Joe Rogan on Bill Nye's Gender Identity Views


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Michael Malice

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Hello freak bitches. Have you been paying attention to what's going on with Bill Nye? Scientists are all going after Bill Nye now. Bill Nye the Weimar guy. The Weimar? Yeah. What's Weimar? Weimar Germany was right before Hitler was all decadent and like everyone's you know Just completely loose and it's culturally liberal and he's having these dancers about talking about their vagina. It's Weimar. That was what was ridiculous He's not even a scientist. No, he's not a scientist. Yeah, he's a Con man. Isn't he an engineer? Yeah, but he's not a climatologist. He's not a scientist and he's also changing his tune there was a Stephen Crowder did a bit about it where he showed the original show That he did many years ago where they talked about gender is from chromosomes There's double X which is men and X or women and XY which is men, right? And they're establishing like what causes your gender, right? And now he's completely gone off of that and his new thing had this woman who belonged in some Fucking Venice theater group like right barking out at a poetry slam some Unbelievably god-awful song and this motherfucker put it on Netflix on a science show about gender And he pretended to be like a DJ in the background like this is so not science, right? It's so not scientific. Well insulting progressivism is just Christianity without the root mythology So it's it's very much this kind of Christian ideal radical progressivism Correct which evangelical professor miss specifically. I don't mean someone who's like believes in welfare I mean, there's this ideology that he's fallen into. Yeah, where it's a complete religion Which has complete divorce from reality and stuff like this. It's it's full left-wing I mean, I think there's there's great ideas in being progressive. There's some amazing ideas in terms of inclusiveness Yes, in terms of yes live and let live Letting people be whoever they want express yourselves in any way that you seem see fit as long as it's not hurting other But that stuff is explicitly propaganda. It's meant to be propaganda. What is his show his show? Yes, it's not like this I think what he's doing is Licking his finger finding out which way the wind is blowing and giving into those people No I think he's a true believer because you have to be a true believer to put something like that out under your name and think This is a good idea. It's just like it's like Christian Rock. I think it's debatable I honestly think that these people especially a guy like him who is experiencing life in the public eye fairly late in life, right? and you know and he when you when it comes to people that are really enthusiastic about science and Really enthusiastic about these ideas that he's trying to push on his show other than this gender thing you're dealing with a trip The great majority of them are liberal great majority And I'm sure he encounters a tremendous amount of pressure to be inclusive and gender is the hot topic when it comes to like Weird science as it were like trying to figure out like how much of this is what people feel How much of this can be explained in genetics how much this can be explained with sociology? How much of it is nature how much of it is nurture? It's a very complex stew of human beings and we know for a fact that people very broadly. Yes We have there's a wide spectrum of human behavior and likes and needs and feelings and and all sorts of weird Dysmorpheus right we don't know why people behave the way they behave So for him to like boil it down like one of the shittiest rap songs the world has ever known right? It's an insult But I think that's my point is that I think you have to kind of drank the Kool-Aid to be putting this out as your product Maybe I'm less cynical than you. I don't know that could be it. I feel like he's been influenced by real Well, I think the people that are super progressive are far more Likely to push these ideas in a very Enthusiastic way yes, then people who are more conservative in these matters I'm not gonna even approach him about this right you know I feel like he's just been influenced by the influencers Well certainly is getting rewarded for it And once you get rewarded for something your brain gets a feedback loop, and it's trying to it's kind of self-validating so that could be you