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Terrence Howard is an actor of stage and screen lauded for his work in "Crash," "Iron Man," "Empire," and "Shirley," as well as a musician and researcher in the fields of logic and engineering. www.terryslynchpins.com

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How did you get started with all this? I didn't come into this world the way everybody else does. I don't think. I used to think that everybody had the similar experience, but like if I asked you, what was your first memory in life? What would it be? I don't think I know. My first memory was almost like when you're dreaming and you're falling and you hit the bottom and you wake up Mm-hmm. That was my first memory, but I didn't wake up here. I was inside my mother's womb And I was about maybe six months inside the womb And I'm like, okay, don't forget. I'm here. Okay. Okay. Don't forget. Don't forget. Don't forget. Don't forget You go to sleep Wake up again. Now something's moving in front of you. And you're like, oh, that's my friend. But I had a different name for it. I didn't know it was my hand. But I knew I had a title for it. Go back to sleep. All of those things. Then ultimately you get ready to come out. I remember all of that. You remember coming out. Remember being compressed, you know, and you want a panning, but there's your flooded with like some serotonin and dopamine to where you feel relaxed. You go right back to sleep, be remember being born, or remember being circumcised, or remember the whole nine and the proof of it was when my wife mirrored at your just mad. When she was six months pregnant with my son, Karen. I wanted to prove to her what I was talking about. So I put a light on her stomach every day at six o'clock at night. [2:02] And I would move that light back and forth and I'd put a song on for a week straight. On Saturday, after a week, I didn't put the light there, and I didn't do the music. And he pushed up on her stomach. And then when I put the light there, he started following the light. And for the next two months, we did this every night and he would go all the way around her belly back and forth, always pushing on it. You know, I didn't understand at the time that maybe I've interfered with the development process and maybe he's wrapped the cord around his neck. I shouldn't have done all of this. But he came out wonderful and fine. And this little boy, first thing he wanted to do is see light. He loved lights from that early stage. And I can ask him the square root of two, the square root of five, the square root of that, the square root of pie, the square, and he will run it off. [3:02] Run it off. But his personality is like forest gump, in to where he's just loving and wants everybody to be around him and care. But for me, that's where it started in there. And then when I was about five years old, I had another dream. And this, the room filled up with like this fluid, a dark fluid. And I could see the ripples of it moving around. And there was a being there. And I remember being walked through that fluid with him. And I was trying to look up at him. And I couldn't turn my head to look at him. And he had his hand straight. I knew his voice, but I did not know who it was, but I felt confident and comfortable. As we moved along this dark blue fluid path [4:01] with like sharp, true covering, you know, when you look until a pool and you see the ripples, and if you're at the bottom of the pool, you'll see the ripples overlapping. That's what it looked like, and then when we got to the end of it, he said to me, if you could have anything in the world, what would it be? Now, we were really poor. My dad had just gotten out of prison for a manslaughter. I didn't have much, but I said to him, I want to know how everything works. At that moment, he used his left hand and he opened up the door. There was this mansion, big brown doors. and inside of it was this crystalline flowers, big crystalline flowers, like a giant, like five feet across. And every time I tried to see his face, he would reach in and hand me another shape. And I was so fascinated with the shapes because they didn't look like [5:02] the Platonic solids, they didn't look like anything I'd ever seen before. And he would hand me these shapes. And each shape was different and amazing. And I woke up from that dream. But after that moment, anytime something strange would happen in a dream, I had the powers of inception. Anytime something I would be naked at school, I would say, I'm not naked. I must be dreaming. And immediately I would run out of the school or run out of wherever I was, and I would find that mansion again. And I had access to all the knowledge. The proof of it is the 97 patents that I have now. The proof of it is the industries that I've innovated. It's like having a dream that you have a diamond in your hand and out of nowhere, you wake up and you're hoping you're holding it and you try and hold it and it's gone when you wake up. But the proof is all the stuff that I've been able to do now. So all these thoughts are from the time you were a baby. [6:05] These are not things that you've learned. These are things that you had in your mind from the time you were born. From before that time, because I remembered that I had been someplace else before. Now, what's interesting, that voice that I heard, that's my voice now. So it was like my greater self was leading me through and periodically would show up again in other dreams. And I went off and became an actor because my mother wanted my little brother to be an actor and I thought if I became an actor, you know, I would get my mother's affection. It wasn't until my mother was dying, and I'm talking to her. And she told me the reason that she was babying Antonio was because he had asked me, and my father always questioned whether it was his son or not, [7:00] because he looked so much like her family and didn't look so much like him. And I realized, my God, if I had followed my proper course, I could have saved my mother, because the knowledge that I had, you know, I had the the Grand Unified Field equation. I had already put that together. And at seven eight, I was working with these things and then I went through all of the hell that I had to go through. Being accused of domestic violence, all of those things, and I thought it was a curse at the time, but it was really removing me from advancing down the wrong path. And during that period of time, I started waking up in my dreams again, and I started going back into that palace. And I remembered all of these things and I started patting them. As I moved along, I got in touch with Michael Houdak. He was the president of the University of Science and Philosophy because I was studying [8:02] a guy named John Keely, who had worked with frequency back in 1870. He said, Bill, the first, what did they call it, self-sustaining engine back in 1872, but he wouldn't tell people how he built it. And I was watching a program with Dale Ponds, who was, and somebody in the audience said, doesn't John Keely's work remind you a lot of Walter Russo and a Bell went on? And so I got in touch with the University of Science and Philosophy after watching some stuff about Walter Russo. And Michael Houdag took me under his wing and started talking to me, but he was more into the philosophy and the love that Walter was talking about. But my intention was to rebuild the periodic table, you know, build a new periodic table [9:00] because the stuff I had learned in college, you know, I went to school for chemical engineering the first year over at Pratt. And at the time, I think it was like 108 elements. And I'd asked, I taught the teacher, the professor about the relationship between hydrogen on the spectrometer, and carbon, and silicon, and cobalt. And it was like it's the same exact color, same tone. Just doubled in each octave. And it was like, no, each element is the same element and it will always be that element. And it was like you don't see the relationship. So I left school and I was going to spend 40 years rebuilding a periodic table. And I found out that Walter Russell had already did that. And he did it based upon the natural curvature of everything. And when you say, rebuild the periodic table, what do you mean specifically? Well the way the periodic table is laid out, the periodic table they have now, it looks like a box. It looks like a straight box and they don't show the relationship that between every element, there's between every, [10:08] there's two no, but then I hear it's a periodic table. You'll see hydrogen sitting all the way over there by itself, but they don't show that hydrogen has the same tone as carbon. What do you mean by tone? Same tone, same key of E. Same key of E. 40.5 Hertz, the next one would be like 81 Hertz. You go to Silicon, it will double up and would be 162 Hertz. You'll go to cobalt and it'll be 324 Hertz. It's you know in that base if you were to take the angles of incidence or the tones that they create, they're color. You can turn color back into sound based upon, it's the same wavelength, it's just twice as long or much longer. All you have to do is keep dividing light by two. [11:05] You keep dividing light by two and you that up to you. You keep dividing light by two, and you'll ultimately get back to the audible sound of it, because there was a relationship between light and color, sound and tone, matter and shape. I put, I sent over Walter Russell's. I was trying to get to that, that's what it was. Yeah, it's Walter Russell's periodic table that he put together. Now you compare that to what we minute, minute, minute, minute layoff, Mendeleov's periodic table. You'll compare Walter Russell's to it and you'll see something completely different. It's unwinding. Whoa. It's unwinding. And you see, there's a relationship that hydrogen. So you had figured this out at a young age? I had already seen this. This was all inside of that palace. I had access to it. [12:00] And I knew the relationship. She saw this in dreams. I saw it as a circle. Everything was a full circle laid out and each area was just expanding, like wrapping a rag around your hand. The first wrap, you know, it's so tight. The very first wrap is so tight. That's the first one that Walter Russell did, yeah. But go back to the wiggly one. This is how I saw it more so, but as a vortex, but you'll see there's a relationship between hydrogen, carbon, silicon, cobalt, rodeo, they're all bonded, they're all sit as the middle point between two noble gases. They're all sit as the middle point between two noble gases. So those things don't really exist. It's only one substance. Now the problem is the first thing that we're able to perceive is hydrogen. That's the first visible element because before it is too dense for us to perceive it. [13:02] You understand what I'm saying? Okay. But as you reach into the next octave, the carbon octave, and they call that a bisexual tone because the carbon has two tones to it. It has a negative side and a positive side. The part where lithium behaves, lithium is contractive. Beryllium is contractive. Boron is contractive, but the moment you get to carbon, you balance it out. It gets to a perfect balance of plus and minus four. So it's a double tone. Then nitrogen is minus 3-1, minus 3. Oxygen is minus 2. Florene is minus 1. Now the balance of this, all of those are mates. Florene and lithium naturally mate. If you have lithium bonded with any other element, the moment that florene is introduced, it will break all bonds violently so it can bond with [14:04] florene. Same thing with beryllium and oxygen. It will break all bonds violently so it can bond with fluorine. Same thing with barilium in oxygen. That's why it's said. And what they've tried to keep from us. If you have, you want to break water into its component parts of hydrogen in oxygen, all you have to do is introduce barilium or the sound of barilium. And oxygen will violently break away from any other thing, even hydrogen, to bond with that Beryllium. And now you can have it just with the frequency of it. And since the hydrogen is smaller, hydrogen will, that waveform, you can send that up into one tube, the oxygen into another tube, without using electrolysis, without using heat. It was just through frequency and the proof of it. If you go back up just a little bit higher, we know the relationship between sodium and chlorine. They're equal in opposite mates. If you get out of the pool and you got chlorine in your itching from [15:01] the chlorine, all you have to do is get some real salt and rub that on your skin and it'll turn right into an oil. It naturally neutralizes each other. So everything has an equal and opposite mate. The lithium becomes sodium and the next octave doubles the same exact tone just doubled and and wider. The sodium becomes potassium in the next octave. Glitons up the reason that arsenic kills us is because our DNA has nitrogen and it has phosphorus in it's because nitrogen unwinds into the next octave right after silicon and becomes phosphorus. Our DNA has both of those in there, but it's going by tone. So the moment arsenic, which sits as a minus three on the next octave, the moment arsenic is introduced, the body thinks that, oh, this is my thing that I need. And it tries to wrap itself around the arsenic, but it causes the DNA to unravel, [16:06] because it's four times as large as that nitrogen was. And those other little elements, titanium, vanadium, chromium, magnees, magnesium, and iron, all of those aren't true elements. Those are isotopes. Those things, those first three are the full tones. They make full spheres. But now it becomes elliptical with titanium, vanadium, and chromium. And on the other side, it's like when, like I said, if you wrap the rag around your hand, the first wrap really tight. You can't get much out of it. Second wrap, you damn there can't see the difference of it. Third rap, you damn there can't see the difference of it. Third one, you start seeing hydrogen. The fourth rap, you see carbon. I need a piece of paper or a rag and I can show you that twist, but in between each one of them, by the time you get nature does not allow us in the silicone octave for there to expand out, but there is [17:08] the same titanium, vanadium, chromium, magnesium, iron. That exists between aluminum and silicone. But nature doesn't allow us to unravel that, but now with the wave conjugations, we can. We couldn't do that before because we didn't know the angles of incidence that were necessary to open these things up. And you couldn't do that with the platonic solids because the platonic solids were averages and approximations. They, like I've said a number of times, you show me a real straight line in nature. If everything in the universe, everything is expressed in motion. Our motion expressive waves always were curved. Every action has an equal and opposite reaction. So the greater the action, the greater the reaction, [18:02] the greater the reaction, the greater the reaction, the greater the resistance, the greater the resistance, the greater the curvature. Because the universe is based off of equanimity, which Einstein left out in his theory of relativity, the balancing side of the gravity, gravity was caused by electric force. Electricity is always seeking a higher pressure condition. It spins northeast is trying to get to the center of an area, the center of a calm. But the next electric wave is coming, so it gets pushed out and as it's pushed out, it gets to the vortices. And that's some on those pieces, those vortices. Now instead of it spinning north-easternly, centripetally, it's forced to spin centrifugoli, and it spins southwesternly. And it expands itself out. It decays. It keeps decaying until you get four magnetic waves that hit each other at 120 degree angles. At that point, they re-convert back into the electric field and then they make their [19:06] way back to their source again, whether it's the star, whatever star it came into, what happens when we get older? We expand at our equator, right? We get shorter at the top. Why? Because the electric force is pushing in and condensing and the magnetism expands out at the equator. The electron field, the electrons, that's just discharged electricity, divide a lies electricity, coming from the sun, coming from the earth. It's the waste product from it, but it hits our magnetic field, and then it gets pulled right back in and gets compressed again and now it becomes electricity for the earth and then it pushes itself right back out again at the equator. The equator is five miles wider than the poles. Electricity [20:01] Einstein left that out of his equation because he coupled electricity and magnetism together and didn't realize that electricity was the equal and opposite of magnetism. Electricity being the contractive field you breathe in, that's a contractive thing, you breathe out, that's a magnetic thing, a radiative thing. But they use the term magnet as an attractor. But to magnify something means to what? Make it larger. Increase the space. That's the work of radiation. That's what Walter Russell was talking about all those years. That's the work of radiation. It's the electricity between the things that pull them together. The Coulomb force that supposedly opposites attract and push each other away. If that was true, then hot air and cold air would seek each other out. They're the same substance, but just under a different state. One is they move in opposite directions from each other. [21:02] Water and cold water move in opposite directions from each other. The reason cold water move in opposite directions from each other. The reason two magnets seem like the North Pole is attracted to the South Pole because if you had two rivers or two holes, two hoses with water coming out of them and you pointed them at each other, what are they going to do? They're going to be pushing against each other. But they align to where the male enters the female and is able to come out. So they've been fooled by their senses. They've been fooled by their eyes and have missed the whole picture of it. Are you familiar with Khalil Gharbran? Yes. He wrote a book, he wrote the prophet, you know, in 1923, but he wrote another book called Sand in Thome. In that book he told a story of a man who had been away from his family for four months working and he was excited to come home and as he was coming home, he knew that the mountain when he saw the mountain, that he would be able to, he was close to home. [22:04] So his five senses started having a conversation and as I said, I see a mountain, I see a mountain, I see a mountain. And so the ears perked out and said, I don't hear a mountain. The nose sniffed and said, I don't smell a mountain. The tongue tasted the air. I don't taste a mountain. And the other four sentences started speaking among themselves, and they came to the conclusion that there must be something that matter with the eye because they couldn't perceive it. But all of these things we've been misled just because we've been fooled by our senses. Our eyes see 0.05% of the entire electromagnetic wave. We're blind cosmically. But we judge everything by what we see. And they've done that with science for so many years. You look at equals MC squared. [23:00] That talks about expansion. It does not show how it's divided. If you've never breathed then twice without breathing out. You breathe in and you breathe out. You charge and you discharge. There's no, so how is it that the breathing in, they're acting as if the universe is just expanding out, expanding out, breathing out, breathing out, breathing out, and it's going to dissipate out and they never include the contractive side of it breathing in because they were misled by Newton who said everything moves in a straight line unless affected by something else. And we know that not to be true. But they built the entire two-dimensional plane, the Euclidean space that we live on, that we work on, that we try and define curved nature by two-dimensional space. And we never include the curvature, the breathing in like Alan Watts said [24:08] No one would be attracted to a Euclidean woman Because she would just be straight all straight lines is the wigglingness is the curvature That brings the balance everything has to have the balance you know the Electric side and the magnetic side. I can talk about it, but I can show you even better. If you can... Can I just tell you the concept of the periodic table, the way the periodic table conventionally is addressed. Do they address these things as being isolated or intertwined? Do they address these things as being isolated or intertwined? They interact but they feel that carbon will always be carbon and it will have its half life and it's and [25:02] Keep breaking down, but it still be carbon. They don't understand that it unwinds and becomes nitrogen Nitrogen unwinds and becomes oxygen. So this, the periodic table, that the conventional use of the periodic table, and what does this other gentleman's name again? Walter Russell. Walter Russell. Walter Russell's version of the periodic table. How is Walter Russell's version of the periodic table perceived by people who study this? Well, now everyone wants to use it. If you can go to my, in my book there's a, there's a picture of Einstein reading Walter Russell's first book, second book, the Universal One. Because when Walter wrote this in 1926 he sent it out to all, to 300 different universities and physicists. And one of the quotes that Walter Russell said that Einstein says on his deathbed, I should have spent more time reading Walter Russell's work. That's how, and now they're taking it under their wing. But remember the Michelson Morley experiment from 1870s, 1887. [26:08] They were trying to prove whether there was an ether or an effect of an ether or the quintessence that everything came from, that used to be called the fifth element, that everything and that from antiquity everyone understood that nothing just something doesn't come out of nothing. It's like when you look at the air, it looks clear, but you change the pressure condition. The balance of the change of pressure condition, we call that condensation. It creates clouds. And you change the motion conditions Whether it's moving quickly or slowly. It's going to become snow. It's going to become rain It's going to become hell. So everything comes down to just one of two forces Either you're breathing in and filling up something or you pouring it out [27:00] But the scientists they ignored Walter Russell's work because he didn't include any equations inside of it. He talked philosophically regarding how things behave in comparison to laying down and following some Newtonian or calculus writing. He said, he based things based on, let's explore them naturally. And that's what I did with my book. Once Walter Russell was missing, he didn't have the wave conjugations. He didn't have the mirror shapes, the all shapes. And that was because of a mistake that was made 6,000 years ago, maybe. They took the flower of life, which was that symbol. If you could go to my book tcotoc.com, there's an example that I put in there on page 64. And I show the period, I show the element, the fundamentals. [28:05] If you could possibly pull that up, Jamie. At tcotlc.com. You'll see in there the mistake that they made because they believed in straight lines, because the church was promoting the idea of straight lines. You just tap on right below there. There's, you have download. promoting the idea of straight lines. You just tap on right below there. There's a, you have download. Now just go to the center of the page and right above that. And you see initial public draft. Just tap on it. And if you go to page 64, on the right side of the page, right there, on the right side of the page right there on the left side of the page. You'll see the five Platonic solids. Now these, all of our axioms, all of our postulates have been built off of these things. This is where Euclid went down to Egypt and pulled these things together, Pythagoras worked [29:01] on them. And these were the undisputed fundamentals of God that he used to build. If you tap on to the Flower of Life, Platonic Solid Things, it's going to take you to a video tour and you don't have to travel. But it'll show you the Flower of Life that they took this from. But you'll see that instead of following the natural curvature of these 64 circles overlapping, they averaged the space where they met and they invented straight lines. They wanted to do that because they believed that the world was flat. They believed the world was flat at the time and the church promoted. Pythagorean Theorem comes off of this cube, a square plus b square equals c. So they wanted to use all of these intertwining circles and create straight lines. Because that's how they thought everything came down to straight lines. They [30:03] thought the world was flat and I was like, oh my goodness They didn't open the flower properly So the next one would be the Acostahedron Now the flower of life it's very very old the concept is very old What was the origin of the concept? It's the old symbol known to mankind I it's believed that it was Anki, the brother of Enlil, if you go by the emerald text. Samarian text. Yeah, the Samarian text. That was the one that created mankind. Because if you look at mankind and there's a point I want to make with it. I want you to stay on the book, go back to page, go to 134 on the book. And this is what that other gentleman being told me to do is say, why don't you just take the pieces that make up the flower and put them together based on universal ratios. So if you want you able to pull it up. Page 134. Page 134. So this is the juxtapose of the mistake they may. [31:09] You have just tapped right on to that. Yep, just tapped on it. Now this was made by David Johnson, one of our programmers, Argos Fuel. So if you go to the far left and tap on that, this is, I took four of those triangles. And wow, and you can scroll around. This is what happens when four bubbles meet. This is the negative space where they can't touch each other. This is hydrogen. And as I was saying, electricity is always trying to get to the center of that triangle. But it gets pushed out. And now you see it has four contractive poles, which is the electric poles. Just go around it from like a horizontally. It has four contractive poles, because electricity is seeking a higher pressure condition [32:02] and forcing it in, where magnetism is seeking a lower pressure condition is spun out. So the vortices, those tips, that's the magnetic field, that's where they begin. But it has an equal attractor and an equal amount of repulsion. So if you go to what happens when eight bubbles me, they gave me the patents to that, I called that the Tetrian. This is... So this is the negative space in between eight bubbles? Eight bubbles. This is the negative space where eight bubbles meet and you can scroll around. And this is ignored when they're concentrating on straight lines. Completely. Because if you look from the top, I haven't violated anything. It fits perfectly inside of there. But this is the negative space where eight bubbles meet, but you'll notice it has eight contractive poles, but it only has six magnetic poles, six vortices, so it has a greater electrical potential than a repulsion. So maybe this is the strong nuclear force and the previous one was the weak nuclear force. [33:02] So I was like, okay, I caught this the huntian after my son. So I was like, what happens when six bubbles meet? If you'll go to the one right in the center. Now you see that there has these huge bubbles, fast moving, but there's six strong spheres that's going around this, but the greater attractor has grabbed the two weaker attractors. And this looks just like a photon and guess what? It has 30 poles. What is the speed of light? 299,752,400 something. They rounded off to 300 million kilometers per second squared. But if you look at it from the top, you'll see that I haven't violated anything. This looks like what happens in nature. So I was like, OK, so they gave me to patents to this, but you'll see that there's six unaccounted electrical poles to it. So I was like, what happens would 12 bubbles meet if you go to the one right next to it? [34:06] Another stable structure that we basically see in nature, but there's four unaccounted electrical poles to it. Four spin around it, you can count those four, you'll see one at the bottom and three on those sides. This is the basis of crystallization, laws of crystallization, that formed. And you can go to the last one, I was like, what happens when 24 bubbles meet? This is the negative space, if you pull to a horizontal on it. This is the negative space where 24 bubbles meet. This is where you cannot distinguish this from the background, because all of the electrical potential has been accounted for. This would be the Bose-Einstein condensate, where something is becomes indistinguishable from the fabric of space itself, the final state of matter, [35:02] something, and the proof of this, the platonic solids, they have a thing called discrete symmetry. You can put the cubes together, maybe you can put the dodecahedrons together, but you can't put all of them together. But you can take the wave conjugations right here and they form super symmetrical systems where everything aligns. So there's a site that James sent over to you. And this will be the final thing. And then I'll be quiet for a second. But because this is the find, this right here, now these are other sculptures I've built. There's a video. And you'll see that flower. If you'll pop it up from Terry's Linch pens that he sent you, you'll see. And this was one of four super symmetrical systems that I patented. And the reason I patented it was because when Walter Russell put his stuff up, [36:05] you just go down a little bit and we're going to get to grab not that one. We're going to get to gravity in a second, not that one. We're not even there yet. There, tetraterian wave conjugations. Now these are all of those systems put together. This is where 12 bubbles meet the arbore debris and then I put five of them together and they make these natural starfish but then when I put 10 of them together they lay themselves out and they predict all distribution of matter within the electric field and you can see where six bubbles meet as you get to a higher point on it those where six bubbles meet as you get to a higher point. On it, those where six bubbles are meeting, still fitting perfectly where the 12 bubbles are meeting and where the four and where the eight. That's a super symmetrical system. I put 12, if I put 20 of those where six bubbles meet, the Antonians, they make a natural Dodecahedron. [37:06] That's naturally curved. If I take where the twelve bubbles meet, that's where I made the linchpin from, ultimately from some of those pieces you got right there, that all shape of it. So that was one of the first things, but when Walter Russell came out with his book and he introduced his periodic table, he watched as different people went up and collected Nobel prizes for Deterium, for Tridium, for all these things that he had discovered. And I was like, okay, that means wait until the patterns are granted before I'll talk about it, so that they won't be able to stop it. But what makes more sense, where they inventage straight lines and opening the flower, or where you actually take the individual pieces of the flower and put it together based on universal ratios? Which one do you think is how the givers of that knowledge intended for us to use it. [38:07] Well, it makes sense because you're accounting for the negative space and the straight lines are not. Bingo. Yeah, that it must be something. And so and then these these are all physical representations that you've created. Yep. That are all of those things. Same things. That's the arbrian right there. How is this? Received like when you talk to people about this oh Man they they first Because I didn't show them I didn't show them I Introduced it with let's talk about our fundamentals are a little bit off. There are no straight lines right? So I reached out to Neil deGrasse Tyson, Neil deGrasse Tyson. I saw him at an event up front, you know, at Fox. And he was like, hey, man, yeah, I'd love for you to come on my show, do my radio, do my TV thing. I would love that. I was like, yeah, but let me, I've got something I want to introduce to you. [39:00] And it was only 36 pages. It was a treatise. And I told him it was controversial. And I sent him over that the 36-page thing that had the wave conjugations in it. But I started it off with one times one, equaling two. And he went in on my treatise, wrote, written, lined, everything. You attacked that I had immediate, that I had talked about, Walter Russo and Victor Shawberger and John Keely and Tesla as the people that I looked up to. He attacked them. But then he started attacking, you know, the one times one equaling, too. How did he attack them? Oh, he was, he was, because I asked him, I said, I said, under what conditions, I said, it's illogical where the square root of number, of a number added to itself were equal more than that number squared. But that's what happens with the square root of two. That's what happens with most of the numbers. [40:01] I was like, how is it that multiplication? If it means to make more an increase in number, how is one times one equaling one part of the multiplication table? Now I understand it. If you're seeing it one time, but we call that once. But the moment that you had that at the times in there, that multiplicative indicator, that means there's more than one. So now each equation is supposed to be balanced. That equal sign is supposed to show that there's a balance between these two numbers over here and a balance on this one over here. What happened to the other one in this equation? It didn't equate. And then I took the square root of that number. I took the square root of two because all this started in third grade, I was arguing with my teacher because we were talking about the square root of 100. Oh my God. So you fun? Yeah, that's my detox thing. [41:00] I'm supposed to detox right now. Hahaha. How do you detox? Detox on. Hahaha. How do you detox? A detox on a timer? What do you do? My wife got me these things, you know, because... I'm supposed to take this... What is that? And... Pure body extract. And there's another one. Fans daily cellular detox, what's in this? Oh boy, I can't remember. And this too. What's in this stuff? Just things to counteract the natural metals that we have in our bodies that wear us out. And you just take these periodically throughout the day on a timer? I gotta do it now. I gotta do it. I take a dropper, part of that dropper, and then four sprays, and it removes the parasites from your system, like oil of oregano, like using oil of oregano instead of using antibiotics. [42:02] And have you felt an effect? Yes. What do you feel when you take this? Well, I used to have really thick dark circles under my eyes. That's gone away in the last six months I've been using that. My skin, I'm 55 years old. I'm 55 years old and I smoke. Do I look like I'm 55 years old? You look great. And you think that's because of this? I think, well, I'm going to show you a picture of what I used to look like when my wife met me. And I don't know if you could just, she She's a beautiful one. But this is what I looked like when my wife met me. I was 256 pounds. Well, you eaten differently? [43:03] I was... Well, now I'm intermittent fasting. I follow her routine, but she turned me from that into this. It's like she's shined up. Yeah, you look about 15 years younger. Now. Yeah. And that's because of her. I still smoke my cigarettes. And that's because of her. I still smoke my cigarettes. What do you do that? I'm a crack hit. I don't know. Oh no, everybody has to have some vice like Alan Watts said. You gotta have some balance of beneficence and rascality to you. We have a fan in here, by the way. If you want to smoke here, you're more than welcome to. I don't trust people. You know, not at walk around. Oh, I'm just, people get so offended by gurus a lot of times and yogis because they think they're these common paths of people when they get angry. They're like, oh, that was a directed anger. That was a purposeful anger to wake you up to something. [44:01] And then they find out they have a girlfriend. They find out that they smoke and they're like, oh, this is a lie. But that's the real person. That's what I loved about Alan Watts. He had a wife and he had his mistresses. He ended up dying with one of his girlfriend and his wife. Often in his little place, but he spoke the truth. He was honest. Life is about the give and take. There's a balance in there, you know. To be human is to be flawed. It's to be beautiful. Yeah, it's part of the beauty of us. And it's part of the, why we create. I don't think you create from a perfect place of enlightenment. The part of the chaos of being a human being is the beauty of the creation. That's why we create the most fucked up people, the best artists are some of the most fucked up people. My favorite musicians, my favorite comedians, my favorite actors. [45:00] Yeah, almost all of them are fucked up. Yeah, my uncle used to call it, he said, if you don't get any flower to grow unless you throw some shit on it So back to Neil deGrasse Tyson and this critique of He threw shit on on he was like well Tesla's Tesla stuff worked But Tesla was never really respected and out there and he wanted I guess he wanted me to Oslo was never really respected and out there and he wanted, I guess he wanted me to support Bohr or Schringer or Feynman or any of those people and I'm looking at the Feynman diagrams. I'm like you made all these things up, you're basically doing the Mr. Spock thing if you want to find the answer to something then you cancel out all the possibilities, all other possibilities, and you root it down to one thing. So that means going through the whole universe to answer one question. And that's the problem with probability, that's the problem with, with, with, uh, Heisenberg uncertainty, um, uncertainty, that's the problem with Schrodinger. All of those were just [46:02] these probabilities because they had taken the ether out. They forgot the electromagnetic wave It had to have a medium in which it followed on It had to have something in which it was moving on. They don't exist in isolation No, they do not and it cannot be the cause of its own action and Effect can never be the cause of the action that the chicken cannot come before the chicken. The chicken has to be there first in order to lay it. It has to mate. And what Einstein left out was the equal and opposite of magnetism. So when he, back to Neil de Grasse, when he wrote his response to my paper and he said, if you have any other questions, you're going to have to see somebody else and he wouldn't take my calls anymore. I was like, okay, so I wrote the book based off of those responses and I reached out to another guy, Dr. David Tongue. That would be very interesting that that would be his take as a public educator [47:02] that he wouldn't want to talk to you anymore. The reason I wanted to talk to him was because of his show, The Cosmos, that he was doing after after that incredible guy, Carl Sagan. The very first episode he had was talking about Giorno Bruno. And he said that Giorno Bruno was looking for that grand unified field equation and maybe one day somebody is going to do it. And he said that Giorno Bruno was looking for that Grand Unified Field Equation and maybe one day somebody is going to do it. And when they do it, it's going to change the world. And I'm like, dude, I've done it. I've got it here. He attacked it so with such vitro that I was like, okay, maybe I need to walk away from this. Dr. David Tong from Cambridge, a professor at Cambridge, did a video on physics of the world and he said, it's all a lie. And he explained that there was these 16 fields, you know, that they, everything that they [48:02] had taught was this, and they gave the best understanding and interpretation that they had of it. But it was all alive because they didn't understand how it worked. Why? Because the Michelson-Morley experiment from 1887, where they were trying to define the ether or the earth in this etherex space, problem was, they kept with Newtonian laws so they thought the ether didn't move. They thought it was steel. But there was another guy, Larmor, that did it in early 1800s and he went off of Thomas Young who influenced the fornell lens, came, you know, influenced for now, came up with the fornell lens came you know influence for now came up with the fornell lens but he talked about us a moving ether that had opposing vortices so I didn't learn all of this stuff until I was getting ready to have conversations with people because I was looking where has this work been done but if you look at at geodorno bruno's work it looks a lot like my stuff, but he still hatched [49:07] straight lines and I think he put those straight lines in there to appease the church. So that he wouldn't get killed. Oh my god. And they still killed him. They hung him upside down in 1600 the Catholic Church. 1599, hung him upside down and it's steak and set him on fire because he refused to recat that the God that they were talking about was not the true God of the universe. It was much larger than that. Their story went back 6,000 years and there's other traditions and tribes around the world where their stories go back to 100,000 years. And they made a lot more sense. So how have we limited ourselves? You take Noah having three sons, Shem, Jeffeth, and Ham, and one was black, one was Asian, and one was white. [50:01] Does that make sense to you? But we subscribe to that. We subscribe to that dogman, everybody's entitled to whatever opinion they want to have. I don't think that opinion is right. We're going off in so many different directions. But you want to talk about this. I do want to get to this because I would love to know your what you believe happened. But the Neil deGrasse Tyson thing is so confusing to me. That he, so he was critical of Tesla. He was critical of Tesla. He was critical of Walter Russo and he was critical of John Kealey. Are these, this is not his field of study though, right? No, he's astrophysicist. He's an astrophysicist, but Walter Russo talked about that the earth, Walter Rus Russell talked about that the Earth, Walter Russell talked about the fact that the sun gave birth to the Earth, that it didn't coalesce from something field, and the proof of this. Do you guys know that the Earth is drifting away from the sun? Yeah, certainly. This is the mistake I made at the Oxford, [51:01] because they wouldn't allow me to bring my notes or anything. So I said, the drift was six inches a year. It's point six inches a year. So if you add up how long it would take the earth to move, because in all of the planets in every solar system is drifting away from their primary at the same exact rate, like 1.5 centimeters. So this is a universal expansion that's happening with everything moving away. So them saying the, and the web telescope have proven that those galaxies couldn't have formed 13, 14 billion years ago. But if you would just add up linearly, how long it would take the earth to go from the sun to 93 million miles away? It's 9 trillion. Let's go. I did all of the little calculations. [52:02] These are not little calculations. I love that expression. Well, man, don't turn my phone off. Don't do that. Every time I get ready, well, because I know they're watching me right now and they're mad at me. Who's dead? Um, the people that want that our entire world economy is based off of the politicians and the authorities that give the politicians their accreditation. And those authorities, those universities are all based their entire curriculum is based off the platonic solid. And our world economy is based off of one times one equaling. And you think they're fucked with your phone? Oh, I'm sure of it because now I couldn't even I have to turn it off. Do you ever drop your phone? Hmm. You ever drop your phone? I've dropped my phone a number of times but you ever think that that might be what's going on your phone? And then I buy another phone and the same thing happens. I'm five minutes. Give me the burners I used to, but then my wife would think I was cheating. So I was like, no, I don't need that. [53:06] I don't need that. I made that mistake way too early, you know, in our relationship. And it cost me eight years of toil and pain. But I ultimately made it back. And I'm so glad that, you know, we produce 1,500 sperm per heartbeat. Women are born with 200 to 500,000 eggs in each of their ovaries. They don't get anymore. The amount of build up the need to reproduce for males is great. And we're 98.7% identical to simmians, to chimpanzees. What do they have? They have a heron by nature. There's only a 1.3% differentiation between us and them and that 1.3% is supposed to dominate over the 98. I'm just glad I'm 55 now and sperm production is slowed down. You know, you could ever always get a phone that you don't use as anything other than [54:06] contact a couple people. Yeah, but this, that would work, but I'm like if they're going to hear, they're going to hear. Yeah, well, that is an issue. So this is the math. This is the math. Okay. So it would, so 5,000, 5,280 feet in a mile, 12 inches in a foot. Therefore, it's 61 mile equals 63,360 inches. So the number of years that it will take for the earth to move one mile is 105,600 years. So in order for the earth to reach where we are at 93 million miles, it would take 9,820,800,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000, take 15 trillion, 780 billion, 480 million years for Mars to get [55:09] where it was. So at a given point, Mars was here in the Goldilocks zone. And now Venus is going to inherit the Goldilocks zone next. The sun will give Mercury is under a higher pressure because they're still under the mistaking thinking that there's a void in space. So they forget that mercury is under the highest pressure possible. So it can expand. It's like hydrogen. It's like those octaves before hydrogen. So the atmosphere of the iron isn't able to release any oxygen and the oxides, but when you get to 67 million miles away from the sun, the pressure is a little less, but it's still so much higher than the pressure on earth. It's like going deep into the very belly of the earth. That pressure is so very high. [56:02] And so now the clouds, there's a great deal of sulfur, there's a great deal of ammonia and all of those things in it. But once earth moves to where Mars is, Venus is going to slowly move and will be right here. You know, and maybe five or six trillion years, Venus will be right here and humanoids will appear again and unwind the same way and that asteroid built that we have right now between Mars and Jupiter that used to be a planet and I believe that they had humanoids that developed on there the same way that everything that's the periodic table they call it the periodic table because these things happen according to periodicity. They happen under regular events. You change the motion in pressure conditions. The the crystallation changes. We call it a different element, but it's the same substance like my hand is one substance, but if I do it like this and do it like this and do it like this, it [57:04] looks like a whole different thing. And they can call it a different element, but if I do it like this and do it like this and do it like this, it looks like a whole different thing. And they can call it a different element, but it's the same element under different motion and pressure conditions. I believe that serious, serious used to be a planet when it was here and the humanoids on there didn't recognize that we don't have a solid core. Everything expands as a sphere and no sphere in our universe. No bubble has a solid core. Everything expands as a sphere and no sphere in our universe. No bubble has a solid core. We're perceiving it as a solid core, but there's not a solid core there. There's just a bubble. And at CERN, that Hydron Collider, that Particle Accelerator, I believe they did the same thing and they popped their planet. And it became that asteroid belt. Really? Just take it. If you add up all of the weight of the mass of those, of the asteroids in the asteroid belt, it will probably equal the same mass as that of Mars. [58:02] I thought the concept of the asteroid belt was, well, first of all, there's the concepts of the asteroid belt was well first of all there's the concepts of Earth one and Earth two right? So Earth one was a planet that was hit by a planet and that's how our moon was. When have we seen that happen in nature? Well we haven't seen it yet right but these things take a long-ass time and we don't have a whole lot of ability to see things. Our ability to see things, even with the James Webb telescope, is fairly limited, right? Which is one of the reasons why they're able to find these galaxies that should not have been able to be formed in such a short period of time to the extent that they have, which confuses them if they're looking at this 13.7 billion-year-old universe. These things should be much older in order to be this size, in order to be in the position where they're at. So you believe that the sun is the origin of these planets. Of all the planets. Every solar system gives birth to all of these other planets. [59:06] This is what Walter Russell had talked about. This is what Neil de Grasse and they attacked him for because he talked about the drift, this natural drift, and that wasn't it, didn't make more sense, and they didn't have the idea of dark matter and dark energy there. Right. They didn't even come up with that. And now we understand 4% of the universe is visible. And 75% of it, 74% of it is dark energy. And 20% of it is dark matter. Unperceivable things. And they say that because they needed to figure out how would they get the spin and create and have the the the galaxies why do they hold the other right well what my team did Chris Ely who's my he's [1:00:01] He's he's my Scotty He's my Scotty. We use the same simulator that they use at Princeton. And we took Linchpins, and we haven't even introduced Linchpins yet, but it'll be a great introduction for it. We took Linchpins, this configuration of where six Pentagon's meet. And we put them in particular order. There is a link for that right inside of the thing that James Pellegrini sent over to you. If you'll pull that up and we rebuilt the planet Saturn without gravity. And it has the rings with no animation. It has the rings and the hexagon that's observed at the very top of it without dark matter, without dark energy, without gravity, showing that it's an outward, inward, outward force pushing down that creates the planet. [1:01:01] If you can pull that up and he explains it out, it's like three minutes long. And where does the matter come from? He used... Well, the matter, remember, that's condensation. If you were to picture before we watch it. Yeah, before we watch it, let me explain something. If you were to picture the waves at the ocean, you know, the darker the waves, the deeper the water, you can't see a distinguishing fact between them until they crash into each other. That splatter, that little foam that comes out, it lasts for a couple seconds, and then it settles back on there, and it's just the balance between this force and this force. That's the physical universe. Those few seconds that it takes that matter, that more dense water, and the foam to recoalesce and get balanced again with the surrounding environment. That's the entire time that our universe or all these universes have worked together, but if you play this, this is at the very beginning of my book. [1:02:07] That's why I went on that, at the Emmys, and I was like, look, I've got something else to do. I've been able to rebuild Saturn without gravity, with no animation, and then they clowned it. Of course they did. Well, this is not something that you could say in a sound bite, which is one of the reasons why I wanted to talk to you This is not something like your explanation of these things in your description of the very nature of reality itself is not something that Should be taken lightly. No, it's something that like Thank you for saying that it needs to It needs to be laid out and it needs to be slowly examined in every, because you've obviously spent a lot of time working on this. This thing here, so play this. Jay, and this is us. What's it mean? I just to clarify what I'm gonna put up here. Yeah, and turn it out. What on, what on? There's two different videos and one's long, one's short. No, this is going to be the short one. It's better just reset itself to because all the files freaked it out. The government made it. I don't know. They don't steal the grass [1:03:10] Tyson. He knows where your welcome. Video will be the first one. This one, correct? Gravity is an effect. Okay. It's an effect of electricity. So turn it up. So Chris does a full narration of electricity. So turn it up because Chris does a full narration of it. Oh, I still hold on my computer. And he was talking to my wife and explaining to her what he had worked on. And it was, this is seven years, six years ago, I think, maybe five years ago. But as soon as it allows you to... It's a center. Yeah, rewind it just a little bit. Yeah, okay, here we go. It's just three minutes long. Two groups of forward Texas, which are just like tornadoes, tornadoes, you know, spinning tornadoes that are pointing towards the center. As I highlight this object here, you'll see it, [1:04:01] like yellow line. So there's a bunch of those in there. There's actually 16 and I'm not highly comfortable. Oh, it's not doing anything. See it? No, it's about to happen. No, nothing's happening. My computer just froze again as well. I'm trying to say something freaked out by my computer. I might have to just try to... You want to reboot? I mean, I think it already did. I'll try again, you know what I'm gonna have to pause. Okay, no worries. Yeah, that's what it should be doing, but it's gonna basically, you'll see. Oh, wait, that's weird. I have, what's, what's the matter? What I can see on that screen is not, what I can see on my computer screen. I can't even see that. It's the fucking government, man. Do you think it's not? I think it Sometimes I assume they listen to everything I say they do I'm sure they do you you took a boring shit You took a boat stand no years ago when the governments were trying to poison Their citizens you took a very boat stand and nobody else took that's what I was like wow I appreciate you because I lost three four jobs because I refused to take it I [1:05:03] Refused the baby feel better about it now it now. Especially when you know all these people that have health problems because of it. Cancer's has increased 300%. Yeah. All cause mortality up 40% in some age groups. Pulmonary embolisms almost up like 500%. Yeah, what causes that? Where is spike proteins that's being built and collected within the system? We can go into, I have into, I can walk you through what the spike protein did to the BRCA1 gene. That's the gene inside of our DNA that tells us that there's a damage, there's damage that's happening almost like the crews that go along the highway and they immediately put up cones every time there is a problem. Well, the spike protein which has never, no protein has ever been able to enter into the nucleus of a cell. Not only did it as it go to the ribosome and say, hey, you know what? I don't want you to produce whatever protein like if it was a skin cell, you're not going [1:06:01] to produce keratin anymore. You're just going to produce these spike proteins. That spike protein went into the DNA and it tells the BRCA1 gene, turn off. And that's the gene that says, hey, there's a mutation here. Let's scrap that thing. And so now the cancers are building up. The spike proteins weren't shedding from the body. They collected in the ovaries. They collected in the lymph nodes They collected in the bone marrow So now we have all of these diseases that's showing themselves because the body is overwhelmed Trying to deal with the spike protein that's attaching itself to the ACE 2 and the endothelial cells in our Vascular system for everybody out and the more boosters you get, the worse throughout the group. You're turning it off. Your bodies cannot defend itself and it's just collecting. It's just collecting. It also showed me the bizarre state of human psychology that people, if you're presented [1:07:03] with what could be a potential solution, you want to believe in it so bad that you're willing to defend these companies that have been the most deceptive companies proven deceptive, not just deceptive, but deceptive in the way that they are allowed to distribute information. They're allowed to not be transparent about their studies. They could have multiple studies that show a negative cause or a negative effect and they don't have to, they don't have to release those studies. Why? Because they're bought and sold. Because they, but I think it's an agenda to it. You think so? I think it's an agenda attached to it because they restricted any natural thing like Ivermectin. Iver means like it calls Ivermectin, the Latin of it, it was worms and it was anti-worms. [1:08:02] And with the Ivermectin it causes the worms to have paralysis or parasites to have paralysis because it stops their information from passing. And there's these things called the nodes of Ron VA between each neuron. There's an axian and there's the axian. And oh my god, I just forgot the leg that comes off of dindrites. Those dindrites in the axians have these things called nodes of Ron VA where they're not allowed to touch each other and it transfers potassium and chlorine back and forth to each other. Potassium, chlorine, chloride and hydrogen back and forth. Well in the worm, the Ivermechin stops that to where the worms become paralyzed. So it was an immediate defense against the pathogen, but they immediately shut that down and wouldn't allow anybody to use it. They showed that it stops fire replication. Completely. In vitro. Yeah. They know that there's a mechanism involved and they try to pretend. [1:09:04] And then they also try to pretend it's dangerous which is insane and they even got rolling stone magazine on board with it where they they printed an article where they were showing these people that were waiting in line for gunshot victims because so many people were overdosing on horse dwarmer yeah with that with propaganda was it was a full on. Not only that, they were so stupid and clumsy about it, the image that they used. This is Oklahoma. The image that they used was like in the summer in Oklahoma and yet everybody's dressed in winter coats. It was retarded. The whole thing was so stupid but so obviously coordinated. It was confusing to me how many people were willing to go along with it and how many people were angry at people who didn't go along with it regardless of what they were saying. Even if what they were saying was reasonable, even if what they were saying, especially if you're talking about like Jay Batachara and you know, these people that were professors at esteem universities and they were [1:10:04] being silenced and there was a coordinated effort to remove their posts from Twitter. This is wild shit, unprecedented wild shit. And the population was just going along with it. For me, what was fascinating was psychologically. Like, do you guys not know about deception? Do you not know about profit motive? Do you not know about the history? Do you not know about the history of pharmaceutical drug companies in this country and what they've been able to get away with with how many people they've paid? The Tuskegee experiment. Oh my God. I couldn't understand how black people or people of color were running and trusting the government after what happened to them with the Tuskegee experiment and for people that don't know what the Tuskegee experiment was, in the early 1920s, a group of government officials came down doctors, and they went through the black community, and they said, there's a sickness in all of you guys, and we're going to cure it free of charge, and they injected the black population with syphilis, [1:11:04] and left it untreated for 60 years and just watched how it ravaged the body. For 60 years it wasn't stopped until like 1970s, late 70s, that they stopped the experiment and I don't even know if they've paid reparations. The government has been using all of these chemical warfare or biological warfare against its own citizens for a long time. There's so many instances of it. In that case, there's so many instances of it. Documented instances of it. And that's the ski experience, one of the most horrific. And the fact that it went on until the 70s is just fucking terrifying. But this is just the nature of having that much secrecy and control and profit motive and being able to enforce power on people. And it's a thing that human beings have always done. Whenever human beings have gotten into position with a ruling over others, [1:12:03] they are callous and evil, almost always, almost universally. There's not one instance of this amazing, benign, beautiful leader that transformed their society into this incredible utopia. It doesn't exist in history. No, animals and insects, not one of them are responsible for the eradication of any species on this planet. Right. Not one single creature from history, but mankind is responsible for the death of, for the extinction of millions. Even when animals are responsible for the extinction, it's because human beings introduce those animals into places where they didn't belong, like cats in Australia. Oh, the birds. Yeah, they killed everything. So this is man's interference and it's based upon their lack of understanding because they don't know how the universe truly works, [1:13:03] because their math has been off for so long because their fundamentals are wrong. Now everything has this expiration and there's a loss to everything when the universe is perfectly balanced. When you utilize it properly and that's why I wanted to introduce the wave conjugations and the mirror shapes and all of these defining the electric field, defining the magnetic field and the constitution between them being the linchpin. Because the linchpin as you'll see in a second, this is, it has that same center as that tetrian space. The magnetic field, the feminine side, all of this is circular. That's the full expansion. This is the common factor or the Constitution between the micro and the macro. That's what the Lynch pan was. And that's what we're about to see in the video. Was it able to come up, Jamie? All right, here we go. [1:14:02] This is rebuilding the planet Saturn. Go ahead. The sound was coming through your speakers, that what it was? Time for a new laptop. Do you know what's going on? Government. They do to, I'm, we're about to kill gravity. We're about to kill their god gravity and they don't want that. Here we go. Here we go. From the beginning. I have two groups of vortexes which are just like tornadoes, tornadoes, you know, spinning tornadoes that are pointing towards the center as I highlight this object here. You'll see it like yellow line Right, so there's there's a bunch of those in there There's actually 16 of them. I'll highlight them all [1:15:02] There And run to that some kind of see a little bit better. So that's. So they're all pointed towards the center, but they're arranged in. What we call the bench pin configuration. I want to pretend that you never heard of that. So there's one on the top and then three. In groups of three around that are spaced at 120 degrees apart and the tilt of these ones on the bottom here is 109.5 degrees in relationship to the top ones that are creating this flat space on the top and the bottom. and they're spaced at 120 degrees radially. And then inside the model is three groups. Jamie, this two sounds playing simultaneously. Oh, that's my wife talking. We're in the kitchen. [1:16:01] He's just explaining this over the sky. This is over the sky. I was confused. Go ahead. Up to 1,000 pounds from 2.2 pounds to 1,000 pounds. And there's no gravity whatsoever in this model. There's no center tractor. So it's just four Texas and two magnetic fields on North and South polarity. And one harmonic resonance, which is emanating a vibration in the field. In this region here, where these vortexes are pointed, so it kind of just oscillates to give it a little bit of randomness in motion so that the particles will kind of interact and bounce around like smoke or water waves and water. And then when I get play, it does it all by itself using physics simulation. So there's no animations at all in this model. And when I play it, this is what pops out. [1:17:01] Holy fuck. And then when I look down at the top, it makes the actual hexagon the NASA has observed on the top of Saturn. Without any graph. And you'll see that you get a surface of the sphere on the inside with the heavier particles. So the colors are you basically saying, is this saying that you guys can recreate planets? Yes, this is a this is a particle simulation of the physics involved in making up the planet's side. Like all the. So the heavier particles are creating the the red and the green Can I pause this for a second? Yeah, so is he saying that just by doing these calculations it created the exact Form of Saturn including the rings just the exact form of just with the calculation change the angles of incidents that these Linch pens because remember each one of these has these are opposing [1:18:03] Vortices so there's 12 vortices to this that are opposing. So once the angles of incidence change, you can you change the motion and pressure conditions, you can now change the condition or the crystallization. It all so I was saying with the periodic table now because we have the angles of incidence, material engineering can now separate the space between carbon and nitrogen or carbon and boron and have the same elements of titanium, vanadium, chromium, magnesium, ion or nickel, cobalt, nickel, copper, zinc, gallium, or germanium. In those higher octaves. We can do that between silicon and phosphorus or silicon and aluminum. So the transparent aluminum now becomes possible because we can now control the pressure and change the pressure and motion conditions where we couldn't do that before because they [1:19:02] were going by Cartesian space at 90 degrees and 45 degrees straight lines the Euclidean space that they've made up this orthogonal or church-like space that they've generated because they wanted to promote that cross. That was the basis of all of that. Now we open ourselves up. This is what happens when four bubbles meet. This is the negative space from when four bubbles are meeting. That's hydrogen. That's why when I went to Uganda, I was like, look, look, we have an entirely new system of hydrogen that I've got a patent where we were we were able to you won't need projectiles and the guns anymore. It's my if you pull up my patent for projectile. Before we do that though, should we finish this? Oh yeah, finish it. Let's finish this video. And then Jamie and it's also get I want to see a photo of that hexagon on the on the top [1:20:02] of the Saturn. So let's play this. This is another minute, I think. I feel like we could do an 80 hour podcast. Yeah. Do we have an even gap? We're just introducing a language pants. I know. Which is another super symmetrical system. I'm barely hanging on. No, you're not. No. Turn it up. I'm having a fear of freak out again. Oh, no Yeah, it's every time I'm shrinking in this video. It's just like doesn't doesn't like to do this Huh, oh Is it the codec? I like I have no control over the computer. I'll tab does nothing escape does nothing Dio spacebar does nothing Maybe you dropped your computer. Maybe you dropped your computer, Jamie. How am I trying to write it? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Effective electricity. It's the draft left over by electricity. Is it working, no Jim? [1:21:05] It's just did like another like false reset. So let me get my stuff back together here. But we've seen that portion of it. So what I'm saying, the... Yeah, right there. Yeah. All right, we'll try. Oh shit. This is kind of funny. If you haven't. Has this ever happened to you up before? No, no, no, no, no. Fascinating. Yeah, if you want to be paranoid. I'm not paranoid. I am. I'm a bit of a skeptic. I'm a realist. If A is equal to B and B is equal to C, then A is equal to C. If this has never happened before and it's always happening to me maybe I'm just bad luck and my bad luck. No, here we go. Okay. Without any grabbing. And you'll see that you get a surface of the sphere on the inside with the heavier particles. So the colors are you basically saying is this saying that you guys can recreate planets? [1:22:06] Yes, this is a particle simulation of the physics involved in making up the physics. Wow. So like all the... No, but... So the heavier particles are creating the red and the green here where the hexagon is. And those are the heavier ones creating the shell of a planet and then the outside or lighter particles that are fluid that's creating the counter rotation of the atmosphere of Saturn like we observe scientifically and the red ones in the middle here are where the magnetic field is strongly polarized at the north and South Falls, which keeps you over and over again. I have a question. Now does this mean that you would be able to control what kind of atmosphere the planet has as well? Like you can change that because you can create it. [1:23:02] I mean, you can change it. We now have a system by which you can, it's the arrangement of instruments and the access, which they are spending on the relation to each other. And, you know, or vibrating, by doing that, we can create a condition, any condition that we want. So you can have human light hairs, which is same. We can create a lot of things. So you can have human light hairs, which is same. If you were able to change an ultr-these external fields and understand, like at least this would give us a method of studying it in such a way that we now understand that it's external pressures being applied from the outside in, not the standard model where you have internal vision reaction, and if we were in a planet with magnetic fields from iron cores, et cetera, going over, right, that's all, that's all kind of ego based at the center. This is pretty solid evidence that everything we're observing is from the outside coming in. [1:24:01] So the entire universe is actually creating these planets from the outside in, from space itself, the pressure. It's our main grade. You can stop it. Now what, so go to that image. Like if you picture dropping a pebble into a pond or a pool, everything expands in these these longitude no waves, perfect spheres unless there's something else in there. But when it hits the edge, it all starts bouncing its way back. And when it meets when these returning waves meet expanding waves, that's when we get our first geometry. So this is the proof that the universe is not infinite, but finite. Because you could not have shape without the returning waves and the waves would not return unless it was bouncing off of the edge of something. Look how strange that is. Bingo. Look how strange that hexagon on the top of the Saturn is. Or yeah, that's Saturn, right? [1:25:00] And we don't even, and he explains exactly how he built it, all the angles of incidence, all the pressure systems that he used, all of that is so it can be a repeated experiment. But they've ignored this. This is in the beginning of my book. You go to my book, that's the first page on there. Before you even open it up, I've got this and we rebuilt the Milky Way galaxy, the same way, and it predicts the star arrangement better than NASA does and this is without dark matter this is without dark energy this is without the standard model. Is dark matter dark or dark energy are they primarily theoretical? That's all theoretical they've never they've never witnessed it and we couldn't prove that Michelson Morley experiment that they did in 1887 which said that there was no effect because they tried to move a table around and change the angle of incidence for light to see if the light changed when you move the table, the experiment is like this, the mental experiment is like this. If you're going to experiment, you have an A structure and you have an idea of how A behaves [1:26:08] and you have a thought that if you put A in a particular situation, it's going to turn into B. So let's picture it hypothetically like you have a bar that's maybe six inches long of iron. And you say, okay, well I think if it goes into the freezer, that it's going to get shorter. So you're supposed to have two exact bars, six inches out, and leave one outside of the refrigerator, freezer, and put one in the freezer. And then you compare them after you see it. So A over x is equal to B over, to R times B over x. R is the result or the change between them. b is the change that occurs. r is what faction or the x that you use in order to get back to a or to convert it to b. What they did with the Michelson-Morley experiment because they could not get out of the ether. They couldn't [1:27:02] step outside of the ether because it's everything around us. So they couldn't tell a difference whether they saw no result, no change. So they assumed there was a void that there was no ether there. And that's when particle physics took off. Lorenz and Lorenz, a great physicist that everybody loved, entered a paper in 1904, where he was continually explaining the ether, the same way that Maxwell, all of his theories, came off of there being an ether, but he was still limited by Newtonian laws and the column force of opposite attracting, when it's the positive is the things that are alike that attract, but he believed that the ether was steel and the space was flat. And so space time or Einstein relativity came as a result of them taking the ether away. And for a hundred years we've walked down this particle physics world, that's all theoretical and here I've patented these wave [1:28:07] conjugations that is the ether is the contraction of the ether and the expansion of it and on top of that the proof of it was I've been able to build new industries from it if you go to I want to introduce the linchpin if I can. With all of the talk, before we do that, can you tell me how a planet is formed under this theory? So you have a sun, and how does the sun give birth to these planets? The same way we defecate and have gas, like's that that that red spot on Jupiter that's spinning on it that's going to become a moon. It may take a billion or two billion years that will ultimately become a moon off of Jupiter. Where is it right at the equator? Where do we discharge it right at our equator? And then it will rotate its way around and slowly be pushed out [1:29:09] by the solar wind of well by Jupiter's neuronal mass ejections. So some kind of ejection of matter leaves the sun and over billions and billions of years, enough of it collects, and there's enough of a force. To where ultimately that coalescing idea that they have, those are, that's where it happens. It's not from materials that's just been left over from the big bang, like Rupert Shell, worked South Shell Drake, says, you know, that physicists of the day ask for, you give us one miracle and show us how everything came from nothing and we'll explain everything else. And they can't explain everything else. They can't explain the morphic resonance that's happening between things like right now because I've discovered these wave conjugations. [1:30:03] Every person on the planet that's been thinking about it will now have ideas concerning, but not just us, but all humanoids throughout the entire universe will now get that same resonance and be able to then in New York you find the rats are doing the same thing Right spontaneously because of the morphic resonance because we are all connected on this ether and that waveform Is that's the consciousness? We are all just one great being. Yeah You know, that's what they forget. We're not separate. We're all the universe is probably one cell inside of some super organism. Right. And we're just little, little who, you know, little who's like, like, like Horton hears a who and trying to make sense of it. And it's a beautiful thing that we're making sense of it. But everything is just one great being where all God. That's what Jesus [1:31:08] was talking about. That's what Buddha was talking about. It's recognizing the divinity in you. What I did as a child, I said, I'm going to, instead of waiting for the Messiah to show up, what if everybody picked up their torture stake and behaved and did the things that they had expected the Messiah to do? What if everybody just for one day walked around and behaved as if they were God Himself and did the things that they would expect the Creator? And we know God can't just be a male because no man can produce a child without a female. Everything in the universe as above so below like Billy Carson always talks about, you can't, everything has an equal and opposite. It has to mate. Mating is a big part of what we do. The car, the, the boron, mates with nitrogen, [1:32:03] and that's how the carbon happens. Everything inside of us, all ourselves, they're mating. There's a relationship going on and everything's alive. There is no death but that the Bible talked about a mechanistic world. God took dirt and blew into it the breath of life and it came to life. But if you look at the Brownian effect, what is breathing going from positive to negative? And they see all it's even the plastic that makes these things up are still going from, it's still carbon, polarizing from positive to negative, breathing in, breathing out. It's just under a different state of matter, but there is no death. There's no death. We are all everything's eternal. And once we forget, once we get rid of the idea, okay, you're going to die and disappear. You know, then they don't have any graphs over you anymore. [1:33:02] And to be free, the truth will set you free. You know, that's why I was like, okay, well, if I have to, if this truth caused me this lifetime, then wonderful, I've accomplished what I needed to do. Because I think in the previous lifetime, I was supposed to do these things and I didn't. And that's why it's been so hard for me. And that's why I've pushed so hard to get these things out because So you felt like that like from the womb from the womb. I have to get this felt like you Had these things that you didn't get out in a previous lifetime and now you feel like an unstoppable urge I have to I have to at all costs So can I go but I would love to talk more about this, but I don't want to lose this thought So if I want to go back to the formation of planets. So under this theory, these stars eject matter and over time this matter will achieve a certain amount of distance from the sun. Short distance. Look at Mercury. Mercury isn't that far from it. Right. [1:34:06] It kind of makes sense. And then over time, it'll eventually get further and further out. The sun will continue to make more and more planets over an imperceptible amount of time. We won't be able to measure it. For in our world, we'll see it. It's a pier static. Just like plants appear static. Yes. But if you ever watch a one of those motion capture plants. Yeah. Plants are moving and touching each other and they're just doing it at a pace that our brain can't handle. A different temporal dimension. Yes. So the sun is creating planets but it's doing so at a pace that our mind can't really wrap around. So we want to think this just matter, that it's in, it's flying through space and it's an Alex, collects via gravity and the more mass, the more gravity. It's supposed to, but look at that, take a balloon. [1:35:03] Another thing that kills gravity. Gravity is supposed to be the greater the mass, is the greater the attractor. You take a balloon, you rub it on your leg. You put it over the ground. Watch the dust particles jump off the ground, off this big mask on the earth, and jump onto that balloon, because why electricity is 137 times stronger than the pool of gravity or the effects of the so-called gravity. It's the electric force, that's the attractive force. It's the electric force that tightens everything together as the masculine and then the dividing force is the radiative force, the magnetic field. It ablates and pushes everything out. And then they collect together again, but where are these things meet at the proper angles of incidence? Like the Berkland currents talked about, those plasma currents talked about. Those angles of incidence is at 120 degrees when it converts it back into electricity and it will [1:36:06] keep collecting and making life the planet isn't a dead thing. It didn't just happen to come together. That's just the process by which it was given life. It's alive. And it's screaming. It thought we were going to be beneficial to it. And now it's trying to kill us. It's now it needs to scratch itself and get rid of us because we are too dangerous because we are using antiquated fundamentals. And like people say, what business do you have coming in here talking about science and all that, you're an actor. You want to know what my first patent was, the entire AR VR world was built off of my first patent that was abandoned because I paid $260,000 for the worldwide patent. But then my agents kept, my lawyers kept sending me these maintenance fees and annuities. And I'm like, these folks are just trying to shake me down. I'm not going to pay this. [1:37:04] Well a year later, if you will pull up my world of Windows Pat, and I think it's one of the first patents up there, I want you to see where your ARVR world came from. And you look at the list of companies that has cited and didn't just cite it, they built their entire ARVR world off of my world of Windows Pat and can you pull that up Jamie? Of the computer Yeah, it's the very Not that one not that one not that one it's yeah, that's the propulsion patent eight no no no That's all you have huh Really If you can go to That's all you have, huh? Really? If you can go to Terry's Linchpin, I'll show you on here. This is what we put together for. Is that online? [1:38:01] This is online. Text me that link and I'll just send it. Yeah. You got it? You got it, okay. So merging virtual reality. It says merging virtual reality with reality. Go down. Patents and files. The very first one. Pop on that. So you go and look over to you see my name, inventor, Terence, the Sean Howard. You go and look over to, you see my name, inventor, Terence DeShan Howard, worldwide application, and let's just read the abstract just so they don't. System and method for merging virtual reality and reality, scroll it's like it's it, to provide an enhanced sensory experience. A system and method of merging virtual reality sensory detail from a remote site into a room environment at a local site. The system preferably includes at least one image server, a plurality of image collection devices, a display system compromising display devices, a control unit digital processor, and a viewer position detector. The control unit preferably receives the viewer position information and transmits [1:39:01] instructions to the digital processor, the digital processor, preferably processes source data representing an aggregated flow aggregated field of view from the image capturing devices in accordance with the instructions received from the control unit and outputs the refined data representing a desired display view to be displayed on one or more display devices. We're in the viewer position detector dynamically determines the position of the viewer in the room environment and changes the desired display view corresponding to position changes of the viewer. Now you see, this is all you. Look at the inventor, go back, go up the list. I see it. It's Tairn Sashan Hauer, Worldwide Patton 2010. It was abandoned. Now go to side-eded by you see that one 31 Cited by tap on there It's right under where it says abandoned. Yeah, yeah, tighten Side by 31 Cited by 31. It's to the right. Yep right there tap on there and look at all the companies If you look at the patent these companies have all earned they have multi-billion dollar companies [1:40:05] They've built off of my patents just roll through Sony Microsoft Amazon Hewlett Packard. Yeah, keep going keep going keep going IBM and it's still making money this patent has earned over seven trillion dollars and You didn't get a piece and I haven't gotten a penny of it. When they did all of the Black Lives Matter, like let Raytheon company. And IBM, IBM, if you're crazy. There's, and it still has another nine years, another eight years in which I would be making money off of, but what they didn't know is they didn't understand as how it was really supposed to work. So they've just been taking this gun and been using it as a bat. And if they wanted to know, I could show them how it really, really works. But this is proof that my stuff is legit. [1:41:02] So let me ask you this before we stray away from this too much. The concept of gravity. So if it's all electricity that's causing these forces and it's all outside in, when the Saturn V rocket is escaping Earth's atmosphere, what is it fighting against? What that's fighting against is the rotation. Remember, there's a centripetal sphere in that's taking place with the Earth. And there's an electrical field that's generated from that. That's centripetosephil in that holds things inside. That's what it's fighting against. That's that electric field. And we're calling it gravity. We are calling it gravity, but gravity is just the effect of the electric field and the electric field is balanced by the the radiative field. And the more mass something has, the more it gets pulled. The greater electric potential it has. You know the the tighter the way the heavier it is, the more it's tighter. Electricity can now, it doesn't have to jump over anything. [1:42:02] And as I showed you with some of the pieces, as long as they're close together, then you don't have the magnetic field that forms, that discharge because they're able to stay south, north-easternly in their direction. They're not forced to go south-westernly and spin out. Either you're spinning to the right or spinning to the left. That's, it does only two directions in the universe. Spinning to the right is spinning to the left. That's it does the only two directions in the universe. Spinning to the right is northeastern. That's that's electric. If it's spinning to the left, it's magnetic and it's expanding out. It's contracts and fits and expands and sixes. And so now what I would love to do is invite Neil DeGrasse and David Tongue or any astrophysicists, any chemist, anyone in any field of science to sit down with me and examine these patents, examine the super symmetrical systems that I've developed. [1:43:00] But I want to show you, Lynchpin now. Here I've invented, here I'm an Oscar-nominated actor that has known all around the world, face recognition, vocal recognition, all around the world. I've invented a new form of flight, tangential flight, the ability to fly around your own center of mass, something they've never been able to do. And you don't hear anything about it. And it's unlimited bonding. If you can go to what Jonathan Davis sent over, he's one of the other programmers that work with us. Explain what it does? Explain what you said, flight, what do you mean? Ten Gential flight. What do you mean by that? It means right now, fixed-wing aircraft, you can go in four degrees of direction, you go up, down, you know, some can go forwards and backwards and right to left. But this is able to spin around its own center of mass. Completely spin around its own center of mass, something they've never, people are able to do it by falling, but this is a sustained system. [1:44:06] That's able to go around. I sent that other video to you. But their ability, because this is the geometry of hydrogen, any bond that hydrogen can make, linchpin can make, and what they're basically doing is building a periodic table. In front of you, if you play four of them coming together, it's four, like, 30-second videos. You know, I'll explain it out. But you'll see how these things align themselves. Well, this is this form. And they're all following this queen as a colony. And they'll do everything that she's doing. There's, go to the very first video. There's four in a row on it. Oh, that's how it came over to you. Well, let's see which one this is. This is four of them that's going to come together to pick up a barrel. [1:45:00] And what's powering them? Right now, we're're gonna use hydrogen fuel cells But I have another system, you know that I was gonna talk about in a second, but it's an unlimited source of power But so hydrogen fuel cells or you can use lithium batteries So the how are they moving like what what are those like propellers? Yeah, those are props. But that right there, what we have right there is, it's a pitch, that, that, that, that, that, that, that, that, that, that, Wow, collective pitch. So instead of the props having to turn themselves around, instead of all the props having to turn themselves around, instead of all the props having to turn themselves around to stop and turn the opposite direction, they just switch the direction. They just, so it's a collective pitch and it changes and so now instead of going up, you're going down, but now five of them will come together [1:46:03] and watch what the five does with, So this is the end of cranes. This is the, and how many is necessary and they can, since this is the, this is the fructo, they can be as small as, as a nanoparticle or they can be as large as the universe because the entire universe comes down to this. So I was trying to reach out to Elon Musk. I was trying to reach out to Jeff Bezos. I was trying because my main goal was I was building these to clean up the upper atmosphere, all of that debris that's up there. And ultimately to mine, there and ultimately to mine the asteroid belt because you can't go out there. They keep talking about going out there. That's like you try and go that far away. That's like taking a starfish from the bottom of the ocean and bringing up to where we [1:47:01] are. Everything expands. The nitrogen expands too much. That animal dies. You take us outside where Mars is. Nitrogen has expanded so much more. The hydrogen has expanded so much more that you will never be able to, you won't even have a spaceship or a suit on that's strong enough to keep your body together and you will never be able to come back to 93 million miles away from the sun, because everything will have expanded, and you will expand to the point of vacuity, and explode out. So trying to send a man out to Mars is like trying to send a man to live on Venus. The pressure is too tight near Venus. We will get crushed in a second. It's like being pushed to the bottom of the ocean immediately. You will get crushed immediately. The pressure conditions change as we move from the sun. But science have neglected that because they've said it's a void there. And they don't account for that higher pressure condition, but they [1:48:03] found that radioactive decay is quicker closer to the sun, near Venus. Why? Because the pressure condition that electric field and those magnetic fields are pushing on each other, causing it to turn back into an electric force in comparison to further away. When the sun, when the earth is closer to the sun, they found the radioactive decay is quicker than when it's further away from the sun. Is that by accident? Or is it just because of the change of pressure condition? So I was talking about going out when my wife said on the thing, are we going to be able to put people on Saturn? No. It's too nebulous. it's expanded out too far. Our pressure, we would have to have a suit so strong and powerful in order for us to do that. But Lynchpin is able to make it out there because we have another propulsion system that we've put together where I'm able to take water and put it into a small change. [1:49:03] And this patent has been granted. It's the propulsion projectile. And we patent it as a gun because I didn't want anybody else to be able to use it like a gun. But it's basically lightning in the bottle. We take water and we put it inside of a small chamber based on the wave conjugations that I have. And the angles of incidence. And we run an electric charge have and the angles of incidence. And we run an electric charge through a small amount of water. The water is not able to expand into gas like it wants to because it's locked into the pressure condition. So immediately it converts into plasma and it converts the gas dimension into a power dimension. So it's lightning out of the barrel Just from water and there's no in like which is a real lightning gun like yeah, yeah Yes, so and the patent's been granted the Typically you're limited to how much charge you can put inside of a cartridge and you know [1:50:02] You have to get more and more charge or charged or explosive in there to get something out, but with electricity, you can send a thousand votes or a million votes through the same aperture. And that water is incompressible. And so it's just going to react, and immediately it converts into a plasma. And so we can project anything into space. going to react and immediately it converts into a plasma. So we can project anything into space. All of that has been accomplished and it's ignored. So it can act as a propulsion system for rockets. It's rockets, anything and in space. And that's the whole point for it to, because there's just nothing but moisture and that collective, and ice in there. So you can now, the linch pens can go all the way past Mars, attach themselves to whatever asteroid, mine that asteroid, bring it back, and have in one of the Lagrange areas. So for the audience out there, Lagrange areas [1:51:02] are those areas where two or multiple magnetic fields meet and there's no weight to something. Another death blow to gravity was the fact that it's not a constant. It could not be a constant because things weigh heavier on the poles of the earth than it does on the surface of the poles than it does at the equator. They're heavier at the poles than they are at the equator and the further away from the earth you go, the less it goes. So there's no consistency about gravity. It is not a constant. It is a coefficient and it's more so just an effect. And it's the same thing with the plonk scale. You look at the plonk scale or Planck length or the Planck weight. All of those things are based upon gravity and they're supposed to occur at 10 to the 15th, 10 to the minus 15th, the Planck scale. But at 10 to the minus 35 is where the proton and all of that behaves. [1:52:04] They have gravity inside of there as if it's affecting it, but they've already said that at a small molecular level, at the nuclear level, gravity has no effect. So how is that part of a plonk scale? There's a guy flimming that talks a lot about this, but you take that, you look at the speed of light. Is that a constant? You know, in 1928, they saw that there was different fluctuations between 1928 and 1948 between the speed of light and then out of nowhere, and Rupert Sheldrakes talks about this. Out of nowhere, they began to be a constant again, where there were fluctuations before, and he asked one of the professors about it and he said, oh, it's a thing that we call intellectual phase locking, where when they get different measurements for the speed of light, all of the scientists around the world will average it out to one thing instead of showing the fluctuations [1:53:02] in it. Oh, wow. It's called intellectual phase locking. It's not also because of the crude methods of measurement that they have available. No, they've been able to measure light. The speed of light since Galileo was measuring I.O. going around Jupiter. And that's how they came up with the speed of light was how he watched I.O. going around Jupiter and saw that there was a difference in how the light behaved. And they've been able to get very close measurements to what they thought was the speed of light. But it's never been a constant because it changes depending upon the medium it's going through. So there's no constant there, but they have that as part of the Planck scale, but the Lynch pin, the wave conjugations, the Tetrian, it's the end of Plunk. It's the end of Schrodinger's equation. It's the end of Heisenberg's uncertainty principle. And I'm ready to have the debate at any university. Anytime they want to, but they have no comeback for it because I have four super symmetrical [1:54:11] systems and that's the thing about geometry. Geometry is its own proof. Super symmetry is its own proof whereas equations, anybody can have an equation. And only certain people can try and understand it and it can be fudged with renormalization where anytime they have an infinity they renormalize it. That's why Dyson left the whole group back in 1940s when they were talking about quantum electrodynamics and Feynman said it himself, you know, with this renormalization, you know, is that real physics? Is this real math? All of them recognize that this is fudging because they went the wrong direction by taking the ether out of the equation and now I have proof of the ether and how it behaves. Wow. [1:55:02] I wish I could really truly understand exactly what you're saying, because I'm kind of getting it and you're doing a great job explaining it. But if you're right, that really changes everything. And it accounts for why physics kind of hits a stalling point. They've been going in the wrong direction. 96% of physics is unknown matter that they've had to make up to account for it and we were able to build Saturn without that. We were able to show the extent that it also has a hexagon. It's very bizarre. The age of the universe, you can wind up all of the satellites, all of the planets in every solar system, and can wind up and get back to the real age of our universe. Would be gazillion, gazillion, gazillions of years based upon this drift. If you walk away from that big bang or special relativity, because that was the cause of [1:56:03] all that, black holes came from the thought of gravity going crazy. When gravity goes crazy, you know, a light won't even be able to escape from it, because light was thought as moving as a particular ground step. We've just killed that. What do you think a black hole is? It doesn't exist. There aren't black holes. There's no spot where the energy goes in and never comes back out. There's no place in the universe where the information paradox occurs where there isn't a balance. Something gets contracted and never comes out. That's not how the universe behaves. It comes in and it goes out. When Newton said that the gravity pulls down, if he had with that apple, yes, the apple was attracted to light conditions on the earth. It was attracted to light conditions. If he had spent another week or two weeks watching that apple, he would have watched the [1:57:01] gases go right back up to where they were equalized. Everything, if it comes this way, it has to go this way. Breathe in, you breathe out, it's filling in or pouring out. So what do you think they're detecting when they're detecting black holes? With that shift that they're talking about, that's the tornado. Remember, there's a vorticee. There's all these huge vortices. Everything is spinning around a vorticity. So a collection of large vortices is going to have the same thing that's happening at the center of the galaxy is happening in a center of a hurricane. It's happening in your toilet stool. And which is why the galaxy is a circular disk in the first place. Everything, all motions expressed in waves, all waves are expressed in curves. It always makes spiral. So because of the concept of gravity, and because of the concept of this event horizon, this super point of gravity, this infinite point that light can't even escape, that this exists because of their own gravity. [1:58:02] And their math. Remember, they have a thing called zero. They go from one to zero to negative one. There is no zero to even think zero. So do you think that zero is a concept that came along with currency? It should be attached to currency in that regard because in physics, there is, it's either nothing remains steel. There's nothing steel in the universe. There's nothing that doesn't have motion because everything is connected. So if one thing is steel, everything that's connected to it has to be steel. There can never be one thing still. So as electricity tries to get to its balance state, right when it gets there, magnetism takes over, it pushes over. So there's this pendulum. And as soon as it gets to this state, it bounces off that other noble gas and it makes its way all the way back over here and it's about to have equanimity and then it gets pulled back into the other direction. And that's the breathing, the end and breathing out, and the pendulum effect that we've all observed in natural phenomenon in the universe. And that's a part of everything. [1:59:06] Everything behaves that way. Every one of ourselves comes down to, our cells are made up of water. Mostly water, 80% and 90% water somewhere. Water is hydrogen. Hydrogen has 12 vortices. That's behaving with it. 12 opposing vortices. So what in your model model what happens to these sons when they supernova? Everything gets old and died everything gets old and died and does everything recompress has to and you breathe out what happens to that air another plant Breeds that area. So would this be the universe itself? Would it be galaxies? Would it be everything? Everything pays the same way. So as the Sun expands and projects and it Jets particles they expand they go further and further from the Sun and at a certain point they come back. Well at a certain point [2:00:01] What did they hit? There's other expanding stars and, and, and, and, and, and, and, and, and, and, and, and, and, and, and, and, and, and, and, and, and, and, and, and, and, and, and, and, and, and, and, and, and, and, and, and, and, and, and, and, and, and, and, and, and, and, and, and, and, and, and, and, and, So when they meet our our plant our star meets the solar wind from another star at that end of that spot Now there's two pressure conditions. So you have another Lagrange spot that's happening there That's when those waves start coming back, but they get hit and they If they hit at 120 degrees because that's how the universe is arranged Now these things become electric, so they, instead of coming from the planar side and expanding out at the equator, they now come back up from the northern and southern's parts. So does this account for stellar nurseries? Yes. All of these things are just pressure conditions [2:01:00] hitting each other. And they're causing that. That's where the Berkland currents are running through. Those higher electrical fields, but everything in the universe is just electricity. And we call it magnetism when it's devitalized, but it's still electricity. We call it the radiative side. It's the feminine side. And the contractive side is the positive masculine side. It's a balance and it's never been anything but that balance and we've complicated it with a lie. If you're right, so many people are wrong. Everyone's wrong. Oh, well the universe backs me up and I have the proof of it. You have all these physicists that saying something different, but none of them have 97 patents. None of them have introduced a new form of flight with unlimited mid-air bonding. None of them have discovered four super-symmetrical systems. This is [2:02:02] what we've done. This is what the collective is able to do when you put yourself into the divine space. Because that spirit is waiting. It's just like, okay, are you going to make yourself available for it? So let me ask you this. If you fire a magic wand and I allowed you to not just show this, but allowed all of these people that have these opposing ideas, you debate them, you do get out, you emerge victorious, okay? With this magic wand and now people go, just listen to the talents, what do we do? Well then, now we write new axioms and new postulates based off the real wave conjugations. Now we adjust our understanding of our physics to fit natural phenomena. And then we are in balance with it and we have to let go of the idea of this currency, [2:03:01] where the only creatures in the known universe that uses currency. They use as an indirect form of payment instead of a direct exchange. We have to get past that point and that's the hard thing because this entire world is run on that and that's where the one times one, equaling two, came into its real birth. Well, the thing about currencies is it's connected to technological innovation because of this unlimited potential for growth. And when you have an unlimited potential for growth, you have people that are extremely motivated to make massive amounts of money and they innovate in a very high way. And then they also implement that innovation in the form of technology. But their technology is antiquated compared to mine. a highway and then they also implement that innovation in the form of technology. But their technology is antiquated compared to mine. There's no government on this planet that has the technology that I have, or can outdo what I have because you can't outdo the franco. How many people have you, I know you spoke at Oxford about this, but you didn't speak. [2:04:02] Yeah, they didn't know. They didn't, Oxford did something that broke my heart. Five minutes before the presentation, they wouldn't allow me to have a screen and show my proof. Why? Oh, the computer was down. And I was like, well, you can use my computer. No, we have sensitive things attached to it. You know, I just need to protect there. I don't need anything else because they just they didn't want me to go and talk about this and that's why I went out there and said, hey pull out your calculator. I talked about acting for a couple of minutes for 20 minutes and then I was like pull out your calculator and I want you to enter the square root of two in there and I let's walk through this loop that is the square root of two. I was like, let's walk through this where the square root of two cubed is the same value as the square root of two times two. And then when you divide it by two and cube it again, you get back to the, take the square root of two, 1.414213562373095. [2:05:04] You cube it, it's 2.828, 4271, 2174, 6190. Divided by two, it gets back to 1.414. Cube it again, it's back to 2.828. Divided by two, back to 1.414. Here we're making, here we're taking, 1, 2, 3 big steps. We're dividing it by two and we get back to the same value as we had in the very beginning. That's a loop. That's x cubed being equal to 2x, which is equal to x plus x. That's a natural equation. And every quantum mechanics and quantum physics equation has that square root of two in there. We've been living in this lie, this fostered lie for so long. And what's the solution to that? The solution is learning how to multiply volumetrically, how the universe multiplies. And I've already produced all of these things. Could you explain that though to the layperson? How does the universe multiply volumetrically as opposed to the way... [2:06:02] It does not move, does it linearly. It does not walk on all of our math is based upon a two-dimensional projection what they do in calculus they will reduce one act if the action of all things they'll keep trying to reduce it down to one moment because they believe Newton's first law that everything is moves in a straight line or everything is still until acted upon. They forget that everything is in motion, and that concert of motion is a necessity. They have to include all the other forces involved in order to have equanimity in their equations. And so how, in a practical sense sense does this affect mathematics? Well, once we let go of Cartesian space and the 90 degree angle, we'll picture this. Let's take another practical place. Look at a computer chip. It has all of these 90 degree turns on it, typically where they run the electricity. Can you imagine running at 186,624 miles a second in one direction and you hit a wall and you've got to stop, bounce [2:07:11] off of that wall and then you pick up your speed and you bounce off the next wall and you bounce off the next and the next and the next and the next. How much heat are you building up? How much friction is being built up from the interference in comparison to if it was just spherical? Just going around. It would build up no heat and it would allow it to be spiral, which my patent was talking about, that first patent was talking about. You're able to utilize all that energy so you don't need the cooling systems. You don't need all of this loss or entropy None of that occurs when you go by universal standards That's all they have to do is follow what the universe does we have the the contractive side patented Ready and available. We have the expanded side [2:08:04] Patented worked out already, ready and available and we've got the constitution between the two of them. But how does that affect in a practical use? If you're using math on a calculator, what is wrong with what the calculator is saying? The calculator right now is still saying that we're on a linear path. And it's just multiplying things in a compartmentalized space. So by reductionist viewpoint, by breaking things down to simple numbers, that you really can't just do that. You can try to do it, but it's like the piano. Remember the piano, the earlier pianos, they had before they compartmentalized and everything was, remember that everything in the universe expands as a sphere, everything. Even music expands as a sphere. But what they did with the piano is they took all the 12 notes and then they just started [2:09:02] them all over again instead of accounting for the expansion, that space. So you would never, if you're looking at the periodic table, you would never get to the titanium or to the rubidium or to the cesium because they would all keep it with just the seven tones. They don't allow all of these other isotopes to use because they keep things here. You don't allow your child. Nope, nope, nope, you're not going to get taller. I need you to stay just at four feet. That's the height. That's how you can go. You will now be allowed to grow further and we naturally keep growing and expanding out. So they have to allow that but their math doesn't allow it because it believes in a two-dimensional space and remember there are no two-dimensional spaces because in order for anything to be perceived it has to be measurable and measurable needs three dimensions but it actually needs [2:10:03] four and needs your perspective. You are the fourth dimension, and that's what Walter Russell also talked about, that it was four things coming together. And that's what woke me back up, and I was like four bubbles meeting. But he still believed in the idea of straight lines. He was still hemmed in by it. And he's right there, becomes a cube sphere There comes a point where everything comes together But even Hold on, I'm gonna try and pull up Is it because that we can create straight lines that we get confused? We can't create it because even when you look at it under an electron microscope You'll see all the little curved dots that make it up There are no straight lines like if you look at it. Right, you get in a box. If you look at this you'll say, oh that's a square right there, right in the middle. Sure. You'll see that square happening right there. But if you look at it from the side, from its real perspective, you see that it's not. [2:11:00] The straight lines are an illusion. Again, we are being fooled by our senses because there is no motion in the straight line. So all these homes that they're building, and they keep wondering, why did they keep blowing over? Why don't you make the homes look like a mushroom, follow the curvature of nature, and you won't have to worry about rebuilding them in hurricane zones or in tornado zones. You'll go right over it. They don't make airplanes, that's just a straight box. They've allowed it to be aerodynamic and curved. They moved away from the straight lines and that aspect in boats. They don't have a, you know, the Noah's arc moving across like this. They don't do that. Like I said, no man would be attracted to a Cartesian woman, to a Euclidean woman. Something just straight like this. We need the curvature like the Alan Wads say. We need the wiggles. We like the wiggles attached to it. Yeah, that makes sense about homes. [2:12:00] Why do they keep making them flat when, and they keep getting blown around? I don't know what the fuck is there easy to make they're easy to make but it's easier to make the curved ones It would be much simpler to do it But all of our technology is built on these bricks of the platonic solids So now we have new building materials with what I've introduced Entirely new building materials that we can use. That I've proven and it's super symmetrical that you don't have to just stay with the rectangle. Yeah. You can do anything you want and you can produce energy. I want to show the magnetic field. We've talked about the electric field. Will you show the video for, it's a light column? Let me pause real quick. I gotta take a leak. Let's pause and we'll come back to that. So pick it up with magnetic field. We'll know what to do. Okay, where were we? Magnetic what? There it is. [2:13:01] Yes, so this is me taking, this is the feminine side and me taking four of them and stacking them on each other. My wife ran one string of lights down the middle of it, but watch as this spins. What is this that I'm looking at? I call it light sculpture. It's my transcendental lighting. Wow. A new form of lighting. This is insane. This looks like a psychedelic experience. But this is repeating. This is rebuilding and predicting the wayfield, the entire wayfield of how it behaves. That's what the magnetic field does. That's why I call it transcendent lighting because you could sit up there sober and get taken into an entirely new place and I just spent it. I have it on a little string at the top and I just turned it. Yeah, if you just make one of these and have it rotating on some sort of engine, people [2:14:03] would just trip balls, staring at that. And nobody is, you know, it's like I can completely change the lighting industry. And that's just one of the conjugations. Inside of there, the gift that I gave you, you'll see how the magnetic field bonds, it interacts with itself, how they overlap. If you take those off of it. Yeah, take those off of there, that's the electric field. What you have right there, all those are defined in the electric field and you see they're contractive. But inside of there, you'll see that the magnetic field. How did you make these? I take acetate. They might think it's? I take acetate and I think it's I take acetate and draw out the flower on it and I take the pieces of the flower and then I use a soldering soldering, you know. So you make all these by hand? I build all those by hand. So what this is crazy. [2:15:01] That right there is the light if you take that's right there, which you're holding in your hand. No, no, no, take where six bubbles meet. That is the decay. This is electric and this is the magnetic side of it. This is that at its decay. This is when the light is expanded out. This is the decay of the light field when it becomes a magnetic thing, a magnetic expression. Light is blue. Now electricity is blue. Light comes out in yellow and red. And how is this concept of taking these forces and converting them or representing them as these shapes. How is this received? Nobody has responded to it. They won't, the universities. I went to Morgan State because of a really, really beautiful brother brought me up there to Morgan State because he saw [2:16:00] these things. Yeah, no, I'm good. He saw these things and we set up an entire presentation at Morgan State. Dr. Bardwell, even though I've written, we've got three papers that's been peer reviewed. You know, the geometry of the proton and the tetrian that's been peer reviewed. He said, there's no way this guy knows any of this stuff. And so he knows any of the things inside of here. So no one from the science department showed up. So they bused in children from different schools. And I talked to them and I showed them how the universe worked. And then they brought like 20 PhDs from outside that came in and I showed them how the universe really behaves. You know, but none of them spoke on and out because what happens, what happens to root for a children. When you speak against the established norm, you get pushed outside. You don't get funding anymore. [2:17:00] I think part of the problem is also that when someone defines someone as one particular occupation and for you, it's you're a very talented actor. So people... You're a very talented actor, my opinion. So people think of you in that way and so there's no way he's awesome at something else too. Yeah well a lot of that happened, like you said, the guy that interviewed you for Rolling Stone. Yeah, Eric. Eric, I invited him into my home for two days, and I walked him through all of these things, but he had an agenda at Rolling Stone. They didn't say Terrence Howard has discovered this, and they said Terrence Howard, a very dangerous mind. So you put that kind of... Did they mean that in a complimentary way? I didn't read the article. So I can't tell you. It wasn't taken in a complimentary way. So they thought you were crazy. They took it as crazy. And he tells you that I had something serious, but to everyone else, [2:18:05] I wanna take you guys to something where, remember Nicholas Tesla said, it said, a mankind understood the magnificence of the numbers, three, six, and nine, he would have the keys to the secrets of the universe. If you will go to the Linchpin's bonding, can I bring you back to the Rolling Stone thing though, because you kind of abandoned it? I think- No, I'm going to show you okay. I'll show you on the agenda They had an agenda. Yeah, because remember at the same time they were calling me a wife feeder and all of those things And then I put out the video showing what that same woman That had Paying in a black eye those pictures weren't made at the police station or at the hospital. She took those pictures herself and she was blackmailing me for years because I used to had, when we met, and I was studying to be a Joe's witness. [2:19:02] I was trying to do all those things. So we weren't having any sex or any of that stuff So we got engaged and I bring her to my home in Philly and I had this tape because I Anytime I had interactions with somebody I'd heard that that That Louis Louis Armstrong recorded everything around him. You know, same thing with Marlon Brando. I recorded all his interactions with people. So I was recording things, and if I'd had phone sex with some girl, I was recording that. If we were having sex, I recorded that because I wanted to make sure there was proof of, you know, if anything happened. But I also recorded my mother the last two weeks before she died. And I had that on a dictaphone. And I didn't play with computers at the time. And she was like, oh, why you got this on the dictaphone? I can put it into the computer. I was like, oh, great. And we could keep it forever. Wonderful. You're so wonderful. [2:20:00] I go downstairs. I'm cooking some greens. Two hours later, I come upstairs, all of my dictaphones. From the last 15 years, she has downloaded into her computer. And then she's like, I was like, no, no, those are my private things. I don't, oh, no, it's okay. I can just hit delete. And so I was like, okay, great. And then three months later, when I tried to break up with her because we had no sexual, you know, there was no chemistry. Chemistry. Sexually. She was like, you think I erased those things? I kept those. And I know what you've done. And she started with the blackmail and all I really wanted back was my mother's tape. You know where she told me, I know you gonna be okay Terry I always knew you were gonna be okay I just wanted my mother's voice back. I paid her whatever money she wanted she destroyed that. She destroyed my name but like I said I thought that was a death blow but that's what took me back when I had nothing that's what took me back when I had nothing. That's what took me back to this [2:21:07] and that greater being started showing up again. And you think if that had not happened, you probably would have gone further and further in front of the job world of acting, you would have abandoned us. Oh my goodness, I had, you know, I was doing Iron Man. I don't know where, you know, that gets taken away. We did a three-picture deal with Marvel, a three-picture deal, four and a half million for the first one, seven and a half to eight million for the second one, twelve million for the third. We signed it. They come back to me the week that my mother dies. My, and they call it my agent Charles King over at, he was at William Morris at the time. And they said, yeah, we want Terence, but we want to come back for a million dollars instead of the eight million that we had agreed to. And my agent had an emotional reaction to a business decision. [2:22:01] And he said, F you and hung up the phone, well immediately they go to Don Chito. And, but instead of just doing that they had to spin oh he was terrible on set and all of these things and went through all this stuff and I'm calling Robert Downey Jr. I'm calling him because when I was doing the brave one with with Jody Foster Susan Downey was a producer with Joel Silver. She comes over to my my my my trailer and she's like wow it's so amazing. Congratulations on Iron Man. It's the first time they've hired the second lead before they've hired the first but Robert wants to go in there and they were talking about Clive Davis and all of that and I was like, okay, great. You know, I'm just moving along doing my thing and it's just like, but Robert really wants to go in, but they won't see him and I was like, I love Robert. I love what he does. I loved him in weird science. [2:23:00] I loved him. Who did they want? They want to climb Davis to play to play it because remember in the series War Machine was supposed to take over. Right. And I'm like, well, if Robert wants to come in, so I called Avi a rod immediately. He was the producer on it. And I'm like, Avi, I hear Robert wants to come in, but you guys won't even let him audition. He's like, no, we can't bond him. I'm like, instead of the four and a half, you want to give me why don't you take a million dollars for the bond for him? If he get, if, if, and let him audition, you know, and so he gets the part Robert is like, I love you. Thank you so much. Dada, da, da, da, da da da, well, when this other thing happened, I'm calling Robert and he's doing Sherlock Holmes. I called him 27 times and I'm like, and leave a message. I'm calling his assistant. I'm like, I need the help I gave you. I didn't hear from him until three years later. [2:24:01] I bumped into him at Brian Grazier's wedding. And then, but at that time, I I had Empire or whatever and I came back and it's like, oh, but everything worked out for you. And you know, that broke me a little bit, but I know how hard Robert had it. Coming out of jail. Coming out of that jail. And so if I had to sacrifice myself in order for that, because guess what? If Euclid or any of them had discovered one of the wave conjugations, they would have been happy. I was given not just the one. I was given the entire electric field and magnetic field and the Constitution between them. So I was given so much more in my wife when she first saw the mirror all shaped You know if you open it up you'll see it's the it's [2:25:00] right here My wife looked at this, the feminine side, because that's all I had really gotten to at that point. She was like, this is what you'll be remembered for, and your acting will be just a footnote. And you know, she nursed me back to life because I was angry. I was really angry. And I was going to use all of the knowledge that I had and I was going to destroy mankind. Oh my God. Oh my God. Right out of marble. I was like, yeah, I was about to, but then. Well, I'm glad you didn't. Now I know I'm here to help mankind. This is, you know, have the universities check out what I'm doing? Well, it's one of the most fascinating things about this, is that it's so easy to ridicule when an actor [2:26:01] has something that's outside of acting that changes everything. But if you were just a person, if you were just a person who went to school, became fascinated with these concepts, became obsessed and made it your life's work. And maybe you acted in college a little bit. No one would care. No. But you would become successful as an actor. As a bad guy. Yes. And then you'd gone through all that bullshit. So you'd gone through all that bullshit. And now they're like, no, no, no, no, that guy. There's no way. Those are threshold guardians though. It's a necessary step for it. I would gladly trade whatever $100 million I would have made doing that for this right here. What I've been able to do right here, like I said, when Tesla said, if mankind could understand the significance of three, six and nine, they have keys to the universe, will you play that video for me, Jamie? Yes, the Lynchpin bonding, it's stuff. It's, I think it'll be, [2:27:00] well, there's three of them. Yes, that one right there. Now, before we play it, if you count the struts and watch how many struts bond as it becomes this right here, and just count it as it goes, just let it play. You'll see one, two, three. And we know this is magnetism because it's expanding in the center. Now you'll see six of these bonds. And those colors going across there is basically the periodic table. Five, six. And then the last one comes in. And now you have your nine. And the last one comes in and now you have your nine. And this is magnetism, like I said, magnetism expands at the center. So you have your three, six, nine and it's back to that same fractal again. [2:28:03] So now what you do, if you will do me a favor. So when Tesla said that, what did he mean? He was talking about these numbers, this interaction of this three, six and nine, but this is all of them coming around the Tetrian at 120 degrees. Wow. This is how they all behave and this is the fractal because it keeps getting back to these four vortices. But now I want to show you, after let us go again so they could see it, how all of this, this is the grand unified field put together. Now I want to show you electricity in this space which would be the next one. And you'll see five linchpans bonding and you'll see that it collapses the Dodecahedron and that's the release of energy but it'll still make that same tetrahedral space. Watch. So when I talk about materials engineering now being able to be manipulated. [2:29:06] And you could see that the Dodecahedron has been collapsed and these other, because electricity is seeking higher pressure conditions. It's more dense. And we're back to the, and these five will keep bonding with other fives, building predictable structures, not haphazard things. These will four of these will come together and make a larger tetrahedron. And then those will bond and make largest. This is Jesus walking on water. This is the proof in the pudding. They don't have this for their chemical engineering programs now. They don't need those models of just a ball and just that little rod anymore. They now have what's necessary. The carbon line is that yellow line in between it. And when we put this in the solar apex and replace the sun with it, it predicts every star on a galactic plane, the elliptic, the ecliptic plane, and the celestial plane. [2:30:04] Every single star it predicts it when we put groups of linchpin it predicts entire relationships. So now that's why I say the Heisenberg uncertainty principle is out the window because now with this combined with the wave conjugations or with the mere shapes you can, whether it's expanding or contracting we can now predict precisely where everything shall occur. And the Linch pens have been, I've included all of that into the AI for the Linch pens and the best thing about IBM and all of those other companies, Raytheon, taking my patent and making money off of it. Since I have priority, since I invented it. I can now use any innovation that they've done off of my patent and not have to pay them a licensing fee. Really? I have priority. So that's why I was like, where is Elon Musk? But they put all that crap out there. [2:31:03] And after that doctor did that stuff with the blood thing, they think everybody's a liar. But it's like, I'm not just an actor. One of the biggest things I've done is that patent ARVR world that we live in. Doctor, you mean that Elizabeth, whatever name was? Yes, but they think everything is a scam. And then you have the Rolling Stones, you have the Guardian, you have all these people saying these negative things to where people wouldn't take it seriously and didn't even consider it. So I'm like, okay, and in nature, an animal isn't given horns unless it needs them. So our society as humans, we wouldn't be given this information right now unless we needed it and unless it was necessary for our continued existence and survival. We're about to destroy our planet, but with this you don't need to. You don't need to because now we know how to use the universe properly where you can [2:32:03] multiply what that gun, we get more energy out of it than we put in, which physics says is impossible, and they gave me the patents to it. But nobody wants to have a conversation. When you think that the origin of hominids, that this is a naturally occurring thing that happens when a planet reaches a certain distance from its star in a Goldilocks zone with the proper materials. Of course, the pressure conditions created. Look at... So you think this is happening everywhere. Everywhere. Everywhere because everything is alive. Look at what happens in the summer and in the north in portion. The Alamwad said, you'll see apples occurring at this time. They'll say that the tree is appling. Well, what happens with the planets? Oh, it's people-ing. This is just people-ing. [2:33:01] This is just what occurs at 93 million miles away from the sun. What do you think occurs after us? Well, once we get pushed out further, what happens? We need nitrogen to expand and to unwind and to oxygen. But since the nitrogen, since when we get pushed further out, the nitrogen is so far out, so we have to go deeper underground to have the pressure conditions that was equal to us having 93 million miles away from the sun. The deeper underground we go, the less light we have. And as a result of that, skin begins to gray, eyes get bigger. All of those necessary things, the things that we see and aliens and all of that ends up taking place. As the animal adapts to changing environment. Changing, changing pressure condition, we have to. We have to change. Why is it that white people are allergic to the sun? Because they've lived inside of a pressure condition [2:34:01] where there was not as much sun there. So when they get into this area where there's not as much sun there. So when they get into this area where there's a lot of sun, now you have melanoma and all of those other issues, but if they're in their natural environment, they don't have any of those problems. So they have to keep recreating their natural conditions that allows them to have homogenous nature with everything, but we're living outside of nature. Because we're acting on faulty ideas. Faulty fundamentals. We're still going with Euclidean straight lines when they are not and we would rather think we have understanding of the universe at 4% and keep the 96% as a mystery. And we invent all these science fictions, black holes, and dark matter, and dark energy, and all of this stuff, neutron stars that spinning so quickly, we invent all of these things [2:35:02] because the math is off. Because the math is not based on equanimity and they have normalization. You know, there's, I'm not going to go down the whole rabbit hole on it, but everything they've been doing, that's why they keep recreating and have a new theory for this. Now a boson and a God particle, and this, and you have the three quark model, and the gluons holding them together. Now we have the four, the five quark model, and we have all of these extra things that they keep inventing, and they have the certain collider, smashing living things together. Smash, because these protons, they're live. Everything is conscious. There's a, like, where's consciousness exist in mankind? Is it in our head and our body? What's the difference between men or mammals and plant life? [2:36:02] Do you think a grain of rice has 54,000 genomes in it? We only have 26,000. Who is more evolved? But what's the difference between us? If you, Jamie, could pull up the, I have a picture showing hemoglobin and chlorophyll. And you're going to notice that the hemoglobin has the exact combination of carbon and hydrogen that we have. The only difference they have is the center of theirs is magnesium and the center of ours is iron. That's the only difference. You put a cephalopod up there, it will be copper. The same interaction of chem, so where does consciousness occur? Where does the sentient being, is it just in the iron or is it the magnesium deals with the pressure condition like with a cephalopod, it has to have copper at its base because [2:37:03] of the pressure condition. The same experience just under a different temporal dimension. Change the pressure condition, change the motion condition, you change the organism and adapt. But it's the same living principle. There's no difference between us and the plants and when people are chopping down and ripping things off just because they can't hear them scream. It's wrong. So TCOTLC.com, we put all the patents inside of the Center for Truth, Love and Consciousness. That's what TCOTLC.com means because I knew that I have a propensity to get angry and get emotional and could misuse this stuff. So we have a board of Members that dictate how these things will be licensed out and how they're used. So it's not just on me So where do you think consciousness is coming from? Everything is alive. Everything is conscious. Everything is like if you take it from the biblical thing [2:38:04] What part of the universe wasn't made from the creator? Did he pick up some other if the creator as you turn up? So we just don't think of them as being alive because they don't move and they don't talk to us. They don't, we don't speak their language. We don't have the sensory ability to perceive their consciousness. But we know, we've learned, like if you look at the secret life of plants, they show that they'll take plants of the same mother and father and they'll seatlings and they'll watch the root growth. And because they are siblings, they are moderate in their root growth. But then they'll take the same species of plant but use a different seed from another parent and they're more aggressive in their root growth. Wow, the cooperative. The cooperative? Yes, when they're in the family. The tree, they'll take radioactive carbon or nitrogen and put it on the leaf of a mother tree of a fern or of some kind of f fertry. And they will put isotope or radioactive identifier [2:39:10] at its offspring. And you'll see that that mother tree is through the mycelia is taking that nitrogen and giving it to its youngsters. Yes. They call out, they speak and they're interactive. And they share resources. They're alive and sent speak and they're interactive and their share resources. They're alive and sentient because everything is alive. But we see everything as death, as dead because of what the Bible said. Because it breathed into life. You know, in the universe it's just one big, exact, big, nothingness of dead. There's nothing dead in the universe. Everything is alive and everything is a piece of God. So when God, when we do good things, then God is considered God is good. When we do bad things, God works in mysterious ways. It's just how we are behaving. [2:40:01] And we can all take the conscious level and recognize, okay, somebody's got to do the right thing and if you do the right thing, the right things happen. And you're going up against the stream of mankind, but I've got the entire universe behind me. I have the universal phenomenon and observable evidence and data that stands behind it and 97 patents and trademarks and Copyrights and multiple industries that I've invented nobody else have ever invented 10 gentle flight and ability to fly or unlimited midair bonding There's also a lot less confidence in the stream of mankind than there used to be There's much more of an understanding that the stream of mankind is often going in the wrong direction because of the Michelson Morley experiment of an understanding that the stream of mankind is often going in the wrong direction. Because of the Michelson-Morley experiment in 1887 and because special relativity took off and that meant, oh, everything is dead. So we have no responsibility to anything. [2:41:01] Everything is happenstance. We all got here by one big explosion and therefore life has no purpose. Nothing has a purpose. So now we can kill off these things. But they haven't looked at hemoglobin and chlorophyll. They haven't looked and said, okay, wait a minute. Let's do the law of similarities. If A is equal to B and B is equal to C, then A is equal to C. My view is this. If you know one thing about one thing, you know one thing about all things. Find the common factor and either multiply or divide. That common factor happens to be hydrogen. Everything in that we, an observable universe that we see is 99% hydrogen. Well now we have the geometry of hydrogen. So now we can manipulate 99% of the universe. And there's nothing we can accomplish. But they're still trying to make that money. Yeah, that's the problem. The problem was we're contained and confined by this desire for constant, never ending growth [2:42:04] in money, and to control industries, and to control people's ability also to express themselves, which is a big factor in this strange new world that we're living in, where almost anybody can express themselves. Yeah, things get very weird and slippery. If you have been used to being in control for the entire time, and now you can't, and so when an idea like this, if you're correct, this is not just groundbreaking, it's revolutionary. It's revolutionary. It's revolutionary. This has never occurred where someone has completely destroyed the telemetic model of the solar system. They had 39 different equations of how the planets and all that moved. And of course you're going to get ridiculed, which is always what happens. When someone comes along, especially someone like yourself, who again became successful in a different field, you know, and now all of a sudden you're saying this, like again, if you were a regular person that didn't have a background, wasn't famous for something [2:43:04] else, they'd probably be looking at this very differently. a regular person that didn't have a background wasn't famous for something else. They'd probably be looking at this very differently. But no, they still wouldn't accept it because it challenges their entire last 5,000 years of knowledge. It means that the people that give all this credit about the pyramids, if those were built by an advanced civilization, and I'm not saying they weren't built by someone that used other things, but I believe those things came initially from 100, 200,000 years ago, and the shape was more like this. But after people had been removed or the influences of the individuals that made them like this, they now was like, okay, we're just going to make them with straight lines and they limited themselves to that because they opened up the flower of life incorrectly. They invented straight lines where even God can't make a straight line because of his rules, the rules, their rules of equanimity. [2:44:06] And what do you mean by 200,000 years ago? There's over 130 something thousand years worth of water damage under this thing's itself. Where do you get that? You can look it up under that. Well, I've talked to Robert Shaw, because he's a geologist at Boston University, and he thinks that there's a lot of water damage on the temple this thing but he did it doesn't think it's that old it thinks it's thousands of years of rainfall thousands of years of rain but that's just after the cutting of the stone you know and it's it's a disputed thing it's not universally accepted it's a fantastic theory but uh... the temple go back to Temple. Go back to Temple. Yeah, Temple. You go back there, what they've done with the carbon dating on that in itself is like 13, 14,000 years old. I think it's 11. I think it's 11. It was buried, purposely buried, which is the fascinating aspect of it, that the dating [2:45:02] is universal through the ground, which shows that it was purposely buried 11,000 years ago. So that would put the construction time previous to that. They don't know though. But look at some of the maps that came out of Southern Europe, not Southern Europe, Southern Africa, that showed Antarctica in its full, and how it behaved long before they were able to do a number of things they were able to do. Right, when they didn't really even know it existed until I think it was... Those oral traditions go back 100,000 years. Yeah. Those oral traditions don't go back, you know, 6,000 or 5,000 years. So what do you think happened? Mankind. I mean, I'm... Well, okay, let's unpack this. If we are 98.7% identical to simians, right? And there's only 1.3% differentiation. Who's more evolved? We're considered ourselves to be more evolved. [2:46:02] But you look at the simians, they have 48 chromosomes. We only have 46. Where did that change occur? Where did we get this new understanding and how did we lose to chromosomes, even though we're 98.7% identical in behavior just like that. There's that 1.3% differentiation whether you want to call it the anonaku or some other influence that acted upon us but there's been a change within our DNA and our structure. And we were given the Samaritans, the Samaritans were given their number system. That's where the one times one, equaling one, came from. And their system of straight lines or the platonic solids. So my thoughts is the individuals that wanted us here to whatever work, whatever manipulation they did for us, [2:47:07] they wanted us to have a system of measurement, but something that could not contradict, not given us the full picture so they gave us a limited scope where we can measure small areas, but we would never need the larger areas, We would never need to be able to move out in space because we were engineered for a particular reason. And those stories, you go right back, every civilization has similar stories. The glow in the ancient traditions, but what did the Catholic church do? They went through all of these areas and destroyed all of those books destroyed all of that information Why What just like the Taliban blew up the Buddhist statues. Why? Yeah. Why did we destroy all of their Native Americans? [2:48:08] All of their information. What was the purpose of it? There's a dumbing down that's happening. Well, it's also a force compliance, right? Comply with the new ideology. Whoever's in control, whether it's the Catholic Church or the United States government, the 1800s that prevented Native Americans from speaking their native language. Yeah. Now, if you, if you're correct with this concept of a son ejecting particles, which eventually over billions of years form planets, and then there's a natural occurrence that happens where intelligent life forms emerge, and that this happens everywhere through the universe, and that there are steps, and that these steps that are past where we are, is what we look on the iconic form of aliens [2:49:01] with the large heads and the big eyes, and those tiny spindly gray bodies. of aliens with the large heads and the big eyes and the tiny spindly gray bodies. If we go to other planets and we do, especially with drones, if something knows how to travel here from somewhere else and understands this process because this process is ubiquitous throughout the entire universe, everyone, and at a certain level of technological sophistication and understanding of matter itself, especially if they have already figured all this stuff out a million years ago, they would probably want to experiment or even accelerate the evolution of our advancement. And it appears our advancement happens very unnatural. I think most biologists will agree that the biggest mystery in the entire fossil record is the doubling of the human brain size over a period of two million years. It's a very very very fascinating point. It's a real it's [2:50:03] it's not debatable. Does it screen manipulation from an external for something? Right, something. It screams something took place because it's an extraordinary something and if it's the something that takes place that's responsible for this single most bizarre animal on the planet, the one that can manipulate its environment in a way that nothing contemporary can do. Nothing along the side that lives with it in the same timeline is even close. Nothing's even remotely close. It's very, very, very different, but it's also extremely flawed for something that has such a high level of technical sophistication. Because of our fundamentals. Because we're still barbaric. We're still a core. We know the universe and the world is round, but we're still using flat principles to approach it. Right. And so if you were a super sophisticated creature from another planet [2:51:04] and you needed some particular materials from our planet. And the Anunnaki stories all about gold. Yes. They needed gold. Fixing up the... Yeah. The idea was that they were going to... And this is all from Zechariah's Sitchens work. Great. And the idea was that they were going to suspend gold particles in their atmosphere in order to protect their environment. Because they had abused. Yeah. They had abused it. I think there was also some speculation about volcanic eruptions, that volcanic eruptions had probably ruined their atmosphere as well. But they had the ability to do something about it. And the way to do something about it is to mine gold and that they took us and they created us from the hominids. From the hominids. The reason why that's so interesting is because gold is fucking useless 10,000 years ago. Why do you need gold? No one needs gold. If you're surviving, if you're a hunter-gatherer, gold means jack shit to you. [2:52:02] Why is it the number one method of currency throughout all human beings all over the world? Well remember they abandoned remember for a long time like if you're speaking if you're thinking about Italians they talk about they it's salt the salt yeah it was salt salt was what we used for currency in exchange for the gold. We use, so where did the gold come? Why did we have an appetite for it? If it wasn't placed into us, if it does not sustain us in any way. It's very intriguing. It's very intriguing because it doesn't do anything. You can't make a weapon out of it. You can't make a tool out of it. It's too soft. It's excellent for electronics. You made. And they weren't necessarily doing electronics, but silver is even more conductive if you want it for electronics. Silver is like 17 times the conductivity of gold. But they weren't even using it. No. Right. But they did use silver as well. Silver was also used as currency. [2:53:03] But not like gold. Gold's the king. Always has been Gold is number one. So why do we love it? Why do we need it? Why do we trade life for it always? Why have people like risk their lives traveling across the sea with wooden boats filled up with it to the point where they sink? And then we find these fucking bones these dead soldiers and then we find these fucking bones, these dead soldiers. Mm-hmm. Surrounded by gold coins. It's crazy. One of the greatest things about the Lynchpin is it's also submersible. And so one of the main points is, you know, I'm about to build five smaller ones. The only thing that I'm missing right now, because we've have built a ton of, we've got like 20 different prototypes that so so when you say submersible you mean transmitting no transmitting they can go under water like these u.a.p.s yeah but no we can go underwater right and be able to go now and be able to grab they can identify where that gold is oh god and now they can go [2:54:03] down and pull it up themselves without even informing the government about it. I don't need any of that other stuff. And I think that's why this has been suppressed. When I first took it over to Rathion, I had these two test pilots, you know, both colonos, you know, within, been there for 30 years, one at Boeing, one at Rathion, he said, let the people at Rtheon said, let's see if he can keep it. They didn't know I had all these other patents surrounding it that I... They had no idea, but it's usage. If they use it, the world changes in a beautiful way. If they ignore it, we cease to exist, because we'll continue down this wrong path. So do you think that intelligent life in all places of the universe has figured this out already? If they are traveling here, they have, because you don't use power to go from one place [2:55:01] to another, you decouple from the electric pool. You decouple from the earth and guess what? The earth pulls away from you at its speed. You decouple from the solar system. It pulls away at its speed. You decouple from the galaxy. It pulls away from you. That's all you really need to do, but they didn't know how to decouple. In two years, I won't need props anymore. I'll use molecular excitation, which is all inside of the patents that I've put in there. So one of the things about this whole back engineering thing that you keep hearing about with UAPs, the back engineering, is gravity propulsion systems. Is that there's a system, this is what Bob Lazar talked about, a system that uses a stable element called element 115 that was just theoretical until they discovered that it actually exists in a particle collider in the 2000s. So he was talking about this in 1989. And what he's saying is that there's some sort of stable element that gets bombarded with electricity and it creates this gravity wave. [2:56:08] That you can do that or you can just like with music use a discordant tone and those tones will push away. There's a particular tone that the earth is on. There's a particular tone, the key of A. It's 432 Hertz, the Schumann Resonance. All you have to do is have the opposite tone to that and it will be pushed away from it. You don't, the same way a bubble at the bottom of the ocean doesn't use any energy to get to the top. But because it's completely in opposition to its environment, the environment pushes it away. That's what you do if you're an intelligent race. You can use an or if you're trying to swim across the ocean, you can get across there, but an intelligent species like Alan Watts said, will use a sail and they'll tack and make [2:57:05] their way across. You use the energy, that's what judo is. It's supposed to be the dial, the dial way, which is the woo way, which is not forcing anything. And the Japanese just say judo in a harsher sense, but it still means using the energy of your opponent against it without expressing unnecessary energy. So you just use the equal and opposite forces of tones. You can do all of this stuff with tone. You don't need to use any electricity beyond creating the frequency. That's what the Beatles use, not the Beatles, the singer group, but those Beatles that they have in the scarab beetles and those people that were doing those experiments with it. That's what these shapes use properly, [2:58:00] vibrated properly, it's a levitation. And so that would be the method of propulsion. Method of propulsion and also decoupling. And so it wouldn't show visible means of propulsion. Just like these UAPs don't show visible means of propulsion. They don't have a heat signature. No. So they'd be operating on something entirely different that's allowing it to propel. And then you could figure out how to manipulate that how. Take the frequency of the earth and find out what's the equal and opposite tone to it. Wrap your ship in there. And how fast could this thing go? You've decouple from the earth. You move at what's the earth moving at a thousand miles an hour or so. Takes 24 hours for it to get around. You know how quickly is our solar system spinning? Whatever that tone, whatever that frequency is, whatever that speed is, you decouple from the solar system, now the solar system moves away from it. So in that sense, you could move it in sane speeds and not experience G-Force. [2:59:03] No, nothing whatsoever. And that's what the Linchpin or the angles of incidence allows, you could move it in sane speeds and not experience G-Force. No, nothing whatsoever. That's what the Lynch pin or the angles of incidence allows because now we can decouple from these six relative positions. So when we feel a G-Force, like when you're in a, if you ever flown in a fighter jet before, you feel those insane G-Forces. Mm-hmm. What that is is the resistance of the Earth itself of the spin of the earth itself of our centripetal place where we are with the Remember the earth is spinning uh-huh the solar system is spinning and acting a force the Galaxy is spinning and acting on it and now the force is pushing down So if you decouple from them, then you have no force pushing you through, and you can essentially travel instantaneously to anywhere if you have the right frequency. The right frequency, it's all frequency. It's all frequency. And now, and the right angles of incidence, you can't get there with Cartesian space [3:00:01] or Euclidean 90 degrees, 45 degree things. You cannot get there. You have to have the truth. And that's why I think I was given all of these things. It's like, hey, let's stop destroying the planet. You don't need oil to do all of the things you're doing. You know, we can now take, right now we're writing a patent. I'm working with Jeff Yee, another mathematician that we worked. And me and Chris are doing another patent, but we're able to take the radioactive decayed water, the stuff that they're using to cool those rods and use the proper angles of incidence and the proper field and can reverse that radioactive decay in days and not take 100 years in order for it to do us just the change of pressure and motion conditions. When I was talking to Jeff Yee about it, it was like, well, we can use neutrinos coming from the sun and saw that there was a different relationship like I was saying [3:01:03] before how radioactive decay happens, seems to happen quicker around Venus or closer to the sun. And I was like, is it possible? That's due to the change in the greater pressure condition that's happening, and therefore, the electricity is able to have a greater effect upon it. You know, I was like, oh, no, no, how do you know that the pressure is greater? You know, at Venus. And I was like, oh, you still think that. You still think there's a void. You know, we'll send a probe there and see how the pressure increases and send a probe out and see how the pressure decreases. The greater, closer to the sun or the apex or the primary, the closer to it, the higher the pressure, the further away, the less the influence or the primary, the closer to it, the higher the pressure, the further away, the less the influence. Your child, my child, you get my child around me, I've got a great deal of influence on it. And he behaves the way I expect him to behave. You take him outside, you know, to a theme park and I'm not there, they run crazy. [3:02:02] Right. Because I'm not there. They run crazy. Right. Because I'm not there to act upon them. So you can use that for propulsion at the same time. I feel like we could do a hundred of these podcasts, but I think we should wrap this one up. We just did about three hours. I saw when I was looking at a lot of your stuff. I was like, damn, he'd be sitting there talking for three damn hours. You just thought I was looking at a lot of your stuff, I was like, damn, maybe sitting there talking for three damn hours. What are they talking about? But we didn't even, we haven't even covered half of these things. Let's do it again. I would love to. Let's do it again. But if you, like I said, I'm very interested to see how this is received. And I'm very there's gonna be a lot of people that want to be able to talk to you. I'm leaving I'm leaving those things with you. Beautiful. Just so that you can and if you go into my book You can walk through and I explain all of us about 30 times just to try to get a slippery grip on any of it, but [3:03:01] Thank you. I really appreciate you man. I really appreciate you're a very rare person. You too, man. You made the challenge. There's one question I want to ask you before you go. Sure. While you were on Fear Factor. Yes. And you watched people making choices for that gold. Yeah. What was your consensus about human nature in comparison to what dignity and integrity should move somebody to do in comparison for chasing that gold? Well, I think for a lot of people, first of all, what happens is first the show becomes famous, right? So the show gets on television. Initially people do it because they want to be on television. Then the show becomes successful and people do it because they like it. They watch it home and they wonder if they could do it. Could I do that? Like most people say, the physical challenges, like, that was going to be interesting to me, but man, I can't eat bugs. I can't do that. Oh, that's in your head. And it's like anything, it's just a challenge to see if you could overcome your natural instincts. [3:04:07] I ate a roach, it was nothing. It's no big deal. I ate a bunch of things. I ate a sh- I ate a cicada. I ate a sheep's, cicadas are actually good. Like people cook them. And there's a bad, by the way, you should cook them because there's a giant hatch about to go down right now and they were just showing images of these things coming out of the ground because it's like a 13 year cycle. And there's billions of them. And you get them. They're delicious. A great source of protein. Yeah, the great source protein. People got to get past the idea in bugs. But so then people started doing the show because they wanted to see if they could do it. And you know, some people are in credit card debt, they're young, they want to take a chance, it might be fun. Yeah, but at the end of the day, there's a certain amount of self-respect that comes up to it. Like if I'm forced to eat a slug or something of that nature, if I'm on, like, naked and afraid, the drive's been crazy because they don't even get paid for it. [3:05:01] They go out and get these parasites and for life. Yeah. for it, they go out and get these parasites and for life, and it changes them for life, and it's just for the freaking experience. No, that's why we put on clothes. It's the clout. They want to be on television. People want to be on television so bad. And I think being on television is the worst thing that has ever happened. I feel like an emotional whore, because they don't appreciate that I'm tapping into something sacred, some sacred emotions, and now I'm just turning tricks for Johns, turning tricks, and if I do a great job turning this trick, they'll do a gang bang with their buddies, literally and figuratively, you know, and that's what they want to do. They want to make all the money out of you turning your tricks Yeah, but the thing is like for the person that watches it It's entertainment and it's very valuable like wow what a great fucking movie you leave you feel inspired you want to create You know, there's positive to it too. I could see how you look at it as a negative experience But particularly you the producer you have so much more to ought well, yeah, there's always you're always gonna get pimps yeah and that's and I love interacting with the people and and I [3:06:10] love the the growth of that I love when people say you help me through a really dark area because even when I play bad guys I'm like I'm trying to find I'm finding the I know that bad person is just missing something that it wanted and needed like all humans. Yeah. Just a hug, just a right hug and, you know, and somebody understanding them. I'm gonna leave with this one last thing. Okay. I was on the plane once and I always asked the older people when that's sitting next to me, what's the best advice you can give a young man? You know, I was 33 and this, when we were going over to Germany, it's will take one minute. We're going over to Germany and I asked this one guy, it was like 70 years old and the right moment as we were on our way, he said, if you look out the right side of the plane, you'll notice the island of Ibiza and he got real quiet. And then five minutes later, he said, have as much sex as you can now. [3:07:05] This is before the advent of Niagara. And then five minutes later he said, have as much sex as you can now. This is before the advent of Iagra. And then I was on coming back from the Czech Republic and a few years later. And I asked this man as we got on the plane and he said next to me. And he waited until we got all the way near LA. And as he was reaching up for his bags he said, you got it, what's the best advice you can give a young man so he can be good, have a successful life. He said, you got to remember in every person you meet, there's a little piece of God in them, and that's who you talk to. And I add it to that, but make sure they see it in you first. So that's what my life principle is about, make way for life., make way for life. Please make way for life. Find the peace of God and you and show it, shine through it, push it, and take up your stake. You know, take up your stake and be the Messiah for the day, [3:08:00] and two days and three days if you can. And be a rascal also. I discovered half of this stuff while I was still watching porn. It's not like I was in some monk. I'm still watching porn and I'd come back and do these. So I was like, okay, there's a balance. There's a balance. That's a great advice. That's a great way to wrap this up. Let's do this again. We're gonna do this again. I love that. 100%. I can't wait. Reach out to a lot of musk, man. And Jeff Bezos, if they want to finish, I don't know, Jeff, but I know you. Elon, I got his solution. We can clean up the upper atmosphere. You know, Linchpin is real. It's real. It's there. I can... I can't wait'd see the response to this. Thank you, Terence. Thank you. Bye, everybody.