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Graham Hancock

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Graham Hancock is a researcher, journalist, and author of over a dozen books including "Magicians of the Gods" and "Visionary." He can be seen on the Netflix series, "Ancient Apocalypse."


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Now when they found that ancient Greek computer thing, what is that called? The anti-Chythera mechanism. Yes. Again, that testifies to a lost navigational skill that we have not taken account of before. Incredibly complex and it took a long time for them to figure out what that even is. What do they think that is now? It tracks the movements of the planets. It's a navigational device. It's a geared, cogged system that allows you to track the passage of time and figure out where you are. It's some kind of navigational device. It's not fully understood. And how old is that? I think that goes back to Greek times, I'm guessing here because the Greek times are not of great interest to me, but I'm thinking around about 500 BC. So at least 2000 years old, 2000 plus, and we know that there had to be more than one of these things. Yes. So you can't have something like that without a vast effort behind it. Human beings were working on creating this geared and cogged machinery that reflected the path. Oh, is that a recreation of it? That's a recreation of something like that. Wow. Can you buy one of those? It looks like you can buy that. Dude, bookmark that. We need one right there, right next to the plastic cells. So such a thing is a cultural artifact which doesn't just appear out of nowhere. It has to have a context. It has to have a background. And again, my suggestion would be perhaps a secret technology. It's very odd that very few of these have been found. And it may be that ship owners and navigators in Greek times were extremely careful about who they shared this technology with. Of course. Right? They may have been as top secret as nuclear power is in our world today. Oh, that makes sense. The fact is that then we have to... It exists. It's real. It's there. And then we must consider what's behind it. What led to that? Is that just the latest manifestation of something that goes much more deeply back into human culture? And I think that is. I think... I suppose my main message is that we have a so far untold backstory, that we're concentrating entirely on the front story. And the backstory is missing, very largely missing from the picture. And what I've tried to do is to fill in bits of the backstory.