Everlast on New Rappers, Mumble Rap, and Old Bitter Rappers - The Joe Rogan Experience


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Everlast is a Grammy Award-winning American rapper, singer, and songwriter. His new project “Everlast presents Whitey Ford’s House of Pain” is available now on Spotify.


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Hello freak bitches. In my opinion, you know, and I come from a certain era, I give that to people, you know, there's a new era of kids and I don't shit on them or hate them. They have this whole thing hating on these kids calling it Mumble Rap. And I don't really got a problem with it, you know, I mean, my only problem is like, hey, there's certain cats that are kind of disrespecting the past. And it's like, hey, be you, be new, be different. That's cool. Be what you want to be. But don't fucking shit on cats like Biggie. And I'm not even gonna call out names and all this. But anybody who's listening to me and is really hip to the game knows there's these youngsters that are kind of almost trying to they're almost trying to make noise by disrespecting. And it's like, listen, the path that was walked before you is the only reason you can fucking wear that fucking cheesy fucking shit jewelry you get and fucking act so ignorant. You know what I mean? And go to the Met Ball and Gala and always when you ain't nobody and next year you're not going to be anybody at the Met Gala. You know what I mean? You're just this year's fucking like novel. I don't know your business that much, but I understand what you're saying. The music game in general. The music game in general. The older dudes have been around. There's a lot of youngsters that are like, don't know the history. And I don't say you need to know Biggie's every album, but don't fucking come out and shit on Biggie. You can't. You can't. Don't come out and shit on Pac. Don't come out and act like they didn't exist or you don't know anything about them. That's unfortunate. And when and they're few and far between, but they've made big headlines. And that's why this there seems to be this disrespectful hate for the young. Right. I don't got that because listen, I always said, like, I just don't ever want to sound like that old fucking bitter dude. Right. I'll tell you, I don't like that. I'm not a fan of that song or that guy. But go do with you. I might be old. Maybe I don't get what you're doing. You know, as I've gotten older, I give less of a fuck about what other people enjoy. And when I was younger, I had to for some reason, I felt like I had to argue what I enjoy versus what you enjoy. And that doesn't make any sense anymore. It's like we're all so fucking different. The idea like you meet people and personalities vary so much. In other words, we're all going to like the same. Let me qualify what I was just talking about, actually, because really what I was talking about wasn't young people. If you want to be if I want to be perfectly clear, what I was talking about was people my age that I hear throwing a lot of hate and a lot of just like just like, oh, that ain't rap or that ain't hip hop. Maybe not to you, but you really just sound old and bitter. You know what I mean? Let them kids get there. You know, I mean, I made the record I wanted to make. I didn't try to make a record that designer or future or any of these cats that are doing it now would make because that would look stupid. I would look like a thirsty idiot because that's not what I do. That is what they do to sort of shit on it is shit on them. And I don't know them. I don't know anything. And honestly, I've heard future records and I've heard designer records and they're not the worst things I've ever heard. I'm just not a fan. I just don't. That's not my thing. It's not garbage. And I don't like when I hear people just calling shit out for garbage. That isn't garbage. If it's garbage, call it garbage, like Mr. Brainwash or something like that. That's garbage. You know what I mean? You don't even know who I'm talking about. I don't know any of these people, but I do know what you're talking about. You know, here's a beautiful thing. I had to throw shade. That wasn't even cool. But I meant it. No, it's not at all. I don't. I would tell you nothing. I don't know what the fuck's going on in the rap world. But what I do know is if that's what's happening. I wasn't even talking about rap. He knows. He knows. He's laughing. Tell me what you're talking about. He's an artist. He's a painter, like fake fucking street artist who like stole everything he ever did from anybody. Did you see the Banksy movie? The guy that fucking faked it till he made it. That's who I'm talking about. He's garbage, dude. That's garbage. That's garbage. You have the right to be offended. Is there somebody in... All right, you know what? For you, it's the equivalent of Carlos Mencia. That's Mr. Brainwash.