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If life wasn't real it'd be the craziest psychedelic trip ever - Joe Rogan

Joe talks DMT

Joe ''your brain produces DMT during REM sleep'' Rogan


Everybody for years is that I had a whole series on my Instagram page of people doing the okay sign of course including me Back when I had earrings yeah And the other thing is we're at a point now where it's more easy to give the finger to someone than to say okay Yeah, cuz you blur the finger out nobody cares. Yeah, but if you do that like, oh, what is he doing? What is it these touching his fingers? You can't even do like you're holding a joint because that's like a white power joint Like if you're like doing that like a roach That's bad. That's bad How do you have to use a roach clip? It's a ploy by the roach clip industry. She was drunk and I was just trying to avoid her I was trying to avoid her. I'm just trying to avoid her and she goes to me you think you're all fear fact You see my face with this fucking thing of the fingers moving you think you're all fear fact Listen bro. I feel what you're saying and I was only fucking around I was feeling some dead space where we're trying to recalibrate our Reality due to your circumstances and your story being paradigm chipped in I'm not that fucked up. Listen, I want to tell you that Man, I'm giving you a shout out. I love you. We love you. We love it. Oh, no gay stuff This is a late-night podcast. There's a lot of dudes that are listening to this in the shower That Ruskin I didn't do this to be mean I just did this because that's my nature I am the scorpion. You are the frog. This is how shit goes down Have you ever watched a rodeo and felt sorry for the Bulls? Nothing so originally taurine was extracted that way but it is an ingredient in bull semen Okay, so the taurine and red bull probably doesn't come from bull semen, but taurine is in bull semen Okay, so Hitler was getting his taurine right from the tap Sores suck the Bulls dick The best way is to suck upon this You get it from the tap when it is fresh. It is 700% more potent The furos just gets down there. They they hold the bull back with straps and buckles. It's kicking And Hitler gets his sloppy Nazi mouth right over that fat Oh Hog and that is apparently the origin of that upper lip mustache With must was to catch all the succulent drops when he's choking on jizz Flavor saver and that giant bull dick is pummeling the back of his throat and fills it up That when he comes out of his nose because a lot of the jizz comes out of his nose That's just enough mustache to catch the jizz So that's why you add that mustache a lot of people don't know Imagine if women had dicks and men had pussies and we were just really into big dicks To us just as possible. That's entirely possible. Isn't it entirely possible that all these futurists all these Technological innovators they all see the same end game, but isn't it entirely possible? I mean like I mean It's entirely possible. I think it's entirely possible the Clintons are murderers I think it's entirely possible and people like John Anthony West and yourself and some other folks like Graham Hancock are proposing that it's entirely possible that there were many different eras of construction in Egypt and it's entirely possible and I Think it's entirely possible that Lee Harvey Oswald Well, you can't be good at everything. Yeah, that's a fact. It's not possible if you had a magic wand and Someone said you could do whatever you want to fix this. What would you do? You know, like if you were the king of the world said Ed, what are we gonna do? Let's say you become president. You're gonna become president. What do you think? I think we're gonna shout it out shot All right, president Bernie. What do you do? So fascinating. Yeah, I've always thought that was fascinating. It really is fascinating That's fascinating. There's actually a documentary a fascinating documentary. This stuff is so unbelievably fascinating It's like I look at things that are fascinating to me. Absolutely fascinating Roosevelt fascinating. I'm fascinated by wolves I'm so fascinated by animals so fascinated. That is a fascinating book Alaska is a fascinating place. The mind is a fascinating solution. That's fascinating. It's really fascinating man Prison doesn't begin and end at the gate Prisoners in mind. It's locked in one world. That's dead and dying or It's open to a world that's free and alive. Hold on this guy sounds like me Well, do you know the story of Fritz Haber right the guy yes, you know, that's one of the really cool things this Dan Carlin thing on on the history of the Mongols To the risk of repeating myself over and over again, which I do all the time. But when you eat marijuana It's processed by your liver and it produces something called 11 hydroxy Metabolite smell is a weird thing It's really weird that we all accept that there's some invisible shit that we can take in with a hole in our face And what I say is the fart theory and the fart theory is if someone farted and you couldn't smell it You'd have no idea that there's something around you. It's totally completely invisible But if someone farts you fucking smell it, but if you didn't have a nose you'd be just sitting in someone's stench How do we not know that there aren't an infinite amount of things that we just can't detect? I have a theory on that It's called the fart principle. I have no Understanding of how that principle could relate to this, but I'm all ears. Well, this is why this is a bad example This is a bad example, but it's not a bad one if you fart and you didn't have a nose No one would know if we didn't have a sense of smell if we didn't have a sense of smell we could still get Along in this life. No, I agree. There was a way to visually see if food is not an individual hallucination They're all saying but what I what I'm saying is it's entirely possible that there's multiple Dimensions or multiple things that we can't perceive that we haven't we don't have the senses for no I I kind of pull this thing like right up like a fist from your face. There we go I always do battle ropes. Just take a look at how all this microphone on to face about a fist from your face All right Let's try to keep this like a fist from your face pull this a microphone like a fist from your face There we go. Grab this mic and keep it like a fist from your face That's a good reference. It's good. Perfect one Boom and we're live settling up to that microphone Young lady, especially the comics where they go and they get that's a kind of that microphone. I'm sorry buddy universal basic income This is what this is all about. Yes. Yeah, that's what my campaign for president is all about It's a Springfield, Missouri talking the microphone. It's in Springfield, Missouri I read the God delusion in preparation for the keep pull that microphone right up to your face Just get it about a fist away from your face. You don't have to move. Okay, the microphone move for you. Okay Yeah, by the way, if I've been too far off mic this whole time no, you're fine. Okay, we're good psychedelics give me hope for real not joking it sounds ridiculous because people associate psychedelics with with non realistic things with hallucinations they they they They don't look at it the way I look at it. I'm going with okay. Do I try it or do I not or you wanted to do something what I would recommend is Go to Peru and doing like an ayahuasca retreat do one of those After you recommended for me to do ayahuasca I'm sitting at the table one time Joe and I'm people are like Well, why are you down here? You know, I'm like, oh, well a good friend of mine had suggested to go and And I'd mentioned your name and they're like, but Joe just never done. I was And this is before my first drink and I'm thinking what the hell I'm all the way in the Amazon. I'm like, you should go to Mars And and dimethyl trip to me, which is the active ingredient in ayahuasca if you've done that Alex Have you ever done DMT? No, do you want to you've done regular DMT too, right? Yes, does the experience mirror taking synthetic 5meo DMT? Have you ever had psychedelic experiences? I had a crazy dream last night. That was I had DMT trip in my dream. So if you just fed DMT Synthesized to sheep it wouldn't be toxic. What I'm gonna tell you about is your brain produces a chemical while you're sleeping But I'm gonna tell you something and I'm gonna be honest about it You actually the one that that turned me on to at the the DMT the story of Moses and the burning bush To the acacia bush and the acacia tree, which is rich in DMT You know once I did I wanted to do it again and again and again And they said you shouldn't do too much my my I got you know I don't think you should listen to the people say you shouldn't you know too much? I think you should do it as much as you want. That's what I agree with too. Yeah, I agree You could handle it. So my whole life since I was about my first memories where every night Was a DMT trip. So I basically I Don't want this to sound arrogant. It's not I've seen everything listen We all know about Jerry Epstein, okay, and I don't know about Jerry I was the Lolita Express just Google that and what is that Bill Clinton was like on 20 flights first? It was said oh, that's right. Okay That has a temple in it And then he was also flying to this this Middle Eastern country with a chic that's admitted pedophile with multi-million dollar checks And Bill Clinton on the plane and Bill Clinton is a known sexual predator. Okay, so all this stuff's going on and So they start bringing up lawsuits against Donald Trump with Jane Doe's Claiming he'd been with Epstein even though there's no proof in the law because they make you log even on private jets None of it was ever true so this is place Bohemian Grove and the idea was that There all the elites would go there and they would engage in these occult rituals in America Yeah, there is that does seem to be amongst the American ruling elites that does seem to be a pre-clivity fur So Alex films these people Worshiping Molech the owl god there's there's a photo of it there. This is real Yeah I mean they really do have a giant owl and they really do burn some sort of a sacrifice in front of this owl This is real like this isn't like you hear things like that. Like well, that's nonsense, right? because you know, we went in separately to Because Alex got it into his head that maybe I was part of the Bohemian Grove Oh, you're like deep deep inside. Yeah, like the wicked man that I was like learning events and he would be the one So you know, so he went in separately to me. He went and found the undergrowth But when you see that video you have to go Okay, what is this it's been in the newspaper that the shell towers are being used for mind control That sounds like a schizophrenic the significance of the research Explained is that although the cell phone power is low Electromagnetic radiation can nevertheless have an effect on mental behavior when transmitting at the proper frequency. What is this article Jamie? Okay In 96 about human animal hybrids with pigs and cows Yes You got to make you part cows so the cow keeps you doesn't reject it or part pig MIT MIT technology review estimates at about 20 pregnancies of pig human or sheep Human chimeras have been established during the last 12 months in the US total. I was in 2016 I 100% believe it China has made Pig monkey hybrids Alex Jones says they're doing pig humans. I bet he's right. I'm a guarantee. He's right I've talked to hundreds of people now not on air, but I'm gonna make a film on this who've taken ayahuasca and DMT I've not taken it and for obvious reasons and And it's unbelievable because I mean they 100% in San Francisco is the main project site Literally have an alien base and they are literally communicating and they've got like astronaut level people Taking super hardcore levels of drugs and going into meetings with these things and making intergalactic deals and Rick and Andrew have together developed a technology for releasing DMT into human volunteers in a very slow drip that will keep them in the DMT state if they wish for hours on end and and the intention the intention is to use this technology to explore and Map the DMT realm there was like 34,000 of them. Yeah, there was a lot of fucking Nazi scientists brought over on YouTube It says operation paperclip was anywhere from like 1200 to 1500 Search is the total number of admitted congressional hearings In the 1970s operation paperclip Frank Church Committee in the 70s released it. I believe the numbers 34,000 something That's why we grabbed those Nazis. We were like if we don't get them the Russians will and the Germans actually some of their scientists the Russians technology Operations all of that was to beat back the Russians remember the Russians tried to build their space shuttle was half the size Mm-hmm. That was actually the German plan The defectors or those who come over from the other side who we learn from and they just disappear Into I mean they disappear as sort of the CIA's version of witness protection There's a look I told you they gave people samples you pulled it up, but it is fascinating They brought those people over here and that's where the the space program came from The shirt not as a sick joke They already have the CIA that was OSS Okay, the CIA is OSS that's all on record. Okay, I'm glad you questioned me What is OSS again Office of special plans. That was before the CIA and then the CIA came off as a strategic sort of like The office of strategic services. What is this right here? You bring it up Jamie Jamie pull up some video of Al Jolson in blackface But since you brought up the alamagical pull up her mafordite find out that's true. I need to know I much prefer yours is What the fuck is this Jamie the Korean grandmothers of sell sex? How do you pull these up so quick? What do you have on tab? How strange is it that we put? Like a monetary value on actual life itself. Hmm Wow, it's a just such a strange strange concept. Yeah Did you see that guy accidentally hit that moose with his car? No, holy shit Jamie pull that video up pull it up Jamie pull up pull up. Well Jamie pull up that video pull it up Jamie. So he has to do it Look that shit up Jamie Pull it up Jamie pull that video up