Joe Declares Jon Jones "The Goat" After Ciryl Gane Win


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Luke Combs

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But I remember, and I think in my mind, is undeniably the GOAT, as again, just above casual fan, Jon Jones. Jon Jones is the GOAT. He's the GOAT. Now it's undeniable. It's undeniable. There was all this debate until he submitted Cyril gone and became the heavyweight champion. No one can fuck with that. Smashed him, bro. And Cyril looked kind of unbeatable up until the Francis fight. Well, the Francis fight exposed one aspect of his game that you're never going to beat Jon in, and that's the wrestling. And then everybody said, well, he didn't know that Francis was going to wrestle him, given. Francis is not the caliber wrestler, or even in the realm of Jon Jones. Jon Jones has been wrestling since he was 12 years old. He took down Daniel Cormier, who's an Olympic level wrestler. There is not a guy in the world that can say that you could start wrestling at 29 years old. I mean, you'd have to be the freakiest of freak athletes to be able to compete with that guy to start wrestling when Cyril Gawn started wrestling. The gap is just too wide to cross. So I think what I was thinking is, and when I bring up Jon Jones, is I remember the first Jon Jones fight I watched was when he got DQ'd against Matt Hamill from the 12 to 6 elbows. That was my first experience with him. The next thing I feel like I remember, and I may have seen some of his fights in between then, but is when he beat up this guy that was trying to rob this lady the night of a fight. That was the day he fought for the title. Right. The day he fought for the title, he chased down a guy who robbed someone and tackled him and held him until the cops came. Right. And then when it fought Shogun, it became the youngest ever UFC champion. Yep. So here's where I'm getting at. As I remember, and this is going to be just kind of, I'm interested in your take on this, because I watched it happen with Jon Jones, and I feel like I watched it happen with Kamaru as well, where it was like, Jon and Kamaru as they came up, right? It's like, Jon does this thing where he stops this robber and he wins the belt. He beat Shogun, who is this kind of like, you know, him and Leodo were these kind of like un-figure-outable guys. To me as a fan at that time, right? Like guys like, how do you beat Leodo Machida? You can't forget, because you can't even touch the guy, right, at that time. And they were like inherently these like good guys that everybody was rooting for. And then both of them became these like, epically long-range champions that then became sort of like villains. Kamaru was never a villain. I feel like he is. Really? To me as a fan, again, who doesn't know anything? And maybe it's the, it comes back to maybe the celebrity like ego thing, like to the camera as a fan. Again, I've never met the guy. He's probably great. But just as a cash watcher, I went from going, I'm rooting for this guy, to then it be like the way he talks about himself. And I feel like Jon Jones was the same way to me, is they became this like really like, and then Jon got in all this kind of like turmoil-y stuff. Well, I don't think you can compare the two. And here's two reasons why. One, have you ever seen Kamaru talk, like you ever seen Kamaru on my podcast? He's one of the nicest, most down to earth friendly, smiley, fun guys. There's what you're seeing is Kamaru the destroyer. The dog, dude. The dog is ready to go to war. 100%. That's the difference. And that's what I was trying to ask. He's like signaling to all the other people, I'm going to smash you. Right. And that's what he's signaling. And that's what I think I was asking is like, is that all just perceived by me? Or is that? Yeah. You know what I mean? I mean, it's part of the fun of being a fan. Sure. You know, deciding what you like and what you don't like and personalities that you root for and personalities you root against. And sometimes you root against a guy and he wins you over because he's so goddamn good. You're like, I wanted that motherfucker to lose, but he's the fucking greatest. Yeah. Jon is very different than Kamaru. Jon is what I would describe. There's human beings that have different temperament and different minds and different mentality and a ruthless competitive drive that's almost terrifying to the ordinary person. That's Jon Jones. Jon Jones is a bad guy who's trying to be a good guy. Right. But that guy, if we were living a thousand years ago, he would be on a horse with the biggest battle axe, waiting in the back, jacking heads off, and everybody would be running. And those people have always existed. Right. These dominators have always existed. But Jon is like a genuinely sensitive, intelligent guy who's trying to do the right thing, but he's a fucking conqueror. He's a fucking conqueror. That's the thing that's inside of him that leads him to be the goat. And without that, you don't get there. You don't get a Mike Tyson without that. For sure. You don't get a Muhammad Ali without that. You don't get a Marvin Hagler without that. You don't get that. There's a thing inside some people that is a driving force that allows them to overcome the greatest around them. It's a Michael Jordan. It's 100%. There's a thing, man. Tom Brady. And those motherfuckers are hated. They're always hated. For sure. Because you have to hate them because you can't beat them. It's the 260-inch deer, dude. Me and my buddies were talking, they're like, man, that's not the deer of a lifetime. That's the deer of 10 lifetimes. Most people will never see that. But it's even more than that because you can just accidentally stumble across the deer of a lifetime. You can't accidentally beat John Jones. There's a thing about... So he's goat over Khabib. He's goat over everybody now. Khabib's too? Yeah. Khabib is in the conversation, but Mighty Mouse is in that conversation too. Mighty Mouse, to me, if you want to look at a technical expression of the greatness of martial arts, he's as good as anybody's ever done it. And Mighty Mouse was the flyway champion. The only problem is, besides Suhudo and a couple other guys like Benavides, he was not dealing with guys that are of the caliber of the guys that John Jones was facing. John Jones was facing Gustafson, Glover, Tashara. He was facing Daniel Cormier. He was facing the elite of the elite, and he never fucking lost even when he was doing coke and he wasn't even training. That's how goddamn good John Jones is. And when John Jones talks about fights though, when I had him on the podcast, one of the things that he talked about, some people don't really watch tape or they only watch a little bit. They let their coaches do the work. John Jones studies everyone. He studies their tendencies. He gets in his mind how when you throw that left kick, you make this little step with your right foot. You might do this thing when you shoot for a takedown, when you keep your head on one side every time. You might do this thing when someone throws a right hand, you always lean to the left. You might do it, and John Jones picked up that tendency, and that's how he knocked out Daniel Cormier. He knew Daniel Cormier has a tendency to duck towards his right side because he goes for that single on the left leg, and John caught him with a perfect head kick. But it wasn't by an accident. He set that up. He set it up just like Leon Edwards set up that head kick on Camaro. There's a beauty of that that's just, man, in the middle of chaos and anxiety and fear and the fucking fog of war. You figure out a way to connect with this thing that you saw in tape and in training and in preparation. So with John, it's not an accident that he's the goat. Even with his lack of training, even with his ... It's just like he's so fucking talented that he almost needs another John Jones to make him compete the way he would ... Make him train the way a lot of these other guys do. He's so good, he can beat those guys without being challenged by someone like him. Because John Jones has never faced a John Jones.