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What? Sis, you're full. Finally. Are you ready? I am ready. Let's do it. Dude, you're getting a lot of heat online from all these. It's all the flat earth people and the chemtrail people. Those are the people that are mad at you the most. Yeah, that's my specialty. Chemtrails and flat earth. Yeah, well, that's, I ask people, this is hilarious. I ask people online, I said, Mick West from MetaBunk is going to be here. What would you like me to debunk? And one of the first ones was chemtrails because you cannot debunk it. It's real. Dun, dun, dun. I would say this to anybody who thinks that. That has got to be the most ineffective government program of all time. Like you ask people what they're doing, price brain things in the sky, and the number one thing they'll say is like weather control. Weather control is one. Well, they don't have any fucking control of the weather because if they did, they'd make it rain all over Santa Barbara and stop these fires. There's hundreds of millions of dollars worth of damage going on right now. There's a fire that's bigger than the city of Washington, DC. They think they're making those fires. They think that that's part of the conspiracy. Anything that happens is always part of the conspiracy. What do you think it is? What is it with conspiracies? Why are they so attractive to people? There's something going on with people, right? I think I've been looking into this a lot. You have. Especially since your government shell. Well, I'm doing research with a book I'm writing, which is called Escaping the Rabbit Hole, and it's about how people get into the rabbit hole and how people get out of the rabbit hole. The whole thing is about the rabbit hole, which is something basically people get sucked into. I think people do a lot of research into the reasons behind people getting into conspiracy theories like the psychological reasons and the personality reasons and things like that. I think most conspiracy theories are just regular people. They're just ordinary people who get sucked into something. Why do you think that is? Just from talking to them, they tell me their origin stories essentially. They tell me what happened to them when they got into conspiracy theories. It nearly always starts with them looking at some video now. It starts with them looking at some video, and then they just get sucked in. Then they start looking at another video and another video and another video. Facebook and YouTube is feeding them these videos because once you start going down that road, you just can't change your trajectory. It's hard to train. Since they instigated this autoplay thing or instituted this autoplay thing or the next video plays immediately and they're all related, I think that's definitely been a thing with people. Also, the suggestions on the right-hand side if you're watching one video on a particular subject. Yeah, I was doing some experiments with that. I set up a completely blank YouTube account. I would just go in there and type in one thing like contrails. Of course, when you look at contrails on YouTube, half the videos you're going to get are going to be chemtrail videos. If the first video you click on is a chemtrail video, then that just sets you down that road. I remember this was in the days, I think before YouTube. This was in the days when maybe YouTube was around but it just wasn't that popular. I remember me and my friend Eddie were high as fuck and were talking to my neighbor and there was some plane that was flying over. We were wondering why the clouds coming from behind this plane stood so long. I asked him, I used to have this neighbor. I used to call him Bling Bling because Bling Bling was incapable of talking about anything other than objects. All we talked about, that was a nice car. Is that a new car? Where'd you get that watch? That was Bling Bling. All Bling Bling wanted to talk about was material possessions. He and I were parked in front of his, I was saying hi to him. I said, hey man, do you remember clouds sticking around in the sky that long? He's like, no, I don't know. Is that a new truck? I just remember how ironic it was because I had told Eddie about Bling Bling. This is all this guy cares about and wants to talk about. Then he did that while we were out there. I remember thinking, man, how weird would it be if all of a sudden clouds from jet engines started appearing and it just appeared right before our eyes and we hadn't noticed it. I wasn't sold. It didn't make any sense to me because my thought on it was the amount of people that had to be involved. You're talking about all these different airplanes, get all these people to keep their mouths shut. These are pilots, right? They're not making shit tons of money and they live here too. That's the other thing. If they're actually spraying something in the sky, they live here too. What are they spraying themselves? The theory now is that it's basically the power elite in the country is doing these chemtrails as a last ditch attempt to maintain power before the entire world collapses into chaos. They think it's like a desperate situation. A power grab. Well, not exactly. They're hanging on to have their last hurrah. They feel like the end of the world is nigh. There's about to be this environmental disaster and the chemtrails are the only thing that is holding everything together. That's the thing that if you go to a geoengineering watch, like Dane Whittington guy, he's basically an apocalyptic prophet now. He's basically preaching about how everything is going to end soon and the chemtrails are the only thing that's stopping it. They're also making it worse. He's saying the chemtrails are helping, but we've got to stop them. Otherwise they'll make it even worse. We're pretty much all going to die either way. There's a lot of money in, we're going to die. There's a lot of people that love that trope. It's just something that gets carted out constantly throughout history because it's true. You are going to die. It's like, when are you going to die? You don't know. Because you don't know, you're freaking out. Is it going to be a car accident? Is it going to be a fire? Is it going to be an earthquake? Is it going to be a slow aging death or is it going to be the chemtrails? Dun dun dun. Yeah, I think that type of thing, like fear of dying is one of those fundamental things. Every human is hardwired with certain things that happens in their brain without them thinking about it. Fear of dying and fear of other things, fear of wolves or whatever. Something that's hardwired and that's the type of thing that leads to different types of thinking that you end up being a conspiracy theorist in part because your brain is wired that way. You had a great quote about chemtrails when we did that television show together. You said chemtrails are like the training wheels for conspiracy theorists. Yeah. Because they're like there. They're right above your head and you see them right there. For people who don't understand why jets produce clouds, please explain that because it's very simple. It is very simple. Jet engines have water in their exhaust. If you look at a car on a cold day and you see the exhaust coming out of the tailpipe, you'll see like a cloud of condensation sometimes and you'll see some water coming out. When the exact same thing happens with jet engines and when that exhaust hits the cold air, it condenses, it freezes, it makes a cloud. Contrails are essentially clouds. They're exactly the same physically as a regular cirrus cloud. It's dependent upon the amount of moisture in the atmosphere and you can actually monitor it online. NASA actually has a website that will show you and I believe it's set up for pilots, right? Is that what the air traffic people? NASA actually has a contrail forecasting site which isn't really for pilots or anything. It's just part of their contrail research. They have a site where it will predict where the contrails are going to be. You can do it yourself. You just got to look at the relative humidity at a certain altitude. There's lots of different sites you can go to. I've got a whole bunch of them listed on Metabunk. Just like the clouds vary in the sky, the amount of moisture varies in the sky as well, which is one of the reasons why you will see a jet pass through one area and you will see a contrail and then it almost looks like they shut the contrail jets off and then you see it pick up maybe a couple hundred yards later. Yeah, and that's when you say like a cloud, it's really exactly the same as a cloud. If you look at any picture of a cloudy day and then just remove all the clouds, but they're still there as invisible clouds, then when the plane comes along, it's almost like the plane is this magic pen revealing these invisible clouds because all the cloud is a region of the sky where the humidity is above a certain level. You know that the humidity is pretty patchy across the sky because there's a cloud here and right next to it there's no cloud. Where the cloud is, it's high humidity. Where the cloud isn't, it's low humidity. If both of those were just lowered like 10%, then you get no clouds at all. Then a plane comes along, it rises the humidity in the cloud area and in the non-cloud area, but this area, because it was a bit higher, you get a trail forming and this area you get no trail forming. It's exactly the same as invisible clouds. Yeah, and for people that are watching it and you're looking up, you think they're spraying something if you're conspiracy minded. Because of a lot of the videos that are out there, in particular two that were recommended to me are what in the hell are they spraying? I got to meet with that guy that made those documentaries and right away I knew something was wrong. He's either on Adderall or something. He's just like real edgy and speeded up and just an odd guy, which is like a lot of people that are conspiratorially minded. They seem to be like very, they're nervous and agitated. When we went over like why he thinks, one of the things that he was talking about was the soil samples and water samples and that they've detected all this aluminum and barium and water and particularly aluminum. He's showing me all these results that he had, but even on the very results that he showed me it said sludge. He had sent them out for testing and I said, well, what did you send? He goes, well, I sent some water from these ponds and I said, but it says sludge on your testing and he said, no, but it was water. I go, okay, but the lab said it's sludge. I go, what is sludge? He goes, I don't know what sludge is exactly. I go, well, let's look. Sludge is a combination of water and dirt. Okay, so you sent water and dirt. So do you know that aluminum is one of the most common metals on earth and you could basically scoop up a patch of dirt pretty much anywhere and find a bunch of aluminum in it. It's really, really common in trace amounts. I go, so what you did is you tested dirt and it tested positive for being dirt. That's exactly what it is. And the guy was kind of freaking out. Like how did you, how did you not put this together yourself? Like if you're the guy who's making this video and you're trying to find a reason why you could, you know, some facts that you could throw at people, we could say, Hey, look, the government is definitely spraying things in the sky. They're spraying aluminum. Look, we found the aluminum and we found it in the water. It's in your water supply. It's going to get in your body. It's going to poison you. Look, we found it in the water. How did he, how the fuck did he not look at it himself is what I was thinking. And me, when me and him were having this conversation, I realized like you have these people that go down, they're not open minded in regards to these subjects. They go down a very narrow road. And that road is the government is doing something to me. I need to find out what it is. Yeah. And they're really motivated to actually find evidence. Yes. So that they're trying to find something and, you know, actually trying to find an alternative explanation isn't really that attractive to them. So they find aluminum in the water or in the soil or whatever, and then they glom on to that as being, you know, evidence of geoengineering. And that's great for them because they can just find loads and loads of samples of soil. And that's something that gets repeated online, that very fact over and over again, the aluminum that they found in the water. It's one of the core tenets. It's one of the pillars of the chemtrail thing. There's like four or five different things. Like in every conspiracy theory, there are these core beliefs, right? That the 99% of the people who believe in the theory, one core belief is that you work for the government. Yeah. That is a, that is a core belief. Mick is a retired video game creator. You could find that out. Made video games, right? Tony Hawk. Yeah. Made a shit ton of money and decided to, uh, to debunk dorks. Yeah. And I wouldn't start out and I wouldn't refer to them as dorks. I'm saying they're dorks. Yeah. They're dorks if they don't believe. This is the problem. You're not a dork if you fall for something. You're a dork if you fall for something you don't believe the science that shows that it's impossible. But it's not real. But if you were spraying aluminum in the sky, folks, it would look like aluminum, you dummy. It wouldn't look like a cloud. It wouldn't dissipate. It would look like a thin mist, essentially. Yeah. It's not, it's heavier than fucking air and vapor. It's not, it's not going to just sit up there like that. It would, it would be a very different experience. It would slowly settle to the ground and wouldn't look like a cloud. And there's no reason to do it. There's no benefit whatsoever. There's no scientific evidence that ever uncovered ever that there's any benefit for anybody of spraying aluminum over people. It's just, it's just, it's a waste of aluminum. That's the thing, even with the whole geoengineering field, there's really no solid evidence that it will work. We don't know what the side effects will be. We don't know how much we're going to, we would need to spray and we don't know like, you know, if, you know, when we stop doing it, we'll look, the world bounced back in a terrible way and it'd be a big disaster. Well, that's an interesting thing because one of the reasons why contrails are interesting to study is because they actually do have an effect on the temperature of the earth. And this is something that we found out after 9-11. When September 11th happened in 2001, it was the big disaster, there was a shutdown on all flights in the United States. And when they did that, the temperature changed because these clouds literally do provide like a cover. And is it, does, do they act as an insulator or an escalator? They essentially act as an insulator. They block radiation, incoming radiation during the day and they block outgoing radiation at night. But the net effect is that they actually block more outgoing radiation than they do incoming radiation. So if planes didn't fly at night, then you would, you would cool the earth down. You'd have to stop flying, you know, quite a bit before nighttime. So if all the flights in the world were between like 5am and 5pm local time, then you could actually cool the world down by just not having any flights at night because it's the night flights that have this really big kind of blanketing effect that stop the outgoing radiation. So the night of flights actually heat the world up? Yes, they do. They act like a blanket. You know how it's, it's warmer on a, well, in a cloudy day, like it doesn't get as cold at night. You know, deserts get really cold at night because there's nothing over them. They don't have any cover. It's one of the reasons. But yeah, the, the contrails will actually warm the planet because the, the amount of outgoing radiation they block is just way higher. I just got the wavelengths and the size of the particles and whatnot. So that, that's something to be concerned about. That's something that people are legitimately monitoring. What people need to understand is just because you feel like when you look up in the sky, you see this crisscross patterns that they're spraying you. No one's spraying you. This is just a natural reaction to jet engines and condensation in the atmosphere and the heat and the moisture of the jet engine. That's all it is. They are actually talking about a way of using contrails for a kind of geoengineering. And this is something that people often get confused about because you, you see these two words together contrails and geoengineering and they think, oh, that's chemtrails. But what they're trying to do is use air traffic control and computers and weather forecasting to make it so the planes don't fly through the contrail forming areas when they would make contrails at night and make it so they do fly through contrail forming areas when it would make contrails during the day. So this is a conversation they're having or something that's actually being. It's not something that they're, they've actually done, but it's something that they can research fairly easily. So if they were considering trying to heat up the atmosphere or heat up the earth at night, they would just fly over these moisture rich areas and if they weren't, they would avoid them. Yeah, but the goal obviously is to combat like climate change, global warming and cool the earth down. So a relatively cheap way of doing that to a degree is to have these planes be controlled by computers and it increases fuel costs for the airline by about two or three percent because they had to make very deviations, sometimes in height and sometimes in direction. But it could actually have a significant effect on the earth's climate if we had the entire world's airline fleets all in this program where they would fly making contrails where they were needed and not making contrails where they were not needed. And how exactly are they monitoring the moisture content of the atmosphere? Like what are they using to do that? Satellites? Yeah, it's a combination of things. They use sounding balloons, which are these, you know, weather balloons basically, which I've got mistaken for UFOs quite a lot. And they use satellites and they use planes sensing the environment when they're flying through it and they use all these inputs and it goes into a big computer model, which basically predicts where what the humidity will be at any particular point. It's basically a big weather forecast for the upper atmosphere.