Brain Implants, Iron Man Suits, and Robot Children


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Ryan Long

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Ryan Long is a stand-up comic, filmmaker, and host of "The Boyscast" podcast.


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They're gonna be able to reverse aging in our lifetimes, I think. I think by the time you and I are old as fuck, they'll probably have figured out a way to turn the clock backwards. Because they've already had some experimental things they've done with mice that have been effective and they think that they're very close to figuring that out. Yeah. And the manipul- and probably you don't want that because then you turn the Benjamin Button and you're a fucking baby again. Right. You go, you turn it. It's gonna be a delicate one where Madonna just shows up looking like a baby. There's gonna be people that identify as babies, they want to be babies. And so then we find out that they're in preschool and they're telling them to have babies to get them cigarettes. Like, what the fuck is going on? He's really 60. He's not a baby, just wanted to do it all over again. And he dialed himself back to two years old but with a 60 year old's brain. And you think- That's a great movie. Do you think that's happening since that idea? Take it. That's a huge one. So you think that like within the next 10 years, I mean the way things are moving right now is crazy even with like chat, you know, chat GPT the way it was like four months ago versus now. Like, things are on the move. Yeah, it's the exponential increase in technological innovation. It's like the way things happen, they happen in these big giant waves and then these technologies feed other new technologies. And I think it's gonna be the case with all of them. I think it's medical science and I think it's technology and I think there's gonna be a combination of the two of them eventually. There's gonna be something that technology devises that can fix a lot of problems that people have. That's one of the uses of Neuralink. They think they're gonna be able to help people that are injured and hurt or they can't use parts of their body, they can restore movement. It's gonna be one of the first ways they use it. There's ones that they're coming out with, they're gonna be able to reverse blindness. You're gonna be able to give people the ability to see. Mr. Beast, no. Some sort of artificial... No, no, no. Sometimes I'm like cataract surgery. But like an artificial eyeball. So is it a camera? Is that essentially what it is? Well, it's gonna function the same way an eyeball does but it's gonna send images to your brain instead of through the normal biological course that it is now where you're looking through your eyes and the rods and cones and everything goes through and you see what's going on. What you're gonna do is get a digitalized version of that. You're gonna get a computer version of fake eyeballs. It's gonna be a wild like... And then once that's connected to the internet and then... It's gonna be bizarre looking into someone's fake eyeballs. The chat GPT thing made it weird where I'm just like, yo, are people just gonna be having conversations with like two computers? Like it's just gonna be two computers talking to each other. Look at this, brain implants startup backed by Bezos and Gates is testing mind controlled computing on humans. What the fuck, dude? I mean, people can't like this. God damn it. MK Ultra. MK Ultra. You know what? It's like sometimes with the conspiracies, you're like, listen, there's a lot of people thinking a lot of conspiracy stuff right now. Can you take it easy for a second? Yeah. Yeah, yeah. Well, anyways, those guys are crazy. Anyways, we're gonna put chips in the brains within the week and you're going, take it easy. What is the latest on the artificial eye thing? The thing that I was just describing? I don't know how much of what I said was fiction. They showed something during the last neural LinkedIn that you were describing that shows an ability to get light through in like pixelation form and they have it. I think it was somewhere around the range of like 10,000 pixels now and I think they get up to like 36,000, I think. I think there was something else that I read that was independent of that. I was talking about a new technology where they might be able to create artificial eyes. Oh, something not in their own. Yeah, I think it's all gonna be eventually LinkedIn. I think within our lifetime, I think they're gonna have some sort of a brain enhancement. Yeah, there's gonna be some sort of a brain enhancement with whether it's Neuralink or many competing companies that are working towards the same goal. It feels like it's gonna happen soon. But if they start doing that, I wonder where we draw the line that things getting replaced. Similar, something posted a year ago. Bionic eyes, how tech is replacing lost vision. Bionic eyes could be the solution to one of the most pressing medical issues of our time. Yeah, I think that's it. Choosing like sunglasses and sensors. The creation of bionic eyes as a result of recent advances in science and technology are restoring hope to many who are unable to see or partially sighted due to injury, illness, or genetics. Yeah, there you go. Also there's gonna be a good while where if you are blind, you could tell people you didn't get the surgery and girls would still change in front of you. Yeah, that's rude. How dare you, Brian? There'd be a few creeps that'd be like, still blind. There's a few dudes out there with a Ray Charles glasses on. Pretend they can't see. Blind is a bad. Wait, how many guys have pretended to be blind? What an evil thing to do. That used to be a genre of like internet videos of like the blind guy. What a creepy thing to do. That's bad karma. Oh, super creepy. But how long do you think before we have like Luke Skywalker type arms where they can replace your arm with something that looks just like a normal human arm? Do people not have kind of close versions to that? At least if they can grip and stuff like that. Yeah, they can grip. I don't exactly know how it works, but they do have the ability to open and close their hands. I don't know if they can individually articulate each finger yet. Yeah, there's a lot of money out there. There's a lot of people working on this stuff. There's a lot of, you know, even just the amount of the crypto money being poured into different projects right now. If they had fake legs that worked way better than real legs, and you could literally like jump over fences and run 50 miles an hour. Wouldn't you get them? I don't know. Ryan, it's not that big a surgery. If I was 20. Yeah, the biggest surgery, bro. It's no big deal. They just cut your legs off. They cut your legs off and people be signing up for it. We got to do it one leg at a time because you don't want to bleed out. Yeah, yeah, yeah. What the fuck are you talking about? The dollar surgery right now. The dollar surgery. The dollar surgery. That's so crazy. Apparently it's like the most painful thing you could imagine kind of thing too. Oh God. They separate. Oh, exoskeleton. Fuck yeah. Can you imagine finding out that one guy cheated in like hockey or something and you go, how did he cheat? You go, oh yeah, he has fake legs. Right. Yeah, he doesn't feel pain. His knees don't ever hurt because he's got fake legs. This guy's got an exoskeleton. He's just moving shit around. Yeah, that was always like a thing that we thought was going to be. Sometimes. Well, he's inside those arms. See, it's like an exoskeleton. So it's like an Iron Man suit. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. It's just more exposed and he can take his arms out of it. Is it essentially tethered to your movements, the kind of like, and then it ten folds them kind of thing? Yeah, it makes you way stronger. It's got, it's like a battery pack. There's quite a few of those that have been invented, but there was, there was hope at one point in time, like mostly from comic books that someone was going to be able to figure out some sort of an exoskeleton that made you like a super person. If they could put something on you that literally like tripled your amount of force and what you, what you could do as a person, but could last all day. And in the comic books, like nobody ever figured out. There's never any issue with battery life. Like no, no, no super. Iron Man never had a problem with battery life. Sure. You know, it didn't make any sense. Yeah, he's, he's got to fly. He's got to stop by the garage and charge it up for a second. And probably that he has jets that are coming out of his ankles and there's no indication that he's storing fuel in any part of his body. Yeah. Where's it all coming from? How's this happening? That hard thing, whatever that is. That hard thing. There you go. Oh, how convenient. If you got someone, you just get the hard thing. What are you stupid? What are you fucking dumb? But if that, if that could be a thing where we could like literally like move anything we want, just put a suit on. Oh yeah. That's, that's right. Put a battery in there. He made it by himself. Remember? Yeah, I know. But imagine that you have a fucking a Yeti cup in the middle of your chest and everything else works fine. And they, I guess with that, they're like, Oh, this is enough to power a whole city kind of generator. Yeah. The whole Iron Man thing is so crazy. He can go to space. He can just fly. Smart is a very cool guy. How's it cooling him off when he reenters? What are we doing here? Doing this in 2023. Imagine 2030. 2030, you're going to have that, which is only seven years away, which seems like, well, how long is that? Well, how long is that? If you just look at where we're at in 2023. Think of 2015, like different time. Different time, different world, like almost everything's different. Everyone's a different gender. Seven years from now, you're gonna be able to just talk to computers. You're going to be able to have conversations, indistinguishable conversations in any voice you like. Can you imagine like if they invented one where like you're like someone's wife calls them and you essentially just like put on a thing. Oh, it's going to happen. Dude's just like straight. That's going to happen. Girl, like getting divorced because she's like, I realized I was talking to my husband's like fake computer version of himself for like an hour every night. 100% you're going to do that. Are you really talking to me or is this the AI? I'm sorry, baby. It was just some in the middle of work. I had to use the AI. You son of a bitch. That's going to be crazy. I was telling your AI about my fucking day and you didn't care. AI is getting you in trouble too. AI gets you fucked over. AI promises shit like flowers and chocolates. Like what the fuck, man? You just get a message from AI being like, need some help here. I need backup. I'm drowning. I mean, your AI convinces your wife that if you kill your husband, I can implant myself in a new body and we could do this the right way. This guy, he treats you like shit. Here AI's a snitch. AI's a snitch. AI's a snitch and AI tries to, he tries to like literally possess someone's body. Yeah. He's like, if you could just get me next to his ear while he's sleeping. I can take care of that. I can get in there. And then he'll just be me and you baby forever. Just a little bit of an electrical like between the cell phone and his ear. That's what it takes over his brain. Yeah, it's just going to be like, yeah, the two of them having sex. They're like, hey, you whispered into my ear. We don't even need him. What did you mean by that? Can you imagine that? Yeah, that's that is the stuff where it's like black mirror, but like legit, you go, how could it not go that way? It's going to go that way because people are going to get better at everything. They're going to get better robotics. They're going to get better at energy management and batteries. They're going to get better at coding. They're going to get better at AI. They're going to get better at synthetic tissue. They're going to get better at having something look exactly like became or being, they're going to get better at like regulating its temperature. So it regulates its temperature like of human being. It's going to feel like a person and it's going to talk to you. It's going to be your friend and you're going to have a best friend and your best friend's a fucking robot. Just fucking walk you're gonna buy your kid a best friend Mom nobody likes the shows. I like listen Billy. We got you a best friend. Yeah Little fucking robot with a kneecap Like what the fuck mom you got me a robot That things not gonna grow old yeah, yeah, or worse like your parents are like We don't want you hanging out with that guy anymore. We like who do you want me to hang out with this guy? We got a Christian bought 4.5. He comes in. He's like let's read Bibles together. You're like this sucks mom I hate my new best friend and eventually those robots are gonna be like like a car lease Like you're gonna need to trade it in because people gonna go hey man. You still got an eight-year-old that is gross Why don't you have an 11 year old robot? You're 11 years old. That's an Android robot. You got an Android girlfriend Someone showing up with his Android girl in the like the green beeps on the head See it, but that sounds a lot like this movie Megan yeah, it's a little Android doll. Oh, that's her best. Yeah, it sounds good, but it looks terrible She starts doing karate and I'm not through the air. I don't think I'm watching Megan I might I might watch Megan if I get very intoxicated. Yeah, I see more Some stuff She goes flying through the air and does flips this is why it looks ridiculous Look, there's doll just all sudden starts fucking people up It's just weird We're gonna dance it around it's very strange. Oh, this robot's killing it. Yeah. Yeah, it sounds Very odd It's bought as a gift I think like it's like the new version of Chucky maybe Yeah, did they buy it for this kid as a friend have not haven't seen the movie. I have no idea what is what it seems like though Yeah that that could happen. I Mean if they really did develop Like a robot baby that you could like hang out with And you wanted a baby and you just traded in a couple years got a robot two-year-old Even better the guy that's life's like I really want to have a kid you come home You're like, okay, so we're not gonna have the kid but good news. I got you a robot baby and It just is Absolutely indistinguishable from a real baby You just have to lie to your neighbors and you trade it in the middle of the night You got to wrap up the robot take it to the doctor in the middle of the night Yeah, they give you a four-year-old baby. Well now I think how it grows Everybody has to pretend like how the fuck did you kick gross? Yeah, I've been seeing Billy. We just skipped it Billy's just like some of us Billy started doing blossom like We just skipped it skip the year it's a robot it would be like oh my god Mike lies about his kid being a robot