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Aaron Rodgers

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Aaron Rodgers is a quarterback for the New York Jets and 4-time winner of the NFL Most Valuable Player.

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You can't talk when you have to pee because if you do you're just you're not gonna Nothing's gonna come out right. Yeah. You're just gonna like be concentrating on peeing. Such a good conversation I gotta pee so bad. Yeah, I've learned I've learned you just gotta let it go Did Ari really pee in the fucking oh always yeah? He pees in everything. He pees in whiskey jugs he pees in He pees in everything. He pees in whiskey jugs, he pees in kombucha bottles. He's a psychopath. It's like my buddy, H.I.J.H. could be doing the podcast and he's like, just pissing and gonna gatorate bottle. I'm like, how many of those you got up in the fucking attic? He's like, well, I stopped doing that. I'm like, yeah, right. When Matt Sarah was fighting in the UFC, He used to you know drink so much water that he would have to get up in the middle of my to pee all the time So he put like a bucket by the side of his bed and just leaned off. Yeah, I just leaned off and pissed and something I think maybe had a jug like a one gallon empty jug I had a team made it piss himself in practice and games and then spray a bunch of water to make it like it in piss himself That's a guy committed to winning I'm gonna have to get some stuff. What? What a psycho. That's a guy committed to winning. Yeah. Yeah. That's like, oh, hey Max is doing it again, Max. He's like, fuck what is he doing? Do you like guys know he's doing it? He had one point, somebody's like, what the fuck is that? Do you piss yourself? Yeah. How long have you been doing it since college? Jesus Christ is wrong with you. He just throws water on it They just spray it like takes the water and puts on his mouth and like sprays it down We know max we know Bucket athletes you have to be a fucking crazy person. Yeah, you mean especially like being your line of work You're you're playing like other than fighting, it's most dangerous game. Fighting a little more dangerous. Yeah, fighting's more dangerous. But not necessarily, you know, like for overall impacts, the kind of impacts. More concussion, so. In fighting? Yeah, I would imagine, just the sparring and training. [2:03] That's the thing that people don't really take into consideration how many times guys get hit in the head training. Depending on what gym they're from and how the gym operates, some guys, they go really hard in the gym. And it's a lot of micro-concussions over and over. And then if you got one, they get another hit. Do you ever spend any time in hyper-barric chambers? Yeah, I did a bunch. Yeah, I did a bunch for my rehab. It was awesome. It helps a lot. I think so. I mean, a lot of it's, I think anecdotal. And but I know this research. But it's not, it wasn't like I felt like, oh my God, I feel fucking incredible. It's like, no, I think it's helping. Everything's helping. Yeah. There was some research that was done in Israel about lengthening of telomeres, where they put people on this protocol. I think it was like a 90-day protocol, where they did 60 sessions and 90 days, and it showed that they, their telomere length increased, which was consistent to a change in age, a biological age of 20 years. [3:05] 20? Yeah. I'm going jump in that thing. I know I Don't know whether that I mean I've talked to Peter a T about that He's like that doesn't necessarily mean you're 20 years younger. It's probably been official But there's like you know, but Peter's like very hard-nosed like by the book science He doesn't leave any room for fuckery. He was like, he was late on the bandwagon for peptides. He's like, I don't know. But now he's in. You know? He's very willing to accept information, but he just wants to make sure that it's absolutely accurate before he talks. I respect that. Oh yeah, he's rock solid. So you are, how many months out since your injury? Almost five. Yeah, my wife was just here and we were talking about how I went to see your game, we set it up. We're gonna go see Aaron play, he's gonna be playing the Cowboys in Dallas, let's go, we had all pumped up and four plays later. [4:02] Yeah. How is it now? It feels good, it feels good. I can do everything except sprint at a top speed so the cool thing is I Really attack the rehab the first few months and kind of want to go as hard as I could for two months See why I was at and also see where the team was at because my goal was to come back Nobody has come back Really quick from that injury. Most of the time when it happens, especially during season, there's no need to push a rehab because it happened the first week of the season. I said, let's push this as far as I can and see if I can come back in December at some point. So I kind of, my that circled Christmas Eve, which would have been 14 weeks post surgery. And I worked really, really hard. I had a great surgeon who did a newer process where they kind of attach anchor the sutures through the tendon back into your heel. So it allows you to get on your feet quicker. I did a lot of other things to speed up the rehab [5:03] by the hyperb\u00e8re chamber, chamber work with Brigham and it ways to well. I know you're very good friends with and some of the podcasts here and he's amazing. He did some stem cells, did full time rehab up to eight hours a day with incredible spot in LA and also at home doing extra stuff. My diet was rock solid, a lot of bone broth to increase the collagen levels to increase healing. And so I felt really, really good. I made it back on the practice field at 11 weeks. The way the NFL works with the IR, you can have a three week window before they got to make a decision. So they designated you to retire and you have three weeks before you get activated. So I was hoping we'd win those three games. I could come back. Now I couldn't sprint and still can at top speed. But I felt like there's been times in my career where I played in a small circle. I could have been able to be effective. [6:01] That didn't happen. And so they didn't, they actively made the roster. I just got to practice. But I didn't get to play. But I feel good. You know, it was, I had a lot of things working against me. My age being the biggest one. But I learned a lot about a lot more about health, which I'm sure people will love to hear about. Yeah. I mean, if you follow like a ways to well protocol, you can pretty radically speed up recovery for injuries. You know, and what's interesting is that there's stuff that you can do that you didn't do because it's not allowed, which is, you know, very admirable in your part, but I would have fucking bought that. I would have done everything. Let's go. I would have gone to full Conomer Gregor route. But when you do, how do they determine whether or not you are fully here? Do they do an MRI and check the tissue? Yeah, we're doing the ultrasound actually for a while just to see what type of blood flow [7:00] we're getting to the area. We didn't actually do another MRI. If I had been activated with the intent to play, I think just for safety for everybody, we probably would have done another MRI just to see the integrity, structural integrity of the tendon. But really it was about how I felt. I was able to do all the quarterback stuff, move in the pocket, throw, step into my foot. I could actually, you know, jog to slightly faster than a jog to move and throw. All things I kind of showed in practice the last few weeks. What happens over that if you speed it up a little, do you just feel pain? You feel like... I don't have the explosion, I don't have the ability to kind of get up on my toe. The biggest hurdle was just single leg calf strength, like being able to, from a standing position, shift my weight onto the single leg and do a heel raise. That's how you know you're ready to run, because you run, you're athletes play on the [8:01] toes, you know, so I need to be able to do that. Now I could get around that by subtle movements in the pocket. But there was multiple times throughout my career. I had lower leg injuries in 14 and 18, especially where I was able to play in a small circle in 14. I ripped my calf up pretty bad and was able to kind of play in the shotgun in the pistol. For a stretch of time, I'd be effective in 18. I banged my knee up on the second drive of the game. Tor and my MCL had a, you know, a fracture on the lateral side and was able to play for a while in mostly in the shotgun until that healed up. But so I knew I could do it. I wanted to show I could play under center, which I did in practice, but we just weren't out of it, so I didn't come back. Well, it seems like it's the smartest move at your age to make sure it's 100%. Like, I've seen a lot of athletes come back, particularly from ACL injuries with fighters. They come back too soon, and it pops again. [9:00] Yeah, I totally agree with that on many levels, but then there's the competitor part where I see that window closing and there's not many guys who've played as long as I have. There's a few, obviously Tom did it for a long time, but there's kind of an age where father time is winning and I know that you know I'm on the last couple holes in my career so I didn't want to miss an entire season. 36 now? No 40. 40. Thank you though. You look 36. What is Tom the oldest that people have played? I think Tom was 45 last year. There were some kickers that played a lot of time. That's crazy. You have 45. 45 is crazy. there was there was some kickers that played a lot of long Yeah, 45's crazy. That's crazy because if you hear about a fighter that's 45 You're about a fighter in their late 30s. It's kind of like mm-hmm except in the the juicy days the juicy days of the UFC There were some guys that they competed really well. Well, there's still some guys the 30s that are late late 30s [10:01] really well. There's still some guys that are late 30s. You all are marrow. You're the best example of that. That's what I was gonna say. But he's the freak of all freaks. They need to study that guy on the lap. I think you've said that before. I've told the story so many times people get annoyed if I bring it up. I don't care. Bring it up. The UFC brought him to a guy? And they're like, he's awesome, right? And they're like, no, no, no, you understand. Like, I've never seen a human being that's built like him. They said that it is the tendon in his eyes where three times larger than a normal person's. His eye fracture, he had an orbital fracture, was already healing, but it's time they're bringing him into the doctor. They're like, this guy is just a freak. By the way his neck is completely fused so if you see when he runs his neck is completely stiff His neck is totally fused and that's some shit. They did in Cuba Like when he broke his neck So he's got this is nice Jamie. This is he guys. This is new how this whole setup. No, no, it's always been like this [11:02] But it mean he didn't even get into the UFC I think he was like 36 or 37 when he fought his first fights in the UFC And he's still fighting in a real fight when he then he rip his knee up and and keep fighting I Know I thought he had like a Ligam and damage and kept fighting maybe somebody else. I don't know he's probably one of those guys that if he did he wouldn't tell you Yeah, you know that Cuban athletic program that he talked about it was a fun podcast because I did it with him and Joey Diaz so he would talk in Spanish and Joey Diaz would translate it but occasionally he would talk in English but he was like they turn you into a machine he's talking about the Cuban program like if you're competing for Cuba if you're on the elite team you eat three times a day if you're not on the elite team you eat twice a day. Wow. Yeah, yeah You sleep in better places. You have better food and so he's like so the competition is just intense Broken leg and KO in over Luke Rockholdy broke his leg [12:00] Jesus Christ. Wow He broke his leg when he won huh? Jesus Christ. He broke his leg when he won. Huh. What did he do? Did you see that? I don't know. Yeah, I'm pleased to broke his shin after he checked it. Suffering what he believes is a broken leg. Huh. Interesting. Yeah, some good fights coming up though. Oh yeah, yeah, there's some great fights coming up. The Volcanovsky Ilya Toporia fight. That's the next week. That's a big one. That's a big one. That guy Iliotopuria is fucking terrifying. I got as an animal. Yeah, but so is a vogue. Oh yeah. No he is. But it's like for Volkanovsky, like I really would have wished he hadn't taken that second fight with Islam on such short notice. The fight guy like that with no training on 10 days known as just seems crazy. And then to get head kicked like that, it's just like, ooh, within his Robert Whitaker and Paul O'Costa, Jeff Neill and Ian Machado-Garry, that's a big fight too. Those are good fights. Where's it? That's in Anaheim. Marab and Henry Sohuda. Are you doing that fight? Yes, sir. I'm gonna guess one of the rare times I back to that communist shithole, commonly known as California. That fucking place is so crazy. [13:06] You know, you can't get these. I had a friend of mine, my friend motion was here the other day, and he's like, oh, you have flavored. You can't get flavored out there. You can't get flavored nicotine. Yep. Imagine you can't get flavored nicotine. I think it's because of the vaping, right? They want to cut down the fuck what does that mean what does that mean I'm a grown man you're telling me that I can go buy whiskey but I can't get flavored nicotine like what are you doing like they just can't wait to put more controls on people in any way shape or form they're trying to outlaw internal combustion engines by 2035 no new sales smart guess what you fucks? Every time the power is like in the summertime, they tell people not to charge their cars, because the grid's gonna go down. Like what are you gonna do? You're gonna do a radical up people of the grid in 11 years? No you're not. I'm sure a new sum can get it done. Yeah. They're just talking. It's like literally every goal is to just say the right things, check the right boxes so people [14:06] think you're green. You're green and you're all DEI'd out. And then they don't care about the infrastructure of the country. It's fucking crazy. Now they don't care at all. They definitely don't care at all. It's control. Yeah. They just want control. They want total control. But you live in places like this, you realize how much A, it's control and B, it doesn't change anything. You're not safer when they do it like that. You're better off here. Well, Texas is on grid. Yes, that's true too. And Texas provides oil to much of the country. This is like Texas could be its own country and there's a lot of real psychos who want it to be You're one of them? No No, I still believe in the United States I'm a patriot. I still believe in America. I just don't believe in politicians And I think they have to figure out a way to extract money from politics [15:00] They have to do two things two things to fix a lot They have to stop Congress people from being able to fucking inside or trade. That shit is insane. When you see the fact that these people are making $170,000. She's great at it. She's amazing. She's a wizard at it. But it's not just her. If you look at the chart, that's the thing about it is they all kind of keep their mouth shut because if you look at the real numbers, it's pretty much divided. It's both sides are doing it but that's it that's crazy they put Martha Stewart and jail for way less marcus to it but marcus to it america's mom they put her in jail for insider trading and yet these congresspeople are completely exempt from it but it wasn't them right is a significant other i'm sure they weren't sharing any information some of its them some of it is them oh yeah it's them. Some of it is them. Oh yeah, it's them. Yeah. Yeah, they know what bills are gonna be passed. They buy a shitload of stock and they pass these bills and then this whatever industry is goes up and they make enormous profits. There's people that are making $150, $172,000 a year [16:01] and they're worth $90 million. In any other business, you would be investigated. And if you were a fucking plumber and you were making $190,000 a year and you were worth hundreds of millions of dollars, people would go, what the fuck are you doing Ted? You know, they would crawl up your ass on the microscope. Where the fuck do you get this money? How do you know all these things? Like where are you in this data. How are you able to do this? Oh, you pass the laws, you pass the laws that changes the value of these companies and then you gamble on that. That's what you're doing. You're going to jail. You're going to jail. Like that, that should be illegal because you're going to do things to profit that are above and be that that are ahead. You're gonna put that ahead of the better good of the United States. You're going to they all do. Yeah. Yeah. Of course. So that's one. What's the other one? They got to take money on a politics. They got to take the amount of donations that super packs and these, [17:00] these special interest groups are allowed to give to these politicians and then are completely beholden to them once they get into office. They have to figure out a way to stop that. I mean, it should have never been allowed in the first place. Another thing would be get back on the gold standard. That would be a great move too, but that's too late. Well, Jeff came and was trying to do that. Yeah, silver standard. Yeah, guess what they did to him. Yeah. Yeah. So you see Bobby Kennedy out there. They won't even give him secret service protection, which is just fucking egregious. It's so wild. They won't give him, see, he's the only presidential candidate ever. It's been denied secret service protection. Three times, I think, already. Yeah. It's just, they're so fucking corrupt. And they're so fucking corrupt. Yeah. And they're so in your face with it and no one does anything about it. You had Bobby on the podcast. Yes, it is. Yeah. What do you think of him? I love him. Yeah. I love, well, looking, if, forget about the vaccine stuff, which, uh, like I think he's got very good points about all that stuff. It's, there If you read his book, if you read the real Anthony Fauci, you would be sick to your stomach. If you know the absolute truth. [18:05] If it wasn't truth, he'd be sued. He's not getting sued for a fucking reason. But just that alone. But then if you forget about the vaccine stuff, you just look at his environmental record, what he did when he was an environmental attorney, when he was suing these companies, they were, yeah, I mean, they cleaned up the Hudson River because of him. Yeah. He's an amazing guy. I really love him. And the things that he's been saying about what happened during the pandemic. You know, he had some talk that he did recently, some speech, some conversation that he did recently that was public. Where he was talking about, this is, we're being poisoned by food. And this is why everybody got so sick from COVID. The disparity between people who got COVID and it COVID. The disparity between people who got COVID and it was just a cold versus people who got COVID and they were deadly ill is 100% what they're eating and what that does to their body and how it compromises their immune system and how it causes comorbidities like diabetes type two diabetes and obesity and heart disease. This is all a direct relationship to food. [19:06] But there's no money in healing people. The chronic disease, that's a huge money maker. And it's not going to change. I was watching something the other day with Tucker Carlson who was interviewing somebody named Callie Means. I don't know if you saw this, but he's talking about ozemic. Yeah. I did see that. Yeah, we're talking about it yesterday. But one of the big points that he made that people, I think, forget is that why are these drug companies big-form spending so much money and advertisements during the news is not to sell their products. They don't have a problem with that. It's to control the messaging. Yes. I mean, they're fucking controlling the message. For sure. So if somebody went after and said, hey, you're not going to be allowed to advertise on TV anymore because I think we're one of the only countries. Maybe there's one other country. New Zealand's the only other country. Okay, so there's two countries. It would be, you know, they would be attacked for anti-science or whatever it might be. What RFK wants to do, dismantling or the reforming, realigning of the CDC and NIH and some [20:08] of these alphabet companies who've been lying and misleading the public for so long. He would get absolutely slaughtered by the media. Why? Not because they actually believe that, but because who's paying them? It's those companies. They control the message. So when you come out and talk about what you use to hear yourself during COVID, or when I come out and talk about Dr. Peter McCullough, Robert Malone, or insert anybody who was just trying to agree, they get absolutely railroaded and censored and silenced and attacked and slandered. It's not the news. It's corporate control. It's completely controlled. And it's not good for us. And the fact that people went along with it because they thought ideologically that that group of people aligned with their side. And the other side was Donald Trump and the Maga and the vaccine deniers [21:01] and all the craziness that they attributed to that. I mean, it's really kind of brilliant the way they've pushed this propaganda. But at the end of the day, it's not beneficial to the greater good of society. If the media was legitimate, they would be talking about one of the biggest crises that's happening in this country right now, which is a massive increase in all-cause mortality. It's a massive increase and they're completely sign on it. It's like in some age groups it's a 40 plus percent increase in all-cause mortality, heart attack, strokes, cancer. Gee, what do you think happened that changed where all of a sudden there's this massive increase and it coincides with something else? Don't you think maybe they would investigate that? Don't you think that you would have some sort of investigative reporter that dives deep into this and gets to the bottom of it? No, they can't because they're going to be said. They're going to capture it. They're going to capture it. They're going to capture it. Yeah, it's just one and one and on and on through this whole thing. My thing is this is, you know, all of us who've been attacked for a position to all those people. What do you think the fucking motivation is? [22:07] Yeah. I mean, just look at my own situation. Like I lost friends, allies in the media, millions of dollars in sponsorship, because I talked about what worked for me in my own beliefs and my own health reasons why I didn't get vaccinated. And by the way, you were right. Yeah. You were right. Look, you didn't need it. Look how quickly you recovered. You were fine. And same with you. Yeah. And what did they do? They changed the color of your face. They vilified all early treatments, including the medicine that has been the safest profiles out there that the, we've talked about the guy who invented it got a Nobel prize yeah they were using it all over the world in the British yeah Africa and various places and that's what you do during the pandemic right you find ways to repurpose drugs yeah for early treatments but now they couldn't do that because there's an early treatment then they can't get the UA and can't do this [23:01] proven to have anti viral properties yeah but what's the motivation for Peter McCullough? Who got vilified? What's the motivation for Robert and Lone? Well, if you know Peter McCullough, Peter McCullough is like, that guy has standards and morals and ethics. I mean, he is a rock solid. And he actually treated patients too. Actually treated patients, he's also the most published doctor in history in his particular field of study. Like what is the conspiracy on that about motivation? Like what do I get out of this? When you get out at a share, what'd you share? Well I didn't think anything was gonna happen. When it happened with me, I knew that people were upset at me because I was hesitant to take the vaccine, but that was because two people I knew got strokes. I wasn't initially hesitant at all. I was set up to take it. I was set up to take it by the USU. Yeah, I was ready to do it. I was like, okay, shoot me up. I was gonna have them do it to me. I thought of it like a flu shot. Like if I was about to do the UFC and they said, oh, you have to take a flu shot before you go to the USU. deal and then they said, well, in two weeks when you're back, just come early and you come [24:05] to the clinic, I said, okay, we'll do that. And then within that two weeks, you got pulled. Luckily, you know, but it's not just those two guys. I know a lot of people now, it's pretty severe vaccine injuries. So I don't want it. And so many people have reached out to me because of what happened to me. Celebrities that wanted to be quiet about it, you know people that are like really hesitant about talking about it openly and publicly But they were really scared like people that have like real serious problem like two friends that have pacemakers now Yeah, I'm gonna talk about that. They're like one of them in their 30s right yeah We said a dentist that's not fucking normal. No, it's not normal. It's not normal for your heart to stop for nine seconds at a time, he's a thin, healthy, young guy, and all of a sudden his heart starts fucking up. Why does nobody care about that? Well, everyone's scared. There's people that are scared because they took it and they're worried that they have a ticking time mom and they want any information, any information that refutes that and that confirms that they made the right choice. Also, they did make the right choice morally and ethically when they did it they did it because they thought they were doing the right thing everybody [25:09] has to do it we're going to protect everyone if we all do this this is going to get us out of the pandemic because the news media was being used by these pharmaceutical drug companies to push a very specific narrative and they didn't do any critical thinking they didn't step outside the box they didn't talk to any scientists that differed. They all just stuck with whatever Fouchy said, whatever the NIH said, and they also demonized people who were saying things that had been proven to be absolutely correct, like the fucking lab leak theory. If you brought up the lab leak theory, you used to get banned from YouTube. Now it's widely accepted by everyone. Every. So it was all the conspiracies that got people censored and kicked off. So many of them have been proven to be true. Yeah. And I agree with you. So many people thought they were doing the right thing. They thought, I'm doing my part. There's what we're supposed to do. Two of us stop the spread. You know, I'm full on board. We're all together. But let's look at what happened. And people are always like, [26:05] why do you keep fucking bring up the vaccine for multiple reasons? But listen, this is a playbook that now we have. For the next time they fucking try and do this shit. Right. Don't forget about this. Don't forget about disease. Disease ask now. What is the last time they were talking about a disease that doesn't exist, that's not affecting anybody. That's literally, there's no one sick, there's no one dying. And they're talking about how it's coming. Well, just watch what Bill Gates does, because the last time he invested $50 million in a company, he made a pretty good score, and then he pulled all his money out. And then he started disparaging the effectiveness of the vaccine. Happy pulled his money out, though. After he pulled his money out, also started saying that the virus wasn't as bad as we thought it was. Oh gee, how convenient. Yeah, what happened to the flu? Yeah, flu went away. Zero cases. It's crazy. I mean, it is pretty crazy. But we cannot forget about what happened. No. Because this is what they're going to do next time. [27:02] Well, the big loser in this, besides the people that lost their jobs and their businesses closed and people lost their lives, the big loser is been mainstream media because the trusted mainstream media is at an all time low. I mean, they are laying off journalists left and right. No one wants to read the newspaper anymore. No one believes them. CNN lost all their big hosts. It's like they lost. And they lost their streaming service? Yeah, well that was hilarious. They dumped money into something to get people to pay for something that no one wants for free. And it was like Anderson Cooper's book club. Like what the fuck are you doing? If I was a shareholder in CNN. How much? Only $10 a month? Okay. I was like shareholder in CNN. How much? Only $10 a month? Okay. I was like, what the fuck are you guys doing? Do you really think anybody's gonna pay for CNN? Like what do you offer? Nobody watches now the Trumps and the numbers they get are so small. That's why it's platforms like this that are actually bringing the information that people want to watch. [28:00] Instead of watching the fucking news like people used to trust in you and it's six o'clock night they news and I'm going to get this story. You know, there's no more Walter Cronkite out there. It's long form conversations that are actually informing people on what's going on. It's that and it's people steering you to legitimate journalists that are independent. The Michael Schellenberger's, the Glenn Greenwall's, the people that are experts in their field, the Bret Weinstein's, the people that actually know what they're talking about. But it's just a weird landscape that we're in now that didn't exist before, where we're absolutely sure that you can't trust the mainstream media anymore. We're absolutely sure of that. And even boomers know that now. Even the people that have been trusting the mainstream media their whole life, they're like, well, they're definitely something's wrong. They don't know what it is, but something's wrong. They don't know what it is, but something's wrong. Yeah, those are amazing. Those confolations. Anderson Cooper brought to you by Pfizer. That was what's in the playoff game of their day, and it said, NFL football brought to you by Pfizer. I was like, yeah, I knew that. Yikes. [29:00] Yeah. Well well they made a lot of money and they'd like to do that again You know and that's what you have to be really careful about but what they're doing that again now with is ozempic and They're making a shit load of money off of this drug that essentially paralyzes your fucking stomach It slows your body's ability to digest it causes a host of gastrointestinal issues for some people. All sorts of weird side effects. People have died taking it and they're pushing it and they're pushing it even on kids. It's like a primary weight loss strategy for obesity. Instead of dietary change, instead of realizing, you gotta get better the same way you got sick. How'd you get sick? You took a bunch of bad food. Here's how you get better. Eat only good food. Here's how you get better. Eat only good food. You know, see how you got fat? Exercise. Yeah, too many calories. This is how you, you got to lose weight. So you have to have less calories in than you're burning. And you got to exercise. And you got, how about start drinking water? Stop drinking soda. We had this chart up yesterday of how many people on food stamps buy soda. How much of food stamps has spent on soda? It's fucking crazy. It's like poor [30:06] people just drinking poison, drinking sugary poison. Let's see, that's part of the problem, too. You know, like not just what they pushed, you know, what they closed down during the lockdown. You know, you had what was open, you had fast food restaurants. Yeah. Like you had fucking process food places open. But, but the food that's actually the best for you, oftentimes, is the most expensive. So you have to find a way to whether it's doing all-out tariffs on certain extra taxes on certain types of products, or I don't know how you're going to change the farming system, especially with Bill Gates being one of the biggest farm landowners there, and he's pushing insects and what's it called, appeal, thing that he's putting on all the fruit and stuff. But the problem is that in order to eat healthier, you have to spend more money because the shitty food is the least expensive. What scares the shit out of me is what they're doing to farmers in [31:01] Europe, like the Dutch farmers. In Ireland, they're telling farmers that they have killed cows because they have too many cows and they're contributing to the global warming. To the guy I think he was in Congress who was interviewing somebody and asking these climate change people about how much CO2 was, they don't know, way off. They're way off. And they're making the decisions. They literally are just, they're way off. And then... And they're making the decisions. Yeah. And they literally are just... It's completely ideological. The ideological battle, the demon that you're fighting, is climate change. And we must do something to stop climate change. Meanwhile, India and China aren't doing a fucking thing. And they're contributing to most of it. Literally most of the carbon that's being released. Like, if you look at the amount of fucking coal plants that China has, they're opening up new ones. They have hundreds of them in construction. Wasn't that the whole point of the, was it in Paris? They had some sort of climate accord. Yeah. But it wasn't taking effect or there was different rules for other countries that we had [32:01] to hear it as something that nobody else was adhering to. It's control. But that's what we've been doing with the last, if you look at, I saw some, you know, something on X about like what they were telling us in the 60s and the 70s and the 80s, the world was always going to end based on something, you know, and they, and now it's, it's this climate change. We got to change the, you know, the way we live in order for us to keep going. It's like they've been doing this for the last five decades. They would like to control the food system and there's a tremendous amount of money in controlling the food system and if they could get you to only buy their food and they can convince you that their food is somehow or another amidst less carbon and come up with some fucking Hollywood math that shows you that this is the only way to do it and this is the way out of this. Well, I just learned something online that if you grow your own food, actually your carbon footprint is much greater than that. I posted that on Instagram. And it got a fact check. It got a fact check. Yeah, not I don't see the fact check, but if someone goes to my page and sees that, it says something about like partially true or not. [33:09] Like listen, it's a fucking article that was in whatever newspaper it was that I saw, and I was like, this is hilarious. Like how is it even possible? How is it even possible that it emits more carbon? You're literally growing plants in the ground, which take carbon dioxide and convert them to oxygen. That's all you're doing. You don't have any heavy machinery. You're growing your own food. So you just get a little garden, so you grow in your own food. Don't really do it. You're not doing it. I don't even know how they did the math. Like how the fuck did they even say that? I don't... What does it say if you go to my page? I don't. And it says it's fact check. I don't see a fact check. Oh, it's definitely fact checked. I just checked. My wife showed it to me. I'm just saying, I didn't see it. I just checked on my phone too. I don't see it. Well, maybe they took it down because people freaked out. You're literally growing something that takes oxygen [34:06] and puts it out into the air. It converts carbon dioxide to oxygen through photosynthesis. That's literally what it does. It's literally what plants do. They make oxygen. Think about that. What if you didn't have, everybody's got lawns, right? What if you had your own fucking garden? Yeah. Like how different would things be? Well, you'd be a lot fucking healthier. Yeah. You'd be a lot healthier. If you're eating stuff that doesn't have fucking, all kinds of herbicides and pesticides sprayed all over it. You know, when they've done these tests, when they check people's blood, some insane number, what is it? Like 90 something percent of people they tested had glyphosate, had detectable levels. Yeah. And glyphosate's nuts. Like, they fucking spray that shit on everything. And it's crazy. That's really bad for you. I mean, you know who owns a monsante, all right? It's bear, right? Yeah. Bear the same people that during the Holocaust were, I mean, the Brigham talked about that on my podcast, [35:02] where they took these people that were in the concentration camps they took 150 women they tried their drugs on them killed them And we need more we need more and they sent them more so they sent them more so that company bear Did that yeah, Bob? I know which was taking a bunch of heat because they're Roundup is killing people. Yeah Yeah, it's how do you change that? Well, you need a guy like Bobby Kennedy in office. But boy, they would put him in a convertible and take him through a ride through Dallas quick. I don't know, I wouldn't think at some point though. That's wouldn't that start? Well, I think at some point in time, people are waking up. Yeah, to certain things. There's still the loudest group is not the majority. I really don't believe it. I think there's a silent majority that's like, fuck the media, legacy media lies, nonstop. Big pharma doesn't have our best interest in mind. Politicians are all corrupted, the majority of them. [36:02] Like, people are waking up, I think, slowly. It's just, they're not the loudest. Like I people are waking up, I think, slowly. It's just, they're not that loud. Like, like I was telling a friend, I said, who do you know in your life that spends their days online, trolling accounts, commenting on posts, commenting on X? Nobody. I don't know anybody like that who'd like spend their life negative, common, but those are the ones that get amplified and talked about. And I'm like, that's not the swath of the population that's the majority. That's very unhealthy, small minority people. Plus, a lot of them are paid. There's a lot of them that are, whether it's from our government or other governments, much more foreign countries that are, we know that's been documented, that they have these internet troll farms, that they're specifically designed to get people upset and riled them up and get them fighting with each other and and diminish our appreciation and our our respect for democracy. What was the quote you've talked about that was was in 1950s the Russian guy. Oh, Yuri Besmanoff? Yeah 1984. [37:06] Yeah, 1984. Yeah, I think it was he too. But whatever it was. 84 sounds better because it's Yeah, it's perfect. Yeah, Yuri Besmanoff, he explained the subversion. And it was a multi-decade plan, right? Yeah, to slowly turn the country into... Back then it was looked like nonsense like what are you talking about yeah but now it absolutely everything he said of the 1980s has come to be true yeah and the Soviet Union has done it they did it they did it to us they they fucking injected the universities with Marxism what do you think's gonna happen with this if Tucker really did interview Putin? I think he did. He's over there. He said something like a wide deal. It's not out the way. But what's crazy is the way CNN is already trying to spin it. Like, you know, the Tucker Carl, you know, Putin's biggest fan, Tucker Carlson, a fan of Russia. You know, they're trying to... [38:00] Oh. There's some McCarthyism tactics. Yeah, no. He's over there. Here, interview, Pussman, Rosemary Poo. Do you know that he said that the NSA or the CIA, whoever it was, got into his signal account? Six signal, that was scary, because... Yeah, that's supposed to be encrypted. Yeah. But nothing's encrypted anymore. I don't think there's a goddamn thing that you could do on your phone. Unless you have some wacky fucking crazy operating system that maybe only fucking Jeff Bezos knows. I don't think you can VPN, right? I don't think you can. I don't think with Pegasus, the way it was explained to me by Gavin DeBecker, who's a security expert. He's awesome. Yeah. Gavin said that the first Pegasus, which they got, that's how they got all Bezos' dick picks and all that shit, all the letters to his girlfriend that apparently her brother was doing something to try to blackmail Bezos, because he got a hold of it somehow or another. [39:01] Those, that was through Pegasus. Pegasus won, he got a WhatsApp link supposedly from MBS from Saudi Arabia and he got this WhatsApp link he clicks on the link and that puts Pegasus on his phone and now they have full access to your phone he said with Pegasus 2 all it needs your number they have your phone number they can see everything what yeah yeah so I mean I don't know how it works. So I don't know how they would be able to access your signal account and understand that. I've had the guy who created signal here. And you know, he seemed to think it was pretty rock solid, but that was back then. You know, it's like there's always one step ahead of this. And before we know about it, there has to be some whistleblower that comes out and says, hey, the NSA can do this now. Ed Snowden tried to do that. Yeah. My biggest problem with kind of a counter argument to that where a common sentiment is, well, I don't care. I have nothing to hide. It's like, you're missing the fucking point. The point is that there should be some freedom of privacy. [40:03] Yeah. Then not have to have fucking people looking at your shit. Yeah, it's not. I don't care if you have nothing to fucking hide. This country was founded as a constitutional republic to protect personal freedoms. And I shouldn't have to worry about somebody fucking in my shit all the time. Well, that's one of the things that they did that was very insidious after 9-11. Because after 9-11, they passed the Patriot Act and the NDA. That didn't dial that, right? Oh, they had it ready. Because they had tried to push that before and nobody wanted it. And then when 9-11 came around, they just rolled all those bills, everything that they wanted to do, they just chucked it into the Patriot Act. And then the Patriot Act II, which Coney and and now all that stuff's in place in definite in the definite detention like for people that aren't tried for anything They could just keep you in jail forever I mean look what they're doing with Julian Assange. I mean Julian Assange like he's not really tried with a crime Like the crime was surprise sex like that's what they were trying to get them [41:00] Like they said that he is had he was having sex with a woman and then without her knowing it, he didn't have the condom on. And then she didn't want to press charges. I don't know what the extent of that case is now or what they're going after him for now, but that was what they were initially trying to get him on. Yeah, but I mean, what's his ultimate crime? His ultimate crime is letting people know that... What the hell is going on there. There's a lot of well, it was also that the collateral murder video, the people had a really hard time with that, where they gun down those reporters and then you could hear the soldiers saying, yeah, you shouldn't have kids there when they're shooting up that van. Yeah. The whole thing is very very very difficult to watch and it's one of the cold hard realities of the evil that is war and you know you're seeing that right now what's going on in Gaza you're seeing the same fucking thing you know it's just that's what war is and there's people that will justify that all day long and saying they shouldn't have done this and you know and that's how it [42:03] goes but man if you live in Gaza What the fuck do you do like you didn't do anything you just got the wrong role the dice and you're stuck in this place That's controlled by Hamas with abject poverty and No sanitation and now it's getting bombed into oblivion I mean the videos we see what Gaza looked like and what it looks like now, it's fucking insane. And they're not stopping. They're not stopping. They're just going to keep bombing it into oblivion. Some of that has to change. I mean, like there has to be something that turn, I don't know what it is. I mean, it might be the only thing. It might be. I mean, that's, it's interesting to see how much has changed, you know, in that over the last, I don't know, 15 years, just how people can talk about it now without being called crazy. Yes. There's some disclosure. I actually went back to the day I was watching an old, I think it was from 2018 or 19 when you had Bob Lazar in Jermion. [43:04] And I mean, he's been talking about this forever. Yeah. But like, what's gonna happen with that? There's gotta be something, you know, there's been conspiracies about Project Bluebleam and there's obviously a lot of these domes around the country where there's interesting technology and stuff, but I gotta think that something, I think this is gonna be a crazy year. I think something, especially if it gets down to it. Yeah. And it looks like the Trump wave is gonna, you know, because they can't roll out weekend at Bernie's and expect him to be able to debate or actually carry conversation. That's the plan. I think the plan is you wait until it becomes extremely obvious that Biden can't do it, and then they pull them out. And I think they probably put in Gavin Newsom. That's what I hate it though. California. Yeah, but there's enough zombies out there that'll just blue no matter who, and he's our guy. They don't care. [44:01] They'd be like, no one could have had, California's just a population is too high, and it's like, what are you gonna do? And they'll come up with some sort of a reason and he'll move a little bit towards the middle. He'll do some common sense things and get people go all right. I like that. And that'll be enough. Well, any of these the anyone but Trump people, you know, look at the fucking view. We'll be gober saying that he's gonna put you might be poor and you might be saying well maybe Donald Trump be better for the guy He's gonna put you in camps. See you're saying that. No, but I'm surprised. Put you in camps. Nobody watches this. Crazy old ladies crazy old ladies are home right now But instead of like if you look at the this two-party system and go Who's the lesser of the two evils? I would say, how about let's fuck the two-party system? Yeah. Let's have some more options. And one of them, in my opinion, is RFK, who's phenomenal. Well, they kept him off the ballot. They did a phenomenal job of making sure [45:00] that he wasn't in the primaries the same way they were gonna do it with Bernie Sanders. That's why he went independent. But get him in a debate. Yeah. Why do we have to wait till fucking September for a debate? Well, how about the vibe that he won't debate? Normal Biden. No one's debating. This is the first time we've ever had a presidential election where neither the incumbent nor the main guy on the opposition is so big. So not said he's not going to be not debating anybody why he'd mop the floor and have to be that yeah I guess that's true so he's like fuck you I'm not debating and also because they keep trying them they keep bringing him into court they keep well there's all these cases that they keep bringing up they just lawsuit into oblivion you know it's the whole thing is it just emboldens his followers yeah it does it has opposite effect. I mean, it's a similar sort of playbook, in a lot of ways to what they did during the pandemic, where the more they attack him, the more people are like, what the fuck is true? Yeah. Because I don't believe you guys anymore. And when you're going after him, I kind of think that you're just doing this [46:01] because you don't want him to win and that's banana republic shit. When you're prosecuting your political opponents, specifically because you don't want your political opponents to be able to make it to the vote, that's banana republic shit. That's what we're living in. Yeah. We have a captured media system. We have a captured medicine system. Yeah. We have captured education system. Yeah, we have education system. Captured education system. Yeah. Like, and we're team America world police with bases all over the world. It's every country on the southern and eastern border of Russia. What I'm hoping is one of the things that's happened over the last few years specifically is the deterioration of the trust of media because of the access to information that people have now, where it's just undeniable at a certain point in time they have to admit certain things like lab leak theory, they have to admit certain things. They're avoiding like the plague, this all caused mortality increase, but enough people [47:01] are aware of it. Enough people know people that have been vaccine injured. Enough people know people that have been vaccine injured. Enough people know people that have died. Enough people know young people that have had heart attacks. Where it's, there's enough suspicion and there's enough pause where people are reconsidering and then there's been this silent shift to the center of people that were like radically left. Friends of mine that I had in California that were fucking so left far left and now they're like ready to vote Republican they're literally ready to vote Republican because they don't want this anymore because they see where this is going my hope is that with AI and With even more access to information because the the information just streams and it moves on and innovation moves on no matter what we do. That it's going to get to a point where lying is virtually impossible. And I think that's where this kind of emergent technology leads us to unless some other superpower gets a hold of it before we do. But don't you think one of the, I agree with the other percent, I would just say, with AI, haven't we seen enough examples already [48:07] of some hardwired coding of information that is like a little bit woke? Yeah, we have. We have, but then there's GROC, which is Elon's AI, which is the opposite of that. I haven't seen that. Yeah, I haven't used it either, but the idea is that it's supposedly the antidote to that. I think there's enough people that don't want that. And it just, as time goes on, look, even the fucking New York Times wrote a major story about detransitioners. So people that were convinced at an early age that they were trans and now they're detransitioning and their lives are ruined. Their bodies ruined. They can't have children anymore. They lost their breasts. They lost their penis. It's in fucking sanity. They just took, they just had an eight year old kid that was taken away from his father because the father doesn't want the boy to be on a hormone blocker, so the mother does. It was happening in Canada for a while. Now I've seen some cases in the States, which is... This is what Jordan Peterson was warning people about in 2016 when I first met him. [49:08] And everybody was like, why do you care about what's happening in colleges? This is just a fringe things that are happening in colleges. Like, those people are gonna graduate, and they're gonna enter into the workforce, and it's a new mentality that exists. It's not a objective reality mentality. It's an ideologically based mentality that's gonna change the world at large and less we stop it in its tracks like they're not looking at reality the fucking detransitioner thing the fact that it's in the new york times is big but you know why there's a whole story that somebody wrote about it it's because of trial lawyers everyone's going to get sued and it's going to be a big fucking problem because you've thousands of people that have unfortunately given into this kids are extremely malleable. They're extremely easy to manipulate. They're extremely easy to influence. We've always known this. It's one of the reasons why you don't [50:01] let children get tattoos. It's one of the reasons why you don't let children join the military. It's one of the reason why you don't let children get tattoos. It's one of the reasons why you don't let children join the military. It's one of the reason why you don't let children have children. It's one of the reasons why we have ages of consent because we know they're not smart enough, they're not old enough to make their own decisions. They can be manipulated. So if they can be manipulated that way, why the fuck would we think they can't be manipulated by this emerging market, which is gender care, this gender affirming care? Have you ever seen the map of gender care from 2007 versus 2022? Have you ever seen that? Yeah, I saw it somewhere. Yeah. I'll send it to you, Jamie, so you can take a look at it. But it's fucking bananas. It's a business. My friend who is a doctor told me that his friend who is a plastic surgeon who Moved into gender transition care. He told me the difference between what that person gets paid for an orthoscopic surgery Versus what they get paid for a gender transition. I forget what the number was for orthoscopic surgery But for the gender transition he gets $70,000 every time he does this and he goes and this guy is raking it in he's doing them all week [51:10] it's it's it's scary it's the you know the cure to all that ails for a lot of people they think oh well this is what's gonna fix me i'm fucked up why my fucked up what's wrong with me what's my problem, I'm really a girl or oh, I'm really a boy. And you know kids want to be they don't want to be an outsider. They want exactly the it's kind of invoked to be non binary or whatever the 30% of kids today recognize themselves either as trans gay, bi or or non-binary. 30%. Now look at this. Yeah. The pediatric gender clinics in 2007, there was two. One was in Virginia and one, it looks like it was in Massachusetts, and now look at them. They're all over the country. And this is in 2022. I mean, that's crazy. [52:02] The idea that this is just, they're recognizing there's a problem that didn't exist, that existed all the time but wasn't being treated. That's nuts. That doesn't make sense. Especially when you're talking about children. They're fucking kids. Yeah, they're kids. And there's a thing called munchowsons by proxy. Yeah. Where women, sick women, will make their children ill. They will do it on purpose so that they get attention for the children. There's been women out there, evil crazy people that have poisoned their children. Yeah, I've seen a couple of the documentaries about it. It's nuts. Yeah. It's a psychological disorder, just like gender dysphoria. It's a psychological disorder. It's always been listed as a psychological disorder. And now in 2024, everyone who is a man who thinks he's a woman is brave and amazing. No one's sick. So you're allowing people that are absolutely perverts and sex offenders to go into women's locker rooms with a heart on and no one can say anything. [53:01] And if you say something, they will protest your business and shut you down. There's no room for any nuance. There's no room for someone to say, hey, listen, for some people, there's clearly this thing in them that makes them feel like they're in the wrong body. And if we are compassionate and if we are kind, we would want that person to be able to express themselves in any way they want, makes them feel better that helps everybody. But also, there's perverts. But also, there's people that if they find out all they have to do is pretend they're a woman and they can go in the women's locker room and watch women change, they'll do that too. You see, I'm sure you've seen the guy in Canada, the 50 year old man that identifies as a 15 year old girl and got to change in the young girl's locker room and got to compete with these young girls. It's utter complete insanity. Psychosis. Yeah. First of all, you're 50, you're not 15, period, period. That's not negotiable. You know, you live a certain amount of time period. [54:03] You can't say I identify as a baby and then wear diapers and have everybody take care of you. That's fucking crazy. But the fact that they're letting that, we are one step away from minor attracted persons being something that everybody's cool with. Because that's also on the agenda. And every now and then they sneak that out there. Every now and then you'll see it in universities, see people talking about it. We have these this is who's one malign group that has no support minor attracted persons Yeah, it's sick. It's sick. It's sick and the rest of the world is fucking laughing at us Yeah, the laughing at how crazy especially Russia. They think it's hilarious Laughing at how ridiculous I bet you Putin's probably gonna say something about that in this interview. I hope he does. Yeah, and he would be right. I just don't I Don't know why they're just so hell bent on going after the kids obviously. There's I think it's money. There's huge money in it I think it's money and it's also the the waving the flag of woke, you know, I mean [55:03] It's just it's it's crazy. It's really weird But you've had people on you talk about the development of the brain, right? And yes, and it's all the way to what 25 men? Yeah, women develop earlier They they're they're they get their shit together quicker, but we know that in real life Men we don't get it I think back to the time when I was 21, yeah, I was fucking idiot. Yeah, just popped up full of hormones and just driving too fast and doing stupid shit. Yeah, that's why they get young men to go to war. They don't know any better. Yeah. Yeah. Believe the kids alone. Leave the fucking kids alone. Especially, you know, what's really hilarious? There's this guy that interviewed all these people and said, do you believe that it's okay to encourage young people to transition? All these blue hair people like, yes, I do. To Catholicism? And they're like, no. And they were doing the same thing with tattoos. [56:03] Do you think 12-year-old is too young to get a tattoo? Yeah, they don't know any better. But what about change their gender? Yes, they know. Okay, okay. It's just ideology, man. It's just like, you might as well be a Scientologist, you might as well be a Mooney. It's the same thing. It's the same sort of religious-like thinking that exists in all sorts of groups of people that we call cults. But we don't want to call these hardcore leftists. We don't want to call it cult. But Mark Andreessen had a really good analysis of it on the podcast where he said it has everything that every cult has. It has strict adherence to the rules. It has excommunication. You get kicked out, how they fucking go after you, and it's devastating socially. So all the same things that Scientology does. All the same things that a lot of other cults do, but we don't wanna look at it as a cult, because you see the rainbow flag, you see the LBG. What is the two, the I, the A and the plus? [57:03] What's the I? I don't know. Some of them are asexual. I think they should stay the fuck out of it. If you're asexual, stay out of it. If you say you're asexual, good. That's fine. That's why I believe it. I believe there's some people that are asexual. Stay out of it. Stay out of it. You're not in a Like nobody's discriminates against asexuals. So if they're in there is that the a yeah fuck off asexual The fuck out of here. Okay. What's the two two spirit? Oh like Foxkin. Yeah, that's me bro Wolf spirit. I know I know Native Americans oh Okay, oh look at the LBGT Q if it pulsates does any other flag pulsate i don't think so uh... to spirit uh... a modern pan indian umbrella used by some indigenous north americans to describe native people in the communities who fulfill a traditional third general [58:00] simonia ceremonial uh... and social role in their cultures yeah but that's also that's what the Lakota's had So the Lakota Recognized transgender people as someone who is a revered member of society because they understood both men and women You know like they also had something called the heyoka, which was a sacred clown They had this one guy who made fun make fun of everything if you couldn't make fun of things, they were bullshit. And so that's the way they would test things. You get mad, they're making fun of that. Oh, that's bullshit. You're bullshit. You know? Like if someone made fun of you for being really good at football, you'd be like, okay, you can't make fun of that. Like, what do you say all you want? You're gonna hurt my feelings. You know, you're Aaron Rogers. You're really fucking good at football. Like if someone makes fun of that, but if someone made fun of your mustache and you're like, hey man, fuck off. I'm like, oh, you gotta probably put that mustache. You think that mustache is stupid. And so that's how they would test things in their culture that were bullshit. But that's what we need comedy, [59:02] to be able to, I mean, that's what I've loved about South Park for so many years just They're the tip of this beer. Yeah, just how they're able to like go ahead Society what the fuck are we doing? They're the best there. They're a national treasure. They really are they no matter What they can get away with it. They go so hard in the pain Oh my god, we be without South Park. I mean it where would we be without south part for real god damn and how about the simpsons how the simpsons keep fucking putting everything they predicted the apple vision pro there's an old simpsons episode where people are walking around with those goggles and they're falling into manholes and now you're seeing people out there in the street, swiping things and moving away and wearing these goggles on the street. I can't believe they got Trump on the escalator though. That to me is one of the craziest ones when they got him right in the escalator down like he did in that one moment where I think he had just declared for the presidency and he kind of rode this elevator down. Yeah, how did the same thing do that? Dude, this is what I think. Time traveler? [1:00:05] I don't think time traveler, but I think that if you're so into, here it is. Look at this, they have literally had Trump waving. It's the same photo, it's so crazy. God, that's so nuts. Oh wait a minute, people think the Simpson predicted Trump's win, but it's what? what does that say Jamie and the right hand side What are they saying it's not true? It's not true viral image claiming the show scroll back up called the 2016 electoral map has nothing to do with trump The claim is simptons not only four saw Donald Trump's run for president but also predicted which states he care making the rounds is one the claim is wrong. Oh, they're just saying they claim too much I believe, but that picture. But the picture is they had Trump coming down the escalator and he was going down the escalator and he did wave is right hand. I mean, like the thing is it's the same image. [1:01:00] Like no matter what the fact that he did that and they predicted it. I feel like some people, if you're intensely creative and clearly those guys are, if you're constantly, you have your thumb on the pulse of satire and culture and where things are headed, I think you can see things. I think you get whispers from the muse. I think the universe sends you messages. There's like, there's been, talk about that with, in Diana Pouscalco's book, American Cosmic, the first time. Jamie just gave me the rack before he got it. Yeah, she's fascinating. I'm gonna read that. But in that book, one of the things that they go into is 2001 and the monolith, like that these, whatever it is that brings this monolith to these primitive primates, and they see this thing, and this thing sort of represents [1:02:01] where they're going to and what the future is. It's kind of, I's, I mean, something, in the book they theorize whether or not that's a television or it's a screen or it's a cell phone, but it's at this something that's pulling us towards it and the cubic recognized that. The cubic was a fucking genius, like a real scary genius. Like he would do complex mathematics in his spare time, and all of his movies were encoded with all this weird like Easter eggy stuff. Like the shining, shiny with the shirt. It's all about the moon landing. Yeah. Even the amount of miles to the moon is the exact same number as the room that was haunted. The kid wearing the NASA shirt, like there's so many things that people connect with the moon landing. And then the ultimate conspiracy theory was that I just like fake the moon landing. Oh that, yeah. That's the best one. I love that one. That's my favorite. Yeah, like that one too. [1:03:02] Yeah. Eyes wide shut's pretty. Oh my god. That is pretty crazy. Because back when Eyes Wide Shut first came out, everybody's like, well that's not real. And then you hear about Epstein's Island, like, maybe it was. Maybe there are parties like that. Well, that's conspiracy that he was killed because of that movie. Real. You know about this? So supposedly he showed the movie to the executives and they wanted to take out 15 minutes of the movie Everybody got kicked out of theater I mean again, I don't probably get fact checked on this but and then a few days later read this little Reddit Let's see it come on here it is cubic died of a heart attack six days after showing the final cut of eyes wide shut To Warner Brothers making it the final family directed you reportedly considered his greatest contribution to the art of cinema. Wow. We suppose he got into a yelling match with the executives about some of the stuff that was in it. Was he murdered because of wise wide shut? Well, what was so egregious about that film that they would murder him though? I mean, exposing too much sex cults. [1:04:03] Yeah, I don't trust. I don't trust any fact checking organizations anymore. Oh, yeah, that's I mean that's Yeah, I guess a little crazy. Yeah, but that's a crazy movie the fact that he did you know Yeah, he kind of showed some stuff. There's weird stuff like at the end of the movie too when those two guys and come get they come and get their daughter and stuff. There's, yeah, weird stuff. Well, that weird stuff, it used to be so easy to dismiss. But now, you know, it's the Alex Jones was right meme. Like, you realize how many times that guy's been right? Like, Jesus Christ. Like, how is he so good at predicting all these things that are happening? Because the guys balls deep in it all day long. Yeah. You could call him right now. It's like I'm doing a document of reading a research right now. There's just sick. This is what they're doing. This is the plan. I talk to him all the time. We text each other every time something's crazy. I'll text him. Like, what is this? He'll send me all these me said the other day about, you know, you gotta have, you shit ready in case the... [1:05:06] Yeah. Turn the power off, turn the water off, do something like that. Well, there's a lot of people that think that, including me, because if I was a foreign government and I wanted to cripple America, I would kill the power grid. We'd go feral in two weeks. It would be chaos in two weeks. As soon as people don't have water and food and their children are starving, people go crazy. They start eating dogs. They start shooting deer in their neighborhood. And then that runs out. And then they realize they don't know how to keep food good. You know, when it's hot out, they don't know how to get water. They know how to treat water. It could get real bad, real quick. We are not self-sufficient even remotely. There's small pockets of human beings in this country, they're self-sufficient, but if you had to guess how many people could survive off-grid if everything went haywire, it's like 1%, which is probably what happens when there's a massive catastrophe, when some sort of a global catastrophic event, like a super [1:06:01] volcano or something along those lines. Another younger, Yeah. Yeah, it's probably one percent of the people survive. It's probably what happened back then too. Yeah. Well, that's what I've always said is the reason why if you go back, look at like ancient Egypt, look at how insanely sophisticated they were. And if you subscribe to the Graham Hancock and Randall Carlson's perspective, which I do, which is that at one point in time there was an incredibly sophisticated society, probably more sophisticated than we are that lived in Africa in Egypt and that those people were probably in a different direction, but far more advanced than we are today. And then they were wiped out. And then go after that. So if you're talking about 11,000 years ago, 11,800 years ago And then they were wiped out. And then go after that. So if you're talking about 11,000 years ago, 11,800 years ago, when they got wiped out and that just, you know, we're down to like 1% of the population. Think about what history looks like when you go back 4,000 years, 3,000, it's fucking barbarians. Yeah. Just the [1:07:01] most horrible instances of brutality and murder and chaos and what Genghis Condit and what the the Mongols did and what I mean the the pirates and the crusades and all the fucking horrible shit That people did back then because those were the descendants of the people that were so barbaric that they survived Those are the descendants of the one percent that made it through that catastrophe, and you had to be fucking horrible to do that. You probably had to be horrible. You're probably killing your neighbors, probably eating people. I mean, what percentage of our population if you go back 10,000 years ago were cannibals? It's probably pretty high. 50? It's probably pretty high. What you had to do, what you got to do. We know what happens to the donor party. We know what happens to people that get stuck on a boat. They're off at sea and one guy dies. They just start eating them. We know that. The movie Alive. Taps, like always happens. It always happens. And one asked you a question about what you just said, but I didn't need to take a folks. Okay, and we're back Marshall come say hi [1:08:11] Come here pal come say hi to everybody want to be on camera come on Hello, buddy, what are you doing? You get sad when we're not here The best Is Jamie to be put that out Jamie? Yeah, oh You know your car all on camera Marshall looks at Carl as an attention thief is like that guys can steal my attention What was the question we were looking at so sorry I had something else. Oh, we're gonna look at whatever this fucking thing means under the Karl Schwab, Klaus Schwab photograph. You know that wacky photograph that we have out there? It has something in Latin underneath it. I'm a senator to you. Okay, I sent it. [1:09:00] He's standing at that podium, dressed like Darth Vader. He's so cool. podium dress like Darth Vader They're so out in the open with it. Yeah, it almost makes you feel like you're being pumped Science in So it's like This is have something with virtue and science trust the science. Yeah, trust these science He's the thing he said recently we would no longer have to have Elections because we can predict the results knowledge is the virtue of talent. Oh Huh direct translation now what translation they're using could be a little different Knowledge is the virtue of talent Hmm That's a fucking cone. That's like the sound of one hand clapping. Here's my found out. College Mato of Kownnos University of Technology in Lithuania. The act of honoring or something else. [1:10:00] Hmm. Okay. That fucking dude though. When he was literally, he was talking to one of the Google guys and he was saying that with these, the ability to predict things that will no longer need elections. Like, oh, how convenient. Why don't we just let you and the WF or the UN just tell us who's gonna be in church? That the fact that that is a place where people go by private jet, so they fly in these jets to tell everybody that they gotta stop pumping out carbon. Yeah, love it, keep it up man. But that's honestly, but that's the waking up is just hypocrisy is everywhere. Yeah, it's never ever. It's never fucking people who are telling us, cut your carbon footprint, don't grow your own food, eat fucking insects, stop eating meat. Yeah. It's like, you know, you're not adhering to any of this shit? No, of course not. They were serving meat at the WIF. Yeah, well people went there. Yeah. What I wanted to ask you before, because I'm fascinated by Egypt is when you had Randall and Graham on, Randall alluded [1:11:06] to technologies that I've actually done some research, even though you should do your own research. I've done some research on and thought about how they move those fucking stones. And there's a lot of people with theories about using frequency to be able to move the stones. And Randall mentioned on that podcast that he'd been working with a company for like seven years. Yeah. And that there was technologies about to come out. There was actually somebody who did something similar in Florida, I believe, built a structure. Oh, the coral gables. Yeah, the coral castle has anything come from that? Do you know it? No, no. I mean, because they still can't, I mean they talk about slave labor or log rolling, but these mega tonn, you know, stones that were used to build the pyramids. Like what they'd say how it was moved and the time it would have taken and the manpower [1:12:00] to me is complete bullshit. It's also how far they had to take them through the mountains. Yeah, where the core is more machinery. Yeah, it's almost like it's so immense and so incredible that it's there as a reminder that something was different. But I just think there's ancient technology like that that could have been used. Oh, I'm sure of it. I'm sure they had something because they do find things that are indicative of drills. Diamond-tipped drills is that they've corded in a way that had to be insanely high speed, diamond-tipped drills that corded into the brain. Stuff that we can barely do. Barely do. Yeah. And then it's just the sheer mass. I mean, the amount of stones, 2,300,000 stones in the Great Pyramid. And they're perfectly aligned to true North Southeast and West. It's just the whole thing about the quarries being hundreds miles away. The whole thing is nuts. It's not primitive people. It's super advanced people that did that. [1:13:00] And it's super advanced people that lived in a society that's very different than what we think of as existed 10,000 plus years ago I was speaking with super advanced Society, what do you think about and be looked into the Tarterian? I was watching a video today about it. Yeah, it's a lot of cool fascinating. Yeah, it is fascinating that there was an advanced society But there's also a lot of kooks. A lot of kooks involved in that. But I think definitely, though. And I think that's some of the, maybe some of that's controlled to keep people from, exactly, looking at some of that stuff. But if you look at the world's fair, of the early 1900s, there's some really weird shit around that. Like the structures that they built, over them they were supposed to take down down in some of these cities about some of the technologies that we're using some of the architecture. And now some of that architecture isn't standard with many of the other buildings of the same era, what they're doing on top with free energy, possibly on some of these buildings. It's pretty wild stuff. So like free energy, like Tesla, what would Tesla? [1:14:01] Like they were able to extract energy from the atmosphere that electricity for everybody. I think they had, and you can maybe bring something up, Jamie. But they had, I believe they had mercury in these, was it copper, kind of balls on top of the buildings? And they figured out a way to extract energy just from the air. Really? Yeah. So where'd you read this? Just online. A lot of interesting comments about it. A lot of nuttiness. Marshall, get out of there, buddy. This is a lot. I think there's a shred of truth in the mushroom. He went over there and stole Carl's toy. You little thief. How dare you, buddy. Jamie, Jamie gonna back me up on some of this Tarterian. Yeah, he's gonna try to find it. Is there like a really good reliable source of Tarteria information? I haven't, I mean wouldn't Graham be be one? He's I don't know if he's into that. So what is the theory? The theory is that even more recently there was yeah an advanced stream. The theory is there was [1:15:04] there was an advanced civilization that had certain technologies and that some of the recent history is bullshit and that the world's fair built structures over the top of these. Well, some of the world's fair stuff can be explained by like like universal studio style, like it's just facades to look but they were covering certain buildings because there were people were coming to see stuff. That's just some of them. The Q&A of architecture. Any time you want to describe it, just put fucking Q&A. Or MAGA. Q&A or MAGA. Those are great. 1908, artist or architect or Ernest Flagg completed the singer building in lower Manhattan. A bow art showstopper made for the singer sewing machine company from a wide based, a slender 27 story tower rose top of the Mansard roof and a delicate lantern spire. Every inch drip with some choice detail inside and out, vaulted roofs, marble columns with [1:16:02] bronze trim, window, millions with spiral. I don't even know what a million is. With spiral fluting, the lobby was said to have a celestial radiance, a book written about its construction. For a year, it was the tallest building in the world, 612 feet, and a celebrated landmark for decades after that, but not too much longer, despite its great height. The pencil-thin tower lacked office space. In the 1960s the company sold it. It's ornate headquarters demolition proceeded in 1967. It's the tallest building to ever be peacefully demolished. Peacefully interesting. By any account it's a fantastical tale. Once the tallest building in the world and New York City icon knocked down it's just a handful of decades. It's like the part of the bottom here. Adherence to the theory of believe. Yeah. So you need to find something about the top of these buildings, what they had. Tartarian rises. Tartarian theme content is produced for YouTube videos that get picked over on Reddit. [1:17:02] Our Tartarian Architecture sub, which began in 2018, December has 3,300 members, though not everyone who posts and comments appears to be a true believer. A larger and more general sub that appeared around the same time, our Tartaria, has 8,700 members. This conspiracy theories go, Tartaria remains obscure. Twitter user Cinema shoebox brought it to many people's attention last year with this thread, a pseudo science debunking writer, Brian Dunning. Oh, I remember Brian, remember that guy? Recently devoted an episode of his podcast, Steps Skeptoy to the Tartaria story, which appears to have emerged in 2016 and 2017. Tartaria story. This is where you have, then they tie in the train of the stuff. I want to find the energy stuff that he was asking. Yeah, I just think the architecture is pretty fascinating. Some of these. Scroll back up. Big cities here. I just think you went a little too fast there. [1:18:02] Yeah, this guy wrote slightly more. I think it was one worldwide civilization says, Joaquim Scar, a 26 year old Norwegian who runs a Tarterian Meltdown YouTube channel. It was all based on unity, oneness, peace, love, and harmony, okay. Which we don't see in today's society. Well, that is very utopian. Sure, I'd love to believe that that was the case. It's an interesting idea. Well, there was probably some technology that got squashed because competitors didn't want people to use it. That's the whole theory about the water car. Remember that one guy who created the water-based car and then he got whacked? Yep. He yelled out, they poisoned me, ran out of the restaurant and died. Yeah. Yeah. I mean, if I was an oil company and I was evil, and some fuckhead came along and developed a car that runs on tap water, I'd be like, what? Wasn't there a guy, Buffalo as well, who was part of that shooting who had developed [1:19:03] a technology to clean drinking water? uh... part of that shooting who would develop the technology really to uh... for clean drinking water he was a part of what shooting there was a uh... supposed random shooting that happened a buffalo who's a leave what so what i think i'm created some sort of uh... filtration system to provide clean drinking water jayman some backing on this. I don't get it. I'm vaguely remember this. These are so fun. Wacky conspiracies are so fun. They're so fun. Whenever I talk to Sam Tripoli, I just have a big smile on my face. Sam's the master of these things. He's the first one to use me to tarteria. There's too many that, you know, like the, the water, the water car, like the water car is a wild one. Because where's that technology? Like what happened with that? How come nobody, nobody figured that out? But I believe there was one before that too, like in the early 1900s as well. Well, they did have steam powered engines. Steam powered engines have always [1:20:01] existed. And essentially those were on water, right? But I think they, I think, if I wanna say they were powered by coal, if I remember correctly, like the coal and then the coal boiled the water and the steam, I don't remember though. But if that happens, like there was a documentary that existed in, oh God, it was like the 90s or the early 2000s called Who Killed the Electric Car. Do you remember that? Yeah, well now, my buddy, now the electric car is everywhere. So like some technologies you can't keep down, but if it wasn't for Elon Musk, how long would it take before we figured out an electric car? I mean, Elon was a part of Tesla early on and Tesla's been around, I mean, I remember the first time I saw a Tesla, God, I feel like it was like early 2000s. I think Bill Mar was probably the first one that I saw driving with us. He had one that said, fuck OPEC, I think, which is, I think that was his license plate. I think that was Bill. I know there was definitely a Tesla that was around the L.A. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. He's one of the rare liberals that pushes back and [1:21:13] gets attacked for it. Pushes back on some of the crazy nonsense and I think he's able to just call things what they are. I think we're out of the woods at least. Yeah, but we're able to, we're so in our bubble of identity politics where if you're on one side, you only pop it, you know, specific narratives where he's kind of like, no, I don't know. This doesn't make sense to me. Well, he's, it's hard. He's a comic. Yeah. And comics generally, especially good ones, generally resist these cultural trends toward ideological thinking. Because they're like, wait a minute. That's why the woke comedians are all terrible. Because to adhere to that ideology, without any change at all, without any pushback at all, it's preposterous. And to be a comedian, you're always pushing back. [1:22:01] You're pushing back on everything, all the societal norms, all the things that are taboo, all the things that are bizarre that you can't discuss comedians are always bringing up the things that people are talking about that they don't have a seat buddy but we need that we need that yes otherwise it's the heoka yes the sacred clown of society and it's it's they're the only ones that it will allow to do that between them in the Simpsons and you know there's a few people that are allowed to you know publish literature that's in that direction but for the most part most people are scared most people don't want to lose their jobs they don't want to be exiled from their communities they don't want to be out of their friend group like you were saying about just the vaccine just a simple medical decision would alienate a vat there's a lot of people that I'd lost friends with the same as you. I just not friends with them anymore. They attacked me during the pandemic. And a lot of them I've seen since then, they apologize and I forgive them, but I'm never gonna trust you again. If the shit goes sideways, you know, you're, you fold. You fold too quick. You're not a critical thinker. [1:23:00] You're not someone who goes, hey, maybe this isn't all what I've been told. And if you don't know the history of Fauci and if you don't know the history of the NIH, please read Robert Kennedy's book, The Real Anthony Fauci. Please read it. Even if you think Robert Kennedy is a cook, because by the way, I did. I used to think he was this anti-vax cook because I was, and I apologized to him when I first met him and I had him on the podcast. I told him, I go, I have to be honest with you. When I first heard of you, all I'd heard was the narrative. The narrative that they have so successfully spun that he is this anti-science, anti-, you know, whatever conspiracy theorist that is, you know, the embarrassment of the Kennedy family. And that's, that was the narrative. Oh, this crazy guy. And then all these people that I trust that are brilliant, like one of my friends is a PhD, so genius, he's like, you must read this book. I'm like, really? He goes, just please read the book, just for the facts. Because regardless of what you think about that guy, [1:24:00] read the book. So I was like, two paragraphs in before I called him. I was like, what the fuck? Is this shit real? How much of this is real? Well, he has got sued. Yeah, he hasn't got sued. And then you got to read dissolving illusions. Yes, I read that as well. That's a mind blower, right? Wow. That's a mind blower. Yeah. Yeah. Aaron Salter Jr. was killed by a mass shooter because he was working on creating a water-powered car engine. That's one of the most important facts. That's what the bullet-a-fact check on it. What's very interesting in this is that it's a false. Well, so it says that. Right. But then I was reading through it. It's saying that there's no truth that he was killed because of that work. Which I don't know how you would know that but he was working on a water powered car It's true. This solter was working on a water powered working to power vehicles with water But there's no evidence that work made him a target in a mass shooting could be just a coincidence Yeah, he was working as a security guard at that grocery store But there's a video from a couple months before where he's showing his work on a car like this is a [1:25:08] Motivated hate crime though, right? I though right mean didn't the guy admit that it was a racially motivated hate crime was he black was the guy got killed black as well or did this guy kill everybody that was at the grocery store and it was racially motivated yeah again it's just interesting it's all interesting. It's all interesting. Well, there's also mentoring candidates. Like if you go back to the MK Ultra days and you go back to the... Wait, do those have stopped? I do not think they have stopped. No, I think they've got much more sophisticated now. 11 more black, two more white of the 13 people that were shot. And his name is Marcus D. Morrison? That's, I don't know. Morrison. I was looking up to people to find out who exactly was the one and there was this guy Aaron Salter. Aaron Salter. So get a photograph of Aaron Salter. I think he's a black man. That's who I was talking about with this. Right. But is there a photo of him? We could find if he's black or white? No, he is black. He is black. Okay. Well, I mean, there are... Look, mind control experiments have been documented. [1:26:09] They've existed since the 1940s, 1950s, 1960s. MK Ultra, a great example of that. I bring it up all the time, but it's an amazing book. Tom O'Neill's book, Chaos, on the Manson Family Murders. The Manson Family Murders were almost absolutely a CIA operation that went sideways. What they did was they got that guy, they got him, when he was in prison, Jolly West visited him in prison and it seems like they coached him on mind control using LSD. It was well known that he would give them LSD and not take it himself and he was Coercing them convincing them hypnotizing them fucking with their mind and getting them to commit murders and they kept letting Manson out every time they caught him and the the sheriff's that would let him out would say it's above my pay grade They were told to let him out so he had violated parole multiple times [1:27:02] He'd been connected to murders and they still kept letting him out They wanted him out there because that was how they were gonna discredit the anti-war movement There's the same thing that they did with the sweeping psychedelics acts of 1970 The reason why they did it wasn't because psychedelics were a real problem It was because it was a great way to target civil rights activists It was a great way to target the black panthers great way to to target any anti-warmer people, because those people were all involved with psychedelic drugs. So you would cut their supply off, arrest the people that were involved in it, find them, get them, prosecute them, make things that people had used since the beginning of time, like psilocybin, turn them into scheduled one, terrible drugs that are a scourge of humanity, meanwhile you're pushing vikings and volumes and fucking oxy. And all the shit that we know is not schedule one that's out there right now on the streets. And that's real. So if we know that they did that, they operated the hate ashberry clinic in the 1960s, which by the way, my wife's mom used to go to, [1:28:02] that you met today. She was a hippie in the 1960s. I knew I liked her. And she lived in Haydashbury and she used to go to the Haydashbury clinic which was run by the CIA. Wow. They fucking ran a clinic. They ran a free clinic and Manson was a regular visitor to that place and these are the same people that also ran operation midnight climax where they ran brothels and they would give the johns that come into mingle with the prostitutes that give them LSD and study them through two-way mirrors wow this is a fucking dessert government our government was like running all kinds of wild studies on human beings and how to manipulate them and how to use psychedelic drugs specifically LSD to influence their mind. Also, Ted Kaczynski. Ted Kaczynski was a part of that program that was out of Harvard. He was one of those people that got dosed up with LSD and they did all sorts of horrific psychological tests on him in studies and all these weird experiments where they would [1:29:01] humiliate him and torture him. And then the guy went on to decide that technology was going to be the end of mankind. And he needed to kill all the people that were creating technology. Meanwhile, he's probably right. He was probably right. On acid, he probably saw where all this technology is going. Oh my God, if we keep going, this would be the end of the human race. It'll take us over and it'll be our demise and I have to stop this. He's obviously fucking insane. But also, obviously, a part of a mind control experiment gone terribly wrong or terribly right. Yeah, it started out of what they did in operation paperclip. Yeah. Yeah. When they started out with the hell they were doing over there? Yeah, and gave them a lot of them government jobs high paying jobs Always turn yeah turning into the CIA and yeah, Alan Delas working his back door stuff with Prescott Bush into the CIA Yeah getting fired by JFK very interesting connections. Yeah all the way down. Yeah [1:30:06] It's there's a dark history of really dark history to these organizations of what they've done and the amount of manipulation that they were successful at It's pretty well stuff still do and have to still be doing it. Why would they abandon something that's so successful? After he shot Lee Harvey Oswald Jack Ruby psychosis was diagnosed by the same CIA doctor at once killed an elephant with psychedelics. That's a jolly West, Lewis, jolly and West, figure equally infamous for allegedly killing an elephant with LSD and for his work in MK Ultra. The Central Intelligence Agency's infamous interrogation hypnosis and mind control program. An analysis of available documents from the CIA's declassified archives and the recovered MKUltra file shows not only did West want to continue his work with the agency during the period he was treating Ruby, the university he researched at thought that's exactly what [1:31:02] he was doing. Yeah, he went to visit Jack Ruby in the hospital and Jack Ruby freaked out and was saying that they were killing Jews and Satan was here and he was hiding under the bed like he went nuts. There was no indication that before that meeting that he was ever in some sort of fragile psychic state or some sort of a fragile mental condition where he would just go nuts like that. Like this was just all after Jolly West visited him. Of course Jolly West dozed him up. Of course. Of course. Why wouldn't, I mean, how did they even convince him to go shoot Lee Harvey Oswald like that? And how did no one check people for guns? How did they wheel out this guy who's probably the most important defendant in the history of... They changed the formation, walking out. And they probably allowed him to enter through the loading dock because he was... Yeah. Juxtand with some of the people and the... You know. We have that photo out here too. Yeah. That's in the hallway. That's [1:32:01] what we're doing. Yeah. Yeah. Walk walk in this Jackaroo, we get in shot. Early, early, early, early, early, early, I was walking in shock by Jackaroo. Well, that, I mean, that whole thing is wild. I mean, it just goes so fucking deep. It goes so deep. And you're seeing it right now with Trump. Why the fuck haven't they released the files? Why haven't they released any of the files why why is all the covid information kept for 75 years wise that stuff locked up forever what's it why does nobody give a fuck about that it's not that they don't give a fuck they don't know too much there's too much to pay attention to there's climate change as ufos as you crane there's hamas there's uh... terrorist i think we just know more murder we just said some more money i think that's what it is you crane yeah the book meanwhile this border bill We just send some more money I think that's what it is. So you're crane. Yeah the book meanwhile this border bill that they just they're trying to pass 80% of the money does not go to the border. Yeah What a great idea guys. It's not like there's a crisis of people coming in we have no idea who these people are what is the whole bullshit about [1:33:01] wanting to cut the cut the fucking fence and I don't know and Abbott's sending the you. And I don't know. And Abbot's sending the, you know, the... I don't know, but here's some more bullshit. A lot of this is, it seems like it's a manufacturing on both sides because there was a gentleman who went down to the border and said, oh, y'all talking about how there's a fucking fight about the holes in the border. Let me show you how many holes in the border there are. Like, what they're talking about is blocking this one thing. You can go a half a mile this way and there's an open door, half a mile this way. There's another open door. It's like it's wide open. All they would have to do is go further down that way. So it's a fucking talking point just to sting the one side. I would imagine that it is a great point of contention that is used as a political volleyball. And they're just knocking it over the fence back and forth towards each other. But the real problem is like, wasn't there a guy that's on a terrorist watch list that's on that they had that said, you'll know who I am. Yeah, not just one. That was one guy, but they've caught guys. [1:34:01] And there's a lot of like come through You know those like of age, you know military age Some of that because those are the people that they send because those are the young people that can get jobs They can send money back home to people that are deeply impoverished. Yeah, I and look I get it man And I think you probably are the same way if you were living in Guatemala on a dirt floor and they told you that if you go to America, they give you free food and they put you up at the Roosevelt Hotel in New York City. Give me a thousand of them. Yeah, credit card. And if you beat up cops, they let you go. Hahaha. They beat the shit out of two cops. And they know bail, just right out. And you see them walking out? Yeah, given the two bucks, given the double fingers to the camera. Yeah, the whole thing is wild. And it's almost like there's an engineered decision. Like it's a decision to destroy so much of what makes America great. Wow, there's one individual who's worked pretty damn hard at that. George Sorrow's. [1:35:01] Oh yeah, he's a fascinating character. He's fascinating. Millions of dollars. Billions, billions millions of dollars billions billions of dollars on local Elections yeah on local DAs including the DA in Austin Yeah, I mean California. That's a big problem. The people are you know theft crazy theft and get let out same day The commanding crimes get let out. There's no prosecution. There's no nothing Yeah, and it seems to be a decision, a conscious decision to destroy things. And I don't know what the end game is. I don't know what they're trying to do. De-stabilization. Yeah. I mean, I think that's like a deep conspiracy about the deep state and the cabal and people pulling the strings. Yeah. But I think that's it. You know, that's why if there is a way that RFK could get elected, to me, that's where the hope starts, that things can change and get better. But is it even possible? Is there a real path for an independent to become the president? Well, if, because the Trumpers are not going to vote for RFK, [1:36:04] the Trumpers are going to vote for Trump. And that's a giant percentage of the population that is not really to vote for RFK. The Trumpers are going to vote for Trump. And that's a giant percentage of the population that is not really hip to what RFK is talking about. And they like him over Biden, but they don't like him over Trump. And Trump is their man. Trump is the guy that's been in there before. He understands how it works. When you see what he was doing in terms of the economy was doing much better we weren't involved in all these world conflicts you know whether you like him like chama from uh... facebook what's this guy's name how do you say his name again but it brilliant guy who is doing this thing say the right message with the wrong messenger like trump's policies were good but coming from him nobody wanted to listen to it but the things that he was talking about with deregulation, things he was talking about in terms of dealing with international conflicts. And he was right. He was right about how to handle ISIS. He was right about a lot of these things. But the people that believe in him, they're not gonna vote for anybody else. [1:37:01] They're all in on Trump. And they think that they can't resist. Yeah, and they think that it's just a week in the Bernays, Nikki Haley and RFK, well that happens RFK's got a chance if that happens, but there's a lot of dummies out there that they think that Nikki Haley's the solution No, and she's not no there are a lot and I've seen a lot of like left-wing pundits that are talking up Nikki Haley. Well, they don't want Trump No No, they don't want Trump, but also. They want a new Hampshire and voted in the party. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. It's a fucking wild, man. It's just politics. It's like you said, I mean, unless you take the money out, yeah, we're fucked. It's a two party system. Yeah. It's gonna be the same bullshit. You I don't know why tell me why election day isn't a national holiday Mm-hmm, and why is it? Racist to say you have to have some form of identification Yeah, it doesn't make any sense. Why can't you have a day? It's a fucking national holiday Everybody go vote. We're gonna tally it up on the same day. We have some faith in the voting machines [1:38:02] You know unless you're a veteran overseas There's no mail-in ballots Unless you're a veteran overseas, there's no male in ballots. Unless you're, you know, you can't, you're bedridden, does that make sense? Jamie, I'm gonna send you something, little errors. I love memes. They're the best. Meme's my favorite thing of all time. But this one, I saw this one, it made me laugh so hard. Was it from Tom? No, no, no. This one wasn't from Tom. This one's just from Randly from the internet, but it's so perfect. Don't let Trump cheat. Demand voter ID and paper ballots. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha The Internet is so funny. They're so funny. It's undefeated. Oh my god, they're so good. They're so good. They're so good. We need them. God damn it, we need them. Thank God they exist. Thank God that they weren't able to put a stop to that. They weren't able to put a stop to people just talking shit and posting and doing whatever they want. They tried. [1:39:00] They tried. Yeah. I think they ever saw this coming though. I think when they first rolled out the internet in the late 80s or early 90s, I think they had no fucking idea what this was gonna be. If they did, they would have stopped it right away. Don't you think that's interesting when you look back at like, the idea of an Atlanta society and Latin society, or even, you know, this silliness about the torturing. When there was a point where there wasn't technology, and as it starts to filter in, you have decisions to be made on which direction to go. And we seemed to take all of our technology into the form of business and profits. What about a society that would take it in a different direction? You know, I think a lot about Tesla, right? And the inventions that he had and his idea about a society. And there's been some interesting comments about the type of society we would live in had some of his inventions. And you know the rivalry between him and Edison. [1:40:01] But like a society that isn't driven strictly on profits and advancement. The problem is innovation requires dedication and ambition. And oftentimes dedication and ambition is driven by profits. I understand. Competition has never, it's always been a part of things. But how many times in the history of this world, because as Graham talks about, there could be hundreds of thousands of years in multi-younger-driest events, how many times do we get to this point, was there other societies that they weren't strictly motivated by profits and advancement and competition in the form of division that actually figured the shit out. Well, if you had a time machine, if you could exist in like a bulletproof sphere that was invisible to all the people around you and just observe a time, I would want to observe [1:41:01] Egypt and its prime. I just would go, what are you guys doing? What were they doing? Like, what was it like? I need one of these jellyfish UAPs. The fish show. I'd go back. That one is the least interesting to me. Now come, I just don't, I'm not interested in it. It just doesn't seem like anything. It's flying around. It just goes in the water, comes out of the water like, okay. Like, so what? Which ones do you like? I like the ones that move off at insane rates of speed and that like the tic-tac one. The tic-tac one, I was watching this documentary on it the other day and they were saying that the footage was released because it wasn't supposed to be released. Someone recorded it. Someone recorded the flair footage. Yeah, and someone released it. And if it wasn't for that video footage that people have tried to debunk and then try to come up, but whatever the fuck that thing is, it's showing no visible means of repulsion. It moves off at an insane rate of speed. It's documented on radar. [1:42:00] It's documented by eyewitness accounts for multiple jets. It's documented by the instrumentation that's in the jets. They saw this thing. They know that this thing is operating in some way that we have no idea how to do that using conventional propulsion methods. And they said that it's a much longer video. That what they got was only a small piece of it, and that there's actually much more of it that the government has whatever the fuck that thing is like That to me those are the kind of UFOs I'm fascinated by something that can go from Above 50,000 feet above sea level to 50 feet in less than a second like what is that? What is that is that ours? Do we is that why it's always in your military bases? Is that why it's over in San Diego off the coast of the Nimitz where the Nimitz was was that? Is that why it's over in the East Coast where they have restricted airspace? Is that why these things are always in these places? Is it hours? I mean if I had some sort of [1:43:00] a super sophisticated drone technology that is above and beyond what we think of in terms of what's technologically available today. I would say it's UFOs too. I would say, you know, we've out of this world craft. Yeah. Yeah, but some of that is reverse engineered stuff. Could be, right? That's what I'm supposed to say. Or there could be a branch of physics. This is what Eric Weinstein has theorized. And the way he talks about it, it's quite brilliant. And he talks about this one particular college in New York, one particular university that has an insane physics department. And it's also connected to this hedge fund that does like Bernie made-off numbers that like don't seem to make sense. But So that would be a great way to get money for these things and that you have this in same physics department. So you have these people. If you talk, one of the things that Diana Pousolka talked about in her book about the people that are documented that are involved in these crash retrieval programs and supposedly [1:44:01] involved in these back engineering programs, the amount of secrecy, and their adherence to secrecy is spectacular. And this idea that people can't keep secrets, for the fuck they can't. People that could keep secrets. What do you think is the ultimate reason for that? Because there's a lot of ideas on why they can't release it. Because like Roswell, and there's been a number of different types of Roswells, which whether that was ET's that we interacted with, whether there's some sort of alliance between other alien extraterrestrial races and what do you think is the major fear around not releasing that? Well, I think there's a bunch of fears. First of all, someone has got to be held responsible for misallocation of funds. So let's say that you have defense spending, you have some private company, which is, by the way, which they all think it's private companies that are involved in defense companies that are involved in this research. Like the Lockheed Mouradura, which are much better at keeping secrets than the government [1:45:04] is. which are much better at keeping secrets right you know then the government is and that if you have uh... miss allocation funds and you've lied to congress like someone goes to jail for that you could you were talking about laundering essentially could be hundreds of millions if not billions and billions of dollars over decades so who made these decisions did they make the decisions did did Congress not know about it? So if they didn't know about it They're gonna want to know about it and if they find out that you've been lying to them all this time Well guess what you're going to jail So who's going to jail who misallocated funds where did the funds go was any of that funds filtered did anybody get wildly Rich during this time was there some sk? Like we think is going on in Ukraine? It was there, you know, when you have a shit load of money. But who went to jail when Rumsfeld said on September 10th, that 2001 there's $2 trillion missing. Yeah. We're on account for. Nobody. Well, they couldn't account for, right? Is an interesting way of saying it. [1:46:01] Yeah. Yeah. Nobody. Yeah, yeah, nobody yeah, well also what a okay, so yeah the panic I feel is it's audit every year. Yeah It's amazing. It's great. It's great. It's just hired all those IRS agents to go after yeah, after everybody who spends more than 300 bucks Yeah, no, yeah, I mean there's there's also conversations around how it can Fuck with religion, you know and You and the ideologies that so many people have and belief systems if there's, you know, say there is extraterrestrial life, and you know, how many planets in the galaxy have we found now that could sustain life even in a close proximity to us? Yeah, quite a few. Yeah. But Dan and Pusolka's work, what they're talking about is not even necessarily something from another planet. Perhaps something from another planet. And maybe something. No, maybe something that's from another dimension. Maybe something that's hyper advanced that has the ability to access us and can come and go [1:47:08] as it pleases, can go in and out. So it's basically here all the time. We just can't see it because it's multi-dimension. Yes. It's fifth dimension. It's something. And then also, I mean, again, this is what Bob Lazar talked about when he was on the show. He said, if you had brought a nuclear reactor to, you know, the 1400s that showed it to people. It'd be indistinguishable from magic. They'd be like, what the fuck is that? This is sorcery. This is crazy. But now it's just normal. As time goes on, a million years, two million years from now, if somehow or another there's intelligent beings that have continued this evolution of technology and innovation, they're gonna get to a place where they have the ability to do things that are unfathomable. You can't even imagine that your mind is not capable of it because you don't have a point of reference. You don't have context. There's not pre-existing technology that leads you to make a logical bridge towards this potential. [1:48:00] That's not the words. They talk about some of the stories in the ancient texts and then Bible. They don't have the words to explain what a spaceship is. It's like, no, it's like a chariot in the sky. Ezekiel. When you pull up the description that Ezekiel had of the wheel within a wheel, my God, it sounds like a UFO. And what a lot of people, I would like to talk to Tucker Carlson about this is Tucker Carlson has this belief to He is talked to people about this and he thinks He thinks that it's always been here and that it's a part of existence and that this is a part of these biblical stories of Angels and devils and that's what they're really talking about They're talking about these inter-dimensional beings and the darkest, the darkest theory is one that Lazara talked about. He said something that they talked to him about when he was working on these back engineered crafts is that what they use us as is vessels [1:49:00] for us that we are souls. We hold souls and that this is essentially a farm and this is how they develop souls through us and that what our soul is, I mean if you had to imagine, what our soul is is some force, something that they farm here with us, when we die it transcends and becomes whatever they are in whatever space they exist in. That's a mob said. This is he's talking about it that this is one of the crazier stores it has to do with religion that's attached to the UFO phenomenon. And Dan Perlick. Dan Perlick, it talks about the demonic world. What did Dan say? Well, this is which some of these people think is that these things have always been here and they are a part of our history and That this idea that they're coming here on these metal crafts from another plant is not necessarily The whole picture that it might be some of that Because we do that like we said drones to Mars if we get to the point where we have artificial intelligence, [1:50:06] or I should say, created intelligence, digital intelligence that exists in some sort of a physical form that we can use in a physical craft that doesn't have the biological limitations of tissue, need oxygen, and all the things that would prevent us from being able to travel in deep space. You could send this thing out into the cosmos, and this thing behaves like a life form. I mean, we're essentially on our way to doing that. We have a rover that's moving around on Mars right now as we speak. So it is a Zekiel's. Okay. I looked. I saw an immense dust storm coming from the north and immense cloud with lightning flashing from at a huge ball of fire glowing like bronze. Within the fire were what looked like four creatures, vibrant with life. Each had the form of a human being, but each also had four faces and four wings. Their wings were sturdy and straight as columns, but their feet were hoved. [1:51:03] Like those of a calf, sparkled with the fire-like burnished bronze. On all four sides, under their wings, they had human hands. All four had both faces and wings, with the wings touching one another. They had neither one way nor the other. They went straight forward. They turned neither one way nor the other. They went straight forward. Their faces looked like this, in front of human face, on the right side of the face of a lion, on the left the face of an ox, and in the back the face of an eagle. So much for the faces. The wings were spread out with the tips of one pair touching the creature on either side. The other pair of wings covered its body. Each creature went straight ahead. Wherever the spirit went, they went. They didn't turn as they want. The four creatures looked like blazing fire or like fiery torches. Tunges of fire shot back and forth between the creatures. And out of the fire, bolts of lightning, the creatures flashed back and forth like strikes of lightning. As I watched [1:52:00] the four creatures, I saw something that looked like a wheel on the ground beside each of the four face creatures. This is what the wheels looked like. They were identical wheels, sparkling like diamonds in the sun. They looked like they were wheels within wheels, like a gyroscope. I mean, that sounds like if you're living thousands of years ago, and by the way, you tell this story forever before it ever gets written down. I mean, there's a thousand years of oral tradition of speaking these stories before these things get written down. They went in any one of four directions they faced, but straight not veering off. The rims were immense, circled with eyes. When the living creatures went, the wheels went. when the living creatures lifted off the wheels lifted off wherever the spirit went they went the wheels sticking right with them for the spirit of the living creatures was in the wheels when the creatures went the wheels went when the creatures stopped the wheels stopped when the creatures lifted off the wheels lifted off because the spirit of the living [1:53:03] creatures was in the wheels one of the things that Lazarid said, there's no instrumentation inside these things. They're piloting them with their minds. Think about what they're saying. What are you saying? When the creatures lifted off, the wheels lifted off because the spirit of the living creatures was in the wheels. Over the heads of the living creatures was something like a dome, shimmering like a sky full of cut glass, vaulted over their heads. Under the dome one set of wings was extended toward the others with another wings covering their bodies. When they moved, I heard their wings. It was like the roar of a great waterfall, like the voice of the strong god, like the noise of a battlefield. When they stopped, they folded their wings. I mean God damn it. That sounds like yeah it sounds like a UFO. It sounds like some fucking insane vision that's beyond comprehension that happens to people that live in a prehistoric civilization. That's probably how you would describe it and especially if you're [1:54:04] telling the story over and over and it's passed down generation to generation and someone writes it down in ancient Hebrew or in Aramaic and then has to get translated into Latin and in Greek and then eventually to English. I mean, the whole thing is nuts. And the Vimana's the ancient Hindu texts to talk about them. There's still lifts too. Yeah. There's a ton of examples of that. Yeah, it's likely that they've always been here. And it might be connected somehow another to our minds. The mind which produces psychedelic chemicals might also be a gateway to other dimensions. Whatever you experience, when you experience dimethyl trip to me, which we know is produced by the brain, which you experience dimethyltrip demean, which we know is produced by the brain, which is the key component of ayahuasca, you experience entities, you experience exactly what they're talking about there. So what is that? Do we just dismiss that as hallucination? I think we legalize it and promote it and encourage people to do it. [1:55:00] And then the aliens come, and then we realize they've been here all along. I think they've probably been here all along. I think they're probably here right now. They're just not here here. Just not here here, but they're part of this. Yeah, I agree. We just have a very limited ability to see. Do you think they're benevolent? Probably not. No. No, I don't think so. I think progress requires a lot of chaos. I think human beings, in particular, innovative creative creatures, have to have something to battle against to become their better selves. We find that in human beings. I think we probably, there's probably a universal rule as far as how progress gets perpetrated. It probably gets created through battle. And not just like battle like war. I mean like battle like conflict, like competition. It seems to be that's the key driver of innovation in our world is this sort of competition with each other, which is a form of conflict in a lot of ways. You're battling the other competitors to see who can push each other the furthest and get the greatest the greatest discovery quickest [1:56:08] It's got to be some benevolent races though if there's multiple races of Perhaps but perhaps benevolence is just like our desire for ultimate peace We have this like ridiculous idea that you know like you can have good with no evil. And there's no real evidence for that. No, I agree. There's no real evidence as far as human society. There's been utopian groups of people that have figured it out for short periods of time. But you know, there's circumstances that lead to utopian groups of primates. Robert Sapolsky discovered this group of orangutans that had been eating out of garbage that was in a resort and the alpha males the most vicious got to eat the food first. They were poisoned. They were poisoned. The only ones that survived were the beta males. The beta males created this really peaceful society and it lasted for a long time. [1:57:02] We got to wipe out the alpha male. The meat will inherit the earth. I mean, that might be with all this fucking LBGTIQA, but that's not true necessarily because they're not peaceful. Like Antifa and all those people, there's some of the most violent, you know, counterculture groups that we've ever seen. Yeah, I don't know about the meat in here, here in the earth. I think that might be taking quite and so that a context. Yeah, but it's sort of like kind of what's going on with the creators of technology. You think about who's controlling the narrative in this world. The narrative is essentially being controlled other than by X, you know, because Elon has essentially thrown a monkey wrench into the gears of where all this stuff was going. It was all adhering to a very specific ideology. There was no real like no real prevalent right-wing online technological creation like a Google or a Facebook or a YouTube or a Twitter or All these things Instagram all these things are controlled by leftists every single one of them and [1:58:06] things are controlled by leftists. Every single one of them. And they tend to be the most feminized, the least masculine, the least at least outwardly aggressive. They promote things like toxic masculinity and they demonize what's characteristic of masculine behavior? That's the the meek. Yeah, I mean they're kind of the meek, right? They're the nerds. And the nerds are the ones who create this kind of technology and they're the ones that are in control of this technology. That's not sustainable. Well, it's definitely not because China's not that way. And they're ruthless. And if they get control of the same type of technology, we will see the same sort of results that they have in their society, which is a centralized digital currency. Social credit score. Exactly. And then we're fucked. That's... How do you feel talking about all this stuff, being this prominent public figure [1:59:00] who's a revered athlete, you know, like... Less revered now. Well, not really, not when you kick ass. They let all that shit go. All their COVID shit, they let go. As soon as you got back on the field. I was COVID MVP. I was two time MVP during COVID. Exactly. They had to shut the fuck up when it comes down to the performance. Yeah. And then over time, I think a think all of them will entirely admit that. Right. But in the back of their head, they know you weren't nearly as nutty as they thought you were. Yeah, I mean, I think it's more research comes out. There's more papers published in very reputable scientific publications that talk about, you know, all the things that I was kind of stopping for and talking about. I think in the end, you're on a decision. You stand for something, you stand courageously for what you believe in, or the opposite side of that is either saying nothing or being a coward. And I wasn't willing to do that. Now, [2:00:03] say what I want about the way I went about doing it. In the end, I made it decision that was best for me. And I'm going to continue talking about this stuff because it's important to me. And I don't want the memories to be lost. I don't want what I went through to get to brushed over. And also, I don't give a fuck. You know, I've been able to make a ton of money, plan, and support that I'm really good at. And I'm thankful for that. I have a platform. Some people want you to just shut up and be throw a football. And that's fine. But I think there has to be certain voices of reason. And many people say, I'm an idiot. I don't have, I'm not. I got a tact for my intelligence levels, which is an interesting angle to attack me on. There's a lot of things you can say about me, but that's an interesting angle to go. But in the end, I believe that what I did and what I stand for is a tough position to be in. But I think [2:01:03] it's important responsibility to continue to speak up and use my voice to give other people the permission to stand up as well. Because there's a lot of people that believe a lot of the things that I believe in that don't have the opportunity to do it, don't have the courage to do it, don't have the platform to do it in. And I feel like I can speak for some of those people and hold a line for some of those people, regardless of what kind of cross here is that's put, that puts me in with certain media members. You know, they want to shut me down. I'm being on Mac fee. They want to shut me up from, well, that was the Kimmel thing, right? Well, that would, no, they would talk for that. If you ever talked to conversation with him in person? Of course, yeah, of course. Yeah, I mean, they wanted me to be on a show in the summertime after I got traded. Really? There, you know, obviously been some things that he had said about me that made me make, go, I don't know if I wanna do that. I'd rather, you know, maybe I have a side conversation first, [2:02:02] iron some things out. Well, also, I don't think that conversation is a conversation that should be held in front of an audience in five minute chunks like they do on television. Yeah, that's a conversation that you have to let air out. I wanna know why you think the way you think, him. Sit down with Jimmy. Why do you think the way you think? Why would you think that it's okay to say that it's a real simple thing. The people that have been vaccinated, you treat them and the people that took horse goo, you know, rest in peace, weasy. Really? Is that really how you feel? Like people that are sick from a disease that was created in a fucking lab that was funded by our own tax dollars. That's how you feel like. Those people should just die because they don't trust the government or they don't trust the pharmaceutical and just real complex. That's been responsible for lying so many fucking times. They're literally criminal organizations. They have some of the biggest criminal fines in history of this country. [2:03:06] And that all of a sudden, there are the ones we're supposed to trust, the liberals were always the ones that were anti-big pharma. They were the always the ones that had no trust in anti-big banks. Yeah, anti-big banks, all that. And then all of a sudden, yeah, all of a sudden the ideology shifts because so many people are compromised by this very thing that we were talking about before. The very thing that they use to control the media in terms of the news, they use it to control the media in terms of late night talk shows and monologues as well. It's the same influence because they're the same sponsors, the same people are spending the same money on the same networks. And it has an impact. If it affects your livelihood and affects your future and your ability to do this thing that you love doing which is hosting a talk show and you're doing it on a network that is paid for by that money. Guess what? That affects you. If you don't think it affects you look what they did with the number one guy on TV news. Tucker Carlson. They [2:04:06] fired him. He was the number one guy and they're like, you're getting too crazy. See ya. You're asking too many questions. Too many questions. You're getting a little too nutty. All this talk about the CIA definitely killed Kennedy and all the all the talk all the things and now you look at that guy now he's wild that what they've done now is it's like what a fucking mistake firing that guy you should have kept them there and contained them like that letting that guy go loose and do his own show because it's not like unless you kill him it's not like people are gonna stop listening that it's got And the impressions, you know, the amount of people watching this stuff, it's crazy. It's way bigger now. His show is way bigger than the other ones. Because he acts as nobody fucking the... Most, a lot of people are, they only have cable packets, right? They have a couple of streaming services. Now you got a fucking app, you can watch, you shit whenever you want, anytime you want. Imagine that conversation that he had with that guy about Ozembic. Imagine that being on Fox News. [2:05:06] Yeah. You can't imagine it. No chance. Impossible. There's no fucking way. But it goes back to what he said in it. Is it they pay to control the message? Exactly. They don't, you know, they get some other advantages about pushing their medicine. But like, they don't need any other help. No. You know, they have doctors who can write prescriptions about it forever. It keeps them from ass media or corporate media. Be careful because we're, I mean, if you look at the amount of percentage of the, you know, of their budgets that are paid for by Farma, it's pretty wild. It's a lot of money. And then you look at how much Bill Gates has put into all the different media. Yeah. Hundreds of millions of dollars. That's pretty wild too. Yeah. So Hundreds of millions of dollars. That's pretty wild too. Yeah, so why would they so he knows hey Yeah, unless you want the the money train to turn off You say the right shit where the hundred billion dollars who gives a shit? Throw a few hundred million around and drop on the buck don't talk shit about you. Yeah, that's great. Yeah Yeah, but it's a while where we live in the fact that all this this is true, and that this is like an arguably true. [2:06:06] All the things we're saying is an arguably true, and that you still get labeled a conspiracy theorist for discussing it. Like, yeah, I am. Yeah, I'm a real conspiracy theorist. Some conspiracies are really fucking idiots. And a lot of them have been fucking proven true. Yes. And why the fuck did that term even come in the existence? To dissuade questioning the JFK? Yeah. By a warrant commission basically run by Alan Delas, who was fired by JFK. Yeah. Well, they named the fucking airport after. I mean, come on people. Fucking, it's's pretty easy to connect a few of the files. It's wild stuff. I mean, if you look at the real dark history of this country going back to MK Ultra and that KOS book by Tom O'Neill, if you just get into any of that and then delve into the Kennedy assassin, you lose all faith. You lose all faith in the system. [2:07:01] You just could be fucking just petrified frozen in fear. So that's my question is what I mean obviously this gives me a lot of hope like what you do and the people you have on the podcast and it's not just great conversations with the owner from Alaska or what's your name who does the traffic show which is fucking awesome but you you give a platform for people who are yeah, she's amazing She's amazing, but but this gives me hope because more people listen this and fucking watch any news stuff So they're getting real information from interesting people who are experts in their field about stuff, but What hope can we have that shit's gonna get better like serious my hope is literally That technology will make it impossible a lot. I really think that's the battle. The battle is between people that are trying to limit our access to the truth and technology which essentially illuminates all ignorance. As this technology progresses and is essentially right now at a runaway train pace, kind of [2:08:07] out of control. And there's this understanding that we have to continue in this path because if we don't try to get their first, if Russia gets their first, we're fucked. And so we're guns blazing towards this thing that will dissolve all access to information. It will dissolve boundaries rather to access to information. They won't exist anymore. You'll have the ability to understand the inner workings of everything. And that transparency will make it increasingly difficult for them to fuck us. And they're going to have to adjust accordingly. And then also people are going to die. The old people, the old guard, they're gonna die off. You know, when you see, what's the fucking dude's name? It looks like a turtle. Souros? No, the old dude. Mitch McConnell. What do you fucking, when he locked up? Those guys are gonna die. Like, it's a human reality. You're a finite life form. You only have so much time. You can only rob the world of so much [2:09:05] before eventually your heart stops ticking. And then the new people as they come into place, these are people that are growing up with the internet. It's a different understanding and reality of life itself. But does you think there has to be some sort of field of value that can orient people into like, hey, let's do things a little bit better because these things actually matter. There is right and wrong. There is reality. There is certain, like, well, unfortunately, the problem with living in a secular society and living in a society that has a lot of people that are atheists, that have no belief system at all, is you find a belief system. And that's a lot of these people that call themselves atheists, or they've subscribed to the religion of woke. You know, their God is equity and inclusiveness. Their God is this ideology that they think that you have to subscribe to. And that's why it's spooky. Because human beings seem to have a very strong desire for some sort of order and form and some sort [2:10:08] of pattern that they can follow that seems to be the right way to go. And they can be led by cults, they can be led by groups of people, they can be led by intolerant governments and evil armies and corrupt politicians, they could be led. But I think as time rolls on, people are gonna understand the need to have some sort of divine structure to things, some sort of belief in the sanctity of love and of truth. And a lot of that comes from religion. A lot of people's moral compass and the guidelines that they've used is follow, to live a just and righteous life. It's come from religion. And unfortunately, a lot of very intelligent people they dismiss all the positive aspects of religion [2:11:01] because they think that the stories are mere superstitious fairy tales that you know they have no place in this modern world and you know we're inherently good and your ethics are based on your old moral compass and we all have one and that's not necessarily true because you see the way people behave in war they don't have any moral compass. They just fucking murderers and killers and they we've asked people in service of our country to go to these places and behave like murderers and killers and then reintegrate in society, right back into society and be a good person again. And they don't know how to do it. And they go crazy. And there's a lot of them. A lot of them who come back and they don't, their down is up and up is down. They don't know what the fuck they're doing. We don't help them out. We don't help them out on the suicide rate. Suicide is the, I think, is it the number one killer of veterans? Pretty sure. Yeah, but yeah, it's a fucked up world we live in. We need Jesus. I think for real. Like if you came back now, it'd be great. Like Jesus, if you're thinking about coming back. Right now? Now's a good time. [2:12:06] Pretty soon. Yeah. Now's a good time. We're kind of fucked. Well, that's a lot of people I think that might be coming. Well, it might be. Mark of the beast. That might be the aliens. I mean, that might be what all this stuff is. It might be we reach a unmanageable and so chaotic that something comes down and gives us a guideline. I mean this is what Moses essentially experienced supposedly, right? When he came back with his ten commandments, this is supposedly what you know these people that have had these religious visions. What are they? What are the none of the religious visions? Like oh my god, we're fucked. All the religious visions were there's a way to do this. There's a guide, there's a way, a way to follow, and there's a greater power that's above everything that controls this whole thing and keeps it all together. And there's laws to adhere that will make for a much better life for all humans and all [2:13:03] life on earth. Yeah, it's hope. Hope is a memory of the future. It's this shit matters. Yeah. It does matter. Yeah, everything we do matters. I think if you, you know, atheists, I think, can find their own religion. It might be religion of science or religion of climate change or whatever it might be. But to not believe in a higher power means that really nothing I do matters. Ultimately, I'm a live, I die, that's it. So, whatever purpose you might have, it's a short live. It's just for this. There's nothing else going on. I have a hard time with that because I believe there's a scene world and a unseen world. And there's forces of good and forces of evil. And that there's a purpose for all this. And there's a lot of reasons why we're doing this. There's a lot of opportunities to do this. I'd like to get it right this time around. Yeah. That'd be nice. That'd be nice. But if there is the Christianity part and Jesus wants to come back and save everything, it'd be good right around now. Yeah, like don't wait till the election. Yeah [2:14:12] Don't wait until China invades Taiwan. Don't wait until Klaus Schwab puts on his suit again Yeah, don't wait till he gets on the Darth Vader outfit. Why was he wearing that outfit? Is there an explanation for why Klaus Schwab was dressed up? I think it was on Epstein's island Was he? No, he probably is his own island. Yeah, it's probably under the ocean. Sorry, I'm not accusing Mr. Klaus Schwab of being on Epstein's Island. Why did you bring up Jimmy Kimmel when that whole thing was going on? I had said on the Maccabee show before they had talked about, you know, forever they talked about releasing the Epstein list or whatever. And I had said that on the show and he had gone on his show and called me a 10 foil hat wearing, you know, doofus who is talking about, you know, I thought he had said that I'm an idiot for even thinking there's a list that's out there. [2:15:01] What was he saying you're a doofus for thinking? That there was list was going to get released, I guess. I don't know. I don't know what it was. Why would anybody defend the people that apparently were on that list? Because it is a real list. There was something about, yeah, there was something that a conversation that Pat was having about this list coming out and we were talking about as a distraction to something else. And I was referring to the list being, they're being a list and it coming out. He might have said, might have been thinking that I was trying to connect a distraction that was going on with the list being released. So I just said, you know. So when you were saying that he doesn't want that list to come out, you weren't saying that he was on that no no okay see that was a lot of people if they saw it out of context they don't nobody watched the fucking clip that's why right they just saw a headlocked very so it's a fact again let's fucking hammer right but but if someone saw that out of context you could see how and i thought that you were saying oh yeah i saw it out of. I thought that you were saying that Jimmy Kimmel's on that list, [2:16:06] because a lot of celebrities were on that list. Well, the list hasn't even been released yet. But whatever list there was, there was one test, one test of like one victim's stuff. There's a hundred victims. Nobody's gotten, you know, you talk about people going toolan Maxwell was charged and in jail for trafficking to nobody. Right. Which is wild. Yeah, like, look, and I said this when I, when I back on the show, like, that's a big fucking accusation that I wouldn't make. And I said, Jimmy, I'm glad you're not on list. And all I'm asking is, let's have the same energy for you talking about the Vax and people if you're not Vaxed just being left to die about these people on the list because it's fucked up and what goes on at the top of this shit and why people are going Epstein's Island and all the conspiracies about whether he was a mason member and Galen and her father and all the weird connections like yeah [2:17:08] I'm for all corruption in all forms being taken down. I don't give a fuck if you're on the right side on the left side, whatever. Like expose it, especially if you're doing crazy, you should like that to kids. It seems like it was an intelligence operation. It seems like, if you had the gas, they were compromising powerful and influential people and they could use that to control all sorts of narratives and to make all sorts of decisions. I mean, how many people, like those guys that are CEOs that had given him money, hundreds of millions of dollars, the fact that you would walk in the foyer of his house in New York City and Bill Clinton's wearing a fucking dress and a painting. You know, and Bill Clinton was in a flying brush painting. Yeah, yeah. It's some weird shit. It's weird. It's very weird. It's all very creepy. And the fact that it was a real place. I told you, like, I was telling people that Alex Jones told me about that a long time ago. I thought it was out of his fucking mind. There's a place they take them, they compromise them, they have sex with kids and look what? You're fucking impressed. It's so good. [2:18:06] I'm not that guy forever. I know that guy before he talked like that. He voice was a little scraggly all the years of tequila and vodka. But I thought it was nuts and it turned out to be true. It's turned out to absolutely be true. And still, there's no effort whatsoever to try to get to the bottom of it. Find out who the people were and why they were there. And there's no like real hard core congressional investigation of what was being done, how are they being influenced, to what was it about? Why do you think that is? Some fucking powerful people on that list, Jack. And also, they don't want to fuck with this mechanism that they have that has been proven to be effective. If there was an Epstein's Island, which there was, and if- There could be other ones. Deep. For sure. For sure. Why wouldn't there be? He didn't kill himself either. He definitely didn't. [2:19:01] No. I don't think he did. Did you ever see that congressional hearing? What is this? Glee Maxwell could make millions from Jeffrey Epstein's candle. How's that? Right in the book. Yeah. How is that lady alive? She says any, she could take all profits, including any documentaries, podcasts, and films that come from the book. She only has a 20-year sentence. Does she get out, how many years she's been in there? She's good behavior. Yeah. Out in two years. Or if someone comes along and fucking pardons her? Hmm. She's appealed. She's maintained her innocent. It has appealed her conviction. It isn't she in like a real nice cushy jail. We get to do yoga and stuff and stuff that bad. Probably. The whole things confusing. Did you ever see the congressional hearing or whatever it was when they had the head of the prison in there talking about what was going on to like, how come nobody was guarding itself? How come the cameras were off? How come he has a fractured neck? It's indicative of ligature strangulation. [2:20:02] Yeah. Well the one famous Dr. Michael Baton. Yeah, did the autopsy. He said he's been murdered. Yeah. Well, the one famous Dr. Michael Baden, did the autopsy. He said he's been murdered. By the way, your dog's been farting like crazy. Yeah, I have to smell so bad. Oh, Mark, you'll be doing pretty farting. I was like, I don't want you to think that was something. He's smells like... He farts some sort of, he's's good. No, he didn't need any agent food. He eats raw food. Boy, that changed. By the way, folks, feed your dog real food. So many people are feeding their dog kibble. That stuff. The reason why I can sit on a shelf for so long is because it's not real food. It's garbage. What do you feed them? Is that about to get a dog? I want to do it called Mave, M-A-E-V. It's frozen raw food. So it's frozen meat and it has vegetables in it and like blueberries and stuff like that. And man, he gobbles it up and it's changed his body. He lost a ton of weight. He was getting kind of thick, unfortunately. And I'd exercise him a lot. But you know, give him what he wants to eat and he eats a lot [2:21:04] of it. And then you're like, is this stuff good for you? It's expensive. It's just the best dog food. It says dog food. It says the purest ingredients. But if it could just sit on a shelf, how you wouldn't eat that? Like if you had to eat poptarts forever, your body's gonna fall apart, right? And a lot of dogs are getting cancer these days So this is a company called Farmer's Dog and Jamie feeds his dog that. It's all real food too. This is quite a few companies that do that now. And what it is is just real food, real meat and real vegetables and stuff. And man, it's changed his energy level. He was getting like gray hairs in his face. They went away. It's like he went backwards in time. Have you ever got him on the red light bed yet? No, no, no, no. He gets a lot of exercise though. He's got a nice big yard. I was throw the ball to him for quite a while before I take him here, so he's tire amount a little bit. Yeah, whenever he take him somewhere, he got to wear him out first. He's unfortunately, he's not good on a leash. Marshall's quite a polar but I can see that he's just fucking got a lot of energies enthusiastic dark [2:22:05] But he's the best he's such a sweet dog me see him like everybody meets his best friend Yeah, you know and everybody loves him. So he's just used to how we bonded pretty quick Rub my belly. Yeah, he sees you. He drops down It's like I know you want to rub me. Yeah big smile Ground this deal. I'm sorry. He's farting on you though. That's all good. I love dogs. Well listen brother, I appreciate you out there. I appreciate your courage to talk about these things that are important for you and obviously it doesn't hurt that you're fucking awesome at football. I'm gonna be back this year hopefully back to my always. Hopefully get you and Jamie out to him. Yeah, we'll go for sure. As soon as you're back, man. But I appreciate you having me on again. And my pleasure, brother. I fucking love, love the show, love the episodes. Love what you're all about and appreciate having you as an ally in this whole thing. Thank you, thank you. I appreciate you too. All right, goodbye, everybody.