Jamahal Hill on Beating Glover Teixeira; "I'm Coming" Response Video


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Jamahal Hill

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Jamahal Hill is a UFC Light Heavyweight Champion. https://www.ufc.com/athlete/jamahal-hill


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That was a phenomenal performance in Brazil against Glovertashera in his hometown. Last minute, I mean, how much time did you have to prep for that? I had about six weeks. Oh, you did have six weeks. Yeah, six weeks. But it was supposed to be three rounds and then they changed it to the title for five rounds, right? No, it was a title right there. Oh, that was right after Onkolaiev and Jan Bohovich. So right from there. They legitimately called me while they were still... Wow. Yeah, while they were still in the gauge. If you wanted a full camp for a five-round fight, though, what would you prefer? Like, how much time do you really need? I prefer about eight weeks, eight to about eight to ten weeks. So slightly abbreviated, but your performance was phenomenal, man. I mean, it was amazing to see you pick a part of Glovertashera like that and to do so well on the ground, too. I mean, that was a big victory. Yeah, I mean, a lot of people thought that I couldn't do it. I don't know. I couldn't do it. That was just a general assumption was that I couldn't grapple on the ground and things like that one. That's definitely... But you're getting that general assumption from who, though? People online? Just picks. You know what I mean? Just like people like that. Like an analyst. Then any of the fighters or whatever that I talked to, they would always say it's always something that they say. Even guys in the division, you know, they were like, oh, he's just a boxer. I don't know if he can really wrestle or if he can really ask like kicks or anything like that. They were questioning the kicks, too. That's one of the biggest moments in the fight that left high kick yours. Yeah. Well, people are going to question you until they can't anymore. That's how it goes. There's always, I don't know about this guy and then all of a sudden he's the best ever. You never know. That's why I'm just hungry for names, man. I'm hungry for the next challenge. What did it feel like when they strapped that thing around your waist? Man, it's a hard thing to describe. It was just like almost like unreal, like almost like living in a dream. One of the dreams that I've had, you know, and it was just like, I don't know, it was just crazy. Just the weight of everything that I did and been through and everything. It was a lot. Yeah, it seemed like a lot. It's a lot for everybody. I mean, that's a moment that very few human beings will ever achieve. There's it right now. Yeah, that was, like that's when he told me that he was about to retire. I mean, it's amazing how long that dude has hung in there. He was the boogeyman for six years. For six years, Glover lived in Brazil and he couldn't get a visa. And this was like in the early days, like when Chuck Liddell was the UFC light heavyweight champion. That's how far back Glover goes. I heard something about like he went he went pro in 2001. Yeah. Crazy, right? Crazy. That's why. 22 years later. And then still fighting for the world. You know, having that fight with Europe, Pro Husker, where he lost the title. I mean, that was a crazy close fight until he got caught in that choke. He was ahead. I think it was. Yeah, he was ahead in that fight. I believe it was. That video that you made to Yuri was hilarious. We played it on the podcast. Yeah, I can't let it slide. That's what you said. That's the first thing that came in my head. Whatever you said. I'm coming now. Now I can't. He's ruined. He's ruined the phrase for me now. I can't say it at all. No matter what somebody calls me. I'm coming. I'm coming. Like this. He's an odd duck. That dude's an odd duck. He's strange. He's very, very different. Do you see like when he was fighting Glover and Glover was beating him up. He was like, good job. Good job. Yeah, like tapping him on it. I thought it was like, well, you can't do that, man. It looks like you're tapping. It looks like he's tapping. Like, what are you doing? He's like, good job. Good job. But he's saying good job. And I think it was, was it Mark Goddard? It was a referee. I think it was Mark Goddard. Whoever it was, was warning him. It's like, hey, don't fucking slap him and say good job. You can't do that. Just what a weird thing to do. Guys on top of you, raining blows down. You're like, good job. Good job. Yeah, bro. I don't know. The only thing I can think of would be possibly it could be like just like a tactic of trying to make it seem like all like, no matter what, you're wasting your time. Right. Type thing. Yeah. Try to like get in their head because I think even like with the whole samurai thing, like he wants to play. He obviously wants to, wants to this image to be believed of and things like that. But I just seen him when I was at the PI a couple of days ago and he's a nice dude. He walked up. He's like, nice to meet you. Things like that. And then like I came back from the next day, I was going into PT and he was working. He's like, I'm working on it. I mean, working. You're like, I might take your time. Do your thing. He's already had the shoulder surgery, right? I don't know. I would assume if he's already trying to regen. Yeah, I'm sure he has because apparently his shoulder was the worst shoulder they'd ever seen. The UFC doctors had never seen a shoulder that fucked up before. Do you know what happened to him? No. His shoulder went out of socket in training camp and they tried to put it back in and these dudes are yanking on it. These just gym dudes yanking on it and they fucked it up way worse. Yeah, that's never a good idea. Go to a fucking doctor, man. You're a world champion. World champion. And he had to give up his title like that. Well, it's interesting that he did decide to give up his title. He could have held onto it and they could have had an interim title and you could be fighting him for the undisputed title. But instead he's like, nope, I'm going to give up my title. That's why he's an odd dude. That's strange because that's not only like a bad move legacy wise. That's a bad business move. Because now your next fight, you fight as a challenger. You don't get the same pay-per-view buys. You don't get the same amount of money or none of that. So yeah, it doesn't make any sense. I could imagine the thought process behind it. You want to be noble, but you got to take care of your money, bro. You got to take care of your money. I mean, how many world title fights you get? If you're lucky, if everything goes perfect and he should know now, especially being injured, like hey, this could happen and you could get a catastrophic injury and you could be out for a year or so. You never know. I think it was a play him trying to be noble. Just trying to be noble, trying to like, you know, he does the right thing where he respects the warrior. I like how you're thinking about it, like 3D chess. What is this motherfucker doing for real? I'm trying to tell you, man, I think a lot of what he does is meant to put a certain image in your head. I'm sure. I mean, it makes sense. It would be smart to do. He's got a weird image. He's out there throwing kicks at trees. You know, he's like, wraps a tree up in a foam pad and starts punching it and kicking it. Yelling in the woods. Yeah, okay, man. You know, gyms are better. Gyms are definitely better than a tree. I want to know what it is about being in the woods that just makes someone say yeah. What is it? Are you upset with the trees? Do you just feel alone? It's like, so you want to be heard. I mean, these are all questions. Do you want to be heard? Right, right. Yeah. Let me do. Does it make you more, more noble or sophisticated to be in the woods? I don't know. What is it? I think it makes me feel weird just even saying it in the I'm coming video. Damn it. Damn it. I don't know another way to say it. This is crazy. Where you at though? This is the video. By the way. That's what she said. That's what she said. And the one that he did though, it's like an axe in a tree stump in the background. Yeah. Did you notice that? No, I didn't notice that. Yeah, bro. It's probably out there chopping wood. Chopping wood. Yeah. I don't know. Look at him. I'm coming. I'm coming. I'm coming. It is fucking weird. It's like, I only saw, I guess I went to the axe. Yeah. I might've been high when I said it could have just been that post right there. Yeah, I don't see an axe. He's a strange cat, man. That's a strange cat. That was just like, yeah, I know man. I'm coming. I'm coming. Did you think he's next? Have they had any conversations with you about who's going to be your first title defense as the champion of the fucking world? Woo! Sounds good, Jeff. Sounds good, right? Sounds real fucking good. And you earned the fuck out of that too. Yeah, man. It was, yeah, bro, Glover was, Glover was tough, man. Oh, he's so tough. Like, like y'all said that, right? I think we need to put a little bit more emphasis on it because like, it's not just that he's tough, he's tough, he's tough. And while he's being tough, he's still fighting intelligently. You get what I'm saying? Yeah. So like for, for now, one second did I hit him with something and it was like, oh shit. I was like, oh, I don't want to get hit with whatever's next. Cover up. Like, you know what I mean? Like that, that one, like, oh, I need to, I need to find like protection type. Right. He never did that. You know, and I was just like crazy because it was one sequence. Like, I think it was like in the third where I hit him with right hand, right hand, elbow, left hand. It's like at no point was he like, oh shit, I need to cover up or anything. Because like, I mean, I finished you at that point. It's like, bro. That was in the ground and pound sequence. Yeah. When you're on top of that was so close. A lot of referees would have stopped it. A lot of referees would have stopped there. I mean, you were dropping bombs on him, but yeah, he kept moving, kept moving. He kept trying to. He kicked me in the face from the bottom. Yeah. He grabbed my arm and pulled me like he's going to try to pull me in his guard. And then when I went in, as soon as I like so obviously tonight's going, you got to sit up. I said, he kicked me in the face. Yeah. He's a crafty fella. Yeah, man. I think his time with Alex Pajeta really improved him too towards the very end of his career when he started training with Alex because there's something about having that dude in camp with him and he's on the run for the middleweight title that it all came together. And some of his last fights were some of his best, the Jan Buhovich fight. I mean, the Yuri Prohaska fight, like there was fucking great fights, man. Yeah. He's harder to hit. He's harder to hit clean than I thought. Because he turns his face a little rolls with stuff. Yeah. I don't know if you can tell me a little bit of that, but it's his hands. So he definitely learns from the people that he fights because he was definitely doing a little John Jones to me. You know, the little like going to kind of poke his hands out. And he watched it a couple of times. I wanted to follow up with some shots with some combos, but the way he was like blocking, he's like going like this or like putting his elbow up like this and kind of like poking his fingers, like jibbing his fingers towards my face. That's a weird gray area, right? Yeah. Because John poked a lot of people in the eyes. I'm sure he didn't mean to do it, but that style of doing it like that, of having the hands out, especially when you're as long as John, it's a very gray area. You're not supposed to do that. Yeah, no, you're not supposed to do it, but it's done. It's done. It's done quite a bit. Especially like if you see somebody get hit with something like solid and they start to kind of get crowded and they want to get some space, they want to try to really keep you from coming forward. That's the first thing that it does. Yeah. What could be done about that though, the eye pokes? The only thing that I think is a change of the gloves, they have to figure out something to make a better glove that doesn't encourage your hands to be open. I mean, we've talked about this before, but Trevor Whitman, you know, a gate cheese trainer, he's got a way better glove. He makes his own material, onyx, he makes his own gloves and shin pads and they're fucking top notch, but he made a better glove and I don't know why the UFC is not using it. I don't know what's going on. I don't know if they have to get it approved by the commissions. I don't know what the deal is, but it's a far superior glove. Does it affect the grappling? Yeah, no, no, it doesn't, but it keeps your hand curved. Like the natural state of it is to have your hand in a curved position versus open where the UFC gloves, you put those on, your hand wants to be open and you have to kind of close it and tighten it down with his gloves. It starts out in a folded position. Like it's much easier. So even if you were like extending your hand, you would extend it like you would if you had a tie glove, a boxing glove on, you know, I just think there's got to be something. So many fucking eye pokes. I mean, you guys both poked each other accidentally. The only difference is when I poked him in the eye, it helped him. All right. Cause I didn't, cause that knee, that knee I caught in went right in the sternum right before that. If I actually am able to put the frame on him like I want to, he's eating a head kick. You know what I mean? So he acts same. Me whenever I poked, whenever he poked me in the eye though, I was on his ass. I think I just landed like uppercut. Yeah, I just landed like an uppercut. I was right after the little weave, the little weave sequence. That was smooth. How many times you watched it? How many times you watched it? I watched it a few times. I watched it a few times. I was just, uh, there's this one little sequence in the beginning. At the beginning, at the towards the end of the first round where it was just, I remember it happening in the fight, but I wanted to see how it looked on camera and it was, it was all right. Pretty smooth. It was all right. Oh listen, it was a very good performance. It was very, you were very crafty. That was the thing about the fight that I really enjoyed is like watching your setups and all your feints and luring them in and the way you're moving in and out. Like it was very, because I had seen all that in other fights, but, um, with all the stakes on the line in Brazil fighting for the title. And I think you were at your best. I really do. I rise to the occasion. I really lock in. Like, you know, I understand, I understand the situation. I understand the moments. So that's why I worked so hard to get to it. And then I trust the work that I put in, you know, so at that point, it's just, I do what I do every day.