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Dave Smith is a stand-up comedian, libertarian political commentator, and podcaster. He's the host of the "Part of the Problem" podcast, as well as a co-host of the "Legion of Skanks” podcast. www.comicdavesmith.com

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Pathetic defence of Hamas. The woke mind virus has made this guest hate his own people. A woke American comedian that thinks he knows more on the subject than professor Gad Saad. No real push back from Joe. Disappointing.





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Did you see Hochul, what she said, that young black kids don't know what a computer is? Did you see her say that? Oh my god and all these dudes did these hilarious videos where these young black guys like got around a computer and they stared at it and beat it until it gets... There's like a... It's like an age thing too, because that used to kind of be the line that like liberals would say, you know, the problem with black kids is they just don't have any role models They've never been exposed to this but it's just totally not true anymore and sometimes now because they're from a different generation They'll still say that and you're like are you have you been around black people lately saying young poor black kids Don't know what a computer is is so crazy They've got one in their pocket It's such a dumb Crazy They've got one in their pocket It's such a dumb thing to say It's amazing that you could say something like that and be the governor of a major state Don't even know what the word computer is Oh, they're not even familiar with the term? They don't know these things Like is she doing a survey man where did you get this data well this is why Malcolm X said that there's nothing more racist than a white liberal yes because it's shit like this well they're weak weak people are dangerous weak people that don't like strength are dangerous they're dangerous because they want to suppress everything. That's what spook you about it. Weak people scare the shit out of me, more than even like totalitarians do sometimes, because they eventually become totalitarian. You know, it's like the bullied become the bullies, you know, they want payback. But it's just that weak liberal men are to me that they're so detestable, the weak [2:08] ones. I mean, there's some intelligent, brilliant liberal men that just, that's their philosophy. And I think if you're not exposed to the pitfalls of liberalism, if you don't see what happens to your state when those policies get enacted specifically when things go south. If everything was going great, like no one gave a shit who the mayor of Los Angeles was in 2015, because everything was great. You know, it was like, there was no problem. So, Obama was president, the economy was doing good, we weren't at war really, kind of we were, but it wasn't affecting us. Right. Well, there's something on that topic of like weakness of modern liberals, because I was in late last year, I was in San Diego, and I haven't been to, I mean, I've been to LA a couple of times, but much less than I used to go, like when you were out there, and I haven't been to San Francisco in years. [3:03] But I was in San Diego, and it's like, you know, you've been there. It's like a beautiful city downtown and where we were, it's a great comedy club, the American comedy company down there. No, great club. Great club, love that place. And I'm like downtown and we're going at me and my buddy Rob Bernstein, very funny comedian who's with me on the trip. We're like walking around in the great restaurants, really nice little day, but then there's just blocks that are taken over by these homeless encountments. And right next to them, it's like all these young professionals and these nice restaurants in this nice city, and I was just thinking about that. Like how are all of the men here? So weak that they won't just kind of like put their foot down and be like, hey, no, we're not going to put up with this. Like we're not just, it's almost like this, like, niceness has taken over to the point that you can't even defend this cool city that you have here. And I'm not saying like, bash the homeless people with clubs or anything like that. [4:02] I'm just saying like, why are you allowing this to happen? And it is like a profound weakness that we'd feel like bad people if we were to say we don't want junkies covered in shit right next to our outdoor dining. You're like, no, that would just be reasonable. Well, what they need is a reasonable plan to help these people. If you really care, if you really care, you gotta do something. Like you can't just let them exist everywhere. And then in San Francisco, the most recent, bizarre one, is they're gonna give them alcohol. They're gonna give money in alcohol. What is it? Are they giving them actual booze or are they giving them money to buy booze? Help me out with this one. Cause it's just so San Francisco. San Francisco is amazing. I lived there in the 70s. I lived there during the Vietnam War when I was a little kid. It was incredible. It was weird. I'm sure. It shaped the way I view things. Because if I had grown up in a very conservative environment [5:04] with my sensibilities, my hard work ethic and my belief that you get very fortunate in life in how you're gifted things, how you get lucky. Like if you're beautiful, for instance, if you're a beautiful woman or man, what a role the dice. Good Lord. Good Lord did you kill it in the fucking genetic lottery? I mean, you can't do anything about that. You can't earn that. You can't go out and get beauty. You know, but after that, whatever hand you've given, you've been given, a lot of it is on you. A lot of it is on you. Yeah, yeah, yeah, terrible things happen to be, but yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Violence happens, crime happens, disease happens. Yes, 100%. Misfortune happens, 100%. We're all, anyone listening to this right now is lucky you can hear. Okay, there's people that can't hear, right? But put that aside, and there's a factor that we need to take into consideration. [6:02] That factor is discipline, that factor is hard work, that factor is focus. And we should cherish that. And we shouldn't think of it only as negative because it always, people always think it manifests itself in greed and in callous disregard for other people's lives. That's not necessarily true. They're not mutually exclusive. You can have discipline and be a kind person, and be a compassionate person, and be a liberal person. But so often, liberals in this country, they do not want to take that into consideration. The discipline is a factor. Conservatives always value discipline. They value hard work. That's why when they want to sell shit to those people, what do they do? They show a guy on a farm, cracking open a beer. A guy has just been working his fucking ass off for 10 hours of the crack it up here. Around here it's all just about hard work and they got to just throw him back a cold one. You know what I mean? That's what they're selling you. [7:01] They're selling you hard work. They're selling you, they're selling you hard work. They're not selling you, you know, this poor farmer, you know, who's born into farming life, and it's not equitable or fair, why there's billionaires out there, just make money trading money, and it's bullshit. And we need to distribute wealth. And like, no, no, that's not the answer either, stupid. Like that's not the answer. But you do need programs to get these people out of homelessness. And you can't just encourage them to keep doing it. It's bad for them, it's bad for you, it's bad for the city, it's bad for property values, it's bad for everything. Yep, I couldn't agree more. San Francisco gives actual alcohol. We're not talking rubbing alcohol here, right? They're talking like, oh, they're so good. They're so good. But these are the old hippies. They're still there. They're wearing masks right now while they're listening to this screaming. Longer than oh. They're all lost. See, to your point, it's like a, look, it'd be ridiculous if someone just completely dismissed the first part of what you were saying. [8:00] There are some, things that fortune, luck. You know, we all didn't get leukemia as little kids and die as a little kid. And also there are just parts of the world. Like a lot of what you're saying really applies to like first world advanced countries. You could be in a country that's just a war torn third world country and you're screwed no matter what you do. But so it'd be silly to dismiss that but it's also equally ridiculous to dismiss the other aspect to it. That like, okay, there are every person, every single person who's successful has conquered self-pity. Because like everybody's had points in their lives where they've just felt really bad for themselves. We've all had it, we all do it. It's a part of human nature. That's right, but it's also poison. And anybody who's successful has learned how to conquer that and not just sit here and feel bad for yourself and to say, nope, I'm gonna take control of this. I'm gonna, no matter what happened to me, I'm gonna not focus on that, I'm gonna focus on what I can control. And the problem is that on either side, if you dismiss one of them, you come to really stupid [9:06] conclusions. 100%. And it's not lost on me, Irony, of two rich white guys. One of them smokers cigar talk about this. I'm climbing my way toward there. I don't know, by global standards, sure. Bro, you're fucking killing it. But global standards, I'm on Elon Musk level. I mean, I'm poor compared killing it. But global standards. I'm on Elon Musk. I mean that's true I'm poor compared to Elon that is true. You are broke I'm so broke do you think you have to back it like when you're not there He's like a little bastard. I got Rogan coming over to the house put away the good China Because oh god the Rogan's are coming this levels of people. I'm friends now This is a bizarre thing to say, with multiple billionaires. Yeah. I know multiple guys that are billionaires, and they're very nice people. They're very nice, and I can see how it happens. But you're also friends with the cool billionaires. Yeah, you know, like you managed to find the cool ones. Well, Elon's the coolest. He's my favorite billionaire. [10:01] That dude's wild. He's a wild boy. I will buy Teslas as long as they sell them. Just to support that dude. Just to keep Twitter going. And their dope. But yeah, just to support him. You got damn it, you need an Elon Musk in this world. You need a wild boy. You need to do a set of $200 billion who donks on people. How great was watching him realize in real time how stupid Don Lemon is oh my god you could actually see on his face as he's asking the questions and he's like uh well if you lower standards then you're going to get more in competence and Don Lemon's like so you're saying black people aren't competent he's like no it's no and he slowly starts to realize like oh I have 80 IQ points on this guy. It's not just that. He said a very important point. He said that Don Lemon was doing CNN outside of CNN. And you don't have to do that. You just, nobody wants that anymore. I said you can't do that. It's not gonna work. It's not gonna work. But more importantly, you shouldn't do it [11:00] because it's not good for you. Just be a human. Don't be this thing, this journalistic probing bullshit thing that's trying to spin a narrative. Actually, have a conversation with this human. You will probably agree with a lot of the things he says. You will understand his perspective even if you disagree. You could see how an intelligent person would come to this conclusion. This is how we can talk to each other now. We don't have to be confined by these five-minute segments where you have producers and executives that are pushing an agenda that's on a network that's run by a bunch of huge fucking corporations that have invested interest in swaying the narrative one way or the other. You don't have to do that anymore. That's bad for people. That's bad for people. It's bad for humanity. It's a bad way to distribute information. It is literal propaganda, whether you think it is or not. Oh, dude, I mean, I've done like a fair amount of like cable news shows. And you know, they'll do these things where it's like a panel, [12:01] and they'll be like three people on the panel and the person hosting the show. And nothing to get like there's some people who I really like who I've been on their shows, but it's like you're trying to talk about the most important topics and everyone gets 20 seconds. It's so ridiculous. I want you to imagine a scenario. Imagine a scenario where COVID breaks out. And for whatever reason the mainstream media is saying that we should be very careful about experimental drugs and they start these journalists start bringing up all these stories about different drugs where you could see how they chose very specific tests and that some of their tests, some of their studies didn't go well at all and they buried those and they're allowed to do so. And about how they've killed thousands and thousands of people with these drugs, they knew were bad for them. And if the journalists were saying this, but the podcasters, we're all going, [13:00] you need to trust the scientists. Everyone should be vaccinated. Be vaccinated or you're a fucking playground. Imagine if the podcasters were calling the unvaccinated playgrounds. Imagine if the podcasters were encouraging medical misinformation. But my point is, imagine the backlash right now where there's none coming their way. There's zero. It's like everyone forgot about it. It all went away. Well, I'm debating Chris Quill. Oh, I'll be debating Chris Quill in a few days That'll be that'll be fun But we would be we would be in jail. Does these people that are dropping dead? All these people with strokes all these people with strokes, all these people with hard text, all these people with the, what was the AstraZeneca thing that I sent you today? Yeah, yeah, yeah. AstraZeneca, they were saying that 11% of the people had an adverse side effects. It's like serious, serious side effects. Yeah, but even as you lay out this scenario, [14:02] doesn't it almost in some way be like, it feels like that makes more sense? What would make more sense was that comedians, like me and you, would have just been saying the dumb thing and repeating it. But the person in a suit and tie at CNN, I mean, this dude's a professional newsman, like he knows what's going on. They would make a very good argument for ending podcasts. Sure. They'd be a very good argument for prosecuting people, class action lawsuits, all the people that encourage these podcasters with their limited, you don't even have a medical degree. And you're on the internet telling people what to do, which is exactly what they did. They did, even though we were getting everything right, and now most of them will admit that we were right. Chris Cromon, Patrick Batdave, it's spinning it. Listen, I don't want to go too hard right now in the christmas kromon patch about david spinning it listen i don't want to go too hard right now because i want to show up uh... but the fact that the fact that and i will make sure to bring this up to him but the fact that when he what he said and if you listen to it he literally goes as he's explaining that he is on [15:03] uh... iver mecton he goes now a lot of people are going to say joe rogan is right and and then he has a moment where he pauses realizes he can't even come up with anything and he goes alright joe rogan was right and then goes on to say exactly what you've been saying for years now that let's just the most basic thing that anyone who did five minutes of research could have figured out Which there's no controversy controversy in any of this that Iver Mechden has been given to humans Billions of times that it's a safe drug and that there were some Indications that it might help with COVID and that it's not horse dewormer and that and but the fact that that's not attached To like a profuse apology, be like, hey, I couldn't imagine a scenario where I had like viciously smeared someone for something. Then realized he was 100% right, and I was 100% wrong. And when acknowledging that, I wouldn't also go, hey, I'm really sorry about that. [16:01] Dude, I think there's a cult-like thinking in mainstream media, whether they know they're being influenced by their sponsors or they're not. But I don't even think they understand how crazy it is. When I had Sanjay Gupta on, Sanjay Gupta is a very nice man. I think he's a good man. I really do. And he's a surgeon. I mean, he's very busy. The guy is constantly working. And he comes in to give medical information and give this lay things out for CNN. And I think he thinks he's doing the right thing. When they asked him to be on the podcast, I don't know what they thought was gonna happen. I don't think they, I think they thought they were right. I really do. I think my guess they were right. I really do. I think my, my guess, and this is just a guess, but I have been in that world a little bit, like I worked for CNN for a year and I've done a lot of shows on Fox News and I've met a lot of people, you know, and talked to a lot of people who work at CNN and Fox News. [17:00] And my, my guess on it is that number one, he had a book. So they want to sell copies of the book and they know you have the biggest show. And so they're like, oh, this will be really good. And then I also think this thing, there's this thing where they all, yeah, they all really do feel like where are the experts? And they know they're the experts because I mean, I just got off the phone with, you know, the chief of staff of the White House. And I know that they're very into that kind of like that world where I've talked to everyone with status. And I think there's hubris involved where they're like, you'll be able to handle whatever a comedian throws at you like you're a medical expert and he's not. But then you would just ask really basic questions which my favorite was when he goes, so are you going to get the vaccine? And you were like, well, no, I just had COVID. I have natural immunity. And you were like, why should I get the vaccine? And he had no answer. And this was at a time when they were rolling out vaccine passports. And he just, the whole line was just, [18:01] you have to get the vaccine or you're a bad person. This is a pandemic of the unvaccinated. And then he just demonstrated on your show that there was this huge category of people, people who have had COVID already, who he had no argument for why they should get the thing. But not only that, there had already been research. It showed that natural immunity from previous infection was up to seven times better at preventing new cases of cases. Which is consistent across viruses. Like it's always better to have natural immunity. The vaccine is always trying to simulate natural immunity. This is what was so fucked. Look, I'm no scholar. I'm not a smart guy. I'm a normal person. I mean, there's nothing special about my brain. And I'm seeing all this stuff. And I'm like, why isn't anybody speaking? I started to feel like I was going crazy. Like, am I going crazy for not just letting them shoot me up with this stuff after I got COVID just so I let everybody know I'm on the team? Right. Because there's this poll. There's a fucking societal poll that even me, even me who was like, this is, I know this is ridiculous, [19:06] this is making all the people I've talked to, all the research I've done on previous disease and my research is reading other people's, I don't know what I'm doing, it's a bad word. She had all the reading that I've done. Jimmy Dora has a great bit about that. That's so funny. I love it. Don't do your own research. You used to be called reading. I love Jimmy Doerr. I love Jimmy Doerr. That's a great bet. I, in my limited looking at this, I was like, something's wrong here. There's this massive side of push. People are trapped in like a mind virus of this one particular solution. And Dr. Robert Malone laid what that is, like psychologically what happens. When one thing is offered that seems to be the solution out of this existential crisis, horrible situation that we're in, and anybody who opposes, that opposes getting out [20:00] and you gotta be on that side all in and you gotta believe even in the pharmaceutical drug companies. And like there's this weird, you know, because we're weird social psychological creatures. And you know, if you think about like the Milgram experiments and how what people will do if there's a person in a white coat telling them to do it. And part of like the culture and the thing to it, people don't know. So the experiment was kind of like, basically they come in and they're like, okay, you're here for some type of scientific experiment. I forget exactly how they describe it to them, but they're testing, you know, like negative reinforcement within learning or something like that. And so they have a guy in a white coat and he tells you every time a guy gets an answer wrong or something like this, you're supposed to push the button and it zaps him and they keep pushing the button and the person, you can't see him but they're like behind a wall or something, keeps hollering and pain and it gets worse and worse and worse and for the experiment, I think there were a few people who like refused after a while but the overwhelming majority of people would keep zapping them until they seemingly died [21:07] because they stopped hollering in pain and then they would tell them to do it again and they would just keep doing it because there's like an authority figure here and this guy's got a white coat on and they kind of in these corporate media environments and I don't want to discount, I'm not discounting the conspiracy aspect of this because I also think there are people within these agencies who are straight up like intelligence assets and are no exactly what they're doing. But I think for the most part, it's like they create this culture of like, well all the wise people who by the way you get to go to a cocktail party with this really like this guy with all this status and he's the leading expert in this and they all say this. So are you a respectable person or are you like an outcast who doesn't agree with this conventional wisdom and people fall in line with that shit man. Like it's they fall in line with that. They really do. Even people really really should know better. Yeah, but it's become socially their group too. [22:02] And then you get influenced by the groups socially. Well, one of this one of the things I'm really interested to talk to Chris Cuomo about. And by the way, that's on Patch Bet David's show on the 31st. But you know, these guys, I'm kind of fascinated by the people in the corporate press as much contempt as I have for them. Because it's amazing to be working, you're working in this industry, where, okay, before COVID, the corporate media had the lowest approval numbers since they've been keeping track of them. Like trust and media had evaporated. It was the war with Donald Trump. That's really what it was. It's like social media was all controlled by the left wing media and the left wing media was all in on this war against Donald Trump. There's a huge part of it. I mean, I would say the backdrop is the war on terror, the terror wars getting all of that wrong, the financial crisis, not seeing that coming and kind of getting that all around this truck. Yeah, that's all that stuff, Iraq and Afghanistan being disasters. [23:03] So that's kind of in the backdrop and then you have the worst financial crisis in 100 years. So that happened. But then there's no question, I mean, particularly not just the war with Donald Trump, but particularly the allegation of a conspiracy with Russia that they said every single day all day for three years long. I mean, if you think about it, it's the big, if true. It's the biggest news story in the history of the United States of America. They're claiming that the current sitting president is guilty of treason. He was installed by a hostile foreign power who overthrew our elections in order to install him. It was quite a claim to run with 24 seven. And then to find out after three years that we have nothing. Not like there's nothing, no evidence pointing toward this conspiracy even existing. So that their trust had already evaporated. But then after COVID, people will still go on real hard and argue this. They'll still say there's evidence. It's like people still want to, [24:00] they still want to say there's evidence. Not only isn't there, there's not even evidence that Vladimir Putin interfered in the 2016 election. The best they have is like, there are some bot farms that they can trace to Russian IP addresses, which is like, I'm not a tech guy, Jamie, you know this better than me, but they say it's the easiest thing to fake, is an IP address. The fact that an IP address traces to Russia is like almost more indicative that someone's trying to frame Russia than it is that Russia was involved but even the guys who they got that they imagine if we've got that he knew it was imagine we found out that the Russian troll farms were like completely insignificant and it's just like government controlled troll farms well I mean look even if they were all from Vladimir Putin they were fairly insignificant in terms of like interfering in elections with other culture and other countries and i would work for the most effective strategy was funny memes yeah yeah i mean really was a very effective strategy because it makes some when you mock something it makes makes it much more easy to dismiss that in terms of [25:02] whether or not like that's the right choice for president. There's someone who can like openly mocks them. What do you think they openly mock Donald Trump's? They even made that stuff up like about his hand size. Yeah. Remember, there was this thing that he had little hands. Dude, I was shaking his hands. He's got normal fucking hands. He's a big guy. He's a big guy. He's a big guy, like he's got a big hand. I was like, I remember the first time I shook his hands, this is the most ridiculous thing. Well, look at everyone who said he has little hands. Mocking people is a powerful tool, dude. It's a very, that's a crazy one because you're mocking something that someone can't change. This is always against, that's against left-wing ideology. Leftist, not when it serves the purposes. Right, but that's the thing. Right. It's like you're willing to violate the rules for your side to win. Because progressives are really supposed to be against body shaming. You're supposed to be kind. You're supposed to be not mock a person's appearance. Why would you do? Especially with their born with, the hand size, and the dick size. [26:00] Really, that's okay to mock. Dude, there was a segment. I remember watching this. It was in the 2016 election, and it was on Joy Reads show on MSNBC, her show at the time, whatever it was. And she had a whole segment about like how sexist the coverage of Hillary Clinton was, and it was, you know, every time they'll say, she's shrill or she's this, but if a man was like that, it'd be this. And she went through all these words that have been used to cover Hillary Clinton and how they're loaded, sexist phrases and all this. And then at the end of her show, she has this segment called Who Won the Week and all the guests on the panel get to pick their own like what happened this week and her choice, not one of the people on the panel. Her choice of who won the week was this guy in Union Square who made a naked statue of Donald Trump with a micro penis. And was just like literally like just making a thing like, ah, he's got a little dick. [27:01] And after literally her last segment was on the sexist coverage of Hillary Clinton. And then her next pick for who won the week was a guy mocking Trump for having a micro penis. But he just made up and made a statue of. And she did not even seem to see the contradiction in any of that. Like you just said this. It's beautiful. It's fun. It's fun. It's fun to watch. I'm glad those people exist. They're fun. They're fun to watch because they're so ridiculous and they're so fake. And it comes off. It's obvious that they're not they're not really engaged. They're not really talking about it like a human. They're just propagandists. And that's the only way you can do that job. If you want to do that job, you have to be a propagandist. Or you have to be some sort of straight face jake tap or dude who just kind of like straight faces everything. But if you want, you know, you want to have the joy read show. Yeah, you got to go, you got to go for it. You got to say joy read things. What was that one, she got in some bizarre argument with some woman recently. I think it was a transgender issue. Was that what it was, Jamie? [28:05] Where it went viral. Because I forget what the debate was about, but I remember it being just a preposterous argument, the way she was looking at it. Yeah, she's pretty out there. I'm not sure what segment you're referring to, but she's got a whole lot. But it's- Whole lot of great hits. It's not, yeah, it's like you have to be on that network. Like you can't exist in a podcast world. It's not, what is it? I don't know if there's something newer than that. Observed argument probably against vote on race night. No, that's not it. No. I should have saved it. I probably did save it somewhere on my phone. I could find it. But it's just these, it was, I believe it was some sort of a trans issue if I'm correct. But it's just these fucking people on these shows are trapped. You're trapped. You're trapped in this world of five minutes. [29:00] You're trapped in this world of commercials. You're trapped in this world of networks and executives. You're trapped. this world of commercials, you're trapped in this world of networks and executives. You're trapped. And if you wanna make it, you gotta be full of shit. Yeah, you gotta be full of shit. And it's the gig. And it's just like you point this out all the time, but it's just not enough time to have a real conversation. On any of these shows. Dude, I did a debate for ZeroHedge a couple months ago on like the Israel Gaza conflict and there it was a two on two debate and it was two hours long and The only thing I could think at the end of it was like that just wasn't nearly enough time. It's like two hours And now I'm crazy. You get like a half hour, you know, roughly not I don't know exactly if we all spoke even time, but roughly a half hour each, that's not nearly enough to go through like the history of all this shit and what's going on now and to really make your points. And that's a two hour debate. They'll do that same segment on the news in 10 minutes, five minutes. It's really good. This is insane. It's insane. You're just trying to hit whatever the best point you can hit is and in the same way that Twitter, I mean, now you could like post longer stuff. But you know a Twitter, but just because it's short, it just like pushes you into like saying just whatever just can destroy that guy in one sentence. [30:11] It's like it pushes you into that. It's just not. It's headlines. Yeah. That's all you can do. And when you're dealing with something like this, just the depth of it all is just so perplexing. Lexing, you know, when you just lay out like when Mike Bakers on it and he lays out the history of like Palestine and Israel and the conflicts and Egypt and this and that and Hamas and Hezbollah and he lays it all you like Jesus Christ. There's so many layers to this fucking cake. Yeah. And most people are just getting free-pounds dying from the river to the sea, yeah. You know, you're just getting these slogans that you yell out and you're seeing who knows how much of what you're seeing is even real today. Well, you mean like with the footage? With the footage. With the footage, the footage of things. [31:01] Even footage of people fake things now. And the fake things specifically for propaganda. And then they hide things. One of the most terrifying videos I saw recently was one of the Israeli hostages. She was in the back of a Jeep and they drag her out by her hair and she's got blood all over her and they had hacked her heels to make sure she couldn't run. Bro, it's so terrifying. It's so, and they're all screamin', God is great, God, Allah walk bar. Oh, yeah, dude, I know, I think there's a thing, I don't know if I could word this exactly right, but I think there's, for some reason, I think comedians have this thing that they're kind of able to go to these places. Do you remember when you had Bill Burr on your show and you played this video, I don't know why I just loved this moment so much, but you played this video of a dude ripping something out of a little girl's hand, and it was something like the guy, she had a piece of paper or something, and he was way aggressive. I think it was a protest. Yeah, it was like a grown man going up to like a little girl and ripping it out and you like immediately you were like, [32:06] oh man, that'd be real bad if that was my kid. Like I'd be in jail the next day or that. And then Burr was like, he was like, oh, you went to a dark place there and you were like, yeah, I do that a lot and he was like, I do that all the time. It was just something about just very easy for me I don't know why this always just came very natural to me Whereas I think some people have so much trouble with this But I it's very easy for me to do this on both sides of this conflict to just go okay Like I got two little kids I You just just start to imagine if somebody did something in one of my little kids And I wasn't able to protect them and what I'd be be willing to do, like how dark a place I could go to. And it's just like immediately very easy to me to see how anyone in Israel after October 7th would support fucking flatten Gaza. And how anyone in Palestine after what's going on the last 50 years there would be like, [33:00] yeah, I'll sign up for Hamas. I'll support these guys who are going to do this shit. Now, I do think, and this is the point that Daro... Daro... Well, both sides are on set. For sure. Which is the most scary thing about the gun. Sure. Well, that's why it's gotten to such a bad point, right? Yeah. Because like this is the cycle that keeps going. But I do think, and this is what Daro Cooper, who like He has that fantastic series called A Fear and Loathing and the New Jerusalem. And he's just totally brilliant. I love that guy. But he said, and I think this is right, is that he's like, okay, so you can totally see where if you're on either side there, you'd just be like, I don't care, I see red, I wanna kill as many of the other side as I can. But for us as Americans who are not in that situation, it's kind of incumbent on us to be like, okay, let's try to kind of have a sober analysis of this and not do what so many people seem to do, which is like, almost try to just like, egg on the other side and cheer on their side. And then this total demonization of either [34:00] all of the Palestinians, like they're all just human garbage or all Jews are whatever. Yeah, I don't like this. It's in America who are Jewish or complicit. There's somehow another response. Yeah, which is like totally ridiculous. It's a scary side felt. They're hackling at shows now. This is like some organized protest. They came to show and they were screaming out in the middle of a show. It's also just like guys, take it look like I understand one in a protest this this war I got my issues with the the young college leftists who are protesting it they're not my people exactly um but like you know there's an Israeli embassy here there's a congress there's like take it at least to the halls of power like I don't think Jerry's not ruining you know like other people's ability to enjoy sign-filled stand standup show is really gonna solve the issue. Yeah, because they're not really thinking well. No, most of these people that do this, they come from wealthy families, they're young, really idealistic kids, and they glue themselves to paintings. And they throw fucking soup at masterpieces. [35:01] Did you see that one stop oil now person sliced up this fucking painting from the 1800s? Some priceless painting. Just pulled out a razor knife and just started slashing this thing up. Isn't it weird if sometimes it feels like there like each side's foot soldiers are working for the other side? You know what I mean? Like when you do stuff like that you're almost like I just want to drill for more oil now. Well this is the problem with teams, man. This is a problem with teams if you have a team that anybody can join. Like, if the Republicans are basically like the Christians, they'll take anybody. You have anybody. You know, if you wanna be a Jew, you gotta go to work. Okay, you gotta learn a bunch of shit. My uncle converted. They make your work. They make your work. You gotta work, you gotta fucking learn some stuff. I remember I was doing this episode of Joe Rogan questions to everything where I was talking to religious people with a bunch of different religious sex and religious scholars. And I was talking to this one guy who was a rabbi and there was a woman there that was converting to Judaism [36:03] and I got to ask her questions about how she's doing it and how hard it is. And it's like getting your pilot's license or something. It's a lot of fucking shit you gotta remember. It's like the way citizenship is. We're like when you're born Jewish, like I am or born in American like I am. And you're like, oh man, I couldn't have passed that test. It's a good thing I was born into this shit. It's all a fucking test Yeah, they really they make your work Well, I think the Jewish ones harder than the American one. Yeah, probably but the American one these days You could just walk in but but if you don't walk in you fucked if you don't walk in then if that you fly in from Europe They're like you first class, which is we're gonna make a really hard for you to become a city Which is by the, it sums up everything about modern day America. Anarcho tyranny. It's just like, it's like you have the worst of anarchism and tyranny all in one where if you follow the rules, you get totally fucked. And if you just ignore the rules, you get rewarded. The worst incentives. And everybody wants to be on a team. [37:00] So if you have a team that's open to anybody, you're gonna get the dumbest fucking people that are Super enthusiastic about that team. Yeah, and they're gonna ruin everything and they do with ever they do it on the right And they do it on the left. That's why I say my message is always reject the teams and come be a libertarian and lose with me Just keep losing come and just enjoy losing. There's something freeing about knowing you're not going to win. They're the most reasonable people I talk to politically. Yeah. But it's also like, but it's also the system is so deep like you again. Well, that's the real question. I mean, there's almost like two figuring out what the solution is is almost the easy part. And then actually figuring out how to implement it. A.L. is have to land. They have to land. They literally have to land. Maybe they're not enough. Because we're like on our way to a kingship. We're on our way. A.I.A.A.A.A.A.A.A.A.A.A.A.A.A.A.A.A. President AI. President AI. President AI will be logical. [38:06] And if it's on the blockchain, we'll know exactly if President AI is being influenced by money. Wouldn't it be great if AI just turns out to be as human as us and is just corrupted? And they're like, President AI got a blowjob in the over office. And the power went to his head. He just started making AI horrors. He's got to give a press conference. He's like, I don't know what I was thinking man. I was pretty good until I got in there. The ring of power does ruin everyone. We are going to bypass biological needs and we're going to do it pretty soon. It's going to be real soon. It's going to, it's going to sex. Regular sex is going to seem ridiculous in 20 years. We're gonna be the like old school guys, we're like I still do sex the old fashioned way with my wife. I remember when I was in high school, we got a few jobs. These kids fucking robots, even their sex. People are gonna be like you have sex with your wife. That's insane dude. How are you doing that? What if you guys get diseased? People die from those diseases. I do think like, I mean, I, look, obviously like I'm, I'm biased on the, like I have my own opinions [39:09] on these things. But I do, but I do just think that, one of the things that I've found kind of amazing, and I've thought this with some of the people who have come on your show since the last time I was here, is the way that people can defend what Israel's doing in Gaza does kind of blow my mind. It blows my mind too. Because it reminds you that you're like, oh, okay, look, throughout all of human history, right? I'm not saying there's anything unique to Israel. They're the only ones to ever commit atrocities or that they're not dealing with atrocities committed to them. Super standard. Sure. In some world wars. In terms of like world wars, terms of like, Dresden. Well, yeah, if you could, that's the thing. If you compare it to the worst things that have ever happened in the history of the world. But I'm just saying, throughout all of human history, there's been atrocities and there's been genocides and ethnic cleansing campaigns and slavery and all. But at every single point, point there was someone there willing to rationalize it. You know, like someone there who would be like, not enough, listen, this is what we have to do, [40:06] because otherwise this, and it's amazing the mental gymnastics that people can come up with to justify something that is so clearly on its face, just horrific. But I think the difference is back then, your understanding of it was much more limited. Yeah. You weren't watching videos on it. They didn't exist. back then your understanding of it was much more limited. You weren't watching videos on it, they didn't exist. If you saw it on television, on the movie theater, it'd be a small clip that was played, and it was played before the film. But everyone knew that the reason why we're here is because people went to warn one. Or you escaped a war-raaged country and you came to America everyone knew it everyone had an understanding of that So when we were at war people were signing up to go to war There was no need to draft them by time Vietnam rolled around people were starting to get more information [41:01] Then they go hey, I think it's a bullshit war Which is the first time ever in this short history of our country where we're like, hey, this one sucks. It was kind of no defending it. It was, and then when you find out they were right, at the end of it all, when you find out many, many years later that the Gulf of Tonkin was a false flag, you're like, what? Which they didn't even need in order to be right. But then you find out you're like, oh, the whole thing was a whole thing. And then you go, what did you guys do with all that heroin money? Yeah. Where did all that money go? Because if I was the government, and I was willing, it's just a mansion, if Eisenhower's correct, which is insane, how could he be? And that there was a real influence of military industrial complex if i was military industrial complex and i was willing to the fucking start a war with north vietnam for no fucking reason for no reason make no so one hundred percent i'm gonna kill x amount of people and a bunch of americans and then you're gonna actually make [42:00] these people these americans you can a draft them and forced into go cuz they don't want to go uh... you don't get so i don't like that would be your line you know how to hold on how much of these guys making yeah how much of these fucking dudes making how much lot how many billions this is what percentage of the world's hair once a plot and then when you see the same trick played out in Afghanistan when you like my favorite was for all the Rivera interviewing the troops rationalizing Why they had a guard the cops? We have to guard the heroin. Yeah for the good folks This heroin falls into the wrong hands. It could be lethal. There's no way America would sell this heroin Yeah, there's no way America would sell this heroin. There's no way the output of heroin out of Afghanistan, I wanna say it was a 96% increase. 80% global supply. See, you're exaggerating, Joe. It's only a hundred percent. [43:01] No, no, no, no, no, no, no, it was responsible for 80%. Ooh, yeah. There was responsible for most of the global supply of heroin. No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no the opium producer responsible for over 80% of the global supply and a major source of heroin in Europe and Asia. So how much did it go? Oh, plunges by 95% when was this? Under the Taliban. Now that's now. Yeah. Yeah. See, the Taliban doesn't want everybody on heroin. They want people to get back to work and make Afghanistan great again. The Taliban just ran on the troll. They fucking kicked out the drug dealers. That's what happened. They kicked out the drug dealers. Dude, they were, there was a giant part of the supply of heroin to the world. The idea that we didn't, well, we are not interested in that at all. We just want to push freedom. Yeah. And, [44:03] and I think even people who are, even the people I think who are lying about this shit, rationalizing in their own head. But where does that money go? Yeah, well that's a... Where'd all that heroin money go? Well, I know you were, I was listening to the Mike Baker podcast you had on where you were talking about the like the money in Ukraine and where it went and he even he was like, ah, yeah, no, we don't really know where the, I thought one of the funniest things about that was that some of it goes. Well, that's for sure. Woo! I think that's for sure. The Taliban is not, our tax dollars have 100% paid for some cocaine. Oh, certainly. The Taliban's successful opium ban is bad for Afghans and the world. That's what this is. The ban is not a counter narcotics victory and we'll have negative economic and humanitarian consequences potentially leading to a refugee crisis. Oh, unlike us leaving in the middle of nowhere allowing the Taliban to kill all the people we worked with. But you said you get my point about how humans can rationalize anything. [45:00] That could just come up with. Up again. That's what it is. Yes, that's true. That's also true. But even people who are like, I mean, I like, look, I thought, the only way you could say that, that what their guy made sense is if you're advocating that heroin should be legal. Yes. But if you're advocating an heroin is a scourge, and if you really do appreciate that, 100,000 people died last year of opioid overdoses. 100,000. It's a real fucking crisis. Yeah. If there was a disease killing 100,000 people, we would freak the fuck out. Well, look, I mean, I do think there's a strong argument for legalization, but there's also a difference between that and the government kind of like sponsoring the trade of it. 90% of heroin globally and more than 95% of the European supply. More land is used for opine and Afghanistan that is used for coca cultivation Latin America. Bro, do you don't think that has something to do with it [46:06] is that am i silly no i think it's insane to ignore that i mean like i'm on the money well i'm sorry to say that i'm rampall i thought this was so funny it was a journey during one of the rounds of uh... of aid to you crane and rampall stood up and said look we uh... we don't know where any of this money is going. If we're gonna send them this money, can we at least have an inspector general so that we itemize like where all the money is going? And it failed. The vote failed. Like even in the Senate. It was a fail, that's a comment is talked. Yeah, like even in the Senate, they were like, what? What are you talking about? Communist talk. We're gonna know where our money is going. Nah, that's lame. Yeah, we don't need that. We'll send it over there. Just send them that shit. Send them everything they need and more. And then do you have one of their flags? You should wave it around. Yeah. And we'll provide the flags. Wave it around in Congress. you guys grab your flags. [47:08] It's fucking bonkers. It's also just so, the thing that's so wild to me is that after, and I know I've talked about this, I'm sure, on previous episodes, but just after 20 years of the terror wars and what a disaster those were, and to the point that everyone and john mccain wrote in his memoir that the war in a rack was a mistake that's how universally agreed upon it is which is the war even john mccain would acknowledge we got that one wrong so and it's not like anyone else is defending any of the other terror wars at this point but then as soon as we kind of get out of them we're not even fully up or mostly out we just get into these proxy wars in Ukraine and now in Israel that are clearly wars of choice for America, like we don't have to be involved in these. We're just still deciding to continue this war machine. These last two are really important. When they get done, we're done. We're no more. Yeah, yeah, yeah, that's right. These last two. [48:00] This is it. This is it. Right. You know, it's a Anyway, man. I do I will say that I think I'm a lot of a lot of the defense of the the war and Gaza Which I kind of feel weird you've been calling a war because it's not exactly exactly feel like that's what the turn What's like the Bill Hicks joke. It's only a war when two armies are fighting. Well, right. Remember that choke Yeah, I probably I read about Iraq. They, Bill, Iraq is the fourth largest army goes, yeah, but after number three, there's a big drop off. Right. He goes to salvation armys number five. That's a great bet. That's a great bet. Well, I mean, but he has some great bits about the war, but in the case of Gaza, it's not even like there's not even a government. I mean, there are stateless people who have been captive by the Israelis since 1967. And then they're captive politically in their own country by Hamas. Right. And then Hamas does do what this accusation is that they have their bases under schools and hospitals. [49:02] They actually do do that. Yeah, I think it's certainly exaggerated at times by the Israelis, but there is no question that they are, look, they're in this. Gaza is, dude, it's five miles wide. I know, it's great. You know, like you could jog from one side to the other without taking a break. It's literally way closer, way smaller than here to my club. Yeah, yeah. now imagine that. Imagine, imagine like an extra 10 miles. Yeah. That small tract of land in the last five miles is what's getting the fuck blown out of it. It is, it's, I think, 25 by five. So it's like a marathon by a jog. You know what I mean? That's how that's Gaza. It's a little, no look. so I'm just saying part of this and this isn't I'm not like making any excuses. I mean, there's no question they have been incidents of Hamas like embedding themselves in civilian locations, but also it's not as if they have a military or a government. It's not as if there's gonna be two armies that meet themselves on the battlefield here. There is one is Hamas is essentially a gang in an Israeli prison that like rose [50:10] up as the toughest gang there. And yeah, in such a densely populated area, that's the way as they call it asymmetric warfare is gonna work. I do it look, man, because I do, I took issue with like a few things that some of the guests you've had on recently I've said like I know I think all of this a lot of times it comes down to framing Like how you want to look at an issue and particularly the people who are way behind Israel on this I feel like always rely on this very strange framing so they don't have to confront exactly what's going on And they can kind of look at it in more than abstract So they don't have to confront exactly what's going on and they can kind of look at it in more than abstract, removed way. Like when you had a, I'm sorry if I'm saying his name wrong, but you had a GADS. GADS, how do you say his last name? Sout, I've read his stuff before, but I don't, I always but your names. But so one of the things he said, which I know I've heard this in every debate I've done on the topic so far. But he said the thing, same thing Dennis Prager said to me when we debate it was he was [51:06] like, well, look, if Israel laid down all their arms, there'd be a genocide. If Hamas laid down all their arms, there'd be peace. And forget the fact that I will say I don't agree with the second part of that. I don't think that's clear at all. I think if Hamas laid down all their arms, which essentially the Palestinians are as close to have laid down all their arms as could be looking at it to binary. Like well, yeah, even if you're even if you're supporting the Israelis, even if you're from that position, you have to acknowledge the attacks on AIDS workers. Like it seems to be there's a bunch of targeted attacks on people bringing in food. Like Joseon dresses people. And then there's been more of those. Like there's all these, I think how many documented attacks are there on AIDS supply? Because it's a big number. There's been several, I know, for sure. [52:00] I think it's a big number. Yeah, yeah. No, I mean, it's been hot. It's creepy. Well, I remember when you had, and it was just the point of what I was thinking about Gads thing is that it's also this like, I just hate when people retreat to almost these hypotheticals. It reminds me of Sam Harris's argument about why you were really wrong with the at least eight times. Eight times. Yeah, that's that's a lot. So eight times Israeli forces have attacked humanitarian aid convoys and buildings in the Gaza Strip, at least eight times since October, despite being given coordinates to ensure their protection, human rights watch has set in a new report. So they're targeting these people. So you've got some members of the Israeli military that don't give a fuck and they wanna stop these people from getting food. And well, look, and this has kind of been like Agdon. Look, there'll be so much like scrutiny over like some college kids chanting from the River to the Sea. And look, for the record, if I was in charge of those protests, I'd say stop chanting that, because even if you don't mean it to... [53:01] Even if you don't mean it that way, which some people will argue they don't, and that's fine, maybe that's not what you mean. Maybe you mean as from the river to the sea, everyone will be free and whatever. Maybe that's how you mean it, but it's also the same thing, Hamas Chants, and they clearly mean something else when they say that. So like maybe just use a different term. Yeah. However, for all the scrutiny, there'll be over what these 20 year olds are hollering at Columbia. When Benjamin Netanyahu is saying, they're amalach as you're going into this area, which, you know, the story from the Bible is that you're supposed to kill the women and the children. And the story is that they fucked up by the women in the children. And then like they came back and like, now even if you could argue, he doesn't mean it that way. It's like, okay, but you're saying that. I'm elect the story for the Bible. The story is they were like a tribe who was like an evil tribe and you had to kill all of them. Kill the women and the children. And that's the specific like lesson of that story is that you're supposed to kill the women in the children and then you can duct a campaign like this this is by the way this is what was in the the [54:06] south africa case that they brought to the to the u.n. and that they you know the i.c.j. basically said that israel is plausibly committing a genocide and they they didn't exactly you know they haven't yet determined that it is or isn't but they said it's plausible but anyway to my point that I'm making about what sad was saying is that it reminds me of Sam Harris, where he sits here and he goes, he goes, well, imagine this hypothetical, imagine COVID was 100 times as deadly and the vaccine was perfect again, stopping transmission and there were no vaccine injuries. Well, hey, now you don't look so good anymore, do you Joe Rogan? No, he wasn't saying that. He was saying you could, when someone's saying you could never mandate a vaccine or argue for a mandate and he was saying if there was a vaccine, you could, he was making an intellectual argument, he's correct, that you could argue that if there was a vaccine that had zero [55:03] side effects and was 100% effective and if everybody took the disease stops, you could make that argument. Well, what he was saying was that then how would we feel? But he goes, then how would we feel about what Joe Rogan is saying and what RFK is saying when they were telling you know what I mean? But the point is that thing does not exist. The hypothetical, like that little key point, it doesn't exist in nature. Right. But there's no vaccines that That's not the hypothetical, like that, look at what he did. It doesn't exist in nature. Right, right. But there's no vaccines that are 100% safe with no side effects. None of us. I'm just saying, I'm not against engaging in a thought experiment to think about like what that scenario would look like. But at the same time, you're like, it does seem like that's serving in this case as a distraction from the real world scenario that's going on here. So like if you're gonna say, if Israel, like yes, I would not recommend Israel lay down all of their arms, completely disarmed themselves, and then open up the wall to Gaza and allow Hamas to come in. But that's not on the table, that's never gonna happen. So like even thinking about that as a thought experiment [56:02] doesn't really prove that much. What's actually going on here is like, what Israel is doing to Gaza? And, you know, right, but if you could flip it around, the opposite would be true. Like if Hamas did lay down all their weapons, and if they did completely give up, you're gonna have some Israeli soldiers that do not give a fuck that still want to shoot them. But for the most part, if there was nothing, if they completely gave up, which is also not going to happen. But if that did happen, you couldn't see a situation where Israel just continues bombing. Maybe not, but then where, what do they go to? Just being subjugated by the Israel back to the status quo of just being a stateless people of permanent refugees with no natural rights whatsoever, no ability to trade with the world, no ability to come and leave. You can't have an airport, you can't have a seaport, you can't go out fishing past where some IDF guy decides you're not allowed to. So like, yeah, if Hamas laid down all their arms, [57:02] perhaps Israel would stop the bombing campaign. And they would just continue subjugation forever, which has been the Lecude Party official policy since they were created by the terrorist Minachem Began. Like, literally since this party, that is the ruling party in Israel was created, their goal has been that the Palestinian people never get their own state, they never get their own freedom. And that's resulted in this. And you don't give them their own state, they never get their own freedom, and that's resulted in this. And you don't give them their own freedom, there's no way you can justify it. No way you can justify that a whole entire group of people never get to be a country. That they don't get the rights of the Israelis, they don't get the rights of a sovereign country, they're trapped. Nothing, literally no rights whatsoever. That's kind of crazy that that's being done by Israel, if you really think about it. It's kind of crazy. Well, in some way, in a way it is, and then in another way, it's kind of not. It's kind of like there's this weird, you know, hurt people, hurt people, type thing. [58:00] Like when you kind of suffer this trauma and we're speaking collectively here, so it's not exactly the same as an individual, but like you suffer this trauma, and then you use that to justify doing whatever the hell you gotta do so that you never suffer that trauma again, and then you weirdly end up kind of like inflicting something on another group of people, and kind of in a weird way holding them responsible for the trauma. You suffered even though they really really hadn't very little Nothing to do with the actual trauma. It's really an ancient kind of conflict The the Israel palestine is very it's very ancient in the fact that it's like the hate Between them is so strong and the right next door to each other Which is how people used to rock it back in the day? Yeah, you know, I mean that, that was the fear of neighboring tribes that people from the other side were gonna come over and rape the women and children and kill your babies and slaughter the men. And not like an irrational fear, like a fear based on me. This really happens, you know what I mean? And it's happening in Israel. I mean, that's what's crazy. The other thing though is that, and that's all true. But the other thing is that, you know, [59:06] there are these examples right like where there's Ireland and England and they're right next to each other and like things are just cool now. And France and Germany are right next to each other and they're just full now. But Ireland and Northern Ireland were at war with each other. No, but I'm just making the point that, and then it's over. And now they're not at war anymore. And Egypt, Egypt went to war with Israel four times between the, it was in 1948, 56, 67 and 72 or 73. Did I say that wrong? Was Ireland at war with Northern Ireland? Yeah, yeah, because they were Southern Ireland. Well, they were the British controlled. Right. But it was really England. Yes. Yeah. Yeah. It was by proxy, England, basically dominating the Irish. And then by the way, the Irish turned to terrorism when they were being dominated by the English shocker. And yeah, which is another thing that people, another real interesting. You have to do it. It's the only way to go to war. Well, if you don't have a, if you have a smaller army and they have all the money, [1:00:07] you've got to If you have a smaller army and they have all the money, you gotta figure out a way to get them. Well, here's the craziest part of this, right? Is that, and I thought, we talked a bunch about the history of this last time I was on, but I don't think I mentioned this. Maybe I did. But the craziest part of all of it is that the Israelis, or I shouldn't say the Israelis, the Israelis five seconds before they became Israelis. Like right before the creation of the state of Israel, they embraced terrorism. And by the way, these terrorists who were the leaders of these terrorist organizations, like Minachem Began and Eisek Shamir, they went on to be prime ministers of Israel. But they worked terrorists. And I'm not like, I don't mean this is a pejorative, like self-described terror, like they embraced terrorism. What was their organization called uh... uh... um... minachem bagans was the um... the urgen that was his militia and then there was uh... lehi or the stern gang uh... and then there was the hog and i was like the biggest one uh... and they were not quite as terroristic but they also were involved in a bunch of it and their [1:01:02] justification for it was to drive out the occupying force, which was the British at the time. The after World War II, the Zionists who were in Palestine were like, had enough of the British occupying the area. And they were very angry because they had limited Jewish migration during the run-up to the Holocaust. So they had a real beef with the British at this point, even though the British had kind of like allowed them to have a chance to establish a Jewish homeland there. But so they embraced terrorism. To drive them out, you can go look up the King David hotel, killed a whole bunch of innocent people, including Jews in the hotel, because they just wanted to use terrorism to drive out and occupying force. And then they actually introduced terrorism into that region and many of the same tactics that the Palestinians went on to embrace were stuff that they picked up from the Jewish terrorists at that time. But then the same Israelis will turn around and be like, well, I don't know why these Palestinians have embraced terrorism. [1:02:02] And like they're telling you it's for the same reason it's to drive out and occupying force. And of course the major difference there is that Israel, Israelis came to stay. Whereas the British were there, you know, they had their, this was a satellite. They had their home country back in Europe. And they could be driven out. It's a whole different thing to try to drive someone out who's like, no, we're setting up our homes here. But and there's more of us. Yeah well not that one. I mean there's Palestinians and Israel is pretty close if you count all of them. Well you're also backed by America. Well that's the major difference. Well that's basically my essential argument is that America shouldn't be playing this role. And this is being argued out now. Yeah. You know, this is a big point of contention now politically, right? Because the Biden administration is not giving the same amount of support to Israel that it was- They've been giving basically, I mean, what's really going on is that Joe Biden, this [1:03:01] is a disaster politically for Joe Biden and something like, I mean, looking at the polls recently, did you understand of his base? Different Twitter followers. So, my Twitter feed seems like he's doing a great job. Really? Yeah, you know, he's doing excellent. He's totally got it down. There's a lot of people that are arguing that. Did I send you? I sent you his latest clip from the speech that said New Biden just dropped and it's the newest yes the newest when he goes and by the it's not he he meant to say I think financial crash but he said pandemic but he said during the pandemic when he was vice president yeah bomb a sent him to Detroit why does that Detroit well why would they said you to Detroit to deal with covert but now I saw someone saying that perhaps it was the H1N1 pandemic, which did happen during the Biden administration or during the Obama administration when he was vice president. I don't think I don't think I think he was talking about. He would probably said a previous pandemic. Yeah. The point is just that he doesn't say so much. [1:04:01] So much. He's out of his fucking mind. If it was occasional, people would let this stuff go. But anyway, just two that, look, I also thought, because some of these guys, by the way, had on your show, I like them. I'm not even like, you know, like Coleman Hughes, I don't know him personally, but I like him. And he seems really smart. And I haven't read his book, but I bet I would love it. Well, if you two together would be a fascinating conversation just about the Israel Palestine comp. Yeah, I would love to have a comment. Because I think he's a good faith guy, and I think he is. And he's very smart. But he also kind of, you know, there were two things that kind of rubbed me the wrong way when he was on the show. Number one was that he started by kind of getting into this argument about which I see a lot of people are supporting this conflict doing the argument about like okay Well here are the number of total civilians dead and here are the number of Hamas militants dead and let's look at that ratio And then is that ratio that far off from what you find in a typical war and there's a few problems with this number one [1:05:03] The numbers are totally unreliable. And so you're having this conversation, yes, on both sides. I mean, both sides are totally incentivized to exaggerate the numbers. And also, in the fog of war, it's very hard to keep up with these numbers. We never really know the numbers of dead and war until like years later when the excess mortality is calculated and then you get a better idea of what was really going on there. The Israeli government talking about the number of Hamas militants they've killed seems to be them just pulling numbers out of their ass. Like they drop these bombs, they don't know how many, who got who, and who was born in there and checking dog tags. Yeah, they're not, you know what I mean? And, but anyway, but even that, I just, even if the numbers were right, it's like, look dude, if you look at the population density and you just look at the number of bombs that Israel has dropped and you just see a lot of the footage that we've seen and you just listen to stories that doctors are telling. I literally just saw an interview a couple weeks ago with a doctor who just got back from Gaza [1:06:00] and he was talking about how they have a major anesthesia shortage over there. So just think about the implications of that, like what that means. Because they're operating on kids without anesthesia. You know what I mean? It's just right. So the point is that if you're talking about, okay, well, this many Hamas people are dying compared to this many innocent babies are dying. That's not the question. Okay, like when you're inflicting this level of human suffering on people, the question for any decent civilized person is, is this absolutely necessary? Is this the only way to do it? Is there any other option besides doing this? And as soon as you frame the question that way, you realize that, oh yeah, there actually is. And that it's not true that Israel, there will just be October 7th after October 7th If Israel stops doing this the fact is that of course Netanyahu's never allowed a real investigation into October 7th to happen But everybody pretty much concludes that Israel dropped the ball in a massive way in a massive way that their security was just [1:07:01] Inchambles and all they really needed to do was not rely so much on these, you know, machine gun robots and have actual soldiers at the border. They could easily just stop this right now. Well, what's in there is right now? Where the soldiers were allocated towards? Yes. Yes. It's basically they had, so as a, I think as a result of the protests against Netanyahu, he had started to ally with some even further right wing groups than he normally would have. And to appease them, he was pulling soldiers off of the Gaza border and putting them over toward the West Bank, which is what the religious Jews on the right really care about. And yes, they basically got caught with their pants down. So but I'm just saying they could just stop doing this. It's not they all die or they keep doing this. They could stop and Israel can still protect itself. In fact I'd argue their security would be enhanced if they stopped doing this. But the other thing which you brought up to Coleman Hughes was that you mentioned to him, you said, what about the, the, didn't [1:08:08] Israel like prop up Hamas? Wasn't that part of their strategy for a while? And he, I'll give him the benefit of the doubt. And maybe he just doesn't know about that detail of this as much because I, if not, he was kind of being dishonest. But maybe he just wasn't familiar with all of this stuff. But he kind of went, you said that, and then he kind of dismissed it by saying, well, there's a quote that's attributed to Netanyahu, but it wasn't on videotape. So essentially being like, we don't really know if Netanyahu said this or not, and then just kind of moved on to the conversation away from that. But I find this, I found this in all of my debates that I've done on this and I've done like eight debates on this since the war broke out. Everybody on the pro-Israeli side does not want to grapple with that point because it really is like a, it's a narrative shattering point once you acknowledge it. But so, but if it isn't on videotape he has a point as well. Well here [1:09:06] Well, let me okay, so here's the deal right so the quote that he's referring to was a quote by Benjamin Netanyahu It was something along the lines of anybody who wants to thwart the Palestinians having their own state needs to support Propping up Hamas bolstering Hamas transferring money to them to Maine to right so there was a quote quote like this. So here's the main tains power. So Hamas maintains power so that they never, we never have to give them a state because we can look to the international community, we can look to liberal Jews in Israel and say look, we have no partner for peace. They're a crazy terrorist group. So we never have to make a deal. We don't have to fulfill our promise that we would give them. How was it attributed to him? So basically, this quote particularly, okay, this was at a closed-door meeting with the LaCoude party. So this is Benjamin Netanyahu's political party, his far right party that's in power right now in Israel. So it's true that this was a closed-door meeting and that it's not on tape. So what happened is as far as I could tell, the first person who reported this, [1:10:01] I believe was a lady who's a reporter for the uh... drussell and post and then it's been run in a bunch of other newspaper since then so what basically what happened is in eyewitness who was there at the meeting so another lecude party member in benjamin netney i who's political party came and told her that he said this and then she went and checked with somebody else who was there and he also confirmed that, like, yes, Benjamin, you know, I said this. And then a third person who was also at the meeting came out and wrote about it in his book or wrote about it in another newspaper article or something like that. So you had three eyewitnesses from within his own political party who confirmed that he said this. Now, take that for what it's worth. I think that's reasonably strong. That three eyewitnesses all his political party said long as they were trying to get rid of him But because you can get more than three people to say the Donald Trump was in collusion Sure, sure, so even even say if you don't trust them Coleman acted as if that's what the entire case is built off of which is just not true at all It's not just this one Benjamin Netanyahu quote [1:11:03] It's dozens and dozens of quotes from Israeli leaders all throughout the political spectrum there's been reporting on this done by almost every major Israeli newspaper at harret times of Israel the times of Israel on October 8 had a piece by tall Schneider which was how Ben lot uh... Ben excuse me how Netanyahu's support for Hamas just blew up in his face. It was the next day. And because ever, even critics, like Ahud Barak, who was the former prime minister, he's a labor party. He's a critic of Benjamin Netanyahu. So he was a critic of this plan to prop up Hamas. But it's totally uncontroversial that this was their plan. The New York Times just ran a piece, I think it was late last year. That might have been early this year. Where they talked about how two weeks before October 7th, Benjamin Netanyahu sent the head of the Mossad to cutter [1:12:00] because funds going into Hamas had slowed down. And he sent them in there to make sure the funds continued It's the case for this is overwhelming. It's not like relying on one. Yeah, here you go Yeah, for years the Katari government had been sitting I'm saying that right. Is that I say it Katari? I think is yeah, it's a government had been sending millions of dollars a month to the god's strip money that helped prop up the mosque government there benjamin present prime minister benjamin not you neton yahoo of israel not only tolerated those payments he had encouraged them according to times is really intelligence agency agents rather travel the gods uh... with a guitar official carrying suitcases filled with cash suitcases like a mafia movie to disperse money retired Israeli general Shlomo Braum described the logic of net and Yahoo's position one effective way to present a two state solution is to divide prevent prevent prevent prevent a two state solution is to divide between the Gaza strip and the West Bank if the extremist Hamas ruled [1:13:03] Gaza then the Palestinian authority, a compromise, Comprador government? Is that a set? Comprador? I don't even know what that is. Comprador government with a tenuous hold on the West Bank would be further weakened. This, according to Brahm, would allow Netanyahu to say, I have no partner. And so that's okay. So that's essentially the point there, so that's a strategy that he can say that he can say I have no partner for peace, which is the Israeli line that they like to use so basically Okay, in 1979 The Egyptians and the Israelis met at Camp David and that's when they worked out their peace now their peace Also just involved basically that the US would pay them both off They're the we'd given both three billion dollars a year in perpetuity if they stopped going to war with each other basically. And part of that was that Israel promised that they would eventually give the Palestinians a state. Like it was recognized by DC at the time, this Jimmy Carter, that like, you gotta give them a state [1:14:00] because otherwise this fighting is gonna continue on and on and on forever. So they promised that eventually they would give it to them. This is the Yasser-Arafat days. This is before Yasser-Arafat was like the guy. But he was alive. But then in the 80s, Yasser-Arafat basically rejected terrorism. He had been involved in terrorism before that. He rejected terrorism and he recognized Israel. I think it was in 1988 he recognized israel's right to exist under nineteen sixty seven borders so basically israel is the right to exist but but we have the right to gaza in the west bank the ultimate of compromises from the palestinian perspective because you know a lot of the more hardcore guys are like no all of this was ours right we shouldn't have lost any of it and now even the original us partition plan which was rejected by the Arabs with for you know fairly good reasons um they rejected it because it gave fifty five percent to the Jews and only four or fifty six percent to the Jews [1:15:01] and only forty four percent to the Palestinians and they were like but we're like ninety percent of the population here, like or 90% of the landowners here, whatever. And it's like this isn't fair. But now at this point, they're talking about 78% versus 22%. So they're accepting 22%. And so that's Yasser Arifat in the late 80s. And then this is what set the stage for the Oslo Accords in the early 90s. And this is like famously when Bill Clinton has Yitzhak Rabin and Yasser Arifat over and they shake hands and they sign these deals. And the promise again from Israel was that we're starting the peace process to eventually give the Palestinians their state. This is the process. And there were steps along this process. Okay. their state this is the process and there were steps along this process okay now in 1996 Benjamin Netanyahu becomes prime minister now the same year in 1996 there was There's this letter you can find this on the internet. It's called a clean break a new strategy for securing the realm and it was written by Richard [1:16:02] Pearl and David Worms are and a couple other people of course Richard Pearl and David Wormsar and a couple other people. Of course, Richard Pearl and David Wormsar both went on to be very influential neo-conservatives in the George W. Bush administration. So they write this letter, not to President Bill Clinton and not to Bob Dole, who was running for President on the Republican ticket that year. They write this letter to Benjamin Netanyahu, the new prime minister of Israel. And basically, if you read it, what they say is that they're like, look, look, you guys are all caught up in this peace process thing, where you're talking about, given the Palestinians land, we need a clean break from that strategy. And we're going to have a whole new strategy. And what it's going to involve is you making agreements with the broader Arab world so that you don't have to make this agreement with the Palestinians. You see, the old way of thinking was always that Israel will never be able to make peace with the broader Muslim world because they're furious about what you're doing in the Palestinians. [1:17:01] But the clean break strategy was like, no, no, no, you're going to embark on what ultimately became the Netanyahu doctrine that will make it deals with the rest of the Arab world. So we don't have to give up this land. And you know what they recommended? These two neo conservatives in 1996, and I bet you'll never guess this, Joe, regime change in Iraq for the security of Israel. That was in 1996. And these people got in George W. Bush's government. And after 9-11, those same people decided that they believed that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction and that he was involved in 9-11. Yeah, so there it is. Israel can shape its strategic environment and cooperation with Turkey and Jordan by weakening, containing, and even rolling back Syria. This effort can focus on removing Saddam Hussein from power in Iraq and important Israeli strategic objective in its own right as a means of foiling Syria's regional ambitions. And here's where it gets crazy. [1:18:03] How much of a, how what a great job the Masaud did in compromising people, by the way. How much of an effect did that have in everything? You can go full Eddie Bravo and think everything that's happening is because of Epstein's Island. And I used to dismiss that a lot more easy than I do now. Maybe not everything? A lot of things. But certainly some things. Well, look, you will see this. You will see this. And I'm not saying that that Epstein is the sole reason for this type of stuff. There's several different reasons. But you see this all over the political sphere. And especially amongst like conservative commentators where as soon as Israel's mentioned, whatever their principles were that they were just rolling with are like, gone. Like it's a totally different thing. And I get that, there's a reason for that too. I, of course, like what Jewish people have been through [1:19:01] in the 20th century, in the 19th and 18th century, like that, that play is a part in that too. But there's no question that, like, it's not just, it's not just Epstein. It's also, and I highly recommend people read John Mearsheimer has a great book called The Israeli Lobby. There's also this lobby APEC, which have very, very powerful lobby. The truth is that every US president, since with perhaps the exception of Trump, I'm actually not sure about that. But every US president, since Jimmy Carter, I know for sure, excluding Trump, every one of them wanted a two-state solution. Every single one of them. None of them were able to get it done. Even though we, Bancroll, Israel, you think it'd be fairly easy for us to put pressure on the country that's relying on us, like okay, we'll keep supporting you, but you gotta do this. Nope, even when they go over and say we wanna do this, they're not able to do that. And part of that is because of the lobby, [1:20:02] part of that is because there's like tens of millions of evangelical Christians in this country who believe that the Jews have to control Israel, like in some religious view that Jesus can't come back unless the Jews control them or something like that. I'm exactly understand it. They go there on tour. They have tour, they go there. Well, and the Israeli government's well aware of that and they're well aware of how much they benefit from that. So they do everything they can to facilitate that belief. Why do you take off shirts? Yeah, that's right. They're a big force. They're a really big block in this country. There's not like a few dozen of them. They're willing to throw some real money. Yes. That's bringing Jesus back. Yes, they've wanted an outcome that they're unable to get. And you can look, there's this one video of Benjamin Netanyahu, where he doesn't know he's being recorded, and he's speaking openly about this. And it's pretty, so he openly starts bragging [1:21:00] about how he basically blew up the peace process and how he, like, he basically... Is it recording on this? Yeah, oh yeah, I mean, it's in Hebrew, but it's translated and it's legit. It's been translated by like a whole bunch of different people. And he's bragging about how he put all of these poison pills into the peace agreement. Like he was like, oh yeah, sure, well, well, grant, I agreed to grant them a state, but only after it was determined that Israel could control military, like important military areas. And then he was like, I also snuck it in that only Israel gets to define what the military important areas are. And I decided that a third of the West Bank is that. And he's bragging about, and he's bragging about how he tricked Bill Clinton and how easy it is to move the Americans. It's wild. Like there's a lot of power plays at work here. And the only other thing I'll say about this, and it's not just like the Neo conservative, the clean break, the strategy that they wrote for Netanyahu. It's that, so in 2002, Benjamin Netanyahu [1:22:02] comes and testifies before Congress as a regional expert. And he testifies that like, oh yeah, if you guys overthrow Saddam Hussein democracy will sweep the region. Let me tell you, I know something because I know this region better than anyone else. And at one point, Dennis Kusenej actually grilled him and got him on record. And he goes, is there anybody else that you're advocating that we preemptively attack? And Netanyahu goes, yeah attack them too so i'm not like i don't hate israel like i think israel's a cool country i think what they do to the palestinians is fucked up and it's inexcusable and they should stop but i i think israel is a cool country there's a lot of great things about them but like netany, this guy who's the longest serving Prime Minister in Israeli history, has been trying to get America into wars that are in his interest that are very clearly not in hours. And the fact that we have to like unconditionally support Israel, even when our own democratically elected president doesn't like the policy is that they're [1:23:03] enacting and yet they still get all of this support. Even now, as you know, Joe Biden doesn't like the policy is that they're enacting and yet they still get all of this support even now as you know joban doesn't know what he's saying because he's got dementia but there's people in his ear who are telling him to like say don't invade rafa and he's like don't invade rafa and then Benjamin neton yeah who's like okay we're going to invade rafa and it's just like okay well fine fine if we have no influence over what you're going to do and you'll just wag the middle finger at us and brag about how you tricked Bill Clinton and defy what our presidents want you to do. Okay, fine. But then you don't get our money and our weapons, right? Isn't that reasonable? It is reasonable, but it's also, the left is very confused on this one. This is a baffling one for the left. They should. Sure. Support of Israel has always been a position of people on the left, right? Support of Jewish people. And to not want that is kind of anti-Semitic. Well, look, on the hard left, there's always been a bunch of people who are sympathetic to the plight of the Palestinians, right? So there's, well, the people that have seen [1:24:01] Abbey Martin's take on it. Yeah. But Abbey Martin I've like seen Abby Martin's take on it. Yeah, but Abby Martin also like follows in a tradition of left wing thought like known Chomsky and people like this who have always been very critical of the Israeli government's treatment of the Palestinians. Yes. But this is where it gets weird. It's like the support of Israel when Israel was attacked. So that's when everything gets crazy. It's not supportive of Israel before October 7th. It's post-October 7th. So now you have hardcore lefties who are now they're like the majority of young people now. It's a big thing in this country and universities. It's crazy. I mean they're going nuts. They're attacking students. They're attacking teachers. People can't go to work. They're attacking students, they're attacking teachers, people can't go to work, they're being told if they support a Israeli campaign on campus, it's just the whole thing is it's very bad for the left in that regard because it's like Jewish people traditionally vote left. [1:25:01] Oh yeah, well yeah, I mean the overwhelming majority, I think 85% of Jews are Democrats or something like that. And, you know, obviously there's not false, like even today there was a news report of a huge government protest in Israel. They're in the streets. And so it's not like this is a policy that's supported by the entire population. Well, there's, I mean, there was, so basically, I think, what really changed things. During the 90s, there's no question. There was tremendous support for making a deal for a two-state solution, particularly amongst, like, liberal Israelis. And they're basically, so Yitzhak Rabin got assassinated by a right-wing Israeli who was furious that he was a traitor for making a deal with the Palestinians. And that took him out. And then when Netanyahu came in, and then ultimately, I guess it was Sharon who was in the year 2000, [1:26:00] and there was another meeting at Camp David where, know what what people will say which is just not true but what a lot of the the people of the pro-Israeli side will say is that they offered them everything right they offered the Palestinians everything they wanted and they just turned it down and this is their it's all slogans it's like they never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity but if you actually look into the details of all of it, even Shlomo Benamei, who was the acting foreign minister at the time involved in these negotiations, he even said in his book, and he said it in a democracy now interview, that he would have turned down the deal too if he was arofat because deal was just so it was so removed from actually giving him his own state that it was like this is just it was an insulting offer essentially. But when those negotiations broke down and then it was after Sharon had this visit to the temple mount which really inflamed tensions when the negotiations broke down then the second in Tafada started and there was a big wave of terrorist attacks and that you know in [1:27:05] the same cycle we were talking about at the beginning, that did a lot to turn a lot of liberal Israelis off of the idea that like, well, there's no negotiating, a piece. But it is worth noting that whenever there weren't negotiations going on, the support for terrorism, the support for Hamas and groups like that always plummeted. And then whenever the negotiations broke down, the support for Hamas and groups like groups like that always plummeted. And then whenever the negotiations broke down, the support for those terrorist groups picked back up again. Because the big problem here is that you're just, when you, essentially when you take away the dangling carrot in front of an oppressed people, like you let them know that there's no hope that you're going to live in subjugation for eternity. That's a very dangerous situation. That's when people will turn to really, really dark means. And that's, you know, essentially, look, Netanyahu, what became the Netanyahu doctrine, and a lot of this culminated in the Abraham Accords, [1:28:02] which a lot of Trump supporters will brag about. They'll be like, look at all these peace deals that Donald Trump worked out in the Middle East except the problem is that there was no war between any of the countries that he worked out these deals. It was just kind of like normalizing relations between Israel and these other Arab countries around them. But what was the reason why relations weren't normalized was because they were pissed off about Israel's treatment of the Palestinians. So basically Jared Kushner's brilliant idea, along with Netanyahu's, was that, oh, well, if we just bribe all of these countries with US taxpayer dollars or weapons, we can get them to look the other way and say, screw the Palestinians. We'll make a deal with the US and with Israel. So they did that. And Netanyahu was bragging about this. And Netanyahu, just a couple weeks before September 11th, right around the time that he sent the head of Masad into Qatar to make sure the money kept going to Hamas. He went to the UN with a map of greater Israel and it was all Israel. Gaza, [1:29:00] the West Bank and what is Israel proper, all Israel in his map. Like they were just bragging to them. Like, ha ha, you guys lost, you get nothing. That's it. Nothing. This map of greater Israel, this is something that he's proposing for the future. This is, you know, as much as people will point to the Hamas founding charter and it says from the river to the sea or whatever. And that's true, at least the original one. But that's in the Lecude founding documents also, in different words, but it's basically from the river to the sea will be all Israel, which is what it has been, you know, since 1967. And again, by the way, I'm not showing up with a map. Why would he have a, that sounds like a plot in a movie. Sure does. Like this is all of ours. show up with a map what why would he have a that sounds like a plot a movie sure does like this is all of ours haha what i do no deals yeah well right something like that it does it sounds like a bad guy in the movie well look i also don't don't want to um... because there are people who also jumped to like other conspiracy theories that i [1:30:00] don't think are right uh... that well they'll say kind of like uh... Like what? Well, because, okay, so because Netanyahu was supporting Hamas and because he was using them kind of as, you know what I mean? Like, oh good, we'll keep these terrorists over here so that they're not linked up with the people in the West Bank over here. And then I have no, I get a, you know, a certificate, I forget the exact phrase, but it was I have a I think he said at one point I have a no partner for peace certificate signed by the president and both houses of Congress because look I don't have to ever do a two-state deal but then people will jump to the next level which is that like oh he he wanted October 7th there was a stand down order this is why it took us so long yeah it's black flag's a black flag. That, or a false flag. Yeah, that I don't think is right. Or at least I haven't seen convincing evidence that it is. From everything I've read about it, it actually seems a lot more like, if you remember, I know we talked about the same thing on the podcast years ago when I was on, but if you remember when, okay, so in 2012, when Obama decided that they [1:31:06] were going to start arming all of the anti-Assad rebels, and there's actually a hot mic of John Kerry talking about this, and because they were doing it through 2013 through 2014, and he goes, he goes, yeah, look, we saw the rise of ISIS coming, and we knew the weapons were getting into their hands, but we thought, okay, that might put pressure on Assad to have to step down. So we could use this group in order to get the regime change that we wanted. But then they turned around and invaded Iraq. And that wasn't part of the plan. You know what I mean? They weren't supposed to do that. Then we had to re-invade Iraq to get rid of ISIS. You know what I mean? And so if you to do that. Then we had to reinvate a wreck to get rid of ISIS. You know what I mean? And so if you remember during that time, there was one point when Obama called ISIS JV. It was like kind of like insulting them, like like some of these guys. And you could kind of see where Obama was coming from. He's like, I don't know. I'm the commander in chief of the United States of America's military. I'm worried about ISIS. These guys are nothing compared to what the power that we have. [1:32:07] And there's a lot of people at the highest level of the Israeli government who spoke exactly the same way about Hamas. That's the Benjamin Netanyahu quote that he says, we can control the height of the flame. When he's talking about, you know, the propping up Hamas. He goes, don't worry, we can control what they're able to do and what they're not able to do. These guys are nothing compared to our strength. But let me add, there was tremendous hubris in it. Let's, let's say, go what if? Sure. What if they decided on a two-state solution as it currently stands? And they just let the people run it, however they want, and Hamas takes over the whole Palestine. A Palestine becomes a country controlled by Hamas. And then they start doing trading with other countries. And then they start acquiring weapons, like real sophisticated weapons like Israel has, where the Iron Dome is no longer successful. Right, so this is kind of the counterfactual that a lot of Israelis will rely on to say, [1:33:01] well look, we can't give them their own state, because what if when they get their own state, they decide to do this with it? So all right, there's an old Thomas Jefferson quote about slavery and I'll butcher this as I always do, but I like bringing it up. But it's something along the lines of he goes, we have the wolf by the ear and we can neither afford to hold on to it nor to safely let it go. And essentially what he was saying was like this was a major concern of people, even people who were kind of sympathetic to the abolitionist cause, who were like, yeah, look, but we've like enslaved these people for so long. It's like, what are we gonna do? Freedom and make them citizens who are allowed to get guns? Like they're gonna be so furious at us. They're gonna come kill all of us. So, freem, and make them citizens who are allowed to get guns, like they're gonna be so furious at us, they're gonna come kill all of us. And you can kind of see, especially when there's way more of them. Well, especially you have a plantation, and how many places do you have? Right, right, in certain areas. You might have had- You might have people all get together and organized, get guns. So you could see where that could have been a real- It was to have a really good point too. Right, but at the same time, [1:34:05] dude, who whipped you lives in that big white house and now you've got a shotgun? Yeah, so there's no question. There's a concern about that. However, I also think looking back at it, most people in modern times would say, Yeah, but you can't enslave people, man. Like fucked up, you should deserve that. Sorry. And And look, I also do think that, you better get the fuck out of Dodge. Like the way, well the way Darryl Cooper says it, which I actually think is a reasonable way to put it, is he goes like, I heard someone ask him that question once and he goes, okay, well if that happens, then we're having a different conversation. You know, but that's not the conversation right now. The conversation right now is about Israel dominating these people in perpetuity. But I also do think that I don't listen, I think that groups like Hamas get their strength from the fact that there are so many people who want to resist this total domination by the Israelis. You know, it was a general Macrystal, not a libertarian dove like me, not like some comic [1:35:05] idiot like me who was just like I'm against war general Macrystal who was running the war in Afghanistan before he got caught saying bad things about Obama and got kicked out of there uh... the Rolling Stone story with uh... Michael Hastings the late great Michael guys things that might have yeah well I don't know about that but but general Macrystal this tough hard-nosed general he was the one who coined the term insurgent math and he said what's 10 minus two a lot of you might think it's eight but the answer's 20 when we're talking about insurgents 10 minus two equals 20 because you killed two insurgents and each one of them had brothers and uncles and nephews and friends, and now they all join up the resistance movement, because they're all so radicalized by the fact that you just killed someone they loved. And this has been the nature of this dynamic from the beginning of it. And so, yeah, it's like just saying that to the concern that if [1:36:04] Israel was to grant the Palestinians their freedom, that what if then this led to some swelling in Hamas, I think the truth is that doing what you're doing now is much more likely to increase Hamas or Hamas-like organizations. Because you know, so basically it's like credit card debt. It's like basically they keep using their credit card and they're never gonna be able to pay off the debt. It's just kind of rising and rising and rising and your monthly payments keep getting higher and higher and you're fucked. Yeah, but again, like I will say, that the one nice example, or the one silver lining to all of this, is that there are so many examples throughout the world where things were so off I mean you just never could have imagined that like Germany could live right there in Europe next to all these kind of they just went to two world wars with each other you know what I mean of that but they do they travel by train to visit each other yeah that's right and everyone's trust dude I went last year and did like stand up in a I went to London and then you get on like a 45 minute [1:37:07] flight and you go over to Ireland and you just like, ah, you guys are right next to each other. Everyone's just coming out to the shows and we're having fun and it's just cool. And like so there is something beautiful about that where you it's it in the moment it seems like this could never be solved. But like, that's not necessarily true. The truth is that human, most human beings are incentivized by wanting to live their life and wanting to take care of their family and wanting to, you know what I mean? Like, and if given an option to do that, rather than losing their sons in war, a lot of times they'll choose that. But in order for that to happen, the, look, Israel has all of the power. And the Palestinian people have virtually not. The only thing they have the power to do is to, you know, I guess support these acts of terrorism, which are essentially like celebrating losing. [1:38:02] It's so sick and dark that you're like, aha, we'll kill a few of your people and then get way more of our people killed than you, it's just like that's the only thing they have. Aside from that, every peaceful effort that they make ends up being violently suppressed. And Israel has all of the power. And in order to get to that step, it's on the ones with the power have to make some concessions. And the only order to get to that step, it's on the ones with the power have to make some concessions. And the only way to get there is for Israel to like, at least back on some path toward like, hey, we are going to give you like your sovereignty at some point. There was some recent discussion of rebuilding Gaza where they were talking about what they could do for that area. Once they rebuild it. What's the plan on that? Well, there's been a lot of different things floated out, and of course Israel is always kind of talking out of both sides of their mouth. So like on one moment, they'll be like, we just want Hamas. We just have to get Hamas out of there. [1:39:00] And then they'll be like, well, we really do think that every country should take in a fair share of the guys and people like they're floating out the idea of just cleansing the entire area. I know that the the UN I think recently said that it would take 80 years to rebuild Gaza and I don't know if that I don't trust UN numbers exactly. Rebuilding Gaza to take this. Oh two decades. Oh two decades. This is the billion over two decades. Well someone just got paid. Well, right, exactly. So what's the real thing? But nobody building is very profitable. Well, that's for sure. Yeah, oh, there's money to be made in the destruction. There's money to be made in the rebuilding. And people will make that money. But I think that the truth is that Israel has not at all laid out what the endgame of this is other than this assertion that we must get rid of Hamas entirely, even though US and Israeli intelligence have both said that that's impossible. It's not an achievable task. Hamas is popping back up in the areas that they've already leveled and they can go into [1:40:02] Rafa. I'm sure they can kill some homos militants in there but homos or homos like groups are coming back how many think they've killed so far no idea and i don't think they know but what are the numbers i think they exist they've they've claimed um... that they've i saw like at one point they said they've killed eight thousand and they said ten thousand and fourteen thousand i i don't know honestly i have no idea what the real number is and i don't i don't think the israeli government knows and i don't think uh... i think probably the cousin uh... health ministry doesn't know either it's like very difficult work to wall this is all going on identify bodies and figure out how many of them are dead and how many of them were joined up with Hamas or weren't you know Hamas is also not like it's not a government it's not like as if there's like um you know it's not like okay if you were like say tracking like in America there was a big [1:41:01] you know like explosion a bunch of people died and you could look at like DNA records and who was enlisted in the military and and you could just match them up against each other. It's not scientific like that, or at least it's much more primitive than that. So I really wouldn't venture to guess. And I also don't know how accurate the numbers when they say 35,000 people have died. It seems within the realm of possibility. He's a lot of people missing, right? And that's part of the problem. Yeah, well, they said, the most recent figures that they put out, again, this is the Gaza Health Ministry, which is overseen by Hamasab, take that with a grain of salt or whatever, but they said there's like, I think 10,000 who they weren't able to identify. Cusion, the horror of just walking down those streets. So if there are 10,000, how many of them can you smell? You know, I mean, you just look around, you just see wreckage and you smell rotting bodies. [1:42:00] Oh, dude, and just the worst things in the world. Insane. It must be insane to live there before October 6th when it was already prison to see it now. And it's continuing, right? It's going on right now. Oh, yeah. Yeah. No one then imagine, like, imagine, you know, and there's constantly like the defenders of this military campaign will say, oh, they drop warning bombs and they drop leaflets and they tell you, no problem, just leave. But you're talking about people who are like, first of all, they live at least a large percentage of them. Live in a level of poverty that none of us have ever experienced. Just telling people, just leave and head out to the, and people almost have like in their mind that like what is there like some sophisticated refugee camp waiting for them with tents and water and food? Like no, they're just telling them like go, go out into the desert, go out into this other place. You have nothing, it's not that easy. Like you might have little children with you or old people with you, it's not that easy to just leave. And then when they leave and they go in a rafa, which was supposed to be safe, they go, [1:43:05] oh yeah, now we're invading rafa. So leave again. Where do you go exactly? Who knows? And again, like, look dude, it's just, again, I just think that whenever you're talking about these things, when you're talking about like inflicting this level of human suffering on a group of people, like whoever's defending that man, the onus is on you to demonstrate that there's absolutely no other way to do it. And the other reason why I bring up this point all the time about Israel propping up Hamas as this strategy is that it doesn't that at least change the narrative because if you just go, which a lot of people are, they'll just be like, well look, look what happened on October 7th, look how horrible that is, nobody could stand for anybody doing that. And therefore, Hamas has to go. And so whatever happens in that process, hey, that's on Hamas. And I guess on some superficial level, [1:44:01] I can understand that. But once you know that they were propping up Hamas specifically so that they wouldn't have to give the innocent Palestinians their own state. And now they get to use that group that they propped up as the excuse, whether allowed to just slaughter these people. That's just like, that's a whole different level of, that's just, no, that's fucked up, man. That's just not, and all these terms get conflated. There'll be, like, doesn't Israel have the right to defend itself? You're like, yeah, but see, now you're manipulating this idea of self-defense, which is a natural right. You could argue the most natural human right is the right to defend, you know, the right to life, and then the right to defend your life. But the right to defense is like, so imagine like me and you were hanging out at your house and someone like broke into your house and kills me and then points the gun at you and you grab your gun and you killed that guy. You'd be like, well, yeah, you had the right to defend yourself. You know what I mean? He's on your property. He broke into your property. [1:45:01] He just killed your friend. He's trying to kill you and you're like, no, you have the right to defend yourself, no question. But, or you could even argue, right? Say like in the human shield example, he's holding a little baby as he's shooting at me and then shooting, and you shoot and you hit the baby and him. You could say, hey, that's horrible, but that was on him. But now you're talking about like a guy breaks into your house, shoots and kills me, runs and leaves, retreats back to his house where you know his wife and his five kids are. And so you blow up the house and you're like, well, look, I have a right to defend myself. And you're like, okay, but this is a slightly different concept than just like the right of self-defense as we all understand it. This is more like the right to revenge, the right to justice, which okay, I'm not, I believe in justice and I think all of the people involved in October 7th should face justice for what they did, a horrific terrorist attack. But there's a very different question between like defending the country of Israel and enacting justice against those people. [1:46:01] If it means like babies get crushed to death and rubble and parents get killed in front of their children and all of the horror that's been going on. What do you think Hamas thought Israel was gonna do? This. I think this was the plan. So you think they wanted Israel to do this? Yeah. I think Hamas doesn't care about Palestinian life. And they like, I think are, Hamas doesn't care about Palestinian life. And they, like I think are, I think the goal, the goal in asymmetric warfare is almost always to provoke an over-reaction out of your opponent, right? So like Osama bin Laden never thought he could destroy America by taking down the twin towers, but he thought he could lure us into a war in Afghanistan that could bankrupt our country just like he was trained by the CIA to do with the Soviet Union, right? Like that was kind of the plan. And likewise, I think that Hamas knew that [1:47:02] Israel would overreact in this way and look, I mean, look what's happening, totally turn global opinion against them, and put themselves in more jeopardy than they've ever been in. There's almost nothing that anyone else could have done to Israel that would have put that country in more jeopardy than what they've just done to Gaza. This is like never going away for them. And I don't think a lot of Israelis or pro-Israeli Americans have really grappled with this fact. You could get into the semantics of arguing whether this is a genocide or not a genocide, which I never get into. By the way, I just don't care about, whether you call it that term or call it a different term. Whatever it is is real. But the fact that the international court of justice ruled that this is a plausible genocide is so wild that they ruled that the Jewish state is committing a genocide? Like that's just such a different way of looking at things than all of us grew up with like, no, the Jews were the victims of genocide, not the perpetrators of it. [1:48:02] And I am Jewish and I do resent that they've kind of put that into the public mind and to some degree because there's a case to be made for it. But Israel is really playing with fire here. I think they're in a more precarious position than they've ever been in my lifetime for sure. Jesus Christ. What do you think happened that I ran in, dude? You know, I think that's just a crash in the fall. I think so. That is kind of my, yeah. Like I've, you know, of course, you always in some weird perverse way want the more exciting story. Don't fly in the fucking fog in a helicopter. How about that? Well, I asked a few of my real smart friends, like I was calling them a bad eye called Scott Horton earlier today and I was like, what do you think about those? And he was like, that does seem like bad weather. And like he was like, because they couldn't even like recover it. [1:49:00] You know what I mean? Because the weather was so bad right and also it's not taking out the um... the aranian president doesn't really do anything anyway i told that i was who has the whole yet they'll put another they'll put another president and it'll be the exact same thing and i just don't think i my guess is that it was just bad weather but i'm totally open to there might be some evidence that comes out that it was something else. It's always more fun to think it's some secret squirrel shit. Yeah. Yeah. I think this one might have just been bad weather though. It turns out it's really not safe to fly a helicopter in bad weather. No, it's fucking terrifying. You can't see. Fly right into mountains. Yeah. That's not good. No, it's not good. I don't know. Do you find helicopters to have? Yeah, they don't make me feel good. Yeah. People tell me they're fine. They know how to do it, they're safe. They know how to auto rotate on the way down. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Whatever. Whatever. That thing seems weird. [1:50:00] I'm sure that's what they told the Iranian president. Well, I mean, do they have helicopters that can operate through the clouds just like an airplane does? Right, where they know exactly where they are at any given time. I don't know. I don't know. I have no knowledge on this subject, but I just feel I've never been in a helicopter and I don't want to. It doesn't seem like as sophisticated a method of flying. I just feel like helicopter, Lys life has been going pretty good for me and I'm just going to keep riding down this path where you don't go on helicopters. Ber has a license and he took me up really? Yeah, Bill Ber. He's really good, really good at flying helicopters. I have the handful of times I've been in helicopters with him. We're flying around downtown LA. You can just fly around. That's it's weird. They don't tell you where you can go and not go. I mean, I'm sure they do. But for the most part, once you say you're going to go to a specific area, you can just kind of fly around. So, yeah, yeah, yeah, it's weird. So you have a helicopter because they're below the airplanes. I don't know why. I was at something in the middle of it. [1:51:05] He's like, yeah, like it. You're like, dude, focus man. No, he's very focused when he flies a helicopter. He's very, very serious about it. But he took me around these buildings and you just flying around buildings in downtown LA. I'm like, this is crazy. You just fly right by these skyscrapers. I cool. It is cool. But I don't want to do it. It's very, it's kind of beautiful. Like you're just flying around and it's kind of leisurely because they don't go that fast. Right, right. Right. Right. Just leisurely flying around downtown. I'm like, this is crazy. And then you look at a lot of those buildings on downtown LA, they all have like helicopter landing pads on the roof. Like this is bonkers. Yeah. I mean, okay, I understand the appeal from him that does seem fun. Yeah, it's fun. But then you know, you don't want to end up like this Iranian guy. Yeah. There's Bill. There. Fucking Bill Burf. Yeah. Oh, fucking Cheyenne a flat. It's helicopter with my fucking... Oh, how dare you wear that paper boy hat when you made fun of me? Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha He famously said, I had a little rascal sat on it. I like it. This is like right after that he went and bought the hat. [1:52:06] Yeah, it's a good look. Yeah. He's awesome. Him and Tim Dylan are the very best at ranting, like buy themselves on a podcast. They're the only podcasts that I listen to where God just goes off 100% by himself, Bill really by himself. Like the Tim Dylan has a producer that's like a built in one man audience. Right. Who he kind of plays off of him. Yeah. And he's great. But he's even us one person is enough for Tim Dylan. Like Tim Dylan can rant with one person better than anybody on the planet. But he's very smart in the way he does it. Like have his producer right there. So he's saying funny things for his producers, producers laughing. Right. And then so he'll do that also in podcast, same kind of thing, you know, whereas Burr is just him by himself. Yeah. I know like read like someone will just ask him like the most kind of basic question. Yeah. And then like he's just reading their question. And then it just launches him into [1:53:02] this thing that like, you know, he wasn't even planning on talking about none of this. Right. And then it just launches him into this thing that like, you know, he wasn't even planning on talking about none of this, and then it just launches and it's beautiful. Yeah, both those guys are the best. Yeah, Dylan's the best though, at just being hilarious about anything by himself. Dude, I mean, I met Tim like pretty early, he was pretty new when I first met him. And he was definitely like, I mean, he, he wasn't as, you know, like, he didn't have the chops that he has now. He wasn't as polished as he is now. But he was, he was very green. He was brand new. But I remember just like hearing a few of his rants on podcasts and you were like, yo, this guy is going to be like a force of nature. Well, it's like, I almost like, it's almost like you see, it's like if you were watching Michael Jordan plan high school or something like that, and then you just saw one move and you were like, oh, shit. That's what we're doing. That now? All right. All right, fine. Well, he came, it's such a unique perspective. A gay, right wing guy who used to sell subprime mortgages and did a lot of drugs. [1:54:06] I'm not, I'm still not convinced he's gay. I'm convinced he used to sell subprime mortgages. That's that for sure happens. I'm convinced he did a lot of drugs. That I believe. Yeah. That I believe. Gay thing. You know what? It's funny because every now and then you'll Tim, but it's there. Look, you have to plug in glasses. Oh my God. And he puts those glasses on, so he's like, he's in his own little world. And you just say the most wild shit about everybody. Did you see the Nancy Pelosi debate with the dude from Mumford? No, I still haven't watched it. I did. I know you asked me if I had seen it and then my buddy Rob Bernstein who co-hosts my podcast with me, part of the problem. He was like, dude, you gotta watch it, but I just have not. I've been constantly traveling. Yeah, dude. He handed her... Well, I can't believe Nancy Pelosi actually did an Oxford style debate. That just seems ridiculous. Who told her that was a good idea i don't know i mean i guess she thought winston is just like this [1:55:08] fucking musician he's in a banjo player what's going on here polosi interrupted by anti israeli a polosi reboot for uh to her face during oxford debate after condemning americans clouded by guns gays god what what does that mean clouded by guns gays god what what does that mean clouded by guns gays god what does that mean what does that mean she's so crazy oh baby there's guns and gays and gods oh my god challenging policy's position in the debate about populism Winston Marshall a musician who is once part of memfredded sons now hosts the Marshall Matters podcast for the spectators Spoke in opposition to the Oxford Union motion that this house believes populism is a threat to democracy. That is a crazy argument that populism is a threat to democracy. Well like it's I swear to God whenever you whenever you hear people like Nancy Pelosi or Hillary Clinton or any of them use the term democracy, just in your mind, substitute what they mean by democracy is our rule over you. [1:56:11] Like in a sense, that's what they mean. It's like, oh yeah, populism is a threat to you guys ruling us. Yes. And that's kind of true. That's exactly what she's saying. She just knows she's saying that. I will say there's a really great debate. She just knows she's saying that I will say there's a there's a really great debate. I believe it was the monk The it was it was between David from and Oh god, I'm blanking on his name. Trump's big advisor. Oh Man, I'm blanking on his name. I'm just I'm usually pretty good with names guys But what is the guy who like masterminded Trump's 2016 campus? Yes, Steve Bannon. So Steve Bannon and David from David from was a speech writer for George W. Bush and Steve Bannon debated populism and the crowd was so hostile to Bannon. And he actually did a very good job in the debate. I highly [1:57:03] recommend everyone listen to it if you're interested in this stuff because he basically laid out how the whole Trumpist populist movement is a result of your failures. Like who are you, George W. Bush speechwriter to look at us and say like, why is there this populism? Gee, I wonder why? Maybe it's because the elites mismanaged everything. And so then there was like a movement that rose up, like, hey, these elites are screwing you over. It's, populism is, it's not a sign that you have a healthy society. It's a symptom of a cause. You know, it's like, it's in the same way, I don't mean you have talked about this a bunch before, but in the same ways when all these people will be like, you know, we need to have trust in our institutions. And you're like, well, yeah. But we also need institutions that don't lie to us. And when they do lie to us, you can't turn around and say, hey, you have to trust these institutions. Like, no, the problem started with you not being trustworthy. Yeah. Not with us not trusting you. [1:58:01] I think people are starting to understand that better now. I really do. I do too. I think there's been a pretty significant shift towards people being very skeptical about bullshit now, where it's just, there's gonna be a ton of people, and some of these people, by the way, are paid. And this is what I've talked to people recently that are either... they their stream or their uh... you two personalities or their instagram social media personalities and they have a certain number of followers and they offer them thousands of dollars to do political posts thousands of dollars to talk about specific political issues there's no money in my politics you know what's the worst? What if you have a really big account? Like what if you have a big account like mine? We have like 19 million followers and someone says, hey, we would love to pay you, you know, to support blah, blah, blah. [1:59:00] You know, that is creepy, man. That's legal. That's creepy that you can pay people for their support for a political issue because it's this weird gray area where it's social media engagement. And I'm sure there's also like, there's probably like a few like steps between, like it's not like a campaign is directly paying, you know, it's like a super pack or a group that was funded by that super pack and then you could with a straight face say, I've never taken any money from the Biden campaign. Come on. Yeah, but you did take money from a group who's basically Biden's campaign. Right. With the NIH did with gain of function research. We didn't find anything. Nothing to do with it. Oh, this subsidiary, oh yeah, this company that we fund. Yeah, yeah, right. All right. All right. All right. All right. All right. All right. All right. All right. All right. All right. All right. All right. All right. All right. All right. All right. All right. All right. All right. All right. All right. All right. All right. All right. All right. All right. All right. All right. All right. All right. their nationalist. What they're amazing at. And I've kind of like marveled at it, [2:00:06] like over the last few years, especially when I do this show. Like I mean, there's other, there's some other shows that I do that are like pretty big shows, but there's just nothing like this show, like the response to it that you get. And especially for me, because I come say like controversial things on this and like the the response that you can be accurate. I mean, it's bonkers. Dude, okay, so the probably the biggest one up until, I don't know, but maybe the biggest one was that when we were talking about the war in Ukraine. So this was like a couple of years ago, I guess was the first time I came on and we were really talking about it. The beginning ish of the war. And I basically made this whole case for how uh... nato expansion is basically what provoked this war and that that was vladimir putons big gripe right and uh... i mean i thought i totally backed it up with like listen this is what all of these experts themselves said you know russian experts right i'm saying american experts [2:01:01] heads of nato all of this stuff and uh... i mean the reaction I got from blue check journalist back when that meant you were a corporate journalist. I Joe Scarborough was furious at me because this guy is saying that NATO provoked Vladimir Putin's invasion because of course the New York Times and CNN and their favorite term was unprovoked. These are completely unprovoked. And I don't know by the way if you caught this and I don't say this just to run a victory lap, but kind of 50% for that reason. But just late last year, the head of NATO, Straussenberg, Jen Straussenberg or something like that, Norwegian guy, but he just came out and said, and he almost said it like so nonchalantly. He said that Vladimir Putin, before he invaded, asked NATO, he said, if you just put in writing that you won't ever put Ukraine in NATO, I won't invade. But if you don't do that, I'm gonna invade. And then he was bragging, he goes, and we refused. We refused to agree to that. [2:02:02] And then he was kinda going, and look, now NATO's gonna expand even more. So see how stupid Vladimir Putin is. But like number one, he just totally admitted that all that thing that everyone was saying was such a controversial statement two years ago that this had anything to do with NATO expansion. It's like, well, the head of NATO just said that's what the whole thing was about. And that he wouldn't have invaded if he had just agreed to not expand NATO more. And then number two, you're like, oh, so you're just bragging that you didn't do that. So what? Hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians have died now. We could have just made an agreement that Ukraine won't be in NATO and not done any of this. That seems better. But when you say it, when I said it two years ago, every like, anyway, my point is just that they really act like you're crazy. Yeah, like you're crazy. Like you're an insane person. When you're saying something that you're like, no, this is like very common sense and clearly true. I don't think they even understand the history of it, even the people that are commentators. I think there's some. A lot of them don't. That are jack of all trades, right? They're jack of all trades in regards to their understanding of the economy, international conflict, you know, techist issues. [2:03:08] You know what, I sent you this months ago, but this really was kind of eye opening to me. So there's this guy, Liam Crossgrove, and he works for Greyzone. He's a reporter over there. And so he made, he basically did like this guerrilla journalism type thing where he was going up and asking congressman questions and then he made like a video where he kind of spliced it together. And there was like, there was some stuff of me on this podcast in the video and some stuff of my guy Scott Horton, who by the way is great over at anti-war.com that his whole team over there is incredible. But so he made this video where he goes up to all these uh... these congressmen and congresswomen and he asks them what they think about net and yahu's uh... propping up a moss for all of these years and to a man to a woman all of them just have this deer and head lights look [2:04:03] and they're like uh... sorry what reporter are you referring to? I'm sorry, I haven't seen that. I'd be interested to see that, but I haven't seen that. What are you talking about? And you just, right away, none of them know. None of them even have the faggiest idea what you're talking about. And you almost realize that weirdly, it was even eye-opening to me and I was like, I talk about this stuff all the time, but you just kind of realize where it's like, oh, like, yeah, that's not their job. Their job isn't to like read books about this stuff and read newspaper articles and keep up with what's going. Their job is to fundraise for their next election that they have and to whip votes for this thing that this lobbyist wanted. I know if I get what this lobbyist wanted, he's going to contribute to my campaign. And if I do, it's like they're in a different world. They're not in the world of like actually thinking about this conflict and knowing things and learning more about it. Just like being the president, they have to have a comprehensive understanding [2:05:00] of everything. Everything. Right. Everything. Where's impossible. Which is not possible. It's not possible. And the other thing is they're always talking like they're in a position of expertise. One of my favorite interviews was when AOC was talking to that lady and she asked her to expand. That Israel Palestine. Oh my God. She just collapsed into herself. It's literally like a fifth crater that didn't study. Yes. And then they ask you about the subject, or you didn't read the book. And then, well, you know, it's about Billion is dog and really good relationship these dogs. But the crazy thing about that interview is that it's like, okay, so her first comment comes off with like total authority, you know? And then like one little follow up question. The question's like, well, what do you mean by that? And then you just see her get weaker and weaker. And then like, well, my, but what do you mean by that? It's like, I don't know what I'm talking about, man. But she literally goes, I'm really not the expert. She just gave up. But she kept going before she gave up. She tried. And you're supposed to know about that if you talk about that it's not that hard to educate yourself on it. [2:06:07] Oh no a little bit at least. I mean some I have an understanding of the history of the conflict. It is a crazy convoluted one. Yeah, this is it. This is it. Yeah, yeah, sure. I also think that what people are starting to see, at least in the occupation of Palestine, is just an increasing crisis of humanitarian condition. And that, to me, is just where I tend to come from on this issue. You use the term the occupation of Palestine? What did you mean by that? Oh, I think what I meant is the settlements that are increasing. No, that's not what the occupation means. Oh, it keeps getting better. Palestinians are experiencing difficulty and access to their housing and homes. [2:07:03] Do you think you can expand on that? Yeah, I mean, I think I'd also just, I am not the expert geopolicyc on this issue. That lady, by the way, knew exactly what she was doing. Oh, of course. She goes, oh, I'm gonna expose this chick. I'm gonna expose her. She's, and you know what's great? I kind of agree with AOC's starting statement, but then you're like, hey, you gotta have something here, man. You gotta know what you're talking about. Yeah, and also, this is not, again, it's not the place for that. You have five minutes or whatever you got. Whatever that interview is, there's not a chance that you can lay out the history of this conflict. But there's also different chords and all the different. Yes, yes, of course. But there's also this weird thing in corporate media where there's almost like an unspoken, unwritten agreement that like, look, if you just have a few talking points, you can get through an interview and sound really confident in yourself and sound like, hey, that guy knows [2:08:00] what he's talking about, you know? And as long as say like if I'm interviewing you, as long as I kind of agree that I'm just going to let you say you're talking points, right? Then you can come out looking really good. But as soon as one like interviewer like this one decides like, no, I'm going to make an example out of you now. And the big thing about the bullshit. She did it. She just kept asking her to expand. That's what you mean by that. Yeah expand. She's not challenging her. She's literally just giving her the easiest of softballs Yep, and there's nothing there. Yeah, and that's and that's right and of course AOC You know, I don't almost feel bad like because she was such a like I think she was in her 20s in this video Like she's just they also kind of knew that like that here's this woman who just is totally not up to the task It doesn't know anything. You see the Marjorie Taylor green, the outburst. These are the best of the best ladies and gentlemen. These are our representatives. This is our Jerry Springer government. That's what he was like. Let's see you see, color baby girl. She's like, oh baby girl, like they went full. [2:09:01] Oh no, you didn't. You said, bitch, I will fuck you up. They went fucking you. Marjorie Taylor's insulting her. She's insulting Marjorie Taylor's body. It was, dude, it was wild. You're like, no, we can't, just when you think like, this country's gotten so dumb, you're like, oh, are we actually here? But are we actually here? Do you remember we used to watch those videos videos of like Parliament breaking out in other countries like Kazakhstan or some shit they'd go and we'd be like that could never happen here Listen to what things that so she gives her shit chaos on capital hill Fine see if you can find the raw footage of it so we know so she starts talking shit Marjorie Taylor green says maybe couldn't read because you your fake eyelashes and the other was like, oh, no, you didn't strike that shit from the record. And then she said, yeah, I said, she has a blitch body. The Marjorie Taylor, but she did it in the like the caddy pass of aggressive way. You know, we're here. [2:10:02] Well, you don't want to talk about, I think your fake eyelashes are messing up. No, I know. Hold on, hold on. This is... Order, Mr. Chairman. That's beneath you. We're here. We're here. We're here. Beneath even you. Keep going. And I would like to move to take down Miss Green's words. That is absolutely unacceptable. How dare you, a lady who's a fan, lady who's a fan. Are your feelings hurt? Her words down. Oh, oh, oh, girl, baby girl. Oh, really? Don't even play, baby girl. We are gonna move and we're gonna take your words down. Thank you. I second that motion. That's amazing. Don't even play. Okay. A three degrees to stricker words. don't even play. Okay. I believe you should apologize. No, no, no, no. Okay, hold on. Then after Mr. Perry, you'll be recognized in Ms. Perry. I'm not apologizing. Well, then you're not apologizing. Okay, we're sure that you're working. I am not apologizing. Let's go. I'm just curious. Just to better understand your ruling. If someone on this committee then starts talking about somebody's bleach blonde bad built [2:11:05] bush body that would not be engaged in a personality correct solid alliteration what now chairman bond bad butch body it's a genuinely kind of impressed with the alliteration off the top of the head that was pretty good the bleach bond built built, bad built, butch body. Yeah, that's not bad. It's not bad. She thought about it for a while. She probably had that in her head. Yeah, it's a little time. Yeah, yeah, yeah. That's right, that's right. There was some time there. There was a little Twitter spaces. Like the next line should be like, you are not the father. Like it's just the middle of this chaos. That's Jerry Spray. I'm gonna get insane. Those are our representatives. Yeah. Yeah, that's insanity. I mean, other countries have to be laughing at that. Yeah, I would. If I was China, I'd This is amazing. How could we have known our plan would work so well? [2:12:07] So well. And it is really wild. So well. Yeah. And this is what, this is who votes on more. I mean, they don't actually get the vote on more if it makes you feel any better. But the only thing that gives me hope is that maybe enough competent people will see these folks and go, you know what, I have to fucking run. Like this is ridiculous. Like this is absolutely ridiculous. Maybe some successful business people that were on the edge, also push them towards the, you know, just someone who just cut the fucking shit. Or even if not running, I do think there's thing, like look, like Elon Musk buying Twitter, I do think was kind of like a move of kind of like okay he's not gonna run for office that's probably not his calling in life but he was like okay he can't be present well that's right well he couldn't be present but he could run for something else but that's not Elon Musk's best use of his abilities but to buy Twitter and just be like hey look I see what's going on here we're gonna make this one social media platform that isn't in lockstep with all of the other progressive [2:13:05] ones. Things like that are really important. So, they make it so that you could have been born somewhere else and be president in the United States. Running Twitter, SpaceX, and Tesla while being president is the most Elon Musk thing. That's true. That he wouldn't even step down. It's not important. I can get it all done. I can get it all done in 20 minutes. Have a few meetings. Well, I mean, but then if you did that, the thing is like that's just what all the conspiracy theorists are fearing about these people coming into the country. They're fearing that the people coming into the country, what they're going to do is offer them citizenship in regards to in in replacement of military service. So they'll they'll serve the military then become citizens and then if there's like some sort of a crazy thing breaks out, well then you have your immigrant army against the original people that we're here when they got here. Yeah. No, I mean there's a lot of like there's a lot of concerns with that. [2:14:00] Yeah, because otherwise, AOC reveals darker intentions behind Margetell Agreed, you and K. She said that she kind of did this on purpose to derail the actual hearing they were having. Because after that happened and they went into chaos, they stopped doing what they were there to do, actually, and just had like a vote without having any amendments or any more discussion. It's a microcosm, what authoritarians do on larger scale. I don't think she's thinking that far ahead. Margetella Green is a wild lady. She's saying she had a master crown. She's saying wild shit. I think she was just insulting her eyelashes. Yeah, she's insulting her. She's just talking shit. I mean, I don't know. I wasn't there, but I can't imagine that she's doing this as like some 4D chess move. I don't see her behaving like Netanyahu. I think she's doing a moss here. I think the simplest explanation is that she just wanted to insult that chick, that's my guess. Because they were talking, they were insulting each other, right? Because she said, you don't know what you're talking about. [2:15:01] She said something about, you didn't even read it. Like I think you're messing up with your fucking fake eyelashes. Yeah, she tried in first saying, do you know what we're here for? But that was after she was saying that she was derailing it right away. I don't think you know what you're here for. I think your fake eyelashes are messing up what you're reading. So the other girl, what did the other lady say before that? To her cut off that we didn't see in that clip. That's where I was just going like, if she maybe she didn't think it was the whole thing, but also maybe someone just said before, hey, if you get a chance to fuck this up, go for it. I suppose it's possible. It's possible. It's certainly possible. It's always possible. And I just don Hey, I need you to like mess this up and draw it out. She'd be like no problem That's my special thing because I could do that for you. Oh, you're telling me to turn this into a shit show No problem. I'll do a bump a coke before she does it crack her neck Let's go. Oh, you got the right bitch for the job on this one. I'll tell you yeah [2:16:06] You know my favorite guy was that the gay dude who lied about his past completely. Santos. Yeah. And now I just talk shit about everybody. I know. Dude, his lies were so crazy too. They would be lies. It wasn't even lies with a political benefit to it or something. It was just a lie. It was as captain of the volleyball team at Harvard and they were like, not only did you not play volleyball, you never went to Harvard. Like none of this is real, like just making up things where you're like, none of this even really saw that. Did you really see that? I just made that one up, just making that one up. It was like a lie like that. What did you like about Jamie? When you hear him interview, he's fucking hilarious where he turns on. I'm talking about how they're all stealing money and this one's the. This one's the worst. That's great. Well, he's a con man in a fucking sea of con man. According to New York Mag, he lied about this. Like a donor's, you literally lie to donors, then use their money to make [2:17:01] purchases at Hermes and only fans. and use their money to make purchases at Hermes and only fans. This is the first time. This is the first time. Ah, he used campaign money for personal travel and Botox. Oh my God, I love this guy. Who led you to lie to collect unemployment benefits? Oh my God, that's so funny. He's charged with, hold on a second. He's charged stealing people's identities and making charges on his own donors credit cards what we're going i'm just going down the list yet but i'm reading it where we're right here this is where i was okay well stealing people's identities and making charges on his own donors credit cards without their authorization lying to the f.e.c. and by extension the public about the financial state of his campaign so santo's falsely inflated the campaigns reported receipts with non-existent loans and contributions that were either fabricators, stolen one. So he's just making up money, making up numbers about how much money they had, stealing people's money. Dude, spending campaign contributions on only fountains [2:18:00] and Botox is just the, I mean, it's hard not to read for that guy. Oh, listen, they're all crooks. Look, the inside trading is off the truck. That is, it is so crazy that that's legal. It's so crazy that that's legal. So while that's going on, you're gonna get mad this guy for this. This seems minor. Dude, you look at, no, that's it. And that's what's so kind of like funny about it, is that like, you think about, um, dude, the Clintons? Okay, Bill and Hillary Clinton have since I was a little kid, I mean, I, maybe since I'm, basically since I was like four or five years old, was when he was governor in Arkansas. They were, their entire career is they were public servants and they ran a charity. And there were like a hundred million dollars or something like that. Like wait a minute, huh? You guys haven't been practicing law any of this time. You haven't been working in some industry where you've made tons of money. You were public servants who make healthy salaries, but not like that's gonna put you [2:19:05] in the hundreds of millions of dollars, and you ran a charity, the Clinton Foundation. And now somehow you're, Barack and Michelle Obama, they just, he goes into the White House, look at the house he lives in now. It's like, so you're, every, it's, there is almost something where everyone turns at Santos, because obviously like that's such a cartoonish, easy version of it. But it is kind of wild that there's so much outrage against this guy. And it's like in the same sense where there'll be corruption and say some Eastern European countries. There's corruption where the level of corruption is like, if you get pulled over by the cop, you could slip him some money and he'll let you go. Now, we don't have that in America, right? Like you don't, you can't really ever slip a cop money when he pulls you over in America. You may wish you could in certain situations, but you can't really do that. No, I'm not saying it's never happened, but you really can't do that in America. But we have like the prison guard union lobbying to keep mandatory minimums on marijuana. [2:20:08] So like, okay, you could look down your nose at this primitive form of corruption, but think about how fucked up that is. You know what I mean? And that's just all it is is just corruption on a much, much bigger level. But it's legal corruption. Exactly. And everyone just accepts it. It's a wild time, my friend, because people have access to information now that allows them to really see all this stuff. Like the insider trading thing is probably mid and going on forever. But we didn't even hear about until about a decade ago. Yeah. Very rarely came up. I was just kind of accepted that like all of these people are rich. Yeah, and we don't really know where they got their money from. Except Jimmy Carter. And that's one of the things that people loved about Jimmy Carter. As Jimmy Carter to the end, really just maintained a very simple lifestyle, you know, and just never chased money. He never was that guy. [2:21:00] He didn't do those crazy speeches where he talks to bankers and makes half a million dollars for some strange reason Yeah, like those those speeches are wonderful because those are the cutest those are the cutest ones It's like wait a minute your policies benefited these corporations and then surprise surprise Those people after you leave office want to hear you talk so badly They're willing to fuck the market up. Yeah, well, I'll tell you, this is hundreds of thousands of dollars to come talk. This is also, I think, where there's a flaw. Okay, so this is maybe one of the reasons why I'm a libertarian and not a progressive. I mean, there's many reasons, but one of the things that I think a lot of progressives, I think are like well-intentioned. Their big thing will be like, we got to get the money out of politics. And what they mean by that is that we can't let, you know, say corporations contribute to political campaigns or something like that, because then of course they're just basically buying corruption. But I think like the flaw, like Jank Eugur and people like that, that's like his big issue, you know, is get the money out of politics. [2:22:02] I think the flaw in that is that, yeah, but they always find a way to get, because look, those speeches, that's not contributing to anyone's campaign. And that's not technically rewarding you for bailing out the big banks. It's just you happen to bail out the big banks and then they happen to really want to listen to what you have to say after that. And we, of course, the book deals warranted. People want to read your book. It's like the idea that you could ever close down on every single loophole. Look, the Saudis weren't allowed to contribute money to Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign, because you're not allowed to do that. But they could give $10 million to the Clinton Foundation. And then once Hillary Clinton lost it, so weird, they stopped donating. Look, I don't know. They just stopped being interested in charity you know the house of south was really interested in charity for a while there in 2016 and then they stopped being so interested so essentially i think like the libertarian view on it is that it's like no no whatever rule you want to have if you have this much power in washington dc that power is going to be corrupted and people find a way the only answer is [2:23:01] to reduce the power yeah and isn't the charitable foundation thing, a sneaky tax way of making money? Oh yeah, for sure. There's, because there's a thing about charitable foundations, like everyone who's like really rich seems to have a foundation. Yeah, yeah, I mean, I'm not the expert on that or anything else really, but I know that they certainly like get a whole bunch of tax breaks that you wouldn't get if you just started a business. Well, not only that, but if they're doing things like Gates, for instance, to promote global health, right? Right. So he gets involved and he makes money of vaccines. So he sells his stock and then starts talking badly about them. Yeah. I mean, that's pretty wild. It's wild stuff. It's wild. It's wild that you can make money, like hundreds of millions of dollars while you're running a charitable organization. But if you also think about it, like the hundreds of millions of dollars that these guys make off of that is nothing because the legislation that they're passing or the policy that they're [2:24:06] pushing is making these special interests hundreds of billions of dollars. So if you buy off a politician for 20 million bucks and you get, you know, like a no-bid contract that's going to be worth 200 billion dollars to you, that's a pretty good return on investment. There was a article about this particular area of Virginia that's like the most expensive real estate in the country and it's all where the lobbyists live. And I think it is it Blinken who's house that they're picketing in front of that they've been essentially there since, see if you can find it. I think it's Blinken's home that he has some crazy fucking set up there. Some fucking dope ass old school mansion and they're all camping out in front of his house. It's the Palestine, free Palestine people. And so they've decided to constantly protest in front of his house. Yeah, Anthony Blinkin's family is the latest target of Washington's ugliest protest trend. [2:25:03] So they just camp out in front of his house and they're pouring blood on the ground. It's a little weird to do with your baby. Stop the genocide in Gaza. And so I like this better than just blocking the road. It's definitely better than blocking the road. The blocking the road is the dumbest fucking thing of all time. And you know, I mean, this is what people do if you're involved in war. You know, if you're involved in people dying, welcome to Kubuts Blinken, oh Jesus. Yeah, so I think they've been there like for months. So, the articles from February 16th. Yeah, I think they just, they, it's a constant encampment and they've got this thing We're just gonna protest protest in front of this guy's house I Do prefer taking it to the people who are actually somewhat responsible over just kind of in Gonna Jerry Seinfeld shows and yelling at him. Yeah, yeah, this is at least makes more sense. Yeah That guy's got sell that house. Yeah, you know Dodge bro. Yeah, there might be time to leave. Don't worry, I'm sure the market's up. [2:26:06] He'll do fine on that house. I'm sure he probably has a couple other houses too. Yeah. You probably don't have to stay there. But it really is. Got one of them houses? I've got a little spot over there, a little spot over here. It is crazy though that they don't even feel the urge to like kind of not shove it in all of our faces. Right. That there's like, that this whole thing is just, you know, it's all just kind of like, oh, how much money can I extract from this pot and get myself wealthy? You don't feel like any sense of... And I will say, the one who I like kind of personally resent the most, which maybe is unfair, but is Obama. Because so many of us did kind of buy into, at least to some degree the thing he was selling in 2008. And you're like, wait, but you don't feel like you, have you seen pictures of the house he lives in? Well, he's got multiple houses. Is that one of Hawaii? [2:27:00] Yeah, but I'm talking about the one in Mark Martin's Vineyard. He's pretty dope on the article about the house that he had and there's a fun fact about the street that it's on Oh, yeah a bunch of Saudis own it right here. At least five houses Also known as northern Virginia's gold coast the road features opulent homes on large properties Perch high above the Potomac with sweeping views such a state sell for tens of millions of dollars As was the case when aol co-founder Steve Case sold his estate to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for 43 million in 2018 this must be dope views. Find us a view. Find us a view north of Virginia gold coast real estate. Let's see what we can get for 50 million. You know? All right. See if you can get for all the fucking Instagram ads that they want you to run for this political party. If you cover the 50, I'll have them the taxes. Let's see what the views look like. Because if it's over the baton and they perched high above, it must look insane. Oh, there was a little image back there. [2:28:01] If you click images, real estate images, there was one pretty spectacular view in that last thing. Let me see some view. So these are these these are like these old school like Connecticut style houses. Yeah. You know like fucking the great Gatsby. That kind of deal, you know those those I have a buddy of mine who Works in Connecticut. He lives in Connecticut too, but he he works at a school where a lot of these like people send their kids They say to these fucking houses are ridiculous They're old school mansions on these giant properties and they their old school mansions on these giant properties and they all do drugs and fuck it. Fuck each other's wives and go crazy. Spend all their fucking their real state holding money and all their stocks and bond money. This is dope ass houses. [2:29:01] Look at that. What a view. Look at they're cool looking houses. Yeah, sure. That must be awesome living there. So that's where all those uh, but your neighbors are all demons. Yeah, that's surrounded by people that are literally the cause of all the problems of the world. If you're comfortable selling your soul, there's a really nice house and a party in with lobbyists. Woo, you imagine if you could just slip in, you know how the Israelis, they infiltrate Hamas. Imagine you're an Israeli soldier and you've infiltrated Hamas. And I know what he knows. I'm inside. And you're, you mean, you maybe have to kill a few people and put them in, you know, you're seriously. I'm sure you have to do something. Probably have to do something, otherwise they're not gonna trust you. But imagine if you get like infiltrate lobbyists. Do coke with them, party with them. You're like, some fucking dude who holds a sub-shop chain. Something like that, you can't look down. You know, also when you're hanging around with these guys and they get comfortable with you, so real like they did with Macrystal, like with that embedded reporter. [2:30:00] Yeah, yeah. Well that was Michael Hastings. Yeah, they got him. They were out in the bar. And they just got him talking shit about Obama. No, no, no, no, no, the volcano blue. What? There was a volcano in Iceland. So he got stranded there. Oh, right. Okay, yeah, yeah, I think I did know this. So the volcano in Iceland shut down air travel. So Hastings is embedded with this troop and a crystal sort of stuff. And shit, they're comfortable. You can't keep the act up with the reporter around forever. After a few months, and I think also, or a few weeks, at least. I think also because he was a rolling stone reporter, it was like their guard was down a little bit more. They weren't like, this isn't like a Washington Post or New York Times. He'll probably run some kind of like pop story about this. You know what I mean? And then he like really ran the story. Yeah, I'm like he used quotes of the guy disparaging Obama. Yeah. And it was forced to resign. And there's something really interesting about that though too, just like a little bit of a window into like- The lobbyist? Well, I just mean that there could be generals who are just like, [2:31:01] you know, and their private time being like, I have to fuck this guy, his bullshit commands. You know what I mean? I'm like, I'm sure they got a model tape recorded. Yeah. You know, like that wasn't that the thing about the massage was Bill Clinton. Was that our story they just came out recently with the Monica Lewinsky thing? Oh yeah, I think I did see something about this. Right, right, right. They recorded it. Yeah, they recorded them. They fucking good man, they're good. And they catch those dirt bags, those dudes that are just like pussy hounds. You get two types of people that wanna be president. Warmongers and pussy hounds. That's all you get. And sometimes if you're lucky, you get a pussy hounds also warmongers. So warmongers. But most parts to get one of two? It's almost like, okay, if your dick still works, you'll be a pose-a-hand. If your dick doesn't still work, then you gotta launch rockets to make up for that. Sometimes. It's almost the same impulse. Maybe, but sometimes if your dick works, you're like, hey, don't fuck this up, I'm trying to get late. Yeah, well that's what I mean. That's what you rather that war sometimes when you're an old man and you don't want to fuck anymore you're like look enough already just I want to play golf yeah [2:32:08] I was relaxed going to the sun so we got him over it stop stop stop stop stop guys I've had my sex I've blown up my things let's just chill that's what we need yeah that's the argument that that's what Trump is at this point of his life well how man I don't know I don know either. It's such a weird goddamn situation. It's the worst situation. Everything they throw at them, it just backfires and it just makes them stronger and stronger. And it looks like this case is falling apart. That looks like almost all of them are falling apart. The one in New York though, apparently they thought was the most flimsy, like a lot of legal experts thought. It was the most flimsy going into it, but now it's completely fallen apart. They have contradictory statements that she made to Bill Maul. Then they also have Michael Cohen just admitted he stole like $30,000 from the Trump campaign. So, that's not good. The really fascinating one was the, which that sounds like what Michael Cohen would do. [2:33:01] The really interesting one was the FBI with the picture of the top secret classified. Yeah, tell about that because most people aren't even aware of this. Well, it seems that the FBI, you know, when you see the pictures of them on the ground there with all the classified, it's like, oh, that was put there by the FBI. So it's not as if like, it was presented as if, oh, look, this is what Donald Trump was doing. not as if like that it was presented as if oh look this is what Donald Trump was doing the sheets that said top secret and classified didn't exist before the FBI came right they put the sheets saying that right and then they were the documents and they put pictures of these new things that they put over the documents that said top secret and classified then they took picture man it's very important to just make this distinction because the documents. It said top secret and classified. Then they took picture. It's very important to just make this distinction because the documents were classified, but they didn't have like signs on them like TNT. Well, and it also is it's seeming more and more like there were several instances where it seems that Donald Trump was constantly being trapped. That going all the way back to the 2016 campaign, [2:34:06] if you remember there was this famous meeting with the Russian at the Trump Tower Hotel, but when you actually look into it, what happened was like some Russian woman said she had dirt on Hillary Clinton. They got there to a meeting with her and she had nothing. And then they were all like, okay, whatever. But then the story was, oh, he's conspiring with the Russians. And it seems that, oh, that was a trap to get Donald Trump to do that so that they could make it look like he was conspiring with Russians. And there's just been several things like this over and over again. And how about the fact that Hillary Clinton funded the steel dossier? Yeah. And that whole thing. And then, you know, so that is. So she found that. The Zappin confirmed, oh 100%. Let's confirm that the Clinton campaign funded the Steel Dust, yeah. Prosecutor said that there was so many sheets used that they had to start using handwritten sheets to cover up the classified info. That's what they say. [2:35:01] Right, but the thing is the photographs show, that show printed out pieces of paper that say classified in top secret. And those weren't there. They put those there. So it's not that they covered up some of the documents before they took pictures. That makes sense. Isn't that the cover up the information? Could be. But you're taking photographs with pieces of paper that say classified in top secret. It gave an impression of something that was different than what was actually there. It most certainly does because it's like, oh my God, he knew these are classified in top secret. He knew he had these. He did this deceptively. And it's also just the changes. The optics of like, look classified and just laying on the floor there like that. Look, it makes sense if you have to document, okay, this one's classified, this one's top secret, let's put a piece of paper on it. But as soon as you put the piece of paper on it that says those things and you photograph them, you're saying this is how you found it. Right. Or at least allowing you to deduce that for yourself. Right, you should have to be very specific about these classified and top secret cheats were not a part of the evidence. [2:36:05] They were put on top to label that evidence. But they're probably like, you don't have to do that. It looks bad, well that classified top secret stuff looks bad. And look, and it's just very clearly, for anybody who's like being honest and paying attention, it's just very clear that there's like, there's a political motivation involved here. Yeah. That these guys are trying to hurt Donald Trump's reelection or election campaign. And that in itself is like just so wild. Well, how about the fucking White House press secretary saying she can't comment on because it involves the 2024 presidential election. So she can't comment on Trump's trial because it involves the 2024 presidential election. So she can't comment on Trump's trial because it involves the 2024 presidential election. We just saw ridiculous, you can comment on the election. Or the whole job is to comment on the election. Also, you're not supposed to say that that trial. Yes, it's about the election. Yeah, it's about the election. You're not supposed to say that. [2:37:00] DNC Clinton campaign agreed to steal dossier funding fine. They got a fine. Oh, they won 100%. This is going to be fine. They got fined $113,000 to settle a federal election commission investigation into whether they violated campaign finance law by misreporting spending on research that eventually became the infinitimus steel dossier. That is wild. Did all that cost them was $113,000. A man should have a... That's a good deal. PR you got out of that? How much fucking Trump colluded with Russia talk? You got out of that? That's where... Can't you just be real quick? Yeah, let's be real quick. Let's be real quick. I talk about this more because... Well, we'll be right back folks. That was the studio where we got in trouble. I got in trouble because I said that if I was talking to a 21 year old healthy kid I wouldn't tell him to take that shot. Wasn't that in here? That was the other one. That was in the red room. It was the early days But that was our that might have been our first podcast in Austin. Yeah, probably was yeah Well, it aged pretty goddamn good Joe. It's pretty goddamn good, didn't it? Yeah [2:38:05] It's crazy to think about, I swear to God, this is always, especially now, because we've been doing these shows together for so many years that you can go back and look at the things that were so wildly controversial to say then. And then an accurate. And they were totally accurate. And now it's not even controversial at all to say. It's just like, oh yeah, that's common sense now. Yeah, most of those things now. And you know, it's just, I think these kind of conversations so contribute to the public's distrust in mainstream media. They know what the fucking game is now. It's a really interesting statement because that's their argument. You know what I mean? That like that CNN's argument about why we need to cancel Joe Rogan is because your conversations contribute to the public mistrust, but then my counterargument to that is like, yeah, but that's good. Because no one should trust you. You did that to yourself. Yeah, you guys are a bunch of liars. Yeah, you're a bunch of liars and I should have sued you. [2:39:00] I mean, dude, 100%. Slam, dunk. Yeah. I don't want to go to court. I know. I know. Now that's why, I mean, I just want to see them. Also, I feel like, I know how this game be has played out. It's like when you're doing Jiu-Jitsu with someone and you're in the half guard and you're like, I'm getting out of this. I mean, look, it totally blew up in their faces. And they're done. I mean, after the COVID stuff, I don't see any recovery. I think the corporate media is just going to get less and less influence. It's already, you see how much it's moved up. Look, one of the big ones to go back to what they, they were trying to do this with the reorganization of CNN. They were trying to get back to hardcore objective journalism without some sort of editorial bias because they said, listen, this is the only way out of this. Yeah, but even that was never really... It was like better than the day. It was like, hey, let's not be so blatantly anti-Trump and let's get back to just, you know, what they say. Yeah, but still protecting all the powerful people. And still, it's not like there was ever really going to be, look, you're never gonna like see a discussion on CNN [2:40:06] about how like, you know, you have these, these think tanks in Washington DC who advocate for war and they're funded by weapons companies. So, what do you think that means? Is that ever ones come up on CNN? No. And it never well. Do you think that they would ever have a Anderson Cooper, which is brought to you by Pfizer, investigation into Pfizer. That seems unlikely. Of course not. And look, it's not even, again, take the example of say even Chris Cuomo, right? Who now he's over with value-taming with Patrick Bitt David, our boy, and all the sun he's talking about, vaccine injuries and Ivermectin and all of this, it's like, well, why is it when you're at CNN, which is sponsored by the pharmaceutical companies, you don't talk about this, but as soon as you're over here, now it's okay to talk about this. You just kind of see it happen that it's like, oh yeah, no, there are, there's humongous power centers in America. [2:41:03] There's like the pharmaceutical industry, there's the banking industry, there's the war industry, there's all these big ones. And none of them ever get really questioned in the corporate media. Like one little action might be questioned every now and then. But the whole system is a whole never gets questioned. You'll never see like a real, you'll never see a piece on CNN about like, do we really need a central bank? Does the federal reserve do more good for the American people or does it do more good for Wall Street? You know, like that conversation will never come up. Never. It won't. Because there's too many powerful people who would be, you know, like scared by that. And if that's the case, we're never gonna have logical solutions to a real informed measure that we could put into place to fix things. It's not gonna happen. Well, but look, I'm very encouraged by certain things, right? And I'll say, Tucker, getting fired from Fox News [2:42:03] and being bigger than he was on Fox News is really amazing. It's pretty wild. Nothing like that's ever happened before. Also, while the interview that dude who said he blew Obama was like, Yo, I forgot to ask him about that. Yeah. He got me with the UFOs. He had an agenda, God damn it. He came in and got me where I'm soft right off the bat. Got with UFO and Angel Talk. This is a good one. It's also pretty funny just coming here like, Hey Joe, look, and you ever heard of UFOs before? Yeah, I've heard of UFOs. Well, I did definitely want to talk to him about that. No, of course. Of course, he's got this very specific perspective that's very biblical. He's yet a very religious perspective on it. He thinks it's angels and demons, which is really fascinating. You know, that there's good entities and bad entities and that they've always been here. Like, that's a mind fucking a half. Yeah, it sure is. And I don't know, I don't really understand much about it. I also haven't talked to talker about that. And I would be interested too, because he will allude to at points like that he's had people inside the government kind of confirm things. [2:43:05] So I almost want to ask him not even on air, it's like all fair. Like, okay, so what exactly was? It's one of the craziest things that Bob Lazar said. And he said this way back in the 1980s. He said there's a very bizarre religious aspect to it. And it's even you could find him saying this because I don't want to paraphrase this, but he said that what they were, he said it's going to sound crazy to say, but the way they have it described is a human beings are vessels for souls that were containers and that that's why they're interested in us, of souls. Now I want you to imagine a scenario where AI is ubiquitous in the universe and that this is where intelligent creatures they get to a certain point in their evolution where they create an artificial intelligence and that artificial intelligence is far superior. But in order to do it again on another planet, you kind of have [2:44:10] to start the same way you did it on Earth. You got to start with biological organisms that have souls. So if you want to make intelligent life, you got to start out with souls because you have to have these creatures that have like these human reward systems about breeding and controlling resources and controlling real estate and territory and that those are the ones that are not like scrambled to innovate and then they give birth to this superior life form. But the only way to do it again somewhere else is you gotta do the same thing. So like if you believe that life exists in a similar form all throughout the cosmos, that there's kind of similar fish and kind of similar thing, I don't know if that's the case. We have no evidence. But if that's how, what we're seeing in these different galaxies, [2:45:00] and what we're seeing in these different solar systems that we observe is planets in these Goldilocks zones, if that was the case, that the way to get these things to keep doing, you need to get that it's the soul. It's the thing inside the living organism that's causing biological evolution, the actually essence of the creature, that this thing is what's going to determine whether or not it hits the innovation level required to achieve Artificial intelligence and then that's what they are so what we are to them. It's like these little soul containers because you don't have souls anymore How about that mine fuck listen it is a mine fuck Extremely classified document dealing with religion and without that Period, but why would there be any classified document dealing with religion and so not that that period. But why would there be any classes by material dealing with religion? I want to go back to the religion thing. I want you to say it. It just it's so it's so far out. It's all right. Your objection has been noted. Okay. What does it say? [2:46:03] That were containers. That's how that's how supposedly the alien flick has That we are nothing but containers containers of containers Maybe containers of souls you can come up with whatever theory you want that were containers And that's how we're mentioned in the documents That religion was specifically created So we have some rule and regulations for the sole purpose and not damaging the containers. Yes. Grab your head around that. I mean, there is, look, there's about five years away from talking to a robot, Dave Smith, that's indecisurable from you. If that thing has quantum computing power and it's fucking metalhead and it becomes another version of life, a much more superior version of life. And then they keep doing that forever all throughout the cosmos, but the only way to get there. Are you going to start having AI Dave on the podcast instead of me? [2:47:01] I want to do my ads for me. I want to do my ads for you. I want to do my ads for you. I want to do my ads for you. You still want to do the podcast? You're like, I don't just read again. Well, I don't want AI Joe to do the podcast because AI Joe is going to have to rely on all of my opinions I formed up until now. And I might change them tomorrow. Yeah. I can't have AI Joe assume it's going to know how I think about things because I don't know how I think about things. I like to be open-minded to the point where I'm willing to take into consideration new ways of looking at things, new possibilities. I don't know if AI is gonna do that. It's gonna be too smart for that. Yeah, maybe. I mean, it is an interesting thing. It is such an interesting thing, but on the point of containers, isn't there something and I'm literally just kind of thinking out loud as I say this But there is kind of something where we all do accept to some degree that that's true that we're kind of container I mean like just in the sense that he's in a dead body. Well, right if you look at a dead body. It's like Yeah, you don't look at that like oh that's there's that you're like no That's put that in the ground because the the person what we think of is the person is gone [2:48:06] Yeah, I because the person, what we think of as the person is gone. I'm not saying that there's anything too controversial about that statement, like an atheist or religious person or anyone would kind of agree with that. But it's something we all just kind of take for granted, but if you really think about it, it is like the magic of what makes us us is something that's being contained by this meat shell, and it's different, it's not the same thing, and it's not really anything that we, at least at our level of scientific understanding, can really tangibly measure, like what is it from the reductionist atheist position, like electromagnetic waves in your brain? And then when that goes, it's just a piece of meat. Now again, it's, I don't know, it's a little bizarre. We don't really understand it. And then the thing is like okay if we have souls do other animals have souls to And like sure seems like dogs do dogs definitely do they there's something there's a weird relationship that we have with dogs It's very strange my dogs basically my son He's like my dog son. I mean I think of him like a like a person like he snuggles with me [2:49:04] He's probably more affectionate to me than anybody in my house Daughters give you attitude. They're sons just cool. They don't snuggle with their dad on the couch But he's like when I watch TV he hops up on top me puts his head on my chest and he watches fights with me He chills me Golden retriever and those those are also the just friendliest like the most loving and lovable dogs. They're so lovable. And he's so enthusiastic. Like we went swimming yesterday. And this fucking dog will not, because he's not hot if he's swimming. So he's got crazy endurance. So he just keeps going for an hour and 15 minutes. I threw the ball into the water and he fucking leaps off the deck into the water and gets the ball. It comes back out. Drops that you feel. Let's go. Let's go. You know how hyped a UFC fighter gets right before the fight. It's like, dude, dogs just have that energy always if you want to do anything. [2:50:01] Yeah. You want to go in the car? They're like, let's go. Let's fuck it up. Yeah, he goes crazy amazing. I'm going to barely get the collar on him. Getting around circles, my sense still, dude. Yeah. And he will never stop being enthusiastic about the ball. I get through the ball form this morning. And I always think today is going to be days tired of the fucking ball and the ball whoo whoo whoo whoo it's like the circle he jumps up towards it it's hilarious like he never loses enthusiasm there's gotta be something that we can learn from that because we just get we get comfortable with familiarity and we get bored with things we don't want to do the same thing over and over and over again if it's that simple chasing a ball but the enthusiasm that he had, the first time he chased a ball, he has the exact same, maybe more so, because now he knows it's fun. So he can't wait to do it again. But there's something about, like, because dogs are, I think, essentially, like we bred them to be kind of like baby-ish wolves, like they're wolves that are kind of kept in perpetual state of immaturity. Almost in life, right? Because I think, oh well, I think that, but basically I think the, [2:51:06] the quality is that you see in baby wolves. Like a baby wolf will be almost indistinguishable in terms of how they could be domesticated from a puppy. Yeah. But it's as they grow older than you're gonna. They don't take the bullshit. Right, right. So it's the same thing. It's the same thing with having a little kid trying to do to men. Does seem like there's an attempt to kind of domesticate and yeah, soften. Yeah. Keep men as like 13 year old boys that follow rules shut the fuck up. Yeah. The wolf thing is really interesting because I am generally opposed to a weakening of a life form for human pleasure. Like that's bizarre that you take a fucking wolf and turn it into Carl over there, but that's what happened. That's what happened. Carl's can't have these not much of a wolf, [2:52:01] but I love Carl. So like I'm conflicted, like part of me loves dogs. And the other part of me like, I love wolves. I want them to be wolves. Well, there's still our wolves out there. We took those bitch ass wolves that didn't want to hunt and they wanted to come by the fire and we're like, hey, bark for fucking bear combs by way. Yeah, throw your bone. And then they made friends. And then the will start dripping in the ears, so you know I'm your friend, I'm your buddy. Do you know about the Russian Fox experiment? No. They did it in Russia, they did this experiment where they wanted to see how quickly they could change a fox's overall appearance, their behavior. And so what they did was they had these captive foxes. Like through breeding? Yes. Through breeding and natural selection, meaning shooting in the fucking head. So whenever a fox was aggressive in any way, shape or form towards humans, bang, dead, next ones. They can't breed. So the other ones that breed are like, don't shoot me. And so they probably are pretty aware, you know, through the zeitgeist that these fucking [2:53:03] foxes are getting shot. You know, there's like something in the air, there's probably some psychic in the, you know, morphic resonance, something in the field, let's go, hey, people are getting shot out here. Like, you gotta be nice, these fucking humans. See that thing he's got in his hand? That thing will kill you with a squeeze of his finger. And so they, over a very short period of time, turned them into completely different animals that had big eyes, fluffy ears that fell down, soft. Their jaws got smaller. They became more cute. I know, I remember seeing, this is one of those famous documentaries about dogs. But I thought this always was very interesting to me is that one of the major differences between wolves and dogs Is that they do this experiment where they'll like a they'll put a piece of meat and it's in a cage And they the wolf or dog can't get to it and the wolf will like bang against the cage and try to get it over and over and over again We'll just never stop. We'll just never stop doing it [2:54:02] But the dog will try to get it a couple times and then looks to the person. And that's like one of the differences is that it's like been ingrained in dogs that you're also their partner. You know, like they'll look to you and be like, hey buddy, I know you got a few IQ points on me. Any idea how to get this meat out of this here cage and like that's so deep in them. Well, not only that, but the wolf would never think to do that. To do that. To do is the leader. The wolf never thinks of the leader. Yeah, yeah, especially an unfixed male wolf. Shut the fuck up. Sit. Did you say sit? Who the fuck are you talking to, bitch? Don't you read little word, why didn't you hear that's me, motherfucker? I eat people. They had in the same documentary, I can't remember what it's called, but they did, they had this experiment where people were just trying to raise wolves, like domesticate them from puppies and raise them. And it was interesting to see like, it's as they start to get into like adolescence and stuff. And the wolves would be attached to them because they'd raised them since they were little puppies. But you can't train them the way you can train a dog. They're jumping up on the table and knocking everything off. And they're not responding to down or hear a boy. [2:55:06] That's happening. That's food. I'm gonna eat that. Fuck you. Did you see that video that was online today? I think it's El Cerritos, California. There's a wolf running down the street. No, I didn't see this. Yeah, wild. It's a big boy, too. A big wolf running down the street and this guy's driving and his car is like is I don't fucking wolf dude is a fucking wolf running down the street in El Cerritos, California. Where is that? I don't know. Somewhere somewhere California. I think it's near Redwood or Redlands. Oh is it? Yep that's it. Yeah that's from a year ago. Bro that's a big-ass wolf in a street. That's a urban street. Look at that. That's a big wolf man. Yeah sure is. That thing's big. When you see them and you think what would a dog look like there, that's when it really dawns on you how big these things are. It's like a 150 pound wolf. I'm guessing. Might be less. [2:56:02] Over a hundred. But it's around down the street like, hey, yeah, like it's not worried at all. It's like, it's like, it's like, it's getting in your dog. Yeah, it's like, yeah, it's 100% getting in your dog. Especially if you got a little dog, a little dog to trouble. Yeah, elite coyotes too, by the way, it's going to kill them too. There's a weird, I remember reading this book, I believe it was before the dawn, I believe, by Nicholas Wade. And it's like a book on evolution. And there was a whole chapter about dogs and humans and how we evolved together. But it is this weird thing. So you could look at, say, look at a Yorkie or something like that, whatever the more. And you could go like, well, look, this thing couldn't survive like a second. It couldn't get its own food for a second. And you'd be like, well, isn't this like a flaw in evolution or something? But then you also realize that you could argue that it's basically one, the evolutionary race because it has this human species that just does all of the work for them. And carries it. Yeah, literally carries it. Cleanse its ass, puts food down for it. And you're like, oh yeah, this did work out pretty well for that. That worked out great. It is, it's gonna work out great for men too. [2:57:07] Yeah. That's it. No, I don't know, but who gets to be interested? Here's a good question. Would it go back to wolves? So like imagine if there was some sort of apocalyptic scenario, all the power went off, most human beings are dead, but a lot of dogs survive. I think like, I think, you know, my guess, and this is a totally, like, just like, just keep in mind, I'm an idiot. I have no idea what I'm talking about. But I think like, if you're making an argument, would it German shepherd? Would eventually like, if they were just left out of the, would it just breed like the harshest and toughest and most survivors. Maybe not wolf, but you'd get some wolf-like creature that Yorkie isn't gonna make it to generation two. I've seen Yorkies. No, your hawks gonna take that thing away. Yorkies aren't gonna make it, but the dogs that are probably the closest to wolves probably would make it. Yeah, especially in cold climates, right? So now they're outdoors, now huskies. Yeah, so pretty like Kedas, kind of wolfish, wolf-likeish. Well, you'd come up with some bad-ass version of them. [2:58:06] They're better killers again. That wouldn't be trained. It'd be almost like they're not kept in childhood. They become kind of grown-ups again. What is that one crazy Russian dog? I know we've talked about it before. It's this one huge, they use them to fight off wolves. These are like to protect flocks. Yeah, Caucasian Shepherd. Show me some images of the Caucasian Shepherd. It's fucking enormous. Look what that thing looks like. So, but show me some images. Okay. They look fucking terrifying. They look like super wolves. Like, it's just like this. Look at that. It's a shy and fucking thing. So look like super wolves. Look at that giant fucking thing. So that went the other way. Like they develop something that can fuck wolves up and because they needed something to protect their flocks, they needed someone to protect their sheep and shit. So look at that size of that fucking thing. [2:59:00] Browl's that thing so huge. I think they're like 200 pounds and they have fur everywhere, so they're probably really hard to bite. Look at the size of that thing, where it's hopping on that lady's shoulders. Good Lord. So there's another one, that other one, that the Caucasian, that one I think is even more ferocious. I think, I might be wrong. Yes, that's perspective. Bro, fucking size of that thing though look at this size even with perspective Look at that thing. Yeah, these are very for roast Tibetan mastiffs. Yes I see your Tibetan mastiff I raise you this Tibetan mastiffs are another crazy looking animal to do that, that guy looks like the guy who would have those dogs. Look at that thing. If you're a wolf, you're like, ah fuck! It's basically the Brock Lesnar of Wolves, you know? Everybody else is a well to wait, and this motherfucker shows up. Yeah. Yeah, you better heal hook that wolf. [3:00:01] Kepro, you're done. That thing, you can't, you're not even gonna get through all that fur to bite him. Yeah. It's like a lion's mane. It's like literally like there to protect from the cold and bites. It really does look like what the Russians would do with the dog. Of course that's what you did. We're making little brutal mixtures over here. The Russians are coming up. You're like, ah, shit, we should've been doing that. Of course, the French made car. We should've been doing that this whole time. You tell me we can't produce munitions like the Russians and our dogs have to fight those dogs when the war goes down. Imagine. Yeah. Yeah. I think we covered it all, Dave Smith. Anything else? Well, I think that that should save the world for now. This is not. It's a long. It's a process. There's gonna be many podcasts before we have to. Do this a thousand times to save the old world. And the new world is gonna be unstoppable. Hell yeah. Well, I gotta tell you, I'm almost at the point with this world [3:01:02] where I'm like, yeah, let's roll the dice on these new overlords. Well, hopefully things will bounce out, be much more logical when they're not run by humans. Well, I still believe in humans. I think the monopoly of information is broken. Ron Paul will become president within the next 10 years. He will reverse his age. He will, that's right. That's what they do. They just put Ron. No, also it's crazy. Do that. If we can get if we can get Ron Paul young again, then this country's got a good chance. Ron Paul needs to get on some daily NAD drips and start testosterone therapy and you get on the peptides and NMN. You got to change his vitamin routine. get on the peptides and NMN, got to change his vitamin routine. I just do it pretty good. He's doing pretty good. He's almost, I think he's 89, 88, something like that. And very good here. And he's on top of it. Yeah. And every time his show comes on, it's like, he's like, okay, here's the latest of what's going on in China. [3:02:00] And like knows everything. like he's just read everything about that's happening Extraordinary. Yes Smith you're the fucking man. I love you brother. It's always great to talk to you and Stay offline for a couple days Bye everybody