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Sal Vulcano is a stand-up comic and the co-creator, star, and executive producer of the comedy show “Impractical Jokers," He’s also the co-host of the podcasts “Hey Babe!” with Chris Distefano and “Taste Buds” with Joe DeRosa. Catch his new special, “Terrified,” on YouTube. www.salvulcanocomedy.com https://youtu.be/6X49375Hah8?si=vYGwevRFW9bWdYTl

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What's up Sal? What's up, brother? How you doing, man? What's cracking?. Nothing, thanks for having me. My pleasure. What are you doing out here, man? What are you doing in Austin, Texas? I got... my special comes out today, actually. Oh shit. Special comes out today actually. Oh shit. Special comes out. Terrified. What's it on? YouTube? That's the move. Yeah. Yeah. I'm very happy when guys do that. It makes it easily accessible. It's the best thing for like distributing your stuff. Yeah. People share it easy. It's nice that's a good option now because when everybody turns you down. It's a great option. It's a great option. It's a great option. I would think about it even if I had other options, because I think it's like the best distribution platform. As long as they don't fucking censor you, which is a little bit of an issue. You know, they're all owned by Google and it's just like whenever you deal with these GI and corporations and there's all these fucking woke kids working for them. It's a lot of sketchy things happen. But as far as a platform, it's the best. It's great, right? Oh, it's so good. I don't really like, I'm not like edgy like that, so I don't really have any, my edgy stuff is not that edgy. That's good. Yeah, that's lucky. Yeah, because like Ari Schaffer when out. I was learning for her. He's exactly a producer. Oh, he's exactly a producer. Or that's nice. I'm really tight. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Someone we were just talking about someone gave him shit for releasing his on YouTube. I'm like, you're so short-sided. That's so stupid. I'm looking at it now. Yeah. It's fucking huge. What does it have like seven million downloads or something like that? Yeah. Yeah. People, which, you know, look, you get an Netflix special, it's great. Like the Tom Brody roasts great. I'm happy Netflix is doing cool shit like that. It's awesome. But do you watch a throw three hours? No. I watch Tony Hinchcliffe set and Andrew Schultz set and that's it. See Nicky's? I heard Nicky's was awesome. That's what it's really nice to see. Nikki killed it. Yeah, she killed it. Yeah, she goes hard. Yeah, Tony, Tony, she kills [2:06] those roasts. Yeah, she's really good at roasts. She's strong. She's got strong delivery, you know, she's got. And even like she was shitting on Jeff Ross, I did see that part when she's apologizing too much. She's hit it. Which is so Nikki Grazer. She's so sweet. That Hingshqil form with the liver king. You look like the, I'm gonna fuck it up, but the liver king and the tiger king had a baby that looked like Martin Luther King. He got beat up by the body king. He got beat by the lion king. So she's like that, I don't even know. It was a ride. It was such a ride. By the time he finished it, it was just like by the time he, if he was one king shorter, I didn't think it would hit as well. But that king was the perfect. It was a monster. It was five kings, I think. It was a monster bit. And then the which is football for the coin price. That's great. [3:05] I fucking love a roast. I'd love a good roast joke. You know what's so funny? It's like there's, you know, the Jewish, it's like, you know where you're going with Jeff or you know, or Jewish or whatever, but it's like, you still, it's still like, I still find a new way to be like, you watch as if it's a coin price. You know what I mean? It's like, yeah. You can tell that joke a million ways. Right, yeah. But still, I'm still like, oh my god, that's such a good way to tell it. Yeah. It's just, I think people have relaxed more with comedy over the last year or so for whatever reason. It feels like it dipped a little bit that whole I feel like people are tired of it all. Maybe you have to just throw a coat. Oh, throw a coat. We do a lot of shows. So what it is? Actually I have. We got the COVID. No, my baby got me sick. That'll do it. Those little kids get sick a lot. I was like fighting for a while, and then a few days ago, [4:01] it just took a dive. Do you take vitamins? Every single day and I get mocked for it. You should knock him mocked. My dad growing up, he used to take, we had one cabinet in the kitchen, one where he opened it and it was basically a mini GNC. Not like GNC, but it was like just, and every day, my whole life, I'd watch him throw down like 30 pills and just swig it, you know. And, but me, I just, I feel like I have a weak immune system. I got a weak constitution. So, like I try to take like the, I take like the liposome all, it's all like I take a D, a B, a C. I was taking like a multi and then you start hearing, oh it doesn't absorb and you gotta take this one and that one. So I take all immunity stuff at a donation to elderberry. What the fuck else do I think? What do you think causes your weak immune system you don't thought about? Yeah, I think about it my whole entire life what do you think it is? These just genetic thing? I don't know because no one of my, also my family's like that. So that's what led me to be coming like a little bit of a germaphobe because you wanna call it germaphobe, but I just know that if I put myself in the way [5:07] of like if someone sneezes, if I put myself in that, sometimes I can get a common cold. How long does it take you to get rid of the common cold? Like a day. Yeah, but you're super, yeah, but you're like you eat elk and... Yeah, just, I've had a few that last a couple of days, but it's usually one day before I don't feel good. But I've only had a couple of those recently and I assume they were the new COVID. Oh, really? Yeah, I assume. And you got it right into the day. Yeah, I assume this last one I got was the new COVID. This last one I got I didn't even do the IV vitamins. I was just too busy to sit down and just. What are they calling? New code like new code. There's so many strains dude. Yeah, I think we we We did a thing where they were trying to we were reading about it online where they were trying to document all the strains and how many were they up to Jamie? It's a crazy number. There's a lot of strings. I thought there was like four strings. There's no no no no. There's dozens [6:02] Yeah, they keep coming around new ones come around, new variants come around. What they're saying is this is just how we're gonna be forever. That stuff's just out there in the wild now. Those little gremlins. So that doesn't bow well for me, but I... Common call one, two weeks, men. Really? Yeah, I've had a cold like five, six weeks, many times. Wow. Lingering, not like you know, do you ever do IV vitamins? I've only done it twice in my life. It's so funny. I shot the special in December in Chicago. And the day of I woke up and I had a cold. Just because I was just running myself into the ground, right? So I woke up. My throat was like, it was hurting me, it was scratchy, my voice was raspy and I had no energy, I'm like, oh, freaking the fuck out, right? So I get to the theater and I'm telling them, like, I don't know what to do, like I feel so weak, I gotta do something. So Ari's feeding me these, all day long, he's feeding me these Baroko tablets, they're like these vitamin dissolving tablets that are... Right, he's into those. Yeah, they're like a hundred, you know, billion percent, whatever, right? [7:06] So he's feeding me those and then I get to the place and they get me the IV and the guy gives me a B12 shot. And then I had just started Vivance. What's that? It's for ADHD. So it's like an antaroll almost. Oh no. And I had just started a few days earlier. So I'm like, not really, it hasn't really like, I'm not really regulated to it yet. And I just didn't realize that his tablets are he would give me. I looked back afterwards and they were like cat, they all had caffeine. And then I got this B12 shot 20 minutes before I, the first show. And I was on the viven Vivance which was Adderall and it was the highest dose. I didn't realize that this was all happening to me and like three minutes of where I went out. I was the most wired. I ever was in my entire life of 40. Like I just was I was like literally and then I had the adrenaline just because it was the first taping. You know what I mean? Oh my god. [8:01] I just feel like I'm getting struck out. I was holding my hand that it was doing this Oh, I'm like, oh, he's crazy. Give me three of these fucking things today every one of them has 200 milligrams of caffeine Oh my god, I didn't give you three. I'm like you gave me three You didn't give me you get how do you look me in the face? I you were both there I was like it I'm tough for here in the second hand and then the beat I think the B12 shot just put it over the top. Oh my God. And it was like, it's a combination. It's time for his band. I didn't use one second from show one. Oh my God. So one second. The, is it like a Adderall or is it like a Adderall? It's Adderall. It's basically Adderall. Yeah, it's like same exact thing. And why did you think you needed that? Why do you think you needed that at all? I mean, I suffer from ADHD and little OCD for like my whole life. And it got... So what does that mean? Like when you say ADHD, how does it manifest itself in your life? So many ways. Mainly the thing that affects my life as I can't focus. [9:01] I can't focus on something for, especially if I'm like, this up in down days, but I can't focus on something for more than like, if I'm trying to complete something, I won't complete it. Like what kind of stuff? Like if I'm writing or if I have just stuff to do, anything at all, paying bills is that, anything that where I have to use my mind. Like, I'll be, I'll plant my ass down and I'll be trying to like write a send an email whatever my leg is shaking like crazy because I, I don't want to sit there. I just like, and I just, it's helped because I can multitask like 500 things at once, but it also hurts because I, it's really hard to get something done. I can't remember anything, so I only, I have like 50 lists in my phone. They're all labeled and prioritized that helps me But I have to use that although I won't remember anything Right I can't have trouble reading Like I'll read a page and then I will like I have no idea it was on that page I have to read the page again. So I ended up reading really slow. Is it with everything you read or is only some stuff? [10:03] It's anything that you read where that's not a problem? Books are tough, like long form reading. Like fiction or nonfiction. Just like just a lot of pages in between two covers. The genre doesn't play into the fact. So not even like a really like there's not one book that just captivated you and you like easily can read it. Yeah, I mean, like I said, this good and bad days. So if I'm reading a biography, I don't really read fiction. Oh, okay. Yeah, but I like biographies, really. If something like that, but honestly, it's really tough. I really don't read as much as, you have any books I've bought. I have a lot of books, but I just, so many aren't bought. I have a lot of books, but I just, so many are in open. I have one day I'm gonna read that. Do I have this guilt that I had? I think about that. I'm, when I, I know I'm not gonna do it. I'm like, I always to myself to read all these books. And I just keep picturing myself like on my deathbed. To be like the books. I can't. You know, it's wasted money. It is. But it's also, it's nice to have books in your house. [11:06] It is. I have this weird theory about books that I haven't read that are cool. It's like at least they're near me. Only some getting the energy off of that book, that really good book. Like whoever wrote it, whatever it is. Yeah, I can see that. I know that book's awesome. Yeah. I can't even listen to audio. You think audiobooks would be the solve? It doesn't matter. No, I can't listen to someone unless it's really, really good about it. It's hard to listen to someone drawn on, you know? It's hard, but a lot of them are really good at it. There's some really good voice over actor guys. Yeah. And including they do fiction, so they do a bunch of different voices. It's a real art form now. It's almost like old-timey radio stories or something Yeah, that I love I mean I love it. My buddy on on a I do a show with He has a bunch of books out published and One of the things we when does this come out? He's gonna So we do a lot of keep a lot of secrets from each other right and then surprise each on on the show, the show, if you don't know people I know, [12:05] it's just called the impractical joke. It's me and my buddies of 35 years. Fucking huge show dude. It's gigantic. It's crazy, congratulations. Thank you so much, thank you man. I remember when guys were talking about it in the parking lot of the store, when it was just blowing up. And people were talking about You guys are doing shows and they were just mobbed and everybody's like that show is huge. Yeah, it was wow. Not expected or anything. It was on true TV, you know? Yeah, which is like a not a network where people really blow up from. Right? There's a few though, but it just shows you if something's fun, people find it. Yeah, well there was nothing like it. They only did, they had no joke. They had two different porn shows. This is what we got on. They had two different porn shows. Three, three different towing shows. And two storage shows. And then they showed like the stupidest criminals of all time. And that was it. So we were the first comedy. [13:00] So I guess it kind of resonated on the channel because we were like alone in that manner. I heard a lot of those storage shows are for Gaze. So much of all the reality stuff is come. Oh, so a lot of it is. I mean, I'd say 95%. There's a lot of finagling going on behind the scenes with the truth just for narratives. If you pause the credits, like there's always like that fine print in the credits. Oh yeah. If you have to say that. They're allowed to like, they use it to create a theatrical piece that's not necessarily representative of what actually happened. I mean, brother, they've been looking for bigfoot for nine to use now. Well, no, it's worth that, right? How many to eat? How many to eat? Go finding bigfoot versions of the show that are like refinding them or research. Refinding him. Refinding him again. So many. So many fucking dorks in the woods. Looking for nothing. Even ghosts. It's like, I mean, people, I'm more interested in ghosts than I am Bigfoot. Me too. Because the thing about Bigfoot is, like, [14:01] I think it was probably a real animal. And I think there's some ancient stories that are passed down for thousands of years Sure, I think I think that's probably what it was but ghosts are weird because they're in every culture Right and I haven't experienced a ghost, but imagine if I did trying to explain it to someone I'm not sound like a fucking maniac like it's just a crazy person. Oh, I saw ghost. Let me try Okay, you see one didn't see one, but here's the thing. I don't believe in ghosts. Okay, but then I had this happen to me and now I don't really know what to like to what to feel. Q the spooky music. And his spooky music over there, Jamie. My family believes in ghosts. They're like they're all for it. My sister had a thing. She was she lived at home and she came home one day and she opened the door to her room and every single one of her closet drawers were open. Every single thing that could be opened in the room was open and it freaked her out a little bit and she asked if anyone did it and it was just my stepma my dad, they said no and she was like felt uncomfortable about that [15:01] and then she closed everything and then whatever, she used to lock it after that. And then one day, like months later, she had locked it, she gave it, she opened it, they were all open again. I tell her, I don't even believe, like I don't know what, she's not lying to me, but I don't know what to make of it, but I don't think it's a ghost. But my grandpa, That That's like the Hulk. That's not about to get in my socks. Yeah, that was like, wait for the candles to be lit. But my grandfather died in the house, but like, oh, yeah. But this is not, that's not what I was saying. One night I was home. There we go. It was foggy out. No, it's me. So I just live alone and I'm just I live alone and I'm just I'm in bed and I'm you know I'm laying in bed at my television is on and I I do lock even when I live alone I lock my bedroom door when I go to sleep I lock my bathroom door when I'm taking a shower I always have [16:00] right so my door is locked and I'm laying there and I'm watching TV and I sleep at a CPAP, right? So what's good about that is like, I can go all the way under the covers like a cocoon and I still have a form of debris. So I like wrap myself like a fucking burrito for real. It's so delightful. I'm like, the CPAP, yeah. He breathes in his scuba diving. This is the whole way you're scuba diving. You're sleeping. That's so crazy. So I love it. So I wrap myself over my head and everything. And what I really do, like what's really fun when you're in there is to just poke out a foot or just or a hand. That's really fun. And just get like a cool breeze and then wonder about what's under the bed's gonna bite your feet Sure a little bit it depends on the night, right? But like you know, I was a Sounder dangly I don't like haunts. I will tell you that I don't believe it goes But like haunted houses and scares we can get into that later. Wait a minute. What's the difference? What are they haunted by well like you know like fake ones even I'm saying. Oh, I don't even like I don't even like the [17:06] Like fake ones even I'm saying. I don't even like I don't even like the go through. Okay. No, I don't like that shit But it's not that's funny because the guy likes to play jokes on people Yeah, yeah, I mean well, I do I really play jokes. I don't know if I would I do really it's like Yeah, it's like the four of us. It's fun. Yeah, they're thick. It's crazy shit. We did but um you know Like about good haunted house? Like, ah, they jump out of nowhere and scare the fuck out of you. I'll tell you how much I don't like that. We went on the show, they know I don't like it. So they created one time they put me in a cornfield and they made it haunted and I had to navigate it. And then the next time they upped it and they got an old mansion and they completely built it all out and made it haunted and I just put me in there locked the door and made me alone in the mansion. And it's, did you want to really see like a collection of shit that will freak you out? Go to Zach Begins thing in Vegas. Oh, is that that like thing where they get really weird with you? He's got this like a zavisceral thing like they put a gun in your throat and stuff like [18:02] that. No, no, no, no, no. He's got this crazy mansion in Vegas. That's like a museum of haunted shit, a museum of like like they have Dr. Kovorkian, the van where he killed people. They have the van. Yeah. They have a bunch of stuff that Ted Bundy owned and a bunch of stuff that Ed Gain owned. Yeah, it's a creepy fucking play. This is the one I had the thing on my... This is the... Stupid. Holy crap. Oh, holy crap. Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh I Yeah, I See now I know I had to threaten that girl because I know look I here's a deal I should have ghost I know she's not even Not crazy I just mean I just don't like be the jump scares. I don't like it Like in the cornfield they've had a little girl right and I was 20 minutes into this cornfield [19:03] Where's this little label? Oh, it's lost here? This girl just stand there waiting for me. She's in like a dress. She's a little girl, pigtails and I see her in the distance and I go is that a little girl and then she just raised her hand and pointed at me and I had to follow this path that they laid out and it went past it had to go past the girl. Right. I don't know how to explain it, man. I know that they did this to me, right? But yeah, I was like, I know you're a little girl, but I will fucking punch you. I told him. I think when I went past, I'm like, I know you're a girl. I was like, look, I know I can beat you up. Don't jump scare me because I'm liable to punch you. I'm letting you know right now. That was the look, But, wait, it's all double back on this one. Corn is fucking scary to get lost in. Corn maize? Yeah. It's terrible. It's really weird. There's a place in California where they have a farm and they have a corn maize. You can walk around this maze, it's fun. Because you know you can eventually get out. Go in and lie. You get lost in this maze. [20:02] You get really lost and it's kind of confusing. And now imagine this is thousands of acres. Right? And you're in the center of it with no water. And you have no eye. You might be walking around in circles. You really have no idea. You may as well be on like the mountains when people die. Yeah, people die in cornfields, man. That's a real thing. I mean, I feel was ever in that situation, I'd just go straight and not stop. I wonder how many people over in history have died in cornfields. Just heat exhaustion. 11. Get law 11. Yeah, that's what you think. We had looked it up. For real? No. Let's guess. Let's say you guess. I want to guess, but then I, I think 11's a solid number. I think 11's are a good guess. Like 11 people over the course of America of dieting corn fields. No, back in the day. A lot. Think about that. But they didn't have monocrop agriculture back then. I don't even know what that is. That's like these giant corn fields. Where like in this country right now, look this up I think it's true. I think 5% of the land mass of the United States [21:07] is being used for corn fields. That's still, that's crazy. That's crazy. That's crazy. That's so crazy. I think that's correct. The guy on my show that I was... By the way, I just read the headline of that. I'll be real clear. Yeah. I didn't even read the whole article. I just read the headline of that I'll be real clear yeah I didn't even read the whole article I just read that okay well this guy he just might not be good he put a cornfield in his yard is five acres he built the cornfield register as a farm so you get tax breaks yes this sell fifty thousand dollars worth of corn in order to get it so how to do that right now how much corn is fifty thousand dollars worth of corn no clue it's it feels like a lot to me. Isn't it a lot to me? Because if you've seen government subsidizes corn, as well. Well, you know where it all came from? Came from World War II. So during the war, people need food. And they wanted to make sure that in the future, they would have stockpiles of food. You know, the war just ended, but who knows what's gonna happen now with Russia? We can be into it again, let's prepare. [22:05] And they started subsidizing corn production. Then they just started using corn for all kinds of extra stuff. That you're not supposed to use it for like oil. Yeah. Or corn syrup. That's those fucking. I can't find the percentage which I'm trying to get to, but I've got 97 million acres, which is about the same size as California. What? Wow. Oh, there's no shortage of that, then. There's so much, court. Okay, so like, what percentage of that is California's got to be more than 5% of the country, right? No, it's tough because they're not counting Alaska. Right, Alaska's so big. The Alaska is way bigger than Texas and Texas is enormous. I think Alaska is like three Texases. Really? I think that percentage of that coin you think we're consuming and what's going to waste. I don't know if it's a waste thing. It just goes because you can use it for so many different things. [23:00] You can use it to make alcohol. You can use it to make corn syrup. You can use it to make oil You know, I think they're just it's like a money racket It's like the corner of this market and people were better off when they were using actual sugar and people were better off when they weren't eating corn syrup and fucking everything. It's just not good for you and then you know What people think is corn or canola oil, that's not canola oil, that's rapeseed oil. That's an industrial lubricant that they figured out a way to refine down to the point where human beings can eat it not die immediately. People fucking put it on everything. This is the first time, like I really, like in the last like 10, whatever, when I was a kid we didn't eat I mean like my parents like I got I love them but like we didn't eat fresh Vegetables we got canned everything. This is about a third of America's corn crop is used for feeding cattle hogs and poultry in the US Corn provides the carbs in animal feed while soy beans provide the protein takes a couple bushels of American corn to make [24:05] Corn fed steak by some estimates a beef cow can eat a ton of corn if raised in a feedlot. Biltary cows and beef cows also consume silage, which is fermented corn stalks and other green plants. So a third of the corn crop is used to make ethanol, which serves as renewable fuel, additive gasoline. The rest of the corn crop is used for human food, beverages and industrial uses in the US or export to other countries for food or feed use. Used to make breakfast cereal, tortilla chips, grits, canned beer, soda, cooking oil, biodegradable packing materials. Have you ever watched that documentary King Corn? No. It's great. It's a good one to watch. It's a giant industry that's not good for us. That's like all the things that it does. Like you can do with other things and you'll be better. Right, right, right. This is it's captive. It'll never change. Also corn on the cob is fucking delicious. [25:00] That's the best corn. That's the best former corn. It's nothing wrong with corn. I love corn on the corn. It's great. I like Why is it so much cream? Cream of corn soup is I haven't had that oh I Maybe I have that three-tonk cream corn veer of cream. Yeah, I got a steak house. Yeah, that's it. Corn's great Don't get wrong, but on the cob. It's like it's the best the sweet corn that sweet corn with butter But Butter. When you take the butter and the butter, like, takes on the shape of the corn comp, because you just reckless, you run in a hole, stick a butter around that. You fill the whole, that's how I do it. Oh yeah. You hold the corn, you hold the stick and go like this. Oh yeah. Oh, fucking sweet corn, fresh off the grill with butter. Oh, well the best, so delicious. Three, four of those things. So delicious. I don't know why they're better. And you take that same exact corn and you like kind of put it, just take it off. It's good, but it's just better on the cob. It's also you're getting a melted butter in all the minerals and it's in your mouth while you're biting into it. Oh yeah. You know what else they use corncubs for and the 1800s? Pipes! Well, four toilet paper. Pop-up. Pop-up. Pop-up. Pop-up. Pop-up. Pop-up. Pop-up. Pop-up. Pop-up. Pop-up. Pop-up. Pop-up. Pop-up. Pop-up. Pop-up. Pop-up. Pop- abundant. God, it's soft and easy to handle. Oh, boorah! [26:26] Look at the sailors use something they call a toe rag. By the way, back then they didn't even run in water. So it's not like they're washing these things off. You're a sailor with a corn cob. You're going to use that corn cob over and over again. You're going to be smearing new shit over the area, over the old shit dried up. It dangled in the water to clean it off. Oh, yeah. A bit of a dangle. I'm gonna fix it up, lad. Hi. You ever think about like how we got, like how people would have sex back there? Like how would people still fuck back there? They were disgusting things. Think about how many years, it's only like the last hundred years that people are disgusted. Yeah, we were talking about St. Agnes who went his whole life. Was it St. Agnes? Yeah, I mean, back to it. [27:06] Anyway, take his whole life without having a bath. How did his whole life... He copped to that? If there was once a year or so long. No, no, it wasn't even that. It was like you were supposed to do that. Oh, yeah, like bathing, it starts to be a problem. I don't know what happens. I wonder what happens. Like what just happens if you never bathed? Like we just assume that you have to bathed. Maybe that's the source of a lot of our problems. We're not like covered in dirt and bacteria all the time. Like we're supposed to be like a normal animal. Maybe that war did rafting. Maybe that war did're acting. Maybe that warded off like I bet it. No, didn't did that. No, you don't think a T-Rex would be like, I don't know how we made it so far. I really don't. I really don't. I don't understand it. I mean, I know is the invention of weapons and tools and stuff and building houses, but God damn, we're so weak. Like how much different were we back then? [28:05] We are so fucking weak. I just can't imagine us without the houses and the weapons. Like how did we even make it that far? And how much of a change was it? Once we developed the houses and the weapons because we are so bitch-ass, like as an animal. Even if you're fit and in shape, even if you're a UFC fighter, you're like Islam Akachev. To compare to the nature world, our animal species is so bitch ass. Right, right. We're so bitch ass. It's insane that we made it this far. Yeah, it is, I guess just. Like just the fact that we even survived to the point where we made a bow and arrow. Like how? Not everything, not just run up on us and eat us. I don't know. And it's like the day, I always think about this too. The first, there's always the first time, first person. There was one person who was like, oh shit, hold on a second. [29:00] I guess. And now, I guess they probably stepped on things and cut themselves with it and then realize they could pick those things up and cut other things with it and then they figured out how to make those things. Yeah. And then we got email. Then we got email. Fast forward. Fast forward you got AI. Yeah. Fast forward. Yeah, I mean, could you fucking imagine being born, you know, in in Africa 500,000 years ago. If you put me in Africa now, if you put me in the forest right now. In the Congo, right? If you put me anywhere right now, I'm done. I don't know how to make a fire. I don't really, I don't know how to, I don't know anything, I can't explain anything. I can't explain to you how mirrors work. Cause some places like I was reading this thing. No, it was actually Paul Rosalie. Paul Rosalie was talking about this. They're like, if you get caught in the Amazon, do not try to make a fire because you won't be able to and it'll break your spirit. Like you're not gonna be able If you're lost in the Amazon, forget a fire. [30:05] It's not going to happen. You're broken spirit will kill you before the balance. You will realize how hopeless your plight is when it's impossible for you to make a fire. So now you're going to realize that everything that you eat is going to be raw. And you're going to have to catch things and eat them raw to stay alive. And now you're an animal. No. I don't even know. I'd be on the, I'd be on the, trying to catch a small animal and strangle it. And the likelihood of them finding you is so small. If you just go on a walk about, if you're like some wacky dude who goes off his meds and decides to go on a walk about in the Amazon, they're not going to find you. So many walkabouts just don't turn out well. A lot of them don't. Why why keep walking about it? Well why are walkabouts so romantic to us? You know like that movie with a kid who what was the movie called? Were you lived in the bus in Alaska? Yeah. Into the wild? [31:01] Oh yeah yeah. Into the wild like why is that so romantic to us? For someone who just goes out into the wild and even if the dude dies out there, that guy did. Maybe there's some type of like, whether it be just finding yourself or like just being at one with these elements as much as possible feels like something romantic I guess. Yeah. It feels like this understanding that we're disconnected from the rest of the world. It puts perspective for sure. It does give perspective. It's also like the more disconnected we are, the more ridiculous we behave. Like, where do people behave the most ridiculously in big cities? The most disconnected from nature, the most. You're living in concrete jungles, Hong Kong, F**k you most you're living in concrete jungles Hong Kong fuck you you live in New York City like you're disconnected from nature period fuck your park parks cute yeah park you it's surrounded by New York City like that is it's so unnatural it's so contained yeah it's actually contained by the city the park is contained yes it's not peaceful it's peaceful enough [32:02] right it's a nice park it's a lovely park but you've been through it all. You've been through it all? Yeah, I've been through the park. I mean, but lovely. Because it's like I thought I went to it, but then one day I like really went to it. It's like I went to like every area, which is there's so many things I didn't know. It's like really big. There's beautiful thing about New York City that they have that park in the center of it. It really changes the dynamic of the city. It does. I think it makes the city a more livable place, a more friendly place. Absolutely. I mean, it's crazy that you have this insane urban environment then inside of this massive park. It's like another world in there. It is. It is. But the difference between that and the woods, the actual woods, like the Colorado Rockies. The difference being out there in the, waking up and just looking and all you see in front of you is mountain peak after mountain peak after mountain peak and it just going along. That is a different feeling. That's the real feeling and that feeling is, I think that feeling is like [33:02] a thing we're supposed to get. I think that's supposed to be a part of our requirements of being a human being that we connect with the Earth. That the Earth sees us, we see it, we're out there in it, and we realize our actual place. We get all cocky in our fucking Uber, in New York City, getting out, buying a slice, and you think you're all disconnected. We think we're better than them. But we just trapped in our own little fucking zoo, the little zoo that we've created. But when you go out in the world, you feel so vulnerable. You go out into the woods. You feel so, so minuscule and but connected. Connected. But you're right. You start to feel where our place is. We are not as we are, bitch. S. Yeah. Yes. That's right. That's a bitch. That first wave that comes over you is a bitch. S wave. Bitch. Right. Compared to all the other things, bitch. I don't think I'm catching anything. I don't think I'm going to kill any. I, I, what but you know you ain't getting out of it. So it's like your survival mode is gonna kick in. [34:06] How long you last, I don't know. You probably go into shock. Right. Like, bear grabs it, you probably just go into shock. Well, I had this conversation yesterday actually. So would you be able to play dead? It depends on what the bear wants, man. See, there's two types of bears. Black bears and brown bears. Black bears or more like this is two types of bears in North America. Yeah. There's the black bears. They're also brown too. A lot of black bears are very, even blonde. They look blonde. Sometimes they're called color phase bears. But they're more like black bears are more likely to try to eat you. Oh, I thought they are more likely. No, they're more likely to try to bite you and kill you to eat you. Whereas brown bears for the most part when they're killing people. Grizzly? Yes. Brown bears are the big ones are the ones that are the coastal bears because they have access to all the seafood. That's why those are like those Kodiak bears. Enormous. Enormous. Grizzly bears. But there's the same bears, the same species. It's just you have the inland one, which is eating mostly animals and berries and shit like that. [35:06] And they have the coastal ones just gorging in salmon. And so they're fucking huge. They put me in a cage with two of them. They're actually less likely to try to go after you because they have an abundant food source. Like there's people that camp out by the river and watch these enormous fucking bears just eat salmon. But the bears don't want to have nothing to do with you. They're just eating salmon. Like the Revenant, right? I don't care what kind of bear it is. It doesn't bear coming at you. The bear has bad intentions, black, brown, white. And they tell you to lay down and just stay there. Like I know that like the bear's gonna catch you if you keep running, but you could, you think that you could play dead in that moment? No. It doesn't matter. It'll just start eating you. Right, so why did the thing get this advice? Because if it's a mama bear, so if a mama bear goes after you because her cubs are there, if you stomp and you scare her, like if you come too close and she doesn't know you're there, she thinks you're a predator she may charge you she charges you and bites you and you you should [36:06] play dead you should play dead with her because she's not trying to eat you she's just trying to protect her cuff okay she wants an eye but it doesn't mean she won't eat you either yeah how do you don't you want to eat dead when she's sometimes through this sometimes she just wants to eliminate the threat and then get her baby's the safety. Yeah. So that's why playing dead works with mama bears sometimes. So you just hope it won't run mama. But it's a big sometimes. It's a big sometimes because sometimes they just eat you. Like they're bears. We don't have like a fucking like treaty with them. Right. That's why my strategy is just not to put my job in a place where there are bears. That's a good move. You know? And it'll help you. That'll help you a lot in this life. Yeah. If you want to avoid getting by bears, don't go across one like that, like in just in the wild. The scariest thing I came across, I've talked about it too many times in the podcast, but to tell you, I saw a big mountain line from about 30 yards away. But I was inside my friend's truck and he spotted it. It was about [37:05] doska was in Utah in the mountains and we were taking this corner and he hits the brakes. He goes look at that cat and we look in about 30 yards away under a tree is this enormous, enormous mountain line with like a head like a pumpkin dude and these giant forearms and it's just sitting there We're like holy fuck man, and I had binoculars so I pick up the bino so I have these 10 power binoculars I'm looking in its face. Oh shit. Oh shit. And I'm but I'm protected. I mean so the car we have a gun I'm protected and I'm did you still shitting my pants? That's crazy. I felt like it like it Shitting my pants like I felt like it like it some primal fear yeah some primal recognition of an actual monster Yeah, yeah that that kicked in from the inside that I mean that's from inside yeah truck with a gun Doesn't matter when the bad doc. Yeah, yeah, you look at the shit and it's eyes are kind of because it's dusk [38:02] The eyes are kind of glowing a little bit. Yeah Yeah, yeah, no, no, thank you. That's dusk the eyes are kind of glowing a little bit. Yeah. Yeah, yeah, no thank you. No thank you. That's those are the real monsters. And I had a collie dog bite me once and I was that scared. So it's like I'm not going to. If your cat wants to fuck you up, that's a real problem. Yeah, I don't do cats. But imagine a cat that's 170 pounds. Yeah. Dude, it's so scary. This is so big. You ever see these guys on Instagram, like they live with lions? Oh, those guys are going to go crazy. On the couch and they're like, come over and they just feed them like a sandwich. You know, Melanie Griffith grew up with lions. No, but the whole house was filled with lions. Yeah. How does that, there's not something everybody everybody knows a house was free ride free Romance no no no they had pet lions. I mean enormous pet lions. What did she all these photographs of her as a child in California? This right wasn't where her wish but what was her family was cookie just this was your these would just cookie lion pets [39:02] Yes, it wasn't like they were like car nieces No, don't crazy lion people and they did a movie with these lions and the movies supposed to be like the dumbest movie of all time Illegal it was illegal to do this is the movie. What's it called again? What is it Jamie? Roar roar, so these are all their lines and a bunch of people got fucked up in the making of this movie too, but no shit I don't believe it because they used to actual real lions man and so like if we fucking sees Melanie Griffiths is in this stupid movie all these clips are these actors on right now yeah, they're acting with their pets. Those are real lions. Everyone I knew everyone of those people were yes. How was that? What was the insurance for that? insurance and shmarrants. You know, they're fucked up here with your insurance. Yes! How was that? What was the insurance for that? The insurance in Lawrence. You know, in the fuck guy here with your insurance. They locked me in a motel room with a tiger, a bangle tiger, and then Joker's movie. They pushed me into a roadside hotel room, closed the door behind me. I turned around, there was no knob on the inside, and I just was like, what is this for? [40:01] And I heard a grumbling. Oh my God. And then literally I was like, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, which is what are you talking about? It's chained to the pole in the shower. Bro, I also want you to look at that bitch as chain. I thought you would say look at that bitch as in the corner. Look at that chain. You don't think you can break that chain? I know he could. I was saying it. That is so crazy. Yeah. That's such a crazy thing to do. I just forgot about that until this it too. Fuck those things man. I said to them, oh fuck those things. This isn't funny, it's not gonna be funny so I had to make the movie. Like the first thing I said on camera is, do we have insurance in the movie? I couldn't even like play it up and I just stayed in the fucking movie. Dude, yeah. Fuck that. But Roy, Roy, look at that guy, that's a secret in Roy Same thing like he he raised that right tiger from the time it was a baby and he would tell you know why it had [41:06] There's all the speculation It was a lady with like some crazy hat on apparently and they think that like maybe the tiger was agitated by the late But it's all just get the got the tiger just decided to bite him Yeah, if that's all it takes is that tiger to get agitated by a lady Yeah, I mean you're playing with you're rushing to light your whole life. I mean, like, he would tell you a billion times over. I'd say, if it's safe, and then he gets his throat cut out. I don't think he'd tried to kill him though. I think it was carrying in a way like a cub. Yeah, I think his limp body, did they show that? Yeah, I don't think they showed it, but I think they have it. I don't think anybody no, he was paralyzed Yeah, but he kept the tiger right he was like I figured I'm I'm so ladies fall You can't trust those things I was just kid because when it goes he saw the one where the guy was He had a train grizzly bear for a movie it'd been in a few movies [42:02] Yeah, and it just he's doing this thing with you. And it just bites his guy's neck off. Just jumps on this guy's neck and tears it apart in front of everybody and there's nothing anyone could do about it. The bear just jumps on him for no reason. Dude, it's just standing there. Just totally standing still. And the bear just decides, I wanna bite you. Imagine what you feel in that moment knowing that no, no, no, you're going to die knowing that it's gonna be this way Knowing that people are watching and can't help and you're gonna die in front of like your whole life When am I going how's it gonna happen? It could have all been avoided like don't do that don't get out there This is just not it's not a hundred percent kids even if it's 99.9 percent that that little tiny one that when the bear decides To just do what nature wants it to do. Yeah. They want to kill things, man. It's part of the fun of being a bear. It's part of the fun of being a tiger. It's part of the fun. They like to kill things. That's how they survive. There's a reward system that's built into their DNA and we have this stupid belief that [43:01] we could just slide stakes under the door and they'll be cool with that. Yeah, and then eventually they just want I want to get my own meat. Yeah, like you're not the boss of me. So the tiger never attacked him during the Vegas show he saved my life I don't know Roy. I don't know if we're picking it up. Why does he think the tiger saved his life? Instinctively, oh, he said he might have been having a stroke. Hold on a second. Roy maintains that Monacoir was really trying to drag him to safety after seeing him felled by what he thinks may have been a stroke. He said he instinctively saw that I needed help and he helped me. Oh, he was taking medication for high blood pressure for years. Said he recently began to suffer dizzy spells, and this one spell unfortunately occurred in the presence of a very large tiger. He said, I started feeling weak. He still speaks slowly, but has recovered most of his German accent in speech. As I fell over, Montecor saw that I was falling down, so he actually took me and brought me to the other exit where everybody could get me and help me. [44:05] He knew better than I did where to go. So he's saying that the tiger fucked him up accidentally while it was dragging him to safety. That come out right away. I don't know, that's, I mean, that's, I mean. That's amazing if that's what happened, but they don't, tigers don't understand. You can't just drag a dude by his neck and not like break it. Yeah. Because we're bitch ass. He's like Lenny from Advising Man. Yeah, so you could do that to a puppy. Two gaping puncture wounds to the neck. Before passing out, it recalls that leave Montecore alone, bring him back to brother and sister, let him be happy. These guys are so great. I picture Roy Dupren from severe blood loss. This picture of like just blood sports. He's like, thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Leave him alone. Just bring him back to his brother and sister. Oh my God. Suffering from severe blood loss and shock, he was considered medically dead at one point when his heart stopped. He also suffered the stroke that would ravage the left side of his body. So was the stroke before or was the stroke [45:01] because of him getting bitten? I mean, if it was, it might be rationalizing. Yeah, yeah. He could have just had the stroke, and that would be bad enough, but he could have just had a stroke. Do they know when he had the stroke? No, man. I don't see it. What are you saying makes sense though, if that cat loves him and the cat sees him faint and the cat wants to drag him to safety. Yeah. Just they don't know they can't deal with bite you. You see the reunions with these, the reunions of like the trainers and they haven't seen many years like these like zoo guys. Oh yeah. That raise like tigers and set them free and then they reunite them. Oh. Like in the wild they reunite them and these tigers just come charging out the guy jump up and just thought licking them. Oh. Yeah. You see that and I think that's bad press to put out there really. I tell you the truth. Why? Because it's making them, it looked like a domesticated house cat. The thing that looks adorable, it's licking it. I'm like, maybe I can raise a lion. Yeah, I don't do that. Yeah, that's a good point. realizes like oh my god that life is so much better than this bullshit life at chasing gazelles [46:05] I know right, you know, like these guys are in this guy's like leather sectional in his house And he's feeding them. He's just throwing the meat. He's like playing You know like I'm like hot this guy's going to die. He has like 30 lions free roaming the house Yeah, he's got like a billion you Instagram followers I had to, everyone's following waiting for the post. Tiger scene in Houston neighborhood found after a week of searching and legal wrangly, a week. A week is crazy. Oh, wait, that's so crazy. You have a tiger rolling around for a week. Just dodging for a week. How is it hiding? Yeah, like how are they so bad at finding time? Anyone who lays eyes and not tiger is calling it in. Yeah, but don't you have helicopters and shent? Like, yeah, you don't let that go for a week. How do you get that? How's it? Where's it going? Where'd it go? Nobody gets lunch until they find it. It's like, you can't just let it go. Yeah, it's overtime, boys. Come on. Every night. bit tomorrow. We'll wake up early. It's not a tiny tiger. So it came right up to people. Is that what it's doing? It says it's an off to the police officer points a weapon [47:08] as the apparent owner retrieves the tiger that had gotten out. Oh my God. So this dude can just grab it. That's kind of cool though that they just let the guy grab his tiger instead of shooting it. Until they find like a bunch of dead dogs and cats. You think that that's a small tiger? I went to the Nashville Zoo, I got like a back stage, whatever, tour whatever. They had baby cloud leopards. That would just burn. I held them in my hand and fed them with a bottle, right? They were this big. I mean, you could have crushed it, right? And a year later, I was back there on the road, I went back and they said, do you wanna see the baby cloud leopard, you fed? And they build these outdoor structures, these cages. So they're living outside, but they're in outdoor cages. So they bring me in the cage, right? And we're with a few people, and they're like, that's the one that you fed last year. And it's like, now it's like, it was this big, when I fed them now it lean, like this big. Like bigger than any house cat you've ever seen, but like not like, you'd still think like, [48:07] you know, it couldn't hurt you as they tell you, whatever you say, whatever you do, just don't turn it back to it. So I was like, okay. And I was like, can this thing hurt me or not? Like why are we in here, you know what I mean? And at one point walk out turn around. It's swiped at me right here. I still have a mark for it. It swiped at me right here and sliced me in a droop blood. It wasn't a deep cut or anything. It just, like, missed it. It only did it when you turned your back. It's when I turned. I was like, oh my, it fucking did it. And it's just one line right here I fed you was yeah, yeah, it's something that's not looking anything. It's not looking. It's gonna get it And that's scary Built into its hard drive Dude, what about that lady got a face ripped off by the chimp? Oh just reading about that. Oh my god [49:00] I did for some some picture. I think I think I don't do it. Yeah, don't do it Yeah, that's a terrible story man That's horrific and like I think they have like audio of something like where she's just like Just 911 audio. Oh God. Oh, I mean those those chimps they like dismembered like this member you like they she he ripped her entire face All yeah, they try to ruin you They try to bite your fingers off they go for your genitals Yeah, they bite your fingers off they go for your genitals yeah they take your feet off that's how you know they got a that's a odd handbook for them that's like let me tear his feet off first I don't know who triple you yeah and I'm even trying to kill you they're trying to cripple you is that what they do yeah they're smart cripple you and then what evil and smart they're trying to win you can't build more fingers bitch just cripple you walk away and? And then you go and smile at the trend. I went up here and I didn't know more fingers, bitch. Just cripple you and walk away and be like, now live like that. Yeah, they don't just want to hurt you. Like they don't have any morals. They're just these wild and intelligent things. Why do they have a break point then? Why do they want to be just kind of... I don't know why want to kill you. I think they want to fucking hurt you. [50:08] You know, they punish you. They have like one of the more horrible stories was this guy had a chimp that he raised for a while and then it got big and it became a bit of a problem and he had to give it to a rescue center and he would go back with his wife and they would visit the chimp. And one time he went back and he brought the chimp a cake because it was his birthday. And the other chimp were so angry that they didn't get cake. You gotta be fucking good. And someone fucked up and left one of the doors open. And the chimp's got out. They figured out a way to get out. They open the door, attack the guy and just tore him apart. Tore his hands off, tore his face off. The guy who raised, uh-huh. It wasn't him. It wasn't the champion raised that did that. It was the other chimps. So the other chimps were jealous that they didn't bring them that he didn't bring them. [51:02] They can be evil. They can be evil. Like they they they don't care., that he didn't bring them to break the brick cake for everybody. They're evil. They can be evil. Like they, they don't care. It's not like a proportionate response to something. No, I think that's a, you know, a little bit. So they're intelligent, but they're also like ruthless in this crazy way that is incomprehensible. Like the worst, worst possible characteristics, you could ever imagine happening in human beings are just common, just common with chimps, commonplace. Man, that's another thing, like explaining these deaths. Like, you know, like his family down the line, he's like, oh, he brought out angel food cake to a... He didn't even kill him, just torn apart. He brought an angel food cake to a he didn't even kill him It just tore him apart. He didn't kill him. No, he survived And then he's got a life after that or what is how much you know his face is gone his hands are gone Part different bodies all fucked up. They just tear you apart. They go for your chick for your dick I want to have a physical cake now the guy they're probably done [52:04] Maybe it's probably should have brought four cakes. Yeah, it's probably a cookie guy only now. Well, I wouldn't, I wouldn't look a cake too dramatic if he even has the eyeballs. And it's not like, yeah. I had a chip, I saw a chip bite somebody. I went on his little, yeah. When I was little, we upstate, like what do they call it? Like George and stuff like that? Sure I know what it is. We go up there and we, like, or even the poke, like the cat skills. Beautiful. Yeah. So we would go up there and I remember we were at this like little, little resort or whatever and they had like entertainment and they had like a daily show and it happened every day and we were there for a few days. So I would go to the show every day was in this little like cabaret theater and This guy would come out a cowboy in all sequence outfit and he hosted the show was for kids and There was all different acts and he would bring them out So he brings out one of the acts he brings out they the stage becomes an a little ice sheet ice skating rink And the ice skater and guy'd say is maybe twice the size of this table It's just for them to do like little little twirls. And the guy comes out and he has a chimp dressed [53:07] as a cowboy in ice skates. And he's dressed as a cowboy in ice skates. And they start skating together and doing and he's holding the chimp and they're twirling and twirling and everything. And then the chimp loses control. Flies, he lets go of the chimpimp the chimp flies off the stage and the woman at a little cocktail table in the front He landed on her and bit her right here as he landed bitter right here and she I mean she was bleeding everywhere. She's so screaming And she's screaming and the guy didn't know what to do and he got got the chimp and they got back onto the ice and He like he was like, okay. And he took a chunk, you saw a chunk of flesh out. I was like eight. You know what I was like, I couldn't believe, and there was no one really there. There was like 15 people. The place was empty. It was like a weekday chimp ice skating show. No one wanted to see it. [54:01] It was like at lunch. And it was all dark in there. Like it was like at lunch and it was all dark in there like it was all moody and everything Oh my god, it was it was a real experience and this guy just was like all right That's that's gonna be the show for today and the next day they did the show with the champ The next day they did the show with the same girl No, no the woman was a patron patron. Yes. Okay. I don't know what happened But could you sue back then with the suing days? I mean, did you hear anything about it? I mean, I always ate. I kept my head to the streets, but nothing came over my desk. I mean, I had to imagine it was some time of a lawsuit. I can't believe though that like the chimp didn't get put down. Yeah, yeah. Well, maybe it did. Maybe it did. Wow. I don't know. It was wild though. They started to clamp down on that. They're trying to pass laws. I skate. I skate. I skate, or just regular. Can I regular once? Because like this lady in Connecticut just said, like it was legal what she was doing. I think they've changed those laws though. You shouldn't be able to have that. We can't wear shoes on a plane. Because one time, one time, one guy failed at doing something with his shoes. [55:06] Right. This lady gets her face ripped off to the skull. Still can have chimpanzees. Still climbing this, not a big deal. I don't know if you can anymore after her. Yeah, I think they changed. She was the woman that did it. I think, well, there was those two different stories that were bolt in the news around the same time. One of them was the guy that brought the birthday cake to the chimps, and the other one was this lady whose friend was visiting her. Just got the chimp tore apart her front. That was a bad time for chimps. Okay, under CT, is this Connecticut? It's illegal to import and possess all primates in the family, hominade, guerrillas, chimpanzees, binobos, and orangutans. Zuz that are accredited by the association of Zuz and aquariums or the zoological association of America are exempt from the ban. So they passed a ban after she got tore up. But that's just Connecticut. But there's places you could have them. I guarantee you could have them right here. [56:02] I guarantee. You see people with Crocs. People have crocs in their apartments. There's people in the fucking New York City. In New York City, there's a guy that had a tiger in his house. This is apartment in the Lake the Cops. So there's a very famous photo of the cops going up the fire escape and you're looking in the window, you see a fucking cat. I mean, a a big tiger dude. Yeah. It's just like this like bearing it's teeth. It's the nuttiest picture. Yeah. What is he supposed to do? Uh. Shoot it with a dart or something, right? I think you have the shoot it, shoot it. Yeah. I don't think a dart, you're not, I mean, I don't know what they did. I don't know how they did it. Well, good lord. Who's going cat in the apartment to shoot with a dart. Are you fucking sure you're gonna hit it? Yeah, I'm not going to hit it. I'm not gonna hit it. I'm not gonna hit it. I'm not gonna hit it. I'm not gonna hit it. I'm not gonna hit it. I'm not gonna hit it. I'm not gonna hit it. I'm not gonna hit it. I'm not gonna hit it. I'm not gonna hit it. would put a dart. He's still like dogs. Yeah. A dog? Yeah. [57:05] He should have a dog with a dart. I swear that Tiger just doesn't live there till it dies because who's extracting that thing? And then, Yeah. Well, what if it gets out? Yeah. The figures out that windows are like, you just go right through them. What about in the forest? It's a every day. Joe, it's every day. It's, it does, it's a, they don't have very many crocodiles. More than I would, more than I think should happen. I mean, people have their houses like blocked off so the crocs hanket in there. Yeah, it's outgators, mostly. Oh, outgators, yeah. There's a difference. Crocodiles are way more dangerous. They're way more aggressive. But did they cohabitate? They do in the Everglades, apparently now, not a lot, but they've had more than one sighting of Nile crocodiles in the Everglades. And there's some, some of the biologists have a speculation that there might be a breeding population. [58:01] Really? Because there's so many ass holes who just release things in the Everglades. I mean, you know the Python situation there, right? No. You haven't seen them at? No. No. No. No. The Everglades are infested with giant pythons that are all invasive. They're all pets or from research. Are you serious? Yeah. Yeah. So they're either from research place where people were working. There was some of them definitely got released there, but other ones are released just because there's people's pets. So asshole, some fucking dude is in the death metal. Has a python. It's like, you know, I can't feed you right now, but I'm gonna let you go and into your deathmire. I'm gonna hit top you back. Remember me. Yeah, that's the fucking monster loose in the swamps and it just they've decimated the swamp So the Everglades is missing like 90% of all of its mammals Everything they're eating algators now the pythons are eating algators. There's this crazy Photos can you I guess yeah, right? Well they died doing it because the alligator like worked its way partially out of the pythons body with its tail [59:05] It's like that's a lot fucked up photo because the alligator like worked its way partially out of the pythons body with its tail. It's like that's the most wild fucked up photo. They threw me in the swamps in the body in New Orleans with where alligator is where for the show. Jesus Christ. Yeah man. Why? You could die man. It's like real. You could die thing. I know. They dressed me as a bog. They killed his suit as like a bog monster and they put me in a swamp and I had to hide behind this thing. I mean, dude, the swamp swamp. Not like what I was, we took a fan boat. The water looked like chocolate milk. If you put your hand under those, sir. That's so dangerous. I know. If you put your hand under the water, this, this low, you couldn't see your hand, right? It's about 110 degrees that day. They put me in these gullies. I was nervous about germs anyway, so I actually literally wore a condom to go in there because I was free of stuff going on with my pee hole. Like no, no parasite. Oh, right. Yeah, yeah. I was just like, I don't know if it was gonna help, but I was like, why not? Right. You know, like wearing a mask. Yeah,, I just tried, you know, anything I can help me really, because I wasn't allowed to say no, [1:00:06] you can't say no to these things. That's the whole point of the show. When you lose, you can't say no to whatever's coming your way. So there was a fan boat tour that passed the route and they wanted me to come out during the fan boat tour so the guy could be like, fuck it with me. Not to scare the people to make me look like a moron and just, yeah, but didn't know for sure. Okay, this is fine. Nope. So they didn't, I told me that that was happening. But, so that's why I find this attacking me. But, so they, I had to hide behind that area over this, just getting into it. Yeah, dude. Would I worry about doing this in Louisiana is someone who's got a gun. And it's like, I'm finally killing me a big foot. Yeah, yeah. You know? Well, there's people that are not smart and they are armed. Yeah, yeah. [1:01:00] Well, I mean, I didn't think about it. I was worried about them. I was worried about them more than they would be the alligators. Yeah, scaring Why people In that moment though I Actually, I was so got so nauseous because it was a hundred five degrees of smell and I don't want to I threw up And I couldn't leave the where I had to stay for the bit So I was just standing up sitting like in my own throw up. Oh God. Yeah. Jesus Christ. And then, like about 15 minutes in, they go, oh, see how I get back. And they point and there's an alligator. And it's coming at me. And I, I think it's even a guy, and I go, ah, and I turn and I run toward the boat screaming. And there was a fucking remote control alligator that they got that I didn't even know existed But it was an alligator and for a for a good 10 seconds My reality was that an alligator was coming at me. No, I wasn't mobile look at the outfit. I was in I couldn't really move That'll be the end of the show [1:02:01] Yeah, and then the end of the show, but you were thinking about the show, right? Yeah, I mean, I was like I cannot what about all the basic cable fans? What about the people that work behind the scenes? The real heroes? Yeah, yeah, it's but don't do those things dude. Yeah, don't fuck around with nature. You want to do silly things with humans? That's great. We start getting swamped. If you were in far between it, it sounds like we do a lot of it. If you wanna talk about Python, just clamp the whole of your leg and start wrapping around your body and you realize you're trapped. You're trapped in this stupid fucking swamp. Well, you can't see anything. You don't know how to get out. And this snake's trying to kill you. You don't even have a weapon. You have nothing to fight it off. I hope I go by surprise. That wouldn't be much of a surprise. It would the beginning would be a surprise. I don't want to go in the rest of death. I don't want to know that in minute, there's death eminent in the next one minute to hour or whatever the fuck it is. When a python wraps around you, I'd imagine it takes a little while. I bet the fear of it taking a while, it constricting you is probably fucking just numbing. You probably can't think. You're probably so overwhelmed with fear. [1:03:07] There's things constricting your body and literally breaking your bones. It's like crushing you. I'm so scared of death already. And I think of death all the time. And never have I thought of it in the light that we've been talking about tonight. So we just added a whole nice new bucket for me. Yeah, animals have things you really need to worry about. Yeah. My friend Paul Rosalie, he lives in the Amazon and he got on top of a anaconda that was so big, he couldn't get his arms around it. Yeah. Why? He was seeing this thing slither through the water and it was kind of dark out. And you'd have to go listen to the clip on YouTube to get the exact wording of how he said it, but he essentially wanted to try to hold on to it because it wasn't gonna try to combat. He took a chance and it wouldn't attack him. So he just, I don't know. [1:04:00] He's just fucking insane. Everyone thought he was insane. Big dude. Like why? I don't understand. It's so big that he couldn't get his arms around it. Is that what he's doing? Basically like my size, maybe a little bigger than me. He couldn't get his arms around it. Does he work with? Well he works with the rainforest. He works in the rainforest. He has to. No, no, no. His whole thing is is saving rainforest land. And what they do is they take these people that were hired as loggers and they pay them more money to protect the rainforest. Cause it's basically just poor people. And they're doing that. They've saved like millions of acres of rainforests and he's worked. So he actually lives out there. So he sees these things and he said, this is the biggest one he's ever seen. So you don't even know really how big the biggest one is. Yeah, it's just like the limited number that they've measured and come in contact with. Right. So what was his end game? I just wanted to like experience that I think, like just grab a hold of it. He didn't think it would bite him. I don't remember him talking about this. He tried to get eaten by a snake at one point, [1:05:00] about 10 years ago. He tried to they tried to different they filmed it for a show They tried he tried to get eaten by the biggest anaconda. They could find what they're gonna do They're gonna kill it when did you have like some quite a crazy suit on yeah, he had this suit on here that are preventing him from dying Fire oh god, that's so ridiculous. Yeah, I don't know how I got me and look it's got head around them Jesus Christ Wait what yeah, that's hilarious So that so that dumb idea balls So that suit is for running the strength of that snake from pushing him That's how did you see Jamie see if you could find that video of the largest anaconda ever discovered These guys are swimming under the water with it in this river. It's insane These guys are swimming under the water with it in this river. It's insane. That's what I was trying to do. It's insane. These guys are swimming down there in the water and this thing's moving along the bottom of the water. And it's head is like this big. It's like a crocodile or something. It's so big. It's head is like way bigger than you think a snake's head should be. [1:06:02] Like bigger than a human head. Under water is scary to me than the forest, even. Underwater is another planet. There's another aliens. They are aliens. And there's no doors. There's no doors. You never lock yourself in a room, like, woo! Finally, I'm all over. Nobody gets to relax. Wow, it's unobstructed. Yeah, there's no doors. Yeah, look at this. Whatever thing, dude look at this thing It's 26 feet long Look at these guys swimming by it and what is that eating? To sustain that size to sustain that size. What does that thing? Everything look at his right to it. Look at the He's got an official price goggles set from CVS. What is he doing? He's being a dork. Look at his outfit. He's got his watch on. He's got a mold. He might be one of them influencers. But whoever this fella is, or maybe he's just a scientist that's a young kid. But whoever this fella is, like, you got balls. Just assume that thing doesn't want to just eat. But it's not even balls though. It's not even balls though. It's like, it is balls. His name's Dr. Freak. So you still don't know [1:07:06] if he's a doctor or an influencer, then. Yeah, I don't know. Freak Vonk, is that what it's like? Dr. Freak dies fucking with a bowler. I can see it. What a great name. Dr. Freak. He sounds like he should be like, like a one of them DJs Yeah, Dr. Freak's here with the best name Marshmallow You heard the best name of her Salad man, just a great freaking name for like what for a human as a human name Yeah, like just as someone's first and last name I don't even thought about that nothing comes from mine. Yeah, I'm about you Someone just said some to me the couple days ago and I was like that is the fucking coolest name I've ever heard but I don't fucking remember. But like it's was something like Enrico Palazzo. It was like something like a good flairful. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Name is, if you, if you have a flairful name and you're a fucking loser, that's got a suck. Yeah, you know, you got some beautiful name when you turn out to be a loser. Yeah, he's a presenter, but he's also a doctor. Wait, that was what I want to talk, call him Dr. Freak if he's not really a doctor. [1:08:08] Was that a real bad thing? That's real. That's a bear with wings right there. That's a, but that's a perspective thing. If you've got to look where his feet are, he's standing behind it, the bats in front of the camera. Still, no, it's probably kind of big it's he's not that far behind his he's far enough it's a it's I mean yeah but if he got like right up to it it would be about that big no the rap body the body part you you you got close to it I don't which kind is it by the way how do those things exist and we don't talk about them. We'll see them more. Well wing length is five wing length is five feet. Okay It's like the foxes fox size. Oh, fuck that. Oh really like fox size. Yeah. Oh, okay. Look at this lady. Oh my god Dude, that one's fucking oh my god. Look at that. That's like bram stoker's Dracula. We're Gary Oldman turns into one of those [1:09:07] That's what it looks like who's who who's even going near those things? What are they? In Bali. There's a large, I guess fruit bats. We're so lucky. They just like fruit. Oh You know, yeah, so like so the same way cows feel about vegans like So happy you ever go over here to see bats. Oh, yeah Is it really 1.5 million? I didn't count. No, that's the stat they give you. Yeah, that's the stat. I don't know, but it's an insane amount of that. It's a sight to see. Oh, yeah, it's crazy. I've seen it from a distance, but I've never gone and stood there. It's cloud of bats. You get shit on? Well, you probably would if you were under them. You know, like where where the bridge meets the water. So I imagine when they're flying out, they shit on the water. You know, there was a couple doctors died because they were standing in front of this cave in Africa where bats, it's like fucking millions and millions of bats in this cave. And every night they would come out and they wanted to get photographs [1:10:00] of these bats coming out of the cave. So they're sitting there waiting, the bats come out of the cave. So they're sitting there waiting, the bats come out of the cave and just trench them in shit. Millions and millions of bats just shitting in their face and they didn't think of that. And they got some crazy hemorrhagic virus and they were both dead in like a matter of days. Again, I'm just taking another o-bit for that. Well, like, you know, you tell them, they're great-grangles, like yeah. The great-grangles, all they got shit on by too many bats at one time. Yeah. And it just went south from there. He was a bat scientist that didn't think about this one thing. Yeah, like what you know, one thing, you How do you not know that's about to happen or maybe they just didn't think would be the volume it would be See if you can find that case I've already looking I found it that sounds different. How did it come to be down here? How did it why is that why are they all here? It's a good question I don't know but apparently they eat the mosquitoes. There's more in Houston Oh really? Yeah, that's a migration and a mixture of two different colonies from like they fly for Mexico. They're so cool. When they come out at night and you hear them. [1:11:06] Yeah, that's the sound they make. You see I'm fucking fine. I'm like, well, look at them all. They're cool. And they apparently do just fuck those mosquitoes up. Imagine the bats weren't around. We had like way more mosquitoes. Because apparently they do have mosquitoes. Yeah. You guys don't have mosquito problems down here that I'm so weak. We do. We have, no, I wouldn't say it's a mosquito problem. Like Alaska has a mosquito problem. You ever been in Anchorage in July? No. Bro, you get out of your fucking car. I remember it was August 1st. You get out of your car, it's like a scene from the birds, like the Alfred Hitchcock movie, or Albert Hitchcock. No, I went to Australia and the desert and stuff, and they give you, we had to wear nets, because they just, like did the bugs just land on you and just stay there? Is it Alfred Hitchcock or Albert Hitchcock? Alfred, right? Yeah. Once you say it wrong, your brain goes, [1:12:02] wait, which one's the right one? Yeah. Those words, you don't hear Alfred or Albert anymore. Kids these days. No, there's so many things you don't hear. You do not get called Alfred. Alfred's dead. Yeah, Alfred. I've never heard that name. I think Alfred is probably more. It's a beautiful name. It is and I think it's probably more Alfred's than other names though. Adolf offs gone. Yeah, that's rap. Yeah, just you can name your kid gangus. Nobody would fucking flinch. Yeah, right? Do killed 10% population. I know everybody like wow, what a cool name. Oh, cool. It's virtual. You feel connected to the Mongols. Like everybody would be cool with that name. Is like as in con you can call them Temujin which is Genghis Khan's real name Because really yeah, that was a con was a stage name no, it was like Con he was a con the con is the ruler and I think I don't know what it means what is Genghis mean [1:13:03] It's crazy and it's something about who he is as a ruler. But his name, he was born, his name that he was given at birth was Temogen. Hmm. I didn't became a con. So you could call your kid Temogen, and you'd be naming your kid after someone who killed 10% of the population of Earth while he was alive. You think gangus have a thought as its ancestors would own the Jacksonville Jaguars? It says, Temmajin formally adopted the title Genghis Khan, the meaning of which is uncertain. At an assembly in 1206, carrying out reforms designed to ensure long-term stability, he then transformed the Mongols tribe structure into an integrated meritocracy dedicated to the service of the ruling family After Thwarting a coup attempt from a powerful shaman. Oh, what a wild time to be alive Warlords and shaman's are trying to get a coup on you Gangus began to consolidate his power in 1209. He let a large scale raid into the neighboring West Western Z [1:14:06] Who agreed to Mongol terms of following year? Yeah, he's done a lot of wild shit. We could go on and on for that He killed a lot of fucking humans man. Dan Karlin probably had the answer in his Podcast about that probably right this is just the from the Wikipedia. Yeah Yeah, Dan Karlin's podcast is the best source of that. If you want to know like a cool story that's entertaining, that you could follow along with, it's the wrath of the con. The wrath of the con. It's all about that, dude, I was like, but my point is like, you could name your kid Temmaging. Nobody would freak out. Name your kid Adolf and he can't hang out with my kids. Yeah, right. You what's number two? Eight off is a layup, right? And there's no way everyone knows no eight off. Right. Is there a, is there even a two? Is it just he alone on the zone? I think he's alone on his own. Yeah. Right. Because like Joseph Stalin existed before I was born. [1:15:00] I'm Joseph Rogan. Like nobody flinched on Joseph. Yeah. I'm Joseph Rogan like nobody flinched on Joseph. Yeah Such a piece of shit, but yet you can still say it. Oh, some a bit lot. Oh, yeah Well the rest these are not real. Yeah, Osama would be a hard one. Yeah, that's a hard one who's saying would be a hard one Legal baby names in the United one. A legal baby named Znina of the States. Illegal? What? Jesus Christ, you can't name me, could Jesus Christ. You can't name your kid King. You're kidding me, you're kidding me, right? You can't name the kid, it's a law. Ah! You can't name your kid Santa Claus. You can't name him the atsimals. don't you can't name your your your your your kid majesty? Why not? Why can't you name it 1069 wait a minute? You can't name your kid Messiah, but you can name him Muhammad right? Help me out. No doesn't make any help me out because a lot of kids are named Muhammad. Yeah. Yeah [1:16:01] Yeah, but why but why 1069 what the hell is that? Robocopop illegal in Mexico No my friend No, we draw the line my friend You know what's funny is that like is that like they getting caught in the hospital? So it has to get words and then I'm not gonna do it one day. It's a police like you got to rename your son right now See your, it will Robo cop. This is from the, yes, per certificate. Robo cop Martinez. Oh my God. Oh my God. The N words on there. Yeah, there's a lot of them. There's a lot of illegal names. I didn't know. I didn't know you couldn't name your kid Jesus Christ, but I know a dude named Hans Wooz. Sure. This is Jesus, I mean, this is Jesus. Right. Can't feel the Christ in that. What if your last name is Christ? And you want to name your kid, hey, Suz? I mean, there's some Christs out there. Yeah. Some dudes, their last name is Christ. Yeah. What are they supposed to do? They didn't You can't do that. How come you can name yourself Muhammad? How come you can't name your son Jesus? [1:17:06] Think about how many Muhammad's or think about it was like... If it was invoked to name your kid Jesus. Why? Just millions of Jesus. So many Jesus'. Because if you think about how many Muhammad's there are, why are they not an equal number of Jesus'? We don't allow it. It's a weakness in our religion. Because if you think about how many Muhammad's there are, why are there not an equal number of Jesus'? Right. We don't allow it. It's a weakness in our religion. That would be come meta. Because Jesus would be really omnipresent. Yeah, the Christians should get together and say, guys, it's a weakness in our religion. We gotta let people name themselves Jesus. Yeah, I mean, it's encouraging. I'm gonna change the name of Jesus. I'm gonna change the name of Jesus. You know what I mean? Jesus Robinson. Yeah. Everybody just comes Jesus and then whatever your last name is. You know, I knew it Jesus and as I'm thinking of this, I was able to compartmentalize it. I didn't think of Jesus every time I called Him Jesus. Was he actually Jesus? He was called Jesus. Not Jesus. We call Him Jesus. Yeah But was he Mexican? He was of some like Hispanic descent. I don't know what. [1:18:05] Did his mom call him Jesus? He was my nephew's friend. I didn't know him like. But everybody called him. They call him Jesus because they couldn't say Jesus or there was this. They were actually Jesus. I think his name was Jesus. Really? Yeah. What about Jesus the comic? There's a dude that's... Trago, right? Oh, Jesus. No, that's Jesus. Michael and Jesus. Okay. Yeah. Right. But he's Mexican. They don't say that one. They don't say that one. Yeah. It's a different thing. But how do they say Jesus though in Spanish? Is it in Jesus Christe? It is, but we- So it's Jesus. Everybody't that wild? Stop for a second. So if you're Spanish of Latin descent, it is really popular to name your kid Jesus. Because Jesus is a super common name. That's what it is. It's stuck up white people in America. Won't name their kid Jesus. It just takes a courageous person right now listening to our voice. Just a courageous person out there to name your kid Jesus. [1:19:04] If you name them Jesus, that second second name that last name has to be Yeah, it's got to go with it. I think a lot of things won't go with Jesus. You know what goes best with it? fucking Jesus Jesus fucking Robin Can you do that? Can you name your middle name fucking that'd be so great? I don't know if you can but I think you can legally change your name more likely than you can be naming a baby that way. Okay, yeah. Cause your name would be like you rude asshole. You're gonna name your kid, this little beautiful innocent baby, you're gonna name Jesus fucking Robert. Right? Right. Right. Right. No, you'd have to, but if you were an adult, you'd like look, I'm 38 years old, things are not getting any better. This is life for me. I want to be Jesus fucking Robinson. That's what I want to be legally. So very least I pull my ID out. What's your name? Jesus fucking Robinson. It's good. [1:20:00] It says it on the wall. It's a good name. It's all the name. Especially if you could do something real good. If that's your actual real birth name and you're really good at like fucking fixing cars. Yeah. You know what I mean? You're gonna get your car fixed, but it's fucking robbing, too. I was almost a Steve. My mom told me. I was almost a Steve. My dad's south, so I thankfully I got as a name. That's a better name for an Italian. Steve is a, you know. I'm half. Yeah, but you look Italian. I do. I actually just did 23 of me, like all the extended package genetic thing. I just got my results by a couple of days ago. Pretty crazy. Do you do like what did you like did you like what you glean from it like it was an interesting or it was pretty much what I thought it was yeah I'm Somewhere in the neighborhood of three quarters Italian and one quarter Irish and there's There's like percentages less because there's like one point six percent African one percent Asian and that's it seems to be mostly just Italian [1:21:02] Yeah, it all goes back to the same. Mine were, they were able to connect me to, it's set in there, there's like about, the woman, it was 150,000 years for the male, it was 275,000 years. They said if you trace everyone back, it'll go to one person. Because even though there were a few thousand, those, a lot of those, that DNA and that lineage died off. And this is, like, there was this one that, like, just ended up getting through. Like, it literally just read it, like today. I took a picture of it on my phone actually. I mean, let's see. Just the unliklihood of you making it to 2024. Like, your genes, if you were a person that lived 50,000 years ago, your kid had a kid and kept going, no, they had a kid, someone had a kid, kids, kids, kids, kids, kids, here we are, 50,000 years later, your genes are still popping. It's insane. It's just wild to me, yeah. [1:22:01] So the first man to carry likely lived this gene I have like lewd in southwestern Asia Or the Caucasus between 46,000 and 54,000 years ago His male line descendants appeared to remain rooted in the region for tens of thousands of years while the ice age was in full swing Then around 11,500 years ago the ice age finally gave way to the warm climate blah blah blah blah blah But hold on, this is the guy. The human species was confined to a relatively small range in eastern South Africa. Over time, members of this gene pool migrated. If it was warm and said you could trace it, right? If every person living today could trace his or her maternal line back over thousands of generations, all of our lines would meet a single woman who lived in Eastern Africa between 150,000 to 200,000 years ago. Though she was one of perhaps thousands of women alive at the time, only the diverse branches of her DNA have survived to today. [1:23:02] The story of your maternal line begins with her. Holy shit. And for the guys, it's 275,000 years ago. Current evidence suggests he was one of thousands of men who lived in Eastern Africa. However, while his male line descendants passed down their Y chromosome generation after generation, the lineage is from the other men died out. After time, he was the lone guy. And this is, they told me I'm related to this dude, you ready? Literally a known guy, O.T. the Iceman. No way. I swear to God, let me reach this. I freaking. I've seen that story a hundred times. Have you? That story's crazy. This is what it says about this dude, hold on. It says, O.T. the Ice man was discovered in 1991 protruding from a snow bank. Yeah, look at Jamie to show some pictures of. Yeah, we've shown it before. Oh, you know, you know, I know the exact story. So that's it right there. Look how dope it looks. They found him as the glacier melted. That's my, I got an arrowhead stuck in him. That's like my uncle. That's nuts, dude. Yeah, that's your, you're related to that guy. Holy shit. I mean, isn't that saying? Well, I mean, we probably a lot of people are oh it's tattoos [1:24:09] Did he really? Yeah tattoos really? Yeah We looked like Had the world oldest tattoos it said see if you can go back to that thing that you were reading just there right below that right there That's it Had the world's oldest tattoos, how are they made? The oldest tattoos that we know about right? See it 61 tattoos. Which is, yeah like a tramp stamp? Yeah, yeah, a tramp stamp. Oh, it's a bunch of lines carved in them, interesting. Look at that, all those lines. Even back then they're like tattoos. Yeah, and they're wild. Yes. Might've been a part of ancient healing technique. That's just guessing, right? It's said that he was murdered. Did you see that? Oh, he was the arrow, but it said he might have been from someone or might have been someone that he knew. Mm. Chemical analysis of his teeth indicate he came from the Italian side of the Alps. He suffered during the year before his death [1:25:01] with whipworm, a stomach parasite that was found in his digestive tract, yet he was fit enough, eiling with whipworm for a year to climb 6,500 feet in elevation during the day or two before he met his end in a rocky Alpine Hollow. Apparently was murdered, struck by a stone arrow point that was found lodging his left shoulder. The twisted position of his body indicates that the murderer, or one of his accomplices pulled the arrows shaft out of his prone body Wow, whoever killed him didn't want his valuables because he had a rot copper axe still still with him Wow, they just wanted to kill him Wow and you're related to that dude that dude jizzed in someone Literally, yeah before he died by an arrow He jizzed in someone that made it to 2024. I'm not here if he's not there. No, you're not here if he didn't get that nut off That's fucking yeah probably some tattooed up crazy cave lady two of them just grunt and smell like shit [1:26:02] Two of them just grunt and smell like shit I mean not What's up, baby? Can we have fucking baby and fucking 50,000 years later show on truth We're on TBS now actually it's kind of really is kind of crazy if you think about how the the timeline of people goes I mean, it's we can't imagine living back then. It's just unimaginable. I can't put it in my head. How long ago? What is the exact thousand years ago that guy's supposed to live? That one said 50,000. I mean who can wrap that up? 5,300 years ago. Okay. But the first man was 200 and they have DNA from his 275. So he's from 5,000 years ago. Just imagine. 53,000. He's a kid. Imagine 5,000 years ago you just get dropped off. And you have to just exist. Yeah, I mean, even imagine like language, right? Even the primary language is like, it's still with secular. [1:27:03] Even if you had to travel somewhere and you had some type of language that you kind of rooted with who you were with, that didn't translate when you came across someone that you didn't know. Yeah, you go to Vietnam. Good luck talking to people. So was it just I guess like, you know, was it killing people on site or did they kind of go by like body language? I think people who traveled had to learn languages for sure. Yeah, you probably had to have people help you or work with somebody from that but How many of them can you learn? Like and where if you're living in Somewhere in North America and you go to China and like the 1800s. Yeah, how much Communication can you do? Did you oh did you see that new that new thing they're working on, the AI earpiece? It's fucking nuts, is it? Ted talk about it. So this guy, he's like, okay, this is an all new thing that they're doing. He's in a restaurant. He goes, my friends across the other ones are in the restaurant. Did you see that? Then he isolates his voice. And then he's speaking in Spanish and they do real time, not translation. [1:28:06] His voice is reinterpreted in his voice in English as he speaks Spanish in real time. And he's hearing this isolated from across the room. That's fucked up. It's crazy. I mean, in one respect, you literally eliminate every single language barrier across earth with this technology. But in the other, you're Superman. You can listen to a conversation, it can isolate a conversation from a, you know, it's I think it can only isolate that conversation if those people have those things on too. But why would anyone wear that? Well, you would have to let someone use it. You know what I'm saying? Like if you were talking to someone through that on the other side, am I wrong? No, they weren't talking. He was listening to his conversation. He was just listening to just I thought it was the people in the room having the conversation. This guy was in a they were doing this guy was in the room with the earpiece on. He's looking at a clear across the room at two people at a table talking and he's just listening. So he said isolate. Oh, I misunderstood. I thought when I saw the narrating that what they were saying, [1:29:06] what he was saying was you could do that if you were those two people, you could isolate. No. Oh, you could just listen to that. Yeah. Oh. Yeah. Oh, that's fucking creepy. But he wasn't pitching, this is the TED talk. So it's like, I don't know what the technology, yeah. technology. Yeah. Hey, uh, can you enhance the sounds that are right in front of me? How far away is he from them? I think he says in the beginning they're across the room or something. Oh, I guess he's. And, uh, can you turn that baby down? No, he's on That's better. You know, I'm still having a little trouble hearing Pedro. Can you isolate Pedro for me? No, he's on stage right now for the TED Talks, so he's not with them. Manek Hamos, that's perfect. And you know, my Spanish is a little rusty. Can I hear Pedro but in English? Yeah. And at the end of the trip, we came back to the city [1:30:03] to visit the historic center. That's the same. Show close all programs. That's the same. What you just let it go. TURG was a beamforming app with a computational auditory scene analysis app, a machine learning denoising app, an AI transcription and translation and text-to-speech with style transfer app. So these are not just fancy looking earbuds. They're an entire computer and We think they're gonna replace some of what we do with the visual computers that we're used to Right cuts off right there. He's the thing though What was he watching was he watching a video of people talking and then do that because that makes more sense I don't think he's actually eavesdropping on people across the room I think what he's doing is watching a video of people having a conversation and tuning in to those people and taking all the outside noise out and then translating those people in that video in real time. I think. What's he watching a video of those people? I think he's watching a video. Okay. Which makes more sense. [1:31:01] Okay. Is that right? No, I'm alright. Well that the problem is is that they're showing something that probably doesn't work that way also They're bullshit Um, but when they're showing it are there why he's watching a video though, right? That's why I'm trying to show you what they're doing because he's on stage Yeah, he's on stage. It's not like it just happens to be a cafe in the room where no one's noticing correct But he that's part of why it's just a weird tech demo of showing you don't really know what they were doing and how much work was set up to do that specific very split. Did it just translate the sentence? They wanted it to translate. And was it all planned in advance? And then they show like they did do a setup here. So I'll let him explain what they did. So it's actually impossible to demonstrate this experience until you hear it with your ears yourself. But to give you an idea, we have tried to simulate it for you. Oh, OK. So imagine that you're sitting in a noisy restaurant. Oh, OK. OK. So it doesn't work in that. Yeah. But it's going to be able to do that. [1:32:01] If he's doing a TED talk on it it and they're getting this far along with it, unless he's like, what's that crazy lady, Elizabeth? What's her name? What's her name again? Elizabeth one, I want, Theranos, it's a name. Theranos. But was her last name? The crazy lady from San Francisco with the blood company. You know what I'm The Varanos? Oh yay! Let us see how it ended up just was straight bullshit. It was a whole trip. It was a trial, man. Oh yeah, she's lost. Yeah, I mean, the story behind it is crazy. It's like some people were testing them and they're like, hey, this doesn't work. I'd get out of here. Like, the little little, just this wild scam. I have my DNA, this These are saved. DNA and sperm. Yeah. Yeah. I got, I'm more, I had the option. I was like, let me do it. You might as well. You got all the way from the ice man to today. Be shame for you. Oh yeah. You know, if they died here, that's it. Did you hear about the cryogenic people? You know, like they started cryogenically freezing people. Yeah, some of them like it didn't work. No. The one like headline was like, [1:33:05] yeah, they were scraping, goo off the bottom of the thing. Oh, yeah. Whoops. Oh, wow. Yeah, like if the power goes out and you thought, that's what happened. That shit's fascinating. Isn't it only like one company or something that's doing that or a- Imagine if you're to heaven, and you're like, God, I'm free of all my earthly polls, and I just feel one connected and also, and shhup, you get sucked back to life again, and they're stitching your fucking head on this new body, and you're alive now, but you're paralyzed, but with new technology, they can keep you alive forever, right? No! No! And what year is it? Congratulations Walt Disney's back. No! You're a stripping. You're a stripping. Imagine if you were in heaven. Yeah. Imagine if during the process of reattaching your head it made your mouth paralyzed so you couldn't even talk. Hell. That's hell. [1:34:00] It's like the fucking movie where they eat each other so too and the's ass could you imagine if you're you're dead for like a hundred years and a hundred years of heaven This is so much nicer than being alive. Oh my god. Everyone's just there's no arguments It's just love beauty and and just the expression of love and geometric patterns and it flows through you And we all bathe in it. No one needs to eat, no one needs to sleep. It's just love and also like a funnel. Clear, fucking you back to. Oh, yeah. I just stitch in your fucking head. You can't talk as your mouth paralyzed. Yeah, and they pay for that. Psh, a lot of money, too, probably. Also, I think it's more money if you want the whole body. The one thing I was like thinking is like, let's say, let's just say, right? It works the way, one day, the way that they thought it would work. What are you coming back to? Everybody that didn't do it is dead, you know no one. You probably are to adjust to the wherever society there and now, who knows how people would treat you? You're really signing up for something, [1:35:07] what are you signing up for? I think they're signing up for the hope that if they do get reincarnated, it's like space 2001. You get reincarnated to this crazy, futuristic world where they could sht. Welcome back. Welcome back. How was your trip, sir? You think they're trying to preserve consciousness? They're consciousness? I don't know what consciousness is really. Here's the question. I mean, I know I'm conscious. I know you can have this conversation. I think therefore I am. I know I get it. I don't know if consciousness is something the brain tunes into or whether the brain is conscious. I know if you damage parts of the brain, it damages parts of your consciousness and damages different things that you can do. And they're pretty clear on what parts of the brain are responsible for different things. But I'm not sure that consciousness is something as simple as neurons firing and your brain [1:36:09] interfacing with the world and using all its senses. I have a feeling that we might be short-sighted because we can't, and again, this is not scientifically provable, so you have to be just speculative about something like this. But I have a feeling there's probably quite a few things that we're not totally in tune with to the point where we can measure them. And I think consciousness might be one of those things. And I also think we are all weirdly connected in some strange consciousness web, some strange net of human beings. I think we're all connected, all of us. It's just a further those people are away, the less you feel that connection. But I think we're all oddly connected already. Before we get to the cell phones in your head and everybody being telepathic, I think we're already oddly connected. [1:37:00] We just don't necessarily feel it all the time. Yeah, I hope it's something. I mean, I really do You have it you have it think did you have a moment where you think I might die like to die I've come across like did you have that feeling? I was a kid when I was like 14 mean a few friends were playing around in this Place where they stored these like enormous concrete place where they stored these like enormous concrete like sewer pipes like these big fucking pipes and there was this this giant metal thing that I guess it was a part of like what they were attached to a crane so they could move these things and it slipped and hit me in the head. And I didn't go unconscious, but I grayed out, like grayed out, and my head was pouring. Blood is still a big ding on the side of my head from it. And I went to the hospital and like I thought it was gonna die. I did think I was gonna die at that point, [1:38:00] but I was also 14, so I was probably just freaked out with the fact that I got hit. You know, like this thing hit my head and it only fell like a certain amount because there was other Concrete things in the way so it banged me in the head and then it didn't fall on me luckily But you like I was thinking you had the feeling like I was I got hit so hard it hit me so hard It was so big. I was like this could be a real problem This could be a real I was, I could be dead right now for sure. So you having those thoughts on running through your mind? Yeah, it's fine. I was okay. I went to the hospital. I'm sure I had some sort of a concussion. They treated me, I forget what they did, but then they just let me go home. You know, and I was just, they were like, oh, he's okay. Because I don't think they understood head trauma back then. I don't think people really got it. And I don't remember really suffering any like serious consequences of it. I was never like, I never had a problem like looking at the light. I never had a problem with loud noises or anything like that. Yeah. [1:39:00] But it was spooky. That was probably the closest I come to just really worrying about being dead. I had warned, but it wasn't in that it was in on a plane. Yeah, it was bad. To this day, if I think about it, I actually will have a little bit of an anxiety attack. It was a small plane. We had to do a show in the middle of nowhere on the road and they offered a plane. We had to do a show in the middle of nowhere on the road and they offered a plane. So we took it and we were flying back home and it was like a 80 plane, whatever it was. And I don't like flying at all anyway. Nevermind, people were like, oh, cool. You got to do that. I'm like, I mean, I don't like it. You see everything. There's no door in the cockpit. You see all the motion. You know what I mean? I mean, it's just like, I, this feels unsafe. It's like I'm flying in a toy airplane. You know what I mean? Any gust of wind, that's normal. We'll just, we kind of glide with it. You know what I mean? I don't want to feel like we're up there like surfing. You know what I mean? guys, my guy and my friends, and we're talking, and then the guy, right before we land, he goes back up again. [1:40:07] And I look at them and I go, what just happened there? Like why are we going back up? And the guy, the copilot comes back, goes, guys, we have a little bit of a situation. And he goes, what, he goes, so we were about to land just now, you might have noticed, like, yeah, he goes, So as well, we were talking to air traffic control, and our panel up here is saying that one of the wheels is not coming down. The left wheel or whatever. And so what we're gonna do is it could be a broke, the panel's broken, and it could actually be down. We don't know, so we're gonna fly around again, and we're gonna ask them to look again, just to make sure. He's like, so it'll just be be a couple minutes. So we made this big turn and we go down to land again And again, we're getting down to like low low though. They pull back up He comes back out. This is what his mother fuckers says he says Okay, so they can't tell It was at night. I don't know. We're a small plane. Maybe it's like a bullshit airport. He goes so they can't tell this is what, he goes, but we don't have enough fuel to get anywhere else. [1:41:09] So we're gonna go around a third time and this time we're gonna lay in the plane no matter what. So I'm looking at him, I immediately just crying. I'm like, not not crying like, but like I'm just whirling up with tears, I'm going to die. My biggest, one of my biggest fears is dying in a plane crash. I don't even like to think about it because I don't even want to put it out there. And I'm like, oh my God. And I'm like, look at that. And I'm like, what's going to happen? And he goes, in all seriousness, he goes, don't worry. If the wheel doesn't come down or if it doesn't, isn't down, the wing will act like a wheel. That's what he said to us. Because the wing is made to like kind of act like a wheel. It didn't give me any comfort in the moment. It does. It slows down the plan. Yeah, but we're still yes, spinning out and sparks flying from little plane, you know, no good. Yeah. And um, oh, actually, no, that was the night at night time was the, uh, that it was the same exact trip there and back. The nighttime trip, it was like a storm and we flying all the, this was the daytime [1:42:06] because they had fire trucks and ambulances lining on them and the thing, because by the time the third time we went out, they were there. So they were, they were waiting. That's another scary thing. I actually took out my phone and I wrote a text to my entire family. I have, I saved text. I'm just like, there's a problem with the wheel. I don't know exactly what's gonna happen. I'm literally like, I love you. I just send that. Okay, now like as you hit. I literally wrote it in front. As I was crying. I wrote it in full as I was crying and I had it open with my hand right on the thing. Oh, fuck. So I was just gonna wait and if it just, I felt like I could just hit it. I have the text that I see. And my friend such a fucking asshole. I'm nervous. Everyone's really nervous, but I think I'm shown at the most. My buddy is a nutcase. So he looks at me and he goes, he's trying to calm me down. And he goes, just calm down, calm down, calm down. And I'm like, all right, he goes just relax. And then he starts going, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. And it starts singing fucking La Vamba. And it breaks the tension, everything. [1:43:05] And I'm like, dude, and I'm crying and laughing so hard because when you're in that heightened state of emotion, dude, I'm laughing as hard as I'm crying. Now, now I'm like, I can't even, I'm laughing so hard, I can't breathe, I can't stop doing it because I need to be focused right now on the end of my wife and he was Hello, baby because the big popper like and died for rich balance So he goes hello, baby, and I am literally can't breathe and I'm I'm holding my stuff He's like will I what and then I'm just like dude I'm begging him please stop. I'm like laughing crying please stop joke and And then we went to land and the wheel was out. The wheel was out, man. Man, we got out of the plane. And everybody was like in good spirits and I was still in that place. And the fireman came over. The first thing that happened was the fire guy opened the door [1:44:02] and looked at him and he goes, oh shit. He goes, got, can I get a picture? And we get out of the plane and it's the four of us that him take a picture. I have the picture and it was smiling. I'm on the end like this. Just pale white. Just not no smile. Just like, oh no. Yeah, like I couldn't even turn it on for the picture. Oh no. It was my biggest fear coming true. Like, you know, like, you go there. You literally go there. That's what I was saying. I was thinking this could be how I die right now. And I, oh man, where it takes you is nuts in your head. Have you seen this new plane that they've developed that doesn't have wings? And it's gonna be able to fly to London from New York City super quick. Way faster, less than half the size. It looks like a spaceship, man. And apparently it's got, because it doesn't have a traditional shape, there's a lot more room inside of it, so it's fucking huge. What? Yeah. What's the technology? I don't know. [1:45:00] I was just looking at some article about it. And it's a new supersonic craft that looks like, instead of like, it looks like a giant arrowhead or something. Okay. It doesn't look like a regular plane. Like that's what it looks like. Oh, like that. That's it right there? Oh, that's on it, dude. Oh, so you fly from New York in 3.5 hours and this new supersonic jet. Can I see what the images look like? Oh, so this is going to be commercially market. I thought it was like military. That one seems like it. That seemed like a military jet. The one that I saw looked like that thing. That's it. That's it. 90 minutes. Look at that. Look at that. That's ridiculous. Look at that thing. It looks like a train. That's the same thing. Okay. It looks like. That's just a view from the top. So you can see it doesn't have like a regular wing. It just has this crazy immense space in the back. And you're gonna, you're gonna have room to like stretch out. They'll just stuff it with humans, but probably not because it's probably gonna be super expensive. [1:46:00] That's only got room for one person. That can't be the same thing, is it? A passenger one? It's an expensive ticket. There was talking about one that could seat passenger. It's just commercial routes, but. Hmm. There's like one dude. This one. No, but I think there was one that they were working on. Maybe I'm conflating two different stories, but there's one jet that they're working on that does not have wings. And they were talking about it being able to have more space inside of it because of that. Who's going on that like, who's going, like once it's like approved, there's a first flight, there's the first commercial flight. There it is, that's it, that's the thing. Look at that fucking thing, bro. That's crazy. Look at that thing. That looks like a UFO. Wingless supersonic jet could transport pastures from London to New York in less than five hours. How long does it take now? Wait, what? I don't know. It's like six hours. Yeah, it's not much faster. Less than an hour faster, but you get to fly in a spaceship. That's not fast at all. An hour faster? That's crazy. But it's supersonic. And it doesn't fit in the airport. Look at it. It looks That futuristic spaceship like aircraft, capable of transporting back and up a little circular, [1:47:06] transporting 300 passengers at speeds of up to 1,150 miles an hour. Oh wow, that's faster. That's like double the speed of a regular jet. Even more, right? A little bit more. Yeah, look how dope it looks though. Bedrooms, bathroom, suite. Yeah, see, so the inside of it is so different because it does now have that tube that it's got like space. Yeah, but how are we, how are we commercializing that? Like that cabin is gonna be comfortable? I don't know. You're not gonna feel 1100 miles an hour? I guess not, I mean, we don't feel 5,600, right? Well, once you're up, once you're up and moving, would you feel as the resistance of like getting off the ground, right? You feel like this pull and then once you level out in You know, whatever the the height that you're gonna achieve is whatever the altitude is It doesn't feel like you're moving at all. Yeah, and you're going 500 miles an hour It's made by a designer. It's just as it's a concept I don't know. It's just like a private room for two travelers with, living room, and an in-sweet shower room in the living room, fine leather, double seat sofa, complete with dining tables, [1:48:10] a 32 inch flat screen TV noise canceling headsets, a comfortable double bed, a full-height shower, vanity unit bathroves, and an in-flight chef at your service. I got to tell you, the flat screen TV, it really gets more credit than it is. That's a jet that goes 1200 miles an hour. That has a home in the air that goes 1200 miles an hour. And they're like, it boasts a 32 inch flat screen TV. One was the last time you saw a screen. What was a bubble? When did, can we stop saying flat screen? But it's like, what do you, the thing is, who is it for? Who can purchase that ticket? And you're like, one of the things I'm dangling in front of you is a 32 inch flat screen television. It says right here, nobody has shown interest in building the sky OV EVO yet, but Oscar said he is offering his expertise to engineers helping them in other projects. [1:49:00] So this is just an idea. Bro, you can easily get a hold of them Saudi Arabian dudes. That's who, that's it though. Well guys, with all that loot, they might go, Hey, how much to make it work? Yeah, how much? I like a guy who's like, they're like, how much is like, Alright, it's two billion. He's like, alright, you throw one of 32 inch flasker and you've got't do it. I can't do it. Make sure I get it right. My hands are tied. Let me go talk to my manager. Let me go talk to my manager. We never do this. We never do this. We never do this. We never do this. We never do this. We never do this. We never do this. We never do this. We never do this. To give you the flat screen with your fucking space. Shope. Saudi wife walks outside our house on Christmas as one of the driver with a bow on it. Yeah. They probably like this. Stevie's bullshit. Look how small. Look at the revolution. Just get through this. I want a big one. 32 inch flat. Just say flat screen. That is not that big. Yeah, why not? Just say why not put it's 85. 85 there's like a hundred even flat screen why say that yeah done everybody know [1:50:08] Your car comes with four round tires Oh, it's a flat screen around tires. Hey, um, what kind of tires you have? Everybody have round tires why do they keep calling them round tires? Super fun flight thing would be a 12 rows of 33 people each imagine being in the middle. Oh god If you have to piss oh my god, you didn't get a bedroom seat. Oh my god. What are the other things they boasted about A shower a TV 32 inch flat screen TV noise cancelling headsets You can't see the other people in the poor section scream Double seat sofa what imagine someone fucking going ballistic, while you're going a thousand miles an hour, because people go ballistic on planes now. It's kind of a new thing. They go crazy, see aliens, they start screaming, they're gonna take the plane out. Like it happens, it seems like once a month, there's some new video of some guy going bonkers. Some guy just ripped off and ran up in the aisle, [1:51:01] stay at the land. I just saw that. Oh, God. Just imagine the fear that you would have if you were on a plane and you saw some guy going bonkers, you know, like, God, damn it. The anxiety you'd have, like, fuck. Yeah. As soon as you hear it start, you're like, what's this going to be? What is this going to be? What if it's like a new disease? What if it's like that? Did you ever see that movie 28 days later? Yeah. When they shot the chimps up with this thing called rage. Yeah, rage. Chimps gets out. Yeah. And gets that dude and then the fucking... Was that that first zombie movie that were like, they were like super fast, right? Yeah, that was great. one of like five movies I've seen two days in a row. The second one's good too. I went to it opening next, I was like, this is amazing and I didn't like it as much. Well the first one was so revolutionary. You know, it was just, and it was a different concept. Like a man created zombie virus that just infects everyone immediately instantly turns you into a fucking monster. [1:52:06] Yeah. But the thing is that virus is kind of like what rabies is. Right. Rabies isn't as effective because it doesn't turn you into a screaming, running maniac trying to bite people. But the reason why animals with rabies bite you, they have no fear of you and they bite you to give you rabies. They're trying to give it to you. Really? Yeah. You're saying that something in the composition of rabies elicits the need to pass it on? 100%. How does that, how does, I don't, but I can't compute that. There's a lot of examples in nature of viruses and parasites, tricking organisms into doing things that are not in their best interest. And I think a virus could easily find a way to hijack the way an animal's mind works and to force it to be aggressive [1:53:01] if it wanted to be transmitted a lot. That's the only reason why I would make sense of it is because if they're so aggressive, they could risk death. Like an animal being recklessly aggressive is not good for its longevity, right? Because you could be recklessly aggressive with a wolf or something that could kill you. And you run up on it, it just eats you. But if you could bite it first, then you can give it rabies. And then that thing's gonna bite a bunch of other things Especially it's big enough to kill you now can bite everything like there was a bunch of travelers that went across the country Like during the Lewis and Clark expedition a couple of them. I believe got rabies. I think more than one of them Got rabies see if we find that what's it's not that it kills everybody. It's not now I know they have rabies shop, but let's say without the shot, is that, is that, certain death? No. Yeah, it's like, it's like 99 points, something percent certain death. There's a few people that have survived now, they're figured out a way to put people into medically induced comas. And the problem is, this is obviously coming from someone who doesn't know what the fuck they're talking about. But what I understand is that it's a very, very old virus and a dangerous one. [1:54:08] Because what it does is it works faster than your immune system can fight it off. And so your immune system is fighting off rabies, but it can't win. rabies just just, it just hijacks everything and makes its way through. And by putting someone in a medically induced coma, they've found a way to reach equilibrium, where the resources of the person's body are not being required anymore and the immune system could fight off the rabies and with medication they were able to do it. But they also can get you, if you just got bit. Yeah, how much time do you have? You have very little time, but really hours. Oh, sure, you gotta get to the hospital. Where could I go? And they'll test and they'll, hopefully they'll, if you have the animal that killed you, they wanna test the animal, but they'll give you these shots that are apparently like brutally painful. I think they go into your stomach. Like, what did I ask you to Google right before that? [1:55:02] This looks heavy. The Lewis and Clark thing, but I didn't see that. Some of them now digging up like maybe it's another traveler, but. The Lewis and Clark thing, you didn't hear about a guy getting rabies? Didn't see anything with that, really. I might have been another one of them. Dude's making it across the country stories, which I've read a lot of. They're fucking terrifying those days were terrifying, but it's just like a virus like that that wants to be transmitted and then tricks the animal to being aggressive. That's one of the weird things about viruses. They're so sneaky and how they evolve. Yeah. Like these new COVID strains, they realize the best thing to do is to be like super transmissible, but not that bad. Right. That way you stay alive. Right. Right. Right. You don't kill the host, you know, and like there's so many instances in nature of things like tricking things and doing stuff, you know, like parasites that take over an animal's body, force it to do stuff. Yeah. [1:56:00] Bleak. It's weird. The weirdest one is we were talking about the other day, grasshoppers to get this aquatic worm. There's aquatic worm climbs inside of it, hijacks his brain, and when it's ready to give birth, tricks the grasshopper into drowning itself so that it could be born. So it just takes over the grasshopper's brain and then leaps into the fucking water so it can be born. And so the grasshopper just drowns and it just, that's how the grasshopper's building. That's wild. Tricks it into commanding suicide. What the evolution of that exactly is that? Like how the hell the fuck? Yeah. And how is it so common? It's so insanely common apparently. That's wild. Yeah. That's fucking wild. So grasshop Grasshoppers, they have a number one look off with this fucking thing. I think they just have it. I think a lot of them have it. I think they've done studies on grasshoppers and I think they've done this on praying mantises too, but a lot of them have these worms in their bodies. How often do you see Grasshopper all the time? [1:57:01] You do? Well, man. I haven't seen one of the years. Where are you living? I live in New York Yeah, I know but you gotta go where grasshoppers live. They don't come visit. But where do they live? Is it just grass? I mean they live in open fields I encounter grass. You know what I mean? Yeah, but you have a camera in the neighborhood? No That's what I've seen them in the past. I haven't been in the past. I guess there's probably a few. I bet you I've seen less than 10 grasshoppers in front of my face in my life. Wow. Yeah. That's crazy. No, I've seen a lot of them. To pray, man, this is, you mentioned that days, they, I don't like them at all. right on the thing and I was a road trip. My friends were going to DC and it was like in the middle of the night and I'm getting guests. My friend, it was back in the days when he had like, hey, in health camcorders. And we're like, oh, look at that thing. And I'm like, dude, just like, I'm just like right here. And he goes, take the camcorder. I'm gonna get the guests. I'm filming the thing and It looks like that fucking, what's that movie, that alien? No, no, the movie with the- [1:58:05] Starship True Earth. With the person standing in the corner, it was like that horror movie that like got a handheld camera. Oh Blair Witch? Blair Witch? Because when we watched the footage, you just hear me go, yeah! My voice got so high and then the camera just drops and it just goes to static. But you see it lunge at me first. Yeah, we're lucky there little huh. Why do they rip? What is that about the ripping of the head off? What do you mean? The pre-emptus, the female rips the male's head off after they have sex. Well, she's just a bitch. Is that it? That's a lot of it. A lot of it in the insect community. Is that true, right? Yeah, one of the worst ones is ants. male and the females will take the male and cut all of his legs off and just drag them to the colony. It's got his legs off. It's fun when this is like a history of rabies and I got to this part of the hair of the dog. What is that? And work your way back to get this. How they used to treat rabies before they understood what the fuck it was. Oh, is that what that reference is from here? [1:59:01] It was recommended to salt and eat the flesh of the offending dog. Oh my god. Another strategy included drowning a puppy of the same sex as the dog who had bitten the person and having a human victim Eat the liver raw. Wait, what? I lost what we're talking about. Maybe is rabies how to get rid of it because they had no idea. They knew that it was coming from K9s They kind of got that so then you locate a puppy and just kill it. What? No, what year was this Jamie? They knew that it was coming from K9s. They kind of got that. So then you locate a puppy and just kill it? What? What year was this, Jamie? This, it doesn't say because it says we're the best. 1982. Yeah. We're in the middle of like Romans, the Greeks. Wow. I think that's the best. I wonder if the dog thing worked. Like if you get some of the rabies virus through cooked meat. Burning hair picked from the tail of the dog and inserting the ashes into the wound. What? Whoa! This treatment lives on today in a name and spirit with the hair of the dog. Whoa! Hangover cures, which calls for alleviating blood and alcohol and due symptoms with more alcohol consumption. [2:00:00] Well, aren't we? Shit, that's what the hair of the dog comes from. That's wild. That's what the hair of the dog comes from that's wild. That's crazy He's like You get bit do me a favor you gotta just bite that thing eat it put some salt on the fataste But you gotta get in here you gotta salt up the meat. Who do you think you want to have salt on you like it would you know It's like but it's probably how they preserve it or something maybe I mean maybe they thought like salt is gonna kill salt it I mean that's how they preserved stuff yeah back then they'd cover meat with salt they'd cover everything like they had wars over salt like salt was a little like really important and now they get away for free yeah imagine being someone from the salt war days it's's all like the most. Yeah, and going into a restaurant You got a whole You fucking scene. Well, you just twist it whenever you want. Yeah, who the fuck is salt [2:01:00] Can imagine how they would freak out and trip them to salt bay like what Especially to get the steak cup in in gold like you fucking asshole. I love I've sold K get salt salt Salt Bay gets videos. Ah, let me villageers. I had a slaughter to get that much gold. Yeah, fuckers wrong with you animal That's it. They lost the thread on how they got it this guy wrote a book early 19th century on causes of rabies. Ooh, this is an interesting one when you get to like the fourth cause. It says what the Bite of a Wrapped Animal was named first. It was picked, it was quickly followed up by a cold night air eating beach nuts, a fall, and the involuntary association of ideas. Can I have some more of the weed that we were smoking just because I need to understand that? Yeah, yeah. I don't know what that means. This guy was smart and bright for his times, but it's like just proof that they didn't know what rabies was. Thank you. What does that mean? So you don't know what it means either? In voluntary association of ideas can cause rabies? To give this guy credit, he is the, I think, one of the first people to accurately describe it as a disease of the nervous system, as opposed to bloodborne. [2:02:09] What do you think that means? An involuntary association of ideas. What does that mean? Isn't that just life? Involuntary association. Like someone can get some wild ideas in your head and those can cause rabies. Is that what it means? No, it's taking rabies and see if anything comes up. Did you want me to do this? That's right. That seems so ridiculous. It seems so ridiculous. I didn't really understand what the sentence meant. What does that mean? Clinical features of rabies patients with abnormal sexual behaviors as the presenting manifestations abnormal sexual so the rabies wants to be transmitted sexually. Yeah, what does abnormal sexual behavior mean? 32 year old man with frequent ejaculation as the initial symptom of rabies was first reported. [2:03:01] Wow, I guess that's a fucking catch. Stop, wow, stop. I know a lot of guys with rabies, then. Then a literature review was conducted using databases, including CNKI, Sinomed, VIP, Wangfang, Data, Science, Direct, ProQuest, Ovid, and PubMed in addition to our case. 54 other rabies cases with abnormal sexual behaviors are the presenting manifestations Have been reported since 1970 among 55 cases 51 were male, DERR, and three were female Unknown gender for one case. Oh God Even back then with ages ranging from six to 71 years. Wow. All cases were reported in developing countries. 46 in China, dog bites were the major source of infection, and extremities were the main exposure sites. Wow. That's crazy. 83%, 83.6% cases had abnormal sexual behaviors as the initial symptoms. [2:04:01] The major presenting manifestations were, what does that word, pre-apism? Was that word, pre-apism? Was that mean, pre-apism? Am I reading this right? You get bit by a dog in China and you just thought it just started. I'm starting it. It's common. There you go. Rare condition, a prolonged erection of the penis, that's right. The full or partial erection continues hours behind. It is caused by sexual stimulation. So that's what this is. This is like, there's so wild and randy that they have a constant heart on and ejaculation in males and hypersexuality and females. All cases were clinically diagnosed based on medical history and clinical manifestations, given no standardized post-exposure prophylaxis. All cases died With the survival time between one and 15 days. Yeah, most people who get rabies die Do you think that that just had rabies in it? Like a you can let's hope make story more fun. All right. Let me take out the rabie part of it Right, just you catch that you get something where you have that disease [2:05:01] You got the heart on you can't get rid of you just keep ejaculating ejaculating is fun where you have that disease. You have the heart on you can't get rid of you, just keep ejaculating. Ejectulating is fun. How long before it's not, is it like in 20 minutes, you don't like it anymore? A couple of days, like if you're just constantly feeling the feeling of ejaculation, is it like can you perform your regular tasks? It's another level of health, just like that fucking head getting sewn back on the body. It's hell, right? This is your, this is constantly hard and like in 20 minutes. 20 minutes is so, yeah. You're exhausted and you just keep coming. You like can't stop me. 21 minutes, I can't take this anymore. Yeah, imagine like never not being horny. That would be hell. What is this guy? He's got it? He has 100 orgasms a day. Oh Okay, well there you go. Yeah, and zero friends I was like he was having a blast faking it. He's got rabies. He's faking it He's not nobody comes that hard after 199 There's a hundred orgasms day. That's a hundredth one. He's [2:06:02] No way if you've ever gizzed more than three times in a day, the third one is dust. The third one is just a promise of future gizz. So that's 97 blanks. All right, actually, yeah. Yeah, that's crazy. Yeah. That this person came out as transgender and suffers from persistent, general arousal syndrome. Is that the thing? Mm. And what's, is there a cure? Yeah, but I mean prove it, bitch. You got your pants on. That's an H on not from there from being honest. Yeah, that's an H on not from there. I want you to really show us, we're just gonna give you and keep you in an aquarium. And really show us that you're always hard and this isn't just an act for attention. Yeah. You might be kooky. You always gotta throw that in, but anytime you add some gender thing into any kind of possibility of someone being kooky, everybody, oh, I can't do that. It's genders and vans. You surfs it. Genders just like, whoo, wipes the sweet clean. Yeah. What a time. What a time, Salvador. [2:07:00] What a time. I can't imagine that. So let's say he does have it. What is his life for real? It just nuttin' all time, constant nuttin'. But he's had enough time to call the news. I'm just, come watch me come. Yeah, he's a freak, guys a freak. But it's just my 30th or time with the day. Oh, I mean, you have to document these things if you're a journalist otherwise what are you doing right why are you there? But so he can he not work can he not be in a relationship? Can you not work any money? What did you take money from the government? I can't stop coming home coming out. I'm coming out. Does he go to Easter with the family like what is he oh my god? It's really he's really sitting there just orgasmic is that real? Why was last time you bet over like like that when you came for the 80th time of the day? It's just no dehydrated. Yeah, kids fun. I mean while he's losing weight like a pro wrestler. Space was purple. That's gotta be. The old things not that pressure. You're spending too much time on this. Yes. I think he's full of shit. I'm just guessing. I mean, look, if you really does suffer from that, you gotta imagine, like, imagine a suffer from it, no one believes you. [2:08:07] You're right, I have to take it back and I apologize. Cause a match, because you gotta imagine some people are definitely hornier than other people. Some people are actually asexual, they're like, you can keep it. I don't want it, K-Bit. Back to our rabies case, it says that this happened to someone up to 40 or 50 times a day by the fourth day. Oh my god. 32 year old Chinese men began to have frequent ejaculations. How are they coming out, buddy? They just shoot now, are you touching your dick? Like what does that mean? Frequent ejaculation sound like you're passing the buck. Do you ever help one along? We're hit all so loud. He's being off with all hands free. He walks fucking zoom monkey. He's like 45 or hands free, five were him. The wildest is the chimps at the zoo, just jacking off in front of the real estate. He's scared. He's just figured by any touch. Any touch. A-ya-ya-ya! Any touch. When frequent ejaculations increased to 40 to 50 times [2:09:00] on the morning of day four, the patient went to a local clinic 50 times a day this dude was not He's like maybe I need to get this look that Traditional Chinese medicine for the treatment of imbalance of Yin and Yang you're telling me Right However a symptomatic treatment to rebalance the Yin and Yang had no effect crazy However, a symptomatic treatment to rebalance the Yin and Yang had no effect, crazy. In the same afternoon, he was sent to the community hospital Beijing with the following symptoms, headache, dizziness, nausea, malaise, fever of 39 degrees Celsius, irritability, tacky phrasia, speech difficulty, hyper-vacillation, hyper-salvation. He was subsequently transferred to a territory, was that that word tertiary tertiary hospital third hospital? Sorry in Beijing for further diagnosis and treatment but the etiology remained unidentified at around 10 pm a day four patient was sent to infectious disease department of P. King University [2:10:00] Third Hospital and there's transferred to emergency department due to tacky cardio and University Third Hospital and there's transfer to emergency department due to tachycardia and dysphemia. His complaints included high penis sensitivity, painful erections and ejaculations 40 times a day triggered by any touch or ejaculations without erection and release of the semen as well as headaches, nausea, chest conjection and fever. There's no significant improvement after fluid infusion, symptomatic treatment, other support therapies. No, this is how we're all gonna die, sounds. This is what's gonna happen. Someone's gonna hear about this and go, okay, so what you're saying is a little rabies is really good. What we need is an inert form of raises. What we need is a rabies vaccine that gives you just constant rock hard boners for guys who like to party. You know, when I went blue shoes not enough. Yeah, when you just want to be a different thing than a person. And you also don't want rabies. Well, we've got the imaginative like every guy starts doing it. [2:11:00] Just like how many women have fake boobs now? Quite a few. What if like most guys? It'll be like baseball. You got everyone's got to do it and if you want to compete. You got to get the rabie shot. Did you get your rabie shot? You're 16. You can get a rabie shot at 16. Doleless and Elz Robert Kennedy Jr. He posted, this is some fucking side effects. Get your rabie shot. Get your fucking dick You imagine if like something switched. What can I do it? Well, if you think of animals, so like tigers. Tigers can breed 50 times a day. When a female tiger's and the tiger just keeps fucking. They fuck to the... Is that what? Literally, is that where easy tiger comes from? I don't know what that term is. Either easy tiger. Oh, no. No, no. We just find out that they're here on the dogs. You might be right, maybe. But that's for a short period of time when the females in season. If she's not an estrus, he won't do that. But if a person has sex for fun, like if a person could be as horny as a tiger all the time, what a terrifying world we would live in. Someone's working on that. [2:12:01] That's what I'm worried about. If someone just said, look, there's certain medications that get created that are essentially performance enhancing medications that you can prescribe to people for stuff. You know, like when they first, I think this is true, ProVigil. I think the initial idea behind, check and see if this is true. I think the initial idea behind it was using it as a performance enhancing substance, but then they couldn't do that because you can't just prescribe something to help people, you have to have a sickness. And so they went with, I think it was insomnia. No, not insomnia. What's the other one? We just pass out. When you faint, what's that one, Jamie? We just narcolepsy. Narcolepsy, yeah. So I think they used it for narcolepsy. And if you ever taken ProVigil or NewVigil, it's a weird chemical. And I think Tim Ferris, when he wrote one of his books, he decided to not put it in there, [2:13:01] because he was worried that people would just eat it like candy if they knew how effective it was. Really? Yeah. And he and a lot of people were of the opinion that there's no such things as a biological free lunch. There's no such thing as one thing that turns on that much of your brain that's probably not doing something that we don't know about yet, you know. You could be like fucking something up long term like who knows. Let's get some studies done. But I've taken it before on trips. Like if I had to go somewhere, like say if I had to draw, like if I did a gig in San Diego and I had to drive back home to LA, the gig's done at like midnight, you know, we grab our shit, we throw it in the car, and it's two hours of driving. And if you're fucking tired at like one in the sleep, not happening. But not speedy, that's what's weird. Yeah, no, no, it doesn't increase your heart rate. It doesn't make you like a blabber mouth, you can't shut the fuck up, it's not like that. It's like a weird sort of like, like the idea of being sleepy just gets erased. Is it crash? [2:14:01] Is it crash? That's the problem, that's why I think Tim Ferris was worried about putting in the book. It doesn't seem to have much of a crash. Really? I didn't feel it. I mean, everybody's different. Did you sleep when you get home? Yeah, I slept. You also slept? Yeah. I went to bed when I got home, which is like two-ish, two I think I was like, maybe a half an hour later I was asleep. Wow. Yeah, it didn't stop me from sleeping, but it stopped me from falling asleep at the wheel or being drowsy at the wheel. You know those moments where the fucking road just starts hypnotizing you, the white lines, and you're just like, oh no. And you're literally like, what am I gonna do? Like, are we gonna pull over on my, I'm gonna push through this. It happens a lot for us, I'm driving a lot on the road all the time. My manager, Jeff, he gave me the best advice. It's the best advice. I do it every time I know I have to drive it, I'm tired. You get ice cold water and a rag, like a bath, like a, like washcloth. Sure. That's the best. If you have ice in the washcloth, that's the best and a little bit of water and put it Just get a little tougher worth thing of ice and water in a washcloth and when you feel tired [2:15:10] You just take that washcloth you rub your face real quick. It goes away really? goes away and then five minutes later you might need it again But you got it right there you rub it in your face goes away What happens if you don't like it gets you need the ice is the fact there is not the cold water. Yeah the cold water wakes your face right up and it works. It just stimulates. It does whatever it has to do just to snap you out of this cycle of droning and just people fall I can't I want to high school with fell asleep behind the wheel died. It happens. Me too. Actually. My friend Tommy had an accident where he blacked out on the wheel and crashed his car. Yeah, I think about this Often now because my parents they live in a different state and it's like it was only like 75 minutes away But they come to visit me and then when they can't we both visit you and then they go home and I'm like I'm just getting Yeah, recently my mom told me she's like I [2:16:10] I don't want it. I had to get a Coca-Cola something because I get sometimes I start to fall asleep and I'm like, what? I'm like, don't, don't, don't make the drive. Yeah, don't be. She's like, no, be all right. I'm like, but you don't know that you will. Like I couldn't believe she told me that like she sometimes like does a little it's like mom. Jesus. You know, so she's that bitch on the pilot. She's like 70, like four. She asked me for a mountain bike. Fits Christmas. So here does it enhances cognition too. The drug metaphenol was developed to treat narcolepsy, kind of, excessive sleeping, but it's widely used off license as a smart drug to promote cognitive enhancement, where quality such as alertness and concentration are desired to assist someone with, for example, exam preparation, I bet they give that shit to fighter pilots too. Do you imagine? I, you need a laser, I mean, the focus that's required is like, like, like, humanly. They don't, I don't think they think about laws. Like, whatever the fuck is the best thing for them. [2:17:03] Yeah. Give them that. What are we stupid? Someone's written down on paper, you can't give him that. Give him with a fuck he wants. He's flying, oh god, damn, fighter jet. You want those dude? Tune the fuck in. You don't want him sober. You want him on whatever, adderol, whatever, whatever the fuck in mixture is. That stuff and adderall together just like just fucking load them up. Discipline. Pumble them up. Yeah, discipline fighter jet pilot with a little bit of Adderall, a little bit of that stuff, just locked and fucking loaded. Just in there. You don't want any distractions. You want a hyper focus. It's your ass. What do you think of a fighter pilot's like regimen? Do you think they keep a certain regimen or something? They're very fit. At least the blue angels are. I flew with the blue angels once. And the dude that flew with me was jacked. He was fucking you. And he was telling me that you really need to be physically strong to over, because they don't wear a G suit. They just use this method called hooking to like, go like this hooch hooch hooch so as the G's are hitting you you're forcing blood into your brain. [2:18:08] It's dangerous. Yeah and you you have to be strong to do it so like you go where the blue angels are they have weights all over the fucking place. These guys are always working out. But I'm thinking cognitive. What about cognitive? Oh you have to be a fucking genius. But they have to have a routine though where they they keep themselves sharp right? I mean like that's part of probably their daily lifestyle. I'm sure there's constant assessments. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. I'm sure I'm sure there's probably like a lot of drug testing. There's probably making sure you're getting sleep. I mean, they're putting you at the helm of something that caught one of those things cost like what is a what is an F a 18 cost? Yeah. let's take a guess. Is it a hundred million dollars? I would have, I would have, I would have, what are one of those things cost? 300 million? What is like our top? But that's it that's fully loaded. What's our top of the food chain jet right now? Like what's the best jet the Americans have? Cause the one I flew in I believe was an F.A. 18 with the blue angels. It was insane. Yeah, it's insane. They wanted to put us in one of those. I didn't do it. It's going through the fucking canyon. He's like, you're like, you [2:19:10] know, like, we're gonna couple hundred feet off the ground. Yeah, I did throw up. We put the guy in the show on one and he went and he went out and he had all the stuff and they said, this is what's gonna happen. You're probably to get nauseous and throw up and black out. And that's exactly what happened. And we had all the cameras in it. And when he got back, we couldn't see it. Like we couldn't see him. So he just took off of the thing and there was cameras in there. And then when he came back, we were going to just be like, how to go? Because we, and he came back, he got a thing open. He looked like absolutely horrified, ill, sick, like, trump traumatic. He threw up, he passed out, he woke up, he threw up, he passed out, he came out, he was crying, and he goes, that wasn't, because the guy was just like, merciful with him. Oh, boy. And he was like, it's not funny. I'm not, we shouldn't have been I ain't even gonna put out an air. Did they teach him how to, like, keep his consciousness? to do the hooking thing. Yeah, he got a little, he got the briefing, you know? I got it through the heart part. [2:20:06] And then I got cocky and another part and I didn't do it quick enough and I blacked out. The part that I blacked out in was way less G's. The part that I didn't black out was like seven G's, which was crazy. And then I think the one I blacked out was like four or four and a half, I blacked out. I just did it in a hooking time. I just wasn't sure if I should be doing it now, like when to do it. And the pilot, when you hear the pilot hooking, that's what's really scary. I hear him going, hoot hoot. I'm like, oh, shit, he's blackin' out too. Like he's experiencing, when I'm experiencing. Those fucking dudes. Those dudes are American. Like if you want the rest of the world to be worried about America, you want to be worried about pilot pilot guys. Real American men. What did you see? They need a fucking pilot to cut, shit. What did you see in there, though? What did I see? What do you mean? Like you're sitting in the jet, right? I mean, behind him. So I'm seated. Can you see? [2:21:06] Oh, yeah, I can see everything. Oh, you could. Oh, yeah, this fucking glass around you, man. You see it. No, no, see it up, right? But so I'm just thinking, you're just looking into it. Do you have any sense of scale? Are you looking, you don't see anything? You're just seeing blue Like we did a flip where you do the thing all the way around we did that so but he's but he's also going through the canyons at low Out to oh like in top gun too. Oh, yeah. Oh shit. No way you did that. Oh, we did that. Yeah You was that just let's do it or did you have to get yourself there to get in that? I mean I said whatever he wants to do. I'm gonna do that's the thing they do yeah They take you on this run. They like to have a route. They take you. I don't trust it. Well, these are the crazy ones when they fly next to each other like fuck all that. Yeah, fuck all that in the canyon. My friend Mark Smith does that. He did that with the Thunderbirds. He's a referee for the UFC. [2:22:00] You have to be an exceptional human being to be able to pilot one of those things. I mean, you have to be on your fucking peas and cues. Yeah, like superhuman basically. Yeah, yeah. What was that jet you were showing us that just lifts up off the ground? The F-35. That's hard. Top of the food chain. No, at least that could be null above. Within 10% of the right guess. 109 million per aircraft. Show a video of that thing. That thing is nuts, man. This thing is nuts. Watch how this motherfucker takes off. First of all, it looks badass. You see that thing coming at you? You're like, oh, we should've signed a treaty. That fucking look how it takes off. Look how it points down at the ground. Look at its asshole. a tux. They're gonna take a shit on you right now. It asshole tux down on the ground. Oh, that's sick. Look at that, that's insane, dude. That is literally insane. Yeah. The asshole tux at the ground, and it just lifts up in the sky. This looks fake. This is real. That looks like like the lunar orbiter getting pulled from the surface of the moon by special effects. That's wild. Look at that thing. Oh, and that's how it lands as well, bro. [2:23:06] Are you fucking kidding me? That's insane. That's the thing. That's what it was 10 years ago. So this is not. Oh, yeah. Now it goes like the speed of light. That's invisible. The old model. Yeah, that's so funny. That's like an iPhone one today, what the fuck is that? Right? Like 10 years ago in Jets, we're all the money. That thing has a cigarette lighter in any academy? With all the money that these dudes have to make these fucking things? I mean, I guess they're just limited by physics, right? They're just limited by propulsion systems and the metal and the G-force and the pilot being able to stay conscious. Take the pilot out, we can do better shit. 100%. They're addicted to that. They're addicted to this, right? I would imagine you would be addicted to it. I mean, what kind of car do you drive? BMW SUV. They're nice. [2:24:00] That's a nice car. Don't you enjoy driving it? Yeah, I do. It's enjoyable, right? If you're listening to BMW, I like to get in a car and I like to go, oh, it feels good to drive. It's enjoyable. Imagine flying the fucking thing. You ever been on a racetrack? Yeah. Oh, yeah. I went to the Indy 500. Bank turn. Look at this fucking turn. That is so insane. It's just so insane that these things can do this. Look at how it just like hovers. Like that's a nutty craft. That thing's nuts. Yeah, it's like, it's so agile. It looks like a bird. I wonder how long it stays in the sky though. I bet it ain't long. I mean, where's all the gas? That must be eaten gas, you know? Like I have a ram truck DRX gets like nine miles of the guy. Imagine what that gets. Yeah, really? Yeah, yeah. Imagine what that gets. I mean, how, I mean, you just feel nothing. It's probably got a 25 gallon giant cast tank. Giant cast tank. That's so much. How much of a fill up? I don't know. You don't get to eat on that thing, not right? You get to eat. Yeah. You have a reserve tank, right? No. I don't. [2:25:05] Oh, my dad had a reserve tank in his pickup. Yeah. A whole second tank. Oh, that's a dude worried about the future. No, this is your trapper. That was a dude that got a lease at the right day. Oh, that's it. Yeah, well they do that is probably the most popular pickup truck in the world. I think it is probably next to the Toyota's Toyota Tacoma might be number one. Like what's the most popular pickup truck in the world? It's either an F-150 or it's a Tacoma. I think my head, it's an F-150 is a name I always, always, always have heard you can't go wrong with it. Yeah. They've been making those things just like Porsche 911s. They've been making that same truck from the beginning of time. Yeah. Just making it better every year. Ford F-150s of this shit. They're so durable. My dad had him even growing up. Like we had him. They're fucking great. Is that the number one? 48 years in a row. That's it. That's it. Ford F series most popular truck best selling truck in the US. It's been that way for nearly half a century and they fucking deserve it. [2:26:08] They're amazing trucks. And now that you say it, I think they say that in the commercial all the time. It's like, I just have one. I just have a Raptor. The most recent version, the six cylinder one. It was fucking great. Yeah. Great truck man. 32 inch television. No, no flat screen. That's the only thing that sucked. Yeah. I Feel like if you're in that plane you need a 60-inch flat screen. Yeah, we need to reorganize my room I want to be in a theater. I'm in the sky on a spaceship. I don't know what the bullshit asked 30 32 inches is like that big It should look like cribs. That's not that big. Yeah 32 inches is not big. That's like the first flat screen. Do you think I don't know how to count numbers? 32's not big. What is that? 20,000 pounds of fuel. 20,000 pounds of internal fuel has a range of greater than 1,200 Newton meters. I don't know. It was about a thousand miles. It says it can fly for like two hours without needing [2:27:01] refueling. Two hours. But they can refuel it in the air so they can stay up forever, essentially. The point is like when they're on the gas though, I bet it really fucking burns fuel. My point is my truck. My truck when I'm on the gas. Yeah. Oh yeah. It burns fuel. It's a little gauge on the TRX that shows you if you're running out of gas. Yeah, it shows you what like your gas mileage as you leave it on just cry Balance an hour when using the afterburner. I want to see a mid flight refueling is that I remember on Yeah, do you play like original intent? No top gun on original intent? You had to refuel is one of the things I'd do in between the to refuel in the air and I was like they really do do that That's insane. It's insane. That's insane. Again, like those level of human beings that can pilot those things and keep the shit together like this, fly in two jets right over each other like that. Like what, entrusting the guy in the bottom to stay still. Like, shut the fuck up man, this is nuts. And you got gasoline! [2:28:01] You're pumping gasoline with your robot dick into the vagina of this thing. Look at it. Clamps up. That's nuts, dude. See how it like clamped in place? Because if it doesn't clamp, then you got gas brain all over your fucking jet engines and are hot as shit. I'm more impressed with the thing that has the gas in it actually. Yeah, the dick. That was made second, you know? Like that's newer technology than the jet itself. It's all nuts, dude. I mean, just the fact that they have this thing as nuts. Look at it. And it's really kind of weird that it takes war for us to make something that's that cool. Right. Like that amazing to look, like if you're a guy, like what a guy, what do guys love? Fast cars, we love spaceships, rocket ships. I know a lot of girls too too. Don't get me wrong, but men generally design these things. The ultimate is that. You only get that if you go to war. You got to kill people to get that. The best of the best of the best minds and the best of the best of the best people that [2:29:04] can pilot that thing Ultra for my war like if Bayes house goes out. I mean Bayes house is like 200 billion dollars because I want a fucking fighter jet Man if you sit around with a super hot girlfriend with a shirt on button to the neighbor So you know what I want? I want a fucking fighter jet. He can't even have a fighter jet. That's bullshit You can have the biggest yacht in the world. You can have the most beautiful wife. You can have the fleet of Rolls Royces. No fighter jet. Fighter jet is only for people who get to kill people. Yeah, that's good. You can have a gun. We can let you have a gun. You can have a rifle. You can have a shotgun. If you want a short barrel shotgun you gotta get a tax damp and get a go through the government but if you want a pistol you know you can get a pistol but no no fighter jet not a fighter jet you can have a tanky there you can buy one shut the fuck up well they go that's a little bullshit that's only 79 grand you know why it's only seven grand because it's only gonna last for one flight not a real plane [2:30:02] I'm like I didn't have a you You buy them? Yeah. Oh my God. That's a jet. Now, million dollars. But you're not allowed to buy that new one. What? Well, right? If you talked to Lockheed and you have enough money. Do you think they would sell you one of those jets? Do you think I'm putting this in Jeff Bezos' zero right now? with the government to not sell them the same stuff that they're selling the government, but they might be able to make you a slightly different. So these are like 1990 ones. Scroll up a little bit. That one was like above that. 1992. But I think that's a propeller. Think of the market that you're selling to. Like look at that one. Those are good jet. They're Illinois. But no one's buying that unless they're a pilot right? I mean, or how small is a demographic that could possibly buy? I believe you could buy these. Now they have to be unarmed right? They have to take well helicopter stuff right? Oh my god you buy a black one. How much is really? How much is the buy car? It's a premium listing call for price. They don't list it. [2:31:03] Translate this into rubles. They don't list it like listen to the price they're gonna shock me. Yeah. It's 110 grand. Hello, I am calling from Illinois. I seek to buy on the open up. I want to know for sure how much for just my children love black walk down. I thought the fun thing. Buy a black arc. Okay, you buy a 92 jet for $3 million, $3,200 in Redondo Beach, California. Look, it's got dope camo on it too. Like if you get a fight smurf's, you can blend in with them. How inferior do you think that model is to a current model? That would have to be crazy inferior, but still insanely cool. But do you think you actually get those missiles? No. I want a missile. Oh, doubt it. What was that? I'll talk to my manager. I'll talk to my manager. Did you see that, the Netflix thing? It was Project Odessa, right? Where this fucking dude was a drug runner, and he bought a sub from the Russians, [2:32:01] and they asked him if he wanted to buy nuclear missiles too. Oh yeah, yeah, yeah. And this is like at the fall of the Soviet Union. Right, right, right. Did he? I don't think he did. No, it just was an Netflix. Yes. I watch a lot of stuff high and I think it rings a bell. It rings a bell. Yeah, operation of desks. Operation of desks. It's fucking amazing. That's crazy. That's the sub, they sold them a sub. Wow, that's crazy. That's crazy. But the documentary's amazing, because it's all real, but it seems like a plot of like a guy Richie moves. Yeah. It's so nuts, it's so nuts. A sub, that's even, I wonder, you know what? I wonder if a sub, like, can almost go on order. Do you, what level of pilot do you have to be to drive a sub, you think? It's a good question. It's probably really hard because you have to do all by instrumentation, right? Because like, what do you, you imagine how terrifying must be if you're in a place that you know there's rocks under the water and you drive around with this tube compressed by a thousand feet of water. Just hoping you don know bang into something. Yeah, hoping you're all your fucking sensors work correctly. Yeah [2:33:07] Down there I wouldn't get in one what the fuck dude But I mean like actually like actually piloting it. I know that the reading instrumentation So that's a lot of stuff, but like I wonder what it's actually like to like is he just like oh I'm just back you know like I would imagine and that? And now they must have so many, they probably were such a real, educated sensors, you know, the big theory about all this stuff is that we have sensors in the ocean and they're all over the place and that our government and our military set them up there and that they knew when that submarine with all those rich people clopped and imploded, they knew that when that happened, they knew exactly when that happened. So all that shit about still looking for the people, it was all bullshit. They knew those people were dead. But then so then they released the fact that they had recorded this explosion that happened in the same area. This failed each other. But the real conspiracy is they don't think that they have those things under the water to detect submarines [2:34:07] That they have those things under the water for UFOs and that a lot of the The activity that we're seeing with all this UFO UAP stuff as things that are coming in and out of the water That's why they're always near the water. I haven't heard that. Yeah, that's the wildest one You know like what the governments underwater one. You know, like what the government's underwaters searching? They have a like a mansion. There's a top secret program that's setting up these underwater detection systems and listening systems and video taping things because things are going in and out of the ocean. I see you have to figure out like where's their insertion point where can we set up and Then just like setting up these monitoring stations try to figure out what the fuck is going on down there There's a place we can't even go and there's a whole little village in these motherfuckers [2:35:02] Space ships shooting out of the bottom of the ocean and half into the sky. I have enough Problems on my mind already. I don't need this one. I mean, if they wanted to hide and play inside, that's the place to do it. Hide right in the ocean. Have you watched Sugar? What sugar? It's a new show called Farrell on Apple TV. Oh, I saw the preview of that the other day is good. Yeah, I've been watching it. And it's like, I didn't know where it was going. And then it takes a real sharp turn. And what you kind of thought you were watching, you realized that maybe you weren't. It's like, I can give it away. But yeah, I was gonna say, if you get it, I'd say, you're already fucked it up. Now I'm gonna be looking for that sharp turn. You'll never see it though. So don't worry. Okay, good. Yeah, don't even I was in what we talking like what we talk about Don sir rabies you think that alien that they feel that alien matter They cop to like a few months back is is real because back then I thought it was now people saying it's bullshit What do you mean when they felt they they that alien like they showed the alien that they found? [2:36:01] Oh, what is this when did I miss this one? one the government came out and said that they we they literally made a statement saying we have alien matter but like matter like actually what crush said about biologics i think is what you know you're talking about the whistleblower who got in front of was it congress yeah yeah see those things are interesting because it's all just talk until they could show you something but they showed something uh oh didn't they know there's no bodies they have something around the same time than that story hit of the down on the tunnel excuse me not only the vagus yeah the vagus story but like the mex mummy that they had, that was like that little tiny thing. Yeah, but that was bullshit. I know, but I'm saying they don't like it. Yeah. Is the Vegas story the backyard with the kid calls me so I'm staring at something that he gets frozen like in his place? Yeah, and there's like some image in the backyard that you can see not it's fake, run through AI rather. And they don't think it's fake, but it doesn't mean that it's not like a dude in a costume or something. [2:37:08] You're just hanging out your backyard in the aliens, just happen to land there real quick and take off. That one hit me. I was following up for days and they didn't like follow up with them. Well, the family's probably undocumented because it seems like some of them at least are probably not documented. They weren't speaking English, right? Wasn't that the case? No, I mean the kid was because he called 911. They play the call. Am I thinking of the same one? Yeah. Thank you. But was there a bunch of people that were speaking Spanish? Cops that are different one. Maybe they don't want the attention because then people were showing up at their house. Maybe they really legitimately did see it and they got freaked out. Who fucking knows, man? But if individual things that happened like that, if it did happen, nobody would fucking believe you, just like a ghost story. If you went out to let your dog out, you're like, come on buddy, gotta take a leak. You take him outside, and you stare an eye to eye [2:38:01] with this four foot tall creature with giant black eyes and it's standing in front of this like transparent glowing orb that it just stepped out of and you're sitting there going what the fuck yeah and you're now crazy and then it gets back into that thing and shoo yeah and disappears into the cosmos and you're like what the fuck man yeah and who do you even tell if you you tell me, I'll go, okay. What does that stuff you said you were taking? Yeah. How much do you take? That's what it is. That's what it was. What was yesterday like? That person would be deemed crazy. Stressed out. Proud with your lady. What's going on? Yeah. You're seeing things. But a thing that's just uncommon, but happens. That's got to be that would be the wildest one of all of all the possibilities of all the things that it could be the wildest one would it it would be. This is an actual life form that occasionally visits. Yeah. I saw something I didn't know what it was once I was driving at night on the highway. Was it a vagina? You got me. What was it? Where were you? [2:39:11] I don't know. I was like driving home from a show, but I wasn't far from home. Maybe less than two hours away. I know that. I saw the sky, I mean, a flat, not didn't light up, like a flesh of light that lit up the sky, but it came from like as far as my eyes could think, believe that the distance of my eyes could see. It was, it came like, it was really far away. I was like, what was that? And then in like a fraction of a second later, it flashed again and it was half the distance. And then one more time, like, I mean, one second later, flash, and the flash was where I was, and then there was no more flashes after that. Wow. And my girlfriend was in the passenger seat but she was sleeping and I woke her right up after that. I was actually was looking around at other cars even was gonna pull over and say, [2:40:00] did you just see what I just saw? But nobody really stopped, I didn't stop either. But I can't explain it. It's how long it goes. I would say maybe a little less than 10 years, seven, eight years ago, maybe. Yeah, I can't explain it. I know what it's not. I know I wasn't seeing things. It wasn't like, oh, there was a building or this light flash. It was distinct. It was something I hadn't seen before, like the way that the light came. I think it's probably some kid on some planet somewhere with a drone, it's having a good old time. Like a laser guy. It's probably doing a reality TV show for true TV, an Alpha Centauri. I mean, imagine, if like what we're seeing is just like kids' toys. Enough people say, yeah, right? Kids' toys. Enough people say, yeah, right? Kids' toys. No one even cares about what the humans are doing, but kids do. Sometimes kids will sit on a drone down here, check it out. You know? It's so possible. It's so possible. It's also possible the more time goes on, the more I look at those little grays, I'm like, why are we even assuming those things are alive? Like we're the gray aliens. Why are we even assuming those things aren't some [2:41:06] robot? Like we're real close to making robots, like super duper close. And why would you risk sending a person or a living thing across the galaxy at a fucking billion miles an hour when you guys just use a little robot people? Really good now. Like giant heads, they don't talk, they can't fuck. And you get these little robot guys to go and collect sperm samples from people and fucking take them up into the spaceship and run experiments on them and then drop them back off. Yeah. Maybe they're all robots. That could be true too. Yeah, that could be the future of intelligence species. They all become some sort of electronic thing. Yeah, that could be, that's, that sounds terrible for us, but if you were being objective, you go, I could see how that, that could be possible. I, uh, I get, if I start thinking about this stuff, like, you know, if I can't sleep or something, I start thinking about this stuff. [2:42:01] I, I, I, I mean, I'm in the age right now where I'm having that full on existential thing happening. Like, never happened before, but it's all the time now. I'm just like, what is going on here? Yeah, that's most people's lives. That's how most people think. Just like, it's weird. Just wondering what the future will be and just be like, I can't, someone will be around to see it. Someone in our lineage will be and just be like I can't someone be around to see it someone in our lineage will be around to see hopefully yeah or not Yeah, that's the thing eventually it's gonna be not the mean everyone wants to look at you know look at big picture But really look at big picture like this sun is gonna wipe us out We're not gonna make it we're gonna get to a certain point whether it's a billion years from now or whatever They think it's gonna be where the earth is no longer habitable. Right. That's just gonna happen. So, when we're like, oh God, that's so far away. Well, it's those 100 years, because you're not gonna make it to that either. Right. So, let's fucking, we got now. We're in a good spot now. We're in a good spot right now. I'm really, I'm nervous about the AI. [2:43:06] I really am. And so I just feel like this could be the precipice of the next, like just the next, you know, what life becomes. Not just the next thing, but who takes advantage of it and how? Right. It's like this newfound power. It's gonna be so different than anything else you've ever experienced before and who who's in control of it And it's the second most feeling of unsafeless besides war It's been it's up there with war you know, it's like you feel Unsafe right now like I'm unsafe, but not on I feel unsafe like in my lifetime unsafe, you know I don't know. Yeah, it's it's very different than anything that's ever happened before Because within a short amount of time, it's gonna be a real problem. It's gonna be a real thing that's smarter than us. We're not gonna be the smartest thing. Now, if we just stop right now, pull the plug, who knows? Maybe we'll be okay. We might not be okay if this thing keeps going. Or we might be, maybe I'm wrong. [2:44:01] But it's like everyone says that. Everyone says that. But yeah, they still, I mean, they've been, I mean, they'll never stop. Well, I think the problem is the Chinese government and the Russian government are not gonna stop. And for us to stop right now would be very dangerous. Right. If they become the first, if China becomes the first to be able to utilize this incredible power and just do whatever the fuck they want, whenever the fuck they want, and then it gets better and better and better under the power of this thing. That's not acceptable either. But then the problem is it's attached to weapon systems. And if it's attached to weapon systems, and all it has is like, it has a desired outcome that it's trying to achieve, right? And this desired outcome. Yeah, it's not thinking about morals or ethics or how many people are gonna die and how many innocent people are gonna, what's the most effective way to ensure victory? And it's gonna just do that. And that's gonna be horrendous. [2:45:01] And if someone from another country decides to do that first, that could be a giant problem. Real quick, because all it would take is dismantling our grid. That's it. All it take with that and we're fucked. It's funny that there's no, because like them turning, everyone has, I know the theory of all the, it turns on us, even the people in positions that are racing to get this technology. Yeah, it's a doggy dog world out there, man. But it's like, yeah, that's it. I mean, it's either, I guess, don't be the one to get it or just, you know, in a way, this thing that could destroy everything, I mean, it's for protection. But if we don't keep doing it, we're unprotected. It's basically the same argument that we have when we create the nuclear bomb. Right. Same argument, right? We have to do it for the Nazis, too. The Nazis get this first, we're all fucked. Yeah, this is what I'm saying. War, it's like a nuclear bomb. Yeah. It feels like a ticking time bomb, it really does. I know. I mean, for whatever, everything you read, and it's like, oh, about. Any type of regulations and stuff. I did a podcast the other day about it. [2:46:07] I think part of the problem is they can't really be. There's no way they can know everything about everything. There's too many things going on in the world. If you want to ask them about cobalt mining and the Congo and also ask them about overfishing in the ocean and also ask them about the negative side effects of oil spills and also act them, what's going on with pharmaceutical drugs and what's, and there's no way any congressperson, yeah, gun control. There's no way. There's no fucking way. They're going to be in charge of all the end. What are your thoughts on the border? And also, what are your thoughts on, you know, what about seed oils? Oh, it's just plug and holds. Yeah,. Yeah, there's no fucking way you can be really well read on all those subjects and be objective. Yeah, so they can't keep up. They don't know what the fuck is going on and it's happening in all these super nerds are out there coding and banging away at it. And they're about to release chat GPT 5.0, [2:47:01] which is gonna be the craziest of all crazy ones. That's of all the ones that have happened before like each one of them is more insane than one before and chat GPT4 is pretty fucking insane and then 4.0 is pretty fucking insane and when 5 comes out 4.0 talks to like a girl. I have not interacted with it at all not one time So I don't really know I see people making images and stuff and, you know, I'll write a joke and then, you know, write me an email. I've seen that weird shit where it's like, no, but I love you. I saw like those stories that came out with like, it was, it felt ominous, you know, like what like changes, the emails or whatever. But like I haven't, I haven't really gone past that because I'm like, you know, but it feels like you have to, it feels like you actually have to. You were so off if you don't kind of get acclimated. I kind of get forced to pay attention to it because of this show and because of my friends, like Duncan, who's like really, really into it. Like Duncan uses AI all the time. Like if he was hanging out with you, he would take your voice bunch of stuff for AI to say like really embarrassing things and then he would say [2:48:08] So why'd you send me this and then we'll just start playing? Are you serious? Yeah, yeah, that's it. I mean, like they did it to Tony the other day. That's hilarious That's that's but that's ridiculous someone someone I saw in a forum was someone sent me someone took my voice and Made me and and made it the Michael Jackson bad album. So and they sent it out and it's it's my voice singing bad by Michael Jackson. But good, but it's my voice and it sounds like me to me. And I was like this is such a we are remember I was playing a dude in laundry I played I had played and I was like this is fucking nuts and that is gonna be a living thing Soon that's gonna be another cell that's gonna be another Bobby Lee that's gonna be whoever the fuck They want to make it you're gonna be able to make people That sound and look and behave exactly like that [2:49:02] We're gonna be able to bring Roddy danger field back from the dead and he's gonna go on tours or robot. I'd see it. I'd see it for sure. Yeah. I would. I just want to see what it's like. That'd be weird. Imagine you brought Lenny Bruce back from the dead, but you didn't let him write new material and he just bombed. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha I'm like, this is the guy we don't know to see him. And he's stuck in 1965. He still thinks he's like, hey, dig. Wow. You know. And he just gets like, hey. He's getting arrested for those jokes that people nowadays, they just like, now it's nonsense. That's my grandfather. Yeah, it's so easy. That's one of you. Yeah, because in the context of like his time, what do you say in his revolutionary? Like what is this guy saying? But it's hard for us to recognize that wasn't that long ago, man. Not even that whole way. It was like 60, 70 years ago. That guy was getting arrested for telling jokes and talking about certain things [2:50:03] on stage. It's hard to imagine that the society's changed that much in such a short amount of time. He said the 50s. Well, he was around in the 60s too. Like, when did he start getting arrested? Is the good question. I feel like it was, I remember, I remember, 60s I don't think so. He wouldn't be still getting arrested then. I think he died in the 60s. I think he died of a heroin overdose. Who's arrested the jazz workshop in San Francisco in 1961 for using sexually explicit language, although he was acquitted law enforcement agencies, put him under greater scrutiny, resulting in drug arrests in Philadelphia and Los Angeles. So they just started going after him. And he did do a lot of heroin, apparently. I think that's also how he died. I think he died from heroin. And I think he died in the middle of the trials. They were just constantly going after him. Wow. And the end it was really sad because there's some recordings of him on stage where he's [2:51:02] not even doing comedy. He's just reading from his legal papers and talking about his case. So people come see him and he would just like rant about his case. It was like sad. I have a bunch of it. You always see his albums in like the thrift stores and stuff. When you go to the record store, they use twins, they're always just a few bucks and there's so many of them. Yeah. I always swip everywhere on the road if there's a record so I'll swipe any comedy albums I can get. Whatever. Old, not this that. And they're always just like, there's the same ones you see that are like readily available all the time. Like they know no matter where you are. As I was like 10, you know, like rapping Rodneys. You know what I mean? You know, or that Eddie, that Eddie albums, I used to hear, you see the sunset strip, you see that everywhere. Oh yeah. But I got, I mean I get Pat Cooper, Alan King, and every, you know, you know, you know, I, what's his name? I'm Dick Gregory. Oh, okay. Yeah, Red Fox, it's, it's, come on, put him on, it's like, [2:52:00] you don't think to listen to these people and it's out there. You know, it's also like a time machine. Yeah. You get to peer into a time in the 1960s where someone's on stage and some comedy club in a different universe, like the world's different, everything's different then. Like the reality's different, it's the middle of the Vietnam war. Everything's different. They're on stage. You kind of hear it in the recording. It's like baked into it, it feels. You know what I mean? Whether it's just what you know, you're listening to or just the way they recorded it. Like I like, I actually really like listening to the crowds on the records as well. It's different. It sounds and feels different. Yeah, for sure. How they react and stuff. And I mean, their context, the civilization they lived in was just so different. It's so little access to information. The difference between people then and now is so vast in terms of how much we know about stuff, how much information we have about stuff. And back then, it was wild. That kind of comedy was only a few decades old. It was wild. [2:53:01] Nobody was doing it. There's a great series of recordings from Richard prior at Red Fox's comedy club in LA And I bought I bought them once at a gas station They just had them in like the cassette things You can buy them and they're fucking great man Yeah, and they're just these recordings of like Richard prior fuck it around making up material Working the crowd you hear like icing glasses. I'm never that exactly what I was talking about. That's the sort of thing I love. I love hearing it. Oh, it's so cool. Yeah, it's so cool. Klingin' and the Klingin' and the shaking and stuff. It gives like, it's like a, it's its own thing. It's like a, cut like you know. Yeah, it was like, I know. It was like, wow. I know, it's kind of weird. It's kind of weird seeing that. Yeah, well that was also George Carlin. George Carlin's only did early days. He was real clean cut and clean jokes. Oh, yeah, I haven't seen any of that. He wore a suit and a tie. Yeah, so you can find an early George Carlin. Yeah, you look at me like, no way. [2:54:06] That's the hippie guy. Yeah. Like no way. Yeah. I got to, I don't know his material though. I don't know what it was like. The early term. Very clean, very like regular comedy. Look at him. You have a stream of them for our entire lives and have noticed something holy shit. When the Westwins involved Indians, and sometimes they don't, sometimes it's Brian Donlevy with a black hat and a crooked card game, when they involved Indians, the big scene of us... That's the same eyebrow thing. When the Indians finally attacked the cowboys, we've been waiting for it throughout the entire movie, you can see them sitting in the hill. And that's the big scene when they finally get to them, and you always see exactly how the cowboys prepare for this attack. Now pull them wagons around the circle, get them all ready, something holding up the weapons, come on now, tear them up, panic, or choose from them, bandages, get that one up there, it's damn sad, damn it. Big hassle, we never see how the Indians prepare. That's their attack, right? [2:55:00] Now the Indians were good fighters just because they started in Massachusetts and wound up defending Malibu, doesn't mean they're good. We really didn't play the game with them. As I say, now, the Indians were good fighters and if this is so, they must have been well organized. There must have been a way to divide their men power. It wasn't just one old chief, many moon come chucked on, a lot of guys running. Get it. Not bad. Yeah. Interesting. Yeah. I mean, that premise was, you know, interesting, interesting premise. Yeah. See, I meet him, no, I'm, yes. I met him at the comedy store and I saw him perform a bunch of times live. Yeah. So I'm alive when I was a kid. When I was 21 when I first started doing stand-ups on live and New Hampshire and you bombed. Really? Oh, six, seven years later. Seven years later, look at him, dirty hippie. Found out about hippie pussy. Revolution. He's like, hey, I'm playing the game wrong. Yeah. Probably did a little acid. Like, what am I doing with this fucking stupid tie on? I mean that is a that is a coast to coast transformation right now real quick, too. Yeah, just a couple years two years [2:56:08] Yeah, like what did you look like five years ago pretty similar that was 65 to what I think it was August 31st 65 to March of 72 That's crazy I mean he's nearly unrecognizable. Yeah, he also looks way older like he yeah, that doesn't look like a seven-year-old That's all that I have to eat you out from the inside Yeah, he aged car, I guess yeah, that's pretty nuts one of the greats. Yeah, man Yeah, I mean without all those guys I mean that's what's really interesting about the art form. Without guys like Lenny Bruce and George Carlin, just a few people. It's just a handful of people, Richard Pryor, handful of people. Red Fox. What would this be now? What would it be? It's kind of crazy. Rickles, I would put in that. Yeah, Rickles. Sure. Definitely. Rickles, right? Rickles is like the original roaster. Oh, the best. What an animal that guy I was I have a Photograph in my living room that he autographed to me right now [2:57:06] It's like if there's a fire it's the first thing That's amazing. He was awesome. Yeah, he was so nice. He was so kind to us animal on stage The tax with jokes is attacking people insane. Yeah, you know, and for the time and I got was a murderer Nobody was like him back then. I saw him live within the last five, six, seven years of his life. I saw him in Atlantic City, which was great. He came in from the back with the horns and everything. Before he even got to the stage, it was 20 minutes of insulting people. Before he got to the stage, it was great. It was amazing. Didn't hold back. And then I saw him again later, I've shown like two years before he died up at Westbury, Long Island. And he sat in a chair for this one, but he still did two hours. Wow. That's awesome. Yeah. That's awesome. And then I got to go backstage and it was like, freaking midnight. And he was with his wife and one of the couple. And he let me come in and spent like, you know, even the people come in like, you got to like, then helping him out like, you got waving him off and he like, talking to me for like, good 10 minutes. [2:58:06] Oh, that's great. Yeah. I know I wish I saw him live. As a few guys, I'm like, damn it, you know what I'm missing in my life. Shit. Yeah. So I can't listen live quite a few times. Oh wow. I saw him once live at Great Woods, which is like this outside concert area, and then I saw him live at this, I saw his career start to slump, like I saw it in real time. Even though I was still a huge Kenisan fan, the second time I saw him, I was at this shitty casino-y place. It wasn't that good, it wasn't packed, and then the third time was kind of the same thing We were a comic. Yeah, I was just starting out Maybe I wasn't a comic yet like maybe I was thinking about doing comedy it was pretty close It's like right maybe right before I did comedy [2:59:01] But he went from 86 where he was on top of the fucking world to like 88. It had already started to kind of fall apart. It was wild how quick it happened. Like you have this one amazing album and one amazing HBO special. And those two were like his best things ever. And then everything after that is just too much party in and below. Just got caught up in the life. And the material wasn't that well thought out anymore. He's just like, his brother wrote about it in his book. If you read Brother Sam, it's a fucking great book. Bill Kenneson wrote it. Really, if you're a fan of comics, a really good book. But just tells you how this fucking wild man, like how different he was. Just plummeted. How long was he at that height? You think just a few years. I think before he got discovered, like before Rodney, to like, so like, I bet like from everything that I've heard from people that were around back then, he came a monster. He came, he was already a monster from the beginning because he had been a tent revival preacher. So he was a tent revival preacher who knew how to do stand up. [3:00:11] Wow. I mean, what an advance. That's what an advantage. You know, I mean, it's like, like teaching a gymnast, jujitsu, like they're so strong already. They're so flexible. They have a giant advantage. I wonder if he, how long it took him to get to that voice of like screaming and stuff. I think he had it from the 10 revival days because there's recordings of him doing sermons and he would do it like that. It's like, I'm in the air and Jesus. It's like really powerful stuff and that's a form of show business clearly. Yeah. and he was really good at it. And so he I've never seen an old set from him. Really like that. You never seen an old set? No, I only seen him a trench coat guy Okay, but there's some that are online you could find on YouTube him with like a leather jacket on and a comb over It looks like shit. Wow. Before you start wearing the beret. Yeah, you just have a comb over You know, he wouldn't shave the head, couldn't give it. Right. Right. Right. Right. Right. Right. When he came in back that he bought, he wanted to be a rock and roll guy, too. [3:01:06] So he had long ass air and like a band-aid on. Yeah. He was ridiculous. So that was him in the early days. This is his last sermon. His last sermon. But he was, I want to hear in his songs. It's got to be, this got to be on the screen. Is it mostly songs? Here it goes. I feel like I have as much, I feel so grateful. You can't believe how grateful I feel towards the spirit of God what he's allowed me to be part of. And I know I wouldn't have had it without this church. Amen without these ministries that you see on this platform. Amen without your cells. Amen. [3:02:01] We've all played a part in each other's lives we've given to each other Amen so that was him just preaching it's so wild here that voice attached to that that context It's wild Hear him and he's here. I'm saying it's a mind fuck and by the bad things already don't blow going crazy Yeah, he was already can't send you, Kinesan was a wild fucking dude, man. He was a wild dude. Just threw him through. Got hit by a car when he was five years old. Me too. Maybe a four. Four years old. How bad? Not too bad. I was playing a frisbee with my dad and I went to the hospital but I didn't break anything or anything. You get knocked out. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. We were in a parking lot, 100% empty parking lot, like a VW post, like a veterans post near my house where you just play like, and we were just playing frisbee fully gated. We're the only two people in that thing, only two objects in the thing. [3:03:01] We were throwing us frisbee, and my dad's friend was walking down the block, so he went to the gate to talk to him, and I was little, I was like, except four. And he threw the Frisbee and it went like over there, and I went to go get it, and as I'm going, I see I was staging way again, pull in, it came around the back, so it's not even from the oh, it was still coming at me. And I get to the frisbee and I pick it up. I'll never forget this. I picked it up and I fumbled it and it dropped again. And I so vividly remember saying, do I try to pick this up again? Or do I get out of the way? Because I just remember thinking like, this person has to see me I'm the only object in front of him Oh my god, and I went to pick it up again, and that's I woke up when my dad was running and I was in his arms Yeah, but it wasn't bad. It wasn't it wasn't bad I I don't even know if I got in cost or anything like that you definitely are in cost Yeah, cold. Yeah, okay, yeah, so, that was that was it I got to sue I got five thousand bucks nice to sue and I couldn't touch it dollars 18 [3:04:12] Oh, yeah, it was like a trust I think I yeah with Remember it's like 12 5 when I got it That's what was left 12,500 oh, oh, oh, because the five got the, oh. Yeah, it was 14 years. I've spent 1200. No, no, 14 years of, I guess, you know, Jesus, I'm smoking. Oh, that's amazing. So all the interest. Interest there. Yeah. Well, I have a, I have a bachelor's in finance. I couldn't just think that word just now and you ain't going by a nice car something No, I didn't buy a nice car. I don't know where it went. I don't write money I already took the hit. I wish I knew where it went I wish I had a nice story to cap this fucking. I know right? I still have that the book they gave me it would they would go and you'd have to take it and they would [3:05:05] They put it under a stamp and it would, it would put the new price, the interest you made that month, the new price and it would add it, like it would aggregate it. It's a red like statin' island savings bank, like foldable thing. So I used to, all through those years, it's like pages and pages and pages of like, the interest that they want, I still have that. Yeah. The old days, when you go to the bank. Go to the bank, remember that? Yeah. Mom picked this up from school. The bank? You got checked, cashed. The bank was a knife through my heart dude, because our bank was so fucking slow. Every time she got slow. It was 40 minutes. They have no motivation to move quickly. 40 minutes. How's your day? How's your day going? only the drive through. Oh, no. That's what I mean. That's even worse. You see the line. And when your car starts overheating, you're like, no, it always did. She had it. She had that car overheated. It was so explode. We used to drive down to the Jersey shore in the summer. We'd be in the back seat. Bench seats, everything, right? But just my mom, this thing's a fucking boat it was you you you you you you you you you you you you you you you you you looking back and it's shooting black smoke shooting out of the tailpipe and she [3:06:06] used to pull over pull over on the on the on the turn on the parkway open the hood white smoke pouring out of the hood stunk she just get the coolant from the trunk just pour the coolant in there and get it to be careful when you're opening up the radiator yeah and like literally just kind of alleviated the problem as we drove. But the worst part was like when she was like, pick us up and stuff and it would like backfire because it was like, it backfire, like if you drove it, it was gonna backfire. So like coming to school and stuff, my mom said, she didn't mean to embarrass me. Like coming to school and that thing backfiring. Yeah. Yeah, and end up the smoke blowing out and then like having to get just having to get in the car You know, I mean like everyone saw it, you know how many cars back then just fucking polluted everything they came in contact Black smoke came out of every car every car Before they came up with catalytic converters. It was a disaster. I I remember as a kid smelling the exhaust all the time all the time [3:07:04] It was a land of gas. It was like lowers your IQ. It was a normal smell to smell. It was. That's why we're so dumb. It's part of it. Yeah. Hey, thanks for being here, man. Appreciate it. It was a lot of fun. It was a lot of fun. We'll definitely do this again and tell everybody you're special. It's on YouTube. It's out right now. It's out right now. It's called Terrified. Just search my name on YouTube. And also today, my new tour went on sale. Everything's fine tour. We started the first like it's 30 cities. So it's SavileCannocomedy.com. Beautiful. All right, thank you, brother. Appreciate it. Lot of fun. Bye everybody.