Budweiser Responds to Backlash with New Commercial


6 months ago



Jim Breuer

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Do you think that enough people realized, because that's the thing, if you're just hanging out with someone, if you're hanging out with me, and eventually I start lying to you all the time, are you going to take anything I say seriously? Right, it's over. Who in your life do you know that lies all the time that you take seriously? And you take seriously. None, no one. And every media group that exists lied right to your face. Like while they were doing it, someone had it been right in the car, oh my God, this is like such dick stuff, but I love being fucking sick. You know what it's like? The corporations, we want to think of them as being these impossibly large machines that make money, and they are. But they're just run by people, and some people are dorks, and those dorks get important jobs and they put Dylan Mulvaney on a Bud Light can. That's what it is. These are dorks. And you see the response that Bud had, the most recent response? It's like the fucking dumbest pro-America, raw, raw, raw, raw. Like we don't know who you really are now. There's like interviews with the lady who is the head of Bud Light talking about why they did it and about the old sort of frat culture attached to Bud Light dismissing the people and like the humor of the people that like Bud Light. And so they're going to change that with this crazy attention whore on day 365 of being a woman. I mean we are in a fucking Coen Brothers movie. This is a Mike Judge movie. You're a thousand percent. How does nobody else see what lunacy is going on right now? There's no other way to explain it. Bro, you got to watch this Bud Light commercial, this new Bud Light commercial. Find the new Bud Light commercial. It's the dumbest pro-America, raw, raw. It's so stupid and cliche. It hurts my feelings. It's so dumb. Listen, this is a company in deep shit, bro. And they make things like this. Look, you got the prairies, the ocean, you got a Clydesdale running down the street. Tell you a story about a beer rooted in the heart of America. Found in a community where a handshake is a sure contract. What the fuck are you talking about? There was a found opportunity and challenge. You know, I would respect them if they had this. And then Dylan Mulvaney just starts cartwheeling it to the fridge. Day 368 of womanhood. This is when some CEO is like, who is in charge? He's 90 years old. Get him. This is how we used to do it. He's the goddamn Clydesdale, first of all. This is the story of the American spirit. Shut the fuck up. Shut the fuck up. Now I hate you more. Like, what are you doing? What is that? What was that? You can't, you can't come out in like chicks clothes and then turn around and bring a stallion out. The problem is what I saw. If you let CEOs talk about stuff like that and give their opinions about stuff like that, then everybody knows who you are. So you can't just make this commercial. Where's this coming from? Was this AI generated? That's probably a chat GPT 4.0 version of the perfect American commercial. That shit didn't have nothing to do with drinking Bud Light either, by the way. That was like, that made me want to move to Montana. Like you want to be in the mountains and see the dust and shit. But that's the dumbest commercial of all time. But it's so obvious what they're doing. They needed to let that sit for a little bit. But that's what I'm saying. You don't have one or two guys on the board going, I don't know if this is a good decision, bro. I don't think they get to. I think that lady made a decision and she thought inclusiveness is important and we're going to open up the brand to new people. Or is this like an organized crime hit? The thing is like, if she didn't make the thing about frat boy culture, if she didn't like kind of disparage, what was her exact quote? See if you can find her exact quote. She didn't disparage the humor of the people that enjoy the product. That is such a crazy move. Well that's what I'm saying. It's just like an organ in my head. I go wacky. But what I'm saying is like if she just said like everyone can like Bud Light. Like if that was her and she's like, America is the freedom to be whoever the fuck you want to be. What did you see? If that's what they said, I'd be like, okay, great. She was disparaging. I know, but just. She was talking about inclusivity and talking about like the sort of frat culture around Bud Light. CEO's name is Brendan Whitworth. Is that the guy? I don't know. There was a woman saying, yeah, so that's a man. So this person was a woman. Unless I'm misgendering them, Jesus Christ. Don't say it. It was a woman for sure. There's videos of her talking about it. There's videos of her talking about why she made the decision to do this. But it's like you can say that we want other people like America's freedom and the freedom to be whoever you want. If you want to be a woman for day 368, that's your freedom too. But if you're doing that and trying to like change who buys the company and dismiss all the other people who buy the company, buy the beer from the company, that's so dumb. It's like such a silly move. That's insane. It's so weird to me. I instantly always see mob hits. I see a mob hit just walking in like, your company's done. What do you mean? Fucking done. What do you mean? Everyone's fucking out. Put on the thing that's going to get rid of their crowd. You don't think you're fucked? You'll never kill us. Oh really? Let's roll the tape. Oh, you mean like someone did it to try to kill Bud Light? Dude, they're fucked. What a great hit. That would be amazing if Heineken snuck in and did that to them. Someone came in there.