Joe Rogan & Roe Jogan Talk DMT Experiences


4 years ago




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If life wasn't real it'd be the craziest psychedelic trip ever - Joe Rogan

Joe talks DMT

Joe ''your brain produces DMT during REM sleep'' Rogan


And I started tripping. Yeah, both of us did. Yeah, both of us did. Three, two, one. Before we were just discussing how EMT can be your friend. You got the right idea. But if you take too much, it's such a seductive little creature. Yeah. Because a little bit of it is like, ah, this is nice. This feels good. But if you get too crazy, it'll take you and take you away on this wild journey of paranoia. When your body feels like it's going to die, it freaks out. I just don't think that there's anything wrong with any of these things. I think there's something wrong with the way we use them. We don't have people like you or centers where people can go, where people can become educated on the proper way to use these drugs. What you're saying is right. When I first explored EMT, you could get five MEO EMT online. Oh, wow. That's crazy. And I bought like a jug of it. What? A container of it. Like the size of this. What? For people to know. That's a lot of- Enough to get high for the rest of your life. Once a month for the rest of you. And that's all you want to do, by the way. That's a legit concern for people to know. Super potent. Psychodelics. Literally is like a transcendent experience and changes your life. I started seeing patterns and seeing things moving. Pull up Alex Gray. He's a psychedelic artist. I mean, all of his stuff is basically tryptamine based art. Yeah, he draws the covers for Tool Albums. There's a ton of them like that one. That is DMT. Oh, yeah. That's what that is. When you do DMT, you see that. Wow. The different chakras of the body. Everything on DMT is ridiculous and preposterous. It's entirely possible that whatever the fuck consciousness is can pass from this stage into another stage. That completely makes sense. When you consider the potency of it and the knowledge that's produced in the body. It is possible. And then also the knowledge of the effects of it, which are just astounding. Literally changed who I am. I had this very bizarre out of body experience, but I don't think I took enough. This vision that I had high on DMT, I saw an infinite number of those. Like Buddhas and shit like that. Like this kind of shit. It's strange because I saw this hundreds of them all over the place. One hovering here. Wow. And then in every direction out from him, there was an infinite number of those. Very well. And they were all hovering and vibrating around me. When you do DMT, you go into that other place. You just cease to exist. And it feels terrifying. One of the last ones, more profound ones, was a bunch of jesters that were all giving me the finger. This is crazy. Then it imploded and became stars. And then it sucked in and became geometric patterns. And then it became neon colored worms that were making love to each other in a giant infinite bundle of yarn. And then when my thoughts went positive, it blossomed like the most beautiful flowers. I just let it go. Like, Oh, I see. I see. I'm doing it myself. Then boom. And then he just relax and enjoy. Like this is so beautiful. And because you're looking at something so beautiful, that feeling of seeing beauty makes it more beautiful. I just can't even more. And my tears are rolling down my eyes. How many grandmas are out there that are listening to this going, what the fuck is this guy talking about? I'm going to freak out about it. I don't care. All you have to do is get Donald Trump high on DMT and he's going to see the light. Maybe that's true. Yeah. Maybe they can program it like DMT, like little nanobots that go right through the, right through the penis hole. Some perfect Russian robot fuck doll. Just locks him up and, you know, right in there. He's just takes a boner. Just thinking about the human body produce five MEO DMT. Yeah. So your body's producing DMT. It is produced by the pineal gland in live rats. The eye of Horace is really the pineal gland. Google, uh, how'd you know that pineal gland eye of Horace? Is that a real thing? Looks on the right, the actual pineal gland and look at the eye on the left. So that's fucking similar. That looks crazy. It's entirely possible that they figured that out. I think when they were doing these heavy psychedelic drugs, which by the way, we're absolutely being used by them. Very obvious process. The monoamine oxidase inhibitor along with the plant that contains the DMT, boil it down. Everybody knows how to do it. I know there's somebody out there that wants to do it. It's an amazing conversation. I really appreciate it. I'd love you wish we could do it more often. Shut this fucking show down. Thanks folks. See you soon. Bye. Bye. Who's the dude who made a bunch of really funny videos on YouTube? Pull up a fire films. Look at that. Wow. I love those.