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Matt Rife is a stand-up comic and actor who has appeared in the television series "Wild 'n Out" and "Brooklyn Nine-Nine," and recorded three comedy specials. His most recent, "Matt Rife:Walking Red Flag," is available to stream on Youtube. www.mattrifeofficial.com

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My man Matt really asked how pigs have half a baby 🤣 “How do you have a half? Just one lil midgelette?”





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Great episode! Need Matt Rife on again





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Matt Rife Kill Tony!!!!!




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et's go Matt Rife. Let's do it. Let's crack a baby. Are you still in LA right now? Technically, yeah, I'm home road. Three days a week or three days a month, maybe you're just constantly touring Yeah, it's a dream come true man. What you wish for? But long time coming, you know, well It's not careful what you wish for it's just you just have to learn how to manage this new thing now It's great though. It's not careful. It's fucking awesome. It's so much better than it not working out for you. Oh absolutely No, if I could sleep like a normal human being I think I'd be just fine Yeah, you were just talking about that you have serious insomnia Have you done anything to try to mitigate that have you done? Let me take in melatonin all right any herbal and you've done all I've oh OD on all the tone and dude I've taken 30 milligrams in a night and you know, you build up a tolerance to melatonin Yeah, stop using it for a little while I mean I do have to smoke like every single night to even have a chance of falling asleep Wow, so you just like get some of that be real indica some of that Dude until I just am just deformed in bed and that puts you out Not really. No, dude, it's insane. I can stay awake on on Xanax and everything. It's almost like interesting If you picture like a like a light switch to turn your brain off. I Just can't it's like which doesn't work. No, and I think it's like After thinking about it for years I think it's the same mechanism in my brain that like allows me to think quickly on stage Then allows that keeps my brain up at night. Like I just think about anything. It's not even anxiety. It's just anything It's just frantic thoughts just bounce around. Yeah anything from middle school memories to like man It's crazy how leaves are green and then brown sometimes. It's just fucking anything. My dick is like, please don't beat me I've tried every tried everything. I promise Wow I know I know it's it sucks because obviously I mean sleep for as much as I work out like your muscles Don't get that time to recover. Mm-hmm built well and your brain doesn't get that time to recover Yeah, your immune system suffers everything suffers when you don't sleep I've made like a really conscious effort over the last year to get a lot of sleep and I fucked it up quite a few Times with the club because there's been times with the club or like at least three nights a week when I'm performing You know amount till 2 o'clock in the morning and generally I wake up around 8 to start working out and at you know At 8 it's like 6 hours. It's not quite enough. Yeah, it's not even 6 hours It's like five and a half and you know, I feel tired I look tired and I just don't have as much juice and then when I adjust and then get proper sleep again It's all sunnids like Like I feel like everything turns up to 10 again It's fascinating like I feel a big difference like physically feel a big difference Like if that if sleep was a supplement if I could take a sleep supplement and it gives you that feeling you get when you're like Fully rested. Uh-huh. Oh my god, you're just better. You're better. Everything works better your brain works better You're you're you're you can physically do more Everything works better. I've heard yeah, you gotta try it I don't think I've even been in a REM sleep in five years dude. Oh, that doesn't make sense It's so you'd be dead. I feel dead dude, but you're not you feel alive I stayed awake for nine straight days before what? Yeah, I don't even think that's possible I think the world record is like 11 or 13 Cuz I looked into it because I genuinely started to get like fearful for my own health Do you do you agree with having needing eight hours because I've heard so many no I don't think I don't think everybody needs eight hours. I just know I do There's no way I could know what's going on in other people's bodies. You think it's case by case? Yeah, I think it's like everything with biology biology varies so much by genetics and life Experiences and you know, what have you done leading up? Have you just been sedentary your whole life or you've been very active is your body very fit or is your body like? Riddled with problems like there's so many and they're just genetics man. They're very so much Some people are you know, they have no problem with five-hour sleep and it changes over time as well Doesn't it like didn't people evolve from sleeping in like four-hour increments or something like that? I mean, I'm sure they did I'm sure they didn't get a chance to just fucking chill, you know, they're getting eaten by cats Yeah, that's the you know, the the rub on people. It's like we still have these genetics that are From 10,000 15,000 years ago when life was very different and those are still the same genetics We're still looking for like tribal leaders and shit. We're looking for like a president a prime minister We're looking for like one person. Oh, yeah leaders used to fight in wars And that was how we sort of figured out what to do We went to the person who had experienced the most not the person who's been paid off the most Yeah, not that not the person who slept got the fucking shadiest insider dealings with the party that is the most influenced Oh, I know god damn it. I'm so happy. I've taken zero part in any politics I'm the least politically informed person you'll probably ever meet and I know I'm taking pride in naivety But well for your own self-preservation, that's probably a good idea. I've always said that like voting and like Politics in this country is a lot like rooting on pro wrestling damn it might make you feel better But I'm not sure how much it affects the outcome. That's a very good point It seems like at the very end of the day the same people are getting all the money Yeah, and don't think about it in terms of whether or not you can vote in your party You most certainly can and and don't think about they most certainly can enact social change And they can do some good things and especially in relationship with the Supreme Court and a lot of other things but at the end of the day The real people that are running the show are the people that are getting these massive defense contracts and massive Pharmaceutical contracts like the the billions and trillions of dollars. It's being generated by various industries. That's what's You're speaking Mandarin Chinese right now, that's not Fucking old dude that keeps getting tripped by ghosts. He's not your leader. You're a big ghost guy. I believe it's possible I'm obsessed are you I so really weird side hobby of mine. I go ghost hunting. I've been like around the world Yeah, it's incredible. What have you experienced? Have you ever had like an absolute moment when you're like, oh my god I'm in the presence of a poltergeist Not Still not a thousand percent I've definitely witnessed things that I cannot for the life of me explain that have creeped me out The timing has been impeccable. I've seen things move that there's just no fucking way that they've moved I've gotten answers back on EVPs. But for me, it is one of the things I do need to see it Isn't the EVP like a radio though? No, EVP is just a recorder. It's a record. What is um, what's that radio thing? I'm sorry, then I was the one where they were they like listen. There's a bunch of different my daughter's heavily into this shit What does she watch have like Sam and Colby you had them on right? Yes, so great guys, so I Met these other guys. There's another channel called the overnight channel who are equally as popular as Sam and Colby and they actually used to work together Then they believe they split off into each do their own thing, but that's who I started going with So I'm very familiar with those guys. So these kids they the Sam and Colby guys just went into the conjuring house I was just there maybe a month and a half you went into the conjuring house by myself Joe Okay, do you believe that there's something going on that house? The conjuring movies are fucking great. It's my favorite franchise They're fun. There's so many of them. Oh, yeah, they really did it right like you want to be smart They branched off with the nun they branched off with the Annabelle And I love the way they tie in the store. Yeah, I want to make it all one chronological story. It's genius. Yeah, I I Will say I wasn't I? Wasn't as scared as I've been in a lot of places. We've been there is some kind of Solace to the house, but you get to know the history of it, and it just it does make sense that there'd be something here I mean, it's on some ley lines of water underground. It's there was war spot there There's apparently bodies buried on on the property in the walls of the the property structures and stuff There's a lot of history that goes into it that just makes for kind of the perfect storm for some creepy shit But I didn't witness anything that was that insane some items moved some some cars rolled off of the children's dressers a couple of times on cue and That's what that's the one thing I do pride ourselves in these videos is so often we get absolutely nothing because we don't fake anything So you only get to see the highlights like there's so many times We'll go to a place that is so notoriously haunted and we'll be there for 10 hours and get absolutely nothing and it sucks But that makes when something does happen that much more valuable. It's so much more impressive What do you think so do you think a ghost is like a the soul of a person that's left behind? Or do you think the ghost is almost like space and time? because of a horrible incident it Contain a memory and like that memory is almost like it like shows up in current time Sometimes there's a guy named Rupert Sheldrake. I forget what his field of study is But he had this theory about Things and he believes that objects contain memories. Oh interesting It's not he's not the only one inanimate objects. Yeah that things contain memories And this is one of the reasons why like people kind of Universally support this idea that if someone was murdered in a house You must tell the people inform the people that are about to buy it. You have to tell them Hey, somebody got murdered in this house. Like maybe you don't maybe you don't want to buy this house Now does the maybe you should think about it. Does the potential owner have to ask that information? It's a good question I'd want to know yeah, I think it's a good question I think they should have to inform you because there's something about someone being murdered in a spot that freaks us out. Mm-hmm And this is my question How you knew the conjured house was haunted right? So you go there with this feeling and this expectation that's what I always wonder about these things like how much of How much of and it this isn't just imagining things. This is like the mind itself seems to have some Unmeasured effect on the world. Yeah, I Think the way you think has an unmeasured effect in terms of like this There's energy that you put out there's connections you make with people. They're very very unmeasured And you don't manifest your own perception of things for sure Yeah so what my concern is is like if you go into a place with a Pre-existing knowledge of ghosts like you think ghosts are here you think ghosts are real you have this thought in your mind that you you maybe Experience a ghost in this place. It's haunted. You're at this elevated level of anticipation You're probably really nervous and kind of freaked out and your imagination starts firing up And I'm not even saying that these people are lying or that they're seeing things that aren't there I'm saying maybe you make things show up. Maybe you see memories. Maybe you experience Some horrible energy that existed in this spot 50 years ago Yeah years ago that there's like ways you can tune into that I could see that being possible But to me that's what's so exciting about it is like you go hoping for those solidified answers You're hope you're going hoping to witness something that you couldn't have possibly made up But you know why I think that too is like you never see him in the daytime Ghosts don't exist on the stream. Yeah, but not outside. They're never outside. That's a very good point That's my point is like you're always trapped So you're always in this like weird space like if you had a wolf in your house. You'd be freaked out You don't get outside. Yeah, right. You don't wolf in the fire. It's a fucking wolf of house Yeah, anytime you're in a contained area your brain has this heightened sense of Like being trapped in awareness. Yeah, and how do you escape? I mean every horror movies the same when they got to get to the door get to the door, right? Everybody's trying to fumble with the keys the monsters chasing them and they get it just in time, right? That is a reoccurring theme in the human mind If you're trapped in a fucking house with a killer or a ghost or a wolf, you know, Gary You know where that makes the most sense. We did the USS Hornet up in the Bay Area Yeah, and we had the whole ship to ourselves, which I was so excited about cuz I love military stuff. I love history I was so excited to go there and just witness it and they sent me by myself on a bit basically a game of hide-and-seek Where they I had to go find them in the ship somewhere after I had to like count to 100 by myself It was the most terrifying place I've ever been because if you've never been in like the bow of a ship It's so unfamiliar like doorways don't look the same, you know, you have to step over them and everything There's so many pipes and everything sticking out. It's such an unfamiliar environment, especially in the dark. It's terrifying You think I can't possibly run away from something in here. It's too there's too many obstacles You know, you don't know if that's a wall or a pipe or something people peeking around to like look at you It's fucking terrifying because of exactly that you feel so trapped that totally makes sense And I would imagine also the feeling of being underwater as an extra freak out I didn't think about that, but now I have anxiety about Literally if you're deep enough in the ship you're under the water. That's a very good point in somehow metal floats What the fuck I don't understand it whatsoever. I just I just don't get it because of the shape what yeah Oh that to me has always been like what yeah like a rock that size would fucking sink, right? I don't know what's going on I'm too stupid I get a fiberglass boat that makes sense But they didn't have fiberglass get a wood boat that makes sense But of ships one of those battleships imagine if they had to make battleships out of wood Do like we have battleships, but they have to be out of wood fuck Let's go back to having a fight with swords while we're at it as well Do you ever do Pirates of the Caribbean at Disneyland? I've been one time and it's fucking terrifying. No, no I'm afraid of no living things apparently okay, not apparently not No, the ride scares me cuz I really imagine if I was the only person in there and you see those fucking Animated figures and they're by themselves that to me is like a perfect scary movie It's so right like one of them would come alive Yeah The but what I was getting to is there's a scene when you're going down the river in the raft Where these two ships are shooting at each other, huh with cannonballs and it makes you think about what the fuck? That would have been like living back then. Oh you had to be out You had to be a man you're on a wooden thing floating around the ocean and you're both Shooting things that make holes in the woods to sink up. Yep We're out in the middle of the ocean, which would you rather had to like done in that situation? Would you rather rely on the cannons or would you hope they get close enough? Do you had to battle it out hand to hand? I like my odds hand to hand. I don't trust the ship Both suck. Yeah, they're not as it depends on numbers. It depends on Experience have you had food lately, you know Have you been starving for the last week and a half and then all sudden you get hit by pirates? There's a lot of those guys like barely made it like they got across to land wherever they were going in those ships back Then and they barely made just vanished died on those things all the time. Yeah, it's impressive and also the oceans fucking terrifying You're videos of like these giant ships in the middle the ocean just getting vertical on these waves That's terrifying and they were just they their food was nothing. There was garbage. They got scurvy They got all kinds of diseases. Yeah, there was rats on board. The rats were carrying fleas that carry diseases No, I don't think I could have made it first. I would have stayed in England for sure And by the time you get there, you're so worn out Mm-hmm, like I don't know how long it takes by sailboat to get from England to America Like how much how long does that take was it just Yeah, fuck yeah, there's no propeller nothing no register that those were so gangster Those people are so gangster. They didn't even know what was over there. They thought they were in India. That's so fucking funny Bro, they thought that they were in India So wrong We call the wrong thing sailing from New York City to London takes about six nights and seven days depending on your speed That's because the famous Royal Places Big Ben and double-decker buses of London. Yeah, but I don't I don't buy that I thought it took like a week today The the addition mentions typical passage from New York to the English Channel for a well-found sailing vessel of about 2,000 tons was around 25 to 30 days with ships logging 100 150 miles per day on average That's not that bad. No, that's that I believe that number. Yeah, 30 days pretty pretty good I mean, that's still so uncomfortable. You're bad if everything goes well. Oh, yeah Do you ever seen that the video going around recently of those? Central mermaids on the side of that ship in the middle of the ocean. Oh, why what are you talking about? Potential mermaids Jamie CGI nonsense there is like a sailor a guy sail on the back of the ship and you can hear Moans right So there's like it's just the dude on a blurry cell phone video It looks like a good cell phone video and there's these things that are like Racing on the side of the boat that are going the same speed as the boat And it's like there's like a tail or something trailing behind them and this keeps up for hours And then you start to hear whistling. Let me see your stones It's that you hear you hear what sounds like one of them say jump for me. Oh, God. Yeah, how do you think this is real? There's no way this imagine a phone. I'm being this is like the beginning of a movie, right? You and I are having this podcast will be in super skeptical and then in the movie you find out there It has been a very small group of mermaids that have existed in the ocean Hiding from humanity because we all have only discovered now 10% of the ocean This is a fun world living. Is it this one? Yeah. Yeah, that's guy. All right. So this video is a couple years old But okay So, what is this guy saying he's got a couple videos That looks like so where the mermaids and this is a much longer video than I've ever seen well, that was one of the sounds You hear the jump for me That's That's I didn't hear jump for me. Did you hear a jump for me? Jamie? That's one of those things that somebody somebody You know somebody dub somebody did the subtitles for at one time that no, he's made your brain registered a little bit easier He has a few videos like this Where's the video of the mermaid? Yeah, it was a part of the same one We were just watching whether you heard like the squeal. So in there, there's a mermaid Yeah, I think it's before this Because this what I have found is in like smash cut up a few videos this guy made That's how this is like a real. This is like a compilation. You know what? It could have been a whale It could have been Easily changed my mind. It was definitely mermaids, bro. You know what whales do make that sound as a matter of they do they make mermaid we don't know I just don't Whenever one dude in multiple videos is encountering mermaids I guess it's vicious But here's this you know what your your reaction right now is why I love to believe in ghosts aliens cryptids Bigfoot mermaids all that kind of shit because Imagine this shit is real imagine. I do have a real experience right? I love the idea of all those things Yeah, I really do. I love the idea. I love you. I Fucking love nonsense. I got so high once I watched the Patterson Bigfoot footage. I was like, oh my god. What if it's real? What if I've been an asshole making fun of this thing forever when it's actually really a Bigfoot? Yeah, and I imagine you've been you've had that encounter in the rest of the world thinks you're a fucking psychopath That would feel so lonely, but that that moment only lasted like 15 minutes the weed So This was a similar one So this guy people I've seen this video multiple times supposedly this guy saw a giant on the side of a hill a giant Yeah You thought he saw it so he goes back and like he's looking for it It looks like it's someone walking on the side of a hill the perspective is very strange We change the angle that's a giant one is a fascinating one, but then the guy disappears So he's making a bunch of videos on tick-tock and then he just disappeared and everyone's like what the fuck I didn't I don't know if I saw anything in the video. Where's the This is also a guy's making an edit about this whole story This isn't where I'm gonna find this very specific video where he's trying to find the job So he's driving in his truck and he sees a giant Yeah, he's driving on the truck and you see something on the side of the sill And I don't know if on this specific one you can see it like how big of a giant That's what it's hard to tell because it's this I mean that looks it looks far as shit The one you can find I'll try to find it what do you what are you looking at do you see something? I don't see anything. Yeah, I don't there's someone move in there I'm trying to find the very specific thing But there is a very it looks just like this and you can see a person like you can see the silhouette of a person On the side of that hill it's weird from this far away. You could see that that's gonna be completely honest I don't know what I'm looking at in that video. Yeah, cuz like I saw the zoom in but the zoom was in the sky It doesn't make sense to me either. I'm looking at I'm like I don't see shit like where's this? And these people's this likes blob squatches That's one of the things that Bigfoot hunters They just start seeing shadows that look like Sasquatch and yeah Convinced yeah, they convinced themselves the fact that that show has been on for so fucking long. They're still finding big foot They're working really hard new with no results. Here's a picture of what the video is just okay. Okay, I mean Yeah That the person I don't know it's a perspective thing. Yeah, I don't know how far away that zoom is Yeah, I mean that could be a six foot tall dude up there Yeah, also humans are six foot seven seven foot sometimes. That's not that big So they're claiming this guy died actually apparently. Oh mountain guy. Okay. Apparently he's now he says All right, I didn't this is an update this video was only posted recently. Okay admission. There was a hoax and then he died Oh you oh He made an admission the video was a hoax and then he died. I didn't know about that Oh, well, it's probably unrelated the type of person who's out there hoax and giant videos probably doing a lot of wild shit I would imagine so talk was I think a lot of people are doing that making these I'm sure that's a product of the empty That's how it goes viral. You got a fake things. There's a lot of people faking things for sure. But there was The Bigfoot ones were some of the Bigfoot fakes were so bad There was one on the less drought show where the guy was like so obviously wearing a mask It's like a close-up on a guy wearing a mask. It's so embarrassing. It's so bad. Hi Yeah, like make some kind of compelling case. Yeah, less drought is the shit, you know Survivor man, that guy's awesome. That guy did legit things. He's the guy that you never see that show survivor, man I don't think so. Oh my god. The show is amazing. What was this on? He used to go It was a while back and he used to go legitimately by himself with a very limited amount of tools and he would live in wild places like really dangerous places and figure his Way out and survive and you know a lot of times like you could see on the show. He was losing like 15 pounds Oh, yeah, like got really sick. What's that show alone on Netflix? Yeah, it's it's similar but this was like one guy with his own cameras doing this everywhere. So cool Yeah, that's why I like other shows like member when Bear Grylls had a show Yeah, there's like multiple camera people and they're filming him doing wild things It's like that's what they wanted to do with him and less is like I do the real thing This is the real thing so less is it's obsessed with Bigfoot too So he went looking for Bigfoot, but there was you know on one of the episodes They're looking at this footage and I'm looking at footage that looks to me like a guy in a monkey suit Uh-huh. It looked see if you can find it It's less drowned Bigfoot footage It's very controversial because the guy who claimed to have captured the video is very controversial Imagine if it's it's real. I mean and everybody's like disparaging you and you literally saw a big oh, of course I would drive your pants man Yeah, but watch this put it on just as I'm looking for he's looking for him again recently No, this is looking for again from a month ago, and then you but then you have the conversation Is it one if it's real if it's real and he's right then we look stupid but Is there one or is this a species brother so many people out there in the wild, you know who doesn't see Bigfoot though hunters The people that are really out there in the wild. They're not having these experiences the people that have these experiences You know, it's just and there's also a thing about bears bears walk on two legs all the time Really all the time like grizzly bears, especially black bears, especially black bears There's hours of footage of black bears walking on two legs That's just walking through the woods on two legs. I've seen I've seen there's hunter videos of that Yeah, I've seen it in person with my own eyes I've watched a black bear stand on his two legs and walk how tall can they get on a black seven eight feet? They're big animals man. Oh, yeah, I think a grizzly bears the number one thing I'm afraid of like in the world they should that should be right up there massive killing Kid and see thing at the Columbus Zoo They have an exhibit there where you can go inside their cave because that's what I spend most their time there Yeah, and you can see them up against the glass in laying down. It's like four and a half feet five feet tall What is this one? I don't know Bigfoot clip other from 2013. Is this the one so there's one way No, there's one where there's like a close-up on Bigfoot's face So that yeah, but I can't find the one where he's walking or I can't even find video. That's it right down there But it's just a picture. Okay, but look at that picture. Oh my god No No But when you see it when you see it in the show like it's like the guy zooms in on it He gets a close-up. It's like Bigfoot's just staring back Like all these years Bigfoot's been shy but Bigfoot's like, you know what? Yeah, you get the shot time to let these motherfuckers know That's the that is the video it's so which one of these was Joey's was it this one this one right here It's just if it if it it I mean imagine if it is real imagine that videos real right, but it doesn't look real and in my limited experience most things that look fake or fake That looks fake as fuck That looks fake as fuck look his hair looks perfect. It's nice and slick back recently applied perfect Recently applied hair that literally looks like Michael J Fox and Teen Wolf. He looks clean looks way too clean That's exact if that was a homeless dude wouldn't give him money There's no way there like bear hair looks different than that. Everything looks different. I don't want to meet a bear up close That's fucking terrifying. Yeah, they're a terrifying animal But the thing is like when people like find video of bears walking on two legs Jamie I just want you to imagine is it's dusk Okay, and you're in the Pacific Northwest. So you're in this sure you're in this it's not great thickly wooded area Where it's like literally like a box of q-tips. That's what the trees are like. Yeah, they're stacked in there Have you ever been in the Pacific Northwest? Yeah, I love it. I'm mountains up there beautiful, right the rainforest Now that's where a lot of sightings are. It's also where a lot of bears are now. Look at this. Look at this motherfucker That literally looks like a guy in a costume that's crazy I Mean what China Sun bear that one fire other people right? I will say no swinging arms though That would be the only sign that would make me think out there or not bear That bear had a wound though that bear was a bear that was missing one of its paws one of the probably one of the other bears probably bit his paw off I Saw a monkey in Costa Rica that his hand bitten off and I was like, wow What do you think happened to his hand and the guy where was like? Oh another monkey bit it off I was like really? Yeah, probably when he was a baby. I'm like really Didn't somebody have their hands pulled off by a chimpanzee? Yes, that's Fucking terrifying. Yeah, they're so They're so strong we can't even imagine they're so strong and they're so aware of the things you want like your fingers They bite your fingers off. It's one of those things they do. Yeah Yeah, when chimpanzees attack you they bite your fingers off because they know without your fingers You can't protect yourself and that's part of what makes you a person. They also grab your dick to rip your dick off No, they don't. Yes, they do. They bite your face off. They tear your eyes out. Yeah, they're not trying to kill diabolical They're trying to rip you apart. They're not even trying to kill you. They're trying to torture you That is the most Cave man shit I've ever heard it's far beyond there. They're so different than us But yet so similar have you ever seen chimp nation on Netflix? I don't think so gotta watch it. It's wild Cuz um, what's up? Oh Don't show me. Don't show me it. Can I see it? Okay. Oh fuck. I'm sorry I won't show okay, just put it on put it on the screen. He could look at it I don't want to see this lady's face. This is a lady that her friend had a chimpanzee. That was a pet and She that's what she did look like went to she went to visit the lady and the chimp tore her face apart. Oh She looks like a belly button. Yeah, he tore her face apart. Holy shit. Yeah They and he was just upset at her cuz she was cock blocking him. Shut up. Yeah, no Yeah, yeah, she used to sleep with the chimpanzee She gave the chimpanzee Xanax and wine and this lady was no yes Was this Michael Jackson's monkey this living the best way worse that cuz it was a full-grown male and it was really big It was like 200 pounds cuz it was like eating well. How big was the chimpanzee when when they shot it? No, that's not the same one the one that tore that lady apart was big yeah, this one actually said it was a diaper on It wasn't the people who owned it. It was the couple's friend Are there it wasn't the people who owned it what? Says that on the one I'm looking at right now He snapped and attacked a couple's friend So he didn't even attack someone who had seen the chimp before he's a new person I don't know if it was the first time meeting I was trying to catch up to that like what happened and make sure this Was the same one we're talking about I mean it didn't happen. They've happened. There's been quite a few chimpanzee attacks One of them is really horrible. This guy was a Guy who had the chimp as a pet and raised it but it got too big and they couldn't take it anymore so they brought it to a chimpanzee shelter and It was his birthday, so they brought a cake for the chimp for his birthday Uh-huh and the other chimps were so jealous that he got a cake and they didn't that they got out of the cage And tore the guy apart Yeah, because chimps get very very jealous the fact that very jones and like I know that not only that's that emotion But they also such a human knew how to get out of the cage Somehow or another so they probably knew the whole time. I don't know I mean I don't know if somebody fucked up and left something open and they noticed it and then Tore the guy apart could have been in the process of when they were getting the other chimp out So they give him the cake that they saw this and Christ She knew the chimp. Yeah, she came out with a tickle me Elmo and the chimp lunged at her. Oh My god Oh, it was the it was the chimps favorite toy. Oh She tried to steal his favorite tool. Oh, no. Oh no. Oh No, oh no. Oh My god Oh my god. Oh my god. Oh my god. Oh my god That is fucking how big was the chimp? Because there's photos of them see if you can see the photo don't change this it's right here I mean this doesn't show that that's him when he's a tiny baby But is there any? Photos of them as a full-grown male because I know there is of him with a diaper on Like you would wear a diaper cuz otherwise you're just shit everywhere just almost domesticated. Yeah. Well, I think he's like I Run this house. Oh shit. We're about shit right here This is the living room. It's plenty of room in here. Is there any kind of is that him? It says it's Travis the chimp. Yeah, damn. He was comes up massive. Yeah Massive there's a photo of them walk at the lady walking with him There was a photo of her when you get to see like the perspective of the full-grown chimp next to a human Like it's just a sack of muscle. Is that him up there with it circled? I couldn't tell Just looks like no, that looks like like a mmm. It was drive-through. It's like trying to get in the car or something Yeah, it does look like well Jesus, but it says it's a 911 call from the chimp attack and that was describing the same thing It's oh that might be him out there. Oh look at the cop cars. Yeah Can you imagine being the cop showing up you don't know how to handle this fucking thing? Not only that he might rip the door right off the fucking car. He got made out of cardboard. Oh, man He definitely you put his hand right through that window One hundred percent a guy can put his hand through a way. Do you think you even try to tase that? If he had does anything Yes, tasing would work you think because I've seen boom is taken do you use bullets? Yeah, the fucking chimp is eating people's faces Oh man, you see him on the street you gotta you gotta put that motherfucker down if you miss I said crazy. It was over. She was taking his toy. How the fuck did she not know that that was his I don't think she just registered how you know I'm all dogs get with her toys. Oh, of course dogs are trained. You're not training it She could have been picking it up to give it to him. I think it said she was leaving with it Oh with also why the fuck you taking the joy in the first place. Maybe she was trying to fuck with him Maybe we're not you know, maybe there was like some thing going on or she didn't like has anyone taking this stance from the from the monkey side No, well the monk the chimp plays for keeps. Oh, absolutely Ticking the Elmo doll means you don't have a face anymore Like is there is there an exotic animal that if you had the means to do it probably you would want as a pet No, I like pets as pets I've and I appreciate wild animals for what they are and I think there's something real weird about owning them And if you want to I'm not saying you shouldn't be able to but there's something fucking very strange I want a pet otter. Yeah, that's very strange. They're fucking adorable, right? But wouldn't it be cooler if you saw an otter in a river? He's out there chillin doing otter things. Yeah, I suppose catches his own fish and eating them Cracking the fucking clams on their chests and shit the cutest cutest holding that fish and fucking eating his head I know I Dutch want to pet one You see that lady's face who got fucked up by an otter. Somebody was telling me about this. Is there a photo? We I'm sorry to make you keep bringing up grew some shit But I got to see this cuz I it's an unhealthy obsession. I have with otters. I don't know what happened Well, I mean it's not as bad as the chin but she got Small I've seen cats do worse. That's fine. Yeah, but that's an a fucking wild animal in your face Dude, if a squirrel was trying to fuck you up Look they're very adorable. Oh my god. They're absolutely adorable little seaweezels Yeah, they're cute. Like if they were really domesticated I mean, I don't know if you can domestic I don't I don't really I really know nothing about domestic eating otters But if that's possible, I think they'd be the cutest pets ever. I'll find out they're adorable I'm gonna let you have you seen the videos of like them showing humans how to pet. Yes, that's the cutest Yeah, pretty cute. That's pretty fucking cute. I'm gonna find out I'm gonna do my research if that's really what they're like If you domesticate them, that's pretty cool. I bet you can't have an aquarium Or you can And treat this motherfucker to a buffet Whenever you want me to eat salad bar dog. That's what it would be. That'd be my ideal house He's like this what's fighting and ripping? Oh, but like puppies do that, you know Yeah, how you gonna teach an otter? Maybe there's maybe they're smarter than we think I don't know man I mean, maybe it's just a thing they do when they're scared. Maybe that person was treating them wrong Yeah, I do. I've seen people miss you ever see somebody who like thinks they're really gentle with animals, but there's no They pet dogs like oh, yeah, some people like slap dogs Oh like hey buddy or one hand picking up pick them up like an awkward way and you're like, I know you don't mean well But imagine a chihuahua everybody's gonna carry. Oh, I would hate to be a small dog Oh, what a fucking torturous life. I know everyone has to carry you everywhere. You have a dog, right? You have a golden retriever Yes, beautiful dog. He's great. He's the best. I want one so bad. They're the sweetest dogs of all time He's just a sweetheart to everybody. He's just a big old love sponge Just I want super sweet. I want a little retriever German Shepherd. I would love to have So beautiful. Those are great dogs too. Those are those are dogs though that need they need activity. Yeah, they need stimulation Yeah, they need activity You can't just have a German Shepherd and keep in a little yard like going out of his fucking mind like he's in prison No, also what a waste of talent, right? They're so smart. So impressive. They're very smart dogs. Very smart dogs They're they're a different kind of dog, you know, that's a working dog Yeah, but I guess it's just what do you people want different things in a dog? I just got my mom for Mother's Day last year this tiny little thing That's like literally the size of this coffee mug like you could write you could accidentally squish it so easy Yeah, like what did you come dogs? Also, what does that come from? Like that's not a descendant of a wolf it is It is how does that happen? Well selective breeding and also there's a thing that happens with animals. We don't totally understand it But they've done this study with foxes where they took foxes and Over a period of like not that many generations what they did was any time a fox displayed any aggression towards people they killed it and Over a certain period of time all the foxes that were left Their jaws had shrank their ears were more floppy They started like giving in to the idea of domestication and they literally started softening their appearance They weren't alert like like a fox would be if it was like, you know a little killer silver fox domestication experiment So for the last 59 years a team of Russian geneticists led by ludomiller How you say that lewd lewd meelah lewd meelah? Truit have been running one of the most important biology experiments of the 20th and now 21st century The experiment was the brainchild of truths mentor Dimitri Belyaive who in 1959 began an experiment to study the process of domestication in real time He was especially keen on understanding the domestication of wolves to dogs But rather than use wolves use silver foxes as his subjects here I provide a brief overview of how the silver fox domestication study began and what the results To date have taught us experiments continue to this day Then I explained just how close this study came to being shut down for political reasons during its very first year Okay, so that's um, that's the abstract this so this is um, I'm Probably butchering the story but over time these things started to change and they they softened their appearance and they dropped their ears and So there's also there's a thing that happens with pigs where the opposite happens when you take a domesticated Pig and you release it in the wild they morph within sick. I think I think it's a very short amount of time I want to say it's less than two months Wow of living in the wild. They start to display different Characteristics with males there's their snout extends. I think with females too, but males grow these big-ass tusks And their hair gets thicker. Wow hair gets thicker all the body stinks. She will leave it Just they now they know they're on their own and their body morphs Wow. So their appearance morphs That's an incredible genetic. It's crazy. So there's different kinds of pigs, but they're all the same animal it's all I think the genus is called suscrapha and that when you see a wild boar a Lot of them could have descended from domesticated pigs Like because people have pig farms and pigs get out fences break Yeah, and the pigs get loose and some of those pigs they just keep having piglets, but they're wild pigs Yeah, but they look like wild boars like from you know, what you would expect from like some movie, right? That's that's what happened. Very quick evolution. Yeah, see if you could find like how much time it takes for A domesticated pig to start displaying Wild looks well, that's a bad way to Google it This is what I love about you and your show like you're you're very insightful on a lot of things I find very very fascinating. You're like if Bill not a science guy offered people DMT. I got plenty of stupid information I love it. It's all things that fascinate me but if you look at it that way right if a pig becomes harder in the wild and a wolf becomes softer with domestication if you just kept doing that and like Softening it like when you associate those little tiny fluffy dogs. What are you associating with like some? Some lady who's got a nice house and a nice car. She's got a nice little little fluffy dog It's this next to her. Yeah, like they've taken that wolf and knocked it down to that. Absolutely thousands of years It's funny that's like the same thing happens to humans. I mean, we got trapped inside for two years soft and the fuck up Yes, all in also society. Yeah the needs of like society especially society like ours It's not engaged in war on our shores where there's not like a physical threat of actual violence from the enemy We you know you tend to soften things up and the same sort of experiment is going on Yeah with male human beings. Yeah, I'm going on with dogs Heard I've heard that quote on this show so many times hard hard times bring hard breed hard people Yeah, we're gonna easy times easy times easy people or whatever it is. It's not my paraphrasing. Yeah hard Hard times create hard men hard men create easy times easy times create soft men soft men create hard times Vicious cycle. Yeah, it's normal. It's just we they've known this forever This is how humans work from hog to wild hog how a stealth gene transforms pigs into wild boars Holy shit a barnyard escapee can quickly resemble a feral hog growing bigger and hairier in a matter of months You know wild so that pig right there could have started out as a domesticated pig That's and got out and it will turn into that wild looking thing Wow Yeah experts say the crisis is largely driven by people who trap and transport the animals so they can be hunted Oh, wow, it may be the year the rabbit the pink the bat Feral pigs like how long does it yeah, it's oosts graff up that so that is Millennia of chasing wild boars around the woods of spears homo sapiens finally got wise roughly 9,000 years ago Which is now in what is now Eastern Turkey our ancestors became domesticating the Eurasian boar soot Scraff up by the time So they were wild first then they domesticated them and when you were they're like gremlins you feed him a night Okay by time Christopher Columbus picked up a few to take along at his second voyage to America in 1493 The 400 pound tusk beasts had been transformed into a pink floppy eared familiar in That time pig husbandry had produced a docile and resilient animal One bred to survive a range of climatic conditions and to reproduce a lot Well, that's the thing about pigs like they have three litters a year. Do they really yeah? They bang out babies like let's go and they start doing it when they're like six months old so it's six months old They're already spitting out kids That's and how many piglets do they usually have like eight? That's a good question I think it's about six if I had a guess that might be more. What is the average? litter of a pig So would they be called litters? I think I'm just guessing they're so smart, too Yeah Average pig litter man the amount of tabs you have open at this browser 7.5 the average litter litter size is 7.5 It's not uncommon for a Saudi of 12 to 14 pigs per litter. How do you have a half just one little midget? This is an average you know some 15 some 13 some thank you Jamie. That's pretty nuts man. That's pretty nuts Yeah So they're just constantly pumping out kids and when you let them grow out in the wild they turn back to what they originally were So that makes sense that if you took dogs And you like slowly gave him food all the time and all the you know the wolves that were like bitch ass wolves It could hunt anymore like come on bitch ass wolf. Yeah, I got some food for you Just growl on the bears come and then Just like people kind of get you know people that have like overpowering bosses This is all of course learn the other week or other day What oh the thing about wolves? Shockingly enough a creature almost anonymous with the seed didn't actually begin that way and Boy, is it a whale of a tail a mind-blowing video recently posted by PBS eons Reveals that whales were actually predatory land animals the same ones that would later become wolves specifically So the animal branched off in the water and became whales and on the ground became wolves What the fuck what how wild is that? That is fucking why this came from the same thing and hippos came from the same thing Wow Wow What what Bible chapters this man? It's they missed that part. Oh Hippo scare the fucking shit out of me. Oh, I mean, that's a dinosaur that is they are so Unbelievable and aren't they relatively aggressive Oh super aggressive and they go after boats. They take people out You know the thing about hippos is it's one of those other animals that for whatever reason when we Anthropomorphized when we give them like human characteristics, we make them sweet Hungry hungry hippo. Yeah, you know like polar bears like it's Coca-Cola So aggressive terrifying now we do that with so many like terrifying animals we you know fucking Yogi bear we turned we turned one of the scariest animals in the forest roster place. Hey boo-boo Remember that Dude Yogi bear was like this sweetheart and how many people grew up thinking bears with their friends because that's stupid shit And then these dummies you go out in the woods You're like, oh no mauled to death people used to look at bears for what they are and then teddy bears came around And then when they started giving people teddy bears Then they started like thinking that like bears who your little friends. Yeah, and then build a bear is responsible for a lot of deaths People don't talk about that enough. I don't think build a bear is responsible, but the teddy bear is Build a bit by the time build a bear came it was already Disney movies. It was already too late Yeah, it's very too late bears your friends animals your friends. They talked to you. They saved you They tell the people about the Wicked Witch and keep them. Oh my god. Oh They're on your side. Have you seen that video of somebody hanging in the background of the Wizard of Oz? What you don't know about oh, this is very popular. Oh, I have seen there's now remember I think that's like Some people say it's a bird. Okay, some people say it's a bird in the background I thought it was like somebody worked on the set. They said it was they said it was one of the one of the little people Yeah, that was they were the first person to go on sag strike No, there's an unpacking that's the problem with googling things. Yeah, you know, it was all the fun You don't want all the answers now fun to be nice. No, sometimes you want just fun. Yeah Yeah, that's why I like to like read about like shit like Hall of Earth What the fuck is hollow earth, please I'm back to this that's it Yeah, okay, that could be anything and when they're walking it does start moving like side to side it starts walking No, what people say it's a swaying right? Yeah when they're work when they're walking down Hey keep rolling Keep rolling. You know how much money this film costs Jesus great It's just one of the executive producers. You know how much money the studio's investing in this film I'll pull the plug on it right now Hanging little person be damned. Please unpack hollow earth room because you said it and now I want to know everything about it well How Earth compare it it pales in comparison to spaces fake Spaces fake is the greatest conspiracy thing to dive into online. It's amazing It's so fun. How do you how do you think they're lights in the sky? Like like these kind of lights. I don't know There's a firmament. There's like a glass ceiling above it all nothing can go out there because there's nothing there Didn't earth is flat didn't somebody land on the dark side of the moon the other day China China I think I think was India. Yeah, correct. Um, yeah, it's uh, I don't think earth the space can't be fake Right. It's amazing. How many people are into it? If you just google hashtag space is fake you'll be taking to these random Instagram accounts now and here's the thing about it. I Don't know if they're real people But I don't know if it matters because it starts off it could start off as like some Russian troll Like they there's these things called like the Internet Research Agency is one of them these troll farms, you know You know about these no, but it makes sense Renee DiResta reported on it and some people a Lot of people have reported on it. But what it is is they have these places where there's thousands and thousands of accounts and They set up like they there's there's images of it Well, you see like rows of cell phones that are connected to this network and they have these people that have these the access to this these accounts and They're posting things that are really stupid. They're posting things that are ridiculous Conspiracy theories they're posting things blaming Democrats for certain things and blaming Republicans for certain things at one point in time Facebook 19 of their top 20 Christian sites were run by Russian troll farms it's genius like social sabotage at a very high level and So they're they're interacting with people constantly online. So if you see people fighting on Twitter if you say like a controversial post goes up about anything and with foreign policy trans rights abortion Second Amendment, yeah, if you go into one of those popular posts, you'll see all these like crazed right-wing and crazed left-wing opinions occasionally you click on them and If you go to like I should say occasionally oftentimes you'll click on them and you go to a page It seems oddly unhuman it seems fake There's something like a real personality behind it and you go into it and you see that they're always engaging on these very specific issues and they're always being like very Confrontational and and it kind of discourages people that disagree with them from interacting with them and it kind of encourages people that love to fight with people to fight back so you get all this interaction and These people do it to steer conversations and get people to lose faith in democracy lose faith in the police's ability to protect you lose faith in whether or not we can unite racially or Sexually like whether we can be a harmonious country It's like designed to keep conflict going it literally can accelerate Conflict like gasoline on a fire and that you can engineer to a certain extent I don't know what percentage but imagine it's 5% you can 5% through these trolls engineer Conversations in the public and you could get people to do a lot of really dumb shit Like if you wanted to get people to believe that the earth is flat Or if you wanted to get people to believe that the earth is hollow and there's dinosaurs inside of it and aliens live in there You could get people to believe that and then they would start fighting about it online and then you could get people to believe that You know, there's been a bunch of them There's about a bunch of them that were that are like mainstream propaganda things like the Russia collusion hoax with Trump It took us like three years to figure that out But now everybody knows that didn't really happen the way they were saying it was happening every day on the news if if that can take place with like mainstream media how much of like what people are fighting about is like Engineers, oh man how much of it that might be the most evil thing I've ever heard of my entire life to just control and design chaos You definitely are encouraging chaos Like if people if people can still choose to engage or not engage and that's where things get interesting. That's terrible, man I mean, it is already such a terrible dark mean place without that you add that fuel on top of it Oh my god, it's no wonder people are depressed What would really be scary is if you were forced to interact with people on the internet like if the internet if there was like a social Like a contract that you had to make where you had to give your opinions on certain issues agree or disagree Gender affirming care is essential to a child, you know, like that guy. Yeah, Oh Hours of a Brie or disagree we have to move to 100% renewables by 2030 at all costs Agree or disagree, you know voter ideas racist agree or disagree The climate change is real and the science supports it agree or disagree Vaccines are the most essential technology the medical science has ever created agree or disagree What's crazy to support the war in Ukraine and the United States has never done anything to encourage Russia Invading Ukraine including helping NATO move arms closer to their border agree or disagree What's their vaccines are safe and effective? Agree or disagree? Imagine if you had to do that every couple months and go over that and that that's how people Decided whether or not you could go to the grocery store today or you'd wait till Saturday Or they're not you could buy a plane ticket ever whether you know, like the thing is now people feel like Voluntarily they need to voice their opinions on those things right? It's like for what at the end of the day for what they just like fighting. They just love it's in Incredible. Yeah people like it. I hate the Internet. Well, I love it. I always wanted it You get just avoid the stuff that sucks just avoid interacting with people in that way. It's just not good It's not good for you. It's not good for them. It's not good for anybody You know, you can you can interact with people and learn some interesting things But at a certain level of fame that becomes really hard. It's really hard Yeah, you can't if you just interact with people you're gonna get people that are doing things just to get your attention I know one of the ways to get your attention is so bad. I'm so bad. I'm so confrontational as well I'm gonna get John Lennon for sure Dude I have the amount of times somebody's be like, I'm gonna come to one of your shows and kick your ass I've just like sent them my entire tour schedule and be like you can come to any show you want I cannot stand the confidence people have behind the Internet. It's well, it's not heck most of it's not real But there are a few psychos out there. So I wouldn't You know, I know I know I'm I know I'm in the wrong for for responding like yeah I just I can't don't do that fella. It gets my fucking blood Boiling and then but when people know that you can't stand it then they're gonna do it. I know I know Jamie cut it Before they feed the fucking fire We cut that out if you want. No, no, I'll leave it in there, dude. Couldn't be less scared. Ah Yeah, you're you're traveling a lot, huh? Yeah, man, thanks. Do you do anything to Like do you do anything like right when you land to like to just to get rid of jet lag? You're figured anything out like that. I'm still figuring it out. Yeah, you go to the I mean I have to work out every day That's my thing. Like do you go to the gym right when you land? No, not necessarily But depending on what time I land I think because I like to do I like to work out before the show Just my blood pumping a little bit because I wake up most days so tired Then I'm like, let me at least get a little energized. Yeah my body moving Isn't that ironic that when you're tired the best thing you do is something difficult and you wake up so weird It's so hard to tell your body that though today was hard for me to tell my I mean I do it every day But every day I have the same fucking conversation my body like I rather lay here bitch But that's what discipline is my body's like you're the boss No, he's doing it. Tell you what you do. Shut the fuck up. We don't we don't have to get up and do anything I'm like you work for you literally work for yourself You don't have to be at work until 1 30. What are you doing? Be then you got to have to ask yourself David Doggins or be up He's up That's not you can't you can't decide to live your life by what that guy does cuz you'll die He's one of the scariest people like you don't you don't have to live this extreme man, but he's lovely He's a great guy like I want him someday. I love very I love him to death as a human. He's great Cool guy like his motivation. I like I like being around positive people that inspire me to do better And when he trusts you like he knows you he's cool as fuck He's a fun guy. Did he get into it with stavros? Get into it. Yeah, what do you mean? Like really upset with each other stavros the comic? Yeah, no really I Saw a weird cut-up video that I didn't know if it was That's probably when them pink trip video. Oh my it was very funny Trip shout out to pink trip. This is dude pink trip who takes it takes it was impressive He was like me and Duncan truss will be in love with each other. There's like a ton of money It's like it's he's hilarious. He does a great job with those don't get the good guy Yeah, I don't think stavros would say jack shit to David caucus. Nobody's gonna talk shit to that guy He's terrified his fucking will and resolve is terrifying. It's impressive. Oh, this is yeah. Yeah, this is it's so good Yeah, this one Yeah, you want to be fat yeah, dude Being fats fun your mind is full of shit That's not okay. It's not okay. It's not acceptable You need to work harder I don't want to be doing work you roll your fat ass out of bed All you want is some fucking damn cinnamon buns and shit. Yeah, I love that man. You are a piece of shit Oh my god, this is horrible. Yeah Okay, oh my god, this is so harsh It was aggressive I was genuinely concerned Stavros is one of those guys. He's so funny. I don't care if he's fat. I Have had a chance of meeting him yet, but I really want to so funny He's fucking hilarious such a character so funny on stage so funny in real life He's fucking aware and fucking hustles to do the clip the clips. He puts out the vlogs and everything That's funny the young kids today. They respect your social media hustle it's only because like what most people don't know about me is I I I I Didn't want to do it for so long like you don't understand I despise social media the ultimate success for me would be to be so successful I could I never have to look at my social media for the rest of my life I just want to get there so when I now because of the work I put in on it I respect people who do do the work Yeah, I respect it. It's it's definitely It's it makes a look if you're a good comic and nobody knows that doesn't help anybody. Yeah, it's exposure dude You have to have yeah, there's a lot of guys are doing a really good job with that Jeff died It's a really good job. There's a lot of guys are calling Mark Norman. Yeah Sam Morell all those guys those guys are doing a fantastic job Oh sure when when Schultz and morel started putting out their clips That's when I was like I have to do it well Schultz converted it into a Netflix show I know genius amazing well when he was at first he was doing it was when he was doing his he was releasing a new Bit every single week yeah, and he was like well if I can write one minute a week for a year as a brand new Hour, but yeah two minutes. Yeah, I just thought that was so inspiring And I was like I need to be doing something relative to that well It's also you know the pandemic kind of opened up doors and also closed a shitload of them But it did open up doors with time and when you're just sitting there And you can't do the normal thing that you do you start thinking okay, okay, okay? Feel sorry for myself that's all over let's get over that and now let's figure out what can we do yeah? And if you're a hustler if you're a guy who's like you know like a guy like Andrew Who's always trying to figure things out and get ahead and do better? Yeah, it's like so he created like a no and by the way It's a totally different style of comedy than his stand-up Which is interesting because it's these rapid-fire punch lines where stand-up is much more engaging And he pauses more he laughs a lot personable yes Yeah, so this is like a different kind of comedy, but it was like really the best kind of comedy for the pandemic Yeah, like short attention span Rapid-fire jokes very silly and turn your phone phone sideways it Changed everything yeah, that's scary to think about You had you had to do it you had to do something It was almost like a like a late night show the way the way he wrote that material yes Yeah, and the attention span during that time period was so fast remember. We thought quibi was gonna be a good thing I never thought it was gonna be a good thing no nobody in the right Hollywood went well everyone's watching short things now and everyone are you sure well everyone's on their phone those really short videos what they don't understand is that you can't just set out to create a successful show like that or a successful thing like that and Throw a bunch of money at it and know that it's gonna be successful No, you have to let them become successful then you acquire them mm-hmm That's the only way yeah like if you're through it like because they'll give up just like they give up with a TV show If you have a TV show in ABC You know and then the first few episodes come out and it doesn't do well, and then it drops off with the fourth Yeah, you're done son over But if you have something that you've developed on your own and you put it on and these videos go viral Naturally then it makes sense you have like a channel where there's 10 seconds these videos that have already gone viral And people know to look for them But if you're trying to get people to sign up for some new fucking thing while YouTube already exists Yeah, and you're gonna dump all the unless you're like completely uncensored like rumble or something That kind of makes sense that makes sense, but you're not gonna be able to compete with them in terms of just entertainment There's everything on there. I will respect them taking a risk that Hollywood just doesn't do anymore Every meeting I go into now is like so what reboots do you do we want to do right like that's a real conversation Every single meeting I have and it's so sad well. There's probably less projects than ever before yeah, definitely There's probably less money than ever before and less certainty I mean nobody wants to sit through 8 p.m. To 8 30 p.m. And watch three different commercial breaks Yeah, we don't want to do that anymore people are done with that yeah, that shit's stupid and then unless you're a sitcom That's the only thing that really lives yeah, that's you know middle middle of America Yeah, and then you're watching arthritis commercial Come on. What are we doing here? You know With Netflix and with HBO and all these different streaming services like Wow only fans is getting in on the game as well Yeah, they're producing comedy too right yeah, they're rapping my tour bus coming up. I'm so excited. It's hilarious So funny to get a sponsor if you've ever seen the amount of money that is spent on Content creators on only fans and most of it naked girls have you ever seen the amount of money? Let's guess like how much they spend a year like only Subscribing yeah all the money that comes in how much do you think they spend from all of them all the influencers all the Yeah influencers. Yeah, I'm gonna say oh, I'm gonna say a Year yeah 700 million It's way more than that I think and I think it's probably somewhere around the GDP of a small country what What is it? What's the amount that only fans brings in every year? It's definitely increased last year which is gonna be way more this year 2022's revenue was 2.5 billion dollars But that's just only fans. There's a couple other sites to that to be included bro If you get enough pictures of tits and feet you can buy Guatemala bro. How wild is that? To okay, what's the GDP of Guatemala? Let's find out that How much Reaching an all-time high of 95 billion okay, we're off by low well That's what a record low of 1 billion and I who's not doing well right now, okay? Let's find a country is not doing Uruguay is that a good one? Where the fuck is I'm not sure I'm just gonna go for a ranking and try to find okay get me down to about 2.5 billion Let's see what they could buy Let's start talking that's insane magic like only fans island They buy a fucking island they could they might be able to make it one of those like entry one of those content houses Models living in there they're gonna have their own rules their own country. It wouldn't surprise me at all That's only in a year, bro. That's what's crazy Yeah, that's in a year now. How much does only fans get what do they get like 10%? I think 10% That's the cut I think so think of that But I'm wondering what inevitably set them aside from like patreon's been around forever the girls girls were doing patreon before only fans I wonder if the revenue split is better. Maybe the is it easier to navigate? well, I think Wasn't it like they started it with the idea only fans? I don't necessarily think they started for just girls Doing that no they they started it for like fans of like performers and stuff and different things This is that was what really caught on yeah Exclusive concepts this gals make so much money bullying is gonna be at an all-time high in like 10 years bullying yeah in school Imagine you got beef with a kid in school and at any moment you go. Yeah. Yeah, here's your mom's pussy for 399 my god It's gonna be in all time But in 10 years people could have pictures of every mom's pussy you gonna hope videos of your mom fucking Oh god, I hope they'll make it with CGI like you'll be able to do it on your phone What is AI and that right stuck in the cock bang? Yeah, that's not out there 100% they can Now all that's AI dude that wasn't me. They're real close to being able to do that With like very realistic I mean they can make your face move and make words come out of your mouth that you didn't say They can take old recordings of you, and then they have the baseline There's a ton of commercials out there of me that I don't have anything to do with it. They're not really my commercial I didn't really make a commercial. They used AI they use my voice They can do wild shit now man, and yeah, you gotta imagine that that like if you're like a young female celebrity There's probably already face swaps of you online. I'm sure in scenes yet There's no good footage of Bigfoot not one AI interpretation of Bigfoot exactly come on man Well, I think Bigfoot was a real animal at one point in time Okay, it just makes sense first of all historically. It was a real animal. There's a thing called gigantopithecus they Found its bones in an apothecary shop there was a large primate molar that in our anthropologists found in the apothecary sharp that it was in China, and it didn't match any known primate in the in he knew it was too large and There was bones that seemed to indicate it was a jaw bones It seemed to indicate it was bipedal they can apparently tell by the shape of the jaw like how tall Eight feet tall it was an enormous thing. That's what it looked like. Oh, that's it's very orangutan Like that looks like that looks like Bigfoot. Yeah, it is Bigfoot. I think that is Bigfoot Yeah, I think it's easier to believe one of these just happened to still be around no than a totally new creature I think yes, but no it's not easy to believe they're still around when did they go extinct? They went extinct somewhere around a hundred thousand years ago. I don't know man that they find animals sometimes Like when did they 9.8 feet Wow Okay, eleven thousand seven hundred years ago in southern China. This is what they know right so they don't necessarily Know that it was eleven thousand seven hundred years ago. It really might have been like six thousand years ago They just don't have those bones yet. It's all like when they're finding bones of things You know well, they'll like if they do they feel the last bone we found You know this amount old hmm if they find a new one six months from now They do that all the time with like they're finding all these new versions of human beings like they found Denisovans That's a new kind of human that they found. I think they found that in Russia I won't say that was like 2013 or 2014 But I think they just found another one in China that seems to be different than any other human being they found before too So there was multiple versions of human beings right there's Neanderthals. There's homo sapiens There's there's a bunch of different versions of us that didn't quite make it That's so one of them they found was the Hobbit person They found it in the island of Flores And there's there was always talk in hit in like legend of these little furry men these little tiny men Like how tall with the three feet tall man free and but they found bones and then when they found bones They realized that this thing Lived around the same time as human beings somewhere as recently as I think they think it was like 10,000 years ago But that's what they looked like so they looked like people They'd use tools. They they probably hunted they had small brains and they were tiny and probably covered with fur and they found multiple bones of these at first they thought like maybe that's a deformed human or What is this and but now they're reasonably certain that that's in that's a new type of human being It just didn't more or new type of higher priming I don't know if you would even say human being but a little tiny little Weird one and they think there might still be some of those left in the wild has he had they given any And this is a cross pollination of subjects right now But has there been any thought as to these smaller bones being related to like aliens per se because sometimes I say there's little tiny people Sometimes I think well if you want to subscribe to the idea that human beings have been genetically engineered. Oh Well, that's a much deeper conversation Yeah If you want to subscribe to the idea that human beings have been genetically engineered because that's one of the parts of UFO folklore That the real nutty ones they want to say that we were we were Seated with alien DNA and so they took these Savage lower primates like the chimpanzee is still exists, right? They took these savage lower primates and with a specific group of them They manipulated their DNA to give them creativity Intelligence the ability to communicate, you know doubling of the human brain size over a period of two million years, which is this is a fun Thing to believe why not? It's the best thing to believe the most fun is aliens made us. That's the most fun That's way more fun than like Amish. You know what I mean as far as like believing in something Well, the Amish they you know, they can't be the right ones. They seem happy which is odd You know, there is something to be said about that. I think there's like very low instances of autism amongst the Amish very low instances of mental health disorders I think like it sucks to say but I think working hard all the time is really good for people And I'm so I'm so sickly working hard all the time. It's focused on something positive and productive Yeah, people get too much time on their hands to think and do absolutely nothing else. I mean you see what happens Yeah, these dudes are out there pulling a wagon with a horse Still to this day never making butter never seen Netflix. They look healthy. None of them are fat. They read I mean you probably should use electricity. Yeah, pretty man It's there's because I've seen them. I'm from Ohio like you'll see them in Walmart. Sometimes you can't tell but they're not like oh Are you going through Walmart with a lantern? No, see that's that's what I call bullshit It's like you can't you gotta use all of it or none of it, man, right? They pull up in a horse and buggy to Walmart What yeah, like did you I did my toilet paper there? That's a damn good point That's a good point and also like if they just have an outhouse and a stanky butthole I saw one get out of an uber one time and I was like, that's outrageous. Yeah, that's how I commit to it I you can't fly you can't you can't drive you? No, no, no trades for you sir. You familiar with the Duties playing Xbox get the shot. Yeah, bro. Get the fuck out of here, bro. You can't do that, man You're cheating. It's playing on mission impossible. This guy's playing a guitar. Oh My banjo hero Guitar hero look the pull in the buggy and then go to Walmart get the fuck out here Look how they parked too. So rude take it up multiple. But also this the horse stays, you know, yeah Well, the horse is smart cute You might be tied to the pole. Yeah, you ever be stuck behind one of these on like a one on like a two-way road No, I know how fucking devastated I think I saw one in the road once when I was going to visit my parents lived in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania Once oh and I used to have to drive when I was driving from New York I'd go through like Pennsylvania and we drive it through Pennsylvania gets Rural sir. Yeah, of course rural and it's fucking deer jumping for your car everywhere It's like there's deer but the most disturbing thing about that drive was when you pass by where the cattle are because the Dench in the air for a couple miles I don't know what I was smelling what I was smelling Fertilizer or whether I was smelling decay Over though. I don't know what I was probably fertilizer. They take all that shit and spread it for miles It smelled so bad. Yeah, I could imagine if you were in that town your your nose gets used to it. Apparently. Oh, yeah You don't smell it anymore. Yeah, but the fucking what are you breathing in man? I mean, it's just Toxic it has to be it smelled like death It's like oh what I don't even know if they use all that same stuff I mean, this is the 90s. I don't know if they use all that same stuff. Did you see any Amish when you were up there? I think I did I might be imagining it This might be the only group we can kind of shit on cuz I think I've never might have seen it once I think I might have seen it once and like oh But I didn't get stuck behind him I would just hate to get to heaven and God was like I'm glad you here But like you missed out on so much good shit down there. You heard only fans Well, they are allowed to go nutty before they run a springer. Yeah, that's gotta be a tough decision There's a great documentary on it where they follow these Amish kids and they they go party in and have a good time but you know, the thing is like when you're used to that life that life of you know toil and work and manners and It's probably like attractive to cut loose But then you probably feel lost and they probably know that that's why they let them go They let they're like we already got them programmed. Well, you let him go. That's a good point I wonder what the percent is that don't go back Let's find that out because if marriage fails at 50% like that's obviously a huge decision. It's a lifestyle choice Do you know anybody that was ever in a cult? Not that I know no, I know I don't believe so people Yeah, I know quite a few people that were in cults when they were kids how dangerous of cults Yeah, there's like there's a lot of different levels of yeah Like what is Jehovah Witness occult the Scientology occult is like, you know, there's there's cults that are like I mean like getting started doomsday style Well, one of them was she was in like she was told that she was an elder and that she was a prophet and then when When the family left when she was 13, she's like, oh my god. Thank God It was like so that stress thinking I was a prophet Really just a 13 year old kid, you know, but there's a man I was talking to mark andreessen And he was telling me that there's successful cults. They're still operating in California a lot of them I'm like what so he started like labeling all these different cults that operate still in California They just managed to keep it together with what end goal and what's the goal of a cult just control Yeah, I think it's there's a natural inclination specifically among males to dominate a group of people and have them treat you as if you are this Wise sage that's completely in tune with the right way to live life and you're here to teach And that what you do is you bestow this wisdom upon them and usually it involves you banging everybody's wife Usually they all give you all the worldly possessions They they treat you to the finest meals you eat first then they eat, you know You bless them when you talk everybody listens then and they really do believe that you're divine and it happens in like Waco With the branch to I was watching that documentary That guy I almost bought his car. No way 68 Camaro Yeah, I found out it was for sale and I almost pulled the trigger, but I was like what am I doing? What was it going for? What if ghosts are real and when you're in the car? It would not just ghosts are real but like the energy of a person's real like I was a psycho Yeah, cuz you know what's even crazier you have the power to start a cult. It would be so fucking easy It would be so easy. I just want to say to the CIA. I have no desire. Yeah, I'm not I have I do not I like I did tree. I like playing pool. It's signed something in the lobby while I was waiting for you actually What was that? That was a release form. No, that was the cult admission form. I'm in you're in I've been waiting for the Illuminati I was like, how many followers do I need before I get the Illuminati bought land in Wyoming or good to go? I Was supposed to be there last week actually I was well Jackson Hole Yeah, I haven't been it was my only week off and then I went to Chappelle's birthday instead. It's so pretty So pretty do you watch Yellowstone I Haven't I do I haven't seen a TV show in like a year. Really? Yeah. Do you watch anything when you're on the road? Never watch YouTube. I never know. I really don't have time It's like you travel you do the shows you and then when I get all the shows I go back to my room and edit for like two hours. Do you find that that? Sometimes gets in the way of writing because you're not experiencing enough life Like one of the things like remember in the 80s it was like stock material that everybody would talk about airline seats not moving back and Do not disturb nobody listens. Yeah, it was it was because that was your life experience. Mm-hmm. You're always just traveling Yeah, I'm very unrelatable Yeah, cuz I also and nobody really knows this cuz all my clips are about crowd work And bright like most of my jokes are stories like I don't know if I have a joke less shorter than like three minutes So with me not really being out there and experiencing a lot of things I I am curious because I'm about to shoot my next special in September And like when I start all over this build this brand new hour I'm like what what is gonna be the theme of is it is it gonna be about my current state of life? I'm not a hundred percent sure yet But that's the most fun thing about stand-up is having to start all over and figure out what this new hour is It's very fun. Yeah, it's scary. It's very scary. It's just exciting, you know, it's a creative thing You know coming up with a new thing and also you're doing it live in front of people Yeah Like there's a lot of bits where I've done them and they were kind of successful and like, you know I gotta put that one on the shelf for a bit I'm gonna think about that one cuz yeah, I'm saying some things that I'm not really believing I'm kind of like pushing it too much. I'm trying to like make it work instead of like reassessing. So let me reassess Oh, yeah I got it It's so it's like it's kind of a fun process because you know you you put it together over time and at the end You're like I got it. This is it. This is the right way to say this thing and you have to test it in so many different Settings as well. Yes. Yes, like I like last night We've been doing this this tour for I mean the better part of this year and we're in these amazing theaters from like 1500 like 6,000 which is incredible But sometimes you have to remember that's that's not always real stand-up like I had some new shit that I'm working on for the Up for the upcoming special I popped in at a couple local spots here last night where it was like 25 people the first one And like 30 the next one I was perfect. I missed this. Yeah, this is where you see if jokes work Yeah, little crowds like the belly room at the Comedy Store is the best. Yeah, it's like a little truth serum Mm-hmm, you know, you just you feel the grossness of a fake Like the way you're phrasing something you feel like you're not connected. Yeah, this is not a comedian would say Well, not even the comedian was a you're not attached to it. Yeah, I know you can't just present in front of 25 people You got to be there with them. You got to really be locked in. Yeah, and they know it Oh, they're up there just I noticed the other day Yeah, you you could do that a large crowd of 3,000 people because there's just like sort of weird disconnect Yeah, it's more performance base. Yeah, it's a different feel That's why I wanted to do all these theaters right after like leaving the comedy clubs like cuz you know, obviously agents go Well, the numbers are doing we could yeah, what stadiums do you want to do? I was like, dude, can I get used to a theater first because it's a totally different performance. It's a different timing for sure Yeah, you got to hold laughs longer and also I realized once I went to watch Lewis Black and We were doing the same place the next night and we got there early and Joey and I went across the street and We it was like right there And so we were sitting in the audience and when he was killing when he got with big laughs He would occasionally have a tag that he would hit that I didn't hear because so many people were laughing Mm-hmm, and I was like, oh wow that's something to take into consideration because I didn't think about that because we were like in Like probably the 30th row back and it was a pretty big theater And so the roars were really loud like when he was killing it was really loud So as the laughter what and then he was like, my my my my and I didn't know what he said I'm like, oh you can't hear because people you got to wait like for certain tags You can't hit him like a comedy club. No bang bang me the laughter lot the loudness of the laughter when you're in the midst Of it. Mm-hmm. It's too loud. Yeah. Oh do I got I got so lucky I was I was able to be on the show with one of Chappelle's birthday shows and at MSG Yeah, I saw that I'd never been to a stadium before I'd never even been to Madison Square Garden So I I don't know that I've really been to a stadium. No, I've been to a clip a Clippers game in my life That's it, but I've never performed anything that big and like my first couple jokes up there I realized I stepped on the laughs like probably five times. Yeah, it takes you literally have to go. Ah Like the last takes so much longer to get to you. Yeah 15,000 people is another level up above theaters Yeah, but the but the the positive energy when the joke does hit The biggest place I ever did with Dave and I did 25,000 people in Tacoma, Washington, that was 20 Thousand it was bananas. Yeah Goggins was there for that one? No way. Yeah, it was the Tacoma dome Tacoma dome. Yeah, it's a sick name It was dope. We did it in the round to it was bonkers The lab the laughs are just like what is this when you when you hit a big punch line and the whole place just falls Out you're like, holy shit. I haven't done in the round yet. I don't know if I'd like it. It's great. Is it? It's intimate. It's weirdly intimate. Oh, I would like that then the thing is you're so right You're really in there with the people as opposed to a theater see the thing about or if you're doing a An arena and it doesn't have around the thing is like you have this big-ass stage and you're above everybody and there's like a gap And then so there's the stage which is you and then there's them but when you're in the round then it's Everyone in a circle so people are looking at people Everyone's in there and get out that everyone's in there together each other and we're all feeding off each other and everybody's having a good time So everyone's laughing and it's fun and you wandered around so it's playful you wandered around this big circle. Huh? It's great I love it. I'm gonna have it's my favorite way to do big places by far I don't like doing them the other way the other way. It just feels like I want to be out there with you guys I don't want to be like up here. Yeah, it feels weird. I also feel bad for somebody sitting so fucking yeah Are away in an arena? Well, usually they have big screens, too, but that's not that's not what you're there for Yeah, but it's you're there also just like the experience of experiencing it with a lot of people there, you know Yeah, like there's a thing about experiencing things with a lot of people like a big like I saw guns and roses and grease No, I saw guns and roses. I saw that photos. It was so dope But it was just the the feel of all those people having a good time It's like just just this wave of fun and positive feeling that's like in the air that I think People it's like that thing that I was saying that there's like There's things in the world that you can't measure but they're real and we seek them out You know, we seek out these weird moments where people collectively can experience something at the same time I love that like Psychological sync up of there's just something contagious of being in the being in the middle of a crowd of people enjoying themselves That just takes so you want to enjoy yourself as well. Yeah, it's just it's contagious. It's contained laughter for sure Oh, yeah, but fun is too, you know, it's good times are contagious. You know, it's And so are bad times. That's a good. That's a good book. Yeah good times are contagious. Yeah. Yeah It's just It's a weird aspect of being a person, you know, we don't we know we have this like stupid myth of the The loner, you know, like, you know, I like to be by myself. Like that's not good. No, that's not normal That's that's somebody's need to be that way. I think every now and again, it's good to be by yourself But when I think about loners, I think I'm like Ted Kaczynski. I think like the unibomber Psycho out there laying bear traps now in the middle of Montana. You have to laugh or you will go fucking insane You I think people need people to I just don't think it's a good thing to be by yourself too much I think that's one of the things that really freaked everybody out about the pandemic When everything got locked down and people were terrified and they were in their homes for months and months at a time without any Interaction with other people when they finally did see people they didn't know how to behave. They were weirded out. Everybody was scared Yeah, it was so uncomfortable. It was so weird. It was so weird. It was such a mind fuck when you tour do you travel? With a lot of people. No, no Because I've that's like the most specific thing I've been trying to build with the tour I'm on right now is I wanted to make sure I surrounded myself with people who are gonna make all of this journey Positive and fun for me if you have a lot of people not a lot of people But the right people well, yeah, look good people I travel with good people that I know Like comics that I know people that I know. Yeah, but sometimes people get on to rajas. I won't understand Not only that there's always problems. There's always the guy that's late. There's always the guy. That's a mooch There's always a guy that does this guys trying to get you to fucking go in on some liquor deal Or CBD I know guys who have fucking entourage this and when I run into the entourage It's like there's a few of them that are really cool. There's a few of them. They're just you know Like you got a lot of people around you man. This is a lot of things to manage Do you like this some people like it though they like rolling deep, you know, two three SUVs no Don't love going out Like what afterwards? Yeah, dude I I mean, I mean every city we go to is like hey this this club wants to host you for a free night of whatever And I'm like, dude, I I not only need but want sleep. Yeah, but you can't get you get it. So stay out I guess we wouldn't get it about if you went out, maybe that's what's the key to you getting some sleep Go out you're a little partying Do you drink? No, not really not at all at like for an occasion. Does that put you out? No, come a tequila guy Which is kind of that upper a little bit. Is that real? I think it I always do feel like I have a little bit We googled that before having a myth It's alcohol but isn't there some sort of an effect that's different because is tequila it seems different it's clear That's the different that's the one difference that we didn't dig into it. Like it's clear. It doesn't have additives It's probably the most pure and those impurities are things that can cause hanging I mean, I'm not a fan of any of it. I hate all alcohol. I don't I don't enjoy any of it It tastes fucking terrible. It's not good for you. All those things are true. But I like it. What's your drink? I like a whiskey Oh, yeah, you're a grown fucking man American whiskey on the rock. I just I can't I like that taste I like that You like suffrage it's not suffering. No, it's like yeah That's what it's like You can also enjoy. Hmm. I enjoy that too. I like fucking Gatorade shit. I like a lot of things What I drink Gatorade I never go whoa You know, if I drink buffalo trees, I'll drink buffalo trees and go Oh You know You don't smoke cigarettes. Do you I have smoked cigarettes before comedy shows? Oh really? Yeah, calm you down No lights me up lights my really? Yeah Never could do it. My parents were heavy smokers. Yeah, and I like to guard off Well, it's it's a very dangerous habit and even I think about that when I do shows sometimes like I limit myself to one or two Cuz if I feel like I start liking it and I start smoking all the time fuck that that's terrible for you It's terrible for you to just do it, you know, supposedly those American spirits are better because it's just tobacco But all of it is like burning leaves in your lungs. Yeah, and it doesn't it doesn't seem to like Marijuana does not seem to have the same health problems with people's lungs unless you're probably a chronic Marijuana smoker because you gotta think how much how much of the paper are you smoking? Cuz you're not just smoking the leaf and how and especially if you're rolling the lumps I know a guy a lot of guys who love blunts and they're smoking blunts all day long So you're taking in a lot of tobacco. Yeah, that's a lot of tobacco on top of the weed You ever do the pens? Yeah, we pens. I mean that can't be good for you right? That is just chemical, isn't it? Well, it's it's definitely chemicals right there. It depends on how they manufacture them, but it's different kinds of oils I know some of them do it with like MCT oil which like food grade oil But I don't know if there's like strict standards on that stuff As far as I and where are you getting them made you getting them made here? Are you shipping those bitches to China like how he who's making these things? Yeah, they're $7. They can't be made here Well, it's too accessible. They probably can't make the they probably can't import the actual cannabis So I bet they actually do make it here now that I think about it That makes sense that they probably do make it here They probably have to make it here, but do they make the pens here like the ones that explode and go through people's brains Oh, that's a real thing. I don't know the myth. I thought that happened one time I don't know do it There was this one where this guy had this like thing lodged in his head and the x-ray I'm like is that real? I want to believe it's real cuz the the vape exploded. Yeah Like like a rocket But that doesn't make sense. I can't Doesn't make sense that it seems like it would just blow out It doesn't seem like you would propel forward No with the kind of thrust that would be required to enter your brain. It's not a musket, right? It's not a can Bring us back to the cannon days Just think about that man wooden boats Shooting iron balls at each other. I mean take it back take it back more centuries when you had to be in a night Vaping can seriously damage your health e-cigarette exploded in teenagers mouth breaking his jaw and blowing out teeth Because of his botched do-it-yourself hacks. Oh god this kid. He was in Russia of course. It was in Russia These wild people you see the picture before I scrolled up. He was not years old snarly. Oh, let me see we want to see it Oh, oh my oh, it's face apart. Oh god. Damn it. Oh, oh Oh, oh Oh My god, oh my god Blue his face apart This is in the e-cigarette company. I believe it said oftentimes the problem isn't the pen. It's the people who use it The most gas lightning shit I've ever read Yeah Yeah that made it explode we had Peter Berg on the other day and he was talking about the opioid crisis because he created that Series a painkiller on Netflix if you haven't seen it's fucking incredible But it's about the Sackler family and how they created this and one of the things that they did was when people got hooked On Oxycontin they they had like a policy of hammering the abuser go after them Drug addicts like shame them. So that's what they would do like. Oh, he was a drug addict This person was a drug and it's nothing to do with whether or not our our drug is a drug addict And so that's what they did that was their gas lighting But you can't be a drug addict without without the drugs So I know but they drugs all the problem if you can make someone think that someone else is a drug addict. That's a shameful thing Oh, he's a drug addict It's shameful and so they shame the abusers That's fucked up Yeah, it's typical corporate gas lighting. They like to do stuff like that. It's fun Change the narrative. Yeah that Russian troll farm involved. I start going after those drug addicts those damn drug addicts are the problem It's not the pills. I take mine on a regular basis I have had zero problems and in fact, I had to go off before surgery and I had no problem whatsoever. I Did it the way the doctor told me to The FDA is smarter than you I hope you know I can see this written on Twitter already Yeah, I have another I have another social media theory to go along with these troll farms Okay, so, you know how there's me like a new tick-tock dance every week I heard about these same as much as I post on tick-tock. I don't fucking watch anything It's something I'm most proud of good for you But anyways, there's always something trending every single week. There's some new dance that every girl from 11 years old to 40 year old is doing right but to my recollection at least up until 2015 if somebody came up with a dance the doggy the cat daddy like that person was famous For making that dance a thing right everybody knew who that was. Yeah, there's never an originator of these dances And I have a theory that tick-tock does AI Dances of trends that they push out to people's streams and go and then everybody goes oh, this is the trend I have to do that now because how there's never a person taking credit for I was the first person to fucking do whatever this Shit is that never happens. I think it's I think it's AI Infiltrated trends. I don't believe they're really created by people Tick-tock is a genius company if you want to look at it from a perspective of how effective it is and it's interesting because You know, I had Adam Curry on you know Adam Curry. No, he's the original Podcaster, okay podcast for number one and he has a different theory than a lot of most people that I talked to say tick-tock It's dangerous. It's like tracking all your information and everything you do online But his theory is they're all doing that and what they don't like is that this Chinese company is eating their lunch This Chinese company has figured out a way to have the most addictive out of all of these social media sites Tick-tocks the most addictive and he's saying like look there if you don't think that they're all tracking your shit Yeah on a regular bit they're definitely doing that and they're probably using your microphone There's a weird coincidence that pops up all the time where you're talking about something and then you see ads for it Like that's weird. Did you watch social dilemma? Yes, I did. I had the guy Who who did it Tristan Harris come in and talk about it. It's a fucking Terrifying it's a terrifying thing and it's it's we're interacting with something that we're not designed for Yeah, like we evolved to experience natural things animals wildlife beautiful scenery. That's why we react to those things That's like part of what we are and now all of a sudden We're locked into this thing that we don't have any like reference of history for there's no like well back in the 1800s when high-speed internet first was available There was a lot of confusion a lot of propaganda got pushed by various nations until mind reading became available You know and then it made lying impossible like that's literally what we probably need to get out of this mess. We need mind reading we need mind reading we need to make lying impossible and It's we got to get to it before they have complete total control of your money We got it. We got to do it before people agree to a centralized digital currency That's attached to a social credit score system if we can get to Mind reading before that then people will uprise and they'll realize like okay This is outrageous Like this is not how the world's supposed to be run and if it's ubiquitous like the whole world has mind reading software It makes all the other stuff very difficult I mean you could somehow or another force compliance, but it's gonna be very difficult to do that with all the soldiers in sync now It's gonna be very difficult to like lead armies Where people are gonna know what your actual intentions are and they're gonna know that this is motivated by money and that this Report that you've brought in front of Congress about them the movement of these terrorists and the dangers of their weapons of mass destruction We're gonna know it's not true So it's not it's gonna end wars Do you have any idea how mean it is to bring guests on the show get them so high and then talk about the worst possible realistic outcomes of this I don't know if it's the worst pot I have to go build a fucking bunker after this and get all my cash and gold immediately. No, you're gonna be fine It's just this is a different life and we we have to adapt on the fly This is where we live in a different life. This is a different life than any human being that we are aware of Has ever lived in when would you have liked to have lived? I like this time right now. Really? Yeah This is what I'm accustomed to I enjoy it. How old are you 56? What year were you born? 1967 I Would have liked to have been born in like 62 We're up through the 70s. Enjoy the 80s as a young adult 90s become become a real adult start a family and then learn all this stuff later I I don't like being a part of this generation at all. Well, that's kind of what I did I mean, I I became a an adult human before the internet and then the internet came around and I first got on it When I was 27, that was the first time I went to comp USA Wow, and I bought a little Apple computer and it was hooked up to like a 14 for modem and you had a dial-up to get online Oh, yeah It was so slow like it was comp USA you'd go on to like these Was that one website that everybody used that went away AOL? America online you've got mail and you'd get an email you're so excited like oh my god Someone wrote me and you like write your friends like this is crazy. I'm writing letters to my friends I read something about you in the internet and I'm curious if it's true Is it true you used to spend like tens of thousands of dollars on high-speed internet to play a video game better I spent a lot of money having a t1 line installed To play what to play quake what is quake quake is an amazing 3d online deathmatch game where you're running around with like rocket launchers and rail guns and you're running through these mazes and You're you're fighting other people that are on your screen in like real time. You've never heard a quake. It's a 3d shooter Show them some quake 3 arena. You're the scariest nerd They just remastered quake 2 so it's like it just came out like a week ago Looks oh My god, it looks so good So this was the game I really started with was quake 2 The original levels too they made new stuff for it, but the thing about this this game is not really The levels the thing about this game is deathmatch, right? Well, what was deathmatch deathmatch is one-on-one or team versus team like you're on a team with four like you could what you could Do is you could? You jump on a server online and you would look to join a team like say if you're playing rocket arena You can find a server you could just join a team Okay And so and then once the teams were filled the game would start came begins in three two one And then you're you're got like your side is like one color and the other side is green and you're running through this fucking maze Looking for the enemy and trying to acquire like weapons and all these different things, but it's this is the game This is quake 3 arena. And so it's these wild graphics fun. It's very very early 2000s I love you some volume so you can hear it So you hear things too you hear your footsteps water through here And then you find you find the people and you duke it out And when you hit them it makes up Oh, I love that. Oh shit. It's nice. Gotta get the health. Give me some health. Give me some armor effects I could see getting addicted to this. Oh fuck. Yeah, you can I'm getting it right now It's so fun and this dude's good. So this dude dude is playing here. He knows what the fuck he's doing Now he's got a rocket launcher, oh shit now motherfuckers are about to die Look at that Guys gotta get some armor In your internet speed would depict how how quick your movements were and everything how crisp you could play the game. Yes it's It's the lag is the big one like how close you are to the server. That's a very important thing And how good your internet connection. Look how good this guy is. This guy's a killer So these kids who play this game and maybe even adults they get so damn addicted that they they learn all the maps Inside and out so they know all the moves on the maps Like there's certain places where you can hop from one ledge to another ledge and you could camp and stand there They come through the doorway you blast them. There's all sorts of like weird sneaky little tricks in these games Oh, that is so cool. These people get really good at it. I was curious if that was true So addictive it was so addictive I had a quick cold turkey and then we we built a land room at our old studio in LA and I had a quick cold Turkey again saying game crazy. Yeah quakes the new version of it. What is the new the online clock quick champions? It's the one they're playing. Yeah, they're still so this is oh wow in the sky Rafa He's been the man in this game for forever. Yeah, so these guys are like top of the forgive me some volume Commentary like it's a sport amazing I will say I don't get it. I Don't I don't get watching other people play video games. Well because you play it So if you play the game, you know the game and you know how hard it is and you know What he's what he's doing is so impressive Is it lower their volume? Like golf or other yes, you don't get the sport It's it's what like for me because I play it. This is very intriguing It just feels like video games or something that if you play it enough anybody can get good at it Yeah, but it's a lot of like fast thinking Hand that is very true. That is very you have to practice your aim. There's a lot going on There's different weapons behave in different ways. They're studying the maps and strategy I mean, it's just fucking I do that. Whoo I can't imagine sitting down and watching this when like there's porn hub, you know what I mean? Once you jerk off then you go right back to it You know what? Yeah, you know what two things can't be true. You're right. Look how this guy's doing this. This is genius, man It's really good. It's very it's so fast-paced is this is this video sped up or This is how quick the game is. That's very one of things It's exciting about it because it requires you to really think quickly and move quickly and you're changing weapons And the guy's playing can't kill him either. He's up 8 to 0 right now. Yeah And the guy every time he spawns he's got no energy or Rather no weapons. He's got a bullshit standard gun that you're not gonna kill this guy with Long you live these you get more powerful. Well, the longer you traverse the map and accumulate all the different The different armor and shit. So this guy every time he fucks that dude up he gets some of his armor He's getting the super health So all these things leave that oh, he's fucking that dude. Oh, he got killed Huh? Yeah Yeah, that guy's really good. He's really good. But that's what it is. It's like you get so it's so exciting It's so much more exciting than literally anything else. That's a game more than halo people But it's kind of the same sort of thing it's a first-person shooter, right and you're running around isn't halo first person Who's the third person? Yeah, yeah, so those things are just super super addictive. I think the chat rooms will be addictive People say the meanest crazy They go crazy on those Announcement about that that's gonna change you get something like eight strikes Which I don't know exactly how they're gonna count those but they have AI listening now. So all those game chats are being recorded Start talking shit, they're gonna start striking you down and you get you have to take a break for a year or something Oh my god good. Well, they're just gonna sign back on New your new email address, whatever it is. Well, I still wear a fake nose Yeah You're not gonna stop these junkies these people are Bad it has As racist as it can be This is so funny people aren't good. It's so funny Well, they definitely like to be naughty. Oh The things people will say when people can't see who's saying it. Yeah people like to be naughty. It's impressive, dude well, it's also it's like you feel like You're protected you're you're in Sweden or you're in fucking Montana. You're on the internet It's a fake name, you know, you're a super killer 69 whatever and you're out there fucking people up and I wanted to I wanted to do like a modern troll version of bully Be down remember that show? Oh, yeah, like you use the same technology and sources they use for like catfish You know, they do all this research to really find the person. So say you're talking shit to fucking Sugar Sean right like you're like this constant. You're always talking about what a trash fighter He is we team up with Sean we do the research we find out what this dude really is We go you said you could beat him up or a 15 year old girl could beat him up Looks like a dozen times so we're gonna offer you an amount of money to put your money where your mouth is But he also gets a chance to whoop your ass. Yeah, the guy's gonna go. Um, I didn't really mean that of course But then it looks like a bitch in front of everybody. He's gonna have to sign the waiver That's where it's you gotta give them enough money has to be worth it. Yeah, but the thing is they're not gonna fucking win You know, I always wondered that about cops Like how do they do they have to sign what they have to sign waivers right on the show cops Yeah, I remember it's so cops does but I told you that that show that's been going on. It was called life It's called something else now They have a weird workaround because it's live on TV streaming for three hours a night and it's like they always say They're following me. Don't worry about them. The cops are doing a documentary about us, right? And I guess that's the loophole just sort of a prank calls in Vegas kind of thing, huh? That's hilarious Just being that fucked up. They're like, yeah, I still I still want to see the tape back Well, you're on meth and your fucking pants are done by your ankles and you're on TV There's a light in your face and you're you just piss all over your pants. You know, huh? Why are we driving that car? Oh, no, I'm not you're on meth Like I'm just trying to get home Shit, I'm not built for jail, dude. I hope I never go. Why am I awake? And then they offer you like 500 bucks Perfect and you just sign away and next thing you know your Travis was you on TV pissing your pants Will you do in math and codeine again? I don't fucking know Why am I on TV? Those poor people man, but it's a highlight type forever, you know, it's such exploitation Do you remember when Steven Seagal had a show like that? I remember hearing about it. I never saw it, bro Well, he's like his own dog the bounty hunter Tom Segura had a whole bit about it Tom Segura became obsessed with Steven Seagal at one point in time. It's in his first special right or the second one well, I forget which one but but Steven Seagal He was he was like a cop like an actual cop like he went through the Academy and everything I don't know the law man. So maybe they deputized him I don't know how that fucking worked But Steven Seagal was hanging out with these cops in Louisiana and Jefferson Parish and he started taking on a Louisiana accent No, he didn't know he did Yes, he did. It was amazing. See if you could find video of him talking. He's a fucking character that guy So imagine you're a kid and you know, maybe you selling crack or whatever and you get pulled over by fucking Steven Like you've got to think it's punk and he's actually got a little real gun and he might shoot you and his cameras there You're like what is going on? Am I in a movie? But you would think you're in a movie. I would do that I would do something like this imagine that like you're a kid and you're in a bet you grow up in a bad neighborhood You're 17. This is the first time you ever met anybody famous. Uh-huh You're getting arrested by him? Steven Seagal It's the fucking guy from above the law Everybody's seen above the law Yeah, how can you possibly take this serious? Also, if they start roughing you up, you're gonna be kind of pissed off that Steven Seagal is just allowed to touch you like this They're gonna tase them everybody off so they're tasing the guy So, what does this guy have crack what is it a mass hard Oh carjacking They have a beautiful way of talking yeah people from Louisiana I would probably start talking like that if I moved there my adopted my openers from Louisiana. It's a beautiful way of talking It's like a there's a flow to it. You know, there's like you it's wholesome It's it sounds good like a it says there's a cool flow to it makes you feel safe I don't feel in danger with somebody from Louisiana talks to me Oh, yeah, I'd feel in danger if I was tied up and they were talking to me like that. Well, yeah Well, yeah, you've made anybody ties me up. They're gonna sell terrible error I'm gonna be murdered or raped all the above Wow Depending on how they're feeling which one starts first You know again not built for prison Do you ever watch that show like 60 days in 60 days in prison? No, is it 60 days in something? It might be 30. I think it's 60 where it's like they send regular people Into into jail usually like a but a county jail or something like the rest of state jail I guess if that's a thing. Oh my god, they send them it to they send them in as actors Oh my god to try to like infiltrate like, you know, who's bringing the drugs in who the kingpins in here And though some of them rise in the ranks Within like a week. It's impressive But also so insulting and so dangerous Super fucking dangerous and sometimes it's sometimes they get compromised No, sometimes they get compromised and once the prisoners figure out they'll be like because some of the prisoners have heard about the show So sometimes they'll be interviewing the prisoners the prisoners like a I think I think he's on I think he's from that show The cop it's like watching behaviors of other officers this guy volunteered to join his father in the program Wow Subsidy I watch the teacher Electrician the cop is an interesting one. He entered the program to observe the behaviors of the corrections officers Maybe he heard there's some abuse going on. Yeah people can just people can just volunteer This guy's martial arts trainer brought his son with him to show it was like in prison Yeah, this guy has family members in there as lady she wanted to see what it was like for them Whoa, yeah, that's crazy. It's a gang member. It's impressive. They go in there They really they really live with these people and they get they get they get information Someone some dudes rise to ranks of being like the head of the cell block and at the end of the 60 days get to go Ah Gotcha. He's like. Oh my god. That's so crazy. Are these like minimum security Like probably it's not it's not prison. It's it's jail still yeah, yeah, which I mean it's still dangerous I mean you see a fight on every fucking episode. Oh my god. It's so impressive Geniuses that are in jail is first season six He's a super fan and he's a guy and wanted to see if he could just try try it out. Oh my god Yeah, spoiler alert on that one. Oh, yeah, does it not work out pretty early? I can only imagine yeah, yeah the average person wouldn't do well in there No, there's people there's people who the first day when they're getting checked in and they're just like in that cold cell with everybody else while they're getting all their paperwork And shit done because they book you like an actual enemy you do the entire process Wow, and some people break in there. They just get the pressure They're like, you know, they tell themselves things like you have like somebody's look at me like they're on to me They already know I'm a fake. I mean if they get if these prisoners find out you're a fake But they're gonna murder you because you know all their secrets especially When you're sleeping, oh, yeah sleep around there. Yeah, that's where like your way of sleeping would really come in hand Oh, bro. I'm a run shit. You might run dog. You'd have all that time to think I got figure out who's gonna be my boyfriend But right I'm up all night. You figure it out. I'm possible cash in you figure it out You start a cult in prison. Has anybody not done that yet? I bet they have had to have to have had to That's also one of the scariest places to investigate a prison. There's a lot of con men I go to jail and if you're a con man, like a Manson like you let that guy in a general population Oh my god. Yeah, he's so confident. No, no Apple TV. No, no, what is very good? It's about based on true story. It's a dude like almost like you're describing. He's a badass hustler Can run shit really fast they find out about it like hey, we'll give you a chance to get out of here He's in for like 10 years plus 15 years maybe for drugs and stuff He has to go get a serial killer to confess where the bodies are hidden and then they're like, okay I confess where the bodies are hidden and they can't get anybody to break this guy and it's just about that like that's what the episodes Oh, who's in that? It's really good Taron Edgerton Egerton. Oh, he's really good. And then the guy who played like Richard Jewell in the The Olympic Park bomber too and that guy's great. Who is that guy? Find it give that guy's proper. He's really he's really good in it, too Some people are just really good talkers. Yeah, they can talk to self in or out of anything Scary, isn't it? Oh, yeah into anything around any group and can tell a Checkable lie. Yeah, and just can commit so hard to it. Yeah, Paul Walter Houser is the actor's name. Mmm What's it called again black shows called black breakers? Well when I get to watch a TV show again Oh, you said you don't want to be sorry There's the yeah, this is him getting arrested gets the Jamie Cyril of approval. Yeah, and then this guy's he's just like a crazy I forget exactly the I don't know if it's all I told you in or whatever but that they think he's got bodies buried somewhere This guy's it's really good. And this guy has to get close to him. Yeah Wow They approached him about it that's the scary shit right like that guy in Long Island wife had no idea He's out there killing prostitutes for several decades. Oh, dude, a serial killer stuff is so fascinating to me And how you can just live your life normally and they get away with it some of them like the zodiac killer They never caught that guy got away with it Man, I thought they caught him. He's still out there. I believe they never found him. I believe they never caught the zodiac killer I'm pretty sure I'm fascinated by John Wayne Gacy stuff. Oh It's fascinating it's because it because it's such an insane level of psychosis Dressing up like a clown. It's so terrifying Yeah, just burying them under the house Never caught the zodiac. Wow. Yeah The official investigation remains open public interests remain high countless theories have gained traction over the years pointing finger at various men who share physical markers or specific interest with the famed killer They did I don't think they know who he is AI was like I could get that quick That's what I thought it was. It takes so much time for you dummies Yeah, they call it as it say it's been reportedly revealed Oh No, it says here DNA points to an Air Force veteran according to independent investigation agency their information is solid DNA evidence interesting Is the guy still alive or is he dead? Huh? Inaccurate Did those what so what is the the community notes on the tweets as inaccurate we click on those was it say Also code break, okay, it says misleading tweet title inaccurate attached article states the FBI denies cases closed article states Authorists cited a whistleblower not FBI Identification read tweets linked article also case-breakers group making claims not FBI Okay, so it's not that the FBI said that this case is closed So it's a theory didn't they catch Richard Richard Ramirez from his shoes Did they yeah, I think they found his shoe print, you know, what's most fucked up about guys like that They go to jail and women want to marry him Why is that? I think it's some ancient primal distinct that Some women have to be connected to killers What yeah, like they think they see it as a power I mean, I'm one there's probably like legitimate psychologists like Jordan Peterson can answer this much more accurately But I would imagine there's something because it's such a forbidden thing to do to kill people someone just kills people all the time There's probably some bizarre Bizarre attraction that some mentally ill people have to someone like that. That's probably based on It's probably based on DNA because if you wanted your children to survive you would better off you'd be better off, you know back in the barbarian days with a Slaughter not a slaughter e yeah, right. That's the guy you want. It's a level of out of unhealthy alpha long as he doesn't kill you Yeah, you fuck them and he kills everybody else They might even see romance in that like, yeah, he chooses the kill everybody else not me vampires That's the thing about vampires women like like the whole Twilight thing. Mm-hmm. As long as he doesn't kill me You know, he's like these other eating sucking deers drive you he doesn't want to kill people anymore. Do you believe in vampires? well, I think Scientifically they believe that if vampires existed there would be no more humans because it would just be a matter of time Of a meeting get us all and then turn us all into vampires and then just the amount of people that would get turned into vampires It would be an epidemic. You wouldn't be able to stop it if they were superhuman in their powers and all that stuff They would just yeah, we're on us. I guess that we just overrun us Unless they were unless they also recognize that they would run out of a food supply Well, then what are they gonna do to survive just to survive? They have to keep eating people and they keep in either they kill the people or they turn the people into vampires So it's like depending on which lore You know Which which lore are you going by you're going by the one where they kill all the people or you're going by the one where? They drain the blood of the ones they love and then they let them turn into vampires because it's romantic But like people definitely do drink blood it happens all that It happened like those are real rituals that happen in Europe all the time. We'll say so dark ritual shit Yeah, for sure. That's real. But then there's like, you know, how much of it is? Just what people are scared of they're scared of you know a thing like that me Maybe it represents psychopaths to them because the original Dracula was based on glad the impeller. Yeah Vlad I think Vlad Tepes was his name and This was a guy who literally impaled people on steaks and sat down and ate his lunch in front of them in Sanity and there was a woman who did bathe in the blood of children. That's a tricky one, too. That's Elizabeth Bathory Yeah, clinical vampirism, but it what but I don't think that was to do with vampirism I think it was more at the she just believed the blood kept her youthful I suppose No, well, we'll get into that in a second We'll do this clinical vampirism more commonly known as Renfield syndrome It's an obsession with drinking blood the earliest presentation of clinical vampirism in psychiatric literature was a psycho and analytic analytic interpretation of two cases Contributed by Richard L Vandenberg and John F Kelly the authors point out over 50,000 people addicted to drinking blood have appeared in the psychiatric literature from 1892 and to 2010 50,000 people this was documented in the work of Austrian forensic psychiatrist Richard Von Kraft a big a being nailed it Many medical publications concerning clinical vampirism can be found in the literature of forensic psychiatry With the behavior being reported as an aspect of extraordinary violent crimes Jesus Jesus. Yeah, so it's a real Psychological disorder. Yeah at least 50,000 people in the past 150 years so the Elizabeth Bathory thing is an interesting one because The story is that Elizabeth Bathory was this woman and she was beautiful when she was younger But as she started growing older, she started murdering young maidens and bathing in their blood that she was this evil psychotic serial killer and That'd be a good movie. That's a good story But there's also a counter story to that that what they were trying to do is accuse her of this so they could take her Because she was in control of this very coveted Kingdom and they they essentially put her in house arrest because she was a royal even though she was a serial killer supposedly Yeah, but there seems to be Some possibility that there might be fuckery See if you can find a see if we find that I just read that recently because we talked about that on the podcast then Somebody I forget who it was brought it up to me like that might not that might not have been what actual farm Her brutality has been questioned by historians here it is Several historians have argued that far from being a cruel and barbaric killer Bathory was in fact merely a victim of a conspiracy The Hungarian professor try that one Laszlo Nagy claimed the Organizations and proceedings against Bathory were politically motivated due to her extensive wealth and ownership of large lands in Hungary It is possible that Bathory's wealth and power made her a perceived threat to the leaders of Hungary whose political landscape was overrun With major rivalries at the time Bathory appeared to have supported her nephew Gabor Bathory ruler of Transylvania and rival to Hungary it was not uncommon to accuse a wealthy widow or murder murder witchcraft I think they meant say of murder witchcraft or sexual misconduct to seize their lands that makes sense That is crazy So the official story was that she was a serial killer and that's that's you know She was doing that to try to stay young uh-huh But if you wanted to lock somebody up like that would be the way to do it Oh my god The Guinness Book World Records Bathory is the most prolific female murderer and the most prolific Murderer of the Western world this is despite the precise number of her victors victims remaining unknown and debated Upon collecting testimony from 300 witnesses Thirzo determined that Bathory had tortured and killed more than 600 victims the highest number cited was 650 however This number came from a claim by a servant girl that Bathory's court official had seen the figure in one of her private books The book never came to light Bathory's victims were said to have been hidden a variety of places But the most common method was to have the body secretly buried in the church graveyards at night So this was a servant girl that claimed that she saw a book that said that she had killed 600 people Yeah, she's like writing down in their blood 411 Imagine being such a psycho that you've documented all the people that you killed and bathed in their blood Imagine how many people have done it We don't bathe in the blood but he kept a little sample of all right imagine how many people have done it We don't know about I think they all keep like little oh Definitely yeah, definitely Has there been a serial killer for a while? There's a lot of them active right now in the country really yeah, there's always active serial killers You just never hear about it some of them try it for a little while and they stop Try it for a little while yeah for real tobacco, but they could they could just try it for a while if they get away With it. It's not anal dog when you can't dabble in murder There's a lot of broken people out there that I think right now probably dabble in murder murder That's terrifying it is terrifying and it's probably in other parts of the world even more common You know what that's actually what it's a weird association. I have with scary movies Murderer scary movies never scare me because I know what happens in the world every day Ghost demon monster stuff that scares me ghosts. It's up to your imagination and monsters yeah Yeah, those are the scariest I guess well the scarcer kids because it's yeah If you're a be alien one movie oh my god one was like that to me is the scariest scary movie ever What's it always terrifying is it close encounters of the fourth kind that takes place in Alaska? Well they they combine the actual footage of the woman's real Therapy sessions and stuff. I don't know Close encounters of the fourth kind it's it's third or fourth kind which one's the original movie third kind so this one's fourth kind I'm almost I'm almost heard probably wrong. I've never heard of it. It's a really good move There's a woman up in I want to say I want to say Juno or no no no What's the gnome gnome? Alaska and back in the day she was She became famous because she claimed aliens were basically like showing up and abducting her and stuff right eventually her kid got abducted by aliens or so that's the case and they accused her of like Killing the kid or whatever maybe obviously nobody believes that this woman's son was abducted her daughter was abducted by aliens So it's not currently available in our country. It's a once in Canada. I think it's it's showing up weird You can only get in Canada. I don't know Strange Interesting, but they they have it's a movie about this case, but they splice in Real footage of her therapy sessions. She had to go to that. She was going to while she was being Abducted each night, and they like they do this I don't really know how to describe it this deep meditative state that makes you recall your dreams And she's like describing all the things that were happening to her these aliens and she starts screaming. She starts like Levitating up from the couch a little bit like it's like it's creepy as shit. It's a really good movie It's my favorite abduction movie I've ever seen and obviously nobody believes her she runs into the one person oh Yeah, like the that old footage is like the real footage Wow so Here's my issue with the alien abduction thing Other than there's not like any real solid evidence that you could point to that's very convincing It always happens at night, and it always happens during periods where people sleep and when you're sleeping. I'm not saying always okay I'm sure there's some stories out there. I'm sorry, but most of the stories I've ever heard are people in their bed. They can't move aliens abduct them or they're in a car the car stops they wake up aliens abducted them When you go to sleep, and you dream there are Psychedelic chemicals that your brain makes and we don't know How much they're making we don't know what effect that's having on your dreams? We don't know what is going on. What is going on with dreams? What is going on with vivid dreams? What is going on with dreams that are? They're indiscernible from real life and sometimes in a strange way like what is that is that a psychedelic state your brain goes into every night? yeah, and if chemicals vary in human beings serotonin varies dopamine varies everything varies testosterone varies estrogen varies it varies When you just assume those psychedelic chemicals would vary and we wouldn't you just assume that sometimes maybe even people are in very Agitated anxiety-ridden states high cortisol levels perhaps maybe Those chemicals are coming out in an abundance to now if you're lying in bed, and you are having an insanely vivid and terrifying interaction With aliens every night because your brain is just dumping psychedelics into you This is your big fear, so you're gonna get abducted by aliens again And then there they are Leaning over your bed and reaching for you constant paranoia And then here's the the the mindfuck of all mind fucks maybe Psychedelics are a gateway to some other reality some other dimension That's accessible by these creatures like this and that when you are getting abducted You really are getting abducted like whatever your being is or your spirit or whatever is you is getting? you're interacting with these things and It feels real because it is real and because we're thinking about The ability to come in contact with other life forms as being a physical thing it it might be that there's a chemical Gateway in your mind that when breached you enter into a dimension where physical bodies don't exist anymore and everything moves in this constant soup of geometric patterns and that whatever your consciousness is whatever your soul is is decoupled from the body and thrown into this realm I Imagine that's probably what happens at death it probably is what happens with death It's probably what what it's all I mean that's probably why people think about it that way that you're gonna transcend into heaven You're gonna go into this new place. It might be true. It might be like a lot of the old Depictions of like what happens when you? Enter into a psychedelic state. I've heard this multiple times that it's like a well of souls that you're interacting with souls that are like completely unattached to a physical presence yeah and and Maybe that is maybe you're getting layers and layers of that Depending upon how fucked up you are where you sleep and and maybe some of those layers are boom Aliens are in the room with healed back Just aliens in the room with you, and maybe they can do that. Maybe they can visit you while you're in those states Maybe that's what's happening, too. I Mean we're just assuming like before anybody invented a cell phone camera Like if you try to show that to someone from 1700 they believe what the fuck are you doing yeah like what is this yeah the idea of transforming war or or rather traveling through another dimension even in a non-physical sense even in like a hologram sense and Existing in a space that's completely different from the dimension that you exist in yeah Like that might be a thousand years from now normal shit like a cell phone picture. Yeah, yeah It's just without it's just above our understanding for now. It could be So it could be that makes total sense to me cuz it's like what the fuck what the fuck is Wi-Fi you know I mean you can't see it. It's not a physical thing you can see actually what the fuck is Wi-Fi yeah What's what's gonna text goes from my phone to your phone? What does that mean? There's no wires. What are you talking about? Yeah, so that makes total sense not just a text Video you could send a video to your friend that lives in China, and it's the exact same quality I saw with your own eyes they might never yeah, maybe not China, okay? If you made a tick tock okay, yeah, you could send it to Japan You could send it to Germany you could send you have a friend in Germany Yeah, you could send that person a video and they will get it you send them an iMessage and they will get it and they'll Open up that video and I watch it how like through space a non-physical Transfer it's wild you watch for sporting events on your phone yeah Why are you telling us in real time? It's we live in the future. Yeah, we just don't live in the future we can Travel from one dimension to another yeah and exist in this other dimension as long as this person is in a certain psychedelic state Yeah, it's totally believable. Yeah, and honestly. I hope I hope there's some truth to that It's scary to think about but that gives a little bit of comfort to have just some kind of answer I Think the worst thing that would happen if you died is if you stay totally conscious Imagine your body you you leave your body right you have no control the woods Yeah, you still have a consciousness in just but when people close your eyes. You're just in darkness for the rest of eternity Mmm, so but okay hear me out super high conversation Now you're conscious in all black right, but you because you have power over your consciousness you can create So what do you do you create? some kind of reality Now you're God and of your own consciousness, and you create beings within that you get so kooky that you make your own reality Yeah, cuz what else is there to do besides create something in your consciousness? You can't move you have no life anymore. It's just torture. Yeah, that's that would be Be most terrifying interact yeah, imagine what God knows you're there. What if God is exactly that I Think God is the whole universe has to be that's what I think I think this idea that God made the universe I think God is the universe hmm. I think that makes more sense that this whole thing is just whoa The whole thing is just this infinite infinite creation machine that creates galaxies Solar systems stars everything to microorganisms. Yeah that it's all by this strange Mathematical process that exists where everything gets more and more complex everything from the the beginning To now and then the humans and whatever is past humans. They're just constantly making things more complicated and more advanced Even like you know the way planets form and life grows on them and then that life figures out gunpowder Yeah, you know like all that stuff is wild It's wild because it seems to be like it all is moving in this very specific way It's like even in evolution animals. Don't make it. This is like your design sucks. We got a new design now This one's better. Yeah, like you guys ground nest. There's cats around here. This isn't gonna work out up in the trees Yeah, it's so it's it's it's a It's kind of weird to think that Well, here's one of the weird ones, right? Like people don't ever want to believe in anything other than scientific facts, right? and when you're examining the universe we base it on the Information that we can currently get from the web telescope and from space You know exploration and all the stuff that we've done. So we have this understanding of The universe but it all relies on a miracle It really does. Yeah, cuz it relies on this fucking one moment. Mm-hmm where for some reason Something smaller than the head of a pin became everything you see in the sky. Yeah But it's all based on odds But it's almost like to throw in your face Like the more you figure out about everything the more you figure out everything about the vastness of the universe Black holes and what is inside of them? Like what is there something in there? Is that a portal to another universe? What has to be it might be I think that's the only thing it can be to me But the more you think about the complexity of all it and that it all emerged from this Tiny little What and what was before that teeny tiny little thing? What was the teeny tiny thing? What was that? We were made out of this universe. Exactly. And where was it? It's almost it wasn't in space if it is itself is space Where the fuck was it? It's almost like as Intelligent as people get as they get more and more advanced more and more knowledge They have to kind of always admit they don't know shit because there's no way you know You don't you can't know it doesn't make any sense No one has ever come up with any fucking reasoning that makes any sense While this why this one thing would be smaller than the head of a pin and then become this infinite expansion How we see in front of us. Yeah, what what happened? This theories there's some brilliant theories. There's theories that it's a never-ending process of constant expansion and compression Which is really terrifying. It just it continues to expand It's really terrifying is that the whole universe is eventually gonna go back to that fucking no, it's not. Why would that happen? I don't know. No, you made it in the first place We're too stupid to be talking about the universe I know but is it I mean if that I know that that is a theory There's also a theory that different universes collide with each other and that they're like Membranes and they collide with each other and that could be what's creating big bangs That would make the most amount of sense for a reaction of that size It's so big we just look at it like numbers old 13 trillion and we had Brian Keating on I was explaining that these people that are saying that the universe is not 13.7 billion that it might be 26 billion He said that's really based on the development of these galaxies that exists That's that it's not definitive proof the universe is that old but even like 13 billion. What are you saying? I know there's science behind it. But yeah, what what also how do you fucking know man? How do how do you calculate how do you know how can you know? Geniuses it's amazing. It's amazing just to think of how much we do know and then how much we don't that's so Bonannals is it wildly unprofessional if I have the piece so bad right now No, we could rub this bitch up, too There's a lot of fun man, dude. This was so much. Thank you so much for being here Give everybody your social media where they could find you Everything is just Matt right from a TT RIF e website Matt right official calm We're gonna be add some tour dates at the end of this year for top of next year So every everything's right now right in the camera like you're presenting a little plug So yeah, it was fun talking to you my friend likewise man. This was a dream