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Joey Diaz

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Joey Diaz is a stand-up comic and New York Times bestselling author. He's the host of the podcast "Uncle Joey's Joint with Joey Diaz," co-host of "The Check-In" with Lee Syatt, and author of "Tremendous: The Life of a Comedy Savage."


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Just wanted to go home. I wanted my daughter to fucking see the things I saw as a kid, not North Jersey type shit. But I wanted her to see that fucking special on that amusement park when we were kids from Verona, New Jersey. What's the name of it? Action Park. The end of the poem, the class action park. That's terrible. What happened? What happened? That's what we used to go with with kids. Yeah, every time you were in there, they'd take you out of the neck brace. Fuck it when you were a kid, Doug. Please, Jamie, if you find anything, a trailer. Dude, I was at a fucking, one of those fairs, looked at the pull up in a parking lot. Look at this shit. When we were kids, you know. Jesus Christ, you're flying down these things. How many kids got broken legs from this? Oh my God. Every time you went there, if you went with eight kids, somebody was going down. The most dangerous amusement park. Look at Evan Jernan, New Jersey, of Vernon, New York. Oh my God. People are jumping off cliffs. Whoa. You could drive race cars? Everything. What is this, bungee jumping? This was the 70s with the class action pool. That was like Palisade amusement park. It's a pool that's like a big cops probe. Look at this shit. Park accident. So people just got in accidents all the time. Every other weekend. Look at it. But is that okay? Yes. Here's the question. When I was a kid, I didn't go out to play. I want to have to die. Big difference, okay? These little fucking half of fruitcakes today, they go out to play. I want out to die. Remember you hugged your mother and shit like you hugged the good. Ma, I don't know. We're going to go rob a train. I don't know what's going to happen. But look at this shit. This shit is so ridiculous. And New York had a ton of these when we were kids from Tuxedo, New York, all the way down. Oh my God. That's hilarious. Action park. You got to watch the doc. Why was this a lot? So here's the question. If you could go, like if you guys are doing like BMX flips, you know, guys are practicing for those things, how many of those guys get hurt? A lot, right? How often they get hurt? Well, why is it okay if they get hurt, but it's not okay if you go to a park where you're reasonably certain you have a good chance of getting hurt? Like if it's basically people paying to have the same kind of risk factor as you would do if you were doing something else crazy, that's totally okay. Like why can't you, you know what I'm saying? Like you can get a BMX bike. They can be a ramp. People know you're going to jump it. Everybody knows that's fine. But that what is that more of a commitment? Because you went, you got a helmet, you got a bike, and you got the whole thing instead of just going to this place. This should be a place where it's fucking risky, right? This should be a, like if somebody had, if you had a lock down solid contract where no matter what happened to you, you couldn't sue them, they can make a place like that again. But I don't think they would ever be able to hold one of those contracts. You gotta watch the documentary. It's tough. I remember watching, yeah, yeah. Oh, it's tremendous. But is it, is it negligence? Yes. Oh. If I remember correctly, there's a lot of people telling them you can't do this for kids, and people were like, give a fuck, it's the 80s, we're doing coke, we're making money, have fun. But jumping off cliffs like that thing, like the fact that they had a cliff dive, like that's just crazy. They built a cliff dive, and you pay, people could just jump, like if you hit, if your drive jumping off of like. This is the big thing that they had there, remember? That was the big thing. The bridge where everybody would like get drunk and jump off of, and people were getting hurt, they're landing on each other all the time. Oh, of course. Look at that. I can imagine that they, I imagine people landing on each other on purpose. I think that's part of it, because they would cheer. It'd be like, you're the man for the five minutes of the summer day. That's a great way to break your neck. Someone flying and landing on you, that is a great way to break your neck. It's really good. I think there's even a fictionalized version that Giant Oxwell made that's why he popped up in that thing. And I don't remember what that was called. You know, these places, and it was the 70s, late 70s, early 80s, 70s. I don't think the insurance regulations were as strict as they are today. Like they didn't have a fucking idea. Open up a park, yeah, whatever, just give me 900 a month, send us a check on the first. They probably didn't have the kind of lawsuits. They don't know. What kind of places? It's like seaside. You know, it's nice. Couple little swings and shit. Here's a question.