Will Harris on Being with Kamaru Usman After Leon Edwards Loss


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Will Harris

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Will Harris is a documentarian and creator of the popular YouTube combat sports documentary series "Anatomy Of A Fighter." www.willharrisproductions.com


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There's such an opening for that because they're the most interesting athletes because it's such a difficult thing to do emotionally, psychologically, there's so much involved in it. And then when you see behind the scenes the struggle with weight cut, dealing with injuries, dealing with you know training scenarios and coaching and all the shit they have to go through to get just to get to the cage and to have the cage door shut is a fucking miracle. When you think about what they have to go through in training, I mean everything you do is designed to break a body and then you have to practice that. So you're practicing wrestling that breaks bodies, kicking that breaks body, punching breaks bodies, elbows, knees, all that shit. And then you're scrambling, you're always like in the risk of injury, and then you got to dehydrate the fuck out of yourself to make weight. Well, it's what Kamal said on this podcast that went so viral about it was a relief because every single day he woke up it was this streak, this Anderson Silver streak, it was this pound for pound number one, the champion, everybody gunning for you. And I think me being able to talk to him every day, I see the pressures that he had. I see the you know people you know asking him for money and needing them for this and needing them for that. You know, I don't know if you want me to say this, but basically he was just like, you know, after he lost like even some of the sponsors are not around no more. Which is crazy. It's just crazy. Like which is crazy. He's still the number four pound for pound fighter in the world. He was just dominating the fight. You got head kicked lost in the last minute and now fighters is like, oh, we got a new champion. Let's go over here. All those sponsors can go fuck themselves. If you would drop Kamal Usman because of one kick knockout in a sport where that's like dropping LeBron if someone dunked on him. Like no, it's over. Yeah, what are you talking about? Like this is what the sport is. That is the consequences and that those consequences are available even to the greatest champions. If you get head kicked, that's it. That's the button. You get head kicked by Leon Edwards. That's the button and everybody would go. I would go you would go you get head kicked. That's just it. It was clean. There's no surviving that. That's how it is. It was that's the sport. It was like I remember being in the locker room and I put my camera down because I was like shoot shooting subtle shots at a screen. You know, you can't really film the screen like that. The UFC won't let you do that copyright reasons, but just a little bit. I remember it was a minute left. I remember when Herb Dean separated on with two minutes left. I had filmed that and put it in the video that I put out. I put the camera down. I was like finna go to the bathroom. Soon as I put the camera down, I was just looking at the screen. He got head kicked. It was like seeing somebody get shot. Like I've unfortunately seen somebody get shot and killed before. He had his photographer in there as well. His patty cuts and I turned around and looked at him and he was just floored and I was just like this ain't real. No, that didn't happen. I'm sitting there looking at Kamaro and 10 seconds later he's moving and I'm like seeing Leon run around the cage and I'm like did my boys just lose? Like he just got knocked out head kicked cold. So you missed the kick itself. I saw it. No, I put the camera down and you saw it and I was literally about to go to the bathroom. But it didn't seem real. Yeah, it was this equivalent like how numb my body was was like seeing somebody get shot. When Mike Tyson got knocked out when he fought Buster Douglas, people had the exact same feeling like there's no way that happened. Like you don't believe it. You don't believe it. Like this is what always happens. Kamaro wins. He goes in there. He stomps everybody he wins. Yeah, I feel like I always said this. I saw Khabib two weeks ago in Dubai. I was in Dubai. And I told him I said that's the only way I saw you or Kamaro losing. That was the way Khabib was gonna lose too. If Khabib would have ever lost, he wasn't getting choked out. He wasn't getting dominated. Somebody was gonna catch him and he was gonna be out like that. Speaking of Tyson, that's why one of my first memories of fighting like I was living in Carbondale, Illinois. And when that happened, I was a kid and I saw grown men crying in the living room. Wow. Grown men. I saw grown men crying. Only other time I saw grown men crying like that, especially black men, was when Tupac died and I was with grown men in the car and he was listening to All Lives on Me. And they were just crying and I was just like this is crazy. For someone to have that type of impact on you to where it's that shocking that somebody can lose they like. But it's also like we were talking about anatomy of an NBA player. The consequences of an NBA player is losing a game. The consequences of losing a fight are so much graver. It's so much different. So there's so much more emotions. So much more on the line. If you could, you know, like you were with Kamaro when he lost. You were in that. I mean, it's heavy shit. That's what's so passionate about this. If Kamaro, if this was an NBA game and the Lakers lost to the Warriors, they may be like, I'll be playing them in a month in Golden State. Exactly. Like Kamaro got to wait half a year to get that get back. It might be more. You never know. What if something comes along with Leon or him? What if someone comes along and they offer a big fight to Leon that is exciting and then Leon loses? See, this is my fear. A moment after the fight, we at the house. So Kamaro and Ali go to the hospital. Everybody is a fucking funeral in this fucking mansion we in. Everybody waiting on Kamaro. I'm talking about nobody talking. I'm sitting there packing up, getting ready to leave. Kamaro comes in. Fuck is wrong with y'all? Bro, I was beating his ass. Like I'm cool. Like what the fuck? Like calm down. So he like, what you doing? Like to me. He like, where the fucking camera at? Pull the camera out. I'm like, what? Yeah. He's like, pull the fucking camera out. He's like, bro, I'm gonna beat his ass when we fight again. I'm cool. Like, hey, everybody, you know, his mom's sad, his dad in there. I got all that footage that I'm gonna use for the like, I got some shit I'm gonna release that, you know, I just ended that film with like, see you soon. You know what I'm saying? Like, because it's like, for me, like to see that moment and capture it and be so close to the guy is powerful. I don't think if I was with LeBron and his 50 managers, it's not the same type of intimate, intimate action. People always ask me like, man, you should get a bigger crew. And I'm thinking like, it wouldn't be the same. If I had a sound guy with me and a PI and it and Kamaro just want me and him to be in a fucking truck and just just he talking to me, but he ain't talking to me. It's like you're there with Kamaro in a car. That's the same thing with podcasts. I have friends and I go and do their podcast. They got five people in the room and do the clipboards and people shouting out suggestions. I'm like, bro, you're ruining your own show. You're ruining your own show because you want it to be big because everybody wants like a bunch of people there like working buttons and looks professional. I'm like, you want a skeleton crew if you're going to have a conversation, just want two people so they can connect. Same thing with you and a camera. When you're in there hanging with those guys, that's our friend will. That's not like some weird guy who, who knows what he's going to capture. Be careful on this dude. Don't say anything. You know, that's, that's a big part of what you capture that other people are not going to be able to get. They don't have your personality. That's, that's a factor. Now it goes a long way. It goes a long way. Everybody loves you. It goes a long way. Even Dana. Yeah. He's my motherfucker. Yeah. Well, I think because I don't ask for shit.