Everlast Tells a PCP Story - The Joe Rogan Experience


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Everlast is a Grammy Award-winning American rapper, singer, and songwriter. His new project “Everlast presents Whitey Ford’s House of Pain” is available now on Spotify.


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Hello freak bitches. You know and I think that's one of the things that I've been guilty of and I know a lot of other people have been guilty of it too just to totally come clean. I defend pot so much that I never look at the potential negative consequences of people doing pot if they're too young. Because I didn't do it when I was young. I only did it a few times. Maybe like a handful of times before I was 30. And then when I was 30 I met Eddie Bravo. We started getting blazed all the time and it just changed the entire way I looked at pot. I smoked pot. I was 14. Well I definitely smoked it younger than that. I smoked it when I was 8. My stepdad gave me some when I was 8 just to up puff because I was curious. I was like what happens when you do it? He goes do you want to try it? I said how much should I breathe in? He goes I'm breathing in a lot. Just breathe in a little bit. This is obviously like sketchy memory. I did it once when I was 8. And then the next time I did it I was probably like 14. And then I did it probably maybe again when I was 17. I did it about 14 when we cut school and some of the kids, a couple of kids that were the cool guys that I kind of took a liking to me. And I was like cool, cool kids like me. I'm going to hang out with these dudes. They smoked weed. And I remember I hit it and they would tell me like have you ever smoked weed? No I never smoked weed. Nothing might happen to you the first time. I remember vividly hitting this joint with these dudes and literally spending probably an hour and 30 minutes laughing my balls off. At nothing. And I thought it was the greatest thing ever. And from then on I was like I quit baseball. Oh no! I quit pop water football. I became an artist. I started drawing and painting on walls. I was like I was a different person. That changed my life. Weed is another thing that's probably semi responsible for my path. I had a very important moment when I was 16. A guy that only smoked weed a handful of times before I was 30 years old. Like less than 12. Like legitimately. And one time when I was 16 it was me and my girlfriend and my best friend who went over her house and I had stole some weed from my step dad. And we had rolled up a joint. And we got so high we were teleporting. We would like find ourselves in the kitchen. We would all be staring at each other on the couch and then all of a sudden we would be in the backyard. We were barbecued. We were fucking 16. I think my girlfriend at the time was 15. Josh was my age. He was 16. And we were just time traveling. All over the fucking building. We were way too high. That's how I described the first and only time I ever smoked dust. Oh Jesus you did that? I hung out with one of the neighborhoods I moved into. Is there a fucking gateway drug to dust? Tell me what it is. Yes it's called Cholos. Did they go right from diapepsy to dust? I don't know. But here's my story. I moved onto this street called Independence Avenue in the valley. It's like West Valley. Kind of DeSoto-Sherman way-ish. And it was heavily Latino neighborhood. And we moved in and it was cool. I came to friends with a lot of people. I went from the end of elementary school into junior high in that era. So once we hit the junior high, a lot of the Mexican kids I was hanging out with started hanging out with these little bit older Mexican kids. And a lot of them were dealing in gang life over there. It's just part of the way they get down. And a lot of them do dips, which is like a fucking shirm cigarette dipped in the motherfucking... Angel dust. Sounds like a healthy choice. Dude, it's how I wound up with this. This little tattoo right here. First tattoo I ever had in my life. This little three dots. Normally it's supposed to be up here but I wasn't in the gang. Oh and... So it's like for some reason I was so fucked up this is what wound up. This is what they call my Mi Vida Loca. It's like little three dots here. But it's like that happened because I smoked dust. Because these dudes passed me the shirm. I didn't really know what I was doing. I was like this bang. And literally the way you just described that time travel. And it was like I felt like if I thought of something to do. By the time I was finished with the thought of thinking to do it. I had already done it. I'm gonna call my mom. Goodbye mom. You know it's like that kind of thing. It was like fucking nuts. I fucking never experienced anything like that. I was terrified. I was terrified. I didn't know what the fuck was going on. It was almost like you know what gave me a lot of feelings is if you remember the first Friday movie. When Chris Tucker reflects on like somebody snuck him a little piece of dust and he fucking like. I didn't lose my mind naked all that shit but I feel like I was the butt of a joke that night. Like somebody gave me some dust. I was like let's watch fucking the white boy fucking trip on dust all night. Jesus Christ. But it made for a good story on Joe Rokin. So now we're even.