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Kid Rock is a musician, singer, rapper, and songwriter. His most recent album is "Bad Reputation." See him live on the "Rock the Country" festival tour. www.rockthecountry.com www.kidrock.com

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So my tattoo is my logo, American badass. That's pretty badass. That sounds like stoner talk. It is. Most of my conversations are stoner talk. Like high level. There used to be Tom Petty's weed dealer. In a sense, like he would come to town. He married a girl from a Saginaw Michigan. I forget her name, great, great girl. And they would come to outside Detroit where I live and I'd get this call like, hey, can you get Tom some weed? I'd be like, fuck, I'll take him some weed. So I'd call some of my brother's friends to get some weed. And I'd be like, this is fucking awesome because I love Tom Petty. I did really know him. So I'd go up there and drop the weed off and I'd be in his dressing room and like he'd be like, so what's up man? I'd be like, nothing and I'm like, we have nothing in common. This guy's so fucking high. I might've been tuned up on a couple beers or something. I'm like, well that sucked. I guess I'll just enjoy the music. Well, that sucked. I guess I'll just enjoy the music. Was this before after you were doing music? Oh, what's his name? Big star. Oh really? No shit. Yeah, I was like, excited. You're hanging with Tom Betty. Not really. I was just taking him weed. Trying to hang out with him. You know, that's how Tom Betty died. Somebody got him some pills. Oh, is it fentanyl? Yeah. Fuck, fuck, fuck. Yeah, he, uh, I don't remember what his injury was, but he was hurtin' and a roadie got him some fentanyl. Terrible. Yeah. That's how Prince died too. Yeah, I remember, I've heard that in the other. Yeah, they heard the same thing. Pain. We all know people that it's a travesty. It's a hard-of-the-thing. Well, let's just go right out the border. Yeah. Well, it's the border, but it's also the opioid crisis that's created by the SACRA family. I mean, those motherfuckers just got a giant percentage of the population hooked on heroin. [2:01] It's an evil shit, man. Those fucking people are still running around, too. In case you were ever thinking about quitting drugs, fentanyl should seal the deal. Yeah. That should seal the deal. Yeah. I know a lot of people it has. They were like, you know, I was still an experimental cocaine user this that and the other, they were like, when actually came up, that was it. I had some friends tell me they were going to buy a testing kit this sat in the other. I was like, yeah, that's probably time to. Yeah. If you're buying a testing kit to make sure you don't die, you probably should. You might want to revisit whiskey. Weathe's not bad. Weathe and whiskey. It's a good combination. You don't really, you don't want to go down that road. Although I've heard it's awesome. Not fentanyl, but cocaine. I have not tried it. I've never done it, but everyone I know who does it tells you not to do it because it's awesome. I had a good run. I have a too many problems. [3:00] And on the older days, you know, it's kind of just following the handbook of rock and roll. Yeah, like your chapter 14 gets them below blah blah. We had fun nobody. I've seen people get off fucked up and lose their minds on it, but I Know quite a few people in my position like okay. We had some fun. We were younger and you know at some point You know kind of a weekend warrior type thing. Mm-hmm. Don't let it interfere with business and engagements and things you have to do. I can't say I was batting a thousand, but pretty good average. You did pretty good. Yeah. You consider it. And I'll work that pretty well. And I'm not advocating for it at any level. I'm just... I hope that anybody is. That's my thing, this people will tell you they're weed advocates. There's no like, co-cadvocates. There's no people like, Coke fixed my life. I never got anything done. All of a sudden I was doing Coke and starting businesses. Is weed fixing lives? We can fix people. [4:01] Depends on who you are. I know if you're sick and... Yeah, I are. I know if you're sick and... Yeah, for a guy like me. Weeds a good drug. Guy like me, we just like... I'm just a huge weed smoker. And I'm always, and he'll always be like, you know, for golf and some shit. And I'm drinking my beers, having them fun. I'm always like, you know, you drive. And I'm always like, maybe you fucking shouldn't be driving. You're just fucking stoned out of his mind sometimes and I'm like, yeah, I don't like this. I'm a little nervous and I'm tuned up already. Yeah, for some people weed makes you nicer. Comments you down, makes you a little more sensitive, a little more compassionate. Yeah, everything affects people differently. Yeah. I've drank tequila three times. I've been toquila three times. Oh, me three? I've been to jail three times. Okay. Do the math. Kid Rock, no drink tequila. So what do you think tequila does to you differently? Ah, it makes me want to punch you right in the mouth. Really? Oh, fuck. [5:00] That's it. The Mexican influence. Hey, Kid, nice to see like, bam. What the fuck's the matter with him? What? Kila, like what, what's your idea? I have no idea. What does this dude just makes you hyper? Makes me fuckin' hyper, violent fuckin'. You know, it could've been a combination of maybe those few times I drank it. I was just in that head space where, you know, you could be in different head spaces when you're doing different things. And you can blame him for the killer. But I kind of have a rule that I really try not to like, you know, I've really mulled out in the last 10 years or so, but I've really tried not to get tuned up unless it a good spot. Yeah. A good mood for good people. Right. They don't want to be like, you know, all worked up, you know, after watch Fox News for six hours. He was fucking reddit a fucking, you know, slay the beast and start pounding whiskey and go to the club. If you watch Fox News for too long, you will think it's the end of the world. I do and it is. It might be. It really might be. Did you see the fucking Tim Dylan thing that I posted yesterday? [6:01] Yes. It's legit. Yeah, it knows. Is that the gay comedian? Yeah. He's fucking great. He's hilarious. But he wrote, he had a picture with a girl. He said I'm getting married. The homosexuality thing was just a phase. And RFK Jr. writes to him, she's a beautiful lady. I can see how she ungayed you Tim. The guy's running for president. Fucking great. Amazing. It's awesome. In that sense, it's an amazing time. He don't scare me. No, he shouldn't scare you. He doesn't scare me. He should do the opposite of scare you. Yeah. It should scare you the opposition to him. Because if people listen to what he says and you pay attention to what he says and you actually research what he says Mm-hmm. It just, we've been fucked over and lied to for so long that he seems like a crazy person. Look at that. She's a beautiful angel to him. He's his see-out, she ungayed you. Ungay. Fuck, I learned something. I haven't been here five minutes. My new favorite word. Usually I'm just using gay and appropriate all the time. You know, like, that's fucking gay. You know, someone's like, oh, you're so insensitive. I'm like, that's so un-gay. Yeah, it used to be a thing that we would say, something's gay. [7:09] Or it used to be, imagine like, from the time of the Flintstones. The Flintstones was we had a gay old time. Do you remember playing Smirr the Queer when you were a kid? I never played that. What is it? You give somebody the football and everyone tries to tackle him like in grade school. You just ran around We didn't even know what queer met with us in the name of the game with smear the queer I never played that you play that Jamie. Yeah From the Midwest From a lot of there you go. They didn't have that where I grew up What'd you grow up Boston I mean, I'm sure they had it. Fuck, I would think it was invented in Boston. I lived a fucked up life. Not fucked up, but just my high school years was all martial arts. It was all from the time I was like 15 to 21. All I did is training, compete. It's a lot of discipline. Yeah, a lot of obsession. A lot of discipline and obsession, [8:04] but it was a very weird socially. Like, so I went from that to being a lot of obsession, a lot of discipline and obsession, but it was very weird socially. Like, so I went from that to being a stand-up comedian, which is like the complete opposite ends of the spectrum, hanging out with maniacs or chewing drugs and staying up all night, just complete polar opposite. So I missed a lot of stuff. Yeah, a lot of money now you can make up for it. Fast track it. Yeah, a lot of money now you can make up for it. Fast track it. For I get it all done in like two years with the loot you've made. Yeah. I found that to be a problem at times for people. Money? No, that didn't experience, you know, the certain coming of AIDS things, whether it's, you know, crazy chasing girls, you know, that whole thing, doing drugs, you know, just being kind of wild, you know, stealing people's statues out of the yard, whatever, crazy shit like that, you doing your young and then they reach this point, laugh it with athletes because they were so focused in their training, it's such a young age and then they get to that point where they get money and they're like, I want to taste it all. [9:01] And that's true. And then they kind of get fucked up. Yeah, you can lose your bearings. That's true. That is the case with a lot of athletes. A lot of athletes get fat too. They just fuck it. It's over. A lot of fighters. A lot of fighters are always dieting. Well, you get that big muscle. And then it's so hard to fucking maintain. Did you know older? Yep. Start Yep, start to. Lou and your lean muscle, you know about all that stuff. Yeah. I'll send two to ten beers a night and it doesn't seem like a bad idea. Yeah. Well, it's also like, I think with athletes, especially with fighters, the rush of competition is so extreme that the regular world just seems so dull. And then going back to the regular world, you don't feel like you have a real purpose anymore. You know, training for this big of video that takes place every few months. Coming back from the military. Yeah, like a lot of version of that. Yeah. That's a big problem with guys coming back from the military. Big, huge suicides. And no coaching at all. Nobody tells you what to do. They just let you back in the world and you're like fuck yeah See that too many times. Mm-hmm. Who many times? [10:08] Too many times so what's it like being the dude who took out by light? Just get right to it. Let's get right to it. We were gonna bring a few cases in here for you So it's so glad fuck out drinking out of give a shit two kinds of beer in this world cold and free. I like them both drink it out of give a shit. Two kinds of beer in this world cold and free. I like it both. Man, I was just having fun. Yeah, I was with you. I mean, I was pissed. Like, you know, but it wasn't like it was gonna wreck my day. He had a low in my life. I was just kind of like, what the fuck are they doing? Like this is the straw that broke the camel's back. I became the face of it. Yeah. I'm not the pie, piper to sit around and think like people follow what Kid Rock does. I just became the face of it. Yeah, but they kinda do. They kinda do. No. No. When you got so upset that you were fucking machine gunned. Throw the tantrum with the machine gun. Yeah. [11:01] You machine gun casals. They want a good girl. They want all that guys playing girl sports. We That was the end that was really it if there's one moment that they look back on and and fucking go shit Oh, I've talked to him about it. I know you have yeah, you were there to you have see fight. Yeah, I met that dude the seat He's a good guy. We've become friends. He's a good guy. He's a great guy. After five minutes of talking to him, I'm with Trump there in Dana's green room. I go to Trump, I go see that dude behind me. I go that's the CEO, Bud Lighter and Heiser Busch. And Trump's like, you want to go talk to him? Which in my mind, he was, Trump said, you want to go fuck with him? And I'm like, yes, absolutely. So we go over there, we're talking to him actually, a great conversation. And at some point he was telling me how we got the video, and he was actually down to Texas doing some hunting. And I'm like, we talk and talk, and I'm not going to share all our conversation that'd probably be inappropriate, but I'm like, [12:00] I'm like, dude, you seem like somebody that I fucking be friends with that I'd hang out with. He's like, you what? That's what I'm saying. And I'm like, oh, come Nashville, come visit me. Fucking dead. That's all. Came with this top team. Fucking we broke bread. Got fucked up on Bud Light. We're fucking bold. Like, did all this fun shit we had? We had a good meeting beforehand trying to think if there's something I could do with that I was a bush and I just I just didn't feel comfortable with it. You know, I threw out some ideas that scared the living fuck out of them And at the end of the day, I was like guys. I don't feel right taking your money. I was like I Go we can continue the conversation see where it ends up But honestly, I don't want any corporate deals. I don't feel right. There's not a penny on earth that could make me change who I am or have people look at me in a different way. Even though it's probably half the country at this point that likes me and other half wants to put a bullet in me. I understand that. There's no like, he's okay. [13:00] I've destroyed that. There's no get-rocks, okay. See there, I fucking hate that kid. I love that dude. I'll take a bullet for him. Yeah. But you know, we still talk. That's a better place to be, honestly. And like I said, you know what I mean? They fucked up. And when you get to the grassroots of it, that's what they did. And there's so many people It's a great company. Right, and I'm like amazing things. Anisre Bush is an amazing charitable company that helps you a lot of great things. Yeah, and I dug into that and I was educated on it. Even before Dana called me about his deal and things like that, you know, people discussed with me. You know, I did a little dig in and talked to people and I'm like, get through the day. I'm like, all right, they got the message like I'm not someone who holds a fucking grudges whole life. You know what I mean? And honest to God, I was having a lot of fucking fun. I don't get to pull my machine gun out and fill myself doing cool shit too often. I'm just not that type of person. I was like, this warrants it right here. Get all the buttlight on property. That was actually [14:01] all the beer had on property. I kept lot of shit around more than I thought we stopped selling at the Mother'ship because nobody's buying it they got that bad. What's going on there? It's not it's stupid I think it's stupid and Shane Gillis brought about a lot of Shane. Shane's a buddy's the best. Yeah, he brought it back a lot You know because he never stopped drinking it and you know It's it's slowly making its way back And I think the UFC helps a lot too. But they took a big hit. One of the things I told them was, I was like, I go from the outside looking in guys, as a friend, somebody who doesn't want to see this brand hurt and destroy it anymore. Like, you got smacked on the ass. You know, it a pretty hard smanking. I was like, but I don't want to hold your head underwater through on this fucking company, put people out of work and that shit. It's like, you got the message and it's clear. I wish people knew these guys were on in the company because they're great fucking guys. But I said, I said, you know, just a percentage of these fucking trolls on the left [15:01] and on the right. They're like, I'm so empowered by the internet. I'm gonna piss and bitch and mown and you know, I have a voice. Like, oh fuck yourself. I cut it out. Like, if anyone's still spending time and she clearly are a fucking bored, find something better to do. Yeah, it's definitely a pursuit of losers, but the problem is those losers can actually affect businesses. And that's what they know. They know now that it's possible, both on the right and on the left. But they need to know there's so many more businesses in this country deserving of that treatment. Right, fucking Ben and Jerry, Starbucks, Target. The list goes on and on. Yeah. And I don't care if they're left, we're right, we're like, it's just a fucking ideology. Yeah. Like, you know, when they cross that line and signal to people like myself and many others that they were okay with this transgender thing and More so it like is this gonna get directed at my kids? So you think fucking men should be in women's sports like That's where I'm drawn the fucking line get the fuck out of here That's the most amazing one that there's a porting and the fact that was it the Olympic boxing committee [16:02] What was it that just allowed transgeneral? They're allowing the reverse was it the olympic boxing committee what was it that just allowed transgeneral allowing the reverse we mean they're allowing uh... that i was getting confused to the right like the line up the right and so on dicks the right and which i'd tune in for that is that real i think so i thought it was biological men who identify as females were going to be allowed to box might be i thought it was the other way too, but I don't know. Jamie'll find out. Yeah. The other one was easy. The other one's easy. Sure. You think, go ahead, do it, go for it. But at the end of the day, you're gonna have to take steroids and it's supposed to be illegal to take steroids. Like if you are taking synthetic testosterone, you're taking steroids. And so if you're doing that, and you're becoming a man for that, who's to say that the men can't do it too? Like it's just... Do we even have to think that deep about it? You can't just look at and go like, no, that's fucking wrong, cut it out. Well, it should 100% be wrong for biological males to compete against biological females. [17:00] That's just period. Period. And any bullshit that you say like trans women or women, well, guess what, they're not. They're not biologically, they're not. They can identify as a woman, you want to call yourself Sally. I'll call you Sally, I'm a nice guy. Policy states that minors under the 18 must compete in their birth gender. In the weight class outline, in the rule book, transgender women over 18 can only compete in the female category if they undergo genital reassignment surgery and submit to quarterly hormone tests for at least four years following surgery. The guidelines which to find normal rates of testosterone. See but this is just, this is still not good enough. The people don't understand all the different variants. I didn't understand any of that. I went into it deeply, unfortunately. Transgender men over 18 have to meet similar requirements. They must undergo genital reassignment surgery. Transgender men, genital reassignment surgery. So you have to get a fake dick. You have to in order to box, submit quarterly, that sounds insane. [18:00] Are there donor dicks? They should be, right? Do you know they can't donate chestnuts? They can't be, or like a heart or something. They can't, or they're donor dicks. They definitely do. For guys who get their dicks blown off, they get them new dicks. Are they switching? Like, hey, I want to be a man, I want to be a woman? I haven't heard of that yet, but I'm sure that's coming. Because if someone switches your balls, like say if you donate your balls, you die in a car accident, you donate your balls to science or whatever, and someone takes your balls and so's the amount, that'll be your kids. Your genes will come out of those balls. So it won't, that sounds fun. It won't be like a new person. Yeah. What the fuck? I mean, it won't be like this person's genes carrying on to be your genes, carrying on through your balls that are touched to this guy. So that's not ethical. And why has this always come up in conversations? Is it the media? Yeah. Because I don't remember the last time. I've seen it. And by the way, if you're transgender and you're really fucking good at it, no one knows. Right. It's usually not the case. Although only time I've been around transgender people is like some crazy club like in Miami or New York back in the day. [19:06] And I said, fun. It was rare. But I mean, you say have those clubs where they weren't, be a fucking blast. No big deal. Like if this America, freedom, if you want to fucking be that, go ahead. Like I'll exist with you in society. You're probably not getting the dinner invite. But, but you know, if you're out and about like, we can both shop in Walmart and I'm not gonna freak out. If you're not fucking with me, I'm not fucking with you. No matter who you are. And that's how it should be. That's how it should be. That's how it should be. Yeah, you should be able to do whatever you want. But when you want to compete as a woman or. They let them compete and swim meets with girls and change in the locker room with them. That's, you're, now you're insane. Now you're taking it too far. And that's the problem. No one's ever happy with this moving the goalposts a little bit. They wanna move them, reestablish, move them further. [20:00] Move them further. Move them further. Move them further. I had a thought about that Some thinking like it's black history month, right? I can get down with that that makes sense I think November's like Native American month. I can get down with that that makes sense I think I'm struggling with is pride month and veterans day Right the fucking balance there. Yeah, I'm like, should we flip that? Yeah, that's a good point. That's a real good point. Yeah, it's a weird time, man. It's a weird time because there's like so many fucking weird people that are involved in promoting these things and pushing them and changing what's normal and what's not normal to regular people. I just fucking weirdos and all this fucking mentally oh fucking nut cases. That's why I carry a gun everywhere. Where I'm legal to or I have somebody with me. It used to be like, okay, if I'm going somewhere where I thought that would make sense to do. I've always had concealed weapons permit everywhere and whatnot. [21:01] I'm just done it, though, just. But in the last, I don't know how many years, five, so many years, it's like carry a fucking gun everywhere. Just, just because of that, like just fucking people that are unstable. You never know one of these motherfuckers is gonna lose it and you just sit in their defense list. Yeah, it has this strange time now, in so many ways. People are just, I got to imagine they were saying the same shit in like 60s and 70s. They were. You know, but the 60s and 70s were fucked too. We just forgot because the 80s were so easy. The 80s and the 90s, everyone was kind of coasting. And then everyone was on blow. There was a little bit of that. But it's also the cold war ended. It's the collapse of the Soviet Union. We weren't worried. There wasn't like this existential threat hanging over our heads. Now it's back. Now it's back. Yeah. Fun times. We've done it 360. Fun times. Real fun. Tiny people are entering over the border. [22:00] Unbelievable. Yeah. I had no thought of that. I think I saw it at a t-shirt I don't take credit for everything I say because I most likely I'm just repeating something I saw somewhere Right But it's like you know that they wanted to away with gas stoves make them electric electric cars Why don't we start with that wall Okay, make that fucker electric put up some solar panels Yeah, trying to build one how many thousands of years ago? Fucking, making a tourist attraction. Charge people, go fucking, hang out in the wall, put some fucking Louis Vuitton stores on it or some shit. Well, it's a real weird thing like what they're doing. There's so many different people that have opinions about why they're leaving it open and why they're allowing people to come in and setting them up. And Dr. Phil was on here yesterday, and he was talking about it. I like Dr. Phil. He's a great guy. He's starting his own Netflix. I played his show years ago. Did you? There's like so many anniversary show. I turned out it was one of his favorite acts that fucking played a banjo on there. Oh, that's awesome. He's a good dude. Yeah. I know him through, I I'm friends with his son, son's a good friend of mine. But he's starting to network. [23:05] Like he's just so fed up with the news and the way things are portrayed and these biased ways and he wants to have objective news. And so he created a whole new- They HR department. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah, that's a fucking very bizarre time. And I'm sure it's gonna get more bizarre. We're gonna look back on these days one day like, oh, remember the good old days we just all you're complaining about was transgender women competing in sports. Kid only wanted to be a cat took a little box of school. Fuck the good old days. Yeah, people don't get better. Like society doesn't get better. Just gets unless something happens unless they figure out some sort of mind reading Well, unfortunately usually that turns out to be tragedy Right something really fucked up happens, you know like what happened in Israel or Worse right now that tends to bring Nations and people together on different levels on 9-11 number 9-11. Yeah, absolutely [24:02] When 9-11 happened I tell tell everybody, like even in Los Angeles, which is probably the most unpatriotic place on earth, everybody had an American flag on their car. People were letting people in lanes, they were waving to people, they were friendly, they felt united. It was interesting. I remember. Didn't last long, a few months. Everybody, half the country didn't hate George W. Bush for almost 48 hours. They didn't hate him at all when he gave that one great speech. No, I mean, it was a couple of weeks, a couple of months, whatever it was, but then things kind of went back to normal. There was a lot of liberals that liked him after that. They were like, that's what you want when you're in times of war, you want a strong leader. It's too bad we can't get to that without you know having something Terrible if we could just have a little more civil discourse in this country You can go tell me to go fuck myself you you hate Trump in my politics I'll be fuck you, but I'll still sit out out of a beer with you like what we don't have to have this fucking goddamn Go over your throat and I'm part of the problem. I've been polarizing You know no no question my last album. That's what it was all about but Or a good portion of it and I understand that but I even said that album [25:08] I was like I'm gonna get this out of my system and hopefully we can go back Having some civil discourse in this country That was actually one of my that was actually one of my suggestions to To Bud Light I was like what if you could use this to not only make fun But my thing was like you, you guys need to poke fun at this. Like people are angry because you didn't apologize. I'm like, I don't necessarily agree with apologizing over everything at this day and age. Everything's become a fucking big, I'm sorry. Fuck that. What you should do is make fun of the situation. Have something that shows light of the situation, but do it in that fun fucking Anheuser Bush, old school, funny fucking way, we're like, we get it. We fucked up. Like, you know, while we don't, I told Brenna, I was like, whoever coached you on that CBS morning show, I was like, you were coached, right? He was like, it was. I was like, fucking Gail King set it up. She goes, would you send that can back to that influencer? [26:05] And he goes into this well, and as a Bush has been supporting, you know, the LGBTQ, ABCD, I'm like, what the fuck man, all you had to do is say like, look, no, we would not. While we want everyone to enjoy our beer, we understand that we shouldn't be sticking our noses in the polarizing conversations, and we understand who our market is. And at the end of the day, we're in business to sell beer and keep people employed for shock It's to share holders back, you know return fucking end of it You don't have to throw trans people under the bus area that you just fucking How's that fucking that's actually good advice? Yeah, it's pretty solid rise Ladies and gentlemen introducing the head of marketing for Bud Light Kid Rock That would be their ultimate move. Be funny. I tell you to pay for ourselves. We should do a skit like the Candy Power case list. 100%. But it's like, you know, I walk in as VP. I start finding people. That would work. [27:01] But they need to get back to, you know, remember these days to have those real men of genius ads It was fun. It was Bud Light was fun was a fun. I did I did a tour with those guys the real men of comedy I can't believe looking through all my old pictures how many pictures I found with like Fucking Bud Light in my hand like fish and doing something like playing Sturgis with a big Bud Light You know next to the stage like yeah, you know, done so much cool, good shit. Well, that's why I want to go, like, you shoot the cans. Everybody goes, all that's it. It's over. It's over. It's trust me. I don't have one of these teams of people. It's like, it's me, like, you know, maybe Corey who's here with me, I'm like, ah, let's have some fun. We got all the fucking, tell farm guys, get all the fucking butt lights shit together and grab my fucking MP5. Yeah, I didn't think you ran that by a marketing department. No, there's not much to coach through one. Well, you're here. A marketing department for a guy like you would just fuck things up. What kind of advice could they possibly give you? They'd have to be maniacs too. And then they would never be in marketing. I've had more people managers and stuff through the years. Tell me, that's like a compliment. [28:07] They tell me like, just everything you've done to get where you're at, I would have told you no. I think that's honest, because I get, you know, done some, I guess you could call it crazy, polarizing, whatever type of shit. It's really, I just, I speak my mind, I haven't changed one bit I came out fucking like this middle fingers on the CDs like yeah and I haven't changed but holy shit the times have yeah but it's obvious though that it's all you that's what people like in this day and age where everything is sort of planned at head and it's bullshit and scripted you've seen behind the curtain sure these pop stars 100 levels and yeah teams and everything's fucking trapped like a politician you know like buying that won't can't say anything off the teleprompter well of course he can't but it's also it's you got a whole team of people behind you you got a bunch of people that want to keep their jobs and they want to play it safe they want to play it safe and they want to [29:01] figure out which ways to win blowing this is what we're going to do. And you see it in celebrities and people turn on them now because it's like so disingenuous and they realize what you're doing. You can see right through it. You're going to lose a giant percentage of your people that are knowing that a marketing team is behind everything you say. That's what, so when a guy like you, it's obvious that that was your idea like who the fuck is gonna say? It's not even an idea. Whatever it was. I thought that popped into your head that you acted on. That's pretty much what it is. Yeah, that's that's obvious. That's what they all are. That's what people like. That's what people like. They like real people and sometimes you don't always turn a 10. You're like, oh yeah, maybe I should thought they went through a little bit more most of the things I say I mean think about me. I've done so many podcasts hammered and then after we're all listening or thinking about what we said Like what did we say? Oh boy story my fucking life Yeah, but people like that they like real humans. They don't want some fucking pre-programmed bullshit shoved down their throat [30:01] Just to make a little bit more money. That's incredible That kind of seems like a big chunk of the country wants that. They want to go back to this normal fucked up DC, all the bullshit that's been going on there. I would dare say it for our lifetimes. It's just become a lot more out in the open for several reasons. Social media and sharing of media worldwide and fucking Trump pulling everyone's fucking pants down there. Yeah. Showing them, like everyone has a small penis in this fucking town. See, I just showed it to you. They're like, like they have the biggest dicks on earth. One thing no one can deny is that he exposed the media. Exposed the media for being essentially a propaganda agent. It's not just the news. And to pretend it's the news, they never covered anything that he did that was positive. Anything had some negative spin on it. They spent years talking about some fake collusion story [31:00] with Russia and never apologized for it, never took it back. And they'll allow people on the show to support that, to try to justify that, or to try to even say that it's not true, that he did collaborate with Russia. How many times have been watching the evening news? I'm a sucker for news. I can have flip between, I'll flip between CNN and MSNBC and Fox, you know, mainly Fox, but then I'll watch the evening news. I'll watch ABC one night, NBC. This is one, this is just one example. There's a million of them, as you know, but like they're talking about January 6th and they completely edit his speech. They take out the part where he says it's March down there peacefully or whatever. He actually says that and they cut it out. He says, we're gonna march down the Capitol, cut. And then they go, if you don't fight like hell, you're not gonna have a country. I mean, how the fuck do they get away with that? They get away with it because they are the news and no one's checking them. There's not another news. If the news was real, the other news organizations would go, this is horrible propaganda and what you've done is you've edited out a former president, [32:07] you've changed his words, this should be illegal. You're taking it completely out of context. The whole thing is so fucking screwball. Every single presidential race we've ever had that I can remember, people contested the results. Hillary Clinton did it in clinton did it and see abrums they all fucking big deal he didn't really win the election they all said there was russian collusion they all said that he's essentially an agent of russia they all said that he's an illegitimate president they all said that he didn't win the election they all said that there was so many people that said it. It was nuts. I'll pencil neck, fucking dick, fuck Adam Schiff. It's crazy how people still listen to those folks. You can't see about that. You can't see about that. You can't see about that. I'm not a conspiracy guy or whatever, [33:01] but I'm like, fucking, it just seems like shenanigans. I love an anybody says I'm not a conspiracy guy. I mean I'm a conspiracy guy. I'm a total fucking conspiracy guy. Fuck it. I don't give a shit either way, but I was like there's so many fucking shenanigans that I just it's coming so fast with the COVID shit and the ballots all over the place. You know, secretary states are taking liberties, but here's my position. Let me finish this one. It was it was that, well, not particularly my tree, the Secretary of State. It was it was that, okay, so these the biggest corporations on the face of the earth are getting hacked. Right. But there's absolutely no way you can get in this election thing. I'm like, then why aren't these corporations using that technology? Why are they still getting fucking hacked? in the selection thing. I'm like, then why aren't these corporations using that technology? Why are they still getting fucking hacked? That doesn't just make up, I just can't figure that out my fucking mind. The thing, the statement is there's no evidence that they've been hacked. That doesn't mean, yeah, it ain't a crap. It's not true. It is true. But there is evidence that you can hack those machines, right? And there wasn't that Jamie the subject of, they were gonna update the machines in 2024, [34:08] or something like that. But they, they're gonna update them. But they weren't at a certain point in time when they were recording this, where they were reporting on this rather, they had it updated them. Here's my take on this. Election fraud is never zero it's not zero percent right we can all agree to that right we can all agree that there's people that are complete maniacs that are maniacs the democrats or maniacs for the republicans and they will do whatever the fuck it takes to get their personal and there are certain human beings like that that exist especially in these like very polarized groups and especially when you've got a guy that even comparing to Hitler forever so you can kind of treat them as if Hitler's coming let's stop Hitler let's wait for a minute you can think like that you know what I think like that and the the moral [35:05] question would be if you knew you could stop Hitler from being president would you do it and how would you do it and then they act that way bullshit but what they don't recognize is that is deeply un-American and the only way you're going to beat this person or any person who runs for president is to be better than that. That's what this country is supposed to be about. It's supposed to be about a meritocracy. It's supposed to be who is the best leader? Is it her? Is it him? Who is it? Who's the best leader? And that's the person we should gravitate towards. Who has the ideas that make the most sense? Who's the one who understands what the fuck is going on internationally on a deep sense? Really can tell you like what the people, the puppeteers behind the strings, like how this is all happening. Well I think a lot of that would be taken away if we cap the money. Like you can raise, let's call it $10 million. You can each raise $10 million. Now let's see who spends at [36:02] the wisest. Well it seems insane that you could just donate fucking untold millions of dollars these superpacks and they can support these presents. They're essentially running the country because you can't beat them and they play dirty. They play so dirty. I mean, it's kind of impressive. But it's also, they're exposing the wiring under the machine in a way that it's never been exposed before. You know, we never were totally aware of how wild it is that, you know, there's a group of people that know whatever things about called the deep state. That is real. They're going to run by and right out of there. Make no mistake. Oh, they're running them out right now. They're fucking running them out. That's why all these crimes or all these these things he's being charged for and then that judges decision How about that judges decision that he was too mentally compromised to To be tried that was the Prosecutors decision or was a investigators her whatever's name was H.U.R. So that was a report. [37:06] Yeah, let's see. But do you need that quote? Does anybody out there need that fucking report to just watch this guy and go like, hey, I feel bad for him, he's fucking old. Right? We're all gonna get there someday. Yeah. It's like, can you not fucking look at this guy and go like, some, I can look in his fucking eyes and go like something's not fucking there something's wrong It's the people that work under him because if they if he goes they go then everybody gets appointed by the new person The report to Council yeah, okay Special the report described the 81 year old Democrats memory as I wonder why they write that the 81 year old Democrat How about the president how about the president's memory as hazy fuzzy faulty poor and having significant limitations they noted that Biden could not recall defining milestones in his own life such as when his son bow died or when he served as vice president god god bless his son [38:01] um but think about just that the way they wrote that, the 81 year old Democrats memory. Why would they write that? That seems so nuts. He's the president. He's not just a random Democrat. Like what defines him? If you got one word, you go with Democrat. Is that the Washington AP writing that or is that in the special prosecutor's report? I was unclear. I was unclear as well. Because that's different. Right. Of course the AP is going to say that. Of course. But I can't see the special prosecutor saying that. But it's just, no, I don't think. Because then it sounds very political. Yeah. But it's such a crazy thing to say to call him a Democrat. He's our leader I will put past the media. It's wild, but it's this is what what I'm saying about like the wiring under the board has been exposed and the way that it's never been exposed before where you're looking at and you go what What do you guys do and he can't he can't stand trial because he's mentally unfit But he can run the country don't worry about it. He can't speak and he's gonna run again I really fucking walk but it seems like when they release information like that, they know what they're doing. [39:06] They're slowly chipping away at it. And by the time probably, I would say like May rolls around, it'll probably Gavin Newsom. That would be my guess. If I was, I'm not like playing this sport, so I'm watching it from the sideline. I'm like, what would I do? How would I, what moves would I do? I can't, how the fuck can they run, Gav, I keep hearing that Gav and Newsom and Michelle Obama like, Gav and Newsom, how the fuck did they do? When you just look at California, when most beautiful states, arguably the most beautiful in America, resources for days, fucking everything. And it's just him, fucking Pelosi, fucking Maxine Waters, fucking Adam Shipp, they just fucked the whole state up, like fucked it up. Everybody's running for the fucking hills. You gotta wonder how much of it is by design. You gotta wonder of it how much is designed to make the population more unstable, [40:01] more violent, more scared, more crime, less, less ability to prosper. Everybody goes, like everyone's much more vulnerable. Well, this seems like a lot of work at the Democrats, though. It seems like something is probably behind it that's bigger than that. And if I would guess, you're not experiencing it right. I'm 100% of conspiracy theorists. I love a good conspiracy. I believed in Bigfoot until about eight years ago. Fucking the Yeti is another story. I didn't say I didn't believe in the Yeti. I don't anymore. But I was all in for a while. But I've been down so many rabbit holes, so many 9-11 rabbit holes, so many bohemian grove rabbit holes. I bought their ones. I got kicked out. Did you? He went to the grove? Yeah. Oh shit, why'd you get kicked out? Fucking weird. Fucking weird, I punched a kid in the head. You punched a kid in the head? And bohemian grove? [41:00] Yeah, it turns out. It turns out this fucking kid was an infiltrator. So then after that, I was kind of this hero like a year or two later, he'd come back as like I'm not coming to your little fucking weird party out in the fucking woods. I was like I went once and ain't that cool. So the infiltrator, what happened with you in the infiltrator? We're sitting on this fire, you have these little, they're kind of tree houses or campsites, but they're really nice. Everyone has a private chef. Got like, you know... Really? Yeah, you do share a room. Be a Jimmy John share to room. That was fun. Um... And I came around and kids talking around this fire and he's popping that shit. And I just... Fucking... One atom. Oh. Game of couple helped him up. It was like, hey, we good. We were I think, you know, we weren't on great terms, but I think we had an understanding. It was, it was just, you know, one of those things. And then I couldn't go to the concert that night with the exact browser somewhere's playing like, you can't come out. I just sit home like I was in fucking time out or something. I'm like, fuck this place. Meanwhile, your kid rock and you're getting left alone [42:05] by these people with some fucking crazy person and you defend yourself. Fucking weird. There's gonna be a certain percentage of people that are just out of their fucking minds. And if you haven't vetted them, that's on you. Hey, check them out. For all her, remember it could've been drunk shit or whatever. It wasn't like, you know. But it was a fight. I guess you just died. You didn't beat him. It was a tussle. You're a nice guy. But it's, how many people infiltrate that place? Because a bunch of people have filmed videos there now. I have no back before Alex Jones's persona non grata and people would do like legitimate journalists like John Ronson would do these things with them You're familiar you never seen that video them and believe me bro shaming, you know, like he's an interesting guy [43:06] He's a very funny guy, but he so he went with Alex to Bohemian Grove and they filmed these rituals These people dress like druids and they're burning this effigy in front of a giant owl statue Oh, I was at the owl statues. This is fucking hilarious. So I'm there on day one, right? I went drinking beers like it's pretty laid back. There's some really cool talks. Remember this dude talking about shooting asteroids out, that might hit the earth in so many years. Shit like that, I'm like, fuck, this is cool. Oh wow. But the first day, it was the first evening and you gather around whatever the owl by this lake, if I remember correctly, which could be a little hazy, it was a long time ago. And like I'm I've heard about this place. I'm like this is some real secret ass shit, man I can't believe I'm fucking here, right? And it's just a trove of celebrities fucking everywhere you turn It's just fucking hey fucking hey So you go there and I'm like thinking we're gonna hear some shit, right? They're gonna they're about to introduce the first speaker and I'm like fuck this is gonna be some shit and they're like and [44:07] No offense against this guy. We could we consider him friendly We have very good mutual friends, but they're like ladies and gentlemen Tony Danza and I'm like I'm like what? I'm like come on man. Who's a fucking boss? Tell them bitches which you would have just gone up there million who's a boss bitch? I was like no fucking way man. I was like we came all the way this secret as shit I love Tony fucking love him,. I was like, we came all the way to this secret ass shit. And I love Tony, fucking love him. But I'm like, come on, man. I was like, they brought Reagan back from the dead and he's gonna speak her hologram or some shit. You wrote for some devil shit. It's just some crazy shit. Well, where are the other? He's a very good speaker, I gotta say, but maybe they toned it down. Maybe they toned it down. This has to be 20 years ago. They infiltrated it. Oh really? I'm terrible with dates, but it's long time ago. Okay, because when Alex snuck in was like... This is like the 90s, Jamie? What was it? Like when Alex Jones and John Ronson snuck into beheming grow, that's when they first got that video. [45:00] I want to say it was in the 90s. I would say it was like 99 or something like that. I did have some fun there, I gotta say. It was fucking weird. I met like Paul Pelosi and his son. Oh boy. And like Chris Matthews, like you know. But I was hanging out with them. We have a cool conversations. Kind of weird. And then they asked me like, I had to come play my guitar. Oh no. I like to sing it one of these camp things. I was like I feel so used. I feel so dirty. Like I don't do this shit man. What the fuck? Yeah that's got to be weird. Hey man, play us a song. It was kind of like a unspoken requirement. Like a wink, wink. Like you need to take a guitar over there. You know if you want to be in good graces or be a team player type deal and i'm like yeah i really don't a friend of mine went to a party and uh in the middle of the party Michael Bolton just starts singing and everybody gathers around while Michael Bolton is standing there singing [46:00] was it set up? yeah it was set up up. Oh, that's fine. But no one knew. And also I'm like, I think no one knew. How do you know? You know. But it was just like, what's going on? Then how do you know? Also Michael Bolton singing, and everyone's just be quiet. It's not a bad strategy if you want to don't want to look like. It's like the ultimate flex. You know Yeah, that's how I used to fund my foundation to a corporate gigs dude Dana White had a birthday party I've played it a few times. No, yeah, I know you have and Dana White's birthday parties are wild and he had a birthday party I think it was for its 40th and stone temple pilots played. Mm-hmm dude They put on a show like it was a fucking packed arena. That's what I mean, I know you do. That's Dana, that's what exactly what he said to me. He goes, there's 150 people here. He goes, where'd you think you were? I was like, fucking AT&T Stadium. That's exactly what he told me. You kind of got to put yourself in that mindset. Fuck yeah. Cause those things can be fucking grueling. [47:01] Right. ruling right they can be weird if people aren't paying attention and the stone temple policy there wasn't a lot of people there there was only a few hundred people there it was crazy usually they are a couple of people dude was killing it killing it he had the bullhorn out and everything oh Scott was the best oh my god what an animal that guy was like it was so inspiring like how good he was at performing. Yeah, he was fucking loved to God. God bless him. They killed that show. It was really good, man. It was really good and you felt like super lucky to be there. That's great. There's something about seeing something where there's not a lot of people around to see it. You know, that's why I like watching those UFC fights in the Apex Center. There's something about, even though I know the world seeing it on video, like to be there live while that's happening. Like, that was one of the positive things about Crowley. We talked about that punch at the last fucking one we were at sitting there. That fucking, I think it was the second. Josh Emmett. Yeah. That crack. [48:00] Oh my God, dude. That guy's bunches. I've only been doing a handful of the fights. I know you fucking obviously that's your... Josh M it might be the hardest puncher in that division. I'd never heard anything like that. He hit so hard. I thought the guy was dead. Yeah, well that was a crazy combination of Bryce Mitchell moving forward quick and then him catching him right at the end of one of the most powerful punchers ever in the 145 pound division. Show that again, watch this. Look at how that dude's built. I mean, you can't appreciate it without the smack. smack. Look at the fucking physique on this animal. I mean, Josh Hammond is just a ball muscle. Bro, that guy hits. It sounded like somebody's smack to two by four like against a garbage can. Bro, if that guy hits anybody, they go night night. I mean anybody, Tim. Anybody. He had this fight with Michael Johnson. And it was a real, Michael Johnson's a really good fighter. Like he knocked out Dustin Poirier at one point. Michael Johnson's very, very legit. [49:01] And Michael Johnson's winning the fight and josh em it catches him with one punch and it's just shouts him off watch this so michael johnson's winning this fight one shot dude one shot i mean crazy power man i mean his powers preposterous he's got the total tuttwood for us to he calls the touch of death. That's the touch of death. He's got it better than anybody in the sport, the touch of death. But that Ilya Toporia guy, that just knocked out Volkanowski, he's got the touch of death, too. There's guys who get it bigger. Nope, they're just getting stronger with their techniques getting better. It's like any sport. It just keeps There's a lot of factors. There's a lot of factors to having that kind of power and some of it is just pure genetics Some of it is just you just got lucky you got that frame Whatever it is like Josh. He's built like if you look at his body It's just like a fucking tank just his ball of muscle and he gets so much force into it and [50:04] That's just a gigantic advantage. If you use it correctly like Toporia does, did you see that fight with Toporia and Volcanowski? I still don't know all the names. I know a handful of names. There was a featherweight title this past weekend. No. Alexander Volcanowski was trying to defend his title against Ilya Toporia and Volkanowski been dominant in this division forever. He's and Toporia put him to sleep, man. This is not the fight by the way. Yeah, the lead up to the fight. Yeah, Toporia, he put him to sleep. It was wild to see, man. This kid is a fucking monster. And he's only 27 years old. And he said he was going to do it. He said, oh, I'm going to knock him out in the second round. Well, do any of those guys go and go like, you know, my, my chances are about 50, 50 on this one. Some, some guys have respect, you know, for their opponents, they say things like he's a great champion. That's no fun, though. Yeah. That's no fun. This is the talk shit sport. It is. And it hypes up the match, gets everybody going. [51:06] Yeah, fucking. And it's also part of the psychological warfare because that shit works. Yeah. Especially on some people. Some people like Nate Diaz doesn't work on it all. You can talk shit to him all day long. That does not gonna change anything about the kind of ass whooping you're gonna get, but for some guys, it fucks with their head hardcore. They just have a really hard time with someone talking shit about them and they get real emotional. It's a lot of sports. A lot of fucking even in my business in music. Yeah. You see people in that red light comes on when you're doing something like live or taped to television or whatever. You see people at red light comes on. I have band members. I like ten of them. It's usually one. Somebody just fucking can't keep it together and fucks up. Mmm-hmm. It's just one of those things. It's just something about having that fucking cool, calm, collective, fucking mindset when you go into anything that's stressful or, you know, high energy, whatever it might be. How much, how difficult was it for you when you first started getting famous? Because you go from being a regular dude to being kid rock in not a lot of time. [52:11] What was it like getting pussy? No, it was like being a man. And just pretty much what it was. Was it stressful? Was it like hard to deal with? Fuck no. Wasn't it all? It was fucking awesome. I love it. It's the greatest fucking shit on earth. Hard to deal with fuck no wasn't at all fucking awesome Greatest fucking shit on earth. I'm like I have to worry about fucking buying food like I'm gonna be able to put my kid through college at this point We're getting a new fucking housing in a new car Fucking get a nice seat at the restaurant Yeah, fucking no problem with that. I'm not one of those people a bitch about it. What do you think it is? It's so tough. What do you think about people that can't handle it? Like what do you think it is? Fucking get away from it. Britney Spears move back to wherever the fuck you're from. Where's she from? Arkansas? Louisiana or something? I don't know. Somewhere down there. It's a fuck out L.A. [53:07] That place is eating you fucking alive. I think Brittany's in Vegas now, right? Oh, so much better. Yeah, it's kind of crazy. It's a more stable, but I've stepped it down to crack and gambling. And there's ways to get away from it. Yeah. There's ways, trust me, you know this too. Yeah. So many of these people, because I've been here and seen this first fucking hand of the front row seat. Have these people are telling these people. They're feeding the machine through a source to get their story told. They're telling them where they're going to be at so the paparazzi's there. It's a fucking game. It's a publicity game. It's weird and it works. You can make a lot of money that way. Who the fuck wants? Like I had to. That's what the Kardashians did. Worked out. Worked out well. God bless them. Solid business model. For them, really worked. Like if you just want to make money, that's the way to do it. I will never get the big ass thing. I don't get it. I just, right white pancake ass with these shit. [54:10] Everman has his time. I don't know. Yeah, that's all I'm saying. So man, it's tight. But there's like this fucking ass movement in the last 10 of some videos. It's awesome. It's awesome to watch watching rap videos and shit. It's fucking great. I'm like, really? That's all right. You just don't know what the appeal is. None. Wow. None. I don't think I could be further from you in that department. I love a good ass. A big, well girl looks like she gets squashed. Slice stone? Different strokes from different folks. Girls who think you can pick up heavy kettlebells. Oh God. I don't have a heavy kettlebell. I'm working with a little two pound hand weight down here. Different strokes for different folks. And isn't that the message anyway? Yeah, totally. Really what it should be. I'd say everything against it. [55:01] I'm just saying I don't get it. Yeah, I get that you don't get it and That's okay. You got like a 1970 sensibility You know the Catherine Bach days. Oh, yeah, Duke's a hazard. Oh, fuck. I'm out hot. She was see if the girl with a huge ass Joe drove up into general league. I'd definitely be excited That lady was so pretty. Oh my god. I remember watching that show thinking that's not even possible to be that pretty How the fuck is she that pretty all those shows love boat? Fantasy Island Duke's hazard. How about Charlie's Angel? Charlie's Angel out there solving crimes. Yeah, but guns Sold fantasy Island like they gotta fucking midget. You're like, yes Well, they're coming to fantasy. He's in a suit. I got a little guy in the suit like fucking he's got an accent Oh fuck turn it up. Was there always a lesson in fantasy Island like they didn't really need what they were asking for and they should have just like State where they were Wasn't there like those kind of messages? I don't remember did fantasy. It wasn't it be kind of like careful what you wish for? Yeah. [56:05] Those are always that way. You know, it's always, there's always like a trick. The genie's got a trick. Careful what you wish for. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah, it's never like, oh yeah. And then I'm gonna be the king of the world and everything works out great. Yeah, if one wish home in a wish for a million wishes that would kill you right if they if you do that they get real mad like now you use the wish totally Imagine if that was real Imagine if genie's were real We just all look like I always tell myself Ricky Schroeder on silver spoons I'm like fuck look all these kids got a fucking train in his living room man. Cool is that Pimbal machines everywhere Shit, I'm like fuck that looks awesome can train in his living room man. Cool as that. Pinball machines everywhere. Shit, I'm like, fuck, that looks awesome. It's not like I grew up without, from a very middle upper class family, where everything we need to, it's swimming pool and tennis court and shit, all that, but I was like, fuck, silver spoon, you're like, we don't have money like that. That's some other shit. That's what social media is doing times 10, right? Yeah. Imagine being a kid today and just dealing with all this social media shit. [57:08] Trying to keep up with the Joneses. Impossible. Yeah. I think it's even worse. Like I have, well, my granddaughters, nine, but I have nieces who are teenagers and going through all that stuff and it's, man, the influence it has over them and then what the other kids say and then what they're all saying on social media and what the New trend is and what the new this I think it's always been that way, but now it's just exaggerated times a thousand because It's an difficult thing for adults to handle in the the emotional aspect of going back and forth with people and comments and stuff in the whole world It's commenting on things like when they're doing that to each other, they're kind of pressure that they're putting under them. No kids have ever experienced that before. No kids have ever grown up with that before. This is a totally new pressure. And if you look at the data, it's like suicide went up, so harm went up, depression went up, it's not healthy. [58:01] It's not normal. And we're all- I think it's a devil. I said that the year Twitter came out, you might be able to look this up. I care, I think it wasn't rolling stone or somewhere or whatever, like what do you think about Twitter? And I said Twitter's fucking gay. This is probably what came out. And so it's time went on, because I always saw people like having a subway sandwich for lunch or whatever. I'm like no it gives a fuck. Oh right the early days. Yeah, like you know, I get promoting stuff and just that and the other fucking getting a rise out of somebody's turn to pot. But then the funny part was years later, you know, Twitter blew up to be this huge fucking thing and they're like this fucking reporter's getting kind of snooty with me. He's like you said. And I quote, Twitter's gay. I'm like no fucking way. I go I didn't say that shit. I go and I'm so sick of you fuckers in the media misquoting me every time every opportunity you get. I said to be clear I said Twitter is fucking gay. All right get it right. [59:02] The I gotcha questions like that. You said. That's why I stopped doing interviews like 10 so many years ago. Because you know, you used to have to promote something called every radio station and every market. It's like that would be part of your day. Get up early, which I was not good at back then. These days I'm up at 3.30, but it's not good at the back in these days. It's like get up early, call all these different places, all these things like weekly. And it turned into as the internet and social media started becoming prevalent, it turned into I gotcha because that was the headline. And as my publicist used to say, dude, you speak in fucking headlines because you have no fucking filter. And I'm like, I don't, it's gonna be very tough to change that. So it was always this you know be your buddy say some nice things that you do records great blah blah blah then like fucking get you on the line with something of course I go off the fucking rails right and then fucking that's all you hear about and it just you know well that's what they want to do they still do they only have a couple of minutes with you they want to say something outrageous or question you in a way that's going to go viral. And it's got tired of dealing with it. [1:00:08] And I feel bad for so many reporters, it was so good to me, especially in Detroit. You know that I just kind of, I think a lot of them took it personal. I've been meaning to contact for all these years and say like, hey, I'm going to do stuff with you again. I'm starting to come out of it. I'm doing your show. I'm like, I get it. I got some stuff to promote. I'm like, but I just didn't like, if I never saw another fucking TV camera, I'd interview again. I'd be fine. I'd be totally fucking fine. Like, I don't need to be on fucking Good Morning America every week. I don't have to. You have a beautiful set up. Well, I'm very blessed. And that's not how you're loving your life is amazing. I don't want to overshadow that. I'm extremely blessed. Oh, I know you appreciate it. But like the way you live in like, I've talked on this podcast many times but you give me the tour of your house. And one even, oh, by hot clips, you know, right? [1:01:07] And she and she and what that one was a man. You're like he's got a golden shower I'm like a golden shower. That's like pissing on somebody. It's a gold bathroom The whole bathroom's gold. Yeah, there's a shower the showers not gold No, it wasn't in place yet. No, I just I just seen the tile and it was golden and someone told me it was a golden shower. That's the most amazing thing I've ever seen in my life. The golden urinal, but the walls were gold. Yeah, yeah, it's everything was gold. It was before when I went into it, it was before everything was stolen. Is that three four years ago? Yeah, I think it was three years ago. There't know I did how hard it was to find gold toilets. That's okay. Now you can go and go and you pump them up. Well I had to get the seat gold plated because I couldn't find it. I found a gold toilet. I couldn't find a seat in the lid. And fucking God had to like you know cheaply gold plate it. Well gold is a weird you ever see what they can do with gold? They can take a little tiny piece of gold and cover this whole table? Absolutely. I get so much shit gold plate at 18 karat, [1:02:07] 24 karat gold plate. Look at that bro. You got a gold plate, you're on it. You're on it. The internet, that's on the internet. Bro, look at that. That's amazing. A gold urinal. What? What? What What? What? Your house is incredible. I described it to everybody. I'm like, there's two bedrooms. The fucking house is gigantic. It's bigger than the actual White House. I've got two bedrooms. I think your house is bigger than the actual White House. No, fuck. I think so. I think, yes, someone he was telling me that. No fucking way. That's a White House is like a hundred thousand square feet. I sure. That thing looks a little I've looked it up isn't but the white outside's more than one house right like there's There's like there's levels is underground Basement main floor then you go up and up to the to the main residence and they have tunnels that go out to you Out to the other side to the VP's place where the vault where the bowling alley isn't shit, bro Is that the dumbest idea of all time to tell everybody what your president's gonna be all the time? [1:03:04] What a fucking dumb idea. Oh, he's in this super visible house. It's just a house. I think they're pretty protective. He's over there. How protective can you be? If you watch those Instagram droning in his face and shut down. Okay, 55,000 square feet. All right, I'm on the wrong. I thought your house is bigger. Not mine's 27 or something. But what your house is is... But it's on 200 acres, not 18. What your house is is exactly if an 18-year-old kid won the lottery. Oh, 100%. And so you can have any house you want. I want a fucking giant room for jacuzzi's with like exposed beams like a collapse mine. I'm like this is amazing. I joke with my friends when we're when we're touring. I love to get people tours are proud of it. You know what I've done and hard work and shit and I just one of my favorite things to do and and I joke with them all the time and it's pretty serious. I'm like if I had this fucking house 15 years ago somebody I like I'd be dead.'d be fucking dead. There's no question. [1:04:06] It's an amazing setup, dude. You made a party house. It's perfect. Beautiful view, great place to be. I believe if they were advertised it would be a great place to entertain. Yeah, an entertainer's dream. An entertainer's dream. Yeah. If you were trying to sell that, oh boy. Oh. What did you it about 27,000 square feet? How big is it? Yeah, but but the only is that put that I put the elevator because I'm gonna die there I was like I'm gonna need to get up and down these floors one day That elevator's amazing too Funny one to architect, you know, I that's Primus second favorite thing outside passion outside of you know be a close thing outside, passion outside of, you know, be a close second with Haunting and the outdoors, you know, as music is interior design and architecture. And so I'm designing a house with a decent architect, obviously for many reasons, but he's like, I sure you wanna put the elevator right in the foyer [1:05:02] of the main entrance. He goes, most people hide it, you know, off to the back by a laundry room or something. I'm like, yeah, I want to run into fucking middle. I want it gold so people walk in and like, Kid Rock's got a fucking elevator. Yeah, put it right out front, bro. Yeah, this is the house for ballers. This is a house of learning doctors and ballers. That's an amazing store. That's how I would do it. You built something, right? No, I bought a house. I bought a house here, but if I was gonna build a house, I'd build a house like that. I think what I wanna do is I wanna build a podcast ranch. I've been thinking a lot about that lately. You can't, this is a good, you got a lot of cool shit here, like, but you can take all this and like, I've already figured out your lighting here for you. I was telling the guys on front. Yeah. So there's several spaces here and there's a lot of light switches. I noticed already just from doing a small tour. Fuck, Lutron, fuck, Crestron, fuck that automated shit. What you do, you might be able to do the whole building, if not, you can do it in sections that make sense. [1:06:07] Like this whole front thing, everything's on dimmers and there's one switch. When you strategically place, when you walk out of the door, and maybe somewhere by your office or something, all hooked up to the same breaker. Click, like when I walk into my studio, where you bend down there or whatever, you know, things like 10,000 square feet, there's two light switches. Shut everything off in there. Three, because one in the studio. It never breaks. Works perfectly. When you turn it on, you're ready to rock. If the cleaning people need to do something, they can adjust the dimmer up or down. And it's the cheapest, smartest, most efficient, fucking thing you can do. Mmm. Good advice from Kid Ron. I don't say that I Can't talk too much about it. What it used to be, but we I've been thinking about doing something in a place where we could do a lot of other shit too Just putting a fucking plate with a lip place of the lake runway [1:07:01] You get definitely get somewhere over the runway out here. What are you doing so well? You're so successful. Have get a chopper. So you could bring the people like what a cool experience. They fly to your ranch because you're going to you're going to get more value farther. You go out. Yeah, but I limit my time in those fucking things. I do too. They did rock and roll. The choppers don't mix. They freak me out a little bit. Me too. Yeah, they took out Steve Rive on Didn't it Jim Crow was it a plane crash that took out Steve Rive? Most helicopter coming out of Alpine Valley up in Wisconsin Jim Crow chose a million scary one to die buddy T Roy from What's called? My gum rejuntry bill bur has his own helicopter license and and he took me I took lessons did you I took lessons for a while I just grand idea when I was younger when I first started getting fucking money And I'm like I'm gonna fucking helicopter. I'm a panic old 10,000 fucking yeah, I would Gold flake [1:08:01] I was like it looked like a low rider Blake. I was like, it looked like a low rider. I was going to get like 10,000 acres in the middle of nowhere, build my fucking little fucking red neck empire. And then so I started taking these lessons in a single engine Robinson. And I let my hand off the collective a couple times. Like, you know, the, the fucking the teachers like, what the fuck did you do? I'm like, you didn't tell me not to fucking do that. And blah, blah, really was a deal breaker I'm like I know myself I'm like we'll be sitting around Getting tuned up and I'll be like you guys know I get the chopper out Oh for a spin oh my god Trin flying oh yeah, I was like could you imagine no let's let's make enough money to ride in the back Yeah, the only times that I've been in one, I'm like, keep it together, keep it together. It feels like you're trying to stay out. You know, flying football helmet. It seems so fragile. They seem so fragile when you're in them, they're like, ooh. I'll never get in a single engine. [1:09:01] And anything again that flies. Never. Everything that flies is based on a system of two fuel pumps, two engines, two everything. You can go without one of them. So your odds are pretty good when those things fuck up. Mainly speaking about planes, it's pilot error, probably 90 some percent of time. There was a recent private jet that crashed. Yeah, on the LA. Yeah, it was a challenger. Yeah, challenges three hundred. A couple of people got out of the back and the pilots died. Yeah, yeah, the people survived, which is crazy if you look at the footage. The passengers did. Overland on the highway. Oh, Jesus Christ, dude, that's insane. I thought that was not. Oh my God. It isn't Florida, right? Dude, that is so wild to see watch this land watch this happen again Yeah, do it from the beginning because the beginning watch this watch this land. This is so crazy That's what kind of look at this. That's a kind of plane. I got it. Look at that, bro Fuck. I mean how insane is that and I think it was three people came out of the back. Yeah the pilots amazing [1:10:08] amazing. Oh damn they just had to just land it on the fucking highway. Holy shit man he imagined trying to land a plane and knowing you're gonna take out those cars and you're probably not gonna land anyway. You're probably not gonna be able to pull it off anyway you don't have any engines anymore. Scary. Oh my God. It's scary just not being in control of anything. Yeah. At least for me, I'm a bit of a control freak. Like just not being in control of any situation, especially when it's something like that, that always... Yeah. That makes you think a little bit more. That's why when things aren't a meritocracy and you're hiring because you want things to be inclusive. You're not getting the best people working on your fucking airplanes and flying your airplanes. You're not getting the best people. What are you doing? That is one of the scary, but especially like airlines. [1:11:02] That is one of the scariest fucking methods of transportation. Whether it's the safest, that's arguable, it is very safe, relatively, but it's one of the scariest for people, because in the most anxiety, because you give up all control, you're hoping that the pilots can keep it together. You're hoping that the equipment's been tested correctly. You're hoping that everybody who tightens every bolt and checks every fucking well, you You hoping they do a really good job, they're really good at it. They do do a pretty good job overall. I'll even say, this is a place that makes sense for regulations. Yeah. I mean, as somebody who's very right of center, less regulations on most things, that's something to make sense sense and they have a lot of good ones in place. You just can't fucking jump in a plane. Like when something like that happens, it's something fucked up. Yeah. Be interesting to see when they do their investigation. What happened exactly? [1:12:00] Yeah, it would be interesting. How do you get a double engine failure? That sounds insane. Or maybe it's like when Sully landed that in the Hudson River, it was geese or whatever was. Or something like that. Okay, I've flown out of many airports where they go out there with shotguns before just a boom. Get with blanks just to get the geese out of there. And they actually let you hunt them at some of certain times of years. Like I know a metro airport Detroit, there was a congressman that asked that a special permit to go over there and hunt them at certain times of the year. And I love the bird hunt. Yeah, they try to keep populations down. They have snipers. They do a lot of different things. They try a bunch of different methods to keep ducks and pigeons and shit. They say how many planes have been taken out by birds. Probably quite a few, huh? It's becoming more common. Really? You know, he never know if something's more common or is the media just that much more accessible with everything. I always want to read that. Like, is population gross? Things make sense that gets more of whatever. Right. But you just don't know in his day and age, [1:13:00] like, you know, when there's fucking how many 24 seven news channels all trying to report and get an exclusive story. That's like, you know, and some of them just straight up gaslighting you. Oh, yeah. Gaslighting you on the news. If I shit my pants right now, like just legit shit my fucking pants, like it would be the biggest story of this week, maybe next week. It'll be a big one. That loser, he shit his pants. As if it's never happened to you. Well, it's not. Not like the left wing meat is reported and any good stuff I do. No. Well, I'm just in their sights. Well, we need is a non-wing media. That's what we need. There should be value in just the news and that's what Dr. Phil wants to do. You're supposed to be, that's supposed to be the AP. Yeah, it's supposed to be, but it's not anymore. Because I think journalists at some point in time, the least corporate journalists, a big percentage of them decided that they're working towards a better future, that like their activists, you know, and I think [1:14:04] some of those people are not very charismatic and they're people don't like them that much. They just happen to be on television. But why do many of these people refuse to retire? Because now they have a career. They have an identity. It's like the 75 years old plus. Yeah. They refuse to go away. Yeah, they won't go away. And they also want to give their opinions all the time. All these people want to give their opinions on things. Yeah, I want someone who's actually asking if they're in the media who has consequences on their opinions. When you're fucking 77, you know, and you're what's your name for maybe Sierra whatever, like who's crying at fucking Hillary Clinton's, you know, when she lost the election who reports fucking world news. Yeah, you're like She has nothing to fucking lose. That's not a journalist What somebody who's young has a family like you have shit to actually lose if you're gonna sway things This at any other and get called out on it if you're in the media if you want to talk shit join a band I just feel like we need objective news with no spin at all [1:15:04] Absolutely and not coming out of a place where you don't want to report on a certain thing because it makes Trump look good. Not, you know, just look at what are the facts? What are we dealing with? Like what are we dealing with in terms of the economy? What are we dealing with in terms of international conflict? What are the facts? What's actually happening? Don't twist it in some weird if they went by a conservative way if they went by facts and things like that there's no one but been better than Trump the shit he got done and if you just look at the numbers in his record forget about all the noise we see that guy was one of the founders of Facebook who talked about it and he said it was the right message but the wrong messenger he talked about all the different things that Trump did that it turns out it worked. But I, but I, I even know we're friends. I even before we became good friends, I understood this is I think a lot of people did not, not a ton. A good amount of people understood that there's a method to that. [1:16:02] To what people call madness. He says you know like fucking rush to go after fucking Poland if you don't want to pay your fair share or NATO. My sense tells me no he's never gonna let that happen but he's gonna fucking go in there and fucking let them know you're gonna pay your fucking money. He's not gonna let that happen. I would say in my heart in the way I feel there's no fucking way to let that happen. I would say in my heart, in the way I feel there's no fucking way to let that happen. It's like when he's telling certain countries, you know, like, if you're going to go into Ukraine, I'll fucking blow up Moscow. Even if they only believe in 5%, fucking keeps him out. You know what I mean? The guy knows how to fucking go in and get shit done and talk business wise and make these statements and this thing and they don't know what the fuck he's gonna do. But I have to say when he was in office, by me, he did the right thing pretty much every fucking time. Everything he did for this country, whether it was keeping the border and check fucking everybody working, including minorities, energy fucking independence, build the fucking [1:17:02] military up, keep us out of fucking wars. I mean, let's list goes on and on. I think if people could look at it without his personality attached to it, they'd be able to see that. But that's one of the most amazing things the media has done is they've turned a guy who was a celebrity who was beloved. He was the host of the celebrity apprentice on NBC. So Lensky was a celebrity. Everyone puts him on the highest fucking pedestal. I'm like, oh, he's the greatest fucking. It's like yeah Well, that's confusing too, right? Super confusing that that whole thing when the left is calling for war and the left wants war That's like what has happened to the world Trump just said the smartest thing Everything he says to me is fucking great, but smart thing is like we should not, I've kind of spoke about this with family and friends for the years like why do we keep getting these wars, giving countries this fucking money and we get nothing in return. This should be a fucking loan or we should fucking, we should take land or natural resources that [1:18:03] they can buy back one day with a small interest or something. Why are we just giving fucking money away? Giving our resources. Oh, you know the fucking trillions we spent in Afghanistan and Iraq? So what's the answer to that? Why did they do that? I have no fucking idea. I wish I had the answer. I know I would need to know that. Yeah. There's probably someone who could probably illuminate it for us, but... What, like, does the debt matter? I don't understand how the debt fucking matters. I don't get it. National debt? Yeah, everyone's always bitching about the debt where we just fucking keep spending money, like no business survives like that. That's just common sense. But they keep doing it. I'm like, it must not matter because we have the biggest bomb. It's like trying to collect from the biggest bully in school. Like, hey, where's my $20? He's like, oh, beat your ass. Like, okay, I'll get it next year. Who do we owe all that money to? You know, they say China, they say this country that. I'm like, imagine China just bought America. It's like one day ago. I don't know. Imagine if they tried to collect USdeckclock.org. Oh my God, look at how much money. [1:19:05] 34 trillion. Yo, look at how crazy this is. When you watch this, it's so insane. You know what they're like, we need to send another 60 billion here. We need to fucking 100 billion for this. The thousands. Just look how quick the thousands go by. The thousands other national debt. There's another hundred it's insane to watch it's a little bigger in New York City that's per citizen one hundred and one thousand nine hundred sixty dollars debt per taxpayer two hundred sixty five thousand one hundred and seventy eight dollars per taxpayer i i don't understand how that works. That's so insane. But I've never heard it. How does that sustain the poor? I've never heard it explained. I've heard politicians bitch about it and we are debt in the set and the other. I'm like, I don't get it. Why does it keep going up if we can't afford it? [1:20:00] My conclusion is we can clearly fucking afford it. We just print some more fucking money or whatever. I don't get it. Have you ever heard that explain? No. I never realized it was that bad to watch that clock. There's something about knowing the number, but seeing the number move in real time. That's just terrifying. How does it, I don't understand, this makes sense. Okay, many people believe that much of US national debt is owed to foreign countries like China and Japan, but the truth is that most of it is owed to social security and pension funds right here in the US. This means that US citizens own most of the national debt. It's a fucking scam. It's a giant Ponzi scheme. It's a Ponzi scheme. It's a Ponzi scheme. I just want around yeah, yeah, we need that hundred and a thousand dollars. Well, we're gonna pay off the debt Crazy what the fuck we owe it to ourselves [1:21:10] ourselves. We sound like Debbie Downer and negative Nancy over here. Yeah, what do we do? We're punching ourselves. Let's talk about fun shit. Yeah. Well, it's not, you know, just something that just comes up. If you're having a conversation about why the world is crazy. Remember Paul had a single example. Paul never camemeans? Paul never came up years ago. Do you ever remember that? No. I remember if it came up, it's like, who you vote for big? Not your fucking business. Yeah, like in the 80s and the 90s? Who the fuck talked about politics? Meanwhile, I'm looking in the mirror with a fucking bag I had out on the Trump flag. I'm the biggest fucking provocateur and a fender of this. Yeah, but you're also a guy who's like, fed up. You know, you're fed up with, there's a narrative that the world got fed. Yeah, I just love my country too much, but it's a stupid narrative. You know, it's, it's, it's, which one? [1:22:01] Well, the narrative, first of all, the narrative that right and left are really that separate from each other. Most people care about the same things. Holy. All my left wing friends I got plenty of them. Look at my fucking band. You were talking about DEI. Hmm. We got fucking gay black lesbians, fucking, fucking rednecks, fucking females, fucking men, black, white, fucking, that wasn't fucking done by like, oh, we need to mix this up. It was like we want the best people. And not only that are best for you know whatever they play or whatever their instrument, musical talent is, but also people that we knew could get along and could spend time as a family. Like you know, you hear these horror stories about so many bands hate each other. Yes that and the other and like we've never had that fucking problem Sure, we've had disagreements and fuck you and this at any other but Fucking for 25 some years like everyone loves each other and gets along and fucking politics all different across the fucking board And I just came to power. I'm like look you got a vote. I don't give a fuck who it's for [1:23:04] I say you got a vote. I don't give a fuck who it's for. I say, you got a vote or you're out of the fucking band. Which is a fucking threat I probably never follow through with. But I'm like, just let them know. You just got a fucking vote. Well, that's the difference between social media and real life. In real life, you can be friends with people with all sorts of different opinions because if they're good people you can talk You can talk even if you disagree and you'll find more in common. Yeah You don't have a lot of it Everybody wants basic things they want friendship love family They want to be successful in whatever they're trying to pursue in life and they want to be safe Everybody wants that those are the primary things we all agree on It's the most important things that all of us want in our life. Then the other stuff when it starts getting on the fringes, like, you know, trans women competing as bi-life with biological females, like now you're out there in crazy land and that's getting the majority of the attention. But that's not the majority of our fucking [1:24:01] problems. The majority of our problems, we all kind of agree on keeping things safe and achieving the paths to get there. Yes. To those things, and that's great. That's what it makes America great is thinking differently. But instead of thinking so much about the things that we disagree on, which I think are insane, and how many people have been incited by bullshit stories in the media, and it's changed your narrative on all the people running for president, whether it's gaslighting you about Biden or gaslighting you about Trump. They're just bullshit trying to get whatever narrative they want out there and they don't really give a fuck if it's the truth. Well, and not only that, the truth can be spun in so many different ways. Facts and numbers can be spun spun so many different ways facts and numbers can be spun so many different ways where it's like you teeter that line what's not really a lie but it's not the whole truth. What's really wild is that the people behind Biden are wheeling like if he wasn't fucking up as much as he is if they could just kind of keep him out of the [1:25:00] limelight for a while they're they're wheeling to run him again. They keep them out of the limelight any more than they do. They're basically, what they're saying is they're running the country without the president. Right? That's essentially what they're saying. Absolutely. And that's what that report says. That report says he's not there, okay? So if he's not there, then you know he's not really running things. And if he's not really running things, that means the people that are running things are now not the president. And they wanted to keep it that way. And they- And they'd like to keep it that way. Well, that seems fucking nuts. That is not what we signed up for. We didn't sign up for these unelected people that are working under the administration, taking care of everything. We did not sign up for that. It's hilarious to me that a lot of the extreme leftist people, you know, they have this thing where like, you know, older white men are the fucking devil. They just are. And so what do they do? I like to an older white man who's the fucking cat. Fucking cat power. Yeah. [1:26:00] This is the most diverse. There was a thing that the White House Press Secretary lady was going on about how diverse the cabinet is. Show him, Clote Pierre. And then one dude gets caught butt-fucking in one of the Senate rooms. Oh God, yeah. You see that? What the fuck? And then there's another person who's like a trans influencer, pulled her tits out on the lawn, took photos. Her tits out of the White House lawn. And it's almost like we got a compete on the right. It's like, hey, hey, we got George Santos. That's hilarious. That's hilarious. Fucking weird, I mean. That dude's a hoot. Fucking Kuku. He's fun to listen to. He's fun in those interviews, man. He goes off. He's sassy. As long as he doesn't have access to your finances or... Yeah, it seems like he might be an HUSD-LEA hustler. That one the other day because I'm always trying to do comparisons to Trump and Biden for people that... You know, they know my friendship, my love for Trump is politics, everything. [1:27:01] And I don't like the way he talks and he speaks and like okay look you fucking you need an emergency medical procedure you're in Los Angeles and you have to get to Santa Barbara the only people that can drive you there that are available are Trump and Biden fucking pick one right that's good yeah but he shouldn't be driving anywhere. There's no way Biden should be driving. That's not fair. He's having trouble walking. He can't do anything. They don't really want him as president. They just want him to get them into power again. That's what it is. It's people running the show behind the scenes. I mean, Korean John Pierre, how do you say her name? How do I write her name. She got busted using his account. Correement. Correement Abdul Jabbar. Did you see that? What happened? She got busted using his account to tweet. I didn't see that. She fucked up. I forgot to change accounts. So she tweets as the president. Like you gotta see this. Hi, you know, people fuck up, make mistakes. I know, but it's just fun to see the wiring under the board. It's fun to see how the sausage is made. Like this isn't this is not really the president. The weather just is a small [1:28:09] angry guy. It's literally weakened in Bernies. This should be impersonation. Look at this. Investing in America means investing in all all caps of America. When I ran for president, I made a promise that I would leave no part of the country behind She put it out she put it out under her Bro when they say things like that and they tweet when presidents like Biden tweet it's like Trying to get wisdom from a fortune cookie. It's like they're the dumbest little quotes like who's who's who've read that? I was like yeah, he did and he's doing a great job. I bet fucking ragged would have been good at it I think most of the people that are supporting Biden online are bots I think there's a lot of people that are genuine Democrats and are supporting Biden don't get me wrong Those but some of the some of the nuttiest pro Biden stuff [1:29:01] Despite like no matter what happens no matter what kind of gaff he makes, we're so embarrassing and if it was your dad, you would want him like, get, get dad, get dad, we got to get him off the stage. I'd be like, dad can't, you can't do this dad, dad, dad, it's over. We got to get you to a home, we got to get you some care. So I heard from a very good source. I can't confirm, but it was a very good source. That one by the met the Popeys shit is pants. Did you hear that one? I hope he did. That's amazing. I mean I don't know hope he did but if he did it's a funny story. It's a very good source. Damn. It's not fair. It's not fair to do that to an old guy but it just shows you the mechanism behind the scenes that keeps the country running. It's a bunch of people working for the president and now they're essentially pulling all the strings. It's kind of wild. And those people definitely don't want to see Trump get into power. Because then they lose everything. What's like the last election, a lot of this stuff seems like it was done semi behind the [1:30:02] curtain and now it seems they've come to a point to like, we don't give a fuck. Yeah, we're coming right after this guy. Everything we're gonna find them $355 fucking million for where there was no one they got hurt in a fucking, yeah, there's no victims. Fucking insanity. Yeah, that's what the insane part about that is. Elon actually posted about that. Like, where's the money going? Where's the money going if there's no victims? If he didn't know anybody any money, where's that money going? Cause there's no, there's no like one person that's a, you know, a claimant, right? I hope he drops it off and fucking pennies, right? I just met Tisha James as front door in that fucking stupid judge. I'm just fascinated by watching it all play out because like they're doing it right in front of your face. Right in front of your face, like a banana republic style prosecuting of your political opponents, framing them in the worst way possible, getting judges, like we try to figure this out and we try to be as reasonable as possible. Let's figure out how anybody could ever value [1:31:02] Mar-a-Lago at $18 million. I don't believe it. Well, you go to Google right now, look at Blight property and Palm Beach. Yes. Couple acres will come up for $100 million on the water. He's got property, 18 acres on the water and the intercoastal. Just the land alone is insanely, insanely valuable. And then there's a palace on it. I don't like it. You don't tell me. That's only worth $18 million. I'd buy three of those. There's vacant land in Zillow. Oh, Zillow. I even call these. They can go like that. The highest to lowest price. Something will come up for $100 million. It's two acres. I'm not even a real estate investor. That's so biased to say that's $18 million. No matter what metric you're using. I think about it. That's pretty much every day every week. Since this guy came down the escalator and announced he was running for president, it's been nonstop and I can confirm that because I got a board pretty early before he got the nomination publicly and I've had shit thrown at me in my level. Yeah. Just constantly nonstop. [1:32:06] This guy's took it every fucking day. That's why we call him Teflon Don. He is in an odd way the only president that didn't age. They all rapidly age. I go for that fucker all the time, man. It's fucking unbelievable. I was born. I got doesn't miss a fairway. It's a 250 yards right down the freaking middle. That's amazing. It's incredible. And that's the only part of that exercise too, right? It's so smart when he's talking numbers and different things in his memory, like everything you're just like, man, it's mind boggling. Really? He's that smart. Really is. that smart really is I got gets unbelievable is there ever been a turn around like that before were like so many people love a guy for his bombastic personality and then he becomes president and then they all hate him you know when it all started it all started to media would have you think that everyone hates him now no most people love them the reality is when you go to the UFC I [1:33:01] said when you right Tucker Carlson, him and Dana White walked in, it was like, do a public in Avengers. That's funny. It was the most insane reaction. It was like, they have a super team. There's a super. How was that one at? Well, I've seen you guys walking together in multiple times. New York, for sure. Miami. Miami was a big one. But they were all nuts. Yes. New York was a bananas. Yes, but no city New York City and that is a very diverse crowd the U.S. Oh, yeah, man. Oh, yeah. The UFC is the most diverse crowd. Look at Tucker smiling. The UFC is filled with people from all walks of life. There's a giant lesbian fan population of the UFC. I got a huge lesbian fan base. Do you really? Yeah, is that a couple of lesbians in my band? Well, he's joke. Like back in a day, like the early days, like I always be these fucking hot chicks in the front row showing their titties and shit. You know, just cool rocking roll shit. And like, so I started, I started, I got a great friend in a Toledo Ohio, Dan McGurk, and he's got some issues. [1:34:07] And what he called Down syndrome or whatever. And so he's posted a lot of things publicly. You know, I kind of stopped doing make a wish and I kind of took him for life. You know, he's my friend and I'm gonna be with this kid forever whether we go to a pistons game or you know, he comes to all the shows, anything like that. So, but as a result of that and then having two lesbians in the band like me my guitar player couple years ago sitting there jamming stage and were like boy man shit's changed and it's like three four kids down syndrome in the front and like four lesbians like hanging out and like wow the times they are a change in yeah they are right you know one of my favorite songs yours that I play in my green room playlist is runoff to LA oh shit I love that song deep cut that's a great song dude that is a deep cut but that's a great song break up songs yeah but it's it's also like there's so many guys that get get got you know to [1:35:08] have a get the fuck out of here song you know. I'll be fucking with him Hollywood host. Yeah bro there's some predators. Oh man learn my lesson. I used to watch them moving on dudes at the Sky Bar. Remember the Sky Bar? Yeah. I would call them the coyotes. Cause you can see these like really aggressive, hot Hollywood crazy ladies who would move in on these rich guys. And I remember I was watching this, this bald chubby guy getting seduced by this girl. And then, and then she goes, do you like Coke? And he's like, uh, yeah, I like Coke. Yeah, okay. And then I'm like, oh, she's got ya. She's got ya, buddy. But I'm climbing sinker. And then she's gonna be moving in soon. I mean, moving out your shit. She's gonna move in soon. You're gonna marry her. [1:36:01] And then she got ya. Done. Yeah. It's like a real, like gold digging is a real business model, just like those Nigerian princes. Gold digging is an interpersonal way of, we're crazy people can latch onto people's lives. It's fascinating to watch. Nobody plays to do it, then Hollywood, California. It's crazy. Cause so many of these guys are like executives and back in the day at least and they were killing it back then. TV executives are out partying at the Mondrom. And the coyotes just move in. I knew a bunch of dudes would lost a bunch of people. Well my theory on Los Angeles, Cal, or Hollywood is you get all these beautiful girls that migrate there. They want to make it at some level. They want to do something. So wherever, it doesn't matter where it is on earth, doesn't have to be all over. Wherever there's a bunch of hot chicks, whether it's the local disco club in your town, wherever there's a bunch of fucking grease balls, bunch of fucking cooks. If there's a conglomerate of hot chicks hanging out in a concentrated area, it's a bunch of fucking weirdo dudes. Just a bunch of fucking creeps. [1:37:06] That's five fucking like dive bars. Yeah. So it's just being an proximity to hot chicks. Yeah, it attracts every D-bag on earth. That's probably true. Yeah, if they know the hot chicks, definitely be there. Popular clubs, different places, just you know, wow, there's ton of hot chicks in there hot shakes now. They look around like wow there's a bunch of devags in here too I Remember thinking of going like when I was a kid and I first started going to clubs Like with my friends go to dance club or whatever Just being idiot like wearing Cavareaches and looking stupid fuck it. There's you guys And all I could think of is like this is like the least productive way ever to meet somebody. Like I've never met anybody at one of these places. It's always just me and my friends standing around, looking stupid, trying to figure out how to meet girls. I didn't either until a fucking hit record. What? I fuck, I look like the same dirt ball I look like now my whole life and like fucking couple hit records. Wow, fucking Brad Pitt. [1:38:06] You look hot. Fucking god. That's sexy motherfucker. Talent is the great equalizer. It really is. Talent is the great equalizer. If you have talent, you get that way above your head. Confirmed. It's everywhere. You see it all throughout Hollywood. It's interesting. It's interesting. It's everywhere. You see it all throughout Hollywood. It's interesting. It's interesting. It's interesting how that stuff works. It's never going to change. No. It's never going to change. It's just you're always going to have the whole thing about Hollywood too is that you have to be chosen. Like most of the people that are out there are out there to be chosen for something. They're out to be chosen to get a record deal or chosen to be on a sitcom or chosen to be in a movie or chosen to be on a show. It's, you have to be picked. So you're always trying to figure out how to be more, how to fit in more. But the more a true talent, like Rod Doc talent, you have or whatever it is, like it starts to negate some of that stuff. You definitely still have to kiss the ring a little bit, like I always called it. I always said, you know, when it came to radio, it was a whole fucking game to play that shit. [1:39:09] I don't have a couple radio hits. I was, I always say I was willing to tickle some balls, but I would not insert penis in mouth. That's kind of my, do you think that's why? Because you had so many hit songs, but they weren't necessarily radio hits. Is that what you're saying? Well songs, but they weren't necessarily radio hits, is that what you're saying? Yeah, well MTV was huge for me, so that was even a better outlet than radio, but I've never had number one song in America. I was never willing to do them. Fucking shit to get it there. All over the world where I didn't have to do anything. Yeah, when number one seven countries or something, but yeah, I was just, my feeling was always like, okay, to at some level when we're when we're getting this big chance, you know after I'd been knocked down This that n' other than finally got my big record deal and like 1997. I was like okay. This is a do-or-die Have to play a little bit of this game. It was one of the best my most successful record Because that's kind of what I did and it worked and then after that my philosophy was like you know I came out with picture and they're like this is gonna kill your career [1:40:06] You know fucking country song. I love that's also my spot. They literally told me it's gonna kill my fucking career Oh, I was like crazy. That's my mind song. Yeah, thank you My mind set at that point was I want to try to make classic records not hits You know something they'll stick around and it's hard to nail it. You know, I've probably made a thousand songs and there's arguably, you know, handful of fucking great ones in there. You know, it's like being a photographer, you take a thousand pictures, you'll be get five good ones. Did you got a lot of bangers that I love picture? Cheryl Crow. That voice. She can sing. God damn. She can sing she can say this emotion in that voice very talented our politics don't line up so well these days you know the magic not are you still friends we're still friendly we don't talk as much you know what's suck well yeah we said we said down reason we're talking about gun control [1:41:02] oh no yeah and I'm like sure I here's just like no one in this town. Well, you know, country artists will talk to me about it this. And I'm like, yeah, if you want gun control, you should move back to LA or New York City. It's very prevalent there. It's just not kind of a Tennessee way of life. I was like, and the scary thing about it is like, I could say like, okay, common sense gun law. If we actually had one to keep guns that have mentally disturbed people, I could take a serious look at that. And I know the NRA is gonna be all over for that. I don't fucking care. I can honestly take a serious look at that. But the problem that I see in it is as soon as this common sense gun law has passed, written up by attorneys and people in politics, that none of us can really understand it through in some mumbo jumbo. The first thing's gonna happen is, you see that crazy shit kid rock was saying, and blackout drunk in his honky talk? He's not met on a stable when he'd take his guns away. You know what I mean? It's like, where does that line get crossed and back and forth? [1:42:02] 100% or the other. That's the problem with the common sense law. It's like, it's not, everybody doesn't have fucking common sense. That's a very good point. It's also a very good point that you can get experts to lie. We saw that during COVID. Yep. You can get experts to lie. And if you have mental health experts to lie that you're unstable for a political reason, for any reason. I could I could go out and find you know 10 people a conglomerate 10 people that hate Joe Rogan. Yeah, and get them to all you can say mentally unstable. Right. For sure. Get the same shit. I'm probably admitted to being mentally unstable. Right. In some way. But it's not you can't let people define that because you're going to get people that are just using it to take away your rights. And then they're going gonna once they have that now they push past a certain line They're gonna push even further it might get to a point where you're not allowed to have knives anymore It might get to a point where you can't have a sword in your house What was their argument for years? Why would you need an air 15 with a 30 round clip, right? Yeah What one word 30 people breaking into your house one word answer [1:43:04] Israel right. It's a great great answer One word, right? Well, 30 people breaking into your house. One word answer. Israel. Right. It's a great, great answer. You know what, one of the craziest things I saw somebody tweet about Ukraine. All you people with AR-15s, you should be donating them to Ukraine. Like, do you not see what the fuck you're saying? We know that this is a real possibility with human beings that they can invade places and shoot people up. That's a real thing. How do you want us to be unprepared? Why? How do we protect our politicians so well in our court houses? Exactly. And everything else. We can't do this for our schools. These anti-gun politicians are being protected by people with guns, brave people with guns. And they live behind gates and walls. Exactly. They're protected. brave people with guns and they live behind gates and walls exactly protected and they're getting away with pushing this nutty agenda and what you need is better law enforcement better trained more law enforcement but the problem is who wants to be a fucking cop these days yeah they've made that a popular sport yeah they fucked that up hard it'll be a long time [1:44:02] for that recovery let's say in every cops good there's good and bad and everything is we all know that have a smidge of common sense. You're gonna get bad actors in anything, anything, anything. Anything in life. But overall, when your kid can't breathe and you call 911, that cop shows up. Yes. Or someone's holding someone hostage or you need someone rescued or there's a real problem someone's shooting up a store. You know this school and you see these cops and Nash is running in there. They were training the military. Exactly. Not knowing what they're gonna face. God bless them. Exactly. And those are the kind of people that you should fucking praise. That's most cops. And it's not the private schools. My granddad goes to private school. They have security that they've taken precautions says what about the people that can't afford private school which is the majority of this country yeah you know what are we doing for them politicians I'll talk about it like well talk there's also certain ideological aspects of shooters that they don't talk about like they didn't want to release that trans [1:45:02] shooters manifesto because it's like this really crazy anti-white anti like Yeah, there's a it was a weird Manifesto the same way just in Kansas City They didn't want to say who the shooters were right what's her name was on Bill Marley other night and and Colter mm-hmm. She's like I can guarantee it wasn't too white guys because they were known they would have had them all over the news. And unfortunately, that's fucking true. It's 100% true. And anybody who denies it, it doesn't matter if you're right or left. Do you know that's a fact? This is not a... And it's fucked up. We need to catch these shooters. We need to catch these bad actors. You need to give me the ultimate description of them. Yeah. You know what I mean? It looked like he was high. Yeah, you can't just say two men. No. Trying to keep a PC politically for sure. The fucking pictures. How quickly did they have the pictures? How quickly did they know? Probably within an hour. Yeah, it's a weird time, man. It's like people are [1:46:03] scared of reporting the truth because they're gonna be called racist. It's so strange and it's transphobic if you're talking about the fact that these shooters are trans. Like how many of them in a row? How many of them in a row? I'm checking all the boxes for the left, they're the extreme left wing. Right? It's nuts. I'm a racist fucking Nazi. Just fucking laugh when you have this shit. I know it's nuts man. Anybody that opposes them in any way, shape or form is far right. But, but you think about it. It's actually, it's Nazi shit. What is the name? Gerbels or Goebles? Whenever you know, tell a lie a thousand times it becomes the truth. It's also, you should be vehemently opposed to this no matter what your political ideology is. You should be vehemently opposed to this no matter what your political ideology is. You should be vehemently opposed to gaslighting from anybody. That your side should win because they have the best argument. They shouldn't win because they're full of shit. That's dangerous. It's dangerous to everybody. And the fact that we're all just trying to sort this out in real time as a country and so many people are skeptical of the news now. [1:47:01] So you don't know where the fuck to turn for the truth. Well, they're skeptical of the news. A lot of people skeptical of the CIA and FBI, like institutions that have been there to protect us and serve us for years and our judges and prosecutors. We're like, everyone's being exposed. At least say what you are. That's why I don't care. You know, the people know who I am and where I stand because I know where other people stand around me. And it's the oldest cliche you know who your friends are. Yeah. I know who my friends and my family are. And the world that I have, I'm so blessed to have. And I don't need to try to play both sides of the fence to be in Hollywood's good graces. Yeah. As David Spades say, dude, you're like Hollywood's fucking kryptonite. But good for you, man. Good for you for being yourself. The world needs more people just being themselves. You're a good dude, man. I don't nail it every time. I've said things odd aligned. In a different day and age, I would probably [1:48:02] have apologized for, but in this day and age, no fucking way. You're good dude, man. You really are. You really are. You've always been a good dude. You're always cool to be around, and you're cool to everybody. You're always friendly to everybody. Like when I went to your house, I brought some friends. You're just cool to everybody, man. And it's like, that's what really matters in life. It doesn't, you know, this idea that you're supposed to be hated because you have a different political opinion than someone else, is so dumb, it's so dumb. Can we just look at who the people are? Can we look at who the people are and let's debate, which is the right idea in terms of what to do with the economy or what to do with the environment or what to do with all these things. That should be what we're all concerned about. Absolutely. Everything be so fucking these people are evil, and these people are the future, and this is the death of democracy. If you go that way and it's a, shut the fuck up, you people are freaking everybody out. Exactly. You people are freaking everybody out. And I don't think you're right. And you weren't right when he was in office, where it would happen? Where was the end of the world? The guy was in office for four years. [1:49:05] Where was the wars? Oh, we didn't start any new wars. You know, the whole thing is nuts, man. And during the Biden administration, the disastrous pull out of Afghanistan, you realize it all to believe that he wouldn't have done. He wouldn't have done it that way. He would have done, he would have asked those guys, he would ask those guys who'd ask the generals like how to do this absolutely and do it the right way Absolutely, you should get out yeah, they should get out of there But they're probably gonna have to maintain some force there otherwise the Taliban's gonna take over like they did Like fucking a month fucking duh and then you left all the tanks because it's too expensive to get them out of there He was I saw Trump down talking about that like how insane that was right the left behind all the military equipment It's billions of dollars. What why are we sending money to countries that hate us? How could you ever imagine a scenario where it makes sense to leave a hostile military group like the Taliban tanks? [1:50:02] What you and it's also it's almost like you know we're gonna have to go back and you'd like them to be a little War well armed this time. Yeah, so then we could have a real war war like a bigger war war like a war war with two armies So then with the war if we lose some people then you can really justify Spending much more money to buy like better shit to fuck those people up with their old shit our old shit. Well unfortunately some of that might come back to haunt us here and I hate to put that out in the universe but it's you know with this border being open we know there's bad actors here we know it's not if they would have you would have to do that if you could if you are I mean if if ISIS is real we know it is what what if they're doing their job they would sneak in They already have what why wouldn't you sneak in already here? They're already here okay, let's put on the tinfoil hats Why why are they allowing that border to be open like this? It's insanity I don't know to get votes for the Democratic Party. I have no idea. I can't answer that question It seems insane to me. We want great migrants to come here. [1:51:06] Yes, it's the foundation of our country. I know so many good ones that fucking work hard that we're working on my house to build it to do different things here and there. Sure. You know what I mean? We need workers like this. We just wanted to come through legally. I know it's something like a broken record. It should be a better vetting process that allows people to come in legally, but also you have to vet people. You can't just let terrorists through. If you really care about security, so this is my question, and this is where I get when I get really conspiratorial, when the weed kicks in. When you get real conspiratorial, I start thinking about all these things that are happening, the decline of Californiaia the fucking tents in the street the fact that they know they can clean it up but they choose not to they cleaned it up when gg pain came to san francisco you saw that right so if you who would be why would anybody want it to continue in the same direction it's continuing because it seems to be deteriorating it doesn't seem to be [1:52:02] improving who other than someone who would want America to fail? Well, the other question is like, okay, Trump handled it to the best of his ability with the tools he had in his toolbox. Biden now has that same toolbox, and he keeps saying, well, Congress won't give me the money. They won't pass. And why the fuck is that going on too? Then they put three things in one bill. They put, you know, you, you know, they put you, you pray in the border wall. Border wall and Israel, aid to Israel. They put those three, why the fuck are these not separate bills to vote on you know, because I'll try to throw their fucking bullshit in there. That is, and that They both should cut that crap out. It's like we're gonna vote on the fucking border wall. Have it be the fucking border wall and that's it. Yeah. Don't fucking try to piggyback Ukraine and Israel into there. Those should be separate bills on their own. Well, not only that, how much are they required to know about the bills they're signing? Because some of those bills are enormous. [1:53:01] Attorneys that fuck this country up beyond belief some of those bills how can less you spent a long time going through them and if you're even educated enough right to die site for the lingo the wording the definitions yeah you don't think a lawyer can spend something around 100% that's why saying like I was gonna say in consult with people that are experts in whatever the fuck they're talking about They should be written two page bills two to five to ten page bills and layman's terms that anybody with a high school degree can fucking decipher Yeah, period why don't they make that a law so we can all read them and understand them the fact that they sandwich all kinds of shit inside Bills is just nuts. That should be illegal completely. You're sneak in stuffing there that allows for Relents and Trump pulled their pants down on that. Yeah, Trump did that and make no mistake There's plenty of fucking the Republican establishment to hate him too. He's fighting them as well Because he's like you guys are full of shit over here too [1:54:02] He's telling so many people out there and DC you're full of fucking shit. He goes I'm gonna run this like a fucking business and I'm gonna win. He likes to win. He loves to win so much that he fucking that I want him fighting for this country because he wants to fucking win. I want him on my team. Period. I like it. I like your passion for this. Kid Rock. This Mitch McConnell guy is the most amazing one. He like your passion for this. Kid Rock. This Mitch McConnell guy is the most amazing one. He wants to step down. He keeps freezing up. He froze up again. This guy's locked up like three times. I don't get it. He just locks up. If he was doing any other job, they would stop. They would stop him. They say you're gonna have to retire. You can't. You just lock up if I lost my voice or some ability to do it. He just locked up. We couldn't talk to you Forget about loosing what if you did it would you? Yeah? Still trying to like no you'd be like you know what I had a good run. Yeah, you'd have to stop [1:55:02] Just stop doing that whenever they get him in front of the podium, the dude just locks up. I just feel like sometimes we're having like the dumbest conversation because it's like we're repeating a lot of things and it's all to me boils down to Common Sense. You know what I wonder about Mitch McConnell too though? He's probably guilty of some serious shit. I wonder if like he's doing the Vincent the Chiengiganti thing. What's that? Vincent the Chen was this mob leader that pretended he was crazy. So he'd walk around with like a bathrobe and slippers and he'd shuffle around the street like a crazy person. And his don's would meet him or his- They all rope a dope. Exactly. So all of his bosses would, you know, all the guys under him would meet him and they would go walking. And so what the FBI did was they put these recording devices and all the hubcaps of all the cars on the street. They parked their own cars there. And so they recorded them as he was walking and then they knew he wasn't actually crazy because he's really running the mob. But he did it by pretending. So a master of deceit. If they're coming after Vince or what's his name? What the fuck's his name? [1:56:03] coming after Vince or what's his name? What the fuck's his name? Maconnel. Yeah, Maconnel. If he's pretending to be locking up, that'd be a good move. Like if you think the shit's coming down. You think he's that good of an actor? All I have to do is this. I could do that. I could fake lock up. You could do a straight face. Oh good. From a bunch of cameras. Stan, I'd lock up. If I knew I was gonna go to jail, it was... If I locked up like that, sat there like that for a minute, I would make sure I had like a huge fart on deck. Right. Just let it go. Just let it go. Oh no, oh no, you're like, ah! And then go, woof. You're never No imagine someone doing that as present hold up like Joey DS guy grabbing the mic Putting in this joy DS is done that on stage We grab some Mike and puts it in his ass and fart. You cramped up. Oh, no on your leg much water. Have I drag? Yeah, do you take electrolytes? Do it? I think the fucking hydrogen water really? [1:57:00] Yeah, I do all it's yeah somebody told me what? Rats lights on his cold tubs, fucking intermittent fast, fucking cardio, fucking Kaiser gym equipment, circuit train. Let's go. Somebody told me once that if you get a cramp in your leg, you should actually pinch down on your tongue. I mean, it's a pressure point. Oh shit, it comes back on. Yeah, I've tried it. I think it might work. I'm not sure though. It might just be in my head. You know, the worst is foot cramps. When you're full of locks, they say to eat potassium too. Eat it. They say potassium, I grab a banana or something like that. I very rarely get cramps because I drink a lot of electrolytes. I do too. I'm having a drink. Four or five cups of water. I didn't use to do it at all. I never drank them for years. In years, I just worked out and drank water. And then when I started drinking electrolytes, I was like, oh my God, it's such a game chain. I mean, it's a health question. How do you get, I have a meaning to hit Dana on this. How do you get protein, the best protein without the calories. Why you scared calories? Just cause I don't wanna bulk up, [1:58:06] I just wanna stay thin and, you know, I'm gonna core this. Well, I'm gonna core this. This is probably one of the best ways to stay thin. Because protein, I just don't eat it after I work out right away. I haven't been. We don't have to. Cause I don't need to one, then I stop at're not a fucking professional athlete. You don't have to eat right after you work out. It's the best way to get optimal performance is to, you know, get some glucose into your muscles. Most people think carbohydrates have to work out so really good. But if you're on a, like, a high protein diet, one of the things that happens, like if you're on a, like, a carnivore diet specifically, you don't crave as much food you don't eat as much I don't eat as much just from doing the Intermittent fasting I kind of do it on the weekends or when I go out to dinner periodically I do it so I can do that You know I ate a lot of raw vegetables the right fruit and then Last salmon chicken should be careful with some raw vegetables Yeah, you get a ton of raw vegetables you get oxalates [1:59:06] The thing about raw vegetable special, especially when you blend them up and smooth these and show them. No, no, I eat them raw. I get a little teziki. Little teziki if it wants to flavor. I mean, you're probably not eating enough that it's gonna be a real problem, but for people that get blended smoothies of raw vegetables, especially raw leafy greens. They say that like when you cook them, it actually is more bioavailable and it gets rid of the oxalates. You could get it out of the vegetable. But I know people that have drank a lot of smoothies, like green smoothies and developed like kidney stones and shit, it becomes a bit of an issue for some folks. I don't know why. It might be a genetic thing. I do smoothies, it's protein. Oh really? Yeah. I mean, it'll ask it's protein. I'm addicted to Jocco's proteins. Jocco's got this stuff called mok. It's fucking delicious. It's so good. I'm addicted to it. I just keep drinking them. Even when I don't need it, I drink it. But you don't need to worry about what's high calories. [2:00:05] Well, I like to have high calorie things or the things you shouldn't be anyway for trying to lose weight like pizza. Well, you got a factor in that, I like to drink my beer. Oh, that's a lot of calories. But that's usually only one or two nights a week, like depending if I'm working or not, but like weekends. That's usually one good night, but I can drink some fucking juice a beer. And I enjoy that and I'm not fucking stopping. Well then maintain. I do. I'm maintaining good. Yeah, but don't worry about calories for food. The food calories you need. I was just talking about after working out of 30s supposed to have protein. It should. It should. Should have carbohydrates and protein after you work out. I'll eat some fruit after I work out. I like to eat fruit before I work out too. That's like kind of the only time I ever eat fruit. I've been trying to eat the right fruit blueberries. Blueberries are great. Wash them though. I eat them though. Yep, wash them. That's the thing you gotta worry about foods. Like what the fuck is being sprayed on your food? How good of a job they do at cleaning it up before it got the grocery shop. Well, yeah, I'm sure like you, we got two freezers full of fucking elk and and venison, we got chickens for our fresh eggs. [2:01:08] Yeah, we're pretty good about that stuff. And very fortunate to able to afford it. Yes, because we joke even if, you know, we shop at Whole Foods like we'd nickname it whole paycheck. Yeah, it's brutal. And it's also like, I've had people on like the guy from White Oaks Pastures who explained that whole grass fed thing and then also that it's a US product, even if the cows are grown in another country. Did you know that? No. They ship, they can grow cattle in another country, kill it in another country, ship it to America and then if they cut it up and put it on the shelf, then it's a product of the USA. Makes no sense. But it's wild, so they're labeling it like a product of the USA, when it's USA, rather, when it's a cow from another country. Let's all know the conundrum of trying [2:02:00] to just fucking see through the bullshit on food labels. You know how much research you have to do and then you fucking start googling this shit You don't know what the fuck to believe there. Hey the worst thing you do is like, you know, I have a headache You start googling like web MD headache and it's like you're dying Fuck you know it freaks y'all out. Yeah Fuck Let me tell you about these fucking shows we're doing tell me about these shows kid rock Fuck. Let me tell you about these fucking shows we're doing. Tell me about these shows kid rock. So fucking next excited about this shit doing. I get huge schedule this year, nine shows. I'm just kind of like my number like 9 or 10. But this year the big one is called Rock the Country. And it's a two day festival with me, one night Jason Aldeen one night and Cast the characters from Miranda Lambert to Hank Jr. Skinner Bradley Gilbert Travis Tritt on down And so we're doing these very small towns like O'Cala, Florida and Mobile, Alabama and God's Alice, [2:03:00] Louisiana Just in these fucking fields and this is like so I own part of this festival and it's this place for fucking people love music love freedom and love fucking America which I'm not sure that they have one of these anywhere it's like a two day festival for the people rock the country it's like everyone's welcome but you're probably not gonna see a whole lot of blue hair and nose rings there. Right. I'm super excited about that. You're essentially doing like, what do you do? Ocala Florida, there's 26,000 tickets sold already. Ocala fucking Florida. That's incredible. And we're going to these towns, you know, and we got our V stuff and you can camp on your car and stuff like that and VIP experiences and all that shit. But it really, you know, when they approached me about this and you know, having a piece of it and perpetuity, you know, it's made me do shit like this go out and like it excites me to go out and do things now rather than just go tour and make money, okay? [2:04:01] I've been blessed to be able to do that. That doesn't excite me, you know? It always excites me to play, but to do something like this a little outside of the box and create the space because making a mistake, all the shenanigans and experiences we're gonna have here, the people are gonna fucking make it. The people, because they're, you know, they're coming red white and blue. They're coming with their bag of shit. Is that any other? Like it's gonna be a fucking shit show, the greatest shit show on earth. So I'm looking forward to that and then we're doing this, we're doing Kid Rocks Rocking rodeo at AT&T Stadium in Dallas. Yeah. The night before the PBR World Finals bull riding. I've really in the last several years gotten into, started with rodeos and bull riding. We've played a lot of those through the years Calgary stampede and shy in front here days and You know of course the Houston rodeo and I wanted to take rodeo to the next level So we've created six teams so it's team competition rodeo So like you know the ropers are gonna be going head-to-head rather than just timing them And then I'm gonna open the show rather than have you know usually it's the rodeo and then you play music. Right now the way I'm trying to format it is I open with a big number, like kind of [2:05:08] an award show type thing. I'm really gonna put some fucking time and effort into it. And then you know, we'll do the rodeo, have some music for entertainment in between. I've been, I've been gunning like that, but I think we found two midgets that are going to ride mini bulls. Fucking mic drop. You can still do that today. Fucking mic drop. And of course we're doing Kid Rock's comedy jam. I think it's third year, third or fourth year. Who's on that? I don't know yet. Brian from Xanies. You know, you say, I put, by no Chris Porter, he'll be there, well friend. You know, if we'd gillisted it, you know, the first year, Donnell Rollins. We've had some great people, Eleanor, Carrigan. You know, I'm a fucking comedy, groupie. If I didn't have shit to do tomorrow, I'd be up at your show hanging out in the green room [2:06:06] and giving comedians hand jobs. Like, fucking, I pretty much live in Zane. He's a Nashville, you know? That's awesome. So we do that for charity. Everything's 100% for charity. Is that where you met Theo? No, I met Theo a little bit before that, but he popped up the first star and did 15, 20 minutes. Yeah, he was a little... We have a little musical guest play. I did it one year and you know, other people and uh... It's something really fun just because I fucking love comedy. It's called the American Bad-S comedy jam. It's during comedy week and Nashville. How many of those have you done? I think this is the third or fourth. Nice. We've been able to raise some real money for people. I got buddies of throwing 10 grand here just because they got it and shit like that. So we've raised, you know, you should have average just at the rhyme of the year, old few thousand people. So we've raised 80 to 100 grand every year. Last year we donated the money to the victims of the Covenant School shooting in Nashville and then the guys that lost their lives on those choppers that went down outside of Fort Campbell. So we try to pick a couple specific things each year to help people out. That's awesome. [2:07:06] Fucking great. That's beautiful, man. That's a really cool thing to do at your time. I'm glad that you're like, you know, that excites you now. Yeah. Doing something interesting. Mm-hmm. Yeah. Something where you got to stake in the game, yeah. You know, where you really, He go out and you fucking work and you promote it and you tell people what it's about and you're excited about it You know like these rock the countries and it's a fucking gamble man when you're fucking with mother nature You're doing an outdoor fucking festival especially in Florida in the middle of fucking nowhere, and you know We're trying to one of the smart things I've pat myself on the bag when things came up with was before we announced these and did them We got we invited everyone from these small towns or states, whether it was their mayors, had a city council sheriff, state senators, we had some of each show up from each state and had them all up to my house in Nashville. And we broke bread and we just talked about how can we put our heads together and make this a great experience for fans. [2:08:00] Because you know, that's the biggest thing when you're doing these festivals, you have to make sure of, we have enough bathrooms, enough water, enough things for people to do, like create photo ops to sat in the other. The music's gonna be what it is. You know, we're gonna give our all there, like we always do, but, you know, to be involved in that level, you know, to be able to throw my we used to do this thing called the Fish Fry. Johnston-itre got him to host it. I got a new, I have a very nice generally with 440 in it. I got a new hood for it, like an old hood that we painted because I know the hood's gonna get fucked up, right? So I've got this all planned out because I'm so fucking smart. Well, the first fucking lady goes to fucking it was like some money and you know judges The first fucking lady she's got a big old girl. She got beer in her hand. She goes she fucking trips Bam head her right in the front quarter panel. Oh my god. They fucked that car up I think I had four grand worth of damage to it. Oh my god. How's that lady? She okay? [2:09:01] She fucking bounced off. She still had her beer in her hand. Oh my god But but that's fun trying different shit like that. You know, great fun shit. So I get to have my input on these festivals and really give my two cents and try to do cool shit and things. Just up and make it this fucking patriotic, fucking freedom, love and music festival, which I just saw need for it. Well, there's a lot of people that didn't feel like anybody was talking to them. Half the country. Why do you think yellow stones, so big duck dinos? Exactly. All that shit. Yeah. There's a lot of people that just don't feel like they're being represented in the media because they're not. Or this, it's like fucking, do you experience this? I'm like, I get into a fucking program a series on something. Like I said, I'm gonna fuck if you're gay. Speak gay. If you're Jewish, speak Jewish. Hey everybody, it's gonna be fucking black. We don't gotta like clap louder for you. Alright, just fucking but it's like become this fucking Hollywood bullshit where I'm into some fucking program. Alright, second episode. Here comes two guys kissing or the trans person that's just for no fucking reason, not for the narrative. [2:10:05] If it fits the story, I fucking get it. They just got a factor in it and I'm like, fuck, go fuck off. Like, fuck off. Like fucking, it's just, do you notice this on Saturday Night Live? This is a perfect example. And I, I teabot every week and you know, I just love Saturday night, but I'm like, I fuck now. It's become unfunny. There's bands and they're never fucking heard of it suck. And it's gotten, it has its moments where it's great and this, that, and the other and you probably know the ones I'm talking about, but nonetheless, I watch it. And I've noticed this. It's like so when they're doing the opening monologue, you know, one of the cast members will be in the crowd or whatever never one will give him some applause Watch this every fucking time when the Asian gay dude comes on people like I'm like what the fuck is that why Like why why are we screaming louder? He's not the best person on the show [2:11:00] Clearly, you know Mikey days fucking great, you know, there's other people out there that are fucking equally great I'm like why why are people doing this like you know just clapping louder That's like we're all just fucking humans, man. Be who you want they want to show their inclusive That's what I mean It's it just shows me this fucking millennial generation that like a good chunk of them are just complete fucking pluses It's very performative, you know, virtue signaling, it's like something that everybody does now. It's like something that you feel obliged to do. It's like you're so brave. Yeah. It's like saying, hey. You're so brave. God bless you, soldier. It's guy legs dick. It's not that big of a deal. It's not that big. It shouldn't be that big of a deal. No one cares. No. We should clap on who's the funniest and the best one on the show. Yeah. Now what the f... Now you got me going on a rant, so I haven't even had a drink. I like a good rant. You want a drink? No. Okay. I'll take a beer. Let's get some beers in here. Get some bud lights in here. Speaking of that Shane's hosting, [2:12:06] I said no this weekend. Yeah. I know I had that confused. I thought it was not the last weekend the weekend before and I'm like nothing T-Vo, and I want to see Shane. Are they showing him workshopping? It's a promo they put out for just a bit ago. Yeah, I of sweatpants. I fucking love Shane, man. He's the best. He's a fan. He's a fan. He's a fan. He's a fan. He's a fan. He's a fan. He's a fan. He's a fan. He's a fan. He's a fan. He's a fan. He's We've been in the same circle for 20 years plus easy like yeah when you were hosting the shows that I would perform at Shit like that. You know, we've always been friendly just to see you fucking Work your ass off all those years Through all the TV stuff and have this going and make fucking hundreds of millions of dollars fucking god bless you I'd rather appreciate it man, but the best shows when your own shows when you're like can you imagine if all of our [2:13:07] Founding fathers came back to earth and like looked around in a present day and they're like, well, you guys haven't written any new shit. Fucking great. Thank you. They wrote some new shit, some bills. Right, it's got a point. But the way that our government is structured, they were fucking genius, huh? To figure out that there's gotta be some checks and balances in place to keep tyranny at bay. They just didn't know that it was gonna be subverted the way it's been. They could, how could they possibly know that they were smarter back then? Because they had to be. They forced to be. They knew the nature of man too. The nature of man is almost always to here we go We got where we really drink a bud light Let's go watch how much shit I get for this Why do you get a bud light here by the way chain oh Shane goes he's on the podcast Oh did I tell you these fucking smart asses, you know my buddies now Dan has her bush For my birth for my birthday. They sent me a fucking hundred cases of Bud Light. [2:14:05] That's beautiful. It's fucking hilarious. Truck rolled up to the fucking house. I'm like, who the, what's, cause my friends have been bringing it over shoving it in my golf bag. Like since I did the machine gun, fucking, what caught machine gun gate, they've been fucking with me and everything I go to, like someone's fucking Bud like this Bud like that. And finally, it came to a point where I'm like, you know, where I did my research, and like I told you, I don't give a fuck. Like, a lot of people worked. You know what the worst part about it was? As people were like, people losing their jobs, the center was like, no, people's fucking livelihoods. I knew people who drove truck for, you know, big bud-like trucks And the fucking livelihoods were crushed because now people are fucking with them one of the heads of fucking a B.C. He went to my bar Kid Rocks, you know big ass honky talking Nashville He's like, dude, I walk through there with a Bud Light shirt. He's like three people told me to go fuck myself I was like Yeah, I was reading about this one Bar owner who had a stop carrying Bud Light because when people would buy it other people would get aggressive with them [2:15:06] Yeah, and that's dumb as fuck it is that's a you dumb as fuck And by the way, I'm not into fucking boycotts and cancel culture like sent in someone a message Okay, or when they're Targeting our children shit like that Like it is a fine line there, but else me, I'm not fucking into cancel culture. Fucking that shit. I mean, I'm fucking railed against it, since Dave fucking won. And I'm like, we sound a message. We don't even fucking cancel them, all right? If they go down this path again and they start this, like, I think they figured out who the, if you're in business and you have a clear market, you might to focus on that market. Yeah, and don't disparage them openly, publicly, like they did. Yeah, I don't think if there's, you're like, what would be like, what's a target audience for gay people to product? Loop. Loop. That's universal. That's universal. [2:16:01] But you know, it's something like that, this is for gay people, you know, primarily, then you probably don't want to advertise in the outdoor channel. Right. You say it. It's nothing to say it's bad or wrong or fucking right. Right. It's just fucking common sense. That's an actually good comparison. I'd be like advertising musicals on the outdoor channel. Hey, but like send me a fucking check. They sent you how much beer? Two pallets, 100 cases. How much is that worth? I don't know. Probably a lot of money. Well, it depends. How much did they spend on? How much did they spend on? I'm broad way in Nashville, including our bar. We're guilty of it. Everyone does it. I'm not a fan of it. Beers are fucking like seven to $10. Why? Nobody bats an eye. Wow. But I, when we went into the agreement with my partner with the bar, I was like, I don't want shit to do. With operations at any level, with dealing with bands, booking, I'll throw in my two cents. I'll keep up on things, but I hang fucking pictures. [2:17:03] That's what I do. I come down and I'll get on stage drunk once while I sing a number too. But fuck a lot of money. It depends where you're selling them. So I've been giving them to my friends. But if you're just, you want to see fucking confused people, we get done playing pickle bars or something. But we get them like, hey you guys take a couple cases of Bud Light if you want. And they're like, and they take them in this room and they're fucking stacked and they're like, what the fuck, dude? And I'm like, it's a long fucking story, man. But if you gotta think the retail on those, let's just say retail. The retail on those, the case of beer is 15 bucks. Okay, and how many cases? 15 grand? How many cases was it? 100. I don't know. Sometimes 30, 30 grand, ish, 15 to 20, 30 grand, depends. Yeah. This spent a lot of money. Fuck. To send you a bunch of beer. It was funny when I met with them and we were talking they were like, you know, if you're messaging, you know, we'd like to work out a deal. I'm like, what? I'm like, guys, I'm not here fucking do a deal. I'm like, if you're messaging, it's kind of like, you know, they were kind of about, you know, like, I was telling them how I felt about everything. Right. First [2:18:08] was telling me, you know, like, hey, here's how you fucked up and here's how people like me think, you know, and I kind of gave it to them. I gave it to them. You have seen that night. And I was just speaking openly. I go, but now, after I've done some research and especially after I talked to them, but not only them. You know, they're the heads of this company. They got vested interests. Talking to a lot of people, including Dana, including Trump, including people that own distributors ships, people that drive for them, that's that in the other bars, what not. I was like, that's fucking enough. I'm like, I go, but I don't, I go out, I'm not here to do a fucking deal. I go no more. It's gonna look fucking terrible if I come out and I'm like Oh, I got a bunch of money from Bud Light for she and up cases. I don't feel right fucking no You shouldn't I'm glad you don't I think and like I said, there's no amount of money in the faceless fucking earth Like I threw out a couple ideas and they're fucking terrifying [2:19:09] I can't wait to tell you one day. I don't want to let them out of the other box now, because they're fucking genius. Tell me afterwards. I will tell you after. And fucking, and I was just like, I'm not, I've made my friends a bunch of money. Gillis, Dana, Peyton. Yeah, that's true. I still haven't gotten, thank you, cards from those fuckers yet. Well, we made Shane the Bud Light Spokesman on Protect Our Parks. We just kept talking it up the entire time. Like dude, you can bring them back. You can bring them back. Because he'll down 16 of them in a podcast. Like you'd never seen anything like it. If I didn't have shit to do tomorrow, I was getting after it, we'd be around there now. But Shane, like he doesn't even slur. It's weird. He just absorbs it. Me too. Yeah. That's why I try to stick to beer. I like a little whiskey, but I try not to drink it in public. Whiskey'll take you there quick. Beer's like a nice little beer. You want to tell us fucked up videos of me on stage at the Hawkeye talk? Whiskey? Oh yeah. Blackout fucking drunk. [2:20:02] I think what happened was probably it sucks that they lost so much money and it sucks that people lost their livelihoods. What it did do that's positive though is it sent a message like, say to every other company, it's a lot of companies that sent them out. Say the fuck out of that shit because most people don't agree with it. And by the way, stay on fucking brand if you're a company for your employees and I would go in that order for your fucking employees first. Your shareholders and I know you guys at the top got stock opposite your ship, but for your fucking employees, you're in fucking business to sell a fucking product. You know who your market is. Fucking stick to them. You don't gotta be fucking out here like fucking going after everybody. I don't know who their board members are, but people have told me that it looks like there's a few woke people out there, but I'm like, so fucking what? I'm like, stick to your fucking market. Yeah, stick to your market. Go where you're celebrated is the best thing I've ever heard in life. Go where you're celebrated, not tolerated. Yeah, that's a good advice. I think it's just one of these things where these people get out of universities and they're indoctrinated into this way of thinking and they start working for a corporation, [2:21:08] they want to change it. I told that to Brendan, the CEO, I said, what did you think was going to happen when you move half the corporate offices from St. Louis, Missouri to New York City. And then you start hiring these Ivy League liberals to do your marketing. What do you think is's gonna happen? That's like, you know, lining up a powder keg and lighten a wig and being like, I wonder if it explodes. Exactly. Yeah. I still think they should go back to fucking St. Louis too. They probably should. They probably should, well, they're probably reevaluating everything. Obviously, they are reevaluating everything after that. How do you not? So they lost 27 billion dollars. They are. And that was one of my things too. I'm like, you know what, it appears to people like me because although we're friends and I love you guys and we'll see what the future holds, I have no fucking idea. But I'm not looking for a corporate deal on any fucking level because that's how you set yourself up to get canceled. And nobody can fucking cancel me at any level. And I'm fucking, I like that very much. But I was like, you need to fucking go back to fucking, you look like you're just, it's like this. [2:22:11] You cheat on your girl or vice versa or something like that. By throwing money at it and buying her some shit and this and other doesn't sweep it out of the rug, it don't fucking go away until you go, yeah, I fucked up. And they just refuse to go like, and I said, you don't have to go out and say, I'm fucking sorry, we fucked up. I go, I'll say it. Here's some fucking ideas for that. I go, there's one idea. I was like, so the commercial cuts and it's like me out fucking working my ass off. I'm just sweating, fucking no shirt on the satin' the other one. And's like, Hey, man, cool off and they hand me a bud light. And people are like, what the fuck? And I drink the bud light and then they pan out and I'm shoveling fucking piles of money into the back of my truck. Like a kid rock sold out. That was shit. That's funny. But at least we poke fun of themselves. [2:23:02] Yeah, we kind of get it and people go like, all right. That But at least with poke fun of themselves, it would kind of get it and people would go like, all right, that's the way they should go. They should go with a poke fun of themselves. I had some ideas too, I'll tell you later. I had one that I pitched a shame. I think there's a way to do it. But it's also, for other companies, just realize a lot of people think all this stuff is nonsense. And a lot of people think that a lot of these influencers that you're latching yourself to because you think they're popular. They're popular because a lot of people are, they think that they're attention-hors and they're mentally ill. And so they pay attention to them. Doesn't mean they respect them as human beings. And you want to have them as your spokespeople and you want to disparage all the other people that have been your loyal supporters forever. You're making a decision. It's a bad tactical decision. It doesn't make any sense logically. You're not speaking to your giant portion of your market. You're actually in opposition to them. It's fucking dumb. Yes, but I want them to give me a reason to drink it again. I want them to double down on stupid humor. [2:24:02] So funny, I wanted to just like like a specialized can. You know what I mean? Like fucking, they made these kick ass Budwizer cans back at all red, white and fucking blue shit like that. Just do something fun. That would work. You know what they should imagine they turned Budwizer into a red, white and blue can. I don't want to tell you this one idea. So fucking tell me later. So fucking funny on a minute. They shit themselves when I told them. They literally cracked up laughing. They were on the floor laughing and then they were like, we didn't sleep for two fucking weeks. Cause wondering whether they should go for it. Oh no, there's no way they're going for it. No, fuck no. That's hilarious. It's not my favorite things. I've had a lot of great fucking corporate deals like fucking it's incredible with Chevy and Harley Davidson and Jim Beam. So many other ones, but and they've all been pretty good for the most part, but you know, like dealing with Chevy, like the people I dealt with were great, but trying to get stuff done in those situations, like even when [2:25:00] it's talking to them at the design center about the shape of the suburban in the back. I'm like, you get fucking groceries. Like they slide out. It's just a bad design. Or a lot of people use these cars as chauffeur cars. They're an escalator. Why can't the seats move back? So if you don't have any luggage, you get more legroom for those being transported around. We're in the design center and they're like to change the mirrors on that car we'll take three years, which is why I fucking love Elon Musk. I'm not a fucking, not only for everything he stands for in the city says, and I know he's probably not a Trump fan and I'm fucking love Trump. In case we're not clear here today, Joe, I fucking love Trump. But I really got that part. Elon's fucking awesome, man. I wonder who Elon is supporting. What did he fucking tweet last week of some so- Oh, he tweeted, do you see the Disney tweet? No. Pull that up. Elon Musk, oh, this is fucking great. He took the Disney logo, flipped Mickey Mouse upside down so it looks like two balls of a dick and he wrote these nuts in the Disney lettering. [2:26:01] No. Fucking winner. Really? That's wild we think it's cyber truck I love it so I kind of like it too and I'm not electric dude I was I was gonna tweet this out to Elon like I don't know we have mutual friends but I was gonna say like hey I'll make you a deal send me a fucking cyber truck I'll fucking drive it for a few weeks and I'll give my honest fucking opinion on it like no fucking money no nothing if I like it you honest fucking opinion on it. Like no fucking money, no nothing. If I like it, you just let me buy it. I don't even want it for fucking free. I go, but you're gonna take the chance. It's a 55, you're that fucking confident in it. Like people know me that I don't fucking bullshit. And I don't need a free fucking truck. It's probably give it to me if I do that but I don't fucking need it. So I'm happy, be like, he sent me a fucking truck so I basically jumped the line. Right? You know that's gonna be it. Yeah, you'll do a review. I drive the fucking rock review. Fuck yeah, I like it. You love it. If you guys were calling him out now, right? Yeah, we are. Have you driven? Dude, that is hilarious. I'm right there, I wanna hang out with that dude. He's a maniac. He's a fucking maniac. I'm great. [2:27:08] Have you driven an electric car before? I drove a Rivion for the first time. Oh, those are great. But I only drove it like down the street, buddy might showed up with one, and a friend of a friend, drove it down the street, it was the SUV, and then drove out my driver, and said, it was fucking wild. Yeah, and I've been interested in those two because those are that's a Detroit company Yeah, the Rivians are supposed to be great um, the plaid I have the the plaid The s plaid what's that it's the four-door car that goes zero to 60 in 1.9 seconds do they make it in a men's color? Yes, white white or black. I think you get red too. But the fuck are things it's something from the future. You can't imagine a car that's that fast and completely silent. That blew my mind too. But you're like me, you're not driving up to fucking Alabama in your cars. If you have to drive long distances and those [2:28:03] things it's paying the debt. Right. Because you got to pull over and stop and wait for 20 minutes and charge it up and it might only place I drive myself these days to the airport or to the dentist That's it Well, if you just want to drive around town electric cars are the shit and that thing I think it does zero to 60 under three seconds And it's 7,000 pounds and bulletproof and a stainless steel I'm a stainless steel I ca wrapped up motherfucker and go wrap that motherfucker and go or camo It looks like something from the future looks like some blade runner shit Like I'm not into I'm not into modern inside in front of it in real life. Oh, it's so sick It's all those things about it getting fucked up and snow and shit, if you see that shit. That tires. That's all that is. You ever driven an AMG G wagon and snow? They're fucking terrible because they have street tires. They have wide street tires. Oh, they make it handle. One foreign car. What do you got? Rolls Royce. Well, we both had a hand. Only because. The The loss of Raptors. Right, that's right. God, but that's my daily driver still. Yeah, I drive his TRX. [2:29:06] I know I've been back and forth. And it sees the man. I want a preface because people think I'm a fucking, like I'm really into Rolls Royces. I bought this car because I've had this Waffle House license plate like, you know, holder forever. And I got this car guy and he's like, I got a hundredth anniversary rolls with Goldflag and I'm like, We're gonna get that fucker and put that Waffle House plate on it. And then I got let's go Brandon badges on the side of it. Oh That's hilarious. We have more fun in that fucking thing going to Waffle House or like whatever shit we're doing. That's hilarious That's the only rolls roaster in the country with a Waffle House license plate on it. Let's go brand in there. It is. Oh my god. Fuck is all this shit on the internet. Yeah. You didn't know that was on the news. Of course it's on the news. Stop nerd. No, I'm glad you don't pay attention to all the shit that people write about you, you'd go crazy, right? Oh, you know what only time I read comments? [2:30:05] This one's like a news article, and I'll go, I'll see like some fucked up article, and I'll think, like family feud. I'll think like this is what everyone's saying down below, and I'll scroll through them, and I'm usually pretty fucking close. Like I could read something up there and probably start scrolling. I could tell you what to say in some fucked up article, like the majority. Like I fucking pat myself on the back and be a pretty in tune with common folk, even though I couldn't tell you what a gallon of milk costs. But just my friends, places I have houses where I spend my time, what I do, I kind of, people think I have some fucking nut ball right wing, fucking weird, I'm pretty fucking level headed overall. And I know you know this more, more of the most people, but you know, when people get real suspicious, when things get real weird, is when you got people that put up things and you can't comment. That's weird. I did one, like Bill Gates puts up a lot of stuff [2:31:02] on Instagram and you can't comment. Well, my father passed away last week. God bless him. And so I put up a nice post and then Trump actually posted about him, which was fucking mind blowing it, I don't believe. But what a great friend right there if I could speak to him about a human being. And I could tell you what a great father grandfather is all day long. But it was actually my fiancee's suggestion. I see fiancee two, we've been together 17 years. So, I was seriously suggesting like, hey, if you're gonna do this nice post for your dad, turn off the comments, make it about him, not about you and you know, everyone's saying, I feel bad for you and this, that, and the other. And I thought that was the right thing to do. That's the only time I've turned the comments off. Yeah, that's not a bad advice. I thought that made sense. Yeah. I thought she was hit that one, you know. Yeah, that's not a bad piece of advice. Especially in that particular post. Right. It makes a lot of sense. But that's one of the things that people are having to navigate through now. Someone posts something. People get to comment on it. [2:32:01] Everybody gets to comment on it. It's interesting. See, I get all that from my fiancee Audrey. My life's turned into a fucking meme. As yours? Like, me and my friends, we don't fucking talk. They just send me fucked up memes and I send them back. Like, fucked up shit on the internet. Yeah. And it's half the time it's some comment that some wise and heimer made that's fucking hysterical, it's just fucking makes you day. But I'm not gonna spend my time sifting through them, no. Well, there's so many out there, and so many people find them. So many people aggregate them. There's like thousands of meme pages. I follow a shit ton of them. I find, they say funny shit, I follow them. It is. One of the things that's really interesting politically today is that the left are terrible at meaning. They're fucking terrible at it. Who would have ever thought that the funniest shit would be essentially right wing? Like the, the, the, the, it's not the conservative change immensely. They're the rebels now. Right. I'm the fucking rebel. Yeah. Everybody fucking [2:33:04] high with my business is fucking, you know, they're the conformists. Right. I'm the fucking rebel. Yeah everybody fucking high with my business is fucking you know They're the conformists, but right. I'm the one like fuck that yeah, that's that's the punk rockers and the rebels or Republican now you know who said that Johnny rotten Johnny rotten. Yes, fucking sex piss We'll set a very famous quote about that. Well, he's fucking see if you can find his right wing He's a truck dude wild He's fucking, he's right wing. He's a truck dude. Wild. Well, it's like, even Mike Tyson said this. He goes, when I was younger, I was very, very liberal. But as I get older, I just have more common sense. And I see how my kids are going into this world. I'm like, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. He goes, I become more conservative. That seems to be pretty common. It's the oldest expression ever. But show me a young man who's not liberal, show you man with no heart, show me an old man who's not conservative, I'll show you an old man with no brain. Very true. But that, and it used to be more so back in the day, like, big conservative was your fucking dork. When you're a kid. Yeah. That's change. I mean, you got fuckers like me on here, fuck this, fuck that, blah, blah, blah. We also realize like there's certain aspects that being conservative promotes that are very beneficial. [2:34:09] One of them accountability and discipline. Those things alone, those things alone, but you're thought of as a conservative and I'm not conservative, but you're thought of as a conservative view exercise, which is just hilarious. If you're telling me that you're not on my side because I'm fit and because I work out all the time, then good, I wanna know that. I wanna know that you don't like strong people. I wanna know that you don't like people with willpower. I wanna know that you don't like people who have discipline, who get things done. Because you're not on my side then. Because I know the way to navigate this life in a positive happy way and it's not by being lazy and it's not by not promoting Beneficial things to your health that are difficult to do like getting in shape If you're not you've not actively if you're not saying that it's good to be fit and strong and be able to protect yourself if you're not saying that [2:35:02] I would like to double down on that for people who like what I do, and there's plenty of them. You know that they know I love them and they love me. Like, I've done it the last several years, really got my shit together. I'd say since I'm 40, I'm in the best shape and feel the best that I've ever felt since then. That's awesome. So it's pretty wild to send. But I would like to put it out. I've always wanted to figure out a way and this might be the right platform because I know you're into that lifestyle. It's to employ them like, hey man, listen to fucking what Dana White says. Listen to what Joe Rogan says. Listen, if you want advice from me, I'll give it to you. There's ways to do this now. And the information is all there at the fingertips to start tips to like start taking small steps, whether it's the intermittent fasting or whether it's cutting out processed foods, whether it's just everything in moderation, including moderation. There's so many little things of getting into the gym, self-discipline like that. A lot of my fans are in and around my age. It's fucking time. It's time to start doing that. It is. [2:36:00] It's never too late and you will improve. Just do it carefully and slowly in the beginning. That's the most important thing. Don't become a hero, first day in the gym and hurt yourself. Most of the time I'm doing this, should I come off like, oh, I do this fucking drink and smoke and say, oh, fuck that. That's not how you get to wear a mat. No. There's a whole lot more discipline involved. Work wise, health wise, fan wise 100% everything 100% I'm glad you said that people Most positive shit. I've said fucking 20 years. I'm bringing it out of you kid rock. Let's go It's important to talk about because it's important for people to hear that you know It doesn't mean you're not a good person doesn't mean not a kind person It's like I like being strong and if you want to tell me that there's something wrong with being strong than then you're weak. There's no way, no way you're making any sense. It's not important to be fit and healthy. Shut the fuck up. It's not important not to protect yourself. That's so dumb. It doesn't mean that you hurt people. It doesn't mean you want to hurt people. I don't want to hurt anybody. But if I'm in a situation, I would rather be the person who gets to decide who goes to the hospital. I don't want to be at the mercy of some crazy person. [2:37:08] It's peace of mind, too. It's like I have much more calm. We overdone electronic locks here on my bedroom and this, you know, gun here. Safe room all this shit. And it's not like I necessarily need it because you've been in my place to get to my place. If you come up there, you're fucking already a strike too. Right. It's sleep easier. Sleep easier. Also, you gotta know what's real in the world. The idea that there's no threats out there is so stupid. No, it doesn't mean you're looking for one all day long and seeing ones that aren't there, but recognize the reality of the world that we live in. The threats are real. That's fucked up. We went to the movies about five years ago, me and Audrey. We're just afternoon, like four o'clock. Let's go see some movie we want to see. Sitting in a fucking one time, I don't bring my gun, right? Just grab a seat, just 10 people in there. You know, theater's empty. It's fucking kid walks in, some fucking white kid. He's fucking backpacking, he's fucking hoody up. He goes and sits all the way in the back [2:38:06] and I'm sitting there and with her and I'm like, I don't have my gun. We both agreed, let's go. We fucking left. It's fucked up to have to even think that way. But that's where my mind was and I dare say. There's no metal detectors at the fucking movie theater. All right this fucking $20. We spent a movie popcorn I'm like I just for peace of mind. I'm like let's leave right probably was a nice kid I don't know if you don't think people judge you on your fucking appearance you're fucking crazy Yeah, especially if you have a hood over your head in the backpack Well anything I would look like a fucking nut when I was like I fucking flat top up to here Smoking doobies fuck is fucking flat top up to here and say I can smoke and do these fuckers. I got judged by it and rightfully fucking sold. Of course. Until you get to know somebody, what else do you have? And to judge them on how they appear. But also that's a new factor in the world. The mass shooter, it's a new factor. And here's the thing that new. [2:39:00] It's always fucking white people too. Black people kill each other and white people like fucking shoot up fucking schools and fucking bullshit and to send the other. Yeah, it mostly is white people. Stereotypes are fucking crazy. It is mostly white people. And lately mostly LBGT people. It's not even gay people. Fucking weirdos are like. And how many people do you think are doing that? Like I wanted to rebel against my dad, got a rest of soul. But I was fucking young, you know what I mean? Even though I was totally like into hip hop and everything, I still knew that it got his fucking goat. And we had our fucking differences and I was young, very understandable now that I'm a grandfather myself. But how many of these kids like, you know, got that dad, they think he's a racist, the satan he other. Maybe he's on some level of certain things as he tells inappropriate jokes or whatever this satan he other. You know, people are from different times. blah blah blah. That I know I'm gonna piss my dad off that motherfucker. I'm gonna wear a dress. Oh yeah. Remember guys when we were really good earrings? [2:40:02] Shit, totally straight dudes, you know, they're scary, I remember dudes getting pissed their dads out, my brother got my dad ripped it out of his fucking ear. That's no shit, welcome up out of bed, fucking. That's hilarious. Yeah, for sure. There's definitely people that rebel against their parents. There's also people that always look at the people that are older and looking at how fucked up the world is and think they've got better ideas. That's how communism starts. Starts from the universities. That's where it comes from. Unbelievable. It's Gorano's University. You go to college? You go to college? Yeah, I went to UMass Boston, but it really only went to so people didn't think I was a loser. Where's your fucking accent? I got rid of it. As soon as I started hearing my voice. I was like, ooh, I love Boston accent. That's the reason I love Bill Burr. He's funny as shit, but I love that fucking hey fucking guy. Yeah, he's the most Boston Boston guy I was actually born in New Jersey and I lived in San Francisco until I was 11 I lived in Florida from I was 11 to 13 then Boston from 13 to like 20. I know, I don't know. [2:41:05] San Francisco, Florida and Boston. Yeah. Yeah, I lived all over. You don't know if you're a gay redneck or just a fucking Irish fight in some of the bitch. Yeah, I lived everywhere. Then I lived in New York, till I was like 27 and lived in LA. Yeah, so I was all over the place. So I never really, I did have a Boston accent though. I did for a while. I've definitely blended in. I love that fucking accent. It's great accent for dudes. Rough on the ladies. Rough to hear, like a hot cool Boston. Are you going to fuck me a what? I'd take it over New York accent. All of a sudden my buddy from New York who got got the hardcore log island. She looked too funny too. I guess who's saying it, you know? A friend of mine, we're kids hooked up with this girl. Do we finish all that beer? Yeah, we can get more. It's not a ton left. So a friend, he'll, don't be like, I can call my boys, I'm gonna drop you off of it. [2:42:02] We've got some beers. Yeah, you have to drop off a palette. But anyway, he said that she said, like when they started making out, she's like, you're gonna tell your friends. So that became a thing that we always repeated. You're gonna tell your friends. Who made that neon? I collect a lot of old- Roadside relics, a company here in Austin, Texas. I don't know, Roadside relics, a box show from them. So what they did right there, because you can't get porcelain anymore. It's very tough to give, but what they did right there. You can't get porcelain, it's very tough. So what they did right there, because a collector of these is they painted behind the neon. So it makes that Joe Rogan pop. A lot of people can't see the top thing either. That's cool. But what I'm saying is they did a fucking great job on that. Well, they do all their stuff like like it's old. Right. But that's that's half the thing of old is painting behind the neon. A lot of these new ones don't do that. A lot of the hockey talks you see on that in Nashville down there. They don't have that. Oh, this is a gift from my friend, Brigham. [2:43:06] And so when he gave it to me, when I got it, I was like, oh, that should be like right behind me. Look at that. That's perfect. I trust my friend. That shit, you have no idea what that shit is worth. Go online and start looking up fucking real, fucking personal, school neons, and go to auction houses, I go to all these auction houses to buy them a shit. Oh yeah. Unfucking real. Well this guy does a wild, he does a bunch of wild shit online. He does amazing stuff. I know there's stuff. Cool artist. I know there's stuff. It's an interesting art form, right? Like old neon signs. There's a soul to those that they're exciting. There's a great place in Nashville. I get sometimes I'll find the old ones. And they're so ridiculously priced. I have one of my house. It was redneck paradise. It was a thing up in the... I can't remember what upstate in New York some vacation spot. And I wanted to buy it. It was fucking ridiculous. It must have been like fucking $35,000, $40,000 for something around that size. [2:44:02] Different dimensions. Wow. So I go to Bobby Jocelyn Jocelyn sign company, I'm like, hey, can you replicate this? With what I want to say, be up, six grand. Ah, you saved yourself some money. There's a thing about having the old ones though, right? Yeah, I got some cool ones. If you have something that's really old. I have Willie Nelson's Nashville Nightlife, It was on his thing. It's probably 26 feet long and probably five to six feet high What is it man? steel Because it was outdoors But painted on the whole thing fucking Wow I got some cool ones. It'll dixie gas ones that you know, you're not supposed to have because I have a confeder flag on them. From the old gas company back in the day. Oh, wow. There's some eerie races shit out there. Yeah. I antique and flea market a lot, especially. I rarely stay the night in a city and let's see what it was. Like racists? No, racists. [2:45:01] Oh, racists. Like not Racist oh racist like not neon's but just shut up. Racy like I'll collect some of the stuff just because they're never making it again Whether it's Native American blacks. You like I have these fucking signs that I found and Reno Nevada at some of Anti-shop and They are solid steel real deal. It's like it's like They'll say like swimming whites only whoa And these were actual signs that were up somewhere. And I don't know what to do with them. Cause I want to put them up somewhere and I'll ask my black friends, they're like, dude, don't put that up. I'm like, but it's a reminder of how fucked up shit was. Yeah, people don't want that reminder. You should put it in a drawer somewhere. Yeah, they're being show people, like, look, I I'm gonna show you something. This is how fucked up things used to be. And then you like preface it every time you introduce it to it. So you don't think it has like a little bit of a reminder of how fucked up things were? No, no, no, no. It does if you have it in a drawer. So if you have it in a drawer, so I should say you wanna see how fucked up things used to be. You know they used to have those signs. So I would advise no, but I think having it is not a bad thing. You should have it in a drawer [2:46:05] So if you have it in a drawer every time you show someone you get to represent what it is Instead of it just being a sign like kid rock is a sign. It's my black friends are fucking cool I'm sure they fuck with each other on that level all the time. I'm sure they are It's not them that I would ever worry about. I'm not put it up for other people. I'm putting up for my family, my friends. You're fucking Rolls Royce. They're the... I'm putting out my Rolls Royce. But they have it. Great idea. Photos. Where'd you get that idea, Joe Rogan? What? Why'd you told me about Rolls Royce? Oh my God. But having it as a relic of, you know, the Jim Crow days is, you know, Oh, it's so much fun. I know it's so my granddaughters. Show anybody, you know. It's historic. There's something, it's creepy, but it's like at the old studio, we used to have, where is that fucking helmet, that Nazi helmet? [2:47:00] We had a Nazi helmet that had a sword or like a bayonet. You only used it on Halloween. No, it had a light. It was a light. It was made by this same guy, Shane against the machine. This guy who made this chimpanzee skull, he made this like a lamp that was a Nazi helmet with a bayonet through it. Where the fuck is that, Jamie? I'm in a box. I don't know. We got to find it. Where the fuck is that, Jamie? Oh, in a box, I don't know. We gotta find it. It needs to be brought back. That's our thing. How dope is that? I love it. That's dope, right? Just because it's a real bayonet. So, no, it's hard work. It's provocative. It's fucked up. It looks cool, shit. And it's a holes in it like that one. It's pretty dope. This might even be redone, I think. That part's new. Oh, he me, he ramped it up. Let's get a new one from him. We'll reach out. Yeah, I'm into that shit. Dude, I love it. But it's like, that is a, Not because it's obvious, you know, you get it. [2:48:00] Obviously I get it, but I mean there's apparently there's an area in Europe where so many people died I'm not exactly sure what country is I know France has this enormous area That's a lot of Paris The France has enormous area the size of Paris that no one can go into do you know that? There's so many unexploded ordian ordinance and so much Chemical bombs and all the shit that they were drawn on them. Yeah find that one spot What does it call? There's an area that's literally the size of Paris that you can't go into And it's all from the war so apparently they found so many helmets That you you could go there and like find them in the ground in certain these places during World War 2 So they're not uncommon. They take them and they can turn them into art work I don't know why they haven't like debob to demine it like all that stuff I know right like going there and gather up all the all the swords and shit [2:49:01] Like how many people died there? They just left them there. I would like to do that trip to Normandy. Like yeah. I got some friends and parents like, I'm not, like, it's getting bad. Like, you know, here's a go. I was like, I never wanted to be a little bit more people bigger on the world. It's not that I don't appreciate the fans. It's like, I don't give gonna fuck about being big in Croatia or fucking wherever, you know? Right. You want to be able to go hang out. Played Europe and all that. So that was a raise in the kid too, it was a single father. So I split my time. You know what I mean? I was always home. Like, you know, Thursday, maybe to Sunday. It was always home. But it's getting so bad as like years ago, it's like, eh. I'm not gonna go. I'm not going to Europe. I said that years ago. I'm like, I'm fucking done. We have talked about doing a festival in Budapest. Like for all the European fans, some shit gets kicked around, but I'm like, no, really, I love a fan. I don't care. I'm like, I'm not going to fucking Canada. Love fucking Canada, but I'm not going. And now I'm to the point, I'm like, is there really a reason to go west of the Mississippi? [2:50:08] Hmm, like, fucking huge and Kentucky man. Ha ha ha ha ha ha, like big. But you don't have to. You do whatever the fuck you want, you kid rock. You can make those people come to you? I try not to let that get to my head actually. You don't have to, but you just decide, I don't like going there. Like I don't hate anybody in Canada. I just don't go there anymore. Dude, I went there with, here it is. I went there with Wayne Gretzky and got detained. I believe you. Why'd you get detained? Just for, it's like you know you had to do that rehabilitation rehabilitation thing because you got caught with weed when you're like 18 or whatever. Everyone in my band did. This is one of the reasons I stopped going there. They kept fucking me every time I go out of fly and private. Fucking the king of Canada. Fucking detained me for 45 fucking minutes. I'm like, fuck this place, man. And I know it's not the people's fault. I like it true, though. He's a fucking classic piece of shit. He's a piece of shit. When this happened? This is what Cheliosis Hall of Fame induction. [2:51:06] So whatever year that was. How many years ago? Seven, eight, and terrible with the year game. Yeah, they're rough on letting people in. So listen to this. In a year's fall. Maybe we ought to take a nod from them. Yeah, they've got... Well, they don't want people integrating into their culture though. They're happy for people to get their cultures integrated. Yeah, Vancouver. It is. It is. But what I'm saying is like they're having a problem with like Muslim people wanting to impart Sharia law in certain schools and some things. Don't tell me about it. I was born in Dearborn Michigan. Which is crazy, right? Fuck. One of the things that was hilarious was they elected this woman to be a Muslim who's a mayor of the city in Michigan. And everyone's like, yay, so inclusive. First thing she does, ban the Pride flag. Yeah, exactly. They're throwing gay people off buildings. [2:52:02] People are like free, gay people are like free Palestine. Have you ever seen that meme? Like, gays for Palestine, then Palestine for gays. Yeah, throw people off buildings. Jamie, can you pull that up so I could read it? I just gotta set up. Yeah. About the size of Paris. So in the years following the Great War, today around 100 kilometers square hundred square miles yeah roughly the size of paris is still strictly prohibited by law from public entry and agriculture use because of an impossible amount of human remains and unexploded chemical munitions yet to be recovered from the battlefields of both wars so there's an impossible amount of human remains out there dude i'm looking at the top and the website says messy nessie chick dot com it's a solid website totally trustworthy and reliable messy nessie chick dot com says well this is a lady that is whatever maybe it's a dude i don't know who wrote it [2:53:03] but who have this person worked that just reporting on something that is true. That this is, they pulled so much shit out of that area. I kinda wanna go there. You're like a metal detector. I bet you'd find some shit. 100%. We do some metal detector, but just imagine that expression and impossible amount of human remains. 460 square miles. Yeah. Paris, that fucking, that's cheap note. What is the total amount of square miles? Did you say, Jamie? It said it originally covered that much space, and then it now was down to the size of Paris. There's a, oh, so now it's down to the size of Paris. Oh, it's not fucking way Paris is full. So they slowly encroached in on the toxic area. 1,200 square kilometers, 460 square miles, now down to the size of Paris. Wow, a red one. Big 460 square fucking miles is. It's a lot. It's fucking huge. That's a giant piece of land. It's a state. Yeah. Bigger than some states. [2:54:00] So there's a state you can't go into. I wanna go. It's probably super scary. I mean, this place is in Vietnam where people would walk through the jungle and then boom, no leg, because you just stepped on a land mine that had been left there for 50 years. My uncle is in Vietnam. Not good. Yeah, good. That's one of the sketchiest wars. You wanna be a conspiracy theorist. Look into Vietnam. The Vietnam War is one of the most perplexing of all wars because today no one thinks we should have gone and yet they do the exact same thing today that they did back then. The way they just decide that people from this country need to be flying overseas to go shoot at people they don't know and it's all based on a lie and no one ever goes to jail for that lie. It's insane. And everything evolves, man. Everything evolves. You know, like computers back then were terrible. Now they're really good. You know, if they were really terrible at the way they were corruptly running the world [2:55:03] back then and made it real obvious they're better at it now Yeah, he just what's the end game? I don't know man like I'm fine. I can ride it out. I've been blessed. I'm like I'm about my grand my grandchildren like Fuck I know I go back and forth from being optimistic to really pessimistic I go back and forth like I'll start thinking you know what I'm pretty sure we're gonna pull ahead and figure this out And then I go yeah stupid that's because you live in Texas and you don't live in Gaza if you lived in Gaza You would be convinced in this the end of the world Right because it is the end of the world in one place and that spot. It's the end of the world But where you are it's not and you got to look at it that way and when I look at it that way I'm like oh wars we won we're fucking ones we're the most brutal mother fuckers on the planet Which I don't disagree with what Israel's doing. It's like they should just go in there and be like you know what we want our hostages back If we don't have back clock starts now and fucking 24 hours [2:56:03] We're gonna start bombing motheruckers and killing fucking civilians. 30, 40,000 of fucking time. So use civilians, better fucking pack up and get these fucking motherfuckers and you go against them. You fucking go against them. We're not playing fucking games with you. That's the only thing people understand. This is what happened in Nagasaki and Hiroshima. Boom! Swiped out. They're like, oh, yes, we don't have supreme leader anymore We did not know you had such big bomb. Yeah, but everybody has big bombs now The problem is you use a big bomb you set a precedent that they can use a big bomb. They don't have one Well, they don't but they're allies too. That's the real problem. I'm someone's gonna learn. Yeah You can't just nuclear bomb people Nuclear bomb you back no, I didn't say he's here. She meant Nagasaki. I thought you meant it like no No, I was saying just the brute force of strength used in those yeah But even even the conventional bombing campaign if you want to do that somewhere they can do that to your place [2:57:04] And this is what we have to do for- Fuck around and find out. Yeah. Until someone launches nukes. And then we have a- and we- our civilization is over. The world, as you know it, ceases to exist. There is no more electricity. Whatever tools you have or things you find and a small percentage of us are going to make it to breed and then Make new kids. I like how you said I got into the world I like it's very few people that are gonna live man. Well, it's like me and you could probably maybe yeah Yeah, I have chickens too I have elk in the freezer too, but you can go now you can go now look I've got a no but that freezer's not gonna stay on so I'm gonna lose most of my meat I have elk in the freezer too, but you can go to milk. I've got an elk, but that freezer's not going to stay on. So I'm going to lose most of my meat. Unless I turn it to jerky, you're going to have to do something to figure out how to fuck and get by because the world is going to be different. You're not going to have any electricity forever. For the rest of your life, there'll be no electricity. Just throw them paint at the ball wall, but what if we empower the people of Palestine [2:58:06] who could be good people? I don't know. Just what I'm like. The last I checked, most of these motherfuckers hate us, but I'm not saying all the people do. There's probably a lot that don't, just like in Iran, the population is, you know, because of the Iraq war, there's so many under 50 there. That's like the majority. The thing is these guys don't have access to other information outside of where they live. And then on top of that, I can e-line send the starlink. We'll send them some fucking guns. Fuck those go. The problem is most of them would be so opposed to Israel that they would want to use those guns to go attack Israel. Well, then we've now we have now we have do reason to fuck them all up. Yeah, but if you think about your kid and you don't know why there's a conflict between Palestine and Israel and you're living in Palestine and then they start bombing and then they kill your mom. Yeah, but you didn't do, but right, but you didn't do anything. Sounds like buttlin' right. And then you get guns. [2:59:01] You're gonna go wanna attack people. You're gonna wanna want to attack people. You're gonna want to avenge them. You're gonna want to join whatever group World War two end Well, why did World War two start checkmate? You got a dude who's fucking meth up You got a eight off Hitler meth up charismatic dude that wants to take over the world. That's how it started You know how did it end nuclear bombs? But it also ended through attrition. At the end of it, the devastation on both sides was so horrible. Terrible. But where was the end? What was the most important thing? You're a human knocker-sockie. No, but what was the alternative? Well, that's that case. The thing about whenever you're bombing cities, like you're killing. What if that was your house? What if that was your house? Let's call your house, Israel, and your neighbors are Palestine. Okay. Those motherfuckers, she got a family of four. They come over and fucking take out two of them in the fucking worst way. Are you really going to like worry about like what type of force you're using at your neighbors? [3:00:04] No, you definitely. Well, the wife didn't have anything to do with it. We got to make sure she's okay and get some aid. This said, there's like, no, I'm sorry, man. This is fucking war. It's terrible. It's the worst thing on earth. I'm a peaceful man. Right, but you're not supposed to pick civilian targets. That's actually a war. You can't find war like that when you're not supposed to hide in a million targets they are so that's where like the most in hospitals they get in the office. Yeah, they killed those and all we can do is go by the reporting like you know I get it but at some point you got to believe something right. No, I definitely do. They definitely seem to be doing that but also if you're a person who's born in Palestine you're fucked. You're under their control. It's not your fault. By birth you're fucked person who's born in Palestine, you're fucked, you're under their control. It's not your fault. My birth. You're fucked. Yeah, but those aren't our enemy. And the thing is like, what you were saying, get them, get them cell phones, get them the internet, get them armed. If you get them armed, they're not gonna really know how to use it. [3:01:00] They're gonna also, they're join those military groups and then they're also gonna be indoctrinated at a young age by those groups I would imagine especially now with all the bombing that's been happening You just came full circle to my point. I'm not opposed to what you're saying There's no alternative. I'm not saying that I'm opposed to what you're saying What I'm saying is that you know what you're saying is like could be taken as like a callous thing to like that it's just gonna have to be how it is that we have to kill women and children. I wish there was an alternative. Well, and I don't know everything on this by the time. I don't know everything on this either. But I do know. But I doubt they're sitting up in, you know, Congress going like, hey, we better listen real close to Kid Rock. He's got this figured out. It's just not willing to accept that the only way human beings can resolve things in 2024 is to bomb each other out of existence. Oh, I wish that fuck believe me. It's just the whole thing is so fucked. The whole reality sense it. The reality sense it. Israel thing is so fucked. If everybody in the world was willing to give up their fucking guns and weapons. [3:02:03] Okay. Never gonna fucking happen. Well, no one... Just fucking why we don't even bring it up. No one would agree to that just because you're always gonna need... You're gonna assume you're gonna need to hunt things. There's a couple of... You're saying that like you're gonna let the animals just go wild? Then bears and... And deer overpopulate everywhere. You're never gonna kill them. Did you see that? Did you see that? I'm not fucking sure. I'm just fucking about the antlers. It was fucking just fucking. Dude. Yeah, if you live near Moose, you better have a gun. Oh my God, they're fucking mean. They will stop you to death. Wow. Yeah, one of my hot Montana comes right up to the lodge. Pretty cool, but you don't want to go outside whether they're outside. They'll stop you to death seeing the videos Oh my god. I watch the snowballs at the moose Watch the snowboarder the other day just get stomped and it broke his leg Did you see the one where the chase them down the hill? Is that the one? No, the guy was like he just walked up to it and it just starts stomping them and stomped him down and he couldn't get back up. He's just getting rocked and no one wanted to jump in and help them. They were afraid, [3:03:09] you know, he's getting stomped death by his fucking moose. They're the most aggressive of all the deer species. They'll actually go after you. If they think you're threatening, they don't want to, but if they think you're encroaching it on the territory they're like almost stop this dude out they know how to fight I'm gonna suck this dick alright bud light these are the special Texas can Sun look at that we got long horns we got the star we we got both. I think else is getting you free-bud lights. I don't think we bought them. We bought them, right? Yeah. I could have taken them from my club. I appreciate kind of socks. Freesha's not as fun when you have money. There's nothing free about it. The thing is it comes with, yeah. [3:04:02] You become friends with that person or influence. Yeah. There's nothing free about it. Yeah. It could get weasley. I mean, unless you're like talking like free Tesla cyber truck, well, you're not even, you're just subjecting him to a review, right? I mean, it's not just free. You're gonna, you're just thinking maybe I can bully him into a free one. I don't think so, especially now that you said it. Oh yeah, damn. I'm just fucking. The thing's amazing though. I haven't driven it, but I have a friend who has one. He said he bought it just because he had like one of the earlier number out of the lot, like number nine or something. I only thing I could see bad about driving around a cyber truck. Tell your parents you're gay. I knew something like that was coming. I was just hoping it was gonna be. Nah, I fucking, I fucking hate modern shit and I fucking something about that truck. So would I? I like it. [3:05:01] It's a great truck. Like, have you driven one? Yeah. No, I haven't driven the Cybertruck, but I've driven electric cars. I've driven the ass. I've seen the Cybertruck in real life. He brought it here, and I've seen a bunch of them on the road. I think they look dope. He brought it here? Yeah, I brought it here. He parked it right back there. It's cool. I shot a gun at it. Cause I didn't want to have a ricochet and a fucking garage. Cause it will bounce off. It's worth it. Uh. I like it. Who'd have to have that, buddy? Tell me how to weigh the fucking. If I had ear plugs, you know, if I had the, my ear gear, my eye gear, maybe I would have shot it. But the point is it can survive a 45 slug. It But the point is it can survive a 45 slog. It's legit. It's like folded steel. It's thick as shit. I like it. It's pretty dope. I like the idea of it. Like I said, I'm not. And it's an American car. I like a little American. That's me shooting out. That's you? Yeah. [3:06:01] I shot at it and it didn't even scratch. What's with the polaro shirt? I shot at it and it didn't even scratch. It's a meme. There was a dude who went to a game who looked exactly like me. I mean, he looked exactly like me. And the meme was like Joe Roganepian Slick. And I saw that. And I saw that I was like, oh my God, that guy looks exactly like me. So I was him for Halloween. So me and Elon did a podcast together. Come on, bro, that looks exactly like me. How much does that guy look like me? Does it look like me if I've been eating spaghetti? Tell me that's just real fucking hair. I don't know if that's just real hair, but that's me. Tell me that, look at Zeyerbrows, that can't be written. No, they were all wearing blonde wigs for a reason. I looked it up at one point. Oh, okay. It has to be a wig. Yeah. So I got a similar wig. Ha ha ha. Ha ha ha. Ha ha ha. And this kids is why you just say no to weed. Well, you know, it's a fun thing to do. But the point is, I didn't go through the I mean I have an 80 pound bow You draw 80 yeah, what the fuck? [3:07:07] I have a 92 I have a 90 as well. You don't need a draw more than fucking 30. That's not true. Who told you that? Yeah, Ted has a very I'm not a bow hunter. My girl is Ted is a legend and I agree with him on almost everything except How far you shooting a fucking white tail fucking a hundred? hundred okay if you're shooting white tails when I'm shooting elk and also I am of the opinion that 80 pounds to me is not the same as 80 pounds as someone who's not strong true I can't I cancel fuck so when people say like oh you pull 80 pounds that's stupid I do 80 pounds hundreds of times a day I do it all the time it's not hard for me to pull 80 pounds that's stupid. I do 80 pounds hundreds of times a day. I do it all the time It's not hard for me to pull 80 pounds So when someone says you pull 80 pounds like yeah, I shot 200 arrows Like what's your point like if you have a hard time pulling 80 pounds Why are we pretending that we have the same body? Why are we pretending we have the same physical strength? [3:08:02] This is dumb so like if someone's saying like 70 pounds is all you need, okay, but why not go to 50? Why not go to 30? Why not go to 20? That's dumb. Because at a certain point in time, you're gonna lose speed and you're not gonna be able to penetrate correctly. You're gonna have less kinetic force on your arrow. Kind of goes with golf, like you're know hardy swing the farther the ball goes but you don't have to swing hard you need to hit it straight make good contact right but there's also a lot of people that believe that holding weight makes you more accurate and a heavier holding weight when you're locked in you're more accurate I know guys who feel more accurate with an 80 pound ball than they do with a 50 pound ball or a 40 pound ball but it's all right? That's all dependent upon your technique and how much you train in archery, but I just, I train when I get a noi. I can't even know what you're doing. I hang. Yeah, look, okay, good example. You don't shoot a 22. You shoot a 300 win mag. Why? Because you can. I'm not doing headshots. [3:09:02] That's true. 17 cow headshot. You're not doing headshots with a bow and arrow either. When you're shooting something with a, you should have it as lethal as possible. And so for me, I like a heavy arrow moving fast and really accurate. And the best way to do that is to have heavier draw weight. I'm not bow, I like sheep my bow at targets drink beer. Yeah. That just pisses me off when I'm out there and fucking something's out of range and I see it and I've been sitting out there and I'm like, fuck that shit. What about the adrenaline rush? I'm like, get that every now and then stage. I'm like, oh, fucking kill some shit, need it. Well then you can just get it, sit over a feeder. There's a lot of people that hunt in Texas like that. We just put a stand over a feeder. Yeah. I don't like the Whitetail Hunt anymore. No? I don't need to be alone in the woods with my fucking thoughts for that fucking, I'm a fucking board. I try to take snacks, take a fucking nap. I want to run to mountains to chase elk or birds, action, buddies there. I don't like to be alone. [3:10:00] Yeah. that's a definitely I've done it before I did it with my friend John Dudley I did some tree stand white tail hunting It's it's a different mental game like it's very hard to do and I think people don't understand What's the game fucking sit here and wait? Yeah Sit there and keep your shit together when you don't move because maybe if you do at one point time a giant buck It's gonna stroll through the trail I hate that I get it. I get it. We're at the right horseback. Get off. For someone put some birds out. We got some pointers I got a beer in my fucking case It's not for me. I want to work chase elk up. You know that's a lot of fucking work. Yeah, that's a lot of work Getting to the elk, you know, once you once you spot them and there's a lot of them and you're picking out the big daddies And then you got to fucking figure out how to get to them. Yeah, that could take fucking a couple days and fucking a lot of miles And fucking hiking. It's difficult every where you go the hunt. It's difficult if you're hunting elk Like if they're wild free-ranging elk. It's really hard [3:11:01] But I enjoy that the thing about that's hard about white tail hunting though is the mental game. Just keeping your shit together and stand all day. I'm like, girls, sit out for seven hours. You'll take a couple snacks and trees. They're fucking bum like you're fucking nuts. People are dedicated to it. They're dedicated to it like because they're also like learning from each other and how to set up trail cameras and pattern the deer. Right. Putting a scent on trees and shit. I'm fascinated, but I don't do it. Because it's just, yeah, they make the grunt noises, they rattle. I hunted some white tails down in South Texas last year, but we did it. We'll say I have two. You got a buggy, they put their feet around, I was like, no, we didn't do it that way. We rattled them in. They're real responsive to rattling in. During the run, yeah. Dude, it's crazy. You rattle, you clack some antlers together and within 15 seconds, bucks were running straight towards you. So you're running. Self-text is unbelievable though. [3:12:01] It's crazy down there. Crazy down there. You could have anything. You could have zebras and f**king. It's the only stakes I looked into it because it's like I should high fence or place a Nashville. Like even just get some cool shit to look at. Whether it's some stags or zebras and f**king, you know, whatever water bump or low. You can't do it. Oh, you cramping again, bro Did it work didn't work. I think it's a city Chester lip not just tongue. Oh you live if it's your right leg pinched it inside of your left lip or something like that This is a thing. I don't know. Yeah, I'd heard it was grab your tongue. I went to that said then I pinched my leg down here It's almost grabbed my cock. Whoa. Easy. What were we talking about? So you couldn't high-fence your spot? Well, no, you can't in Texas. You can have any animal you want. Right. And like, in Tennessee, and I think Alabama, it can only be native to that state that you can have in there. You know what's hilarious about Texas? But that's not true because Luke Brennan's some red stag on a property. [3:13:06] Maybe it's on the sneak, too. It's only certain things you can have, but you can't... The more exotics, like they're like, no. That's what it is. Like zebras and chisps. I like you got to fucking be honest here, because fucking homeboys over here like tick-tick-tick-tick-tick. Fuckin' It's not like fucking fact checking after the fact. It's fact checking in real time. Wasn't Tiger King in Oklahoma? Wasn't that where that was? Dude, speaking Oklahoma, shout out to Jesse Jane, who passed away recently. The porn star. Yeah. I dated her for a while. Way back in a day. She passed away. She did. Drag over to Sally, but she was a beautiful girl. Nice girl. And I feel like people in my position wouldn't say that. You know what I mean she had a lot of friends. She was awesome. I spent Christmas out there with her family and her mother actually took care of baby tiger. She worked at this tiger zoo. Back at this was years ago her family couldn't have been cooler. Her mom, her dad, her brother, grandparents, her son was young at the time like she was [3:14:03] a really nice girl. I just wanted to say condolences to her family. But she was involved with, they had a baby tiger during Christmas at the house that she was taking care of. It was the coolest thing. You know one of the crazy ones? Do you know Melanie Griffith when she grew up? It was Melanie Griffith, right? She grew up with lions. I think that's right. When we were in that movie, Right, the movie we've been trying to watch a million times right? Right. This is some crazy movie where they use real lions. And these people get cut up by lions. Like everybody on the set got hurt. But I think Melanie Griffin grew up in a house with like large cats. Issues in the movie I think. Like lions? Yeah. Like lions. And it was like their house. Like there's photos of them with these lions in the house I don't want to pet lion yeah but dude when a monkey when it goes sounds like a attack by a lion that turned the movie she eventually recovered that being disfigured although she did require some facial reconstructive oh facial reconstruction 50 sutures 50 sutures after being attacked by a lioness. What sutures? [3:15:06] It was fear that she would lose an eye But she eventually recovered without being disfigured although she did require some facial reconstructions stitches of sutures sutures a lion jumped on John Marshall and bit the back of his head, inflicted a wound that required 56 sutures. Oh! Why didn't people start calling sutures? Why didn't they say stitches? They're just being technical. See if you can get photos of Melanie Griffin with the lion. The photos, because there's a website that like documented it. It's really weird. Yeah, like that's her house. Oh, I see it up here. Like how weird is that man that's her as a kid that's so insane they have lions like you have a dog that's so insane these things are so big they were playing with them in the house and hoping that these things didn't fuck them up. Look at this. This is so crazy, dude. [3:16:07] Oh, this is the dumb movie, or the things attacking people. Oh, look at so, being playful and they're trying to pretend that they're being attacked. It's so dumb. If that thing attacked you, it would be so quick and violent if it wanted to. Looks like a great movie, like you still did lose the genetics. No, it'd probably freak you out. It's supposed to be a terrible movie. But it's just, imagine growing up like that. That's fucking insane. Talk about frosted flakes. Growing up with lions. Oh, they're saying, we're listening to it. And she is being attacked. Oh, she really was. She, I guess, you're saying the safe word and the director kept filming. Oh my God. So they're trying to promote the movie. So they didn't pull the line off, is that they were supposed to do it? I guess, I don't know. Oh, Jesus Christ. Where's your smoke suckers in here? They'll suck behind there. Yeah slick. Yeah, bro. I like that [3:17:09] This is what happens when you get a ton of fucking money for talking to people Smoke suckers if you want to do it this way Some people do it differently. I got the big ones in studio like oh Oh, those are loud though. Those will fuck with the conversation. This is perfect We're seeing you can have and the worst thing you can have in fucking recording studio. Oh my God, right? I gotta do vocals like click, shut them off. Yeah. Yeah, this is quiet. I could afford the good ones. Well, it's also there's like a lot of space above the room. So you could set up your equipment outside. So it doesn't make so much noise. Starlight ceiling. Look at you. Starlight's healing, look at you. Yeah, bro. Good to see you. Good flying stars too, shooting stars. What is Kid Rock think about aliens? You ever wondering about what the fuck's going on? Nah. Not at all. No. You see all the talk in the news [3:18:02] and all the disclosure hearings? No, I mean I've, I've've I've don't never click on the articles. I'm like, I'm fucking That's good. Hey Until you have to know Until someone's like dude, he's with me. We're coming over right Like yeah That's a good way to yeah, because you know how many people waste their time Wanting it to be real hoping it's real I don't know waste of time. their time Wanting it to be real hoping it's real I don't know wasted time. I don't even know to think about it. I don't know if I want it to be real Well, you got to imagine As big as the universe is that there's something out there and you got to imagine What if there's something out there that's just a thousand years more advanced than us? Just a thousand. Little blip, little tiny amount of time. Not that much time at all, really. There's something here like that. He's called Elon Musk. Yeah. Imagine a whole planet filled with the successor to Elon. You can easily imagine something would want to visit here. [3:19:02] And you could easily imagine that something is- No, could you imagine if they didn't? Yeah, that's crazy. If they're like fucked isny world. Yeah. I don't go that fucking stupid place. Look what we got here. That'd be like us going to Canada or Europe. It would be a lot crazier than that. I feel like I don't want to go fucking that planet. I think it'd be like us going to like some country and studying animals. I don't think it would be, I think it'd be like studying literally like going and finding cave people that are stone age still. Now that's studying them. So I'd rather go back in time and talk to those fuckers than talk to the people in front of us. The people in front of us are probably not going to be pointing out. I can have more time to point out questions. The people in front of us are probably going to be integrated with technology. Like permanently integrated. That new guy that Elon Musk put the neural ink in his head. He apparently can use his cursor. [3:20:00] He can actually search the internet. I saw that off the screen. I saw that off to a bunch of things just using his brain now So it's working. I just want to see if like we had George Washington be boys Maybe like golfing like me Trump hanging out like I have a lot of questions If you go to one place where would you go if he had one shot you can go back in time once and survive and come back to the future Where would you go? Jesus Jesus What if there was nobody there Even better I get it all myself just me and Jesus. No, I mean what if Jesus wasn't there What if you go back and you're like I just want to go see Jesus. You know, okay? What time he be there? He present he probably like a DJ back then fucking cutting it shit up. I can He's there. You think there's a real Jesus. Mm-hmm definitely absolutely thousand percent What makes you convinced? My faith [3:21:03] I mean that's a good answer. I was wonder when people are telling stories though. Like how long did that story take before people wrote it down? How many times did people alter it? Just like they do with everything today? I got to imagine that at a certain point in time in history, they probably didn't tell the truth about a lot of things. And we take those things, tell them through oral traditions, tell having written down. There's a difference between lies and between the truth getting, you know, manipulated and twisted a little bit. The underlying usually is still there. So you think the real truth was that he actually was the Son of God? Yes. It would be amazing if it was true. It is amazing. I believe you. I believe that you believe that. Would you like to be introduced to Jesus? Uh, listen, I think the concept of Jesus is absolutely amazing. If Jesus came here and wanted to visit me, I would be psyched. Would you like to know Jesus? Like if I can put my pastor on your show. [3:22:01] I'm good. Um, she's great. Pastor Paul away. Very. She's great. Past your hollow white. She's Trump's spiritual advisor too. You should have around the show. Talk about Jesus. I'm very interested in the idea of Jesus being a real person. But I look at it the same way I look at everything else. Where it's like, let's circle the words are. Let's circle back. You told me that you believed in Bigfoot. No, I'll joke around. I was joking around. But I wanted Bigfoot to be real for sure. Just like I want Jesus to be real. Yes. Well, the thing Bigfoot used to be real. The thing that I found out when I really got fast to anybody big thing. You know how Jesus is real right in this moment? How? Because the forgiveness that I am exercising by drinking this Bud Light right now. Oh, with Jesus? That's Jesus. Jesus is everywhere. He's in his room, he's in the world, he's in the universe. By the aliens that you want so desperately to be real or have the concept of them being real, that's Jesus. That is Jesus. [3:23:00] As a Christian, I have to believe in forgiveness. Beautiful, cheers. What's that? As a Christian, I have to believe in forgiveness. Beautiful, cheers. What's that? I never thought I'd have to explain Jesus to drink in a fucking bud light, but. You don't explain it. You're just saying how you feel. Jesus is a guy who everywhere. Everywhere. Every time you look at a flower that blooms. Are you looking? What are your children? You're like that's Jesus. That is Jesus. That is God. Yeah, I want to be real clear. I'm not like I saw shoot star. Yeah, how fucking cool is that? That's God going bang nailed it Sort of that's every 30 seconds. I haven't seen one all fucking interview I just happen to be speaking passionally, but Jesus is a guy in that mother fucking web whoop But that's how bot confirmation bias happens people that's what makes people believe certain things like that Jesus Sent that suit that fucking stars on a maybe you timed it right [3:24:02] That's Jesus could be coincidental that's Jesus. I think he's probably super busy and I would guide him if he can do miracles. This is not the, this is not the spot. Sam Kinnison, the greatest ever. Yeah, he was great. He's ever one of them for sure. He went off on the, when he went off on the Jesus shit. Oh my God. Yeah. Oh, not my left hand. Oh, what's Yeah, oh What's that you've been gone with your 12-fuckhead friends won't get a job. This is day three Every one of them's using you you know, I have sense enough to know it Where have you been? Well first of all I was dead He comes back after three days Mrs. Jesus.'s like, I've had enough of this shit. Come back looking all party now, man. That's Sam Kizza, my favorite fucking comedian. Do you ever remember Sam Kizza was doing that in 86? He was doing everything. Age jokes on gay people. Like, it's the funniest shit on earth. [3:25:01] A few kids out there fucking listening have not watched that Sam Kizza and from Hollywood, that's special. His first one. I think it's called, I've seen these. Yeah, is that what it's called? Break the rules? I think so. See, the breaking the rules are, have you seen me lately? No, it's not even seen me now. It's gotta be breaking the album. It is the greatest comedy and that's going to get some strong shit. And louder than hell, his cassette. Like no doubt, like if Sam Kiddinson wouldn't have tragically passed away, like we'd be rolling around together. Yeah. I saw him live a couple of times when I was a kid. Oh, jealous. Yeah, I got to see him two different places live. Rodney put him on. Mm-hmm. Yeah. What are our favorites too? Rodney's one of the greatest. In our green room at the club, we have a handwritten notes from Rodney's last tonight show special. So it's always bits laid out and his topics. He was gonna be on the ground. I'm gonna start making trips down here. Like we always look for fun trips, grab friends, [3:26:00] like come and have dinner. See comedy? Oh, come on down, man. Come on down. I'll tell you a night when Shane's gonna be up and Brian Simpson's here. And we got a great crew of people. Ron White's here. He's here all the time. We got a great one. Like, so it's golf with him. He's like, I quit drinking, man. I just he was drinking too much. He was hurting him. Well listen brother, I'm glad we sat down and we did this. It was a lot of fun talking to you. You're always making for me. I was enjoying your company and you're just a fun guy to be around man. Did oh man. Glad we got a chance to do this. Congrats again on your success. Thank you brother. And same to you, same to you. I love the fact that you're so completely independent. You got your fans, you do your shows, you don't need nobody. You don't need nobody. I live in this little world right here. But you got it now, do the king of that world. Thank you brother. Appreciate you. God bless you. Bye everybody.