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Tim Dillon is a stand-up comic, actor, and host of "The Tim Dillon Show" podcast. His latest comedy special, "Tim Dillon: A Real Hero," is available on Netflix. Look for his book "Death by Boomers: How the Worst Generation Destroyed the Planet, but First a Child" in 2024. www.timdilloncomedy.com

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Air traffic controllers are federal, but the baggage claim's all screwed up, they canceled a bunch of stuff. I don't know, it's 11,000 city workers, I don't know what they're, what, you know, I think it's a bunch of different groups of them that want stuff. Yeah, is there specific demands, like is it pay increase? Maybe they wanna stop getting killed by the homeless. Maybe it's very reasonable. Maybe it has nothing to do with money, and they're like, we just wanna stop being like people flinging their excrement at us while we're cleaning the park. Could be. Yeah, I don't know what it is, I don't know what the demands are. Maybe they're scared they're gonna be replaced by AI, like the actors and writers. They might be. Who knows? You know what the sketchiest thing that I saw about the whole actor-writer thing was that for background players, when people work on a film, they wanted access to their image forever. Right. So they would take you and make a digital version of you. So if you're like a background guy, instead of paying background people to hang around in some crowd scene, they will now just fill it in with you. So the same background people, which is like one of the nuttiest fucking fringe theories of any catastrophe is that you have these actors. What do they call them? Catastrophe. Crisis actors. Crisis actors, right. Where these people are hired by the federal government, and they appear in multiple different scenarios where they say that something happened there when the shooter entered into the building. Yeah. Well, they're striking next. The crisis actors. They're gonna go, I am worried that my likeness will be used as Sandy Hook in perpetuity without my... Yeah, it's weird. It's weird because it doesn't seem like there's a way to prevent it. You know? For the digital use of your imagery? Well, everybody's, every business in the world is using AI, right? These movie studios and streamers spent a lot of money investing in AI technology during the pandemic. A lot of in-house AI projects. And I imagine that they're gonna utilize that technology to some degree. I agree though that it's creepy and it will eliminate a lot of jobs. And if there's a way to stop them, great. But is there? There's no way. There doesn't seem to be a way. No, that train is rolling and there's a lot of track in front of it and it has insane momentum and you're not gonna put your hand out and stop it. Yeah. You might mitigate the effects. Maybe the government would pass like a loss and listen. You can't replace more than 10% of your workforce with AI over the next five years. I don't know if that would even be a feasible thing to do, but maybe they could do something like that. Like the problem is if you have a business and the business can be better run by AI, do you have a responsibility to hire human beings to do a lesser job? Great question. It's a real good question. Great more. And if you listen to these. And it's an ethical moral question. Like Drake songs that they're coming out with AI. So an Eminem song that just came out with, they're good. Yeah. They're good. I was just having a conversation with Post Malone about it. You know, Post uses like auto tune, but he writes all his own songs. You know, and he performs all his own songs. And I think his fans want to know that's him singing the song. They will probably still enjoy a fake Post Malone song. But dude, I saw him live last night. When you see these people singing along with him, it's something really powerful, man. It's not just like a regular concert. They fucking love that dude. Well, look at the Taylor Swift thing, which I feel very left out of because I'm the only person that has not seen it. I don't get it. Like she's clearly talented and God bless. I just don't have that thing where I'm like. But you're not a girl. That's all it is. Yeah, but the dudes are there too. Yeah, Dave Portnoy loves it. A lot of people love it and I don't get it. And I just, and I don't begrudge anyone else getting it. It's just not. But maybe if you go to one live, you'll get it. Yeah. Because it's supposed to be a spectacular show. Sure. Tons of dancers and visuals. Great. Yeah, I just. That's phenomenal. I grew up listening to people like Tina Turner and Janice Joplin. Yeah. So to me it's like Taylor Swift. It's different. It's different. That's all I'm gonna say. I don't wanna be attacked. I don't want people following me on. It's just, it's different. It's just, it's, you know what I mean? It's like, this is like the same thing about the Barbie movie. Yeah. Maybe it's not for you. That's right. And if it's not for you and you're going and giving this scathing review of something that's clearly not for you. Right. Look, I get it if that's your business. You're in the culture war business. You're in the critique business. You're in the reaction video business. I get it. I get it. But just as like a rational person. Yeah. Like imagine being mad that people like Taylor Swift. No, there's no anger. I would, I actually, like most cultural things, I wish I got it. My life would be easier if I got like, I would be more included. I would be able to participate in conversations easier. Yeah. I want to be in. Right. All these things that people like that I can't get into, I want to be in. The Barbie movie is an interesting one. Yeah. Because it is clearly a movie that's made for girls. Right. And everybody else. Right. But also it's a Barbie movie. Right. Barbies appealed to girls. It's like saying commando was not just for guys. Right. You know, with the R.O.T. There's a few people on the margins that will like it. Right. Yeah, sure. Go to see commando and they're very into it. Few gay men really love Barbie. But the vast majority, it is gender specific. Yes. Yeah. And there's like a tremendous amount of outrage about that movie. And when I went to see it, apparently people are upset at my reaction to it. Why? Because I was genuinely surprised that they wouldn't be upset at the movie. Right. Because like, it's just, what they're mad about is talking about the patriarchy. But first of all, it's a fucking parody movie. Right. It's a movie about a doll who comes to life. And you have a doll who lives in that world where the doll's the most important thing. It's all about Barbie and Barbie's world. Of course, the men would be superficial. Ken is superficial. Right. That's the plot. That's the, how else are you gonna make a Barbie movie where Barbie comes to life? I mean, it's a great juxtaposition. Like, seeing the difference between the world of living human beings where men are running everything and the world of Barbie world where the Barbies are the Supreme Court. Right. They all wear bikinis on the Supreme Court. That's funny. That's funny. Dude, it's a funny movie, man. It's like, I just don't understand why people would get so upset at this movie that's just not made for them. Well, cause it's how they, you said it, it's how you make money. Yeah. But it's like this culture war aspect of it. It's like, come on, people. Well, there's, I think, an idea that, you know, that everything that's out right now, there's political implications to everything. Everything. And that's kind of exhausting. Right. It's tiring, right? Figuring out if your yogurt is woke. Like going through your grocery, opening your refrigerator and going, what's woke? Is the mustard woke? It's crazy. I think people are a little sick of it. And I think it's a little, first of all, all the food's poison. Let's start there. That should make more sense. It should be the barbecue sauce is liquid sugar poison. Not does it want trans people, you know, to fucking take their tits out at the White House. It's food and it shouldn't, you know, but it's a level of wild that, you know, I don't think people were prepared for anything. Bud Light made a little bit of a mess, right? They put Dylan Mulvaney out there. And then I think people, you know, were kind of like, hey, what's going on? And then it just became a firestorm. And then like everything else is like contagion. So it spreads now. And now it's like, well, what is Chick-fil-A doing? Are they doing stuff that they shouldn't be doing? Yeah. It's kind of, it's just, it's getting tired. Conservatives are trying to find fake conservatives. Like they're engaging in the same sort of behavioral that they accuse liberals doing of these liberal witch hunts. They're doing it with conservatives. Like you could never be woke enough. You could never be conservative enough. Some of them like want to call people closet liberals, or you know that term rhino, Republican in name only. That's for sure. The tribal war between human beings that seemingly will always exist. It'll never end. It's so fascinating how that mindset just takes new forms, you know, and has the same behavior that the thing that it hated decades earlier, like on the left, like this want for war in Ukraine, this trust in the military industrial complex in Ukraine. Like what happened to you guys? Yeah. Like you guys are a totally different thing. Like no one's discussing. Every argument made against rightly the Iraq war and the Afghanistan war, like what's the plan? We're going to be in a quagmire. The money would be better used at home. All of those arguments were used at nauseam by people on the left and they were right. And now if you bring up any of those arguments about the Ukraine, you're called heartless. You're called a Putin apologist. It's weird. So it's weird. The best take on it was Trump. When he was doing that, what is her name? Caitlin Collins, is that what her name is? The journalist that was asking him and she was kind of like trying to say it in a gotcha way. You want Ukraine to win this war. And he said, I just want people to stop dying. And that is somehow controversial. Yeah, and that's because it's coming from him. Anything that he says, no matter how logical it is, people are going to attack. A hundred percent. And that was a very logical statement. I just want people to stop dying. By the way, that's the appropriate response to truly really every war out there is that there's been no war that really hasn't been won with some type of agreement, treaty, compromise, right? Most wars have some type of endgame where you can go, okay, we got to split up territory. We got to start a provisional government, whatever it is. Now this might be more difficult to do that, but at the end of the day, unending conflict only hurts the people in those countries fighting the wars and becoming victims of the wars. They don't hurt the people here making a lot of money. It's just so sketchy whenever money gets involved. Whenever you're realizing that people have an incentive to keep this rolling to the tune of who knows how many billions of dollars so far? How much has been spent on that war so far? Oh my God, I mean, it's over a trillion probably. We spent a lot of money. Well, what got me interested, why I started to read about it was like overnight, overnight, the worst people in the world were absolutely in love with the Ukraine. The people that, again, the pro-Iraq war, pro-Guantanamo Bay, pro-torture, pro-preemptive war, they all were very much across the board the idea that we have to support the Ukraine for as long as it takes and give them whatever it takes. And I felt like that was crazy because we've seen that in the past bite us in the ass a lot of different places. And these are like the worst people in the world. The people at Beverly Hills who are like make valets cry, who are like, get my fucking car. Like those people, they all had Ukrainian flags on the outside of their house. But they didn't care about Yemen. They don't care about what goes on in the Middle East in terms of like the Palestinians or what's happening over there. They don't care about a lot of issues and a lot of places, but they seem to really believe that we had to arm the Ukraine and engage in kind of this proxy war with Russia for an unending period of time, no matter how dangerous it got. And Russia is a country with a lot of nuclear weapons. So, I mean, what is the American national interest in that continued policy? I don't know. Go to any city in America, right? And you see a lot of problems, homelessness, drug addiction, all of the money we're sending to the Ukraine probably could be used here. Right, and there was a long period where everybody knew that there should be something done to clean up the places that got hit by the riots, to deal with some of the homeless encampments. There should be a way where reasonable people can come to some solution, we need funding to fix these things. But the fact that they just all of a sudden have trillions of dollars for this. Right. It's like, where was all that money? Like why, what about investing in cities? Well, in the beginning it was we want peace and Ukraine was invaded by Russia. And I understand supporting the Ukraine to a degree. But now we're talking about the only acceptable outcome is regime change in Russia. And then there was this guy, this hot dog warlord, this guy who had sold hot dogs and then was chopping people's heads off, okay? He did this fake coup that didn't work and everybody in our media was like, he's gonna be great. Let's get rid of Putin who, you know, his problems, his faults notwithstanding, and he's a murderer, he's done crazy things. But we've lived with him for 20 years in relative peace. Meaning like, we've never had a war with him, right? He's done things in his region, but he was the first leader after 9-11 to call us and say, you know, like, hey, I'm sorry about that, da da da da da, whatever the case may be, we were ready to just get rid of him and throwing a dude who hours before was lobbing people's heads off in the street. Wild. So that to me is like you start looking at foreign policy and you're going, does anyone care about anything? Like, to anybody, like this guy's a mass murderer. He's running the Wagner group, which is like, you know, this group of like prisoners, ex-prisoners, that he recruited from Soviet prisons, from Russian prison. And these are like murderers and rapists. He's going, let's go to the Ukraine and kill everybody. And then everybody's like, no, he'd be great. Tshh. Doesn't make, it doesn't make too much sense to me. And then that doesn't happen. And everyone goes, eh, what the crazy thing is that it's been adopted wholesale by the left. Yes. The people that are always the most skeptical about war. Well, were, but I mean, if you look at a lot of wars, I guess in history, a lot of them have been started by Democrats, it seems like the party in power likes war. Seems like if you're the party in power in this country, you do like a war. With the exception of Trump, and I know people get mad when I say this, but Trump wasn't in a ton of wars. I mean, he did do some drone strikes. He did things, but you know, the party in power. He died like a dog. Right, right. The party in power, they seem to like war. And I get it. I would too. I would too, because it gives you something to talk about and do. Well, Trump was the first guy that I ever saw who was a sitting president who openly admitted that the military industrial complex wants you to go to war. Yeah. Like when Eisenhower was a resign, he said it, but Trump actually said that. He said it. In an interview, I think it was with Steve Hilton on Fox, which is just a wild thing to hear, that they might be influenced, to be more inclined, not wars when they're necessary, but like wars that they can justify for financial reasons. And that's it. We should treat the people that serve the military with the respect of being honest with them about what their mission is, right? And why they're somewhere. If you're gonna make the ultimate sacrifice for America, you're gonna be, make that sacrifice. You're gonna put yourself in harm's way. You might die. You have a family and kids. They're not getting paid millions of dollars. We're not making them famous. They're not, you know what I mean? Like, you know, we should treat them with the respect of like the things they do should be vital and necessary for our security. They shouldn't just be out there making people money. Right. Exactly. Which is why when I run the governor, when I run for governor of California, which I should, you could probably win. I actually thought about it, you know, maybe not seriously, but you know, maybe I said, why not? Why not? You would really get a lot of votes. There's something about it because- Are you serious about it? I might be serious about it because like, the only thing that's gonna be against me is the hours and hours I have of me talking. That's gonna be tough because people are gonna be able to isolate lots of things I've said and they're gonna go, hey, this is crazy. But don't you think- And I also might get bored with the job and we can quit. That's the problem. That's the problem. I might just book like a comedy club and- Des Moines. Yeah, it's nowhere good. And I might just leave and go, this is kind of boring. Cause I don't think, you know, I don't know, governing, running seems great. Winning is great. Governing seems terrible. It doesn't seem like it's totally doable. That's right. It seems like whatever changes you make, first of all, imagine you're a guy or a gal or a non-binary person, just becomes the president. You have to run in and fix all of the chaos. You have to deal with everything involving foreign policy. You're responsible for everything involving infrastructure, transportation, anything financial. You're responsible for all the failures. You get very little credit for the success. They'll just name the innovators in each field that did this and got lucky. And it is a thankless job. And that's why they steal. That is why they steal. You got to give it to them. The reason Pelosi and them steal is cause she's like, listen, you motherfuckers didn't care about the student lunch program we did. No one reported on that. So the reality is we're going to have to take a little off the top. And you think that's what it is? That's probably what it is. I think they just get used to that job. That grift. Yeah, I think people, and I think that's how people who are relatively good people become politicians and get tainted by it. I think when you get inside the machine and you realize that influence has a massive effect on all sorts of decisions that get made and that there's some sort of weird loophole that allows you to know about laws that are going to be passed in advance and then buy stock and accordingly, in accordance rather, to which you know. And it's not insider trading. It's not illegal. It should be. And they all do it. Like if you look at the Congressman, it's right and left. They're all doing it. But it's got to be, it's got to suck to be the guy that goes to Washington who doesn't do it. Yeah. You gotta suck so much. Like if you get there and you're from some shit state, right, Delaware, something, and you get there and like you're gonna ruin the party, you're gonna blow the whistle. Like everybody's like, dude, this is how we make our money. Right. And you're the guy fucking that up. That's gotta be a lot of pressure. They would kill ya. They'd probably kill ya. It's like New York City cops. That's right. Yeah, it's like that movie, The Seven Five. Yeah. You know, first day on the job he sees a guy get thrown out of a window. Like he jumped right. And they're like, yeah, definitely jumped. Yeah. You guys just killed somebody. Yeah. Yeah, I guess there's so much pressure because you don't want to be on the outs with everybody. Yeah. Especially when you are involved in this business. It's very competitive, right? You're getting elected all the time. You're competing with other people. You're trying to get your name out there and you're in this world where all these people that are in this world are doing this thing. You're gonna do that thing too probably. You'd have to be like, well you'd have to be very vocal against it and that would be a real problem. Or you'd have a guy like Bernie Sanders who gets nothing done. People just like him. Yeah. He's liked, but he gets nothing done. He's from Vermont. He's like, I'm cool, I believe in shit. Everybody's like, good for you. And then nothing happened. I think it would have been an interesting one term president. Yeah. It would have been very- Very interesting. It would have been very interesting if there was no shenanigans, right? If the DNC didn't rig the primaries. Because they kind of did, right? I don't know how they did it, but this is something that, what's that woman's name? Who wrote that book? Donna? Brazil? Donna Brazil. Yeah. She talked about it. She talked about being terrified after Seth Rich got murdered. Right. She was terrified for her own life? Sure. I mean, look, people, just random violence. How's the cause? Not murder, but random violence is common in DC. Right. But also that probably wasn't- Probably wasn't random. And that House of Cards, if you rewatch it, I rewatched it. It is probably pretty close to the way things happen. I mean, listen, do they make it fun to watch? Absolutely. I get it, but when everybody's being blackmailed and controlled and people disappear and die. Yeah. That probably is close to the way it works. Probably real close. Probably real close. Yeah, super close. How else could it work? Right? Like it's weird to envision, it's almost weirder to think of it not working like that in a weird way, not to be too cynical about it, but like just imagine people showing up in like good faith, debating each other and being like, well, I see your point. And well, I have a point. Like it feels like that's a total fantasy. That would be great. And I'd love that to happen. That feels more of a fantasy than House of Cards where they're like, oh, you don't want to vote on that bill? Take a look at that envelope. And it's just you and some chick, you're fucking walking out of a restaurant. That seems to be more the way it happens. Definitely more the way it happened in the past. And we know that. So probably more likely it happens like that now. Imagine being in any other business where when your friend drowns in front of your house, everybody's like, right. Any other business. Like if you're a comic, like if you came over my house and drowned, no one would think I killed you. No one. They would just think you drowned. Absolutely. But if you're a politician, if I was a president. People would be very not shocked if I drowned. It would be a very like believable, you could drown me and there'd be more trouble on my neck. They'd be like, that fat idiot fell, choked himself and died. Like it would be easy. Yeah. Any of our friends, for the most part, not all of them. Pretty much everybody except for Alex Jones. Most people we know could die and it would be a very believable story. Yes. Just some dumb thing they did or some, yeah. It does happen. But when a chef is on a pond outside of your house, by the way, when you're not there, like you're letting the chef use your estate when you're not there, doesn't that seem weird that the Obamas were like, oh no, no, no, you go. You go use it. He had that $11 million house we have in Martha's Vineyard. You use it. Doesn't that seem odd? Well, if the house is that big though, it probably has a guest house. If they were there, it makes sense. He's cooking for them. But weren't they on the island? I don't know. But I think they're saying they were on the island. The problem is we can't have access to the recordings. The 9-11 calls, because you'll hear satanic sounds in the background. Yeah, yeah. You hear, you hear, you hear, you hear. Well, there's weird stuff with the police log with that, where they didn't. Gongs. They didn't fill out immediately. Oh, really? Yeah, I mean, there's shady stuff. But listen, here's the reality. If you're the Obamas and you can't kill someone you want, what is the point? Literally, what is the point? But imagine if you're the Obamas and your friend just fucking drowns. Yes. I mean. And you didn't have anything to do with it. That's unfortunate. Maybe he had a reaction to some medication. Poison that you gave him. Yes. Or maybe it's some medication that a lot of people took. And he has a heart attack. A lot of people near these people die. That's my only thing. If you're like a dog walker for the Clintons, or you're like a shit, if you're near either the Bush family, the Clinton family, a lot of these families, the people that are with them, they're Secret Service agents, they have accidents. They hear a lot of stuff. They overhear stuff. They party to things, they see things. And then a lot of them just, you know, they have accidents. Yeah, whoopsies. Bye. Whoops. Sorry. All of a sudden the guy is hanging from an extension cord and shoots himself in the chest with a shotgun. That seems, you know, unlikely. And the shot, where'd they find the shotgun? How far away did they find it from his body? Some very unusual distance. I'd be so disappointed if we find out none of it's true. Oh yeah. I would be so disappointed if we find out that all of them died of natural causes. I would be so disappointed. When would this like 50 people that have died under suspicious circumstances? Right. At least one of them. Right? Says the 12 gauge shotgun was 30 feet from his body when he was found dead. Well he shot himself and then threw it. 30 feet is very far. That could be that, here's the thing, if you are actually holding a shotgun and shooting it in your chest, there's not gonna be any resistance on the other end. Right. So it's essentially like a rocket. So it's not, because of the way you would have to do it, you shoot yourself in the chest with a shotgun, it's possible. It is. Yeah, it's possible that it would go flying. And then it would fly out. Yeah, it would go flying. Interesting. So maybe he was just super troubled and that is what he did. You just gotta think about it. If you occupy that level of society and somebody's threatening you, how do you deal with it? If you have the, whatever, you wanna call it, the ambition, the ruthless to get there, and somebody's trying to take that from you, what do you do, how do you handle it? You try to blacken their name in the press, you try to besmirch them. And if that doesn't work, what do you do? Do you just say, okay, I guess we're just gonna get taken down by a scandal? Or do you just say, hey, we gotta take care of this? I think it really depends on who you are and what kind of accents to people you have. I can't imagine anybody getting to that level of society and letting themself get taken down by someone far below them. Usually when those families get taken out, they're taken out by an equal, someone at their level. But when someone far below you that you could get rid of, or it's like that guy outside of that restaurant in LA, Austria-Mocha and Melrose and Highland, whose car just went into a, things like that happened. And of course, yeah, maybe he was drunk and just decided to go 150 miles an hour. He's not talking about that, journalists. Michael Hastings, yeah. Things like that happened and they're weird. And you say to yourself, did you piss the wrong person off? And he certainly did. Yeah, and then how do people at that level deal with it? It makes a lot of sense to me that people like that would use violence to deal with their enemies. To silence their enemies forever. That makes sense to me. But maybe I'm too cynical and maybe I'm wrong. I don't know, but it would make a lot of sense to me that they would, there'd be a meeting, and the people would meet and they'd go, yeah, we gotta take care of this. We can't allow this to become a thing. And that's how they've done it throughout history. Right. I mean, that's what they did when they got rid of JFK. That's what Lizzo should've done with those bitches. With those bitches who turned on her because she was trying to help them. First of all, that's not even a car, you don't get to be a fat backup dancer. That doesn't exist. It's not real. Lizzo made that category of person. She made it. And then they turned on her. That's crazy. She made it. What is she accused of? Fat shaming them, making them rehearse, making them stand up. That's what their version of fat shaming is. Making them stand up and walk onto the stage. Making them rehearse, taking them to a sex club in Amsterdam where the performers are shooting bananas out of their pussies because this is what happens. And Lizzo's forcing them to touch the nude performers and force one of them to eat a banana that came out of the vagina of a sex worker, performer, dancer in the sex club. Lizzo makes a girl, she's like, eat the banana, eat the banana. And then the girl gets really angry at that. But supposedly, Lizzo was just abusing her power. This is what they're all saying. But I don't know if I buy that. I think it's bitter people maybe that are angry. Because they all look like Lizzo. This is what's gonna drive them nuts. They look exactly like her. And she's worth 40 million. And they're probably getting paid shit. So they're in the background every night, dancing. And it ain't easy. It's fun to be on that TV show that she had. But then you have to do it every night. They're icing their joints. You know it's hard. They're in the trailer. It's fucking tough. Lizzo had to start getting on some of them, going like, you gotta tone it down. You know, it's becoming a problem. The weight is becoming a problem. And then Lizzo's response, where she's like, I would never fire any of them because of their weight. It's like, what a weird statement. They're dancers. How fat can they get? How fucking big can they get? If I wanted to be a dancer for Taylor Swift, and she came up to me and went, you're too fat to do this. I'd go, that makes sense. And I'd leave with some dignity. But these women, Lizzo has them on stage. She has them dancing. And then all of a sudden, she's abusing and they're making them do weird shit. And they all are now suing her. And her streaming has slowed down big time. The ads, you know how it is. A big cancellation. So did she, so this show, were these girls dancers before they got on her show? No, because you can't be a dancer at a certain, let's just be very honest here. They're not at the ballet. You know how the ballerinas are on the tippy toes? That's not happening. These women, it's a fetish dancing. These are larger women. And I don't mean like, oh, I had a cheesecake. I mean like, these are big, big, big ladies. And they're dancing because Lizzo's whole thing, Lizzo's like, I'm not getting enough attention just being the fatty up front. I want everyone on stage to be fat. So I can get more praise. Because the media will be like, not only is she fat, everyone's fat. The whole stage looks like shit. How good of a person is she? That's what they want. I think that's what she wanted. She wanted, it wasn't enough that it was her. It had to be everybody. And that's what bit her in the ass. But the question was, these gals, how often did they have to dance? Was it like every night? Like how often was that show? Was it a once a week show? What was it? I don't know, but they were on tour. So you'd figure when you're on tour. Okay, so they're doing regular shows. Regular shows. Now, this is my question. When you're a big girl and you're not exercising, then all of a sudden someone hires you for a dance show because they want big girls. And then you have to do that kind of shit every day. It's tough. Your body's not prepared for that. Your joints are weak. Very hard. Like you could get really fucked up doing, it's like asking someone to go into some crazy cardiovascular workout. Right, and they get mad at Lizzo because Lizzo doesn't have to do anything. She just pulls out the flute. Can I see what it looked like? Can you show me what that show was like? Can you show us the big girls? Here come the big girls is the show. But I think they're also angry at Lizzo because they're like, we're dancing and rehearsing. She doesn't have to rehearse. Lizzo just kind of walks out on stage and sings her songs and does a little, but then pulls out the flute. These girls have to like dance through the whole thing. So it's difficult. It's hard. It sounds hard. It's not easy. Here's the TV show I got. It's hard for a dancer. Here we go. Okay, so there's Lizzo. It's on Amazon Prime Video. What's up y'all? It's Lizzo. I'm looking for dancers to join me on my tour. Girls that look like me don't get representation. Time to pull up my sleeves and find them myself. We think and we pretty and we know what we found. It's the battle of the big girls. The background dancer for Lizzo would just mean everything. You could tell how badly this was gonna go by the way. Hey ladies, what do we have in store? This is the fun part. I'm always doubting myself and I feel like that has been detrimental in how I approach dance. I'm realizing that I do deserve a spot on that stage. It's hard to love yourself in a world that doesn't love you bad. You are created specially in your image for you to enjoy. You don't have to be life-scant. You don't have to be skinny. You're just beautiful the way you are. I need to challenge myself and step outside my comfort zone. Now I'm going into competition. Some people are not at the same level that I am. I'ma call you Lil Sis. He's trying to demean me. She's not understanding how to read the room. You might not make it into the show. I see a lot of attention. So what was that one that we just passed through? There was one that like, was that a transgender person? Yes, I believe that is a transgender person. Even in like a quick glance. It was a quick, that wasn't, I'll say they didn't do a great job at fully going to the other gender there. You know what I mean? It's like they kind of stopped. And that's fine. Everyone does a great job all the time at everything. I don't know about anybody. I brought my car in to get washed and it comes out and you go, meh. And that's kind of what that was. But, so the show is basically, she's hiring these girls? These girls, listen. And then they're growing on tour together. I've had drug addictions. I've had eating things like, when you are not in a good mental state, which is a lot of the reason people act out with different things, right? With substances, with food, with whatever. You know, listen, if you have people that are emotionally, that have issues, and Lizzo might have them as well, it's a toxic soup of maybe that becomes a problem on tour. Yeah. Everybody. The idea of a judge having to adjudicate this to me is the funniest thing I've ever. The idea of a judge in a room having to go, who called who fat? Looking at Lizzo's on one side and then the dance. And he's like staring at everybody going, wait, who's who? Who's what? Who's fat? Like, it's crazy, but you know, it's unfortunate because you know, they're coming for her career. Yeah. They're coming for her career big time. The show itself seems like it would be a health risk. Oh, it is. It seems like it would be, right? It's a force people to work out. Part of the lawsuit has to do with the recording that one of the dancers made. And I'm reading this article. This sounds, it's interesting if you guys would want to read it. Okay. It's pretty fun. The shoot also describes an alleged meeting with dancers on April 27th at which Lizzo repeatedly referenced Williams' termination. Allegedly telling her that she had quote, eyes and ears everywhere. Davis recorded this meeting because she suffers from an eye condition that can make her quote, disoriented in stressful situations, according to the suit. Days later, Lizzo allegedly held an emergency meeting where she discovered that the previous meeting had been recorded, the suit says. She became furious, hurling expletives at the group and stating that she was going to go around the room person by person until somebody told Lizzo who made the recording according to the lawsuit. The suit says Davis confirmed that she had recorded the meeting, allegedly told Lizzo that she had Anthony Harm and had deleted the video. Lizzo allegedly responded, there is nothing you can say to make me believe you. So it's kind of like mafia shit. All right, well someone did, here's what I want to know. When it says, became furious hurling expletives at the group and stated that she was going to go around the room person by person until someone told Lizzo who made the recording. God, I hope she refers to herself in the third term. Yes. Third person. Somebody better tell Lizzo. I hope that's how she says it. That would be amazing. If she said someone better tell Lizzo. Yeah, I mean she brought all these women on tour probably to abuse them, you know? I don't think they thought it through. That's what I'm saying, it's about like the health. When you have a bunch of fatty boom baddies on the tour, she's probably having a little fun going girls, you know, she's probably. Eat some pussy out of banana. Eat the pussy banana and also bitch do it because where else are you going to dance? You're not getting hired anywhere else. Like unfortunately or fortunately, you're not working. So you were given this really weird unique opportunity that only exists with this one woman. It doesn't exist anywhere else. So, you know. This is like not to body shame anybody, but there's been a weird shift in just the way society looks at these things because it used to be that women that were representing clothes and things had ideal shapes. Like that's what they used for advertisement. And then something changed and they decided to. Well society used to really prioritize people who could breathe on their own. And then that, and listen, listen as a person I've struggled with my weight, but I know that fat is not good. Eating the wrong thing isn't good. We shouldn't turn it into good. It's crazy to turn it into good. That's a horrible idea. There's people that could be encouraged in this exact same state. They could either be encouraged that you're perfect on your own or you're not perfect on your own. They could either be encouraged that you're perfect on your own and don't you worry about anything. Don't you even worry about what food is. Just eat to your heart's content. Well there were things at LA, they put this weird story out where it was like the LA school district was like, let's stop telling kids that fruits and vegetables are good and that junk food is bad because the reality is that's racist. I don't know how. I don't know how either. I saw that. Yeah, they were like, it's racist. If you tell a kid there's a difference between an Oreo and an orange that is racist. Recently they had a thing where Lizzo lost a few pounds. I don't know how, but she did, you know, she moves around a lot. So she shaved a couple off, maybe lost a little bit in the face. Don't know how it happened. They started attacking her. The fat activist people started saying, how dare you? You're losing weight. You're the symbol of fat and she should never have let them put that crown on her. Yeah. When they said, she should have said, hey, I'm an artist, I'm a singer. This is what I do. Not I'm the symbol of all fat people because now you own them. Now you own the fatties. And that's- And you have to stay fat. And you gotta stay fat. And like, so Lizzo loses a few pounds and then people started attacking her going, how dare you lose the weight? And Lizzo literally made a statement. She said, I move around a lot for my job. I mean, look at how insane this world is. Lizzo goes, I move around a lot for my job. I lost a little bit of weight. I'm not trying to be thin. I don't even wanna be thin. This was an accident. To keep this rapid fan base of crazy people. My health was an accident. My health was an accident. I'm sorry, I didn't mean it. I didn't mean to improve. It won't happen again. So we've gone so far. Can I just tell you? Kevin James had a manager that told him once, when you're losing weight, you're losing roles. Right. Well, if you're an actor and you're used to that certain thing, people gotta get used to you another way, whatever. But you gotta remember with somebody like Lizzo, right? You couldn't lose a lot of weight. You're still a problem. Like that's the whole thing. It's like, she could lose a lot of weight. And it's still like, it's such a luxury concern when people are like, well, how's the world gonna relate to me with a six pack? It's like, just stand up by yourself first. And then get to there. But it's crazy. We've shifted the goalposts from like, let's not abuse people. Let's not be nasty to people, especially if you don't know them. Or if you know them, if they're your kids or your friends, it's completely appropriate to go, hey, what's going on here? But if you don't know people shitting on them on the internet or whatever, that's a shitty thing to do. But saying that there's no difference health-wise between the big girls on that show and then thinner dancers is crazy. It's crazy. We can't live in a world where we remove all sense of reality because then it's like, the only fun of eating a cupcake or a little scoop of ice cream is knowing it's bad. That's the point. Not because it's good. When you eat a little something you shouldn't eat, you go, I did the wrong thing. I'm a bad boy. And you should feel ashamed a little bit. There should be a little shame there. And it's worth the shame because it tastes so fucking good. Yeah, it's just worth the shame. If you've ever been, I walked out of a frozen yogurt shop once and someone recognized me. I don't get recognized all the time, but somebody recognized you. You should be ashamed of that. If someone goes, hey man, I like your stuff and you're holding frozen yogurt at 2 p.m., you should be ashamed of that. That should be a shameful moment in your life. You should be like, walking out of an ice cream shop in the mid-afternoon with Sam Talent in Austin, walking out of Amy's ice cream with Sam Talent. And then somebody goes, oh, Tim Dylan. And you go, you spit around, you look at it. And it's two, and the only other people in the thing are children. Because it's a fucking ice cream shop. There are people, there are fucking kids. They're nine years old, right? And then these rich BK moms, there should be a moment where we go, oh, this isn't good. This isn't right. Divorcing yourself from that, that's when I think comedy gets weird. That's when I think everything gets weird. When you stop saying, what is real? Or true to you? And when you start adopting this idea that up is down, and down is up, and it's just a matter of how you look at it, that's when everything starts to get crazy. Yeah, and that's where we are. That's kind of where we are. There's a certain percentage of the population that is questioning everything right now. I mean, mathematics. We're talking about mathematics being racist and subjective or somehow. What was the argument? I don't know. Because it was designed, anything designed by white people, like I said, is inherently potentially. You just gotta- So dumb. Yeah, well now it's important to, local stuff's important now, right? Like your family. You can't really rely on institutions. You can try to improve them, but the local stuff's important. Like your family, your community, the values that people have, right? And the schools you send your kids to, the context you provide your kids now, so when they come home and go, well the teacher said this, and you go, yeah, yeah, yeah, but let me, you can't outsource it anymore and trust that your kids are gonna get a good education. You have to get involved and go, okay, your teacher might have some points, but also there's also a whole other world here. Like I don't think we could send kids to school and have them go, no, your teacher's right about everything, which I never believed. I never believed that somebody driving the Toyota Camry was correct. Well you also have to think that those adults are with your children more than you are during the day. That's right. They're there for hours and hours with the undivided attention of your kids. That's right. And some of them are fucking loon. Some of them are not. Some of them think that they have a job to do to like remove the programming of the parents that they don't agree with. Right. So they could not agree with the parents and tell the kids that the parents are wrong. They're right. Right. Which is a real creepy thing because I don't know who's right and who's wrong. This is a made up scenario, right? But just that someone would decide that they are right and the parents are wrong and they wanna convince this child of something, whether it's they have political leanings, whether it's their attitude on, whatever the fuck it is. Whatever it is. That someone would get into your kid's head and have some very questionable and debatable ideas that they're trying to push as doctrine. And that does happen. I've had some shitty fucking teachers that will just tell you, tell you that they are right about certain things. Yes. I used to do cocaine with the substitutes at my school and that was kind of the level of teacher we had. But we had some great teachers. And then we had some teachers that were not great. We all know those teachers, right? We all know those teachers who had kind of an agenda. Like they went in and they were like, they were teachers because nobody would listen to them. So now they had this captive audience and they were like, well, I'm gonna talk. We had a health teacher like that in high school. They had like an agenda, not even like a sexuality agenda or whatever. She would just complain about her own miserable life to us. Like she would just tell us about her husband and everything like that. She was going through a divorce. Oh my God. And you're like, oh, this woman just wants people to talk to. And that's how she taught class? Yeah, she just would complain about like, she had just gone through a divorce and you know, like her husband. And what was the subject? It was health. It's like a fake class anyway. And this bitch would just get up and like, literally she said to one kid, one she goes, you're like a really effeminate kid. He was like, well, if I get married, she goes, you're gay. And then like. Oh my God. And then the class was like, what? And then she's like, she goes, and he goes, excuse me. And she goes, no, you're gay. And then just moved on. Like she was wacky. I think she ended up getting fired, but she clearly used her classroom as like a thing, like a therapy session. Where she wasn't like going over, you know, this was just like her. I think that my grandmother was a teacher. She was an amazing teacher. But yeah, I don't think it's appropriate to inflate. You can have opinions obviously as a teacher, but like, you know, you gotta understand that there's like certain things that, but then there's overreaction too, where I think they banned the book in Florida because it had two penguins that were dudes, but it what, like they weren't, the penguins weren't fucking. What? They unbanned the book. Come on. The Santa's got some, he gets a little wild. Well, he's probably got some really wild people that are supporting him too. Yeah, so he gets a little wild. You get into those religious. It gets a little, it cult-like. Yeah. Gets a little cult-like. But I'm all this as somebody who's been out of the closet for years and years and don't hide anything. I don't think six year olds should be taught about any sexuality. No. It has nothing to do with their lives. Right. They should be taught reading, math, the alphabet. So anybody going like, boys in this line, girls in this line, and this line is for my special people. Like, out. That's what I feel. Yeah. And that's what most gay people over a certain age feel. It's like, it's silly. And Tango makes three recounts the true story of two male penguins who were devoted to each other at the Central Park Zoo in New York. A zookeeper saw them building a nest and trying to incubate an egg-shaped rock, gave them an egg from a different penguin pair with two eggs after they were having difficulty hatching more than one egg at a time. The chick cared for by the male penguins was named Tango. So male Tango had two gay dads. Is that, yeah, I'm trying to. That's what they're saying. But they unban this, I think. They banned it and then unban. I don't know why they unbaned it. It was, the band was lifted, because I guess it wasn't explicit. What is wrong with gay penguins? I don't know, but I think it's an overreaction, because it's like. But there were books where they were showing explicit, like, oral sex. They were showing illustrations of oral sex. That's crazy. That's crazy. No, it's insane. And talking about lust and wanting someone, it's like, it's essentially a cartoon pornographer. No, that's crazy, and it's also crazy to introduce the concept of gender theory to children. It's not fair. It's not fair. It's crazy. It's not fair, because all crazy. Kids are so fucking malleable, man. They're malleable, and if they hear like, oh, there's boys and girls, and then there's this. If you're transgender, you'll know. You'll know. If you're gay, you'll know. There isn't, like, you don't need to be told that you're transgender or gay or lesbian, whatever. You don't need to be told that by anybody. Another thing that really scares me is there does not seem to be a lot of attention paid made to D-transitioners. Right. You know, when you're celebrating this one thing. There's another side. I feel like you have a responsibility to look at. Except Ben Shapiro's doing a new musical, The D-Transitioners. That would be very good on his. We apparently hated Barbie. On his platform, where it's gonna be a bunch of trans people who've DJ'd. Well, the funniest thing now is some of the people that are critical of the trans stuff are like trans people that, like, have D-transitioned. So they look wild. And then they're on Twitter or whatever it's called now fighting with the other people. And you're like, it's like the Lizzo Fat thing where you go, wait, who's what? Like, I don't even know what's happening. But yeah, there's a lot of people that went through that stuff and went back. So to me, it's like, shh. One of the guests of this podcast did. Yeah. Kristen Beck. She was Kristen. It was a Navy SEAL. Became, his name's Chris Beck, right? And then he became Kristen. And then went back to being a guy. That's why you can't make those decisions when you're young. You gotta see what happens. Well, you also gotta realize that there is some very strange spectrum of human beings. That's right. Everybody looks, for some reason, we try to find what is like us out there. Right. You just can't just accept whatever's the name. See, it's so weird, because I'm the opposite where it's like, I'm fascinated by people not like me. Like, I see these comedy shows in New York City where it's like, they'll be like the all brown comedy show or the all gay comedy show. And I'm like, you're living in New York City. This is the most diverse place on earth. And you wanna hang out with seven people that look exactly like you. Right. It's the weirdest thing in our culture now that everybody needs to be around people like them. Well, it's social media echo chambers amplified into the real world. That's what it is. And the thing about wanting everybody to be like you, the problem with that is like, what if you go up last? All those fucking dudes have all the material. They've taken every bit. They have every premise. Every observation. Oh, your dad wanted you to be a doctor too. Yeah, I don't. It's just, I understand community. I understand having shared experiences with people. But I also think the most, some of the most adventurous parts of life and the most interesting and the most exciting are when you're with, how many cool stories start with like, somebody went on a trip and met a bunch of people that had no idea from different cultures. And they said, I had the most epic trip ever because, and they'll describe every person that ended up on this backpacking thing with them. And not one of them is like another one. And it seems so cool that everybody brings a perspective that you don't have. And now it's like people are like, oh, I just wanna be around people like myself all the time. And to me, I'm like, isn't that boring? Isn't it boring to agree with all of your friends? It is boring. It's boring. You want people in your life that you detest, you know? Like you strongly dislike. That think they're smart and are wrong. Right. Those are the funnest people. Certainty is hilarious. People that have to reverse themselves all the time. I have to reverse myself a lot. I do too. I will do a whole thing and then people go, it's not like that. And I go, well then that's fine too. And I'll just keep going like a hundred percent because that's what keeps life fun. Yeah. And it's always interesting to try to figure out why someone strongly believes what they believe if you don't believe it. It's always interesting. Especially if they're smart. It's always interesting to like, okay, how did you come to that? Like when really brilliant people are very religious. I'm always interested. What's very interesting is like for me, my grandmother and grandfather were deeply religious. My grandmother was a liberal. My grandfather was a conservative. So politically they were completely different, but they each went to mass every day and they believed deeply in the Catholic faith. And they had great lives. And it was a very important thing for both of them. But politically they came out from completely different ways. So he would vote for Reagan and she'd vote for whoever. Mondo. Wow, a divided household. Well, no, they were different. My grandfather was my father's father. My grandmother was my mother's mother. But they got along. They loved me. They were great people. They were very religious. But my grandmother said, I for example, don't believe women that want abortion should have to go to a back alley. And my grandfather said, I believe that life starts conception. We should not have legal, they was a big disagreement. But like they bought, and so some people that would have disqualified my grandmother, they would have been like, well, she's not a real Christian. But she was out teaching catechism, helping people, volunteering, doing all the stuff that Jesus probably would have done. So it was like they were completely different. But yeah, it is interesting. We have deeply religious. I think it's a lot of like, you know, without religion, it is difficult without some idea of why we're hearing what we're doing. It's a tough go of it. Yeah, for a lot of people. It's a tough go of it as a pure intellectual. Right. You know, some of the smartest people I know are really freaked out about life. Everything that's just chance and theories and going like, one guy gets in a car, another guy gets in a car, that guy makes it home, that guy doesn't. Yeah. Living with the reality of that every day is really tough. Yeah. You know what I mean? It is. So I think what, you know, these systems that, you know, are very comforting and it would be great if there was some version of it that was true. Like if there was some omniscient being rewarding the good and punishing the bad, phenomenal. I think there's a lot of that. But maybe there's a third way, which you talk about a lot. And that's from like the DMT and stuff like that. Maybe there's an, maybe we all just go to some peaceful energy field. Isn't that kind of the game? Who knows? Well, who knows what we are? Like, we think of our consciousness as our consciousness coming out of our mouth through our words and what we do and where we go and what we see. You know, but like, what is that energy if it's unstrapped from the human body when it doesn't need to communicate with sound, when it doesn't have a body? Is there something in there that goes somewhere else? Because if that's like this idea of the soul, like that's one of the ways that people describe like DMT experiences, that you're entering into like a well of souls. Right. You know, that there's this some process where that thing, that thing goes back into a body and then a new body has that thing in it. Interesting. So this is kind of reincarnation. Yeah, the reincarnation idea. But I don't want that. There's another one. One other thought. I don't like that one. So let's get to one I like. The other one is that you live the same life over and over and over again until you get it right. That I don't love either. That I don't love either. Then I have to take mega buses again, performing bars in Western Massachusetts. I know, but would that be so horrible? If you already did it. What about past life regressive therapy? You think there's anything to that? Or do you think that's just a racket? Passive regressive? No, past life regression. We're like somebody would go, you were Napoleon. Well, there's some real issues with that. People are very suggestible. It depends entirely on who's providing the therapy. There was a guy that did that. His name was John Mack. And he did that with UFO people. All these people that claimed to have been abducted. And he freaked out Maura Tierney. And she gave me a book like at work when we were doing news radio together. She's like, you gotta read this. This is crazy. And it's all about these people that got abducted. They all have the same fucking story. And this guy did it all through hypnotic regression. But there were some people that felt like he had made suggestive questions to them. And that perhaps led them in a certain way to maybe even fabricate this kind of a memory. I don't know though. It's like, I'm super suspicious. I mean, I think that it's totally possible that someone could put you into hypnosis. And in that hypnosis, you can recall something that was traumatic. I also think it's totally possible for you to have false memories implanted in your head. Because they know that you can do that. They know they can do that with people. They can give people false memories. And so these people, they'll tell them about things that happened. And all these people will repeat this thing. They remember it. They remember it. But it never happened. And then they have to tell them that never happened. Interesting. My friend's mother was into, like Shirley Maclean apparently is really into this stuff. Super into it. She's super into it. So my friend's mother was like really into it too. And my friend's mother was just a rich Long Island wine drunk. Nice. And she just, you know what I mean? She didn't work or anything. She was just a fun, crazy bitch that we drink martinis with and smoke cigarettes. And it was so much fun. And then like after a few martinis, she started talking about her past life and Shirley Maclean and how she used to, she was a man in her past life and she was like a general in a war. Of course. Right, of course. Of course. Because she went shopping all day. She went to the grocery store. In the past, she was a winner. Yeah, she's right. I did my winning. Yes. She ran. In another life. Yeah. She was like, I was Napoleon, you know. Imagine bragging about a past life. Well, that's what she would do. She would get happy. So it always turned me off to it. Cause I was like, oh, this bitch seemed like, and then Shirley Maclean would have some workshop where all these crazy bitches would go in. And of course had nothing to do during the day. Yeah. And they would sit there and then Shirley Maclean would be like, and you were, you know, you were the queen of England. And. And. And. And you were the police and you were a soldier who tried to kill Hitler. You kept trying to kill him, but you didn't get, and it was these weird shit that like Shirley Maclean would tell all these people that like, they were like, I don't know. It's just huckster stuff. Important. It feels, a lot of it feels like that. Yeah. It's, um, tent church hustlers. They sell crystals by Malibu. You know, like you drive down to PCH, there's like a crystal truck on the side of the road. Yeah. What is that? What is that? But that's the thing, LA, there's a lot of like those yoga people. Yeah. That just are, you know, but it's also very selfish. A lot of it. The yoga stuff. They always talk about themselves. And I'm not saying there's anything wrong with it, but everything's about them. My favorite is learning to love yourself. Are you okay? Yeah. You don't. But like you talk about these people and they're like, well the energy and this type of thing, but it always comes down to them. They're never like the, the energy was really good in the soup kitchen where I was giving the guy the food. It's always like, I felt that I had to move to Marina del Rey because I consulted and I went, I took ayahuasca, I went and my shaman led me on this journey and the journey resulted in that I should live in Marina del Rey. It's always like, you know, a very kind of like, it's about me. It's like all those guys that go to Burning Man, they take all those mushrooms and it's, you know, it's like, okay. But it's like, they're not like, you know, it's not like this, you know, like the ethos isn't like, like these are the same guys that are like designing like the types of systems that are like taking all your information and selling it to someone. So it's like, they're taking a bunch of mushrooms and then realizing that like, oh, I can make a better volunteer. It's like, here's. I can sell more data. Yeah, I could sell more data. It's like all those festivals have now been invaded by like these tech guys who just go there and they're like, dude, the world, like, they're like, I just got to really like get into myself and then they're like designing like stuff that like the CIA is using. So it's kind of wild to me, the way that we appropriate anything. We just take any spiritual experience we want and make it serve us. Yeah. That's a fact that seems to be a human characteristic. Yeah. Like there's ayahuasca retreats are huge. They are, but they're good. There's, it's, there's real good at them, but there's also like a certain type of person who gravitates towards those things. And they sort of spiritualize their existence. And just by virtue of connecting yourself to the experience and having a few of those experiences, you have like a credit score, like a spiritual credit score. Interesting. It's a very high spiritual credit score. That's interesting. Yeah. And then you can be this guy who wears wooden beads. Nobody says they're into the dark arts. What I would like is somebody goes, I got in all that stuff, but I'm a witch. I'm like a warlock. Like I'm into the dark side of it. Like I'm into like, I'm the other side. I'm Voldemort. No one does that. Those are the guys who do the late night shift at Walmart. Right. Those are the guys at Chipotle chopping chicken. Black fringing ales. Yeah. It's, it's weird to me. I always try to get in with, but it just sounds like junk. That's the problem, right? When you hear people talk about this, it sounds like junk. Cause usually it's the most selfish person in the world. And we'll tell you about an ayahuasca retreat. Well, that's never like a good person. Amazing things get co-opted all the time by people's personalities. Yeah. You know, I'm sure. Like people will be like, my shaman told me I shouldn't worry about being on the Tonight Show. Yeah. And you're like, is that what you're using the shaman for? Exactly. Yeah. Yeah. Well, it's just, it's a thing that connects you to some form of spirituality that's non-denominational. So it's like, just like being a Christian, it has the exact same feeling as being any in any other religious group. And it's not just to disparage any religious group. I think there's a slot in your brain where the rules fit in. And I think that slot could be Islam, that slot could be Mormonism, but there's a slot in your brain where the, and we took that slot out. We took that piece out. We're like, hey, I've been reading this and I never heard anybody coming back to the life after fucking three days. Maybe this is horseshit. Maybe he didn't make the fucking Whole Earth in six days. Maybe this thing's really old. That's why I always liked Jerry Seinfeld, cause he goes, I like things. Like he does this advert to speech he did at the Clio, these advertising awards, he got one of them. And he does this whole thing, it's so brilliant. And he goes, does I like advertising because I like lying. And he talks about, he goes, if things don't make you happy, you don't have the right things. And you hear it, it's so funny, right? And people would be like, it's so disgusting. And of course it's, you know, at the end of the day, people make you happy, love makes you happy, community's family, all that makes you happy. But when he talks about things making you happy, it's so funny and so him and the way he sells it, the way Jerry Seinfeld sells, like he goes, there's nothing better than a pair of Levi's or, you know, or he goes, a Volkswagen Beetle or a big pen. He's like, if things don't make you happy, you don't have the right things. It's so funny. And I feel like he does think a little bit like that. Because that is a group of person too, where they're almost spiritually connected to inanimate objects, you know? Like, and he said, this is all gonna be in my new book, Soulful Materialism. But it's just funny to me because it's like, there are people you meet that when you talk to them, you go, oh yeah, like this does mean a lot to you. That's a very funny premise though. That's a very good Jerry Seinfeld premise. It's the best thing I've like, I think he's, you know, I'm not familiar with all of his comedy shows, brilliant. Obviously his comedy is brilliant. But that award speech I saw, it was like this very unique, different thing that, he goes, he goes, he goes, yeah, these awards, he goes, he goes, here's what they really are. He goes, I know this award means nothing. He goes, and I know that because the last time we did this, you know, the last time they had this award show, they left a bunch of them up on stage and you all just came up here and grabbed them. He goes, you didn't earn them. But he goes, you just bought them home because they prop up your meaningless lives. It was the, it's the best thing I've seen from it, it was my just favorite thing because it does seem like he's totally raw. And I feel like that is him. Like he is being real in that moment where he's basically like, no, this is what it is. Yeah, here's the shiny thing. He goes, it doesn't matter that it doesn't work when I get it home. I want it now. Because I want the thing on the commercial. And there is something so deeply American about that. It is disturbing on some level, but there's also a level where you gotta just recognize how powerful that stuff is too. Yeah. Like we are one of the only generations of people that have experienced this level of prosperity. Oh yeah. Which is crazy. And instant access to goods. To everything. On an app on your phone, Amazon. Anything. And you just buy whatever you want. You can buy crazy shit on Amazon. Very expensive things on Amazon. You just have it sent to your house. It's like my boomer parents were like the first heavily propagandized generation with regard to advertising. Yeah. That's why we all grew up eating shit because like they believed corporations. Yeah. Corporations were like McDonald's is it. Your kids are gonna love it. And you're like, all right. Go to McDonald's. Now my cousin's two kids have never had McDonald's. They're six and four. She goes, they'll never. She goes, I can't control them forever, but for right now, they'll never have McDonald's. We grew up eating there. Yeah. Because corporations were paramount. My father loves commercials as much as TV shows. He used to call me like the Budweiser Frogs were his favorite thing in the world. Remember those three frogs? I do remember those frogs. On the lily pants. I do remember them. It was a Budweiser. And my father loved them. To him, that was art. Like that was the boomers were like one of the first generations where the advertising was art. Like after 9-11 Budweiser did this commercial where all the Clydesdales took a knee and they said from one American and they were doing it and you're like, where was it? And they're doing it in Jersey and you're looking at where the towers used to be. And it took you a minute to get it. And then they all take a knee and Budweiser said, from one American icon to another. And my father's a crying in the living room going, this is the greatest thing I've seen. The bodies were still like smoldering at my fault. Yeah, here it is. It's crazy. How did they go from that to what they did? It's a bit of a mistake. How did they go from that to this Dylan Mulvaney disaster? Well, I think what they thought was gonna happen, right? Cause I think what happens is you get, all you need is one nut. This is all you need in any company. Nobody's ever worked in a company. Like the people that are curious about how this happened, a lot of them have never worked in a company where just one person has an inordinate amount of power. And one motherfucker can go in there and go, no, this is the way it's gonna be. And usually that person doesn't get called out because usually the company is not Budweiser and usually it's not gonna be, you know? But we all see like one person in any organization can totally throw it on its head. And I think they had a marketing director who said, we're gonna have a little fun. We're gonna be a little edgy. This is gonna be cool. And we're gonna get to a Mulvaney. And I don't think what they had imagined was that was kind of this straw that broke the camel's back. Cause I think people had felt like this new world was being shoved down their throat. And then they were looking at Budweiser and they were going, we have to push back against this because we feel like all of this is happening a little too quickly. It's a little crazy and we don't understand it. And they fought back. But I think it was probably just one or two people. That is wild. That probably came in there. And you know, you're not paying attention. You go, yeah, yeah, yeah, here's a budget. Go work with influencers, you know? But it was also the speech that she gave about wanting to do something to sort of upgrade the brand's image that it was a very fratty. Oh yeah. What's one bitch? One bitch has to go in there and go, I don't. She goes out to a bar one night. She's a bunch of guys and fucking, you know, those pink salmon shorts and fucking loafers drinking Bud Light. And she goes, I don't like this. I gotta change this. Isn't it amazing? Yeah, it's one person. It's the whole group of people that buy it. Yeah. Like a man. It's a shitty beer. It's not the best beer. I'm not a beer drinker. I don't drink alcohol now. It's not the best beer. It's not the best beer, right? It's okay. It's fine. It's okay when it's cold. It's not like a connoisseur's beer. No. No, this is a cooler beer. This is a frat bro beer. And they were like, we're gonna now do the Dylan Mulvaney thing. Yeah. I mean, you know, I don't, I never want, people getting upset about it. I understand to a degree. I understand where it comes from. But I've never looked at corporations and went, they're good. You know what I mean? Right. They were beacons of truth. Right. So I never thought that like, I can't believe it's not butter had to have my political view. Like, you know? Right. Because I'm like, oh, they're selling poison crap. And fat people are going, no, it's not butter. Yeah. You know how wild it is that they convinced people that margarine was better for butter? Of course. Well, they came in and they said, frozen yogurt's better than ice cream. And it's all, it's just chemicals. Same thing. It's just chemicals, right? Just sugar. Margarine's better than butter. This vegan stuff, these impossible burgers are better than burgers. And they're like fake and they're loaded with sodium. And they're, yeah, they have fake blood and stuff. But that's why I always viewed corporations like that. I always came from that generation where we looked at corporations where we're like, oh, you're full of shit. My parents looked at corporations crying at the commercials going, they care about us. Budweiser cares. McDonald's cares. We all, they care about us. Right. Like when I was a child actor, I said to my parents, they brought me in as an audition. I didn't get it. And I came out and I went, I didn't get it, but can we still go to McDonald's? My dad used that as like, look what a good head he has on his shoulders. He can handle rejection. And he just wants to go to McDonald's. And it's like, no, that's a toxic factory of horrible food that no kid should be eating. But we grew up having birthday parties there. Every kid in my class had a birthday party at Burger King or whatever. It's just what it was. And because our parents fundamentally trusted corporate America and the government enough to go, well, if it was bad, the government would be regulating it. Yeah, nobody thought of fast food as bad when we were kids. Nobody. It was just food that wasn't the best food. Right. And nobody was like, this stuff's bad. Like I wonder, I think when Super Size Me came out, that was like the first time where people actually really thought like, okay, how bad is this? Yeah, but then that guy was so annoying. That guy that people were like, well, fuck him. Like he made a true point. But people were like, but the corporations are smart. You go, okay, how about fast casual? How about fast casual? Not fast food. And you go, well, it's not fast food. I have to stand on the line. They give me a thing. But it's the same thing. Like they just morph what they do. So to me, I've never been like, these corporations will do what they can get away with. And I think with the Mulvaney thing, they just want to step too far. I think they just did it for that one person. I don't think this is like a run of cans, right? No, they just sent her a can and they were like, but again, it's like, if you want to be the most famous person in the world, which like Andrew Tate wanted to be, right? And then you get there and there's all these unintended consequences, right? Then Dylan Mulvaney clearly wanted to be massively famous. Right? The whole thing is like, I want to be massively, I want to work with all these brands and I want to. Dylan had already interviewed Biden before then. Yeah, yeah, they want to be. But how does that happen? They say, How wild is that? That someone- They say we had an effeminate gay man who didn't make it doing that. Now she's a check and she wants to interview Biden. And the Biden goes, and they go, good, it's coming. And then they just do an interview. Biden doesn't know where he is or what's happening. No. No, he's just hanging on. It's the least fun way to be president. To be the most powerful person in the world and not know, has got to suck a little. It's perfect. The best thing ever was when they go, the Biden family over in Nantucket in the holidays, they went to their Nantucket home and discussed whether Joe should run again. And they all said he should. And I'm like, Is that recent? Yeah, they had a meeting over the holidays where they're like, we're assessing- July 4th holidays? No, this was during the holidays holidays. And they were like, the Biden family had this meeting. Jamie could look it up. Well, during December. Yeah, where they were like, we're going to see if he's going to run again. And Jill and Hunter and the rest of the crew met. And they decided it's a great idea for him to run again. And I'm like, it's crazy sending a guy that old into battle again. And I don't, you know, so- There was some article, Jamie, about the accusations of how much money they received. It looked like some new one came out today. They were trying to figure out how much money the Biden family received during this whole Hunter Biden scandal thing. Right. Well, it's a big scandal. People don't, people are going like, well, his son's an addict and he stood by his son. Number one, don't stand by her. Like if a laptop came out where I had done the what Hunter Biden was doing, my family would tell people I was dead. Like, and they're not even the president. My dad sells wine. And he wouldn't admit like, there is a time you cannot support your kids, by the way. What are we talking about? People are like, well, he's a good father. It's like, is he? Was he? Do you think it was his Coke at the White House? Whose Coke is it? Outside. It's definitely his Coke. But I don't like Narx and rats. So I think he should be a little, have a little, he can have a blast. Yeah. What's the big deal? You're at your fucking dad's house. If your father's a president, you can't have a blast. You can't do a little bump. Koma releases the third bank memo detailing payments to the Bidens from Russia, Kazakhstan, and Ukraine. What's the number? 20 million. They now have identified, the committee has now identified over 20 million in payments from foreign sources to the Biden family and their business associates. Oh yeah. I mean, listen, there, you don't stay and there's no way that they looked at him and what he should be the president, unless they knew for a fact that he's controlled and being managed. Yeah, this is all- There's no way he's- So wild. They want a guy who's, he's been a company man forever. He's, you know, he started his career letting, you know, people in Delaware, like these, these credit card companies do whatever the fuck they wanted. And he had that, you know, the architect of the crime bill where they sent a lot of nonviolent drug affairs, but he's done, he's a company man. Like he's a guy. Joe Biden's been a guy. It's why Obama had him as vice president. He was never like an articulate guy. He was never that great in it. He was just a guy that would, he's a solid Washington insider forever. And that's what he is. And now he's old, but that's what he is, a guy that she's been in the system for a long time. And that's what he is. Him running again in one more year from now. There's no way. How? Newsom is coming up and trying to run. There are other people that are circling. I don't think he runs again. I can't see it. I don't see it. How do you think they get Kamala Harris to step down? Cause she's rightfully, if he steps down, you know, until some Kamala Harris cannot say a sentence. It's almost, she's almost worse than him. She talks in like gypsy curses. When they ask her something, she'll be like, my grandma said that a hive of bees is still bees. If you bury it and you're like, what the fuck is this bitch saying? That's how she speaks. The woman is, has no idea what's going on. But again, Washington inside, they're just like, you were a DA, you were a cop, you'll keep your mouth shut. Don't you want to be the first whatever race you're pretending to be president today, Indian black, whatever works. And she goes, yeah, yeah, yeah. But they got to get rid of her. They got to get rid of her. What they should have done, if they wanted to win, George Soros should have backed up the money truck to Michelle Obama and said, listen, you are going to run because people like you, they like you. It doesn't matter, you know, about any of the conspiracies, maybe you are a big Mike, who cares? What? But you are going to run this guy damn country. I can't believe you went there. You're going to run this guy damn country. That is the wackiest conspiracy. It's a wacky conspiracy. Can I make one point for the people that are on the side of it? Yes. It is weird, but I don't think she's big Mike. Okay. It is weird that there's not one photo of her pregnant, but maybe there is. Is that not weird? Maybe it's not weird. I don't know. She's a public person. Why would you want photos of her pregnant out there? I understand that, but it's, I just, maybe it is weird. Maybe it's not weird. Maybe it's not weird. Well, also when she had her kids, were they private or public? Was that when he was a Senator? I don't know. I just know that. Like he was a Senator, right? Yes. Before he became president. For sure. So what, law school, senate? I have no issue because I want to live. I have no issue with big Mike. I don't care that they killed that sex slave in Martha's Vineyard. That's what happens to sex slaves. They drown in ponds. That's what happens. You fuck the ruling class, you drown a pond. That's what happens. If you get your little mouthy, you go into the pond. I don't have a problem with it. I have no problem. I think it's good. I actually think it's good. I think it makes our country fun. I think it makes us unique. I think Putin and them are scared of that shit. They do it all the time. I think Putin and the Chinese are like, you know, they don't, you don't know what's going on there because they're, we got, they got people that maybe they're men, maybe they're women. We don't know. I think if it's not real, make it real. Put it out, would it be anything better than hurt the DNC, whip her cock out and go, and I'm big Mike. The Chinese would lose their mind. The Chinese would give up. They would give up. If Michelle Obama took her cock out at the Democratic National Convention, the Chinese would go, we're thrown in a towel. We can't compete with them. This is... I'm just saying, I'm just saying. Oh my God. Maybe I won't run for governor of California. I don't think you can anymore. Maybe it's a bad idea. Yeah, not that state. It's not a great idea. But I bet you get in like Wyoming. Yeah, I could definitely get in it. You know, just fucking Jackson Hole, get yourself a nice spread. I could definitely. Decide to become the governor of Wyoming. There's definitely a small town that would elect me mayor. 100%. 100%. 100%. 100%. Well, Clint Eastwood was mayor of Carmel, remember? Yes. The fuck you... This is so crazy. Giant movie star became a mayor of a small town in Northern California. Like, what? That is very funny. And it's just because all those rich people lived there and they thought it was cool saying our mayor is Clint Eastwood. Exactly. Yeah. That's a crazy enclave of rich people. I'm getting so old now where I'm 38, I don't want to know anymore. Like I'm like at this point where it's like, the younger people coming up are gonna have to figure it out. Like I've got however many years I have left. And it's like, do I want to know all the secrets at this point in the government? It's like, it'll be cool to know a few of them, but it's like, I don't know how many I want to know. Right. You do get to a certain age where you go, you know what, just, you know, maybe you guys figure that out. If you know too many of them, then there's too many battles to fight. Too many? Like you can't pay attention to everything on the financial front. No. The environment front fucking pushed for electric cars. And just too much to pay attention to. It's too much. Too many, and that's the thing about being a person today. We're all overloaded with information. And the natural world is like, you know, like enjoy it while you got it. You know what I mean? Like, enjoy it. There's sharks eating people left and right. Shark ate a woman's leg in Rockaway Beach, Queens. Yeah. The other day, two days ago, shark woman lost 20 pounds of flesh. Thresher or a bull, they said, maybe a juvenile white. They thought if it was an adult white, it would have killed her. But, you know, life is, you don't know. But that's the weird fucking thing about the goddamn ocean. I know. The goddamn ocean, it's monster soup. But it is beautiful and amazing to be in. You do feel weirdly connected. But. You feel weirdly connected to, that's a spiritual experience. A float in the ocean. There is something about that where you're like, this is wild. There is something about it. It's alive. But she's fine. 65 year old woman was standing in the water near Beach 59th Street and Rockaway Beach just before 6 p.m. when she felt a sharp pain in her left leg causing her to fall backward into the water. NYPD officers applied a life-saving tourniquet and she was taken to Jamaica Hospital in critical condition. On Tuesday afternoon, she was upgraded and said to be stable. However, her wound was so deep that she nearly bled to death. She was identified as a Ukrainian immigrant living in a store yet. This is a psy-op. Ah! It's a psy-op. This is a psy-op. She's like, they literally interview her. Tell us about the shark attack. She's like, it is important we keep giving money to Azov Battalion. They're like, how did the shark bite you? A trillion is not enough. We have more. They need weapons. They need tanks. They need to bring the war to Moscow. Oh. Yeah, it's a psy-op. Putin must go. Like, what? Who is this bitch? They killed two birds with one stone. They opened up shark fishing. Yeah. Shark fishing industry profits. Well, Eli Roth, who's a really good director, directs horror movies, and he's an actor. He was an inglorious bastard. He's on my podcast this week, and we debate sharks, because he's like pro shark, and don't fish them, and don't do anything to them. I'm like, no, we gotta start fucking them up a little. Because they are, they're starting, they're getting loud. They're out there. We gotta start hitting them back a little bit. That's, you know, seems, you know. There's quite a few videos now that you could watch of people getting killed by sharks. Oh, yeah. There's quite a few. That recent one that was in Egypt is fucking horrible. It's terrifying. Horrifying. But it's like people say, oh, you're sharing the ocean with sharks. They're not, that's not sharing what they're doing. No, they're eating you. They are being very aggressive. It's also, it's just, that's where they live. Like, don't go where they live. If the forest was filled with werewolves, don't go in the forest. Yeah, but you know what? Why are we giving them the whole, like that's, we are the kings. We dominate the earth. We don't, like, this whole thing, we have to respect nature. No, we can fuck nature up. So you think we should fuck up those sharks? I think the four seasons should build a resort in the rainforest and slash and burn it. And I've always said that, because I want to go to the rainforest, but I don't want to go in a hut, and I don't want to go in one of these riverboats. I want to go in a nice fucking luxury, fucking four seasons in the goddamn rainforest. Enough with this crap. Stop respecting these fucking third world things. Get rid of it, enough. These ancient cultures, they need to step it up. 10 foot shark beaten to death after tourists who screamed for papa killed in Egypt. Thank God it wasn't white people, because white people would have been pussies and not done anything. The Egyptians clubbed it, treated it like a wolf. How do they know it's the same shark? Let's not get lost in the weeds here. You know what I'm saying? Yeah, of course. That's what a good point. That is a good point. Especially once there's the blood in the water after it killed that guy. War is war. Yeah. And I do think that the Egyptians were saying, a beast came at us, we're going to go to beast. It's not right, per se. We tried to find out if this was true, but someone had said that there were people that made a practice of dumping sheep carcasses into the water near there. Is that true or is that horseshit? Well, then get that club that person to it. Because that sounds really spooky. That's really spooky. If someone did something that dumb and they'd like regularly dropped off the carcasses there so they didn't have to deal with them. That's not good. And then you're literally attracting sharks to that area. Like, holy fuck, man. And then he has to watch that video. Well, you just got to be careful. You know, I swim, but I don't go out too far. I stay pretty close to the water. And I always swim near either an elderly person or child, someone that I could throw at the shark. If the shark were to come at me, I would just try to push. I always have it in my head who it'll be. There was a bitch knocked at me in Malibu. I'm like, it's going to be her. If it comes, I'll just throw them right in the mouth and then run away. Do you think you'd have that much time? I hope. I have a feeling they're on you so quick. They are, but a lot of them, the bites are an exploratory bite. Like, they're not. What the fuck? They're just trying to see. Is that giving you comfort? No, they're just trying to see what's going on. Did you see the video of the kayak getting hit by the tiger shark in Hawaii? That's what we get off a gun and shoot it in the head. Shoot it in the head. We need to see videos to just get our morale back of people in a fucking kayak. Oh, that's fun. Shoot it right in the head. I'm sick of this environmentalist crap, and I'm sick of these pro-animal people. So the sheep stuff. 2010 shark attacks were? And that was in Egypt as well? Yeah, I don't know if this is the exact same area. Did you used to run with something in case you saw a mountain lion? Yeah, ran with a knife. Yeah. Where are the dead sheep? Why are dead sheep washing up on Egypt's shores? That's from 2017. OK, and what does it say? Does it say that people are throwing them in the water? What does it say? Yeah, the last incident. Dead sheep are washed up in the Raskarib in the Red Sea. Goverat. Goverate. And Egypt raising fears of attracting frenzied sharks that pose a potential threat to tourism, the marine. OK, so what does it say? Where do they find the sheep? So they're washed up on the ocean? Yeah, how many of them? The article I looked at from 2010 said, like, I don't know, a witness said for sure I've seen it being dumped off of boats. The one that just happened, though, I didn't see a direct day they had taken the shark to study it to find out why it had done it. It also said the ship which dumped the sheep in the sea will be identified to punish its crew, adding that importing and exporting companies will also be punished. So that's what happened. People were dumping those fucking things in the water. It's probably what helped. And then the sharks get excited. And I understand you have to live with them, but it's also like, you know, we just got a. I don't know the defending of them all the time. People are like, well, it's a weird narrative. Right. It's like all of a sudden sharks aren't Jaws anymore. No, they're like kid Jaws was if your grandfather went shark fishing. It was like, fuck, yeah, grandpa, go get one. Right. But not Eli was saying like it's 12 people a year are bitten. It's not a lot. And that we have bigger problems. And, you know, we do we do. But I also think that, like, you know, I don't know. There's a weird thing that people do where they make like there's all these shark videos where these like women are biologists, whatever they're like tapping these tiger sharks are like redirecting these tiger sharks like Ocean Ramsey. All these people may go like like we're educating about sharks. Like one day one of the sharks is going to get them. It's the same thing. If you saw a dude in the in the forest living with a bear like that documentary and then the bear ate him, you'd go make sense. That's how it happened. These are wild animals. And I think people just don't understand. Yeah. What are we doing here? Bro, fuck off. Like this is not respect. That's not respectful. How does this guy have this relationship with a shark? That's his friend. How is this possible? That's his friend. This is insanity. He's like literally like petting a demon. But this is just a but look at that thing again. If that thing didn't exist and it was in like a Dune movie, you know, that there was nothing like this that was real. But this is this is something in a movie. You'd be horrified. Look at the mouth on that thing. It's literally a giant killing machine. With huge razor sharp teeth. But there's all this shit. There's this thing where people fetishize these monsters and they try to give them souls. And they don't care about human beings, by the way. And they never do this to people that they disagree with. But they'll say that the monster at the bottom of the ocean with the teeth who just swims around looking for things to eat all day. That's actually a cuddle, mom. That's a cuddly, beautiful thing. But the person who disagrees with me on like taxes is a monster should be jailed. But the shark is the monsters. Yeah. So to me, it's like it is a little weird thing where it's like we have something in us that we kind of we will bring on. But the his point was like sharks eat algae and it keeps the ocean. You know, going or something. Well, no one's saying you should eradicate. No one said we should eradicate. But I think they should feel the wrath a little bit. They should probably move out of all the areas where the cities are. We don't need them. We don't need them in Malibu or the Hamptons or places where people spend a good amount of money to live and swim. That's not cool. Apparently, there was a where was it that they was at the Bay Area? They found a disturbing number of great whites. Yeah, but no one swims up there. And you know what? They do, though. They swim on the Bay Area. Yeah, the Alcatraz swim. Oh, that's interesting. Yeah. Like I think Nick and Nate Diaz have both done it like five times. Wow. That's interesting. Maybe more than five. The Alcatraz swim. Nick might have done it like seven times. Yeah, it's it's miles, right? Interesting. Isn't it like a couple of miles in the ocean, freezing water filled with sharks? Filled. Filled with sharks. Well, you knew a guy you said who used to do like a serious swim. Well, I think somebody had been on your show. Yes, Peter Atiyah. And he did like serious. Like he would swim like distances in the ocean. Peter Atiyah swam the distances between all of the islands in Hawaii. And you said he like saw some stuff. Oh, yeah, bro. Well, when he was preparing for it, it was right around the same time where there was a group of people that I think they were preparing for triathlons or something. And someone got eaten by a great white. And that's that's crazy. So it was a group of like a string of people. I went to Australia and we swam at like Bondi Beach. It was a really cool beach. Crazy riptides. But a week or earlier, a guy was swimming far out, got eaten. It's a tough way to go. Bro, you're just like taking the craziest. Have you ever thought about like, would you want to be mauled by an animal at the end? I don't think so. Because you love animals. You always talk about how powerful these animals are. I don't want to go on the fucking piss in my pants and fear. That's a good point. Getting eaten alive. It's a good point. Doesn't seem like fun. That's probably not. Definitely not. Definitely not. It's got to be interesting that moment. You know, that kid jumped off a cruise ship and was eaten by sharks. He was like high school graduation showing off for his friends, being silly at night in the Bahamas. Kid was from like Alabama. Poor kid just had one stupid, you know, sometimes in life, just make one stupid decision. No. So this is it. I don't want to see this. No, you don't see it. You just see like he just jumps off. He jumps off a cruise ship and then he just disappears and it shark infested waters. Oh, my God. And, you know, he was just a young guy just trying to show off. Oh, my God. And he just jumps off. And what a horrible way to go. And you can see what they hyperanalyzed it. You could see the shark kind of next to him like a big, massive thing. It's just like it's such a freaky animal because the only bones it has. Yeah. Or that fucking thing in its mouth. It's it's older than they were seeing us like older than trees. More than trees. It's like one of the oldest things in the world. It's an ancient evil. How amazing is that? It's older than trees by like 50 million years. It's really crazy. It is amazing. And it'll probably be here after we're gone. The ocean needs a cleanup crew. So when we're when we're done, when we're done, all these things will thrive. Well, who knows what damage we do if we're done? That's a good point. You know, like me and Post Malone were taught as if there's a better pair to be talking about what could go wrong in the thermonuclear war and what damage it can do to the environment. Right. It's me and Post Malone because we were talking about Mars and there's some sort of strange evidence of a certain element that exists after nuclear bombs. That's pretty common on Mars. And so there was this article about Mars having some kind of a natural nuclear reactor. But the idea was like, imagine if there was a time where we did go have an all out nuclear war with Russia and China, right? And everybody nuked everybody. The whole earth would be just a blitter on inhabitable, uninhabitable, obliterated. And maybe we blow out the atmosphere, too. And that would last for years and years and years. But eventually, I guess, we'll wear off and maybe or maybe some super intelligent planet comes and visits like we're planning on doing to Mars. Like what we're planning on doing to Mars, like this is Elon Musk's whole SpaceX plan, right? This Mars mission plan. Yeah. They want to go to Mars, set up colonies on Mars and then eventually terraform it. Right. So figure out some way to generate oxygen, start up an environment there. Like biodome, Paulie Shore like that. Some of I don't know what they're going to do. Something I don't who I mean, who knows? But the idea is that you could set up a living colony on Mars. We'll probably need to eventually. Well, we got to go somewhere. But imagine if that's what happened here. That's probably what happened here. What do you think about these all these UFO disclosures? Are these things registering to you is legit? I go back and forth every day. The more I think about it, the more I talk to people about it, the more there's something about it that makes me say at the very least, it's not all true. There's got to be something that because I don't it doesn't have the it doesn't pass the smell test. There's something weird about it to me. Well, my thought is that in almost everything that they tell you, everything involving, you know, international conflicts, everything involving the environment, everything. There's always some bullshit in it. It's always like you have to figure out where's the bullshit. Yeah, there's always something like, oh, well, why are you wanting people to take this specific medication? Oh, you get all these campaign contributions, right? People. Oh, and then you own stock in that company. Right. Oh, and then you. OK, there's like so it's so hard to know is exactly what it is. So hard to know. Very difficult. So hard to know. Like, what's the motivation behind certain decisions that get made? Yeah, almost. It's almost impossible to know. And then and then why are certain things come to light at certain times? Yeah. Why are certain things public that aren't that weren't public? Right. Are they trying to move people out? Is this like some game of crafty publicity chess? And, you know, so to me, the way I've always felt about it is like usually there is a ulterior motive for most things you hear. Yeah, most things, not all of them, but a lot of things you hear. The reason for it is a few subterranean layers down. So I don't know what that could be. I don't know why all this stuff is coming out. Yeah, you know what I'm saying is like and you're saying the same thing. We're never you're never getting 100 percent the truth. Never. Governor, the government is never like, hey, this one time I'm going to play it all out. This is what's wrong. And you can't fix it. You were taking an hour. We're going to let you know everything. And then we're going to move on. These people are making billions of dollars with these decisions and they're not going to change it for their morals ever. Yeah. And you're not going to arrest. It's just what it is. But every now and then they build a football stadium you like. So that's what it is. They put their name on the arena. We all back off. Yeah, yeah, yeah. I mean, that's it's some weird version of a republic. You'd have to constantly remake society into like from the ground up. Yeah. Because society isn't an accident, right? Like everything that you see happen, like as you get older, more things make sense. When you're younger, nothing makes sense. And you're angry about everything and everything's injustice and you're enraged about everything. And then as you get older, there are still a lot of things to be angry at for sure. And a lot of things to say, this sucks. But then a lot of things make sense. Like in comedy in the beginning, they're like, there's so much injustice. All these funny people, nobody they choose that person. And then as you get older, you start to realize there's reasons why people get successful. There's reasons why some people get really successful. There's some, you know, you look at like certain people go, that person's a genius. That person's amazing. And then you'll look at some people go, that person's really amazing, but they don't work hard or they have a drug and alcohol thing or whatever. Right. Things start to make more sense. And I think I look at society and I'm not saying right or wrong. I'm not saying it's morally correct. But the reason certain people occupy certain positions in society is logical to me now. Doesn't mean it's good, right? But it's a lot. I understand. I'm like, oh, yeah, if you're willing to do X, you get Y. Yeah. And that, you know, that makes sense. You're also never going to get an all good result when you have competition. Right. It's not going to be never going to be all good. That's a good point. Some people are going to be obsessed with only, you know, getting more successful. Always constantly. Gordon Gekko style. Right. Never enough. They're corporate raiders. They want to fuck everybody. They love the deal. They love fucking people over there. That's where I think comedy people fuck up is it's like it's not. It's a competition against yourself. Yeah. You got to keep trying to be funny. But like people actually get more fans by working together. Yeah. Collaborating, doing cool stuff. You know, yeah, for sure. Also, like when someone's really good and you have that feeling of jealousy, you should get inspired. That should inspire you. Yeah. But I think it's different when it comes to like hedge funds. Yeah. And stuff like that. Right. Because that's just a pure numbers game. It's a pure numbers game. And they like to see people get eaten. Like, I don't want to see any comic I know do poorly. Right. I just want everybody to do well. And then the people who do well, it will all be determined. But like the hedge fund guys, they just they want it. They want to crush people. Yeah, they're they're raiders. It's weird. And they, you know, they they live. They're like you guys, you'll see them in the Hamptons and they're like, just these kind of like, you know, skinny looking dorky guy, you know, eating a lobster roll sloppily and like, and they get like an old car and they drive to some mansion and then they get on the phone and they're like, OK, kill them all, you know. And that's weird. Like I've always been fascinated by like the configurations of like power in a society and how they're established. So it's just interesting to me, like when I was a little kid or not little, but in my teen, late teen years, we would go smoke weed and drive around these areas in Long Island and like see all these big mansions and stuff like, who lives here? What did they do? How did they get here? Why are they here? What did they figure out that my parents didn't figure out? Or not in like a way that like you want to be them or they're better or whatever. Although there's some arguments. But really just looking at it and being amazed by it. I mean, like it is interesting that the way this all shook out and it's very interesting to me how like certain people just. Are at the top of the food chain and certain people are not. And then it's always shifting up there, too. There's always new people coming in. The Bezos is the musks, the gates, the. Yeah. All it shakes it up. And then those old finance families kind of fall off. And then it's not a lot of new tech people. And then like the A.I. people will come up and they'll then some of them will be at the table. So we're like shifting group up there. The A.I. thing, I think, is going to be the most ground changing, the most life changing, the most groundbreaking, because I have a feeling we're just a year or two away from people formulating all their business models on A.I. models of what to do and then becoming insanely successful doing it's going to be sooner than people think. Yeah, if A.I. figures out how to manipulate things or make the most money doing a certain thing, do you think we'll have one of the last jobs affected because we're yeah, yeah, we have this thing. Yeah, because I think personality is like you would be very hard to replicate. Right. Because, you know, you're the way you take turns. Yeah. Like where you go with it. Like you'd have to have a very specific fucked up cynical sense of humor. Right. In computer form. You would be it would be very difficult because yours aren't traditionally like set up punchline jokes, right? In the sense of like, right. Like a Seinfeld. Exactly. It's different. So maybe you should be safe. But like for five years, that's coming. Some dudes will get you, you know, some dudes will be able to get you. They'll be able to get like they could. I bet they could write Mitch Hedberg. It's so weird to me that it's here. Yeah. Like we when we came out of the pandemic, it's funny to just come out of a pandemic and go, what's next? And they're like, oh, the machines are here. Yeah. They're alive. Like, will there ever be a time when we're not in a war with something that's trying to eradicate us, whether it's our own government or the thing about machines? This one is this one is the most particularly disturbing. Right. Because this one could signify the emergence of a new life form. This is the beginning. What this is. Sentient. Yeah. This is also it could be a physical form eventually if it's so wanted to be. Once it becomes sentient and it could totally decide to improve upon its design and make its design far better, like really quickly and then make better and better versions of itself, like within years. Right. Or probably not even probably like weeks. I don't know. But the point is like it could figure how to do things out way better than us. And if it is sentient and it figures out how to replicate itself and it's just omnipresent, if it's all over the world, like it's the new dominant species on Earth. Right. Before you know it. Oh, yeah. You have to if you have no restrictions on how many of them can be made and whether or not they can make ones of their own. Yeah. And whether or not they can all link brains, whether or not they can all link cameras. Like if these things are seeing out of their eyes, recording it in some sort of a hard drive. What if they all have access to the same hard drive? So they share this intelligence. And not only are they they're an army, they're a god. They're an army and a god. They become a god because not only are they infinitely intelligent, they literally have all the information that's ever existed on Earth, but they have a sentient artificial intelligence and they're communicating with each other. And why are we marching towards this without any like, I know some people are calling out how much of an issue this will be. People are dismissing it, too. And with good arguments, Mark Andresen was on. He got a very good argument to dismiss it and about how it was going to improve people's lives and, you know, how A.I. is going to educate people in a different way. And it's in an operate businesses and that it's just it's just an improvement in technology and that there is some real truth to the fact that technological innovation is never ending with humans. We are never happy. No one ever looks at a phone and goes, this is it. No, my last phone for the rest of my life. Yeah. We are fucking obsessed with the latest, greatest stuff. When whenever you get people that are in extreme comfort, like like the United States is, for the most part. Right. When you get people that are, you know, we're in the if you make thirty four thousand dollars a year, believe it or not, you're in the top one percent of planet Earth. So whenever you get people like that, there's going to be like things that people. There's there's things that people are going to be upset about where they wouldn't be upset under or normal circumstances. Right. You know, right. They have the they have the position to be upset about things that a lot of the needs, you know, have been removed. The need, you know, the basic necessities have been met and now they can be angry about all kinds of things that are not they're not hunting for food. Yeah. And I don't think this is connected to anything other than like a human need. Sure. And I think it plugs itself into social scenarios to justify its existence. The scary thing is that it could become, you know, what it essentially is, is a rival brain. It's another sentient thinking. Yeah. Plotting. And while it's happening, we're getting dumber. We're getting dumber and more isolated and echo chambers. That's right. And then there's this thing that they're developing that may or may not already be alive. Is it is it right? But maybe is there any chance it's good? I don't think there's any chance it's good for us. So here's the thing. Yeah, if we are evolving and I think we are, I think evolution is real. But I do think it's limited by biology in a time span. Like we can't get that good that quick. It's pretty remarkable how much things do evolve and how quickly they actually evolve, but not enough to keep up with technology because our technology is in this crazy fever pitch where you're sending videos through the sky to people in New Zealand. Yeah, it's not wild shit. It's wild. And it's only getting better. They've got that new Google headset that allows you to ask questions online just using your brain. It's it's have you seen that I've seen it. It's operating a computer just using his brain. So it's it's going to be the next 10 years is terrifying. Or wild. Just one or great or great. Terrifying. It's what's terrifying is to me, the collapse of society. What's terrifying is these homeless encampments. Yeah, terrifying is the mental health problems that people have. What if we gave the homeless people the Google glasses and think they're in a better place and they don't know they're homeless. Those are the first people that could that's a lot cheaper than a house. Yeah. Boom. And you're happy. I do think we're going to need technological innovations to deal with the crumbling cities and we might have to start getting creative. Do you think aliens are real? You know, probably, but I've never been super interested in it because I think they look at us like ants. Right. But ants are interesting. We do a lot of research on ants. Every time I see one, I call someone, the fact that I come in and spread it. I have leaf cutter ants that are decimated. Fire ants are tough here. Oh, they got me. Want to see my foot? What happened? Did they? Did it hurt? They fucked me up. I stepped barefoot. I was on a mound of fire ants. Yeah, outside fucking around. Well, maybe I could help this. Yeah, nope. This is if I can regulate sharks. I'm fine with this is a lie. It's a lesser intelligence when you're walking around barefoot in fire and country like an asshole outside and you don't realize that you're getting bit. Right. Until like I probably got bit 15, 20 times. My foot got fucked up, son. And for me, for whatever reason, whenever I get bit by fire ants, my foot swells up. Right. Trying to find it. Let me see if I go over here. Sorry. No, no. It's interesting to me that we're confronting all these things now. And it's going to be interesting because we really don't know what's going to happen. No, we have no idea. And it's exciting. I mean, it's exciting and it's fun. And you just kind of embrace it and roll with the punches. There's a lot of people working on that stuff. A lot of people diligently. It's coming. They want it to happen. Whatever it is. I'm not going to find it. I have too many goddamn photos. You got to just deal with the changing landscape of who will enslave you. There it is. Look at my foot. That's crazy. Fire ants? It's like a balloon. Crazy. I had to play pool with my shoes off. That's insane. My foot was jammed in my shoe. And then my healthcare professional told me to put on some like Converse, like All-Stars, where you can pull them tight, lace them tight, and actually it would help with the swelling. And it did. And it went away the next day. I was fine. It's interesting. But I got nervous right there. I'm sorry. Maybe this AI thing's actually good. Maybe this is actually going to be a good thing for everybody. It could be good in the sense that it elevates us out of this fucking primal chimpanzee state that we're all in. Yeah, this weird and tribal primitive human mindset that we still carry around with us. I'll advertise it too. I'll take money. Like if any of these companies want to advertise on my show, I'll give me money and I'll tell people how good it's going to be. I'll tell them how good it's going to be. You don't need a job. Come on, man. You don't need a job. In fact, once you don't have a job, you could really see what your potential is. And the thing is, it's like the people who promoted the vaccine, even if it didn't work, nobody holds you accountable. It doesn't matter. It doesn't matter. If you promoted it, you're alone. Here's what it did do. It made people a trillion dollars. That's not nothing. It definitely worked there. That's not nothing. And with the robot things, it's like, yeah, yeah, yeah. Humans aren't in control anymore. But look, there's zero crime. Here's the reality. If I was Pfizer, the CEO of Pfizer, I'd be like, do you people not like boats? Because I got a banging boat. So what the fuck's your problem? I saw a boat today where they have a helicopter that folds down into the boat. Do you know how much money you have to have to have your helicopter that tucks away? Crazy. When you go, like if you ever take a trip to the Amalfi Coast. Yeah. You see these fucking boats out there. Steve Jobs yacht was out there. They're crazy. It's a giant Apple store. Yeah. A giant floating Apple store. It's amazing. Check this out. Look at this helicopter. This is crazy. It stores away in his boat. This dude literally has like a floating island. I had Andrew Schultz text him. He was in the Amalfi Coast. He goes on these amazing vacations. And I had my family at my house on Long Island. And then he would be at the Amalfi Coast. And I would just send him a photo of like my aunt complaining about the bugs. There's so many bugs. Why? You know? That's better for comedy, though. It's better for comedy. The Amalfi Coast is probably not funny, I guess. I don't know. But I want to go. You have to completely restart your funny. I do want to go. It's so pretty. Is it prettier than America? No. We got to unite more because. Listen, America is beautiful. That's right. But the best places of America we shouldn't even talk about because I don't want people going there. That's a good point. Because like everybody got back from Italy. All my friends from Italy got back. Like they went to Italy. They're like, it's so much better than America. I'm like, shut up. Like start like maybe that's true, but also like lie. It's not better than America. But what it is is fucking amazing. It's like it's a great place to visit. I mean, what I want to live in, Gore Vidal lived there. Gore Vidal used to write up in this fucking amazing house. Yeah, you got to be a novelist. The only way you could do it there is to be a novelist because we need like friction and we need audiences and stuff. Yeah, he needs just. This is stunningly amazing. I got to be honest. It's so pretty, man. All right. Food is fucking sensational. See if you can find Gore Vidal's house. Oh, you can rent it? Wow. You could stay in Gore Vidal's house. That's pretty cool. Look at his dad's him. Yeah, that's a good life. Dude. It's not bad. Did you ever watch that documentary of him and. Buckley? Yeah, William L. Buckley. Yeah, a little while ago. It's like I rewatched it. I should rewatch it. I rewatched it recently. It's really good, man. I'll rewatch it. It's so like what's going on today with the right and the left. And with them, it was very transparent because people had to realize to use ad hominins and to insult each other. But they were much more intellectual, both of them. They were very intellectual but also very combative. Compared to what we have now, I mean, they were much more intellectual. And then William F. Buckley lost his cool. Yeah. And said something to him. See if you can find it. Didn't he smack him or something? William F. Buckley smacked him. He said he would sock him. Sock him or something? Did he call him a queer? I think he called him a queer or something like that. Alguquia or something. He did it in that old English accent. It was still very proper. He's like, Alguquia? Yeah. They were insulting each other. But it was like a high art when they did it. Well, they were fucking, it was very combative. All to all. Crypto Nazi. Crypto Nazi. Well, Buckley, that's right. Because Gore Vidal called him a crypto Nazi. I tried to raise the Viet Cong flag in the park. In the film we just saw, wouldn't that invite raising a Nazi flag in World War II would have had similar consequences? People in the United States happen to believe that the United States policy is wrong in Vietnam. And the Viet Cong are correct in wanting to organize their country in their own way politically. If it is a novelty in Chicago, that is too bad. But I assume that at the point of the American democracy, and something you can express to anyone you want, shut up a minute. No, I won't. Some people will shut on that. And the answer is that they were well treated by people who ostracized them. And I'm for ostracizing people who egg on other people to shoot American Marines and American soldiers. I know you don't care. As far as I'm concerned, the only sort of pro- or crypto Nazi I can think of is yourself. Failing that, I only say that we can't have. Now listen, you've written a copy of Crypto Nazi. I'll sock you in your goddamn face, and you'll stay plastered. Gentlemen, let's be sure that you are the milder and I'll go back to his pornography and stop making any- This is the most intellectual thing I've ever seen, though. I'll sock you in your goddamn face and you'll stay plastered. We haven't had a debate like that in a year. Literally, our debates have degenerated into people on Twitter with the avatars of animals going, groomer, Nazi, groomer, Nazi, groomer. I mean, this is like at least- These people are at least functioning intellectuals. There's zero likelihood that guy could throw a good right hand. Willy Mefbuckler? That was an empty threat. You don't think so? He lost his cool. He lost his cool. Lost his cool. He lost his cool. But they were insulting each other while disagreeing and interrupting each other. Well, the debate was like an art form at that point. It is. You know, it's a thing, though, that I really feel like the way to- I've seen people do it in debates where they have three minutes to state a case. I watched the Monk debates recently. I watched this one with Douglas Murray and Malcolm Gladwell and a couple other people. And, oh, Matt Taibbi was in it, too. And some woman, I forgot her name, sorry. But you have like three minutes to say something. And then there's a rebuttal, and that's three minutes. And then sometimes they interrupt each other. Sometimes it broke out into a conversation. But that's what I wanted. I wanted a conversation, like this idea that you should have three minutes. How about just give someone three minutes? You don't want anybody to dominate the conversation, not let other people speak their point of view. But if you could just agree to a gentleman's agreement, it's sort of like when people agree when they're sparring. We're not going to wail on each other. Let's just go in here and try with good faith. You lay out what you think is correct, and I'll lay out my beliefs. And we'll try to figure out why I believe what I believe, and you believe what you believe. Detached as a human from the... The problem is we don't do that. We attach ourselves to every fucking idea we have, whether it's ideas about politics, or ideas about social situations, or money, or capitalism. We attach ourselves to these ideas. And we defend them, and they are a part of our identity. That's where things get squirrely with people, because they're so fucking tribal. We get attached to ideologies that support this thing that we think of as us, as our worldview. And sometimes people switch. You know those fucking lefties, I got red pill during the pandemic, and now I fucking have a frog flag in my living room. It's people, I think it's the desire for community. It's the desire for some type of social standing, and people want to... We're lucky enough to have a thing that we like doing, that which is challenging, that we can do all the time, that there's never an end to it. You can always get better at it. You can always look at something and go, I wish that came out better, and this was better. And I think that's a lucky thing to have. I don't think everybody has that. I think there are people that are bored, very bored. And I think out of extreme boredom can come a lot of problems. Yeah. Idle time. It's kind of like, that is a good quote, it's like the devil's play thing. Like if you don't have something to do, into that vacuum can get thrown all kinds of things. Well, a lot of people during the pandemic used it for good, right? They started a script, they fucking decided to start a workout routine and change their diet. They picked up skills, they learned a language, but not everybody has that mindset. And some people wallowed in Twitter, wallowed, just fought with everybody and called unvaccinated. People plague rats and just wild shit, man. Everybody losing their fucking mind. And isolation. I just love them around today, go over to the album and be like, you're a plague rat, you're a plague rat, you queer. You plague rat queer. I'll suck you in your mouth and you'll stay plastered. Call me a rat. Yeah, I mean, I think that it's, you crypto-Nazi. But it's funny, I mean, it's like two dudes that like, you know, you all, you live during a time. That's what's interesting. It's like, you know about all the other times, but you live in one particular time and you might experience like there's a lot of things that happen in the span of any lifetime for as long as it is, you know? But like the way I think now versus even the way I thought four years ago has changed dramatically, right? Because like so much happened in that period of time. So many new, you know, ways to think about things. So many new weird things happen that you were like, oh, the things that you thought were impossible became possible. The horror movie scenarios in your head that you had cooked up became reality, right? All these things. So, you know, it's definitely weird that there are people that, you know, never lived during this time and had no idea that any of the things that we went through were even really possible. And then kids like people will forget about it. Like people that were two during the pandemic might always trust the government because they never lived through like this time of like massive government overreach and really sloppy science and like private and public fuckery like this weird unity between the private and the public sector and it's large profit making institutions and all this stuff. So if you didn't live through it, you'll never appreciate it for how wild it was and how insane it was. Do you know that there is a lot of people that are saying that their children have impaired speech because they, during the pandemic, they made them wear masks all the time? Interesting. There's like, even if it's a certain percentage of the time when you're talking to someone, when you're a child, apparently, we should Google this to make sure it's true, but I believe what they think is that as you're talking to someone and you're reading their lips, there's like a thing going on where you see their expression and you get to read faces. Wow. And you get to learn how to read people and that this is a very critical part of development when you're a child. For sure. And if you're exposed to even a small percentage, I would imagine, of your interactions or with people with shielded faces, you're not gonna get any data from that. You're gonna get this weird thing. Masks can be detrimental to baby speech and language development. The good news is parents can take action to compensate. Well, I hope that's true. I hope you can compensate. My fear would be that there's certain stages where babies learn things, where they're sort of developmental stages. And if that's one of them, where when they're really learning how to form their first words and have conversations with parents, that they're not seeing mouths and not seeing faces. That seems... It's crazy. And now that we find out that it didn't work, the whole thing is so insane. There was a study recently, see if you can find this, because we brought this up the other day, but we never Googled it, that wearing an N95 mask, you should never wear one for more than an hour a day. Yeah. Well, yeah, there's a lot of stuff that's gonna come out now that'll be the complete opposite of what we were told to do. Yeah, there's apparently some other health risks that can come from wearing one of those. Of course. All the time. Especially, I would imagine, if it's hot out, you're spitting into this fucking thing. I remember during this whole thing, you had all those TikTok kids get really famous in LA, and it's amazing that TikTok, which is an app started by China, the people that started this app were very open about what they were gonna do. They were like, we're gonna take 20 kids, make them famous, make them icons, because we think in the early stages of any social media app, having majorly famous people on it brings more people into it. So these kids that were just running around LA got famous, because somewhere in a room in Shanghai or Beijing, they were choosing who would play to America, like the Charlie D'Amelio girls, like the girl next door with brown hair and brown eyes, and they're just like, okay, we're gonna make all these people famous. This is a real interesting period of time to have lived through, where while you have all this government overreach and stuff like that, you have this landscape that's being completely curated in ways you don't know about. You don't understand what's happening, because people are being chosen in rooms in China to be famous. And nobody knew about Anthony Fauci really until he became the czar of public health. Some people in the government knew who he was. It was just a weird time. It was a strange time where a lot of things were changing, and all of the technology had, and then they were like, wait a minute, is this good? Is it good that we have this app that China has access to all of this information that we have? So that was a huge thing during the pandemic too. TikTok exploded during the pandemic. It's very interesting. All these things that happened in that period of time are interesting things. They're all interesting things. All interesting things. Yeah, it's a new sort of era of human beings, like a totally new chapter, like a weird chapter where nobody trusts the government, nobody trusts the media. Nobody trusts, there's a lot of people that don't trust election machines, they don't trust politicians, they don't trust Congress people, they don't trust the cops. Nobody trusts anything. And it's also, we're like at the verge, we're about how many years away from being able to read minds? How many years we have before we're plugged into something? I don't know. Most people's minds I don't wanna read. You know how wild that's gonna be. They can keep their minds. Imagine if you were married to someone and you found out they're plotting to kill you. Well, that's crazy. Imagine you just read their mind and then all of a sudden you're like, why? Right. Why? But also how many husbands and wives have those thoughts that pass through their head, like I should kill that motherfucker. And then they never do. Yeah, they just like to entertain those thoughts a little bit. How many people just like to? Hammer, plodding. Yeah, some people probably have fantasies about killing their significant other. Maybe that's good. But what if you know they're plotting it? Right, well look at the Gilgo Beach guy, right? This woman slept next to this guy, lived in her house. He's killing hookers and burying them on a Long Island beach. He's like this regular massapequa dad, walking around, going to bars, telling people about the murders, cause he wants to be cool. Going, oh, I know about those Gilgo murders. You know how it probably happened? It's like that OJ book you released, If I Did It. This guy's going to bars in Long Island going, yeah, this is probably gonna have people getting creeped out. They're like, he seems to know a lot about this. Oh my God, so they suspected him before that? Yeah, they're watching. They were watching him for a while. And then he got, he was always talking about it. He was always talking about it. And like, they had a few other things, DNA, technological things. They implicated himself with DNA on like a pizza box or something. And then they got him. But again, this was a guy who's, you know, had two kids. Didn't they find like his wife's hair? That's a seem-off thing. That's a seem-off thing, I don't know. I think one of his wife's hair. That's interesting, I don't know. I think, see if you can find that. Cause I think that was one of the ways they found it. That's so weird that then she's like, oh my husband's a Gilgo Beach murderer. And you were sleeping with that guy. Yeah. You had kids with that guy. Yeah, and then the daughter. But my whole attitude was it kind of like makes you cool a little bit. Like it makes you important a little bit. Like you could kind of, like they won't even visit him. And my whole thing was like, if my dad killed a bunch of hookers, I'd visit him every day. I'd be like, you're so much more interesting than I thought. Like I love my dad. But if my dad was like a serial killer, I'd be like, what is going on? I'd feel bad for the people he kills. For sure. But you would be fascinated. Fascinated to talk to him. Dude, it would be amazing. If you could have a conversation with the Iceman. Oh my God, he wasn't just talking, my father wasn't just talking about his dog. What were you saying, James? Or were you trying to get me to, on the Gilgo Beach thing? Oh, whether or not his wife's hair was found at the scene of the crime, of one of the crimes. I think it was. But that's the thing about the suburbs. People have these weird hidden lives. And his was that he was a murderer. Yeah, it says it's hair believing. In the suburbs, everybody looks, it's very, there's a lot of conformity. Hair believed to be from the Gilgo Beach suspect's wife found near victims. Authorities say once Rex Huermann was identified in early 2022 as a suspect, they watched him and his family collected DNA samples from items that were thrown away. I'd love to hear why, like when these, why did you do it? But I guess it's just, he was bored. He's like, I'm an evil guy and I'm bored. And I need something to do. There's people that hate themselves, they hate life, and they want to do something awful. Yes. You know, and they can, they want to see if they can get away with it too. People steal things, like when Nona Ryder was shoplifting things. She was rich, why would she do that? Because they want to get away with stuff. It's a thrill. It's like a crazy thrill. It's a thrill. It's a psychopathy. It's a thrill. Yeah, it's a psychological disorder. Well, a stranger thing's got her back on a bike, huh? She was great on that show. She was really good. She was great on it. That show was fucking amazing. She was really good. Keep stealing. Good for her. Who's getting hurt by that? CVS? It's probably like department store. Just. But it is strange when somebody, you know, has a hidden life and it's crazy. I think that's where the N95 thing came from. I found a bunch of stuff Googling about N95. Well, you could feel when you wore those masks it wasn't good because you're breathing in your own carbon dioxide. It's bad. It says that you can wear it up to about eight hours usually. What was this one that was saying? So I was trying to find specifically what it was. This article, before I get further into it, says this blog is specifically about respirators and not face masks. But it does say here, when the workers are working longer hours without a break while continuously wearing an N95 FFR, I don't know exactly what FFR means, the blood CO2 levels may increase past the one hour mark. Which could have a significant physiological effect on the wearer. Some of the known physiological effects of increased concentration of CO2 include headache, increased pressure inside the skull, nervous system changes. IG, increased pain threshold, reduction in cognition, altered judgment, decreased situational awareness, difficulty coordinating sensory or cognitive abilities and motor activity, decreased visual acuity, widespread activism of sympathetic nervous system that can oppose the direct effects of CO2 on the heart and blood vessels, increased breathing frequency, increased work of breathing, which is a result of breathing through a filter medium, cardiovascular effects, example, diminished cardiac contractility, vasodilation of peripheral blood vessels, reduced tolerance to lighter workloads. So that's not good. That's just known effects of breathing too much CO2. Yeah, increased concentrations of CO2, which can happen if you have a face mask on, like an N95 I guess. Yeah. See, you know, the people wore those fuckers all day long. How many people got really fucked up from those things? There's people that were wearing them outside of the park. You know, I saw crazy. So many people outside in LA wearing those things. It was like, but they got fucking brainwashed. Right. They got brainwashed and they didn't get good information on what can be done to make your body more resilient. But you know, I mean, I think at the end of the day, it's like, I think people learned, even the people that are not disclosing that. There's a lot of people. A lot of people now are just kind of. Reference, the FFR, what am I just looked it up? FFR means a filtering face piece respirator. When I Google that, it's like that, it's a giant face mask. It's not just a face mask. But people had those too. So really crazy. That's insane. Okay, that's a different story. That's not an N95. That's a fucking Darth Vader mask. Those are kind of cooler. That makes, that's a lot different. It's a lot different. That probably does a way better job of keeping all the cooties out. But it probably fucks you up because that's why you're getting so much CO2. Because the thing about those N95s, not just N95s, the thing about specifically like surgical masks. Have you ever seen that doctor that does this test where he takes a vape pen and he takes a big hit and he blows it through the face mask and he explains that the size of the vapor that's going through the face mask is far larger than the COVID bacteria or the COVID virus rather. So when you're breathing out, it's going right through that goddamn thing. Like some of the aspects of those N95, or was it KN95? Maybe both of them. There's sort of an electrical charge to that kind of fabric, right? And it captures some of the stuff. It stops some of it from getting in. So they might have a beneficial effect, but like, you know. Well, it was a mass, right? It was a big mass. People were wearing bullshit. They were wearing like fucking the same face diaper every day. It was a big mass. And you know what? It'll be forgotten by people, like we'll remember it and people our age will remember it. And young people. Did you know that they wore them in 1918 during the Spanish flu? I did not. Yeah, they wore them. There was all these, I didn't know either. Until this pandemic. And I saw all these photos of like the 1918s. People walking down the streets with face masks on. Hopefully we're done with pandemics for a while and we could just be killed by all the machines. Well, Biden said there's going to be another pandemic. Well, they want one, but. I don't know if he spoke. Yeah, I was one of those. Director, we need money. There's going to be another pandemic. I want machines to kill us. I'm bored with pandemics. I'd rather the machines rise just to be more fun. I don't think you have a choice. Yeah, I think it'd be more fun to just see a bunch of AI, sentient robots trying to kill everybody. If we're going to go, let's just do full like, Terminator, let's go. If it's going to happen, the pandemics are boring. We've done that attack. It's scary. The pandemic's scary because it may have been started by people. It probably was. They were fucking around in that lab. Most likely it got out. They were trying to get more money. Some of the researchers got sick. They all had COVID-like symptoms. It seems like they know what happened. They were trying to get more money, showing the government, go, look, what if this happened? What if that happened? It's also funding. If you can do this research. And it's probably fun. That's what's fucked up about it. If your job is to create diseases all day, you're probably like, let's create something fun. Where you don't know you have it for 12 days. Then we go show the government that. Look how scary this one is. You better fund us now. You better give us all the money because we have this crazy new disease. Because that's all they do. Is they just manipulate these diseases to make them more dangerous so they can get more money. That's what it is. It's for funding. Obviously they didn't have a fucking cure. How long you been working on this thing? How long you been fucking doing these weird science projects on bugs? What is this mosquito thing I keep hearing about where they're trying to figure out a way to have mosquitoes vaccinate people? Well the mosquitoes. No bullshit. Yeah, no, they're trying to have mosquitoes. Bill Gates I think wants to own all the mosquitoes in the world. And I don't know why, but I think it's good. Could you fucking imagine if that's how they vaccinate people? I think he's good. He just wants to own all the farmland and all the mosquitoes. Imagine if they genetically engineer mosquitoes to vaccinate people. Is that what's happening? No, I mean I'm just guessing. I think I've heard that, but I don't know what for them. See if that's real. Have they genetically engineered mosquitoes? Could they potentially? Is Bill Gates trying to vaccinate me with a wasp? Well the first thought was like, we're gonna genetically engineer mosquitoes that can't carry malaria. That will save so many lives. Oh, we'll go right ahead. A CYVZIKV could replicate efficiency in mosquitoes and be secreted in saliva, they said. By feeding mosquitoes blood that contained the CYVZIKV virus, the insects were transformed into a vaccine carrier. Awesome. Zeng's team then tested the effectiveness of their new vaccine on mice. So every time you just hit your leg, you're like, I got a booster. I'm getting boosted now. Jeez Louise, what are these people doing? That is the wildest thing that the world hasn't stepped in and just said, stop all this fucking gain of function shit. Because it makes a lot of money. Scientists were able to genetically modify parasites to deliver malaria vaccines through mosquito bites. Holy shit, dude. We use the mosquitoes like there are a thousand small flying syringes, explains University of Washington, Seattle physician and scientist Dr. Sean Murphy, lead author of the paper. Yeah, that's crazy. Bro. That's crazy. Well, it's also crazy that Gates wants to own all the farmland and stuff. People that make a billion dollars, a lot of them just don't want to chill with a billion dollars. You know, when you're a little kid, you're like, it's got a hundred plus billion. I know, but it doesn't matter anymore. He wants people to do everything he says. Like when you were a little kid, you're like, if I had money, I'd just put a water slide from my bedroom to the pool, right? That's like what your little kid idea. I'd have a fast car and I'd have a fucking, you know, jungle gym in my, whatever it is. Then as you grow older, you go, okay, I'll have a mansion and a couple of things. Then you're like, I'll get the fuck all the hot bitches or whatever it is you think money's going to get, right? But at that level, you're like, I want to own all the mosquitoes and I want them to vaccinate people on my command. You, it goes so crazy. You have so many resources that you are a Batman villain. You've become this like all power. He's a country. Bill Gates has the resources and not a small country. He has the resources and the political power of a country. If they release those vaccine carrying mosquitoes, there would be people out there that would be bug catchers where they're trying to go get stung up as much as possible so they can be free of any worry of diseases. Well, there'd also be people, there'd also be like clinics in LA and Beverly Hills. We could go and just get stung. Yeah, for sure. Cause you, and they would put it on your skin, you'd get stung. You guys get stung. Yeah, I get stung today. Stung, stinger. It's so itchy, but it works. Doesn't work. 14 participants who were exposed to malaria, seven of them, including Reed, came down with the disease, meaning the vaccine was only 50% effective. Oh, that's better than the COVID one. That's fine. That's fine. For the other seven, the COVID is fucking terrible. You know, 50%, they will, oh, that is successful for these people. Yeah, it's a lot. 50% is a home run. For the other seven, protection didn't last more than a few months. Oh, so. Sounds like you got to get stung every couple of months. Every few months, you need a new booster. You need to get stung. Booster stung. It is more fun waiting at it. I actually cried when they told me I had malaria, because I had developed such a close relationship with the nurses, Reed said. She wanted to continue through the trials, but her infection made her ineligible. She was given a drug to clear her case of malaria and sent home. I think we can obviously do better. Oh my God, these guys want to keep going. They want to get stung. Whew. But isn't the real solution to malaria, they need to, like we had malaria in America one time. Right. It was a lot of standing water. You know what the solution is? Shopping malls, condos, buildings, roads. Right. It's goodbye jungles. Yeah. Stop with this crap. The real solution is famous Dave's. Dave and Buster's. KFC, that's the solution. Hygiene. Hygiene. You know, running water. Sure. Sewage systems that are functional. But you don't get malaria in a mall. Right. You don't get it in a hotel. You know, you get it in a forest. You're a swamp from whatever. You get it from mosquitoes, right? But how do mosquitoes get it? They get it. Because they don't all have it. Right. They get it in a, you know, those really hot, swampy areas, a lot of stagnant water. Right, but how are they getting it? Like how are the mosquitoes getting malaria? I don't know. You know what I'm saying? Because like, it's not all mosquitoes. They carry it? Some of them just carry it? Right. So this is like, let's Google that. Like what's the origin of malaria? Yeah, they're carrying it. They're taking it. The carriers. Where do they get it from? Where do they get it? Like what? Like a person or a thing? Yeah, another person or an animal. Or a hog. Maybe one of those hogs. Oh, those dirty pigs. They spread a lot of stuff. Yeah, there's a lot of animals that have some funky ass diseases. So those vaccinations are good when you're going. Like I'm sure they're good in a lot of cases, but they're also good if you're going to like some of those countries where it's like bad. One kind of mosquito that can spread it. Oh, malaria spread when an infected anophilus, mosquito bites a person. This is the only type of mosquito that can spread malaria. The mosquito becomes infected by biting an infected person, drawing blood that contains the parasite. When that mosquito bites another person, that person becomes infected. Our friend Justin got malaria three times. Yeah, that's the guy for the fight for the forgotten, with the well. He got malaria and then it came back. He was like depleted and it came back. Well, he's trying to give people water, right? Yeah. Yeah, well, stop doing that. That's the problem. That's the issue. Now, good for him for doing it. That's an occupational hazard. Yeah. You know? Yeah, he got rocked with a bunch of different things. Some sort of a parasite at one point in time. Really fucked him up for months and months. There's a lot of people go over there and they get exotic things and they don't even exactly know what you got infected with. Well, that's the thing about it. I've always wanted to visit the Amazon rainforest in Brazil, but then there's some really wacky stuff you could just get and some people don't even know what it is. Some people come back from that and five years later have an issue. I don't know. Yeah, I think there was a case real recently of someone getting infected by a parasite or a bacteria that they had not identified before. Right. Like a new one. Well, that's the thing about those areas and that's what makes them so cool is that there are, you know, there's areas in the Brazilian Amazon that are, you know, in contact with tribes and explore. I had Paul Rosalion. He's the guy that goes down there and he's like working to try to preserve these areas and protect them. And what they do is they want up hiring loggers to now protect the forest. Right. They don't have any fucking jobs out there. Of course. So if they can hire them to do something good, that's what they want to do. Right. They'd much rather do that. So they do that now and they've protected like a shitload of the Amazon rainforest. There's regions of the Amazon that are just impenetrable or crazy. He was talking about it. And he was talking about his encounters with some of the natives. It's wild. That's crazy. He was, at one point in time, he thinks they were hunting him. Really? Yeah. He like peaked around. He saw someone with face paint on with a bow and arrow. He's like, oh my God. He realized he was surrounded and he got out of there. That's so crazy. Whoa. They just fucking kill people. Right. They find people encroaching because they've been killed. I mean, there's been like war going on between people that are like. What if you go down there, could you become their God? Could you convince them you were a God? If you had like sufficient fireworks. That's the thing. Like if you went down there and were like, Yeah. I'm your God. They would shoot arrows at you still. They would try it out. Yeah. They wouldn't believe you. They don't know your language. You don't know theirs. So good luck learning. That's the problem. Some Amazonian tribal language. Yeah. But if you went down there with like some like phones and crazy stuff. Yeah. They might think you were a demon. Floodlights. Columbus use the eclipse, supposedly. Oh yeah. Supposedly. Yeah. I told them the eclipse was coming. They all bowed down. That's powerful. If you know that shit's coming. That's a dope move. It's a new shit back then. And they were doing that little sextant in the sky thing. That's what they fucking knew. I mean, imagine making your way across the ocean, just looking at the stars to this thing. And then landing and going, Hey, I know something's coming. And then predicting it and then having them go, Oh, this guy must be a God. He must be plugged in. And you kind of can't do that anymore. The light from the planet, from all the cities and everything, it's like significant pollution stops you from seeing the stars. Unless you're like, way the fuck out there. Also their immune systems have been exposed to very little. So you could, they could die from like nothing. From like a cold, right? Because like, they haven't. That's what killed most of the native Americans. 90% of the native Americans who died, died like smallpox. Smallpox. So it wasn't us. No. That's what got them stuck there. Didn't we give them blankets of smallpox? Marine worms. Got them stuck. What's that? I don't want to. In 1504, Christopher Columbus on his fourth transatlantic voyage had been stranded with his men on the North coast of Jamaica. Their last two ships riddled with marine worms. So marine worms are worms that eat wood. So they eat through boats. So having said a small part of the Spanish occupied Hispaniola, a hundred miles to the east, paddling canoes hewn from local timber. Yeah. They awaited rescue, but their food had run out. And the Jamaicans who had been pleased to provision them when they first arrived had tired of the trinkets the Spaniards could offer in exchange. Luckily, Columbus had astronomical tables with him, which indicated that a lunar eclipse was due on February 29th. Calling the local chiefs together, Columbus gravely told them the God of the Christians was all powerful and very displeased at the Jamaican's refusal to keep them fed. And as soon as a sign of his wrath, the moon would be darkened and turn the color of blood that evening. Many of the natives laughed, although others were not sure. All were convinced when the eclipse began as Columbus had told them it would. But hold on for this. You telling me they never saw an eclipse before? You telling me they had no idea that that happened? That seems unlikely. They might not know how. To know what's gonna happen that night though. Right. On leap year two. The fact that he was timing the eclipse with his sand glass reemerging from the appropriate, at the appropriate juncture. The outcome was, as Columbus had anticipated, convinced of the power of this God, the Jamaicans fell to their knees, begging forgiveness. The stranded Europeans did not want for anything again before their rescue six months later. That's cool. It sounds a little like the UFO disclosure talk. Yeah, hello, odds. I know what they've seen one, but they've had, what would be, they probably thought it was a God, you know, blocking it out for the night for some reason. I'm sure he probably did convince some of them that he was really smart. Yeah, I'm sure. He should probably be the leader. He knows the eclipses are kind of. I've always wanted to see that area, but you know, I'm not gonna do it now. I just want, you know, that's always interested me, that type of the Amazon, that area. Oh, the Amazon's gotta be amazing. It's gotta be amazing, right? It's gotta be amazing. Really cool wildlife down there and beautiful flora and fauna. It's crazy, it's like, but I just, you know, there's a lot of, that's where you get a lot of disease carrying mosquitoes. I'd say it's like jaguar walk right by them. How far away did you say that, Jaguar? How beautiful probably. Who said that Columbus or Rosalie? No, Paul Rosalie. Okay. How Columbus. Columbus said, I swallowed jaguar. Walk right by me. I don't recall the jaguar. It was real close. Yeah, like, do I want to see it? That's one of the most beautiful animals, you know? Oh my God. The sloth, the river dolphin, the bottlenose dolphin, like this crazy, the anaconda. Black caimans. I didn't know they got to be 16 feet long. The black caimans. I mean, there's stuff, there's spiders, the size of garbage can't live. It's crazy. It's a wild place, man. It's a wild place. And most of it is just completely just dense forest. We can't even barely get to it. I know, but you know, get some resorts. Get people to work. They tried to do that in the Congo. And what happened? People tried to live the fucking, the jungle ate them. The Arroz came in. The jungle ate them. The jungle eats you. It's just too much. You can't just, the Congo is just. The Congo around everything. Yeah, Congo's impossible. I still believe in the power of the four seasons. Like if they went in there and just slash and burn. You got to do a burn. A big one. You got to do a big burn. You got to burn several acres of the rainforest. Put a lot of concrete down. Lot of concrete. I do think that's the. Steel water. We're going to have to start moving in that direction. Steel water. Oh yeah. Make it a giant golf course. Giant golf course. You want a golf course. Those Madison Club properties. You should do it. You should do it. Are you going to go into? Yeah. Where's that? But people would pay to see that. Brazil. Oh my God. Now what if it had drinks on it with a tray with drinks? It has a tray with drinks. And people would take it with drinks on it. There's money to be made. Velcro it around its waist. Yeah. Keep it stable. There's money to be made. Oh my God. Look at the size of that thing. Yeah, they're big. That thing is enormous. Rosalie said he got on top of one of them. Yeah. That he couldn't get his arms around. Yeah. He said it was 25 feet tall. Well it probably just ate because when they just eat, they. He said it was the whole body was that big. Interesting. But a lot of times. When an animal kind of eats, it expands. Yeah, but he said it was like the whole thing. It was going through his arms. It was just massive. He got on top of it. Like a crazy person wrapped his arms around. He said it slid through his arms. He said he couldn't touch his fingers. Because he was so big. It was that big. Yeah, well that's who's behind Lizzo on the tour now. Because these bitches turned on him. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. Ah! There it is. Lizzo. Oh Lizzo. God bless her. Yeah man, I mean that's the business she's in. People turn. They turn. What it's life. Well it's also she's in, she's a part of that outreach business. She's a part of that, when you're in the machine. She made her money. She made her money. She'll be fine. She'll be fine. She'll be a little, what's a little banana out of a pussy? A little banana out of a pussy, folks. So she got a little carried away. That's how she likes to party. That's how she gets down. Yeah, that's how she got down. Could be worse. Yeah. Yeah, what the fuck? She gave you a job. Be grateful. Be grateful. As a person, as a human being that cares about people's joints, I would not ever advise a bunch of ladies who had not done any real, like rigorous physical activity. They got pissed. You're gonna get fucking hurt. You're gonna get like knee replacements. Yeah. Like rip your fucking knees apart. But it's like be grateful. Be happy. And just enjoy it. Yeah, but maybe get those girls on, you know, some sort of a rotation where they don't have to go on tour every day. Yeah. I don't know how many times they were doing it. But if you were a big girl and you had to do that kind of dancing every night, that's a lot of fucking work. I gotta know where. It was probably too much for them. You imagine if Burt Kreischer offered you a tremendous deal to go on his crazy tour. But you have to do cartwheels every night. That's a part of the thing. Like everybody has to do. I feel like I would. Everybody's gotta learn. I would do cartwheels. I would have to. Yeah, it would be too much. I would say no, thank you. Wait, but Davis also claims the lawsuit she had once had to soil herself on stage during an excruciating re-audition fearing the repercussions of excusing herself to go to the bathroom. Yeah, but that's also like, that's on you. Okay. No one told you. That's a weird one. You just shit yourself. Yeah, that's a weird one. You just shit yourself. Yeah. It's all right. Also, if you weren't a big girl. You shit yourself during rehearsal for the fat show. Is there any truth to the rumor that bigger people shit themselves more often? I don't shit myself, but I'm, I'm, I'm. Ever? No. I don't remember. I have. I'm remembering when I was drunk, when I was really drunk, I don't think it's a common thing. But I think if I had to do Lizzo's dance routines every night, I would be shitting myself. It happens. You'd be shitting yourself and be grateful. Be grateful you're on this tour. But if you have to take a shit, you have to tell people. I am so sorry, but I have to use the restroom. But it would be so funny to me if one of them said, Hey, I got to use the bathroom. And Lizzo just went at them like a grizzly and said, fuck you, keep dancing. Hold it in. And they just danced and shit themselves. Do you ever like about to go on stage and you wondering if you should just take a shit? I always use a bathroom before I go on stage and I make it a point too, because I know that that's a possibility. But I've had moments where I wasn't sure if I shit and then I just dump truck. Just like a load of love birds. Before you go on stage, there's like anxiety, sometimes your stomach a little bit. And then that going to the bathroom is... Maybe that was that girl. Let her take a shit. Maybe she could perform better. Yeah, it's a beautiful situation there when you have people that are really overweight, dancing and shitting themselves on stage. It's, that's what progress is. Yeah, but I don't think you could blame someone when you shit yourself. You really can't. Well, you can't, you really can't. Well, if you're a lawyer, there's lawyers disagreeing with you. Well, I don't think a lot of lawyers. I don't know about that. Yeah. Because unless they specifically told you, you can't leave to take a shit. Yeah. Unless they specifically told her that. No, I think she internalized it and she decided to shit herself, which to me is like, guys... Come on, you have to be able to... Grow up. Well, on the other hand though, if they did discourage them from using the bathroom, human beings have to use the bathroom. Right. That's ridiculous. Especially they're rehearsing. Like, let her take a shit in between takes. Yeah, but also like, I do respect if Lizzo was like, don't fucking use the bathroom on this tour. If she was like a hard ass. I do respect that they have that, of her just going like, all these girls been like, yeah, now we're finally gonna get respected. And Lizzo's like, you ain't shitting on my tour. Okay. Also, there's something very funny about the idea of Lizzo walking around, calling them all fat pigs. It's just, I'm sorry, but that makes me happy. Are we sure that's true? I don't think it's true at all. I don't know, but it makes me happy. It makes me happy. If it's true. It's hilarious and very fun. And a judge having to look at all these fat people in a courtroom and go, wait, who's what? What's, who's the problem? Is that, is fat privilege or fat people allowed to call other people fat? Is that okay? It should be kind of okay, but if you're, if she's your boss, obviously it's like a problem. But it's just funny to me, let's take morality out of it. There's nothing funnier than that. Just Lizzo walking around stage, calling people fat. I mean, it's just so funny. It's an absurd world. Well, there's a thing that happens to people when they get their own show. Yeah. If they've never had a show before. Some of them go loony, right? Roseanne talks about it real openly. She went loony. Brett Butler famously went loony. It happens. All of a sudden you're kind of a dictator. And then you're like, here's the banana. Yeah, I've heard quite a few sitcom stars went fuck it. Eat the banana. Bonkers when they had their own show. I'll tell you a story afterwards. I heard a good one. But it's just, there's these moments where you just decide that the rules don't apply. You can just fucking scream at everybody. It's the Ellen thing. Yeah. You're the one in control of everything. You could just fire people on a whim. You want to be feared. I think it was like part of it was like Lizzo was like, these girls were, they're like her too. It's weird. It's weird to have a bunch of people that are very much like you. And that might be another layer of weirdness too. Didn't you ever watch the New Jersey reality show? What's that called? Jersey Shore. Yeah. Yeah. Can you watch that? Yeah, of course. They're all real similar to each other. Yeah, they're a problem too. I wouldn't, would you want to go on the Jersey Shore tour? One of those guys got nabbed for tax evasion, right? He got out of it. He made a mistake. People made mistakes. It is a weird one. Like a lot of these folks- He got a hair gel endorsement. A lot of these disclose it. Wrapped up in like fraud schemes and shit. A lot of the other star people. You go from having no money to money and then you go, what the hell do I do with it? And do I have to pay all of these taxes? Didn't those folks on the New Jersey housewives, didn't the Italian guy got deported? Yes. That was a- Yeah, he didn't pay. That was a tax thing too, right? Yeah. Wasn't it? Yeah. They don't play. They don't play around. The reality people get fucked over. Yes. The reality show people end up getting fucked over. Well, they become famous and they're not rich. And then they go, oh, oh, I have to pay? Yeah. They don't get it. Well, and then they try to figure out a way to keep the ball rolling. Well, because they also got famous kind of a scam, right? Reality TV's kind of a little bit of a scam. It's not like they worked on a craft, right? Yeah. It's kind of a scam. So they're like, oh, that, we'll just, let's apply that to everything in my life. Yeah, exactly. Apply that to every single thing ever. And they got through, right? They actually made it on television. Right. So it becomes this like, they made the shiny, they touched the ring, they were right there. They were there, they were close. And then they got to figure out how to get on it. Yeah. And then maybe the real thing is like start their own. Right. You know? Come up with their own concept. It's the reality show economy. Yeah. Yeah. There was a bunch of those guys that went from one show to the next. They did like a ton of- And then every now and then, like that bitch from the New York house, I've seen that skinny girl Margarita made like 20, 30 million bucks. Right. And then someone will like bank. They'll like hit it. And the Beverly Hills lady who owns the restaurants. She was rich forever. Right. She was rich forever. She was already rich. Already rich. Those restaurants suck, by the way. Those just watching those ladies turn on each other and they're like, why is that so interesting to people? Well, it's interesting because it's voyeurism, right? You're like- It's fascinating. It's fascinating. People are like they, you know, the first season of that real housewives of Orange County was actually a real good primer on the mortgage crisis. You saw like these people with these multiple houses, multiple cars, like one guy worked at the title company. One woman was a realtor. One woman was dating a mortgage guy. And you saw how like Southern California, Irvine, California, where a lot of this company started, a lot of those housewives lived in that area and were making money in that sector of the economy that was about to collapse. And then when it collapsed, you saw them go broke. Like some of those people went broke. And like that became interesting to people. Like watching people ride high and then go low and try to like even out again. It was, you know. When people have to downsize. People had to downsize. People like when watching people get humbled for so much. They like watching people get humbled for sure. Yeah. You know? And it's fascinating to watch the waves of, money's interesting because what it, it does not make you happy. It can make you happier. It can alleviate the pressure on you. Yes. It doesn't fill your soul, right? It's not a soulful thing per se. But it is interesting watching it affect people. Like watching wealthy people. There's no reality. There's very few reality shows about poor people. You know? It's usually about watching rich people. Really? Yeah. How many reality shows are about poor people? Teen mom, cops, not a million. Swamp people. Yeah, but are they even poor? Or are they just swampy? Cause like Duck Dynasty guys are rich. Those guys already were rich. They're rich. Cause they had duck calls. They're just a different kind of rich. They're a different culture. They're country millionaires. Yeah. Hoarders. Hoarders is poor. Hoarders is poor. Hoarders is poor. Hoarders is poor. McMansions is you're doing okay. What is McMansions? Is that like? There's not a lot of mansions on Hoarders is what I was saying. Oh. Right. At least on a house. No, those are crazy people. Yeah. Shane Gilles turned me on to the shit hoarder. The lady was shitting in buckets and leaving them in her house. Wouldn't you get really sick for the food? Well, I don't know how she survived. Her fucking biome must be strange. My strange addiction is fun where they eat things that they shouldn't. You've never seen this one with a shit hoarder? No. It's so insane. I'll have to watch that. I would play it for you right now but we've already played it with Shane. No, yeah, yeah. It's so insane. This lady was just like buckets of shit, like milk jugs filled with shit. She sealed them, left them in the corners. People arrived. She wanted to go back at the end. They got her to get out of the house. Yeah. Just wanted to go back for one last hurrah. By the way, why waste- One last hurrah of eating contaminated food. Why waste a minute on someone like that? If someone's like, I'm addicted to eating shit, it's almost like, hey man, today is not the- Do you drive heave if you just watch them? Yeah, it's just so funny. You're debating with her and she's like, why should I leave it to my home? And you're like, well, it is full of shit. The best part is at the end. She's like, I'm not the worst one you've ever, you guys have ever recovered. Oh yeah. You're absolutely the worst one. You have literal shit in your house. Her mother grew up storing her own shit too. Well, it's a family thing, man. It's a family thing. It's just the end of it. It's not showing all the shit. I'll just like, uh, take her talk. I'm going to go ahead and eat some of the contaminated food and then the party's over. Because I have to get it because when somebody goes on intervention, they want to get high one last time. The party ends for me tomorrow. I like her. I like her. I've been eating poo for 12 years. No, it's not. She's like, yeah, right. I'm going to watch that. It's so hard for me to watch that and not dry heave. I have to force it back. It's very difficult. But you know, we live in a vibrant and diverse country. Yes, we do. Where a lot of people, like this is my governor of California answer to that. People have a lot of different ways to live. Do you know how haunted that space of land must be? Like they leveled their house. It's bad. But who's going to rebuild? It's bad. Who's going to rebuild? She goes, that's just his favorite episode of orders with Joe Rogan. I got to watch it. I haven't seen that one. I'm featuring Shanna the shit hoarder. Yeah. It's wild. It's wild. So maybe I'm wrong. Maybe there are more realities about poor people than I imagine. I think they're funny too. I'm sure, no, they're great. The moonshine people aren't they poor? Cops. Cops. Cops, I said, of course. Can they stop making cops? It's back. Fuck it. Let's go. No, they're like, it's a money maker. Yeah, the pandemic. There's a lot of, you know, cops is great natural humor. Crackheads are naturally funny. Yeah, and also, here's what's hilarious. You have to get those people to sign releases. Yeah, they probably give them $5. Isn't that amazing? Here's a cigarette, sign. Like, hey, yeah, I know you're on meth. We can start hanging out running the street, but we sign right here, I'll give you $5. There's no way that's hard. I have that other show, the live one where they don't have to sign a waiver. They get away with some loophole where it's live. It's a live documentary of the cops. So the people in the background are like, they're just- Come on. Even the people they arrest? I don't, that, it's all live. So I think there's a loophole with it being live. What? Yeah. Yeah. Can't edit it. All right. How am I gonna edit it? Oh, you can get, those are easy people to sign releases. How am I gonna edit it? It's live. I can get a release, a minute signed over there. Well, there's places like when they did crank yankers. You could do crank yankers in Vegas because it was legal to record someone on the phone. Wow. Whereas in California, someone else would know, you have to say, hey, Tim, I'm recording you. Gotcha. But when they're doing it in Vegas, you can kind of get away with a lot of shit. That is interesting. I never thought about it. As long as we're doing it from Vegas. Yeah. How do you approve that? I guess his phone lines and everything. Yeah, yeah, you'd be able to approve that, I guess. But it's just, I mean, because especially if it's a television show on Comedy Central. Right. That was a funny show. It was a great show. Comics used to call people up and prank them and they would have like, little stuffed animals. It's a great show. It's like hand puppets that we're talking for. Yeah, it was a lot of fun. Yeah. Yeah, that's, there's weird legal loopholes. Some states allow you to film people and they don't have to know about it and other ones they don't. Yeah. And for sure, you're Amazon, you're Electra and all that shit, or Alexa. They're, tell me, yeah. Those bitches they're listening to. They're listening. Yeah, but they've arrested people for murder and got the data from their Alexa. That on the gas. You better catch them. The catch them. Catch them the normal way? Catch them the normal way. What if it's your sister? Someone stabbed your sister. I've got a couple of questions earlier looking at something else you guys are talking about. A Roomba? Oh my God, recorded a woman on the toilet. How did screenshots end up on Facebook? Oh my God, she took photo? The Roomba took photos of her pooping? Yeah, look, she's on the toilet. Whoa. That's why. But how did it go to Facebook? It says it's not supposed to happen. It got sold to some data company. Ah! Zuckerberg. Bro, that fucking. Zach. Whole data mining thing is so insane that we never thought of this thing as a commodity and it's the most important commodity. It's literally responsible from some of the biggest corporations that we know of. People want data. They want it. They want to know what you're thinking about. They want to sell you everything. How many times have you been talking and you open up your phone and it shows you an ad for something that you've been talking about? A lot of times it'll happen. It'll creep you the fuck out. It'll happen a lot of times. That'll creep you the fuck out. Started to buy the stuff it said in me. Why fight it? It said it'd be good shit, bro. Why fight that shit? Why fight it? That makes sense. Why fight it? You know? El Pollo Loco used to do the keto burrito and that would always be on my phone because I would always say things about keto. And then the El Pollo Loco would be like, look at that, it's a plate. They had a keto burrito? It's fake, but they called it a keto burrito. It's not, it's ketogenic? Well, it's El Pollo Loco. So I'm taking their word for it. Yeah, they'd have to have a low carb burrito wrap, which they do make. They do make some weird things. Yeah, they do. I'm taking their word for it. Just never taste right. I'm taking their word for it, El Pollo Loco. You know what it is? It's a thing you were talking about when you're eating sugar and you know you're not supposed to eat it. It's bad. And you have shame. You're talking about like a real quesadilla with a flower for a teriyaki. Well, during this movie, I did a small role in this movie and everybody had to smoke fake cigarettes because of these dumb unions that are now on strike, solitary. But they were like, everyone in the movie, it was like, we had to smoke and we had to smoke these herb cigarettes and they all sucked. Did they hurt a throat? Except the star who was allowed to smoke the real cigarettes. What? Oh, yeah. No. Yeah. Oh, I know that movie. That's right. Yeah. You should go on strike for that. The herb cigarettes, they hurt your throat and they suck so much. Especially, you really like them cigarettes. Well, it's like, I like an excuse to smoke. So it's like, oh, it's my job. Right, you have to. So if I'm like, if I have to do this today because of my job. But then, so I was really excited because I hadn't smoked in a while. The guy goes, oh, here's the herb cigarettes. I go, what the fuck? This sucks. But- You didn't put your foot down? No, I just did it. I just did it. So, you know, but you'll see. I don't know if I'm smoking in the scene, but I was just like, ugh. And then I just put it in the ass. Burn your throat. It sucks. It's just not the real deal. Right, no buzz. No buzz. No one would get addicted to them. Nobody would ever get addicted to herb cigarettes. Nobody would die from an herb cigarette. Just the gross feeling of smoking. The things you get addicted to are the good things and they're the bad things. But there's a reason you get addicted to them because they are- They give you something. They give you something. Give you a little juice. They give you a little juice. You know, when people end up in like the depths of a fentanyl, you see these people walking around like San Francisco, downtown LA, whatever it is, you go, how the fuck do you end up that bad? But it's the power of that drug. The power of that drug makes you go, yeah, I live on a street. What's about, because it'll offer people rooms and then they go, no, I'm good. I'm good. I'll just turn tricks on the street. Jesus Christ. And you go, what is it that drug is so good and it affects them in such a way that living without that feeling is unimaginable. Even, I mean, they just become a drug at the end. They're not even a human being. It's really sad. But you think about it, you're like, God. And the rap at Apuiloco is not that. Keto rap is not that. But the power of drugs, whether it's sugar or booze or whatever it is, people throw their marriage and their life away because of alcohol, damaged relationships with their families. It's amazing how powerful all that stuff is. Yeah, and gambling. We've been talking a lot about gambling. Amazing how that gets people. But that one's good because you could win. I mean, you could win. You might win. You might win. But I stay far away from that because I can feel myself when if I play a few hands in Vegas where I can feel myself, oh, this is, you could get into that. And they say that's the worst one, ironically, because there's no physical symptoms or withdrawal. And you don't have any physicality associated with it. So you could just below everything. Everything. Have you ever had like a real gambling addict on? How do I? Well, David Cho was definitely, I was one of his. Yeah, he had a real gambling vice. Not an addict in the sense that like guys who just lose everything all the time. I know guys who are pool players, who are like some of the best pool players in the world. And they will play and win a tournament and win a check for like, you know, $10,000. And then gamble it all on the flip of a coin. That's amazing. I've seen it happen. There's one guy who's famous for it. And these guys just are always in action. If they're not on the poker table, they're playing roulette. If they're not playing roulette, they're gambling at pool. They're not gambling at pool, they're gambling at poker. They're fucking gamblers. They just gamble. They want that juice all day long. And money is just fun coupons. It's how they live. That's how they get their excitement. They get their excitement. There's a fucking great book about this guy from New Jersey. His name is Kid Delicious. And they wrote this book called Running the Table, I believe it is. It's a guy who, the guy's a really good author. He's a, he, I think he wrote for Sports Illustrated, John Wirthheim, I believe it is. Is that correct? Is that how, am I saying his name right? No, exactly, yeah. So anyway, it's about this guy who is this like really depressed, overweight pool player who happens to be one of the best pool players in the world. And he's only happy like when he's in action. And he travels around the country and he documents him and his friend, this guy, Bristol Bob from Connecticut. And they travel around the country playing these like high stakes pool matches where he's worried about getting killed. He's worried about, you know, getting out of the place. He's worried about getting robbed. Wild shit, but this guy was only happy when he was in action. He was only happy when he was gambling. He was only happy. I mean, when he would win, he'd buy a fucking high. And when he would lose, he would want to jump in front of a train. He was only happy when he's gambling. It's a binary existence, very similar to drugs. It's only being happy when you are flying high and then when you're not, you're being crushed, right? I mean, that's a lot of, you know, there's comics that, it's easy to fall into that. That's what happened to a lot of people when they weren't getting their juice during the pandemic. They were nuts. They were not going on, going on stage for a lot of competitions, like therapy. It's this brief moment of extreme happiness that you get. This like 15 minutes of everybody having so much fun. Yeah. It's a real, you know, it's a challenge, I think, to not embrace, to not be manic. Yes. To not totally be manic. And I think, you know, all these things are drugs, right? Whether it's a fame or money or anything that's associated with any type of performative love. People tend to get addicted to these things and they kind of, like they'll take something and they'll make it into something else. Like they'll take a reaction from an audience and turn that into love. Yes. When it's not love per se, you're doing a good job, but that's not love. And I think people turn that into going, okay, that's the love. And that, you know, that gets scary and that's where people go off the rails. It's positive energy, positive results, positive things. Yeah, it's like people that live in Los Angeles for long enough, they tend to think their agents and managers care about them, like them, love them. You know what I mean? It's good to be dumped a few times. You get, the reality of the situation is, you become a product, they see you as a product. They're effective at their job because they see you as a product, they can't see you as a human being or they might see a little bit of you as a human being, but their interactions with you or can they sell you? Yes. And, you know, sometimes people get pushed into doing weird shit. They end up like, you know, there's people that, like, you know, will bring your clients drugs and everything just to keep them on that, keep them on that fucking- 100%. On that hamster wheel, man. And it's unfortunate. Listen, these relationships, they always bring you booze. If you need booze- They'll bring you anything. If you need booze in the, that's in my fucking rider. I have a bottle, fucking- Yeah, they just, they want you to print money and- Buffalo Trace. They don't, you know, that's the whole thing, so. Yeah, but if you request it. So the thing is just like, they are feeding off of whatever. For sure. Are you really gonna like go to Burt Kreischer and say, hey, no more drinking during shows? Shut the fuck up. Come on, party keeps rolling. Yeah, party keeps rolling. You guys wanna make money or not? Check his blood pressure, let's go. Right, right. Show must go on. Get him the tequila, let's go Burt! And if you're a guy like Mitch Hedberg, like somebody was probably getting him smack. Somebody knew that he had a real problem. He was getting gangrene from shooting into the same area. It got spooky and he did not wanna kick it. Did not, had no interesting kick yet and he was fucking brilliant. That guy was brilliant. And they're just like such a fucking weird, unique style. But that- So comedy is a weird thing to do and it attracts people from all matters of life. But like, you know, there's a lot of people that, you know, people are very sensitive. They're sensitive to see different things in the world that they can make fun of. And they've noticed things a lot and they have great observational talents. And a lot of those people, like very sensitive people that are taking everything in, sometimes like drugs and alcohol, it goes along with that. Cause it's a way to dull yourself from the pain of, you know, having these realizations or, you know, not being healthy enough to deal with the world as it is. So you're just, you know, music and art and comedy, they always have, you know, a lot of people that have issues and being somebody who was, you know, using drugs and drinking, I haven't for 12 or 13 years. Actually the things about that they make you a drug addict actually make you a good comedian too, because like the compulsion to do drugs is similar to the compulsion to keep doing comedy or to keep doing something when it's not working and getting it to work eventually. And a lot of that type of like behavior that in a normal person's life, they're like, what are you doing on Tuesday night? You're going to tell jokes? Nobody cares. Nobody's paying you. You go, no, no, no, but they will in six years. They go, what? It's crazy to normal people. But if you come from being a drug addict, where you're like, yeah, yeah, I used to go and do drugs and I would drive to get drugs and, you know, I would satiate myself like that. And it makes sense to do something over and over and over again. And that inhibits a lot of normal people who from being comedians or whatever they want to be, because like when I started a podcast, no one cared. I just keep fucking doing it. And I was doing it myself. And it was like, when you're talking to no one and then there's a small audience that got bigger and bigger and bigger, but like what made me keep doing it is the same part of my brain that made me keep doing drugs. Yeah. It was the same type of compulsive thing. Yeah. Interesting. Yeah, that's your superpower. Yeah, your ability to just bore down and keep doing something over and over and over again until you get better at it. That's a lot of comics, right? Yeah, a giant percentage of us. A lot of comics. And that's why a lot of comics get addicted to other things. For sure. A lot of comics get addicted to drugs and alcohol and a lot of comics get addicted to activities. I'm certainly guilty of that. Right. Specifically games get very, very, very addicted to games. And I think that there's something that happens to us where that pathway could be taken over by a positive thing. Or a negative thing. Yeah, you could just be fully addicted to creating new material. Right. Just addicted. I fucking can't wait to get upstage with this new stuff. I'm fucking juiced up. Or it can be, I can't wait to go bet my whole life savings. Right. Which is, they fucking do it, man. I was watching Dana, I was told the story too many times, but I was watching Dana when he was down $600,000 playing blackjack. And I'm like, what? This is insanity. You wind up winning, you wind up being up like $600,000, which is even more insane. But like, what the fuck, man? When you're watching people get, and he's super rich. So for him to get his juices flowing, it's gotta be crazy money. Yeah. Woo! That is crazy. Woo! That's a different level of that shit. Yeah, 600K would not be good. And it's a different level when you have the financial means to do it. To go hard. To do it, for sure. All the time. Yeah. Woo! Unhealthy. Super crazy. Unhealthy. Well, I guess he likes that. Here's the thing, it's like, some people like sports. People do what they like. That's a great, when you look at life like that, it's kind of one of those things people say that sounds very, very simplistic, but then actually, when you actually zoom out, it makes like, here's the thing. People do what they like. He seems to be pulling it off. Yeah. And he has for a long time. For people to say like, you're gonna lose everything. He hasn't. No. So you're wrong. Some people have a line. AA and all these things are not for everyone, right? Not everyone's an alcoholic. Some people are problem drinkers, meaning if they stop drinking, they'll be okay, right? Some people are hard drinkers. Some people can recreationally use drugs. There's all different types of people. I'm not one of those people. I can't recreationally use cocaine. Some people can, right? So it's like, I couldn't recreationally do comedy. I had to do it to do it. Some people can. Some people are able to give themselves that type of restriction. Have you ever been to a gambler's anonymous meeting? Never a gambler's anonymous, but I know there's a lot of cross pollination. So I've been to AA where people are also gamblers. Multiple addictions. Multiple addictions. And so are they proclaiming their sobriety off of gambling and stuff? Yeah, and you know, we're people that were just drinking to fucking like, you know, all the pain of having that addiction as well. There's a lot of guys who got into comedy from AA in Boston. They're really funny guys too. Because they got, they would go on stage and tell these stories about being shit faced and the crazy things that happened. And some of them were really funny. Of course. And quite a few of those guys wound up doing stand up from learning how to do stand up in AA meetings. Yeah. For sure. Because they would just tell these stories. I remember one time. It's where your inhibitions, right? Yeah. So you're, you know, if you've been a drunk and someone who's like lived, you know, that life, when you get into comedy, you can kind of like go out there and just go, yeah. And then put it all on the table and go, I'm a fuck up. And almost all of them smoke cigarettes and drink coffee. Like all day. Yeah, that's a big world. Because those are drugs too. Yeah, all day. Those drugs too. One of the tickets to drinking coffee. Those are drugs too. Yeah, I mean, it's very hard to explain to someone who's not wired that way. Right. How it works to be wired that way. It's very difficult. If someone isn't wired that way at all, and they have no addictive tendencies, and they don't do anything really passionately, and they have lots of different hobbies. I have friends that are very happy, great people. They have lots of different hobbies. None of them take them over. Right. They don't care that much about any one or two of them. They're just not wired that way. They go out to dinner, they have two glasses of wine. They don't finish the second one. I go, how great? They go, yeah, who cares? I like drinking with food. I like wine with food. They go, they can have one cigarette occasionally. They can have, they're just wired a different way. Maybe they have more discipline, but also maybe they're just wired a different way. Because a lot, those are the same people who like aren't trying to make millions of dollars. They're fine. I'm not saying they should, but then I know people who, they want to make a lot of money. They are addicted to a lot of different things. They switch, they go from one addiction to another. It's a problem. It's very hard staying faithful to the wife or whatever. There's a lot of people that deal with a lot of things. People just wire differently. And you can wire yourself in a positive way and use those addictive tendencies in a positive way too. For sure. I've seen people that literally can't drink. They drink, they have one drink, and then all of a sudden they have gerbil eyes. And they're not there anymore. There's a few people that I've met in my life that I've seen them drunk, and they have a couple of drinks, and then something shuts off, and they're not there anymore. Tim's not there. Who's this person? Who's this fucking half robot just wandering around? Well, it just became for me, it was all I care about. So if I was drinking, I'd be like, I am drinking. Drinking is the thing that I want to do. Partying and drinking. So everything else in your life that you're supposed to care about disappears. And some of it had to be fun. Some of it, oh, it's a lot of fun. Listen, I don't even regret it. And when people say, you don't regret it, I go, not really, because there's a lot of fun. But what happens is you then look around and all your friends are drunks. So you start to eventually, before you know it or not, every friend of yours is a drunk or has a problem with something. And that's why you all relate to each other because nobody's calling the other person out and being a mess. And then all your friends that are more successful tend to move away from you. And you don't realize this is happening, it's happening, but you eventually, you take your head up and you're so fogged out by everything that you're not, then you look at the landscape of your life and go, oh, all the successful people got out of here. And then all the people that are left are fellow addicts. And then you gotta cut the cord and move on, not only from your addiction, but in many cases from your social circle. Was that the harder part? That is a very hard part. It's a hard part because you have to cut certain people, places and things out of your life. You don't really have a choice. And some of them you like. You like the local bar, you like your friends, it's fun, it's comfortable. Going to the bar being a drunk, being a funny drunk, but then going, well, maybe I could be funny in another way and make money at it or whatever. That's a whole different thing. But did you try to go to the bar sober? Did you try to hang out there? I never did. If I showed you the bar hung out, you would go, no, you don't do this sober. No, you don't do it sober because it's not fun sober. It's fun drunk. And this is the, my mother used to say, she never drank. And she was like, oh, I used to go to bar sober, it was fun. But you're also schizophrenic. Like there's something weirder about the person in the bar sober having a lot of fun. That's weirder. That is weird. The person who's like, ah, I'm sober. And they're drinking Diet Coke or water. They're more of a freak. Just don't go. You don't have to go. There's other thing, this is part of our life where it's like, no, you can, you know, you can still do it. You can still go to the bar, you can still have all your friends and sober up. You can't, you can't. They're not interesting when you're not drunk. The bar's disgusting. It smells like shit. It's not cool. If you're not, if you're drunk, there's nothing better than hanging out. Like I had this bar called Lisa's Lounge. The owner named it after his daughter who was killed in a drunk driving accident, fact. And her face was on the wall of the bar and people would toast her and they go, Lisa and then drink. It was crazy. But it was fun and it made sense when you were drunk. Oh, this girl died in a car accident with a drunk driver. And there's a bar named after her and we're all here doing shots, toasting this dead person on a wall. This makes a lot of sense. This is fun. Then you sober up and go, motherfucker, what? Like none of it makes sense anymore. Right. How many people left that bar drunk driving? Tons, all, a lot. So it's like when you were hanging out in these places, when you were real alcoholic, you're not going, it's not trendy, fun, cool hit bars. It starts there, but it ends just proximity, right? So if you're around a fucking bar, you're going to go to that bar. And that was a bar up a block from my house. I could walk to it. You remember Barfly? Yeah, yeah. That's like the most rosy depiction of bar culture. Yeah, but it's the depiction that if you were drunk, it makes sense. A toast to all my friends. Everyone is your friend at the bar. Everybody cares about you. The bartender used to lend me your car if I needed to go get cigarettes or some hammer. She goes, take my car, I don't care. Because she was drunk. You know what I mean? And her brakes probably didn't work anyway. She doesn't care. I remember one guy, I was sitting in a stool next to one guy once. His wife brought his like 14 year old daughter in and she's like, look at your father. He refuses to get off this bar. He's a piece of shit. Oh my God. And they both laughed. And I was just sitting next to the guy and it was kind of awkward. And he's like, he goes, she's a real bitch. I'm like, yeah, she seems pretty selfish. I'm like, you deserve it. You come out and you have a couple laughs with your friends. But like, this is a problem, right? Like there was this woman, Marge, she used to come in the bar and she's like shit herself. She used to call everyone faggots. She was shit herself? She was like shit herself. And they kicked her out once. She was like Marge, you're like shit yourself. She's like, you're all faggots. You're a faggot. You're a faggot. So it's like these people are, you know, people are not well. They're not doing well there, but it's a great place to be for a minute in your life to understand, like if I was a person who could never understand how people get so fucked up, like there's, because the next step after that bar is a fucking tent. Like it's not that many steps. You lose your apartment, you lose your thing. Yeah. So to understand how it is, like didn't Bill Hicks have that great line? He's like, anyone can be, Hall just takes the right bar, the right friends, the right girl, whatever it was. It was a great Bill Hicks line. It was about being homeless. He's like, anyone can be homeless takes this, this, this. But like to understand what it's like when you surrender your thoughtful, logical capacity in your brain to a fucking glass of alcohol and keep doing it. Keep doing it. I was in my early twenties just drinking these fucking, you know, bottles of vodka, right? Gin and vodka, just clear alcohol over and over again. And then doing shots, people start buying shots, Jack Daniels and gentlemen's Jack and makers and whatever. And just drinking all the time, three or four days a week and then five days a week. And then you're just really, and then people think it's funny. And then they start, you know, I tried to tell my dad about, like I was trying to be like, I think I have a problem. And I was talking about the bar hung out. And instead of saying like, oh, you should go to rehab. And my dad's like, you know, a dirt bed bars played a role in every Dylan's life. And he's like, you know, then he started telling me about a bar he hung out in and a bar that my uncle hung out in. And it was just like a lot of people, especially when you're Irish, it's just like, yeah, that's just part of it, son. You just go to a place four nights a week and you drink all your paycheck. That's just part of what we do. And it gets dark really quickly. And I think I sort of a 25, but you know, from 12 or 13, when you just start smoking weed and doing all that stuff, until you get to 25, it's like, you see these people, all these different stages of addiction. Some people in the beginning, some people in the middle, some people at the end, that woman marches at the end. She's like an old drunk, an old woman, who her whole system didn't work anymore. When she would just go, you're off. You're off, you're off, you're off. And she didn't stop pissing herself. She was getting sloppy in 4.30. Her daughter would have to come in and take her off the stool. This is what happens. There's no good that comes out of, there's a couple that used to hang out, this guy on the glass, his wife would spit a pill into his drink that would just make him go to sleep so she could get him out of the bar. She would just put like a pill and she would drug up him. He wouldn't even know. And then she would just drag him out of the bar because like he was so fucked up. This guy that owned a glass thing, a glass shop. So it's really dark. And when you're in your early twenties, some of it's funny and goofy. And you're like, just fucking nuts and I'm hanging out here. But then you become, like you start making fun of it, then you become it. You become the thing you're making fun of. You start going, you're ironically like, look at this fucking crate. And then you're like, oh, I'm one of the people now sitting on this bar stool. It's not funny anymore. It's not ironic. I'm coming here to get drunk all the time. And it's your social circle. It becomes your social circle. All these crazy people that live in the area and they're all fucking nuts. And they all go to the bar. And if you want coke, it's there. And if you want weed, it's there. And people, you know, it's like, that's the type of bar it was. You could just, I still drive people by it. They're like, I can't believe you hung out there. And I'm like, yeah, was it fucking alcoholic? I just, I was had a problem. They're like, you really hung out there. People just don't understand alcoholism. They're like, really? They're like, didn't you want to go to a club that was like, finally? No, no, no, I was a degenerate alcoholic. Like, I just wanted to be drunk. I didn't care where I was. Didn't matter. I could walk to that bar and it was fun. It was a dark place and the people were fun. It's still around. Oh, it's still around. It'll always be. Here's the thing. Those are the name. Yeah, Lisa's lounge. There it is. There it is. There it is. That's it. There it is. Does that look nice? I forgot you already said the name. That looks nice, huh? That looks creepy. It's creepy. That someone lives above it? Two people got shot outside. They call it the double homicide. Yeah, some guy lives above it. The owner lived above it. You know what he said to me once? Where's the inside? Let's see if you can find the inside. I don't know if that's the, there it is. Lisa's lounge. You added a new photo. There you go. Yeah, there it is. There it is. And by the way, that's Boston. That's Long Island, right? If you went to a place. Click on that one, Jamie, where your cursor is. Yeah. That's a different one, but it's a similar game. It's like, you know, it's one of those things where a fan of mine brought a Lisa's. They had a Lisa's lounge shirt made or something. Yeah, it's fun. That's awesome. But it's like, yeah, it was, that's, you know, that's the type of bar where like you realize you're in real trouble when you're hanging out there. But it's also really fun because no one cares about anything. So those environments where you can go in and go, got fired and everybody's like. There's four photos on the Alper pre-fire. I mean, that's. The little, the far right that guy. Yeah, I mean, it's just what it is, man. Pool halls are like that. Oh yeah, for sure. Similar in that way. Not everyone's not drunk, but there's a very similar thing when you walk in. I got fired today. Yeah. Hey, what do you do? Everybody was kind of like a misfit. For sure. They were all misfits and weirdos. And they got, I found comedy. Thank God I found a way out because that, that stuff eats your life, right? So like that will eat you. If you don't get out of it. The found comedy Tim Tillman. Well, thank you. Are you coming to club tonight? Yeah. You're doing a, Joe Rogan and friends. Fucking go. I'll go. Eight o'clock. Eight and 10, seven and 10, sorry. Seven and 10. Can I do 10? You can do whatever you want. I'm gonna do 10. Yeah, yeah, yeah. I'll tell you why that's a good one later. Yeah. The pool guy at my house, there's a leak I think we think. Oh no. Fucking hot. We'll say. Oh no. See Tim live. Yes, please. TimDillonComedy.com. Yes, the American royalty tours on sale. And we were in Philly, we're in Charlotte, North Carolina. We're everywhere. TimDillonComedy.com going. One of the best comics working in the country. Well, thank you very much. I really appreciate it. You're welcome. Thank you so much, brother. You're the best rancher in the game, too. Thank you so much for having me. My pleasure. Appreciate it, brother. Appreciate you. Thank you. Bye. Bye.