighting and he's like all right It goes like that. He does like that. He just keeps twins them up in chaos. Oh, what a bees What a bees but at that left hook is a weapon if you got a left hook like Ryan Garcia like my god that things fast Ryan At freaking Herrera But what how smart is Javonte for making them go to 135 and then making it give him a weight clause But they're who you can't rehydrate more than 10 pounds who is behind them who's behind them? The money money may with that that guy is smart Yeah, that guy is a businessman these guys are business man You know like it is a thing that that Floyd did to Canelo. Yeah same exact thing and was more you know is more funny Canelo them canelo them played into his game I said no, you know what we'll come down to this way. He didn't act He was he was gonna give them the extra five but then went away class and he said oh you want you want to come here? You can come here and away clause Bro, those guy he's bro. He's a businessman, bro, and you got you got to respect it. Yes, you have to and for Javante, that was perfect because I would love to see Ryan Garcia, the one that we saw fully hydrated against [1:23:10] Devon Haney against Javante. That's a problem. He's going to be a problem for everybody. He's going to be a problem. Speed is bananas. Yeah. You're seeing the shadow box like throw over. Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah. Is this sped up? Oh are you so fast? Yeah. It's not fair. He might have one of the fastest left hooks I've ever seen. For sure. I mean, it's right up there with everybody, all the great left hookers of the past. But the crazy thing is like, bro, he don't even bring it out. He just goes from right here. Right there. Like a whip. Ah, I think it just kills guys. Yeah, so much power for short distance, just nothing, just turns it over. And he can hit you with multiple ones in a row. Papa, hey, he just keeps throwing lefux. He didn't even believe in jabs. And the funny thing was the troll job. Like he was on... Bro, when he, he talked about, I saw, I just saw the interview the other night. When he did Patrick Bed David. Yeah, when he did, he was like, God, you know that one interview? I was like, doing all that stuff. People thought I was crazy. [1:24:05] I was like, I don't give a shit. I was like, whoa. I was like, wow. I was like, well, this guy's, bro, he should be an actor. Yeah, he really had a smart strategy. Act like he was crazy. Actually, he was crazy coming three pounds heavy made the line move for more Torts, Hayney, oh, I'm sure like this guy's not training She didn't prepare he's crazy mentally unstable. Yeah, yeah, don't tell you Straight to the back there was some bad refereeing in that fight too because there's two knocked down Two jobs and it was crazy to real bad real bad those were two legitimate downs. In a round, we're here already knocked him down once. So he knocked him down three times in that fight. In that round, yeah. Wouldn't that have been like a teaky already? I don't know if they had a three knock down rule. It wasn't for the title, right? Because Devon gets to keep the title. So I think so, stood yeah, he would have had the I mean whatever. Yeah, fuck the title [1:25:05] That's like that's crazy. Yeah, that title is crazy. Yeah, yeah after it Bro, you know there's more crazy There's a post of him being like yeah, I still got the title. I'm like wow. Yeah, it's kind of crazy Yeah, I was just trying to come up with some sort. I mean he got humiliated. Yeah, I mean you got a whole box right that did this fight they brought this fight game is wild, bro It's a wild game. It's the shit. It's the most crazy game ever brother You be a full-sleeved game you be on top of the world one day. Yeah, and we'll fight like that You're just no one even carry anymore. Yep. Yeah, it's crazy. Yeah, you could be Ben Ascron You know and boom one shot and then and then that's what everybody remembers Dominates One shot and then and then that's what everybody remembers Bellator dominated in one FC comes over to America beats Robbie Lawler in a weird one remember that Yeah, it's not them slam them no, he had him in a headlock. Oh, yeah, he wasn't out Yeah, Robbie was defending and they they thought I don't know who made that call [1:26:00] It I forget who who's the referee, but they thought he was out and he wasn't out. He'd robbe, he's like, what the fuck? I was out and they called the fight and then Horn and then a horn and he had to Street Jesus hits him with some fucking nuclear lightning brother the sprint oh my god and it turned the angle like it cuts Angles so that Ben like his instincts kick in yeah, so like shoot for the take down runs right at him And it just goes right in and then he does the freaking three Yeah, he hits him in a couple of three piece when he's down and then slaps the the floor and legs next cool Yeah, it was wild. That was one of the wildest knockouts, too That's another one. That's another one But the consequences are different than yours yours is different And it's the fact that you decided to stand in the cage in the center in the last 10 seconds and that you had planned that out. Did your corner know you were planning that out? Oh, they know already. I mean, they know. They, they, they, you ask any of them and then you tell them like, well, did you guys think, I never told They already know who I am as a fighter. We've been probably with these guys for like 15, [1:27:06] 16 years of my life, half of my life brother, I've been with these guys. Wow. Actually, I think 14 years, I think it's 14, a little bit under half of my life with these guys. So they know me, you know what? Like you can even, do you have the corner, shed the corner like, Ryland is like hiding because he know it's happening already, you know, and then my my striking culture already knows that it's gonna go they know like I asked them after they did interviews and interviews and they asked and did you know Max was gonna do that is like he told us but we had a feeling that if you went to last 10 seconds like look look look look look look look look right right's hiding he's hiding there's eyes look at your guys yeah screaming screaming bro at my toes. Look at the screaming. Bro, you know what it's funny? That guy Michael is like 5'3\". So he's like holding himself up on that bro. His legs is dangling and he's kicking in the air. Imagine that. I wish that a few scream. He's on top then. Like oh wow, that was wild man. And then shout out to my best friend Bertie Bird Jordan read in the back since the news didn't catch you that him [1:28:05] They named every corner man except for him in the back So here's a question Jamal Hill loses that fight and now he's gonna fight Khalil round tree. Bro That was a don't don't you think do you think this a faster around? I don't know. It's a very fast turn It's only two months. Yeah, it's too much and you find you can you heal? two months. Yeah. It's two months and you find he can heal. He'll treat out. Round tree is a savage brother. Do you not see the tea? He'll hit you. Oh, yeah, money. Yeah, you owe him a lot of money. You do owe him a lot of money. That's how he fights. Yeah. He fights you like you stole something from him. His contract is probably a show wind. So you he owes you you owe him windmine. That sidekick that he did to the knee. Oh, bro. That's the, he was jumping into that thing. Oh, horrible. As nasty, bro. Horrible. Watch his knee bend backwards. Khalil, I remember when Khalil fought Eric Anders. He came back from Thailand. So he fights Johnny Walker. Johnny Walker catches him with an elbow in the clinch. And he's side's like, I got to really learn Moitai, Cleanshing, elbows, he goes to Thailand [1:29:06] and then he fights Eric Anders and he comes out looking like a tie fighter. Pa, a late kick, yeah. What did he fight? I think I watched that fight. What fight? See if you can find Khalil Roundtree versus Eric Anders. I think that was on the Vogue, I think that was in Vegas. I think that was on the Vogue 2 fight. I believe it was in Vegas, because I remember me and DC were like, what happened? Like, he was always a very good fighter. He was always a very good standup fighter too. But like, he went through this leap in this fight. See if you get like early in the fight, when the leg kicks were insane. And it's the way he's moving. He's moving like a tie. This whole thing was just a second round. Okay, he was moving like a tie, like his front leg, he's like tapping with the front leg. Yeah, yeah. And just, Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, look, he's finally going already. I mean, it was very like tie style adapted to MMA, but we were just like, my God, like he's looked so much [1:30:03] better than we've seen him before. There was something about like, he made this decision after that Johnny Walker fight and then started going to Thailand and just kicked his game up several notches. And now, you know, he gets this opportunity for a guy like Khalil to fight a guy who also just got KO'd, right? Just got KO'd just two months ago. So most people would say, hey, this is too soon. A lot of people would say this is too soon, but I get it, Jamal wants to get back in there. He feels like that was a fuck up and he wants to erase it. He says he's fine, but this is a, he's a fucking scary cat, man. Yeah, because even with the Jamal Hill incident, right? How much shots did he get to take on the ground? It took a few hard ones. Yeah, it was hard to hammer this. So whatever, but. It's the left hook that makes his eyes roll back, but Khalil's a monster, right? But imagine Hill, bro. Imagine if you're in a situation, right? [1:31:02] You're in issues. Like I said, this guy's got knocked up, bro, you call out there, you knock this guy out, guess what you're doing next fight. You're fighting for a title, brother. You are fighting Alex Perra for a title, I didn't hear him. I didn't hear him. I didn't hear him. I didn't hear him. I didn't hear him. I didn't hear him. crazy violence. And you know, Kaleo's had moments in his career where he was like not totally focused. And then he's had moments where he's really focused. And you see it like in his endurance in the fight, like this fights that he's lost were just like, he wasn't really there. But then you see him when he's really focused, like it's like you got to pay attention to what he's capable of. Like you could look at a fight or sometimes and you could look at bad fight, like some, like a good example is Charles Oliver. If you go and watch Charles Oliver as some of his earlier fights, it looks like he kind of like folded. And then something happened after the birth of his daughter where Charles Oliver becomes this fucking assassin. And he's just, and he just has no quit in him. And he's just an animal. And it's just like everybody just forgot about that old shit. And like, like no he's the fucking man. Yeah. And they forgot about the cup swanson fight. [1:32:06] They forgot about all these other fights. They forgot about the Paul Felder fight. They forgot about those fights. Like fuck all that fight. What is he capable of when he's on? Oh not. And that's I think what you got to do with Cleal. That's why this is a dangerous fight. Because Jam it's gonna be. But so's Khalil. It's gonna be violent, bro. I, Jamal gonna have to watch his kneecap, bro. She's gonna have to watch his legs, everything. And Khalil is also a South Paw. So Jamal standing South Paw, you know, he likes to, yeah. Oh, look at that. Bro, that was horrific. That was horrific. I mean, he's just sidekick this shit out of his knee just blew it apart man. And that's a real controversial because a lot of people like man, that ends your career. But he's back. He's a fucking animal man. I mean, he's so skillful and so intelligent in his stand up and it's just like, it's super, super high level man. Oh, look, he tried to trust kick a guy in his body, [1:33:02] but he's gone. Yeah, he, well, he's done that before. He's body kick, guys. Oh, yeah, I got body kick. I'm just standing up and body kick some. In who I, bro, I got into a argument with a ref because one of our fighters, body kicked, someone was down and they stopped the fight to give the kid a time and they was like, I was like, what are you doing? And they're like, like you can't body kick on the girls. Like you cannot body kick a Donald point into the head. You can body kick, you can kick him to the body. You just can't kick him to the head. Yeah. No, you can't do that. I was like, what are you watching? I was like, you know the rules. Unless they modified the rules. No, brother, the rules as a modified bro. I was like, so that I'm so sorry, bro, but like that, that was supposed to be a TKO. Yeah. You, you, you TKO this kid, bro. That's ridiculous. That's just bad, referee. I, I really think that the problem, the only problem with knees to the head on the ground and kicks to the ground is the cage. Because it's, these are valet techniques. [1:34:06] If you can knee someone to the head in a clinch, if you could scissor knee someone, like, behave it did with Michaelidas. If you could do that kind of shit, like, why can't you knee a guy to the head of the ground? And you know what it is, Bill? And if you do do that, you know how much more of this like this safe area of people is playing with their hand on the ground. You know how much more people want to do that they're going to go all the way to the ground or they're going to fight you telling you to and telling you. Yeah. And then they're going to go instead of going down and playing that that game bro. Yeah. The having a moment where you're safer because of a rule is never a good thing. No. It's terrible. It changes the whole way you've compete. Yeah. You'll do that. You'll let a guy have your back and you'll put your hand on the ground because his knee's right there. And when in reality, you gotta get out of that spot. You can't, you can't be there. You're dead. Same thing with being in a turtle. If you're in a turtle and a guy's like can just drop those knees on your head. Remember they let them do that pride? So when guys turtle in the UFC, [1:35:05] you cannot need them in the head. Which is a perfect time to need them in the head. But then even that, because then when they do turtle, right? So I say I'm fighting someone, and I see someone turtle. It's like half a second of them resting because I'm thinking like shit, now I gotta be smart of where I'm picking this and Exactly. You know, like the back of the head rule, 100%, you know, but like if I can soccer kick you because you're doing that like that, it's so easy to like, boom, see down there, I kick you right in your head. Yeah. You know, like, but I don't know, bro. And if you know that that's one of the options, you won't stay in that position. Yeah. The guy's not what they're doing exactly you know What you're doing, but I saw and then if I come in and do something wrong you get a take down and you're on top now right Well, that's one reason why people are so mad at Aljemy when Aljemy won the title from pure to yon Peoda hits him in an illegal knee when he's down, but that lead that knee should be legal Yeah, I think You should be able to be on your knees in a fight. [1:36:06] Yeah, I think so. Are you able to move if they're not stopping the fight? That means you can move. Even with the, even with what you said, you, you, uh, you put in that, uh, the elbow, the, the, 12 to six, I'm like brother, they, you, I didn't, I never know why they took it out right and then you you said I think someone he entered his long time ago you said they took it out because they saw a guy uh break ice with that doing that right. Break breaks on the ice. Break break so it every eight. 12 in the morning. Yeah, guess what? That guy can break a brick with a head butt. That guy can break a brick with train the elbow this way. Yeah. That guy can break a bricks train the elbow upwards and guess what? He said, throw that thing. So why are you thinking that away from on the ground? Big John McCarthy told me that. It was just the people at the athletic commissions back and they said, well, you know, big John had this unenviable role where he had to go to these places and explain to them that there's rules involved in MMA. And then you get more on it's like, what about this? I saw someone do that and break a break. [1:37:01] You can't do that. Okay. No 12 to 6 elbows. That's crazy. That's crazy. It was a dumbass rule and that the only loss on John Jones record is because of that. It's a 12 to 6 elbow. And even that, like even when I'm on my back, the 12 to 6 follow you, right? So I can't go like this from my back. Crazy. And then I'm like, that's the same exact, this is the same exact thing. And this, at the end I'm twisting it, you know? It's so stupid. Also it's like, especially this elbow, I don't feel like this elbow is as hard as this elbow. No way, bro, this is not like, I can even if I'm mounting you, right? Like how John does a mounting, right? Like, what you gotta do you gotta like crunch your abs like to get all of here. This is like I'm going more shoulder my whole body is coming into Yes, there's so much more in that one and you you can't have a thing where a guy can protect himself by doing that And then you can't throw that one technique. That's crazy. That's crazy That doesn't make any sense. There's a bunch of dumb rules like that [1:38:03] But I think the cage provides this problem for soccer kicks and stomps and knees. Yeah, because you're stuck. It's like a wall, right? Yeah. It's like a wall, right? And I understand that, but guess what? Don't go to the fucking cage dog. You know the cage. Yeah, that'd be cool. Like if I, but then you're gonna start seeing guys if in the middle crawling their ass all the way to the cage now. Right, right. That's true. Well, people are always gonna try to change this. As soon as you get a damn rule, are going to game in all the time. That's what it is. I thought they should have a basketball court. My thought just guys should fight in the center of like an open flat place. Just like what they do for it. But just what they do for it, even for grappling matches. But guys are going to fall over and then what's going to happen? Well, they don't have multiple matches going on like they do with that. Don't have it on a platform just having on the ground. Oh yeah. Oh yeah. Just have it on the ground like have guys I mean you know why that would be we're all sitting there in [1:39:08] the arena and there's no cage and these dudes just walk out in the center of this big open mat. I mean that would be crazy. Yeah just have a warning. It's up to me though because then I I love the cage bro. I love no cage too though. I just love the cage for take down purposes. Whenever somebody put me, I go to the cage, cage is your friend. I like guys don't like it because they think you're losing the fight, but like, it is what it is. But no cage, no cage would be smart though, because what you said, I see what you're saying, but so much guys is gonna like get you to a point and they're gonna shoot so like the Islamons and the cabbibs, that kind of finds that, they're gonna shoot so low because you know, have a cage, and it's gonna keep driving you to forever land, you know, until you get hit and then you gotta restart or whatever. Maybe. But it might stop a lot of takedowns, because it's gonna have a much more realistic scenario. Instead of being able to charge up to a guy against the cage, get your hands up against his butt, lift him and take him down where he can't, he can't go anywhere, is back to get the cage. [1:40:07] It can be took so many guys down, up against the cage. So many guys do that, it's not a guy's job, off the cage. And if you got a guy who's gonna like, keep moving and push you away and keep moving and then circle out, now you gotta take him down again, it's gonna be way harder I love the case for get ups. I have another thought about that Yeah, I think of a guy takes you down to end of the round you start in that same position from round two You think so I'd be pretty gangster cuz guys wouldn't be able to guys wouldn't care You know so guys just take it off like I would take me now and I'm on a gonna be stand up anyway Well, you gotta think it's a fight or or or like even your rule like if you getting hold down from that last round then you start from getting hold down right yeah that's the same rule right that's what I think if like say if a guy takes you down and he's got you mounted and it's the end of the first round I feel like you start mounted in the second round that sounds crazy because it sounds like you should start a fighting it is a fight right it's a fight it's not five. Yeah, so if you have a five round fight and every fight [1:41:06] Start standing up for a guy like Paheda. That's a massive advantage Yeah, yeah, yeah, especially after imagine he got took it on it and it just took his ass beaten for one round You know now imagine Paheda fights John Jones and they fight John Jones for the light heavyweight title at at you know five rounds John takes Paheda down in the first round. And at the end of the round, John's got him mounted and Paheda rides out the bell. Well, the round starts, round two, with John Jones mounting him, because it's one fight. It's not five fights. So if you start a new fight, now you're starting standing up again. But you didn't, you're not standing up. The fight is still going on. That's great. Put it back in the same spot. Then they don't have to change the whole judging to the whole fight. How should it be? Yeah, it should be. I feel like it should be that way. Like why are we fighting rounds? I think Pride had it right. Pride had it right. They judge the fight as a Who's winning at the end? Who's like Sputnik? Yeah, yeah, yeah. [1:42:05] If you are out boxing a guy and there's no teachers around and then all of a sudden he takes you down and he starts beating your ass and you can't get up and then the teachers come and pull them off. Everybody's gonna think that guy won the fight. They're not gonna say, yeah, but... Yeah, but he's gonna asked will send up the Tom control them on the feet for three minutes He only took him down for 30 seconds. Nobody gives a shit about that. Yeah, they give a shit about like who's winning at the end of the fight Exactly. I brought that would be I mean you it's kind of cheat You know it's favorite is a my ass that we stand on the feet every time But that's pretty that's pretty cool. Yeah, that would be pretty cool because now you would see guys you would see guys fight Much harder to get up now Right, so like if I'm on my ground. I'm on my back Right and the round like you see guys make all 30 seconds Well, it's the best you know, I mean like I just hold on to you for 30 seconds in and now because I know in my mind like oh I'm standing up. We're gonna we're gonna come a standing But if if you tell me 30 seconds and holy shit, New Ronald, I'm gonna start on my back. [1:43:05] I need the fucking get up. You know what I mean? I need to like create a scramble or something, you know? So it's not so indefinite that we start here. I think I brought, I think it changed again. I think that's pretty cool. Maybe. I like the idea and what I like right? That's really what it is like what works the best. That's what MMA is and if you have limited techniques like you can't use a needle down to opponent you can't do this to a down opponent though that that fucks things up and then if you have the cage where the guy can use the cage that fucks things up because the guy can use the cage to take guys down they could use use the cages to stand back up. So the cage becomes a factor. And then you have the fact that every round starts standing up. So if you busted your ass to take this guy down the front down, yeah, you took damage to get a hold of this guy. You take it down the first round. You have 10 seconds to go in the first round. You mount him. You're on top of him. Bleh, horn blows. [1:44:00] Fuck. blows fuck now you got to start standing down. I got to get down. Yeah imagine is it's chill against that Anderson fight if he could have came back from the ground every time. Right crazy. It changes it changes everything changes everything. He could have got triangle sooner or that's true. You know what I mean or he could have finished the guy. You know, you don't know you know this is a bunch of what ifs but it's a bunch of ways you know. It's also taken into consideration that it is supposed to be one fight. It's not supposed to be five fights, you know? And like to have every fight start in the advantageous position for the striker when he didn't earn a get up. Yeah, yeah, after getting it. Bro, I mean, they already kinda do that right? Like when you're against a cage or something or something happened and they break you You put you right back into that situation. So why would I? Fuck it's suck for strikers, you know strikers worldwide. I'm sorry But if this is the way to prove that you're the baddest man alive Sign me up for it brother because I'm here for if you take my ass down and and and and I use a I use a bell to get a [1:45:03] Spec to stand up. That's kind of lame, bro. We like you need to get your eyes up, you know You're not you're not You're not able to get your ass up in a fight that you would have lost under the current rules Because you might start standing up in the second round and this dude says all right fuck this guy I'm not gonna clinch with him now. I'm gonna kick his calves. I'm gonna move around. You need to talk to somebody, but I'd be pretty cool. Nobody listens to me. Maybe you see 400, they do something. Well, I had all sorts of plans. They don't listen to me. And I wouldn't listen to me either. They've got a great business. It's real success. Well, you can't make all these changes. That's ridiculous. My other thing that I would say is You can be done with hydration tests and you gotta give people more options for weight classes. They should have an option every 10 pounds minimum. Every 10 pounds would be cool. I think every with the weight cutting would be fun. Without no weight cutting, but then we see guys like other promotions and people are missing the hydration tests anyway. So like people are still trying to do, they're just gonna, they're gonna, whatever you do, they're gonna gain it. Cause somebody always is gonna look for the advantage no matter what it is. But there's a way to do it where if you have a big organization like the UFC, [1:46:07] think about what they do with drug free sport now. It used to be U-SATA. They'll find you wherever you are and give you a random drug test. Well, why can't they find you and put you on a fucking scale and get a hydration read on you and go and match? You're 172 pounds. Like you're not 145 pounds max. You're 172 pound fighter. So you could probably healthy, be healthy and fully hydrated at 165. That's probably where you should fight. Unless you wanna do something crazy to lose a lot of weight. Like I'll actually lose a lot of weight. Like go running every day for a while. Donnie, it's funny because then a lot of people always ask me or even when I started dating my wife first, she was like, she went and she's like, oh, you're not heavy. Why do you fight like this? I'm like, I only do it because everybody else is doing this shit. If we don't do it, if I don't do it, then I'll fight a 170 or you know, stepping in there finding like a Jose, not a Jose, but like a George St. Pierre. Right. [1:47:05] Yeah, I brought that guy. He's looking huge, right? He's pretty big. Or Camaro. Camaro, you know what I mean? Leon is a big boy too. He's Leon too, yeah. So it's like, well, it's like, we everybody's doing it because everyone's doing it. Exactly, they have to do it. Because pounds all those one seven yeah they're two and a half yeah there are all those guys like homes hot gigantic homes eyes naive one seventy anymore no no I didn't know how he made one seventy you remember bro he's big that's why I wonder if he could have made it when uh new york pulled his card because the thing about new york is they're they've done stuff like that before like they wouldn't let you know yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, now I quince it took your place Yeah, I tell you but I know that was this that's unreal unfortunate, but like I said you could have made that way though I bet oh 100% bro, but the thing is it was just It was just stupidity, you know, it was 10 days. I was with some somebody doing [1:48:02] You know, it was 10 days. I was with somebody doing my nutrition stuff at the end. He did a freaking interview. He said how much I was. I was super heavy and the freaking commission saw it. And they fucking was on my ass. I was like, bro, if you didn't say shit, we would have been fine, you know? Right. But then that's what happened. You open, people open your mouth. That's come my love like a tight knit small team, you know. It's like nothing happens, nothing gets out. Anything happens is like motherfucker. Yeah, you can't say that. You can't, especially New York. You could say it in Vegas. In New York, yeah, Vegas don't give a shit. And it was also in New York when they just started and had fights. They didn't, they didn't, that's what I was saying. Like when New York was sued against MMA, like they stood against MMA, you know? And then that happened and yeah, I remember, bro. Fucking guy came in. I looked, I looked sucked out of my life and they was like, yeah, you're not funny. I'm like, how heavy were you? How much were you? I was like three pounds off, bro. That's it. And we had like a bunch like we had like I still I still think we had like Three hours left. Oh you could have made yeah, it was fine, you know, I think Homs out they pulled him [1:49:10] I don't know what he was when they pulled them then he started drinking water and then he waited 178 I believe that's crazy. Yeah, he was way over that's crazy, but I wasn't excited about that fight. Who's he fighting? The ideas. Oh Nate? Yeah, I was like, that is a... Then what happened, who did he fight? He fought somebody else, right? Nate fought Tony Ferguson. And he fought Kevin Holland. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Which is also Kevin Holland was preparing for someone else. Yeah, yeah, he became a fight. He was a fight. He was a striker and then also he's fighting this insane wrestling Yeah, and then that's what happened with with the fake club touch and he took him down and yeah, yeah Hamza is who's he fighting next? Reddiker Robert that's right Robert. I'm looking forward to knowing if there if there is someone who can who can kind of [1:50:03] Neglate the wrestling. I think it's Witterker. Yeah. I think it's Witterker, bro. And then, Combside is strong, but, bro, that burns fight. Like, show the lot. Like, it shows the lot. Like, if you can hit this guy and continue to hit him, it's going to be a fun fight. And Kamar Ousman fight. Because Kamar Ousman went winning the third round. Bro, so, and he had 10 days. You're in a fight. And when I tell everybody, like, against a Cosmot, you know, like what a Cosmot with the wrestling, it's like, if you go pull up, if you pull up his fight brother, if you go watch the Cosmot fight, it's Usman. The only time he takes on Usman is when Usman wrestles on back. When Usman is like anti-resting, fighting his wrist, not letting him connect his hands, no takedowns. But as soon as Usman was like, okay, I'm just gonna wrestle back and like he starts to like grab the stomach and stuff, you get taken down, you get picked down like brother, like you should just anti-rested this guy, he was beating him in the straking too. But I think it Like yeah, so he had to get the trust condition. He just wasn't prepared to go full out and Humzot knew that. [1:51:06] So Humzot put that grappling pressure on him immediately to try to wear him out. Yeah. Crazy. I don't like those 10 day fights, man. It's kind of, it's shitty because no one's gonna talk about the 10 days. You know what I mean? Like when? In less of a time, aspirinal. Yeah Yeah, yeah, right so Tom asked but I'll take it on like 11 days and he knocks out Pavavitch and he becomes the interim title Exactly, but then like even even with that like this consider interim, you know He's he won't enter them. They're not even talking about the day Everybody would bring up the 10 you know like even with like the Vogue fight you say oh yeah, Vogue is this the Vogue is that but then Oh, he got knocked off on this guy and then he got knocked out again, I'm like, yeah, but he got knocked out on 10 days, but it's crazy, you know? It's like, people keep forgetting about that, cause they don't give a shit. Well, they forget about that also, cause if you go back before that second fight with Islam, Voke is considered to be the number one pound for pound guy in the world. Yeah, and many believe that they thought he won the fight. You know what I mean? I I watched it like three or four times. I'm like, I think there was like one round where you, I think it's a second round [1:52:06] where it's up in the air. You're like, oh, I think, but again, at the end of the fight, he's on top of Islam and he's pounding on him, which was just nuts to see. Crazy, bro. He's just to think of 45 who is gonna come up and do that to the guy who does that to everybody in his way class. Yeah. It was in Saint-Brow. He's a legend, bro. He's a legend, brother. But that's why it's like sucks to take a 10 day fight and then you get KO'd. One of the worst ways to get KO'd. Brother. And then, and then, bro, I'm in the back. I'm in the back. I don't know if's before one of the fights But they're doing it promised late when I was warming up and I was watching the fights They did this clip and they're showing like all the old clips about them. They show vogue walking out Yeah, and then the next clip is side by side of him getting knocked out by two guys. I was like what the fuck I was like damn this game sucks [1:53:06] What a shitty turn of events. I was like, hold look, Volk. And then the fucking next two clips side by side of him, his only two is two knockout losses. And I'm like, wow. This shit is hard, this game in for the week. No, it's hard. This game is not for the week. It's hardless how quickly your life can turn around if you're a guy like Volk. You go from being the man to be dismissed. Uh huh. To being like, oh yeah, we don't know the fight, bro. Because LaGelia didn't want to grant him a renage. Elia didn't want to fight nobody in the top. Fucking 15, brother. Well, who does he want to fight? Brother. himself. I don't know. I don't know. What the fuck you want to put him himself, bro? What the hell is going on, bro? man bro this is this is the guy we dealing with bro this is the guy we dealing with so we had a we had a Bible verse off on Twitter Everybody's like saying freaking 10 8 all the way cuz the verse I use against them and then and he writes and and I don't say nothing That's all I say and he writes like a freaking Paragraph bro to me like I didn't even read it. That's how long it was [1:54:02] He writes a paragraph to me brother. I didn't read it. And I was just tripping out. I was like, it was like an angry girlfriend text. You know, like my wife don't even text me like that. So I was like, I read the first to say, I think I'm not reading this, but what the hell is that all with you? You know, but I don't know what's going on bro. I was like, I read the first thing and then I saw you at the scrolls and I was like, what the fuck? Did I make my wife mad? I had to make sure that wasn't her. You know what the hell? That's hilarious, that's funny. Yeah, I don't know who he wants to fight next, but I mean, I guess he feels like he's a champion called the shots, but I know that he turned down the Volkanowski rematch. Oh yeah. Yeah, the question is like if you're in Volkanowski's corner, let's say this now because we can say it now, right? Because we couldn't say it after the first Islam fight, but you take a fight like the Islam fight, you get KO'd, bad, head kick. You chill bro. And yeah, you chill for how long? At least six months, with no stuff. [1:55:01] And I'm like, maybe you could have. No sparring. Yeah, yeah. And then he could have came back on 300. Yeah. He could have headlined 300, bro. You know what I mean? Like you could have been. I would have told you to say like, Hey, look, bro, you, I did you guys a solid? You didn't me solids very much. Let me rest my head. Let's say this is a trouble. Maybe I would't know. Yeah, you know, if I was a matchmaker, I think there was, I think there was. You know, like, cause then, cause then I was like telling 10 damn like brother, like if Eelie and Eelie need somebody, let me know. Like, let, let, let, like, tell Eelie and Eelie and Eelie came back and said like, this crazy mother ever wants to fight. You know what I mean I think this is him and his team and even with his team like even with um, but he's such a property Yeah, he's so important yeah to risk him like that again after a head kick knockout to my chav yeah and and then like you can mentally or And physically say you're ready right, but then something wasn't right, you know like go watch [1:56:00] Like you know this guy's a rugby pair, you know, I played him three times and this guy's head is always head first. Like, he's always like, I fought him three times brother. And like, he, like, it's accidental. It's not hard, but he's like, he's like a rugby guy. So his head is always coming in, you know? Like, like, we always mean him like headbutt a couple of times. It is like, he's a rugby guy, he's in that huddle shit, right? Tell me why when he fights this fight, he's like being uncharacteristic and like kind of throwing and then going back and all, so it's like, it was just a different, I don't wanna, I'm not taking that. Yeah, I'm not taking nothing away from me, like it is what it is. He fought, he fought both be like, bro, that was the same vogue that's been doing this thing at 45. I will call you dead ass liar, brother. I'll be like, you're a serial killer because you're a psychopath if you think that's the same man. You get compromised by knockouts. There's no ifans or butts about it. The question is, how much time do you give yourself to recover and can you get back to 100% I don't think you can get back to 100% from a head kick knockout in a few months. [1:57:07] No, bro. And then you have to do some sparring to get ready for it. Exactly. And that's the thing. And yeah, and say kickboxing is great. You know what I mean? Eugene is a great coach. Eugene's a genius. And I'm sure Eugene was probably in his year, you know what I mean? I'm telling them but then again, it's this Well, he's he's a dominator. Yeah, he knows how to win and you know, he but you can't run a race with a bad suspension Yeah, you know, you let that thing heal up and and but then Sometimes you just you're your own enemy, you know, I mean like he probably wanted that erased in his mind Thinking that like this. No, I'm gonna come back here. I'm gonna do this and this is just gonna be forgotten Yeah, I mean yeah, yeah, yeah, and just remind everybody, you know, and but it just happens because then what if he goes out there He did get it done, you know, I mean that that that would have been amazing, right? And we all would have been wrong, but then [1:58:05] For head injury rise like like I said earlier in our conversation with Justin like Justin's taking six months off of that, you know what I mean? Like, bro, like six months at least no contact at this show, but like this guy, you probably got a good, freaking nice payday for that second Islam fight, even the first is a Islam fight, you know? So you know, you do, you do favorites for you to see, they carry you, you know? I've been with this coming Coming for a real long time. So I know this stuff. So it's like He should I I feel like so obviously he should just rest I feel like you have to protect You have to protect the chance And not even not even as a fighter, bro Like as a person like you know, I shared the octagon this guy'd like to call him my freaking narch nemesis people like to make Things but I like him as a person but he's a father To beautiful to make things, but I like him as a person, but he's a father to beautiful daughters. And I mean, he got a family. So like, bro, just take your time off. Enjoy, go with them, do that. And it happens though. Sometimes, sometimes we are our own worst enemies. And being in issues, I couldn't say, because if that happened to me, [1:59:01] I would wanna be like that like a fuck this. I wanna kill this kid. Let me go kill this kid and remind people and then that's how it happened. Would you have to have people close to you that can stop time? That's good. And he does, bro, but like at the end of the day, he's just, maybe he just trumped him. He was like, maybe he had a trump card and he was like, look, I And like how do you not believe a guy in like him, you know? He had an iron chin before that. Oh yeah. Iron chin. You see, his size is head by the eye. Yeah. He takes a shot. But the fact that Toporia put him out with one shot. Yeah. Part of me was like damn, and absolutely. Toporia is a knockout striker. He has beautiful boxing. Beautiful. Nice boxing, bro for his technique is outstanding his powers tremendous no doubt about he can knock anybody out but it's the way it happened and that That the shying away that we were talking about earlier was perfect shot Well, he just hit him. Yeah, he put his head down. Yeah, he knew he said it was gonna be there put his head down Yeah, and that's what the poor does bro. He swings when he swings [2:00:03] He swings always my and it's nice technique. It's not like wild swinging as my he's swinging always my Technique-wise knowing that like analyzing like your head is probably gonna be here. I'm just gonna throw the throw You know the gy herber one was amazing Yeah, that was that was one after the head kick you knocked him out in the second round to come back After a hit and that's 150. Yeah. You know, he's a small one, 155. Yeah. It's not really the weight class form. Yeah, yeah. It's 45. He's perfect. But it's just, I mean, he could fight at 55, too. Make no mistake about it. Just like you did go up correctly. But Chi Herbert is a long tall tall. No, dude, yeah. He's long For a fighter like Alexander Volkanovsky he's like a legacy Fighter he's a guy that's like he's a legend. He's one of the most dominant champions in any division and For guy like that you got to kind of know the mindset [2:01:06] But not don't let him do something. Oh, don't take a fight with Mark and Jeff on 10 days notice when you have been trained, you just been drinking and drinking. Yeah. And hanging out. I know you think you can do it. And maybe you can do it, but you probably yeah, you're not going to be a hundred percent. And that's the, and that's a tough thing. You know, it's like I hate when like, you know, he said that and then things happen and then they talk about what's going on. It's like brother like Just give the man is do you know you took the fight you know what you did what a hell of what a hell I got to tell you what I was doing this whole time, you know like at the end day I was just like well. He was just a better night. You know I What with with a lot of fighters like the most irritating thing there's two things that irritate me about fighters Bro sore losers and in sore winners, bro. Like people that win and stood talk like oh this is this and this and I'm like You want to down fight. So what fuck why are you telling us all this shit? You know like I hate guys to do that So and I hate that's the gun whenever you see me lose or you see me win But I give nothing but respect to the next guy cuz I don't know what they've been going to I don't know [2:02:07] What kind of obstacles they had to do cuz I know what I've excited to I'm not gonna say shit But if you want to say stuff like even Justin like Justin He's saying bro. He's finally doing uh He's doing all kind of media now and probably he's the same max adult, you know congrats to him You know I yeah, we went out there fight like even with him people trying to be like oh you lost your title shot Like how do you feel is like I don't care? That's a being that's a BMF Don't care that's a being that's a BMF brother Justin is wired different. You know like we wired different You know, I mean like a lot of us fighters like even people tell me why you doing this? Brown wire different, bro. I want to fight the best guys, you know like that's just it I want to fight the best guys in the world if you guys think this is the best guy Why you think I've been calling DC's bad ass all for so long? He's the best guy brother. I ain't fight him and DC and then DC had the audacity fight week to tell me if he made 45 as well brother you make 45 I'm killing you right now it's a fight but DC you try to make 45 I'm going to kill you brother but right now it's a fair fight because you're so heavy you know you have to chop both his legs off at least do what make 45 brother he would have to do so much but he looked like mr. Potato head can you put your body apart with mr. Potato come on DC could have made 85 I think it could have I think when he was [2:03:06] 205. Yeah, I think I think he could have if he really wanted to but he loved food. Oh, I know I know imagine that guy at 85 good Lord. Oh my gosh, good Lord. That'd be his that'd be his normal way class Cuz he'd actually be he'd actually be the height wise of people at 85 years I mean there is some 85 years that didn't get me wrong, but he, oh, him and Heavyweight brother, he's like, I know. He gets dwarfed. That's crazy. Brother, he's dwarfed. That's insane that he fought it every way, you know? I know, and he won. I won. And he knocked out steepest. Steepest, the goal's really not a heavyweight. Yeah, yeah, you can tell about he just He just he just he is low sea, but he's a lazy and a boy, but He loves those little They're they're freaking when they make their pots their crab boils and stuff But it's gonna be interesting though to see someone at 85 that's that caliber of wrestler. So someone who's of a DC caliber of wrestling [2:04:08] does rise up through the Olympic ranks and then gets into the 185 pound division and has the same kind of punching power. Is there anyone that is there? Not that way class, not in the UFC. No. So some real good wrestlers like Johnny Ebblin, he's real good. Is bornnick Oll a Olympic wrestler too or no? He was. He was. He was. That caliber. That caliber. But Borenick will, you know, he'll tell you. He's got a lot of work to do. Like he was very upset with his last fight. Oh yeah. Crazy. Crazy. I saw that. But I'm not brother. You do what you had troubles standing up. You know, he's gonna have a real hard time with the elite strikers at that way cause if they have good take down defense, but his wrestling is a far above and beyond most people in that division. Yeah, but then that's the, but that's the beauty of our sport, right? That is the beauty of us. Well, I never did any type of wrestling and I feel like I could wrestle with the best of them in an MMA fight. I mean, I'm even crazy enough to be like, bro, I'll go wrestle you at the wrestling practice. [2:05:06] I don't give a shit. What's the worst you're gonna do? You're gonna rag down me, okay. Perfect. That's what you're supposed to do. But what happens when you don't? And I make it a wrestling and you're like, holy fuck. This guy's actually pretty That's come I love MMA bro and one punch one kick one knee one elbow one take down You know, I mean like even take down like how much time you take someone down? You show the land in their stomach change the whole fight They go oh, oh, you're a breeding heart brother. What's going on there? You know you just you start laying on guys It's that's why MMA is a beautiful, bro. You don't know what is going on You know what's gonna go on and it's it's so many different things can happen. How about that Jean Waley, Yon Xiao Nan fight. Oh crazy, bro. We're watching in the back. They're good, bro. When Yon Xiao Nan decided not to tap and went out and then woke up at the end of the first round, like when the bell rang and Jean Waley let's go over and she's like, what's happening? And she goes right back to her corner and like, is that legal? She's out. She was out cold. [2:06:06] And at the end of the first row. Oh man. Bro, she was out cold. Can we see that clip? Yeah, I'll call. She was out cold. She was out cold. But that's insane, right? She wouldn't tap. That's insane. I just saw a fight. Well, Yon Chao known as a beast. She's good. She's good. She's and she's so gangster. The fact she wouldn't tap fully locked in brother. These guys is like I don't dishonor my family, bro. They they next level, bro. They're these guys are they're warriors. People don't understand like a lot of these other out of country fighters, bro. people don't understand like a lot of these other out of country fighters, bro They're insane, bro. It's insane when you see outside fight like a other country fighter quit Because a lot of them don't they come from almost like you know like Charles and to come from the slums and China to come from places where it's like [2:07:03] You almost get bred into being a fighter, you know, like this is what you're gonna do. This is it. A shop cop. Yeah. Shop cop rockin' off. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Crazy. Crazy, bro. Apparently he fought that fight with like a broken foot or something, it had something wrong with him. His last fight. Yeah, I'm not sure. With Wonder Boy, that's why he took him down to the middle. Oh, yeah, he's he couldn't strike because he had something wrong. Or even when he fought Neil. Yeah. Bro, what what what is his name? What what is his name? Yeah, Jeff Neil bro. And if I can say who does that to him? But you know how strong gotta be to do that to Jeff. Jeff Neil Jeff Neil is 200 pounds that night. They say. Holy shit. That sounds good. He gained 30 pounds bro. Yeah. Bro, yeah, yeah, oh shaggy bro that guy is weird strong, bro ladies. I know it doesn't look it No, no, no, but to squeeze someone's neck off like that no standing standing that's like one hook in that was like a That's almost like a bully like a booty. I got you say uncle, you know like that's crazy Well, that's insane. They might not I was looking at that way like that is insane and how you do it to me. Neil's a tough son of a gun, bro He any punches hard and he landed hard shots and and chocolate's like, boom. Okay. No, I choke you [2:08:11] It's a wild time for talent. There's so many guys brother and you know what is cool? It's it's a wild time for talent and it's it's in every week class Mm-hmm. You know like how certain week classes like ah yeah, you know, this and that and whatever. It's like in almost every week class. So here it is. This is the end of the round. So Yon Shown Nan is fully out here. Oh yeah, she's got a way he's got. Look at, it's a perfect rear naked. She's fully out. Like out cold right now, bell rings, let's her go out cold. Let's her go out cold Lucky she woke up look at like man. She don't know what the fuck's going on. Whoa. I did not know that yeah She was out out so if you watch the She did she's dead like 12 seconds if you watch the I mean that is a fully lot look at second second She go out look at the palm placement to the back of the head. I mean she's doing it perfectly if I seconds right there [2:09:04] She's out out so look at her hands. I mean, she's doing it perfectly. Okay, five seconds. Right there, out, out. So look at her hands are completely limp. So she's out. And the referee puts his hands on her. She gets up and she's like, what? What's going on? She literally doesn't know where she's going. To the death. To the death. To the death. To the death. the death? Yeah. Woof. Woof. Mother. Imagine you got to fight someone like that. That's the next level, bro. That's a BMF. Yeah. You know what? It's wild about that BMF when somebody acts. Dana, Dana was like, uh, there's like, uh, what about the BMF? Are you gonna make it for girls? And Dana was like, the Yeah, exactly like anybody can fight for the BFF I was like Dan Can't be telling me I'm gonna try to challenge you You can't be saying that shit, Dan. What the hell is going on? Yeah, that's ridiculous. Don't say that Don't say that yeah, that's crazy. They might have a female BMF one day. I should brought bro [2:10:03] We leave up there. Yeah, we leave up there. Yeah. John, he's up there. But you can't be a motherfucker if you're a girl. Oh, yeah. When you call the BDF. Well, I guess you could if it's a lesbian, wins it. Oh my god. You know, I guess. Yeah, yeah, you're not wrong. I mean, what are we saying? I mean, obviously a motherfucker is a different thing, but if you didn't understand our language and you said, the baddest motherfucker, what? Look at you, what is this? Right, other countries that have to translate the BMF are like, what are they saying? Yeah. Bro, bro. I forgot, we was fighting for the BMF, too, you know? When we're in Bruf, I never ever got to add new brother. I don't know if you're, I think I told you before. You never got an end news. Yeah, so when I won the, when I won the interim title, right, it was like, and now. So when I be peddys and when I fought, although it was and now, again, I was like, oh, you owe me an end news. I never ever got that end news. I gave Bruce like a hard time about it and then I got my end new now But I was tripping on when I was going there and I was like in there waiting I was like what a fuck is Bruce taking so long [2:11:09] They not to see the knockout, but I want to say I want to get my hand reason and he was like and new Undisputed being like oh Like shit. Yeah, I was like. Oh, yeah finally got it But we need an undisputed and new news so are you in a holding pattern now? How does it work like in terms of what what happens for you in the future? We see what happens man. We see what happens. I mean where so you see what happens in New Jersey? Yeah, yeah We see what happens in New Jersey We I couldn't tell you to be honest. All I know is they know I put my ass after finding like brother things about to change So I'm waiting I'm waiting for the change Dana. Let us know Let like, by the things about the chain. So I'm waiting. I'm waiting for the change. They know, let us know. Let us we'll be we'll be sitting. We're waiting right now. They gave me like a 30 day no contact, you know, like the normal thing that they do after a fight. How many people don't know that everybody's like, what does it mean? 30 days. Well, are you okay? I'm like, whether this is just this is just regular stuff that we got to rest after a fight. So I got I'm doing that right now. Me and 10 didn't hit us about anything really, you know, like I said, Ilya writing paragraphs over to us on Twitter. [2:12:10] That's what he said. Can I see what he said? I don't even know what he said. I want to see what he says. I don't even think you're gonna reach the whole thing. You might really have a bit and just not reading. He's an interesting guy. He says he gets drunk the week of the fight, like the night before the weigh-ins. I saw that he drinks wine. Drinks wine to make good. Let's see, get a buzz, you relax. You go for a drink. Good for a drink, bro. If it works, he never missed a lead. No, I mean, I guess you could do it. Look, dehydrating yourself to make weight is horrible You're already doing that. I don't think. Yeah, look at that. That's like the only thing that I'm impressed with. Whether I finish you by kale or submission. I just beat the guy that beat. I was doing math. Yeah. Not one's not twice but three times. You know, I have one thing that keeps you relevant and that would grant you a money fight. The BMF belt. I no longer fight for money but for legacy. Already? Is already fighting for legacy. No longer fighting for money. But he got gifted a afternoon martin [2:13:06] or something that I saw. Somebody told me. When that belt, while holding my title, will cement me as the first, the first to hold both belts, the first to knock out vulk and what most certainly will happen when we fight, the first one to put you to sleep, something to calm you down is this. God doesn't shame anyone. have a worthy defeat against a champ wow this is like Roman shit you have a worthy worthy defeat against a champion who will be remembered for eternity I decide who went and where if you don't like the terms I'm sure or or Tegga will oblige how you how you calling out a right that's right now how's it take a like even ranked in the what I he just be a year right but he's like away for like three years. And he even see him calling for a shot. I'm like, yeah, one fight against a year. Well, yeah, I'm like, yeah, just lost against Volk. Yeah. Yeah. Years wild. I love watching that, dude. Fight like that guy kicks like nobody else in the sport. Brother, if he, if they're like jobs. By the he can, there's like a switch, [2:14:06] well if he flips it, he's gonna be like way more like he's a scary dude already. But there's a there's a switch that he just needs to flip it and he's gonna start figuring out and like it's gonna be problem. He's calling. He's calling. Bro when I thought he, you know what it's funny because when I fought him, I think that was the best year that anybody ever saw when we fought in the apex. I think, so there's fighters that I feel like when you go in front of a crowd, they're not fighting to a full capacity. And then there's some fighters when you fight apex where it's like in the gym, they're just gonna shine. You know what I'm like? Yeah, year is like when we fought there and I hit him with a couple of shots. And before like you'd see him get hit couple shots in different fights and he kinda like weather away and be like, oh yeah, whatever. And like the fight this, you know, kinda like getting there and then almost like gets finished because of the fights not going his way or whatever, right? And I was hitting with some shots and I was just taking it I have to take his down [2:15:07] I was like what are we doing here brother? What when the hell did this fucking superhero yeah here come on of you know, but uh Well, you gotta remember yeah here you go back to the Frankie Edgar fight right so yeah Here gets dominated by Frankie Edgar on the ground and then you get yeah here 2.0 After that and it's much better to take down defense really good at submitting guys Obviously, it's just like more of these fights and he's still a young guy. He's young Yeah, Yaya still hasn't reached his potential yet, but when it comes to kicks that do kicks Nobody has the best kicker in the sport. I think like I said bro knows to nose brother We're like great here. Pa I was like whoa It's like clip of me like like he kicks through my hand. I was like, what the, I never see him too. I was like, it's motherfuck so fast. Bro, he hit BJ Penn with a 360 roundhouse kick. Brother, crazy, yeah. Crazy, bro. 360 roundhouse kick on legend. Crazy, bro. Crazy, bro. Bro, you're he's gonna be a problem bro. There's one switch He's gonna flip it's gonna see and I'm gonna and if you're a guy who likes to stay on the outside and you fight that [2:16:10] Oh my god, everything is those kicks are his kicks is like jabs like you said mm-hmm You know he got kicks yet spinning shit. Yeah, he got he fucking he got hell elbows, bro He got everything he chose elbows stupid. It's so like even when I was fighting them, bro Like we knew he's gonna try stupid up L. Web places and I get fucking caught by him like what the fuck like why Why I knew he was coming and it hit me. I was like, bro What is going on this guy is so freaking he's just he's out of the box? It's so dynamic. He's out of the box, and you can't find a guy that's gonna spar like him bro Nobody's wild because nobody's willing to take chances. It's good because when we were spying with him, like I said, we wouldn't really hit guys. Look at this guy. Look at this guy. And he does that too, that left kick and then that right over hand clutch. Bro, those kicks are coming from everywhere. Look at this. I mean, that left kick to the [2:17:01] body and then that right hand behind it. Yeah. Yeah. Josh Hemmitz is scary motherfucker though. Woof. That knockout of a- Oh, Bryce. Oh, Bryce Mitchell. Oh my God. That was crazy. That dude. He's got hairs for fists. Oh, yeah bro. He's one of those guys, yeah. But he's one of them load up dudes. Everything's coming for death. Every shot's death. It's death. Hey, yeah, I know that's why that's come. My name in Germany fought the two two hammer dudes brother when they meet but they collided, you know, that was a crazy fight. Yeah, that I saw I saw somebody claim that as I I dug out a German because I saw somebody claim that Josh was like the hardest hitting 45 ever in India. German like what? Someone say something. Do you ever want to say something? You're so funny. I love that dude. He's a bad man. Steven said some crazy. How far out of Los Angeles? Oh yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Jeremy can crack. He's a wild dude. [2:18:00] It's a crazy sport man. I mean, there's really nothing like it in terms of, I mean, I know I'm biased, but in terms of excitement, in terms of like when you go to, you wanna be entertained, go watch some fights. Oh bro, for sure. You know, it's funny because like a lot of people, they can, they can almost like put themselves in a fight because we all fought. It is in our DNA. Like we all fought some point in our life. Like even if it wasn't like a fight fight, like you fought your siblings, you fought your cousin. So everybody know that feeling. Like, oh, this is nuts. This is crazy. You know, like what were there? So you had that feeling in you of like fighting. You to say that you didn't fight your cousin or even your friend, like even if somebody at some moment in your life. And that's come, that's what draws it. And you can feel the emotion. And then when guys get into it, they're like, Oh, man, I would have did this. Do that. Do this. I'm like, yeah, okay. What then you get into a fight? You see guys stuff like this. Like what? But what's the game. [2:19:05] And that's why everybody loves it. Because it's so entertaining. Because it's like, oh my gosh. Yeah, exactly. But then it's like almost sometimes some guys is just like, just supposed hoping themselves. I'm like, brother, don't do that. You know, like guys calling out like a deep, calling out Demetrius. And then I call it on Marimo's and then they show that Marimo's like rolled up that guy and his Jiu-Jitsu turn around like brother. And even when we talk about this fake, like it's like, oh, in a street fight. When everybody's like, you know, street, like I am whatever, a triangle upon this track, bro. In a street fight, kick you right in the baby maker. I'm gonna go to your eyes I'll bite you you're off. Yeah, with this is a street fight But I have a gun. I'll shoot you who cares? I'm gonna win in a street fight You know like no rules brother like come on the idea that if you give a guy no rules all of a sudden becomes lethal It's so dangerous. Oh my god. Why what what? [2:20:00] You're not gonna scare me real angry when I would talk to karate guys. And then it's like, your stuff is good for sport, but what we do is for the street. I'm like, what are you talking about? Like that is the dumbest thing you could ever say. You're practicing street techniques. Is that what you're practicing? Did you not watch, you see one cry, man? Yeah. But there's so many people that just wanna, that MMA as well and all martial arts is that the training humbles you. Oh yeah. The reality of the humbles you. No, but you know what is the most hilarious ones is when it does it. Like you see these guys throw, they come and they get their ass kicked and they're back on out of the out. I'll kick your ass. That was just one day. You know, watch when I started training. I'm like, brother, but that wasn't it. The conversation was saying you could kill me now. You know, that's just. It is funny. Yeah. Some guys, they need to do some study on their brains. It would be amazing. Well, there's so many different kinds of mindsets that allow someone to get into fighting. But when they get to a championship level, like what I try to explain to people, did you understand the kind of human being [2:21:01] that's capable of fighting the most skillful fighters in the world and rising above them all. That's a rare person. Like, there's a lot of things that had to fall in the place to make a max hallways. Yeah. A lot of things. For sure. Yeah, you know what, any. But you're just like this piece loving like easygoing guy, real friendly. Right. People get confused. Yeah. They get confused. They get confused. There's a monster inside that head. You know what is funny? So when we were trainees, this is a while back when we was training at our old gym. Some guys would come visit my head coach, Ryan Lissar's and then he, he, he, and now I'm around like wrestlers. So these guys, like, stack, you know, wrestler bodies, they're the stack, big, small, whatever. and I'm just a little skinny kid, you know, they said when I was starting my UFC crew I'm the skinny kid if you look at the pictures like no chess having asked, you know, I look like a dork You know, I next to this guy had some tattoos and then they asked them and they hit it I hit axum Oh, he was like if I told you you had to you had to fight one of these guys You had to fight any one of these guys to leave the gym. Who would you fight? [2:22:06] Who'd anyone of these guys to leave the gym. Who would you fight? And who would you choose? And then the guy chose me. He's like, oh, you chose wrong, cause I gotta kill you. He's like, all these other guys, you might have a chance, cause they might take you down, hold you down, maybe ground and pounding, but that guy is gonna just just kill you. And anyway, you could find, so. Yeah, looks can be deceiving, I love harassing DC, but that guy looked like a bag of potatoes about that and he was a double champ and Number one pound of a bond in the world, but it's not looks right so mindset and it's what you're gonna do well fator Fator to yeah, that's example that they always had a muffin top brother always always stood there You couldn't make you could probably make two or five. Oh, yeah easy bro. He might be able to make 85 Fator walked around about two two hundred thirty5 pounds. Yeah, I think so one time he was like two 30 to 25. Yeah, fat. Fat. This never was ripped. Never was it fucked everybody up. Fucked everybody up. Crazy bro. Crazy. And then crazy, it was crazy how Dan Hendel [2:23:01] did them like that. Like this is late, but like for Dan Hendo did them like that like this is late, but like for Dan Hendo to do that at any point in their career is insane Bro, I know and then Hendo is a man But he's a bad motherfucker if that if he was around during the bell He'd be one of the guys fun for belt too. Yeah, he's a BMF bro. Oh true. Oh, oh His his logo like I was like oh you look so good. He's looking so good Yeah, I love I love this big but bro. I know that's iconic. It's iconic and that that knockout of Fedor was iconic Took because he's how is he fighting him at heavyweight? What are you doing? No? Why are you fighting Fedor at heavyweight? Who the fuck? Any chaos Underpants bro, yeah, it's not the back door It's on the ground and hit him with an upper cut. Oh Yeah, he was a monster man. Dan Anderson was a bad man. Oh, bad man. In the early days, I mean, he's a pioneer. I mean, that guy was fighting in MMA in the 90s. Mother, what 90? Cause I was born in the one. Hahaha. [2:24:09] Yeah, he was fighting MMA before you were born brother crazy and you guys were in the same era that insane as insane Holy I know look at that Because your era started when you were 20 years old yeah, and while you're fighting Dan Henderson was the man Yeah crazy Yeah crazy and he was fighting before your you were even conceived. Years before your daughter. I was even a thought. Not even a thought. You were in another dimension waiting any day now. Yeah. Come on. When did I ever go to win the series? Yeah. And now here you are. Listen man, you, it's beautiful for me as a fan of you and as a friend to see this Renaissance and to see people just giving you your due. And you know, that's a thing that happens when a guy loses a couple of fights. They just, they sleep on. And you know, we were talking about it during the walk. I'm like, Max is only 32 years old. You have to understand. He's in his prime right now. Like this is, this is a guy who keeps getting better every time we see him. And they counted you out, man, and you came up big. [2:25:06] As big as anybody ever had to do something brother. I was just, I, you know, I shot up to Dana, them Dana Hunter. Shout out to Sean Shelby, bro, behind the scenes, Sean Shelby, nobody did for his fight. He's a man, bro. He's a man and that's guys are great. Him and Nick are the best. Yeah, I couldn't, I couldn't that proud yet. Just wrapping your head around, but just to just to have that fight at UC 300, bro, was, oh, the UC 300 is huge all around. You know, you know, as a big card and then to get that finished, like a lot of people saying it's the movie type finish against Justin Gaichi, a guy who's supposed to, you said it best, outgunned me too big, too strong. Yeah. Was supposed to like in Tony 2 point only whatever the hell that means How much of a favorite was he at fight time brother when I fight time. He's still is to the one I believe it was like to the one I think so the open at like 260 and then I think so he closed that like to I might be wrong, but then I people people told me it was like stay to the one So it was like I'm just happy, you know, a lot of my friends. They don't really get me [2:26:06] I bond the dog so you know, thank you for rockin with me for many years You know, there it is. Well, it was the biggest challenge of your career and it was the best performance I mean you were you were on point man Thank you the strategy the movement everything that jump spinning back kick because DC kept saying like this is a new skill Like the way he's laying me down my friend bro Back kick because DC kept saying like this is a new skill like the way he's like my friend bro Mother fuck a time in the new skill. I've been doing this from like my third USC fight ever you have But it was way better now. Yeah. Oh, yeah, it's way better now Yeah, it's like it's it's like anything right like I it's going to get better I kept we kept practicing it well like like you said you bro You know how devastating this kick is. That kick can change. Even if you landed on the liver, you're gonna, even if it doesn't hurt it, it's gonna like long jeopardy. It's like I like saying what Teddy Atlas say, you know, you put water in the basement. If I land that good in your stomach, it doesn't feel nice, brother. [2:27:00] Even if you look normal, you're hurt. You know it it's and then I touch you touch you there it's just gonna shock your whole body and it's going to hurt bro it's going to hurt so that's spinning back kick brother it's just like I said the video game watching you bend the bag brother if you could put up that clip that bro you was bending that back and I was like what the fuck like how like this kick is strongest shit like I was just thinking of like breaking people's splines with it, you know? That was my best one. Yeah, that's me now as an old man though. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. The other one was a younger one, yeah. But it's still, I still, no one is doing that, bro. Look at that, yeah, look at that. Look at that. The thing about old people today, hormone replacement. Hormone replacement's a game changer. Oh yeah. It's a different thing. A 57 year old man today, like Mike Tyson's. Like, that's not a 57 year old man from 1990. Oh, this is the one, yes. Oh, that's the 360. So the idea, the idea to explain that was that, [2:28:00] I forget who used to use that a lot. Oh, Cungley. Boom boom look at this, bro. That's over there's this the clip I saw a holy fuck I think what the hell is your organ drugs on drugs? Bro look at that look at your food stand look at the hip Look positive when Ray and he brought to a freaking land on the bag, bro look at the food extension bro you hit so Yeah, look at look. Oh my gosh That's where you get the maximum amount of power. Yeah, that's crazy. That's maximum amount of power He'll facing them your head looking at it and you're lining with your heel and I'm looking over my right Childish everything's turned away. So I got full extension Pushing off the back leg kicking with the front leg brother. It's crazy power and it's not utilized that much. Dennis Seaver used to have a good one. Oh, Dennis Seaver was really good. I liked him. Yeah, he had a real good one. And then we're going back to what you're saying brother, with Mike Tyson, like, did you see the clips of him like moving bone? Yeah, he looks good. Bro, he's got months and just hips the guy, bro. What is going on? He's gonna be hell on wheels in the first round, for sure. [2:29:09] He's gonna be hell on wheels. You know, because I don't know how long he can go. I don't know what his joint to feel like or his back feels like. I don't know what's really going on. You're watching clips of a guy hitting the ass. That's hope he gets something crazy and then he say his back is broken that iconic speech get another iconic speech from him it's gonna be interesting and it's the only time I could ever remember where I was well I would be interested in watching a 57 year old man fight a 22 year old man yeah for sure like you said like even bro like because everybody saw him walking on the cane right he's looking on what if he trolling everybody what if he knew bro what if he knew something we didn't know what if he's wearing Garcia us all over you know, but but even that bro? They had the new video of him moving. I'm like, but this is not fair. What is he doing? They're gonna do everything to him. They're gonna give him all the hormones all the recovery everything They're gonna do everything they can to get him ready for that. There's a lot of money in this. That's a lot of money, bro. It's gonna be, and there's only an exhibition, right? [2:30:06] It's not even real fight, right? And they have 16 ounce gloves, and they have to fight two minutes. Yeah, but you can still kill someone with 16. If you're Mike Tyson. Fuck yeah, fuck yeah. If you're Mike Tyson, you know, I mean, I mean, He's big like a lot of guys think he's tiny. He's a huge boy. Yeah, it's big dude and he can crack Yeah, and I would say that people look at him like a guy who was a youtuber and they're denying No, no, 90 more bro name before when he first was coming out. That's the way that's the way you should look at him But now, but he got like he had like a love in his corner like love is his main trainer What is it John love or he's one of Floyd boys? his main trainer, what is it, John Lovoy, he's one of Floyd boys. That guy is, he was like a legit world champion at one point. So he knows the training that he has to be done. Like before I was like, yeah, whatever, but then when you see Paul dedicate himself and how he's training getting ready for these guys, like he's a business man, too, don't get me wrong, but he's training, bro. He's not, he's not not he's not freaking cutting no corners bro He got the right guys. You got a right team straight and conditioning probably eating right eating good fighting on his terms bro [2:31:10] Yeah, guys You think of Anthony Joshua and Francis and Gano Oh brother brother crazy, right sucks You I thought I thought if if Anthony was gonna be able to like really shock the world I thought if Anthony was gonna be able to really shock the world, this was, I was like, I give him Anthony Joshua first. I was thinking that he could have Andy Ruiz. Like Joshua is known for kind of getting caught and he gets rocked. So I always thought that Anthony, not Anthony, but Nagano had the opportunity to be like, oh, you can probably strike him, you know, you can hurt him. You can probably hurt him with a hand. Especially because nobody knew anything about that. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Before the Tyson fight, but I think that a Tyson fight shooked up the world, and these guys, like, even like, what's his name? Joshua was saying, like, there was a gimmick fight and you fight him next? [2:32:05] And you trained, you know what I mean? Like you could tell bro, he was like not like what he did to Tyson brother. Like a lot of people, I thought he won bro, when I was watching it I was like, bro, this guy won. I thought he won the decision. He won, I think this guy was about to shake up the whole thing but of course it's boxing. It is what it is, but yeah. And when Francis went out there, he was saying that he was tired at the time, whatever, right, like the thing. But Anthony Joshua looks so good. He's so good, bro. It's just a difference in skill. Caught him with that right hand in the first round and rocked him. It's just a difference in skill level. I can't think of Joshua as an Olympic gold medalist. He's a world-bite. And you can see, you can see, look the faint. Look the faint. Look what he's doing. He's already, he's already, even dropping his hand, you know? He's also shooting that jab to the bottom. And looking for Francis to counter with that left hook. Francis Leans back and throws that this right there. Look, look, look, he leaned back there too. [2:33:05] Look, he leaned back home, man. Yeah, it was a big win. Oh, this guy is some big dude. Big win for Gargx. Big days. Yeah, big win for Gargx. Josh was so fast too. Yeah. He's so fast and he matches him strength wise. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, it's different than ice and fuel. Yeah, it's straight and, and speed, you know? Much faster. Yeah, look at that right hand. Oh, right over. That right hand over the time he was fucked here. Now he gets up, he's in real trouble here. Yeah. And doom, I mean, that right hand. He never moved, bro. He didn't even see it, brother. He was already out here. Like he's boom, but you saw how that set up because then he was doing the job to the body, like he said. Job to the body, so he just sat down and stuff kind of froze going back and like this. Got overhand. Perfect. Beautiful boxing. A boxing exhibition, man. [2:34:00] Beautiful boxing. Do you ever think you're gonna do any boxing matches? Madden, I don't know, bro. I don't know. I would love to. It'd be fun. Yeah. Yeah. I would say who you know about like like I say we got a lot I got it's not even worth calling out or doing anything because I then they I'm with the USC And if the UFC don't see it making money, they're not gonna give it and then all I'm gonna be is be one of these dumbasses on the internet calling out Stupid be one of these dumbasses on the internet calling out stupid fights for no reason it's not gonna happen You know I mean right sat down a day it is but I would love if personally if you ask me I would love to box But I would love to to to I have some boxing some boxing cousins that's coming up in the boxing world right now Or even even a friend he just fought on the 28 and he just won J.J. Benito, he's the man and And in my cousin and they're coming up there fighting my cousin them and I would love to box when I box in them. It's fun. It's having fun I have a great and then to go in there and actually box someone to see the difference I would love to see it, you know, I would love to do you have like right now like [2:35:06] At 32 years old. Do you have a timeline for the rest of your career? Do you have a thought? I don't want to fight to a 40 for sure. You know what I mean? Like I always thought like maybe 35, 36 we kind of look at it. It all depends of where I'm at in my career. You know, if I'm stood in the top five and you know, even championship level if I'm stood here I'm doing what I'm doing here at 35 36 maybe we squeeze out a little bit, but then I Always I tell you every time we talk, you know, I want I want I want to retire the game I don't want the game to retire my ass brother because how much time do we see? Not only in our sports, but any sports, the grades, they just don't, they don't, they don't leave when they're supposed to leave. And they just kind of like, yeah, they have a great legacy, but it kind of hurts it at the end. Like even though you can talk about the great stuff that they did, it still kind of hurts them. Like, oh, you kind of stayed, you overstage your welcome, you know? And that's got my got a bunch of other stuff that I'm trying to get into like I said with this new brew drink that you're drinking [2:36:06] You know, I'm a corner of that I Distreamy stuff. I love I know you love gaming. I don't know if you've been gaming, but the streaming stuff. I love it now That's great And I love being playing games because at the end of the day a lot of these guys that They identify that identify themselves with their sport and when they retire They don't have nothing So they come back anyway because they kind of lose themselves. They feel like, oh, this is my identity. So I'm trying to build these stuff. So I have another venture. So as soon as we go, I can try and attack this. Like I would love to stream when I'm older, you know, even freaking podcasts or interviewer do something like you need these guys need to understand that they need something outside of their sport before they let go. Like Kobe was doing it right. You know, I mean, wrestling piece to him, but he did it right. You know, when he was getting rid of surfing, he started doing his podcast. He started doing all kinds of other stuff. He started getting more in hand with his daughter's basketball. Like he was doing stuff to make himself forget about what he did. And he was focusing on other stuff to make himself great in another way. So that's the main thing. You know, as long as I can compete at an elite level, you know, I don't want to be [2:37:08] this guy that just hanging on and everybody like, oh, man, I know. I fucking it would sadden me today that I'm fucking walking out to a fight. And Joe, I'm like, yeah, Max did this, this and this. But you know, he's a I'd be like, what the fuck? I don't want fucking Joe Rogan talking my ass walking out of the fight like that, you know? Retire on top, man. Retire on top. Listen brother, it's been an amazing time as a person who loves a sport to watch you rise. Thank you brother. It's been incredible. To see you fight from the very first. Yeah. You were 10 years old. It's been a little baby. Been incredible man and just congratulations on just, the greatest knock out of all time. Epic performance. It was amazing and I can't wait to see in there again. Thank you buddy. Thank you. Tell everybody how they can watch your streams, where they can find you, social media, all that shit. Brother Instagram, Twitter or ex now, [2:38:00] at Bless Him and me. And then on mainstreamkick.com, backslashmaxHalloe. We stream Gambo, we stream First Person Shooters. I'm a Apex legend and a shooter. So come see me if you want to play. Come see him. All right, beautiful. Thank you, brother. Bye, everybody.