Joe Rogan Gets Into a Deep DMT Discussion With Comedian Russell Peters


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Russell Peters

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Russell Peters is an actor and stand up comedian. His latest stand up special "Deported" is now available on Amazon Prime.


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If life wasn't real it'd be the craziest psychedelic trip ever - Joe Rogan

Joe talks DMT

Joe ''your brain produces DMT during REM sleep'' Rogan


Have you been microdosing at all? A little bit every now and then. Want to do some right now? I've never done it. Oh. You know I'm the CCO of a company that does... A microdosing company? Yeah, it's a... How do they do that if it's all super illegal? Well, no. So what it is is it's a company called Red Light Holland. And it's the Truffle. The Truffle. So it's the top, the mushroom cap is the illegal part. What? The stem, which is the Truffle, is not illegal. They're going to jail. Okay, listen to me. So we're in the process... This shit's all illegal. We're in the process of getting it all legalized and done the right way. And it'll be available in the Netherlands first. Microdosing. And then eventually we're hoping it goes the way of marijuana. Well, I think it can. Right now everything's in flux. Everything's all fucked up right now. Particularly in California. Chappelle wanted me to do mushrooms with him. He said, you gotta do mushrooms. I go, I've never done it because you got to do it with me and John Mayer. I'm like, um... Oh. It's heavy. Yeah, I go... Both John starts singing. Yeah, I go, you guys are both professionals at this. I'm not... I don't want to be the guy fucking crying in the corner. Are you nervous about it? Yeah, I don't know what it does. Just do a little bit. Just do a little. Do a little and you're fine. Yeah? Yeah, you build... You just try it out. You do a little... Should I be alone when I do it? The first time you should do it with a friend. Who knows how to... Yeah, I would say just take one cap. Just something light. You'll feel good. The mushrooms want you to like them. And so the first time you do it, they're gonna welcome you. They're gonna be like, oh man, this is what you should be doing. Yeah. I'm gonna straighten out all your personal problems. All these weird personality ticks that you got. All this strange shit that trouble you keep getting yourself into. I fucking do too. Will help you. The mushrooms are gonna talk to you. Will help you. And then one day they're gonna trick you into taking a large dose. And then you're gonna meet the aliens. And you're gonna realize that this dimension that we live in is connected to neighboring dimensions that are accessible through certain psychedelics. And then once you see that, you can never unsee it. It's regular life loses its seriousness. It loses like 20% of its seriousness. It's still serious. Still regular life. But 20% of it goes away. Forever. Because you know that that's possible. You know that these other worlds exist. And that other people are just out there running through their entire life from birth to death. And they never experienced those worlds. And that's weird. Because you're running around. I run into people because people know that I've done a lot of psychedelic drugs. So I run into people that know. And they've done it too. And they look at you. And they'll talk to you like, hey man, I did this because of you. Like a buddy of mine said that to me the other day. You gave me the courage to try this psychedelic drug. And I was like, oh shit, what was it like? And he's like, man. What did he take? He took DMT. And he was like, um. That's a little bit more advanced, I would imagine. Mm-hmm. And this guy's a bad motherfucker. He's an ABCO. But never had any experiments like that. DMT's- What was his experience with it? Well, I mean, I would have to talk to him more in depth. But when everybody does it, what you get when they're describing it is just sort of like trying to use words to describe something where there's no references. It's not- the words don't work. You could kind of tell me what it was like. And I could kind of go, yeah, OK. I kind of see that because I've done it. But if I hadn't done it, there's no way. I have nothing. It's like somebody trying to explain their dream to you. Well, that's what's similar. This stuff, DMT, is actually endogenous. It exists in the human body. And they believe that it comes out in your dreams. They believe that when you're dreaming, your body is releasing some of that stuff. They don't totally understand it, right? It's one of those weird things where they really only found out that mammals created in the pineal gland within the last few years. The Cottonwood Research Foundation, which is connected to Rick Strassman, who wrote that book, DMT, the Spirit Molecule. He ran a bunch of FDA approved, I believe the only FDA approved tests on DMT, where they shot it into people in a clinical setting. How did you consume it? Interestingly. Freebasing it. You freebase it. Really? Yeah. Like a fiend? Yeah, like a fiend. It's like a glass bowl connected to like a tube. And you light the bottom of the bowl. The DMT sits inside the bowl. It looks like a white powder. Like a white, almost yellowish white powder. Depending on which one you take. The five methoxy, DMT is white. And then the other stuff was more like white with like a little bit of yellow to it. And you take it, it tastes like burnt plastic. It tastes terrible. And you take a big deep breath. You want to take like three big inhales. The first time I did it, it only took one. And I just got to the door. I got to the door of the DMT dimension. I was like, what is this? This is weird. It was really weird, but I didn't even know what weird was. Because like 20 minutes later, I did a second one. And the second one, I took way more. I took like three big hits. And then it was almost like you're in a slingshot or catapult. It was like you could feel the tension. Like, and all of a sudden, you shot through these colors and lights into what felt like some new place. What is your physical doing during all of this? Just laying there. Laying there. Yeah. One time recently, I did it. Last time I did it was a couple years ago, I opened my eyes. In the middle of it, it was very strange. So I can almost see reality. But it was all real pixelated. I was seeing life through like a dirty saran wrap or something. It was all very strange. And then I closed my eyes back. And I went, the experience of the psychedelic realm is more vivid than regular life, which is real strange. Because it doesn't feel like you're on a drug. Because you're still you. That's another part of it. It doesn't change your, like when you're drunk, it changes the way you think. Like you think different. This is not that. This is like you think the same way, but you're being confronted with something that's insanely alien. Just alien to everything that you know to be true. And then there's all these things around you that seem to be alive. And they seem to be talking to you and communicating to you. The last time I did it was a bunch of jokers that were giving me the finger. Like jesters. Jesters with like, you know, they have little bells. Yeah. They were all like shaking and giving me the finger and like spinning around like going, fuck you. They were mocking me. And the thing that I got from it was like, oh, I take myself too seriously. I need to be mocked. And they were mocking me. And as they were mocking me, I relaxed. And then they like pointed at me like, you got it. You get it. You get it. Because you can, you know, you can get lost. You can take yourself seriously and you want others to take you. Like what is the grossest kind of man, like the kind of man who wants everyone to tremble when he walks into a room, wants, you know, rose petals thrown at his feet. He wants everyone to call him sir and be uncomfortable. Yeah. Everyone to be uncomfortable because he's a fucking man, you know, and that kind of guy responds very poorly to being mocked. Right. So I think that it was like letting me know like, hey, bitch, you got a little of that in you. You need to get that out of your system, especially as a person who's a professional mocker. I'm a, I'm a mocker of things. We are. We are stand up mockers. There's a lot to be mocked. How long does it last for? 15 minutes. That's it. Yes. And what about the micro dosing? That's similar with this video that you're playing. It's kind of like that, but way more intense. I don't know how this, it's a VR experience called ayahuasca that you can, I don't know how exactly it works. I haven't tried it. Is ayahuasca different? No, it is a no. See the thing about ayahuasca is it lasts longer because it's orally. You see that's, that's probably more similar and you can get there on ayahuasca and DMT. It's the same thing. It's dimethyltryptamine. It's just when you're taking it with ayahuasca, your body is processing it orally and you take it with something called an MAO inhibitor. MAO inhibitor. MAO is a monoamine oxidase. It's produced by your gut and it processes. DMT naturally that exists in plants. So like there's a lot of plants that have DMT in it. And if you just like, if you were eating grass, like some sort of like filares grass or something like that, it's really rich and DMT. So if you were eating that, you would get high as fuck, but monoamine oxidase that's produced by your gut, it breaks that stuff down. So it's not orally active. So if you ate, if you took some DMT that you would free base and just ate it, it wouldn't do anything to you because your gut would break it down. But then if you took it with an MAO inhibitor, preferably the kind of plant based MAO inhibitor that they use in ayahuasca, because they know like those MAO inhibitors that people take, like sometimes people take them as a medication, those can be dangerous. They're much more potent. And there's all sorts of weird side of it. I've heard of people taking pharmaceutical MAO inhibitors and then they take mushrooms or something else with them and they really can fuck them up like real bad. Yeah. Because they're cross pollinating their fucking drug use. You're doing all kinds of wacky shit to your brain that your brain is probably not really designed. You're redlining your brain. Your brain may stay together or you might go fucking shine on your crazy diamond. Yeah, go off the deep end there.