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Tim Kennedy is a Green Beret, retired UFC fighter, founder of Sheepdog Response, and co-founder of Save our Allies: an organization dedicated to rescuing and relocating Americans and allies in war-torn environments. www.timkennedy.com

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It's gonna be good and it's good. Well every year I do elk hunting camp with Evan Mm-hmm. We we share an elk hunting camp in California So we just got back and so Evan makes coffee for us every day So he gets up and he fucking hand measures everything and he brings his own fucking special blends He had two different blends because he knows I like a dark roast. We had a dark roast and then this he had this really bizarre exotic coffee that tasted different than anything I'd ever had before it was like kind of like Almost like a sweet like almost like a tea taste to it Like he just he's a master. He was using tax paying dollars to Start his coffee obsession was he really? Yeah, so when he was both in group and at the agency he would take you know, we have Discretionable funds that you can spend on whatever and of and Area improvement is an appropriate way for you to spend money So he would buy like a twenty thousand dollar espresso machine and you know a three thousand dollar grinder in some Middle of nowhere Ford operating base where he's making coffee and like just being a total nerd It's all taxpayer money It's it's awesome. Yeah, finally something's being used with tax paying dollars that benefits the soldier, which is rare We ran out of coffee filters and someone was like, well, you just use paper towels and he just let fuck No, we're not gonna use paper towels. I was like, dude, we're not using paper towels. Look at him. He's little but he's mighty He's very serious. Do not use paper towels like this. He's very serious about his coffee or skydiving next month Do is placing Utah? Yeah the lab that he has set up at black rifle Yeah, he made me do like insane one of the like the little tastes where they like do this thing with the spoon Yeah, and then they have to smell it first and you have to do something with your tongue I was like, is this what are we doing? I can't I can't do that. I can't go that far It's like with wine like when people like oh hints of oak like I don't it's good. I like it I like it. Yeah, you can do that. This goes well with what I'm eating right now I have a friend my friend Matt I'll call he's a real wine freak and I'll just like show him a photo of like the wine Page at a restaurant. Like what should I get and he'll tell me he'll just text me. He loves it So I'm like good. I've got that farmed off Outsource things I don't have to keep on my brain. Yeah, I do not want to have to pay attention We are so good. And that's how I do it with coffee, too I just like like Evans like I'll send you a bag of that stuff. I'm like great. What was it again? I forget what it was but it was like fruity and another one like as Jack Carr is so incredible Evan So I'm skydiving all I supposed to be skydiving all last week, but I was in Israel and then so I had to move it to the right because we're doing this Moab jump with a bunch of your your friends Mike Sorelli and Mike Glover and Evan and So I like I need to brush off knock off the dust a little bit So I Evan and he sends me this like super fancy designed helmet from black rifle a skydive helmet a g3 for Just like just sent it to me, you know as like, all right, this is really cool You know, I mean skydiving with this a helmet that is way above my ability because I'm just total sky trash I have never and I'm not doing it. I have zero desire. I don't get it I don't get any stump with his fucking flying squirrel suit. Fuck you. He'll be there to you in that course He's he that's easy for him and he's used to the flying squirrel suit. I think it's one regular skydiving ain't shit the I Asked Andy if he'd be interested in and helping me do it's like bass jump stuff and wing suit stuff and just all I got Was no, it's like Can you expand on that? He's like all of my friends that I used to do this with her dead. So no Tim Okay, well great conversation that was fun that is the death rate in that stuff Like he was telling me like how many like if you send out fucking 20 people to do that. How many come back? It's not good. No. Yeah, you find a different hobby. It's not good Did you ever see the video where the guy is trying to fly in between the arches of bridge? The sound the clang of metal when his meat and bones hit that bridge it was terrible There's like a watermelon traveling at 200 miles an hour impacting metal yeah, and And you can't imagine what that sound like you imagine what that sound would be until you hear it and that was a watermelon with bone Slamming against metal which was a human which is now nothing nothing a splatter. It's instantaneous I mean, he's probably going a hundred miles an hour You know Faster probably. Yeah. Yeah, how fast you go with those things like if 140 so like if you're in a dive position you're going 160 to 200 miles an hour and And if you're stable flying, you know, maybe 140 Yeah, so when when you're like navigating like he was I'm happy he was going 140 150 miles an hour Which really makes you appreciate nature and evolution that the Pergine Falcon Does like what does it do like 220 or something insane and can change on a dime? It's like flip you can go up to 220 horizontally. Oh Fast 220 in a car fucking feels insane. I've never done it I don't know but I mean I've done like we went to the local racetrack that place up there coda Oh our lights not on we went to coda recently and coda gives gets up to like I mean we were in a Lamborghini went to like 147 that feels fucking insane at a racetrack I got this thing going you got it. Yeah. Oh, there we go. Yeah that that Long straight away into that almost 180 turn. Mm-hmm On a motorcycle is one of the scariest things I have ever felt have you done that track? Yeah Yeah, I mean except for that like my testicles were up into my stomach Yeah And I thought I'm a brave courageous human and I was just a hundred percent coward on a racetrack Right at least if you wipe out you just kind of like Yeah, we were watching formula one there that is fucking wild those guys are flying They're going so much faster than regular cars You really get a perspective when you've actually driven around the car in like a GT car The track rather and then you see those guys Yeah It's wild. Oh and there's levels to you know every time I think that I'm good at something Then you go with somebody that's actually good at that thing. Yeah, and then yours they could I'm so trash Yeah, I thought I knew how to drive a car until I got lessons and like oh I suck at driving, too Yeah, great. Here's the long litany of things that I suck at. Yeah, which are just made so clear But then unfortunately, I don't want to suck at it. So now I have this new addiction I want to go to the fucking track all the time Which is not the best thing for like time management. Yeah, because it's a fucking full-day thing You know it's like golf or something like that like I've never played golf and I won't play golf because it's a time management thing Yeah, like I don't have that like Ron White and Tony Hinchcliffe. They go out and they play for fucking eight hours I'm like, bro. I don't have eight hours ever eight hours. You get stuff done on the golf course But no, you don't know you don't maybe if you're a hedge fund manager, you want to figure out how to rip people off I enjoy the I'm shooting and golf have a lot in common like precision rifle. Yeah So I enjoy that portion of it So I definitely don't need to do this other thing with a club and a ball I have a pool addiction, which is very similar billiards. Yeah, I played I played pool at a pretty high level And I have a real problem with that. I could have eight nine hours a day. Those are easy. Those are dorks. Yeah, real pool nerds. Oh, yeah are They're genius. Yeah, and they're weird and They're so freaking good. They're so fucking smart. That's what's crazy like really good pool players are fucking smart because you have to be because you have to it's Problem-solving you have to figure out how to manage geometry and also feel And then you have to execute the shot to under pressure very similar to jujitsu and in this archery now this physical application Of this mental complex problem. Yeah, that is, you know in real time changing Every second. Yeah, I think jujitsu is the most complex of those things and the most but it's also the one that breaks your body The most that's the problem with jujitsu They're really good in this long. I've totally changed now that all of these monsters have moved to Austin and What I another example of where I thought I was just this freak grappler Until I met real freak grapplers and I'm like, man, I'm not even top 20 You know, I'm maybe top hundred now And so that realization with the Jean-Claude Badones and the Gord Ryan's the Victor Hugo's the Mariguelis and the Craig Jones's, you know I said wild fucking people you Shondre all in my gym to everyone's in his Academy this morning. It's amazing. I mean, no, no, it's not amazing Joe It's not I'm saying this is the spectrum of a great another thing that I'm trash at but I've totally changed I want to do jujitsu until I'm a hundred years old and so I Am so intentional about what my roles are who my life goes are with You know the that's important. It's so important and also keeping you're very good at keeping up your physical body Which a lot of people are not they just roll. Yeah, they just train which you really can't know I split my my effort in a week almost evenly between, you know grappling striking physical development strength speed And then like that long recovery longevity aspect of it Like my week is broken into for my training. You almost have to treat your body like a pit crew You know like you really have to change your fucking tires. Do you got to do the whole thing? You have to you can't just like how they look good. No, you gotta like really treat it like there's a Methodical approach that must be done in order to race. Yeah, if you want to train you kind of have to do that Yeah, yeah, it's not good for the ego. Yes. I got I got away with it when I was you know, 25 and fighting But yeah, well you got away with it while you're also active duty, which is pretty crazy Yeah, I should have been a little bit more Intentional and disciplined about how I spent my time and I I took youth for granted Everybody does yeah youth is wasted on the young World especially when you're dumb. Yeah It's hard. Well, most young people are down. Yeah, I suppose young people that do the kind of stuff that we enjoy Yeah, we did dumb stuff Like everything's good man, everything's really good shooting bow yesterday my buddy Tyson Got Rob from Roca sent get things for people that I resent Rob's great Yeah, Mike you never things for people that I resent Rob's great Yeah, Mike you never gave me a bow like I was never given a bow like how does this just happen? So he came over and do you want one? No, no, I got a great. I got a great bow What do you get a bow from? From archery country. Okay. Yeah, that's my spot. Yeah, I was there this morning got a Yeah, I got six new arrows today I Shot through one of my archery targets and it hit the wood in the back and I was like inspecting my arrow And I saw like there's just little tiny fine line along the side of it and I was like you're done Oh carbon. Yeah shooting carbon. Yeah, you got to be really careful about that A lot of those explode and it goes from people's hands. Okay. I love those videos. I can't watch them But I love them. Do you watch them? You do? I've seen them. Yeah, I don't enjoy them I check all my shit religiously though because of that I used to I had a Teflon glove that I tried to wear for a while a lot of guys wear a Teflon glove to make Sure that never happens, but it's like it's never happened to me. I've been shooting a bow for ten years. Yeah, I love it Yeah, it's great. I've built a but 180 degree 3d archery range in the backyard and back three acres. Yeah, I got full-size elk and Pigs and coyotes and a bunch of little deer so anywhere from a hundred yards and I hate that I have to say yards Instead of meters. Yeah, we should have changed over We almost did when I was in like I guess I was in high school and they're trying to change everybody over This is so much easier. It makes more sense America's so fucked up with that we're like, nah, nah fuck the rest of the world inches bitch We made it to the moon off inches and feet great. Thanks Fuck soccer Like on the metric system like me I love how England still sticks with power with a new stone There's still with a thing dumbest unit of measurement when we used to do fights over there and I had to do the weigh-ins I used to have to say stone as well as pounds It's like, okay. Why are we doing that? Is this confusing when I just say pounds? It's confusing enough when we have to throw on how much somebody weighs in kilos and then how many they weigh in pounds And we throw in stones. Yeah, we're just like, okay Kilos Celsius all the way I was watching this video this guy was talking about well, it's 30 degrees out So it's a nice day to go out and shoot. I was like 30 degrees. I was like, oh he's in Canada All right, okay, you communist using that bullshit metric so they really are right now. They are they're full-on I never thought it would happen that fast bro. It's so bad I'm worried that my podcast is going to be censored in Canada because it's going to pass some new fucking Legislation where they're allowed to pass some new fucking legislation where they're allowed to pass some new fucking legislation Where they're allowed to Canadian content law where they like you have to have a certain amount of Canadian based content on like the radio And television and stuff like that You can't just have all stuff from all over the world whatever people like you have to have like a certain percentage of it has to Be Canadian and so that under the guise of that but really it's Trudeau trying to enforce censorship on podcasts because they always do it in the cover and every dangerous Freedom censoring group does it under this idea of they're doing it for the greater good Yeah, you know, it's like whether it's diversity equity and inclusion or it's making sure that Pro not disinformation or misinformation is being populated within the masses. It's always through this veil of no No, it's for your benefit But you pull the veil back a little bit and you it's just censorship. It's just control. Yeah, they're just trying to manipulate what information is Available for people to to try to base their opinions off Have you ever seen that video of Trudeau from like 10 years ago? I mean might have been for more might have been like 2010 and he's talking about how he's opposed to you got coffee in there Yeah salute my friend. Cheers He's opposed to regulations with guns because he's like Regulations are the first step that they take and the ultimate goal is to remove your gun. So we will not have Regulations like he's talking about this like in 2010 or 2011 Yeah, well, I mean he was following a playbook Yeah, so he absolutely didn't believe that though because he knew that in We know within a decade he would be trying to confiscate every single gun They give you his hands on and make transfer of pistols illegal with illegal. It's illegal Yeah, if I have a pistol and I want to sell you a pistol I cannot that's it so wild It's so wild how quick it changed over there. They use kovat to just enforce these Weeping legislations across all sectors. They don't have a free speech They don't have a First Amendment over there So they have hate speech laws which it could be interpreted so vaguely and this is what Jordan Peterson was rallying against like back when they had this bill that was set up to make people use someone's gender identity And he was like what what gender identity you're talking about. There's 78 current gender Identities that someone can choose to identify with Including just complete nonsense made up words and use and it's gonna keep going I don't know how many there are now but he was like the only way you enforce this is with you're gonna have to use force and It's like the rule of law now It's like you're gonna send armed thugs to arrest people for not using made up words like this is where this goes Especially Peterson who knows so much about communism and so much about where the the darkness that it leads down to I love that he approaches it both from like a philosophical perspective and a historical perspective, you know, he he is so well versed and knowledgeable and and The the argument that they're making from this position This is where it leads to and not only do we understand this in human nature and here's a bunch of examples of it But then also historically here's a bunch of examples of it so it makes it really hard to dispute what what is really logical and Rational and okay if you're here and they want to go from point A to point B This is the process for them to get there. Yes, and I like yeah another brilliant man that does a lot of good well, you need a guy like him who has such a deep understanding of history and Also is a clinical psychologist who understands the human mind on a very very deep level so he can explain things in a way that is almost impossible to refute Like he's got all his bases covered when he had discussed as a subject and he can fucking pull it off of his head guy uses no notes and he just will quote things and explain things in the most complex manner and make it palette make it Absorbable to everybody. Yeah, he and I are We're in a parallel fight right now on the education side, you know Apogee which is I have a physical school here and we have an online mentorship and we're launching an additional 50 schools this year Started a big huge foundation the Apogee Foundation all to just a time to turn this public school Problem on its ear as we've indoctrinated this entire generation to hate America And you know, we're in a really scary position militaries having recruiting issues You know, we're having identity problems in every imaginable way with this, you know Gen Z and Millennials just not knowing what their purpose is and When you look at the public school system and Department of Education, it's just a broken system Teachers are great. Most of them on majority. I think have a real pure heart to do good, but they're in a system that is forcing them or they're allowing to Manipulate kids to radicalize them into into really anti-american ideas And something has to change because the concurrent trajectory We're screwed, you know the The lack of Individual responsibility and as jocko would say extreme ownership of what the issues are and how to solve them are absolutely absent You know, we have entitlements we have you know, accepting these identities We have obviously this mental health crisis and all of it really goes back when you look at The pandering that is happening in public schools for eight hours in a day There's no way that you could come out of that process not being jacked up, right? You're gonna get some of it's gonna leak into your brain no matter how much your parents talk to you or no matter how much You have your own ideas about life There's a certain amount that people just absorb from their atmosphere and accept There's a certain amount of it that people just accept and it's so manipulative when you know A third-grade teacher is assigning you a project of okay. You are a Palestinian freedom fighter here in the United States What are some ways that you can help the Palestinians in Gaza be free? Like that is your assignment. Give me five examples or even better You'll get five points extracurricular for extracurricular activities where you went and did something to help at a Palestinian protest or pro-palestinian and it's just like You've effectively radicalized a kid into a freedom fighter with one assignment Like they have no choice but to participate if they want to receive a good grade That was on the news yesterday that exact situation was happening and it's detestable like it's so bizarre It's so bizarre that people don't see where this goes They don't see the end of it and it's not to say that The plight of the innocent Palestinians is not a fucking terrible situation to be in if you're stuck in Gaza Under the rule of Hamas and then you have Israel just like detained keeps everybody detained in this one area It's not good for them either 2.4 million people in the size in an area the side of Washington DC And I like to use the word stuck because they are you know, we have 240 hostages that are in Gaza like legitimate Israeli American Brazilian I'm from almost every single Single nation there's hostages in Gaza currently from October 7th But the 2.4 million people the Palestinians that live in Gaza They are being held hostage by 30 to 40 thousand radical Hamas and about seven other radical organizations that are terrorist organizations So your word stuck could not be more accurate. There are great peaceful wonderful Muslims in Gaza That voted in a terrorist organization When the PLO and Hamas were trying to figure out who is actually going to be the ruling party of the Palestinian people Hamas won out and now they are The size of a cartel being funded seven seventy million dollars a year from Iran is being pumped into Hamas And all they're doing is taking every little bit of humanitarian aid and converting it into military Resources and those poor people those poor Palestinians are trapped in between all of this It's it's wild. It's such a complex problem that is Solvable, but like it's heartbreaking when you look at the individual level of the kids that are there and the women that are there and the civilians that are there are literally trapped as you said stuck and How do you if you're Israel? How do you fix it? If you're Palestinian? How do you fix it when it's so evident that Hamas wants one thing which is the elimination and genocide of all Jews and are there any Muslim countries that are accepting Palestinian refugees no they never have that seems insane because there's all this support for the Palestinians if You're Islamic if you're a Muslim and you want to support these Muslims Wouldn't you? Wouldn't you support the idea that your country this Muslim country would accept those people and they could be in a place where they could be? Free now 22 Arab nations over 40 Muslim nations internationally, right? There's one Jew nation and that one Jew nation Israel has done more for the Palestinian people than any other nation ever So it's it's ludicrous and it's insulting to the Palestinian people to start throwing stones at Israel when in fact They're the only group that has been trying to protect and in any administrative way provide food water and resources to the people that are there For over 40 Muslim countries not one of them is accepting any Palestinian refugees. What is the answer to that? Like why? They're a problem that is with the With the radicals that are embedded inside of them How did you do how do you differentiate between who is a pal a peaceful Muslim? Palestinian to who is a radical that is working for Hamas? Like how do you do that? Right All right, so as I'm getting Evacuation requests two weeks ago and we're trying to be good proper judicious Servants How do I Know that this name of this person is not trying to fill out an evacuation form To be assisted to move from an area that they're currently denied in Where their area is their area of movement is restricted For any other reasons besides that they need help like it's a really hard multiple levels of truth to try to Peel back to figure out who some of these people are and what their intentions are and it's been that way for a really long Time you go all the way back to like 1987 when Hamas really started moving and fighting with the PLO for control the air You know when yes, our yes our air fat was meeting with Clinton and the Prime Minister of Israel and they're making negotiations in Oslo and all the way up to You know the first intifada to the second intifada to then all suicide attacks pizzeria is blowing up Like how do you determine who is good and who's bad? It's do they have a suicide vest do they not or like what are their intentions? It's it's wildly hard You have been involved just in the last few years in two of the most heartbreaking Scenes that we've seen depicted in the media though the botched withdrawal from Afghanistan You leave that and now you just got back from Israel Yeah, I mean I'm over what's happened the past three years. There's actually four consecutive so the day I got back from Afghanistan because I went from Afghanistan to Albania and Brazil and Italy and Greece to try to have them take refugees. So my post Afghanistan Work lasted a few more weeks because there are a lot of Afghan refugees and Non-american citizens that weren't even Afghanis that we had to figure out where we're gonna put so that carried off you know the attack happened September 26 where our August 26 where the bomb a B Abbey gate went off and the American service members were killed and You know, we we left a few days later Two weeks later. We're now in the mid-September I come back and I immediately the day I land I get assigned to go down to the Mexican border and I spent six months on the Mexican border on operation Lone Star part of a Special operation task force combating cartels traffickers human traffickers drug smugglers so there was humanitarian crisis number two in my life in three years which was the Mexican border though some of the worst stuff I've ever seen in My life on par with Afghanistan on par with what was the next one? Which was Ukraine the day I got off orders where I was legally allowed to travel or was not So when you're on orders, you have to do what the army says, right? And the army said this is what you're gonna do So for six months I was on this assignment at the border the day I got off those orders I'm back to a civilian Tim Kennedy. So then I traveled to Ukraine. I worked Ukraine For a few months during that conflict and post invasion Which was again horrible like some of the worst stuff I've ever seen Come back and I get this like momentary lull where I was like, I think like Israel This is gonna be okay and then this happens, you know, then October 7 happens and it was just in three years for this level of Horror to happen is it's indescribable. It seems like it's ramping up it is Well, you so you're saying that the the experience that you had at the border was as bad as anything Oh, yeah Yeah, so I mean this is I'm not gonna you're not gonna give me I'm just gonna take a sip here So we're Afghanistan right babies are stuck in Constantina wire Taliban is executing civilians in the street to try to prompt Americans to do a response Try to try and elicit some escalation, right? They're really just flexing to show that they were in charge. So that's Afghanistan on the ground burnt babies you know as I'm going out to try and find Americans or our allies that are out in the city of Kabul to bring them into H. Kaya and You're stepping over like small burnt babies like it's the worst thing ever fast-forward three weeks We're the Del Rio River and There are 400 immigrants trying to cross the river They have babies up on their shoulders and the coyotes the traffickers every single person that's in the river has paid The cartels to be escorted across the border Well concurrently the cartel is about to smuggle 500 meters up the river two dudes with bundles of fentanyl on their back So I'm dealing with this gigantic humanitarian problem of a few hundred people at night trying to cross a dark cold flowing water With babies on their shoulders and what do the coyotes do the moment that they start getting close to the shore? They just grab the kids Down to the drink down to the water babies are floating little children are screaming Why would they do this? Because I have to spend resources of my personnel to flood to try to save these these immigrants from drowning in the river and I have to throw a ton of resources and people at them to try and save them so they don't die in the river at the exact same time The resources that I have to use personnel wise here They're getting guys successfully onto the shore with bags full of fentanyl as they run into the inland into the interior And they know exactly what they're doing They're making money by moving people while they're concurrently making money smuggling drugs and throwing humanitarian crisis is at us so that they can move drugs simultaneously and That's hard For people that are trying to do good. How do you choose? Which problem to attack? We had a service member that dived into the water to try to save a baby need he drowned We took us a week to find his body a Texas National Guardsman Dove in there to try to find a baby that had got pushed off And he drowned trying to save her Is it a matter of resources is there none of resources being put into well obviously this whole thing reeks of it's so terrible to say but it seems like this is a Concentrated effort and not just from the cartel. It seems like this is something that's being allowed to happen The benefits of There's lots. I mean that's a hard question, right? Texas has a way different position than the federal government as to the immigration problem and Their approach are almost in conflict. So when you get to like the real bad actors with you sexual trafficking Cartel members drug smugglers weapon smugglers, you know, of course you're gonna see federal assets being leveraged to attack those problem sets but the large humanitarian problem The federal government is gonna have a way different approach compared to the Texas government The Texas government is like no, this is a legal immigration. We have lawful ports of entry You have to legally come into the United States through a legal port of entry and then once you are here We will process you in accordance with what the Department of State says the immigration process is because there's a rule and we're a country of laws so you Have to follow the law anything else is illegal The The other side of that coin is the federal approach which is anybody that makes across the border You are now here and we're gonna process you Which is insanity. Why do they do that? I Do you think they're trying to bring in voters? Yeah Yeah, and it grows the government It's it's more entitled people that you have to pay more entitlement programs that you have to pay to support You know, those people are immediately shipped into the interior I find it comical and I know people think it's not appropriate for the Texas government They've been shipping immigrants to some of these sanctuary cities that They have said that they're sanctuary cities until they've actually received a lot of immigrants and they're like, oh my god We can't handle this number of immigrants and it's like 1% of what comes over the border every single day here in Texas that we have to deal with all the time That the the Yankees those north they have no idea what it's like to be a border state and the the amount just the tens and hundreds of thousands of people that are coming across every single day's it's it's it is a It's criminal that they're allowing it and when did it start when did it ramp up like this? This was never three years ago three years ago. Oh Jesus Christ. Yeah Yeah, I mean Trump put some pretty powerful laws in place and empowered the federal immigration Laws for us at the border to have lots of tools to one turn somebody away If you're coming across and you're claiming asylum Well, you have to go back to your country of origin or you have to go to the country that you're trying to cross from And that is where you're gonna have your asylum process be Determined you're not gonna come in and we're not gonna like allow you to go to San Diego and Get to hang out in San Diego and tour your court date, which is currently happening right now, right? You make it across where you going? I'm going to San Diego. All right show up for your immigration court date It's in you know a year and a half from now and everybody knows this so that people are just coming across flooding it's so wild to watch those videos of just Enormous miles long lines of people military age men You know that it's it's so Heartbreaking and the men and women, you know border patrol Department of Public Safety the Texas National Guardsmen that there that are working the border. They are so incredible selfless hard working Like love America and also love people, you know they're they're putting their lives on the line every single day to try to protect these immigrants, but also try to Protect the law and the rule of law and that's a really hard thing to To reconcile is what is the humane thing to do? And is that an alignment with what is the just thing to do? That's that's hard They're amazing and then once people are here and they cross over There's not a real screening process in terms of like who's a criminal what what your history is in your country of origin Yeah, you wanna get a weird Google thing Google how many known people on the terror watch list have made it across and It'll scare the crap out of you. So Department of Homeland Security And the FBI, you know, we have this these gigantic lists of people that are on terror watch lists criminal watch lists and the number of those that we have captured at the border of obviously is just going to be a drop in a bucket of those that have made it across and you know it is In light of what just happened in Israel where you know They flew paragliders over borders over walls and they they crashed through walls And then they were able to kill 1,400 people in one day and then you look at the number and that was that was a thousand insurgents total And then you look at the number of people that have been coming over the border for the past three years that we know We're radicalized that we know or on watch lists it is a It is it should scare the pant like this scare the scare you to death The position that we're at we're gonna have a real bad year God damn it. Yeah Department of Homeland Security and the FBI yesterday they talked about a bunch of known terrorist cells that are currently Not operating they are operating but they're they are looking for opportunities targets of opportunity to conduct terrorist activities here in the United States The Department of Homeland or Department of State just released an entire worldwide warning to all America's traveling abroad saying that it Is dangerous for any American to be traveling anywhere in the world right now with the amount of? terrorists cells that have now been activated No, fuck. So if you're in the the steps program, I think it's a Department of State STEP smart traveler something program That you get notifications if you travel abroad you should enroll in the steps program, but what it happens is Today you would have gotten an email saying if you're gonna be traveling to Every single country that you would enrolled in steps that you're gonna be overseas in you would have gotten an email from them Warning you not to go there because it's dangerous So if if you're enrolled in like five different countries for steps you would have got five emails today being like hey, bro Don't go there. Yeah, there we go Yeah worldwide caution due to increased tensions of various locations around the world the potential for terrorist attacks demonstrations and violent actions against US citizens and interests the Department of State advises US citizens overseas to exercise increased caution US citizens should stay alert in locations frequented by tourists enroll in smart travel enrollment program to receive Information alerts to make it easier to locate you and an emergency overseas Follow the Department of State on Facebook and Twitter and visit travel dot state gov Yeah, this this crisis intake form and the flights out of Ben Gurion that that is So save our allies the NGO that I was in Afghanistan for the NGO that I was in Ukraine for and the NGO that I was Just recently in Israel for Department of State You know, they're an easy target to throw darts at sometimes, but they really do do great for the American people But there's always these gaps that like so flat of you're an American in Israel, right? You're a 75 year old pastor that wants to go and walk where Jesus walked, you know, Israel is just such a beautiful place where you know, there's Two and a half million or two and a half billion Christians in the world. There's 1.9 billion Muslims in the world There there's almost 20 million Jews in this world and guess where they're one place that they think to be the holies of holies are That's right in Israel. All right, like it is it is the place for the largest religions in the world to all celebrate. So You're a pastor and you want to go to the Jordan River because that's where Jesus was baptized by John the Baptist You are a Muslim and you want to go to the dome you want to the dome on the rock you want to go to The mosque that They're calling the reason for attacking Israel was because they thought it was gonna be destroyed which it never will be it's protected by Israel whatever your motivation was you get there you're an American and Then this attack happens American cancels your flight United cancels your flight Every single airline cancels your flight and the only airline left is the Israeli airline You're wherever you are in Israel. Maybe you're on the Jordan River or maybe you're up north in the Haifa Maybe you're like way down south in a lot because you wanted to see the border of Egypt and this you know You're the Gulf of Akaba. It's like the most beautiful water that connects to the Red Sea and You You're an American tourist you don't have the the wherewithal of knowing how to travel and in a the middle of a war and Now you're getting a thing from Department of State that says you have to go to Tel Aviv and connect with us and fill out This crisis intake form for us to be able to help you get out From where you are as an American citizen to where you need to be to get out of this country where 1400 people are being raped murdered burnt alive tortured There's people being kidnapped and hostages being taken and like you're just an American that's now stuck here and every single airline has canceled your flight No matter how many times you've booked it maybe if we had this guy had booked five new flights and every single of those flights had been charged on his credit card and so then his credit card is frozen because he's just booked five next-day flights at you know, three four thousand dollars apiece and You know, he's on heart medication. Maybe he's on insulin whatever the individual we helped for almost 400 people get out of Israel But the Department of State as amazing as there are there's these little gaps that somebody has to go and help them with That's comfortable moving in the middle of a war and that's that's really where several allies Comes in is because we go and fill that gap Like how do I find this guy in this hotel? That is too scared to leave doesn't know how to get a bus doesn't know how to get a taxi He doesn't know how to his tourist information or his tourist guide is like hey, bro, I'm out I'm gonna go down because my kablitz just got murdered I'm gonna go help my family that you know, they're missing three of their family members Of course, they're gonna go and help but now that guy is stuck that his family stuck that pastor stuck so we had to go and find those people and Move them to a place where they could get out of the country safely and it was freaking hard The volume of that is like wild We had it we took um this rad two pastors they're from California and We had a similar situation. They booked multiple flights They had an old pastor with them, you know, they didn't have the maneuverability of Being able to pivot with whatever Existing flights ultimately we had to drive them from where they were to Haifa to put them on a private Chartered airplane to fly them from Haifa Haifa to Cyprus where they could then fly from there to Athens and get home Like we had a privately source an airplane to fly them out of a place To get them to a place that they could fly out of because all other aircraft have been grounded So that two pastors could make it back to their churches in California, you know, they're literally stuck So yeah crazy How do you fucking manage? your mind Dealing with so many horrific and traumatic experiences over and over and over again just over a few years So my dad just asked me he asked me like way more pointed. He's like, are you okay? Okay, son Yeah, I'll be asking that too if I was your dad Um, do you remember mr. Rogers? Yes. Yeah sure. Yeah He was asked a real similar question and it was during the civil rights protests where blacks are being beaten in the street, you know and hippies are being condemned as like the next plague and pestilence that society could ever see and Like what would you do with all of this evil happening around us and mr. Rogers says just look to the helpers there's always people trying to help and You know, I'm thinking about the ground team That I had with me over there. I can't even say their names because they're they're amazing people but we JP RT primo and The most brilliant From the expeditionary special operations backgrounds, but the most selfless hard-working They're they're giants of humans Like I look at them just in awe of how capable they are and how selfless they are at the same time Like these are the most lethal humans on the planet and I could kill you a thousand different ways But they're putting their lives on the line to try to Rescue a pastor that can't book a flight You know like Israel would do anything to have one of these guys go with them and advise them about how to get into this Shit show that is Gaza into the tunnels that are controlled by Hamas and what are we gonna do with Hezbollah at the northern border? How are we gonna stop the Taliban that just got permission to cross through Iraq? What are we gonna do with al-qaeda that just bribed a whole bunch more people to fly them into every single neighboring country like But instead they're just trying to rescue people. So to ask your question I When I'm down the border, I just looked to my left on my right and I see a freaking private That's three o'clock in the morning. He's sitting there with night vision and he's like that kid just fell in the water Motherfuckers off he's off He's running down into the darkness to jump in the water to try and save a kid like if you cannot find inspiration from that and if you cannot find something that's gonna nurture and feed your soul and inspire you to do something good for the people around you and Look at the guys that I had with me in Israel Like I can't even the group of people that I had with me in Ukraine Like I'm just astounded by these and you know, you know a whole bunch of them too that are just amazing people I've been so blessed to have you know a short but successful fighting career a successful military career that then went into a period of like successful business and now I'm in a position where like Man, I really want to do good and there's all these things that I know or people are really hurting in or they can't do And I have experience in a background and connections that I'm able to solve these problems. I Did so much evil I dealt so much death And if I didn't try to do good now, like I think I would really have a problem But I'm good because I'm doing good There's something about that doing good for other people like when you're hurting I don't think there's anything more important that you could do then do something for somebody else. Mmm and that man that just empowers you and it gives you purpose and If I'm ever gonna think about Should I get up and work out today? Well, I can think about August 24th 2021 when I had two kids in my arms and a woman behind me and we're having to run through Kabul to try to make it To achaya while we're being chased by the Taliban Cool. I want to be in good shape, bro, you know Find people doing good, you know as mr. Roger said look to the people that are helping and man I'm good. Just keep your eyes on the good. Yeah That's amazing that you're able to manage your mind through all this because I know a lot of lesser men would be destroyed But one of these experiences and for you to have four of them concurrent over three years that is a lot It's a lot to hand. I would really like Maybe in the next election cycle us to look at the past three years and and Maybe I'm not ready for another four four years of this, you know, I don't think our organization could take it I think the Rolodex of people that want to do good With I Can only ask somebody to go into a war-torn country to try to save Americans so many times. Well, unfortunately, we've also demonized first responders and people that are in the military and demonize people that are police officers and border officers and this is short-sighted Ridiculous approach for political purposes is just so fucking infuriating and it's so weird that More people don't understand that and more people don't see it that way Yeah, the propaganda machine is is a powerful thing right now And I don't know how to fight it, you know, they have successfully demonized law enforcement You know border patrol You know They take a photo of a guy riding on a horse and a horse is the best thing you can possibly have on the border If you've been to the Mexican border, it is like it's magic. I mean you do hunt off horseback ever No, dude, it's the best Maybe like Southwest Texas you're going elk hunting or like you're gonna go bear hunting You're gonna go cat hunting and you think you're gonna get up, you know through in and around Big Bend on anything But a horse you're crazy like you better be on a horse And you know, there's one photo of a guy with his reins in his hand. Yeah, and you know They're like this border patrol guy is whipping. That's now what's happening He was using his horse to block people to prevent them from putting their lives in danger by getting into this flowing river and that's what he was doing and and if they make it into the interior like it's a The number of people that die from exposure once they make it across into the United States, but then they try to cross Like let's let's say they came through Big Bend Do you know how big that place is? It's fucking crazy huge you know, we're hunting in and around there and we all come across a couple of Immigrants and they are I'm one we find dead bodies all the time on ranches of immigrants that just die from exposure I never mind found one. He has a ranch in South Texas all the time really recently. Yeah, and These got these men and women on the border are trying to protect them, you know similarly in the propaganda vein this pro Hamas I Just it's we know we were texting before we came on here like how fast things pivot the rational Understanding of a problem and how perverted it is from truth Don't know how to fight this this isn't this is a unique problem. It's very unique and it's very strange. It's very strange to see massive Protests on the streets that are yelling out in support of the people that did that on October 7th And there was a professor recently that said he was elated When that happened, yeah, and he was just suspended which is crazy that it's only that but the fact that there's so people that are so fucking detached from reality and They have this very strange leftist Marxist Philosophy that is so untenable with the reality of the world and yet they're teaching kids this and Then they're talking about this openly openly in public forums openly in social media openly in In in protests. It's fucking strange It's so strange that people understand it's so dangerous and for young people that admire those people or that are being taught by those people and don't know any better when that person's in a position of power and influence because they're discussing these things in classrooms or discussing these things on on social media it's I Just don't understand it. I'm so confused. I never thought things would deteriorate this rapidly when you I'm I'm disappointed, but I'm not confused when you know the powers and the money that is being spent to Try to destabilize America when you look at our enemies when you're looking at China when you're looking at Russia when you look in Iran and The the hundreds of millions of dollars they're spending and misinformation and disinformation Where they are perpetuating things that we 100% know to be not true not factual, but they are Very effectively, I mean it's it's uh It's unnerving Joseph Goebbels the propaganda minister for Hitler You know, he had a playbook about how to spin truth and how to manipulate masses, you know, how could you take? What is a great cool culture like the Germans were? post World War one as they're trying to find their identity and they're trying to bounce back from a horrific war and then you know by the mid 30s and late 30s, you know They're positioning to throw Jews into ghettos and then ultimately gas six million of them How can that happen so fast and? You very quickly realize that it was an effective propaganda misinformation campaign where they were able to Dehumanize and segregate certain aspects or ideas and then attach a name to those things and a face to those things and a people to those things You know, we saw it here during kovat the unvaccinated. Yeah, and it happened fast it happened in months and The same way that police were demonized during the defund law enforcement and BLM movement now we know to be a complete hoax a bunch of Liars that manipulated truth and data and what really happened and are there injustices? Absolutely. Are we a perfect nation? Totally not is law enforcement perfect? No for sure But by and large the vast majority do want to do good like it says protect and serve and that's what they raise their hand to do but they're just they're being destroyed by this misinformation campaign and and Russia and China want it, you know, they they want us to be fighting each other. They want pro-palestinian protests They want pro-hamas protests. They want from the from the river to the sea Palestine will be free. That is a call for genocide They're calling for so the river the Jordan River which is on the east side of all of Israel the sea the Mediterranean In between those two things is where Israel lies? 7.4 million Jews They want that to not exist. They want no Jews to be there So every time that you hear from the river to the sea It is a call for genocide or an expulsion of all Jews out of Israel and that is the call of Hamas And guess who's paying for that thing to be seen on Cornell and in Harvard and in every scene That's right The Russia and China they're being manipulated by a bunch of our enemies as they're trying to destabilize us in a region and here In the United States and it's a vulnerability of our that we have because of our freedom. Yeah Yeah, but Man I love freedom. I love it. I do that's why I'm here. Yeah, so I moved here. I love The way that freedom would work Was that there was an educated empowered citizen that was individually responsible for themselves and their family and they were in a position of Authority over the government. That's how that document worked our beautiful Bill of Rights in the Constitution Was because of the power of the people and over the past 50 60 years our people have become fat gelatinous complacent uneducated subscribed to propaganda radicals Aligned with agendas that are not pro-america and in the course of this time it makes that document Have no teeth right there's nothing behind it because the government used to be scared of the people because the people when You know we decided to throw some tea in a harbor and the shot heard around the world we went the people that we went after the people that were attacking us and that were Controlling us and we killed them and we pushed them off this land and then we rent then we wrote these founding documents that said The individual is going to maintain the power the people are going to have the power But the only way that works is if the people have power and we've let that go bit by bit diet by diet day by day lack of exercising of our of our God-given rights We are now just soft this you know It's one of the reasons when I was kicking around with you like am I gonna do we really want to talk about this? This is tough. I have 25 pages of notes here About the Middle East conflict, but ultimately I'm scared that that can happen here because we are so Vulnerable right now as people it's the reason that sheep dog response exists. My company is to train the American Individual to take their own security to preserve and protect human life and be able to provide for the family That's the mission statement But right now I don't know what percentage Americans are capable of doing that Like it's a very small number very small. Yeah, I frighteningly small and that is being It's being discussed as if somehow or another that small number is a strength That we are in somehow or another a more kind and a more equitable nation because people are so soft because people are so it's just it's it's I don't know how Do you have those two things? How do you have such freedom that allows people to have these protests that allows people to have these differing? perspectives and to speak about it openly and publicly but yet still Maintain the strength of the Union when you have all these external factors all these different countries and different organizations that are working to try to use propaganda and use money To destroy us. Yeah, because that's really what's happening And that's like that used to be like if you said there's people out there that are trying to destroy America. Oh, you're some crazy Right wing fucking all right. Well, god damn it. How much information do you have to see how much how much truth? Do you have to see that you cannot deny Russian interference into the election? Yeah bold-faced lie, you know, they weren't interfering they're Perpetuating that they were interfering but they weren't interfering Really that Trump was being influenced by whether he was a Russian agent. Yeah Well, guess who was pushing that story the Russians and China because it destabilized our election process so Your question is how do you reconcile having such freedoms where somebody can go and say something so detestable? Like praising a group of people that went and raped and murdered 1400 people that currently have 240 hostages like that's what Hamas has, you know, there's 30 to 40 thousand Hamas operatives within Gaza They have a ton of hot like how how can somebody have so much freedom to say that? Well, it's if the people are prepared to be able to protect and preserve and provide Then if you're in a position of authority sovereignty, it's this it's it's a next step past freedom Sovereignty is what I want for me. It's what I want for every American. It's that they are in control of themselves An external force comes and says Tim I want you to take this experimental thing and give it to your child inject it into them, please I say no No, I don't need whatever it is You're about to withhold from me because I don't do this thing. I don't need because I can do it myself That's sovereignty, right? I don't need you to come and try and protect my family because I can protect my family You know come and try vest with them because like my family is unattainable to anybody else. They're completely protected Education the reason I started these schools is because I do not want anyone else to have influence over the way that my children are Gonna learn how to be critical thinkers. I want them to be educated. I want to be powerful I want them to be cognitive in every single debatable subject to have the Socratic mind where they can sit and debate somebody like you with Immense knowledge on all these variety of topics, but then man, they're fierce That's sovereignty We have for law so long just given away every little bit of it Whether it was post 9 11 or during kovid or after the next active shooter, you know Like in light of what just happened in Maine, you know, they're gonna be coming after They're gonna be looking for more laws to try and control more of the Second Amendment and limit the freedoms that we have So we know that but we have to maintain this essence that is being American Which is the sovereignty the individual responsibility that I am in charge of me and what's infuriating to me about these mass shootings And Matt Walsh did a piece about this recently where he discussed the prevalence of psychoactive drugs the prevalence of psychiatric medications Amongst school shooters amongst mass shooters that it is fucking off the charts Yeah, and they try to hide that they try to hide that data by using gang violence as Mass shootings and they use like there's no data to support that all that is like no, no, no, that's not true at all There's a giant difference between gang violence mass shootings which occur all the time which are also is something that no one's trying to fix and then the the actual people that strap themselves up and Go into places where people are unarmed and just slaughter people. Yeah, all most all of Them are on something. They're almost all of them They're on SSR eyes almost all of them are on some sort of anti-anxiety medication Almost all of them are on something and that we don't address that it's not even talked about that. It's like fucking Voldemort Not talked about more Voldemort. Yeah, whatever it is. You're not supposed to say the name I mean, it's like it's very strange that this is never discussed on television. You said you can't research it When you say it's buried that data if you were like how many active shooters were on a antidepressant a Anything that all of that data is buried with well, then it pops up Well in Chicago in in Southern, California in right it's buried in truth So trying to find the real data of these active shooters in schools like this guy that in Maine You know known mental health problems. Yes, and he actually tried to buy a suppressor and Failed trying to buy the suppressor because he self-elected. He told them that he just recently got out of a mental institution so like kudos to them I'm part of this uh This group called double-check that's trying to figure out ways to identify Outliers like this where people have information. They wrote their manifesto of like, hey, I'm gonna go murder a bunch of people You know these I'm gonna go to this black church and kill everybody a lot of times that information is available that and as I love the Second Amendment every single person should be able to have a tank in a machine gun in my opinion But when somebody is dealing with mental health problems, they are on a bunch of drugs They are actively trying to hurt people, you know, like maybe there's a restraining order They're a multi-time felon should that guy be able to go in and buy? Well clearly that guy right there Was stopped from getting a tool to maybe even hurt more people by just as a small business owner It is my choice who I'm gonna sell to and who I'm gonna to who I'm gonna choose to sell a product to and if that product is a thing like ultimate the individual responsibility is as an entrepreneur and a small business owners like It is my choice why who sell this to and that guy comes in and he says that he's on drugs And he just got of a mental health hospital like man, you could go buy your suppressor somewhere else Like that guy in Maine just just went through it. So double-check is trying to infuse themselves in a really helpful Helpful way to protect people like me that own a gun store where if that guy walks into my door I can have real data to point to him. So like boop. I do a little search it pops up as like Hey, man, you just wrote that you want to go shoot up a school Can we talk about that before I sell you a gun? You know, yeah, you said that you do you hate black people? And that you think that they all should die or like that guy in Harvard Square yesterday That was walking around saying that every Jew should have their next slit. There should be no Jew businesses It's like in Harvard Square like if that guy walked into my gun store I'm gonna go to double check and be like man, so you said some pretty outrageous things yesterday I Think you need help. Let's uh, let's go for a run and let's go get you some real help What and what help do they even get I mean and also like how much help do they get in getting off of that shit? And is there a way to get off of that shit? I mean if you are legitimately mentally ill and you're on a host of psychiatric medications like what what What motivation do they have to even take you off of that shit? I'm not a doctor. Oh, they don't have motivation because they don't make money when you're not taking drugs It's fucking terrifying. You also know the answer this so in in All of the things I've experienced in the past three years like Post-traumatic stress any single one of those single days over the course of months upon months Would be enough for me to be like dude. I'm I'm out of here, right? instead Definitely not on any drugs Exercise every single day cold plunge hang out with my friends do grappling Contribute in a meaningful way back to society. I have amazing relationship with my beautiful wife I have incredible children that I'm so proud of I'm active I'm now like playing hockey with my son as a 45 year old dude That just went to a yard cell to buy all the hockey stuff so I can get out there and try to dunk on my eight Year old who skates around me making me look like an idiot I also got all my lacrosse stuff. I got tap shoes so I can start doing tap dancing with my four year old You know like these are the things that healthy people do Sitting on the couch eating a bunch of shit not going outside not having any relationships not having any community not finding ways to give Back to their community of course you're broken So how do you get off the drugs you start doing little tiny little bits one percent improvement every single day and ultimately like the sun Is brighter your wife is more beautiful your kids are just a little bit more rad You know and you're able to go do more good for more people But people don't have this guidance, and that's what's crazy that this this truth that you're speaking is not common This is not something that people discuss and the if you talk to a doctor. This is not something they recommend What what they're trying to do is let's find the right medication for you Tim. Yeah Let's let's let's all do your stuff. I just got chastised by my doctor. I'm you know 45 so I was gonna go to The is my gut and stuff healthy thing that you do at this age, and they're like we haven't seen you in Seven years like I haven't been sick in seven years last time I was here I partially tore my toe off and I needed you to like put my toe back on It's like what do I need you for? And I well you need us now because you you have to have a letter for you to be able to go get this procedure And I was like well. I just don't want to get gut and like butthole cancer So I'd really like to go do these things you know But I have to come in and see you for you to like write a thing for me to go see these other people And okay, I got it. I got it Well you know they think they're doing the right thing because this is what their mandate is and this is what their You know their normal regimen is when they discuss things with people like you should be seeing us all the time Tim now Yeah Yeah, I don't get it if you're healthy. What's be but be healthy and be healthy be actually healthy like work at it Yeah, that that discipline It seems so Sad and I pity the easy solution person where like I can take a pill and I feel better or I can take a pill and I'll be less fat or Like I'll be sold on this idea that this media company is telling me that if I do this thing I'm gonna sleep better or like my dick's gonna work better with this thing. I'll be happier Yeah, like the other the truth is that you got to work. Yes, you gotta work You got to get up early you have to have calloused hands. You know like man, I love my wife and and I love being able to Have an amazing relationship with her and that would not be possible if I didn't work at it, you know I like being a freak physical thing in my middle 40s. That would not be possible if I didn't work at it, right? I like being a successful business person that would not be possible and I mean like work not like man I shot a selfie and like Punched it for the day, you know like Actual work. Yeah get up earlier than me. Most people don't even have a frame of reference There's so many people out there that don't know anybody who actually works like works at it the way you do or the way many people do that we know the flying back from Israel every one of those people in In the kabutzes all around Gaza and we're up and down them like they're No fat on their faces, you know like Strations on their shoulders like these are just cops or now reserve recently activated people I go in in Tel Aviv I'm not joking the entire time I was there I saw two fat people the whole entire time and I was like I had to I was compelled as hey Are you guys low and they turn around and they're both American? Both instances of like the only fat people and then I take a flight from Tel Aviv directly into New York I land in New York and I'm heading towards immigration and passport control and I'm just like inundated with the fight overweight dangerously obese Americans And I went the stark contrast of a place that has been trying to fight for their existence since May of 1948 when every single neighboring country invaded them and tried to kill them to like the six-day war to then Yankapura war and then the First intifada to the second intifada and now what just happened on October 7th where they're just like Under the stress of being capable and individually responsible for their safety clearly they failed on October 7th To then coming into New York and I was like bro We are a mess we are a mess yeah, we're a mess and our supermarkets are filled with poison It's wild. It's like there's something like 40% of the American diet is processed foods It's insane. It's like everything from every angle is weakening us everything. I want everybody to get chickens Have chickens of course you do Chickens are a gateway to freedom. They're a great way to free food. Yeah that they are You let them roam around they make you eggs just eat bugs. Yeah, they scratch on the ground I always tell people that are vegans to get chickens. It's literally karma free food You don't want to eat eggs because you don't believe in factory farming fantastic Do you have enough room to have chickens well, then you'll get real protein animal protein. Yeah, that's karma free They lay those eggs every day. That's they're never gonna become a chick and they're so happy to be living with you Yeah My four-year-old like walks around with two chickens Yeah half the day and she's like sitting there in her four-wheeler and there's a chicken sitting next to her like the happiest like My cats cruising around my cats love the chickens too because if you have if you have chickens there's a good chance you're gonna have mice and if you have mice then you have a really happy cat and You know like my Belgian Malwa and you know she comes in and she just like sits there like like she's the king of the roost You know and then one of the chickens comes over and reminds her that she's nothing that the chickens are actually in charge of the yard But the amount of eggs that they come but you know when you get That first time that you crack an egg from one of your chickens and you're like that looks different And then you eat it and you're like do that taste different a lot different like way different different It's it's like that dark deep orange like not yellow Not like orange right and it's like you can taste the nutrient micronutrient riches of it And then you're like well if that is that different how much different is all the other things that I eat Right and you start going down this wild journey this this rabbit trail of of freedom, but how much different am I? Yeah, you know when you look at the difference between grain fed fatty beef and an elk steak You're like okay Look at the difference in the meat Look at the difference in the quality of the meat the dark rich nutrient dense Protein rich meat like what what's the difference well? They're not eating any bullshit They're eating eating literally what they've eaten for hundreds of thousands of years and they have to work every day To find more of it yeah the the unhealthy bits And this is a cruel thing about nature is the unhealthy animal dies yes And the existing animals are the ones that we ultimately get to go and find that and we are very careful about which ones were killing and what season we're killing them in to make sure that we are encouraging the same healthy herd We get this most delicious surviving fantastic Nutrient dense meat you can find on the planet yeah, and we have this this provider we launched a Learn to hunt school. It's We teach you how to land navigate we teach you the fundamentals of marksmanship. We teach you all basic good Laws Around hunting how to put in out of state for a lottery for this is a part of your school system We teach at our school at sheepdog response, okay? It's called the provider course at sheepdog response. We also teach it to the kids so like the mentorship program at Apogee Those guys get to come to provider courses They learn how to skin an animal they learn how to follow a blood trail they learn how to field dress an animal they learn The final culminating exercise you'll love this so after two days of of just like inundated information like here's here's the healthy and natural way to Kill an animal this is shot placement. This is you know you have to know how to shoot first So we teach fundamentals of marksmanship Non-standard shooting positions like how many times you get to lay down in the prone off bipods and shoot something Not often and hunting like can I shoot off poles can I shoot off a tree kneeling standing offhand? If I'm if I get a designated zone in Arizona or New Mexico Can I navigate from where I can park to where I have to go hunt without legally? Trespassing on anybody's property like some the barrier between I want to hunt and I can hunt is Is hard for some people yes And as we're sitting here talking about like how amazing it is to hunt and it is the most amazing thing that I want everybody To do that barrier of entry seems hard for some people. It's very steep But it shouldn't be right and that's that's the idea like I want this for everybody in the final day We give you your lot we give you your animal you have to navigate to that place You then have to PID like positively identify the animal that you're supposed to shoot and then you go to take a shot off it Once you take a once you take your shot off of it We photograph how you're gonna take that shot standing kneeling sticks We measure the distance, you know, we lays you're at 210 meters and then we go duplicate that on an actual shooting range on the same target and And It's it's so fun to see like the full buck fever of somebody freaking out when they don't have a round on the chamber They're just looking at a you know at a 3d target out at Reveley Peak Ranch and burn it It is it is such a joy to introduce, you know every class we have 40 people and every class is sold out and the end result at the end at the end of three days are like these people that are just like They feel like they're gonna explode with this excitement about what it means because they now know that they can go and hunt Do you have a mind management program to deal with the moment of actually shooting? Yeah Yeah, yeah, you're familiar with Joel Turner's work the shot IQ sister. Yeah. Yeah. Yep. Fantastic. Yeah for sure changed everything for me and so many other people including like world-class archers and people that have been hunting for decades that have dealt with target panic and don't understand what's actually going on between open loop and closed loop systems and that you can actually manage that with with discipline and Actually having a shot routine. Yeah, you must go through every time you execute a shot changes everything All right. I mean hold on a second Joe. Are you telling me that discipline? process and repetition Solve a problem. Yeah. Oh my god. Yeah, I think so mind-blowing. I mean that's for me Yeah, it's just for everybody like what is the military's approach to literally every single thing right? That right like what is your approach to not being fat? It's that right how what is your approach to like trying to build a real critical thinker that is gonna move into society as a contributing Member of society it is that and also understanding the factors that are in play Instead of just being like a prisoner of the moment and being captive by your emotions and you know These human systems that have existed forever like having an understanding of what's going on Like why am I freaking out? What is there anything that I can do? How do I learn how to control my breathing? How do I learn how to mitigate stress? How do I learn how to manage my mind in these critical moments? Yeah, it's um Hunting is one of the very few things that Still sparks that feeling of like elation and excitement and nervousness, but I still fall back to Cool. I've disciplined. I've done the work. I have a process that I'm now executing and I've put in the work for me to be able to be successful here, and then it's like success and that same discipline process hard work approach to People externally will look at Save our allies in in the middle of peak combat in a completely non-permissive environment and they're like what the hell are you what are you guys doing and It's an incredible group of disciplined people that have a process that has been perfected over now 20 years at the global war on terror and They are doing the work that that needs to be done But those three things are still prevalent and evident in everything and everything difficult in all of life. Yeah. Yeah It's uh, but how how do you? Get someone to subscribe to that I think they have to hear about it first and that's one of the reasons why I think conversations like this are so important It's because in everyday life if you're working in an office if you're dealing with regular people You're not going to encounter this you're not gonna encounter these conversations And there's gonna be moments that people have where they do panic and freak out and don't understand why How come I can't keep my shit together when I'm nervous? How come I can't keep my shit together in these critical moments that require me to stay calm and make good choices What is wrong with me? What is am I just a bitch? Like what is it? No, you're you just have an undisciplined mind You have an untrained mind. Yeah, you haven't got the reps in right? You haven't got the reps in everyone needs the reps Yeah, yeah, it's um, I as as worried as I am about the future You know apogee and that she per response and it save our allies and You know the first responders action group Like I'm in all of these different groups where I see these young men and women That are on this train and it's and and I know I'm not in A cross-section of the United States right now that is really struggling with all of the problems of you know Mental health and obesity and diet but in this little group that I'm around often I'm just so encouraged by The work and the discipline and the subscription to the process like last night in my jujitsu school I had 60 kids on our mat at one time. I said hey parents everybody come into the classroom really fast We're gonna have a Q&A session about competition and what this next season looks like every parent parent like stood up walked in there They had questions like they didn't even know but like they they didn't know that we're gonna be doing a Q&A They had pre-prepared questions that they are looking for an opportunity to ask the staff About like okay, how is coaching gonna be at the next tournament? I was like, I love you people, you know, like the parents to the Apogee families because we take a totally different approach We're a whole family approach to education Like if you subscribe to this idea that you can take your kid and you can drop them off at a place and you're gonna get This amazing thing back that you don't have any control about what they're being taught You are just an idiot and you're a crazy person like You send your people To Caesar you send your people to Rome and you don't think you're gonna get a Roman back Like that's what's gonna happen. Right? So good way to put it our Approach is there's a whole family inclusion here It is not just our responsibility to chain to train and to educate your children. It is our responsibility so You are going to work out you're going to keep a journal of your diet Here is your prescribed reading list Here are the books that your kids are gonna be reading that you're also going to be reading them with them Like if your kid is reading it then you better be reading it, too you'd be very appalled at some of the books that are assigned to children in public school to read and I think if a parent actually picked this book up It's like and then Johnny took his penis and he brought it and it was a wreck for the first time Next to his friend like what this is for a fourth grader, right? so this whole family approach that you know that this Truly Socratic this is not new. This has been around for a long time and I'm so encouraged to see the activation the discipline the process and the hard work from the youngest Kindergarten er all the way up to like the 60 year old parent that's like doing the work It's so bizarre to me that a rejection of teaching like overt sexuality to young kids is somehow or another dismissed as Anti-gay or anti LBGTQ. It's so strange because you could never imagine Heterosexual sex being discussed to five year olds and six year olds like this is how a man You know chooses to have you know Sexual relationships with with women and this is how a woman chooses to have sexual relationships with men. No, that's never discussed That's wildly inappropriate, but wildly inappropriate, but somehow or another it's okay if you're discussing gay sex Like it's very strange. It's um, it's not strange. It's wrong. It's it's it's dangerous It's a grooming behavior If you're trying to if you're trying to broach any sexual topic with a child that is not of age to have sex That is grooming. That is the definition of grooming right and grooming itself. That term is dismissed as anti LBGTQ and what is what like wild I Love gay people. I don't know. I do not there's an idea about being American like don't care, bro Do anything that you want you talked to you talked to my eight-year-old about anything sexual? Hetero homo anything it's wildly inappropriate. He's it right, you know, why are you doing that? Yeah, there's one reason and it is not for the benefit of the indoctrination. That's right Yeah, and to say that somehow or another is Homophobic which is so insane like how did that become? Reality that we're dealing with this because this is not the case a decade ago two decades ago This is very recent in terms of modern society in this country It's fucking crazy it's crazy and It also to me Just it's so confusing that other people don't recognize that and that people are so They're so scared of being labeled as homophobic or being labeled as transphobic or Anti-lbg Gq that they allow these things to take place under the guise of we're being more inclusive. Yeah I It does hurt to be called, you know a bigot To you know, you're racist or you're anti LGBTQ Like I don't like those things saying said about me and I know that they're completely wrong but they're gonna lob that unfounded accusation at me because I'm gonna stand on a principle of protecting my children and would I rather take you know, there's a great photo of a dad standing over his children and on his back he has like all of these darts and the cartoon was Who And the darts were named, you know, it was Disney propaganda, you know, it was LGBTQ indoctrination It's racial discrimination. It's 69 project. There's like every single thing they're attacked with just Relentlessly every single day and the dad's just sitting there taking it and that is our job is to take it So you you can call me any names that you want But first and foremost my position is to protect my children and to raise somebody that will be a contributing member of society My partner Matt Boudreau at Apogee He was in public education like that that is that was his origin That was his start the genesis of his journey where we collided was he had went and started the two largest Socratic schools in the United States like hundreds and hundreds of students going to learn just the Socratic approach and He thought that there was more that needed to be done on the full family approach Where the dad and the mom and the brothers and the sisters everybody's on the same journey to become the best versions of their sim Themselves so Matt and I collide with both of us working at the exact same thing with the same ideas with the same approaches with the same I love for America and like the end result is dads and moms Becoming those things where they will they will be The stopgap between all of this hate and all of these dangerous ideas and if you're not doing that Like if parenting is not hard Maybe you're not a good parent Because parenting is hard. It's complicated. It is and like it should you know my wife and I last night sat for there for an hour and Broke down like next school year books that were reading, you know, like for an hour on On a was a Tuesday night. We're just sitting there like hammering through Like were there a lot of other things I'd rather be doing for an hour with my wife for sure, but Highs and lows on Sunday. My son had lacrosse practice. It was cold It was rainy and his whole entire team third graders out there Shivering and being and showing grit I was like my heart was exploding with pride and I never said you had to stay out there I was like, you know, hey Practices stay we get there the coach was in shorts and he was just his fingers were white His cheeks were like bright red from the cold but he stood there and he took and he showed grit and then all of these third graders followed in suit and I was just like heart exploding with pride is as my son demonstrated like this this will follow through with this thing that I've committed to do and And it hurt me to watch my son be cold and it hurt me and this is why parenting is hard And if it doesn't and if if I didn't care, I don't think there's any greater insult than indifference and to be indifferent To your kid is just like The worst thing you could be as a human yeah, it's so selfish That's a crazy way of thinking but so many people are just so occupied with their own life And they're so busy that they just don't have the time to have conversations with a kid or even think about it Like how they're going to school at a school's job. Anyone busier than you or me Elon okay fair. Yeah Maybe maybe maybe maybe not I Don't know we're pretty busy. We're pretty busy But I think it's it's a part of life. It's you know, it's also very rewarding I mean you see your kids like getting after it's very rewarding My youngest has become a real fitness freak. She's a nut. She's got a fit bit now. She's 13. She's a savage She likes to tell me like did 28,000 steps today She gets up at 6 o'clock in the morning and hits the gym before she goes to school and then like she had Should have volleyball game. Yeah 13. She had a volleyball game. She got up at 6 o'clock in the morning ran for two miles Then went to the volleyball game did the volleyball game, you know, they're playing this tournament They play these three games comes back home hits the gym again. So she's getting three workouts in a day They should show me her results and all this thing and then you know We're obviously giving her positive positive feedback because of it But now she's like super fired up Yeah and that she like to see the difference in her body like her abs are showing and her Body feels like like she's like a fucking little panther. Yeah, it's crazy And I it's so rewarding not to be and I don't mean to disparage other families that haven't made it there yet or haven't subscribed to these ideas of of discipline and regiment But our kids compared to you know, my son my daughters they're just so much better than everybody else Sound terrible, but like They do the work. I also think it's a lead by example thing children You can teach them things but they learn a lot from just watching you They're learning a walk. They'll learn a lot when they learn what the standards are Yeah, like when you see someone who's happy and fulfilled and also successful and you know, what is that person doing? Like that what that person's my mom. What is my mom doing? Oh, my mom's a fucking animal like look at her. Jesus. I want to be like her like and that's how kids learn They learn from that they learn from seeing things too. They don't just learn from the things you tell them They learn from watching you watching you live your own life and if you're a slob and you come home and just fucking eating sub sandwiches and just drinking whiskey all night and just Falling asleep watching sports like you kids like this fucking aimless existence This is stupid like God life is meaningless. Yeah, give him purpose right? We're such a Society void of purpose Mike Glover wrote great book prepared and that One of the big takeaways was like it doesn't have to be your purpose But one of the reasons me as an American me as a protector me as a father me as a husband It is my job and my responsibility to be prepared to protect my family and as your children Lou learn via osmosis like by example the things that you do, you know, I Have to like elbow my son out of a seat so I can sit facing the door I was like my man, you knew where to sit, you know, but like move over you go sit by your mom right now, you know and You know, he sees the outliers you know in Mike would call it a bump in the pattern like I call him outliers where like something is off where I sit down in a place and like That person doesn't belong here. Right? What's going on here? Yeah, I'm gonna spend a little bit of time and a little cognitive of My ever struggling brain to pay attention with this what person is doing over here because it's my responsibility and Americans better figure this out pretty fast because we are gonna have a rough year we are woefully unprepared and disillusioned about What the next 13 months ago? Do you think that's gonna wake people up? Do you think I mean I do not want to say that we need something to happen But one of the things that did happen post 9-11. I remember this overwhelming feeling of patriotism that was Prevalent through the entire country. I would drive to work and I'd see American flags on fucking in Los Angeles which is like one of the most ridiculously out of touch places on earth and Everyone had American flags hanging from their car. It was Overwhelming. There was this feeling like we are in this together And that there are forces of evil out there in the world and now we understand and now we're united. I Hope that we don't need that catalyst. I hope so too. I really do but but I Really is one of the most secure nations in the world there sick which is impressive from them fighting in For their existence the day that they became a country To the six-day war where every single one of their neighboring countries invaded them to the Yom Kippur war where again Led by Egypt every single one of their neighboring countries invaded them to you know, what just happened where? They have one of the most complex security and military and intelligent networks on the planet and Hamas killed 40 almost Pearl Harbor level numbers almost 9-11 level numbers just in an indescribably barbaric way like this is This isn't people dying in buildings or you know getting shot from airplanes This was Like I mean a music festival. Yeah that babies. Yeah People are saying it was propaganda what happened? It was not these things really happened on the ground and anybody that denies it is saying it's propaganda the Every if you go to one of these pro pomos Protests right now, they show me a picture of a baby that got their head decapitated. That didn't really happen Oh you really 80 because IDF said that 80% of all of the victims in within the kabutzes Were tortured before they were murdered 80% of all of the victims I Know firsthand saw firsthand was shown and have which I will never show the Pictures of these things really happening And if it could happen in the most secure nation that has been invaded by every single one of the their neighbors multiple times in history But we here in America think that the 350 million of us are somehow safe That the government is somehow going to protect us that our local police department Like if you picked up the phone right now and you called for help 9-1-1 How long would it take for somebody to come here and try and help and save you? Especially with the defund the police. Oh, yeah Yeah, well people are figuring that out in Minneapolis. Well, they're figuring out here. Yeah. Yeah, they're figuring out here, too I mean you have a ton of friends that are in law enforcement in this area the murder detectives counter-gang task forces are pulled off of their Murder investigations to work the street because they don't have enough police officers You know our when I mentioned the recruiting crisis If we are struggling to meet the demand of basic soldiers the available population of Combat arms that special operations can pick from that shrinks right and then that pool being smaller So ultimately by the time you get to the guys that really do the work on the ground There's nobody left to pick from and we're Not just strategically in maybe the most vulnerable position in a really long time But nationally here in the United States, I think that we are more vulnerable than we have ever been There's nobody coming to save you. There's nobody that's gonna come that's gonna pick up the phone and be like, yeah, I'll be there in three minutes They're not coming it took six to eight hours for any of the military or police to make it to any of those Villages that are immediately adjacent from Gaza to come and try and fight Hamas back. They had six hours to do whatever they want to all the women the children and The Holocaust survivors that were still there like these were people that survived Holocaust camps concentration camps of World War two still alive 102 years old and they're like Hamas is like We knew that were that you were here we've actually been reconning and I Dean every single one of these families that we're gonna be going after and They went after them and Americans are woefully or ill prepared for what's coming I Think there's another thing that's disturbing to me But there's a there's a certain amount of cowardice that's involved in There's certain people that when they see an attack like that happen and they're terrified of it happening to them They will Try to sympathize with the attackers They would try to sympathize and almost position themselves to be on their side That's rampant right now, you know that anti-Semitism Across the United States crazy. Wait, it's like people came out of the woodwork It's like they were hiding in the woods and then all of a sudden you're seeing it openly Maybe maybe I saw one or is um, you know, we should boycott Jewish businesses here in the United States and I was like Maybe just have them like put a star on their chest or something or like maybe put a gold star on their business Is that what you're suggesting? Because that is what you're suggesting. Yeah, have we not learned? Evidently we haven't you know, it took six million to being persecuted kid those those Jews man from The Germans to the Egyptians to the Romans, you know Palestine didn't exist you could go back three thousand years to King David and then his son King Solomon Saying that like this is the capital of the Jewish people here in Judah and Israel Jerusalem that is 1900 1700 BC, right? We have to go to 80 80 where after Jesus has already come here now We have the origin of Judaism and them Historically not religious documents like this is the origin of the Jewish people is here in the specific land with very clear geographic references as to what it is to then being the origin of the Christian faith with Jesus being there and then being crucified and then 200 years later Muhammad and us learning that the Muslim religion also beginning there the Romans destroy the temple in 80 80 and Then they coined the term Palestine for that area for the 2,000 years before that it had just been Israel Egypt the Romans they're now conquered from every imaginable group of people for the next like 1500 years Murdered at every opportunity leading up to the Holocaust going to post World War two 1947 the UN says hey, it's cool that Israel has its own nation in the place that has it has always been Israel May of 1948 independence kicks off and every neighbor comes in to try to kill them and now here we are in 2023 and we're still talking about like Boycoding Jews and hey, it's cool if we like slit their throats. Don't let them make babies. Let's find from the river to the sea Get rid of the Jews What the fuck wild? It's fucking wild. I would never imagined this just five six years ago never imagined five six months ago. Yeah, right Yeah A hundred thousand people in London, you know Marching Tearing down posters and I've asked this time and time again, you know, there's posters of the kids that have been kidnapped Yeah, and they put them up in New York. They put them up in Brooklyn They put them in LA and there are hundreds of videos of people walking down to tear off these hostage photographs young people Yeah, yeah I want to know why like why don't you want to see a picture of a nine-year-old girl? That was kidnapped and is now a hostage by a terrorist group in Gaza Why don't you want to see that? Why are you tearing that down? And I think that the answer is It goes in direct conflict with the thing that they want to believe and they think that it perpetuates a cycle of violence and that them tearing it down and That is them like protecting the Palestinian poor impoverished people when in fact, they're tearing down the victim The Jew that or the Christian or the Brazilian that was kidnapped that is now being held hostage in Gaza by a terrorist group of people and thugs Why are you tearing that down? Well, this is very bizarre progressive narrative that You know look there's a reality of Gaza that Gaza is essentially like an open-air prison We got that is a reality those people are fucked They're stuck there and it doesn't seem to be like a really good solution on the table You know, and I don't know what what can be done, especially now to change that that's true That is true and there is a hostility a deep hostility between the Israelis and the Palestinians on both sides It's it's palpable I've seen many videos of atrocities being committed by both sides, which is just a horrible consequence of war and conflict What do you think? I'm Israel you're the Palestinians in Gaza if Every one every one of the people in Gaza laid down the arms and Stopped attacking. What would I Israel do to you? I It's a good question nothing They've tried it five different times They literally like stop it that Israel has never not one time in history Initiated any conflict every single one of those things that you're pointing to is a retaliatory attack by a terrorist organization But if that's if those if that was switched where I Israel you Hamas in Gaza I take all of my arms and all of my protection and I laid them down What would what would Hamas do? They would kill every single one of us It's what they do. That's what they're sworn to do. That's that's their motto and the origin of their existence all the way back to the Grand Mufti Graveling to Hitler to ask how do we solve the Jewish problem? Like you want to follow from the Muslim brother the Hamas to the Muslim Brotherhood all the way back to the Grand Mufti to Mujahideen and you see the origins of like one thing which is how do I solve the Jewish problem is to Eradicate and kill them. That is what Hamas came from not the Palestinians not those poor people stuck in Gaza But in that problem if all of Hamas just went away we would have peace If they laid down their arms and they stopped murdering innocent civilians and raping women and killing babies you'd have peace if the other side Laid down their arms. They would all be murdered all seven and a half million of them Until they just were walking in blood through the Jordan River How do you solve this problem? The radicals have to be eliminated the terrorists have to go away. That is not I'm not I'm not Conflating the Palestinians and the terrorists. Those are separate things But if there's two and a half million people that are living in Gaza that are allowing 30,000 terrorists to run them At some point The olive branch cannot be extended from Israel when 30,000 people are using that region to launch attacks into their sovereign nation And we were talking about the propaganda that's that exists in America What about the propaganda that exists in Palestine? I mean, what is their thought? Oh, it's crazy Yeah, so like did you see um the hospital that got destroyed? Well, it didn't really right. No, it did not really know but the New York Times said it did Yes, your time said it was Congress women, which is insane and they didn't retract it They say they say it was a horse dewormer and yeah, and Israel destroyed a hospital. Yeah So evil it's so crazy that they printed that in the New York Times and that's the paper of record That's the most important newspaper that we have in America in terms of if we wanted an objective source of information Most people are what's the best? Look, I used to deliver the New York Times when I was a kid and I did it. It wasn't even that profitable I delivered the Boston Globe was my main newspaper that I delivered and then I delivered the Boston Herald as well And then I got a New York Times route and I was proud of that Because the New York Times was the real newspaper that intelligent people read and it was a different there was a different plastic wrapper Yeah, yeah, you got a clear that you got a clear wrapper for the Herald and a clear wrapper for the Globe But for the New York Times I got a blue wrapper and I was like one of the people that got to deliver the New York Times and I remember thinking as 20 year old kid like oh boy I'm delivering the New York Times and I would and when I would drop the paper off of these people's houses like that's a fucking Smart house these people are reading the New York Times in Boston. I remember thinking that I was proud of that That I delivered the best newspaper in the world. Really? I did I literally wasn't that much money and it was a crazy route because I'd have to go like a mile in between houses Whereas like with the Boston Globe, I'd have like five six houses on one street that I would drop off papers to and the New York Times that I was fucking crazy route have to go all over the place to get rid of 100 newspapers. Yeah, and then now in 2023 they're circulating terrorist propaganda Yeah, and with no With no, we're not sure no repercussions and and and what do they make? Do they even print a retraction do they say we fucked up watch you watch a missile get launched from Gaza? She's hit one-third of all missiles that are launched from Gaza land in Gaza Do you think about how sad that is? Is that real? 28% of missiles launched from Hamas? land on top of the Palestinian people Jesus Christ and obviously they have no ability to Direct any military target when these these crappy missiles are being launched into Israel. They're just like populated area Populate I always I went and did a Fox News. I Stand up in the city Directly north of Gaza that is the most rocketed city in all of Israel and in like the one day that we were there We had like six rocket attack sirens go off you know, it's the Weirdest thing that the Palestinians are allowing Hamas to literally kill them and pillage everything about their existence from them Hamas is So rich and soap 70 million dollars from Iran You know every every humanitarian ship that comes into the port or right now that is being brought up through the Rafah gate Via Egypt into the south portion of Gaza the moment that lands there that is taken control of by Hamas they then build underground infrastructure in the tunnels and they build military infrastructure and then they turn as whatever they can into rockets and The humanitarian aid that is supposed to be distributed to the people they have control of Like they have to go not the Palestinians they have they have been so Screwed by Hamas, but the propaganda the PLO that they encounter in Palestine Has to be insane. Yeah, they believe That They're on the good side How do they sift through fact from fiction when what they're being told and being fed is being fed to them by Hamas Like how do you how do you how did they get access to Other information and how do they how do they ever like organize and discuss this? openly without fear of losing their lives and being tortured the only time that You had consistent water and power going into Gaza was when Israel was controlling Gaza Now that Hamas is running it it is just it is nightmarish in there But they're still in charge and they're being protected and Here in the United States being like called freedom fighters like they are barbaric murderers and absolute terrorists that want nothing besides the genocide of My when I saw like the LGBTQ flags of LGBTQ stands with the with Hamas Mind is blown. Isn't it hilarious that you've ever seen that meme that it says Queers for Palestine then Palestine for queers like Yeah They wouldn't live they wouldn't know they're like no ours. They'd be pushed off a rooftop or burnt alive Immediately but they don't but the narrative in this country is not that it's which is so strange That like there's sort of overwhelming evidence about the approach that they have to gay people. Yeah, but yet somehow Or another there's this I stand with Palestine thing that makes you a progressive go to Tel Aviv as a gay person Walk around with your gay pride shirt with your husband or a wife of the same sex Nobody will bat an eye at you. Nobody cares Everybody's like what up, you know, like yeah normal man if She and her wife tried to walk down the road in in Gaza Oh, man Yeah, and it is so this tender box that is that region with the West Bank with the Gollum Heights of the north with Hezbollah Which is being supported by Iran. They're all positioned on the border, you know with Iraq allowing people from Afghanistan to Taliban to move through Taliban being funded by us 40 million dollars right now is what we're continually giving them the Taliban. Why do we do that? I don't know. I Don't know What's the cynical side of you the this? We want to recognize them as a legitimate government and we are paying for them to start To start a democratic process Like that that is the I think would be The tagline of what it actually what we want them to do What it is actually doing is the same thing that happens when we release six billion dollars to Iran in Exchange for hostages they then take that six billion dollars. No, they're not using that exact money to fund terrorism with Hezbollah or Hamas but I have one bank account that has an additional six billion dollars in it and Now I'm able to spend six billion dollars over here to finance other things that are going to destabilize The nation that I have sworn to eradicate Israel and America So like cool. Oh happily give some more money to they've been planning this for four years The kids like the Iranian special operations guys training and preparing Hamas Advising on how to execute this how do they get the intelligence to know? What direction they need to fly with their paragliders which areas which you don't think they had scouts in all the kibbutz is around Gaza to identify which houses they're going to be targeting How did they find all that stuff out the people that Israel was allowing out of Gaza to work as? Agricultural workers they were going into these areas in these kibbutz is into these houses into these villages doing recon's for Hamas So then when Hamas launched their attack on October 7th, they'd been funded. There's this amazing book Called the new rules of war and the new rules of war Lines out all of the ways that America is not prepared to fight a war by non-state actors by corporations by cartels by Violent extremist organizations using proxy methods. So like we are at war with Iran Period they are funding every single group that just attacked our American base in Syria that attacked our American base in Iraq that attacked and killed a bunch of Americans in Israel that was funded by Iran and trained by Iran But we don't have the appetite to try and fight the war that they're fighting because they're doing it in just such a we want That World War two like we want patent Standing on top of a tank coming across be like there's Rommel go and get them Like that that war is never gonna happen again And we are just not ready to fight this new type of war under these new rules of war Which is fighting non-state actors fighting proxy wars fighting corporations funded by governments fighting cartels that are getting subsidized by governments all to destabilize The greatest nation to ever exist in the man in the history of mankind us You were saying that you think we're more vulnerable now than we've ever been before and you're legitimately worried that the United States might fall I Am more worried now Because of the lack of preparedness of the individual Americans are Fatter than they've ever been they are even though there's more guns now owned there are few Fewer Per capita owned by individual with people that train regularly with them people that are able to provide and protect for their families all the all like all the metrics of measurements of like That family is gonna be okay That is the smallest that it's ever been and our government right now is more vulnerable Internationally than we've ever been our military is Even Though I'm so proud to to be a service member I'm you know when the army tells me to do something I 100% have no say whatsoever I got to go and do it and I'm really proud to be part of the most elite fighting force on the planet I think we are the weakest that we've ever been for a variety of reasons when you put all of these things together and you just take a step back and like the the aggregate like the the accumulation of all of these different factors make me be like Holy crap, we are vulnerable And the only way to combat that is the individual to start taking their own security and preparedness seriously Get less fat get more healthy go and train go and buy a gun Go start exercising your freedoms like learn what it means to Volunteer in your school. So you have a cool you can't start your own school cool you you can't homeschool Will get involved in your kids school But you got to do something because if we continue down the path that we're in we're done for like soon Not not not in like a generation Like right now I'm scared. I'm a drink water Jesus Christ There's a lot of people freaking out listen this right now Yeah, there's but that's good. There's a 20-year special forces do that in the past three years has been in for gigantic international Crises in three years I've spent my entire adult life doing this I run companies that train people to do this like the sole mission statement of the large company and every single subsidiary under them ultimately goes down to Preparing people to provide for their families to protect themselves and to expand freedom like but we're just gonna the wave top Then my elevator pitch would be like that's all we do and I'm scared But for us not to hit the Titanic it only took a couple of degrees change right and For that Titanic not to hit that iceberg. It would have just been like early enough us We're turning it just slightly I don't think we're past a point where that can still be changed where we can still avoid this this diet that what would be the catalyst of destruction for this nation But the individual has to step up with the individual but also We have to have changes in the approach that the government has. Oh, yeah Lobbyists have to go away these gigantic packs have to go away We have to have age limits and term limits like these things don't happen. Our Republic is In a bad place How cool would it be if we just had Age and term limits with within Congress, it'll be pretty nice at this point I mean when you see Mitch McConnell just fucking Windows 98 out McDion Feinstein Voted the day before she died. Yeah, do you see her her aid that was like hitting her being like hey You're supposed to vote yay on this. Right vote. Yay. Yeah, and she's like that should be illegal Yeah, I mean, how is it not? How is it not? Yeah That's like she's not voting anymore. You're voting for her. You're you're dictating how she should vote Yeah She's one of the most empower people in the world that aid was making that decision off of the lobbyists that were telling her What to do, right? All the special interests that were saying kid on these issues This is how you're gonna vote and then that aid went and effectively voted for a congresswoman See that is it's insane Yeah, I love this meme of a George Washington with like the Four tube nods. He's like me and my homies would already be slaying right now It's true, you know they would yeah But people don't even recognize what a danger it is. It got so little outrage in the mainstream So many people were just so ignorant to what was going on It's almost like there's too much to pay attention to when things like this happen People are so overwhelmed by that's also the thing about the news cycle of today You are being bombarded constantly with things to worry about and then when there's nothing to worry about then they hit you with climate change When there's nothing to worry about then they hit you with something else. There's like a constant barrage of things to occupy your attention And meanwhile decisions are being made that slowly erode Everything this country is supposed to be founded for yeah we are the greatest nation to exist in the history of mankind and in the cycle of Dynasties of empires were at the the right limit of the average one of those and You know Rome didn't die in a day. Right? It was a slow Decay of the things that made them special We're still the greatest ever and it's not it's not you know And I will be positive and I will be hopeful that How do we fix this? Like what do you think you're like? What are the things that an individual can do in a day? It seems so insurmountable, right? Like Oh Tim like I can't fix Congress like I don't get to pick the next president. I I'm only in charge of me Okay, be in charge of you. What does that look like? Right? we need a polar shift in the understanding of the importance of that and I don't think you're getting that from many places and I think really the only way you're getting that from as individuals like you speaking about It people talking about it online people that aren't Captured by these massive institutions and corporations that do have a very specific narrative that they're discussing always and constantly That you're not getting this kind of these kind of conversations. They don't exist in the mainstream news They don't exist anywhere else other than independent media and that's what's so strange And it's one of the reasons why independent media has become so huge is because people are confused It's like why am I not being told? What's really going on in some sort of an objective sense? Why am I not being? informed of all the Variety of things that are playing against the things that make this country great Why is the concept of freedom being downplayed has some sort of a far-right? Perspective which is so strange. Yeah, so strange. This is far right fitness is far, right? He's racist He's racist it's so crazy it's so crazy that they've managed to marginalize almost every positive thing and put it into a category of either racist or discriminatory or homophobic or whatever the fuck it is. Yeah, there's a fascinating not a study example of China combating information wise so like tick-tock The advertisements that are being fed to let's say a 14 year old boy, right? He's he's seen like Soft porn he's seen like scantily clad girls. He's seen like drug vape things and in America that is the constant ad that he's being fed and You know like go and party be a tick-tock star be a YouTube influencer Like these are the things he's being said fed non-stop that exact same age person in China on a China app They're talking about becoming a strong contributing Member of the Chinese society be being good in school being a good athlete. Yeah Scientific accomplishments night and day and accomplishments. Yeah a America They're fed things that destroy the individual be in China They're being fed things that make the individual stronger and a better person in that society But the only way that you can get that is You have to give the government control and the government has to be doing it for the will that they have to be doing for the overall Good of the nation. That's what their perspective is when they're trying to make stronger Chinese citizens They're doing it because of a very specific government mandate has trying to strengthen China They want their men to be more manly they want all these things to take place that will strengthen their nation Yeah, and they what and what do they want from Americans? They want us to be weaker. They want us to be weaker They want us to be fatter. They want us to be more mentally unwell. Yeah But I don't think people realize that that's what it is I think when people are trying to be a tick-tock influencer where they're saying what they're saying Well, I don't want to work in a fucking insurance company Like what other job can I but oh can I just like make wild wacky videos of me eating and I can make more money Than I would ever if I got a college degree like yeah, you can yeah You want to be the richest person on the planet right now in Austin being construction? be an electrician Be a plumber. Do you know how much those people are charging right now here? Yeah. Well, this is a boomtown. They they're worth like $200,000 average income of a good electrician here in Austin right now You Go to two years of trade school to become an electrician right you spend a year and a half to as an apprentice and Then you go and you start working for a couple of years for a guy that owns a shop you go and start your own Your electrician business is gonna be worth ten million dollars in three years here in Austin But it takes a little bit of work I'll give that to you But you're not gonna do the work to be worth ten million dollars in three four years from now to be to do something that like That's another wild thing is like some of these jobs have been demonized You know it's not cool to be a plumber. It's not cool to be an electrician. It's not cool to be a roofer I'll tell you what it's pretty cool to have a Badass truck and be able to go hunt whenever you want be able to hang out with your kids and make it every single weekend to their lacrosse or hockey games Because you have successful businesses and you just did a little bit of work for a few years to build that thing it's very bizarre that we've somehow or another demonized blue collar work and Put white collar work on a pedestal whereas like The freedom comes from honing owning your own business. That's real freedom sovereignty Yeah That's real personal sovereignty not having to report to some asshole that doesn't give a fuck about you and might fire you as soon as the Company takes a downward turn. Oh, you've worked at that company for 25 years. Sorry Here's a month severance pay kick rocks Yeah, and that happens to people over and over again all the time that they get so disillusioned and so disenfranchised and depressed And so then the doctor puts them on medication Yeah Yeah And then they start eating crap food and they stop sleeping and then they stop being intimate with their partner What was me? Yep, and just yeah, and that has been the cycle for the past 30 years Well, we can break that cycle Right. You get up early you go and work out, but man I got a nine to five and I have to leave it eight to commute got it wake up at six Yeah, you get an hour to work out. You get a great breakfast from the chickens They just walk out and you pick up like these fantastic ten grams of protein Micronutrient-rich things and you put them in a pan with some just butter don't use anything else stay away from them seed oils Then you come home from work. I got it. You got a 30-minute commute through traffic that sucks Go to jujitsu come back and have dinner with your family put the biggest smile on your wife's face After you guys pass out in bed Dude repeat for a couple of years start your own business Yeah People need to hear that and they don't they don't hear it anywhere that which is crazy. They hear it from a few places But I look at like the Evans, you know black rifle coffee Yeah, Mike Glover at fieldcraft survival Johnny Primo a course of action You know Jack Carr from you know, not just his sex as success as an author But also as a businessman like we could just go down the list of all of these guys that just Grabbed the reins of their horse and started directing it in the thing that they were passionate about With discipline a process and hard work those three things yet again and look at where they are right now And I'm like so proud to call them friends But more importantly, I'm so proud that they're Americans because that's the idea and it's not on it's not this unattainable thing Like you're calling it unattainable because you don't want to do the work necessary to be successful at it Wasn't Mike Glover put on some very fucking bizarre list? Yeah. Yeah, he was called a radical extremist by the FBI Because he was telling people how to can food and pickle things that you should be prepared in case something goes south Yeah, they thought is ours that this administration Would and will not Call Hamas the radical extremist violent extremist organization and terrorist organization that they are But will call mega people radical insurrectionists the the two party justice thing that we got going on right now the is dangerous for a republic Michael lover is an amazing dude. He served his country for 20 years You know, he was my boss for a little bit on the special operations side. We went to sniper school together Saved my butt in sniper school Do you know the story? No, dude? Okay, not that I need to like talk about how amazing my Glover is but he's an amazing human all those dudes You know Andy like Mike Sorelli like just great people what so I'm writing a book right now called the purpose of pain and my sniper partner during sniper school, he is Dealing with a bunch of stuff trauma from his last appointment and I am such a selfish little prick I am more concerned about being like the number one shooter in the school then my brother that is next to me every single day right like We're sitting here on a stalk I'm with him for 20 30 hours at a time and we're sitting here looking to back of a tree We're discussing every single thing, but I'm not listening Into what he's actually telling me and he's pouring it all out there because I'm too Concerned with like, you know being special forces sniper school on our graduate or something stupid that I was at the time Ultimately during the field shoot, which is a must-pass event during sniper school in the middle of it. He stands up and he quits Literally just stands up and says he makes a wind call in the opposite of the wind direction So I see a left to right so we should take the target Dissect it and hold into the wind so the bullet travels and hit the target, right? so I see a left to right and he gives me a right call and I was like hey, man Give me a different call you're missing this and he's like I'm freaking out minute and I see his eyes start like darting around and he's just like Getting the pressure and he stands up. He's I quit in the middle of sniper school And so the instructors right? All right, Tim, you're out. I'm like, I'm not out like I still got a shot such a selfish prick I just want to go back to that 26 year old kid and just smash him the face anyways, so I'm like I'm gonna graduate. I just need a bullet and a target. I could do it right now. Let me lay down I'll make my own wind call and like this is sniper school. It's you and a partner So they walk over to the people that have already shot and they say hey I need one person to volunteer for Tim with one target with one bullet. It's a go-no-go. He gets a first round hit He graduates he misses he's out of school and this is to like the pool of people Mike Glover's hand pops up I Know him we're both in this special mission like this this unit called the crif of the Sith at the time the commander commanders and extremist Force it's a special operations Counter-terrorism hostage rescue unit within special forces. So like it's a very small pool of people So I knew who he was and his hand goes up the instructor check this he goes, okay What if your graduation depends on this shot? Mike's words wouldn't change my answer. I Don't know if I've never shot with him He volunteers and effectively puts his graduation go no-go of special forces sniper school on me to come and lay down with me to Make a shot. So they get me an m118 LR. It's a 175 grain match grade bullet for my 308 and They walk over and they go here's your bullet. There's your target. So we measure it It's slightly over 700 meters We get our wind call we take the shot and as the bullet travels you see a thing called trace It's a displacement of vapor in the air and it looks like this laser beam and when you're shooting really far especially with a large kind of slower bullet 2600 feet per second for a hundred seventy five grain bullet and that You see this laser going directly towards the target. So the moment I press that trigger Mike's like center center hit before it even hits right before we even see pant that impact of that 40 by 20 target and You see the splash but it takes three four seconds for the sound of the impact to reach us So like I see the trace I know it's gonna be hit Mike stands up and he just starts walking off Boom in center impact and they're like, where are you going? And he's like with Tim as graduates like no big deal just volunteered to Shoot with the dude that he has no it like that is the mic lover that I know and that was the mic lover that was Condemned that has spent 20 years serving his country in the military and then spent an additional 10 years as a contractor working for the three-letter agencies protecting America and Then they have the audacity to label somebody like that It's infuriating. Has he been removed from that list? I Have it was I'm odd that you asked me that because I've kicked When I'm building these manifests to fly these people out of these countries. I want to make sure I'm bringing back good people, right? so we run We check to see if their names and their passport numbers and their date of births are on any lists Where I wouldn't want to bring one of these people into the United States. That's on a list I have a bunch of times even the past couple of weeks. I was like I might just run Mike to see if he's still on there. Yeah, but then I didn't want to because I didn't want to like run a name and Him to be on there or him not to be on there and then them to look at me to see that I ran his name unnecessarily, you know Yeah, that's not good. What a fucked-up dilemma. Yeah, so I don't know. I don't know if he's on that list He shouldn't be the dudes an amazing American well The just the motivation to put him on that list is so fucking strange. He's teaching people to be prepared Yeah, I'm like shadow band if you try to share one of my posts today you're gonna get a notification from Instagram that I am sharing misinformation and If you try to follow me on Instagram if you go to Tim Kennedy MMA You won't find me you have to go down until you I have like, you know Couple million followers and you will not find a verified you'll see 20 fake Tim Kennedy's until you find the verified Tim Kennedy and then if you click on it and you say follow it will give you a thing that says Tim Kennedy spreads misinformation and You have to say okay Follow for you to follow me on Instagram. Didn't they tell you that you had to remove certain? Factual posts. Yeah, I did. I deleted them all and what were they? One was that Epstein didn't kill himself The other one what the fuck does that have to do? Imagine that being a controversial position. Yeah Well, there's three of them. That was one of those one of them. The second one was I listed Economic problems within the American government that a couple trillion dollars was missing before 9-11 and the Donald Rumsfeld speech That's the one yeah, he specifically said but he did not say missing right he said unaccounted for Oh, so the third-party fact-checker that I got a strike from because I said that we were missing over two trillion dollars From or two billion dollars before 9-11 that then went missing after 9-11. They said no, no, no He didn't say missing he said unaccounted for so you're spreading misinformation. That was strike number two Did you go back and edit it or you just have to do not just deleted the whole entire thing Just keep your account. Yeah to keep my account But I'm still like like you like I said, it can't be searched won't pop on discovery can't share my posts can't follow me Yeah, you know, it's like they're doing the thing and then the third one was my son and I were playing nerf and it was a video in like first person of me chasing my at the time seven-year-old with a nerf gun and they said that I was Violated the community guidelines of sharing violence and encouraging violence And it was a nerf battle between me and my seven-year-old Which I also deleted but that post currently still says like your strike is from violating the community guidelines of encouraging violence and Nerf guns a nerf a nerf battle with my seven-year-old. What about video games if you play like some like War simulation video game does that is that a violation as well? All right. I know they they ding people on the hunting like you have that Montana Montana knife company hat Josh from Montana knife company just posted something that he's Been attacked because he showed a hunting photo because his wife killed Late season elk with a rifle and they said a photo of this nozzler rifle this beautiful rifle the elk that they shot The you know the the animal they harvested they're gonna eat and that got no He got notification that his account cannot be shown to anyone other than his followers It's insane like what? Why are we doing a great small business guy that gives back in incredible Another great human where one of my friends a f he's a command sergeant major in seven Special Forces group and they do this thing in this like change the responsibility where they give gifts and Normally, it's like like something dumb like a lighter that's engraved, right? So I hit up Josh as I came in one of my homies that I like I went to war with this guy I love this man to death. F is like one of the greatest humans to ever walk that face the planet Can like I? Buy some knives and like hook me up, you know with a good deal He makes the the seventh Special Forces group red color for the their The emblem that you wear on your beret That red he puts on the handle of the speed goat then he makes it black and then he takes the crest and he puts it on the blade and he then he sends it to Him to give to his dudes and like never saw an invoice, you know, just like Josh being Josh dude. No, he's the best. I went pig hunting with him recently Such a good guy and amazing business and an amazing story of a guy who he he Came up with a name Montana Knife Company and copyrighted or patented or whatever in two. I think he was 19 years old Yeah, and the company's only been around for a couple years and is fucking gigantic. It's huge. It's killing it They make great knives. They make amazing knives amazing try to talk him into Making some fight so like obviously while I was I didn't want to get murdered by a bunch of terrorists when I was overseas So I had stuff to like take care of me and I send Josh a photo of me with one of like one of his bigger knives It's like I kept it right underneath my body armor as I was cruising around the that kind of contested area of southern Israel and that knife is just like sitting underneath my body armor and Thankfully I never had to use it, but it would also been a Picture I would have said to Josh and he'd be like dude. I don't want to see this. You're such a psychopath, right? blast though Yeah Yeah, he probably doesn't want to see that but it's uh, it's just insane that kind of censorship and I don't understand it I don't understand who it's a bit like who is following him in the first place I mean he makes a hunting knife come it's a hunting knife company who doesn't make a sense or Me and I don't understand it. It's it's leftist people that are involved in these organizations that have a very specific ideology that they adhere to and they think that anybody who is Pro-america is In some way shape or form negative. Yeah, and I don't get it and I'm sure I'm on some of those lists Yeah for sure, but I'm like weirdly I fucking sneak through you're kind of too big to mess with It's odd. Well, I'm friends with Zuckerberg. It's nice Yeah, that'd be nice I can text him and go hey man. What the fuck is going on with this? You know and he's a good guy, but his company is run I mean he's a publicly traded company that is Filled with people that are in the tech industry And I think a lot of those people are out of their fucking mind They're out of their fucking mind and I had a conversation with Elon about it last night where we discussed he calls He says it's a death cult says people to death cult. They think that there should be less human beings I think the human beings are the problem and they they just have this specific ideology that they want to push on everyone and anything that's even remotely opposed that like hunting is Most of these how many these people fucking eat meat and somehow or another they think that hunting somehow or another is in opposition to this Leftist position X has gotten really fun. X is so much fun. So much. It's so much more fun that wild motherfucker spent 44 billion dollars And he we discussed it last night We did a podcast last night and he said I don't want to sound melodramatic But I did it to save humanity And I think it's the only place that I can have a race a Rational conversation and actually say what I think as you should be able to do in the First Amendment way and not worry about getting Banned yeah, yeah, and I'm not saying crazy like you could go and read every single thing that I've ever said on Twitter I'm not saying wild stuff. There's no like inappropriate on like I try to say some funny things sometimes But uh not like any of your freaking hilarious comedian friends like the dudes that just walked out Thank you. That guy's so funny. He's the man dude. He is so funny. I've got him working out dude I got those guys working out. I brought my buddy Brian Simpson was here Duncan Trussell's here Matt McCusker I told those guys I go if you want to work out. I will take you to a workout. I go. I won't kill you We're gonna build up slowly. So today was the third day. I've got them pushing themselves, but nothing crazy I know I don't want to break you down. I don't want you injured I go I am I will develop a very specific program and get you up to speed and as long as you stay consistent You will see radical changes and in your life in every measurable way and they're seeing it. They're seeing it I got them cold plunging. I got them in the sauna They wanted to quit they wanted to quit like we just do ten minutes. I go fuck that I go you doing 20 minutes I threw water on the rocks. Yeah, I go now. Let's make it harder. I go we're gonna do 20 minutes, man And I go when it's done You're gonna feel good that you got through those 20 minutes because those last ten are gonna suck Yeah, cuz you get in the first couple minutes like this not that bad. I go, right? It's not that bad yet It's a ten minutes comes around ten minutes. It's gonna you're gonna feel uncomfortable But you can survive it and you just have to learn how to just accept the fact that you're suffering Yeah, do you deal with it? That's so awesome And then they get in the cold plunge afterwards and in the beginning he could only do like a minute Fuck this and I'm like listen man It's all in your mind and you're gonna realize that when you do it a second time and a third time and now he's doing Three minutes so he gets in now and that yeah endorphin serotonin. He said dude. It's like I'm on Molly Yeah, I go. Yeah. Yeah because what happens is your endorphins your dopamine ramps up by 200% Naturally in a healthy way it makes you nicer to people that you run into you feel better and it lasts for hours and hours Throughout the day who's a Stanford? Neuroscientist Huberman like a maze he did a podcast on the benefits and also the approach methodology and process of cold plunging and sauna Yeah, and like I just copy and pasted that whole entire Yet again here it is discipline process and hard work I took his process the way that he recommended to do this for both sauna and cold plunge Just life-changing Huberman got censored by Wikipedia. You know what happened Huberman? I had Robert F Kennedy jr. On my podcast and Huberman made a comment and that comment was I hope that more Presidential candidates submit to long-term conversations like this. That's all he said they removed all his Published papers all of his peer-reviewed all of his work of his papers That are scientific papers. They removed all that from Wikipedia. You no longer see how's that pop? How is it possible? How is it how insane is that and they locked down his account where you can't edit it anymore? They literally change and they said something about I don't know what negative thing I don't want to even say about it, but it's fucking insane. So what is what is Elon do? He offers Wikipedia a billion dollars to change their name to dickipedia Is he just a crazy person a wild mother fucker that's wild he's a wild motherfucker He really wants to fight Zuckerberg. He said it last night. He wants to fight him in the Coliseum He said I'll fight him in a house with a mouse. It was like I don't give a fuck. Let's do it I'm like you really want to fight him. He's like I would love to I'd love to let's do it Yeah, he needs to start training make sure you get him on the yes He thinks he could just do it with no training But which is you know the dunning kruger effect someone is like very smart at one thing thinks they're great at everything Yeah, it's unfortunate, you know, cuz I was trying to discuss with him. He's talking about the size difference Yeah, you need a role with someone who's like 145 pounds like my friend Gabe Tuttle at 10th planet You just so you could just fucking strangle you to meet Trish Johnson, you know Yeah, take this tiny little human and like good luck with that. Good fucking luck. Yeah, good luck dealing with that badger There's a skillful intelligent badger wildly gifted physically intellectually I Mean what I think he was an underappreciated one of the best ever like he's the best expression of martial arts I've ever seen and When he was in his prime, I don't think anybody was better than Demetrius Johnson. Do you watch Francis fight? Amazing he won. He won that he won that fight They know he won that if he won on one judges scorecard who was honest And I think the judge only gave him one round where I think he should have given him to she did one by more than More than one point but at least one judge scored it right and then that other judge who scored at 96 93 for Tyson Fury Should go to jail get out get the fuck out and then the other one, you know Was the other one it was 95 94 in favor of Tyson Fury. So great or 96 95 whatever it was It's look he fucking dropped one of the greatest heavyweights if not the greatest besides him Talk to amazing and he looked for that left hook over and over again. It was clearly something they were looking for, you know, and Look, he's fucking incredible to have your first boxing match ever against the lineal heavyweight champion a six foot nine Fucking juggernaut who's been beating everybody and rock him and then rock him again in the eighth round with a barrage of punches I mean it was fucking amazing performance Amazing one of the greatest combat sports performances in the history of the arts. Yeah of the history I was like blah, I was screaming my dog freaked out. I was like, it's okay. It's okay, buddy. Yeah, daddy's happy He's scary. Oh my god He's amazing and when you see that guy's origin story when you want to talk about a man who persevered that guy for 14 months he made his way from Cameroon to Morocco and Seven times got arrested and sent back to the fucking Sahara desert Yeah And made his way right back to Morocco and finally made it across to Europe on a raft Was in prison for months and then lived as a homeless person in a fucking parking garage in France Amazing the the the movement that he had made From Cameroon into Morocco. I've I've traversed multiple times. It is Halacious and then it is like the most unforgiving terrain with radical groups with property owners Like water to water trying to travel the waters controlled by warlords. So This his story is just like so inspiring. It's incredible. It's a comic book story It's like an origin story in a movie that you wouldn't believe and to have this guy Go in his first ever boxing match Against a guy who nobody gave him any any Any chance? Yeah, and to have the las vegas odds like the online betting odds in the last round in his favor Was fucking incredible because it was like 14 to one at the start of the fight And at the end of the fight he was favored and he should have won Dude, you should have won. Yeah, they fucked him, but they didn't because the world saw it Like you could write all the bullshit you want in terms of scorecards the fucking world including Boxers all the boxers that were there said that he should have won. Yeah, and but now He gets another Gigantic payday his like perceived worth is through the roof skyrocketed Tyson Fury's not gonna fight him again I'll tell you that he didn't want no part of that. They tried to bring that up He was no i'm gonna fight usik for the world title like nobody wants to see that buddy Nobody wants to see that but who are they at the pfl? Who are they gonna put up against nagano? I don't know I mean if I was in ganu as much as I love watching him fight mma I would tell him you're gonna make So much money in boxing. Yeah, and I think he might be able to beat them all I think he's that good. I think he's that much of a freak Well, he was always more of a striker than anything else anyway But he's such a quick study if you look at the fight with Cyril gone He beats Cyril gone with grappling with a fucking completely blown out knee He I mean he took a never really grappling Like he's not a never has been a grappler No, no real background in grappling right? He goes and out grapples a guy that has been doing this for a long time Amazing so he's an incredible person. He's incredible and the fact that he gambled on himself He he vacated the ufc heavyweight title, which is the most prestigious title in all of combat sports You can say anything you want about the world heavyweight boxing champion But everybody fucking knows that the world heavyweight ufc champion will fuck that dude up in a real fight That's the reality of the world. That's the reality of everybody knows that especially everybody who knows the baddest dude on the planet He's the baddest dude on the planet 100 and the only person that has a chance a chance is john jones And john jones, unfortunately just tore his fucking pack off the bone That video is heartbreaking horrible to see horrible to see because I was really looking for that fight with stipe In a perfect world frances makes a fucking kajillion dollars and then the ufc Resigns him and then he fights john jones for the most epic encounter in the history of combat sports, dude That is a perfect world. That's a perfect world, but at least Francis He he got his flowers from the whole world. Yeah, the whole world saw it You can fucking lie all you want. You could have your bullshit scorecards. You could have your paid off judges You could have your corruption. You can have your nonsense Everybody knows what happened in that fight and what happened in that fight was frances and gano beat the best heavyweight boxer maybe ever maybe ever right and then What happens if he fights all those other guys? I mean what happens he means that motherfucker hits so hard And I was always wondering like what is how is his power with the big gloves on? Well, we fucking know we fucking know the look on tyson fury's eyes When he went down in the third round from that left hook. He was like, oh jesus. It was a weird It was a clubbing. Yeah, you know, there was not a lot of ass behind it. He hadn't stepped into it He didn't turn his shoulder over. He just hit him with the hook. Yeah, and it put him all the way to career street Yeah, he was on career street for sure and you know There was a moment in the second round that I yelled out. It was like oh he heard him there There was a there's a second there was in the second round There was a moment in the clinch where he hit tyson fear with an uppercut But then the commentators didn't even notice that he hit him with a right hand over the top And the right hand was a short clubbing right hand. You see the look in tyson's fury's eyes. He was like jesus That power is fucking extraordinary, but not just the power but the intelligence to deliver that power in the most high pressure situation imaginable your first boxing match Is against the gypsy king A six foot nine fucking phenom who's one of the best To ever do it boxers to ever do it Amazing sick Amazing and he just fucking cashed his own check. I mean he is the man now. I mean he's in demand Everywhere. Everybody saw that fight. It was a huge fight And now they're talking about him fighting deontay wilder. They're talking about him fighting some other people. Anthony. Joshua stepped up Whoo I love pugilistic sports, you know that it's in as crazy as this world has been Wrestling boxing and mma and jiu-jitsu has been so fun from this last adcc to um UFC the past Five six not the most recent card, but three or four of them this year. I've just been dynamite tons of finishes dynamite lots uh, you know like watching um, shawn strickland his rise and Crazy like beating what I thought stylistically to be a very hard matchup. So like God, I love martial arts. Oh, it's another thing that I wish every single american would pour themselves into Yes, because it is the reward that you get from it is is Well, everybody wants to talk about the bullying crisis But the counterintuitive solution to the bullying crisis is teach bullies how to fight teach everyone how to fight and guess what? Just the victims right you you take Man, I want every bully to come into my jiu-jitsu school Yes, because they won't be bullies anymore. They won't and what it is is a deep insecurity and uh This desire to impose yourself on other people to somehow or another make yourself feel better because you are lacking And if you are not lacking you don't want to do that. Yeah, do you think francis and gano's a bully? He's not he's a very nice guy all the most savage jews on the planet the nicest guys They're the nicest sweetest graceful people. Yeah, and uh, you know another jordan peterson philosophical perspective on You know a good man isn't a useless man a good man is a man that is capable of violence But chooses to be kind yes chooses to be graceful and I 100 percent agree and subscribe Yeah monster and learn how to control it just an absolute My mom hates this word savage. Yeah, but a savage under control is somebody like that Would you rather be the gardener in the war the warrior in the garden? Right, like I want to be able to create I want to be able to write I want to you know Like I want to be the contributor and a good lover and a good father and a good entrepreneur But like don't let's call a spade a spade like I will wear your skin You know, like I will destroy everything about your I will salt the fields I'm talking like scorched earth permanent destruction of everything that you love if you come At me or towards mine. Yeah, but inversely My kids will never have ever Understand the level of violence that us that i'm capable of to be as kind and as gentle as I am to them. Yeah You know, yeah, that's what I want. I want that for everybody on that note. Let's wrap us up with that. That's perfect Tim Kennedy, you're the fucking man. No, man. I love you. Thank you for Giving people like me opportunity to talk about the things that we love And believe in. Um, I was really struggling like man. I don't know if we can Talk about this