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JR Questions Everything

Full episodes of Joe Rogan Questions Everything, which originally aired on SYFY in 2013.


This season on Joe Rogan questions everything all my life. I've been fascinated by bizarre subjects chemtrails UFOs Bigfoot we're gonna go deep deep deep into all these crazy subjects I am gonna look at everything with a totally objective open mind We do not have pieces of a UFO. You don't have an alien head. I'm sorry. I have to correct you Are you worried about engineered diseases? Will we all be in the matrix? I? Will do everything it takes to investigate these bizarre subjects. We're on a trail here But if we turn towards where we went in we're gone I'm sure there's people in towers that are watching our action here. Let's get out of here. What exactly is that doing? Weird I'm gonna talk to scientists. We could affect earthquakes volcanic eruptions. That's turning the earth into a weapon Should I be terrified? Absolutely. I want to talk to experts. How scary is a pandemic virus? They're gonna have a huge death toll and people that are just crazy My meters going off the charts here with this that's not evidence of anybody spraying anything I think the debate is over. What is going on? Do you think we're on the verge of achieving immortality? Where is the thing that you can bring to science and say explain this bitch? Will you be a fully developed human one day? Don't ask so many questions This is what I've been looking forward to my whole life Tonight I'm going after my own personal obsession Bigfoot it bumps my left shoulder and it continues to walk past is Bigfoot real. What is he? My first thought was gorilla. It's big push human hybrid We're dealing with something that every bit as intelligent as we are ourselves or possibly stone-age Descendant of man that retreated into the woods. How come nobody's getting any pictures of these things? Now this is awesome We're going deep into the trees could have been a person who did this But why would they in the middle of a swamp to tell you that Bigfoot did it? I'm gonna put the experts to the test who got a hip within for sound this is bizarre and take a hard look at the evidence What do you think it's diet is anything it walks my Going off the charts here with this we've sent you some samples. We actually got DNA We're about to go squatch it anything could be out here if Bigfoot is out there the hell is that? My god, I want to be the one who finds him Why is this Bigfoot thing so compelling why am I so interested in this and why isn't it just a completely ridiculous idea? Well for one reason because they're constantly finding new hominids and new ape species all the time like the hobbit man a little tiny Three-foot-tall man-like creature that lived alongside humans as recently as 13,000 years ago There's also a thing called gigantic Pythagus and this is where it gets really weird. They believe that this animal was bipedal meaning it stood on two legs eight to ten foot tall enormous ape creature a real live Sasquatch that lived as recently as 100,000 years ago does that mean there's really a Sasquatch? Not necessarily, but it makes it interesting Lots of people claim to have seen Bigfoot, but many of them are kind of sketchy characters Dr.. Matthew Johnson is not he's a very reputable man. He's a child psychologist and his story is quite compelling You might be noticing my sweet fanny pack You got to have very open hands if you're dealing with squatches You got to be ready to wrestle yourself out of a tough situation. You don't be stuck carrying your keys How did you get involved in this we were always a believer I was not always a believer in July 1st 2000 we decided to take the kids on the big tree loop trail and we're up the mountain about a mile We're walking through very thick trees and brush and all sudden down wind comes this putrid stench And we're hearing this deep bass mammal And then I hike up the slope probably about 60 feet away from the wife and kids and Also, and I see movement out of the left corner of my eye. I turn in I look and that's when I saw a big foot I hit the trail I run up to my family and I go go go let's move now At that moment in time These very strong protective instincts kicked in you know that's my family that experience was so deeply Seared into my brain that every time I bring it up. I still feel what I felt I can only imagine how weird it would be to have that memory and to try to explain it to people Without it sounding completely crazy. You're of the mind that this is not a gigantic bifurcus, you know if you look on a continuum of human being and Apricorilla, I would put the Sasquatches somewhere in the Two-thirds range this is a human hybrid if dr. Johnson is right and Bigfoot is a human-animal Hybrid that is a major twist Johnson grabbed his fiance and took me to his Bigfoot habituation area, which is Basically his backyard. I used to do aggressive research We used night vision equipment deer cams seismic sensors and never got anything with that and people kept saying You know you need to do habituation So I thought you know what leave the high-tech equipment at home come out here and just hang out It's about midnight, so it's pitch dark out here So we're sitting here and within 30 minutes you can hear them Coming in and then I start talking to my calm psychologist voice We're here to be your friends. We're here to get to know you. We're the ones that have left food for you No sooner than I said that this path right here One of them started walking right up toward us And it spins me around like I'm a little kid as it continues to walk past back through that area So you saw this yes, what was it like when it hit Matt's shoulder? I was just sitting there with my mouth hanging open. I could not believe that That I still can't believe it. How come nobody's getting any pictures of these things that are that close to people It just seems like the odds are that a camera trap or something you know catch one. They're very elusive. That's the point What's really weird to me is this idea amongst Bigfoot believers that a Sasquatch can sense cameras and Recording devices and avoid them. I mean if this thing really is an animal like a chimp or a gorilla It's hard to believe that it's that clever unless it's some sort of human hybrid I need some science. I'm gonna meet with a man named dr. Jeff meldrum. He is a PhD in anthropology And he also is an expert in human movement. I Invited dr. Meldrum to come talk to Duncan and me on one of my podcasts Check check check we get tell me we're ready Dr. Meldrum, thank you very much for coming here and talking to us about all things Squatch Duncan and I are very excited about this I remember when I was a kid and being so convinced and excited that there was a big hairy man living in the woods What is it about Bigfoot that speaks to man? I there are different levels I mean, there's the just simply the mystery something that's undiscovered unresolved. I think there's an added mistake because it's so human-like Here's something you said that unfortunately disturbs me And that is you talked about the Patterson footage as if it wasn't BS The Patterson Bigfoot footage is essentially the holy grail of Sasquatch evidence What they claim is that what you're seeing is a female Bigfoot walking across a riverbed Patterson footage to me looks like a dude in a monkey suit. I Can't even see what's going on. This is all blurry It doesn't look real to me that thing does not walk like a gorilla it walks like somebody who's late for a meeting Well, what about Bob? Hieronymus the guy who says that he was in the suit and the guy who when he walks looks like Bigfoot Well, he doesn't actually want interesting. No, he doesn't look like it. His lip proportions are completely off I've seen chimps walk on two legs. I've seen gorillas. I've seen primates move They move differently than people do this feels like an Tend to be Bigfoot that similarity is Largely due to the fact that this is another biped that uses a mode of locomotion That's very similar but not identical to our own it walks with a slightly bent ankle knee and hip And so instead of the head bobbing along like we walk Miss moon exactly so to my eye that confirms the credibility rather than refutes it Really? Yeah So now we've talked to two intelligent people that believe in Bigfoot dr. Meldrum and dr. Johnson Dr. Johnson also believes Bigfoot may be a hybrid and there's a doctor who agrees with him that also has Scientific evidence to back up that claim. I'm gonna meet with a dr. David Swenson. He has a PhD in oncology He's a genetics expert and he has published over 39 papers. He's gone over some of the new genetic evidence It's been published and he firmly believes that Bigfoot is a real animal Based on your analysis of the DNA. What is your conclusion? There is an unknown animal that appears to be some kind of a hybrid between a human and something else Coming up is it possible that Bigfoot has a human mother? I don't think you can fake all that DNA and later My god gathering up evidence and getting deep into the woods in search of Bigfoot I'm talking to dr. David Swenson about the latest Bigfoot DNA study and we're going deep down the rabbit hole Based on your analysis of the DNA. What is your conclusion? There is an unknown animal that appears to be some kind of a hybrid between a human and something else Really? Yes some sort of unknown animal got it on with a human female and she gave birth to a Bigfoot thousands of years ago what For someone like me who's not educated in genetics explain what you found Well, I took a look at the data on chromosome 11 And what's interesting is I did indeed find large regions that don't match up with anything The claim was is that this has a human mother at some point in history The problem with this whole study is nobody believes in Sasquatch Anyone who would work on it as a quack and that is not necessarily true new things are found every day You are obviously a man of science or trained in this what's so intoxicating about to you DNA sequencing That was what it took. That's what caught me because up to that point. It was a myth and a hoax It's nuts. It's crazy talk a bunch of crazy people with hoaxes you read this DNA sequencing and you're like, oh my goodness This is a real animal Could be a real man. It could be a real. Yes. How do you think it could be fake? I don't think you can fake all that DNA But as a scientist, I want the damn thing to bite my fingers off before I'm gonna believe it. I'm with you fascinating talking to dr. Swenson and Fascinating that a man of his credentials actually believes it might be possible that a Sasquatch is a real animal But it also started to get me thinking they have more than 100 samples of Bigfoot DNA in that study What if I could collect some Bigfoot DNA of my own and that's where Tom Powell comes in He's a science teacher in Portland, Oregon He's got one of the most extensive collections of Bigfoot evidence in the country and he's gonna let us analyze some of it One of the things about Portland, Oregon and the Pacific Northwest in general, that's kind of amazing is look back behind us See that that was you can't see through that the woods and the trees and the greenery are so Dense, but if there was some kind of a weird animal that was very elusive That's where I would want to hide So Tom Powell has been studying Bigfoot and he is a believer We're gonna meet him and we're gonna find out whether or not he's right Come Joe, all right, sir. See you man. What do you got here for me, buddy? Got all kinds of stuff Where do we begin as a scientist? Why do you think that this is all anybody ever gets these imprints of this thing? It just seems that there's a lot of hunters in this area There's a lot of camera traps that people set up on game trails. Why have none of these things caught a Bigfoot? We're dealing with a creature that is much smarter than what most people realize. It's more Closely related to a human we're dealing with something that's very intelligent every bit as intelligent as we are ourselves Let's look at some of the physical evidence I have in the room There probably is evidence already in hand That is better than what we're likely to go out and get in the woods. You're a hundred percent convinced, right? You're not like pretty sure that there's no I would call myself 95% sure there are people who are obsessed with the concept of Sasquatch Frankly, I'm not one of them Casts all around pictures of Bigfoot on your walls For me it's a hobby I collect evidence because it's forced me to reevaluate my own scientific dogma So what can you tell me about these prints? This one seems to show dermal ridges. So if you look at this heel right there You see fingerprint like swirls. Mmm that Are thought to be difficult or maybe impossible to fake. Yeah, that's pretty interesting If these dermal ridges are fake it means whoever faked them has a deep knowledge of the anatomy of the foot So I'm gonna put these dermal ridges into the very interesting pile If a person's going to fake a trackway like this they would make one set of tracks and they would Trump around in the ground. So this is a fake track Whoa What do you think its diet is? Anything it wants maybe we should look at the scat that I've been given and we can see what the scat tells us about their diet this way This one I think is the most compelling of all if there was one and only one that I would have tested This is it. It certainly tells us a lot about this creature's diet And that is it's eating what is I think beer hair little hairs What makes you think that that would be Sasquatch scat as opposed to a bear scat these cylindrical logs? That's something that really is more human in terms of the scat We're done with that. That looks good with the hair. This one was found on a fence and the person felt that the creature That left it stepped over the fence and and left it on a barbed wire So we'll do tests on this stuff and try to figure out what it is and we should be able to get a pretty concrete answer I do think that the evidence for the existence of a group of creatures is much stronger than most people realize It was great talking mr Powell and I thank you very much for the bigfoot poop if it turns out to be real i'm gonna be a happy man I'm sending hair and scat samples to dr. Todd dis hotel a primatologist at nyu To see what he has to say But physical evidence isn't the only thing that we think we have from bigfoot We're about to talk to a guy that claims that he has something even more interesting in a form of evidence Audio evidence his name is r scott nelson, and he's a crypto linguist He worked for the u.s Navy for over 18 years and he has heard recordings of sasquatch that he believes due to his expertise indicate a real Discovered language a big monkey that lives in the woods and talks for real You are a voice crypto linguist crypto linguists are trained in the uh, the techniques of uh, The recovery of the human voice on tape. How did you get involved in distinguishing bigfoot sounds my son? He says dad. What do you think? Bigfoot sounds like so I said well, let's let's google it and find out and they had these samplings and immediately I knew three things. It was not a human being they were speaking in a complex language and number three that they were not fake That had to be a very strange moment for you changed my whole paradigm. Where is this sound coming from? What is this recording this particular one was uh recorded in 1972 on the top of the sierra, nevada's What about these sounds makes you believe that they are really bigfoot and not hoax? I had been trained in deceptive practices of voice manipulation. These tapes had none of that Play some of what you heard that that freaked you out You hear the snarls and the growls Coming up I just have to tell you my Leader's going off the charts here with this and later dude. Oh my god Dude I I'm with r scott nelson a language expert and he thinks that some of the recordings attributed to bigfoot are not only real But that bigfoot is speaking in a very complex language much like humans do Play some of what you heard that that freaked you out You hear the snarls and the growls in between the articulations of yeah giggle whoop me watch food plain food Is that it? It's very clearly a complex language it sounds very similar to like chimpanzee chattel Chimps going crazy Right except until you slow it down and chimpanzee cannot say giggle whoop me watch food plain food They don't have the ability to articulate those sounds what i'm going to play here. This is this is the sasquatch, right? Over here is a human being trying to mimic the sasquatch See that's the human trying to mimic I just have to tell you my meters going off the charts here with this you're saying that that sound could not be made by a human No I just did it There you go. That sounds like a bad kung fu movie. Are you gonna even hear the kung fu sounds? You hear that that's a kung fu movie That's a kung fu movie. Someone's playing in the woods. Nope. No, let me play you something that will convince you Oh, good luck See right there that's the language Vanannu wa nagibush well that that definitely sounds more like an animal There's no animal on the face of the earth that can say vanannu wa nagibush Like how can you attribute both of those sounds to the same animal? They're wildly different. Well, whether they're the same animal or not They both have language Some of that bigfoot language sounded ridiculously fake But some of it sounded really freaky and weird and we're talking to a guy like r scott nelson a crypto linguist who really understands language And he's convinced they're actually saying something it makes you think Okay Ready The world that we see today. We pretty much have a good account of what's alive in almost every place Absolutely, but the idea of an intelligent ape-like human like thing That's where people bump much if they came out and said we found an intelligent ape-like being living in its own Civilization that would make news forever. We're putting up a bunch of links and evidence all about the squash on sci-fi Dot-com. Okay. Why is the idea of seeing bigfoot one of the most exciting things if you said to me Joe, would you rather be able to fly or actually meet bigfoot? Wow, I would say i'll take bigfoot Because i've got some questions. I want to know if it's real, you know what bigfoot's gonna say to you What he's gonna say why didn't you fly? Big flying Pick flying. Duncan. There's only one way to solve this problem Will you go to the woods with me and go squatching? No Come on. I'm sorry. Why would I deny? Yeah, of course. I'll go. It's a dream come true. I'd love to go squash All right. Let's go. Squatch. Let's do it. Let's do this Getting out into the woods to hunt for bigfoot is a childhood dream of mine come true. Are you kidding me? This is gonna be awesome So i'm gonna go with dunkin and head up to washington state Our first stop is a general store in greenwater, washington for supplies But up in these parts, you never know who you're gonna run into Like this woman barbara. She works at the general store and she is no stranger when it comes to bigfoot I've been having experiences here for years. I just never realized that's what it was until I actually saw it You didn't know that they were bigfoot? Well, there was so many times over the years that things would happen You know, i'd hear strange sounds and rocks being thrown at us And I just never made the connection until I actually saw one and then it was light bulbs went off, you know What do they sound like? Well, the screams sound like a siren. Can you do an impression of it? Oh And then it stops that's creepy you should hear the talking the talking is what's creepy What does it talking sound like? It's a deep gutter roll chattering? When I heard barbara make those sounds it sounds exactly like the sounds that I heard when talking to r scott nelson It definitely sounds like they're talking about the same kind of creature, but why no photographs? Why no good video just aren't prepared when they're out there when it happens It's just like that by the time you get your camera on and rolling. It's gone. They're like ninjas Kind of yeah the ninjas of the forest. Yes monkey ninjas monkey ninjas wow So now that we've got our supplies we're heading for the woods But being out here is bringing back some memories for duncan. I did encounter A strange creature that I can't explain and uh, I I was walking through the woods and came out onto this lake And I saw this like Duck but it wasn't a duck. It seemed too big. It's it's neck seemed too long and it was looking at me in this really evil way Was it a goose? It could have been a goose so Now we're about to meet steve and john two members of the washington sasquatch research team In pierce county where we're going is the number one county in the nation for bigfoot sightings and these guys are the experts In squatching they've offered to let us stay with them at one of their bigfoot hot spots in the woods If there's a squatch out there, I want to be the guy who finds him. Steve Wilkins. Nice to meet you. John channett. Nice meeting john What's the most impressive thing that you've ever seen out here? We're all wood knocking and the purpose of a wood knocking we think they use it to communicate or maybe it's a mating call What a crude way to have a mating call you knock on a tree with a stick and here's a couple of pink monkeys pounding on a tree He's pissed and he zaps these guys with infrasound essentially and it comes from the guttural sound in his chest And it causes fear anxiety Nasha it's like wading into the surf. It's just like waves hitting you and all the hair on your body goes like Like that it's for the folks at home trying to pay attention squatching wood knocking and infrasound All right, let's do this Thank you follow us crossing our fingers Coming up anything could be out here. Oh my god Dude We're in the forest of the pacific northwest It's not only beautiful, but it's like walking into another world a world where a big hairy eight foot hominid might live It's so moist out here. It's crazy. This is nuts I've heard a lot of accounts and i've spoken with a lot of people But now i'm gonna go into the woods and look for sasquatch myself Let's go check this out. This is the road how we got in here and just to give you an idea of how incredibly dense These woods are We're just gonna walk in in real time so you can kind of get a grip on this One of the only reasons why An animal of this size that they're talking about could possibly be out here It's just some of the densest wilderness in the united states. We're on a trail here But if we stop like right here and turn towards where we went in We're gone We don't we don't even know where we are And you could be a hundred yards away watching people from the trees and you would never allow them to get close enough to get to you I mean this is Insane dense forest. I certainly don't think that anyone has a real accurate account Of what's going on in the entirety of these woods Duncan and I would be lost out here by ourselves But luckily we have steve and john from the washington sasquatch research team to guide us through We're thinking we're taking our gifting stone. Let's go. Let's go check it out. Okay now i'm excited We're already in bigfoot's backyard and we're about to get deeper into the woods. Look at this Ah the gifting stump Here's a gifting stump So you leave this stuff as a kind of gift offering to see if bigfoot takes anything. Yep, dude, it's been moved Review you see the pink on the little ball toy is facing the point. Oh, yeah This rock and now it's facing that rock totally right. It's moved just about every time we come out. He'll change something I gotta be honest. I thought the gifting stump was kind of dumb just because there's some stuff that gets moved That's sitting on a log. There's a lot of animals out there very easily something could have bumped into that Why do you leave stuff like rocks and sticks? Why not? Um, like food or well food will be eaten by rodents If you put down a piece of chicken extra crispy, it's gone There'll be some more interesting evidence as a bigfoot in the woods You'll see saplings broke off at six feet high snap when they're angry. They'll snap them Let's go look at that. All right See that's not cut Right. It's broken. That's a pretty difficult thing to snap. That's a fat piece of wood and it's not that big So the wind didn't do it This is kind of interesting to try to do that to try to grab a hold of it human and pull on it I mean, how would you do that? You'd have to be way up here when you have to grab it way up here Yeah, but if I grabbed that and I told you to break that if that was a frickin way, I told you to break that Forget it. It would bend That's gotta be really hard to do Steve and john are pointing out what they believe is evidence that bigfoot was here That's the teepee. See the teepee structure here. It looks like it could easily have been naturally falling branches not naturally fallen branches Wow Yeah, this is definitely picked up. Yeah, that's suspended. It's not touching the ground It does look like something tried to make it If somebody really made that teepee tree thing to try to fake bigfoot evidence, that's quite an undertaking It could have been a person who did this but why would they in the middle of a swamp To tell you that bigfoot did it. Yeah, possibly but who picked this up and brought it over here. See the bottom of this Yeah, that's where's the root ball from that? There is no root below it and in fact is the root of this tree below it not this correct and it's floating That means somebody wedged it in there. This is amazing That was not something that was created by nature So either someone did it to try to fake some bigfoot evidence or that was actually done by a sasquatch Now if somebody actually did it to fake evidence, that's quite an undertaking. It doesn't mean that they didn't do it But it does make it pretty interesting This is bizarre broken branches and stumps are one thing, but i'm not sure if they're gonna help us find bigfoot It's a good thing that steve and john use some modern technology, too We set up recording devices and camera traps all around the camp. We're also using time lapse cameras, too This takes a picture every five seconds from sunrise to sunset. What's the weirdest thing you ever took a picture with a blob squash? A what a blob squash? That's a blurry squatch. It's a blurry bigfoot. Yeah, that's wild. Let's find a good look angle Oh, yeah, that just went flat into the ground From almost all accounts bigfoot appears to be nocturnal you rarely if ever see him during the day So with night falling we're going to go into night ops and break out the night vision and the thermal cameras It's time to get into the woods and do some serious squatching This is rad I'm recording uh thermal. Hold on do a real quick sweep So Bigfoot cannot hide from a thermal image. Okay, let's just behind a tree These are some deep woods, you know anything could be out here do you guys do calls? Can you call us one? Well, we don't we don't do calls. We do knocks some squatchers believe wood knocking is basically morse code for bigfoot Want to do some knocks now? Yeah, let's do it. Yeah Yeah, I agree. Let's do some knocking. We're out deeper than we've gone the whole time You're scaring it off ducking That hurt Nah They think bigfoots whack big solid trees with sticks in order to communicate with each other Some even think it may be a bigfoot booty call I can watch the thermal if anything shakes in the tree line. Yeah, hopefully after we do some knocks something'll come running Wow, that's crazy. This looks like a good fur here. Good. Doug furl Echo really loud. Yeah, just mosey on up there Wait for response Hear that snap Thinking this won't be a bad spot to set up we're gonna go up and plant the audio recorder You think we're gonna find them? I think if there's ever a chance that we're gonna find something it's right now Steve's scanning the area using his uh thermal If there's any squash out there, they're behind a tree and they're gonna be peeking Doing the ninja move on you Oh look at that I'm gonna nail it again mojo. Okay, go ahead. Okay, here goes nothing This is crazy I thought I heard something because if they're out there you'll see a little bit of a thermal Whoa, what the hell is that see that? This is wild man. Hey john, what is this? Yes Dude, oh my god The hell is that oh there it is. Oh look look look look look Dude Check out this heat signature You're gonna die dude, this is it yeah, look at it The hell is that it's my thermal oh that's your recorder that's his recorder was still heat to it. Oh my god You Have to pay these guys to delete that scene, dude, dude, it was a long night We spent about three more hours looking for sasquatch But in the end we decided to pack it in and hopefully our mics and cameras picked up something that we didn't Yesterday was pretty cool We didn't get to see a bigfoot but some of the things that steve and john showed us were pretty interesting like the tp of trees We're gonna get the audio mic real quick This morning we're gonna check the mics and the cameras that we set up to see if we got anything Squatchy. Well, here's our recorder. How much would you freak out if it was an obviously non-human voice saying you're never gonna catch me, bitch So we got the recording do you know if it picked up anything well it records everything all right, so we'll head back What do you got brother this is the data that we pulled off john sony recorder and what we'd like to look for is Spikes in the waveform to tell us something was making a noise whether it's a an owl or an animal of any sort And we keep doing that until we find something interesting like right here That's us knocking would be a wood knock so that's you guys knocking wood That's probably not us there What is that? So us nothing So let's take a look at the still camera images The camera's set up to take a picture every five seconds during daylight hours only And primarily we do that because we want to see what's shaking at first light Wow hunters drool when they see this that's so cool. That that really is incredible amazing But if you don't put a camera out Your chances are zero right if you do find one the whole world's gonna be happy and especially all bigfoot dorks like myself We'll be very happy, but you got a big heart and that's all that matters when it's all said No, it's still camping when we're tired with our tired of your regular regular nine to five job Want something mythical and mystical and magical to have you want something interesting? I want to find a damn undiscovered ape It was a very fun time Squatching with dunken and steve and john and I wish them well in their pursuit of the sasquatch and although we didn't get to meet Any big feat we did get to see that interesting teepee thing that was stacked in the middle of the woods It might have been made by a squash I don't know check check check. We're good. Tell me when we're ready anytime One of the things that you and I experienced is we went and we we went to mount rainier We went up there and we wandered through those woods And we went to a bunch of different areas where people have claimed to have seen sasquatch before and the thing that struck me It really is like you're stepping into another dimension. Yes It's beautiful and it's so rich with plant life Yeah When you see how dense it is and how thick it is out there You do start entertaining the idea that there's the possibility that some extremely endangered being could be hiding out in these depths There's something about the amount of trees that you see up there in the density of it all and when you take that in That's when you really start considering it. You really start going maybe sure Okay, we may be down, but we're not out We still have one remaining piece of the puzzle the hair and poop that I collected from tom paul We sent those to todd disotell for analysis Hello, todd. Hey joe, please. Meet you pleasure disotell specializes in primate and human evolution And he can look at this dna data and tell us in an instant. What kind of animal we're looking at How many times has someone brought you something? That was supposedly from bigfoot. I try not to just take them in the mail I only do it if it's pre-arranged by somebody because I would get hundreds if I just said, you know, send me your Let's get to the Evidence now the most famous recent evidence is the dna evidence. What's your take? They did some of the latest cutting-edge science. They sequenced the mitochondrial genomes They did single nucleotide polymorphism analysis just like the forensic people. So those are real technologies and Potentially real data, but they don't show any of the raw data And so they just sort of tell their results their conclusions do not logically follow From the data and the analyses that they present. So, um Essentially, they went looking to find that bigfoot was real right but their interpretation just it's not valid. So funky I'm been a biological anthropologist. I got my phd in 1992 I can't follow three-quarters of that paper I want to be polite. I don't want to say crazy. It's uh, say crazy. It's heterodox What is heterodox? I'm not it's crazy All right, so we we sent you some samples We got three fecal samples from you and two hair samples from you from one of the two hair samples and one of the three feces samples We actually got dna I I'm with nyu professor. Todd dis hotel and the moment of truth has arrived We're about to find out if the poop I gave him was actually bigfoots We've sent you some samples. We got three Fecal samples from you and two hair samples from you We actually got dna Over here on the computer I have the results So look up here. This is good data And if I copy this good clean part of this data And then I run it through this algorithm on the big database. It has shown up as Ursus, Ursus is the genus for bears The closest match was to the american black bear So bears do indeed in the woods in the pacific northwest So I also have the hair sample it's even dirtier, but right here I got a nice little signature of clean sequence And when I run an analysis on that I get Canis lupus wolf coyote and domestic dog Todd dis hotel bigfoot dream crusher. Is there any possibility in your mind that there could be An undiscovered primate that's that big living in someplace like the pacific northwest. I am a very very strong skeptic But this very laboratory has been involved in the discovery of a new species of monkey and two new subspecies of apes I can't say zero. I bet you're right. That's what science is about Well, listen man, you cleared up a lot about the process and you get a much better picture of what's really going on So thank you very much for that Much to my dismay we found no sasquatch But we did have a good time wandering through the pacific northwest and being up there and seeing the density of the forest You really got a sense that nobody really knows Everything that's up there and that's one of the reasons why the whole sasquatch idea is so intoxicating Everybody wants to be the one person that gets that clear picture of the wild man living in the woods Unfortunately for us no such luck, but if you are out there sasquatch well played sir well played Let's see if I can get these trees to communicate with me Guide me to the wild man the forest. I have an open heart I don't feel this is not working