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John Rallo

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John Rallo is a retired mixed martial artist and owner and head coach at Ground Control mixed martial arts academy in Baltimore. https://www.groundcontrolbaltimore.com/

Matt Serra

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Matt Serra is a retired American mixed martial artist and Brazilian jiu-jitsu practitioner who competed for the Ultimate Fighting Championship.

Din Thomas

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Din Thomas is co-star of "Dana White's Looking For A Fight" and coach at American Top Team.

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Q: What is Jiu-Jitsu? A: It's essentially the technique, if you can call it that, for one man to spoon with and fondle another man without having to admit that either of them is gay.





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Water. So he had his jug next to his bed. He's like, I'm tired. I don't want to get up. I don't want to get up and go to the bathroom. I got to piss. I just piss right there and go back to sleep. I lived in my first storefront academy in East Meadow, my hometown, and Joe and Eddie Bravo were in town for some reason. I think you were doing a gig or something. Yeah, I was doing a gig and you came and picked us up. Yeah. Really? Yeah. We took the train and he picked us up at the train station, took us to his academy. It was awesome. It's still train station. And it was literally not to make everybody feel old. It was 21 years ago. I was 28. You know why I remember? Because I was going to fight BJ Penn at Mohegan Sun. Wow. So I'm like, are you going? You're like, oh, I got this gig. And you came, you trained at my place and I showed you the basement. I'll never forget what you said to me down there. And I think I said the last time I was here, I go, yo, man, this is where I sleep. This is where I stay. And you looked at it. You go, dude, you live like a fucking Spartan. Yeah. I remember it like it was yesterday. Well, you were living that life. And I think that's what you have to do to be elite at MMA when you're starting out, especially back then. You had to be all in. All in. All in. And you're a coach of high level people. You could speak to this. Yeah. But I mean, I've also lived that life too. Back in 2001, I mean, I fought BJ in 2001. Yes. So I mean, I know what it's like to live in the car. I still do it sometimes now. You sleep in the car? Sometimes. I'll be on the road so much, man. Sometimes I don't even know where I'm going. Wow. I'll be on the road so much. I'm like, God damn, Thomas got a lot of jobs. You know what it was? I remember talking to you and you said, man, I work a lot because I know what it's like to be poor. Yeah. So like, that's why I work. Yeah. I stay ahead. I don't ever want to think about money. I don't think about money, but the way to not think about money is to make enough so you don't have to think about it. Exactly. And I met you around the same time because I met you and Eddie as well through Jiu Jitsu. Yes. You guys were on the underground back in the day. And we were trying to find a place to watch the fight in Baltimore. Yeah. I had a gig. Yeah. So Eddie went to your place. Was it Pride? Yeah. We went... Was it Pride or was it the UFC? It was UFC. He actually fought it because I remember you saying, because we both thought he beat BJ, even though you didn't get the decision. Thank you, John. You were at the improv, I believe, in Baltimore at the time. Oh, wow. And then we hit like ESPN zone for dinner. And I got to be, I was friends with you guys ever since. Yeah. Ronald and I have had some fun on the road, man. We've been to a lot of gigs together. Yeah. Absolutely. Yeah. It's just like those friendships that you make in the early days, they're kind of special. Because we were there when the UFC in 2001 was a different thing, man. Completely. Different animal. It was so fringe. Yeah. And you always felt like... Personally, I always felt like it was going to be over any second. Yeah. I would never be like, all right, look, I'll take this next fight at this price because this is going to be fucking down. This is going to be coming to an end soon. And I'll tell my kids that once one time I fought in a cage, it used to be the sport where we fought in a cage. It looked like the end was coming at any moment. It really did. Before that, the fight with Forrest Griffin and Stephen Bonner. You know what's really crazy? Eddie Bravina used to have this conversation. We would be like, because I met Eddie in like 1998. I met him at a... I think I either met him at John Jox, but I saw him at John Jox. He was there with Ricky Rocket. Like Ricky Rocket from Poison is a legit black belt under John Jox Machado. No kidding. Ricky Rocket is a... He's real. He trained. Undercover. You know what I mean? Just regular dude goes into classes. Legit. Like real guy. So anyway, Eddie was there with him as a spectator. And like, this is like 1998. And we would say, you know what this sport means? Some crazy billionaires. Just invest all this money in it. Because we know how exciting it is, but the world didn't know. This is, you know, this is 98. It's like Dan Henderson's first fight. Carlos Newton. I remember. Back in those days. Remember Carlos Newton? A lot of people forgot how good that fucking thought was. I still talk to him. Like, because he's on the commission, the committee that the ABC commission has for fighters. And I'm on that commission with Carlos Newton. Nice. What have happened to him? What have happened? What does he do now? He's working like real estate or construction or something. He's doing okay. He's alive. I like when I see guys make it through. Okay. Because I mean, now I talk about this with Dean a lot. And we're on the road with Dana doing the show. I go, I got survivors guilt. There's a lot of guys now that the sports like 30 years old. There's a lot. There's like casualties in the game now, whether it's the health, whether they get done with the sport. And I mean, Phil Barone's in a Mexican prison right now. Warmish. I mean, these are some people making very bad choices. But I don't know, man. It's upsetting to me when I see people all fucked up and we're sitting there hanging out. It's hard. You know, it's hard when people forget too about the early days were not that popular. So they forget about some spectacular performances. They speak and forget about some amazing when Carlos Newton tapped out Pat Milletich with a bulldog. Oh, yeah. Remember the first time I've never seen anybody do that. No, that was dead. That was something else. I fought on that card. I remember that. There's a photo of him and he's faces like, you can find the photo of Carlos Newton. Look at this photo. Look. Oh, my God. Oh, my God. And there's like another one, two of it, like more from the back. But either way, like what a perfect picture. I mean, that is so nasty. He was a he was a fluent fighter. He was very good. That's the first look at his fucking arm. Jesus Christ. He was one of the very best grapplers in the early days. The UFC, he pulled off some wild shit. Phenomenal jujitsu. Remember, he got that triangle. And that slammed him and killed him in the boat with a sleep. And it met just woke up first. He's like, I want I want it. He was surprised. Amazing. It's funny looking at all these pictures and everything, you know, pre-usada. Oh, yeah. I know. Let's talk. Let's talk. Listen, this is me at 49 on TOT. OK, so I'm not competing now on anything. I never competed did anything ever. So I remember like I like some guys back then. But fuck man, like Randy control the natural. Really? Can we get a different nickname? I'm an espresso free. Oh, well, of course. Yeah, coffee. We'll get some espresso. It is. We get a get four espressos. You guys are awesome. Like you look at it's different when you look at the pride guys, because they were almost encouraging that. They were encouraging. One of these guys went over there. They literally told him to gain weight. Yeah. You get you on steroids. They wanted that whole freak show and watching the biggest guys kill each other. Yeah. I wonder. I know I thought I believe him when he says he was natural. But I wonder how many dudes I thought that were actually on something. I think he was 100 percent. I believe him. I believe in much. And also there's no change in his physique ever. Was it with BJ was all about whether or not BJ was fully dedicated. The fully dedicated BJ was a terrifying force. To me, I still believe he's the greatest lightweight of all time. I think you can make a real good argument that the prime BJ when he beat Diego Sanchez, I would put that up against anybody. Anybody ever. Yeah. Yeah. I wouldn't want to see all those guys. I'm not saying could be couldn't beat him because he was a motherfucker. I mean, I don't think we really can appreciate how much of a motherfucker he is until after he's long gone. You go by him like that Edson Barboza fight. Right. He put that thousand yard stare in Edson Barboza early in that fight. Yeah. Where he was like, oh my God, like this motherfucker. Like I don't know if he might be able to do that to everybody. I don't know. It seemed that way. But BJ was on a different level. He was on a prime BJ was on a different level. And he had legs. There's a thousand yards there. He had BJ had legs that were like arms. Yeah. His stick. Yeah. Yeah. I heard he could put his legs behind his head without using his hands. And he stretches them. It's not like it's just totally natural. Right. He was telling me all these crazy things he does with bands. You know, he stretches himself with bands. He does like hardcore. Yeah. Hardcore stretching. Wild that even the most flexible motherfuckers, if you get them in the crucifix, it doesn't matter if they could suck their own dick. They're still getting fucked up. And he just gets them here in the crucifix. Yeah. It doesn't matter. You can put your legs behind your head. He should have used his legs to fucking block the fucking do some wing chum with your legs. He was the crucifix. Fuck you up. I get gee or no gee. I go for that all the time. Training. And I know I can't. Yeah. And I know I can't hit them, but there's a lot of ways you could transfer transition into komorrah's arm locks, different things. But it's such a good thing to get used to because they can't do dick. DC might not, I don't know how great is jiu-jitsu is, but I mean, look, he gets guys in the crucifix. They're fucking done. Yeah. The crucifix is, there was one guy at John Jocks who specialized in the crucifix. I was always terrified of this dude because it's such a terrible place to be. Yeah, it is. You can't use your arms and you're like, ah. It's such a horrible. And you get punched in the face and you're like trying to block with that one little hand. With MMA, it's so much worse. Yeah. It's the elbows from that position. Yeah. Oh my God. Punches. When I was fighting Matt, when I was getting ready to fight Matt Hughes, I was having people start me from there. And that's why the only fight I ever in my career, I had to pull out of was our first time I was supposed to meet Matt Hughes. And that literally broke my heart because I was talking such shit. I would never talk shit. I always talk shit knowing that I'm going to meet this guy in a cage. You know what I mean? Because they say, you know, so I was calling the guy, you know, every other day I'm calling the guy a dick. But I know we're meeting and I had to pull out of the fight. And part of the reason why I had to pull out of the fight is because I was getting older at the time and I still training like a younger guy. So I was starting in the crucifix. My buddy, Craig, was like a fucking big strong motherfucker. And then I'd get out after five minutes, I would do duck on to a suplex. Then I cooled off. Remember Matt Arroyo? He was visiting. So he asked me to show a move. I cooled down and dude, I fucking blew my back out just showing something. I went to show something. I guess I was so fucking like from doing this shit. Yeah. Because I was training so physical and not as smart. So I had to pull out of the fight. But the point was that I, L4 and L5, I had a herniated discs. Oh, Jesus. So I tried to stay in the, I tried to not pull out of the fight. So fucking I went to a chiropractor and I will never go to a motherfucking chiropractor again. He took out this Tonka toy thing and he goes, you see your spine is, you gotta, and I go, dude, I don't know what you're doing. And I go, but just could you do something for me? He goes, everybody thinks they have a herniated disc. Cause I, meanwhile I'm sitting like, I'm thinking about it. I'm sitting the way I was sitting. I was like, I was like, not straight. I go, dude, something's not right here. He goes, everybody thinks it's a herniation, but it's, it's a lot of times it's yada, yada. He put me on a thing. He put me upside down on one of those. Yeah. Yes. And then he was with someone else and then I'm with my wife and then he goes, okay. Like almost like I'm a fucking turkey. I flip them over. You could turn them back over. When he turned, I guess everything was coming back down on my stuff. When he turned me back over, I was fucking, I'm fucking screaming like something's sticking to me. And then he charged me 50 bucks. Do you know, you know, when they call themselves doctors, do you know how much time they spend in medical school? Zero. Zero time zero. It's fucking, do you know how it was invented? How? Pull up the article chiropractors are bullshit. Joe, I have chiropractors at home that know I know you and they're like, Hey man, why is he beating up on a chiropractor? It's the origin of it. Look, whether or not, I'm not disputing that people get relief from being manipulated. Cause I think there's something to the deep tissue aspect of it. There's probably something even to being out of alignment in certain conditions, you know, and a lot of that could be because of little injuries and things are tight. And that's why deep tissue massage and raw thing is very effective. But the origins of the medical art, it came from a guy who was a magnetic healer who came up with this idea. He's going to cure all illnesses by manipulating your spine. And the speculation is he was murdered by his son who was a con man and his son that fucking takes it everywhere. And I don't know. Yeah, pull up the article, pull up that article again. Cause it's like, when you read it, you're like, what is this real? So, you know, I always thought it was a doctor, but it's not. It's a doctor. It was like his son. It's this, a thing that like, you may find relief from, you may find relief from being manipulated. And I think there's guys out there that are really good at like, they use other stuff with different techniques with it. They're basically doing physical therapy, but the knowledge and philosophy given, given me by Dr. Okay, here it is. Palmer held seances to contact a dead physician named Jim Atkinson. He said that those seances helped him develop chiropractic as he wrote in his 1914 book, The Chiropractor, the knowledge and philosophy given me by Dr. Jim Atkinson, an intelligent spiritual being together with explanations of pneumonia, phenomenon, rather, she said, phenomena principles resolved from causes, effects, powers, laws, and utility appealed to my reason. The method by which I obtained an explanation of certain physical phenomena from an intelligence in the spiritual world is known in biblical language as inspiration. In a great measure, the chiropractors adjuster was written under such spiritual promptings. So this guy came up with this from a seance. He learned from a ghost. He learned it from a ghost. And then the idea behind it, though, is that you could fix all these different problems that people have by adjusting them, like all kinds of wild shit. And they would, they thought they could see what he'd said that they thought they could do with it, because it's kind of nutty when you read like the stuff that he was saying he could fix. Man, I just think it feels good. Like when you crack your knuckles, it feels good. I think also getting pushed on and rubbed and adjusted. It's good for you. It feels good. It's like when I get deep tissue massage, these motherfuckers, they dig in there with their elbows and they're kind of cracking shit and moving. There's a lot of tension and you can alleviate that. I'm not saying that being adjusted or any of these things these people do doesn't offer people help. I'm sure it does. Don't get me wrong. But at the end of the day, where did that come from? And why are you calling it that? If you want to call it like physical maintenance, you're literally attaching something that actually works to something that's really crazy. The origins of this are bongos. Why don't masseuses call themselves doctors? It's a similar thing. It's a similar thing if you have like a really good deep tissue massager because it's like a disrespectful thing to a medical professional. Right. And it makes you question the credibility of everything that they're doing. Exactly. But they do help people. That's the thing. It's like, but you got to admit what it actually is. And maybe you should probably take a look at the origins of it. See if you want to be attached to that. Shit, man. They didn't do dick for me, but I went too long. They didn't do a dick for me either. That's how I found out about all this. Oh yeah. Yeah, man. I had a bulging disc in my fucking neck and I went to a guy for a year who was like telling me, no, it's just, you know, this is a muscle injury. And he's like, he pushed down on my head and he was saying, does it hurt when I do that? I go, no. And he's like, then you don't have a bulging disc. Like how ridiculous is that? Yeah. How do you know? I finally went to a real doctor and he gave me an MRI and it's like, yeah, you got a bulging disc. You didn't touch your head? And then they did regenikine on it. That's that shit that Dana went to Germany to go again. Paint manning when Kobe Bryant went over there and it's your own blood. It's like a PRP thing, but they add a bunch of stuff to it and that fixed it in two weeks. What about that fucking final destination Dana? What the fuck did he do when he got that fucking test? What he's like, I'm going to die. What is that? He went keto. What is that? What test was that that he took when he goes, Oh yeah. Somebody said that he's going to fucking, Oh, you, yeah. What did they say that he's going to probably die in 10 years? He said if he kept going the way he was going, he could probably die in 10 years. But I believe that because Dana was just like, he doesn't sleep. He's always going. Yeah. Yeah. I could call Dana and have a two hour conversation with him at two in the morning. Yeah. He's an animal. He don't sleep. He's an animal. He just, he's just like always doing stuff. He's always involved. He's always got deals. He's always working on fights. He's always, he fucking loves this shit. That guy's, it's in my contract that if he leaves, I leave. Really? Yeah. Well, you don't have to worry about nothing. I'm like, I don't want to do this for anybody else. He obviously loves it. Cause he does not have to do it. No, he, dude, he loves it. You, I'm telling you right now, you call him in any given time and say, Jan Buhovich, Alex Pajeta, holy shit. Yeah. And we're going, Oh my God, what the fuck is that going to be like? But what is that going to be like, by the way? Oh, what is that going to be like? Wait, say it again now. Jan Buhovich is fighting Alex Pajeta. Depends where it goes. Well, this is the thing. I think that it's going to be a little, I think Jan's going to, I think Izzy's harder to get down than Alex. And I think Jan's going to get him down. He don't get him. I don't think he's getting up. I don't think so. Did Izzy get up every time he got taken down? Well, not in the later rounds. You know, Jan Buhovich can grapple. Yeah. That's the thing. I don't think it's going to be the feet. I still think, you know, Pajeta gets him, but on the ground, I don't see how you get up. Dude, but that left hook. Well, Hovitch is very high level on the feet. I mean, he's very high level. Like, and he's got this wild thing that he'll do. He'll go shin to shin with you. He'll kick your fucking shins. Like he's the only guy that I ever see that consistently does that. And dude, look at that move. I called my guy. I'm the liar. We saw how bad Alex looked on the ground against Izzy, who looked just as almost as bad. Yeah. He did not look good. But, you know, you could say that he never anticipated that from Izzy and he anticipated a straight up kickboxing match because that's most of Izzy's fights. He never tries to take it. Right. For sure. But he could have said he made a mistake in that regard. I mean, but there's just certain natural movements that you do if you are competent on the ground, like your legs or, you know, your body's round and you're using your legs. I mean, he was pretty like a, he was like a board. Yeah. It was very low level. But you know what? If a guy can get that good at stand up, he's so fucking good. He's so sneaky. Yeah. He's the sneakiest calf kicker in the history of calf kicks. Yeah. His shit is so high level and you don't realize it. It was even better in the second fight. Yeah. He's got this way of lifting that front leg and then no hip switch at all. It just, boom. It's crazy. Can I just say I'm glad I'm out of the game before they fucking put in these damn calf kicks? I never took one kick in my calf. I'll tell you what, my last fight in the UFC, I fought Josh near and he inadvertently kicked me in the calf. I thought my, my leg was broke. I was just pulling guard at that point. It's worse. Yeah. So no one, I didn't know what a calf kick. Well, I thought, you know, you're just trying to kick my leg. It just happened to hit the calf and like, I was done. Josh near is another bad motherfucker. People forgot. They called the dentist. Yeah. That dude was awesome. Man, there's a lot of guys that people got to throw their name in the old UFC fight pass because like guys like Chris light old Asian. Yeah. I want them to be known. Eve Edwards. He's in his prime. Very good. When he knocked out Josh Thompson, I was saying that Eve Edwards is the best 155 pounder alive, but there wasn't, there wasn't a UFC championship for that back then. He was there when he knocked out mass Vidal too. Cause I had a guy on, it was Bowdog actually in New Jersey. He had kicked mass Vidal. No, no, no, no, no, no. You got it backwards. You got a back. He kicked him. Did he? Yes. Yeah. Yeah. It was huge victory. About to be a real enemy. Yeah. With that one. Switch that one up entirely. Remember the time my back fist had shown me. I was there for that one too. Carter was awesome. Yeah. This is it right here. No, he was a boom. Got me right. Beautiful. And I've been thinking it's the other way. Back then. Look at that dude. Hilarious. Hilarious. Yeah. I thought Eve Edwards right after 9 11. It was September 28th, you'll see 33. That's when me and you beat. I don't know how many arm bars that guy. He was just grabbing guys arms, just throwing his legs around. I tell you, put it on him. Oh, fucking Mr. hands on the ball with them hands on that cat. He had those corn rolls at the time. He had them cut him in. He just cut it. It was his hair cut. He had lines cut. Beat the shit out of him. Dean Thomas. That was it. We were both coming off. We both had our initial fights in the UFC. We both had hype and we both fucked that up. I know. I know. I remember that. I lost the Shoney Carter. So now it's, now it's UFC 33 in Vegas, right? It's at the end of September. Literally. Yeah. Right after 9 11. After 9 11. I went out Ray Longo. His wife didn't let him get on a plane. It was a weird time. It was, it was a ghost town and every, it was fucking crazy. I thought Eve Edwards was a better striker than Shoney and it was fucking, it was a crazy night. Yeah. I remember. I was just having a conversation with the people about the Gracie documentary and we were talking about right after September 11th when Tito fought Matt Yushenko. Yeah. I was in the audience. Really? Yeah. That was before I worked for the UFC. Oh, wait, you were there? Yeah. I was at that event. Yeah. Me and Eddie Bravo. This is, we fought on this Dean. They, this was when they had their first big event in the UFC in Vegas. Yeah. And I wanted to be there for it. I was like, God, we gotta go. We gotta go. Dennis Holman. I became friends with Dana through that. And that's how I started doing commentary. Really? Yeah. I became friends with them. I didn't, because I, because I thought I was the first fighter tonight that night against Babiano. Yeah. Wow. You know, it's funny, man. And I don't think you're gonna, I don't know if you're gonna remember this, but it's, it's fitting since I gave you a new t-shirt. When I, how we first started getting the talk, it was after I beat Kelly Delante. It was on a prelim, right? Yeah. I ended up strapping the triangle on him and it was on a prelim, but they showed it right before the main event. So it got a lot of views. And then they interviewed you and you weren't doing the commentary yet, but you did say, you know, it was something along the lines of, you know, people think the ground is boring. You need more stuff. Like, you know, he gave me a nice shout out that jungle jiu jitsu that Matt Serra did. And I was so, I was like, so, oh man, this is fucking fantastic. So there's a girl, this girl, Paula, that used to, I was friends with, she's like, yo, you should like send them a shirt for that or something. I go, how do I find him? You know, I'm half fucking special. So Paula, thank you, Paula. She sent the t-shirt to Joe and you ended up calling the academy. I swear you called the academy to thank me or some shit. And I got on the phone with you and I was all excited. That's the old days. That was the age to text back then. You can call the same shirt. Nobody texted back then in 2001. It didn't exist. We called each other. Yeah. You call people with a last generation of people. And most of the time it was on a real phone, a real phone. What's bad now is like, I don't, I never checked my email and now I never checked my voice messages at all. I'm a fucking hermit. You know that. I just checked my text messages. So I never checked my voicemail and that's it, man. I live in my own little world. That's bad. I didn't think he was going to come out here because like no one interrupts Matt's piece. Why? He just can't interrupt his piece. I just go to my school and I go home. And now since the pandemic had some blessings because I used to have to go to the city to hang out with and I do UFC unfiltered with Jimmy. Jim's coming out. Jimmy's doing your show. Your mother. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. He's doing the club. I love Jimmy. I love him too. Jimmy, my little Jimmy bird. Me and Jimmy became very close. I love he's a great guy. He's a beautiful human being hilarious. Yeah. I've been doing that show for a while with him. Why did I bring that up? Nothing changes. So I used to have to go to the city because I do UFC unfiltered with Jimmy and I always felt like I was winning because it's a decent paying gig. It's a fun time with Jimmy. I go in after rush hour. I come out before it, but then since the pandemic, man, now I just get a green screen in my green screen in my fucking room. So now I could be at my school. I do the 7 a.m. Come home, take a little nap, hang out with Jimmy and fucking on zoom, do the podcast, go back, watch my kids strangle people and I'm there. So I'm at the school twice as much and I do my podcast still. The only time I really leave the house otherwise is the fights cornering people and hanging out with Dean Thomas doing looking for a fight. Something missing when you don't do it a podcast with someone that they're not in the room with you. Don't rock the boom. We have a good time. Jimmy in the room, but we have a good time on the show. Don't we? Yeah, I come on every once in a while and I'm able to be because sometimes when I go to the city and the by the time I get back, it's like, Oh, I feel like heading into the academy now, but now man, oh, well, and that was so much. Wait a minute. Wait a minute. You're the guy with the real job. Yeah. What do you mean? You're running an academy. Why don't you get to come out to you? Set up a fucking, yeah, that's what I'm talking about. Set up a little fucking studio in the town. Jimmy does the serious radio. Jim, not serious radio. Fucking Uber and get out. Yeah, right. Right. Right. We should do that. Get on the train. Thank you. Listen, what's he doing all day? He's jacking off and fucking he does the TV. He does his serious XM shit. So it's near his house. Oh, he does that every day. He does that fucking like five days a week. The Jim and Sam show. Oh, I didn't know that every day. Oh, so it's just like, Oh, being Anthony. It's like, Oh, being Anthony. It's Jim and Sam. So he's got that gig going. I'm sure that place fucking pays really good. So, you know, while he, so I don't know, I didn't mind taking it going to the city, but now I do since it's a fucking shit hole in there. Now I don't feel, I used to hang out in there fucking chill. How much, how much, so has it changed? I've been in a two minute, I haven't been in as since that much, but I know it's shitty for my friends that live there. And, and from what I've seen, it's, you know, I used to be, how about this? I used to be able to go on with old school headphones, kind of like this, you know, have my right. You know, I used to go, I used to train in the morning. I used to get my head straight and I'd go there. Just whistle. I'm not going now. I'm going to be there like fucking Kurt Russell in that motherfucker. I'm not going to be in there like chilling, walking the fucking, you have to be on guard. It's fucking nasty, dude. A couple of times I've been in there, it is what it is, but I think you get a sense of what it's like there now. It's not, you just got to have your guard up. And I never lower my sword, but I didn't have to feel like I was so on edge. You see shit all the time on the fucking subway. I mean, just that guy, you know, the guy got choked, you know, to death on the, on the subway there. Well, yeah. How did I hear all these different stories in that? Yeah. Did the guy get choked to death? Is that what happened? Yeah. Well, this is what happened. And the guy, it's not threatening people on a train. The guy, I don't know the Marine. There was a Marine. Right. And he put him in a chokehold. I don't know how long he held it for. I don't know how well he's trained. Never seen the video. So this is the thing. Yeah. The people at home, when they put a chokehold on, when you're doing it correctly, it stops the carotid arteries. I know we all know this guy. So I'm just working, but it stops the blood flow. It doesn't stop the air. But if you stop the blood flow for 15 minutes, the motherfucker is not coming back. So I don't know what happened, how long we kept it on and whatnot. But the guy who did have the chokehold on him, had a fucking arrest warrant out for punching a fucking 60 something year old lady in the face. Dude, he had like 40 something. Oh yeah. 40 something arrest. This wasn't your, you know, look, there were three other people involved that were holding him, you know, when this guy tried to restrain him too. So everybody felt. Well, this was what was weird. It's like they, they'd made it a race thing too. The problem was to do that. They had to omit the fact that the other guy helping him was black. So there's a black guy that's helping him hold him down. And the guy's got his arm around this dude. And most of the people on the subway came out in defense of this guy said, you know, thank you and for, for helping to protect him. He always got to make a narrative of you don't know what's the truth. Unless you were there. There's also a problem with people that are that fucked up. Like that guy might've been high as shit on fentanyl. He might've been ready to die anyway, you know? And if you get in a scramble with that dude and then all of a sudden you're, you got him in a headlock, you might have a fucking heart attack and die. Well, and I feel, I kind of feel bad for the dude because I know if it was me, I'm choking a motherfucker out. And I don't care. You know what I'm saying? 100%. It's your life. The fact that it's, that guy might go to jail for that. Yeah. That's what I'm saying. That's kind of scary. Nobody's scary because I'm choking a motherfucker out because I'm trained to do that. The only thing that I couldn't, only cause I wasn't there is how long did he hold it on? That was the only question I hit too. What did it look like? If I seen a video of him putting to sleep and the guy just didn't wake up, it's like, all right, well, maybe the guy shouldn't be fucking attacking people, punching 60 something year old women in the face and whatever. You know what I mean? So there's a case for that. But again, I couldn't, I can't go to bed if I don't know how long he held that on for. Yeah. Remember when that guy got a choke to death for selling loose cigarettes? Oh yeah. Remember that? Yeah. What was it? There was a big heavy guy. There was a big heavy dude. I forgot. I forgot his name. It was a terrible story. Eric Gardner. It was a terrible story. But there was all these people that were saying that's not a chokehold. And I was like, fuck you, that's not a chokehold. Like, let me do that to you. Yeah. Let me do it. You don't even know what you're talking about. That cop had that dude's head and he had that shit cinched down. He's getting choked. Yeah. And you know, that's the worst case of it. Amen. But this is like the best case of it. Like stopping someone who's been assaulting people. The fact that the guy died fucking sucks and we can't speak to it because I don't know. I don't know. Is there a video of the actual choking? If there's a video out there and not that you want to see the guy die, but it's crucial to know whether he's guilty or not. Exactly. Right. How long did the guy hold on to the choke? Because if he did hold on to the choke for like a couple of minutes, yeah, that's you don't you don't do that. Yeah. Does he know that though? That's that's the biggest thing. There's another thing. He might he might not know that. Just because he's a Marine, he knows how to do that. Fucking everybody knows. Okay. There's a photo of him. Well, 100% choking him. There's the photo, but now it's kind of a shitty technique. It's kind of like Logan Paul and Aljamaine for sure. Kind of a shitty technique. But look at his like his right arm. Look, he's goofy with his hand. Right. So it's not good technique. It's okay. I saw a guy get interviewed. He claimed this. He was talk. This guy was talking through it. He said he used it more to restrain him, but I guess that's what you know. I mean, that will that'll work, right? That's old school UFC palm on the head. It does work, but that's not like what a black belt does. That's not a serious guy. You know what kind of scared me recently? Not to be a dick. And I love Michael Bisping and who else did it? Marvin Vittori. But, uh, fuck man. Guys, when you want to do the re-in-and I love Michael Bisping, I get along with him very well. They put a couple, they put Steve-O in someone else's. Hey, guys. Now look, you know, can I say something right now? And, and, uh, and, and I, I, do you mind, do you mind if I do this to Dean Thomas? Oh, wait, I'm fine. But just when you're doing the proper re-in-neaking, elbows, and elbows underneath the point of the chin. That way I know I'm on the credit arteries. I'm not going to do it. But now if I just slightly go to compress, what the fuck, man? Like, I don't know. Like I feel like if it's on the wind, I'm looking at this thing like, guys, you might crush his fucking throat. And look at the amount of pressure he's putting all the weight behind him. Like, look what he's doing. And he's still holding it. But his, but his, his forum was on his windpipe. Yes. And Mikey, I love Mikey. I love Mike. I do. But guys, come on, man. Fuck. That's also like, he like leaned into it. I know. He got all of his weight behind it. That was, I would never do that. Yeah. You want a V on the neck. You want a fucking, that's not a V. Yeah. I'm with the living here. That's a fucking L. He's doing a number four on his neck. It should be a V on the neck. That didn't hurt you when I was doing it. No, no. And you'll be sleeping in under 10 fucking eight seconds. Yeah, for sure. So if you're going to choke out radio DJs, do it properly. Yeah. Align your elbow with the chin. There's a lot of those DJs get choked out. I mean, goddamn, I don't know. I was looking at it like, dude, I'm going to jibs a guy. What the fuck? Like, guys, I mean, yeah, you'll put them out, but fuck. You're going to hurt them. You're going to hurt them before you put them out. You're going to hurt his fucking guys. Not going to be eating soup for a fucking week. Anyway, anyway, that just bothers me. I hear you. It's a good thing to talk about. Yeah. Because I, yeah, people get why do people want to get choked out like that too? Why do they want to go to sleep? Yeah. They have to like this infatuation, right? Maybe we're fighters and just like, I want to see what it feels like. Oh, you know what the worst one is? Steve-O with Tim Kennedy. Tim Kennedy choked him asleep and then dropped him. And he bounced off his fucking head on the theater floor. But why would you say Tim Kennedy would know better than that? I don't think Tim Kennedy gives a fuck. Tim Kennedy's a wild boy. So look at this. He chokes him to sleep. Holy shit. But again, look where the elbow placement. His feet are dangling on. What is he? Oh, damn. That was hundreds of people watching. Yeah. This was on his show. That might've been. I bet you he told him. I think the elbow placement was better when I saw him the second time. Yeah. I think he did tell him to drop him and Tim's like, okay, I'll drop you. He's got his feet dangling. Really bad. Dude, first of all, the guy hits his head on the floor too. You could die. Yeah. That's what I'm talking about. That part. That means the choking out. Why would people do that? He is crazy. He wants that to happen. I know, but why would Tim Kennedy put himself in that position? Because if he dies, he's responsible for that. That's a real thing. Yeah. That's a real thing. That's why I don't choke nobody out like that. Yeah. That's a real thing. That's a real thing in fights. Hey, listen. 100%. I mean, you could end a situation just as easy. Like that fucking idiot when I was in Vegas, easy right hand at his fucking chin. I was looking at him like RoboCop where I saw the chin right there, but then he's taking his shirt off. I'm just like, I got it. I got it. Get out of here, you little fucker. And my kids were right there. That's so much better. I hit him. His head hits the floor. I'm fucked. Yeah, but also the way you did it, it was kind of beautiful to show everybody like, look, this is a fucking... And he's laughing. And you're being nice to him. I mean, it was beautiful. One point, I was actually commercial for Jiu Jitsu. Because I use that all the time as a fucking... I'm no salesman, but I tell people, and I mean it though. I really do mean it. I don't point to any of my fights with the guys I fought. I fought for some killers and stuff. I tell people to look up that, and it's not for bragging rights. Like it's not. It's like you're holding his wrist. It's like you do in a seminar. Oh no, 100% a lesson. But you know what I really like though about Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is, well, this is how it started though. Because they came in like weekend at Bernie's. So he's putting glasses on her and shit. So at first it was kind of funny. I'm like, look at this. Look at this. She's done. She's done. Look at my noise. She's like, good noise. So you gotta understand. Where is this? This is in Vegas? This is at the Red Rock Casino where the Fittita brothers own this. And then you do the weekend that you got inducted to the Hall of Fame, right? Look at this guy throwing up his guard. And right now he's... See, what happened was, I'm with my wife and my kids. It's July 4th, because the next day I was going into the Hall of Fame. So in this fat fuck, oh, you're just sub doing them. All right, get off him. Yeah, dude, are you going to fucking control him? Because he's going to... At that point, nothing happened. I was waiting for this guy to grab my balls or something. You know what I mean? Because there's going to be a lapse between me not controlling him and him not getting involved. But the thing was, the next day I was going into... Did he try to swing at you when he gets up? No, now he's saying he wants to press charges. He's going to charge you with embarrassing him. It was the day before I was going to the Hall of Fame and my wife's like, oh, we had family there in Vegas before me getting inducted in. So she goes, oh, you want to go down to the strip to see the fireworks? And I'm like, listen, man, there's a lot of drunks. I don't want to... Let's just keep it low key and then we'll celebrate tomorrow. So sure enough, we're at the Red Rock Casino, which is so cool. I love that place. Great place. There's a bowling alley in there, there's a movie theater. I love the movies. And so me and my wife, my kids and my sister and her kid were there. So we're at the cafe and then you see them two walk in, the guy and his girlfriend, they were really hammered. They left. He left her there. She slumped in the thing, passed out. Then he came back and he came back really hostile. And he was like throwing shit at the fucking... The waiters. And I go to my wife, I go, we got to get the fuck out of here. I go, because I just know if something goes near my kids throwing it all at the red... I just know I got to get out of here because it's not good. Sure enough, my waiter was bringing me my check and the guy got up. He got up like this. So instinctively, I got up. And then he turned right to me. And this is what I tell my students. Because I don't look like a pussy. I don't look like John Rallo. John Rallo gets up. This is not... So I don't look like a pussy. The guy looked at me and goes, you got a fucking problem? And so I'm already angled. I'm not going to be on World Star Hip Hop. I'm already angled. So then he fucking takes that fucking shirt off and nothing's going to get better after that. So I stepped in around the waist, put him down. The whole place is clapping at that point. And I tell my sister, I go, Sammy, I go, film this. Because I know what's going to happen. I know he's going to say, UFC guys beating him up. So that's her. My sister filmed that. She's also the one with the big mouth. Yeah, that's right. That's not my wife. My wife's one. So then I gave him a little lesson and then security ended up coming. And at one point, I'm telling him to calm down and I look up and I see my Maria, my middle child. That time she was like nine. And so she's looking up like a little like, you know, terrified kind of, you know. So at one point I looked up her with the same tone. I'm like, oh, no, it's OK. It sounds like I'm talking to him, but I was talking to my kid. But, you know, afterwards with that, I sent a video to Dana and I go, hey, tell Lorenzo to get better security in his motherfucker. He put it out there. But I tell the students to look at that. The guys that are coming in, if they're unsure of Jiu Jitsu for them, I go, look, it's first of all, it's nothing to brag about. You all know this. It's a drunk white belt. It's not like I'm fucking. Hey, look what I did. You know, I want some guys that did something. But to the untrained eye, it's kind of cool. You know, it's like Jiu Jitsu is like a superpower. That is such a much. Yeah, please. Good. I'm sorry. I was going to say it's such a much better result than the Joe Schilling one. Oh, man. Let's show that. This is the case scenario. This is the other end of the spectrum. You could use Jiu Jitsu or you could use Muay Thai. So here we're talking. But this is one of the beautiful things about Jiu Jitsu. We're talking from a perspective of a Jiu Jitsu champion, UFC champion and a Muay Thai champion. Watch how Joe Schilling handles this dude, because this is one of the most horrific videos than any drunk douchebag should ever see. This should be they should show you in drunk, drunk douchebag school. Yeah. But this guy, this can happen to you. Look at this. So he bumps into him and then the guy says, hey, and Joe Schilling turns around. The guy fucking. He had to do all that dude had to do was flinch at him and Joe hit the switch. But this and you know, this is crazy. This guy just looks like a yuppie douchebag. Well, apparently that guy was fucking nervous. He had been annoying everybody at the bar. He looks like a dick. Look at this. You know what I'm happy about? I heard he got off. OK, I heard he got off. Yeah, he got off. He's a stand ground law. Oh, OK. Look, because it happened in Florida. We could do anything. Yeah, he got lost. Florida. That's fucking great. Well, that's the last stop. I moved to Florida. The fucking empire is on the way out. When I moved to Florida, Joe Schilling is a savage. He's a bad man. But man, that guy was switched or turned on a minute. Well, you know what? He's got he's a great guy. Yeah. Nice to him. He's the best guy you could ever be friends with. Yeah, for sure. That's the wrong dude to flinch on. Oh, my God. That's the way it should be, though. Fuck you. You know, I think most fighters are that way. Most fighters are like that. That was totally unnecessary. Like that guy did not have to do that to him. The whole thing was provoked. He's a dick. Yeah, he deserved it. Yeah, he deserved it. Learn the lesson. That's the universe. And those are videos for everybody to see, too. Like kids should see that and go, oh, yeah. You know, Darwinism, you know what I'm saying? Like when you asshole like that, you dumb, you get knocked out. Right. Or you get eaten. Yeah. Back in the day, that's how it was. You know, if you talk shit, you got hit. You suffered consequences. Now there are no consequences. That's why I got off Twitter. I haven't been on Twitter. It's my life. It's better. I don't even know what goes on there. That's what I'm saying. Like I'm in my world. Like I do the Instagram because I like to spread positivity and I like to do stuff like that with my schools and stuff. But the Twitter thing, I felt I don't get it. I literally I get it. If there's some important message that you want out there for people that can't get it out there, I get that. But otherwise, I would just see negativity. That's all I need. I don't want maybe I'm too sensitive. I didn't like it. I didn't fucking like I want to be like Jay and silent Bob and start going, I mean, John Brawler showed up. I did not like how easy it is for people just to talk shit without any kind of repercussions. It's also you just deal with too much negativity. Yeah, it's not good for you. It's not good for you. It's not good for you. Negativity should be treated like a fucking cancer. And I do that at my school. And you get it out. If you're just one fucking shitty guy with a shitty attitude could affect fucking how many more. Dude, I pluck them right the fuck out. It's a cancer. You got to get rid of it. Pluck them right the fuck out. Out of your life too. Out of my life. And it's a lot easier now too. When we talk about the pandemic, I said I don't have to go to the city anymore. I used to have two schools. I lost the school from the pandemic. Fucking awesome. It's the best thing that ever happened. Some people, we talked about this earlier because you fucking, you got your fifth school now. Johns, some people like to expand and it works for them. I find it and as I get older, downgrading is the way to fucking go. I like one school. Everybody's on the one roof. I got three jobs. One's funner than the next. My school's my main thing. My thing with Jimmy doing the day in the white looking for a fight with Dean. I don't want to do it. That's it. This is my retirement, man. This is it. Maybe some voiceover shit. That's what you want out of life. You want a great balance. Shit you like to do. I heard on here one time, I like that Jordan Peterson. I never talked to him because... He's awesome. When you say when you talk to small people, it's like talking to an ape. I'd be whatever's beneath an ape. So I'm not going to... So if you're talking to him, you feel you're an ape. But I love his shit. I love what he says. I remember he was on here once talking about how, and I'm going to paraphrase for sure, but retirement is like a... Not that there's no such thing, but what is your idea of retirement? He said the thing with drinking a margarita is like a... That's a postcard. A postcard that's not a retirement. It's not a real strategy for your life. Exactly. I've heard people that like, I just can't wait to retire. I can't wait to retire. Then they retire. I don't know what the fuck to do with myself. And then they end up fucking dying. So I think quality of life, and I think I learned a lot of this from Ray Longo, who's 65 and still fucking going. Equality of life is like, to me, the most important thing. Like, you know what I mean? I agree. We've experienced enough douche bags in our life. We've experienced enough shitty times. Yeah, but now you just want to hang around with good people and just chill out. Fun times. Have a good time. I was telling Matt earlier that the Republican Party in Maryland actually asked me if I would run for the US Senate seat. And I said... John Rallo for president. Let's fucking go. John Rallo, the most jacked president in the history of the universe. You got Maryland locked down, BJ got Hawaii locked down. That's what I want the rest of the world to see when they think about an American president. A John Rallo looking motherfucker. Hell yeah. They'll think twice before crossing the moon. But I said the same thing. It's going to ruin your fucking life. They're going to be up your ass with a microscope. They're going to torture your family in the media. And I said to Matt, I go, I enjoy my life the way it is right now. I said, it's comfortable. I'm happy. I'm my own boss. We all thank Henzo because he's given us all a nice career through the education we got with him. So thank God for him. Henzo's the best. He's the best. What a fucking guy he is. And what a lineage that guy's created. He's changed a lot of lives. In that Gracie documentary that I was just doing, I was like, there's a few black belts where someone says, I got a black belt under Hixon. I got a black belt under Henzo. That's a big fucking deal. That's one of those... That's like graduating from Yale. That's the real deal. No, I mean, that's the proudest. I mean, I'm Henzo's first American. You can say Ricardo made it technically. Yeah. But fuck that. Yeah. No, no, no, no, no. You don't made Asaiz since you're three years old. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. He moved out. He went to prison when he was like two months. I will claim to be the first American. But Henzo, when he came over, he was just so giving, man. He brought me over. I was cornering him in the rings tournament and in pride and these things when... I was a purple belt. I didn't make a name for myself yet. He really just did so much for so many. I remember him in love with his first name. You know what? The thing about Henzo is he's so different from the traditional Brazilian black belt. Because he's so, like you said, he's so giving and he's so... It's like tradition don't matter to him. When they were talking about, oh, you got to have your belt tied this way. I remember that. And he said, the belt is whatever the way it ends up, that's the way I tie it. Yeah. Whatever it ends up, that's how it's supposed to be tied. That's the man. Universally loved. Everyone loves Henzo. And he's funny too because, like, you know, now, I remember there was like a modern Chuchitsu student who was in the blue basement and Henzo was teaching there one night and he goes, Henzo, when he was naming all the... When you go from the coyote guard to the K guard to the... And Henzo goes, my friend, don't make Chuchitsu only for the intellectuals. Show me the move. And I'm with it, man. I'm right there with you. Bro, I listened to some of the commentary. I'm not exactly sure what they're saying. It makes it weird when they start going, oh, you don't know the coyote guard? I go, dude, man, motherfucker. Oh, you mean the underhook when you're getting out with... Been doing that since the last millennium, cocksucker. They feel like they're teaching you because they know the words and it's like... But it's weird. I'm not... Well, there's some shit like Delaheva, you know, like people... You have to understand that. Yeah. Yeah. No, I get it. So, and I don't want to hate on... I'm not hating on anything new, so either. I love it all. You know what I mean? But it could get confusing. It gets confusing. So, you don't want to feel like... The leg lock game is confusing as fuck. Right, right, right. Like the whole... When I... Yeah, when I was training, it wasn't... There was no leg locks. It was very rare. It was every now and then some dude learned some shit from Dean Lister. Really? Back in the day, it was frowned upon. It was very frowned upon. Foot locks were okay though. Nobody got foot lock. Figure four foot locks. A knee bar, straight knee bar is okay. Occasionally a knee bar, but like heel hooks were dangerous. Oh, yeah. But then, goddamn, the whole game changed. Well, Danner, John Danner, my good buddy. That conversation he had with Dean Lister. Dean Lister was sleeping on my futon when he had that fucking... Dean Lister was visiting, staying at my place, training with me and... I was living with Rodrigo Gracie at the time in Woodmere, Long Island. We had an apartment. It was fucking awesome. And Dean Lister was visiting and that's when I would take him in and he was taking out like most of the academy with the leg locks back then, you know? And that's when he had that conversation with John about why ignore 50% of the body. And then John starts fucking twitching. Right. And then he starts fucking... The fucking computer starts turning into circuits. Changed the entire trajectory of... I mean, he really did. That guy is someone right out of a fucking movie. Yeah. Donner, like that would not be a real person in any other time in history that you get a guy who's a professor of philosophy at Columbia who becomes addicted to jujitsu and sleeps on the maths and just teaches people. And he's like a legit genius, wears rash cards everywhere. He doesn't give a fuck about anything but jujitsu. Had one on a dinner last night. Yeah. And one at my wedding. Yeah, sure did. And one at my wedding. And he came to my wedding in a rash guard. He's an animal. He's an animal. And he's so fucking smart, man. It's cutting out. Yeah, super smart. All he gives a fuck about is combat sports. Well, we just... We talked about it yesterday. We were at the eat yesterday. And I'm like, Johnny, give me a day in the life. And he's telling me about all the teaching. Because I thought maybe he lightened up his load. Because back in the day, in Henzo's, he would just teach, teach, teach, and you'd see him on a pillow. Privates all day too. And you'd see him on a pillow. And then he'd get back up, do some more privates. I know from being a teacher, you could get fucking burnt the fuck out. I don't know how he does that. Like, that's... It's just how. He doesn't do anything else. His first television that he had, my buddy Chad Lebron. You might choose Chad. Yeah, I do remember. He was a... We called him Hillbilly. He was from Virginia. He came down to save for a little bit in New York to train with us. Couldn't take it. He goes, oh, I was in the supermarket. I said, thanks, ma'am. She goes, I'm not older than you. Anyway, he just didn't like the whole New York attitude. So he goes, I gave John my TV because he... The only reason he took it is because he could play the... It had a VHS and a DVD thing or whatever that he could watch wrestling videos on and shit like that. That's all he'd watch. He doesn't watch anything else. He doesn't believe in any kind of, like, any marriage or love or... He's a fucking... He's an odd duck. He's a cyborg. He's the hottest duck I've ever encountered. And he's only been that way. He's as smart as anybody I've ever talked to. He's as smart as Elon. He's as smart as all these people. He's just smart about killing people. This guy just got his driver's license. He's 15 bucks. I have to drive into Austin. Austin requires me to drive. And he will end up back in New York sooner or later. We got him. I can't picture him. We got him out here. I can't picture him. It's weird seeing him anywhere other than New York. He's thriving out here, though. You know he's Gary Tonen's striking coach, too? Yeah. Is he really? Isn't that why I'm... I mean, I believe it. If you study the game, I mean, it just comes down to information and knowledge. Yeah, but I would very rarely say that I would trust someone who's never struck, like, never been a striker to be a striking coach except for him. Right. Except for him. For him, I'm like, yeah, he'll figure it out. He'll probably be the best at it. Yeah. I like Gary. I wish Gary was in the UFC so more people could see him in. He's got an exciting, exciting... His jujitsu game is a good bet. He's a risk taker. Yeah, he's a risk taker for sure. Yeah, he takes wild risks. That match for Krohn was one of my favorites, though. Oh my God. That was insane. Sick match. That was insane. It showed how good Krohn is, too. Yeah. To come back from that and win. I feel for Krohn in that last one. That last one was not good. That was so crazy. I don't know what was going on. You'd have to talk to Krohn respectfully. He looked depressed going in and throughout the fight, just looking like he didn't want to be there. No, I'm not waving at that. Might as well tell you. Listen, I was telling you guys this the other day. So I got ulcerative colitis. It has to do with this. It shows like, really? What the fuck? What is that? No, it has to do with it. Oh, I have stomach issues, man. I got fucking... When I have to go, I have to go, and then you don't know when it stops. And it's a problem. So I'm at the UFC. When Krohn fought... Did Aljo fight that night or Marab? It was... Was that Marab? I can't remember. I was there. It was one of them. But I was there. I think it was there for Aljo. Aljo was fighting that night. That's right. I asked the UFC to find me a stall a little bit private, because I got stomach issues. So they brought me next to another one that wasn't so open, and it was through the fight with the showers and stuff. So I'm in there doing my business. And all of a sudden, I hear some people by the fucking showers, and it was Krohn and his whole crew, and it was right after the loss, right? Oh, no. So I'm in the... They don't know I'm in there. Jesus. So I'm like, oh, no. I'm trying to stop my feet. And then I'm like... I'm clenching my ass. And I'm like... And all of a sudden, I hear a... I hear a, you know, man, you know... They wanted me to use my jiu-jitsu. I tried to use my jiu-jitsu. That fight sucked. And he's in stress. He's inventing to his team. There's nothing crazy. But it's normal after a loss to be... And the team's being quiet. All I know is I'm stuck in the fucking stall. I want to sneak out. The door is there. I could make it, but they're going to see me. The sink is over there. I got to wash my hands. Did you ever think about saying, hey, guys, it's Matt Serra. I'm taking a shit? I didn't know what to say. I didn't know what to say, because they were trying to consult. Like, they weren't really saying much. Sure, they were just supposed to say what a new somebody was in there. So sure, I know. But I was finishing up. I was almost out. I was trying to stop my feet. So I end up finishing. I finish, and I walk out. I go over. I wash my hands. And he looks up and goes, what's up, Serra? I'm like, hey, crone. I go, and you don't know what to say. And I've been there, obviously. I got my losses. So I go, hey, man. I go, look, man. To be honest, you're going to feel like this until you kick someone else's ass. I go, then you're going to... That's going to help it. You'll help you, man. Bye! I'm like, dude, I just wanted to fucking put all lamb shaded in there. Oh my god, that's hilarious. It was bad, dude. What a scenario. I want to see that in a cartoon. Yeah, right? I animate that. I might animate that. Gets me in trouble. Matt, the colitis thing, what do you do for that? Well, I just went and saw a specialist. Again, I had three colonoscopies. And it's one thing. They don't even tell me to stay away from a food. I'm like, so I could just eat anything? I'm even asking my wife, because I'm a little drunk and you have to be in fucking putout. And then, you know, exploring my ass. So I'm like, do I have to stay away from anything? And they don't tell me nothing. No, just no. Like, all right. Have you ever tried to adjust your diet? Have you ever tried to do like carnivore? Stay away from stress? You ever tried to do that? You know, I know what I did for a while, and I believe it helped me initially with my weight, because like I said, I used to be a fatty. I did the gluten free for a while. Mm-hmm. For a while. For a while, because now... Did the colitis help? Did it get better? You know what it was? I ended up having to get like hospitalized with my stomach, because I was having extreme flare ups at one point. And I didn't know what was going on. So I went in there and they put me in an IV, and I was just on liquids until it calmed down. And then the last... So then after that, I started doing gluten free, because I didn't want to eat anything that I remembered that was flaring. And I was like Italian food and stuff. But I was eating still Italian food, but the gluten free one. Yeah. The gluten free ravioli. So there's some good shit. And I lost a bunch of weight. I feel the gluten free helped me out a lot, because I wasn't getting bloated anymore. I noticed that the cauliflower pizza and stuff like that, I wasn't getting bloated. Now I don't think I'm getting bloated, because I don't think I'm holding shit in. Having the shit. But yeah, so that's where it was with that. And then the last time I went, which was literally a couple of weeks ago, they gave me something which I didn't do last time, like a bad boy. I got to do a stool sample. I hate that. You got to take a shit in the bucket. I got to take a shit in the bucket. And then you have... But then it's like Mission Impossible. You have 24 hours to get that shit. And then I'm like... So I'm gonna be like... And I always... And I always... No pun intended. I always forget to do shit. Oh my God. So then I don't want to do it, and then not get it there in time. But you forget that though. You forget everything. I would know. Yeah, like... Dude, what's that smell? My wife the other day, she woke me up from a nap or whatever. She goes, you forget something last night? What are you talking about? You left the hose in the pool. The fuck... I always forget. I went to... I had to fill up the pool a little bit. Dude, my ADD... Well, I smoke a lot of reefer, too. My ADD is pretty bad. It's pretty bad, dude. I'll be teaching a move, not to get you guys worried, because I'm usually in that state anyway. I'll teach a move, and I'll go into something, and then I'll go back to the show, and I'll be like, I hope this guy puts me back where I was. I forgot where we were. And I wonder why... Matt, where were we? Okay, mount! All right, we're back to mount. I don't know. Yeah. Matt, have you ever gone and got blood work done, and got everything checked out at a reputable place that looks at all your levels and finds out what's going on? I mean, I got my TRT doc that I go every... Every six weeks, I get my everything checked for me, all my levels of what... You might have food allergies, man. You might be... It's the way you're talking about the gluten and the pasta. It's like, there's a lot of people that react like that. You know who actually gave me great advice? He told me something very similar. I was just in Manchester, England with George, Saint Pierre. And we were doing a signing out there. He got me hooked up with it. He's such a sweetheart, George. And he told me that he had ulcerative colitis, the same as me. And the stuff he was telling me is the same shit I deal with. And I'm like, fuck, that's right. I see blood also. Yeah, this is gross. So we were talking about it. And he said that what he does is the intimate fast thing. So now he eats only between one and nine. He only eats between 1 p.m. and nine. And that's his window of eating. And he feels great. He doesn't... It went away. So I'm not doing that shit yet. But I might try that. I might try that. He does long fast. He's done long... Multiple, like... I think like 72 hours. Yeah, yeah. I think this days he said he does just the water. He said he does that. He did that to kickstart it. But then now he stays on that schedule. A lot of people swear by that every now and again. I think... I mean, you know what it is? Because of my stomach, I do eat less. Like, I'll have two slices and a hero instead of like a pie. Is that... That might be the worst fucking... I think you know how you can over train your body. Yeah. I think you can overuse your digestive system. You know, if you're a guy like me or you... I have a real problem. If I come home and I'm tired, I just fucking eat. Yeah. I just open up that fridge. Is that why you moved here for real? That it keep your diet in check. You wouldn't be waiting for the good Italian food. If I was in Austin too, I wouldn't be dialing fucking pizza every day. Dude, the two brothers and the stuff near me, the Umberto's, they can't make a bad slice. It's fucking ridiculous. There's great food out here. There's great food out here. I'm not eating pizza, so I don't know, but there's great food out here. Everywhere you go, there's like these different restaurants and food trucks and everything. I'll take you guys somewhere fun tonight. We'll go eat somewhere. No, I know this also, I think why I'm staying in better shape is I used to always blow up, as you know, but because I knew I'd be getting it off because I had a fight coming up. Right. So it's like, if I'm fighting twice a year, half the year I'm training. So yeah, I'll become a fatty in between. I'd be a fucking Danish... Enjoy yourself. Dana used to always say the same joke and he always has to always like, you know, like the evil villain says something and all the other guys henchmen like, so he used to always see me. He used to always see me and goes, oh, it looks like you ate Matt's, sir. I think, ah. I'm like, fuck you, Dana. Oh my God. The same joke. Fucking guys laughing. Anyway, so then, so now I knew because I don't have anything coming up, like I, like four days a week, like seven a.m. I do that seven a.m. class. So I started day sweating and even when I'm not rolling, I'm fucking trap sayin' I'm doing some arm locks. So I just thought that they sweating. I think it's, it just gets my metabolism going. For sure. You know, dude, you're built like your dad. Your dad's a fire. When I first met his father, I thought it was his brother. We were at Hensho's, wrestle offs for Abu Dhabi stuff. And I said to Matt, I could, he's had another brother. He goes, brother. He goes, you know, I never met my dad. It was his dad. He had me a 19. He's pretty young. He had me young. I was the best mistake here, man. That's hilarious. But yeah, he did good with that. But yeah, my father was a black belt on the Hensho also. Wow. That's crazy to me. That's amazing. Not a lot of those. Shit, man. He has no neck either. The North South choke. We used to call the North South choke the Papa choke. Because Hensho, you know, used to call him Papa. And he used to get North South and he had no fucking, his chest was like a barrel. He used to get fucking that. Who was the first guy to start doing that? Because we used to think that was like a good move. Like a North South choke? At Hensho was my dad. I'll be honest with you. When like, when I was a blue belt, after Frank beat Tito, I went to train with him. Like I asked Hensho, you care if I go see what's up? Because I wanted to learn what he was doing for cardio. And he showed me a North South choke. He called it like a peck choke. And when I showed Hensho to move, like, you know, Hensho was like intrigued with it. And then he came up, he's got a whole chain of things off of, if the guy turns this way, lock him up. If he turns the other way, he's punch choking him. Like he was pretty slick. But I mean, that was the first time I had seen it. But so it used to, at one point in time, I remember Monson got some of it. That's what I was gonna say. Jeff Monson was like, yeah. Known for it. Because he put what Brandon, I think he put Brandon Lee Hinkle out with it if I'm not. Who did he play with that? Monson was a goon. Yeah. He was so strong. He is a goon. Yeah. But I mean, he get all, I mean, in that, in the best possible term. Maybe he's a gorilla. Man, that guy was so big at one point in time. I remember he fought someone in Abu Dhabi and he got a bad decision. So he took all his clothes off. His clothes off, yeah. Pedepano. Yeah, Pedepano. He neck cranked him. And it was illegal. Pedepano tapped because he figured he's getting disqualified. They told Monson he won. And then cranked his neck. It was illegal. And they took it from him. Look how jacked that dude was. He's rushing now. He's rushing now. Yeah. He said his shorts that he took off, like they had one of them side open bars. His two shorts. They're hanging in one of the bars in Brazil. That's exactly where my father does it. Yeah. I mean, and he was so fucking strong. He got a hold of your neck. Yeah, that's one of my moves too. He inspired me when I had the fight for the title. He inspired me to go for broke. Because his fight with Tim Silva is the worst piece of shit I ever seen in my life. I saw that fight. And it was a short ball guy shooting from across the cage on that big dork Tim Silva ever. And fucking, you know, it was fucking the worst fight. I go, look, I will rather get knocked the fuck out than have that as my one title shot. Because that's what it would have looked that way. I might have resembled that if I just tried to get George down. You know what I mean? I remember that knockout like it was yesterday. Yes, amazing. While it was happening, I could not fucking believe my eyes when you knocked out GSP. I remember that too. I was like, holy shit. Yeah. You always had weird power. Some dudes just have weird power. Yeah. Longo. You know what it was though? When we came into the, it's the journey of the, of the way the philosophy is. My philosophy was I was like a street fighting kid. I knocked a couple guys out. I did a tough man contest at 18. Mr. T was the referee. I put this on my back. I swear to God. Mr. T was the referee. If you look at that, I put this up the last time I was actually here, fucking how many years ago? And I knocked two guys out and the third guy I lost. Worst concussion I had in my life. I fought three times in an hour at the Palladium in Manhattan. To this day, my jaw from that fucking contest. That was your jaw? That's crazy. Yeah. I thought it was, I wanted to go to the Pizza afterwards. My shit was out of whack. So I figured it was a broken jaw. And I went there. They said it wasn't broken. But did I tell you? Oh my God. It's so weird. It's fucked up. That is wild. Was it hurt? What was that again? Weird power. Yeah. Yeah, weird power. Yeah. So he knows me now. I got to keep up. Yeah. I know, guys. It's bad. But yeah. So then when the Gracies came along, that's when I was 18. So then the Gracies came along. They go, no, no. You could never exchange. Don't exchange. It's a crapshoot if you exchange. Don't exchange. Exchange. Close the distance. So I adapted that philosophy. And I was living jiu-jitsu, living it, living it, living it. And then ignoring the striking, because everybody was at that point. Because it was like when the UFC came on the scene, it's like, look at jiu-jitsu. Fuck everything else. Yeah. That's true. So then all of a sudden, everything started coming back around. So that's when Longo was like, told you, cocksucker. So Longo. Jesus. So Longo had to make skinny Matt. Look at you. Look at this. Oh my god. This is all thanks to Ray Longo. Oh, look at that right hand. Dude. This was the craziest thing. You had some crazy power, Matt Serra. I'm sure you still do, but you really did then. Thanks, buddy. Dude. Look at that. Boom. So nuts. Boom. I mean, it was freaky power. It was one of those things where like watching George tap to strikes in this situation. I mean, this was wild, wild upset. Had a house full of people. The crazy thing was, you know, again, you were known as the jiu-jitsu champion. You were known as one of the best jiu-jitsu guys ever to come out of America. So do you see knocking guys out like that was wild. When I had to fight. Thank you. First of all, thanks. When I had to fight Carol Parisian, I took the fight and I was I was healthy. But when I first got the call a few weeks before that, a couple weeks before that, I had a torn meniscus. So when they asked me, I'm like, I go, I could I could run. I go defeat the floor and feel good. The wrestling I couldn't do. So I felt like it's going to tear off. I did that, but I could do some jiu-jitsu. I could run like a box. So we did a lot of boxing for that. He would and I think that truly helped me because it's weird because I got tied in that fight. And I very rarely get tied. And I truly believe is because I did not mimic the fight with the feet, the floor sparring. Right. So you know, that's a that's a that's a different kind of wind that you need to do it. It's like wrestling. It's up and down, up and down. And I didn't have that. And I got one of my few times in my career, I got winded and it was Carol. One of the he's probably one of the worst guys to get winded with. Because I'm on the fuck had a good gas tank. So I almost knocked him out in the beginning because all that boxing play, I just didn't have good hands for that fucking thing. And I was really getting used to rolling and coming back and landing and long was happy with it. He was taking me into Brooklyn to work at Lou Negley's school to in Brooklyn. I was getting fresh faces and I was really starting to feel good and get the timing. And then I never had with the with the stand up. So where I fucked up with I had him hurt. I had him up against the fucking thing. He got a fucking judo grip inside my fucking pants. You see me go to the ref. He's got a grip. And by that time he weathered it. I started to shoot my load got tired and went the way it went. That got me into the tough house, which led to good things. But two things. The one when I got him hurt, I didn't line that shit up. You know what I'm saying? I just fucking so when I heard George, he long appointed that. He goes, when you heard him, manage your distance, keep your distance, manage and line it up. And that's what we did. And a couple of things long had me doing with the he had me having a fucking ball. Like I'm like a medicine ball kind of it was rubber, but it was heavy. And you'd have me just throw it if each during the circuit training, even if the sparring 25 times. That's his fucking head. Oh, so fucking longo really made me believe that that could fucking stand with this guy. He goes, they think you're going to try to get him down. You're not going to try to get him down. And I remember looking at that Jeff Munson fight and that cemented it. I go, dude, did you wasn't going to do that? Right. I'm not doing that. I'm not going to do that. I go. So I didn't know I was going to knock him out. But I knew that I had a very good chance of doing it. So I was hurting guys with the 60 ounce gloves. And you know, longos. Longos looked at me and he goes, the stand and I'll be doing some karate shit. It's not that big. Listen, I love George and he's better. The stuff he was doing standing at the time longo had guys feeding me the exact shit. It was weird. It was some matrix shit because then in the fight, I remember at one point he did a high kick, a low kick, a high kick. I remember just being like being being. Oh, I feel like Spiderman. So it just it was a good it felt like a good day of sparring, you know. And by the way, everybody out there don't watch the rematch. Right. When when you went into the rematch, were you injured? You never. Well, who's not? Be honest. Be honest. I'm going to just tell you the word. The word was before the rematch, Matt had hurt his back and that I'd heard that you'd hurt your back. Well, the thing is this. I this is what happened. I was supposed to fight Matt Hughes. Right. And that's when you hurt your back. I hurt my back. Yeah. And then I was out. And then that's when they fought Matt. This is New Year's Eve. So this was New Year's Eve when I was out with my back. So they fought New Year's Eve. I know because we did a watch party at MSG, you know, and they fought. So I didn't know who I was fighting that point. So then I had my back was out. So then George beat Matt. So now I was fighting George. I was going to fight Matt as my first title defense. So now I was going to fight George. And then I fought George. So my back was out on what is that? The 31st of December. This is the very injury you were talking about. Yes. The very same injury I talked about earlier because I was supposed to fight. No. Yes. That is the that is the same injury. I was supposed to fight Matt. That's right. I ended up fighting Matt eventually. Right. But that's what it was. I'm trying to think of the timeline. So this was December. Was it 20 31st? That's when they fought. So that I had to fight George in April. So that's months there for me to but I had to go through a camp. Yeah. But if you have herniated disc and you go to a chiropractor. So you're making it worse. Wasn't walking then. But I ended up getting the weight off and and and you were able to fight. I wasn't I wasn't well I was walking. But how about this? When I'm when you bend over to brush your teeth, I wasn't able to do this. I was a Christ. For how long? It was Dr. My thought my black belt Dr. Yasha. I'm giving him a shout out because he gave me an epidural in the city. You know Yasha. I had two epidurals before that fight. I didn't want to say it unless you well he gave that to me in I guess January. So was that did it just kills the pain? It got I don't know what it did exactly but it got me back. It got me back to being what does that do? It epidural. It's just it's more of a surgery thing. It does not always work either. You know it helped me. I was afraid I was in coming back and he got me back. You know, but that's what they what they do with women. That's what I want to have babies. Yeah. Keeps them. So what was it for sciatica? I've had a you know, the shot provides anesthesia that creates a band of numbness from your belly button to your upper legs. It allows you to be awake and alert through labor. Okay, so but it's also it's not that there's also an epidural for back injuries. Yeah, but girl Google that epidural back injuries. It must be like some sort of a pain epidural. There it is. Blocker. So January. Yeah, that's right. So there it is right there. Cleveland epidural steroid injections. Yeah, so anesthesia is injection with injecting anesthetic into the epidural spine around your spine so it can stop pain signals. So that's what it is. It's just stopping the signal. But your back is still weak. Yeah, it's still fucked up. Did it affect your movement with the epidural? This I'm gonna this is what I want you to say this because you should make an excuse. I'm just asking you as a human being like what what was it like? I'm gonna say this is what I'll say the epidural. It took me a little bit to get back into into being able to train properly. But you got to think I got to that fight. I got I got it wasn't my fucking best my best camp, but I got there. And I showed up and I took my shot and I and I signed the dotted line. And I feel George was so on point that night. What a fucking night that was too, man. That was fucking 50,000. Dude, right? Chance of chance of you say Longo doesn't speak quietly. I couldn't hear him in between rounds. Chance of fuck you Sarah. You know what it was? It was around the time of Talladega nights. So I did a thing where I go. He should just drink his red wine. He should the fuck up. I was doing some some I go first call him Frenchie, but it was all from the movie. And I love George. And it was it was, you know, I was a kid too. It was, you know, whatever it was. But my I feel George was so on point that night that if I had my even if I wasn't fucking tip top, I think I probably would probably would have resembled him and and Nick Diaz would be like so I didn't like that. I got I stopped. You know what I mean? That that that tortured me. Matter of fact, when I was gonna fight Frank Trigg, there was pictures of Frank Trigg's face photoshopped on George saying I remember reading a thing. Who else thinks that Frank Trigg's gonna wrestle? Fuck Sarah. I go, what the fuck is that? I'm a jiu jitsu guy. Anyway, so just like I told crone, I had to get I had to kick somebody else's ass because I don't like the way the second fight went. It felt horrible. Did you ever get over the back injury? I yeah, I feel good. Knock on knock on wood. Doesn't bother you at all anymore. There's times where just like a couple of weeks ago, I felt a little something that makes me nervous where I'm like, I feel if I do this, I don't want you. You remember what it was like when you have any back things. Oh, yeah. It's worse. It's worse than anything you could think of. It's bad. Your knees that you decided that new knee put in and this and that. The back is worse. You can't do anything like you can't do anything. Like, you know, that's why I heard you're getting his disc replaced in his neck. Like, oh, wow. Yeah. I mean, that is wild that he goes on to do that and then dominates Piautor in the match. And then, you know, runs through T.J. De La Shaw and Henry and outwrestles him. Yeah. Why? He gets a lot of unwanted hating. He's such a likable. I don't think anymore. I think the time I think the tide's turn, especially after the hudo fight. I mean, come on, man. Give the give the gentleman is, you know, I was in the corner that night and I was shocked that it was I was shocked that it was close. I mean, maybe if you watch, I watched it. Like, I remember just thinking like maybe one round he lost. And I'm usually pretty very fair in judgment. But, you know, yeah, judges sometimes you do crazy. Sometimes they just get it all fucked up and it's so dangerous. It is like you can change your career one way or the other. It's like I heard a split decision. I'm like, not not not not. Was it a split? It was a split. It was a split. Yes. I know you're not like, oh, I hope they don't do this to this fucking. Oh, my God. You know, that that is people forget, too. They remember who won when you look at the record books. Yeah. Yeah. Especially if it's close enough. Yeah. It's close enough, you know, like the Devin Hamey Loma Cenko fight. Right. Devin Hamey is going to go down forever as being the guy who won. Whereas a lot of people saw that they thought Loma Cenko. I thought Loma Cenko. Yeah. So that's one of those doesn't matter forever. I still want on paper. That's on accounts. Yeah. I remember a fight when they raised this dude's hand and then they backstage they changed it. What that was. What was that? Are you serious? Oh, that's right. And that's why nothing made me more happy. I was at that fight, too. Oh, my God. Nothing made me more happy when he beat GSP because by MMA math, I was the world champ. That's right. That's right. How did they do that? What was that colossal fuck up? Basically, one of the judges wrote his score where he would, where my name was. And he had it upside down. They used the excuse that we look alike. Yeah. So all I know is I'm backstage going, oh, man, that was a close one. Right. Fuck, man. All I know is I'm chasing him around getting jammed in the fucking face. I finally get him down. And so, I mean, it was one of those things where, you know, I didn't feel like I lost, but listen, he won the fight. He was using I was I was at that attitude where I was going forward. So I felt like I won. I was pulling a fucking Henry Chihuto. I lost the fight. All right. You want to hear it now? I got the tattoo to prove it. I really got a tattoo. Hey, Matt, I won. Yeah. That's great. Oh, my God. That's hilarious. It took so I was backstage and all of a sudden he's in the locker room next to me. So all of a sudden he had them. So Dana went in his room. I didn't know that first. So I was suddenly hear them all cheer and I go, wow, I guess it's great to be second place. I'm like, they're really taking this. Well, all of a sudden Dana comes in. He's like, I hate to tell you, but they got it wrong. And I'm like, what? I go, ah, no, no. I'm like, really? You fuck. Yeah. I have to pay and everything. Anyway, but I know you know, you know, I was fucked because like he got his hand raised. I never got my do, but you know, they were they were talking about trying to get that read done and have a buffer announced me as the winner eventually. Wait, like you mean like, you know, later still. Yeah, like still. I was like, I was like, I was like, no, I was like, no, I don't want it. You should do that. The next one. Yeah, the next one. Yeah. I was like, I don't want to do that. I was like, no, I don't want to do that. That's hilarious. I don't have any fight that I've lost. I don't know about you or you, Johnny, or you, Joe. There's any I don't think there's not one fight that keeps me up at night. And when it nothing, I mean, either. Maybe I don't know when when you're going through it. And when you lose, especially when it's fresh, I think you think you're going to feel that forever. Right. Yeah. Like, I don't know. I mean, I maybe it was because I had to see that show any back to us a million times and they use that in every fucking promo. I guess that maybe started me off being humble because it was the first back fist ever. But you did dominate the whole earlier. Well, but but my point is, I don't give a fuck about any of the. Well, and that's what I try to tell fighters as a coach. Now, I say, listen, you got to fight your best fight because if you lose, it's going to suck. But you're not going to care in the future. I want to tell you something I'm opposed to. What's that? I'm opposed to win bonuses. Me too. I don't like it. I don't like it either. I don't like it. Well, I don't even know why it even it doesn't motivate fighters. It doesn't. No, I don't think the judging could be counted on as being 100% accurate. I think it ruins careers. I hate the win bonus. Yeah, I just think it's, you know, you should be get paid to fight. You're doing your best. It's the UFC. It's the highest level of the sport. These guys are not going to fight harder if they, you know, to win. They're going to fight their hardest. Yeah, they always do. Yeah, they're not going to try to do something extra to get a win bonus to win. They're going to, they're trying to win always. Like it's not an incentive. It's just, it just in the case of bad judging, it just penalizes the fighter who did nothing wrong. And they can maybe rectify it backstage with bonuses if they choose to do that. But I don't know how often they do, but it shouldn't be. I think it should be a part of like what you fight for. You have a contract. That's what I think it should be like boxing. You fight for X amount of money and that's what you fight for. That's what you get paid. Not whether or not the judges get it right. Not whether or not some freak thing happens and you get injured. Not, you know what I mean? It just doesn't make sense to me. Yeah, I don't understand why they still have win bonuses because the win bonus and the commission is separate. So like the fact that if the judges get it wrong, it affects your, your money. Yeah. And it's completely separate. Maybe by 50%. So the UFC should just be like, you know what? We're going to just make it right for the fighters and just say, listen, this is what you get paid. So it doesn't matter if they get it wrong. That's, I would feel better about that. Just period. Anyway, it just doesn't make any sense to me. Yeah. It don't make sense to me. I don't like it. Yes. It's like these guys are fighting. I mean, sometimes guys lose and they're fighting their fucking ass off. Like a split decision is so close. Oh my God. Some of just crazy fucking wars. We like Jesus Christ. And I know they give people bonuses. Yeah. That's still. Did you ever see the fight with a Demir Izmagalov and Kutiladze? Yes. And like, I'm sitting there watching this fight. Like I couldn't tell who won. I'm like, one guy won the first round. The other guy won the second round. And then at the end, they were just going tooth and nail and they were just fighting their heart out. Yeah. And then they ended up giving it to Izmagalov. And I was like, man, that sucks for Kutiladze. Yeah. Because he gets half his money. Yeah. Half his money and it's just a toss up. Yeah. There's a lot of those fights. A lot of those fights. I mean, they do it for the incentive, but I don't know. But it doesn't incentivize anybody to fight harder. I don't think it does. Listen, when you're in there, you're going to fight fucking hard at your fucking health. Yeah, for sure. You don't want to get your ass kicked. Dude, what do you guys feel about, you know, I was having a conversation with Josh Barnett about this, about dehydration and losing your chin and the dangers of dehydration and massive weight cuts in the age of no IVs. Because if you saw it, you can't use an IV. And I mean, how much do you think, how much of an impact is that? It's a giant impact, right? I think so. I definitely think so. Yeah, for sure. Like, I'm not trying to, yeah. When these guys cut too much weight, I always think, they feel like it's going to give them an advantage. But the fact that you are dehydrating yourself so much, it's actually a disadvantage. And does it, it dehydrates, it's hard to rehydrate the brain, is that true? Yeah, for sure. For sure. For sure. They say, I mean, I'm not a doctor, but that's what they say. You're not a doctor? I thought you went to chiropractors school. Is that the case? Does it take longer? How long does it take to rehydrate the brain after severe hydration? Let's find out. Because I think even with IV, it takes a while. Yeah. But these guys, you see some of them on death's door. If somebody looked like that, normally, and you're like, all right, dude, you're fighting tomorrow for your life. Right? Do you know what I ever saw? I don't fucking sit there all the time. Worst I ever saw was Travis Looter. Travis Looter is fighting Anderson. Yeah. He missed the weight. Dude, his lips were cracked, dried out and cracked, and he wasn't walking to the scale. He was shuffling to the scale. I mean, shuffling, and he missed weight still. He was on death's door. He got that opportunity from being on the show with us. With me. And he dominated the first round. Imagine if that guy goes in there healthy and finishes him. Maybe there's no Anderson. Yeah, man. Nobody should have that. Travis Looter's got really, really good jujitsu. Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah. He was, and he had so much talent, but he's funny. Some guys maybe are too smart. We were in the house with him, and I remember, listen, man, you know I like to eat. So I'm eating fucking raisins. You think I want to eat raisins? He's eating M&Ms and shit. Yeah. And he's the fucking smart one, right? And he's going, I go, dude, how are you doing that? He's like, you're eating raisins. Sugar's sugar. I go, no, dude, I don't think so. I go, listen, I ain't no fucking brain surgeon here, but I don't think sugar's sugar, bro. Sugar's trust me. I mean, raisins come with fiber. He's like, sugar's sugar. Slower the digest into your body. That's just fact. He's just telling me sugar's sugar. I go, I don't know what that is. Do you know who he says is the most talented guy he's ever worked with? Who? Kevin Holland. Really? Yeah. Really. Travis Looter says Kevin Holland's the most talented guy. Yeah, as far as his students. Yeah. Kevin Holland's talented as fuck. And when he puts it together, he's got crazy power. Yeah, I know. A long whip Tommy Hearn style power. I know, yeah. Bam. He's definitely got the range. When he knocked out Buckley, that straight range. That was nice. He did seem like he don't take his ocaray from his back. He just doesn't seem like he takes his career seriously. I think he does. I think he struggles with real strong wrestlers. I think he struggles with like Hamzat. But then they made that crazy agreement to just have a kickboxing fight with Wonderboy. Like, do you understand what you're saying? Like, I know you see him in MMA, when dudes try to take him down. But if you don't give any threat to Wonderboy, then you're going to get taken down. And Wonderboy gets to do that karate shit on you. That's a fucking nightmare. That guy moves like a cobra. Even at 40 years old or however old he is now, Wonderboy is fucking terrified. He still kept it competitive too. Fuck yeah. They're starting to get him down now. But how awesome is Wonderboy and how awesome is his sidekick? He, I, that's such an underused. Oh, I know. Oh, for sure. I love the goddamn sidekick. I like it defensively, offensively. I mean, he has the best sidekick I ever seen in MMA. Yeah, no doubt. You know, he slides into it. Yeah. He lifts that leg up and slides in off the back foot. It's total like point karate style. It's perfect. But it's amazing that no one else uses it like that. Takes a long time to develop that. It's so crazy. It's awesome you have to be taught to do it correctly. Because a lot of guys do it incorrectly and it just doesn't have any pop to it. So they can't keep a guy off. Like, Jon Jones does it correctly. Yeah. It fucks up dude's knees with that shit too. Remember, he dropped Vitor to the body with a front leg sidekick. Yeah. Remember that? I do remember that. Yeah. That was after Vitor almost broke his arm and left. I know, yeah. Right? Vitor got so close to tapping Jon Jones, any other human being other than Jon probably would have fucking tapped. Jon's brother, one of his brothers played for the Ravens at that time. And he was at the game the next day and he was slinged up. He was slinged up for a long time. Remember when he was supposed to fight Chael Sun and they went through the... He agreed to do the ultimate fighter because he really couldn't train. So he did that whole thing with Chael Sun and let it heal and then beat the fuck out of Chael and then broke his toe. Oh yeah. His toe was hanging upside down. Yeah, yeah, yeah. His toe was upside down and he didn't realize it until I was interviewing him. Then he looked at his toes like, oh no. That was wild. And he was kind of going into shock and he sat down. Look at his toe. Bro, his toe was turned upside down. So nasty. Look at that thing. Oh my God. So to this day, he has to tape his toes up on that foot. And there was an issue at the last fight. Yeah, see? So he tapes those toes up like that and they told him to take the stuff off below the toes. That little piggy's going to the hospital. He was telling him, hey, I can't fight unless I can tape these toes up, which is wild to think that literally the goat has a problem with one of his feet. Just one toe. Yeah, his toe. He finished feet with Americana, right? Yes, he did. Yeah. And I remember it was one of my... Find that armbar. Find that armbar. Yeah, the armbar and then he finished with an Americana, both basic fundamental stuff. I remember one of the kids at the school was like, oh, well, he's just a black belt. He gets finished with Americana. I feel like saying, dude, what the fuck? Because you haven't gotten caught in Americana in class lately. You're fighting in a cage, you fucking idiot. These guys think that... So here it is. He gets them down and people wish to sleep on me towards you. Jitsu, bro. Look at this. Look how tight this is. That's awesome. I mean, that is fucking tight, man. And it gets extended. I mean, it is fucking extended here. Look at this. Now he's out. It's good. He's not in that quick tap. So he got out. Let's take a look at that again. Let me see that again. Is there any way we can see the Americana to him? So do it before that. When he was on the ground initially was when it was the deepest. So he takes them down. I love it. Watch the extension. Watch the extension. Like, look at this here. Look at this here. Baby, that is so deep. Look, he got out of it though. He forced it out. I wonder if he would have kept his heels. Oh, you got hindsight. Nose, man. I mean, it was tight. It was tight as fuck. And then here is now he's out. Now he's got the elbow out. But and then, you know, John starts fucking him up. Yeah. And there's a sidekick to the body. So he hits him with that. Oh, he just drops him. Boom. Yeah. And that sidekick to the knee is so good, man. It's so nasty. He cut right through his guard. Oh, right through. Like butter. There you go. It's that crucifix position again. Well, John's a much bigger guy too. Vitor really is a hunt. There it is. Vitor really is, you know, much better suited frame wise. The 185 pound division. It's funny that whole TRT. He took that fight on short notice too, right? Yeah. Yeah. That was a fight where he was was fighting at 85. Speaking of TRT, I have a question. I don't know if any of you know the answer to it. Connor's supposed to be coming back to fight Chandler. Maybe it's not happening. Why, if a fighter is out of the testing pool, does he have to wait six months? Because they have to make sure that you're not. It's really not that scientific. For a month or two months, that's not enough. Why is the number six? Well, here's the thing. It's in your face. Oh, well, I'm not. It's in your face why this is happening. This is in your face. Yeah. It's in your face. Right. And we're letting it slide because he's got an injury that he has to recover from, right? Agreed. Everybody, there's no other reason why you wouldn't be, unless it's cocaine. Right. Unless it's something else you're worried about getting tested positive for, which they do test, which is kind of wild. Right. Kind of wild that they do, they test for that. That ain't helping nobody. Right. Unless you're Eric Pryor. Yeah. Remember that? But, oh, yeah. Yeah, Eric Pryor. Alexis Arguello. Yeah, Alexis Arguello. They gave him coke in the corner. Yeah. Yeah. Rusty P. Still. Give me the other bottom. The green one. Panama Lewis. Yeah, the one out. Yeah. Yeah, Panama Lewis. I used to train with that guy. Did you really? Yeah. Was this before or after the Louis Resto fight? Oh, this was after. Remember the Louis Resto fight? That poor guy's face. Yeah. He was coaching Louis Resto and he took all the padding out of the gloves. Yeah. He was fighting. What's the kid's name? Billy Costello, Jr. I can't remember. That kid forever. Wrecked his fate and then the kid wound up committing suicide. And they wouldn't let Panama work anymore. Yeah. They wouldn't let him get a license. Oh, is that the guy with the plaster and the fingers or something? Different. No, no, no. That was different. Now you're talking about Margarito. Margarito. And Johnny O'Loughlin. Billy Collins. Yeah, so it's Billy Collins versus Louis Resto. So, Billy Collins was this up and coming, real promising young kid. And Louis Resto was not like a big puncher. That's why it was so crazy that he was busting him up. And Louis Resto has no padding in his gloves. So, every time he's hitting him, he's just hitting him with bare knuckle. Original bare knuckle. Taped bare knuckles too. And Billy Collins is so confused. I mean, he was getting battered in that fight. And he was setting his... Look at his head. His head's all lumped up. Look at his face. And what happened to this kid? He lost his vision. His vision was fucked up and he wound up becoming an alcoholic. And I think he died by suicide in a car accident. That's sad, man. Yeah, I mean, look at his face. I mean, his face is unbelievably swollen. And everyone was really confused because Louis Resto was not that big of a puncher. And then his dad went over after the fight and grabbed Louis' gloves. And he felt the gloves. And he felt the knuckle straight through the glove. And he knew there was no padding in there. See? His dad right there is grabbing him. Yeah, you see that? See that? See? He's grabbing the gloves. Wait a minute. Look at that. He's like, look. Oh, look at that. Look at that. He's got no padding in his gloves. Pushing straight through. Yo, that's some cheap shit. So that's so evil. That's so evil. You should see that guy's face a couple days later. Yeah, so his eyes were swollen up. I mean, he wound up losing his vision. That's sad. Panama Louis. There he goes right there with the red shirt. So a dirt bag. Panama Louis wound up getting kicked up. But he did work with Tyson, like as a sort of like non-cornerman role back in the day. Well, I mean, he used to just hang out in the gyms. Yeah. Yeah, so that was what he... That's so evil. Before he passed away, he just hung out in the gyms. Because dad's over in their corner on the gloves. Oh, that's so evil. That's so evil. I still think that boxing is a way tougher sport for you than as far as your health than MMA. I do. 100%. Yeah, I think so too. Yeah, it's hard, man. Just the head trauma. Yeah. It's, you know, I mean, these guys, they spar hard too. They spar hard. I know. You watch some of the Givante Davis sparring sessions. Oh, my God. He's going to war. Yeah. He's going to war in spar. Or like, like at Mayweather's a hard day. We just do like these sparring sessions where they don't put time on. They just let guys just go at it. Just duke it out until you quit. They jump them into the gym basically. Jesus. Yeah, I mean, look at this. Givante Davis is such a weird talent. So different than any other boxer in terms of like the economy. Like that guy throws so few punches and everyone he hits you with is so dangerous. Counts, counts. But it's so interesting to watch him in the beginning of fights where guys like try to get a lead on him. Yeah. And he's just kind of measuring you up, measuring you up. And you're trying real hard to beat him. And he's just kind of measuring you up, measuring you up. And then just bang. And the movement, goddamn, he closes that distance so fast and throws that left uppercut. Yeah, so fast. He's so ferocious. His straight left, the one that he knocked down Davis with the first one. Yeah. Oh, my God. Damn. Yeah. Or Garci, Ryan Garcia rather, the one he knocked down Ryan Garcia with, that first left hand he dropped him with. And then the one to the body. Dude, he's so talented. He's so good. Such a good time for boxing. It is. Like right now, like boxing is probably just what we thought. Just every time we think boxing is on his last leg, man, they put together a big fight to keep it alive. Well, I mean, I do believe him and Garcia being like finally two guys in their prime out of having a big fight. Now you're seeing Crawford and Spence are going at it. That's what I never thought they'd fight like Pacquiao. He thought that was never going to happen. It'd be too late. But I think they're starting to jumpstart it. And now they're like, hey, let's start fighting each other. Well, that is such a big fight too. I mean, that's going to get over the casuals. Everybody's going to want to see that fight. That's a big big thing. I got a shout out tank, Baltimore, tanks from Baltimore. Yeah. Got on his back. Literally, we're in Baltimore on his back. Shit, man. I can't watch anything but MMA though. Really? I tried it. Yeah. John knows. I've been at John's place. I do seminar at his place. And the next day is the Super Bowl. I don't even know who the fuck is in it. Yeah. He's like, I'm the same way. He wants some pizza. I'm like, give me pizza. You got any video games around here? Right. That's hilarious. He's a movie buff. Movie butts it. He's got to have movies for me. Movies and pizza. You know what I have back at the hotel? I brought my Oculus Quest. I bring it with me every day. Oh, yeah, really? I bring it with me to Vegas. I bring it with me. I love population one. Do you ever play with me? What is that? Oh, it's a... Look at you go. I love it. It's a fucking... It's like a... It's a shooter. So it's like me and I got a squad of three. Oh! Population one. Look at it. Sorry, I'm saying right now. You got so excited. I love this. I live in here. I fucking live in here. Are you serious? Oh, it's fun. No, Joe, it's fun. Is it first person perspective? But it's fun. So you're playing this first person? Oh, my God. This is amazing. It is so much fun, dude. It's like... Now it's free. So you got a bunch of new kids in there. But it's like a lot of adults play. I play with my brother, Lord Edwin. And we fuck... You know who else I play with? King Casey. Oh, really? Casey... Kevin Casey. Yeah, yeah, yeah. I haven't played with him in a little bit, but I play with him on that. He's another super talented, you know what's so good. You know what's so funny? I was in here the other day. I saw her Fowler BJJ. And they go, hey. Mike? I go, yo, Mike. He goes, wait, Sarah, that's you. So it's Mike Fowler. Oh, that's hilarious. So I play with Mike Fowler. He's in Hawaii. So me and Mike, we're playing nerds. Oh, we're nerds. We are. Oh, yeah. You got to see my wife comes out. Every time I'm playing, she'll fucking... I'll be in here. I'll be like, I'm gonna snipe. She hits my fucking balls. I just... It's like, she goes, you think you're getting some later. I got in front of her. And Mike, I was like, you're a favorite. We were talking about it. It's all I like to do. We were talking about it earlier with him in the video games. I'm talking way back in the day. Like, there I am. Look at you do. That was the vibe I upgraded since then. Maga grappling tournaments. That's me in my living room. What are you doing here? Well, that's what I'm climbing. They're climbing. This is not nearly as fun. Now I got my... I'm flying now. I'm flying. There I am. But it's listen, I know it looks really special. We have those. You know what's great? The fucking shadow boxing game. The boxing game. That's hard. It's good. It's hard. It's good work too. It is like... You wear out. It's the future, man. I fucking can't wait. One of my favorite movies is Ready Player One. And I listened to the audiobook a little too. It's a great fucking movie. It's a great song. It's a great movie. It's a great movie. It's a good movie for your kids. It's a great movie. Oh, I've seen it. Oh, Jamie, I want to... Before I forget, they got a Taekwondo version of this now. So they're doing kicks now. Wow. Yeah, they figured out how to put... There was something... See if you can find it. There was something they just demonstrated. So they put these leg things on people, and a guy and a girl were having a spar and an act virtually. So they bowed each other's shook hands, and they went to the opposite side of the room, and they put their headgear on. And they started having this Taekwondo match. No way. Yeah, so I'm thinking as this gets more sophisticated, they could do a Muay Thai version. I mean, you really couldn't do a jujitsu version, obviously, but I think you could do a Muay Thai version. When it gets better, I think... Dude, I mean, I mean, listen. I like that my... Even though I got a new battery pack, I can go longer. But I like that it wears off. I like that it wears off. Yeah, there it is. This isn't new, though. Well, I mean, I just saw it. I know that. So I was just... Oh, it's from 2021. But see if you can find a video of it, because the video I just saw yesterday for the first time. I think that's it right there. It's fun, man. I mean, it's so much fun. I just... Oh, is it somebody watching it? So here it is. Yeah. I mean... So these people were like... Yeah, here it is. So see they got sensors on their legs and their shins and stuff like that? I used to be a regular... Because the Call of Duty and the Halo, I used to play that kind of stuff. But this would really be good training practice... For sure. ...for better than shadowboxing, for sure. Because you could do the same kind of stuff that you could do with shadowboxing, but you could do it against an opponent with no consequences. It's not good to develop defense. But in terms of development technique, it sounds like a really fucking good idea. It's cardio workout, too. Oh, you can get a workout with that. My wife went through a couple of them. She used to do the boxing one with the workout where you're punching the glowing balls type of shit. And she went through two fucking headsets and got drenched. It seems like you could take some things, if you wanted to do Muay Thai, where you put on some things that just go down the side of your leg and it attaches to your ankle, it attaches to where your knee is. So it knows where your knees are going and it knows where your ankles are going and it knows where you're getting hit. But then you'd have to do it, too, for your elbows, too, if you were throwing elbows. Yeah, you'd have to do it on your elbows. And maybe you could even go on your own shit. Oh, this is wild. Oh, is it getting ready for MMA? Oh my god. Oh, interesting. This guy's got a giant look at his little face wearing. That's not really... Oh, that's so weird. That's a good point. But it's also, it's like you need at least a dummy down there. Yeah. You'd want to do that with a dummy. But you know, you know, it's not going to resist. You'll be seeing some of that. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Yeah, but you want to feel it, right? You know, you're just doing this with air. It's kind of weird. Yeah, it might be weird. But the striking in the air is legit. I think that could, you really could learn some shit from that. I didn't play the Creed one. They got some stuff. But as far as shooters, the population one, I'm not talking to you. I'm talking to them. Don't try to put me in a locker, you cocksucker. Dude, I used to have a real addiction to Quake. I used to play Quake. I heard you say that. What is Quake? Quake is an online... That's similar. Yeah, very similar. First person shooter. You're running around shooting rockets at people. It's too addictive. He was the Halo King back in the day. I used to love it. They would travel with that PlayStation. I did. But once I did this one time, I started with the Vive, and then now the... I can't talk to you guys. People out here are listening. They want to know about this. It keeps me out of trouble, okay? I bring it with me everywhere. I put it in my carry-on. And it's so much fucking fun. I can't go back to regular video games after doing the Oculus Quest. Because it's very immersive. Well, that's why I don't do it, because I have one too. And I used to play the little zombie game. And I mean, it was too fun. So I was like, I can't do much. Listen, man, I get some dopamine, man. I'm like fucking yelling. The worst was during the... Like fucking my kids were doing the Zoom, right? And they were at home doing it. Now they're homeschooled still. And you're in the background. Oh, it was bad. Because they were... They're gone now. And I'm like, I don't fucking see them! My wife comes in, she's like, they hear you. They hear you. Oh my god. I'm like, sorry. Oh my god. You know? But it is a lot of fun. Imagine being that teacher. And I'm like, shoot, I'm shooting. I'm in the background. You send the people to my house. Yeah. But it's just, listen, good, clean, fun. Back in the day, people would probably get the same kind of thrill doing... I mean, listen, I'm not shit on paintball and shit like that. But dude, I get my adrenaline up with this shit. All right, let's switch the subject. I saw it on the real world. Everybody's just fucking saying, wow, he had us something to do. Let me ask you guys, what do you think about this upcoming Yair Rodriguez Volkanovski fight? Yair, you know, obviously Volkanovski is going to be the big favor. He's a big favor. But Yair got that danger factor, man. A couple body kicks. He's a wild dude. Slow down Volkanovski. And it comes from everywhere. Yeah. But it's hard to go against Volkanovski just because of what this guy... I mean, I thought he beat Islam too. And Max, I thought would retire at that weight class. And he beat him three times, not once. And the last time was very... Yeah, it was. That's what made me a true believer, the third one. The last one, I mean, he just keeps getting better. Yeah. I mean, that's what you saw in the Islam fight too. He just keeps getting better. He's not even in his brain. I mean, he's not even in his brain. He's not even in his brain. He keeps getting better. He's not even in his brain. I mean, he's in his prime, but I don't think he's at his full potential yet. I was there live the second Max fight. I remember thinking Max won. I thought he won the second one. Yeah, me too. Super close. But since then, I feel he's upped his level. Yeah, he's got it better since then. He's pulled away. He's pulled away. And you know, but Yair Rodriguez is... One of the most exciting guys. He does wild shit, man. He does. And he's so... But then that crazy elbow. Oh, everything with the Korean zombie. Jeez. It's just so hard to deal with those kicks. And he keeps getting better. When he submitted Josh in that last fight, I was like, wow. Yeah, he looked amazing. Wow. He looked so good on the feet too, even before that. But ultimately, I think that Volkonofsky, I think his grounded pound is underrated. Underrated. It's underrated. It's phenomenal. Everything he does is phenomenal. He's underrated totally. Everything he does. Yeah. I mean, I think he still should be the pound for pound best. Because if you look at it, I mean, he did go up a weight class and arguably, in many people's eyes, should have got the nod. But at the very least, it was as close to a draw as you're going to get in a world championship fight. And then he went up. He went up and weight class. Isn't that what pound for pound's all about? Yeah. 100%. Yeah. 100%. So I feel like, I mean, it was an amazing fight all around. But I feel like that's the pound for pound. I'm wondering if his performance against Islam will make other fighters now. He's not so invincible anymore. Perhaps. So maybe you don't go in with that mystique and maybe somebody else goes in there and shows. But dude, Islam is that squeeze is out of this world. Sometimes those smaller guys are harder to finish than even bigger guys. Stop trying to take up the short people. I'm telling you. I remember the first time you walked into the academy like the fucking creature from the deep. And I'm going to Henzo. Put me with him. Dude, my first day he pulled you off teaching so you could help me with my private. That was at the old karate school. And we've been buddies of his. 100%. 100%. It's my man. It's fucking great. That was at 25th Street at Pena. Yes. Yeah. Let me see the rest of that card, Jamie. Who else is on? Pantoja's fighting Brandon Moreno. That's an awesome fight. Yeah. Both Whitaker and Duplisi. That's interesting. I thought they were going to go straight Duplisi to Izzy. Considering that Izzy's beat Robert Whitaker twice. And then Duplisi and him have a problem with each other. Yeah. The Battle of Africa. Yeah. They should have made that fight. And that's the... I thought they would have. It was interesting. But I get it. If you can get past Whitaker, goddamn Whitaker is good. Whitaker's very good. I think he's something like 12 and 0 as a middleweight against anybody not named Addison. Yeah. Yeah. Somebody wrote that. Turner, he's a stud too. Yeah. Jaylen Turner's going to beat up Dan Hooker. I'm sorry. I think so too. Jaylen Turner is coming into his own. Bo Nickle, always love to see the wrestlers out there. He's a special talent. Bo Nickle fighting another black guy who can't wrestle. Got to build him up. You got to build him up. Do you know the guy he's fighting? Do you know the guy he's fighting? I don't know. First of all, is this his first time in the UFC? No. He was on a contender series. I mean, in defense of Bo, he's new. You know what I mean? You can't just throw him to the dogs right away. And you'll see, I think, another kid out of Penn State, Roman Bravo Young. Yeah. He's going to, he'll wind up checking in the enemy. I think Tracey Anguero was on the ultimate fighter, I think. Go back to that, I'm sorry, the rest of the card again. Robbie Lawler. That's a fun fight right there. Robbie Lawler and... Oh, how about this one? Sean Brady and Jack Dela Matalena. That's a crazy fight. That Dela Matalena guy is a motherfucker, dude. He mixes it up so well to the body. His shot's the body and the head. He's so good at digging under and creating opportunities. He's a nasty striker. Yeah. I've been working with Sean a little bit. I've been going out to Philly working with Sean. Yeah? He's good showing Brady really good. He's very good. He only has the one loss, right? To Belal. To my... Belal. And you know, Belal is on a roll right now. I mean, Belal's really coming into his own. He's such a nice guy, Belal. He's a great guy. He wouldn't even swear. He would say, what the fudge? On the pocket. Really? Parrot on the pocket says, what the fudge? He wouldn't swear? No, he doesn't swear. Damn. Go back to the rest of the cards. The way we all should be. You guys are going to owe Dan Hooker an apology if he wins. I will. I will. No, no, no. If he wins, I'll give him a apology. You're going to owe Dan Hooker an apology if he wins. Go back to the main card. Jaylen Turner, Dan Hooker. Dan Hooker is one of those guys that was so close, right? Think about when he had that fight with Dustin Poirier. Yeah. Down to the wire. Down to the wire. I mean, I don't want to take anything away from him, but I think Jaylen Turner, especially after losing his last fight, I think that taught him a lot. Sure, actually. Yeah. Who did he lose to in his last fight? Mateo's Gamrot. Oh, that's right. And he had him in trouble. He had him in trouble. Yes, he did. You know what I'm saying? Mateo's Gamrot's a motherfucker. Yeah, that's what I'm saying. That's game. Yeah. That guy is game. You know, as a win over Jaylen is Matt's theme role of Evola. Oh, he does. He does. I'm just giving him a shout out. This is our guy. That's fucking. He's an exciting motherfucker, Mattie. Jesus Christ. Mattie's so exciting. Very exciting. And he's one of those guys. I mean, every one of his fights is fucking amazing. His fight versus the tarantulas. How about the dober knockout? Yeah, I mean, I probably should give him an apology for him knocking out dober, because I didn't think that was going to happen. Bro, he's... No joke. Listen, he's got the balls to pull the trigger. Yeah, he's very game. He's very gumbo. Very game. And he's very powerful. And he's another sweetheart of a guy. Great guy. Great guy. He knew my friend Dave Dolan. We had a mutual friend who was like the funniest guy I ever met in my life. He was my boss at one point in time. I was a private investigator's assistant when I was 21. And really it was my friend Dave lost his driver's license, drinking and driving. He needed someone to drive him. I drove with him until he got his driver's license back. So I'd have to pick him up and take him to people's houses when they were doing insurance fraud and shit. It was mostly... He was a private investigator investigating... Insurance fraud. Mostly fraud. Yeah. But occasionally there was some chick who was cheating on the guy and that kind of stuff. So I met this guy, Dave Dolan, who's the fucking funniest guy I've ever met in my life, who never wanted to do stand-up comedy. And he's told me about this Matt Fravola guy. He goes, you got to look out for my boy, Matt Fravola. He's a fucking goer. First time I met Fravola, we talked about this guy that he wound up dying. Oh no. Yeah. Sad. But fucking amazing person. Just like there's some dudes, you know how there's some dudes in the early days of training, we're like, they're so talented. Like, yeah, this guy could be a world champion. And then they just drift off. Yeah, yeah, yeah. That dude was so fucking funny. Like, when I- He just drifted off, huh? He just never wanted to do comedy. And his cousin owned the comedy connection in Boston. It was crazy. What the funniest people I've ever met, Matt? Just they have it. Yeah. That's the talent without fucking, what do they say that wasted talent is fucking, they're just saying somewhere with that. There's nothing worse than wasted talent. I don't know. There is nothing- I just like that with fighting too though. Oh, for sure. Guys might have the skills, but they don't got the fucking dedication or else, you know, it doesn't happen overnight either. Some guys say fucking I'll get a real job. Yeah, we were talking about that last night, how you have so many of these guys in the gym that are straight up killers, like beating guys you see on TV, but when you put the lights on, it's tough. That's gym fight, that's academy fight, is they- Yeah. There's also guys that get like one injury and they never recover from it. One thing goes wrong and they just never snap back. You know, there's like certain things that just compromise your movement, like a neck thing or a back thing. They get it operated on, they're never the same. Like Kane's a good example of that, right? Like Kane Velasquez, his body just started failing on him. His shoulders started going, knees started going. Remember he was always injured. Yeah. King Mo, that happened to King Mo too. King Mo was a killer. A killer. As soon as he started getting injured, like his knees went and- Remember he knocked out Hodger? Yeah, knocked out Hodger. He knocked out Yuri. Yeah. Proshka. Yeah. Is Kane going to be- is he out of trouble with all that stuff? Or- I'm sure he's got to- California. Who knows? I felt so bad for him. The whole thing is so evil that the guy who did that was out on the street. That's- Everything's crazy. Everything's crazy. Sometimes the world just seems backwards lately with a lot of things, you know? You think of stuff like that. It's nice to see Kane coaching. I know, that's nice. And I've seen him- AKA. Yeah. I mean, I don't know what the legal status is, but it's a horrible, horrible, horrible fucking story. Yeah, you can't blame it. No, it's every- what every father says they would do. Every father says they would do that. He just went out and actually fucking did it and he lost his mind. And he's such a soft-spoken guy. Yeah, like you don't- you know what I'm saying? Yeah, he's the nicest fucking guy, other than that. Yeah. You know? When he was in his prime dude before he was injured, god damn, he was a force of nature. And the speed down he put on JDS? The cardio he had for a heavy hit. That's what's crazy. Brock Lesnar. And for a guy with a wrestler base, his stand up was legit. Sharp. You know what I mean? And no wasted motion. It wasn't like big haymaker punches. Everything was clean and crisp and coming in combinations when he knocked out Minotaro. Oh, yeah. It was just bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang. Yeah. Like, whoof, Kane Velasquez in his prime was a motherfucker. That's like one of the great missed opportunities. Kane in his prime versus Fedor in his prime. Yeah, for sure. Because it was real close. Yeah. It was real close. Yeah. It was real close. Sharp everywhere. Did that guy retire yet? Who? Fedor? I don't know if he did. I think he fought again recently, right? I think he did too. I think he won his last one. Nah, he didn't win. He bounced again. Jesus, man. He definitely lost. What is wrong? Was it with Bader? Did Bader beat him? Yeah, I think you're right, man. Bader KO'd him and then Bader, did Bader just beat him again? I think Bader beat him again. I think he beat him again. Yeah, I mean, it's still... Well, he keeps running out there for he's got nothing to prove. I think maybe he likes it. I think some guys have a trouble transitioning to the other part of their life. TKO, 230 round one. Bader beat Bader. You just don't... Thank God I left the sport in my chin. Some guys, they leave that sport. They leave the chin in there with them. You know what I mean? You can only get... I mean, look at what happened to your jaw, that one tough man fight. Now imagine the fights if Fedor's had. Imagine those cro-cop fights. Imagine cro-cop danging you in the chin over and over again. Imagine all those fights he had. Man, it seems once that button gets pushed... I'll tell you what though, when Fedor was in his prime, I was with Jeff Munson in Russia when Fedor fought him. And I remember Jeff Munson walking out that tunnel and it looked like a man was walking to his execution. Oh my God. And he beat the hell out of Jeff Munson. He broke his femur. Oh Jesus. Yeah, it was the worst beating. Yeah, it was the worst beating I've ever seen a human being take. Oh, let me see that. That's pretty crazy. He beat the hell out of Jeff. Jeff couldn't walk after that. He beat the hell out of Jeff Munson. I remember that. I remember being horrific. I didn't know he broke his femur though. This was Fedor in his prime. Yeah. And what was this for? What organization was this for? I don't even remember. A weird one. Oh, M1. So this was right around the time where they were negotiating with Fedor to come to the UFC. Because Fedor and his representatives met with the UFC at one point in time and like many points in time. And there was like some real, heated discussions and it became a bit of an issue. This was Fedor in his prime. God damn. He looked good. How tough is Munson though? He just eats his- He was shooting and pulling guard. Yeah. I mean, is Munson still doing it? Fedor just teed off on him. He might be. I mean, he lives in Russia now, right? Oh my God. God damn Munson could take a shot. I mean, look, he's built like a tank. He's here for real. But the fucking shots he's eaten from arguably the heavyweight goat. Oh man. I mean, other than Jon Jones, I would have loved to see Fedor versus Jon Jones. But other than Jon Jones- Imagine if Fedor fought 205 where he belonged. I mean, this guy was fun with headweights. No shit, right? I don't think he believes in cutting too much of it. Yeah. Well, I think that probably also led to his durability. Yeah. You know? I mean, Fedor was showing up hydrated and healthy. Fedor was crazy durable. I mean, when he walked down Crocop in that fight, I was like, this is crazy. Like this guy is, you know, you've known him as a Sambo guy. And here he is. He's walking down one of the greatest kick boxers that's ever competed in MMA. That's how talented that guy was. Look at a little belly too. Oh yeah. Always had a belly. Had the dad bod going. Always had that body. I mean, never was ripped ever. Crazy. Didn't matter a little bit either what he looked like. He was a bad motherfucker, dude. So accurate. Those Minotaro fights, he stopped Minotaro. Those were horrific. Jesus. He got his half guard. That's when Minotaro was really, you know, crushing. Just dropping bombs on Minotaro. You're like, oh my god. Everybody hit Orlovski out of the air. Yeah. Oh yeah. He literally tried to fly. He cracked them. Yeah. Slept him in the air. And it was fucked up about that. Orlovski was winning. Winning. He was doing good. Yeah. Everybody forgets how good Orlovski was in his prime. Dude, Freddie Roach said he could have been a very good professional boxer if he had a chin. Well, remember when, when, here it is. Remember when Fedor knocked out Tim Silvia too? Oh yeah. What was that for? That was affliction. Affliction. Yeah. I think this was affliction too. Yeah, look, the logo's on the ground. Yeah. I'm gonna Ray Mercer knocked out Tim Silvia. Remember that? Orlovski was dangerous, man. Look at this. And he got crazy here. Flying. That's a laces out moment. Couldn't take the shot. Crazy. Because he was winning that fight up into the 100. 100%. I mean, who knows what could have happened if he had kept that going. He just clip. I mean, he ran right into it, dude. It's crazy. Holy no. The amount of power in that. I want that much fucking nair he uses. He flew back in the day when I was fighting. And Orlovski had a fucking straight sweater. And now I look at him now, I'm like, where's the werewolf? How does he get rid of that? There was one other dude who fought in the UFC that one time he had all the hair. He left all his hair on his body. So, goddamn it. He was a heavyweight. I forget his name, but it was crazy. And what are you doing? He had hair everywhere. Like all over his body. Like his back and everything. Holy. Yeah, that's one dude, but that's not the dude. The dude was a heavyweight. I would have to stop. But a Russian? I have some shimmyo. American guy. I forget his name. No, no, no, no. No. That's Gabriel Gonzaga. Gonzaga, pretty fucking hairy, too. That's the dude. Oh, man. Yeah. Dude, I ripped that shit off and blow it in his face. I forget his name. I apologize. That's a lot of fucking. He fought Stefan Strouve. Going to Stefan Strouve. Go to Stefan Strouve's Wikipedia. Find out who it is. But dude, that crazy hair. Like ridiculous. Like look like a caveman. Yeah, you got to manscape that bitch. Or not. You would like to get a gig? Yeah, it's very intimidating. Yeah. You looking at a dude who looks like he's. That's like a lion mane. You know what I'm saying? Dude, Sean Alvarez, he looked like he was wearing a sweater. Good as that guy's built. I mean, he kept the shave. But if he let that shit go, it was going to be a werewolf in the house. The scariest shit to me is hairy Russians. Yeah, man. See, hairy, they're just built different. They're stronger than most humans. So here it is. Let's see. This was quite a while ago. Back up a little bit. Back up. I'm back. I don't know. No, you keep going down. Go down because that's older. No, down. This is not the UFC, though. Oh, it's not the UFC. When does he start? It starts. That's where it was. That's right where we started. UFC chase. I don't know. Go up Dave Herman. That's it. It's Dave Herman. Yeah. So go now. Look up. Dave Herman. So the there you see him all shaved. Look, looks like fucking like an Adonis. Right. Now look, Google Dave Herman. Hairy back. Oh, boy. Isn't that crazy? Like that dude, when he shaved it all, he looked fantastic. We got a male model. But when he let it all grow out, only one time I think he did it. And it was like, what the fuck, dude? Yeah. Look at him. Holy. Yeah. Like a wolf. Crazy. Damn. Yeah. It looks like completely different dude. I know. Make that picture bigger, Jamie. That picture there. That shit's ridiculous. Look at him. That's an hairy motherfucker. Holy shit, Ben. That's a werewolf. Was that dude that said jujitsu didn't work? Yeah, that's him. And then he got on lock. Then he got did it. Oh, is that right? Yeah. I think he was fucking around. Yeah. Playing the old mind games. Yeah. The old mind game. But that one is a mind game for a guy like you. Probably pisses you the fuck off. Right when he's in. Yeah, jujitsu doesn't work. Oh, yeah. I'm glad he got on lock. Did he get on lock? Yeah, he did. And then he got submitted in that fight. It's so funny. And I hate those shirts. Oh, if Sambo was easy, it'd be jujitsu. Shut the fuck up with that shit. Ask 1FC when all the world Sambo champs are coming and fighting the jujitsu champs and it's not going to Sambo champs way at all. In 1FC, right? Yeah. Oh, you mean for the grappling matches. You know, but like for MMA though, a lot of people make the argument that combat Sambo style is probably even better with striking. Because it's so- Do you know what the problem is? Is that jujitsu is like now what Taekwondo was back in the day. And it just like went in this different direction. So now it kind of went away from where we are in MMA. Competition direction. Right. The competition direction. Even someone who just does a competition jujitsu, he said they never did any kind of distance management and stuff like that. They'll still strangle the fuck out of your average people. Yeah, I agree. And they'll still be able to defend themselves. It's still better than the majority of fucking other arts out there. And it really depends on which kind of competitors you're talking about. Because if you're talking about like Mikey Musimichi, like that little motherfucker is an assassin. Yeah. He's coming to close the show on you. He's not trying to win on points. Right. That dude is always trying to close the show. He's a spooky kid. Yeah. Because you're never going to catch up. He's like a great man of jujitsu. 100%. He's training 12 hours a day. Every fucking day and only eating once. He's eating pizzas and pasta. I love that. He's amazing. Yeah. It's amazing. They see that thing with the Sambo and them saying that it's better for combat sports or mixed martial arts and stuff. When you look at the arts as a whole, you know, the wrestling, they can say the same thing for wrestling. Sure. Wrestling, but what if you meet a bigger wrestler? Like in other words, should you think about jujitsu is the self-defense aspect of it where what about the defense? All right. Yeah. Like this fights were like a carol, for instance. Man, I had nothing in a tank. Nothing. I was so shot. I got to show a nice fucking arm lock escape. I got to show a nice. I don't know if they have similar defenses and escapes. When I had zero in the tank, I made it to the I ended up on top of him with an escape. And I'm talking about nothing in the tank. So jujitsu served me not only as the hammer, but when I was being the fucking nail and it stopped me from ever having to say uncle in there where if I didn't have the defensive part of jujitsu, the technique, not just the offensive part, you know, I would have been fucked up with a tap. Can I see something right now? Are you rolling right now? Oh, 100%. What are you doing with those claws? You know what's funny about that? I was pulling him inside a blade. You know what's funny about that? I saw that shit this morning and I was going to get this. Go look for a nail clipper. How do you let him get that long? Gross quick, man. I'll never forget. I was with Bruce. And he goes, I'm as asked, was he's a little bit older, Bruce buffer. And he was saying, oh, well, like, I think he said that he was talking about the hair, like, because I do that too. A lot of always fucking trimming the nose hair and the fucking ear hair. As you get older, shit just comes out. So yeah, Joe talking about their fucking fingernails. They grow normal speed. So what the fuck you want for me? You have an extra clipper? Right. I'm going to fucking salon now. He's always thinking of me. J.J. Penn always had some claws, too. Really? Are you rolling with those? Yeah. Did he really? Yeah, man. I normally am better than this, but, you know, that is true. They are. I got an infection. One some dude's pulling my hooks out. I haven't caught anybody recently accidentally clawed me and it got infected. Oh, so now you probably have a sense of that. You probably have a nail. So you have like a radar with that shit. You see the fucking nails. You probably like stay away. That was another crazy thing about the Henso gym was all the fucking staff. So the staff came out of that. Is that right? Yeah, so much staff came out of that place. Why did I do to the people, man? They got to just take a shower. Clean your gear. Whenever shit's going down like that, because I wash my mats after every session. There's stuff going on. I go, hey, man, you guys, I see people leaving this place without showering. Now I'm not following you home, but you better fucking shower when you get home. You should shower right away. You should shower there. We try to like talk them into like, look, try to shower here. Do you use defense soap? Do you use defense soap? Yeah, defense soap is the shit. I haven't had a skin thing for a while, knock on the wood. Do you take acidophilus or any probiotics or something like that? That's supposed to help. Say it again? Acidophilus, probiotics, any kind of probiotics. No, no, no, no. It's supposed to be healthy skin. Snuffle up against none of that shit. No, I don't know. I don't know. He takes mozzarella. But you know, kimchi, fermented things, like fermented sauerkraut, kimchi, it's all probiotics. Yeah, I mean, the only thing I have is I drink the kombucha. Oh, that's good. That's fermented. I drink that. I like that. I like that a lot. That's very good for you. That's very good for you. That's the same kind of thing. I thought that would cure any of my stomach trouble, but no. I have a feeling if you tried carnivore diet, it'd probably help you a lot. I know it'd be hard for you with that obsession with Italian food, but if you tried it. Yeah, but he likes a lot of meat too. It's all meat. Yeah, I could eat meat. It's all we ate last night. We killed it. Where'd you guys go? Just hit a photo to chat. You and I have been at about 18 photos of chat. I think so. I think so. That's the spot, man. All you can eat and then just keep coming by with meat, let's fucking go. It's literally right next door to the hotel so you couldn't go wrong. You start eating the moment you sit down. Yeah. There's no way to go. Let's go. The second, have you been here before she even finished the sentence? We turned that shit over to green. We were last people. They were cleaning, putting chairs up. Nice, yeah. We were still there. I love those places, man. Oh, yeah. Brazilian steak houses are the shit. I wonder if the Brazilian steak houses took a hit after the movie Bridesmaids. Did you ever see Bridesmaids? Yeah, what a hilarious movie. It's pretty funny. There was a part for the shower. The girl's shower or something? Things get married. They were getting dressed for dresses. She goes, oh, let's go to this Brazilian place. Oh, good call. Next thing you know, who's Melissa? Who's the- McCarthy. She's fucking hysterical. Yes. They run into the fucking thing. One of them goes into the fucking- Shit's right, Miss Inc. She goes into the sink. She looks, one of them is throwing up the ball. The other girl puts her ass in the sink. She's shitting in the sink. And she's like, look away! Look away! It was fucking great. But ever since then, man, I wonder if they took a hit with that. Because I always remember that fucking scene. You never know. It's disgusting, some bad meat. But I do like that fo-go for the boys. That is good. I hadn't been there in a minute, so it was good to go. You know where most people get food poisoning from? Salad. Salad? Salad. That's why we don't eat it. You make fun of me, then. Make sure that's true. No rabbit food. I read that once. It might be bullshit. Let's make sure it's true. I'm allergic to everything. Because someone told me it's like people that don't wash their hands with their handling salad. Yeah. And you know, you get bacteria. I mean, think about it. I mean, it's not cooked. I mean, it's butter. Especially if you're not cleaning the leaves. Yeah. Someone told me that that's a... I think salad's fucking disgusting. I just don't like it. I'm not a good guy. Survival food. I used to eat broccoli when I was getting the 155. Fresh salads are another top source of food poisoning. But pinpointing the cause can be tricky. Some outbreaks are tied to a specific kind of greens, often romaine lettuce and spinach, or to certain growers or packers. Salmonella or other bacteria can be traced to dirty irrigation water, soil, or human hands. Yeah. A lot of people get that shit. See? But I think they get it from a lot of other things too. That's why you don't eat rabbit food. And then again, you know how many people get salmonella from eggs? I did not know this. It was Moby was talking about it, because Moby's a crazy vegan. He was talking about how he shouldn't eat eggs. And eggs are like the most karma-free food. If you get pasture-raised eggs, those chickens are just eating bugs and little grass, and then they lay their eggs. And as long as there's no rooster that's never going to be a chick, it's just food. I actually learned that here. I didn't know that they just laid eggs for a while. I didn't know until I had them. I felt so stupid. I was 40. I was like, this is how dumb I am. I think every one of those. I'm like, how could it? I'm like, Jesus Christ, I know biology. In my mind, an egg leads to... They laid an egg. It must be there's a chicken there. No. No, it's just eggs. They lay eggs every day. They do? Yeah. When you have healthy chickens, especially when they're young, they lay eggs almost every day. I don't even eat fucking eggs. What? Yeah, I had 19 chickens at one point in time. I was eating fresh eggs every day. It was amazing. I need to get some chickens. Yeah, I'm telling you, it's great. I did not know that. They just, you give them chicken feed, but they also... They eat worms and they eat the fucking shit out of mice. If they catch a mouse, they will fuck that mouse up. A chicken? Oh my God. That is crazy. You've never seen it? No. We've showed many people, unfortunately, if you're watching this at home, you're going to have to watch it again. Watch a cat is playing with this mouse. The cat is just letting them out and the chicken runs over. Give me that, bitch. Really? It steals the fucking mouse from the cat and the chicken fucks that mouse up. Watch this. So the cat's playing with it and the chicken's observing. It's like, bitch, you ain't even doing nothing. The chicken's like, give me that. It just steals it from them. Damn. They eat this? Fucks up that mouse. Yeah, they eat them, man. They eat them. Did they eat them ferociously? We had a mouse in our chicken coop and one chicken ran off with it and the other ones are chasing her and trying to steal it from her mouth. It's crazy. I saw a video of a deer eating a snake or it was something like one of those type of... Deers eat... They eat birds all the time. Ground nesting birds. I get my education on here. That one here as well. I was like, what? Yeah, eat the snakes. There it is. What? Yeah, they'll eat snakes. They'll also eat ground nesting birds. They'll find birds that can't move good and they'll eat them. Cows do that too sometimes. There's videos of cows eating birds. There was this bird net that they used to trap birds, like a specific kind of birds. Look at that. He's eating a bird. That fucking deer is just straight up eating a bird. I didn't know that. People don't know Bambi's a bird or a... I thought they just ate goddamn leaves. Most of the time they do. Most of the time they do, but if they have an opportunity to eat a little birdie... They get a chance. Don't chew that fucker down. It's a revival of the fittest out there. My father-in-law, Ciro, he's a hunter. He makes me some of the deer meat, the venison. It's my favorite. It's my fucking favorite. So good for you. Oh, it's so delicious. He makes it like a... It looks just like a veal cutlet. He breads it and it is so... People said... I heard people say that it's a gamey or something. Not the way he makes it. You gotta know how to prepare it. It melts in my mouth, man. It's also how you butcher the animal in the field. A lot of times people don't know what they're doing. They'll get the glands. There's tarsal glands that are on these deer, especially when they're rutting, which is when you're hunting them. So they're emitting scent from their glands. And if you get that scent on the meat, it'll fuck the meat up. I don't know what he does. It's like a fear, right, when they get scared. No, no, no. It's like they're hormones. They're letting out scent for other deer. They're trying to fuck. They're trying to fuck and they're trying to fight. So they're putting out this... And their glands... A lot of times people will accidentally cut their glands when they're butchering the animal and that shit will get on the meat. And then also, if you don't immediately cool the meat down, that's very important. Right after you kill the animal, you have to butcher it and cool that meat down. That meat can't sour. You don't want it outside being exposed to the heat. You want it in a cool, dry place. You want to get it on ice as quickly as possible. However he did it, he did it like that. Obviously, he knows what he's doing. It's fucking delicious, man. Do you like it? Do you like it? I love this. Yeah, I love it. I love it. I mean, I think it's my favorite meat. It's so good. It's so rich in protein, too. It's very, very good for you. Oh, I feel powerful when I have it. Yeah. I feel like John Rallo. I'm the final boss. Yeah, it's great for you. But the problem with food is the shit that's the most delicious, sometimes it's not fucking good for you, like lasagna. I think most of the time. All that noodles. That noodles is not fucking so good for you. That amount of noodles. Ravioli, gnocchi, tortellini. Just stuff shells. Send it my way. Yeah, listen, though. So good. And also, I overeat with that. What I noticed about the carnivore diet is when I'm done, I'm done. Like if I'm only eating steak, I can only eat so much that I'm done. But if there was like mashed potatoes or spaghetti. You don't eat that? You don't eat mashed potatoes with steak? No, I don't eat anything. Just meat? Just meat. No greens or nothing? Nothing. That shit, man. Since I got a bad stomach, it don't bother me so much. I think my ocellarated colitis helps keep my weight down. I don't think it's a good thing, but it is what it is. Keeps it from going crazy. Yeah, because otherwise, I'll just eat too much. He's got natural semiglutide going on. Natural semiglutide makes you sick. That's a wild thing, huh? Everybody's shooting up with this fucking diabetes drug to try to get skin. Really? Is that what's going on? Yeah, man. You know a lot of people are doing it. People drop weight. It kills your appetite, and people drop weight without changing anything else. You also lose a lot of bone mass. I believe you got to lose muscle tissue, everything with it. Yeah, you do. Because you're just not taking in nutrition, so the body's going to waste. Yeah, Peter Tia, who's a friend of mine who's a doctor, he said he won't prescribe it to anybody unless they're weight training. You have to be weight training while you're doing it. Because when you're doing it, they showed that people are losing weight, but gaining fat. So they're a higher percentage of body fat, even though their body was losing weight. So they're literally rotting out from the death. It's like a crack mass. Skinny fat's the worst. It's starving to death. When you're starving to death, when you're not eating enough, what happens? Your body starts to eat itself, and you get smaller. Yeah. That's how I used to cut weight for fights back in the day. Yeah. I mean, that was, you know what I'm saying? Like now they do it all scientifically. Like, you know, you have the PI and all that. They got everybody got a nutritionist. But back in the day, that's how I used to cut it. Wait, how did you learn how to do it? From wrestlers? Where'd you learn how to do it? Just like figured it out? Figured it out. Man, I think I got to be 145 pounds. I got to get you. How much did you have to cut? I would do 20 pounds like that. Just not eating. Wow. I didn't know what the fuck I was doing my first one. That's probably why I tore my bicep. So I was getting dehydrated, and I was sparring, and I hit the guy wide and it went right off. I was like, what is it? The Lanny fight, I think? Yeah, it's the Lanny fight. Yeah. And I remember I showed up for that. With the torn. Yeah, I was fucked up. But I strangled him. But I remember being there and just not eating, and people not looking at me good. I should give a major shout out to you. Remember Gil Castillo? Yeah. He was a good guy. Cesar Gracie. Cesar Gracie. Yeah. A buddy of mine. Remember he had that wrestling match? Did you just match with a giant football player from the Buckner? That's right. Yeah. That's right. Yeah. I was there for that. I was in the room for that. That was wild to see like a good. That might have been exactly this time. A better fight. A good advertisement. Because I was there when that happened. I think it was that time. See if you can find that. He's funny, man. Because he was there for a couple of my fights. He worked, he was in my corner for that D'Alante fight. But he goes, dude, what are you doing? And I told him, I got to make 155 and I'm 160. He goes, dude, you're there. What are you talking about? He's like, eat. He made me eat. I wasn't eating. So he actually, I didn't know what the fuck to do. I didn't wrestle. I wrestled like a season. And then I didn't get along with the coaches. So fuck it. Really? So he got me eating. He goes, you could fucking eat. He goes, and then thank goodness for him. Because I don't know what would happen. And then I fucked myself up. Because after that fight on the plane home, I don't know if I did something wrong with the thing. I remember getting the chills. I was like, ill. I don't have anything to do with the way I cut the weight. But I remember I got like, I caught something from that. So I was like, home just shivering after that. That's what's crazy. Like there's a lot of guys who cut weight and get sick. Yeah. They get sick like that night. It happened. Because your immune system is so crushed. Yeah. I was fucked up. You say it a lot. Like a lot of times, you see guys are throwing up. Like in the theater. Yeah. The weird things when they black out. Yeah. And you got to tell them, hey, man. Yeah, it's not it. Not today. Yeah. That's so scary that they get on death's door. But is there a way around that? Like what? How is one doing it? Do you think they're doing it effectively? I think so. I'm not a big weight cutting guy. I am not even. I don't really like it. I think you should just fight at higher weights. If you're struggling to make a weight, you need to go up. Don't you think they should have more weight class? And they can have more weight classes. I was a tweener. I was small for 170, kind of. I really was. And 155 was a fucking bitch to get to, man. Especially now when you see guys like Hamzat that make 170. Like how the fuck? I said Mike Milan on my show the other day. He was on you. Huge. He's 6'1\". He's huge. Yeah. Yeah. I'm like, I'm 5'6\", man. These guys at that weight class at 170, these are 200-pound guys. It's like Camaro. Right. I mean, you can't be small for that weight class with a guy like Camaro. But if we had every 10 pounds, I think it makes it, it evens it out better. Yeah. 55, 65, 75, 85, 95, 205, maybe 225, and then heavyweight. And I don't think heavyweight should be 265. I think that's ridiculous. I think heavyweight should be, what the fuck do you weigh? Yeah. 418 pounds. Yeah. Like who's that giant Russian cat? What was his name? Valuev. Remember that guy? He was a legitimate giant. He was like seven feet tall. I think Holyfield beat him. Oh, he had a box of spots in the box. Yeah. I was like, I'm thinking MMA fighter. Remember that guy? Yeah, that guy's a legit giant. He was fucking huge. Picture in the suit on the right. Yeah, look at that. Something out of fucking James Bond. David Hay. For real. Yeah. See if you can find, did Valuev fight Evander Holyfield? Is that... I don't remember who won that fight. Where is Mr. Bondage? David Hay. Put an eye patch on that motherfucker. He's a villain from the fucking... He was... Shh. He should have. He missed his calling. Yeah. He was a legitimate giant. Yeah, Holyfield. Yep. There it is. Who won there? It was a hundred pounds heavier than Holyfield. He weighed 310 pounds and Valuev won a widely disputed majority. He says that's right. That's crazy. That's right. Most people thought that Evander was 46. Oh, the WBA had to investigate the decision. Wow. Interesting. Yeah, a lot of dirty shit in boxing. Yeah. Dirty, dirty, dirty. What about when Vitor went versus him and like... I mean, I like Vitor, you know, and afterwards he's acting like he beat Holyfield in his... He's beating a fucking 60-year-old. He's a 60-year-old dude. He's calm the fuck down. Who took the fight on short notice rate. But also Holyfield, if he knocked him out, he'd be celebrating. Yeah. Who would? It's still a fight. If Holyfield knocked out Vitor, he'd be celebrating. Yeah, because he's fighting a youngster and he's fucking 60. I would be fucking doing call wheels. It is. You're right. You're right, but also, you know, it is a fight. It is a fight, but he's fighting a 60-year-old. Right. But if Holyfield could have caught him and knocked him out, he would have knocked Vitor out and he would have celebrated. I mean, I know what you're saying. No, no, but rightfully so. It was sad to watch. This would be more like that. He didn't have his legs. He was just stumbling around. It was wild. And, you know, Vitor's in his 40s and all the Mexican supplements. Oh, cast. But that's when I knew we were living in a parallel universe, is when Donald Trump was like the commentator for that. Yeah, was that? Did he really do commentary? I don't know if it was commentary, but he was somewhere on a broadcasting of Vitor Belfort, Evander Holyfield, boxing match. Vitor looked good back on the sausage, baby. Yeah, he got that fucking... I don't think you saw that. It was an amazing fight. Yeah. Definitely. As far as I would. Yeah. Yeah. You know, I'd be pissed too if I was Michael Bisping. You know? Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah. Is that the Jesus? Was he the odd guy? Oh, yeah. That's a head kick. I'd be pretty fucking bitter too. TRT Belfort was a fucking thing to behold. I know. In fucking traps. He was a thing to behold, man. Luke Rockhold said when he saw him when they were at the weigh-in, he was like, what the fuck is this guy on? Because he had all the age and wisdom and experience, but then he had a body that moved like a super athlete. Yeah. It was crazy. Right. Remember with Rockhold, he's throwing wheel kicks and shit? Yeah, the difference between USADA and no USADA. That is a crazy difference. Crazy. Because over him. Well, the worst was when he fought Wideman, because when he fought Wideman, he was right off of it. Right. And right Wideman, fucking smashed. Yeah. Nice. So obvious. It was a big difference. See if you can find that. Yeah, UBRIAM's doing triathlon. So what am I looking at here? Is this UBRIAM's face? Yeah. Look at his face. Maybe he's going down to 205. I don't know. What did I ask you to find? Sorry. It was a TRT group Vtor and then O'Ream. No. Shit. I can't reply. No review. Goddamn it. What the hell? Damn. O'Ream's face? Yeah. Vtor versus Chris Wideman. Find that. Because that was when... Also, it's not fair to make him do that. Hey, you want to fight for a title? Go to Cold Turkey off TRT. Your body's been living off of him for years. And now your body's not producing testosterone correctly anymore. And then fight the world champion, Chris Wideman, who's natural and a fucking monster. Like he just looked way different, like physically. Look at him. Look at him. He looked softer. Look at him. Look at him when he's walking around. I mean, it's crazy, the difference. It's really not... It was not fair for Vtor. I mean, I know he probably took it because he wanted to fight for the title, but there's no way your body is working at an optimum state after all those years of being on that. There's no way. He's not making any friends with that haircut either. Okay, right here. Well, he used to love that haircut. That was his go to war haircut. Really? I mean, didn't he have that haircut when you fought Bisping? Close to it? You should go to the bubble with that haircut. It's probably fixed. Oh, shit. Oh, fuck. Wild scrambles. It still was a good fight. No. Still was a good fight until Wideman got him down. Look, Vtor's a talented guy, man. Very talented. Look at this. I mean, he's going for broke against Wideman, which is very dangerous, because if you gas out, this motherfucker never does. And so then Chris got him down. He gets mounted on him. He gets mounted. It's a problem. Well, Vtor clearly fatigued. He ran out of gas in that fight. That's just... If your body's not making testosterone, there's no way you can sustain the way he did at his prime. But that's the way you take that fight anyway, really. If you know you're taking on a short notice, you just go for broke, and then when you gas out, you just quit. It is what it is. I guess. But he didn't just gas out. He had to fuck Vtor. Yeah, this was... Yeah, at this point, I would just quit. When you had TRT, Vtor, then what do we call Vtor when he came on the scene, and he was like 225 jacked? Oh, that was everything. You know what I mean? Well, the first fight, he was like 200. Like when he fought, and I tanked. What about when you beat Vandalay? How crazy was that? Yeah. What was crazy was when he got up to fight Randy Couture. So the Randy Couture, he was like 240. Yeah. He was giant. His trap started at the top of his head. Just went straight down. Yeah, it was nuts. But he gassed out in that fight. Randy was fucking in his prime back then. And Randy was so solid. And see if you can find what Vtor looked like. He was super jacked. He looked like a lion. I think they're making another Expendables movie. Is that right? Are they? I swear to God. Why not? They have like 85 fast, luxurious... I think they are. I think 50 Cent's gonna be in it too. I think Dolph Lundgren's in it too, yeah. Yeah. That's what he looked like. Is that the Randy Couture fight? See if you can find it. Well, is that the fight? Don Harris says Vtor cuts Randy Couture from the UFC. No, no, no, no. That was the second time they fought. That was at 205. In that fight, he actually cut Randy. He cut his eyelid straight open. Oh, yeah. I remember. It was like in the first 10 seconds, right? Yeah. That's how Vtor won the title. And then Randy came back and beat him. So that's the second fight. Yeah. There was... It was back when they were wearing shoes. That's it. Up in the upper right hand corner of the small photos. Right there. That's it. So that's Vtor. That's the first time they fought. Because Randy was wearing shoes. Right. He's wearing shoes. What year was that? That's Vtor 3, Randy Couture. Yeah, but that's definitely not. That's definitely the first fight. 100%. Because that's him wearing shoes. Yeah, he was fucking jacked. I remember that. He was hanging out with this dude that was like his weightlifting coach. That bodybuilder dude? Yeah. We used to call that dude Garden Hoses. He had a cable van. He was down his arms. Garden Hoses, right? He was down his arms. It was crazy. And the guy he was hanging with... I don't know if he was... I don't think he was a Brazilian guy. He was an American guy. I think he wind up dying of a heart attack. That guy was American. Pretty sure. The guy was purple? Yeah. He was purple. Yeah. He really does. It was like this. Yeah. That looked like he was flexing all the time. He was so big. It was preposterous. And you're like, that's Vtor's weightlifting coach? Well, he definitely has a connection. Yeah. When he beat Van der Leye Silva and... No, no. That's Anderson's guy. That's when Anderson got... Click on that guy though. When Anderson got popped, that was his guy. And I think Homeboy was like 60 in the picture. Yeah. Yeah. That was a swole. I used to see him around all the time. Yeah, that guy swole. That was when Anderson got popped. Vtor's guy. I don't think there's photos of him because we're talking about like the 90s. It was like 97, 98 back in those days. I remember that guy. Yeah. Purple. Purple. Yeah, I don't think he lived very long, man. I think he was like riding the lightning. He wasn't getting no blood work done. No. He was stuffing that bag. Let's go. I know what blood work was back then. Oh, my man. A few guys probably did. It's a crazy thing when you think about the early days of the UFC because when you were talking about pre-usada and post-usada, you guys fought clean. But what percentage didn't? Oh, that's what I'm saying, man. I wonder how many guys I fought that were fucking pissing dirty. Almost everybody. I mean, it was kind of an intelligence. That's the dude. How'd you find that, Jamie? Oh, my God. You son of a bitch. Curtis left me. Jamie's the best. That's the dude. Look at his fucking veins, man. Those veins are crazy. How did he die? He was a strong man. Oh, he was a strong man first? And there's guys. That guy had the most crazy veins. How did he die? Did he say? Oh, I'll find out, I guess. Yeah, so that was a dude who was training Vitor. He was always with him. But they had a different idea of strength training back then. 36 when he died. He was only 36. 36? Good Lord. But he died on attack. Yeah. That's not fair. I wonder where that came from. Yeah, right? Yeah, crazy. I never even did heavyweights at all when I was fighting at all. Longo would just put me through the calisthenics and plyometrics and all that kind of stuff. I would get too tight. Functional training is the way to go for that. Did you do kettlebells or anything with weights? Lighter weights? Towards the end, we started messing with some kettlebell stuff, but not too much. Plyometrics? Plyometrics a lot. I still do stuff like that now. Even just like there's times where if I work out now, something to keep me in shape. After Jiu-Jitsu, I'll do me and my body. I did this right before I got on the plane. I'll do 20 pushups. He puts his fist under. I put my fist under him. He has to touch the fist. So you're not cheating. He does 20, 15, 15, 10, 10, 5, 5, and then back up. 5, 5, 10, 10. It ends up being 100 pushups. So instead of doing 100 pushups straight, that can be annoying and fucking whatever. This way, but when you're coming back up to the last 20, it's annoying. It's like, it's enough to make you say, fuck you. Then if I'm doing it by myself, I'll do 20 turnover, 20 sit-ups, 15. I do it that way. Again, this is not the whole workout, but this is what I do after my Jiu-Jitsu training. So it's how many pushups I get a week in. That's how I warm up from the cold plunge. I do 100 bodyweight squats and 100 pushups. That's my warm up. How do you do it in a ton? I do sets of five. How do you do that air training? After you... Yeah. So I get out of the cold. I start with the cold because there was some study done. I think it was a Japanese study about elevating your testosterone. Also, increasing your ability to do work because your body's like, you kill all the inflammation very quickly in the beginning, and then you warm your body up. So some guys like to do it on the... They like to get on the echo bike, but I find bodyweight squats and pushups. It's like, I have to do them anyway. I do 100 every day anyway, so that's a good way to warm up. So by the time I do five sets of 20, everything's warmed up, and then I can do other shit. See, the cold plunge, I could... My ears suck, man. If I go under the water at all... You don't have to go under the water. Yeah, I don't go under the water. I dunk my head sometimes. I don't even know how to do this. Now, how long did it take you before you were able to do that? Because I just... The first one is a video of me. Do I bitch out in like a minute and 20 seconds? Oh, did you? I mean, I couldn't even do it. I mean, I couldn't do 20 seconds. It was so cold, but then I realized I'm just freaking out and just relax and do breathing exercise. So the next time I did it, I did like four and a half, and then I wanted to see how long I could do it. And the next time I did it, I did 20 minutes. Don't do that. Don't do that. 20 minutes is too much. I was fucked up for a few days. Oh, wow. Yeah, I was fucked up for a few days. That wasn't so good for you. It was in 90 degree weather. I drove from my house to here with the windows rolled up, no AC on, and I was freezing. I bet. I'm in a hot box. I mean, I put the seed feeder on in my truck. I was freezing. It was 90 degrees outside, and the windows were rolled up, and I had no AC on. That's how cold I was. What were you thinking? Maybe just longer? The better? I just went to five minutes, and I said, let's see if I go to 10. Then I went to 10 minutes, and I said, I think I can make 15. Then I got to 15. I'm like, 20 is only five minutes away. Next thing I got to 20 when I got out, and I did the whole thing on Instagram, so I could film it, so I wanted to make sure that I was really doing it. But when I got out, I'm like, that was not a good idea. I do not recommend that. It's hypothermia. It's like 50 minutes or something like that, and it's 34 degrees. But I'm doing these breathing exercises while I'm doing it, and that keeps your core heated up at least a little bit. You know how they always say that they always contradict themselves, one second, this thing's good for you, the next second is bad for you. What if you're really killing yourself right now? What if they find out that this ice thing, you killed off the fucking caveman? It's like, I mean, I don't know. 20 minutes is definitely not good for you, and it probably harms you. But doing it three minutes at a time, it ramps up your dopamine by 200%, it lasts for hours. It reduces inflammation. For me, I just get excited. When I get out of there, I just feel great, and I'll do like, I'll warm up out in the sun. So I freeze, I get out, I towel myself off, and then I'll do all my warm up shit out in the sun. I'll do my pushups and my body weight squats out in the sun. Get the sunlight, feel good, you know, get a little bit of a sweat going by the end of 100, and then I start working out. You don't got that shit in New York, though. You can jump out, it's a little fucking cold. All day in the summer. You think they're miserable? Try it in the summer, try it now. But it's not for everybody, but for me, it feels good. I like it. It's a good way to get it going. It feels fucking good, man. You have, is it indoors or outdoors? Outdoors, yeah. And I got a barrel sauna right next to it, so I'll hop in there, motherfucker, after my workouts. Let me ask you, man, because I love, I start my day with a nice steam. I love the steam shell. That's good, too. But why is it not as good as the sauna? It doesn't get as hot. So the thing is, it's all about heat shock proteins. It's all about your body responding to the fact that it's dying. You're in an extreme situation where your body's like, holy fuck. So your body starts producing all these cytokines, all these anti-inflammatory heat shock proteins. And the study they did out of Finland, they did a study where they studied people over 20 years. How many people were in that study? Find out how many people in that Finland study. So after 20 years, they found out the people that did it four times per week, they had a 40% decrease of all-cause mortality. Everything. 40% decrease in heart attacks, stroke, cancer, everything. And this was, they think, directly connected to these heat shock proteins and the use of the sauna on a regular basis. Four times a week, 20 minutes at a time. So 2,300 middle-aged men for an average of 20 years. They categorized them into the three groups according to how often they use the sauna each week. The men spent an average of 14 minutes per visit, baking at 175 degrees heat Fahrenheit. Over the course of the study, 49% of the men who went to the sauna once a week died compared to 38% of the ones who went two to three times a week, and just 31% of those who went four to seven times a week. Frequent visits to a sauna were associated with lower death rates from cardiovascular disease and stroke. And the results don't surprise Dr. Thomas H. Lee, cardiologist at Harvard-affiliated Brigham and Women's Hospital and founding editor of the Harvard Heart Letter. The cardiovascular effects of sauna have been well-documented in the past. It lowers blood pressure, and there is every reason to believe that its effects are good for blood vessels. So it's good for a lot of different shit. And it also, you just feel better. Well, being in the sauna. You feel better when you get out. You just feel better. I feel like that with my steam. He said the results aren't applicable to steam baths and hot tubs. Finish sauna is a wood-lined room, specifically heated to a stove, topped with stones. Air inside the sauna is very hot and dry. All the sauna bathers periodically add water to the stones to produce a vapor known as loyally. How about just steam, you fucking weirdos? I'll just use the words, Loyally. Yeah, right? Yeah. That's all about this. They produce something called loyally. Oh, you mean steam? But they throw eucalyptus oil in there and shit and throw it on the rocks. But the key is, you do it. It increases your cardio. Dan Gable talked about how he figured it out from wrestlers, like the Eastern European guys were using it. And they realized it was an integral part of their training to do sauna afterwards. But it's also like static cardio. So if I do a hard workout, say if I do rounds in the bag, I'll go straight into the sauna. My heart is already 120-something beats per second after I get the gloves off. And I sit in there, and it's 185 degrees. And your heart rate gets back to 147. And just stays there when you're sitting there. You're sitting there suffering. So you do that for 20 minutes. It's like 20 minutes of cardio, but also all the heat shock benefits. And when you come out of there, you feel fucking great. You just feel, ooh. So wait a minute. So in the morning, you should do the cold stuff. And then like an afternoon, do the sauna. The way I do it, it depends on how much time I have. I like to do the sauna before I go to bed. That's my favorite way because it makes me sleep good. But I also like to do it at the end of a hard workout. So I'll do the cold to start my workout. That's the first thing I do. And then I have to heat my body back up until I can really work out. Then I work out. And then when I'm done working out, then when I'm all sweaty, then I hop in the sauna. I mean, it makes sense because if you do the cold after, it kind of defeats the purpose of the workout. Yes. It definitely for hypertrophy. But for people who do cardio, especially if you're doing hard jiu-jitsu, maybe a good move to do it afterwards, you could train more. I know a lot of guys. Yeah. A lot of guys do that with cryo. They like to do cryo. Eddie Bravo said when he had that rematch with Hoyer-Gracy, he said there's no way I would have been able to train like that without cryo. Because he was just doing cryo sessions after every workout. That's where you wear the mittens? Yeah, you freeze your dick off like 250 degrees below zero for three minutes. Yeah. Yeah, I'm not built for that either. I just want to do steroids. That's all I want. If I just get some steroids, I'm good to go. You're not on TOT? No. Why not? I need to. I don't know. I just don't feel like paying for it. I'll get you a house for that. It's money well spent. I know. I know. Eventually, I will. Eventually, I will. When you guys are here, I got to get you to ways to well. Get you into ways to well to do like an extensive blood panel on you and find out what your nutrient levels are. They're very comprehensive. That's why I wanted to know if you got like real good blood work done. They'll give you like a booklet of all... They'll do an analysis of your blood work and all the different things they test for. They test for a lot of shit. They can pull out a lot of blood. Yeah, I got a buddy at home. It's the same type of spot. They're actually doing... Where it's meeting with your buddy. That's the guy I texted you about. Yeah. Bring him some air. And they do a very similar thing. It's definitely you should do it. I know. It's just good to know. It's good to know what's going on. I was low on DHEA. Also, I fucked up. I didn't realize how dehydrated I got from the sauna. Because one time, I went straight there to get my blood drawn after the sauna. And they're like, bro, you're fucking dehydrated. Yeah, you probably drink a lot of water. Oh, I drink a shit load of water. I drink a shit. But after that, I doubled and triple-dubbed to the point where it was a problem during a podcast. I have to piss. So often, I have to run up. I want you to piss jug. I'm going to piss jug. I think I got one more in the roundhouse. You should sell that on eBay. It's probably worth money. It was like one of them arrowhead jugs. Oh, 100%. That's awesome. You know what's funny? I had the habit of doing that forever. So I kept doing it when I was married. I turn over. So finally, my wife's like, look. What's wrong with you? Yeah, they're fucking pissed. My wife, after a little bit, she goes, look, this is not happening. Oh, my God. My mongolol was over cleaning with my wife. And she's like, I got this. That's not Snapple. Put that down. Oh, my mongolol had my Snapple bottle full of piss. So my wife's got me civilized. I told you, she's been good for you. No, no. My wife, like Ray Longo said, she raised my stock. I'm not an animal anymore. So now I get up. You need a woman like that, right? The right girl will bring you up. The wrong one will ruin you. 100%. 100%. You know. 100%. I guess women will say that about men, too. Yeah. 100%. Yeah. 100%. She did that for me. And it's the right one. It's not the right one for everybody. Yeah, right. Yeah. You got to find that chemistry. You got to find yours. And don't settle. Yeah. Yeah. Don't you fucking settle. Keep moving. Yeah. Keep moving. Throw that phone in the lake and keep moving. That's hysterical. You got to know when to abandon ship. Abandon ship and light the boats on fire. Fuck out of here. Let's go. No, 100%. I definitely, I dodged some bullets, too. Oh, my god. We all have, right? You think about some paths you could have went down. And you're like, fuck, man. All sorts of ways in life. That could have been the mother of my kids. Holy fuck. Also, other things. Just think about fights. Just think about street fights. You got in when you were a kid. How many people do you know that got in street fights where somebody could have died? And then all of a sudden, you're in jail. Yeah, no shit. No dumb shit. You remember Kevin James? Kevin James worked as a bouncer with this guy in Long Island. And this guy knocked some guy out. The guy fell just like fucking Steve-O. Hit his head. Dead. Dead. Guy winds up with a rat. I mean, he goes to jail. Crazy. Happens all the time. See, Matt, that's why I be keeping you out of trouble. Every time we go up, man, I almost get a fight. Well, I do. But it's not. I don't look for trouble, obviously. Well, if they see your nails, I know what this man is. You got to like, go off with that. Why are you making it like, oh, motherfucker. People get a, this is what everybody's gonna take out of this. And you're like, hey, fuck face. Look at your nails. They're all long, though. I noticed at this point. But I love that you're still rolling, though, even with your knee replacement. Oh, that knee feels good. Yeah, that's amazing. All right, because I was worried. Because when you hear about people getting knee replacements, I don't really hear too much about jujitsu guys doing that. I was concerned, man. And the last, the last, when me and you did the episode when you had to catch the ball and I was sitting out. Oh, yeah, yeah. Endeavor. And we were doing, looking for a fight. And in that episode, I don't like look, the reason why I put off the knee so long, my knee surgery. Is this the same knee that you had injured when you said you tore your meniscus before the Caro fight? My meniscus? No, I think it's the other knee. Believe it or not. Wow. I was supposed to get both my knees done, but I'm not getting the other one done right away, because, you know, I have fucking, I could walk. It passed the test of, for years, when I'd go to the Disney and Universal, I'd have to get a motorized cart, you know? I made it fun. I took some edibles and we are mittin' around. But, you know, the point was, it was, I had to make the best of it. It hurts so much. I couldn't, I couldn't walk. I couldn't walk through the park. So, the last time we went with my family, I'm like, yo, this is, I know it sounds simple, but I'm like, yo, this is fucking great. I'm walking with my kids. I got a drumstick now. Now, I don't feel like a fatty with a big drumstick. Now, I'm walking around with it. No pain. I could walk with my knee. No pain at all. No, I'm good. That's amazing. But, uh... What is it, does it feel like you, or does it feel like something moving with you? No, if, dude, it feels, it feels fine. I mean, I feel, because it's titanium, if someone went to kick me, I could use that to fucking block it. I could usually, I even ask them, I go, I go, let's see if someone went to kick me. Would it be able to get kicked out? They go, no, that shit's cemented in there. That's not gonna fucking happen. It's like, they, they... And they told you no restrictions on any movements or anything? Well, before I went in, he said that it's like an 80% chance that you'll be able to do everything you want to do. I guess they don't want to maybe get your hopes up too high. Right. And you're different than most people to them. And the most people to get knee replacements are not elite athletes. But you know what the problem is? I think they told me that most people, when they go into, Dr. Amada, great guy, he's a jiu-jitsu guy. He was my PT guy. I like to give him a shout out because he got me back. And I felt good, comfortable with him because he was reassuring me being a purple belt in jiu-jitsu. He knew what I had to do. He goes, you'll be able to do everything. Fucking everything. And, and he's right. I'm able to do everything. He goes, Matt, the problem is when you, they do these like, whatever, that you ask people about, are they able to move their knee the way they were before? A lot of times when they go into the surgery, they can't bend that shit. So I was already flexible. So I kept everything. So that's good. Like I could touch my, my knee. Can you, can you do triangles with it? Yeah. Fuck yeah. No, you can do triangles with it. Yeah. I can do triangles. They told you the like, essentially it's permanent. Like, is it for the rest of your life? Like how long does it last? I think the, I think the thing was the shelf life was what? What is it, 30 years? Something like that? 20 to 30 or something like that. And then what happens? I think we've got to get a new one by then. I don't know. I don't know. I didn't really ask about that. But what happened was, my other, like you could see behind this, I was getting baked. Oh, by the way, you like my socks? It's like, I love you, daddy. What I was getting, that's called a baker's cyst. This is my, this is my knee that I didn't get done yet. Holy shit. That's what happened is when you have, when you have bone on bone, it gets like inflammation and fluid and it gets up going to the back of the knee. So you see this thing? That thing's all fluid. I have to get that drain, that bitch. And how often do you get it drained? Like you're supposed to, they don't want you to do it too often because they put in a, like, what is it, cord design? Cord design. And they say that'll fuck up the knee, but I have to get a new knee anyway. So I don't give a fuck. So shoot it up. But you know, but what happens is it blows back up soon. You know what I mean? I was trying to keep a tight sleeve on it, but it would just fill back up. They try to shoot it with the, the cortisone so it doesn't come back, but it comes back. So I got that thing drained several times. So eventually you're going to have to get that one. Eventually I will. But until I can walk, I'm walking normal. You see? Yeah, I see. Yeah. You know what it was like for me. This thing's walking normal. But I think this thing is still- He's got both of his done. Yeah, he had both of his done. But I think they bother him sometimes. I think like he's standing too long with the bothersome. But he's still, like he's training. He still kicks the bags and stuff. Yeah, he's good with the- Kick the bag. The only thing I fucked up with, and I told you that earlier off air, is that I tore my quad. And that's a little annoying because sometimes I don't dip. Like I'll just fall. I did it in the kitchen the other day. My wife said, what the fuck? Like I said, like 20% of it, like in the front of it. So like, it'll like, if I bend my knee, sometimes it'll continue to bend. So I just got to be alert of that. I fucked up. You're supposed to step down with your bad leg off regular steps. I did it from too high off a couch because I went to do those short jokes. You can't stop. I was getting ready. Yeah. You can't stop. You can't stop. You can't stop. You can't stop. It was coming. I saw it coming out of your mouth. So I had to reach something. So when I went to step down, I did my bad leg and it fucking ripped. Boom. Straight down. I just fucking, damn. So- And you didn't- Was there an option to get it surgically reattached? I went to my PT guy and he goes, oh, you tore that thing. Because I was on meds. I was on the pain stuff. I don't know what the fuck I was on. So maybe it helped with the pain, but it was fucking painful. And then I know what it's doing. I didn't know it was deformed. I didn't know what the fuck I did. And then he looked, he goes, look, man, he goes, like if there's like 100 fibers in your leg, you tore like 20% of them or something. So it's kind of like what I did to my bicep. But it is what it is. I fucked that up. I can't go back in time and fix it. Could they have if you did it right away? I have no idea. I have no idea. Have you ever heard of that? I never heard of that. I know they can do that with your bicep. I mean, I had a buddy that had his quad detached and they reattached it and everything. I heard of a dude who got his quad detached from a leg kick. This guy kicked with so severe. This leg kick was so severe that it sliced the quad. God damn. Yeah, this dude did it shooting on somebody. Fortunately, he was on a mat, you know, at least he could have happened squatting and he was in an army like Vite Rider 2. How many of those videos do you see where guys legs explode when they're doing deep squats? I know. Oh, man, I don't like that shit. Oh, it drives me nuts, man. The weight rating, you know, I got too much ADD for that. I'm afraid of like, you know what I mean? Like I could zone out my jujitsu and I really think my ADD helped my fighting. It kept me in the moment. I swear to God, like, I don't know, but I could I could fucking start daydreaming and I'm going to fucking break a leg or something. I don't like the heavy weights. Yeah. I get wagged. Nah, fuck that. I don't like that shit. Fuck that. People didn't believe I should tell him. I go, he don't even lift. I said he does more plyometric gymnastics than just the other one. Think about like those guys that first of all, look at the guys who do the rings in the Olympics. They're the most jacked guys. Oh, hell yeah. These guys are jacked. Tiny little legs though. But super jacked arms, man. When they do that shit, I mean, those guys. Balance and everything. Oh my God. I mean, calisthenics. Look at those bar stars guys. Those guys who do those playground workouts. Oh yeah. Yeah, they're so jacked. Like look at these guys. Look at the fucking building these motherfuckers. And saying, you teach that guy the jujitsu? Holy fuck, man. I always said that. I said if he's a jiffy, learn jujitsu. Look at that fucking dude. I mean, he's in his pajamas. Yeah, pointing his toes. He's got a onesie on it. Sexy. I know. Any sport you do with your socks only on, it's kind of ridiculous. That's crazy. Look at the fucking... Go back to that photo, you know, please. Look at the fucking building there, dude. Jesus, Louisas. Look at that thing. That's crazy. That's a ridiculous kind of power to do that cross. A thousand percent. Oh my God. Yeah, so think about like those... Go to those bar stars guys. Because these dudes who do... And you know, some of these guys are like in their 60s that are doing these workouts. This is one Russian cat who does these on Instagram. And he's like 58 years old. He does all these wild playground workouts. He must have been like, at one point in time, must have been some, you know, Russian Olympic rings guy or something like that. Or some... Look at these fucking guys. I mean, God. Look at the building these fucking guys. All calisthenics. You can get a crazy build with calisthenics. You just got to be willing to do some evil shit to yourself. This is evil. That's so hard. But it's an interesting sort of like test case on strength and conditioning programs. Yeah, it is. I mean, if you can do that, like what you in the gym for? But the thing is, it's like, how much would that help your jujitsu? A lot. Oh, I think that's probably even more because it's like so many different movements all at once. Yeah, look at these guys. Look at this. Crazy. The core strength, the stabilizers. That's crazy. What is it called? Hannibal forking chin-ups? What's the name is Hannibal? Oh, it's Royal Pull-Ups. It's called. How the fuck does he get down? Look at this. It's crazy. Oh, that's us talking about how awesome they are. I'm so impressed with people that could do that. So that's a long road. Yeah. That good. Dude, George, he does that stuff all the time. St. Pierre? Yeah. He's smart. Figured it out. I mean, he's like gymnastics. That is funny. He's calling me a geek every now and then. What I get with George, I get a text from him. No words, no nothing. It's the latest Osaka trailer, the latest Star Wars trailer. Yeah. He's into the Star. He's a bigger Star Wars nerd than me. He throws a... He's talking to me about the cartoons and everything. My brother Jamie's big into Star Wars. Yeah. Yeah. The Mandalorian was fun. George is big into UFOs too. Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah. UFOs? Yes. Very interesting. So what about that UFO or the little alien that was in Vegas? The Vegas thing. Is that real or what? Is that real or what? It sounds like eight foot tall, nine foot tall. Wait, wait. Hold on. What do you think? Most likely not a true story. Most likely. But it might be. So here's the thing. If an alien spacecraft did land in your backyard and a 10 foot dude got out and you see him and you don't get your phone up in time because you're mesmerized and it just takes off, like, what happened? Is that real? Okay. Even if it is real, what are you going to tell people? Even if you tell people, no one's going to believe you. So you're stuck in this spot. Unless you have video evidence of it, I don't know. Right. But I do know that George Knapp, who's like the, he's like the most prominent investigative reporter in Las Vegas for UFOs. He's the guy that broke the Bob Lazar case back in the late 1980s. That was the guy who claimed to have back engineered UFOs. And it's a very interesting story. But anyway, he went to visit these people. They made an appointment, like, on I think it was two different occasions when he went to their house. They didn't answer the door. Oh, really? Yeah. But it also could be they don't want the smoke. They don't want that attention. You imagine just a regular person. You're not making any money from this. All of a sudden, everyone's calling you a liar. And then everyone knows where your house is. And then people come by, show me the backyard! Show me the backyard! I mean, it probably would have freaked them out. I mean, there's probably a lot going on. On the subject behind you, because I can't look at it. Who is this individual getting something up there? I think it's supposed to be me. I think it's supposed to be me getting sucked up into a spaceship. What am I? Somebody gave me this. It's a gift. Oh, it's headphones! Headphones. My bad. I thought it was like a Mongolian doing something. I didn't know. Oh, hair. The hair is like a ponytail. That's what I swear to God the whole time. Tom, Tom, hairdo. Oh, now I get it. I think that's supposed to be me getting sucked up into the spaceship. Now it makes all the sense in there. This was a gift by Brigham, my friend Brigham. Oh, nice shit. Yeah, he gave me this when I first came here. And so it was so cool. We decided, there it is. You can see it on that image. But then we decided it was so cool. It would be cool behind me. So it looks like it belongs here. Shit, man. And the club. And the club. You having a lot of fun with the club? Oh, it's amazing. So much fun. That's so wild. And you got, I just know this because I was a huge fan of the Norm McDonald podcast with Adam Eget. They had such a great chemistry. Do you ever see this part? And he runs that show. He's the telecoordinate. Yeah. And the only reason I know that name is because I was such, they had such, did you guys ever see the old Norm McDonald podcast? It was so, this is it. Before it went on Netflix. The Netflix ones are right, but this was so funny. And I thought he was a very funny guy. I thought they had a great thing going. Adam's very funny. He could be a comic if he wanted to be a comic, but he's a great talent coordinator. He's just a great dude. He's just a fun guy to have around. Norm McDonald was like my, like he was just such a, such a funny comic. Like he was the best. He was just, he was the one guy that I continually just watch and not feel. Sometimes when I watch stand-up comedy, I get nervous for the stand-up. Like, I don't know. Because you don't want him, you don't want him to bum. Yeah. I don't know what it is, but I never got nervous with that guy. Didn't you do it once? Didn't you do it once with Adam Hunter in the episode? No, not with Adam Hunter. It wasn't Adam Hunter? He asked me to do that. He was hosting the show though. No, I think you're thinking if Eve Edwards did it. No, no, no, no, no. Adam Hunter was actually the host. He did host. Dana White looking for a fight. The LA episode. His first episode. Yeah, my first episode. Nick The Tooth fucking walked off the show and we needed somebody. Was it 24 hours? Nick The Tooth thought that everybody else wasn't really getting tased or something. Was there something crazy like that? Something like that. 100%. Now, Nick The Tooth, when we were doing the show, I would get along with The Tooth. He was a funny guy. He was a fun guy to hang with. He was kind of goofy, but he was funny. You know, but then you'd go back and you'd watch the episode and see him talking to the camera, saying all sorts of shit. So a couple of things happened. One, somebody told him, we all got locked hands together in one of the episodes, me, Dana, and Nick. They had us, they tased us. So we all got fucking tased and he was the only one being like, stop, you know, that kind of thing. Oh, no. He wanted the same face, I guess. And somebody told him that, oh, the way they did it, they really fucked you, man. You got more of the voltage than some bullshit, which is obvious. Do we all got fucked up from that? Of course. We all got. So that's one. And then another thing was him saying that we set him up with me and him doing a grappling match, which was fucking the furthest thing from the truth. He was the one talking shit. I remember when I first started shooting the show, I was a little chubbier. So I think he thought I was on the couch and Nick the Tooth won some shit. He won some like the old man worlds and whatever it was. I think he just won something recently. And his talented jiu-jitsu guy. He's like, he does like the baron bolos and all that shit. But back then, who was he? A purple belt? He was a brown belt. Brown belt. So I was watching the after the first episode, you know, I was watching the thing. And all of a sudden I see him going, oh, that makes me look good. He's bald. He's always late. All we got to do is settle the grappling. Now, he said this on the show. I remember being like just dumb. I didn't know what the hell he was thinking of. So when I see him the next time we're on Danish chat, we're doing the fucking Alaska episode. I go, dude, what the fuck was that? Settle what? So and he was playing right along with it. He's like, yeah, we got the tooth now. And this and that. So I'm like, dude, I want the best in the world. What the fuck are you talking about? But he was going home about it. Let's grapple. Let's grapple. So we ended up doing a tune the show and then we were in a jiu-jitsu gym in Alaska. So I go, hey, man. Now listen, if anybody had anything to lose, imagine I slip in the motherfucker gets a baron bolo on me and I would have something to lose, losing to this knucklehead. But now, of course, I had my way with him. So afterwards, Dana goofed on him a bunch. But I got a text from him. This is the first time I knew there was some kind of problem. Hey, Matt, it was an honor. I just have to let you know that I can't let that footage be shown. That's what he said. It looked bad for my instructors and this and that. I was wearing their rash guard. So I go to Dana and I go, hey, man, I know your friends with him. What kind of power does this guy have to say that this shit's not going to be on the fucking air? He goes, not only is that going to be fucking shown, wait until you listen to my fucking commentary. Dana goes, not only is that going to be shown, so I think he thought he was being set up, but it was nothing like that at all. So he was a little bit of a weird dude with that. I seen him since and he was cool. I like him. He was a likable guy. He's very likable. But I think he was some guys, I think on the camera, I think they're a little insecure with how they are portrayed. But it was a weird thing because he was acting wacky, but then he's getting upset that he's being portrayed wacky. So it's like, what the fuck are you talking about? So then he ended up getting to like a fucking pushing match with Dana or something at a concert. I think they were at a Chili Peppers concert. And I think it was actually Joe Silva went up to him and asked him something like, what was it like to roll with Matt? And he said, that fat fuck set me up. I go, hey, wait a moment. Oh my god. I go, whoa, what the fuck? I wasn't there. I heard about this. So Dana called me. I was with my wife and she was with me. We were celebrating our anniversary in Vegas and we were going to go from there to LA to shoot this episode. And then fucking Dana called me to the office and we were like, yo, we were, who left the show? What the fuck we going to do? We were booked at that. Where did we do the lab factory? Lab factory. Yeah. So I'm not saying, uh, I'm not saying you're with all of me, but there was one name that popped into my name. First name I go to Dean. I go to fucking I go, Dan, I go, what about Dean Thomas? He goes, I always like, there he is. How'd that go? Not bad. I mean, I write your own material material. And then I have a whole other with Adam Hunter a few times. I ain't gonna lie. He was the end where as a crutch a little bit, but that was my first time. And then he got more comfortable with it. Look at Dana Chubby Dana. Dana is all skinny now. Isn't it wild to see? Yeah, I know. I was looking at up there. Brian Cowles, the audience. I thought that was fun though. I tell you right now, I had an adrenaline. Yeah. So good. I told the people in the rafters to climb up there, bite your fucking neck. I go, I like the layout. I get that in you motherfuckers quick. But we had a good time. Didn't we, Dean? Yeah, that was awesome. That was so much fun, man. Fun show you guys did. That was so much fun. You guys did a lot of wild shit, right? Yeah. What about the shark episode? That was a funny one. Do we swam with sharks? You know what? Why don't you agree with that? You swam with sharks. You got out of the spares. You know what's fucked up? You know what's, I went back in. That was hilarious. You know what's fucked up about that? They're doing everything you're not supposed to do. They're chumming up the water. They're on their side. Acting like they're seals. Yeah, wounded seals to draw the sharks out while we were in the water. Now look, we're in there. Now the best is the cameramen on the other boat, right? One of the, Charlie told me after, he goes, yo. He goes, they said, some of the guys on the boat with them, they go, sooner or later, something's going to go wrong. Yeah, these are producers. These are producers coming up with these ideas, right? Is that what it is? The chumming? That doesn't sound as ridiculous. These guys, the shark guys? Hey, again, that was Florida. What the fuck, dude? Get me the fuck in there, dude. When I looked underneath, how many people could say, there was a cage? They go, you don't want to go in the cage. The cage hurts anybody. Yeah, I was like, I want to go in the cage. You don't want to go in the cage? Why? That's what they said. They were trying to get in the cage. I was like, why don't you want to go in the cage? He goes, oh, the cage hurts people. I think these guys are just, yeah, they were just fucking with us. To get us to do it. Listen, just because you can do something doesn't mean, just because you could pay for an experience, doesn't mean you're not going to die. I think we found out about that recently. Yeah, exactly. That fucking submarine thing. That's the press sand. That is so crazy. The inventor of the fucking submarine was on it when it imploded. Oh, really? Yes. What a crazy thing. Yes, the guy who invented it. They knew it happened and held it back for five days. When I- Why do you think they did that wrong? Oh, personally? Yes. I mean, I'm a good conspiracy theory guy. I think there's so much drama going on with the president and his son. This was something to keep the headlines for a few days, because that's right when he got indicted. I mean, flesh guilty and shit. Interesting. We are so easily distracted. That was a good one though, too, for four days. It was like, I hope they find them. They only have 72 hours left. Yeah, that's true. Yeah, but meanwhile, they were- That fucking thing imploded. Dead. So they said they heard it, because the government apparently, this is what's crazy. They had to sort of admit that they have a top secret acoustic surveillance system. Why are you admitting that? Are you just admitting it just because you know that there was an implosion? Why would you admit that you have a top secret system? Maybe James Cameron out of them. Now it's not top secret. Now everybody fucking knows about it. Maybe James Cameron did it. I mean, he was the one that said I knew the Navy heard it. They lost comms at the same time they heard the audible bang. I'll tell you right now. I wouldn't have done it. Look at that. A top secret military acoustic detection system. Not anymore. Everybody knows now. How fucking everybody knows. The Titanic guy told everybody. How crazy is that? He went what? Three times as deep as- Oh yeah. As they did. By himself. The kind he was with, you could pile it around. Yes. Sing a person. This one was like an elevator. Like you had one button to go up. What? That was it? Yeah. And they were controlling it with a logic tech remote controller. I had no desire to teach it. And there was lawsuits. Like there's a lot of whistle blowers that were saying that that hole is not withstood. It can't withstand that kind of depth. Especially the new material. They said the carbon fiber. And they didn't even like the design. The guy said at least if it was woven, it might have worked. They said this was almost like a spring. It was wound. Oh God. The carbon fiber was. Did you? Fuck. Back to the shark thing. Did you see out of Egypt that guy can beat by the shark? That was a real life Jaws movie. Hard. One point you see is feet up in the air. Yep. Yep. It was... And in the background, they're playing like Stand By Me or some shit at the house. And it's like, it is the most horrific thing. If I seen that before, I wouldn't have thought of the episode. It's horrible. Dude, I looked down when we were in that water and I saw a fucking shark looking up at me. I saw that too, man. I got the fuck out of there. Because I don't swim. That's not dude. Fuck that. Now it's got to the point now. You're perpetuating the stereotype. Whatever we do. No, I don't care. It's true. There was some people recently in Florida or in Hawaii rather with a husband and the wife were snorkeling and the husband like gets out of the water and they're screaming. Get out of the water. Get out of the water. It's because his wife was getting eaten. Oh my God. There was a shark that was eating his wife while they were screaming at him to get out of the water. Did he get out of the water? Tiger shark, yeah, but they never found the wife. They ate her whole body. Oh, geez. Yeah, that happened. My friend Duncan was in Hawaii and that happened like the week before he was there. The week before, the week after, I forget which, but like real close where he was like, he was in that fucking water. Hey, what about balls, dude? You, you can't swim and you jumped off a fucking cliff into water. That's why he brought it back to me. Yeah. Did you have life as done? No. You can't because you have to. Because like if you don't impact, because the impact, like if you hit the water without that, it'll crush your chest. We jumped off a cliff. Me and you jumped off a cliff. Yeah, that was the episode that Dana didn't jump. That, yeah. Did he? No, Dana, Dana, Dana, I'm not jumping. I know a guy who fucked his backup for life doing that. He landed with, he landed back, blew one of his discs completely apart. Oh, how far is this? Oh, this is, this is fun. Oh my God, dude. This is fucking awesome though. Come on, we have some nice memories. How far was this? How far was this jump? I don't know, but I'm in better shape now. I'll show you. Goddamn. Look at this. Little chubby guy. Yeah. How many feet do you think that is? I don't know. That's pretty fucking high, but oh my God. Dana, Dana was up there. And you get up there until the sun went down. No way. He never did it. I was torturing him. Other people did it and he didn't do it. Did anybody get hurt while you were there? No. I was like, little kids are doing it. Dana's pride got hurt. Hello. Nah, fuck that. Dana was like, fuck that. And the best is we're up there for three hours. Really? And we're in the truck. Now, first of all, he was breaking your balls before that. Yeah. So then we get off that. We're in the van on the way back. Dana's a little down in his dumps and Dean's starting to be like, well, he took balls just to get up there. I'm like, boo, that's bad. Fucking give it to him, Dean. Jesus. That's so far. He was up there a long time. Two hours and 30 minutes. Fuck that. Dana still didn't do it. They cut some shit from the episode. I'm sitting there yelling. I go, Scott Colker would do it. I got a pussy. Imagine if he did. Holy shit. He was up there till the fucking... And he had to walk down the walk of shame. Oh my God. You know? That's hilarious. But hey, but just to give him a compliment so I don't get fired. Yeah. He did jump on a fucking ball. Oh no. Really? He wrote a ball. He wrote a ball. Why? Why don't you call me first? I hosted Fear Factor. I know. I'll tell you what not to do. If you want to look at him riding a ball. Much better to jump off that cliff than to get on the back of a ball. That is so much more dangerous. It's a legit ball. That's not normal shit. Did he do that afterwards? So he felt bad. No, he did the ball before. No, that's why. Maybe that's why he didn't jump in the way. Because he realized how rich. Yeah. He almost got rich as fuck. Why am I doing this shit? Watch this shit. Oh my God. This is Dana? Yeah, we both did it. I landed on my way, dude. Look at this. Dude, this is a real ball. Dude, that is so insane. This thing almost got him. Look at when he lands. Look what he lands. Look, look, look, look, look, look, look. Oh my God. Did that put a lamp in on him? So lucky. That's just luck. Damn. That's just dumb luck. No, no, dude. That was not, dude, fuck. Fuck. Oh my God. That's so close. That could have crushed his hips, ruined his organs. Oh no, dude. I wouldn't do this again. Fuck that. That was close. Fuck that. Yeah, no, I did it too. The fucking helmet couldn't fit me if that was chubby. I remember that. We did Fear Factor. I wasn't there for that one. We did Fear Factor once. It was one dude who was a bull rider. It wasn't a bull riding episode, but his shoulder, he had eight operations. He showed me his shoulder. He's like, I can't hold on to anything with this. My arm will just pull right out of the socket. Not dude. He just had the slices all over his arm. They just reconstructed him so many times. This is just bucket list shit. I'm not doing that again. Fuck that. I'm not doing that. Yeah, fuck that. I didn't ride the bull. I did the clown though. Yeah, you did the clown. Oh, you did the clown? That's even scary. Yeah. That was close. And it fucking, it almost hit me, man. It was like, oh no. The hoof almost hit me. We do love that job. I know. It was a fun. Are you guys still doing risky shit like that? Nah, the last time wasn't nothing like that. Yeah, it's not as risky, but. Yeah, you have been fun. You're having fun. Yeah, it's a great idea though. What a great idea. You go to these small shows. You know, you guys show up. Everybody's freaked out. Oh my God, look who's here. Yeah. And then you get to do wild shit in that town. It's a, it's just, it's such a good time, man. It's a great idea for a show. And then the worst was like, Matt didn't even realize that we did it here. He was like, I'm not gonna do it. Matt didn't even realize that we did it here in Austin a couple years ago. Oh really? I was telling people it's my first time here. He's like, we shot the show here. I know. Listen, I'm so happy you came out because Dean didn't think you'd come out. I didn't think you'd make it. I'm so happy. Thanks for having me. You should do a podcast. You are so fucking good at this, man. I mean, come on, man. Right? I'm 100%. Well, he's got it. We do. We do. Yeah, but I mean. Yeah, but I mean. Yeah, but I can, yeah, it's like your own, but the Matt Sarah show. I should do a lot of things. Matt Sarah's take on life. I do my videos. People are making a lot of money on Twitch and I just do it for free. I'm not actually making money with my VR. Yeah, man. Eventually, I'm just so. The switch never turns off with this guy. Well, you got a nice balance. I have a nice balance. You're so good at this though. We have a good time though. The secret to our success, I think in everything we do, Dean Thomas, even when you do the show with me, I think if we're having fun, everybody's having fun. Yeah, that's the secret of this podcast. Just have fun. Yeah, all podcasts. Yeah, it's like, you know. You're enjoying it. Other people are enjoying it. All I need is a fucking nail trim. Just trim them nails. All right. John Raul, tell everybody about your gym. Oh, yep. We're back in Baltimore. It's called Ground Control and it's groundcontrolbaltimore.com and for my fight promotion is Shogun Fights. Thank you, brother, for letting me say that. My pleasure, brother. Oh, man. Dean Thomas, when are you going to be doing commentary next to us? You 100% should be doing that. 100%, you should be doing commentary. I don't want to. I think you guys work too much. I like sitting behind you guys and just chiming in every so often. He does great with that, though. I just like sitting in and chiming in every so often. I do love when you chime in, though. You always have such good points. Well, thank you very much. But I'll tell you what, though. Tell the people, watch after Tough Tomorrow Night, after Tough 31. You got so many jobs. Yeah. I do the post show for the Ultimate Fight promotion. Is that on ESPN Plus? Yes, on ESPN Plus. So it's called After Tough. ESPN Plus is the shit. I fucking love it. It has so many fights. Sometimes I have to do some shit with my family. Fucking set that aside. Yeah, put the ESPN Plus on you. He's out. He's out. He's out. Yeah. I love it. I love it that it just streams around your phone. Yeah. It's fucking incredible. I love ESPN Plus. Especially going back to John Raulo days when I first met you. You go over someone's house to watch it. For real. Yeah, right. Now it's on your fucking phone. When he beat George for the title, we had a house full of people. When he dropped him, I was like this close to the TV. I'm yelling at it, finish him. Finish him. But it was out. I felt like I wanted to fight when that happened. I was so happy for him. It was awesome. Man, this was like a reunion, man. It was awesome. Thanks for having me out, man. Thank you. Thanks for coming. Thank you, guys. And Raulo, you know, is a last minute addition. It would be awesome. Thank you, guys. I mean, I appreciate you even asking me on. This is like a bucket list thing. So even though we're boys, it's amazing. I'm just happy for all your success. Thank you, brother. Me too. All right, guys. That's it. Grab it out. Bye. Bye, everybody.