Joe Rogan - Kyle Kulinksi: The Establishment Doesn't Get New Media


5 years ago



Kyle Kulinski

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Kyle Kulinski is a political activist and commentator. He's the host of “Secular Talk" on Youtube and co-hosts "Krystal Kyle & Friends" with Krystal Ball on Substack.


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Yeah, what is politic on is saying it's like comic-con for political dorks exactly. That's exactly correct Yeah, and it's weird because what they do Joe is they invite like Like establishment media figures and some politicians, but then they also invite new media figures like me and our Worlds do not mix. Yeah. Yeah. In fact many of them. I don't even think many of them knew who I was Meanwhile when you actually go to the people who were there, you know It was all the new media people who are getting the most attention Where you have guys like Bill Kristol walking around who was in the Bush administration and people are like who who are you? So it's a very weird, you know Thing going on there. Well kudos to them for recognizing that new media has such a place Yeah, it's just media. I mean at this point I think that yeah this whole concept of new media versus old It's just media. Yeah, there's independent uncensored Tethered media which is why we're more popular. Yeah, of course. Yeah. Yeah, try watching one of those ABC Nightline or one of those fucking political shows terrible and then try watching something on YouTube where people get to be free with their language and free with their expression not beholden to any executives or producers and yeah, so they get it but they don't get it get it because When I went to the Chris Christie thing they had it in this giant room and about 25% of the room was full And then for one of my debates that I did a few panels But one debate they put me in like the smallest room and we had all the seats full and people standing up and packing the room So they get it but they don't get it get it They to them the new media people are kind of like afterthought like okay We'll have them because you know, they should be here But they don't they don't realize that the draw is not Chris Christie the draw is the new media people Well Chris Christie and that's not just me. I just want to be clear governor anymore He's not I mean like who is he? Why would they think that he would fill a place because he's been on TV a lot But I want to be clear I'm not even just saying Oh left-wing new media, which obviously is what I would be but even the Ben Shapiro types Of course, he has a big audience when he comes. He's got a giant. Yes, exactly Yeah, but it's so it's all the new media people who are popular and the rest of them are not