Russell Peters Could Have One Word on His Custom Mouthpiece: He Chose Poorly


4 years ago



Russell Peters

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Russell Peters is an actor and stand up comedian. His latest stand up special "Deported" is now available on Amazon Prime.


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Did I ever tell you that story? Which one? I think one time after I did one of your podcasts, a guy hits me up on Instagram and was like, Hey, I'm so excited that you're doing jiu-jitsu, man. I make mouth guards. I want to make you a personal mouth guard. That's great, man. And he goes, What do you want on it? I go, Oh, I know exactly what I want on it. So I tell him what I want. And he sends it. Poha? I get to the academy. And I go, JJ, I got a mouth guard. He goes, Good. You're going to need it. And then I put it in. And I got on the mat. And I smile. And he goes, Ha! Why do you want cum in your mouth? I go, What? He goes, Poha! That means cum. I go, Why do you say it all the time? It doesn't mean it when we say it, but that's actually what it means. It means a bunch of things. Yeah, but the actual word means cum. And I'm like, Ah, fuck. I never wore the thing again. But it means different things like Gilbert Burns, who's fighting Kamaru Usman for the title. He always yells it after he wins. He wins and he yells, Poha! Yeah, because they use it like that. But it means different things. But it's the same way Malacca means jerk off in Greek, but they'll say to him, Malacca, what are you doing? Hey, how you been, Malacca? That's like a Joey Diaz thing. You call your jerk off. Yeah, jerk off. Yeah, it's the same thing. But it doesn't mean it. But the actual meaning of this apparently is fucking cum. And he's laughing hysterically. You ever seen John Jack laugh like that? It's pretty fucking funny. Hey, why don't you go put the cum back in your mouth? Oh, that's hilarious. So if the guy is listening who made me the mouthpiece, can you make me another one that just says my name? Just deal with it. Just deal with cum in your mouth. That's a big deal, bro. Girls have been dealing with it for years. You know. Just handle it. Like a fucking gentleman. Yeah.