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How did the laptop, how did this laptop become this big story? That's where it gets tricky. Yeah, I'm curious. Because supposedly he dropped it off at a laptop repair shop in Delaware. What an idiot. I mean, who's doing that? Well, a crackhead. Right. Right. Good point. The guy's smoking crack. I keep forgetting he smokes crack. Well, he did at the time. Apparently he's kicked it. So congratulations to him. But the guy had some problems. This is self admitted and they have the receipts and they, here's the thing. He calls him dozens of times. Everybody knows when you bring a laptop or anything and they say, if you don't pay for this, we're going to wipe it and sell it. And so three months goes by, six months goes by. Nobody ever comes and gets it. The guy goes to look at it at the repair shop, the owner, and there's all these 25,000 files, what looks like underage girls and all the rest of this crazy stuff and him smoking crack or God knows what he gives it. The FBI raid does nothing. The director hides it from Trump. And so people, let's just say inside that had copies of that, they leak it to Rudolph Giuliani who then now has started to put it out. So instead of, instead of facing up to it, they just say anyone promoting this, whether it's the house or Senate committees that were linking to it or the New York post or the president's press secretary, you're now banned, which again shows it's, it's election meddling. It's gatekeeping to cover this up. But I'll tell you what else has come out now. His daughter, Biden's daughters, purportedly, reportedly, and they've not denied it now, it was brought three days ago, left her diary in a house that she had rented. And the diary talks about all the same stuff and everything. That is so convenient. What the fuck is wrong with this family? Will you jump in? Hold on, hold on. Jamie, when I was looking into this, the thing I keep seeing people say is that he lived in California. He lived in California at times. That is true. That's what I keep reading. But they fly back and forth to Delaware. I mean, these are jet setters. They fly to Ukraine. That also might make sense that that's why he didn't go back to Delaware to pick up the laptop because when you're cracked out in California, it's really hard to make the flight. All right. Right? I don't know. How about Tim is the only one here who's probably smoked crack. Guys, guys, guys. The FBI confirms they have the laptop now. I will confirm it's not an easy flight coming down off cocaine or crack. Have you smoked crack or just- I've never had free-based cocaine, which is- Well, that's basically- Yeah, it's close. How close is it? Not as close as where I ever went and made shady deals in the Ukraine. Well, that's- Never done that. By the way, that's in the emails. That's in the emails. Finally, where it's like, yeah, I think 30 million, part of it goes to the big guy. They're like, okay, we want to meet with your dad. There's photos of them meeting and playing golf. So let me tell you, this is real. The FBI has the files. They admit it's real. It's a big deal. But it's a real problem to ban this stuff from Twitter. Putin rejects Donald Trump's criticism of Biden family business. Well, because it's Russia's bribing Hunter Biden- 3.5 million. 3.5 million through Putin, through the Moscow mayor who he's friends with to Hunter Biden again. Well, if I was Putin, I would deny it too. Listen, Putin has got to love this. If I was Putin sitting back, watching these fucking people eat themselves alive and destroy the First Amendment, destroy democracy, and I'm sure they have a hand in it. I'm sure China has a hand in it. I'm sure Iran has a hand in it. This is what the intelligence communities have been telling us for a long time now is that it's not just one foreign company or foreign country that's trying to fuck with our democracy. It's multiple. Yeah, the idea that the Russians have a monopoly on this. No. I mean, if the Russians were an NFL football team, they'd be like the lower third. By the way- The US and China are the top teams. Right. Right. And we should say the United States does it too. Sure. It's 100% confirmed. The United States- The only thing that the Russians got Trump in is asinine because here's what happens. Notice they tried to impeach Trump just nine months ago for stuff in Ukraine because whatever they are worried about, they project. So Trump doesn't have Russia connections. Trump doesn't have those connections. Trump doesn't have those outside connections. You can't buy him. He doesn't have lobbyists. The problem is he then has family and people around him that basically become lobbyists for themselves and Trump isn't really even aware of it and then that's going on. I mean, even junior aides now, you'll find out, have people given them millions of dollars just to say something to the president. Is this standard shit? Is this just how politics have always been done? It's just now we're seeing it? Well, it was standard, let's say 200 years ago that you'd go out for the wife or the brother or somebody that works at the White House. It got organized the last 100 years with lobbyists. Trump literally cut the lobbyist off, but all it did was now make everyone around him a lobbyist, even though they're not officially a lobbyist. What did he cut the lobbyists off? He just stopped meeting with him and stopped and just said, I want briefings on what's going on. I'll decide. So that's why he pissed official Washington off. Not that he's even perfect, but that he actually became the president for making decisions himself instead of having consortiums and lobbyists pay him for policy. That's why he says Biden's raised more money than me. Of course I can call up all these companies. They'll give me any money I want, but I got to do what they say. But it would put him in a compromised position. Yes, but I'm being honest about it. The vacuum and the blind spot is that then everyone around him in his cabinet and everyone that works there, even down to mid-level people are now getting multimillion dollar contracts for companies like AT&T and stuff just to just to just to even mention something. But hold up before you do any further, you said AT&T. Has it been proven that it's AT&T or are you just saying AT&T like companies? Let's just say, I'm not saying AT&T is bad. I think AT&T is overall good company. But is AT&T doing something bad? No, I just I was mentioning that as a Fortune 500 company. Okay, but it's not AT&T. No, it's not AT&T. So we shouldn't say that. See, this is why you need someone that's like a fact checker right next to you. Going slow down. The media will say I'm wrong about that, but okay. But no, no, hold on. His personal lawyer, the one that ended up going to jail, actually. Michael Cohen. Michael Cohen was getting money from AT&T. Go ahead and pull it up. I mean, I was just trying to give you a gestalt quick analysis. But I just want to... I've told you before, what you really need on your show is like a legit journalist who's right next to you with a laptop going, Alex, hold on, hold on. Just slow down. But I think you're right about that because... But you get so much right, but when you get something wrong, that's what people understand is AT&T confirms it paid Trump lawyer Michael Cohen's company. Yeah. I remember that. See, Joe, they're always saying that I'm making stuff out of their mind. Every once in a while, my memory used to be photographic, but from everything I've done, it's not as good as it used to be. It moves really quick. Okay. I was just saying stuff, it's just data knowledge. Okay. And then I can like, okay, yeah. Did I say that? Yeah, it's real. Check it out. But I'm not trying to make stuff up. 99% of the time. Here it is. AT&T confirmed Tuesday evening that paid President Trump's personal lawyer Michael Cohen in 2017 for, in quotes, insights into understanding the new administration. Insights. I love that. So how much they pay him? 200,000 bucks and four separate payments of 50 bucks in late 2017, early 2018. Interesting. Yeah, but he got paid. The number was 10 million total from a handful of companies. But they didn't. He did it shady. Look, Evan, not he alleged that essential consultants, a shell company set up by Cohen before the election to pay Stormy Daniels was paid by several corporations, including AT&T. At the time, AT&T was seeking government approval for its acquisition of Time Warner, CNN's parent companies. It's a merger. It's a dirty world. Yeah. Yeah. And it was a sweetheart compared to Google and Facebook and Twitter and all these people. So I wasn't attacking them. I was giving the example of how everyone in his entourage becomes a lobbyist because he thinks I'll just cut lobbyists off. He's not taking any money. But then everyone around him becomes a lobbyist. That's what I'm saying. Episodes of the Joe Rogan experience are now free on Spotify. That's right. They're free from September 1st to December 1st. They're going to be available everywhere. And after December 1st, they will only be available on Spotify, but they will be free. That includes the video. The video will also be there. It'll also be free. That's all we're asking. Just go download Spotify. Much love. Bye bye. Mmm. Mmm. Mmm. Mmm. Mmm. Mmm. Mmm. Mmm. Mmm. Mmm. Mmm. Mmm. Mmm. Mmm. Mmm. Mmm.