Previewing the Stylebender vs. Alex Pereira Fight


7 months ago




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What are your thoughts on that fight this weekend? Because that's a big fight. My thoughts on it, bro, is way different from everybody else's. You know what I mean? Because people call me crazy all the time. But I think it's going to be like the same fight that we seen Yoel and Izzy with. Where you got two people just staring each other down, you know, not trying to make that move because you so, you know, they both had the capabilities of knocking each other out or Francis and Gono versus the Derrick Lewis. You know what I mean? So and with everything, the hype being behind this fight too, you know, Izzy is going to hopefully, like I said, if you don't apply his emotions into it like he hasn't done with every other fight, I feel like he's going to do enough to win. But I feel like Alex Pereira is not going to be able to apply that pressure on Izzy just because he won't have the energy to sustain that for five rounds. Remember, this is a five round. Right. Because of the fact that he's cutting so much weight. Thank you. You know what I mean? And then plus, we don't see Alex Pereira move a lot anyway. Right. In his fights. You only seen with Bruno Silva where he pushed him up against the cage a lot. And that was a good fight to watch. It was a very good fight to watch. You got hit in that fight. Oh, got touched up real good. Bruno Silva is a very good striker. Man, big facts, you know. Well, I don't know. But I go what you're saying. He's got good power. He's in your weight class. Yeah, I know. Yeah, yeah, yeah. I'll be seeing guys and I'll be like, this is why they win in these fights. You know what I mean? So I know that you're not a boxer. I know that you're not a kickboxer, not a heavy striker because he's more of a just he's more of a grappler. But Bruno Silva got good power. Right. You know what I'm saying? So he able to win some of the punches because a lot of times, like, Bruno Silva begin his ad, well, even Jordan Wright was touching him. Jordan Wright was touching Bruno Silva. But then, you know, Jordan Wright just got caught. He stood in front of him. Just stood, exact stood in front of him. Got caught and it was all, and it don't take that much in on the four-ounce gloves. And that's why this Pereira fight is so interesting, though. Because Pereira has that particular power. He just need that one shot. He just need that one shot. But the thing about Izzy, he is patient. And he would, well, we're not going to call it born. But he would strategically break you down all night long for 25 minutes. But the Paula Costa. If he got to touch that leg all day, he going to touch it. You know, if you ain't going to do nothing about it, if you're not going to answer back, that's what he going to do. But I feel like in my heart, you know what I mean, that Alex Pereira, unfortunately, doesn't have the actual ability to fight Izzy the way he needs to win for five rounds. So five rounds. Because he's so big. Yeah, that's one of the reasons. But I just think between both of them, it's going to be a born fight. It's not going to be as exciting as people think it might be. And that's the thing, Izzy needs that type of exciting fight right now. Because the J.R.A.K.E. can't in here fight. We can say Paula Costa, but that was so how long? 2020? You know what I'm saying? So we've been expecting this from the champ because he's so pulverized outside the cage with the French tips, the pearl necklace, you know what I mean, doing all these little videos and dancing and all that. Just show me stuff. But we want to see that showcase in the cage as well. And that's my biggest thing. I'm impressed by Izzy. And I'm a fan of Izzy, first off. But I feel like if you don't bring the fight to him, he's not going to bring it to you. That make sense? Yes. I feel what you're saying. So he's willing to dance. Yeah, yeah, yeah, big fans. I mean, people forget that there was quite a few fights where Anderson Silva did the same thing. He laid talus latus. Remember that fight? Yes, yes. There was many fights where he laid back, waited for guys to come out Anderson. He met up with Damian Myah. Yes. You know what I'm saying? And I'm like, boy, Damian was mad about that one. You hear me? But at the same time, that's the way he won. Because why would I engage with you knowing what you're trying to do? You understand? So like I said, with that being said, I'm not mad at Izzy because he going to do whatever it takes to keep that belt. That's the money. Alex Perra wants that. But the thing is, though, I don't think his ability is going to be there in order to take it away from him. And they just going to be standing right in front of him. And it's going to be a kickboxing bout. And they were like, oh, well, the other one's with kickboxing. But you already seen from Izzy. Well, I was a little bit more emotional in those other fights. And that's why I lost. But then you see the strategic Izzy now. I don't see Alex Perra beating him. Interesting. Very interesting. Yeah, take into account what you're saying about the five rounds and the weight cut. Because that is a big factor. That's a big factor. That's a huge factor, yeah. Because Alex is so big. But without the wrestling threat, because Izzy's not really a guy who takes anybody down. I'm about to say, yeah, who out there wrestling? So everybody thinking, oh, Izzy's going to turn into a wrestler. No, he ain't. No. You only fight the way you train. And not saying you don't work on that element of wrestling. But I don't see Izzy shooting a jab, shooting a cross, shooting a hook, and double it. No. That's not going to happen. I mean, if it does, I'll be stunned. I'll be shocked. I'm sure he can do it. I'll be shocked. But then again, still, now you got to engage with, and that boy a sniper. Alex Perra, can we pull up that? You don't mind? Please. Alex Perra, with him shooting, you know what I'm saying? Sniping with the arrows. Yeah, when he shot the soccer ball. Bro, man, that's crazy. Because my biggest thing is, though, like, Alex Perra is the same type of beast, too, right? He's the trap. He waits all day. And once you expose yourself, or you come close enough, he hits you. Like Sean Strickland. Exactly. Yeah. Sean Strickland stood right in front of him. Oh, but it wouldn't even just stand right in front of him. He was marching him down with his hands down. Well, yeah, he keeps his hands like, here's a very strange style. Here's him. I ain't gonna lie, this was cold. It's pretty bad ass. This was cold, man. It's pretty bad ass. And then any one of them special little arrows, either, like, bow and arrow, like, this one of them, he just made it in the house. Well, that's a recurve bow. He grabbed a stick and grabbed a string. Yeah, that's a recurve bow. That's a much harder bow to shoot than what I shoot. I shoot a compound bow. That takes real skill. Yeah, look at him. That roar that he has is terrifying. I'm very excited about this fight, man. I don't know, you know, what kind of preparation he's done in terms of getting himself lighter for a five round fight and making sure that the cut is not as bad. I don't know, but he looks shredded already. He looks shredded, man. And he looked like he killing himself to make that weight. That's all I'm gonna say. He certainly is losing a lot of weight to make that weight. He killing himself to get to that weight. But like I said, and he's done it many, many times. But you see Izzy doing all this press, doing all this stuff. Now, I'll be honest with you, I'll be like, it's a positive thing. But at the same time, like I ain't never seen him do this much work before or preparation for a fight where it comes to like selling. Yeah, press. Yeah. Yeah. But they make you do that. I mean, this is mass, this is guard. But this is the most I've ever seen. I pay attention to these fighters all the time because they're in the weight class. Right. I want to be these guys. Right. I want to take their belt. Right. So I pay close attention to what they do all the time. And especially Izzy because he's a champ, you know. So besides it just being ESPN plus, you know, he got his own YouTube channel and everything like that. I mean, like I feel like he didn't amped it up even more. And there's nothing wrong with that. That's either showing me that you have a lot of confidence, you know, about yourself and you able to take this fight and want to say not so serious. But not as serious because you got you doing other stuff on top of this. Right. As per his only focus is on training and fighting right now. There ain't no press for him for real for you know what I mean? So he's taking it into initiative. I'm talking about Izzy to promote this fight as best as he can. So you also taking away from your training at the end of the day. Right. So that's but I feel like he thinks he's good enough to do what he's going to do in order to take a take time away from his training. But isn't that just what the UFC obligates him to do? Because now we're on the fight and he has a pay-per-view points. Now everything. But he has pay-per-view points. I feel you. But I feel like he also is the only one that speaks English. Alex doesn't speak. Yeah. True. True. So that makes it difficult. Yeah. But I feel like a lot of stuff he's been doing on his own as well. I mean he's got to do the extra stuff you know which I don't mind it because you got to promote the fight. You got to do whatever you got to do in order to get people to buy in you know and be honest with you it's not that hard of a buy in because even with Alex not being able to speak English he's the only person that beat him. Only person that knocked him out. Right. You know what I'm saying? So that's that's an easy sale on itself. So my thing is why is Alex saying trying so hard. You know what I mean? Like this is the one that if I wasn't a MMA head and I was just like whatever just watching this stuff I'm like oh okay that'd be interesting to watch dude that already knocked him out. This dude is undefeated in MMA but still could be a close fight. I'll watch it. You know but Izzy is going about his way and like I said I don't know what's going on in his head but I feel like he's not trying to think about the fight itself even though it is the press conference and all this other stuff he's trying to get himself more calm right. He want to be around more people. I forget who it's another fighter that talked about that and the reason why he always stayed you know in the press and interviews because it took him away from the fight. You know they always want to be in the light. I forget what I know you're saying so you know the more you do other stuff you could just have fun and yeah yeah yeah big fact you know exactly and you ain't got to actually focus on the actual mission itself you know you just go to the mission you know. So I don't know it's two ways to go about it you know and I feel like if Izzy goes out like I said emotional he will get caught you know. So I feel like he needs to keep doing like even when he play around like I might just kick his leg and just jab him the whole fight do that. Even with him joking do that you know because at the same time that's how you've been winning your fights this whole time a lot of them.