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Cameron Hanes is a master bowhunter, outdoorsman, elite athlete, author, and host of the podcast “Keep Hammering with Cameron Hanes.” www.cameronhanes.com

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You're all juiced up with stem cells, feeling any different? Are we live yet? Yeah, we live. Oh, we are. Yeah. Oh, yeah, I feel, I don't know. You said I can't do anything for a few days though. Yeah, you got, you really should be taking time off. Like we were talking about how Shane Dory and went down to Tijuana and he got like this full body stem cell treatment. They injected his discs and they did all this jazz They told them don't do anything for eight weeks. Yeah, you're like walk But you know just let it heal let it heal eight weeks. I know it's hard Hey, could I get a little more volume? Oh you can turn it right there on that little thing? Yeah, we're like a radio station now We got like real equipment Okay, you got a cough button to go to cough See radio station now. We got like real equipment. Okay. You got a cough button too. Oh, good. To cough. See? That's pretty. See, I don't have this. See, I'm bare bones. I'm like, you know, Mattel version podcast. You're like, your way ahead of me when I started, I started with a webcam. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. I mean, you're the godfather of the OG. You're definitely not. No, Adam Curry's the godfather. He's the pod father. He was doing it like five years before me. At least, at least five years before me. Well, you caught up. Yeah, I caught up. But he does it like much more underground. Like he stays, he's got everything. How does he have his setup? Everything like subscription based he don't think he even has advertised I have a tie they have a tie to the crypto so everything yeah, you can tip with bits and stuff and yeah distributed But he's oh like super nerd. He's in dough that crypto shit. I just It's too much for me. I like bohunting. Yeah's all I mean too. I have time for this crypto stuff. I believe in it. I think it holds promise. Every now and then one of those FTX things happens where everybody loses billions. And I'm like, yeah, exactly. That's why I didn't get involved in any of that shit. Right. There's a few of those companies that try to get me involved in sponsors, and stuff like that, and do ads. and I was like, what are you doing? [2:06] What is this? And also what about those card things? Oh, you mean an NFT? Yeah. Yeah, see that is not real. I guess it's sort of an NFT, but that's really just an art gift from this guy, Beeple. And Beeple, who is this really cool artist who puts up a new piece of art every day? 365 days a year he does stuff like that and it's all a viewer seat of stuff. I think maybe But pull up Beeple's Instagram. It's wild wild shit Yeah, but he actually has a gallery and in his gallery he has things like this But enormous ones like big giant things that he's made and all these like it's really cool stuff. So that's a different kind of an NFT. Yeah it's pretty sick. His NFTs are you're getting digital actual digital art and it actually comes like this thing that he sent us it's like it moves it's got like a little [3:03] QR code and you can scan that. It's pretty cool. Yeah, it's a different sort of experience. But for the most part, I think the NFT shit that's Sam Bank from Freedom Jail, whack it off to pictures of his ex. That's him. That was awesome. Yeah, that's his cell. He's got the other guy on the wall with his eyes crossed out. That's the guy that ratted him out. And I heart. See, there's a lot. And what is that? That's his ex-girlfriend. See his lotion there? Yeah. With Luberderm. Illarious. I mean, this is the kind of shit this guy does. And he does it every day. Illarious. He's a super cool guy too. We had him in. He understand that is digital art. I understand that. But there's a lot of the NFTs like the board AP yacht club. Yeah. I was like, what is it? Yeah. For a while there seemed like everybody was making like millions. I'm like, what do I got to do here? And so can I make a hunting photo and NFT and just make a bunch of money or how does this work? I think a lot of people [4:01] thought that at first and maybe if you hopped on the bandwagon at the very beginning before everybody kind of woke up, there's no there, there, right? So like, here's the thing, like people like, well, it's yours and you own it, nobody can do it. Yeah, but I could take a screenshot of it and I have it on my phone. And where are you gonna look at it other than your phone? Like I literally have what someone paid a million dollars for if I wanted to get a screenshot of it. I could get that and then it's on my phone. It's not even a different resolution. Like what? Oh it's not. You're crypto wallet. Okay. I guess you win. I love this argument. It's fun. But like that's the same. You have a screenshot of the Mona Lisa on your phone. You don't own the Mona Lisa. No, no, no, no, no, it's very different because the Mona Lisa's a physical painting made by a master artist that's in a frame and you could look at it and you could ponder the thought behind it, the artistic expression, the technique and brush strokes and painting this guy from hundreds and hundreds of years ago. [5:02] ago created this masterpiece that the doors today. Could you do that on your phone, too? I mean, you could like... Yeah, but if you had a copy of the Mona Lisa, and you put that on your wall, I could... I mean, that still has merit. That's still a piece of art. But the board, a Pia Cllub, pull up one of them board... Well, I was gonna say with this, with the Selvuk tour Monday, it would solve a lot of the problem with this, because you would have known that Leonardo made it, because when it was first printed and he made it for sale, ideally 500 years ago, it would have been on the blockchain, and the history of that would have been known, and there was only one of them made and all of that. If it was an NFT 500 years ago if I'm saying like if it was equivalent to what NFTs are now You would have this the problem that existed with that whole documentary and like who made it? Was it repainting and all that kind of stuff would never have been a that whole thing would have never existed? Okay, but this That's not the best example. I see what you're saying, but an example though Yeah, this is a way more complicated story. Do you know about that thing? Go back to that image again please. That thing is wild because that is supposedly a lost Leonardo da Vinci, [6:11] supposedly. But the problem is there's a whole documentary on it. Is it called the last, the lost Leonardo? Is that the documentary? That sounds right. I mean the picture is called Salvatore Mundi. Right. What is the duct on the inner body? But that painting was the most expensive painting I believe ever sold. Or one of the most expensive. And the auction did it Christie's and it sold for $450 million. Yeah. Now here's the problem with it. Most of that painting has been recreated. Most of that painting has been touched up by a modern artist. It's this woman and they show her doing it over like, I think it was over a decade of working just on this one, you know, like 36 by 24 or whatever the size painting is. It's not a really big painting. [7:00] This lady worked on this one painting. So I think someone... So she influenced it? So she influenced it. Not just influenced it. Most of the work is her work. Like show the original, this is what happened. Someone found somewhere at some sale and they bought it for like really cheap. And then as they're starting to go over this, it's all documented in this Los Leonardo movie. As they're starting to go over it, it's all documented in this lost Leonardo movie. As I started to go over it, they start thinking like, I think this is Leonardo Vinci's work. And so then it sells for quite a bit more, but then they have it brought to this lady who's an art restore and she retouches it. But there's a lot of problems with it. And some of the problems are that it seems like it was multiple times it was painted over and it seems like more than one artist painted it and what they had originally versus what it is now looks very different. See if you get it fine. I mean, I'm trying to find the correct example that you're describing, but here's one example of it. [8:00] This was a 1913 version of it And then it got cleaned up in 2005. Right. But there was a way worse version of it that they bought. Well, so yeah, yeah. I mean, so that was two years later. Here's the restored version where they took everything off of it. Yeah. So, so is that what that is? Like all those white stripes is the restored version? Clean state. Clean state. Okay. So they had to take off the paint that was put on to clean it up after they restored it in 19. What was it? I mean that the first year I was found in a collection of like the early 1900s, I think that was the other one that was restored like the pencil one. Yeah, that one right there. So, So the one on the left, they were saying, like maybe this is Leonardo and so they cleaned it up, but then this lady goes and paints over it. So like, go back up, please. Go back up to that. So that image just kind of fucked up. Like if you're gonna buy that, how much is that worth? I mean, it's beautiful. Like look at the hand, it's incredible. You would think, well, maybe this is Leonardo Da Vinci. But so then this lady goes over the whole thing and then show it the final version. And so I'm trying to think it's at the bottom. [9:09] Okay. And the final version is pretty stunning. This is the after-restoration on the right. Yeah. But it's the... The after-restoration on the left. It's so much more detailed than the original one that was all fucked up. So like, is that a Leonardo? Or is it that lady? Who did that? It seems like it's that lady. It's a collab. Yeah, it's a collab. But that's not how it's being sold out. If you get the Monolisa, that's the fucking Monolisa. Yeah, right. That is Leonardo Da Vinci's work, and they kept it in pristine condition for all these years. This is like some weird shit. So MBS, the ruler of Saudi Arabia owns it and he just keeps it on a yacht. The Mona Lisa? No, that thing. Oh, that's awesome. He tried to make a deal. Apparently they talked about this in the documentary that he wanted to put it to Louvre in Paris next to the original Mona Lisa. [010:01] And the people in Paris were like, yeah and this we don't even know what this is take four of those four yeah I'd take four or six if you want to be smart I take your whole bottle come on we're we're we're shooting up with stem cells we're giving you alpha brain you're having the full Austin experience here cam ains so what here's these ufie Apes. I don't know if it's why we brought it up. Well, those are worth millions. Yeah. Well, Jamie bought these. I have one. Did you know the last time we mentioned his T-shirts and he made, it was a nice little pop. $3,000. Which wants to pull that up? Jamie T-shirts? Which T-shirts? Yeah. Yeah. We just did a little Mimsy at the end of the podcast because he said he had this big spike in sales And he's like what the hell happened on this day? And it was like us talking because I mentioned something about young Jamie the best one is the I looked into it the rainbow I was thinking to give and that's a grush. I didn't have it in my head in time like he's Yeah, he's looked into it the most so you were saying that you're on the fence off defense. Yeah, the boat crush the story [011:06] I was hearing is it's just it's a it's a lot I With I'm gonna skip a lot of it But what I was reading and slash what they were saying is that one possibility that could be going on as there is in I think we're taking in some a gramhand cock stuff too if if people were around on earth 500,000 years ago, in some way, there was some split and a second set of humans continued on. And we're like in this interdimension space where they're both happening simultaneously. And that's where like if he was saying this? No, no, no, no. This is from the, I'm gathering this all from like that video. I'm adding in some agreement Hancock stuff too, because this kid and also interviewed him, Jesse Michaels, on his podcast, and they're talking about some of the same stuff. But something they said in the Grush interview on his podcast was that an idea would be that these people exist on a split timeline from us. [012:02] Like we had cataclysm and died and repopulated and what not. Now we've ended in this place in 2023 with combustion engines and we're flying around. These people would have been in a different anti-gravity who knows what they figured out. And they went somewhere else? I think I don't know they're not even saying that. This is where like they're not going to talk about. I don't they haven't talked about that, but I think what they're saying or getting or getting at maybe is that they're here and that's why the nuclear thing is so important to them. They're on the same planet as us and if we blow up the planet it goes away from us. So they're here we just don't know where they are. And that's where the interdimensional thing comes in. That's what I'm gathering out of what I've heard. How are you when you came up with this it? It's not, I don't think I'm saying it's my theory. This is what they're sort of saying. And Grush is sort of like, that's an interesting thing you're saying. He's not confirming it with the emergency thing, but it was, it's a lot to take in. That's definitely for sure. It's all a lot to take in. David Grush is that UFO whistleblower that testified in front of Congress Yeah. It's hard to say, man. The thing about it is, I believe he's telling the truth as far as what he's experienced [013:08] and the documents that he uncovered and the people that he talked to. But how do you know whether or not they're just using him as a useful idiot to just get out some silly story because they're covering up for the fact that there's some very advanced, drone system that the United States government has that are trying to keep under wraps. Right. It might be both. I think it's probably both things. Well, here's a thing. You're out in the woods all the time. You ever see a UFO? No. Ever see a big foot? No. Have you ever talked to a hunter that's seen a UFO? No. Ever talked to a hunter that's seen a UFO? No. Have you ever talked to a hunter that's seen big for it? I talked to, so really? The guys down at St. Carlos, the Apache reservation, they said they've seen stuff. Okay, were they on peyote? I don't know. I know a lot of those Indians don't get down. I don't think so. I mean, I don't, and it's been like multiple times. What kind of stuff? [014:08] Like square, like something square flying. Oh interesting. Yeah, because that is the thing that they describe right? It's a square with a sphere inside of it like a blood no the opposite. Yeah a Sphere with a black square. Yeah Yeah, so that's I don't know anybody other than that That's a that's the first story I've heard from somebody who I have talked to well That kind of makes sense because that thing they do spot, that's a common one. Some flying square inside a sphere, like a translucent sphere. And that's like legitimate pilots have seen that. That's a weird one. Right. Because my theory, and this is totally unfounded without any research whatsoever, it's just the best kind. This is my favorite converse. My theory is that they have this ability to make something move in this insane way with gravity, but they can't put a body in it and they can't put weapons in it. [015:01] It's just an object that they can get to move at insane rates of speed. That's what I think. I think the military applications of this thing have yet to be figured out. But I think they do have something that can do things that we have no knowledge of. But the United States government is probably, they probably have in their possession something that was either back engineered from something from somewhere else or something that they developed in a completely top secret environment with the top research scientists probably during the wars during World War II and III or III. That's impending. And in Iraq and Afghanistan, they think about the amount of money that gets funneled, funneled through the government. And they don't, I mean, didn't the Pentagon just for the sixth year in a row fail their audit? Imagine if you failed your audit, six years ago, or they crawl up your ass with a fucking [016:02] microscope. Yeah. I think was that what it was? They've never passed it. that's six years ago. Boy, they crawl up your ass with a fucking microscope. I think was that what it was? I thought it was. I never passed it. But yeah, it does correct. It does. It fails to audit with number passing grace. So there's a lot of money flowing around as my point. And who knows how much of that money is going to these secret programs that we don't know about? Yeah. Yeah, I know. And if they did that and they did have the top scientist, and if I was the fucking president, and I was the chief of staff, and I was running the Pentagon, I would want the best scientist. So I'd recruit the best scientist, and I'd say, hey, you know, this is national security. We're working on this project. It uses gravity propulsion, shut the fuck up. Don't tell anybody, but you get to work on some cool shit. Yeah, and you get paid a lot of money. You get paid a lot of money and you get to be a part of one of the most insane discoveries in human history. So this is what we're working on. Yeah. I think that's likely too. But then you gotta go back to like the food fighters from the 1940s and the crash at Roswell and that you also have to be open to the possibility that like look there's a lot of planets out there. Mm hmm. A lot of planets out there. [017:06] It's very possible that we're not alone. Yeah, it seems like we would have found something by now. If you could go to another planet, Bo Hunt, that'd be sick. I wouldn't do it. No? Imagine if you'd be the first guy to eat a deer from another planet and you just fucking die instantly. That's a good way to go. Not as a dog way to go. The good way to go is send some some fucking prisoners over there, send some murderers, send some like school shooters. I was in them over there to eat a space deer. I guess you could yeah, test them out. To say either you kill this and eat it or you die because there's no food. So good luck and then see what happens. Exactly. Yeah. I like so but somehow it's keeping real quick. Thank you for getting me down here for the stem cells. My blood. Ways to well. Shout out to Ways to well. Yeah. That's good. I think I like that. You know, I had blocs is kind of coming on to they [018:02] offer the same way to well offers the same thing But it seems like those type of Outfits are really gonna gain popularity because of the distrust in the medical. Yes, whatever you like your your regular doctor That was telling you oh, yeah, you got to get this vaccine this and that now it's you know Obviously there's distrust there. So I think people are thinking, do I need a doctor? What's a doctor for just pushing prescriptions on me? So now they can kind of take their health into their own hands, get their blood panels down, see where they are, you know, on a bunch of different markers. And that's what Ways to Well and Blokes does. And I think a lot of people are gonna be doing that instead of calling their, their, right family doctor. Well a lot of family doctors unfortunately just don't have that knowledge base. They don't understand that. Yeah. They'll tell you not to take things and they don't have any knowledge of it themselves and you talk to them they have a pot belly. You know, well you don't need any vitamins or you can get everything you want from a balanced diet, whether eating cheeseburger. Well, and they do that you're like your markers and they're saying, well, this is say with test, [019:07] they'll say, well, your testosterone is within normal range. Normal range. Normal compared to another fucking normal, you see the normal American these days. I don't want to be anywhere near that guy. I want to be like my own category. So yeah, so yeah, optimize, built for performance, you know, get your body at the highest level, not compared to the average American. Right. So that's where, I don't know. Well, there's a lot of peptides that are very beneficial and some of them they've even pulled from the market because they're beneficial. It's one of the things they did with thymacin. Thymacin was used during COVID. A lot of people are using it to help them recover from COVID, so they pulled it. So they made it so you can't access thymacin. They're trying to make money off of it. Exactly. Yeah. And these compounding pharmacies can make it and they make it fairly cheaply. It's not expensive. And they're doing that with BPC157 as well because so many athletes use BPC157. It's a very common one for helping heal injuries and it works, works really well. I know a lot of people that use it, a lot of fighters can't use it unfortunately, [020:07] but a lot of Jiu-Jitsu guys use it. MMA fighters in the UFC at least can use it. So they test for it? Yeah, unfortunately, I don't think they should because I think what it does is help you heal. And I think if you're in a sport that literally most of the time you're getting smashed. Most of the time you're getting kicked and punched and you're always dealing with injuries, wouldn't we wanna help these guys get to the finish line, like get to the fight? Because a lot of injuries, like Gordon Ryan, was supposed to compete. The beginning of December and then the end of December in Jiu Jitsu and he just fucked his rib up. He just tore his rib. This is a normal thing that happens with Jiu-Jitsu guys. It's a normal thing that happens with UFC guys, but Gordon will have access to Ways to Well, and they'll give him all the best peptides. They'll figure out what's the best protocol in order to help heal that. And he'll get back on track much quicker than someone [021:02] if they were fighting in the UFC who had no access to those things because they're being constantly tested. Yeah. Yeah, I don't think they should test for that. You know, I think they should figure out like what's cheating and what's just helping you heal. And let's, you know, let's not let guys take trend and fucking deball and all this crazy shit. Yeah, let's not do that. But I don't see any problem with things like BPC157 that are just all what's going to do is help your body heal quicker. That's what we want. We want to get better quicker. You're in the business of breaking bodies. You're in the business of literally kicking guys legs out from under them and punched them in the stomach like we should have some shit that makes you heal quicker. Right. Just be healthy. It's not gaining an advantage over another fighter. The only advantage is you won't be injured as long, which is a very good thing that we should apply to everyone. And it's not dangerous, it doesn't have horrible side effects, it's not something that's scary, it's going to fuck up your reproductive system, it doesn't do any of those things. It just helps you heal faster. And I think these organizations, you have seen all the other ones as well they should embrace all these different things and just stop treating it like the problem [022:09] is really it was baseball this is the problem this is where everybody got it in their head that is cheating it was Mark McGuire and Sammy Sosa and when those guys were on that fucking home run competition and they were cracking them out of the park and they both looked like superheroes. It was awesome. It was awesome. Don't forget Barry Bonds. It's Barry Bonds, right? Yeah. Barry Bonds as well. But yeah, that was like, that was a heyday of baseball. Oh, so you're trying to make people not care? Yeah. And those guys were juiced to the tits and baseball, which is the American pastime. We associated steroids and baseball with cheating. He's a cheater. We're not cheaters. We're Americans. You know, but listen if you could get a hold of any NFL player in between camp like what? What are the odds? What are the odds that not sportsmen of the year? What year was that? [023:05] 98. the odds are not sportsmen of the year. What year was that? I was in the year that they were doing, and I think whatever like that. I needed some. Why they were in Togas? Because they're gladiators. What? But the gladiators were Togas? I don't know. Who wears Togas? Those guys were Togas. Oh, animal house? Yeah. Yes. They were the John Belushi. Yeah, look at Mark McGuire with the glass of milk and the baseball bat. That's hilarious. Yeah, we have milk, even though guns. Besides those guns, going, going, going. I'm drinking milk. Let's see Barry Bonds. I want to see him. Oh, Barry Bonds got super jacked. I know. He was so good just naturally. And then he added all that muscle. And I'll look at this. Yeah, if they can allow those guys to do the sauce, look how skinny they're versus them. Boom. But he was so good when he was skinny. Yeah, he was great in the beginning and then got that extra horsepower from all that clear. The stuff they were rubbing on him. I know. I had that guy on, the guy from Balco. [024:00] Victor. Victor Conte. Yeah. We explained it all and how it's all done and what they did. Well, I'm fastening. Yeah, because I remember McGuire said he was taken like, Andral, or it was some supplement you could buy. Andrastine Dion. Oh, that's a, and it just skyrocketed off the shelves. Yeah, he probably took that too. Yeah. You know, I know that stuff did work. It gave you a little bump. I couldn't tell you, I couldn't tell you what I take that works because I take 30 different things. Right. So I he probably wasn't lying. He's like, yeah, I take this and here's the results. But yeah, I take a handful of who knows what I take a lot more stuff now after that Gary Brecker podcast. I started taking methylated B vitamins and also to other stuff that he was at a good. I didn't listen to that one Was it good? Great one. That's a great one. Holy shit. He goes deep. Yeah, that's an amazing one He changed Dana White's life. I mean Dana White was basically on Death's door and he put him on a ketogenic diet [025:01] Now Dana looks fucking 15 years younger does yeah. He looks amazing. Well, he's in this light bed. He got this red light bed every day. And his face just looked better. One of the things that happens when you lose fat, and this definitely happened to me recently, you lose fat in your face. So the face starts to sink in around here. It kind of looks like shit. He bowtocks. No, he doesn't it's also collagen. You don't have as much collagen as your older is doing younger. So if you're a younger person, you have a lean face. It doesn't look as bad. It's when you're an older person. You know what I said that once? William Shackner, who's like 80 years old. He's talking about how he gains weight because it keeps the wrinkles away. way. This keeps a fat face and you don't have as many wrinkles. My daughter watches all of these like before and after things. So it's like I think buckle fat removal. I think buckle fat is somewhere on your face. I don't know what Jamie was buckle fat. Buckle fat. Yeah. I think it's like what you're talking about maybe. Well, what I'm talking [026:00] about is when you if you're a fat person, you're not going to have a gunt face. But if you're a person who loses weight, here it is, buckle, a BUC-A-L fat removal. Yeah, oh, so they take that out so they have more like the high cheek bones. Oh, I see. So it's like sculpting. Yeah, see like that on the face, they're sculpting. Right. So that's you're just doing that naturally. You're more sculpted. Yeah, I lost a lot of face fat for sure. I lost a lot of body fat. But that's all from carnivore diet. That changed everything from me. How come Has Dana ever been on the podcast? Yeah. He has? Yeah. He's been on. When? Oh, a while back. He'll do it again. I'm sure I do it again. I don't man. I never remember him being on. Yeah, he was just at the club the other night I came to the club Oh Thursday night. When's that when's that yeah? Just a couple nights ago. Oh good. Yeah, it was coming hang out Yeah, he's great. I love that dude. He looks fucking amazing. He does I know so good. He looks so much and looks at a different person But at first his face was looking kind of like mine does. Where your cheek sunk in. But it's like, if you want a six pack, [027:06] or you want a fat face, you know, you don't get both. If you got a fat face, you don't get a six pack. Now, yeah, it's a given day. And if you want a six pack, your face gets thinner. But this red light thing is like plumped up his face with collagen and it just looks so healthy. His skin looks so healthy. I'm really impressed. But his energy level is so different. It's amazing. But he doesn't need any sugar anymore. He doesn't drink alcohol anymore. And he's just fucking super healthy. No alcohol, huh? No alcohol. I mean, I'm sure occasionally maybe he'll have a drink, but he does not drink regularly. What's next big fight? Well, there's a nice card this next weekend in Austin that we're going to go see pumped about that. That should be fun. But then the big one is Colby versus Leon Edwards in Vegas. So for the Walter Waite title. And that's a couple of weeks from now. [028:01] That's a big one. That's a big one. That one's big. That one's exciting. Ooh, that's a couple weeks from now. That's a big one. That's a big one. That one's big. That one's exciting. Ooh, that's a good one. When else is that card? Pull up that card, Jamie. Tony. Oh, that's all right. Tony and Patty Pimble, Tony's training with David Coggins which is crazy. I know. Pentosa versus Brandon Roy Val for the flyweight world title and Shav I've caught Rockman off versus Wonder Boy. Woo. That's gonna be a good one. I end Vicente Luki versus Eden Gary. Woo. Those are good fights. That's a good fight. I'm very interested to see Tony after he's been training with David Goggins. There's a lot of like very mixed reviews about whether or not that would be a good thing or a bad thing for him. Yeah, I see. I read a bunch of those comments. Yeah, it's interesting. It's like who else is on it? Oh, Josh Emmets on that fight against Geekot. Oh Geekot, Chikotze is on that fight too. Look at this card guard brand and Brian Keller. Oh shit This is all on the Dustin Jacobi and Alonzo Menifield. Wow, these are good fucking cards sons. Is a good card, holy shit. [029:07] Yeah. Go all the way back down there again, please. That card is fucking stacked. Yeah, that Cody fight will be good with Brian. Mm-hmm. Yeah, and Randy Brown versus Muslim Salikoff is a fucking killer fight too. These are good fights. Yeah, holy shit. It's a card. Yeah, the bottom. Yeah, that's a really good card. How many fights is that? 13 fights. 14 14 13. That's a long day for you. Oh, yeah, that's a long day. This one though. Who's going to win this one right there? Very interesting fight. Very interesting fight. You know, how is Cole be doing? Because he was pretty fucked up by that soccer punch, right? Yeah, I think he's doing better now. Yeah. What was the extent of the damage that... I don't know what it amounted to. Yeah, I'm not sure. [030:01] Because he was suing him and did they settle that? I think they settled. Did I read that they settled? Did you see that? Yeah. So he just said, baby bitch. I think it was just, you know, proven a point. Yeah, you can't be going around soccer punch a bunch of people who just kicked your ass. I think it was on. I had your chance to punch him. He had five rounds. I think he didn't work out at all. I think it's just an unprinciple. Yeah. I think Colby was just like, no. Yeah. I'm going to make you pay. Yeah. Well, you can't just let people get away with that. No. Because then they're going to do it more often. And it's going to really muddy up the sport. Yeah. It's just, it's a crime. I mean you literally committing crime. I'll do that. I think uh yeah I think that I think Colby's gonna get that one. You think so? I want him too. I know you do. Do you like him? Yeah. I like Leon too. It's it's a good fight. I'll tell you that because uh if you were gonna pick someone Jorge Mazudal pleads no contest to charge from altercation. [031:05] This is November 6th. Oh so this just happened. So they haven't settled it yet. I think that was the end of it. If he pleaded no contest, okay, it says... The plea deal. ...said that two felony charges of aggregate assault and criminal mischief were dropped as part of the plea agreement. There is a no stay away order in the agreement. Also a no stay away order. What does that mean? That what's a no stay away? I could understand a stay away order. Like a restraining order, I think, but not a no stay away. There is no stay away order is what it's saying. There's also no stay away order in the agreement. Right. There isn't a stay away. So he doesn't have to stay away. So they can hang out with each other. Yeah. The 30 38 year old has been facing over 10 years in prison. The case tends from altercation, d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d I just beat the case. I want to thank God. I also want to thank my attorney because I'm a free fucking man. Fuck you Colby [032:06] It's gonna be a fucking movie now all these orders all these are straining orders all these things have been lifted off It's gonna be a fucking movie I Don't know what that means Who's gonna play Jorge I'm the boring ass movie like guys sucker punches a guy and then gets off that's a movie. Thank you Yeah, I don't know if it's gonna be a movie. Yeah, I think that brain injury. That's just maybe had a concussion Yeah, I mean so I got a concussion. I mean if you got sucker punched. Yeah, it's likely you got a concussion The thing is like you can only get someone out so many of those your life. Yeah And if you get a big one right before you're gonna fight Leon Edwards, it's good that he took a lot of time off, because he did take a lot of time off. Yeah, he did. It was like two years, right? Yeah, almost. Yeah. Be pretty close. Leon is fucking good, man. That's a good fight. But if you wanted to pick someone who'd have a really good shot at Leon, it would be someone who's an elite grappler who has an incredible gas tank who can push a ferocious pace. That's [033:09] Colby and Colby wades right into the fire. He starts it off like that just to I think keep him honest. You know he'll come in throwing bombs because they know he wants to take him down so he's got to keep that honest I think and just like get him thinking about the big punches too. So he's got to keep that honest, I think, and just like get him thinking about the big punches too. Yeah, he's got to get him thinking that this isn't just take downs. And if you just think about take downs, I'm throwing haymakers your way. Yeah. He's fucking good, man. I mean, everybody other than Usman got fucked up by Colby, everybody. And the Usman that faced Leon Edwards, man, I don't want to make excuses for Usman, but there is a reality of that guy's knees. It's an inescapable reality that I know firsthand, I've talked to him about it. I know people that have treated him. I know his knees are so fucked up. It is just his mind that allows him to compete at that level. [034:00] We were talking about it during the last fight. When you see the difference between his upper body and his legs. Right. His legs are like smooth and they're not that muscular. And then you look at his upper body's off-fucked superhero. Yeah. His upper body's so much bit because he can't do much with his legs man, which is so crazy. Yeah. This guy's one of the greatest UFC Walter Reed champions in history. He compromised. Yeah. With fucked up knees. Yeah. He has to walk backwards downstairs. Yeah. That's a that's insane. What he did. insane. But how old does he know? 36 37. Yeah. So then he just lost to Humzot. Yeah. Which is, it's just boy, look, when that fight was announced, I was like, oh, that's a great fight. But if I was in command, I was in short notice, too. I was in command, I was here. I'm like, dude, no. And I would say that the same thing to Volkanowski. I said, no, not on short notice. Not 10 days. You're the world champion. Yeah, this is the best ever. And you have a real opportunity to go down to history as the grace of all time. [035:06] Then he gets head kicked with a 10 day camp and he gets knocked out. Like that's counts. Well, and it also can change your career. A hundred percent. Yeah. And a head kick like that could change your life. Yeah. I mean, I don't know what the extent of the damage is. But there's been some headkicks where like Terry Adam when Terry Adam fought Edson Barbosa Edson Barbosa wheel kick Terry Adam in the head and we kind of never saw Terry Adam fight at that level ever again It was a devastating kick he wheel kicked him and just shut him off and it was I Believe it was the first wheel kick knockout in the history of the UFC. I'm pretty sure It was perfect. It was just like the perfect example of how devastating that kick is when applied properly. And Terri Adam was like a world class contender. And he kind of never was the same again and he disappeared. Yeah, that's the risk. I mean, everybody likes somebody who will go out on their shield [036:03] and take any fight and like always game, But man, 10 days is not enough. What's the risk? Cause obviously he wasn't in shape. So he's having to lose all that weight, you know, 30 pounds or whatever had to lose. You're not going to be your best. No way. No way. You're fighting the champion. But then you have the opposite, which is Tom Aspenal. Yeah. Tom Aspenal fights Pavlovich and takes that fight on two weeks notice and becomes the interim champion and fucks his back up and can't train at all. That is crazy. Also though he's a heavyweight and he doesn't have to go. Yeah, that's what I'm just gonna say. The bigger guys I think, it's not quite the same. It's not quite the same. It doesn't have to cut weight, which is a giant factor. So he doesn't have to do massive amounts of cardio. And he could literally just let his body heal. And I don't know what he was even able to do. His back apparently was pretty fucked up. But the other good thing was that Pavillich is not a grappler. In fact, his lone loss was to Alster Overham and Alster got him down the ground and [037:01] grounded him. That was very early in his career, but Aspenal, like that guy's, he's something special. He really is something special. He's a very unusual, very unusual example, because he's a heavyweight and he's a big guy, really big guy, but he moves so fast. And his coach, I think it's Colin, I forgot how to say his last name. How do you say his last name? Colin Hume? I forgot, it's from Cobalne, this gym that he trains at in the UK, from the time he was young, emphasizes speed. So you knew he's gonna be a big guy. You're always gonna be a big guy. Yeah, Colin Huron, that's it. Um, breaks down Curtis plays. Okay. So this guy who is, uh, he trained down till he's, uh, he looks tough himself. I'm sure he's tough. You don't train those guys a little bit tough. No. But the, the point is that like Colin from the early days of the career was, like, emphasizing a speed. [038:08] And so his speed has always been, like, extraordinary compared to other heavyweights. Like, just fucking moves in. It's all, like, fast, explosive movements. So he's got natural speed, but then he's also got a lot of training to execute quickly. So when he moves in, he closes the gap. he can see like fuck, he's fast for a big guy. Right. Yeah, it's, uh, yeah, uh, I don't know. And when I think of Volk, that fight, you know, was very close, he lost the first time. That was at the full camp at his best. Yep. I mean, Yep. Yeah, he lost. He said he didn't, he needed something to do too. Wasn, he lost it. I think part of it was he said he didn't he needed something to do to wasn't he like that idle time was killing him. Yeah, it was killing him mentally. But he's got to fight with Ilya Toporia who is a fucking killer. Oh my god, that guy punches so hard. Oh, he does everything so good. Ilya Toporia is that guy is he is fucking special. [039:02] He's a real challenge. He fought Mitchell because I thought Bryce Mitchell. I mean he's good Bryce Mitchell is very good and he beat the shit out of him He beat the shit out of him, but also Bryce Mitchell apparently was recovered. He was hurt Sick that's yeah, he what he said he wasn't making excuses. So I mean It was making excuses, but here's an excuse maybe I mean I get it He I'm sure he's telling the truth. That was a freaking. It's a normal thing to have in the camp. That impressed me how good. Yeah. What's his name? Tuporia. Well then the Josh Emmett fight was really impressive. He beat the fuck out of Josh Emmett. Josh Emmett is a hammer. He's a scary dude. And I think Tuporia's special. He's a little Volkswagen fighting him next. Yes. And he's fighting him after getting knocked unconscious. Yeah. You know, and I mean, look, all fair play to Islam because Makachev looked fucking fantastic. He made all the adjustments between the first fight and the second fight. One of the first things he did is like heavy kicks to the body from the left side, [040:00] which set up that high kick through a lot of front kicks down the middle. I mean, he was hammering Valk from the outside. Yeah. Valk did a lot of things in the first fight that he just could not do in the second fight because Makachev had improved so much. And I think the embarrassment of having a very close fight with a guy that you're supposed to steamroll, you know, and a guy who's a hundred and forty five pound champ, you're the one fifty five pound champ, you're supposed to steamroll. You know, and a guy who's the 145 pound champ, you're the 155 pound champ, you're talking about going to 170, and you have this incredibly close fight with this guy, and you're not able to submit him, and he's laughing at you and talking shit. And at the end of the fight, he's on top. He's on top beating him up. I think that was a very, very strong motivating factor, and Makachev just trained like a fucking monster for the second fight. Yeah. Which was supposed to be not... Who wasn't supposed to be? Olivera. Yeah. Supposed to be Olivera, Olivera gets injured. You know, but the point is like... He was that very best. He said it's very best. Very best. Always getting better. Yeah. He's the best pound for pound fighter in the world now. And I'm telling you that argument could have been before that fight. It could have been Volkanowski. You could have said Volkanowski's the best, even though he lost that fight. [041:08] He's going up and wait extremely close. I kind of thought he won the fight. I gave him the nod, but very close. It's not a robbery, but very close. But now you got to say, well, my coach just was bad. He's better. He's better than he was the first fight. And we don't really get a chance to see if Volkanowski was better. Right. Because Volkanowski didn't have a camp. You have to have a camp. The difference between these guys with a camp and without a camp is giant. It's like the difference you're fighting at 40% and 100%. I couldn't imagine. It's crazy. I mean, mentally you'd have to, I don't know, how could you believe in yourself, you know, so come on set he kept wondering whether or not he had the gas to go Yeah, yeah, didn't know if he had the gas to like step on the gun at the end of the fight You start tuning he did comes out up. He looked good in the third round I was wishing that fight was two more rounds. I was well I wish and they just fucking figured out some shit for his knees. Yeah, if that guy didn't have bad knees Who's gonna touch him? Yeah. He was so good in his prime. God damn. [042:06] Especially when he got his, he got that power. You know, at first he didn't have it. It didn't seem like he was, you know, hardcore wrestling. But then, I mean, he, Colby a couple times. He stopped Colby, but how when he knocked out, how much would I always look and shot? Yeah, that was brutal. Power lights out. Yeah, he's a real warrior Yeah, but the most the thing that impresses me the most is his his mind the fact that he can overcome that pain The fucking guys in pain walking You know it's like Goggins. Yeah, like people know now because we talked about it Goggins just got another fucking knee surgery. Yeah, I mean his his knees... After Tony or before Tony? Before Tony. Yeah. His knees are destroyed. They're destroyed. It's bone on bone. There's nothing going on there other than two bones banging into each other and he's running thousands of miles. The doctor looked at David's knees and he said, I don't understand how you can walk. [043:00] Never mind run a thousand miles. Right. How the fuck are you doing this? And it's just the mind. Yeah. That's the same thing with tomorrow. Another love, right? Tomorrow just, he just like puts that shit aside. How do you think that, what do you think about Tony training with David? What do you think it's going to do? I don't know. I don't know because we've never seen anybody train with David before. Yeah. You know, like you could say on one hand, look, clearly when the two of them are training together, Dave is not struggling at all. And Tony is struggling. So there is definitely some ground to gain when it comes to endurance. Yeah. Or endurance. End mental strength. Yes. Yeah. But it built endurance. Just just Tony's, I mean, Dave is not even fucking tired. They're going side by side with each other. He's like, who's going to carry the boats? He's not even fucking tired. Because he can go for days. He could just go for days. He's an intern's athlete. There's without a doubt some benefit in that. Yeah. So look at the two of them are doing that. And they're doing the workouts together. Yeah. And David looks like he's like hanging out at fucking planet fitness. Yeah, you know, trying to pick up a check. [044:06] You know, like he's like, so what are you doing after this? You know what I mean? Yeah, look at Tony's standing up. Tony's dying. Tony's dying. I think he pukes here one of these videos. Yeah, he pukes. I'm sorry, he puked to top. But David said that Tony was the first guy to get through hell week with yeah which is incredible so they're doing miles of lunges miles and David's doing all this look at his knees destroyed knees yeah and this is just a few weeks after another fucking surgery yeah his they open up his knee like a fish and sew that bitch back up together I don't know what the fuck they did to it he's had just died he's an animal. Just a fucking pure machine. You know who hates him? Who? Weekman. Yeah. Weekman, hey. Weekman and jealous man and people don't know him. He gets misunderstood, unfortunately, by some people that I like. They just don't look into it hard enough. And then there's also, there's a natural inclination [045:03] to try to find someone who's Just excelling above and beyond everyone and find shortcomings and then pick them apart find something Instead of just look at the message that guy is saying all right What is he saying he's saying? Take control take control use your fucking mind take control of your life and and be better at everything and you can do this And I used to be a fat fucking look at me now. That's a great message man. That is. That message you sent. I mean that message resonates with me and resonates with you and resonates with all the people that we know. I mean that is a fucking message and a half and he's living it. He's not just saying it. He's living it. Yeah it's a. I think he's a national treasure. Oh, so do I. I mean, you know, you have this quote. I see it's been going around on Reels talking about, God, there's a certain set of men who that are just, I can't remember how you say it. It's so good. I've been seeing people put it on their own Reels, but like they're just built for, I don't know if it's chaos [046:02] or something. Do you remember this spiel you had? I've said a lot of things. Yes, no. But it's like a good one. That's really popular right now. But it describes people like David to a T. Yeah. And it's there are. There's a certain group of men who a lot of people aren't going to understand. Right. Because it's so different. But to those people, it's like those are the national treasure. Those are the people. There's a beacon. It's like, okay, that's the goal. Well, most people, they don't understand what it's like to really test yourself and to really do something that's difficult all the time. I'm doing this thing now where I'm running this boot camp for comedians. Yeah, I've heard you've talked about it. So I did it today. Yeah. So Derek Poston just joined today shout out to my man Derek So a son of a Derek Brian Simpson Duncan Trussle when he's in town. He was in town today in Shane Gillis and we get after it These guys are getting after it. That's awesome. They start every day with a hundred push-ups, hundred bodyweight squats We do five sets and I tell you can't do a hundred don't do a hundred you can do five sets and I tell you you can't do a hundred. Don't do a hundred. You can do five pushups in a row and you're struggling. [047:07] Stop at five. I'm trying to build a base. Right. So I said, I don't want you to kill yourself. The whole idea here is we're just building a base. And we're going to keep going and they've been doing it consistently through this week. It was four times a week. Four times a week. We can't. Four weeks. Four weeks now. So they're four weeks in. Yeah, nice. And we're very consistent. They should be seeing results. They're seeing results. Yeah. But they're seeing results in how they feel, almost immediately. Because I'm not killing them. I'm not killing them. But when the rock was here, I killed them. Yeah. we're gonna get after it today. How that big fucker do? He did pretty good, except for the mobility stuff. Like windmills, he struggled with windmills, and he struggled with a couple of things. Windmills, is that the thing that you do? Yeah, nobody can do those. Yeah, I can do those. Yeah, people can do them. Well, they require flexibility, but they require range of motion and core strength. That's a real core strength thing. But that is a thing, those in Turkish get ups [048:06] are they're not sexy. They don't give you big biceps, but those apply very well to functional strength, like martial arts and things like that. Like if you got a carrier, a fucking out quarter up a hill, they really work for that. Cause you can throw stuff around like your core. It can manipulate heavy things. So I do it with 70 pounds, right? So I clean and press 70 pounds, and then I have this motion where I'm going all the way down like that, and then all the way back to the straight. No, I tried to. It's, it works those lower back muscles. It works your abdominals. It works the strength and stability of your shoulder. Yeah. It works your abdominals, it works the strength and stability of your shoulder, it works everything. But that's not Turkish get ups. No, Turkish get ups is that's even harder. What do you get out with? Those guys are going to start that next week, now they know. So Turkish get ups, they should be doing it with no weight, right? Well, I'm going to start them with 10 pounds. [049:01] Something, I mean, just doing it is hard. Yeah, especially when you're doing reps. We're gonna start they're gonna do it with 10 pounds. What Turkish getups is you line your back you know what it is right? You line your back you press it and then you get up you get up to one leg you lift it overhead stand up and then slowly lower yourself back down lie back down on the ground again switch hands. Yeah get up all one leg stand stand up, lower yourself down. And I'm going to show them a technique, how to hike your hips up, pop your hips up when you get one leg up. So you put one leg up, you pop your hips up, you get the other leg underneath you, and then you stand up. It's not sexy, but it's very, very, very functional. And it just breaks you down. There was a guy back in this gym that I trained. It's closed down now. It was international fitness, but his name is Will Denwitty. And he was the strongest guy I've ever seen, but he used to do that with 135. Like he put the Olympic bar with the 45s on it and do Turkish get ups with 25. Oh my god. He's an animal. Oh, he also squatted 22,25, 100 times without stopping just like 100 reps. [050:07] I gave him a t-shirt. Just body weight. I gave him a t-shirt. Yeah, I know. I gave him one of my t-shirts. This is like 10 years ago. And I'm like, you earned that. I mean, just took him seven minutes or something like that. Is it a key pamper? I'm sure there was nobody cares. Try harder. No, I think it was a, the greater the sacrifice, the greater the reward or something like that. God damn, that's a crazy, that's powerful. Yeah, he's a beast. But anyway, that's where I first saw Turkish get up because he would put on, I mean, he'd be yelling and screaming and putting on a show over there. I told my boys they were just starting lifting and I'm like that's the strongest guy in Springfield Nobody knows them really other than in this gym, but he's just a free. Have you ever heard of Tom Havalon? No, okay, who's that this guy's a real weirdo He's a freak that lives in Australia and he does these insane workouts and he puts them on Instagram go to his Instagram and he wears like fucking flannel shirts and jeans and shit [051:10] Probably, is it? I don't know why I mean join it. Well, it's good. I can't get access to it until you approve. Oh shit Hmm Why is he private Tom? I think because he doesn't want to be bothered because all it does is the sky is out in the outback Fucking lifting homemade weights. He's six foot five, I think and he's 300 pounds God and just Jai I want to see you and the workout that's the guy and the fucking workouts that this guy does That's the guy and the fucking workouts that this guy does there's on a goddamn chance in hell he passed the piss test I bet his piss melts styrofoam But this guy it's jailhouse strong is like some I don't even know if he's been in jail But he looks like a guy that you wouldn't want to go to jail with but I mean he's just absolutely freakishly powerful [052:03] Yeah, he is this is like normal conventional stuff, but the stuff that he does like on his property, he does all this stuff outside. So he's got like fucking dogs running around and shit and he's deadliftin' 600 pounds and walking around with it. He does like freakish shit. And he documented all on Instagram. I wish I could stream he's gonna get shit. And he documented all on Instagram. I wish I could stream it to you, Jamie. Yeah, he's just done. I don't know, there's some guy. I love following guys like that. But it's definitely private. So look at the kind of shit he does. So this is how he works out. He works out with like a fucking like a lumberjack shirt on I've seen this guy outside. So he's got his he's got the most freakish physique ever and he's got it covered up I don't even know how much weight that is they most of the most of the videos are you seeing him already nine seven forty nine Yeah, Zerker Zerker swath was insane and he's you see him from behind when he's doing all these things [053:07] Yeah, so here he's pressing 612 He's benching 612 like what the fuck dude and he just throwing it up there for reps for five reps 612 And what just wants to be a freak just a freak. That's that's the goal just a freak Yeah, I mean, I don't know what his goals are other than that. But I mean, some of the shit that he does is just fucking insanity. Look at this deadlift. Look at the size of that motherfucker. No, no. Now, imagine also he's six five. God. Six five three hundred pounds and just deadlifting. What's he deadlifting there? A thousand three pounds. Imagine how good, like back in the first UFC's. Look at that, look at his neck shit. He'd be a perfect guy for the, remember when UFC started? Yeah, but not really. He was gonna strangle him. I know, but he'd been fun to see him. The size of this motherfucker. [054:01] Holy shit. Yeah, it does always atleast atlas stone stuff and a lot of the stuff he does is like he carries things around a lot, which is very interesting. He does a lot of explosive training and a lot of just carrying things. Like see how he's like dragging and he drags him off like so he's got like way on one side. Yeah. And then he'll switch it to the other side. Oh, he six seven. Excuse me. Six seven. Fucking giant. The guy's so big. Yeah, but you know, that's a freak show that like pride would have liked. Mm hmm. Oh, yeah, for sure. Yeah, that would have thrown some money on him. I mean, if you could teach that guy how to fight. Yeah, him versus who is that the big black guy? Oh, Bob's app. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Bob's hat was 75 pounds every than him. I know, but imagine this. Absolutely. What does he weigh? I think he was actually trying to weigh 400 pounds. Tom Havillod. Wasn't he trying to get up to 400? That's a good weight. That's total doable. I think he's pushing, I think he's heavier than 300 pounds. Now that I'm thinking about it, 3.85. [055:02] 3.60. 3.65. 3.85, 3.60, 3.65. 3. What? What? I think that was the thing. That's right. Now that I'm thinking about it, is the road to 400 pounds. So he's trying to build himself on a pool. I want to see him versus Bob Sap. But what he does a lot of, which is very interesting, is like unconventional type workouts, like where he attaches a chain to his right arm, and he's dragging behind all these weights, while he's carrying a log with his two arms. I saw that, that was. Yeah. He does a lot of interesting stuff like that, that he thinks that that's important. Like of course. Yeah, like farmers carries and shit with insane amounts of weight. I've heard that before from many people that not just pushing things and pressing things, but carrying them around is where you get real strength. Yeah, you're up. Yeah, that's right. That rocks. So you guys take up to Pigska. It works. Yeah, there's something to that. There's something to unconventional movements. Because your body has to hold and correct. Your core just gets hammered. Just like the turgist get ups, same kind of thing. Yeah, and that's what it's all about. It's just like not being just a lot of people can be strong straight, just doing pretty uniform movements. [056:07] But when you can be strong out of position, awkward things, that's real strength. That's real strength. And I think that real strength also applies to conventional lifts. And that's why guys like this Tom Havillon guy can lift insane amounts away also, a little bit of Mexican soup on this, if you know what I'm saying, maybe. Little bit of lip maybe. Creeping. Yeah, oh, dad, yeah. And breast-shain amino acids, they're very important. And milk, like Mark McGuire. Yeah, he's probably eating wild-born milk. Yeah. You know, what the fuck that guy eats? But, yeah. That's the greatest thing about social media is finding freaks like that. You know what I mean? And this freak, I mean I think that's all he's doing. I mean he's not like selling things, he's not like telling people like hey get a part of my workout program 20% off with code be a freak [057:00] you know. No he's just fucking just a beast and his photos. It's very unflattering because everything he's doing is from behind. You only see his back and he's covered up. Everything is covered up. He's wearing like a lumberjack shirt. Yeah, that's where it's kind of that Sam solok does that too. You know who that kid is? Who's Sam solok? Dude, Jamie, you gotta look him up. He's like 21 Just a fucking freak, but he wears this all this big shit and we'll do the hardest squats like so much weight Deep just freak, but then when he takes his shit off. I can't remember what they call it like when you're all covered up Mm-hmm, and then so you never let them reveal yeah, then you never let anybody really see what a freak you are. Yeah, actually, I think I've seen this before. Yeah. Sam Solick. Yeah, you gotta look at him. Solick S U L E K. Oh, Jesus. Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ. He is like young twenties. Oh, I have heard about him because he used to be a lot smaller [058:02] and then got saucy got he used to be a diver yeah like a you know into a pool type thing really yeah I bet he makes a hell of a fucking splash well now they there's like an old one okay so it was 183 pounds in 2000 and in 2019 and now... in 2019. And now what is he waiting now? 237 in 2023. That's crazy. Yeah. That's so crazy. That's so much weight. And I don't know how I think he's super young. He looks young. Yeah. I also cover himself up like that when he was. Yeah. I was like, covers himself up like that when he was. Yeah, like even like, show some squats, Jamie. There's some goods. Um, no, if he had it on this, I was, I'm looking behind the video. There's not a lot of video. Oh, I see. Interesting. Yeah, I think it's on YouTube. 3.6 million followers. Yeah, he's got a lot of, [059:06] that's where he gets all those videos. Well, like what does he have? Yeah, 2.3 million subscribers on YouTube. Just from being jacked. Yeah, just a freak though. Isn't it crazy that just being jacked could get you millions of subscribers now? Yeah. I mean, yeah, right. So this is what he'll do. But he trains frickin' hard. So this is what he'll do. But he trains frickin hard. So he's doing like all kinds of crazy. Let's watch this crazy little mental battle before this set of squats. I think it's worth discussing. Bro, you can hear the steroids in voice. I'm scarier than steroids. Who cares, Jack? I know. But there I don't know. We, Jack? I know. But they're, I don't know. We're gonna fucking legs on him. Holy shit, look at his fucking thighs. Bro, that guy must shave like a motherfucker. He needs some good meat undies, the kind of go all the way down. Yeah. Do those boxer briefs keep your legs from rubbing in the center? Yeah, I don't really know what his goal is, but. [1:0:02] Be massive or more massive? Maybe it's Tom Havillon. Maybe that's his goal. These guys, you know, they want to be when you walk in a room, they want people to be like, like, pointing, like, holy shit, look at this freak. Well, he gained 50 pounds in what, four years? And he shredded. Yeah. That's crazy. Yeah. Yeah, you don't do that with oatmeal. No, you need some help. Need a little help. Yeah, so step away, you saw that. It's all right. Yeah, nothing to see here. It's fun to see guys like that. I don't know. It is fun. I don't want to do it, but it's fun to see. Like that Tom Havillon guy, I'm obsessed with watching him. I think Brian Kal was the first guy to tell me about him. But he isn't Brian gay. It's like I'm sure he was attracted to him. No, he's attracted to some men, but he's not gay at all. He's attracted spiritually. Oh, yeah, he's not sexually attracted to them. Oh, yeah, to their, you know, he imagines if he was in prison, that he would do with that guy and that guy would protect him. Yeah. And he wouldn't snuggle with him. Keep him warm. [1:1:06] Yeah, spooky dudes. There's some people out there doing freaky shit, but man, that's a great way to get hurt to try emulating that. I mean, when you're lifting like very, very heavy, I don't lift heavy. Obviously, I'm not big like that. The heaviest thing I lift is like 90 pounds. I occasionally do 90 pound kettlebells. I think it's good though because he yeah you're not going to do that but you see how hard he's working. I mean he's soaked with sweat doing squats. Oh yeah. That's I think people can be inspired by that and be like fuck yeah. Hey I need to. I'm not going to be a freak but I can push harder. Also it might make them take a road trip to Mexico to fill up the trunk. I don't know. I don't know. You know, here for a good time, not a long time. Well, that's definitely the case with folks like that. Yeah. You know, because a lot of those guys, you know, those really big guys, they have real problems. Yeah. So, you know, there was that one good rich Piana. I know. Love that guy. Yeah, I was ridiculous. I still share his like [1:2:06] he's got so many good reels too. Yeah. He just says crazy stuff because he's like the one my favorite is that he's sitting with this girl and he's like kind of a serious question. He's like he goes, would you rather have the dick hang lower than the balls or the balls hang lower than the dick. That was concern? That was his question to her. Interesting. Well, some people worry about stars and asteroids and black holes and aliens. And some people worry about balls and dicks. Yeah, so he has so many funny ones like that. He was so freakishly huge. No, he's giant. He was so stupid. He had an eight hour arm workout. I know look at this. Yeah. I mean, but he was like super open about his steroid use and you know he died from it. He died at like I think he was like in his early 40s or mid 40s. I think I thought he looked at his size of his neck. His neck looks like there's a tumor below his ear. Yeah. Look at this. The fucking neck muscles. That's so preposterous. Look at his arms, dude. Ridiculous. He used to do an eight-hour arm workout. [1:3:09] Insane. I know. Insane. But I guarantee you no matter where he walked in. Yeah. People noticed him. Well, that's what he wanted. Yeah. Yeah. I mean I mean, teach their own. I mean, I love the fact that it's freedom. You could do whatever you want. If you want to be that guy, you could be that guy. I don't want to be that guy, but you know, he obviously that's what he enjoyed. Gold 22 inch calves. Jesus Christ. I didn't know he did legs at all. That's like a waist. Oh, he did legs. He had giant legs. His legs were huge. I know. I was just so focused on the arms. They're preposterous, but they're probably useless. Didn't he have like an MMA fight? I feel like he had an MMA fight. I thought he died from, he passed out and hit his head when he's getting a haircut. [1:4:00] Really? I think so. Really? Thought so. Are you just putting that out there? Are you doing research? I don't do much research. I thought you had like a massive heart attack or something. No. I don't. It's a lot of how those guys go. Yeah. Like everything gets bigger. Oh yeah, yeah. When you're taking... That's hard. It's probably this super, yeah. It's probably a basketball super human levels of everything say how he died collapsed in early August and died after being in a coma for two weeks. Hmm. Drug involvement could not be ruled out for you. Six years old. Drug involvement couldn't be ruled out. Crazy. Yeah. I don't know. It's uh yeah it's pretty young to die but I didn't know. I bet he got vaccinated they'd rule that out. I Yeah, heart disease reported. Oh, yeah, and history of drug use. Oh, yeah [1:5:01] Yeah, I'm not good. Probably never touched cardio. No, that burns muscle fuck out of here with your cardio 20 bottles of steroids found out his house only 20 Must've the name between orders? Yeah. Jesus bottles of steroids. Jesus Christ, buddy. Yeah. That's amazing. Have you shot your new bow yet? I have not. No. Your Alpha X? No, I've been too busy. Unfortunately, I'm supposed to go to take it today. But obviously, I had some stuff we had to do today. Yeah, but I'm gonna take it on Monday Go down a good bow archery country. Yeah, I'm very excited look if it's better than last years last year's models We're better than the year before which I don't know how they keep doing I don't either but Hoyt keeps making better bows every year They're just smoother and more accurate like I shot my every year. They're just smoother and more accurate. Like I shot my, not this, this past year's bow, but the year before I shot it one day just for goof. I said, let me just pick up my old bow, see how that shoots. It wasn't out tune. It wasn't, but it was significant. Like I could see the difference in accuracy and the feel in the hand. It was like a little [1:6:03] more vibration in the hand, a little, a little more clunky in the draw cycle. And then I picked up last year's ball and was like, wow, you feel the smoothness of the draw cycle. And then it just, I was more confident with it. It felt more accurate. It's crazy how they just keep making them better. I think when you're so dialed in with your bow and you shoot as much as it doesn't take much of a difference to feel it Right, you know what I mean you shoot so much. Yeah a little change. You're gonna be like whoa It feels like a lot even though it's a little but you imagine being those engineers and you've got to like Find tune something every single aspect of these cams and the limbs and the limb pockets and the the visor and of these cams and the limbs and the limb pockets and the visor. Yeah. And one little thing they did, which is pretty cool, because you know how you have those little kickstand things, the go sticks. Yeah. And you're last year, the cam would sit in the dirt or whatever. Now they have a little shelf that sits on. Yes. Even that little tiny, that's an improvement. [1:7:01] That's an improvement. But that's a big one, because I would be looking at where my cam was sitting and where the string was kind of rubbing on rocks and dirt and be like, God is outwearing through. So they pretty much come up, think of everything to make it better, to tweak, to fine tune. And then you feel it. I mean, the bows this year, that one I just set up, they say, who knows how they I'm sure they measure but it's 25% quieter I believe and it's I don't know what percent but it's quiet very quiet yeah I don't know how they're doing all that I don't either and then there's the factor of heavy arrows versus lighter arrows lighter hours make more noise heavier hours or a little quieter. Yeah, but not probably not 25%. That's a lot. No, you're, you are obsessed with art. Like you're always sending me, hey, have you seen this? Have you seen these? Have you seen these heads? Have you seen these hair? I mean, it's so cool. That's kind of the best part about archery [1:8:02] is all the options. Mm-hmm. It's just how can I tweak this, make it a little better, give you a little more confidence, is this gonna perform better? That's the, I mean, that's the chase every day. Yeah, I'm excited about those broadheads that I showed you, those two of the arrow broadheads. Yeah. I like those because they're American made and they figured out some way, the of all they cut them out of one solid piece of steel and they figured out a way to have most of the mass in the feral so apparently they fly really good so Jordan over to archery country was shooting them out to a hundred is like dude these are incredible yeah shoots so good and it's a four blade head so like the four inches a cut that's what the excels the smaller ones are a little bit less, but it's still more than 3 inches a cut. Does the XLs weigh more than 100 grains? No, they can get them in 100 grains, 125, I think 115, 175. And all they're doing is just putting more mass in the feral. It's not a bigger thing. So it's still like a heavy field point. [1:9:02] And so the mass goes deep into the arrow and into the front front point. It's not in the heads. So they probably, and especially with the vented ones, they probably won't plane or won't plane much. But then you don't have to think about mechanicals when that they open or not open or shooting them through grass or anything kind of stuff. So yeah, I'm, uh, I got a hunt with Ronella. We're gonna hunt for Whitehael Whitetails in South Texas for meat eater Not everything a couple weeks. Yeah, so I'm going to I'm gonna use those heads. Okay. I'm gonna try them out Did you stay with the FMJs or the access or you trying those pro comps? I do not know we're trying to figure out what what arrows to use. Oh, we're gonna we're gonna sort that out actually this weekend trying to figure out what arrows to use. We're gonna sort that out actually this weekend. Didn't, okay. Cause I'm trying to go a little lighter, I'm gonna go with five hundred and twenty. I think would be, cause minor, 484. The problem is like there's not the best options for lighted knocks with four millimeter arrows. I sent you like from Gary at Eastern, [1:010:01] that whatever brand he sells. Yeah, he says, hey, loads of the move. Yeah, so I'll give those a try. There's also fire knocks, have you ever seen that guy? I don't use lighted knocks. That guy is a fucking mad scientist. There's this gentleman who was a, I think he was a physicist or some kind of, he's got some sort of background and science and he created this like very high-end lighted knock called a fire knock and you have to it's more difficult to install you have to kind of glue in an insert and then screw it into the insert but they're supposed to be super legit and very very tight tolerances. So I'm gonna try those out too. Yeah. So fun. There's so much to tinker with. I know. It's so fun. But you got to make sure that you're done tinkering like a couple weeks out. So like, Oh, yeah. So like, I'll tinker up until a certain point. And I'm like, I'm locked in. There's what I'm using. Now it's time to just practice with that. that and let's get it all locked in. I had to give up on like I'm a big fan of [1:011:05] Garmin. I love all their stuff. You know I have this Garmin watch that I love this. Yeah. I just love that. I just got GPS on it. I can put maps on it. I can literally take phone calls, listen to music. It's got a stopwatch, the barometer, altitude. It's so functional for the even as a fucking light. at that if you're on the woods you double tap this bitch Damn, it's actually pretty bright. I love this. How long does a battery last? Fucking weeks really weeks. Yeah weeks that's impressive like a month Like it'll tell you I think I've got like 25 days of battery life. I'm blind. It's not like right now. It's crazy But I was running that Garmin site that they have a range finding site. I was having a problem with it though. Sometimes at distance I was getting multiple ranges on like that foam elk target that I [1:012:00] have in my yard. Like I'd be at full draw and I know that it's 74 yards away but I would be getting 82, 71, 65 and I'm like what is going on here? And holding right on it. I'm trying to hold right on it maybe. I'm moving a little bit but how much am I moving and why isn't it, I don't think it's totally, I think look I used it last year and I had a perfect shot on Two white tail deer and a Neil guy with that with that I liked it But that scared me then I'm getting different ranges So like what if I'm at full drawn an animal and it says 67 but it's really 74 Yeah, that's a problem. That's not and with a 522 grain arrow at that much distance Yeah, you're gonna have a lot of drop. Yeah. A lot of room. So I switched before Utah. I went back to the spot hog and I went to just using that loop hold full draw, which I really liked because it shows you the height of your arrow. That's giant, man. Yeah. That's giant. If you have a gap that you're shooting through and you're like, I don't know what the fuck is going to happen here. That thing is so dialed in. It measures the speed of your arrow. [1:013:06] It tells you you put in all these different things like how fast your arrow is, what your arrow weighs, and it'll tell you exactly what's the height of the arrow trajectory. So at the arc. So when you range it, and I used it in California because there was a gap with that I was shooting through and I ranged it and I knew I had full confidence I was gonna get through that gap because I had that line and showed me the line was like four or five inches below where I needed to pass through. And that's perfect too because without that assurance, sometimes you're picking a spot, but you're still thinking about that and where's this arrow going? And that can cause that focus to falter. And that results in a bad shot. So it's so much confidence. Yeah. Like you have to, you have, when you're executing a shot, you have to say, I know I'm going to hit 100%. Yeah. 100%. If you can't say, I hope. No. If you say, I hope it, oh, you're fucked. It's like pool. I know. It was talking to Joel Turner about that. There's real parallels between archery and pool. [1:014:08] Is that you have to have a shot process that you go through. When I play pool, I have a very specific shot process that I go through with every shot. And before the shot, when I'm playing well, especially, I'll take my practice strokes. And then I pause the back end and drive through it with like a port like I try to use a perfect stroke where it's just The weight of the weight of the pool queue and there's the forward motion of the arm is Perfectly timed and I'm kind of like allowing that cue to do all the work with the weight of my arm in the stroke And if you don't have that thing in your head, like, I am going to make this shot. If you say, I hope I don't miss you're going to fucking miss every time. Yeah. Aren't sure you have like a more of a window because like you could say you could put your pin on the target. I hope I don't miss. But as long as your pins on the target, maybe it'll be like three inches here or four inches there. But still long. I'm shooting into a four inch pocket from nine feet away. There's no room for [1:015:06] fuck around. If you're off that much or more of the queues hitting. Exactly. Yeah. And then as the distance goes, like if you're shooting a seven foot shot, as the distance goes, if you're off like a half of a millimeter, it's going to over the distance, it's going to be two inches. You're going to be fucked. Yeah. Yeah. So there's very precise. But that's what I love about archery and that's what I love about pool. It's like the arrows don't give a fuck who you are. They don't give a fuck where you live, what kind of car you drive. Like it's like, are you doing it right? Yeah. There's no room for fuckery. Right. It is, you gotta be dialed in, you gotta be prepared, you have to have thousands of arrows down range. Yeah. Thousands, where you know, you know what that feels like [1:016:00] when that shot breaks and you watch that arrow, and you practice, and you know, like you know better than anybody, we practice in camp. We don't just get to camp and say, we're done. No, every time you get a chance, we're lined up at the targets and we're shooting at 90 yards. It's, you know, it's so hard to gain that confidence. Or you said, you know, am I gonna, do I know I'm gonna hit it perfect or do I hope I'm gonna hit it perfect? So getting that confidence like no, I know I'm gonna hit it perfect is so freaking hard and can go away like that like that. I mean one fucking shitty shot and you're just like oh my god. Yeah, it's yeah. I mean if that's where archery can be brutal because once you're confidence and you start doubting something that takes on a life of its own. The archery has so many factors. There's the, you know, you have your release, you have the sight, you have the rest. Maybe your arrows are touching the rest. Maybe you've got your, the way your pins are set up when you have your furthest distance pin. [1:017:06] Maybe your fletchings are touching the bottom of the housing. String stretch. String stretch. You're string over time. You have to make sure that you're, when before you go in a hunt, you got to bring it in and check the chronograph. Is it still at 273 feet a second? Oh shit, it's at 265 now. My string stretched. so now you have to put some twists and the strings and I had to far enough to add a couple yards to shoot Yeah, there's so much going on Yeah, and then just the preciseness of these sight tapes Is this it's so amazing how much goes on like when you use archers advantage You're entering in the weight of the arrow though the the length of the arrow like what is the poundage of the bow, what's the speed per second that you're shooting? Yeah, there's so much. There's a lot of data going in there. But when you execute a perfect shot, not even on just on a target, just you're shooting at like 75 yards and the shot breaks and you watch that go right in the center. [1:018:05] It's a beautiful moment. Oh, yeah, I wish everybody could feel that. If everybody the world goes away, the world goes away when you execute a perfect shot. That's what I had a Hubertman, you know, down and he was, you know, he's so intelligent obviously, but like an analytical and everything. But it's like we're he's so intelligent obviously, but like an analytical and everything. But it's like we're, and he's focusing so hard at the bow rack, just doing everything focusing so hard. And I'm like, how great is this? I said, what are you thinking about other than shooting this bow right now? And he's like, nothing. I'm like, that's it. Yeah, you can't. That's so beautiful about it. It's like people say they're a puny and all this, but it is because you can't beat, if you're distracted you're not gonna hit anywhere close to what you want. Or not consistently, you might get lucky, but it's one of those things that takes all your focus which is so freeing because then you're not worried about all the other BS of life. It cleans your mind. [1:019:01] It's like Jiu-Jitsu does that too. Like when you're doing Jiu-Jitsu, it cleans your mind, because you can't think of anything else, because someone's on top of you trying to yank your arm off. Strangely you. Yeah, it's like you have to be completely engaged in the moment. I know. And that's very hard for people to do, to find things that keep them in the moment. We are so constantly distracted by mostly things that aren't even important. Like, I can't tell you how many times I'm up at night worried about, I mean, it is a concern, but I'm worried about Ukraine and I'm worried about, you know, Israel and Palestine and... I worry about nuclear war. I worry about chaos. I worry about the fact that they're sending these young men to go and die in these wars. And some people are so flippant about it. It's so easy for them. And I freak out about these things and sometimes it's like, it fucks me up because I go to bed with that in my head and I'm like, yeah, I'm just lying in bed going. And my, like, is this the verge of World War III? Like if you were living in some place, [1:020:02] like right before a war broke out. The day before that happens, everything's normal. October 6th in Israel, everything's normal. Then all of a sudden everything fucking changes and then the world is chaos. Look at that. World's upside down. You, I think you need something, you certainly need to be aware of the world, but you need everyone needs something that can take them out of that. Yeah. And for some people it it's golf, some people, it's pool, whatever the fuck it is, it's running, whatever it is. But you need something that takes you out of that and allows you to be in the moment. What I like, this is another part to it. But what I like, so like with a human man, or with somebody like people say intellectuals, but people who are operating up here all the time. I'm never up there, so I don't have to fucking worry about it. But it's like operating at this highest level of intelligence of whatever they're at. But what I like about archery and hunting is like, this is a basic. So you can't get up here unless you're down here [1:021:03] figuring out what you're going to eat and how to do it. So it's either, you can get it all figured out and say, well I'm not gonna kill shit myself, but I'm gonna, could I pay something? Could you kill something for me and then hear some money, right? Somebody still has to do the bottom shit, but I think I told Andrew, I'm like, God, if you could, I would see you're up here all the time. But if you could also understand the bottom, what it takes to kill and get out there, carry a rock up a fucking mountain, do that like that hard gritty, lower level shit. And imagine what you could, because I always say, I would love for you to have your perspective to be able to explain what hunting is in your way. Because I can't, I can do it like what I've been doing the whole life. Right. But somebody who operates up here all the time could also understand the basics of survival. God, imagine what enlightenment he might be able to shine on. Why we hunt? [1:022:00] He would definitely be able to have a very unique perspective with his mind. And that's what Peter Tia brings to the table. You know, because Peter has become obsessed with bow hunting over the last few years. And he's so fucking fascinating because he and I will have these conversations, what we'll talk about, broad heads and this and that, all these things. And he'll shoot an animal and then he will make a video where he does an autopsy. Right. And he breaks it down and uses terms. I don't understand what the fuck you're talking about. All these different, you know, different types of hemorrhaging and this and that and what the area of the lung had hit. And this is why it took so long for the dine. This why it died quickly because it severed these arteries and caused massive hemorrhaging. And yeah, that's super interesting. I don't get any of that shit. I mean, I get the major Oregon's and I know what happens for an AeroGrid's to there. But within those Oregon's, like you're saying, different parts of the lungs, yeah, it's who knows what. And like... He's breaking it down as a surgeon. [1:023:01] Even like with Hugh Werman, we're're in the bow rack and he's like talking about we had it on the lift for a shoot up, but he's like, he says something like, oh, like on skateboarding you can switch dance, like left foot forward, right foot forward, I think. He goes, can you do that with the bow? Like left hand right hand and I was like, no, that's your dominant eye. You know, you gotta use your dominant eye. And so he starts to explain why prey animals with their eyes on the side. They, if you're not moving, they can't, you're basically invisible because they have to be able to see that movement and sometimes they'll go like this to like use both eyes, whereas we're like depth perception because our eyes on the front, we can see movement like this. A prey animal can't, anyway, he's explaining this whole thing. Like you could talk about anything with hunting where I would be like, this is black and white, oh, you do this because of that. And then he would have some crazy explanation with amazing detail on why it's this way or that way. [1:024:00] It's pretty fascinating. So I'm like, God dang, if you could bow hunt and get out there and understand what it means to be, you know, we're a predator hunting prey and just what is that? What is that about? Right. You know, I just want to hear his take on it because that's his like his superpower is, he's 20 times smarter than anybody, but can talk where I can understand it. Yes. Not all those smart guys can't do that shit. Yeah. But he can. So he's gone through an interesting journey with broad heads too. You know, because he. Oh, Peter. Yeah. Yeah, because he shot a two blade single bevel head. And did you ever see it? No. OK, I'm going gonna show it to you because it's kind of crazy. When you see it, you're not gonna believe it. Um, he had to make a follow-up shot. Well, you wouldn't imagine it when you see this. And now, so we have this conversation. And, uh, he was saying, do you, you know, like, there's, there's this thing, whether or not you want to have a big cut like you have been using over the last [1:025:06] few years with these ones that you like the Grim Reaper corn for which is a big cut or would you want to get penetration right? I'm both. Yeah so well that's why you shoot like a really powerful bow. Now look at the shop look at the shot placement. That looks perfect. Perfect, right? Yeah, he had to make a follow up shot. And was it perfectly broadside? Yep, that is, I mean, crazy. That's where he wants in the crease. It's perfect. Perfect. Now, imagine if you hit that thing with a carnivore. Chaos. No, that's not going anywhere, right? So that's the benefit that makes sense. Right. But he went right through it. Through the lungs. Both lungs. That is weird. Yeah. Crazy. You look at it, you're like, how? But I think that's the thing about a small cut, a very small single blade or you know, you know, too many. That's slice right through Right through. And you just get an inch and a half slice. [1:026:06] Right. That's it. And maybe you can see it up. Maybe it takes a long time for it to bleed out. I mean, whatever it is. But when you have something like one of the things we were talking about was these two of the arrows. So I sent him these images that I got from this, this is a guy named John Lusk and he has these very interesting videos where he does all these tests on broadheads. Everything. He's got a whole system to it. He's very scientific about it. Look at the fucking holes that those two through the arrows make. That's the XL four blade, which makes through steel. Four inches of cut and it makes a Canal this this wound channel is not healers not stealing up You're gonna get blood out of that thing and that's what it looks like and that's the goal is you know to kill with an arrow Yeah, you need hemorrhage right and here that type of hemorrhage type of channel, is gonna allow that animal to expire quick. [1:027:07] I mean, it's gonna die fast in seconds. That's what we want. And also one of the things that he showed in his explanations or his videos, John Lustid, which I'm very interested about with this tooth of the arrow brought ahead, is that he got incredible penetration too. So he does this test where he shoots them into styrofollow, uh, uh, layers of, of, uh, cardboard. Right. And I think the, the, the 125 grain one had the record. It went through 75 layers or 73 layers of cardboard, which is insane. That's a lot of layers. I wonder how heavy is the arrow? Not sure. Not sure. Yeah, because that makes a big difference. Makes a big difference. Yeah. But it's just, he's a standard setup. Yeah. He's a 72 pound bow. If it's the same with every head and one's and one's outpindered the other side of the thing. Exactly. Exactly. And it has four blades as opposed to two. So you're getting double the cut at least. Yeah, I always think that. So if you have two blade and the animals say two foot wide, [1:028:08] that's 48 inches a cut. If you got four, that's 96 inches of hemorrhage. Big difference. Big difference. Big difference. You imagine a 96 inch cut. How much that's going to bleed? Yeah, and it's a channel through the body. So if you get a pass through, that thing sprang of both sides. And then maybe even more importantly, what you doing what I do is we lift weights. So we're strong. So we can pull back a heavy bow. And so now you're shooting a really powerful 80 plus pound bow that is launching this 520 grain arrow with 300 feet a second. So when it does hit, it's a tremendous amount of momentum and fast and it's just Blown through everything. So when people say you don't need that condom pull back Conway I've heard that stupid shit so many times it drives me nuts Yeah, it's just people that are trying to make an excuse for why they're not strong. Yeah, well you don't need 60 pounds then [1:029:03] Because why do you need 60 pounds and by way, 60 pounds for you is probably harder than 90 pounds is for me, because you don't work out. And what I always say is, yeah, I shoot 90, you shoot 60, 70. I will kill every animal you'll kill if you hit at the same place. You won't kill every animal I'll kill. Yes, so there's two. That's all there is to it. You all go through more shit and still kill it than you will, but every arrow that you shoot that kills mine would do the same thing. There's no argument that having less power is good. It doesn't make any sense. The whole idea is maximum lethality and the maximum amount of you want to humane kill, where it kills it quickly and ethically. So that means you have to be fucking super dedicated to your practice and I think you should be super dedicated to your fitness and you should be doing rows every fucking day building those back muscles so that when you do pull back 70 pounds, 80 pounds, [1:030:03] whatever, it's not hard. It seems pretty hard. Yeah. It seems pretty simple. Yeah. You know, like, there's a video of me pulling back that 95 pound bow that Dudley made me, that squirrely bow that I had a couple of years ago. That thing was ridiculous. But I pull that fucker back easy. Yeah. I can do, I could, I live a lot of weights. I live all the time. I'm constantly doing chin-ups. I do weighted chin-ups. I do chin-ups with a 25-pound vest. So I do all these things. So yeah, so I get ready for it. Trying to be at your best. So you don't need that. Shut the fuck up, pussy. I know what you're doing. I know what you're saying. You're the only reason why anyone would say that is to try to make up for the fact that they're not strong. Yeah. That's all it is. That's it. You know, and, you know, hunters love them, love bow hunters, love the whole, this whole community. But God, we are so judgmental. Some are. I mean, they're a loud voice. It's, but it's a small percentage. It is, but it's like, yeah, it just doesn't make any sense. [1:031:00] And it's hard too because when you're so passionate about something people do talk shit about you you take it like it means something because like God I'm poor fucking everything I have into this and you're talking it's still not good enough so it's I had this guy the other day he's like why don't you go into the eagle cap and and pack in and kill a bull by yourself oh look you did for 20 years oh I mean it's like you got me thinking is like You can it's never enough right it doesn't matter. It's like book about that. I wrote it. It's hilarious I wrote literally wrote a guy I said yeah, I said I've heard of that area I said I read about it in a book called Backcountry bow hunting I can't remember who wrote it, but it's a pretty good book and And I mean, so the point is, it's like, I've been doing this my whole life. I started doing that. I've killed, I don't know how many bowls I've killed from backcountry, do it yourself to now, some of the best elk in, you know, 400 inch bowls, done the whole thing. [1:032:02] That's still not enough? Still there's people say, well, why don't you do this? It's like, well, what the fuck? Is it ever gonna be enough? You're gonna always hear that though. You're gonna hear that from everybody no matter what it is. And, you know, imagine if I read the comments on this podcast, on any of my podcasts. Like, why do you have her on? She's fucking stupid. Why do you have him on? He sucks. Like this is boring. Or this one is gonna, don't read this one. Cause it'd be like, oh this fucking red neck again. Ah! I'm like, hey guys. I didn't, I didn't ask. I've never asked to be on here. Have I? No, you're my friend. I want you to come on. Plus we had to get you stem cells. I wouldn't be here. Oh, shit, the fuck up. You like being here? Come on, man. We have a good time. No, I'm just not good at podcasting. You are a great at podcasting. You're full of shit. Now you do your own. You lie in some of it. Not good at it. You're good at it, man. No, not good. You can't make something for everybody. You have to do your best. [1:033:05] And I think the best way to do your best is to not listen to all the criticism. Because you are also as well. You're very self-critical. We're both very self-critical. And I think that's that's important. But that's also why criticism hurts because you take it to heart and then you get upset. And you're like, I do so much. You can't make everybody happy. Like guys, I'm trying my best. I'm trying my best, guys. I really am trying my best. And I know you are too. I try my best at everything I do. And I'm not, I fuck up all the time at everything. And that is just something you get from sticking your neck out. I mean, I started bow hunting in my 40s, you know? And I'm obsessed with it. I mean, also as a famous person, you know like it's fucking you know if you're gonna fuck something up That's what I I I mean it's so impressive because most people don't like that head success in their whole life You know you earned of course, but you've been at the high slope to start all the way over at something with no experience But it's so exciting that's the best thing to do most people wouldn't do that. Yeah, but they should yeah I know I know that most people don't like to do that because they like to be, they like to be impressive [1:034:06] at things because it makes them feel good. But what makes me feel good is getting better at things I suck at. And learning new things that I suck at is very, I don't have any room for anymore. Right now I'm full. I'm all full. You know, and I'm decent at bow hunting now. I've gotten to the point where I'm a very accurate. I practice constantly. I put in a ton of work. I put in thousands and thousands and thousands of arrows every year. But because of that, I'm confident and I'm good at it. I'm pretty good at it now, but I'm still not an expert. I'm like a purple belt. If I would say like if bow hunting had belts, I'd be like a purple belt now. You know, years away from a black belt. It's a long fucking road, you know, it's tough. But I did all that in Jiu-Jitsu. The reason why I started Jiu-Jitsu is, look, when I started Jiu-Jitsu, I was a good kickboxer. I was a, you know, a very high level Taikwondo fighter, and then I got into kickboxing. I was good at kickboxing. I'm good at it. I was helpless at ChewJutsu. [1:035:06] I could have easily said, fuck this. I'm just going back to kickboxing where I feed my ego and I feel good. But I was like, oh my God, I'm helpless. Like I remember, I was training with this guy. I had just started out. I was a white belt and I think he was a purple belt. And this dude maalled me. I mean Malled me this Brazilian kid and he wasn't being mean It wasn't like he was like better. He was Destroying me. I mean it was so humiliating. It was like one night or one just one I was it was one specific training session Yeah, what happens when you first start training is Initially you will spar with other white belts and you're both kind of clunky. You don't really know what you're doing. You're trying to choke people, you don't exactly know how to do it. And you get tapped, you tap them. And it's like, you know, it's like, you're learning. But then as you start to progress, you're in a couple of weeks or a couple months, they'll start putting you in with blue belts or occasionally they'll even put you in the brown belt. [1:036:06] And generally the brown belts and the black belts are pretty gentle with the beginners. They'll tap you and they'll give you pointers like you can't put your arm here, it's vulnerable, you gotta keep yourself like this, don't extend because that doesn't get you in trouble. And they'll give you tips and it's very valuable because you can learn from, oh, that's why he did this, but this fucking dude just ran through me. And it was like one of the first times I had trained with someone who was really pretty good. And my initial feeling was, I'm so shocked at how helpless I am. Like I was really delusional. I had this idea because I thought I knew how to fight, so that would kind of apply to Jiu Jitsu. It didn't apply it all. And so I realized at some point in time, I mean during this training session, okay, this is a long road and I'm on it now and this is what I'm gonna do now. And even though, you know, I was on a television show and you know, I was doing stand-up comedy and I had things that I was good at that I could just stuck with those. I was like I got to get cut at this. I can't live knowing [1:037:07] that guys can do this to me. It turns out they could always do it to me. Like even at the highs though. But also as time went on even when I became a black belt I'll still get mauled by the elite black belts. You know like if I went and rolled with Marcelo Garcia or whenever I'd roll with John Jacques Machado, you just feel kind of helpless. Yeah. It's like because their level is so much higher than your level that even at black balls, there's looking what Gordon Ryan does to everybody. Yeah. He takes the best black belts and make them look like they don't belong there with him. And he talks shit about it before he does it, even writes down a piece of paper how he's going to tap them. And then he seals the envelope and hands it to the so he has in his mind I'm going to get him in a triangle and this is the only way I'm gonna tap him so all these other things he has to pass up on all these other opportunities he passes up on just to set up a triangle so he's setting it up to three four five steps ahead of them so they think they're doing good and all of a sudden [1:038:01] do you ever see him row with bowl nickel? Yeah, I did. It's a great match. Yeah. Very match. Bowen nickel is a bad man. But he caught him too. Yeah. He caught bowl nickel. Trangle him. Yeah. That's how good Gordon is. But that's the levels. And levels and levels and levels. But the only way you get that good is time. Yeah. Time and effort. And And it's got to be so rewarding to be Gordon Ryan. I mean, I bet. He's fucking, must be amazing. I bet. Must be amazing to be that guy who stands head and shoulders above all the others. He gave us the Abu Dhabi belt, by the way. That's his Abu Dhabi belt. It's up in our studio. I love how bad I love how his confidence in his, he's also, I mean, he drives people crazy, but I just love that part. Well, that's also psychological warfare too, because you're so upset that you can't, you think I can't lose to this guy, but guess what? You don't have a choice. Well, because he trains 365 days a year. Yeah, his coach is, I love, I don't even know him. John Donner. Yeah, I've listened to you talk about him and listened to him on here. And it's like, that is an unbreakable mindset, basically. [1:039:06] Well, Donaheer is like a character from a movie. He doesn't exist in the real world, because John Donaheer was a philosophy professor at Columbia, who became obsessed with Jiu-Jitsu. Yeah, incredible. And then was like literally sleeping on the mats and teaching people, and so he's operating mentally from, he's probably got 150 IQ and he's operating at this insane level mentally also just completely obsessed with what is the best way to progress in Jiu Jitsu what is the best way what what are the what's the road blocks what's holding people up what's holding people back and it's what what they decided at some point in time is that it's not just about training. It's about analyzing things. It's about breaking down technical aspects of things, watching video, discussing techniques, not just training hard, but thinking. [1:040:01] So the amount of hours they put in a day, even though they're trained 365 days a year, they're going at Jujitsu five six hours a day. Well, and he watched this tape too. That's what he does. Yeah. He wears rash guards everywhere. John Donner, I don't even know if he has regular clothes. Yeah. He's a freak. I love that. I love it. It's amazing. I mean, that's the out, that's a whole that's an outline. I mean one of one That's what that's what makes this world so interesting. Yes people like that characters like that one of ones Yeah, it's called what he calls it There's a Japanese term. It's called kaisen. Can you look that up with the actual term means But it's about the pursuit of excellence in one specific place, one specific avenue, one specific discipline, the constant pursuit of excellence. That's, I mean, I don't know. What is the, here it is. Kaisen is a Japanese term, meaning change for the better or continuous improvement. [1:041:00] It's a Japanese business philosophy that concerns the process that continuously improve operations and involve all employees. Kai Zensi's improvement in productivity as a gradual and methodical process. I think there's other names for that don't just apply to Jiu Jitsu, I think it's old or rather, well let's hear him say it. Well, let's just hear what he says, just to say what he says. Your Instagram description said living in the spirit of Kaizen and I was wondering why he's got a rash guard on. You always thought about it. You never know. I'm a huge believer in the idea of small progressive movements towards goals. If you look at the course of an average day that we all go through, every so often, maybe two or three times in your life, there's one day which changes the direction of your life. But the vast majority of our days are unexceptional. They're just a boring Monday, mundane day. [1:042:02] You come home at the end of the day and if someone asks you what happened today, you would literally have to think back and be like, I'm not sure. That's probably a description of 95% of our days. So there's a chance in which you could drift through your life where only about 1 to 5% of your days have any real meaning and that 95% of your life was a waste of time And that's a tragedy So we have to be very very Sit on this idea that we have to maximize the use of all of our days if we're going to amount to anything in life And that means at the end of every day there days if we're going to amount to anything in life. And that means at the end of every day there has to be a concerted look on your part. What was the most significant thing that happened to me today and how will it influence my life tomorrow? And if we can do this, your days become progressive. [1:043:06] Most people live day to day where the events of yesterday have no bearing on the events of today and the events of today have no bearing on the events of tomorrow. And this means your life will simply run in a flat line until the day you die. But if we make a concerted effort to build one day upon another, even if it's just a very small thing, and in most cases it will be a small thing. It's rare that we have a day where something monumental happens. Most days are not monumental, they're mundane. So on every one of these mundane days, we have to take one small little gem that happened. It may not be very big, something small. And add that to your performance tomorrow. And if we can do this over 10 years, something truly remarkable can happen. It's so easy just to let a day go. And they say, I'll try again tomorrow. But until we get a sense of one day building upon another [1:044:07] towards a goal, you'll never achieve anything. You'll just melt on and 10 years will go by and you'll look back and say, what do I do and what did I do? And it may not be anything significant behind you. So be intentional about doing something that's going to make your life better. And that way... The whole notion of chisin is this crystallizes this idea that if I can improve my performance in any given area of my life by even a very small percentage point and then add day by day you get this compounding interest effect where at the end of five years something quite remarkable may have happened. You may have literally reinvented yourself in five years. You may have an entirely new skillset, which you didn't have previously. And so it's up to us to do this, because the natural tendency is for days just to run into each other until by the end of the week, you're looking back and say, what happened this [1:045:02] way? I don't know. It's gone. It's so easy to let that happen. There's so many distractions in life. There's so many things looking to grab your attention that you can lose a day, a week, a month, and even a year, even a decade. And it's up to us to ask, okay, what was significant and how is it going to be built into my life tomorrow? And how is it going to be built into my life tomorrow? And how does this relate to the goals that I have? And if you can do this, this is the basic idea behind Kaisen. And you can do remarkable things. And you can reinvent yourself many times over the period of your life. It's my belief that it takes around five years of full-time training to develop world-class skills and most athletic endeavors. There are many, many examples of people beginning training and some move between five to seven years after the onset of their training, competing at the highest levels that they're given [1:046:03] sport and getting within the top five athletes in the world. There are many, many examples of this. It's a clear signal that it takes around five to seven years of full-time training to get to world class level in sports. With, you could extend that into other areas of life, you can become in the same time it takes you to win an Olympic bronze medal, you could become an outstanding day trader. So we think about five years not a long time. That means we all have within us this ability to reinvent ourselves many times in the course of our life. If you start off at 20 you know, 20 years old. There's a lot of opportunities for you to be in the team. That's it. Well, that guy's a treasure. Yeah, but somebody's that introspective and with that perspective, and then coupled with somebody like Gordon Ryan, this incredible driven athlete, no wonder. [1:047:02] Exactly. I mean, that combination, that's can be tough to be. Yeah, exactly. And the crazy thing is they put it out there for the whole world. Like this is what we're doing. Like you could do it too. And the thing is it's so difficult to to apply. It's also the focus to maintain that focus constantly and to have this idea that I need to review all the things I'm doing to make sure I'm doing them better. Yeah, that mindset, that's very difficult. I mean, he's like, yeah, on such a higher level than most people. I sort of keep thinking about like with with Hubertman talking about hunting. It's like, because I want, I always like, I always think about what I'm passionate about is hunting. How can I understand my place in the mountains and as a predator and a bow hunter? How can I get better? How can I get more in tune? And I'm always like, because it's so easy to be out there. And I mean, you are immersed in it, and you're in it. [1:048:01] And you're trying to feel the wind, the ground under your feet. You're trying to like be so intumed. I'm like, God, is there another level of consciousness that maybe it's don't understand. And I want to. Right. Yeah. Cause I want to be, I want to continue. I learn something every time. I'm sure you do too out there. But it's like, I mean, I don't know. I want to be the best I can be. Yeah, and I think that also comes with many, many days hunting. And this is a thing that becomes controversial. But people say, oh, you should only hunt what you eat. But I think you should hunt as much as you can. And there's plenty of people that you could give that meat to. As long as it's legal. So I do. And I agree with what you do. And I know it's controversial, but I don't think they're right. I think you're right because your success in the field is unparalleled. And I think there's a reason for that. And it's because of this intense dedication and drive that you've been doing it for so long but you're still so focused on it [1:049:07] You're not Relaxed about it at all like you and I've had so many conversations about hunt and you've been hunting for a foot what 35 40 years Whatever it is when you and I talk it's like you're fucking locked in all the time about this I'm gonna try this I'm doing this now. I've decided that this is a new thing. This is I've found this improvement I made this small adjustment in this and that and then I learned this in this last hunt and this was a thing that came up like the elk that you shot in Utah perfect example what What people need to understand is even if you're Right up close with an elk and say if you have a 20 yard pin. So a 20 yard pin really the arrow's not dropping very far in 20 yards because these arrows are going very fast. It's only like a couple of seconds to get to 20 yards. It's not dropping very much. So you would think that you can shoot an elk that's six feet away. It comes up. [1:050:05] That's the thing. It goes off the bow and reaches a peak. Yeah. And so what happens when it's that close is your eyes is here and the arrows here. Right. So you're looking at where you want to hit with that 20, but the arrow's still down here. Right. It hasn't lifted up yet. Right. So to hit where you want at like where that bowl was, which was from here to the door, I'd aim up high with the 50 yard pin and then the arrow is going to hit where you want it to. Right. If you hold 20, it's still low. It's going to go off the brisket off the bottom of the chest. Right. I wouldn't have known that. I don't know that. Like you need to learn learn that and that's just years and years in the field Yeah, and what the hardest thing was like it happened like that because I thought that bowl He was coming in so I had my sight set on 20 because I knew oh he's coming hot and heavy He was bugling crashing down through so I said it on 20 real quick and I'm seeing that I made a mistake [1:051:03] Of sitting in the trail and I'm seeing that I made a mistake of sitting in the trail, but I thought he was coming straight down the ridge. And so I was gonna draw back when he was like at 10 yards, stop him, you whack. But he hit that trail, came right to me. And I'm sitting there on my knees in the trail. I was a full draw luckily because I never wait for them to get close, I always draw early. He was where I am. We're right. Yeah. Where you are. And so I'm like, all that happened in a split second. And then he was like looking over, looking for the, you know, he heard the cow call, looking over and he's like, look down. Wack. He saw you. It was second. Like fractions of a second. See if you find that video because it's but this is a perfect example of this is something that you learn from many many many many many many many many many many hunts. Yes. The hard thing there is not getting caught up in the moment because it's so emotional in adrenaline. Right. So much adrenaline. A giant bowl looking looks he's seven foot tall right there basically I'm on my knees not [1:052:06] getting so here it is before I get too far let me see no no this isn't it now that's that's this arose about an Oregon I know hey look at jelly roll right there hey jelly roll and Nelly I know know. That's awesome. That's awesome. Well, certainly on YouTube. Is it in your Instagram? Yes, I think it's on YouTube. It's not in your Instagram? Good. I don't think the shot was. So it's a very unusual situation. But you guys pulled it out too. It's like the two yard Utah bowl. The thing is, it's like every step. Oh, what happened? That's my theme song. That's Cam Haines by Shafer. Yeah, a song? Yeah. Shut the fuck up. No, it's a bell hunting song. Oh my god, I gotta hear this. [1:053:00] Play Shafer Cam Haines. Who's Shaaffer? An artist. He wrote the song for me. Do you know? I don't. I think I did meet him at the I think at Utah hunting next bow. But he wrote this song and I said I go I said something about it and I'm like well man if it's good I could just have it on to start my my lift lift run or the month in the mountains or my videos. Oh, the podcast. That's what I was. That's an example of how your passion can change your life. And even if that passion is something as obscure as volunteering. Volunteing change my life. Your passion, whatever that may be, can change yours. The mountain that raised me become me crazy because I can't handle the way that I live. I am the ape, I am Maybe can change yours. Hey, that makes my feel get the right my energy. I'm boom. I hear them talking saying the way that I move it so [1:054:05] Right, this that is a part of my mind. I've been blessed with giving my blood to why I'm a Lies my fault. They want someone to blame they said the hey it fuels my pace I am right up. I am the change the view in dirt Feel like cam hands. That's pretty bad. That's right. That's for you. You're on song, son. Yeah. So anyway, I have it on to start my podcast. Nice. Yeah. Wow. But, Jay, for he, and he had the Roy tough and there I love that. But, uh, yeah. Well, one of the cool things about Texas is that you can hunt pigs any day of the year. And they actually need you to do it. And it's that experience. Oh, it's so important. That experience. So that's what. Yeah. Oh, here it is. Oh, no, that's not the, that's not the, that's not the, see if you can find that, that shot because the shot's crazy. Oh, it's at it. Oh, maybe it'll show you maybe it'll show it to you. [1:055:06] So you are. Yeah, yeah, this is it. Is the song playing? No, I don't know. Oh, okay. Yeah, so here it is. So was Rihanna doing the cow calling? Yeah, she was behind you in the filming. She's trying to film. So there's a bowl. There's a bowl. There it comes. Yeah, that's literally as close as you are to me. Yeah, that was uh, and then the arrow. I mean, he's down. He's already dead. Yeah, but you can hear him like his last breaths right here [1:056:07] I like this part. She's so excited. I just fucking caught you in the ball. She's like, I caught you in the ball and I'm like, what? I caught you in the ball and I'm like, okay, can you see him? You good? He went down instantly. Yeah, 30 yards. Which in a bowl's pace is like literally three or four seconds. Yeah. I mean, he, it was crazy how fast he died. Well. But that went right through his heart. The shot when you pull the arrow out, let's see if you can find the image on Instagram. You can see the heart. Yeah, this is where it was. And I saw him coming right here. And I saw it down and I drew like this. And then he came and he's running right out of me. I was right here. And you see I hit him right here and there's see there's blood. This went [1:057:01] all the way to right there in the front of his chest. Self defense basically because there's no other trail. He was looking over the top. Rihanna was down there filming in Calcone. You got a trampled easel up. I shot from there to right here. Look at this blood right here. And had to hold my 20 up up here to hit him right in the chest. Almost full penetration. Then he started bleeding right there and you're still in that tree. Wow. I mean he just gushed and he went right toward true it is. Perfect shot. Like when you want to talk about lethality and a quick ethical kill seconds. See if you find the image on Instagram it shows the heart with the arrow poking out of it which which is wild. Cause it's got this, this grim reaper corner for, which is this massive four blade broadhead that just goes through the, there it is right there. Uh, it's on our video. Yeah, I can't control that. That's okay. [1:058:00] You can play it and he's holding up the hard. There it is. You literally see the arrow poking out of the heart right there. That is wild. That's a perfect shot. Yeah, so that arrow broke, you saw it, I was holding a broke, but that was left in the heart right there. Crazy. Yeah, I mean, that's what we want. We want those animals. We're trying to offer a merciful death. That one in seconds, 30 yards, he didn't know, he didn't know anything, you know, his just lost blood pressure done. Yeah, that's as merciful a shot as you could ever give. Yeah, and as you mentioned earlier about the meat, so, you know, yeah, I killed four bulls this year and don't, I don't want anybody to ever think that any of that meat is going to waste. I mean, there's so many people who love wild game meat, especially now, when people are more conscious about where their meat's coming from. And to get something that I killed, I took care of myself. We know exactly where it came from. [1:059:01] That's like, that's valuable. That means something. And it's also, it means something. You know, when people, you know, as we say, people go order burger or steak or whatever, they get full and they say, I'm stuffed, I had too much bread. I'm done with this. So half that state goes back to the kitchen. That was a fucking life. That was like, that life doesn't mean shit to you. but that bull right there, that means a lot to me. And when I give that meat to somebody, that means something. This is like, oh yeah, this is a bull I killed on Utah. I hope you like it. That fucking means something. You're not gonna send that, you're not gonna throw that shit in the garbage because you're full. It means too much. There's reverence to it. That's what, so yeah, I kill multiple bulls, but that is the greatest part of being a hunter and a provider is sharing that with your community. I love giving it to people. I love it. I give meat to a lot of people. And I love seeing the images. They send me pictures of like, hey, look, I cooked this. [2:0:01] It's awesome. It's the best. It's cool. And's the best. And then you know, it's so delicious too. I mean, wild game, I've said it so many times, but if you can try some of the elk that I cook, you'd be like, oh my God, where can I get this? Well, you got to go hiking. What I learned how to shoot a boat or a rifle, you have to find someone who's willing to teach you. You have to, you know, you have to put in work. What I love about, I mean, there's so much I love about sharing our lifestyle, but when I have people come in for the lift run shoot is, they train with me, they learn how to shoot a bow and everything, but then we always have elk chili. And like, Huberman came in, I think he had three bowls of it. And I'm like, yeah, this shit is fucking fuel, this is real fuel. And I'm like, yeah, this shit is fucking fuel. This is real fuel. Yeah. You know, and this is a bowl I killed. You know, I think that was from the Arizona bowl that I, this is actually, oh, the last time I had my bling on, Tanner made this. Oh, that's from the Iveries. So he filmed that bowl I killed. And it was the biggest bowl he's ever seen. You know, his, you know, giant bull. And so he made an necklace for himself and made me one. Last time I had the CH gold bling. So now I'm like, well, we'll offset [2:1:10] that with an ivory. But, uh, well, you know, Elks used to have, they just have tusks. Oh, yeah, I think they did. Yeah, that's where it comes from. The ivory at one point in time was a massive tusk that Elks used to have and then they evolved. It's so cool. It's so cool. It's so cool. Just like, I mean, you know, bohunting, especially, well, not just elk, anything, but it means so much. Yeah. And it's just like, it's who I am. You know, so when it's something that is that meaningful and you can share that, another example of that was I took Kat Bradley, she's a elite ultra runner and she killed her first buck and it's like the most special part I haven't made a film on that yet but is she we had to run, we had to do the stock in the rain hustle. She made a perfect shot. [2:2:09] We had packed that, she had some weight on her back, packed out of this steep hole, worked her ass off. It was just like the perfect time. Then we took care of the meat, did everything, got up the next morning, we're in this little cabin and made tenderloins, cut that up, cooked the tenderloins, eggs, hash browns, and bacon. And it's just like, can you, I mean, after working your ass off on hunt, killing a buck, having a meal like that, listening to old country music radio, just like crackling on this AM radio that was in that cabin, it's like, I don't know if there's anything I'd rather do in life. I swear to God, people could offer me anything and I'd say I just rather have this morning right here, this experience. It's because it's earned. It's real. When we were out there in the mountain and standing in and we were fucking soaked, it was pouring. [2:3:06] She killed this buck and I had, you know, me and my buddy Kevin broke it all down, gutted it. We had to actually skimmed it and cordored it up right there to pack it out because it's such a hole. But I'm like, looking and we're just soaked and freezing and I'm just like, this is life. This is, this is how life is supposed to be. All this other bullshit, all this around here, that's not fucking real. This is real. Out hunting, killing what you're going to eat and packing it out of the mountains. That's fucking real. And earning it. You earn that. And it's everything else is like a distraction over real life. That's why that buck is on the table. That's the first animal I killed with Stephen Montana. I remember that just from here and you talk about it and how meaningful it is, your first buck in Montana and you didn't make a great shot, did you? Yeah, it was a good shot, but I had to do a follow shot. [2:4:01] Right, yeah, you went down, but he was spined. Oh, okay, that's what it was. And I made a follow-up shot. And you could see the follow-up shot on the video where it's like the intensity in the most recent moment. I've never seen that show, but I remember, that's, now that's stories you remember. Because that's real. Yeah, it's real. Did you guys cook it? We did not think. Oh yeah, we ate it that night. We ate the liver with onions that night. Why Brian Cowlin pulled thorns out of my thigh. Because when I got down prone to make the shot, I laid down right on a cactus. And I just cactus thorns all over my leg. I had like fucking 40 thorns in my leg. And it was hilarious. Because like, whereby they campfire. I'm going to like that. I got my pants down and Counts got fucking pliers and he's pulling thorns out of my legs. We we cooked the liver. We ate the liver that night and then we went back because we shot it late in the afternoon. So we got it it, hung it, got the organs out and then brought the organs back to the campfire and cooked [2:5:05] the liver that night and then we went back the next day, cut the buck down in the morning and then ate it for dinner that night and then when I went when we're eating it I was like this one doing that. Change your life. 100% 100% but it's so hard to get someone to get you to do that. It's so hard. First of all, it's so hard to find someone who has the knowledge, who's willing to take you and teach you, like, in forever and debt to Steve Endiou for doing that. But to also want to do that and to have, I mean, we're camping. It was nine degrees outside. It's fucking freezing in Montana. You know, we're on the Missouri breaks. It's like you're just walking through these intense canyons. But it was, it was so difficult that when we did have success, the feeling of elation and joy, it's very difficult to describe. A lot of people, they see these videos of a hunter making a shot [2:6:00] and go and like, yeah! And they go, where is the spirituality? Where's it like you don't understand how hard it is to do that. And the joy is in the fact that you made an ethical shot and the animal was down. Like I had a hard hunt in California. We went like five, six days, put in tons of miles every day. You know, 10 miles, eight miles, 11 miles, going through the mountains. And then when I finally shot that bull and he dropped, he was dead in 10 seconds. It was like a perfect shot. I fucking cheered so loud that Evan and Cody, the guys like Evan, Evan Hafer from Black Raffle Coffee, who's running with me, they were on the other side of the mountain and they heard it. Because I just went, whoa! Then, you know, me and my friend Biscay, we hugged and it was like, holy shit man. We did it. We did it. And it wasn't like, I'm happy that this animal is dead now. It was like, no, we were successful. I know how hard it is to do, difficult do there was so much adrenaline intention involved [2:7:05] And I had to make a great shot and I did it and so all that hard work all paid off at the end all the reps all year It wasn't just that hunt now. It was like all the the reps that thinking about it didn't visioning that moment I think about it all the time dude. I think about it on about the UFC I'm with the UFC about to call fight and I'm thinking about like perfect shots and thinking about shooting in between branch of trees. I'm thinking about like wind and fucking angles and it's well I mean it means so much to me like so on that deer hunt that I took cat on I there's access to this timber company land. I pay for that, right? So I'm paying $4,500 each and I take two people. And it's just like, I don't even care, I don't even tell them it costs money. I just want to do it because I just want to be out there with somebody, a new hunter and share my world with them. And it's, I pay just so I'm like, no, I can take them. We can expose them to the hunting lifestyle [2:8:08] the way I want to on this warehouse or land. This timber company land. And it's maybe it'll change our life. Maybe it won't. But I know I'm gonna gain from sharing that with somebody. And that means everything to me. I just, you know, you filmed it too, which is awesome. Yeah, yeah, we saw it too which is awesome. Yeah, yeah we so great so people can watch it and see like the real moments that you guys had together and even if she never does that again that experience she will keep with her forever if that hunt that I had with Renault was the last hunt I ever had I would still be telling people about that today. Yeah, it was awesome. We're in the campfire we're freezing our asses off, like eating this animal that we had just shot and eating it, cooking it over a fire, a campfire, and it was so satisfying. It ignites a part of your DNA that you didn't know existed. There's a hunter-gatherer aspect to whatever it means [2:9:02] to be a human that kept us alive for thousands and thousands of years and that's inside you Yeah, you don't know it's inside you until you put an animal on the ground you eat it and you're like oh my god It's like the way I describe it to people most people have been fishing There's a feeling you get when you catch a fish. We hooked a line. Yeah, whoa Feel it fighting it is inside of you. you that like this is going to feed me in my family now. This is going to feed my loved ones. We're going to survive. And that's why it's so exciting. Because it ignites this thing that was imperative for human beings to make it to 2023. You might be able to go to fucking HB and just buy a ribeye. Yeah, that's great. Nothing wrong with that. But. But the reality is that was not always the case. And for us to get to 2023, it had to be people that were doing that shit with bows and arrows that they made themselves. They had a knock rocks to make this. Where's that front there? Right here. Yeah. This is a real fucking arrowhead that the command she used from right here. This is from right here. I love this. I love the history of some of probably sent that arrow into a white tail. [2:010:09] And then it probably passed through and dug into the dirt and then someone dug it out of the dirt hundreds of years later. Yeah, that's incredible. And it's in pristine condition. And this was made by some person who painstakingly crafted this so that they could eat. That is a perfect head too. It's fucking amazing. This thing's amazing. Well, but it's like when you, I don't know, people who might not think contains for them, maybe it's not, but when that happens and you do kill, there is almost like the curtains pulled back and you're just like, holy shit. This is how this is survival. Yeah. And you didn't know it because I curtain's been closed. Right. Until you were that that's why it's so meaningful to me. I buy those two hunts every year and my goal is always take somebody new. [2:011:00] You know, just because it's like it's for me. It's not for them, but I can like twist it into like, it'll help both of us. But I just, it's, joining the process of seeing someone experience it for the first time. I love it. Because you only experience it for the first time. Once. I love it. Once. Cat was perfect for that because she got it. You know, she immense so much and like that's what you want because obviously she's someone to understand sacrifice and hard work Yes, definitely more than anybody Yeah, and as it was I'll never forget it It was I seriously think it was the best hunt of my fall That's awesome. I mean I had some I had some great hunts But that's just that's just what hunting that's the power of hunting Yeah, and being part of a I don't want to say tribe because like people throw it around but It's good word. It is I think bow hunters the ones who aren't country. They are a part of a tribe. Even the ones who are country they're in the tribe. They just have ego problems. Yeah. It's just wasted energy. Yeah. It's wasted energy. Like if you want to be upset at someone, be upset at the people that litter. [2:012:10] Be upset at the people that leave garbage at their camp. Be upset at those people because that's not cool. Don't be upset at fellow hunters. Right, don't be upset at someone who's trying to spread this message. And then there's the dumbest fucking people that don't like the fact that the trailheads are getting crowded down because so many people are getting into this. Well find another trailhead stupid. There's a lot of trailheads. You can go all over the place. You can just, with a little bit of research, there's all these maps, on X Hunt, and Go Hunt, and fucking hunting fool. There's all those places you can get resources to find different places to hunt at. The reason why people like that get a little traction is because there's a lot of people who don't kill every year. Success is, you know, it's most people fail. So when people fail, they're looking for an excuse. So if this guy or whoever it is, gives him an excuse like, oh yeah, it's too overcrowded because of Joe and Cam talking about it. All of a sudden they're the victim and they got other victims who weren't successful. [2:013:02] So like, yeah, we're all the losers. We can gang up together and talk shit about these guys. We get that here in Austin. There's local Austin comics that hate on the mothership, because the mothership is brought in 15 world class comedians in town. It's harder for them to get spots now. Guess what's stupid? This is the greatest opportunity you've ever had in your fucking life. If you rise the occasion, we'll put you up and make your famous bitch. Like, come on man, we want you to be good. We don't want you to be floundering in this fucking this area of mediocrity that you've been existing in for so long. Like, yeah, the big boys are in town. Yeah. It's good. It's good for everybody. And people with hunting, they like to talk about that everybody should have the same opportunities. It's like almost like making it hunting socialism. Yeah, you know what I mean? And so, well, if you work your ass off, shouldn't you get better opportunities, then somebody who doesn't do anything? Of course. I mean, but if, and also, the guy who kind of coins this thing about [2:014:04] whatever, everybody should have the same opportunities. It's like he has a great job, gets tons of vacation, doesn't he have an advantage over a guy who works in a mill who gets fucking two days off a year? But there's a lot of people that complain, but yeah, I know what you're talking about. Yeah, it's just complaining is a normal part of human life when you're looking at other people's success and trying to find flaws in it. But it's very bad for you. And that's what people don't understand. It's not productive. It doesn't help you. And you could disagree or agree with people's approaches. You could think that everyone should only hunt on public land. You could have all these ideas and you could debate those opinions and you're more than welcome to. The problem is when you look to criticize instead of look at the good side of things There's a lot of good to this there's a lot of good to what you do. It's more good than anything There's I see no negatives The educating people about the value of this is very good and during COVID that's one of the the real times where people realize like hey [2:015:02] This food chain is kind of fragile, I went to the supermarket. There's no fucking food. Like Duncan texted me. He was at a supermarket in North Carolina where he's living and he's like, dude, there's no meat. There's no fucking meat. He goes, I gotta learn how to hunt. I was like, wow, that is a moment when you have children and you have a family. And you start realizing we might not have nutrition. And they're looking at you and you're the leader of the family and you're like, what the fuck am I going to do? Right, and now you realize, oh my god, I need another skill. I'm susceptible, yeah. Yeah, we're all vulnerable. And obviously, for the most part, we're not. Obviously, for the most part, we do have supermarkets, we do have food, and that there is another way that's vastly more rewarding. It might not be available to you because you might not have the time. You might have a job that requires you to work 51 weeks a year, then you have a family and a lot of obligations. And I understand, but don't hate on people that can. Yeah, exactly. It's stupid. It's just a waste of your time. It's a waste of everybody's time. And you're just going gonna get a bunch of losers that like you. Yeah, because they're gonna be like, yeah, yeah, socialism's awesome. [2:016:06] I know, it's crazy. It's a, yeah, I don't know. I feel, I feel, I mean, it's one reason why, if we can educate people like when Andrew comes or like the other, quote, outliers I've had on, who might not be hunters, but can go and take these, the lessons archery teaches you, and maybe we talk about hunting, and then they go back to their peer groups or whatever it is, their constituents, and they're saying, well, actually, I did learn this about hunting, and so we're, and your podcast is down that, obviously, you know, educated so many people who don't know anything about hunting on the benefits to it, but It's, I don't know, it's so important. And we're not saying everybody needs to hunt, but just have a, just have a, honest take on it. Yeah, and I think that there's real value in doing something that's very difficult, whether it's hunting or ultra marathon running [2:017:02] or jujitsu or whatever it is that you choose to approach. There's real value in doing difficult things. And the thing about bow hunting that makes it so special to me is that it requires so much of you. And so that when you are successful, it's so rewarding. It's insanely rewarding. It's a rewarding on a different level that most people don't understand. And many people never get to experience in life. They get never get to experience that moment where you have to make this split second decision and you're drawing on an animal and you have one arrow to make this happen. You have one arrow and it might be 65 yards away and you that fucking pins moving around. You got to settle that pin and settle your heart rate And you have to be confident in your training and then release that perfect arrow and when you watch it to this day When the happiest moment of my life was you and I Know the picture right out here that photo with that that Elk was 67 yards [2:018:04] Yeah, like drawback back, take him buddy. And you see that arrow with that lighted knock, just sail and swap and hit perfectly. Oh God. And you know, if you didn't know how much that meant and how much pressure that was and how, how much was writing on it, we were like smiling and hugging and I love you. And like if you didn't understand, you just look that and go, what is wrong with these guys? Right. Right. But it's, there's so much writing on it. Yeah. And so it's just that, you know, you achieve this monumental goal with somebody sharing it with people you care about because Colton was there too. Yeah. And it's, I mean, until you've been there, it's probably shouldn't criticize because if you were there, you'd understand. It's hard for people to understand also because a lot of people's exposure to hunting has been hunting television shows. So if you watch a television show, basically they're preaching [2:019:00] to the converted already and they're doing these shows for other hunters and who are going to understand this and they're condensing a seven eight nine day trip into 22 minutes and out of those 22 minutes like there's 35 seconds 45 seconds of the shot and the animal running away and then dropping and then everybody cheering. And it's just a disproportionate experience for people that are watching it. You're not getting how hard it is. You're not getting the 8, 10 miles in the mountains with elevated heart rate, how exhausted you are at the end of the day when your legs feel like rubber and you pound and electrolytes and you fucking eating like a starving person. And then you look at your watch, like I gotta go to bed right now. I'm going to get up at four hours a sleep. I got to go to bed right now. And then you get up and you do it all over again. You drink some coffee and you get out there and you check your site, you check your bow. Let's go. And people that have never experienced that, they're not going to understand it. But I think you do an amazing job of relaying it to people [2:020:05] where they kind of get a glimpse without actually experiencing the kind of understand it from your passion, from your ability to explain it, your ability to like be like totally honest about the emotions and the feeling, the dedication, the hard work, and what's required of it? It's not a fucking easy thing to do. And even rifle hunting, rifle hunting is not easy. No. It's easier than bow hunting, but it is not fucking easy thing to do. And even rifle hunting, rifle hunting is not easy. No, it's easier than bow hunting, but it is not fucking easy. It's hard. Yeah, it's a, you know, that presentation, especially nowadays is important. And I, I was reminded of this, you know, went and trained with rich fronning and Nashville. And he's bow hunting too now, right? He's bow hunting, but he killed Bear with a rifle in Colorado, and he put up, he's getting death threats and everything because he's a crossfit, you know, world's fittest man four times. He's a complete freak, but he's like been enamored with hunting now. [2:021:00] And so he killed this bear this year, big bear in Colorado, big bore. And he had a picture, because he worked as asof. He got, you know, didn't kill a bull, I think the last two years, killed a cow with a rifle, but just, you know, a heart hunting is. And he's just trying to learn on his own out there. And so he gets this bear killed. He's happy. He's got a picture of this big bear and a big smile. And I just told him. I said, that is hard. That's hard for people. And I learned the hard way. It's like I made the same mistake too. So now I build the story. I share, you know, the animals out there, the country out there. I don't share the kill shot till after I've shared breaking it down in the meat and what it means and then at the end of all that You'll see the kill shot but Because he's a new hunter and he's just was fired up He's a big smile with that bear and that's the post Yeah, and he no fault of his anybody would do that [2:022:03] But with social media it's, they'll crucify you if that's all, and especially with the bear. And I told him, obviously he knows now, I didn't have to tell him anything, but bear and lions, the rough one. You better be explaining that whole journey before you get to that kill shot. And I feel bad because nobody wants to read that, you know, they want to kill you or kill your family because you killed some animal. But it's, it's just I've learned over the years that it's, I mean, you just, there's so many people go like my page will get to 30 million people in a week. There's 14 million hunters. That means most of those people aren't hunters. I better be explaining part of it to them too. And so that's a chance. The odds are that all 14 million hunters are looking at it. That's small too. So there's probably only a couple million hunters. Right. Right. Most of it's probably non-hunter. Right. So it's like [2:023:03] we have to think about that. Yeah. Like his group, a CrossFit group, of course, they all eat meat. You know, you can't have that muscle, but they still don't hunt. Right. So it's like that dance of explaining. And now he's so enamored with it, like most is podcast now or hunting. So people are like, wait, is this, are you the cross for a guy or the hunter? You know, he just loves hunting now. It's all he thinks about. Well, he's a strong man. He's got a strong mind. He can navigate this. But that is a, that's fine with it. He's fine. A great message to where you describe the way you have a process for it. And I've seen your process evolve over the years. Yeah. What you realize, okay, let me lay this out in the best way possible where it's gonna People are gonna really understand as much as they can from social media Because without a podcast and people talking without videos of you actually being and the video literally should be eight days long [2:024:02] Yeah video literally should be about a time an accurate. Yeah portrayal. Yeah, or at least a day Like you should see like what's involved in the stock and all that stuff. Like nobody would want to watch it because the fucking takes forever. Everybody wants to cut to the chase. Like when does the elk come into the canyon? When did you see it? When do you make the stock? Yeah, like even that, most people wouldn't show like on that boy killed in Arizona. I hit a little back and I caught the the lung and the liver and he went up and I thought he was going to go die right there. I thought it first it was perfect. So I looked at reviewed the footage but I had to shoot him again. Most people making hunting TV wouldn't have showed all that. They would have showed the one shot went up to the animal dead. Yeah. I wanted to show that, you know, there's, it weighed, it was like killing me, seeing that animal not dying like that. Because I, and then a bear went, walked right below him, got him up, he was on the verge of death. A bear got his adrenaline jacked up again, [2:025:01] and then he moved off like 30 yards, and I'm just like, you're just killing me. So I took my boost off snuck up there to 72 and shot him, but that was real. Yeah. And most people don't see real because we've we've watered down what we show on TV to make it fit this, oh, you know, made a good shot. Animal died after 50 yards and seconds. That doesn't always happen, unfortunately. Well, it's also like just the consumption of meat in general. Most people have never been to a slaughterhouse. Most people have never seen it, including me. I've never seen a cow get a bolt in the head. Yeah, it's terrible. And I've eaten so many cows. It's terrible. It's the process used to be absolutely normal. If someone saw that you had venison and you described the kill, they're like, yeah, that's what you do. That is how you get venison. That is the only way to get our meat. And everyone did it forever until the last hundred years, which is so crazy that it's become controversial [2:026:01] over the last hundred years. Only now and we have other options and life's so comfortable. And places where it's not normal to hunt, but yet the average consumption of meat is very high like the UK or Brazil. And Brazil, I friends that have posted photos that are from all around the world and they get hate from these people from Brazil, which they're famous for steak houses. I know Brazil is steak houses. Presented to Oscar Reas, amazing. Yeah, all of me, you want. Yeah, you literally all you can eat. Yeah, yeah. And, but they don't have a history of hunting. So because they don't have a history of hunting, they don't understand it. And they don't, why, even the animals I kill, I don't like watching them die. I don't, I love animals. So when I say it's awful for the cow, it's just, I feel bad for it. That's it. That's it. I understand it has to happen. I mean, I kill myself. But it's like, does it mean that I enjoy the act of killing. No, no one enjoys the act of killing. You enjoy the success and the meat and the fact [2:027:06] that it's done quickly and cleanly. And you know, we've been guilty of this before, like kind of, kind of, mentioning factory farms and not giving credit to ranchers that do it right. So it's not like every cattle operation is terrible. Right, I've had a bunch of ranchers on to try to correct that. Yeah, so it's not that when I said it's terrible, I don't want any negative because there's some great ranchers out there. Beef is like the staple of the meat that we eat here in this country. So it's we've got to do it right. Yeah, but it's just a symptom of the culture that we live in that most of the time. It's not done right. That's what's so crazy. What's so crazy is people like my friend Will Harris who runs White Oak Pastures showed that book right there. Yeah he's amazing. And he's I mean that guy really really put in effort. It took him 20 years to convert his family farm from an industrial farm to [2:028:01] regenerative farm. It took immense resources in time and they knew it was going to make them less money and he still did it and he did it and he's out there preaching the gospel and telling people that this is the way nature is supposed to be handled and that what he does at his farm which is an amazing place is he recreates nature in a contained environment and these animals all live naturally the the pigs live naturally, the chickens live naturally. I mean, he was explaining the entire process of it. It's incredible. It's incredible. And it's very difficult to do. And what he's done is pretty amazing. And he has friends that are running these industrial farms that are right next to him. And the difference in the impact, when you see like the impact that it has on the river system that he has near him, like the difference between his river with a runoff from his farm, which is nothing to the one next to it, just like completely pollutes the river. And there's no, there's no regulations on that. There's no regulations on how much herbicides and pesticides and fucking industrial fertilizer [2:029:03] just gets washed into the streams and chokes the fish to death. So no, no one's paying attention to that. And he's doing it right. That guy's doing it right. And kudos to him and they and I try to highlight those people as much as possible with him or Joel Salaton who runs polyphase farms and there's a bunch of great regenerative ranchers in here in Texas. And you know, we get Rome ranch and we and we you know we get a lot of our meat with we buy steaks we try to get it from those places it's just I'm getting fucking hungry I'm getting hungry too I do before we wrap up I got to say one one more thing okay we got it we got to give credit to Jelly Roll I love that we talked about them last time and I think we've been listening to his songs but I finally saw him live. Oh, he's amazing. At the Aubrey, he was like, the fucking, I mean, if I think about how nice he is, I could almost, I don't wanna say I'm gonna cry, but it's like he is so nice, dude. He's a sweetheart. [2:030:01] He treated me like family. Yeah. I mean, we went out to dinner and then even after the show, he was like, what do you think of my family? I mean, he cares. He is such a big-hearted person. And it was amazing how welcoming and kind and thoughtful and puts on an amazing show. Talks to the people, like makes people cry when he's talking to him in between songs, because he's so heartfelt. He's been through so much, but he's like, I don't, he has you in him and Nelly, that's awesome. And I don't know how, you know, I don't know how he was back in the day, you know? But all I know is, I know he made mistakes. I know he's been in jail. I know he's Whatever but now I don't know a nicer word. I don't know a better person. Yeah, he's been through a lot He's he's incredible in the other end and he's he's fucking nominate for two Grammys. I know What a journey. What a journey. I mean, I just look at him like you would never met look at that guy when you know saying you like whoa [2:031:07] No, and what you know Tanner mentioned this too He's when people first see him they're like oh is you know, he's got tattoos on his face Tanner says after you get to talk he goes you don't even see the tattoos right you see you see this This pure soul. Yeah, it's like tat what tattoos. Yeah, I fucking don't see shit This pure soul. Yeah, it's like tat what tattoos. Yeah, I fucking don't see shit So like you get distracted by that at first But when you talk to him and realize you know what a loving person he is you're like I don't see anything Yeah, I see just this big-hearted man. I was the same thing with Post Malone Yeah, yeah, you got to meet him. He's amazing. I love that dude to death. He's so fucking talented too. We saw him perform in Houston Our wife and I flew to Houston to watch one of his shows really I was a man and then we hanging out with him afterwards Yeah, he's want to play magic the gathering I don't know it as artists. I just I don't know there's different people, but they're so I don't know it's [2:032:01] It's pretty inspiring. Yeah, he's very inspiring When he gave me that platinum record and we posted out that he saw it. I did. It's incredible. It's a great gift. Well, here, and here's another thing too. He said when he was a kid, he used to dream about having records like that. Yeah. Like have it all. And he goes, now he goes, now he goes, what I want. So we went to the show at the opera, but then the next day I had to go train with Rich. But then he said, you know, can you meet for lunch at the soul house or whatever? And I said, yeah. So he's like, I want you to sign my book. He's like, because or your book, he had my endure book. And he's like, I used to think that I wanted records on the wall. He has been, now I want a book signed by you. That's what I want. And he had like gloves from, I think, a fight. I can't remember whose gloves, like UFC gloves. But it's like, that's what means something to him now. Not the personal accolades. [2:033:01] Right. But I just, God, I can't talk enough positive about that guy. Such, he's such a warm soul. The first time I met him, I met him at the mothership. He came there to see Ron White and I was, that was when the club had first opened and I was kind of there just hanging out, making sure everything was running right because we had just gotten open and then they said, hey, jelly rolls here to see Ron White. And then you know where the green room is? Yeah. At the club. He was coming up the stairs and I was walking out and I saw him and he just goes, what's up? Just big giant hug. I'm like, oh my god, this guy's everything I hope to be. He's amazing. This beautiful people in the world, man. Yeah's one of them. They changed the way you feel about the way you interact with people. And I he makes me I last heard I said when I got home it makes me want to be a better person. Yes. Because I saw how he treated everyone like there'd be people on the sidewalk and there'd be like you know these little old women and are not old probably my age fuck one of my talking about but [2:034:02] it's like so like caught off guard like oh my, oh my god, Jolly Roles here. And he's like, what's up mama? How you doing? How you doing tonight? Give him a big hug. Just like looking him in the eye and just the sweetest person, just some person walking by. Yeah, but he was not a guy where life gave him a fucking terrible hand and he got through it and he came out on the other end and now he's amazing. You know, now it's like this amazing journey that he can like really, truly appreciate every aspect of it and he's so good at expressing that. He's so good at spreading that love, spreading that positivity. And it really does make you want to be a better person. It makes me want to be a better person. Both him and Post, they make me want to be nicer to everybody. I have never... And I try real hard to be nice to everybody. You do a great job. I try so hard. You do. You do an amazing job. But it's like, you don't do as good as him. No. There's levels. There's levels to everything. It's just like, I think his eyes are just so kind to. [2:035:00] Yeah. Because it's like, what what I see and we said this the last time but like you see the pain he's you see pain in his eyes still a little bit. Yeah. Or I do. Yeah. And or I don't know. You see it in his music. You hear it. You hear it. You hear it for sure. You can't be that soulful unless you've experienced some dark dark dark times. I mean there's some you know there's some magic to the way he sings that I just don't, you don't get that from a trust fund baby. No. You get that from a hard life man and coming out on the other side as this like beautiful creation of love and creativity and that's that dude. That's the real thing man. That's on an act. That's him 24-7 and it's amazing and it's very inspirational and it's it's very good for everybody it's good for everybody it's good for everybody he encounters. He was like you know he was so busy after the show and they had to do a promo stuff at the after the operate so we took off and then he told me he's like he goes oh he goes [2:036:01] I didn't you know I didn't get to say goodbye to Tanner. I took Tanner to the show and his girlfriend. And he's like, I think he said goodbye. He's like, oh, I didn't give him like a good hug to say goodbye. And he's like, I mean, thinking about even that. I know. Just about my son. There he is. He has speech at the end. Oh, did you see that? Let's play this. We can Did you see that we get we get and with the speech this speech is fucking incredible Second I'm gonna say a lot. I'm sorry, but the quickest I could say this thank you to the labels Tony Creek man from a John Lowe, but Joe Jamie you saved my life. I love you so I love you. I love you. I love you. I love you. I love you. I love you. I love you. I love you. I love you. I love you. I love you. I love you. I love you. I love you. I love you. I love you. I love you. I love you. I love you. [2:037:00] I love you, I'm glad we're sitting there party in the rest of the night, babe. I'm most importantly, there is something poetic about a 39-year-old man winning new artists of the year. I don't know where you're at in your life or what you're going through, but I want to tell you to keep calling, baby. I want to tell you, success is on the other side of it. I want to tell you, it's going to be okay. I want to tell you that the bridge's still in there, the river, the river, the river, the river, the river, the river, the river, the river, the river, the river, the river, the river, the river, the river, the river, the river, the river, the river, the river, the river, the river, the river, the river, the river, the river, the river, the river, the river, the river, the river, the river, the river, the river You should, because we prayed before at dinner and then before a show. And it was just like the most incredible prayer I've ever heard. And I'm just like, you're calling, might be to be a preacher. Well, he's got to doing it through his music and it's reaching more people that way. So powerful. I love that guy. I love that guy too.