The Anticipation of Jon Jones' Comeback


1 year ago



Will Harris

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Will Harris is a documentarian and creator of the popular YouTube combat sports documentary series "Anatomy Of A Fighter."


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What do you think about Johnny Bones coming back? So... What do you think about this? Because this is exciting. This is interesting, right? It's taken a long time. It's taken a long time, but now he's 253 pounds. Solid as a rock. His face looks meaty now. Giant. Huge back. And you know his jeans. Look at him. Yeah, his brothers are all super athletes. Look at him. Look at him. And his IQ is insane. Off the charts. His fucking IQ is insane. His highest fight IQ maybe ever. Right up there with Mighty Mouse. Joe, he always renege on me. He doesn't let you film him? No, it's just... It's never been a no. What has it been? It's just been a... We gonna work. We gonna work. I would... Listen. I just did a 30-minute film on Sean O'Malley. I spent one day with him. I told Sean, I'm gonna come to Phoenix from Vegas. I need you to do a lot of shit in one day. I flew in in the morning, left at 8 p.m. That's like Wilder. If you give me one day with a fucking fighter, I'm gonna give you some HBO production shit. One person editing it, shooting it. And that's all I asked for. I don't need a week with Jon Jones. Give me one day. Jon's interesting. Give me one day. He does a lot of tactical shooting shit. Whoever breaks into Jon's house is fucked. Oh, yeah. First of all, he's got that dog. He'll kill you. He'll kill you. He'll kill you. Also, he's got that fucking dog. He's got a Belgian Malinois that is very trained. As trained as they get. Like that dog, those are little Raptors. Those are the dogs they use overseas. Those dogs, man, you cannot have that dog and be like a regular person and just like leave it in the yard. That dog's gonna jump the fence. Man, this motherfucker's so misunderstood. I gotta get tapping to his brain. I just know how to pull that out of people. What Jon is, is the type of guy that does the type of shit that Jon does. Like when you open up a fight, when you're the youngest ever guy fighting for the title, and you open up a fight with Shogun with a flying knee. That's a wild man. He's a wild man. I had a conversation with Jon when all the shit was going down with him. And I said, listen, dude, you are a wild. I called him up and I'm like, you are a wild motherfucker. And I go, and that's the type of guy that becomes the greatest of all time. You don't get to be the greatest of all time just being a normal person. And I go, and that's just who you are. I know you made mistakes. I know you've done stupid shit, but you're still the greatest motherfucker of all time. And you could show the world. Bounce back from this and show the world. I don't know what it is. The fans get on him because he always post his comparisons against Khabib. Like, I have more title fights than he had fights. Jon Jones, you are the goat. Khabib, his father said you are a gift from God. Pull up that quote from Abdul Manappe about Jon Jones. He is a gift from God. Khabib ain't trying to compare it to you. So you don't need to keep trying to validate yourself. It's us talking about it on the broadcast. He's getting trolled. Because he got to validate himself. Bro, you don't need to validate yourself. I think it's just because he hasn't fought in a while. Out of sight, out of mind? Yeah, there's that. And also because when you've had all these setbacks, those things haunt you. Doubt all the shit that happened with him, all the terrible shit. All that stuff fucks with him. It's got to fuck with him. I just pray that somebody, if Jon is listening to me, I hope he has a camera crew just documenting it all. Because you can't get this shit back. That's why I love documentaries more than anything. He doesn't need a camera crew. He needs you. He needs you to go do it. Because a regular camera crew is not going to capture it all the way you're going to capture it. And then he's not going to trust them. Right. Exactly. And he's not going to vibe with them. He's not going to have fun with them. And also you will know what to capture. You have a vision of how to put it together. The film is already done. In your head. Oh my God. It is already done. Come on, Jon Jones. It's already done. I promise you, if I spent one day with Jon Jones, it'll be his story. Well, let's make it happen. We got to. I bet we can make it happen. One day. Give me one fucking day. But he doesn't have a fight lined up, unfortunately. That's the best time to get the stories. My most popular shit is the Dagestan Chronicles. 40 something million views. Right. That was Khabib doing Ramadan. It had nothing to do with the fight. People love seeing these guys out of the element. The same one when I just did with O'Malley. O'Malley talking about how he owned property and this and that. And it's like, I'm not built. If you go look at anything I ever done, I'm not having a fighter talk shit about the opponent. I'm telling a story about the fighter. I don't give a fuck about trash talk. I'm not getting no money from the pay-per-views. So I need to just tell the story about you as a person. If you go look at those YouTube comments, it's so many people that's like, I was not a fan of this guy until I saw this video. If I saw one comment, that's all I cared about. That was the effect that I wanted. Somebody saw something different in Sean O'Malley than hanging out with 6ix9ine and Jake Paul and Logan Paul or the Nilt Boys. It's like I showed him as a person, his mom, his dad. Think about that, bro. He gave me access to his family, his child, his partner, his mom, his dad, his coach. These fighters give me that type of access. They gotta trust you enough to tell you the story. Because now so many videographers out there are part of this sport and they're just putting music on video. It's like, tell the fucking story. Stop just putting rap music with a song, like with some footage and thinking it's cool. Yeah, it's cool for Instagram, but is that gonna matter years later? I still get comments on videos from four years ago because it lasts. Is Jon 35 now? How old is Jon now? He gotta be young. Well, he's fairly young. Kamala's 36. Jon's 35, which is prime for heavyweight. That's prime for heavyweight. I mean, Glover is the champ. What's the champ? Light heavyweight. Light heavyweight. 42. No, Francis is what, 37? Yeah, Francis is like at least 37. So Jon is younger than Francis. Yes. Yeah, Steve Payson's 40s, right? Steve Payson's 41. DC retired at what, 42? Yeah, something like that. Yeah.