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Akaash Singh is a stand-up comic, actor, and co-host of the podcast "Flagrant" with Andrew Schulz. Check out his new special, "Gaslit," on YouTube. www.akaashsingh.com

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So Jamie, I'm sending you these things right now. You want to feel like a lazy piece of shit? Uh, yep. Yeah. This would be an Ari were sending each other last night. This is all the Phish concert at the sphere. Oh Phish is a fascinating thing dude the graph. You know the sphere and Vegas. Yes giant globe. Yes, the whole ceiling is All LCD or LED what kind of screens it? L L. E. D. L. E. D. I remember the best shit is yeah, it's like a billion dollar building. Yeah. But the screens on the ceiling, so Phish utilizes these for all these like crazy, trippy, psychedelic images. And so while the show is going on, people are just like, wow! It's like the greatest fucking thing I've ever seen in my life. Look at this. That's the ceiling. Awesome. That's the ceiling. Oh, that's great. That's the ceiling. Awesome. That's the ceiling. Oh, that's great. It's incredible. It's incredible. And then go on to that show. What a party. I mean, they're doing a residency, so I guess they're doing six sphere shows. Check out some of the other ones I sent you, Jamie. I sent you quite a few. They're all different. One of them is a dog. A dog's like licking the screen. I need to see this. I did not know how big Phish was. I didn't know it was big at all, but they have such a massive cult following. They do. They sell out everywhere. Yeah, it's like the dead. It's basically the same. It's like a new generation of the grateful dead. And I'm growing up, I was aware of the grateful dead Phish. I was doing a show in Atlantic City. And then the guy that was booking, I was like, I don't know, man, it's tough. Phish is here this weekend at the whole city. And I was like, what? Phish? Pee the one with the Phish? Pee Phish? And he was like, yeah, they're huge. And then people follow them. I had a buddy of mine, his just didn't get it. Yeah, I've never heard this single one. What are you talking about? Like, what's the big deal? Like, look at this one. [2:05] Holy shit. This is insane. That's awesome. It's insane. You're in the field also it's insane. Now, even hearing this in the headphones, that feels awesome. And looking on this screen. Yeah, and apparently there's not a bad seat in the house and one of the guys from Phish was doing an interview about it And he was saying essentially like every seat is incredible because every seat you you see the sky and you see this You see fireworks and it's just fucking amazing. This is awesome So they're doing a UFC there in September and I have no look at the dog Oh, that's so sick dude. That's so sick. Isn't that amazing? Yeah see there in September. And I have no, look at the dog. Oh, that's so sick, dude. That's so sick. Isn't that amazing? Yeah. Um, what's going to be on the screen? You're 300 is max hollowing knocking you out with two seconds left in the fight. One second. Yeah. One second. Yeah. It's, it's going to be all kinds of shit. I mean, they're, they're essentially planning for that [3:02] different than they've ever planned for any other event. essentially planning for that different than they've ever planned for any other event. Dan, it's on me. They've already spent $9 million preparing for September's event. That's so sick. So tickets are going to be nuts for that, I assume. They're going to be nuts. Yeah. It's going to be a nutty event. I don't think they're going to do more than one of them. I think they're only going to do one because the idea is it's so expensive to do and there's so much involved in preparing for it. But it's an investment, so you're gonna get it back. Has anybody written a book on Dana building the UFC? You would know I would not, I'm very much casual, but just I remember being like 13 seeing the UFC commercials, and it didn't, it seemed like this fringe thing, and now it's this massive mainstream thing, and I don't wanna give all the credit to one person, but it seems like he's the one a lot of it a lot of it goes to him. Yeah, it wasn't for him Yeah, it would just wouldn't be the same thing you have to have a maniac right in that He's a maniac. He's a maniac, but a genius maniac. Yeah. Oh, yeah. He's literally born for that job. Yeah, it's perfect He's the perfect guy for that job my cameraman was telling me this morning Kevin Shows the Kevin he films and at us all my, but he's a big UFC fan. He said Dana put out like a three minute video after you have 300 of a bunch of people criticizing [4:07] the fight card on UFC 300. And I was like, dude, that's the thing that you need. That George Michael Jordan has that thing, Dana White has that thing, Dave Portnoy has that thing where it's like, I remember everybody that ever insulted me, fuck you, no matter how famous I get't have that. I don't either, but I keep moving. I don't like that kind of stress in my life. I don't like dwelling on things. I don't like creating additional conflict. Maybe I did when I was younger, but that shit doesn't seem appealing to me at all. How do you let go? If you had it when you were younger, how did you let go of it? I just realized it wasn't helping me. The same way I let go being jealous of people. I would be jealous of other comedians like if they were killing it I would be like, oh, I hope you bombs. Yeah, and then I This is when I was 21 I felt this that's very young and I saw it. I was like, oh, what what a weak thought. Yeah I was embarrassed. Yeah I remember being 27 and it was being so angry and I haven't let go of all of it by any stretch But being like I don't like me being like this. And then I realize all my hate of other people [5:05] is rooted in me worrying I'm not gonna make it or worrying I'm not funny enough. And then you get kind of like, that's embarrassing. So let's try to move away from that. Yeah, especially with comedy and something that you could actually improve on, it's really stupid, or even martial arts, something you could improve on. I get it with girls. Because they get it with looks. Like looks. Oh, there's a good, okay. No, looks is a fucking terrible. What a crazy crap shoot. Yeah. You could just get two sixes. Yeah. Or you could get two ones. Yeah. And there's not a goddamn thing you can do about it. You just got fucked by genetics. And it's because men don't give a fuck about your personality. They barely care. Yeah, it's as long as you're nice enough. Yeah. You're nice and smiley and friendly. Be there, don't stop. People like she's great. Yeah, yeah. She's awesome. She was quiet. Like, where's such a whizzers dude? Like, she was like not interrupting me when I was talking. She's awesome. Yeah, dude, it's all genetics. [6:06] Yeah. We're looking for those features. Yeah. We're looking for symmetry and all kinds of different things. And it's just, the world is a rough place if it's just a looks thing. Yeah. But if it's a performance thing, god damn it, it's the opposite. Like you should be excited by someone who's better than you because that gives you something to strive for and it also gives you fuel. Yeah, absolutely. And I've said this publicly, I think on another on True Jordies podcast, but watching Andrew blow up, there's times where I'm insecure and I'm like, oh, am I going to get there? But then watching him handle all of it, I'm like, oh, that is such a blessing to be able to watch him handle everything. So if and when I get to that position, this is how you handle it. I've seen it done before. Yes, that's important. Yeah, that's important to learn how to just be yourself. Stay yourself. Yeah, I'm gonna stay yourself because the pressures are different. The world, it's like you step into a different atmosphere. Yeah, it's like a different environment. [7:00] It's like you're on a different planet. The number of gravity is different. As the number of eyeballs increase. Everything, every feeling you have about these groups of people with an opinion you amplifies as their numbers amplify. Yes, so if you are hung up on other people's opinions and then you blow up, you're in real trouble. Because if you read all that stuff, you can go crazy and we've all seen it. We've all seen guys who go crazy. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Just like the pressure and the other people and the opinions and all that stuff, it cracks them. I remember when you came on Flagrant, you were like, I'm sure there's stuff that's negative about me. I just don't read it. And then that actually helped me because I was like, oh, if Joe Rogan doesn't, the most famous guy I know doesn't read the comments, I thought there You need to train yourself to get used to negative, it's like a really stupid thought, but it's like that you can just not do it. And then those people aren't real in the real world. If you're a nice person, right? You want to have nice exchanges with people. Like, I'm a nice guy. I like to be friendly. I like meeting people and hugging them. I like fun times. [8:00] I don't like arguments. So if I'm engaging with people who are troubled, mentally ill people that are just looking to shit on people, then you get all that energy in your head. I wouldn't gravitate towards that energy in real life. Why would I gravitate towards that energy online? This is not good for you. So if you pretend that you don't care at all, well now you're pretending, okay? Now you're not a human anymore. Because all humans care about other people's opinions. It's a part of why we all survived. Why are tribes managed to move into cities and create agriculture and create civilization? You have to like each other. You get along. It's part of the deal of being a human being. And if you try to pretend, I don't give a fuck. Okay. Well now you're lying. That's a coping mechanism. Now you're lying. You just gotta be honest about who you are. You're a human being. And if you're a human being, what do you want? [9:01] You want good interactions with people? My wife said a thing, I was getting in my head a couple of times and she says a thing, she's like, let me ask you a question. Have you ever gone on to a content creators page and left a negative comment? And I was like, I don't think so. And I love hating on things. But going on as someone's page, and then she's like, now imagine doing it incessantly. All day long. that like their life is based around hating someone else, you can't take those people that seriously. And I was like, ah, it's a valid point. They might dislike me, but that level is weird. Yeah, they're losers. It's a band with issue. And I don't mean they're losers. Like they're never, they can't be winners. I mean, like what you're doing, you're engaging in loser behavior. I've engaged in loser behavior, of course. a loser. It doesn't mean you're like, this is a can. You are a can. You never change. This is never going to be a plant. It is what it is. That's not what I mean. But I mean that if you're acting like a loser, if it walks like a duck, it quacks like it, you're a fucking duck. You're a loser. And if you're a guy that's going on, you think Michael Jordan's leaving negative YouTube comments. You know what I'm saying? Like people that are successful don't have time [10:07] to try to take other people down for no reason, unless you cat waves. Yeah, but that's great at it though. He's so good at it though. If you're not that good at it, don't do it. But also he's being accurate. The thing about cat is like you can't refute the things he's saying other than the book thing. There's no way he reads that many books. But 40 is impressive. It's not as fast as he said, but it's impressive. Oh, is it 5 flat? You ran the 40 and like 5 flat? Have you seen that clip? Yes. Crazy. He's fast. Yeah. He's fast, man. He's cool. He's fun. He's a fun dude. Hey did I get unrogan the first time and shit all over Austin? What a fantastic city I'm a loser 68 degrees on a Sunday. I'm walking around there's trees. There's beautiful people There's good food and I realized the only reason I hated it is because I would leave Texas when I moved to New York Or LA and every hacky liberal would be like oh, I hate Texas [11:01] But I like Austin and then I got insecure and some losers shit now they know what fuck Austin dude fucking vegans They suck. This is great if you go to certain parts of Austin you will get annoyed I was in east Austin a couple months ago, and I saw some fucking guy driving his Tesla with a mask on Literally wanted a yank him out of his car break his neck You fucking you're a problem voting fucking, you're a problem voting. I guarantee you, you're a problem. Oh my god. You're the reason why there's no cash bail. Dude, I saw a guy in 2022 in an elevator and he got mad at me for not having a mask on. I was like, buddy, it's over. It's over. He got mad at you. He was like, you're not wearing a mask and then because in New York had the whole mask thing for longer. And so I guess, but to me, once it was still going on in 2022, when you got in the elevator? I don't know, I guess. Well, my wife NYU, she got a master's at NYU and they made them take boosters, which I took the Vax, I'm fine with that, but boosters, I was like, I'm not doing it. If it's a cold, I'm not vaccinating, it to wear masks. Jesus Christ. Which is insane. [12:06] There's no science, zero science. Yes. If you look at the science behind masking, there's actually legitimate science that breathing those dirty fucking masks with that bacteria inches from your mouth is bad. That's fair. Yeah, because you're spitting in this thing and then this thing is right in front of you. And it's also warm and moist, so it breathes bacteria. Like a surgeon wears masks to protect someone whose body is cut open. That makes sense. And then spitting side of them. He's not talking having full conversations. He breathes in it for the surgery, takes it off. That's it. No mask or whatever. And if you wear one of those, like even that is, you're getting air in, okay? And you must understand that the particles of whatever virus it is are smaller than the fucking holes that you're getting air through. You're getting air through. You could vape through those things. Have you ever seen people vape through them? [13:00] No. Yeah, fucking vape goes everywhere. There's a doctor that was showing that early on. He was a respiratory specialist. He was like, this is insane. And let me show you why it's insane. So it takes up, you know, one of those big juice box vapes that those dorks use. This was when they suck it on a robot dick. So he takes this big puff and then blows right through like one of them surgical masks. Like right through. Wow. flows right through like one of them surgical masks. Like right through it. Wow, okay. So the COVID particles are smaller than the vape particles. Yeah. It's nonsense, but it made people feel better. I'm more in the beginning because, you know, it's like you don't want to be an asshole, everybody's scared, you don't want people upset. There's no mask. Yeah, and like, early on I'm with you. I was, I get it. We didn't know what the fuck this was. We didn't know how to control it. So this is what we feel we need to do. And then as more info started coming out, we should start to get less hysterical about it because there's more info on it. And it felt like in New York, we didn't. I thought some places went so far. The other way was a little nuts. It's puttos more with most issues. I'm liberal about pretty much everything until it gets to like border and guns. [14:06] And then I'm like, I know violence. I understand reality. And this crime is real. It's a real thing. Like this idea that you shouldn't be protected is fucking nuts. Especially when you're defunding the police. Fucking idiots. Yeah, that was crazy. Yeah, that was crazy. Yeah, I know what I have a bid in the special where I talk about just like the marketing of it like defund the police I don't when you when I talk to liberal people about what that means they would be like Yeah, you know, you know, you just want to like specialize the police force and have less like have de escalation measures first Bob a lot. I'm like well that's a specialized a police is a lot better than defund the police you maniac Yeah, what they have to do is train the police better and make improve the police. Yeah, and give those folks mushrooms every now and again, a little cleanse. You, because of you, I started smoking weed a little bit. It's great. I gotcha. I gotcha on that podcast that day. You got me on the podcast that day. And buddy, let me tell you, shrooms even better. [15:00] Yes. I'm so glad I waited till I was 37 to do any of this. I don't think I could have handled it I was smart. That's actually a smart. But trums are the best all when you were showing me that Phish thing All I was thinking about is I'm gonna get trums Take us to a Phish show sit there and lose my mind. Are you sure fear is trying to convince me to go to a makeup specialist and get a like I was prosthetic nose and chin. Oh one people know yeah, maybe you have red head maybe we're red head and Eat some baggy clothes or something like that. Yeah, yeah, yeah, but you're the guns Like yeah, if I just might tattoos if anybody identifies those you have to If you're gonna go to a Phish concert you have to just be one with the crowd yes can't do that if you're famous you gotta be able to sneak in and just just take it in wow dude we could just run out this fear let's just do a let's just do a concert a private concert with Phish for you and your friends and I am obsessed with AI animation I'm [16:04] obsessed with it. I follow like 15 different people online now on Instagram. I just said it'll come across my feet and I'll just find these insane videos that they're creating like instantly with AI and they're beautiful. Yeah, insane. They're amazing. We made songs with AI on the Patreon episodes and they're so good so 20 seconds unbelievable have you seen the rap beef that are happening where they think the songs are AI because they're so like One guy said I know this song isn't AI because how can AI take a breath in a song and I was like they can it's AI It's just gonna get better and better no they um they take breath Yeah, they do all kinds of stuff now. They mimic all the patterns of speech that they can record from all these different people. So they have, like, if you have a database, like say if you and I, we've been on a bunch of podcasts. Yeah. So they could take us and have us say anything. And it would be like weird pauses, clearing of the throat. it would be indistinguishable. [17:05] What is your... What is this? Drake takes aim at Kendrick Lamar with AI2Pock and Snoop Dogg vocals on Taylor made three sounds. So Drake and Kendrick Lamar, and Drake wrote a beef, and he did AI Snoop and AI2Pock, talking about how disappointed they are in Kendrick Lamar. He wrote the wraps, and then the voice is sound perfect. Oh my god. It's unbelievable. It's happening. What is wrong with Kendrick Lamar? They're just beef this rap just it's competitive. They beef sometimes I think Kendrick started this one and then it's just like who wants to be the best and hip hop is rooted in this kind of like battle rap and Like combat competitive spirit. Well hip hop is an interesting thing because I love hip hop, but I don't really love bragging But I love hip hop bragging. Yeah, because it's performative. It's not, you don't take it seriously. Well, it's also, you gotta put yourself in like, like Jay-Z in 99 problems. You know, where he's rapping about all you think [18:03] about is cash money hose. Like if you grew up with holes in your zapatos, you would, you know, that's the whole idea. Like if you come from nothing, and then all of a sudden you got diamonds in your drive in a fucking Lamborghini. Yeah, absolutely. It's supposed to be a celebration of the fact that you made it and it's part of the bragging. I remember one of my parents had money. They had money, lost money, had money, lost money, but the last time they had money, I was like, who needs all this stuff? Then they lost money, I started comedy, I was broke as fuck, whole family's not making money, and I was like, all I wanna do is buy things when I get money, I'm buying everything. And then you buy a few things, the stress of that not being, or barely being able to afford it and working for it, is not nearly worth what you get out of the thing. The only time nice things are worth it is when they're kind of free, meaning not that they're free, but that you don't feel it. [19:00] Like if you went out and bought a new Mustang, you wouldn't even feel it if you're rich. It's like, ooh, I can enjoy this. This is fun. It's like, it doesn't affect your life, but if you make $60,000 a year, and you go out and buy a new Mustang, and then you look at those car payments, and you look at your rent payment, and then you look at your bills, you're like, fuck. Like maybe I should take on like a little uber thing on the side. You know, that's my Mustang. Yeah, we're people wind up doing that to pay for a car. Which is a great thing to do if you want to do it that way. But the additional stress like houses, like I always tell people this, this is an important lesson that I learned when I was 27. When I was 27 was the first time I ever had a nice apartment. I moved to Hollywood, I was on a television show, and I got this place in North Hollywood, and it had a loft. And I had a pool table in my living room. I'm like, this is amazing. I did the dream. And I was sitting down, I didn't even have furniture yet, and I was dating this girl, and we were sitting down listening to Seal. [20:00] You know, that kissed by my nose? Yeah, you know the kiss from our rose, yeah. And we're listening to it. I had this dope ass fucking stereo that I've never had a stereo. And then I mean, I mean, I'm a bullshit stereo, but I never had a real stereo with the big speakers. And so we're listening to this. This sound is like going all, it's bouncing off the walls, everything. I'm like, this is incredible. But then after a few months, I had this revelation. I After a few months, I had this revelation. I was like, oh, this is just home. This is the same feeling I had in my shitty apartment in New York. It's just home. The highway is off. Exactly. My shitty apartment in New York, I had a television and a bed. That's all I had. I only had as a television and a bed and a pool queue. And then I had, in the other room room I had a kitchen that I was fucking never in. I just ate out every day. Very rarely did I cook. So it's like that was home. So I'd go there from the road, do a gig, plot my bags down, sit on the couch, turn on MTV, I'm home. [21:00] It's the same feeling, the exact same feeling. But if you got to bust your ass and really kill yourself for the same feeling, it's not worth it kids. Your home feels like your home, no matter if it's a $50 million mansion or a fucking condo that you're paying $600 a month on. Yeah, my same thing. My wife is big on the thing where if you can't afford it twice, you can't afford it once. That's smart. Yeah, so that's, I need, I'm very financially, I think just by product of being a comedian and like you risk everything, I don't have any risk averse version at all. My wife is a little more risk averse. So like if I want to buy a nice watch, I'm a little bit into watches now. She's like, can you buy that twice? I'm cool with you buy it twice? That's it. That's all I want to know. Can you buy it? Did the watch things a thing? That's what the dudes get into in the matches is expensive. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Then you get into watches that people don't know or expensive, but they are expensive. That's what I love now. Because walking around New York, I'm a very robbable guy. So walking around New York, I want something that's nice and you're like, all right, fair enough. I don't think that's that nice of a watch. [22:06] I'll let him walk. Yeah. Yeah. So that's my jam now. You got to think like that if you're in certain spots. Yeah. Does New York gotten that bad? So apparently I looked this up, because Alex keeps up with this stuff, Alex on the podcast and he was, rape is down like 4%. I think assault might be up, but yeah, you do feel. Here's a problem though, under reporting. And one of the problems with under, when there's no police presence and like that's a thing in LA right now, robberies are so common, it's so bad. The mayor of LA's house got broken into. Really? Yeah, yeah, the LA mayor, pull that up, it just happened. Wow. Just happened yesterday. They're so fucking common and cops aren't coming for anything that a lot of shit goes under reported. Because if you call it in, no one does anything. No one cares. Los Angeles mayor Karen Bass safe after suspect breaks into her official residence. That's crazy. [23:00] I like how she doesn't official residence is also wild. What's the unofficial? Her and her family would not harm but I look how she doesn't official. She's also wild. Yeah, what's the unofficial? Herner family, we're not harmed. A suspect gained entry. I like how I was saying that. Gained entry. He gained access. That's crazy. He broke it in your fucking house. To get a house to LA mayor's official residents on Irving Boulevard around 6.40 am this morning. First of all, that's ridiculous. That you have a place knows you're going to be because it's the mayor house. Yeah. You got to stay in the mayor. Yeah, but no one should get in. We all know where the president's staying. We're not getting in. I hung out with the governor when I first moved to Texas. Oh, yeah. And the governor lives in the governor's mansion. And so you got to go to the governor's mansion. You go through all the security. They're frisking you, taking stuff out of your pockets, go just gops and everything. I'm like, how crazy that you're staying in this spot where everybody knows where you are. And then while I was hanging out with them, a drone flew over the balcony. It turned out it was the fire department. They were doing something with drones. So they scan for fires and shit. I don't know what they do. [24:00] But I was like, this is crazy. Do you have to deal with this all the time? Is it drone from your fucking house? Yeah, I get a shock. Yeah, I remember watching a presidential debate. It was a Obama and Romney I think and then we're at the village lantern where we came up and then my boy Michael Blas time points to the TV And he goes why would anyone want this and I was like, oh, that's a good point all that to leave my house Yeah, so and drones flying over my house a level of scrutiny any time I say people are jumping all remember They're jumping on baracos. He said a lot with it. They're just all over him. It's like dog can I imagine that now? Yeah, yeah, it's rough It's so rough to watch it's so rough to watch imagine a bob omit came along and umden people complained about that yeah that's how you're not complaining about this guy that's true this is ridiculous do you want to hide you say i think michelle should run she went she could win i think i think i think if she won i think if she ran she could win yeah i think i think she wants that though no i think she her life. Which is bullshit that they dealt with over the eight years [25:05] when he was president. Yeah. Fuck that job for anybody that really would really, really good at it. Yeah, I trust the person who doesn't want the job and the way the person who wants the job. I believe you have to be like real desperate to change the world and be a good person and actual good candidate to understand that they're going to come for you. Like the way they're coming for Trump right now. This thing that they're doing right now with the criminal trial for the hush money payment, this is essentially the way it is. It's like he incorrectly labeled a payment on, it's like a ledger thing. It's not even like it's illegal to pay someone to shut up. The whole thing is, it's like how he recorded what that payment was for. I don't know enough about the trial to know, but I think what a casual observer like myself would say is, oh, this seems like a witch hunt. [26:00] I don't think if your strategy is to make Trump a not-win in election, I think that only emboldened his into support people who are on the fence might be like all they really are trying to get this guy he's right when he says all this stuff they're definitely trying to get them but if you look at what's going on in new york crime wise look at the the bail situation like those two guys that beat up the cops that illegal immigrants that beat up the cops i didn't know about this. They let him out right away and the dude was like two-pock in the camera and shit. I was like, he just got out. I fired him. He just got a fire. This young guy who walked here from Guatemala, he's like, fuck you, I just beat up your cop. That guy is Scarface. We watched a movie about that guy in the 70s and loved him. Yeah, and if you beat up a cop like you're not even deporting him You're just letting him right back on the street. Yeah, and then how are you tracking him? You're not tracking him Are you tracking him? No, you're not tracking. There's no resources. There's no fucking money for any there It's crazy South Park had a really good take on it Legal immigration like 15 years ago, which was like the liberals are all just like let him in let him in, a conservator's like, don't let any in. And nobody's like, hey, maybe we could also just try to help them out in their country [27:06] so they don't need to sneak in. And that's probably a great way to do it. The problem with that is, then you don't get the cheap labor that you need to make. That's hard for like $10. That's very, my parents. We were to close even faster. That's the thing about L.A. They just switched it to $20 an hour from them way. Yeah, there's no way you can afford that. Paces are just going to close up shop. They're going to kill the economy. Or just keep hiring illegal. It's going to be one of those two. But you can't pay people under the table. That's, they'll get you. Well, they're also just gonna do the self checkout and just eliminate workforce wherever they can. That's what's gonna happen. It's gonna be an AI thing. It's gonna be self-check. They already have a thing here. There's a water burger. That's like a digital water burger. You'll order it on Kiosk ready. It just fucking comes out. Yeah. Yeah. We're all just gonna get used to it. The self-checkout doesn't seem weird anymore [28:06] Not at all. Remember Bill Burr is bit like 12 years ago where he's just like I'm just stealing it now We're all like no, what is pay for what else if and they'll have a tip at the end at the airport I just rang myself up and you want a tip get fucked. Give me my money back. Thatel tips out of you everywhere. Yeah, yeah. It's weird how like some things get tips like a Starbucks barista, but other things you never think about tipping. Yeah. You know, that are like harder jobs. Yeah. So I, this might be classes on me or whatever one. I see the like grocery delivery guy. I often see someone that I feel like could use the money more than the fucking barista Starbucks. i try to overtip them i'll do the one dollar standard at a coffee shop because my friends shame me but uh... now i'm like i i'm kind of classist in how i tip i'm like who needs it more and then i'll overtip that guy well i like to tip people it's fun i've heard it feels nice i've heard your tips are pretty crazy it feels good it's like i call it like a little love bomb. You leave a love bomb for someone. I'm glad. Changes their day. I'm fighting against my Indian heritage anytime. [29:08] I leave a big tip. I'll do it, but it's tough. It took a lot of work. I'm Italian in this, you know, Sinatra and all this. This is given to everybody's day handing out big tips. That's a big thing for the Italian. Makes people feel better But my point is like how can we don't tip the stewardess on an airplane? Cuz they're the fun police dude. That's why sometimes they are the fun Can I just have my seat back while we land? Why can't I have my seat back while we land? What's your fucking deal? No sense. Yeah, it's they're just doing their job. I know they're bringing your food, they're bringing you water, you press a button and then they have to come over to you. That's just summing them with the button. And they don't get it, too. That's true. But the Starbucks guy does. Yeah. Okay. You know. And that's smug. Yeah. Is it, is that a prerequisite for being a barista? You have to like look at people. [30:06] Can I tell you sideways? I'm trying to tip better as I feel I'm more blessed. And I remember COVID being like, oh yeah, these tips are, this is an important thing to do. Right. But if you give me any attitude, the way I press zero and then spin it back around to you so you can see me not tip I'm so happy. I'm overjoyed. Zero, there you go buddy. That's a Texas thing I think to a degree. We don't like rudeness at all. Very yes or no, sir. I'm raised yes or no, sir. Yes, ma'am, no, ma'am. Please thank you. These are huge when I was growing up. So if you don't give me that, I feel so like, who the fuck? It's a real benefit that makes everybody feel better. Absolutely. I call people ma'am and sir all the time. Yeah. Makes everybody feel better. Yeah and now that I'm old, nobody gets offended anymore because I'm older than the people I'm sorry and I'm ramming 95% of the time. Yeah. Yeah, I'm always older than young guys that I'm calling sir. Yeah. But it's, it's, you know It feels good makes everybody feel better. There's a method to it. There's an intelligence to it. [31:06] Right. Because that whole East Coast thing, you know, I grew up in Boston, everybody's hard-assed and hard-edged. And I'm all right. It's like, yeah, I'm not, I don't have to do that. But I get why they're that way. Because everybody that lives on the East Coast, unless you move there recently. You're essentially the child of either immigrants or the children of immigrants who are, you know, of grandparents of immigrants. They're grandparents. Yeah, someone came from a boat. And they landed on that spot, whether it was in 1920s or whatever the fuck it was with my family was in the 1920s. So these people, they landed there from fucking Italy and Ireland. And they were poor as fuck and desperate. They made it across the ocean or a boat without YouTube. They didn't know what the fuck they were getting to. They probably barely saw a photo of what America looked like. They had no idea if they were gonna get a job. Yeah, I think. Those are hard-ass people. And so those people raised hard-ass kids. And it takes a long time to break that out of a generational cycle. [32:07] And I think for a lot of people that moved to California, like I didn't even know people were friendly until I moved to California. When I moved to California, I'm like, girls are so much nicer. They're like nice. They're like, hi, hi, how you doing? They're not gonna just be mean to you. Right. Yeah. I think some of it also is just the number of people, the density of population in Texas, I see a person every 90 seconds, I can say hi to everyone I walk by. Yeah. In New York, there's too many people. If I hold the door open for one person in Texas, two might walk through, in New York 30 might walk through. So I'm not holding it, I'm not doing the street and everybody say I'm waving how you doing but I saw like five guys it's so much easy It's easy. Yeah, if you're in New York City and you're walking on the street It's just constant flow of people coming your way. I'm not saying you literally can't wave to everybody You would be a crazy person That you walk out of a fucking fifth avenue [33:00] Waving it every single you kicked out of you someone will get upset at you like the Joker opening scene Just get chased down the street and get beaten the fuck up Probably watching a lot of videos on Instagram unfortunately of women getting punched in the face in New York I've saw I've seen like four or five of them over the last few days People just punching women for no reason. Yeah, that's like a thing. That's like a thing. What is that? I don't know I I thought it was only white women at first, so it was just funny to me, but then I found out they're doing it to everybody, and now I'm scared for my wife. Yeah, I saw some Asian lady get punched in the face today. What the fuck? For no reason, just walking down the street, and this dude just wait, she had a mask on too, by the way. Maybe that Dude, just way later and Dr. Mascoff, the center flying out of nowhere. Like you don't think you're gonna get hit. First of all, people die that way all the time. Yeah, I've heard. Because if you don't know you're gonna get hit and you get hit, you go unconscious and you bang your head off the concrete. It's like getting the world dropped on you. Yeah, no, that's one thing that fighters are keenly aware of that most of us don't, I don't think, think about it a lot. You gotta really think about that on concrete. But if you're gonna punch somebody on concrete, [34:06] or you might go to jail. You might go to jail for a long, and you might have horrible nightmares. They could have avoided that. You didn't have to do that. Especially if you're skilled. And you know that like, I don't have to fuck this guy up. But this guy's fucking pissing me off. I'm teaching some of the fucker lessons. Yeah. I have a friend who had that exact situation, it's like I haven't fought since then. I don't know what happened to the guy. He's, yeah, I had to get out of there. I just, and he's like a trained fighter. And he's like, I can't, I don't know what happened to him. I couldn't find out and that just haunts. And I was the Massachusetts State Champion. And I thought this kid who was, I think he was from Illinois. I think he was the Illinois State Champion. And I hit him in the head with a wheel kick. And what a wheel kick is is like your body spinning. So I'm standing with my left foot forward and I'm spinning my right heel around in a circle. [35:01] And it has insane power. I mean insane power. I mean insane power. The amount of power that you get in a wheel kick is because it's my legs, it's my upper body. It's like whip to it. It's got all this torque and I caught this guy. He came at me with what's called a stepping roundhouse kick. So he had his front leg forward and he stepped forward with his left leg. He was gonna throw a kick and I spun with my right leg at the same time. So I caught him running in and I blasted him in the face and he went out, face plant snoring, never woke up, never woke up. He was unconscious for half an hour. They put him in a stretcher. I was watching, he never got out of that stretcher. They took him to the hospital. I have no idea what happened to him. And it freaked me out. Yeah. It freaked me out. Yeah. I lost my next match. And I was a little, that was my third match of the day. Were you just like, I can't get over this? No, no, I lost my next match. The guy was just better. I just lost. Okay. And, And but when I went back to Boston, [36:06] my main instructor, he wasn't there in California when I was fighting. And so, because there was like a team of us, it was like 10 of us that went to California. And he said to me, he goes, I heard you had a great knockout. And I said, yeah, he goes, he goes, wheel kick, I go, yeah, I go, I thought he was dead, he never got up. He goes, Wheel Kick, I go, yeah, I go, I thought he was dead. He never got up. He goes, sometimes they die. Fuck, I did. I was 19 and I was fighting for zero money. And none of it made any, and my heel was sore. I was limping the next day because my heel was sore from his face. And then I was thinking, I'm not immune to that. Someone could 100% do that to me. We're whipping fucking bones at each other. You know, I mean, it changed my feeling about it. I never, I didn't have the same enthusiasm after that. That was probably like the beginning of the end for me. [37:01] I fought for a couple more years, but it was like, that was kind of it. I was kind of like, what was your aspiration before that to be like a world champion? I wanted to be in the Olympics. Oh, okay. Yeah. But there's no money in Taekwondo. There's no no money in kickboxing either. I don't offer for a kickboxing fight. It was like 500 bucks. Boy. But then if I fought, if I fought professional, then I can never fight amateur again, because now I'm a professional. So it was like 500 bucks. He's like 500 bucks to train for like two months and maybe get pummeled. Yeah. You know, maybe get brain damage, maybe get my nose shattered. Yeah. You know, maybe get my ribs kicked in like. And that's the beginning of the standup career essentially. Well, I was doing both at the same time as well, which was also a problem, because I knew I wasn't as committed to fight, but it really began with that 19 year old when I was a knock that dude out. That was the beginning of the end. And then it was like later on, it was headaches from kickboxing. Oh, wow. I was getting a lot of headaches. I was getting headaches like after sparring, I would be lying in bed and my brain would just be throbbing, just boom, [38:05] boom, boom. And I remember thinking, what am I doing? Like am I ruining my brain? Because I knew a lot of guys who their brain got ruined. It didn't seem like they realized it. It didn't seem like, because they were still fighting. It didn't seem they realized, or maybe they didn't know what to do, or maybe they just weren't that smart, but they were still fighting and training, but I was realizing they were slurring their words. And there was, there's this clear evidence that something was off. And I was like, oh my God, is that happening to me? Is that going to happen to me? You know? And then there's also, later on I realized, there's also it's other side effects of that. Which is like impulsiveness, gambling addiction, which would get crazy. They start doing a lot of drugs. They drink a lot. A lot of guys become drunks because they're just trying to like, they're just trying to feel good. Yeah. They just feel terrible at the time. Yeah, and we had no idea about any of this back then. You were in a fog of depression. Yeah. Because people thought thought back then, punch drunk was a thing. That was real. Everybody knew a guy, but no one worried about it up until [39:07] it was obvious. And no one worried about, there's a sub-concussive traumatic brain injuries that cause a lot of CTE, which is chronic traumatic encephalopathy. And that's the thing that makes people kill themselves and do wild shit and lose their fucking mind, but soccer players get that. Right. And that's that's the thing that makes people kill themselves and you know, do wild shit and lose their fucking mind. But soccer players get that. I know it's so I've heard this and it's so crazy how delicate the brain is. He's super delicate. Yeah. Super delicate. And I saw I tell my friends that are all they still like to spar. I was like, man, I know it's fun. I know it's fun to spar, but don't do it. Don't fucking do it, man. Don't do it because you could just slip away and not even realize that you slipped away. Because all you have to do is like spar with one meathead. One guy who real, and then he hits you, you get mad and you hit him and next thing you know, you're in a fight. You're in a fight in the gym and a lot of fights happen in the gym. There's a lot of sparring matches that essentially become fights where you're just wailing [40:07] and breaking it up. No, most gyms don't. It depends on the gym. In a really good gym we'll break it up, especially if someone's better than the other person in the wailing on them or really good gym will stop that. But a really good gym will not want you to spar like that most of the time anyway. Most of the time they want you to, what they call technical spar. So you're just kind of like, you're hitting each other but you're not like full blasting each other. You're just getting timing in. And that's a really great way to spar if you trust your sparring partner. So if you got a guy that you could do it with and he's cool and you're cool and you like each other, and you can make this agreement. Like if I hit him, I'm gonna hit him like this. Like check him. I'm just gonna like stop at the body. And if you do that, then you really develop sharp timing and it's great, but you do have to do hard sparring every now and then, because you gotta know what that feels like and the consequences of making mistakes are so much more. I wanna be honest, I think about getting in like, do you do it too and stuff and then you start talking like this and I'm like, I think I'm okay. God, I think I don't need this. I think I'm not built for it. [41:06] Yeah. Well, I'm a grappler. Where you got a son looking good. I went, by the way, mothership is beautiful. A son took me yesterday. Thank you. Gorgeous. Mitzies also. I as a non-drinker then I heard it to shut down for anybody but comics after certain hour Yeah, that's awesome after 11 p.m. It's comics in their friends. That's awesome But yeah, it's on looks good dude, and he said he was training with you Yeah, yeah, I got those guys on a workout boot camp Shane Gillis a song Derek Poston Brian Simpson Duncan Trustle is post and still doing only meet he's doing doing carnivore. He told me he was doing that so's a song Yeah, I got them on that for January it was World carnivore month And I said I just want you guys to try this one month. He said he's so hard eggs. You can eat it is hard Yeah, but once you get accustomed to it like that's how I eat man. I mean, I'll still eat [42:07] Whatever I want every now and then yeah, but the vast majority of my diet is all just meat and eggs. No veggies? Very little. If I want to, like the other night I had a salad. I felt like having a salad. And blood work is all good. It's great. Oh, it's great. Everything's great. Look at that. Yeah, no, it's amazing. It's like your body wants to eat real food. And if you're eating bread and all that bullshit, it's not real food. It's just your body's like, I'm never tired. Okay. So through that, I used to get the, look, I, 100% am addicted to pasta. Like if you give me a big bowl of like linguine with clams, I will fuck that up. I'll fuck some lasagna up. You put a pizza in front of me, I can't stop eating. I'll eat a whole pizza, a whole extra large pizza. But that's not good for you. And when I would eat like that, I would always crash. I would get these moments at like the middle of the day as well. [43:01] I gotta take a fucking nap. I can want to take a nap. I love that feeling. It's great feeling. It's so fun. It's so fun to just be able to take a nap if you can. But if you're busy and you can't take a nap and now you gotta go do things and you're all droopy. But when I started eating only meat, one of the first things I noticed is that my energy levels were completely level throughout the down. It was like this is crazy, like I'm not getting tired, where I'm expecting to get tired. And then I realized, oh, that's probably like an insulin dump. Like my body's probably fucked up from all this carbs, all this sugar and bullshit that I'm putting in my body. And as soon as I stopped doing that, I felt so much better. And that's what those guys said. That's what a son said and Derek said. They're like, dude, I feel so much better. I have so much more energy. Yeah. Does he not poison yourself? Yeah, I did like a keto style. It was called soda. This thing before I filmed the special, I let go like 20 pounds and it was, I didn't realize the idea of eating fat instead of carbs is fat, even with a smaller amount is just more filling. So carbs you can eat 200 calories of carbs, you're, yeah, protein and fat. Yeah. Carbs, I'm hungry again right away. [44:07] Right. If I have even just a teaspoon of tablespoons, I have olive oil, I'm good for four or five hours usually. Yeah, it's a higher satiety level. So if you just eat a 16 ounce steak, you put a 16 ounce rib on front of you. And if that's all you're eating, you'll be full. You'll eat that, you'll be like, that was great. But if there's mashed potatoes right next to it, with gravy, and then maybe some french fries. And then maybe over there, there's a little bit of spaghetti and meatballs, I'm gonna keep eating. I'm gonna keep stuffing my fat, stupid face. And then at the end of it, I'll be like Yeah. Oh. Which is still my favorite thing to do. Great feeling. Yeah. But it's really bad for you. Yeah. It's a great feeling that's really, like drinking. Great feeling that's really bad for you. Yeah. I don't drink, but I will gorge. Yeah, it's not good, man. It's not good. You really, especially one of the things as you get older, you realize there's a giant difference difference between people my age that take care of themselves and people my age that neglect their health. [45:11] They they deteriorate like I have friends that are my age and when I tell people we're the same age They're like what yeah like the other people can't even believe it. How is that guy your age? Like because he didn't do anything. He didn't take care of himself We have to take care of you. You got to treat your body like it's a fucking car If your cars got a fucked up transmission, get it fixed. If you don't, he changed your fucking oil stupid. Have you seen this guy Brian Johnson? He was on Flagrus. He's fascinating. He's fascinating. He says he eats like 1800 calories a day and the saying he says it's kind of fire. He goes, every calorie is fighting for its life. Every calorie has a purpose, and if we can't find a purpose for you, you're out. Yeah. Every piece of food has a purpose. It's also like injected as sun's blood into him. Yeah, yeah. So when I first read articles, here's what I'll say, when I would just read articles, he's coming on the pod for researching, and I'm like, they pain him as like this billionaire fuck boy who just wants to be a billionaire and have sex with a teen or whatever they kind of make him seem like that when you talk to him he's like I [46:09] think humans can live forever with the help of AI and I just want to push us there and you feel like oh yeah this is not he's not like he was wearing like a unicorn shirt when we saw him in like some blue corduroy no nothing fashionable about this man he just and I think his dad is pretty sick. And so he, I think, wants to make humans live forever very soon, so his dad can stick around. It's actually like, there's a lot more nobility tool than I talk to him than when I just read articles about him. Isn't it interesting that you would be skeptical about a person who wants to live longer? Yeah. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Well, a billionaires who wants to live forever sounds those things together sound evil genius like looks Luther Right, but it also makes people's like no everybody's got a guy. Yeah, it's like especially poor people that don't have the money to do All the shit that he's doing because what he's doing is costs like millions every year Yeah, two million I think a year on his body. Yeah, that's crazy. Yeah, LeBronzman's a million a year and this guy's not even an athlete, but two million years. Yeah. I mean, he looks okay. [47:06] He looks great, dude. And he looks pretty good. He looks better, he's in better shape obviously than he was five years ago. He's also a vegan though, which I just found fascinating because there's not a lot of evidence that's good for him. He didn't think that was healthy. He thought he could be as healthy and protected the I believe he felt the environmental cost of meat right now. Yeah, you should read more. That doesn't it's not protecting shit It's you're encouraging monocrop agriculture You're encouraging the death of untold numbers of creatures when they fucking when they when they When they cultivate those crops when they they cut them down and run those fucking Combines through them everything dies, dude If you think one life is one life So if you think like a bison is as important as a mouse Well, you're a hypocrite because those Ground squirrels Shrews really yeah ground nesting birds of fawns rabbits Things get fucking destroyed if you talk to farmers [48:04] One of the things you see after they run a combine through the field is vultures. Vultures and crows just flying over the field because they know everything got fucked up. So if one life is one life, and this is not to say that there's not a horrific loss of life every day with like chickens. The number of chickens that get killed in this country every year is in the billions. It's in the billions. How many chickens do we kill every year? Let's find out. I was watching this thing on all the different animals that get killed. Like what's the highest number of animals that get killed at chicken? Is it chickens? It's gotta be chickens. Chickens is high up there. I don't know if it's number one, but there's a lot, a lot of different things, get fucked up, get beaten by people. But monocrop agriculture is terrible for the environment. It's not good. It's bad because you just, like top soil. You're not supposed to have one. 17 billion, I think that's billion. [49:01] What's that? That was animals total. Oh, eight billion chickens. Eight billion chickens.'s that? That was the animal's total. Oh, eight billion chickens. Eight billion chickens. Every year? US. US. 214 million turkeys. That's ridiculous. Turkeys, they're like, they only exist because of Thanksgiving. Yeah. Wildly overrated meat. Very overrated. Yeah, I'm amazed that there's eight times more fish. Look at that shellfish. Oh my god. 43 billion. No, that's fire. I love shellfish that one They they got it three billion fish 23 billion oh million ducks. Yeah 23 million ducks Worldwide chicken said it was like 70 billion 70 billion whoo every year that's crazy every year we kill 70 billion chickens make sense though If there's 8 billion people we all probably about nine chickens a year on average You know the other day. Yeah, yeah Yeah, I have chickens have chickens in the sweet are my pets really yeah 15 chickens and they they make eggs I eat their eggs, but they're they're not worried about me at all I'm like hey ladies. Yeah, I can buy a good food. They get excited to see you [50:05] You got a lot of land out there then. Yeah. Yeah. Are you raising any other animals in a full farm or just the chickens? No, just chickens and trying to keep my dog from eating the chickens. My dog would be terrified. My dog is seven pounds. You'd be terrified of your dog and chickens. Well, freaking out. Oh, that's fun. What kind of dog is it? It's a multi-pooh happy. Oh, I love him dude. I didn't want a small dog My wife made me get a small dog and I'm so happy anybody who doesn't like small dogs. I say meet Carl Yeah, he's fantastic. Was he in your lap? Yeah, look at this guy dude. Oh Little Carl look at a little Carl. Yeah, it's the best. Yeah, dogs don't get any cuter than Carl Yeah, they just get different. Yeah, it's the best. Yeah, dogs don't get any cuter than Carl. Yeah, they just get different. Yeah, wonderful. Just traveling with a small dog is so much better than yeah, they're great little buddies. Yeah, they're little pals. Dude, I got the full sling. I'm going to send Jamie a link. I got the full sling. I put him in there. Just walk around on the best. Don't get punched. Oh'm in all cracked. Oh if I get cracked saying like that Chinese lady. I saw [51:09] Yeah, yeah, yeah, I'm probably about as strong as her so yeah, she's a big lady. Oh, then definitely Why she got way late? It's fun and they do just stood over her after you way later He just stood over her and he pretended like nothing happened. He was talking to somebody else You know young enough. Yeah, I feel like young kids scare me the most because they don't know the value of a life yet. No, they don't get it. I saw one kid that died in New York City. These guys just walked up to him and and cracked him and he fell backwards over the curb and fell back and slammed his head on the street. Died for nothing for 20 bucks. They robbed him from $20. That's all he had on him. Fuck it out. I know, it's crazy. It's just crazy that our society is so fucked up that we've been spending so much money on shit like wars overseas and not nearly enough money [52:01] on trying to figure out a way to have the minimal amount of people grow up to want to punch people in the face on the street. Yeah. The bear, like put us stopped. We feel like they need to punch people in the street, too. Right. We figure out a way to mitigate that. Like there's gotta be a science behind it. Like what is the problem? Well, abuse at home, violence in their neighborhood, poverty, drugs, gangs, all that stuff. If they could pump money at that, what would the like the downstream effects of a lack of crime and violence? If you could like give people hope and educate them at an early age and set people up, saying, I'm going to help you. I'm going to mentor you. I'm going to get you along in life. The amount of money that we would spend to do that would pay for itself four, five, six times over and less crime, less bullshit, less losers, less problem, less prisons, all that. I just, so much of it seems like it just starts at home and there's the generational trauma thing that you hear about a lot and it's like, yeah. We're talking about with the East Coast. [53:00] There's a little bit of generational trauma there. Yeah, I had so much, I had to think about my dad's struggle with alcohol abuse, struggle with a lot of stuff, and I had to understand what his life was supposed to be in India and then what it was gonna be here. In India, he was like set. He'd passed this exam that like five million people apply for and they select like 200. Like he was gonna be a millionaire bare minimum, 24 years old, then he's at another family in Merse wedding, and his little cousins are like, hey, you're getting married today too. He had no idea, a range marriage, getting fitted for clothes on his way to the wedding. And then they're like, you're also moving to America. That's, because in the 70s and India, they're just thinking, oh, if he's successful in India, he'll be even more successful in America. In America, the language barrier you never think about. And I thought about somebody, one of my cousins, it struck me because he goes, your dad is so funny. And I was like, what are you talking about? He's the least funny. He goes, your dad's not funny in English. He's so funny and indie. And I was like, oh, this guy doesn't, this language, he's not that good at. And he couldn't navigate the world the way he couldn't India. He was supposed to be a superstar. Then he comes here and he's in Texas as a brown guy in the 70s, [54:05] probably less than to all these people. And he's used to being a star and he can't be funny and he can't be himself. And that just sucks the life out of you slowly day by day. What are you doing in India? He was, it's called a PCS officer. So there's a movie called 12th Fail a Bollywood. I love Bollywood. But it's about a different post, but equally competitive. That one is like IS and then PCS is like a government officer. Kind of like state police, I guess, but like you are at the very least well respected. And if you want to be rich and take some bribes, you can do that. And my dad would have done all of that. He would have taken all the bribes, all the bribes. And in India, he just kind of knew that's how he knew the culture. He knew how to navigate. He knew how how to grease the wheels and all of that. How to talk to people to get what you want. Here, he's not charming because he doesn't know English well enough. There, he can get anything he wants. Here, he's just struggling trying to figure it all out. And so I Become keenly aware of like I don't know if we as immigrant kids appreciate everything our parents had to go through to get here. For us, I'm not here without that. [55:06] Well, if my grandparents, it was actually my grandparents parents that moved here, but if they weren't the type of people that were so gangster, they were willing to get on that boat. I would be in Europe somewhere. Yes. I'd be in Europe hanging out in a cafe, smoking cigarettes, talking shit. Yeah. I would be a fat, spoiled piece of shit. And it would have been fun, that had been a rich kid, but growing up in India, I wouldn't have been this what I am here. I know that. Yeah, you want your own ability to carve a path, and there's a lot of countries where that's not an option. You can't really carve a path to do whatever you want to do. Yeah. That's unavailable to everybody everywhere. Yeah, man. Hopeless poverty. I have, I'm not saying there's not extreme poverty in America there is, but I've seen hopeless poverty in India where it's just like, I don't know how you'll get out of this in three generations even. Yeah, when you fly into Brazil, one of the things that happens when you fly into Rio, we would do UFC's there. You go through the favelas, the airport and the drive from the airport to the beach where we're staying. [56:06] You drive straight through the favelas. So all to the right of you is shanty towns. And you see extreme poverty. Yeah. And if you ever seen that movie, the city of God. Yes. Yes. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Whoa. Yeah. My friend Eddie Bravo said that makes boys in the hood look like Sesame Street. Truly. I remember thinking it was gonna be an uplifting film so I was horrified watching the whole thing, but yeah, it's crazy, man. And my friends from Brazil say that's exactly what it's like. That's exactly what it's like in the Fav\u00e9loas. It's bad. The runts, the kids that take over to like nine years old and they end up killing people. Yeah, unbelievable. They have no respect for life, no understand. I mean, they're frontal cortex, this isn't even beginning to form. Yeah. You're 25 before you figure out what the fuck you're even doing with yourself. I remember riding a train and you with my mom, my mom has like fiber myelgy, all these joint issues. And then they, like we had to move train stations, all this stuff or like platforms or whatever. And everybody's just rushing and people are like screaming, trying to get off the plane, a train so many people are getting on, people are like screaming, like, please just let me get off. [57:07] And I'm like, yo, people are gonna die doing this. And then we talked with family in India, and they might have just been saying it flippantly, but they said the cheapest thing in India is a man's life. They said in Hindi, but like, the idea that you just grow up around so much trauma and whatever, It is what it is when there's a billion people. Yeah, that's what India has. A billion. On a land, a quarter the size of America. So a quarter size of America, three times the population. Yeah. That's nuts. Dude, the point four of India's population, 1.4 billion is bigger than America. That's nuts. So bigger plus a billion. That's nuts. Yeah. You have to think a quarter the size of America. And three times the population, if you really put that all together, you just- It's crazy. What? It's madness. And I love India and I love going back and I also just understand how privileged I am that I was raised here and I feel like we as immigrant kids take that for granted sometimes. Isn't it interesting how like some places just, but I guess it's the older ones, right? Like think about high population places. It's China, which is like our oldest civilization. [58:06] China has thrived economically for 4,000 years. 4,000 years. So of course they have a billion people. Yeah, true. They mean obviously there's serious poverty and all sorts of problems in China, but the point is they've been a unit for 4,000 years. So people have been fucking. They've been fucking for four thousand years so much that they had to say you could only have one kid. And then they ruined everything. That's stupid idea. Then they ruined everything. So there's so many more men than there are women. So now they have like a real problem. And then they realize that they were gonna have real problems so they started changing it and say you could have more kids. I think you're gonna have three now, right? Is that what China's policy is now? Are you not worried about China as a threat to America for global dominance? I guess it's a, I can't think of a better way to say it, but are you worried about China? I think they're already one. Yeah, yeah, yeah. They've been buying up farmland around military bases. They sell America cheap cell phone towers and [59:12] Internet routers they sell them cell phone towers at a discounted rate so that they could have their cell phone towers around military Basis so they could listen to everything I mean yeah, and then they get caught using like third party access to like Huawei got kicked out of America. Oh, that's right. I forgot about this, or yeah. I was ready to buy a Huawei phone because Huawei at one point in time have the dopest phones. Oh, really? Bro, their phones are so dope. Their phones are incredible. They had cameras and batteries that were so much better than iPhones or anything that was available in America at one point in time And they were just making these insane phones and I remember them They made a Porsche design phone. It was a Porsche design Huawei phone. I'm like this is the craziest phone I've ever seen. Yeah, yeah, and And then also and they put a ban on them and And I'm like, there must be some real shit going down if the United States government. [1:00:07] Yeah, we let them get away with a lot. What does it say here, Jamie? There's a fine one you, or there was, a social upbringing fee or a social maintenance fee. Oh, and China if you had more than one kid. And then it says the Sichuan province abolished the three child policy making it completely. Larron parents illegally have as many children as they want. The real problem is the lack of women. It's the different, what is the population difference between men and women in China? I think it's like 60 something percent men. Yeah, that's yeah. That's a problem. That's a real problem. That's a real problem. Because the reality, at least in America America has a very high level of men who are single and Have no sex. Yeah, it's pretty hard. I was one of those for a long time. Here it is [1:01:01] 720 male inhabitants and 689 female. That's not too bad. That is, what is that about? That's not 60%. No, it's a little over 50, I think like 54, probably 53 if I had to guess. Okay. That's not too bad. Yeah. China's total population decreased for the first time in decades in 2022, and population decline is expected to accelerate in the upcoming years. And that's because of the population of women versus men. Yeah. And then the, sorry, the gap in gender could increase because the older people that didn't have the one child policy, they're going to start dying off. Exactly. Exactly. And so in America, like, what was, there was some study recently that were talking about the amount of single men and men who don't have girlfriends. And it's crazy high. Cause everybody's got super high standards. Yeah. Yeah. A chart that shows the distribution from China from 1950 to 22 and it seems like it's almost the same the whole time. Interesting. [1:02:01] Even after they had the one child policy. I don't know. Didn't change at all. So it's only a 51 to 48 Interesting. I would think of you so You get in this data from move from China Yeah, that's fair. That's fair also like no, we did it perfectly. Yeah, that's fair Nobody got all positive on here. Yeah, yeah, no one died from COVID. We didn't be in great COVID Yeah, yeah, why are you calling it the China virus? Yeah. Fucking racist. Yeah. Yeah. No one's even mad at China for killing billion people. Yeah. Yeah. The idea that if I criticize a government, I'm criticizing the people like the idea if you criticize Israel, your anti-Semitic, it's like guys, let's let go. Now I criticize the Chinese government, Israeli government. I have no problem with with US groups of people. Y'all are wonderful. Government, the dollar of little nuts. Of course. Even with America. Yes, absolutely. Like if you have an American flag your racist, shut up. Yeah. America is all of us. You can't let the corrupt government take your fucking flag and decide that that's a colonizer's flag. That's so stupid. That's all of us, the children of immigrants. Yes, that was a percent. And if I go to Europe and they make fun of America, I don't think they're making fun of me. [1:03:06] I don't think they hate Americans. I'm not like how dare you. Meanwhile, you're probably accurate. I'll probably laugh along with you. Tell me more shit. Yeah, you're probably right. What do you guys think is funny about us? Yeah, exactly. Yeah, I hate that. They probably become that guy, but I've become that guy. Well, Russia doesn't allow GMO foods. They don't allow it. You have to, everything has to be organic in Russia. I hate that, but I went to Europe and then I tasted like the food there. And now that they're the best chefs, but the quality of everything is just so much more clean and pure. And then you taste the stuff in America and you're like, oh, this is, they're right, this stuff sucks, it's killing us. Well, we just have so much fast, cheap food. Yeah. Fast, cheap food that's terrible for you. And that you never get satisfied. You wanna keep eating it. But like, Will Silvins was telling me years ago, he went to London in like, oh, seven, I just moved to New York, we were talking. And he was like, the chicken in London is actually white. In America, it's called white meat, but it's kind of like yellowish you ever noticed, [1:04:06] and I'm like, I guess. And then he goes, if you go to London or France or wherever, and you eat the chicken, it's purely white because they don't allow you to fuck with it like they do in America. What are they doing to America to make it yellow? I don't know what they're doing exactly. You're the guy that researches, I'm the guy that just talks shit. But my friend, Mike Albinet, was talking about this exact thing unrelated. We were just talking, he was like, dude, if you buy frozen chicken breast in America and you look at the ingredients list, it's way more than just chicken and breast. If you know me, it's yeah, it's like, whatever nitrate, whatever preservative, whatever, it's just like a whole, you can do anything. You got to imagine what is a preservative? A preservative is something that discourages bacteria from eating food. So what does it do to the absorption of the nutrients in your body? What does it do to your gut microbiome? What does it do to all those things? And that's something that people don't take into consideration when you eat something that has preservatives in it. [1:05:00] You're taking into your body a thing that discourages living things. Yeah. And your food is not supposed to last on a shelf. Like if you, I'm sure you've seen those McDonald's cheeseburgers that people take, they put them on a shelf for like, yeah, it's just sitting there ready to be in some crazy. So it's two guys one from, what was the oldest one that do you had? From the 80s I think? I think so. Like 30 years. It looks perfect. Yeah, it's, yeah. It looks like he bought it at noon and it's 16. Yeah, yeah. Yeah, it looks like a six hour old cheeseburger. It doesn't look like a cheeseburger that's 30 years old. And I hate, but that is a thing I think about. If I'm like, where do I want to, God willing, good food here. You just you don't have to do I have to like 1995. That's bonkers. That's so crazy. It doesn't look that bad. Yo, it looks fantastic. That's 29 years saved. Look at that dude. He's all happy with himself. Look, I got it saved. Oh, is he eating it? Is that second? at him eating it only eats that yeah, yeah, I think he's gonna eat it [1:06:06] He's faking it. He's fake in it. He's not yeah, okay, but that's great silly. He looks terrible Yeah, poor guy look at he's been eating McDonald's a whole lot Yeah, but you know it doesn't look terrible that hamburger done look bad looks perfect Especially for that old yeah, that's old as fuck. It's a 30 year old burger. That's crazy to that's crazy to do that's crazy a third of her this should not a 30 day old burger should not let it should be gone Yes, I mean it should be gone like how long would it last like if rats never ate it and you left it in an apartment And then like society collapsed and then you know as prize and a burger from 96 it says wow wow That's crazy. What is wrong with these people that they're keeping a burger? Yeah, that's actually a great point. Yeah, like what what kind of people are these also are they trustworthy? How the fuck? Thinking they could be from Monday. Yeah. Oh, yeah bags of shit. Yeah, probably shit hoarders Gotta be to gotta be colostomy bags all the way to the roof [1:07:03] Have you ever seen that episode of hoarders where the lady was a shit hoarder? No, that would make me vomit for sure. It almost made me vomit. I hosted Fear Factor, but Gillis showed it to me. And it's horrific. I don't wanna show it, because we've showed it before, but watch shit hoarders. This one lady was a shit hoarder Dude I can't do it. I can't do it. I'm getting a little Oh If you watch it it's it's really One last meal in there. Yeah, she won't have one last meal when they were about to clean out the place She's like I've been eating poop for 20 years. Oh, God. Oh my god That's what it's her gut microbiome like probably better than that guy That's the thing that I'm gonna throw up. Just hearing about it, I'm gonna throw up. Unbelievable. Oh, God. It's something about eating shit. Like your body is just like no, no, no, no, no. Like have you ever done your mom's house? No, no. Okay. Your mom's house podcasts, they do a live paper view show, [1:08:06] multiple times a year where they show things on camera. They curate these things and bring comics on and they do sketches. It's really fun. Yeah. They show you things that you cannot see any other way. You would never be able to show it on YouTube. It would be illegal. You'd go to jail. Yeah. But you could do it in this thing because everybody's agree- and it's people eating their own shit shitting into a plate smearing it on their dick and jerking off The thing they made for you I think I'm not watching yeah I was just curious if you saw it. I heard them talk about it. I think I don't even remember what it was But yeah, they're wasting their energy on that one to make you like especially you know kick a camio type Yeah, fuck off. I'm not watching that. Yeah, shitting on yourself for a rogan is crazy. Yeah, I'm sure it exists in good luck. I'm not seeing it. I don't need to see that. I'm busy with this for you, I could've been someone else. Yeah, I'm sure it was, dude, because he knows I throw up. Yeah. Because when he had me on the Yeah, I can't handle it. They're eating pizza and shit. They're so desensitized to it. It's like it's nothing. That's weird [1:09:07] Yeah, well they've been your mom's house has been like highlighting some of the most fucked up human beings They could find on the internet for quite a long time Oh, what a misleading title. I know my mom's house is such a comforting place Yeah, I don't know why they came up with your mom's house. Where were you? I was at your mom's house. It's a talkative shit podcast. It's a fun podcast. It's a really good podcast. We're talking about you seeing a bottle area. But that paper view show that they do is rough. Yeah. Yeah. It's rough. And then the normal pod is not like that. That's just a paper view. Yeah, but in normal pod, they'll show you some fucked up things. They'll show you some fucked up things. They talk a lot of shit. But it's a crazy thing, dude. These subcultures are so funny. Well, there's so many humans out there that are out of their fucking minds that they can gather together and get a community now. Where if you were a guy who ate shit, good luck finding your peers. Who's your colleagues? [1:10:01] You hide that. Yeah, now there's reddit and you just find a guy who's like me too I'm going for a chance to get the real shit. Oh, that's true. Yeah, you want to get real shit? Yeah Yeah, I put it on a way I took a bib in I get a knife in for Dude, I mean shit. Thank god it up Choking on I'm was going down. Okay Yeah, you see it stuck in between his teeth. Oh, God, you're doing this shit. Please, please, please, please, let's move on. I can't, I can't do it, I can't do it. But meanwhile for some guys are like, oh, anybody uploaded a new shitty eating content? I'm really excited. They get home and they're pumped for it. Yeah, the kinds of people. That's one of the things that you realize when you do a podcast for sure. Because you talk to so many different people, so many different conversations. And you realize, oh, this guy thinks different. Oh, she just has a different upbringing. She has a way of looking at the world that I didn't consider. [1:11:02] And then it adds to your palate. You know, it adds to your understanding of people. Because if you just live in a small town and hang around with the same people and you don't like to go online and you go to the same bar, whatever the fuck you do, you don't know how much people vary. People vary so much, man. Yeah. There's so much variety on what it means to be a human being. Yeah, that's actually, yeah, that's very profound, yeah. I don't. You could be some amazing person who is out there like Jose Andres, going to these crisis areas and feeding people in Palestine, and you know that guy Jose Andres, the chef? Yeah, amazing. Oh, I know. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. the chef. Amazing girl. Oh, I know, amazing girl. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. He owns my favorite restaurant in Vegas, which is bizarre meats. I don't know if you've ever eaten there before. No, I have not. Oh, next time you go to Vegas. Yeah. That place is insane. All right. It's a full honey pot grills, so they crank them and they raise and lower [1:12:07] over a lot of hardwood. So they have fire with real hardwood. So the coals and the fires crackling, the stakes are searing and they raise them and lower them depending upon what point the cook it is. The beginning of the cook you start off high, like way above the flames and you slowly lower it down to sear it. You walk in the smell. Oh, it's amazing. It's so good. Well, that guy who runs that places his incredible chef and he goes, he went to Ukraine, he was feeding people in Poland when the Ukrainian refugees were making, when they were trying to flee Ukraine during the beginning of the war and Russian invaded. And he's over in Palestine right now. Where is he now? Is he in the West Bank? But anyway, so this guy goes over there and feeds people. So you have this guy who is this incredible chef, [1:13:00] who's this beautiful human being, who's like really doing something that's selfless, really doing something that's just real charity, feeding people, delicious food because he's an incredible chef. And then you have shit eaters on your mom's house. You have people that are punching ladies for no reason. the wide spectrum of humans and there's so little thought and engineering in society of trying to figure out a way to mitigate all of our problems. Yeah. Instead, we just put band-aids here and band-aids there and spend more money and hire more government workers and spend, spend, spend, and nothing gets fixed. No progress at all. If the government was the private sector, like the government was a business, and other people could compete to be the government. If like, you know, like, if iPhone sucked, Android would just take over. Yeah. But the reason why Android are so good [1:14:01] is because iPhones are so good, and everybody's forth. But if you had to have a fucking iPhone, bitch, you'd have an iPhone one. They wouldn't even, they have no reason to innovate. If everybody had to buy an iPhone, our phones would suck dick. They'd be terrible. The reason why they're good is because of competition. And government doesn't have competition. The only competition they have is other government, which is horse shit, because it's fake It's all like funded by the same people You know, it's not even Profit driven like I worked at a non for profit not for profit organization for a few months Just as I was a comic trying to make money and I was like oh no one works hard because there's no bottom line There's no fear losing your job no In the same government employees they just take whatever time off they want. They don't get fired. It's the cushyest job Everything they off super evident during the lockdowns in Los Angeles because the government was so flippant about closing people's businesses Because they didn't lose any money. Yeah My thought was like listen if you're managing a city. How about this you want it incentive? How about [1:15:03] Your income is based entirely on what the GDP of your city. Oh about this? You want it incentive? How about your income is based entirely on what the GDP of your city is. Oh, that's sick. Yeah. So if you go in and whatever the GDP is, let's say the GDP is, you know, one billion dollars, whatever, I don't know what it is. Let's say it's that if it dips below that, you lose money. And if it goes above that, you probably get a little piece. A little taste. Yeah. And you know how to make speeches for $250,000 in your office. It's done. Yeah. No Hillary. Yeah. Nobody wants to hear you talk for a quarter million. What a fucking. That's crazy. Yeah. That's bribery. No one. You guys made deals. Yeah. You even if it's not a said deal, it's an understanding. I also, I don't know if this is a reason, none of these, I don't know if they're reasonable, but the idea of getting re-elected, I was like at some point I was like, oh, they're just, they don't care about making the city better, they just wanna get re-elected. So I'll go to these special interest groups who I know will vote for me, this voting block that I whoever won six to eight year term, but one term and then you're out, I think it would help mitigate a lot of the useless stuff [1:16:07] that they do. Slightly, but you would still get the vice president taking over afterwards, they would set that person up, they would make sure they maintain power, they'd try to keep the same staff. The thing about Biden right now, people are like, why does Biden want to run again? Even if he doesn't really want to run again, his staff wants him to run again. Because if he doesn't run again, if he doesn't win, they're all out of jobs. So, if you're that lady who's the White House Press Secretary, you're fucked. It's like who the hell's gonna hire you? The next person's not gonna hire you to be the White House Press Secretary. You're terrible. You have to stay there. You have to keep those jobs. You're doing something from House press secretary they're not gonna be like hey Walmart is higher and greeders. This is a lot of them female admirals those fucking fake female admirals. A lot of those people like that you see in the White House, the head of health whatever the fuck that person is. Like that person ain't getting a job after Biden gets rid of them. You think Trump's gonna hire that guy? Yeah, I just figured there's something out maybe outside of government but something. They gotta keep that job. They wanna keep that job. All those people that are working in the administration, they're working very hard to keep that job. [1:17:05] And that's why you see all this crazy pressure on Trump. That's a big part of it. Big part of it is because he's gonna crack heads. So there's a lot of united people trying to keep him out. Yeah. I think, I was saying this on stage or something, but I didn't have a problem with Trump, but the noise that Trump brought, I was like, I don't want it anymore. I don't, it's just too much infighting. I feel like he's learned. There's like a Trump 2.0 as of now, where he's like, let me just not say the race baiting shit, and let me just keep it here. And I think most people, the casuals are like, I could get on board with this guy. Well They let in 30 million people. Oh, fair enough. If you wanna talk about the fears of immigration, now people see it. They see the real consequences. I mean, they're letting murderers out with no bail. The whole thing is wild. They're getting accused of murder. They're getting arrested, and then they let them right out. This is a wild fucking time. [1:18:01] And no one wants to be in law enforcement. No one wants that job. It's a hard job. Nobody cares about you. They treat you like you're the fucking enemy. Nobody respects you. I'm taking your word for all those time people respect. I'm very blissfully ignorance. So I'm just taking your word for all this right now. You're selling me, but I don't know. Well, you know that the defund the police thing. I'm saying. Yeah, yeah, that was crazy. And so then there's this attitude that the police were of the problem. Yeah. And then it crazy like one instance captured by one person to the camera and it just starts a fire keg. It's just, phew. Yeah, well look, I've been with a, I was with Damien Lemon, black comedian friend of mine. And he got, like I was with him when we got racially profiled, brought other cops, they were searching me, like, do you have any drugs? I was, I was like, I've never done a drug in my life and he was like, you better be honest right now. This is your chance, they sit us on the curb, we go home and then I look up, I'm like, they kept saying we were doing 24, what's the thing with 24? I looked up, just Google 24 miles an hour in New York City, the the speed limit and they still pulled us over whole thing now he had one of these minute wait a minute wait a minute it pulled him over for going under the [1:19:07] speed is what bother not a 20 there's not 20 zone apparently is 25 from what I Google those 25 but even 24 to 20 it's like crazy yeah who's plenty over that you know yeah especially if you have a fast car like you you got to look down every five seconds yeah exactly and so what the one thing I think they were bothered by is a fan of his who was a cop gave him like the New York City vest that you can park wherever you want to. And so he was just parking and they were upset about that, but like 24 and then calling backup cars and all that, I was like, there's something here racial going on. I've never had this. I've had a racist thing after 9-11, maybe one or two, but like that I was like, oh, I see why this is. And he was just, this was not that unusual for him. I was like, this is crazy and he was like, what can you do? And it's- Rachel Profile is 100% legit. Yeah. There's no doubt about that. So I think when you see these stories, Philano Castillo, I think was his name and George Floyd or whatever, I think Black people are like, I've been through that and I to tell you that happens and y'all don't want to listen to me. Now you're seeing it. And then the storm comes. Anybody that denies it happens, you're denying humans. [1:20:08] You're denying human nature. You know how people are. The real root of that is poverty and crime and gangs and drugs. And no one's doing anything to stop that. They're not doing a goddamn thing to stop that. And hiring more cops is, you know, train them better. Do everything you have to do. Make sure that the cops are taken care of, but gotta fix the problem. You know, fix the problem. It's just gonna keep happening over and over and over again. We had this guy on a long time ago that was a cop in Baltimore. And while he was a cop in Baltimore, and his whole thing was about understanding the systemic racism involved in policing. and that he didn't really realize it He was pretty honest about it was I was one of the bad guys until it like kind of dawned on me What was going on? I was the cop that didn't give a shit about the people? You know, I was a guy would chase people down the yellow and I'm but then over time one of things that they found they found a police ledger [1:21:01] Like they found a you know like a report of crime in the area in the 1970s. It was like some old file. And he's going through this old file, was like, oh my God, it's the same crimes in the same place, but it's 40 years ago. Like this is fucking insane. This is insane. Like how is this possible? How is it like 1970, the same crimes are here today. This is nuts. And then he realized like, oh my God, this is like, this is a broken system. And then there's the whole redlining thing. If you were black, you couldn't buy homes in certain areas. Like they had systemic racist practices and then they never did anything about it and then they had horrible policing. And then you know, the about it and then they had horrible policing and then you know the wire You got fucking gangs and drugs and chaos and yeah, and he realized it. It was like oh my god Like this is this is a broken system So then he just started talking going on podcast and talking to people about it What was it? Did he have a proposed solution to fixing the system? I mean, he's a cop [1:22:00] I mean, I don't know if that's his thing. Yeah, he probably has some ideas Remember honestly, I don't know if that's his thing. I probably have some ideas. I don't remember, honestly, I've talked to too many people, but someone's got to do something. Yeah, I don't know what you would do to do it, but it would be a long process. If you think about, like, you got to go all the way back to Jim Crow, so you go to slavery, and then what happens after slavery? Well, they don be a favorite anymore, but you know what they do do? They lock up black men for almost nothing and then force them to be slaves in prison. And they create things, they work on the fucking chain gang. All that shit is slavery. And they would find ways to prosecute. Look, we know it today. I've done a ton of podcasts with Josh Dubin who used to work with the Innocence Project and now he's got his own thing with the Ike Pro-Mutter Center. But they find people that are wrongfully convicted and help them get out. We've got a bunch of those guys come on the podcast including one guy who came on who was actually guilty. He was guilty before and we knew he was guilty but he got 50 years. [1:23:00] Right. And then he was talking about how he turned his life around and around this like a month after he's on the podcast. Yes. How long was it after he was on the podcast? Two months. Maybe two months. Cut some dudes head off. Yeah. And he was wearing a blonde wig and a home he didn't understand new HD security cameras. Like this dude put a blonde wig. I think I crystal clear footage of him was goatee on wearing a blonde wig carrying some dudes head. How sold were you in the room with him? How good was he at selling himself as this reformed person? Well, you know, what does it mean? Okay, so he didn't kill anybody in jail and then he's out now and he's got this new lease on life and he's out and he, you know, he's trying to do something different when it's life. When you listen to his explanation of what happened, why he went to jail. So he was a drug dealer. Right. And he had gone to jail before and some dude owed him money. Some dude, some drug deal and the guy was like, fuck you. So he found the guy and he pissed a whipped him. [1:24:01] And he robbed him. Okay. And he got 50 years for that. Right. And it was, he was a habitual criminal for sure. So we should have gotten 50 years for that. Well, I don't know, I mean, it seems like, it seems like when he got out, he was kind of a bad guy. But was he, was that because he spent 25 fucking years in jail? Cause he was 20, I think it had 25 years for the lab 24 before they let him out, which is an insane amount of time to be locked up in a prison and then expect acclimate. So you're saying did prison make him much worse? Yeah, prison make him much worse because it certainly can with some people. But we've had people on that were innocent and prison made them amazing. I mean, something about like the constant studying and the accepting your situation in life, even though you were innocent, and then a lot of those guys got released. And it's crazy to see them, like they lost 20 years of their life for something that was bullshit, complete bullshit. And then you find out the cops and the prosecutors [1:25:01] who were involved in their case had done that to many, many, many people. That's another thing that people need to take into consideration. How fucking dirty some people involved in prosecuting and convicting people are. You remember that guy in Pennsylvania? There was a guy in Pennsylvania who was a judge. He went to jail because it turns out that he was getting paid to have kids arrested and sentence them into juvenile centers. Wow. So he was getting kicked back from the center. So the state has to pay for the population, right? And then you have private prisons, which is even more sinister. Because then it's not just the incentive of the people that are working in the prison and the prison guards union, which is a real thing. Prison guards unions work to stop marijuana laws from being, yeah, because they want people to get arrested so that people go to jail. So they have jobs, which is fucking crazy to think. But private prisons make money off people being incarcerated. If you make money off a person being incarcerated, [1:26:03] now you have an incentive for incarcerating people. Just like pharmaceutical drug companies have an incentive to give you drugs you might not even need. Because they make money when you're in a private prison. You don't even have to treat them that well because they're prisoners who's really gonna get upset on their behalf. A few people that we're not gonna take seriously. So if I don't, if their condition suck, it's prison. They're prisoners. Why do I need to treat them well? Nobody cares. I mean, there's people that complain, but listen, there's some horrific conditions in prison for now in this country. And different prisons have different conditions, and people know it, and they try to get transferred to a prison that's lighter. Yeah. It's not really necessarily a correctional facility. It's called that, but the aim is not correcting. It's crazy. It's crazy when you look at the rest of the world, like how many more people in the United States incarcerates, there is a business. Capitalism has flaws, and one of the flaws of capitalism is that if you have something that generates income from a specific action, it's going to encourage that action. It wants more of that. And then if it's making tremendous [1:27:04] amounts of money, like the private prison complex, you're going to be able to manipulate things. You're going to be able to... Farmers, yeah. Like you said. That same thing. Yeah, everybody's got to take the drug. And then every other drug demonize it. Go on television. Tell people it's veterinary medicine. I mean, we saw it. We saw it devil, we really saw the devil. We saw the real thing. And now they're forced to admit it. I mean, even the fucking CDC, how to take down some insane amount of tweets that they were talking about Ivermectin. Really? They had a, they lost in court. They had to take it down. Yeah. The whole thing was FDA or CDC. I also don't, I'm not sure that they, well, they have some of them. They have some of them. What do you think, and what's going through your brain when CNN is doing that? Like in real time, when you're looking at you and being like, that's not what I looked like. What are you thinking in that moment as it's happening? Like the first thought as you scrolled. My first thought is like this will work for a little bit till I start talking. I'm not gonna, first of all, they didn't understand that I'd way more people, listen to my podcast than they have, way more. [1:28:06] So also, multiply. Yeah, also, that's crazy. If you think you're gonna make me look yellow, the video's still on my Instagram, you fucking idiots. Everybody could see what I really looked like. I was better in three days. And you're upset, because one of the medications that my fucking doctor prescribed, I talked about a stack of medications that I took. I wasn't on TV saying, hey kids, you don't need to get vaccinated, just take a hypermectant. Now all I said was I got COVID, I can't go to the, I was doing shows with Chappelle that weekend. I can't go because I have COVID, but I feel great. I took this, we threw the kitchen sink at it, and I feel better. And then I was like, Robren's taking a veterinary medication. And you were canceling the show, which is what you're supposed to do. Yeah, I immediately realized, like, wow, this is how dirty it really is. Because it was the same verbiage everywhere, horse dewormer. It was something that was been used in, it's part of the World Health Organization's [1:29:07] list of essential medicines. A medicine that's been prescribed billions of times. We're not saying anything. I'm not saying one of the safest drug profiles known. We're not saying that. I didn't say no to this. Worst dewormer. Because the cash, they were banking on the idea that the casual observer doesn't understand how corrupt everything is and that they could just feed them bad information. But in the age of the internet, when the government says things and everybody knows that it's not true or when the media says things and everybody knows that it's not true, it doesn't work forever. It works in the beginning. And there's still people out there that think I took veterinary medicine. There's still people that think that think I took veterinary medicine. There's still people that the thing goes an idiot for taking Ivermectric. There's a bunch of people that do, they're surface level readers, they read headlines, they watch a quick clip on CNN, that's their consumption of media. But most people are not like that anymore. Most people have a real keen understanding [1:30:03] that these people were like viciously corrupt and coordinated. And when they coordinated in that way, it was such a dumb checkers move in a chess game. It's just a stupid move. You're playing TikTok, too. This is retarded. Similar to what people are feeling about the Trump prosecution. Like you're trying to make this guy look bad and it's only gonna make me like him more. Also, you're doing it in a city that's overrun with crime, where women are getting punched in the face on the street. You've got people pushing people in front of trains. You've got so many real criminals that you're just letting out a jail with no bail. Like this is so fun. Because we talk about this on the pod, and I don't, again, what I will see is like, I see more people just doing heroin on this fruit, which is crazy. You see him doing heroin? You see him and actively shooting up. I don't feel super unsafe. There's a couple blocks in Manhattan, lower, I guess, like not like 100s and below, where I'm like a walk around a lot and I'm like, I be careful in these blocks. But for the most part, I don't feel it. Remember back in the day when you'd go to the McDonald's on McDougal right by the seller, [1:31:07] you'd walk into there and you'd be like, keep just having your head on a swivel. Yeah, yeah, yeah. There's a few blocks in New York where I feel that way now, but largely I feel okay. I don't. And again, I'm a guy that's much walking through the city. It is definitely the heroin thing is wild. But it is different, right? It feels different. I also think maybe I was privileged to move in the safest time New York is probably ever seen. I got moved in, oh wait, I would walk home from New York comedy club, which was on like 23rd and 2nd to my apartment on 50th and 8th. And one in the morning barely even think about it. You'd walk that far? Yeah, it's just how long did it take? That's 45 minutes, like a 45 minute walk. That's a little exercise. Yeah, yeah, a little exercise. You just walk off kind of the adrenaline or just whatever. Actually, it's probably good for going over your material. Yeah, and then you're going over your set. You're just taking it all in, taking some time. It was a great walk It's in New York is rarely peaceful, so it's just quiet. Now I don't know if I would do that, but back then it was just like, wasn't even a thought. [1:32:08] And it was so safe. Like I really probably took for granted how safe New York was back then. And now I don't think it's as safe, but it's not the 70s or 80s for sure. Yeah, it's not the 70s. I went there in a karate tournament in like 19. I had to be like 86, 87 somewhere around then. And I remember thinking like this place is nuts. Yeah. We went through Times Square. I was like, this is nuts. I heard Times Square was just like hookers and drugs and keep shows. Yeah. It's weirdo. Yeah. And now it's an M&M store. You ever see that movie? Was it, what was the movie with Dustin Hoffman and John Voight? I don't know. Was it Midnight Cowboy? Was about like Gay Hustlers in New York. Yeah, Midnight Cowboy. But that's like Times Square. When people thought of Times Square, they thought of like these Newdy movie theaters [1:33:01] and Peep shows and just CD, yeah. Drug dealers dealers weirdos. Now it's all like fucking, yeah, there it is. Good fucking movie man. I haven't watched that movie in forever. Small time con man. Yeah, that made some artistic movies back then that I just didn't realize. Like, was the movie not just a surfer go. There's a one where Al Patino's a dog day afternoon maybe where he's robbing the bank or something. And he's trying to pay for his boyfriend's sex change-up. Yeah. That movie being around back then blew my mind. Because I assumed they were so conservative that movie would not be an Al Pacino-led film. Well, that was actually a true story. I didn't know that, but. Yeah. Dog day afternoon is based's a true story, like this would never get made. Well, I think you could make that movie today. Today for sure, but again, I, you think society's gotten so much more progressive and entertainment has gotten so much more liberal. Now this movie makes perfect sense. And it's about trans acceptance and all this stuff [1:34:01] and this was just a movie. It's not just that. Now it's in Vogue. You know, it's like Hollywood has no soul. They're not like, we're being more progressive. They just like think this is, oh, the wind's going down. Yes. Let's go that way. Everyone should be trans. Like South Park said, they get a chick and make a gay. Yeah, absolutely, dude. Absolutely. I'm so glad we have as comics realized we don't need that validation anymore. We got lucky, dude. We got lucky because if this thing that's going on right now, well actually I think this thing that's going on right now couldn't be going on right now without the influence of the internet. The internet is like created this mind virus that's sweeping through college campuses. And also the universities and the Marxist philosophies that they've been pushing in universities because they've all been infiltrated by Russia, by the former Soviet Union and now by China and Russia together for sure they're influencing. They push the WOKES teachers, the WOKES professors, the nuttiest policies, and they're [1:35:02] literally doing it to deteriorate the fabric of American democracy. They have like plans for it. They've thought about like Yuri Besmanov talked about this in 1984. I've seen that clip. It's crazy. Corraze. It's crazy. When you watch it today, they were right. It's very prophetic. He did it. Yeah. They did it. They really did it. Thousand percent. But, you know, the internet came along and through gasoline on all those plans and made it much more chaotic But in doing so it also created this other thing Luckily because I think this other thing that we're doing right now podcasts being completely Unregulated and being on even platforms that are corporate platforms like YouTube pretty fucking unregulated. No one's in flagrant No one's sitting down with you guys making sure you don't say anything wild correct you upload it and if you say something too wild The flag it or they'll demonetize you But that's just that could not have existed. Yeah in any other time and so in the time where you have the most extreme polar [1:36:05] social And so in the time where you have the most extreme polar social issues, and then you also have the most freedom of speech. And even though they're trying to crack down on it with a lot of these, I mean, I don't know how much you paid attention to the Twitter files. Did you pay attention to any of that, Shade? A little bit. A little bit. Fucking government was literally trying to censor true information that was on Twitter. And they were successful. They infiltrated. The intelligence agencies infiltrated various different social media platforms. And if it wasn't for Elon, we wouldn't know. We would not know. If it wasn't for Matt Taiibi and all those people that like Michael Schellenberger, Barry Wise and all those people who went through the Twitter files and were like, look at this. This is crazy. This is crazy. You wouldn't know that the actual government itself is trying to sculpt the way people are allowed to disseminate information and see the world. Yeah, because they've always been able to control everything. And now it's like, well, we can [1:37:01] control a little bit here and there. But I do what we can do. Tucker Carlson on the other day and explained to me watergate. And it was like, what? Like watergate, there was an intelligence officer who became a reporter and that's Bob Woodward. I didn't know who he was. It was this intelligence officer. Young guy became a reporter, like right away, first assignment. Bob Woodward was called Bernstein. Which never young guy became a report like right away first assignment. Probably where it never happens. Bernstein's never happens. Never happens. Yeah. The people that broke into the office, CIA agents, CIA informants, CIA employees, and then Gerald Ford was on the Warren Commission. And he was the only one that they would accept for Richard Nixon's vice president the other guy's bureau agnew they hit him with uh... i think was tax evasion so he's out they get rid of him and they get Nixon in there and then they get him with this whole watergate and they get rid of him and then he was the most apparently he was the most popular president in [1:38:03] us history and he won the election by the largest margin in US history. Wow. And they got rid of him in two years. And it was a complete coup. Like they took him out. Nixon. Yes. Wow. And one of the, well, Tucker was saying, I don't know if this is true, but what Tucker was saying was that Nixon was a, he was very interested in the Kennedy assassination. And he had said to the head of the CIA, I know why they killed JFK. Wow. And he's had nothing. He just stared at him. He was like, yeah, barely it's on video, or it's on video or audio or whatever it is. So he was just explaining to me. I never known that. I thought Nixon was corrupt. These intrepid reporters, he's fucking really go getters. They busted them and they printed this thing and wow, we caught him, he's a crook. I still tend to believe that one more. I'm not gonna research, I'll be honest. I wanna pretend I'm gonna research it, but. You don't have to research it. If you just listen to what Tucker said, [1:39:03] just listen to what he actually said about it. We can play it for you. Do we have a clip of that? Is there a clip of that? If you want, if you listen to what he's saying, you're like, wait, what? Like I didn't know that. I remember watching all the presidents, men and being like, oh, I see how journalism was important. These two guys just changed the course of global history. Bro, that might as well be a Chuck in our movie. That shit's straight fiction son. Oh, I'm breaking my heart dude. My wife got a message in journalism. I'm like, yo, what an important job this could be. But it is an important job. No, journal, real journalism is very important and real journalism is critical for people to understand. Yeah. But I think a lot of the real journalism now is happening independently. It's these people that they publish on substack and they have a large following because people like Glenn Greenwald, people know that they can trust them. They're going to give you the straight dope whether or not it's uncomfortable for you or not. That's real journalism. That's really important. But as soon as you start working for a massive corporate entity like the New York Times or any other one, Washington Post, figure out what it is. [1:40:06] And that's where the Woodward and Bernstein, they were working for the Washington Post. Washington Post, yeah. Yeah. Do you find it? Yeah. Okay. Check this out. With that. Well, the New York Times does that all the time. But they did it as me. They wouldn't have an issue with the government tapping into your phone. They work for the government. Are you kidding? Right. The New York Times? Yeah, the New York Times is a conduit for the lies of government. That's what it is. It's their tool. And they're perfectly aware of that. I mean, I used to write for the New York there are a lot of really smart people there, for sure, even now I would less so now, but there's still I think smart people there. There are, I know some. And they know, but they think that that, you know, it's worth it because they're bringing information or I don't know what they think actually. But no, they're tools of power and that's like the one thing that you're not allowed to [1:41:04] be. Even if you think the power is that's like the one thing that you're not allowed to be even if you think the power is good like maybe they all support the agenda of the US government destabilizing the world and impoverishing their own population maybe they're on board with that Even if they are they shouldn't do it because the job of the media the press is to keep power and check you are Kind of like the seat belt, right? You know, you make sure that things don't go too far. So, and they're not doing that. They're acting as a willing handmaid. When do you think that's switched? I think it's been the case for a long time. I mean, if you look at what happened in Richard Nixon, which I of course did not understand at all. Richard Nixon was taken out by the FBI and CIA and with the help of Bob Woodward, who was a Washington Post reporter, who had been a Naval Intelligence Officer working in the White House, working in the Nixon White House. [1:42:01] And then he shows up like a year later and he's this brand new reporter. He'd never been in journals at all. He's a naval intel officer, the famous Bob Woodward, we all revere. And he's at the Washington Post and somehow he gets the biggest story in the history of the Washington Post. He's the lead guy in that story. Well, I worked at a newspaper. I've been in the news business my whole life. That is not how it works. You don't take a kid like his first day from a totally unrelated business and put him on the biggest story. But he was. He was that guy. And who is his main source for water date? Oh, the number two guy at the FBI. Oh, so you have the Naval Intelligence Officer working with the FBI official to destroy the president. Okay, so that's a deep state coup. What else, how would you describe that? If that happened in Guatemala, what would you say? And yet the way it was framed and the way that I accepted for decades was, oh, this intrepid reporter fought power. No, no, no. This intrepid reporter, Bob Woodward, was a tool of power, secret power, which is the most threatening kind, [1:43:06] to bounce the single most popular president in American history, Richard Nixon, from office before the end of his term, and replace him with who? Oh, Gerald Ford, who sat on the Warren Commission. Now, how did Gerald Ford get to be Richard Nixon's vice president? Well, because Carl Albert, the Democrat speaker of the House told him you must choose him. We will only confirm him when they sent the actual elected vice president away for tax evasion, Spiro Agnew of Maryland. So you have a complete setup. Like an absent, Gerald Ford, the only unelected president of American history actually sat on the Warren Commission. Something else that I accepted at face value until I looked at it, I was like, that's completely insane. You didn't want to interview Jack Ruby in your investigation of the assassination. Okay, you're fake. Yeah, he was on the Warren Commission. And so, sorry for the long story, but the point is, [1:44:01] like that happened in front of all of us, but the way it was framed cloaks the obvious reality of it. The people who broke into the Watergate office building from which the name has taken Watergate. I think it was six of them or seven of them. All but one was a CIA employee. That's real, it's like, look it up on Google. So the whole thing, Richard Nixon was elected by more votes than any president in American history in the 1972 election. He was the most popular by votes, which is the only way we can really measure popularity, the most popular president. In his reelection campaign, and two years later he's gone. Undone by a Naval Intel officer, the number two guy at the FBI and a bunch of CIA employees. You tell me what that is. Those are the facts. Those are not disputed facts. That's not crackpot. Wild. Yeah. I mean, I need to look into this. Wild. Yeah, I need to look into it too. He said it. I'm taking it face value and I'm just telling everybody. [1:45:00] I'm not taking it a face value. I'm not taking it at face value. I'm not taking it at face value because he said it. It's why it's been confirmed by other people to me Oh really yeah, yeah, that's that's true It's crazy. He didn't lie if he lied he'd been real trouble and the people be saying what he saying is not true That's fair a bunch of stories written about it. That's fair. No, that's actually what happened I we talk about this on flake We had to make a promise on the pod and i think he's great i think he's of a very poor communicator of his message really yeah cuz you'll talk about the deep state and all these things that when if you're like me who's a casual guy who i think is a larger percentage of guys that really want them who really want to do the research they're like this deep state deep state you and you'll talk about it as if it's a conspiratorial, dark sinister rub their hands together. And he's like, no, basically it's just bureaucracy. There's a lot of unnecessary jobs in the government. I just want to cut the fat out. And we might lose some muscle by cutting it out. But I think these people are just kind of like, there are parasites, bureaucrats, just unnecessary jobs. [1:46:03] And they are controlling things in a way that is just for self-preservation. And they think they know what's best for us, but they don't. And it's kind of arrogant, but it's like, well meaning, well intended. I think they frame it in that it's best for us. He's like, I- I'm really self-preservation. Yeah, but he said, I think for them, we know it's good for them, which is very snobby, but the intention is we know what's good for them, let's do this, and maybe at the root, it's self-interest. But if he called it the managerial class or bureaucracy instead of the deep state, I think people would listen more. They'd be more inclined to be like, let's see what this guy has to say. But a president talking Yeah, deep state. Like that's a good statement. Yeah. Like that sound. And if he can get on a platform where he can really put his thought, because I think his brain dysfunctions at a high level, I think he thinks this is how we're going to hear it. He's like, you know what I mean? Like, oh, these people aren't as smart as me. They need to hear deep state. That's what's going to work. Well, he's also, what is he 38? Yeah, he's 38, I think. That's very young. [1:47:05] Yes, incredible young. So he's learning this, this is his first jaunt, right? This is his first expedition in public speaking in front of the whole world about important issues. Yeah. He's gonna learn from that. Just like we're saying, there's Trump 2.0. Maybe Vivek 2.0 in and you know i'll book twenty eight but they two point oh great but they three point oh that guy's gonna be fantastic also but they uh... two point oh being as forties which is easier to get yeah yeah yet little grayness here that's a little bit of life experience little life experience because i'm thirty nine and i know she and i'm not gonna guide your age be president crazy buddy i could barely run a household we talk about it exactly right this guy's younger than you and he wants to be the president of the United States. That's insane. Yeah, but I do think once he put it like that, I was like, oh, that's a guy I would vote for. I just want to get rid of the unnecessary jobs. My wife's both parents will work for the government, state government. They don't doing that. [1:48:06] They're gonna do it to him. It's probably what they're doing to Trump. There's an element of that, folks, even if you fucking hate Trump, you should be very concerned about this stuff. Because if this sets a precedent, if you can prosecute your political opponents and Republican start doing it, you're gonna be furious too. If all of a sudden, so he gets out and then there's a new political guy, let's imagine that Trump wins and then it's Gavin Newsom. And then the Trump administration starts going after Gavin Newsom and bringing him into court. And having Republican judges, running him up on charges, like if that Republican prosecutors go after him, that's not good for the country, it's not good for anybody. Yeah, and you're all gonna feel the same, the same people who are in 2016, like Hillary got the election stolen because of Russia. In 2020, we're like, shut up Trump supporters. You guys are crazy. And it just flips. Yep. And you guys are gonna feel the exact same way if whoever you like on the Democrat side wins and then they do this. People have to understand that almost every election [1:49:05] for the past 20 years has been disputed. There was the John Kerry election, that was disputed. I remember Trump, I'm not sorry, it's our Bush and Care. And Al Gore. Gore, the dangling participles, right? Is that what it was? Hanging chance. Hanging chance. Dangling participles. Word phrase. That's hilarious. It sells just as dumb. Yeah. Yeah. The hanging chads. Oh, that's stupid shit. You know what, it's crazy. I think there's a bush one floored up about like 500 boats. And I think about like domino effect and the domino effect of that is insane. Because eight years of bushes will got us eight years of Obama. I think people were so done with Bush that they were like Let's give a black guy a shot and then eight years of that the white people that were kind of angry about Obama getting elected We're like fuck this. Let's go to the guys are gonna piss them off the most Trump gets elected I feel like the domino effect of those 533 votes is crazy. It's also Iraq and Afghanistan. Oh, yes [1:50:01] Absolutely. Yeah, it's invasion. The initial invasion of Afghanistan In the initial invasion of Iraq for sure absolutely no proof of that whatsoever just 533 votes changed history forever Yeah, that's one of the wildest ones has ever been done. Yeah, the weapons of mass destruction That's a wild one. Yeah, and that no one no one went to jail for that no one got in trouble for that like wow Yeah, how can you do that? I, yeah. None of us questioned. Can you imagine? I remember in college, one guy being like, this isn't real. And we were all like, what are you talking about? He was like, this is George Bush senior. What word at his dad fight? You're not gonna rock a fuck, yeah. I didn't even think about that. Bush, the one that won in whatever was with the dangling chads, then you have 9-11, right? So he was a super-round popular president in September and he gets 9-11 happens and then all of a sudden everybody's on his side and the whole country's united. And then all of a sudden we're invading Iraq like a year later, like what? [1:51:03] What the fuck is going on? And that is is I remember when the election was happening there were like no wartime president loses right Bush is gonna win a second term anyone and when Bush's dad was in office you know when the first initial invasion of Iraq that was a weird one too because it was like Iraq invaded Kuwait and then we invaded Iraq and then we stopped short of overthrowing them. Yeah. It was weird. I was like, we'll leave you there. We're going to get out of here. Yeah. I was just, you know, a term just struck me. Remember, Patriot missiles? I was five years old and we had to hear about Patriot missiles and I was like, that's fucking awesome, man. Patriot missiles were such good guys and they had scuds which sound yeah exactly good. Yeah the marketing of shitty ass Missing you got great marketing though. Honestly in 1990 Patriot missiles. Yeah, we're gonna kill thousands of innocent people But patriotism they also they did a lot of practicing then yeah, they they used stuff that they know [1:52:00] They weren't supposed to use one of the things they did did was depleted uranium rounds, which is go right through tanks. They fuck tanks up, but the problem with depleted uranium rounds is it creates horrific radiation. And all these soldiers were like going through the wreckage of these things and picking up pieces of it and bringing it home as souvenirs and radiation sickness was a giant factor. They called it Gulf War Syndrome after the first war, after Desert Storm. For our cell deserts? For our massive amounts of miscarriages and childbirth defects and people got sick and they called it Gulf War Syndrome and they were denied. They were denied. They were denying that it was real until investigative journalists dug into it and found out that it was most likely the result of depleted uranium rounds. Jesus Christ, man. Yeah, apparently depleted uranium is the shit. If you wanna like fuck up tanks and stuff, like it just shoots right through them. [1:53:02] Use as weapons because it's so dense, it self ignites at high temperatures and pressures and because it becomes sharper as it penetrates armor plating according to the International Atomic Energy Agency. As dupleted uranium penetrator strikes a target, its surface temperature increases dramatically according to Oak Ridge Associated Universities, Museum of Radiation and Radioactivity. Wow. That's crazy. So it's like the ultimate round for like stopping tanks. Just goes through them like butter. And but the problem is it's depleted uranium. It's like insanely toxic. And so Google like whatever happened with Gulf War syndrome. I'm in Daraq. I'm looking at it from a recent. We sent we sent some to Ukraine recently. What does it say? Oh, we sent some to Ukraine. Of course, we probably got a bunch laying around when they made it illegal. Yeah. Pentagon said it will send depleted uranium armor piercing ammunition to Ukraine as a part of its new assistant package, [1:54:02] a step senior Russian official called a criminal act. Here's a look at the concerns. Wow. So this is now, but Google Gulf War Syndrome cause. Man, the fallout from just serving our side in war. Chemical warfare, particularly nerve gas, okay. Possible causes of Gulf War syndrome. Possible causes include chemical warfare agents, particularly nerve gas or pry, what's that word? Pryodostic mean bromide, which is given as a preventive measure to soldiers likely to be exposed to chemical warfare agents, so that might have fucked him up too. Psychological factors such as post-traumatic stress disorder. But what about Google Gulf War syndrome depleted uranium? Just instead of cause, just depleted uranium. [1:55:03] Depleted uranium is both a chemotoxic and radio toxic element. Depliated uranium may be one of the causes for the so-called Gulf War illness. Proposed effects of depliated uranium may be especially harmful if mitochondrial DNA is damaged. Depliated uranium caused Gulf War Syndrome. Click on that, what was that say? The illness suffered by soldiers who took part in the Gulf War syndrome was not caused by inhaling depleted uranium according to a scientific study. Instead, researchers believe Gulf War syndrome may be due to soldiers being exposed to the nerve agent Saren. So there's probably a bunch of misinformation that's put out by official people in regards to that, but I would imagine that would play a factor. If depleted uranium was used, and I know that a lot of the people, one of the things that they talked about, there was a documentary done on Gulf War Syndrome and these people that were actually going through the wreckage of tanks wound up getting it and they were [1:56:03] talking about it that they didn't know. Yeah, they were burn pits that John Stuart talked about. That's a big one. Yeah, that's a big one. He's such a hero for actually bringing this engine to that, that got the greatest. That's fucking terrifying, that they would burn all their stuff, and anybody would be downwinded out, be breathing in toxic fumes. Yeah, just come home. Who know, you're going to have Gulf War syndrome. I don't sound like, how little do they give a fuck about you? If they burn toxic shit and it goes downwind and just run through the camp. Being a government, I think, this is why there's like some level of sociopathy involved. Is you have to be OK with this baseline level of innocent death, I think. It's just what it is. And that's a crazy thought. Well, that's the justification for Israel bombing Palestine. Yeah. Right. You have to be this is war. And this is a, and it's a, Samas is fault that those innocent people are there, like, yeah, not our fault. That is a crazy way to think. Yeah. Well, hey, this is what war is all about. Like, says who? Yeah. So this is the only way to do war. [1:57:05] Is this the only way that this can actually be done? There's no other way that takes longer and kills less innocent people? No way. This is it. The only way. You want a swat-a-fly? You got a swat-a-fly with a fly-swat-a-fly. That's not. And I sent it to Shane Gillis and then I realized after I sent it to him, hey man, I think this is a fucking video game. I think it's crazy. But let me show you because it's so crazy. Because it seems so, it's a YouTube, but it seems so realistic. I'm stunned by how good video games are now. Check this out, Jamie. I just sent it to you. Remember the ghost of Kiev we were reading about when you got in the rush of war started? I was looking at video game footage. Video game footage. I bought it and I was like, this guy's awesome. [1:58:01] Bro, this looks so good. This looks so good. I thought this was like some high resolution government footage where they were just showing you what they can do now. What, look at this. Go full screen. Cause this is, this looks so dope. Look at this. Oh shit. By the way, now looking at on a big screen it looks like on my phone. It looks like a video game. Yeah, I was gonna my phone though with my 56 year old eyes Look it look look at this look at the fucking ripples look at this. Oh Yeah, yeah, that's crazy. It sounds crazy This is incredible that this is a video game. Yeah Yeah, it does look like a video game on the big screen. This makes you want to play video games. Damn, it looks good. Yeah, I want to play this game. Yeah. Jesus. How good are fucking video games now? That's not going to get better, dude. That's a real problem, man. You're going to live in that in five years. 100%. [1:59:00] Yeah. You're gonna be happy. But there was some stuff. Back it up a little bit, Jamie, because they go back and forth from black and white. They show the rockets headed towards it. A little further? Yeah, right there. Back it right there. Well, check this out. Look at this. When they show like the whatever sensors that they're using in this video game to track missiles. Check this out. Oh, this is crazy. And then they have a camera on the missile. Wow. Now this seems crazy real. Crazy real. This looks like you're looking at it through yeah look at this shit Wow So they're going through different filters Different ways of looking at it and then later on they show the actual missiles headed towards it Wow look at that. Oh yeah See if you get the where the actual missiles are that's crazy [2:00:04] That's it. Back up right there, right there. Where it's black and white. This is crazy. Wow. This is wild shit, man. The fact that this has been being done through, this isn't the transition that I saw earlier. I don't know when it is. It's a long ass video. Yeah. But it's pretty incredible. No, this is so realistic. Yeah, we're gonna be the matrix where you're just plugged into a thing and you're just living. 100%. I just hope my life is good in that matrix. Well, it's gonna be better than the matrix because it's not gonna be like a regular life. You're gonna be on a dragon. You're gonna be in fucking you're gonna be living in never, never land. You're gonna be living in some crazy Narnia world. You're gonna be able to do anything you want. What is the game? Armour three. Armour three. Yeah, I mean, this is brand new, April 21st. Yeah, I don't even know what that game is. Literally, this video came out yesterday. This fucking nuts, man. [2:01:01] It just stumbled across my feet and I thought it was legit. Yeah. For like 38 seconds. So that game is, I mean, this crazy what video games are doing. There's now, like I watched the NFL a lot. When a guy scores a touchdown, they use like a 6K camera and you look at that and you're like, oh, that looks like a video game. 6K, the more crisp reality looks like the video game now. I was watching a video yesterday on youtube that was a review of the google pixel eight pro and apparently it has a i in it that can give a smile for your kids face uh... that's creepy it's correct he said that i was reviewing said by one kid is never paying attention to the world then get a picture of them not paying attention that's it fucking weirdo. Like you're changing your kid's personality. I'd be like this smiley guy who steers the camera. It's a scary thought. You can manipulate people's faces. So you can swap their face around. So someone Lex tweeted yesterday this picture? Yeah. He responds to someone and made that look smiling. [2:02:02] And it looks. Wow. Looks pretty fun. Well, have you seen the new Microsoft software where they can take a photograph, just a photograph. And then with your voice, have you say all kinds of shit in video and it looks seamless. Wow. I'll send you that, Jamie. It looks fucking seamless. So you see it, you're like, this is incredible. How is this that good? It's so fucking good now. It's gonna be really fun. Here it is also into Jamie. I think I think yeah, we got it. Yeah, this is it. Oh my tension. Oh my time on listening. So instead of doing something else, I just listened, listened, and listened. Because I would truly believe for that if you're really bad at something like listening for example, it only shows you that, hey, you have to practice listening. This sound is not synced crack correctly in this video. I think it's... [2:03:00] It's gonna get better and better. Yeah, but this is not how it looked on my phone. On my phone, it looked different. There's like a little disconnect here. Keep blaming your phone for you. What's up? Keep blaming your phone for these wrong things. Yeah, no, no, no, it's just, it's going from the computer. Yeah, no, I'm kidding. Okay. But also, even if it's You can tell this is the worst it will ever be and it will get exponentially better and better faster and faster. And I think they only need 30 seconds of you talking. That's crazy. Yeah. The monolisa is rapping. Look at this. Give me some of that. I'm happy and say it to Perez Hilti. Don't call me Scurdy making money. That's crazy. Bro, that's Mona Lisa. That's crazy. And it's pretty good. Yeah. And you would have not of imagined this five years ago. Five years ago. Five years ago, you'd be like, what is that? How do these, that must cost a billion dollars to do. I think three years from now you're not going to be able to tell at all. No, especially guys like you or I, who have had so many hours of us talking. Yeah. There's so many hours of you talking. [2:04:05] But the good thing now, then is probably, we can just say whatever we want to. And I'm like, that was fake. Ah! It's a crazy hateful stuff, but that was fake. I wonder if they'll be a way to tell. I wonder if, I think eventually there won't be. I think there's a lot of other things you could edit on a phone now. Like with the Samsung phones, you could delete things from the background. It has AI. So like if someone's in the background, I fuck that dude. Just put a circle around them. Yeah. And that goes away. Now he's not in your picture anymore. Yeah. And literally move the position that you're in. So if you're in the center of the thing, you're like, I wanna be behind that park bench. They just put you behind the park bench. Dude, for my special, luckily we got prize picks to help me pay for the cost. And then we did like an ad read in the middle. The background, we filmed it on a green screen and my guy, Kev created that background in like 30 seconds and you can't tell the difference. It looks like maybe slightly different but so many people are like, did he stop the middle of his taping to do an ad read? [2:05:07] It looks so good. It just added this stuff into, which probably before your guy got to it but this has just been added to video editing software. Some of the AI stuff we've been talking about some built into the actual editing software is like what just happened on screen was, they changed the small amount of diamonds into a large amount of diamonds, and it now works in the video that they're using. Wow. I mean, just changing things, leading things right out of there. That would take hours before. Wow. They might take a few people to do it. And now it's instantaneous. I took 10 seconds. Didn't even know it was supposed to be there. The first video's now, most of you this Jamie, because this video is entirely AI. The whole thing is a sci-fi trailer for a movie. It's entirely AI and you would never believe it. And again, what you just said is only going to get better. This is the worst it's ever been. Worst it's ever going? Yeah. It's gonna get better real quick. [2:06:06] But this whole trailer that we're gonna watch is entirely generated by AI. There's no actors, there's no scenes, this is all done on a computer. This is not a sci-fi movie. What the fuck? Two close ups. Dude, the people look complete in look at the ocean the multi-coast is beautiful not to draw a shot from the multi-coast wow look at the people moving yeah everything looks real this is not to snip it from a natural geographic documentary. I mean, what the fuck? That looks crazy. Look at that dog man. That's crazy. Do you remember how bad the dogs looked and I am legend? Yeah. The tigers, the lions rather. Do you remember that scene? Yeah, I do. There's a scene when Will Smith is going through New York City and the lions are out. [2:07:03] And the lion takes out a deer in front of him and it See if he can find it looks so CGI. It's so corny. Yeah, they shouldn't even put it in the movie It's I wonder if at the time you think it looks real and then you go back and you're like this is the one now I remember at the time I was like it the fuck out of here because I watch it movie like 10 years later This deer look fake don't must I know, look at that mustang. Fuck yeah, drive around to Shelby. Yeah. So watch this, he's hanging out here, and he sees his deer, and he's about to shoot this deer because he wants some food. Yeah. Yeah. Watch this line, look how fake this is. Yeah, looks terrible [2:08:06] look at me look so bad it looks so fake it looks almost as fake as his marriage ah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha Yeah, quite almost. Some people live in hell. They really do. They stay living in hell. What a sad case that was, man. He meant so much to me as a kid. And now it's just... All with one moment where he couldn't take a joke. Yeah. Or she couldn't take a joke. One moment in the whole guy's reputation is gone now. All they had to do was just laugh it off. I know. And he was laughing. G.I.J. in mild shit. Not even remotely. And this is a, it's, it's, it would have been one thing if she wasn't trying to be famous and he just brought her into a joke if she wasn't a celebrity. But he's not making fun of your seals. She's ready for that movie. Yeah, okay God forbid yeah God forbid you compare my wife to a Navy seal. How dare you that was like a big thing in the movie were Demi Moore said suck my dick. Did she really? That's fire That's fire. Yeah, she's a beast. Yeah, I would love for my wife to compare to this Navy seal saying suck my dick It's hilarious. Also. She's still hot in the movie. Yeah, I would love for my wife to compare to this. Maybe she'll say and suck my dick. It's hilarious. Also, she's still hot in the movie. [2:09:06] Yeah. I remember that. She's still hot bald. She looks great. Yeah. What's the big deal? Yeah. Jade still looks great. I don't know. She feels like whatever, Alopecia. Yeah. Looks pretty uniform. What drove me crazy. looking at stuff, right, you're researching. And there was a video of her being like, all I can do is laugh about it now. That's all I can do. So then someone made a joke, that's your opportunity to laugh about it, but you just took it so poorly. Well, she just rolled her eyes, gave sideways face, and then will, whatever's wrong with them. Yeah. That's what it was. Like whatever's disfucked, whatever he whatever chaos is in that relationship. And maybe it is alopecia. Maybe it's like that's just so sensitive that he realized, fuck, I gotta go slap him. It's like the hot button topic around the house. He's losing their hair. I don't know. But either way, like what a terrible decision. Yeah. And also, but also it showed you how vacant Hollywood is [2:10:03] that they gave him a standing ovation, just moments afterwards. Insane, for playing a guy, there are abuse allegations around. Yeah. Richard Williams. Yeah, yeah. Crazy. Yeah, just what a crazy fucking thing, man. Yeah, just the whole thing was nuts, and it just showed how insane Hollywood is. Oh yeah. And now disconnected there, and then it took the next day or so for the rest of the world to be like, hey, what the fuck? And then it all fell apart. But those dummies were willing to go along with it like clapping. They were amazing. Even though you just smacked a guy and ruined the Oscars. Yeah, assaulted a guy who's what, half a foot shorter than you maybe. And weighs eight pounds. Chris Arks says, he's the least intimidating guy that's ever held a mic. I have something to say about that. I think you might fuck him up. Really? I think so. Okay, fair enough. I don't know. I don't know. I don't know. Maybe he'll get you. But the point is it's like he's, this is not a threatening guy and to go up and physically assault him, it's just crazy. But it's just, you know, people lose their minds, man. [2:11:07] They lose their minds. Yeah, I remember thinking about this in like, oh, seven, I did like a student film. Obviously nothing. I barely got paid anything, but I remember I went to go get Chipotle. And then the people freaked out. They're like, hey, if you want something, you just tell us we'll go get it for you don't need to. And I remember, I'm like, oh, I could just ask for anything I want and you know, I would get it. And they were like, yeah. And I was like, that's crazy. So imagine actually being famous. Imagine being real Smith. No one says no to you ever. If real Smith was like, fly to Columbia, buy me coffee beans every day before I shoot, they would find a guy to do no way to be normal and healthy and all it just I can't see it. Well, you have to not participate in that. You have to not be that guy. You have to recognize that that's a dangerous road to go down and you lose your humanity. It's hard though, I imagine. And the one good thing about comedy is you will get humbled. I will bomb at some point eventually and it will remind me. Oh yeah, yeah, I'm not at better than anybody else. Yeah, comedy's a different animal. It's very hard to be that cocky and be a comedian. [2:12:06] Yeah, I get humbled. That's one of the reasons why fighters are so nice. Dude, I was, yeah, I hung out with Henry Sahuto and Calvin Gaslam that came to my shows in Tempe, just the best hang. Henry Sahuto's hilarious, by the way, like he's giving you shit, he's taking shit. He has five minutes of standup. It's actually not that bad. I kept telling him I was like, dude, I've seen more of your standup than I have your fights and it was pretty good. Calvin just the nicest guy, but yeah, there's a humility to maybe Chris Rock and a lot more humble. I mean, maybe a lot of people are hoping that happens to me. Well, Chris Rock stand up got better. Yeah. Like everybody that saw him after that, like Tom Skur went to see him when he did the arena in town. He was, bro, he was on fire. Really? He goes, it was like bringing the pain, Chris Rock. He was like, he was like, markedly better than he had been before. Oh, really? He goes, it was amazing. Yeah. It was amazing. And that's what it was. I was trying to get those people to like me. I was trying to do movies and I got slapped and they applauded that guy afterwards. [2:13:06] That's insane dude. Fuck them. He's too good for that gig anyway, that gig sucks. And then he had to try to go and do jokes after he got smacked, which was the worst. Saying I'm not gonna address it. I mean that is the worst. When he tried to do material after he got smacked, the whole thing was crazy. We're not talking about anything else, Chris. You're my hero. We're not talking about anything. Well, you didn't know what to do. You never would have imagined that that would have happened. There was a moment in the moment where he goes, Will said something, he goes, boy, I could. And then he just goes on and finishes giving the award. I know why he didn't and that was the mature thing, but I wish he had just unloaded. Yeah. I wish he had just gone it, because I'm positive I thought crossed his mind and then he decided against it. And I would love to see Chris Rock just. I think the best thing would have been to do was be to say, no one's gonna do anything about that. Like someone could just come up here and hit me and you guys on do shit. Yeah. And you want me to host your awards. Yeah. Like say something real in the moment like that. [2:14:05] But how, that's Monday morning quarterback. Yeah. Who knows what you're looking for. And you risk looking like a bitch being like, nobody's gonna help me. Which true, you, Will Smith's a big dude. Yeah. You're not, but it's still, you look like a bigger bitch getting slapped in me. Like, are you guys not gonna do anything about this? You look like a Karen or whatever. Well, you got, I mean, it's like, Jim carries it. He should sue Will Smith for like $50 million and I was like, yeah, that's, you're on board with that. This guy's career is forever altered because of that. Yeah. This guy made some of the greatest comedy specials in the history of the world and we're gonna talk about the slap right there with that if not before that The comedy like his audience is went way up his ticket sales went through the roof. Oh, it's good They went through the roof. I was talking to the people that handle this shit. They're like dude It was crazy. Everything was just selling out immediately Because everybody wanted to see him and they wanted to see what he had to say yeah and for a while He wasn't even talking about yeah, he's cuz Chris is smart Right, he's not gonna just come out with material right away and start talking about people going to film it and record it and tell everybody [2:15:06] So he waited he waited until he really developed the material. Yeah really figured out what to say. Yeah He is my comedy him and Chipel and Patrice I found when I got older but I remember being kids and being like oh fuck this is what stand-up can be and that's a big reason I even entered stand-up in the first place. Yeah, his first two specials were insane. Bigger and blacker and bring the pain or two of the best of all time. Dude, bigger and blacker coming a year, like a year and a half after bringing the pain, it's unbelievable how good it is to have, come out with all your best stuff that you've been doing for a 12 or long years of comic product, 12, 15 years a year and a half, you have a special that's arguably better in sane, man. Like I think about that all the time. Yeah, those are two of the bangers. Two, like if you go and look at like all time greatest specials, those two are definitely up there. Yeah. And to see a guy like that just gets smacked. Also to see a guy like that hosting the Oscars. Like, you can imagine Sam Kinesen or Richard Pryor hosting the Oscars? Like, you're the fuck out of here. [2:16:06] Like, why are you doing that? You should be doing that anyway. I mean, that was the path back then, right? I think this is a little bit of money morning quarterback and we're back then. It was Eddie Murphy, do stand up, be a legend, go to movies, be a legend, do whatever you. You watched that. You're just like, wow, four specials that are just like, worth, was it, this third special, but the awe just historically great. And then you got the movies and you got that. And now you're just like, I do whatever I want. He was right there. And that was the path. But the thing is they all wanted to be money. Because that's the only path that existed. That was the very internet. Exactly. Yeah, this is a very interesting time for media. It's a very interesting time for what people consume. Yeah, I think now we might not have as much fame or power whatever, and that's fine because we get to kind of do what we want, and that's great. I don't know, I think people are more famous now. There's more guys doing arenas now than ever before. That's true. That's true. [2:17:05] Yeah, standups had a real boom. Yeah. pinch cliffs sold out masses, queer garden, two nights in a row in an hour. I mean, kill Tony. I did kill Tony after I did Rogan the first time. This is like, think the last time I was in the best host of those kind of shows ever. He's so quick. Yeah, yes, I took Tucker to kill Tony. Yeah, that moment with him and Cam Patterson So, yeah, Tucker didn't even know he's going on stage. No idea. Really? Yeah, I wasn't even gonna bring him on stage. I showed up with him. I like we were having dinner. And I said, me, him and Lex Friedman. And I said, do you want to see the club? And he's like, yeah, you guys got nothing going on tonight? Let's go kill Tony's there tonight. Be awesome. It's a crazy show to watch. It's like one of the best live shows you can go see. So we get there, we're backstage, and I text like, come on stage. Wow. [2:18:05] Really? I go, all right. I did it once before with Post Malone. Yeah. Post Malone had no idea he was gonna be on Killton. I just brought him to the club. And then brought him right on stage. And he was like, this is crazy. And that's what we do with Tucker too, just brought him on stage. And he Nice and he was great. Yeah, he seemed really good. The way he handled the camp thing, both of them handled that so well. I thought it was hilarious. Yeah. Oh, dude, post was amazing. Post is amazing. He was great at it. I've heard he's the nicest guy to all wonder how he's in this format. Yeah. He's so sincere. Amazing. Yeah. Amazing. And he just takes the jokes and he's good. Oh he's great. Yeah. He's a sweetheart of a guy. Yeah. Him and jelly roll. Jelly rolls, but on it. Jelly roll is my favorite man. I love that guy. Such a beautiful human being. Truly like a beautiful soul. Yeah. Him and that Mexican O. T. are like kindred spirits to me. We had them both on separately on the pod, [2:19:07] and I was like, I said O.T. I was like, you need to collab with that guy. Oh yeah. Yeah. That Mexican O.T. and Jelly Roll would be amazing. Yeah, and that Mexican O.T. is manager and I have fairly cool Greg. Get a Jelly Roll dude, because that guy, that'll happen I got Mexican OT as my intro for my special and I didn't realize what a pain in the ass that can be and Luckily OT's manager Greg was like we're gonna push that we're gonna get this done We're gonna get this done. We're gonna get this done as the only reason I could get it cleared for my think you M.G Or whatever the label was so yeah, but OT was also like he hit me up afterward like hey man I love the special I love the dance. Thank you for using my song that way just like so sweet. Yeah. Like you did me the biggest favor ever. And then to thank me is just like what a sweet kid man. Yeah he's a dope guy. I like him a lot. I like him a lot. Also got the Texas man is yes sir. I remember he asked his question, he said, man show you something and I was like, what a well-mannered sweet kid man. Yeah, who sings gangster rap? Well yeah, who will probably beat the shit out of you? It's like a country flavor. It's like a country flavor to his rapping. [2:20:07] He's very unique. Yes. And, how far the killer was the first song that I ever heard, Tony played it for him. Really? He's like, you gotta hear this. You ever heard of that Mexican O.T.? I'm like, no. He played it for me like, oh shit. I was like, other stuff. They're all bad. It's fantastic. Like an artist. Yes. Yeah. We just grew up in rap and that's what he knew. And now I think he's going to expand more and more and more. Yeah. I love that kid. Yeah. He's great. And he's young too, man. It's a massive future. Yeah. Truly. Mega talent. Him and Jelly both. Isn't that cool thing about doing a podcast too that you get to meet all these interesting people? you sit on and talk with them and you're like, oh, that was completely wrong I guess that's probably most human beings But you get this idea of a person and then you talk to them. You're like wow. Yeah, yeah, for sure Yeah, but it's also like Other people get that to like you're doing a service for other people And it kind of like informs other people like hey, maybe I have misconceptions about people Just because I see this public image and I think that's who they are. Yeah. [2:21:06] And Zachary ties into what we were saying earlier is about like letting other people's opinions affect you. I was listening to some podcast, I forget what it's called, but the guy goes, most people are very flippant with their opinions. They just throw it out there. Oh, I hate that guy. I love that guy. They don't really think much It's not the big deal. Yeah, it's just talk. Louis C. K told me this once he goes, it's just talk. He goes, but when it's written down, it seems like it's more than just talk, but it's like kind of the same way people have always talked. Yeah. But you see it written down or if you see someone saying it in a video, what did he say about me? Yeah. Let's just talk, people talk shit. Yeah, Louis was another one. I even said this to him when he was getting so much love, I was like, oh, fucking Louis. And then we had him on the pod, he was great, he's obviously so smart, but I remember, even I told him that he was like, a lot of the praise was like over done, and I'm sure some comics didn't like me. I was like, I was like, what a cool, honest moment we had where I didn't have to pretend and yeah, [2:22:05] it was just, I think that's one of the best things about the podcast thing is talking to people and being like, oh, I had a preconceived notion of you and you're very different than I thought. Yeah, we get informed the more people we talk to. Yes. The more people we talk to and the more conversations we have, we get more informed as a human being. I think one of the things that limits people is the access they have to other interesting people. And I think that's also one of the things that is really exciting to people about podcasts, why they like it so much. Because now they can listen to interesting people talk. They can listen to cool people talk. They kind of get in on these conversations and they see a real conversation where it's not planned out. I don't know what you're going to talk about. You're just talking. Right. Yeah. How much prep do you do typically for interviews? Because sometimes I'll prep for days and it's just like endless. And then sometimes I'm like, I think I'm okay. It totally depends on the subject matter. Yeah. You know, like if there's been people that I've had to read books on astrophysics and and and string theory and try to understand what the fuck they're [2:23:05] talking about or or AI and you know it depends you know there's some people I've read their entire book and I knew they were coming on months in advance so I prepared for it and then other people I'm just like can't wait to talk to that guy yeah yeah like that Mexican OT zero prep what's up your music yeah it easy. I wanted to just get to know him in the moment. I don't want to, like, I heard when you were a child, I didn't feel like, no, I wanted to come out, like, organically, I want to have a real conversation with him. Well, you know, I, I'm sure you heard this Larry King, like does just did no prep for any interview ever. There's a clip of him in Seinfeld talking. It's so funny where he clearly doesn't know who Seinfeld is. This is at the height of Seinfeld's fame. And Seinfeld is like, yeah, my show is going off the... You've never watched an episode? It's kind of a big deal. And Larry's like, nah, I didn't know. And Shultz always like, that's just his excuse to be lazy. But I truly think he's like, maybe, but he was also like, I know the best most organic conversations [2:24:05] if I learn all about this guy right here, and my skillset will allow for the best interview to happen that way. Well, the worst conversations are conversations that are canned, right? Where when someone's talking to you, they don't really care, but they're pretending they care and asking you these things because they have like bullet points on the one head. Yeah, yeah, head. Those seem canned. They look, they seem bullshit. You're probably better off doing it the Larry Kingway with some stuff, but Larry King didn't interview theoretical physicists. Yeah. You know, like if you're, I need to know something about what you're talking about to be able to have my own questions. Right. I can't, because there's some things that are so nuanced and they're so complicated that you should have some understanding of them before you talk about it. But then other times it's like, oh, guys, a comic. You know, like let's talk. That'd be easy. I love comics. Come on, let's talk some shit. [2:25:00] How do you write? What do you do? How do you do it? Where'd you start? I wanna know. It's like, and having genuine curiosity. That's a major key. It's like actually be curious. Some people aren't really curious. They really just wanna wait for their turn of talk. They can't wait. When's it gonna be my turn of talk? You know what I'm saying? But you ruin your own show that way. Even by being selfish, you're actually going against yourself. You're not realizing it at the time, but you're actually poisoning your own show by being selfish. Yeah, the best thing that I've learned in life is try to actually listen, especially in the more nervous you are. Like, even this part, I come on, I'm like, just try to listen and respond to what he's saying in the moment and just stay in your own body and do that. With everything, man, with other people too, when I'm hanging out with someone, just a regular person, I'm so much better at talking to people now than I was before I did a podcast [2:26:01] because I'm so much better at not talking over someone, wait for them to talk, trying to get the most out of what they're trying to say, instead of just listening and then just me talking, trying to figure out how did you come to that conclusion? Did you always think that way? Like when did you learn? How'd you learn this stuff? Like what inspired you to start doing that? You know, it's like that. That's interesting to me. So when I have conversations with people that suck at having conversations, I can't wait to, I got trapped at my fucking club by a buddy of mine brought one of his buddies from high school and his buddy from high school was drunk and he's rich. And he kept wanting to tell me about this business that he started It was you know Bob a bond I dis and that and I turned it into a hundred million dollar business And this now I'm just telling you I just so you know who I am so like oh my god He was so bad at talking. It was just the clunkiest shitiest braggiest and then I eventually go I got to go [2:27:03] Yeah, I wasn't even talking I was like you're just talking at me like I don't care about any of these. He just needed to impress you that badly Yeah, you needed to let me know that he was successful Yeah, and I mean within seconds of meeting him. He's telling me all this stuff. It's exhausted So I get I used to get really irritated at that stuff and then I think was shelt said to me one time because this kid at a Diner like started interrupting our conversation and telling us about his education and how smart he was and then I was like, it's so annoyed when he, when we left and Andrew was like, yeah, but you got it feel good about yourself that that guy, for whatever reason, felt insecure around you and felt he needed to impress you that much. Right. So then you look at someone, someone from something, right? They know you and you don't know them. They need to let you know they're a big deal. That's just insecurity. And it's like, I used to take it as malicious and now I'm like, oh, that guy, I'm not great at it about it, but I try to remind myself, oh, that guy is meeting, probably, he's probably listened to you thousands of hours in his head and he wants so badly know how to do that and he doesn't know. Hey, if I just have a real conversation with Joe, he'll walk away be like, that's a nice guy. [2:28:06] And then he just overcompensates with, let me impress him because I did all these things and show him what I've done. And if you, there's like, oh, okay, well, I feel bad for that guy a little bit. Yeah. I'm not great at it by any stretch, And it doesn't feel good. Like that never works. Like no one ever walks away going, that car's amazing. Like you walk out of the car, you feel like that guy just gizzled with me. You know, it's really what it's like. Do you know that guy's worth the $100 million? You know what else doesn't work that people still do is name dropping. Is that shit work at all? No, no, no, that's a rough we're partying with Leo and you know like what we don't like God what yeah, please Please don't do to please please don't do that to me. I couldn't care less. I Couldn't care less is it work on anybody it might be one of the least effective strategies for getting people to think you're cool Name drama. Yeah, it's truly I think it works on like [2:29:01] People who don't know anyone and they're like oh guy knows someone so, but even after about the third name, you're like, oh, he doesn't know anybody. The more names you name, the less those people like you. Yeah, people turn on you too. If you're that guy that name drops like on podcasts or named it like people like, ew. Yeah, ew. The really guy would talk so everybody, ew. Yeah. I used to do it way more. I said, like early pocket. I just wasn't good at it. So you have a thought in your head, you just want to get it out. Right. And even if you're not even being selfish, it's like you've just looking for a chance to, and then I took me time to just look at the big picture of it and go, this is not smart. Because sometimes I have a thing, I'm like, oh my god, I'm gonna forget this. Well, this guy's on this rant. So I just look over here and scribble and write it down. And if I do that, I'm good. You just gotta learn how to, it's a skill. You're learning, it's a skill like any other skill. You learn how to negotiate a conversation and get the most out of the person. I want that person to shine. I want them to have the most interesting thing [2:30:07] that they could say. I want to help them say it. I think about that, because sometimes they're getting, because I don't feel nearly as confident in podcasting as I do in stand up and then I just remember, oh, stand up something I've been doing 17 years now or whatever, podcasting I've been doing five, six, what it,, it's gonna take a while. Also, you guys have a unique setup when there's a lot of folks there. Yeah. You know, there's four of you. Yeah. And then there's a guest. Yeah. When you got five people talking, and no one knows when they can chime in, and when you should chime in, it's hard. Yeah, being a team player is big. It's like, I could try to get my fault out now, but is that, if I'm just gonna be talking with everybody's gonna add the best podcast, or do I just fall back and wait? Headphones. Headphones are a huge key. Because then you don't talk over each other. Overtalk is terrible to listen to. Yeah. Like Ari, when he comes on the podcast, we do protect our parks. As he gets drunk, takes the headphones off, starts talking over every time Like Ari, you can't have two separate conversations. This is a podcast. Millions of people are gonna hear this. [2:31:05] Oh, I need to give Ari his flowers too. Jew is amazing. I mean, it was one of the big like amputuses. I looked at that and I was like, oh, this guy didn't shop this at a streamer. He just put it online and it looks better than pretty much anything I've seen on Netflix. It was cool because of the candles and shifts. Yeah, a gorgeous special. I told him this. I was like, this is, once I saw that, I was like, oh, this is the bar now. That's what's, it's set there. Well, it was also for me, it was very important to see because Ari had been telling me these things for decades and had never figured out a way to do it on stage and decided to do it all in one special. Yeah. Because he was telling me all the stuff about his upbringing. He's got a crazy upbringing man. Like super religious went to Israel, stayed in the cabuts or whatever the fuck it was. And reading the Talmud all day. Yeah. He was all in. And then he's like, this is bullshit. Yeah. What am I doing? Yeah. And then becomes a comic, which is wild. [2:32:07] And when I met him, it was like, I guess it was the 90s, and he was like, maybe, I'm here to already start working at the store. It might have, I think I was on, it might have been to Fear Factor days, I don't remember. But it was like, he was a young, young guy who was just starting to do stand up. And then the more I got to know him, I'm like, what did you do? You, wow. Did you do? Wow. And I'm like, why don't you talk about that on stage? He just didn't have the chops. And so it took a decade plus, two decades before he developed the chops to be a real solid and I'm glad he did. Because then he became a great comic and then he realized how to do that material as a comic. Yeah. Which was perfect. Yeah, I think that's one thing. I used to try to push myself to do this material that was personal. Like, I hope I can make my dad's story into a bit or something to end a special with or whatever, but now I realize I don't need to push. I wasn't good enough to do that back then. And now as I'm getting better, I think I can dig deeper, be more honest, be more personal, tell more personal things or whatever. And then I'm ready now, I feel like. Yeah, you can figure out a way to make it good. Yes. Yeah, it's a tricky job, man. [2:33:06] It's a tricky fucking slip. Especially like somewhat potentially painful things that you're trying to make funny. I remember I would see some comics come up and be just so awkward, say all these horrible things they went through and they'd be like, I don't care if y'all left, this is therapy for me. And I know you're just saying that because you're nervous because you're not doing well, but you got to understand how fundamentally wrong This is not therapy. We're not here to help you through this go to therapy Make it funny and then come bring it to us. I remember there was some dispute at just for laughs and some comic yelled at some other Comic that if you're not using your comedy to promote social justice, you can go fuck Jesus Christ That is a layer. That's a person that can't possibly be good. There's no way you're good. You must be terrible on stage. Your comedy must be awful. I think you also, that's probably a young comic, probably, because I know I had these ideas of what funny was, and I remember watching, I think it was called Talking Funny or Funny People, whatever, with Frickageurvese, Chris Rock, Luis C.K. and Jerry Seinfeld. And then Ricky, who's the youngest comic in the room, is talking about these jokes and like, I don't wanna do those jokes, [2:34:06] because those jokes are easy. I wanna impress guys like you, and then Jerry goes, you know what would impress me? Leave that joke in. Don't take that joke out. Leave that stupid joke in. I'm impressed. Just kill. Yeah, I like stupid jokes. Yes. If stupid joke, like a tell. A tell's Tell a tells brilliant and silly at the same time amazing. It's these aren't like super Complicated jokes. We're like oh my gosh guys change the world thousand percent amazing I just want to laugh just make us laugh just your job just be funny And then if you can make us laugh on your terms the way you want to God bless Yeah, that's a better level sure sure, but it's chewing laughs just because I I don't want to know Fuck that get the laughs doing that because you don't want it. No, fuck that. Get the left. You're only doing that because you can't get laughs. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. That's it. Yeah. Anybody was like trying to educate these people, but you're 28 years old. You live in a duplex. Shut the fuck up. Yeah. Shut the fuck up. Yeah. Yeah. You're not going to fix the world. I know you think you're gonna, but also like that was a thing that Hicks brought to comedy. There was like a real problem in the 90s. Yeah, I hated Hicks for a long time because of this. [2:35:06] I still won't listen to Hicks just because the ripple effect of Bill Hicks is like, buddy, you created a monster. He did create a monster. There were so many fucking people that wanted to be Hicks. Yeah. It was so much so that the owner kept saying he was going to get me that fucking because they, they took the wood down. Yes. I'm like, get me that. Get just the plan. This says don't be Hicks. Just quit trying to be Hicks. Let me put that up here. Because I remember that like, ah, there's so many guys, so many guys who wanted to be that guy, you know, cause he was, he just left you feeling like, even Richard Jenny, who's like one of the all-time greats. I remember Richard Jenny saw Hicks, and he was like, God, watch the mouse, like I gotta do more stuff like that. Yeah. Well you don't, you really don't. I actually remember though, [2:36:00] God, who's the comic, his name is escaping me. He's a clean comic. He's massive, super funny. Brian Regan. He was saying, he was on somebody else's podcast and that guy was saying about Brian Regan, I remember Hicks was really dying to go see you at X, Y and Z. So Hicks loves Brian Regan. Yeah. So you don't need to be Hicks. Just be funny and Hicks will be looking down to be unlike that guy's funny. Well Hicks really was that guy. Yeah. Like Hicks was talking about stuff in the 90s before the internet. Right. So he's talking about all these really esoteric subjects and interesting things, because he was just reading a lot. Yeah. So it was like real, he really understood what he was talking about. Yeah. That's actually that guy. Yeah. If you're not that guy, don't be that guy. Yeah. It's just be who you are, but people like that, occasionally someone will come along and the influence everybody. You know, Kinnison for sure did that. They come along and they're so mind blowing. You're like, Jesus Christ. Joey did his influence to everybody around him. Because everybody, he was so quick with his punchlines. The set up punchline was so fast, rapid fire. [2:37:02] He got to it so quick. Like, God damn, I got to pick quickly. God damn I got to pick up my speed. Yeah, yeah. I got to pick up my game. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Is that where you picked up from? I learned a lot from Joey for sure. I learned a lot from also having to follow him because I would bring Joey on the road with him because I couldn't follow him. So I was like this is the best way to figure out how to follow this guy. Yeah. Bring him with me everywhere. So it was fucking killing. It was too. And also I wanted a laugh. You know, when you're around Joey, it's just a party. He's awesome. He's awesome. Yeah, we had him on the pod once and I was like, this guy is awesome. He was just here for 420 weekend. It was fucking glorious. It was amazing. He's on fire. Cause he comes to the club and he gets so much love that he's so free and loose The moments when he went on stage, it was incredible. Because the audience didn't know he was there unless they had paid attention to the Instagram. So Friday night, they definitely didn't know he was there. When I do those Joe Rogan and Friends show, I don't let anybody know. So Shultz will pop in, Shane Gillis shows up, Gaffigan shows up, no one knows who's gonna be there. [2:38:00] And they go up there and everybody's like, this is crazy. Yeah, yeah. That's what's fun about it. And so when Joey goes up, they didn't know who it was gonna be. And then they could show ideas. Everybody was like, yeah. Yeah. Is he thinking about moving here or no? Yeah. We're working on him. That's great. We're working on him. That's great. He's gonna love it. Like there's too much road, bullshit, hacky, fucking comedy there. Yeah, yeah, yeah. I think there's good comics in New Jersey for sure. There's great comics, boss lives in Jersey, bottom of the car, then lives in Jersey. There's great comics in New Jersey, no doubt about it. But there's also a lot of scrubs. And a lot of like just real dumb comedy, just dumb. I was at the mothership yesterday and I'm watching this open mic and just seeing all the comics first of all I remember that I don't miss open mics at all I just remembered that pain sitting there waiting horrible, but I was thinking I was like yo Joe fucking did it man. He made this I was thinking if I'm a young comic Austin wasn't even a place I was thinking of in 2007 or eight or whatever when I started [2:39:06] Now LA is not even a place. I'm thinking of It's either Austin or New York and Austin is easier to survive. It's better weather. It's nicer people. I think I would come to Austin. It's also a more supportive environment because the environment, especially at our club, is specifically designed to foster talent. It's designed that way. There's two nights of open-knights. It's designed. Kill Tonys there. It's designed for them. Right, right, right. So from the ground up, you have a chance to go. You have a chance as a person who's just getting on stage the first time ever to go up in the best club in the world. Yeah. And you have a chance to go and work the same stage that Joey Diaz goes up in. and Dave should pet one up. You get to go into the little boy, that room is amazing. There's a tight little room. And you could get that itch. Little boy felt like the belly room. It's like the belly room and the OR had a baby. And the fat man is like the main room [2:40:02] and the OR had a baby. Okay, I see that. That's the perfect place. Yeah, I mean, I was hype. I've always said comedy works is the best club in the country and Denver. Still love it. I just got back from there this weekend. I am excited to kill Tony and then I'm excited to see, this is my first time in Austin since you built the club. So I'm excited to see the whole thing. It's a while How many days are in town? How many days you want me to be in town? You decide. Come by tomorrow. Do a set of 29. Absolutely done. I got to show tomorrow at 7 o'clock. We have big name headliners coming in every weekend, which is great. The local guys get to see the people that are there. All the door staff, they're all comics. They audition with their act. So it's like a development process. Like the store was, but more organized, not as chaotic, and run by a comedian. Yes. And run by a comedian that doesn't have business partners. I don't have anybody else. And you're not. You're, you don't rely on that for income, which is like it's a, it's a, it's a mitzvah [2:41:01] which you're doing. It had to have happened the way it happened. Yeah. I mean, it had to be this crazy moment in history where the whole country gets shut down except Texas. And so we move here and all of a sudden I'm doing shows with Chappelle. We're doing these outdoor shows where everybody's getting tested. And then we started doing indoor shows. And then we started doing indoor shows. I'm like, I gotta open up a club. We need to hang out. We had the Vulcan, which is a great place. Vulcan's a great club. Vulcan's awesome. I did the Vulcan right after you came on Flagorant the next day. That was the last time I was in Austin. It's a great club. Vulcan's great. It's a great club to kill in too. But I's like, I want, we need to set something up and I had that Spotify money and I'm like, listen, if anybody's gonna do it, it's gotta be me. And if any time, is there a time to do it? It's now because people were willing to move so that they could go on stage. Because LA shut everything down for so long. [2:42:00] That's so many comics, like you guys are doing shows and then guys like Derek and a son They came out early Brian Simpson. He came out there early Derek Poston is so goddamn funny He's getting so good dude man. I saw him before mothership because he I saw him host Andrew show He's a good host He's a good host and I was like all bring him on the road and then I thought you know one thing I tried to do to pay forward how shelt's helped me is once I get to know you and I think I know how you're funny, I'm like, hey, well, let's watch your set if you want and I'll see if I can give you some advice. I'm not the end all be all, but I'll try to help you how I can. So I had Derek feature one show and then I watched the set and I was like, buddy, I could do this. You could do XYZ. It's yourself fucking funny, unbelievable. Well, the level of the guys coming up is very high. And there's also in Austin, there's so many places to perform. Yeah. Just on the block where the mothership is. Yeah. So you have the mothership right down the street. You have the sunset strip club. You have a brown red bands club. Right over over there you have the Creek in the cave, right over there you have the Vulcan, you have the Velvita room, there's some place called the Green Room, then [2:43:07] you have Cap City, you have a bunch of different clubs on the east side, there's like hipster clubs and lesbian shows and there's like fucking comedies everywhere. Dude, you have made this a comedy hub, it's a marvelous thing, like an insane thing that you've done. It's pretty wild. It's insane to move LA over Dawston. It's crazy. But make it better. Yeah. Make it better. Make it truly. And make it completely disconnected from all those people that'll poison your act with their fucking Hollywood bullshit. And actually, I said LA to be honest, I meant New York. This is what I heard in New York was. When I went to New York, it wasn't friendly, but you had to pay to go to most open mics, five dollars, and then the free open mics. This is when the alt scene was kind of running things. So if you talked about anything that wasn't like a video game or anime, they would judge the fuck out of it and be brutal. There was no support built in. So you've taken the best parts of New York and brought it to Austin. And again, a city that's much cheaper and much less harsh. Being poor in New York is rough. Being poor in Austin, it's not that bad. [2:44:05] It's not bad. You can get around. Traffic's not bad at all. It's very light. It's very easy. And the people are cool. And the traffic, the clubs is all, it's just a little, like you said, all this little radius. L.A., if I want to hit three spots, I'm driving three, four hours. Well, you can go to the improv you go to the left factory if you're if you're doing the store in probably if you're in at all three But when I was I started now open mics you're driving all over the place. Yeah Yeah, if you're doing open mics you're fucked. There's not a lot of open mics in LA But there's a there. I mean, there's a good amount but not in comparison to the amount of comics Yeah, there's a lot of comics and a lot of wannabe comedy. And this also, in LA, you have those people that really wanna be actors. And they think that, like, this is their platform. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Yeah. Anyway, brother, great to have you on. Thank you so much. Tell everybody about your special, where they can get your second special. Second special is Gaslit. It's on YouTube right now. I think hopefully this is my next evolution as a comic and just making the things I truly believe funny instead of just doing controversies. Yeah, dude. I tried to do it big. That's [2:45:09] so this is traditional Indian dance called Butterfly Not The M with the South Indian dance and then it's to that Mexican OT. Oh, that's amazing. Oh yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. So check it Yeah Check it out on YouTube My pleasure brother tell everybody your social media. Oh, it's a gosh sing a K double a H a gosh sing comedy on tiktok everything else is pretty much a gosh thing. Oh, and YouTube is a gosh thing comedy Thank you so much. I appreciate it. See you tomorrow night. All right. Bye everybody.