Rob Lowe and Joe Rogan Discuss Psychedelic Experiences


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Rob Lowe is an actor, producer, and director. His new podcast "Literally! with Rob Lowe" is available on Spotify.


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If life wasn't real it'd be the craziest psychedelic trip ever - Joe Rogan


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You know, as a sober guy, there's part of me that wishes... Because I liked mushrooms, but only once or twice a year, because it's so fucking fun. Like you said, you get all that stuff going. Yeah. I did them last week. Did you laugh a lot? Because all I did was laugh. Post Malone and I did a podcast. We did mushrooms. Oh my god. Yeah, we had a good old time. How long were you tripping? Well, the podcast was four hours long, and we were drinking too. So it was like just madness. It was all just like mushrooms. I could feel the mushrooms. I was getting high too. He wasn't smoking pot, but then we were drinking Bud Lights, and it was a lot of chaos. This is like exactly what my 80s were like. But I think about people go and do ayahuasca and do those... That really appeals to me. That's different in that, you know, you could call it a drug, but it's... DMT, which is what ayahuasca brings up. It's the active ingredient. You're still you. You're not drunk. That's what's weird about it. Well, I don't know what it is, but if you wanted to get real woo woo, you would call it some sort of a chemical gateway into another dimension or to another realm that you can't access without it. It doesn't seem like a drug. But how is it not any different than I got stoned and I saw crazy shit? Well, first of all, it's endogenous, right? So your brain actually has this chemical inside of it. It's one of the more interesting things about this drug is that your body knows how to process it so well. Like, if you do coke, right? Like I'm sure you're coaked up for a long time, right? Your body's all fucked up for a long time. Dymethyl tryptamine only lasts like 15 minutes. What? Yeah, your body recognizes what it is. So it brings you back to baseline very, very quickly. So if you do this, it's a 15 minute experience? Yeah, the ayahuasca takes longer because ayahuasca is an orally active version of it. So what ayahuasca is, is the roots of one plant and the leaves of the other. So you have DMT in one plant and then the other plant, you have something called an MAO inhibitor. MAO is monoamine oxidase and that's produced by your gut to break down dimethyl tryptamine and a bunch of other chemicals. But it breaks down dimethyl tryptamine because dimethyl tryptamines in a bunch of different plants. So you could trip just eating filaris grass if you didn't have monoamine oxidase in your gut. So if you ate the grass, nothing would happen because your body would break it down. But if you had an MAO inhibitor, then you would trip balls. And then the other thing that people talk about is like, I vomited for five hours. What's the problem with ayahuasca? You're going to blow your asshole out. You're going to diarrhea, throw up. It's disgusting stuff. Why do we do that? It's also because you're getting the plant, you're getting all the stuff that's not the active ingredient from these roots and these leaves too. And then all of a sudden your body's freaking out. Have you ever had any awakening or vision? I've had a lot of visions on dimethyl tryptamine. Anything that you could, once you were done tripping, that didn't seem like the ramblings of a madman or was it something you were like, oh wow, I had a revelation. It's hard to say. It all seemed impossible to describe to anybody else other than people that have experienced it. But what it does make you realize is that the thing that I always felt when I came back is like, how is this possible that you could go to a place like this or you could see something that's way more vivid and way more powerful than regular life? Whatever it is, it's not like it's dull and confusing and you feel drugged and you feel less. You feel more. You see more. It's more vibrant. It's more powerful. And whatever is over there seems to know you. It seems to understand, it seems to be you're communicating with something, something that's far more intelligent than you, far more advanced and not hindered by all of the things that were hindered by, like our egos and our nonsense and our insecurities and our civilization and culture. It's some sort of other kind of consciousness. They joke about things. They make fun of you. One time I did it and all these gestures, like this geometric pattern of gestures, like a fractal, like infinite gestures were giving me the finger like this. Fuck you. Like mocking me. And the message that I got was that I was taking myself too seriously. Like maybe even like, wow, like my intentions going into the trip, I was taking myself too seriously. And I remember relaxing on, oh, okay. And they're like, that's right. Like they're nodding their head. Like yes. Like it was a message. Like, hey, stupid, you know, you take yourself too seriously. Fuck you. Fuck you. I like fuck you. And it was gestures, like with a hat and everything. So in your life now, like, let's say you are stressing out about something as very seriously, you do the fractal gestures. Do you remember them and go, oh yeah, I had this. Very very very very. You mean like you bring something back that you can practically use in this dimension, this time? Humility. There's a humility that comes from real psychedelic experiences that just because you know that they are possible, it makes you second guess the significance of regular existence. Because it seems like whatever that, like that might be where you go when you die. Okay. I was waiting for the moment. I don't know. I was waiting for the moment. I don't know if that's what it is. Here. I don't know. I don't know. I don't know if that's what it is. Here. Here. Here. Here. Here. Here. Here. Here. Here. Here. Here. Here. Here. Here. Here. Here. Here. Here. Here. Here. Here. Here. Here.