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Deric Poston is a stand-up comic and host of "The Solid Show" podcast alongside Ehsan Ahmad.www.dericposton.com

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Deric! My brother? What's up, man? What's happening? Well, we've had a million conversations like this in the Green Room. We've already done like a thousand podcasts. That this is my every night record. We need a fucking studio in that club. Well, you know, we need to put a podcast studio in that club. I'm thinking about it, but we don't have the space for it. Yeah, where would it go? We wouldn't go anywhere. There's no place. There's no, we have, we used, it's like very efficient. We have all the space. Yeah, but I think what we need is a apartment We need an apartment close So we could just go right over go apartment that's just set up as a studio when you get in there It's just all studio that would be nice. Yeah, cuz there's so many apartments that are available in that area, right? Yeah, Jamie just got one. Let's go Jamie next story. So I don't have a neighbor. Oh, that's not a bad idea Yeah, how far away you from my club? Two blocks. Ooh, let's go. Is the next door neighbor open? I think they all are. Oh, that'd be perfect. Here, give you the keys. Which you see my view. Ooh, that's what I want. I want a view like that, because like, windows, see the city. I was gonna do that in downtown LA. Really? Yeah, but then I went to downtown LA. Oh my God. And I brought my family. And I brought my daughters when they were young. And I was like, oh my God, am I gonna have to kill somebody? Yeah. This is, it was crazy. And this is pre-pandemic man. Yeah. This is before the shit hit the fan. I'm like, people were just pissing all over the place. It smelled terrible. There was some really good donut place that's in downtown LA. So we were like, let's go get some donuts. Let's get crazy. Yeah. So we wound up going to the one in Pasadena because there's, or Glendale. There's one somewhere else. [2:00] There's one somewhere else that's also like that. And we want it silver lake, might be silver. It was a lot of hippies. Probably silver. It was like the total opposite. I'm gonna take hippies all day. I'll take like, you know, woke people with fucking green hair all day. Over. I am legend. Bro, full on I am legend. Full on I am legend. Yeah. Yeah. To go down down there get a donut though is it's worth it LA donuts are the best it's not even fucking close really? I think so kind of like a New York bagel it's something about certain brands I feel like in certain places that hit different bro when crispy creams coming out of the dope right out of the oven It's hard to fuck with anything else nothing but those glazed ones the maple glazed when they come in right out [3:05] Joe so good so good you fucked me up though. I haven't had bread Joe. I haven't really They're coming right out. They're out. Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, a piece of pizza, my body's like, yo, what are you doing? Look at that. You're having a drink. I have a pizza. Come on. And then I don't eat for a while. Let it clear out of my system. Then I go back to eating clean. But if you have that as a normal part of your life, it's just like all these things compound, right? Yeah. Smoke too many blunts that compounds you you know eat too much bad food that come at look at that right now Jamie what are you doing did you post this oh my god look at that That is just diabetes in food form Just makes me want to feel sick and like I'll take that temporary mouth pleasure for hours of feeling like dog shit. Yeah And like I'll take that temporary mouth pleasure for hours of feeling like dog shit. Yeah. Yeah, Joe. Oh, it feels so good. Yeah, the bread thing. Joe, this was the first time in my life. I hadn't had hot cheetos. Every day. Would you put for hot cheetos over tockies? Cause a lot of people are very hot. I'm a, I'm a, that's the black in me. I think because I'm a hot cheetah Mexicans. Love the talkies [4:05] They love the thing. I really like them crunchy Cheetos and little tinier ones the more crunchy ones Yeah, that's what those called just I'll tell you those are the regulars and then you got the puffs I'll fuck what a puff. Oh, I thought I when I think of Cheetos I always think of puffs Interesting I think of the right the one you're thinking of the little ones harder. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. I like those. Yeah. I've had them every day of my life, Joe, until you said, Hey, let's do the condom for that. I'm fucking 33. That's ridiculous. That's ridiculous. You should be. You know, Fritos, those little corn chips, we use those to start a fire in Alaska. More camping. Yeah. What? Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. One of the dudes that works for my my friend Steve Rinalo told us that they're very flammable I'm like really and so we used that to start a fight. We were in Prince Edward's Island, which is Prince of Wales Island, which one? Prince Edward's? Which one's the one in Alaska? [5:00] Prince Edwards, Prince of Wales, what is that? I don't even know if that's a real place. Prince Edwards, right? Oh What's the one in Alaska? You might be right next to Alaska though No, it's not that's the like the opposite side What is the one that's in Alaska? It's not Prince Edwards Island that one's in your main really? Fuck I can't remember the island. Anyway, the island in a lot, well, Google, because it's one of the most rainy places on earth, Brian Callanard did a TV show from there with mediator, but it rained for seven, eight days, whatever the fuck we're there for. Rain, everything, all day. What's a Prince of Wales? Okay, it's Prince of Wales. It rained every day. And one day it didn't rain for like 10 hours. We're like, dude, we're gonna start a fucking fire. We're gonna figure out how to start a fire. And so we got like sticks and shit like that's under everything else. So everything got rained on. Oh, is there a video of it? [6:01] Not you guys, oh. Somebody else doing it. Yeah, because we didn't film us doing this. But Fritos are so covered in life-stealing oil that they act like a fire starter, man. Look at this. They're great fire starters. Like if you want a barbecue and you don't want to go by, you ever seen those things, tumbleweeds, you know what a tumbleweed is? No, sir. Tumbleweeds are these little, it's like little shaved pieces of wood that's like bundled up together and they must be soaked in some kind of flammable liquid. But if you want to start like a grill, you put one of those bitches down and then you put some sticks around that and light that little tumbleweed and woo,'re good to go yeah and then you start stacking logs woo woo yeah but um you can use fritos instead that's one point you don't need those tumbleweeds probably won't be as flammable but that should can't be good and I'm eating that shit fritos are delicious they're fucking great but a little chilly all come on but the chilly better one [7:01] move what are those uh those chilies where people add fritos? They add fritos to the chili. People don't have all the time. Yeah, I like the crunch. Little crunch is good. Full experience, right? Well, the tangy, the spicy little cheese in there. Yeah, how the fuck are you not fat, though? You got it in you. You're supposed to be fat as shit. It's just discipline. I get fat, I'm pretty lean right now. Now I'm under 200, which is rare. I'm like 197, which is nice. But I just been real clinging on the diet the last few weeks, the last few weeks, I just, I start to get a little fat. I start feeling a little bit of this and I start paranoid. My gut starts sticking out. I would get it straight to the gut because I have pretty thick abs too. So any fat that goes on top of the shoulder right here it gets gross and it pokes out right here and just starts looking gross. I just see weakness. When I see myself in the mirror, I'm like, you weak bitch. You weak bitch. [8:02] You can't stop eating. You're like, I eat so much food bro can't eat so much food, bro. I eat so much food. It's crazy how much I eat. I eat, I'm a glutton, like a real glutton. Man, I've seen you put it down, brother. Bro, eat, I'll eat two pizzas. I'll eat two pizzas. I'll eat that whole pizza. There's another one right there. It's warm. Is it warm? I'll just go right in on that I'm not hungry. I'm not hungry. It's just gluttony. I've seen you take me out so many golden tiger burgers. When you could go it. Brother, one time we went out. I ate four of them. I ate four double cheeseburgers. Gordon Rye was freaking out. Gordon Rye was with us. How the fuck are you eating? I'm like, dude, when I get going. The wolf comes out. The wolf just wants to go. Go back. The wolf just wants to keep eating. I gotta keep that motherfucker in his cage. Yeah, you can go bro. We start, that's my favorite joke. When Joe starts drinking in the green room. When Joe starts drinking. Oh, you can go man. [9:01] We start talking shit. Oh it's the best. You start dancing. Oh, it's over who has more fun than us. Who has more fun than us? Nobody bro. Oh, come on. Dancing. We're dancing like all is high. No, no self-consciousness. Everybody's just having a good time. Oh, it's my favorite God, it's the best place in the world. Oh the music's going. Yeah, all the tools are going and everybody's going up It's just and you're coming in from a set and like and you're coming everybody's already dancing and chitting on you know Brian for saying something crazy Tony's just roasted him and you're dying. He like this is the best night of my life bro I love him Brian comes off stage you to walk and we go Cuz you know we just laid it out. Oh my god Bro when he was doing that walk bit when he was when he really tighten up that bit when it was just a that bit was just Assassination that was bit that bit was one of those bits where I would go out there and just sit watch it I watched it like 50 times. Yeah, I just want to see that bit. It was about ask him. You gonna close it why? He wouldn't even always hold on I know wouldn't want he goes out of bits like 11 minutes on like please [10:06] It would be his whole set. It was his whole set, but it murders. It murders so hard. It's so good. It's like, that's such a quintessential Brian Simpson bit. Yeah. Because it's clever, it's ridiculous. It's like he it's historical. He talks about him like it gives you real facts. Yeah, it's so smart. And it's about what and it's full circle. And it's full circle. And it's full circle. And it's full circle. And it's full circle. And it's full circle. And it's full circle. And it's full circle. And it's full circle. And it's full circle. And it's such a good bit. There's certain bits where you hear the bit, you go, God damn, that's a good bit. Like Shane Gillis' Navy Seal bit. God damn, that's a good bit. You know what I'm gonna fake my favorite of his bits though? I think is the George Washington bit for that very reason. Yeah, yeah, the teeth, bro. Well, it's also because it's interesting and it's hilarious and you know, like that's a bit that took some time. That's not a bit that the first time you do it on stage, [11:07] you get that product. Yes. You know, like Tony has a few jokes that the very first time he does the month stage, they murder and it's done. Yeah. If it's done. But like that, that Shane's bit about George Washington is a lot, that's a long bit, man. That's a tap it is complex is a lot of twists and turns. Yeah, it just angles he takes. It's so cool. Oh, it's so cool. But with Brian Joe, you know, I started with Brian. He was that. What are you, what you're seeing now? He was that. I met him Joe and he was that, bro. It was the coolest thing to be around that guy. Because I think he's just the greatest, one of the greatest minds ever. I'm lucky to be one of his best friends. That's how I feel. He's very humble too. Very, very humble. Until someone talks, talk shit to him. Well, then he's gonna destroy you. Oh shit, show you the fuck up. But yeah, he's just got a unique way of looking at things. [12:00] And that's the wonderful thing about comedy. I hate that word wonderful, but it just was the right word for their job. There's the thing about you meet so many different people and we all have this one thing in common. It's one thing in common. We like making people laugh. We like this thing we do, this art form. That's it. The only thing, I mean, we're to be very so much about in so many different ways. Yeah. But we all have this like amazing bond. Like that place is like, it's the comedy store times, I don't know, times three, times four, something like that. Yeah, but also we feel so like, we were here, we all came before it opened, we were here to feel that. But you were an early adopter. Yo, Joe, I came back. I came out of it. I was even sure. I was like, yeah, I'm just moved here. Ha, ha, ha. There's a, I felt like one thing though about this is like, that's one of the reasons why I felt like I had to do this. Cause I knew that all you guys had come out. You guys are coming out here when we were at Vulcan during the lockdown. Yep. Thank God for my wife, but that was her. [13:06] Her call, dog, really? That was my wife, because she saw you guys there. It hadn't even crossed my mind yet. I was still in pandemic mind of like, we're just here. This is what it is. And then she said it. She was like, we're going to Austin, Texas. And I was like, and it right. I was like what the fuck am I doing? Yeah, I'm going all six X's and moved March 2021 It was crazy because so many people were mad at us. They're mad at us for doing shows I'm just like are you out of your fucking mind are you gonna just not do shows anymore? You get a not talk to people like what do we do? And like how long does this go on? How long is this going? LA the answer was a year and a half. You're in a half time. Here it was six weeks. They started shooting guns in the air. Shut the fuck up. I saw old people with no masks on out here, really on. Oh, you can feel a shut the fuck up. God, I remember when it happened. I remember when it happened. [14:00] I was talking to Brendan. And right when I said, man, they're gonna hold L.A. down for a year. He said, Derek, you're a fucking idiot. That would never happen. Yeah. Go to. I mean, I was like, oh my God. Well, I knew it. I felt something. I didn't know if they were gonna lock it down for a year, but a new L.A. was never gonna be the same. Because there after George Floyd. I might go this place isn't trouble because when they had those cop cars lit up on fire on the one 10, is that what it was? Yeah, and they were like a fire and like sender blocks of shit. Spray painted on fire smashed everything. They were doing smashing grabs everywhere and they were just letting them do it. Like in Beverly Hills, all they were doing was not letting people shop when it was dark out. That was it. So during the day or at nighttime, everybody just smashing grabbed. It was like, the smashing grabs on Beverly Hills were insane. It was everywhere. That's it was crazy. Crazy, crazy. It was also people waiting for people after they were shopping, they were just stealing from them, [15:01] after they would go shopping at the mall in Beverly Hills. Like nice places in Beverly Hills, nice stores. Yeah, that's how they would be when we were getting robbed, bro. It was crazy. I was like, I saw, that's people were getting robbed. I saw, there was a car full of dudes that was parked in front of this gated community and they had no license plate on their car. And I was driving in and I remember looking at these dudes and them looking at me. I'm like, these are not dudes that are up to anything good. And they have a car with no license plate on it and they're outside of this gated community. And they could have been just waiting for the thing to go up so they could sneak in behind it. You know? I don't know what they were doing, but I remember thinking like, this is going to escalate. You're going to get more of this than I saw, but I saw I was passing by this closing store and I saw these dudes smash the window and run inside. Crazy and Woodland Hills. And Woodland Hills, it's like the sleepiest, most boring ass fucking neighborhood. Yeah, that's like what a, the written, it's supposed to be the nicest. Dr. Dre has a house out there. Yeah. [16:00] That's where Whitney lives. It's like, yeah, that's where Whitney lives. That's like, yeah, that's where Shob lives. It's like that area is nice. And they were smashing with it. They lit a dumpster on fire and pushed it in front of the front door at Target. My friend was in there. My friend was in there. They yelled out through the loudspeaker. They were telling everybody, put down everything you have. Just don't go to the cash register get out get out now And they get outside and someone did lit a fucking dumpster on fire and pushed it up against the door. Yeah fuck that bro I'm so glad we got out of there, so when I came out here, it was like tweet tweet tweet tweet. Oh, okay What is the world gone mad or is just LA gone mad as it parts of the world got it? It's like the scary thing about it was, it was an experiment. Not for real, I don't think it was, I don't have like this conspiracy theory that they did it on purpose. I think it was a lab leak. I think they did it. Yeah, it was accidental. And I think they, there's a lot of funding's probably biological weapon weapons research to they probably do because they definitely do create viruses [17:13] And they they work on viruses for bio weapons. It's a real thing. Yeah like bio weapons the real thing Terrifying that someone would release a weapon on a city to kill everybody because you're but that's real They really are and they and they're also China and Russia are all the I mean they use gas and world war one I just blue gas on brother. Yeah, I don't watch people in that and think that's not possible That looks real very real very real that they would do something like that. That could happen today again It could happen again, but the point is it's like I don't remember my point. My point was like that these kind of, these things, when they happen, they reveal how people react to them. And people didn't react nearly as good as I hoped. They sectioned [18:01] themselves off in these tribes. Yeah. That was what was weird, man. That shit broke people, Joe. It broke people. It broke people. People still wear masks, Joe. Oh my God, yeah. It changed like who people are, like they forgot that they used to not wear masks. You can tell. Some comics from Moon Tower were walking on the street in Ari's arm. Ari saw this, dude. And he had a fucking giant mask on his face when the really fucking form fit one secured down. Just broken. Yeah a lot of people were like that. Broken, just broken. But everybody got so tribal and it also it gave people an opportunity to be cut. And so there was a lot of people in LA in particular and some in New York as well. They were just, they're really miserable people and they were looking for an opportunity to shit on someone publicly because they felt like they could [19:01] because they felt like that person was vulnerable because they were taking a controversial position. Yes. You know, whether it taking a controversial position. Yes. You know, whether it's a controversial position like saying I don't wanna get vaccinated or was a controversial position of doing shows live still. People were blamed, I saw a comic blame someone else for the death of their mother. Blame a comic that's doing shows for the death of their mother. For the death of their mother? Yeah, like yeah Yeah, maybe it was a respirator You know 80% of the people they put them on oh Remember people saying that shit though Joe when we like when it when I first lose here people doing shows and people are saying that like You're my grandmother's gonna die because you know grandmother's just gonna die man. Yeah, grandma's gonna die You're gonna die too. So my what are we doing also? Oh, it's just gonna die, man. Yeah, your grandma's gonna die. You're gonna die too, so am I. What are we doing? Also, the solution is not everybody stay home for your grandmother and ruin children's lives. It's never been the case. Old people have always done the best that they can to make life safe for young people. And by locking them down and by keeping them out of school [20:03] and by making them wear masks, you didn't make the world safer. You made it scarier. You're gonna have more people with anxiety. You're gonna have more lost years of development. You're gonna be missing out on your education. There's nothing good about that. Nothing good about that. There's zero good about that. And if you did it to protect all people, you're a fool. Yeah, you're a fool. Yeah, you're a fool. It ruined young people's life. There were people who missed their senior year, junior year, they didn't have it. And I think about that. That's like a year that you need in your life. It's a memorable thing. Bro, it became like a child sacrifice thing. Like they didn't care about the children. They didn't care what was happening to them. We have to protect our vulnerable. It's not gonna science behind it in the age of science what the fuck is wrong with my voice today Thank God I got a cough button like a professional Yeah, we got a cough button if you had us cough. I should give that should the Graham handcuffed there the Some people just cough [21:00] But in the age of science and reason people abandon science To to confirm their worst fears and to confirm all their weird anxieties. And they started using it. Which is the reason why people believe that a mask that you could breathe out of is going to protect you from a virus that's floating in the air. Or that you're going to stop a respiratory virus by just keeping children out of school. Shut the fuck up. Like shut the fuck up with all this. Or that all of a sudden the pharmaceutical drug company should be trusted. Like shut the fuck up, you guys, you're not being reasonable. You're just, you're acting like pussies. And I'm not saying you're acting like pussies because COVID wasn't dangerous. Of course it was dangerous. I'm saying you're acting like pussies and you're not willing to look at the truth because you're scared that it's gonna go against this thing that you have in your head that's a narrative that you've been sticking to this whole time. Yes, people don't like to just, also people just don't like to be like, oh man, I was wrong about that. Yeah. It's okay, nobody's, you're not a bad person to be like, man, COVID came and I kind of freaked, I kind of went over, I went too far. You know when it gets, when it gets Chris Cuomo just came out and said he's got a vaccine injury. That guy was pushing that shit on TV forever. [22:08] And he said he got it with his first dose and then he got it again with his second dose. Ladies and gentlemen, I apologize for that cough. I could have reached for that button, I got lazy. I could have just reached for that button. I could have just pressed that button. Wait, what's a vaccine injury? Something happens when you get the COVID shot. You know, what's a vaccine injury? Something happens when you get the COVID shot. You know, it's not just the COVID shot. There's people that have adverse reactions to all kinds of medications, right? But particularly to this one, this is one that the first time they ever rolled something out to billions of people worldwide. And some people had terrible reactions. And one of them, my apparently was Chris Cuomo. Interesting. Yeah, people get a heart palpitations, bad blood worth, they get clots. There's a bunch of different confirmed side effects that happen. Myocarditis is some. Also there's a thing about, you're supposed to, when you inject them, [23:02] you're supposed to aspirate, which means when you inject it into the muscle, because it's intramuscular, you're supposed to pull back the syringe to make sure that you're not hitting a blood vessel. And they never do that. Even on the president. If you watch the president give vaccine on TV, and I don't think you got vaccinated on TV. What do you mean, John? I don't think they took that chance. I think there was salt water in the chain. I don't think they took that ship for real. Well, I'm just saying on TV, I'm sure they probably vaccinated him. Did you have a side effect? Oh, I was sick as a dog. Yeah. Wife was fine. I was fucked up. What did it do to you? It felt like I got into a car wreck or something. I was just completely tired, just tired. For how long? Like two days. That's not bad. Yeah, then it bounced right back. You know, but it felt like where it was like, oh man, Derek, you're sick. That's shit. I think that's the normal reaction if it's working. Oh. See, the problem is when you have a bad reaction. You know, your body reacts to it in a negative way. Like there's people that have had strokes and heart attacks and people have died like right after the shot. [24:07] And you know, no one wants to attribute it to the shot. But a bunch of injuries they have attributed definitely directly to the shot. You know, like they confirmed it when it's happened. They won't say it's zero. They won't say it's zero. But the real question is like how many people, how many people are being honest about it? How many people are even telling people about it because even though they feel like shit after they got vaccinated, even though they have health problems, they told people to get vaccinated. They were at, because so it takes like this, big moment of bravery to sort of admit, just step out and admit, I got caught up in the madness of it all and I didn't know what the fuck I was talking about and I was shaming people and telling people to do something. Yeah. This is New York Times now. Now it's interesting because Alex Baronson wrote a piece about this. He said it's hardcore gaslighting and his sub stack, you go to his sub stack, it's very [25:01] interesting. But this is in New York Times. Thousands believe COVID vaccines harm them, is anyone listening. All vaccines have at least occasional side effects, but people who say they were injured by COVID vaccines believe their cases have been ignored. Well, they have, they have been ignored. I have friends that have been ignored. I never really hear that side of it though. That's crazy. Yeah. There's a lot of, if you're in that world, like I got dragged into that world unfortunately. I did not want to be in that world. It did not want to be in the world of arguing with people about medical information or medical facts or just whatever fucking pharmaceutical drug company propaganda. You got a battle against like who wants to be involved in that, Shed. Yeah. I just stay out of my life. I'll stay out of your eyes. You can trick people into doing this every year. You do whatever you gotta do. But once you get dragged into it, you're like, oh, this is kind of evil. I knew it was evil when they were vaccinating kids. When they were forcing kids to get vaccinated because no data, I mean none, zero. [26:02] So it was dangerous for kids. All data pointed to that kids got over this very easy. And that elderly people. Yeah. My kids got it was nothing. It was nothing. It's elderly people. It's vulnerable people. It's overweight people. That was like a big percentage of the people that died. Why do they want to accidentally, like, for what run? They're making money off of it. Yeah, and also to help people feel better that are like super anxious, that their word their kids are gonna give it to them. But it's, it was a wild time, man, to watch the whole world lose its fucking mind. It was a wild time. And it was a perfect time for us to come out here. It was perfect. Perfect, so. And we were right. We were right people. We were right. We were so right. We were right. You guys are all back to normal life now except suckier. Yeah. You guys are back in LA. You're back to normal life but more dangerous, more crime, more sucky. Shows are nowhere near as high. I've been there's no they are not as close to as hot as these shows in Austin, Texas. Anywhere you go Joe, you can in a three block span I can get up six times. [27:09] So what I'll show is all hot, great lineups. I mean that iron sharpens iron feelings. Watch it when I got to watch when I was at the store parking cars. Yeah. Door-guided and I got to see that. Yeah. So that's I know that oh this is happening here. Yeah, we set up a destination to destination for comics It's like they're gonna go visit Disneyland and everybody's welcome so they come all the time Yeah, and so you know like class week we got Colin Quinn, Christopher no Shains in there all the time and shulks when he comes by and Dave when he's in town It's a prize of the how he man Dell or something like what the fuck how we do yeah, yeah, yeah Ron lights there all the time It's amazing. It's amazing. We're lucky shit man But it's almost like the universe wanted this to happen because all the things that had to be in place for this to To happen yeah, they're all just sort of like you know When you drive in and you just keep hitting green lights like there lights red [28:01] But as you're pulling up like do I have to slow down? No, green light. Bam, let's go. That's what it was like. Like at every point, we just kept hitting green lights. Yeah. And everyone move a shame moving. It did just, and now the filling guys here, and you feel more people are moving. Yeah. When Duncan moved here, that was big. Tom was the early, he was one of the earliest. Yeah. I go dude, I go it's awesome here. I go people are friendly, it's like there's no traffic and we can do comedy. He's like I'm moving. That's it. Thomas out here early. He was there for me. So that was cool to see big dogs. To see like big dogs. Big dogs who have to move like their families. That's what I mean. So to me that's what made it more real too because I'm looking at it like, well I'm a comic, I am more than a lose me, and my wife have no kids, we're just kind of flying by the seat of our pants. But when you see people get up and move their family, it's like, no, that's a decision. I don't think he's fucking around here. Like I remember people saying, oh he's never gonna build a club. It's like, and it's fucking families here I mean I was saying that's gonna happen, but I wasn't talking about it too much people Everyone people were telling me I was dumb. Oh Joe. I'm not gonna say names, but you know who you fucking are [29:11] Famous comic Sandy who wrote you oh man. He fucked up your career Sorry Lee Fuck I love you I'm fear yeah Bobby I sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I That's laughing. And you can start taking a U.A. Yeah, yeah. Everything's kind of like, that's one of the beautiful things about Bobby, everything's like half a gag. But also like the reality that he doesn't like, you know, the anxiety of that move, the whole thing, the fear of it. And for you to do it, he's gonna shit on you because you did a thing that he probably should do too. Clearly, yeah. I mean, I talked to when he was out here. He's like, fuck. I go just move here. And I all say it right when they come. [30:06] Right when they come. They all are like, oh, you can see it on him. Yeah, he left the club with two beautiful ladies. I was like, where you going, Bobby? He's like, I'll be back. I'm famous here. Ha ha that though. Yeah, they were scared You made a big mistake. I was like bro. You made you had collila. We all have a stage to fuck out my face, doc Talk about right now I'm so glad I did man just so glad I did brother. Yeah, man. I'm so glad I did brother. Yeah man, I'm glad you did too. Change what, I mean that helped me meet Shultz. I didn't know Shultz and LA. I got here and then he was coming to San Antonio and Tony, he hit up Tony Hitchcliffe. Thank God for Tony and he hit up Tony and said hey I need a host for tonight. Tony said, and I'll never, it's awesome that Tony said, then he showed me this too. He said, [31:05] Shultz, I got the perfect guy for you. I think you guys will work well together. He called and he said, man, and Tony told me, he said, I have a feeling you guys are gonna be friends. And now that's my brother. Like, you know, he came't think about Tony when they think about that, which is kind of crazy, because that's what Kill Tony is. Yes. He doesn't get the credit that he deserves for starting careers. Like, there's a lot of guys that they started their career with Tony. And he's really good at promoting people. Like, he's a real generous about it. Yeah. He's always talking about it. On camera and off camera. That's what people don't see. They think, oh he's doing that on a kill. Tony's like, no, he's doing that off camera. He's doing that in the green room. He'll tell us about how someone killed in the green room about let someone open for him somewhere and they murdered. And yeah, no. He'll tell you to be like, oh Joe, look at this this time. Yeah, Tony loves comedy. He loves it. He fucking lives it. He [32:05] breathes it. So having that guy in town too was huge. Like Tony moved real early on too. Yeah. You know, but Tony and me were best friends. We've been on the road together like, I don't know, 150 fucking shows somewhere somewhere around that range. Probably more than that. Over the years, I mean, I've been doing shows with him for at least 10 years. You know, I don't even know when we started doing shows together, but it had to be before 2014. I think I met him at the ice house like way back in the day. And so like, I've seen that dude like really come together. I've seen that dude like really become like a killer comedian. You know, watching on the roast last night or Saturday night. God damn dude. God damn. That one he said about Sam. She held Nas the pussy. She held Nas the pussy. Oh hell no. Oh my god. And the one about Bert. [33:01] Oh he was going in. The Berzen King. The Berzen King. The Tiger King for the liver king. The, he was going in. The person king. The person king. The tiger king for delivery king. The delivery like running. He came from, oh, bro. He's the goat. When it comes to that rostin shit, man, I think he to goat. He's to goat. I think he's the great. Tony's the best. You know, I'm not gonna say it, but there was some forces that were trying to limit him from his ability to shine. They see it. They see him coming for it. They know he's coming for the title. He's reckless and that's what they're not. Okay. There's a there's a kind of like reckless comedy. You know that like you know you're going to take the heat but you don't give a fuck you're going in. That's reckless. That's Tony. Tony's reckless. He's driving fast and he's going to crash. That's reckless. That's Tony. Tony's reckless. He's driving fast and he's gonna crash. It's like he's gonna crash. But he's just like real confident in his mechanic. Yeah, he goes. He goes. He's going for the comedy. And that's what that's a comedy used to be, right? Yeah. And now there's a lot of people today that that's not what comedy is for them anymore. [34:03] Now they're like trying to color inside the lines and there's people that want to be funny but they also kind of want to appeal to the wokesters. Yes. They want to appeal to this ridiculous ideology that's very controlling. But if they do, then the comments that they read on Twitter will be positive because those are the kind of like socially retarded cuts that sit at home all day and complain about things. So if you want to get their input, you have to kind of like feed into their nonsense. Oh, and that ruins comments. Ruins comments. That ruins it. Ruins great comics. It does. It turns great comics into cowards. Yeah, you see it. Like, they're so you can see it while they're on stage, like, oh, you're worried about an acting job in the back of your head. It's not even a real job. You don't even have it yet. It's just a job in the future that you might, I don't wanna piss off. It's like, bro, it's not even a real thing. Yeah, the connection between comedy and Hollywood is one of the worst is of a connection. [35:07] Yeah, they don't belong in the same universe. No, no, no, but the thing is like they offered that carrot up to us. They dangle that money carrot, that carrot of TV. Ooh, Derek, don't you want to be in the movies? Ooh, Derek, don't you want to host your own sitcom or be on a sitcom or host a late night talk show or. As a kid, that's what you see. You're like, wow, everybody loves Raymond. All these great things and they are great. But you're like, one of the best things that happened to us was the internet, because the internet did a bunch of different things. One, it made comics valuable to each other instead of in competition with each other. Because not only do we, everybody has a show, right? If you have podcasts, all our friends have shows, right? So not only do they have shows, but that you can have them on as a guest or you can go on their show when you need to promote something. And then we all help each other and then we tell you, hey, check out Derek and Nasson [36:04] to do this. Check out Tony, check out William and everybody does that and then everybody grows but there's no nobody loses whereas in Hollywood if you were the host of the tonight show and I wanted to be the host of tonight show I'd be like fuck Derek I need that job I want that job when I was a kid I wanted to be the host of the nitro, but Derek's the host god damn it I fucking hate Derek. I hope he crashes car That's how there was I mean that's that whole thing with the David Letterman and Jay Leno Which a Leno was waiting he was hiding in the closet son Hiding in the closet while they were having a conversation about him. That's and that's too much That's insane. That's is fucking insane. And then I know they think between him and Conan, it's just like, bro, fuck all that. Also, like Jimmy Kimmel's chiming in, everybody's chiming in, they're all like, like, everyone, Jimmy Kimmel be raided, Jay Leno, you're trying to Conan took over tonight's show. [37:08] Because Jay Leno did his show at 10 o'clock, or like right before it, right? He did it during primetime hours. So like he... You can't do that, that's bullshit. Yeah, just even hearing all that. Like damn, I'm so glad I'm in this era. Fuck that. The idea of, you can just like I said, just going on each other's pocket, it says you started pockets Joe, pretty much. Did you see, because when you started, you must not have known that, oh, we're all gonna go on each others. Where did you see that become like, oh, this is, what was the attitude that we had about the store was the podcast. Cause the attitude at the store, even in like the early 2000s, like when things were popping there, the attitude was like very supportive. If you were cool, if you're cool and all you wanna do is just be friendly and hang out and have a good time, everybody was cool with you. If there was a real disagreement with people, [38:02] 100%, someone was a con 100% it wasn't just competitive bullshit but in the nineties man dude sort of like say shit to you before you went on stage try to fuck with your confidence yeah they make fun of your clothes or talk about your hair or something just say something do right before you went on stage like I was like, what? That sucks bro. Pro. Bro, there was people that would like mock your act. Like there was like mock laugh from the back of the room. Like, ha ha. You would hear comics say that and then leave the room. Oh, just like if I'm having a bad set man, I know. Like I'm aware. Bro, there was so many. There were so many haters. I remember there was dudes who were sitting in the back of the open mic night, heckling open micers because they wanted them to leave so they could get up earlier. Yeah. Like get this fucking show over. Next, like what, this person just darted? [39:00] What are you doing? I might fucking kill you. That's, I would be so upset. I would be, that's crazy to do this to somebody. There's also like certain dudes like say if you are, right now you're like a traveling middle act and there's a kid who's an open maker and you see him coming and he starts building up momentum and then he starts going on the road and then all of a sudden this guy is headlining before you are what the fuck? on the road and then all of a sudden this guy is headlining before you are What the fuck and that happens and then he's selling out places fuck him you believe you selling out theaters man Who you believe that guy's selling out theaters and you sit in the fucking hallway of the comedy store? You believe that guy's selling out theaters man. This is bullshit Stupid old dumb mentality a stupid old dumb mentality that's stupid old famine mentality from mentally ill people who are narcissists. And they just can't believe that other people are having success too. It's not even that they're not doing pretty good. It's like no one's ever happy if someone's doing better. [40:02] God, I thank God for my best friends with Brian Simpson. Every time he gets anything. I mean, anything in his career, and he's no biggie is, every time the first time you've got on a Rogan, first time he got the Netflix thing, he looks right at me every time it goes, you're next. Yeah. Derek, you're next. Doesn't mean, no matter what he gets, were like, man, I want to be like this guy. It's got the best comic I know. Yeah, super. It means everything. It means everything. And that's the, when you have that kind of environment, it feels good for everybody. This is what it's important. The selfish feeling that you want no one to do better than you and you want to be number one. And then if you see people doing better than you, you get angry, that selfish feeling is, it ruins you, because it ruins your relationships with those people, you could have the exact same circumstances happen and be super happy for everybody, for you and for you, there's no tension, there's no need to it, there's no need for it. And if someone makes you feel bad, [41:02] I give you watch someone like, they're so good they make you feel bad. Go to work. Go to work. That's a good feeling. That's good. When the tell was in town, I want to watch it tell, be like, I want to go home and write. I want to go home and write. This fucking guy is like, he's like a Zen master up there. He's like effortlessly killing. Yes I was like, God, this is so good. But if you're a hater, that's poison. You're watching, you're getting the exact opposite feeling from the same exact scene, the same scene. You, there's guys that, well, I've seen guys sitting in the back room, they were watching Chris Rock and they're watching Chris Rock with their arms crossed like this, like, wanting him to suck, wanting him to suck, not wanting him to do well. Not just enjoying it. Enjoy him. This is, this is not gonna create. Yes. Aren't you a fan of this? Well, it only has to be you. You're the only one who could be funny. That's crazy. That's crazy. You can't have a good time. So you're missing out on having a good time [42:00] just so you could be selfish. There I'm just so you could be selfish. There's a zero upside. And it ruins your life, like now you're at home, man. Like it's just ruins your day, you're all white. Like everything's ruined. And if someone does fail that you wanted to fail and you feel good, you should be embarrassed. You should be embarrassed by that feeling. You should be like, what a weak bitch I am. You know what this is, a batch, you should be him. You should be him. You should be embarrassed. I'm embarrassed. You really should. You should 100%. But I think this is all like, people need to learn this. You need to learn this and learn it in a way where it doesn't feel bad if you take it on. You don't feel like a fool. Because we've all been fools. I've been a fool. Everyone's in this room. Everyone listening's been a fool. We've all been a fucking moron. That's how you learn and grow in life. But if you stick to the old ways, you'll just be unhappy and mentally ill. Yeah. Yeah, your therapist's not gonna save you. I mean, I learned, you might even remember this. [43:02] I learned a lesson in young that in comedy, being young and just talking too much and just being kind of angry and wanting more as a door and you talked to me. I don't know if you remember that. You got on me one time. Hey Derek, you got to shut up man. I don't even remember you telling me to do this. What was this? Was that the store? This was at the much. At the end of the day, I want to get all of the stuff if I was talking too much and you did that and that was good. I needed that. You have some time to hear that. We get wrapped up in our own shit. Like the process is long. Like if I was trying to tell someone right now to be a comic and they were like 26 years old. I'd be like, okay. You ain't gonna be famous until you're 40. Like, if you make it, if you, if you make it. You know, you gotta be willing to throw it all away and you gotta be willing to go through this weird path where you want things and they're not happening [44:02] and you get angry and that's where you were. Yes. You were, you wanted things and I was like, Derek, you got to be undeniable. Yes. You got to be undeniable. When you're undeniable, it's all going to come your way. But all this talk is not good for anybody. It's crazy, you just don't, but it's, I'm glad I went through that. You know what I mean, I'm glad I went through it because now it's just so much better to enjoy. Appreciate it. Appreciate it. Yeah. And it's almost like you have to go through, I had those feelings. I remember being in an open mic night and I wasn't on the list. I couldn't get on the list. I was like, angry like, why can't I go up? This is bullshit. That person, yeah, stupid. It's just like you just have to deal with the grind. It's like the part, it's part of the thing. Part of the thing, it's like what makes you better. It's like those uncomfortable things they build inside of you. Those uncomfortable moments and feelings, they add inspiration, they add determination, they add discipline, they make you focus more. They make you listen to tapes, [45:01] they make you go over your, go through your notebook. You know? Man, I really appreciate those comedy store times. I think everyone should be not a dog out of the man. It's just good. I think it's just good for you to just sit and learn. You have no choice. You're there. The stope about the comedy store too was the fact that there was a real attitude that everyone was a comic, including the door piece. Yes. The doorpiece people to me were me when I was 23. I was like, what's up? What's going on, man? Everything cool, you know? You met you big hug. First thing you said, yeah, what's up? New guy. Yeah. I remember like it's just maybe. All you guys, oh man. Yeah. The coolest thing, one of the coolest things about stand up that I learned from you, Joe. It was, so when I got there, you were finishing triggered. Like you were, you were, that was about to come out. So you were doing the, on the stool, but the Caitlin Jenner, I mean, it was so tight, you were going, standing, oh, every time you did it, it was nuts. Then the special came out, and then'd see it for the first time you're like, okay, I kind of see the skeleton, I saw the skeleton of strange times and I was like, [46:09] oh yeah, I guess. And then the next day you'd see the little bit of muscle on it. And then the next, you didn't, you never abandoned it. Even though it wasn't hidden like how the other stuff was hitting or something like that wasn't going as well as maybe you wanted it to, you never abandoned it. You never were like, oh I'm gonna do crowd work, oh I'm gonna say an old bit and get out of this. No. And then I saw strange times, but come strange times. And that was amazing to see you. It takes a long time to get a bit going. And if you bail on it, when you fr- every one of my bits, except for a few, sucked in the beginning. There's just, they're clunky. Yes, you don't know how to do it right. You can see you were trying to find it. You know, it's a terrible process. It's terrible, it's terrible process. It really is. It's a terrible process. Brian Simpson did it the smartest way. Well, Brian did was he had his whole hour laid out and then before he filmed his hour, he created a new hour. So he started adding material to the set over the course of a year [47:02] till he had another hour. And so then he films the special and he's got an extra hour. That's Brian Simpson. That's Brian Simpson playing to the future. He has his socks laid out by his bed. So Brian's playing to do his. That's his plan for the future. Brian gave me a book on what to do if the world collapses. He gave us all that book. Yeah, like the book of man or the book. I think it's called the book. It's how to rebuild society. I'm like, what the fuck are you planning? Brian's got books planned on how to save society. Yeah. He's one of one man. Yeah. We're real lucky. We're real lucky and he's another guy that came out here really early. So when everybody was out here early, you know, I had gone through this thing where I had the first club in the deal fell apart, the cult house. The cult house. Yeah, we've got down glad we didn't get that one. [48:00] That would have ruined everything. Yeah, that would not have been as... No. ...because the placement of this one. It's perfect. The fact that it's on that maniac street. Yeah. Yeah, that street's alive. Yeah. That street's alive. I like that because that's an audience member when you get there, you're like, you're now awake. You don't get the wandered in. Like it's not even a mall or some shit. Well, when the deal fell through with the cult place and then we walked into that movie theater when it was a movie theater still, I remember walking in there going, oh shit. I go, okay. This is it, it was so clear. It was like you hear a sound in the distance of the direction you're supposed to go to, you're boom. Okay, here we go. That's how it felt. It really felt like that. It god damn man this place is alive This place has like got memories Stevie Ray on Stevie Ray Vaughn was on that stage. Willie Nelson was on that stage. Willie Nelson was on that stage Yeah, man all those dudes in the green room all those posters are in the green room. Yeah, those are all real shows from the Ritz [49:02] Yeah, I did not know that yeah, man a. A lot of bands played there. A lot of bands. Yeah. So you could feel it in the walls. There's a lot of things happening in that place. It used to be a pool hall. It used to be a newty movie theater at one point. She is in there, bro. Yeah. Buckets. There's a movie theater for the longest time where it was a Alamo draft house. That was like more than 10 years It was a it was a lot of things, you know, it was a punk rock bar at one point in time You know, it was a that places got history. It's from 1827 19 1927 right is that right? Yeah 1927. Yeah 1927 19 and 19 and 19 and 19 and 19 and 19 and 19 and 19 and 19 and 19 and 19 and 19 and 19 and 19 and 19 and 19 and 19 and 19 and 19 and 19 and 19 and 19 and 19 and 19 and 19 and 19 and 19 and 19 and 19 and 19 and 19 and 19 and 19 and 19 and 19 and 19 and 19 and 19 and 19 and 19 and 19 and 19 and 19 and 19 and 19 and 19 and 19 and 19 and 19 and 19 and 19 and 19 and 19 and 19 and 19 like the energy in that. It's awesome. Well, it's also the energy that's been baked in just in the year that we've been open. [50:05] Yeah. Bro, that year flew by. That year flew by. It flew by. It flew by. It makes me think I'm gonna be dead real soon. I don't know if you know that at my time. How much time do you have? If I go through 50 more of those, it'll be a miracle. So that's not gonna happen. I know. Go through 50 of them. It's not possible. Wow, did you think that? When you set it up, like I'm setting this up for, when I'm gone, this baby, this is like the comedy story, it'll just run. Well, I didn't think that. No, I just thought to set up the best thing you can set up. That's all I thought. I thought like I have this crazy unique moment where not only did the world shut down in Texas didn't but also all these comedians came out here to do shows and I got this Spotify deal. And I'm like okay I'm supposed to do this like if anybody's supposed to do this like if you were a kid and they said to you if you got [51:02] all this money what would you you know what You know what I do? I'd make the ultimate of using a park. You know? Just a member of my friend. But nobody ever does that. People get fuck you money and they never say fuck you. And I don't get that. If you have fuck you money and you don't say fuck you, what you're doing is it's a crime against fortune. You have the incredible fortune to have fuck you money. The incredible luck, the incredible fortune to be in this weird position where all these comedians decided to come to this place because you and your friends were there. I mean, like Ron Whites, he's the fucking leader of the pack. Pie, pie, pie, pie. He's the pie, pie, pie. Pie-piper. He's the pie-piper. Cause Ron was out here before COVID. Ron was out here in like 2017, I think, or 18. Was he retired yet already or no? He wasn't retired, but he was like, I fly out of Austin, it's much easier. You're in the middle, you can fight fucking two and a half hours in New York, two and a half hours L.A. Fucking people are nice, food's amazing. [52:05] I was like, damn, maybe I could, because I had always entertained leaving L.A. But the store just always kept me there. The store and my friends. Yeah. Jiu Jitsu, I mean, I tried for a while, tried moving to Colorado for a little bit. But the store always pulled me back. It's like, there's, you can't replicate that. You did. Yeah, well, it's my felt like there's no other way it could have ever happened. It had all those things had to happen in place, where the comedy store had to get shut down so we can get all the people that worked at the comedy store to come over and start the mothership. People that like Eric, Curtis, and Adam, yeah, and Jody, and Carrie, Carrie's the shit. Like, it wasn't for Carrie, she's the best. But she was always the best at the store. So when she's over there, it's like, oh, this is wonderful. You know, and then she knew all the right servers, and then we get this vibe going, and then the whole idea, and Adams, it was Adams' idea to do it the same way the store was. [53:01] I was a little apprehensive. Like, man comics cause problems in their employees. Like, a lot of us are dirt bags. A lot of us are crazy. Joe, I robbed the communist party. I robbed that fucking place. It's the worst. Shit. You're not gonna have to make it happen. Yeah, I'm probably not making it up. But it wouldn't just be maybe a son the son. We all owe you money. We were, but I'm sure. You were just hustling, I mean, we hustling, cause it's like, well, I'm only making a couple of bucks. I mean, get up. I'm gonna fucking hustle this door. Trying to stay alive. Trying to stay alive. Yeah, I mean, but there was that problem. That was like, but Adam was like, yeah, but you know what auditioning and because now Adam is running it so we didn't have to have this like This is one of things that I told him because there's a pressure that he had an LA to have like X amount of women and X amount of gay people like people talked about it and they would email him They'd complain to him people can front him, you know how can we have more women on your lineup girls? [54:04] Girl comics to say, I said, listen man, this is 100% meritocracy. I know you're not sexist, I know you're not racist, I know you're not homophobic, you don't care. All you care, you speak the language of funny. This will be a pure meritocracy. And if you're really good, you're gonna get through. And if you're bullshitting and just using whatever the fuck group you're a part of, as like a Willy Wonka golden ticket, thinking it's gonna get you a career, fuck you. Okay, that shit doesn't work here. Yep. You know? I love that. And with that, there is a, the best way to make a diverse show is just like you said, put the funniest people up. The show will naturally yeah it will naturally diversify itself baby so many different people work in there everybody's different and different in all kinds of ways there's gay and straight and there's black and white and no one fucking cares yep I'm even noticing no one cares no one cares no one cares all the [55:01] cares are you funny yep can you go up there and do the damn thing? Assah did 9-11, no one gives a fuck. He's just a funny dude. We all just forgive him. So funny that he's a shit-it. Ah, boy, he's coming a long way, man. That Joey DeSpa, just telling me on the phone yesterday, I was on the phone with Joey Yosef, he's like, well, Assah blew my mind. He goes he blew my mind. I remember that game when he was just starting out Yeah, he's out there. He's fucking Joey's coming. He's coming. Joey's moving. He's coming again in a couple weeks He's gonna be back. He's gonna be back for quite a while and then we're gonna get him a place He's gonna get a place on just in the neighborhood. He's moving. He's got him over here He can't stay in New Jersey I'll be respect in New Jersey, but I'll respect. He needs to be around his peers. You saw it when he was here. Yeah, he was feeling on a man. And at the days when how much more comfortable like he, oh, he started moving like Joey Deat, when Joey would be in the main room. And it was like that when he left that man. She's the best. So it's perfect. So when Joey gets here [56:07] That'll change everything god damn. That's gonna change everything Joey's working on Theo Theo's coming soon. He's gonna be here What's to that? It's gonna be here in 10 days Yeah, so we'll have Theo here for a couple weeks and then Theo said he might come down for the whole month of July Theo here for a couple weeks and then Theo said he might come down for the whole month of July. You're fucking Samuel Jackson with the Avengers baby. You're just getting them all round him up. I'm recruiting man. I'm recruiting. But I only want people that want to be here. If you don't want to be here, it's like, I get it, I get it, I get it. There's no pressure. You don't have to come here, but it would be nice. It's fun. With Joe DeRose, we got a place here. Joe DeRose, let's go. Let's go. The road's through the man. Everyone you're saying, but everyone you're saying also great phenomenal beast of a comic. Yeah. And nice people. Great people. That's the big thing. The big thing is all real friendly, real nice people. And the more, more of that, the better Red Bans clubs killing it. Yes. How was it? 13 second walk from my club to Red Bans club. [57:06] You can get up. You got three chairs. Right next door, creaking the cave, always a great room. Right down the street. This little place, Black Rabbit, which I love right there, you'll get up, I mean, they're all within a book. Black rabbits do and stand up now. How long have they been open but uh that's a what I mean it's just such a little 50 seat box. So me and a son just love that little. And bro the Vulcan is still a banger of a club. Shout out to the Vulcan. If you get up there that's a great fucking show. The Vulcan is a great room and then you can drive over to Cap City. I mean, it's kept us alive. Right. It's the it kept blood in his throat. That place was like a mask that we were all sharing, like scuba diving. Just, we give it to each other. Yeah. We're staying alive, you know? That shows us a lot. Those two's they Wednesday Thursday's just, oh, he just, he was just getting through. Yeah. That place kept us alive. [58:01] And then of course, kill Tony. Haven't killed Tony in a town changes the town. Because now all that, there's all these temptations to go down the road of fuckery when you're first on stage. You want to try to like make yourself out to be something you wish you were. You want people to think you're smart. You want people to think you're cool. And if you have five minutes, sometimes five minutes is too much in the beginning. You really don't deserve five minutes. Sometimes five minutes is too much in the beginning. You really don't deserve five minutes. You deserve a minute. Is everyone minute? There should be a bunch of people doing one minute. And this should be like belts. Like you're a white belt. You just started out. Okay, you've been doing comedy six months, eight months. Maybe you're ready for your blue belt. It depends on how much you get on stage. And then a couple of years after that, now you're purple belt. Now you're opening up for really good comics when they're on the road. This guy's in town, you can open for him, Colin Quinn wants you to open for him. Oh shit, now you're purple belt. Now you start going on the road as a middle act. Now you're brown belt. Now you might have 20 murderous minutes. You might be doing stand up six, seven years. You're a brown belt now. And then eventually you move in the headlining and then you get your black belt. [59:05] And then you realize like, oh, people are coming to see me. Okay. I gotta work. You know, they're coming to see me. That's a different thing. Sit down, you know. Like it has to take, like I will run away from a conversation if I get an idea because I know they're slippery. They're slippery. They slip through your fingers sometimes. Sometimes you just have a great idea. You're like, like, my family gets it, my wife gets it. I'll go, hang on, I got an idea. I have an idea. I just have to say I have an idea and everybody leaves me around and I just run away. I run away so no one could talk to me. And then I grab my phone and I just start either talking into it which is the best because then I can that's beautiful bro. I've seen you do that where you just completely. You know what Neil Brennan said to me once? He said, I think of my notebook as like a net that I catch my ideas in. I was like, ooh. Ooh, Neil Brennan's a smart motherfucker. That's a great quote. That is because it's exactly what it is. [1:00:00] The moment you do the thing where you're like, oh you think of something like, I'm gonna write it down later. Yeah, it's gone. Bro, you know why I've been thinking about going to Android? Because Samsung phones, when you, if you record your sets, transcribes them. Really? Yeah, with AI, and it'll summarize it for you. Crazy. Yeah, Brian Simpson's right about that too. He's got that fucking galaxy phone. Tony's always making fun of him. And I'm like, Tony, do you understand what that phone can do? That phone can translate, like built into the phone, can translate you talking to a ton of different languages, like instantaneously translate. Why are we still on iPhones? Because we're trapped. Also, it's a safer operating system. That's the thing that I've been really getting into. I've been really researching like exploits and I watched quite a few videos, but I also read a story where they were talking about when they were trying to see they had an iPhone and an Android phone and they checked to see [1:01:00] which one was contacting foreign servers based on the apps. And it was way more the Android. The Android was contacting foreign servers based on the apps. And it was way more the Android. The Android was contacting foreign servers way more, contacting China and Russia. And the iPhone one was like one or two a day. And it's based on, there's a lot of shit going on that we're not thinking about, right? What you're interested in is valuable. So if you're scrolling through Google, and you're looking at a bunch of different products, you're looking at a bunch of different things, Google gets that information and then inserts those ads into your browser. So then when you go to a website and you say, oh, I was looking at those shoes. How many shoes were they out right here? It's just click here. It tells you the price. Oh, what a bargain. And you think about it, that's valuable, right? And so that's what they're constantly trying to scoop up. They're trying to scoop up your data. They wanna know what you're doing, what you're listening to, what you're watching. What do you, what do you, what do you, you got Netflix, what do you got this? You got that, you got YouTube premium. Woo, you got a Tesla. You got a Tesla app. There's all this data that your phone carries. [1:02:07] And iPhone is pretty good at keeping that data. They're like a closed system, right? And that would they call themselves? Yeah, a walled garden. Yeah. Android is not so good at that. Android is the opposite, it seems like. It's got open source, which is really good. So a bunch of different people can make apps, but the problem with that is you could get apps that are malware. You can get apps that will get, that will infect you're a wild motherfucker just downloading every app that's on the Play Store. I don't think they do as good a job. And I think you can't use side load on Android as well. Probably. So this pros and cons man. This pros to like if you make an Android app like you could just say you know why is there a fucking app for this and you could design an app that does it and then just throw it up on the Play Store and people could just download it and put it but you could be a criminal and you could put some shit on on you know either side [1:03:01] loading or put some shit on you know one of these places where you can download apps and inside that it's something like you just steal all your credit card information on your phone. If you're using like Google Pay or some stuff. Some random Google Pay Power or some shit. There's apps that can, when you sign up for TikTok, they know your keystrokes. They know all your keystrokes. So everything you type, it knows. Not only that, it has access to computers that don't have TikTok on them, that are on the network. So if you have a computer, but your computer doesn't have TikTok, but you have TikTok on your phone, they have access to your computer. I know that sounds crazy. That sounds like that couldn't be real. Joe, why would they do that? I think it's more than them. And this is what Adam Curry said. Like Adam Curry saying like this is a TikTok band. He goes, believe me, he goes, the real problem with TikTok is that they're doing a better job of keeping people addicted and that they don't like the idea that [1:04:00] China is dominating this social media games. Yeah, it's good. It's good. They figured out her way to make it very, very, very addictive. But they're getting data, constant data of what you like, what you're interested in, what you get mad about, what you comment on, how you comment, what you like with hearts, what you keep going back to and don't tell anybody about If you look in your fucking if you look in your your your your search And it's all but it's all that but fat butts. That's because you like fat butts And they know you like fat butts Yeah, look at other people's feeds are very very different than mine if you look in that like search Oh, yeah area on Instagram Like it's basically they know me. They know what I like. Yep animal tax Pass cars Nice butts. Yeah, it's like But that data is super super super valuable and it's in like, how does one get access to that data? [1:05:07] You know, do you get to access through some sneaky backdoor shit, or do you get access the normal way? And but Apple does a better job of protecting your information, I think. Yeah. And you know what I think, Tujo, why we don't want to change? It's something about the blue. Mm-hmm. I don't know what it is. It's something about I send the blue to you and I get a blue back. I like that. Yeah, we're on the same team. We're on the same fucking thing. What the fuck is wrong with us, Joe? We have those group workout texts and we send them, they have to go green because the fucking brain. We have multiple chats. Even though Apple is adopting this RCS platform, so RCS, it's not platform, what would you call it? Protocol. Protocol. Thank you. RCS is, what is it called? Rich something, I forget what it stands for. But it basically is, is like most of the way [1:06:02] to an iMessage, but through text message. Cause right now a text messaging, rich communication services. So that's the standard that everybody else is operating on, that Google's operating on. So if I have a Google phone and I text you to a Samsung phone, it will be like that. RCS, it's encrypted. Green bubbles may not be going anywhere, but there's still hope for less archaic messaging experience So RCS is now gonna be on iPhones with I think iOS 18 is that what it is? I think it comes out by the end of the year so by the end of the year like right now if Brian sends me a text message and it is a picture in it that picture is gonna look very dark shit. It's gonna be compressed. If he sends me a video, it's nonsense. I can't barely see it. It's like a little tiny square. What the hell are you sending me, bro? So we have to go on WhatsApp or Signal. And on Signal, he can send me the whole video. And I say, okay, I got the video now. But there's so many things you can't do. The big one is FaceTime. FaceTime is big. I love, I get random FaceTime [1:07:07] is from friends sometimes and I love it. Yeah. I love it. Bert will send me a random one. I was, we were, I was hanging with Brian. This is a big moment too. It's a cool moment. I was hanging with Brian at the Black Keys. We went to see the Black Keys at Stubbs. And we're chilling backstage in that outside area, you know that outside, the cool area. And we're hanging out with the Black Keys and Dave Chappelle FaceTime's me. So I'm hanging out with Dave and Dave sees Brian. He goes, oh, what's up, dog? And they start talking and he goes, hey, I love you, man. I think you're really fun. So they're like going back and forth. I'm like, this is amazing. Like Brian is getting recognized by Dave. That's awesome. And he was like, he was beaming afterwards. He's like, Brian was like, you know. I can't imagine. It was great. I love those fucking random FaceTime calls. That's awesome. Love the, Bert sends me them all the time. I love a random FaceTime call from a friend. It's beautiful. Cause I like calls from people. Random calls from people annoying me. [1:08:06] Like why you calling me bro? Yeah, what do you want? FaceTime, it's usually just something funny. It's just something fun. Someone cool. Cool people. Like when cool people send you a FaceTime, it's like wow, that's pretty badass. That's pretty badass. God, they should've held. Yeah. I'm just kidding you. My introduction to Joe Rogan was, Joe Rogan, we're gonna look for a pair of New York bands. I never heard of you before, dog. I think that was all, I was like, who the fuck is Joe Rogan? You know, that was an accident. What? I wasn't supposed to be on that. Yeah, I was walking down the street and I saw Dave with a fake and I ran into Bobcat Gold Weight, you know Bobcat's the best. And Bobcat was directing Dave on his first episode. And so Bobcat was there. I go, what are you guys doing? I go, what's Dave, I'm a fucking mustache man. He's like, hey Joe, you want to be on my show? I go, what do I have to do? He's like, we're going to hand out ribbons for the best New York boobs. [1:09:06] I go, yeah, I got like an hour. And then I have to meet some people for dinner and then we're going to go do my show. Yeah. You know, so let's do it. So for one hour, like walked around with Dave, where I carried around a bunch of buttons,. I already did it in the amounts of big fits. And you're just smiling. You're just smiling. Dave has his crazy fake mustache on you. So this is awesome. Looking for great New York boobs. Now I want you to think of this. This is 2002 I guess. Yeah, has to be. 2002 or 2003, whatever I guess to. Imagine how crazy different New York is. Wow. In just 22 years. I was there the other day I don't this yeah this is great is dangerous now and the same area look at me with the full head air Crazy oh they blurred someone out because he didn't sign the release see that one person their face blurred out See that no release yeah, they blurred that lady out [1:10:02] Interesting they blur people I saw his face. I know that guy He's like these should too. They blurred people. Oh, I saw his face. I know that guy. He's like, these should too. They did a shitty job. Oh, that's so bad. Look at these guys are my kids. Jesus, this is a bad slap. That's illegal now. Oh, they would be so mad at them. Oh my God, are you kidding me? That'd be a assault. Yeah. That would be slavery that'd be everything everything you go to jail I got one interaction with Dave's failed. I mean I hold on to this forever This is why being a door guy's the best show. I'm parking cars one night All right, and it's my turn. I'm waiting to go up in the belly room. It's two people in that motherfucker Joe too, but I'm what you know, I'm wait finally my turn one of my other door guy friend shut out She's a piece of shit. I did. He smoked all my weed, you know, you know, Dave walks in during the, during the, and it's going and going as he's still bringing me up and then date. And I'm like, looking now like, bring me up, bring me up. Come on, like, like Dave's in the room, bring me up. Right. And he keeps, my friends, like, oh shit, guys, Dave should help. The two people are like, what the fuck? [1:11:06] He grabs a mic and he goes, I don't know who Derek Poston was, but that niggas credits were terrible. And then I go down, because now I'm going watching him, and then of course the room's filled up as the night went on. It's Dave. He's there for a couple hours. And then I'm downstairs parking cars again and somebody say, Dave's looking for you. I run back up and Dave's going, you know, yada yada. You know, Derek, I'm going to bring you up. You deserve a shot. You deserve a chance and all this stuff. And I'm like, yo, Doc, thank you, man. You black I wouldn't about you And it's two people that's a little bit by the end though it was sold out and it was crazy I've seen people come in the room. Yeah, and it just that was just such a like man I'm so glad that had crazy memory Dave is a real artist in that like he embraces this process of [1:12:10] just I think he was a real artist in that he embraces this process of just exploring things on stage. And it's how he writes. So people will complain about it. They'll complain that he goes for so long. You don't understand. You're watching George St. Pierre lift weights. Okay. That's what you're watching. You're going to see the fight eventually. Right now you're watching. Like you're gonna see the fight eventually. But right now you're watching George do squats. That looks more like it. Yeah, but you're getting a rare opportunity. And it's not the same experience, right? Like if you see Dave with a tight set, he's feeling an ephix special, he's gonna murder. He's gonna murder son. Murder, murder, murder death kill. Right? He's gonna murder. He's gonna murder son. Murder, murder, murder, murder death kill. Right, but the process of creating that murder death kill is like a boiling down process. You start off with an idea and Dave will just run that idea raw. Yeah. You know, someone film him and then he goes over it and he pieces it apart and tries to figure out what was good and what was bad and why it worked and why it didn't work. Yeah, and operate on that level of doing it for four hours [1:13:07] and doing it three in the morning where it's like, no, they're done. Yeah, they're beyond tired. They've been deep to shit. It's way up. But if he can get 10 minutes out of that or five minutes or one minute, it's worth it. Cause you do 50 of those shows, you got a new hour. Yeah, that's the thing. I mean, nobody wants a bomb. Like Chris Rock used to do it all the time. He used to tell people like someone would kill at the store and Chris would show up and he would like purposely bring the audience down. He goes, real ax. Is that gonna be very good? He would tell them. I've seen him once do that where he straight up off the notepad. And he was like, what do you say? He's like, he's I'm going over the skeleton of it right now guys. Like he was pretty much like, this is the, you're getting the bare bones. Mm-hmm. And it was like, whoa. Yeah, and that's the way to do it. Damon Wayne's just do that too. Damon was great at that man. Damon is the most unsung of the greats. Yeah. Yeah, in my opinion. I remember Damon's HBO special, the last stand was fucking excellent. Excellent, dude. [1:14:05] And he was one of the first dudes that I saw on stage when I came to LA that was like a famous guy that stopped by. I was like, oh shit, Damien Wayne's is here. Dude, he was excellent, excellent. And he would do that, too. He would explore ideas. He would just go up there and just fuck around for a long-ass time. Wow. Yeah. And, you know, back then, like Damon doesn't get the respect that he deserves. He doesn't get the love anymore. People don't, because he did sitcoms and shit, he kind of got out of the comedy loop, did movies, people forgot. But dude, I am telling you, man, when he was on, whoo, he was a, he was a master. Very like Chappelle, very much that level. Masterful. Is this Dirty, is like in living color time too? Wow. Bro, Damon Wayans, he's one of the all-time greats. He just doesn't get appreciated the way he should. Wow. My opinion, I mean, I've seen these guys live like when they were in their prime. And Damon was, he was just so clever and so silly [1:15:04] and he would be laughing. It was genuine laughter and he was having a good ass time on stage and talking about ridiculous shit He was great, man. He was great and he was another one of those guys that would just take his time He would just go up there with some bear he would show up on fucking Wednesday night 11 o'clock Oh, Damon's here Damon's gonna go up and they'd let him up. If 15 fucking people in the crowd, he'll be on stage for an hour. For an hour. Just fucking around and just trying to come up with bits. Trying to find out if there's something there and put digging a little hole so he has to dig himself out. Yeah. You know, trying to laugh at stuff. You have interesting process because you do that to yourself. You'll be like, all right, who's the most famous, who are the best comics in the world? Let me do an hour and a half of that and then I'll go up. It's like, they've been beat to shit by Shane Gillis and Ron White and Tony and Slim Prime Simpson, a son of a, and then you go up. And it's like, what the fuck? It's running with wait time. That's what it is Yeah, you run with weights on you got to hit that stage running you know I learned that going on after Joey because Joey Joe and it fit for 15 minutes Joey DS will punch a hole in the space time [1:16:15] Joey DS get punched a fucking hole in reality and 15 20 minutes of Joey DS is just like following that. You got to come on stage, like fully engaged. And one of the things you see from guys that tour with soft acts, the tour with like weak opening acts, and that's all the comedy they do, they get soft. You get soft in like your appreciation for the audience's attention span or soft for, have you made that bit the best that it could be or is it just adequate? Is it working? Or is it like optimized? Where is it at? Is it where you're happy with it? Or have you just kind of accepted that's the form it's in because you do it that way every night? You know? [1:17:00] And when you go on after murderers, there's no room for anything but tight. Yeah, everything has to be tight. You have to be really there and engaged. People have seen an hour and a half of comedy before you even go on stage. Yeah. An hour and a half of murderers. Murderous. Murderous. I get so jealous too. I'm sitting in the back. God damn, why can't I go on now? Half an hour in the show. And it's your show too, you're doing it to yourself. That's amazing. But I think that's the best way to do it. It's the best way for me. I don't think I've ever been sharper like right now. It's sharp. And that's what it is. I think it's just concentrating. It's like everything else, man. It's like how much do you think about it? I would say that doing stand up is, let's say if you have what is a value. Let's give a value of doing stand up, you give it a value of 100. If you watch yourself to stand up, that's like 50 or 60. So it's like an extra set almost. If you do two watches and one performance, it's like you did two sets. [1:18:03] That's what I think. Listening to it is like 40 or 50, but it's better than zero. It's definitely better than zero. So if you could force yourself to listen and you force yourself to watch, those add up like in terms of the overall amount of effort you've put into what you're doing, right? So it's not just the time you're on stage, but it's also how much do you think about it afterwards? Because if you could just grab it after, I don't wanna do it when I get home. When I get home, I wanna watch YouTube videos on ancient civilizations. Yeah, yeah, yeah. I don't wanna write, but if I force myself, then I get fired up, and then once I'm in it, now I get it and I feel it. And if I could force myself to listen to recordings or watch a recording after I do it, I'm so much more engaged the next time I do it. It like everything, everything like moves up a notch. So instead of it being a value of 100 because I just did a show, I did the show and then [1:19:02] I listened to it and then I wrote more. So now it's almost like I did two shows. Yeah, where are you watching yourself? You're right because it makes you completely live the set over again. You're doing it again. Yeah. And seeing all the holes, seeing the... Yeah. And you don't have to carry the psychic weight of keeping the set going, right? So you have no anticipation. You know what I already went well I already saw it I was there. So let me watch it like like just chill and just watch I'm just saying it like that. That's too long. I could cut that out like everybody knows what I'm saying I'm gonna cut it out get to a quicker, you know, yeah, like figure out this that like you learn how to get to things quicker when you work with killers too You learn the right like one of the things I love about Joey is he sneaks He sneaks up on you. His punchline is sneak up on you. You don't know where they're coming and then they nail you. He's moving fast. You're not going to keep up with him already and then on top of that, he's sneaky with how he works in the punchline. It's a great way to describe him. [1:20:00] It's like a economy of words. The economy of words, Joey Diaz is the very best at it. I was telling this one joke. Here's my favorite Joey Diaz joke. It goes, I like transvestites. They cook, they clean. You can beat them every once in a while. The cops come, who's gonna believe me? So I'm doing a wig and a black eye. Yeah, that's a Joey Diaz. That's a great point point because it's like, it keeps going. But it's also, it's absurd. You know he's not really beating up transvestites. You know it's like, it's not real. Like when he talks about, he'll say the most ridiculous shit and it's outrageous and it's exaggerating but it's part of the fun of the Joey Diaz show. You don't think he's really out there beating up transvestites. Like, that's, it's like, their whole thing. It's like, he's a cartoon. He's a cartoon character. It's amazing. He's so fun, man. He's my favorite person to watch ever. Yeah. Oh my God. I think there's great comedians. Yeah, yeah. I don't wanna say like, who's the goat? Cause I don't like it. I don't I think we're very fortunate today that we have guys like Chappelle and Atel and Shane and you and everybody and Tony. [1:21:08] Shultz, Shultz, Shultz is killing it right now. Got it on that roast. Oh my God. That dude. Oh my God, he's so likable too. Even when he was shitting all over Dan away, he's got a big smile on his face. That's laughing. Oh my God, he's funny. And he's a great person, too, man. He's a great person. Like a great human being. He's beautiful. Yeah, I look at him like an actual big brother, man. That guy. He's a beautiful person. I love him to death. But it's like we're real fortunate that we have all these people together. We're real fortunate. But for me, like where I've laughed, where I can't and I'm on the ground or I'm slapping tables or we'll hug at each other, it's Joey. Yeah. It's Joey. Joey hits an RPM that I don't think anybody else hits. It's a, because of who he is, his background, the chaos of his life, this phoenix emerging from the ashes of co-cudition [1:22:00] and all that, like, he's just got a wildness and a love about him too. That's the other thing, he's a loving, beautiful person. Like he hugs everybody, he's a beautiful person. And when he gets wild on stage man, there's nothing like it man. It's like a family reunion laugh. It's like from your spirit when he gets you laughing. Yeah, yeah, you love him, you wanna hug him when you're laughing with him. Yeah, yeah, you love him. You want to hug him when you're laughing with him. Yeah, yeah. And so he was like the best guy to take on the road too. Because it was like the party was with us everywhere. You know, it was a party. Yeah. We're going to nice restaurants, we're eating dinner, Joey Dizz is telling stories. The stories about robbing people. In five-star restaurants. Tell me So we do you tell you a story about kidnapping a drug deal of machine gun and you're fucking crying laughing Like oh my god, you're not disturbed like why would you do that? You did you plan on shooting him? Just none of that just fun Yeah, the road is where you like I I truly think I'm the most lucky dude in comedy right now ever [1:23:01] I mean my weeks Joe I'm with Tuesday Wednesday Thursday I'm with you shame Gill Gillis, Brian Simpson, and Naran White, Tony Hascley. And my weekends, I'm with Andrew Schoes. Yeah. And that's it. I'm full on in a master class, 24-7. But you're lucky, but you also did all the work to get you to that place. You did all, it's like, you can't just be lucky because you have to also There's no shortcuts to creating bits Like this you have they they have to be made you have to do them you have to perform you have to get you You have you did the work man if you weren't ready when Tony recommended you to Andrew it wouldn't have worked You had to have done all that work if you have stepped at any point in your career You took time off, you started to try a job for a little bit. You did this, you did that, you got married, you had kids, you can't go on the road now, because now you have a mortgage. Bro, you went down the path and you could do anything now because now you're in. But the beginning is sketchy. [1:24:02] Man, you're just going. You're just going. You're just touching it. That's what I was saying. If I had it, it was a 26 year old today. And they're like, I'm going to go to open mic nights. I'm going to start standing up. I'll be like, okay. All right. I'll see you at my 100. Let's see. He's my, what? You're standing at a run at ultra marathon. You don You know, when people finish those? Dude, I know way more. Goggance and hate. Finish stand up careers. Way more. Way, way, way, way more. Way more. Way, way, way more people finish 100 mile races that start them, then become a comic that start doing stand up. And finish it. I'm realizing this as you're saying it. When you're doing the math, you're ahead're hit of like yeah people do finish those races Yeah, they finish up Mike friend cam's run like a dozen of them at least he's probably run 20 of them goggins He ran I think goggins did something crazy where we ran like 20 of them in a month What it was his record he had some crazy fucking record. I might be selling it short in a month He just he just sent me a text message yesterday about how he climbed Mount Everest with his fucking Versa Climber. [1:25:07] Do you know what a Versa Climber is? No, they're horrible. We have one out there. We have one in the gym. It's an amazing workout. This one? That thing. Whoa, this motherfucker climbed Mount Everest. And he sent me an image of it. Hold on a second. How many days? That would take him days right? I don't think so. What no, he's he'll do it in one session. He's out of his fucking mind, man That's insane That's insane in an overall how long I'm trying to see But he did more than that because over a year There was some crazy number that he did in one year. There's another this isn't two This is from Ultra Runner magazine 2005 he decided to take on the ultra marathon challenge which involved running over 3100 miles across the United States from San Francisco To New York without taking any days off [1:26:02] Cheese my fucking one had ever achieved before did he do it? New York without taking any days off. Jeez, I'm not the fucker. This is my best friend. This is my best friend. This is my best friend. This is my best friend. This is my best friend. This is my best friend. This is my best friend. This is my best friend. This is my best friend. This is my best friend. This is my best friend. This is my best friend. This is my best friend. What the fuck man? 13 miles, that's all he ever done. Fuck man. 13. And you ran across the whole country. By the way, he did it with destroyed knees. His knees are all fucked up. His knees are like, he's got no cartilage and shit. From me and a seal? From all sorts of things. But I think he was born with like, one of his knees was kind of fucked up like malformed and then the years and years and years of punishment. Yeah, injuries from being a seal, from growing through buds, just from the years of training, like his knees are destroyed. They're destroyed. He's had crazy operations on his knees. Is that him? That was a hundred about, look how jacked he was. [1:27:02] No, damn son. Look at that fucking build shoulders dude That's crazy little to no food Wow he finished the race in 19 hours on broken legs and in kidney failure There's also that story where he was doing one and he went off track And so yeah, like off pace and then the next day he woke up and did it again bro Look out jacked he was there kid. Can't I wrong? Kidney failure can kill you, right? 100%. What the fuck? Look how jacked he was, Jesus Christ, I'm jealous. I want to be a bit like that. That's ridiculous. He looks like fucking yo-ro-mero. He's incredible. I'm jealous. I'm jealous of jealous of that body Well, I met do you know Jack who I met 50 cents this weekend 50 cents a big Pro remember when he was young rock when he was he would be on stage shirtless shirtless a shredded I mean yeah, I was I was looking at I think he's I think 50 cents 50 and he's fucking shredded [1:28:00] Yeah, he's a big fella boy this this whole rap world the rap beef. I'm glad I'm I'm ignorant to it One outside people keep bringing it up Tony keeps trying to get him You're not dragging me to this nonsense. No, it's a at this point. It's great I've never seen a rap beat like this. This is they're going the back and forth I saw a great drake release another one yesterday because they've gone back and forth now four times a piece So what does someone have to tap out here? So is this to the death? I don't I saw a great comment and say that at this point these niggas are just doing an album together like after after eight songs Right going back a foot that would be the way to wrap it up. That's what you do to break bread Hug it out. What you got me with that one? You got me with that I mean, but it's I'm not gonna lie so I because I love both these guys. This is my era of rap So I love these guys man him Jake whole Drake Kendrick, but Joe It is pointing out the so personal the things they're saying because you know he's calling them a pedophile in the song literally Kendrick calling Drake a pedophile and all this stuff and you have a illegitimate daughter Brian has such a good joke [1:29:02] Because he said you have illegitimate daughter your pedophile a good joke. As he said, he have illegitimate daughter, your pedophile, you grew women, and then Drake's come back was, I don't have an 11 year old daughter and Brian's, and hey bro, address the other shit. Hahaha. Hahaha. Hahaha. What? Nobody gives a fuck about the, what, he caught your pedophile man? Yeah, a dad is not a bad thing to be buddy. You said, when you hear the rest of the song, I mean, but it's to that point where it's like, well, okay, what is this, man? This is crazy. This is crazy. Two boxes did it once. Hey, man, I fucked your wife. Thank fuck. All right. That's it. Yeah, that was it. And then there was Nas and Jay-Z. The ether. Yep, Jay-Z, I'm done. And then they made up, right? They're friends now. They're friends now. Yeah, so that can happen. It can happen, but I've never seen that like this. The back of fourth to this extreme is like, man, it kind of sucks. There was the early days of ice cube and easy E. That was great. Yeah, that was real beef. That was probably first beef. And then there was Tim Dog and NWA, fuck Compton. You don't know about fuck Compton. [1:30:08] This is before your time. Tim Dog was good. And Tim Dog was, he was good. But Tim Dog was a guy who unfortunately kind of, his identity became the man who went after NWA when everyone was scared of NWA. And everybody was scared of Compton. He was a crazy New York dude. Interesting. You never heard of Tim Dogg? I've never heard of Tim Dogg. Show me some Tim Dogg. Because I love fucking, I love rap so much. And I love Tim Dogg, did the scariest thing. He went after NWA. Well in the prime of NWA? Yeah, row days. Oh yeah, and when everyone was scared of him it was just all guns and Broodless records Raiders had yeah, that's Tim dog That's so New York the fucking change like that go back to it was the name of the album It's something on wax click on that. That's the album. I just picked it because it was a good picture of [1:31:00] Penis-Cilling on wax. That's the name of his CD. It's good man. It's good. Like he was a really good rapper. But the thing was like, if that's how you break out, then your identity gets connected to beefing with these very famous rappers. Where I think, if he just went like, the cool G rap way, just did his own shit. There's people would just love him for his own shit, but he went after NWA. That's all you're known for, your trouble. I mean, Nas ether Jay-Z, we all were there for that. Oh my God. And Jay-Z is still Jay-Z. Bro. Yeah, Jay-Z is still Jay-Z, but Nas is this fucking man. His leader is... I was listening to Rewind the other day, while we were playing pool. I was like, God damn that song is genius. Man. It's genius. Joe, literally, I got to do the garden with Shulti this past weekend. And I took the subway to the show because I wanted to feel it. I wanted to be in New York, put on Elmatic. Oh, yeah. Fuckin subway, listen there. That beat. [1:32:05] Oh my God. Do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do Nah, you got our you know, I'm not for me from my money like first of all I'm old So I like that 90s rap. Yeah, but it's also like for me Nas was one of the first guys that I listened to him was like Likely face to you know like oh these fucking lyrics are so tight man I love lyrics man I love someone is like really fucking good at like piecing together a story And that's why rewind is so good. Yeah, not only is it a great story. He doesn't backwards. It's crazy Fucking crazy Joe that is basically like pulling out your 14-inch dick. Just laying on the dinner table like what's up? [1:33:02] Every other rapper shut the fuck up. up. That's made of song backwards. And it's a perfect story. It's murderous. It makes sense. It's genius. And you make sure you want to listen to it again because you're like, oh, bro. And even his new shit, he put out an album like two years ago. Yes, bangin', man. It's bangin'. Oh my God. Just old school 90s hip-hop still not lost any of the pace, you know? No, yeah, he did him with one of the new best producers. Oh my god. I can't think of his name fucking Some of my name, but thank God he made the beat for like Niggas and Paris and stuff But he's like I like that he's still in the game. Yeah, bro When you hear hip-hop is dead if you're anywhere Let's go Down, down, down, down, down, down, down, down, down, down, down, down, down, down, down, down, down, down, down, down, down, down, down, down, down, down, down, down, down, down, down, down, down, down, down, down, down, down, down, down, down, down, down, down, down, down, down, down, down, down, down, down, down, down, down, down, down, down, down, down, down, down, down Usually they get you going. I just love clever lyrics later. I love a clever joke You know it's the same kind of shit like we always listen to cool G rap and brand new heavies that death threats [1:34:11] Oh, yeah, that's don't you know don't you know when that song starts popping like Let's go my favorite one you play is not even a rap but you got me in the country but that people say I got a drink and That's a great song What are my favorite greener memories show you had it playing and Shane's got a butt like this any sitting there And he's like Joe the song is making me sad Look over you and you're like people say I can you just get dancing and Shane's I think about that shit right just like we laugh well our green room playlist is so interesting because there's so many different kinds of music in it And it's like it's all random so it's on random eyes. So it'll just one Janice joblin out of nowhere Yeah, you know you don't even know you wanted to hear that but you hear that beginning of take a little piece of my heart [1:35:01] Oh shit baby sing what they want that thing baby hot white come lady oh my god that's a crazy spare yeah love her yeah that song hot white come is crazy that's song is crazy because she was a huge artist when she made that song what air of time was that so nuts two thousandish early two thousand So nuts. 2000-ish, early 2000s. 2003? Yeah. Yeah. I remember seeing it here in that song, like Jesus. That lady away from me. She's too wild. That's a wild lady. That famous singing that song. She's cool as fuck, dude. I had her on the podcast. Really? She's cool as fuck. Very cool. We've got a high together. It's fun Getting getting how it looks for you. She's just cool. Just fun fun person fun person to talk to you know most Artists like they got something inside of them, you know, there's something going on in there Yeah, you know it's fun. Hey, we're like jelly roll. He's fun and hang with Gary Gary Clark. Yeah, he's so good. He's so fun to hang with. He's just the coolest [1:36:10] He's just a He's like he's a real artist like Gary locks himself in his studio for like 18 hours Drives his wife crazy drives everybody crazy. He's just sitting there smoking weed drinking whiskey and just playing music Yeah, I mean, he just he he, can we drink a whiskey and just play music? Damn. Yeah. I mean, he just, he goes for it. Sometimes I'll text him and he's like, I'm in the middle of everything, man. I'm in the middle of everything. I like to. I like to. I like to do it like that, man. Just locking it completely. They do think so much different than us because they can create a song and a vacuum. You can be by yourself and you create a banger of a song. We can't really do that. No. We need it. Because in your head, you can hear the joke sometimes, you're like, I'm pretty sure this will go, but you're not, you need the audience, you need to know. It's like you need a translator. Like you need, like you kind of get it, but you need to like, you need to like, am I saying this right? Like you need to like have someone translate the words to the crowd [1:37:06] that speaks a different language. You got to like, it's all, you know, with music, I envy that. That they could practice on their own, you know, they could just sit alone. But even then, I think like performing live is a different animal. Yeah. Like if you're read a Malcolm Gladwell's book, the Outlaws, I bought it. I haven't read it, but I do have it. It's good to listen to, too. I've listened to the audio book. The audio book is amazing because Malcolm reads it. He talks about the Beatles when they were in Germany. The Beatles went away. They left Liverpool. They go to Germany and Hamburg and they're doing shows every night. Every night. They're doing shows like every night every night they're doing like six seven nights a week They're doing shows like hours and hours now's they come back two years later and everybody's like what the fuck happened Like how are you guys so good like what the fuck happened is because these guys were tight Tight as a drum just constantly constantly doing shows just constantly working on it [1:38:02] I've heard Kobe say that in one of the things about how, like, if you work out every day at like, you know, 9 a.m. and then you work out again at 4 p.m. That's, you know, that's like a regular NBA player. But what I'm doing is I'm waking up at 3 a.m. And then I'm working out then and then I'm working out again three. And he said, and after I do that for years, I'm the best player basketball. And it's like, and he was right. He was right. It literally just worked. That's all it was. He wasn't like, oh no, there's guys who was better than me. Completely, born better, all that. But I outworked them. Wow, I think that's the case with sports, up until the point where you're being detrimental to your body with sports, because I think you definitely can overuse. You could work out too hard, where your body's just too broken down, and then you start getting injured. That's real possible, because at a certain point in time, you're putting in too much work for your biology [1:39:03] to heal the sessions. For fighting, that must be the hardest. To judge that. Those are what's too much. That's the toughest thing in all of athletics, in my opinion, is like world championship fighting. Because just getting into the octagon without an injury, good luck, everybody's hurt. Cause you gotta fight to get ready. That's the crazy part. Yeah. You gotta fight and guys get staff infections, tweak knees, fucked up backs, rib injuries, and they fight with those things. Yeah. Yeah, they fight. They fight all fucked up. Now you always hit it like after a guy wins, and be like, and I won with it like, Priera, I won with a broken, you had a broken toe. The fuck? The fuck? Yeah. I kicked him the nuts. Exactly. Crazy. Crazy. Yeah, those guys are always hurt. How about Benoit Sandinini? He had a fucking staff infection on his head when he fought Dustin Poria and he couldn't, he knew he had like one good round in him. So he just went after Dustin in the first round try to take him out and then you got knocked out in the second round And then afterwards you saying like the staff infection just drained him. There was nothing left. That's what happens [1:40:11] Is that the one where Dustin kept trying to do the guilty? Mm-hmm. Yeah, that was the best way he said I never go stop joke I've got big kiltony is fire I, after winning a fight is thinking about will you fuck in my government. No, it's crazy. Killtony has emerged, man. It's emerged. When Tony was in the cover of Variety magazine, I was like, whoa, that's undeniable. That's undeniable. I do wonder because it's like, man, what? And it's only going to get bigger because I don't think that show is that a like, oh, I think that show is like, this might be the beginning of what this show might be. Oh, it's not nearly where it's going to be. Yeah. It's gonna be even bigger. It's gonna continue to grow. I thought Tony's like bro, you're gonna have some open mic or doing their first set and that goddamn football stadium in Texas. Yeah, legitimately. Yeah, easily It could be that and also he when they do the live show you know they they put on a production [1:41:07] I mean there's a lot going on you know they had jelly roll singing you know Jelly Roll is a crazy comedy fan He was a mother ship this weekend He went there to hang out with Steve burn when we were in Nashville He pulled up just came to the show we were at the Grand Ole Opry and he came out and sang some songs it. It was like they were singing Garth Brooks with Jelly Roll with the Grand Ole Opera. Tony told me that he took him out to clubs afterwards and that they were playing and Tony would play the drums and Jelly Roll was singing. Yeah. And that's a great thing. He sang Simple Man with Tony on drums. Yeah. Can you imagine you just at some bar in Nashville just hanging out and jelly roll rolls up and he goes on stage and sings a Leonard Skinner's song with Tony Hinchcliff playing the drums. Sounds like a fucking mad lit. That even sound real. Doesn't even sound real. And Tony came into the, he was like, what kind of life are we living? He was, how is this real? [1:42:01] Man, job, he thank you, Nesha. All the time, I do too. I can't, yeah. I can't. Yeah, I think it all the time. Doesn't make any sense. It just this week, Joey, wait, wait, wait, wait, we're mass square guard, mass square guard here. Yeah. To do this pot, this three days have been like, what the fuck? Yeah, what the fuck? an open mic just from decided to an open mic one night, 12 years ago, a missus in a seat. Staying on the path. How many years has it been now? 12, just be 12. Staying on the path. It's just staying on the path. That's the thing, just stay on the path. Stay on the path. Yeah, but just like what Kobe Bryant was saying, same thing. Work. Yeah, just getting that work. Stay on the guys who work and the guys just kind of half-asset. Like we've seen guys come through that they have one foot in and one foot out. You can see it. Yeah, you see it. You see it when they bomb, too. Ooh, you see it when they bomb. It's like, oh, you're not doing this. You're not getting up. You're not really getting up. And you're not really putting yourself around You're not free. Yeah. Those guys that are free, like a tell, a tell's free. [1:43:07] He's free when he's up there. He's free. He's not like that. Shanes free. Yeah. That's like a place that you can get to. Everybody can get there. If you're good, if you can get laughs, you can get there. You just need to keep working on it. Yeah. on it. But that's the thing is like it really is, it's a skill that can be developed. It's not as simple as you're the talented or not. It's like, yeah, you have to have something. Like there's some people that just, they can't make anybody laugh ever. They're just not funny. They're just not funny. I've seen these people. And usually they're mentally ill. Usually the people that aren't funny but that try really hard to be funny. They're usually like really mentally ill. And some of them somehow or another develop careers. Like they have like a modicum of a career. But if you like go to their Instagram, it's all weird like signaling, it's all pretending you're something you're not. [1:44:00] It's like this weird thing where they're just trying to like find something that sticks. Yeah. Like a formless jellyfish trying to pretend that it's a tree. You know what I mean? It's something about them that's weird. But if they can ask, if they look the right way and they say the right things, they can kind of eek out some bizarre existence where they can pretend that they're a comedian and it can last for a year. Some of them stick around. They host shows, they do things, they'll say, what are you doing? That is the one thing I did love about sports is that you can't pretend to fight. You can't pretend to hit a baseball joke. You either got to hit the baseball. But you do have fighters that are professional fighters that are not good. Yeah, like in boxing, there's guys that they will call because they know this guy's a dumbass and they'll fight Mike Tyson. I mean, that's how they built Mike Tyson's career. They took a bunch of guys who kind of like, [1:45:01] you know, they're not Kobe Bryant mentality. You know not they're not Kobe Bryant mentality, you know They're kind of like just sort of professionally boxing and losing a bunch and maybe they have losing records Like a lot of them have like they'll lost more than they've won But they're a professional boxer and they're willing to fight this 19 year old kid from Brownsville It's gonna take your fucking head off From hell look at board from hell so that that's how they develop from hell. From hell. Look at Borb. Yeah. So that's how they develop like careers. And so with stand up, you get those guys too because some comics, they like weak comics going on in front of them. So they'll take this person who's like barely should be a comedian. They really barely should be doing stand up. And they'll have them open in front of a crowd and torture torture this audience so they can come on stage 20 minutes later and look like a hero. This looks totally unchallenged. So smooth and polished and so confident. Yeah. That's shit. Oh yeah. So you have that weirdness in anything, even in fighting. You have that weirdness where someone's kind of they're doing it but they're [1:46:03] kind of like half doing it. And they can still have a career though, some kind of sort of, you know, but same thing, they're not making any real money. Yeah. You know, you just kind of like getting by. Or even just a lasting impression, just like. Yeah. I like, you know, because there are some comments. Like, and they don't really want that. You know, I like the idea of my peers thinking I'm funny and being in this group that we have and like everyone making each other better. But you can tell some kind of like, don't want to operate in that world. I think they get isolated. And usually they get isolated by success. And especially if they're old school guys because the old school guys people did root for your downfall And if they didn't come up with us in the store Which is I think the first time where that sort of attitude of camaraderie like really got polished and developed yeah, whereas it existed in small pockets where they had friends But there's so many stories of one friend getting something and the other friend turning on them because they were jealous [1:47:04] There's so many with guys that we know. Super fake, they've done podcasts about it. So there was always that, you know, but I think when some guys make it and then they start doing touring and clubs and then doing theaters, they just bring their opening act everywhere. So they have an opening act that they work with, they bring that person everywhere and they rarely do sets in town, and then they become isolated, and then you become like an island. I refer to these people as islands. It's great. You know exactly what I'm talking about. Yeah, islands. They're islands. And so they're not connected to the mainland. And so there's a sadness to that existence. Yes. It's weird. It's not good. And you can tell they act like, or you can see it on them. They'd like to pretend like they don't care. But it's like, I think you do. I think when you lay your head down tonight, you want friends, but I like that we work out together. I like that we are all friends outside of this as well. I like that feeling. Yeah, yeah, it's everything. It's a big part of it. The clubhouse. It's a big part of why it's so entertaining and why it's so fun. And like we're laughing as much in the room as we are watching people on stage. [1:48:08] It's like in that room, it's like there's and everybody's free. It's like everybody knows everybody loves them. Yeah. Free. Whenever we're walks in, everybody hugs each other, ask for my thing. You know Ronald come in and then Tony comes in and we're all like, oh, everybody just immediately starts talking shit. Yeah, man, bro. We're very, very, very, very lucky, very lucky. They're lucky, so. But we also did the thing. We actually took the chance and we came out here, you know? Fucking 40 minutes. That's what I feel like. I think the universe wanted it to happen. I know that sounds corny. I know that sounds ridiculous. I know that sounds like new AG. But I don't know how everything else could have lined up so perfectly. Like if you had a calculation, so what are the odds of a new comedy scene emerging in the middle of the country and emerging in a way that all the young people are moving here, [1:49:00] all the young people that want to have a career, and then have it connected to something like Kill Tony, which is the very best platform ever for someone to develop a career. If you have a good few minutes, you can go on Killtony, you can become a real, look at Cam Patterson. Look at Cam Patterson, baby. Look at Cam, motherfucker Patterson. Cam Patterson. Killin' it every week, new minute, killin' it. Killin' it. Killin' it monster. But killin' it when Tucker Carlson was on, just killin' it. Just killin' it all the time. All the time. But you can develop a career. You can William Montgomery. Killin' it. I can hang a rock in the road. I can hang a rock in the road. I can hang a rock in the road. I can hang a rock in the road. Like guys will take you on the road. You do get spots if you're a door person. You get people who watch you. Yeah, if you're coming up, people will watch you. And you can't think you deserve more than you get either. Like everybody gets what they deserve. It's just, it's a long ass fucking brutal process. But you have a possibility. [1:50:00] There's a path. There's a real path. The light, it's lit. You know, you can not everybody finishes that a hundred mile race But you can get on that path Not everybody finishes that route. Oh, man, especially in that stage The stage where you got like five good men. Yeah, this is where you're banking your life on like oh my god I gotta go into school. I wish sometimes I got a healthcare plan I could have had Alexis fuck fuck fuck I could have had a Lexus. Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck. Fuck all bitch. Yeah, fuck. Fuck, good. If I could, I wish we could sometimes gamble on comedy, I would. If I had stock, man, I'd put it in campatters. Oh yeah. Right when I saw him. I was like, oh, that's one of them things where it's a hundred where it's this is not that's a hundred percent Yeah, but 100 percent it's a hundred percent 100 percent yeah, there's a there's guys where you like man I don't know like William in the beginning like I don't know if you work out Because it's so crazy. It's just like what it's got. Well now it's like a hundred percent Well, yeah, if you were early adopter of William Montgomery stock, you'd be like, wow, I fucking called that bitch. Yeah, Tony's rich man. [1:51:06] Yeah, that's a hard one to call. But K. Paterson is one of those few, man, where I, I mean, I wasn't around for Eddie Murphy, but that's how I look at him. I'm like, no, you really are special, man. You are special, dude. Well, he's do that on stage and that that exercise of doing a new minute every week is crazy Could you imagine doing it? Five years in Joe so hard to do man so hard to do Kim Congdon and Sarah Sarah one chunk they were like the first to do yep Kim's killing out they both are both killing. Yeah And they're out here all the time too. That's the coolest thing is to see how many people decided to join us. But if you had to put odds on that, what are the odds? The odds are like a fucking million to one. What are the possibilities that all those things are going to happen in that order? [1:52:01] Spotify, pandemic, the George Floyd come out here. Everyone's cool, indoor shows, everything's locked down everywhere else. Everyone's out of job. All the employees of the comedy store are all fired. No one has jobs, no, there's no club. You can hire people, bring them out here and everybody starts coming. Like, what are you guys doing? What are y'all up to? You guys wouldn't have you guys doing? What are y'all up to? You guys would have felt like the fuck are y'all up to over here? Come on. Come on, Joy. That's what it feels like. Not like real COVID, it does feel like it's our family, right? It's the people who came early. It does feel that way. And it could help shape the way comedy is done in the whole country because it's done for the comedians. Like it's a club that's set up for the comedians and it recognizes that the comedians, the reason why people are there. They're not just there to buy drinks, they're not just there because the club is cool. They're there for the talent. So give the talent money. And you pay. Oh yeah. First thing I did, oh bro, I've never had money Joe but the first thing I did brother. I took all the door guys to get sushi [1:53:05] We ball the fuck I never that's the most money I've ever spent on anything Joe And I'm talking about spent the whole check I got on sushi for the boys Oh, that's awesome never oh, I felt great. I Whitney was there with your wife was there too literally Whitney your wife Or did we show Whitney's like what are y'all doing here? You're like we're about to get some fucking sushi. She was like, Joe Rogan's fucking paying y'all. Yeah. It's like, what the fuck y'all making? It's just like, he was like, oh no man. That's my favorite thing, man. I was being able to have money and just go out with the door guys and be able to pay for dinner. Like, they don't have to pay for dinner. Right. I could pay for dinner. Woo! Yeah, it's nice that you feel that way too. That's what's important that you want to do that. That's what's important. And it makes everybody feel that way. What people do it for me, you, it shows. So it's like, man, the idea of how nice it is. And I know what it's like to just be like, man, it's either not eat tonight or eat like a McDonald's thing or Derek's taking us to get a steak. Let Yeah, when we first started doing that, I remember Ari was like super poor, taken on the road and be like, [1:54:07] we're gonna order him, I'm like, order whatever the fuck you want, man, let's go. Let's have some stakes. Let's get a lot of wine. Let's have fun. Yeah, it's like, it's, it's, it's, did anyone ever do it for you, Joe? Did you just start doing it? No, I just Nobody I didn't nobody took me on the road really yeah I mean I had a couple guys that I opened for in the early days like Lenny Clark was the big one Cuz Lenny Clark are open for Lenny. I've been doing comedy for one year and Mark Clark just started he tried me out at this one place It was called Jays in Pittsfield, Massachusetts and Lenny is just coming off of the HBO young comedian special with Rodney and Lenny was just coming off of the HBO young comedian special with Rodney. Wasn't like Sam Kiddison? Yes. So Lenny was, and Lenny was a legend in Boston. So, and Lenny was like, kid, you're funny! He goes like, fucking love did he was like, talking to me about different bits. It was real fun. And so this is me, that was like a giant boost that I got from Lenny Clark. I was like holy shit, this is incredible. And then I became friends with Lenny. And so I would, you know, I did quite a few shows with Lenny [1:55:08] in Boston, in and around Boston, but nobody ever took me on the road. Wow. No, I came out here to LA, to come out there to LA, and I started doing the store, and I was mostly just doing the store, and then Dice told me, I should do the road. Yeah. Andrew dice Clay. Dice told me in the back of the comedy store. Dice is always cool to me. And he was always one of those ones where I just couldn't believe I was talking with dice. I was like, this is just so weird. Like I was listening to his cassette in my car when I was 19 years old. I remember this girl's date and we were howling, we're sitting in front of my house. I'll never forget, I can picture the scene. We're sitting in front of my house in the car and we're both like, AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH't need these fucking jerk offs to tell you where your money comes from. [1:56:06] Do the road. He goes, you have a real career. You'll always have that. You can make a lot of money out there. I was like, catch, do the road. I'm like, so I had just been doing the store. Like I had done the road when I lived in New York, because that's how you made a living. I would go places and go to Connecticut, Jersey, I do road gigs, weekends, places. That's how I was making money. But then when I came to L.A., I was basically just doing the comedy store and the lab factory and working on sitcom news radio. And then Dice was like, you should do the road. And I was like, I should do the road? And then I started going on the road. So I was headline. So, wow. So I just took guys from the store. So I realized early on, like this is like when I really had a really hard time following Joey. But I realized that Joey was so funny that if I knew that I could follow him, I was like, this will really pick up my comedy. [1:57:02] Because he's so hard to follow. It was so scary. I can't imagine thought. I was like this is the only way to do it because I knew that Joey didn't want to head line. Joey was crazy back then. Joey was so wild that I started hiring Ari to come with us as well in case Joey didn't show up. So if Joey showed up, it was a three-man show. And if Joey didn't show up, it was a two-man show. Because Ari can go up and he won't be, I was like, I don't wanna not have Joey. But Joey was so crazy back then, but I didn't wanna put pressure on him either. So it was like, let's just come if you come, you don't, I fucking eat your plane ticket or whatever. And so Ari doesn't know if he's featuring or else, He's assuming that we always did a tag team anyway. So he's assuming he's always gonna go on first, which is correct, and assuming he's gonna bring up Joey. But he might not be bringing up Joey. But it was fine. It was fine. But I started taking them on the road because I was like, it's way more fun when you bring people. [1:58:02] It's way more, I figured that out early on. I'm like, you to travel with your friends Like you don't want to just it was lonely You just try travel to Pittsburgh and you're like hanging out with the the people that work there like okay, um Guess I'm gonna go to my hotel and go to sleep and go to jerk off and go to sleep Fuck kind of life is this is weird and they just look forward to the show the next day and you're alone in the gym, fucking lifting weights, feeling weird. As opposed to, if I bring those guys, we were just laughing everywhere. So it was just laughs. We just go have a good time, we go eat together, hang out at the park together, fucking do whatever. Go to the pool, hang out together. Always hear comics say that to it. I'm not, I mean, definitely hope to be headline- bring somebody, but it just costs a little too much money or cost money, it's like, to me, that's what you're paying for, right? 100%. I'm paying so I can have a good, comfortable time. I think to this day, my photo of Joey, when I call him, is Joey at the pool in Austin. Yeah, that photo right there? That's Joey with Ari in the background. [1:59:01] Oh shit! We're hanging out at the pool when we're on the road together. That's fucking... You're not going to enjoy it. That's fucking charged, you know what he calls me? Or what I call him, I'll call him right now. Fuck yeah. Everybody could see it. Oh, it doesn't show the image. Why doesn't show the image? It's an old-ass image. Hmm. Sometimes when you call people it shows you the full picture. Yeah, I'll come it doesn't do that. I don't know either way. That's the picture That was us I think we were in Austin Pretty sure we were in Austin Look at Ari look at that. Well, that was young Ari. Yeah, that was already when he's a door guy Wow, yeah, when he just lost his religion just a few years earlier Wow. Yeah, when he just lost his religion just a few years earlier. Harry was like radical, you know, like what what sect of would you call him fundamentalist Judaism? What what was it? What would you call it? Orthodox. He was all in. Oh, he was all in. Nobody's 19 or 20s. Like those bullshit. [2:00:03] Things 21. those bullshit, cut out of those. You met him coming off from... It's a conservative Jewish and then his parents adopted or orthodox Jewish believes this according to the Wikipedia. Okay, so that's when he moved to Israel. Yeah, and he's like reading the Talmud 12 hours a day. Like he was all in and then became this chaotic commision. Crazy. So hilarious, crazy. Yeah, and I met him when he was at the store, just working in the door, and then, you know, watched him do a few sets and said, you wanna come on the road? Took him on the road, we did a bunch of sets together. How'd a great fucking done? Door guy. Yeah, door guys. Yeah. And it's also just like, you know, given lighting the path, letting people know that there's a real path here. You can go from doing open mic nights to putting together sets, you do guest spots, and then you do little bit of sets in town, and then someone comes along and says, hey, you wanna try opening up on the road? You do 15 minutes, can you do 15? [2:01:01] You know, and some guys, I asked them, can you do 15 minutes? And they really can't, because they have, really they have three, five minute sets of the same jokes. Mmm. But you don't know, because you're only doing five minutes that's at a time. Exactly. So they don't know that the problem is, if you cover that same subject three different times, you can't piece that together and make 15 minutes. You're just covering the subject in one way. What you really should be doing is condensing that shit, cutting it up and attaching them all together and don't try to make it like three, five minutes. You're just lazy. Yeah, it should be one chunk. Exactly. Exactly. And that's what makes you Brian Simpson. That is what makes you a great copy. That's what you can make it. A joy deers. It's not 15 minutes anymore. It's four minutes. You know, it's one chunk and it's bang, bang, bang, bang, murderous. Yeah. So there's, you know, there's a few guys you take them in the road. They just, they didn't, but if whatever it is, they didn't have the extra horsepower to make it up the hill. It's like, listen, man, you got to get up that hill. You know, one's going to help you. I can't hold make it up to Hill, bro. Yeah, even though you love them, you love them. [2:02:06] They don't make it up to Hill. You love them, you think they're great guys. They want you to still take them on the road. And like, hey man, you gotta make it up to Hill. You gotta make it up to Hill. I think you can have you bombing everywhere, you know? Absolutely blast. You don't try to go You try? You help some people. It's just, it's just. When they bomb, it's awful. It's awful. Yeah. Especially when the crowd's so like a sunchess murder. Brian just murdered. You know, and you know what I mean? It's like, oh no. Yeah. You gotta make it up the hill. But you can, and just because you have a bad set that night, it doesn't mean everybody's writing you off, but if you don't adjust, if you don't course correct, You're gonna continue to have bad sets. You're not you got to figure out what is what am I doing wrong? Like what is different about what I'm doing and then these people that are doing it really good? That's the best part of watching it. The thing is comedy is a weird art form in that there's no real [2:03:04] Place where you can learn it other than doing it. Yeah. You could learn how to play guitar. You know, I mean some of the great guitar players, they're self-taught, but you could learn, you could go to a place they can teach you how to play guitar. You know, they can teach you online. There's tons of tutorials on how to learn how to play guitar. They're free. You can get them on YouTube. Learn how to play guitar. You're not gonna learn how to do comedy. You can't. Yeah, you gotta do it. It's so personal. That's what makes it so beautiful, bro. It's so personal. And there's a lot of really funny people that aren't funny on stage. That's weird. How does that, it's weird. It's weird when you see them bomb on stage and they see them in real life and they're funny. Like what is going on? And then they go, almost like the great, like you'll see them in the green room and they'll be this, the comedian. And then they go on stage and they like, but let me get, let me become a, a no, a comedian. What I think a comedian is. that they're performing. So we're not locked into the thought at all, [2:04:05] but instead hoping for a good result with every word that comes out of their mouth. Yeah. Hoping for a good result. Yeah, is that feeling in the air of desperation? You know, you could, the crowd could taste it. You ever see a desperate dude trying to hit out a girl? It's the saddest shit of all time. This like, he smells like shit. She's just trying to hit out a girl? It's the saddest shit of all time. It's like he smells like shit. She's just trying to get away with him. Get away from him. Cause desperation stinks. It does. It stinks on girls too. It stinks on everybody. It stinks on comedians, it stinks. Desperation stinks. We don't like it. It's uncomfortable. I don't want to be watching the person who's having fun. I don't want to be watching someone who's like even if you're comedy's really well written it's going to suck if you're desperate. Yes. Yeah. Watch someone have fun. God watch that fucking guy Schultz. That's fucking. Yeah. He has a good ass time. Man. And he's enjoying all the success. You know, he's enjoying every step of the way. That's very important too, [2:05:06] because you know, a lot of people get upset that people promote things and show them on stage killing it, but you got to understand like that, that is, that's you. That's on you. That's on you. He's celebrating success. This is like, this is gratitude in a physical form. If that bothers you, that's you. Which one's you? That's your problem. This is him with the guy. This is him with the guy. Oh, we were there. Oh, look at the boy. Joe, watching this guy. Watching this guy. I swear to God, Joe, and I've told him this a hundred times. I'll think I'll get off stage. My second show with the garden. I thought I had one of the best sets of I've ever had in my life, Joe, in my life. I watched his first 10 minutes just riffing about New York and I'll be like, I don't even, I don't even do the same thing. I'm not even doing the same thing. He's killing so hard. And he brought 50 Cent out too at the end. Oh, he brought him out. Did my God. Oh, like that me up and went through my body. That's amazing, that's amazing. [2:06:06] But I like that he lives like this. I like that he's like a bigger, better, let's let everybody, let's be bigger, better, bigger. We can all be bigger and better. And I like that. That's why I gravitate towards him. I feel like he makes me want met him. The moment I met him was I'd seen him do some stuff on online. I guess it was probably YouTube or Instagram or I forget what it was. And then I came to the store and I heard he was doing a show. So I came to stop by to watch him. I remember this night, Joe. Yeah. I remember this night. I met him in the back. Made him, he went up, he fucking killed, and then and they needed to depart. I remember, it was fun. I didn't even know of it. Did you remember just being a flower and a wall watching these moments? There's good guys out there, man. There's good guys out there. And there's a lot of people that would be good guys if they were in the right group of people. And they don't feel like they can be good guys because they're all like shielded and protected. Some guys are good guys when things aren't going great than it cuts. And all of a sudden they do. And that's because they weren't good guys. [2:07:06] So that's who they really were. Yeah, well they're just narcissists. And they feel it's the same, that old school thing where they only want them to be successful. And they only celebrate people that are way less successful than them. If they do celebrate people. Yeah. So someone is like kind of okay. And then they pretend they're really amazing. That shit's so, oh my God. And then they'll tell people like a son or somebody that they can't open for. Like, you know, they'll give them excuses a while. Like, oh, I just, you know, we're this or that and it's like, I mean, just murder, that's why. Yeah, you don't, well, when you kick a guy off the tour because he's killing too hard, that's when it's a real into your boy. Yeah. You said that to your boy, Joe. We know the names. Come on. Yeah. But, you know, that's on them. They have to live with that. That's not good. It's, you know, take your medicine. Yeah, also don't you want the show to be good? That's what I be thinking about. Like, don't you want the people in the stand up is that the mentality of doing it the right way, [2:08:08] you could apply that to everything in your life, to everything. You apply that to whatever you do for living, apply that to your friendships, apply that to everything. You'll have a better life. It's a better way to live. Fuck it, right. And you can do it. Everybody can do it. It's not hard to do. It's hard to do. But it's not like, it's not like it's impossible. It just requires a readjustment of the way you think about things. Yeah, man. Loving is so much more fun. Oh, so much fun. It's just loving is so much more fun. Look at a dog, bro. They have it a good time. Just love. Yeah, just stop trying to be the man. Even if you are the man, don't even think about it. Just keep going. Just have fun. Just have a good time. Even where you are. Yeah, don't think about it. Yeah, never dwell. I'm dwell on that shit. Think about what's important. What's important is friendship, fun, this thing that you're trying to get better at, you know? Community. [2:09:00] I love this community we have. Yeah, and we all have very different versions of the same idea. Like we're trying to develop great bits and trying to have a great set. We're all trying to do a different version of that same idea. So we're all just all of us working on shit and we all have good advice for each other. Like, you know, every now and then Tony will like hit you with a tag line. You know, someone will come up with Brian and I'll say, hey, you know, you do it like this. But I feel like one time I heard you did it different and I like that better. Like, oh yeah, that's right. You know, having guys like that is watch your shit and talk to you about it. Well, you've said that Just move, just sometimes just moving something. You know what I mean? Yeah. Joey did say that to me also on the phone yesterday, he was talking about this guy who went up and he said something kind of fucked up right away. He goes, he can't just do that to him. He goes, they gotta get him to fall in love with you first. They're not just fucking dive into this stupid shit. Get him to fall in love with you first. He goes, then you can get away later. You went with everything. Yeah. And it's also like you, you know them now. They [2:10:05] know you know each other. We like each other. Now I can be free. Now I can get loose. And you know, I heard you say that to Tony. Like Tony? Smile. Yeah. Have a good time. Smile. Happy Tony's best time. Happy when the Tony's happy. It's the hardest murder. It's great. Mean Tony is like, settle down Tony. Can you go to the gym. Okay, don't be so mean. But it's, you know, that's like that intensity is also like that could be harnessed. Like you could be, you have the same intensity, but you don't focus it in like this angry mean way, you know? Yeah. Just focus it. What's the best way? What's the best way to use this energy? Don't just give in to the gluttony, you know? Of the gluttony. Yeah, the gluttony of anger, meanness, or whatever the fuck it is, just have fun. It comes up in a saw though. God, it comes up quick where you just feel some way. God, what did you say that day we were working out? And we were about to start talking shit and then Marshall came up and Marshall was like, and he was like, look at Marshall. She's like, no, daddy, stop fucking shit. [2:11:06] You know? You were like, I know Marshall, but I can't help it. I know. Yeah, we were talking shit, but we were right. I think that's the best part. Isn't that crazy? We were now after we were talking that shit that it was confirmed. I knew it, but that's that's again, that's that old school Stupid way of thinking that my dog does not participate in Marshall's like, yo, you can't see, he's like, yo, chill No, everybody love everybody. He's funny, man. Hang on. I was we're doing kettlebell swings shit I know she's just running in between legs. Don't misgender my dog Oh, right. There's name on her. You know, I like them. You know, I like it. I know, that's the problem. That's the problem. There. That's the problem. It's a good time for you. Oh, bro, the world has changed into my favorite, baby. It's for your boy. I feel like I'm a part of it. How did you develop a like of transport? Honestly? Honestly. Just scrolling through porn one regular day, [2:12:01] just like any other day. Rager guy, nothing's wrong with you. Nothing wrong? Didn't get struck by lightning. Nope, just scrolling through. I saw a woman with a fucking hog. Yeah. And was like, and she was beautiful. She was actually beautiful. Did you hear confused? No, I was finally not confused. She gave in to it. I was a me, oh, you liked it. Told my wife wife I said yo what the fuck is this? What she said. It's wrong with you. I mean you like the fuck is wrong with you man. That's the fuck is wrong with you. It's wrong with you and I was like you all liked it because that's also what I don't like is the guys who don't want to brag like they don't watch it. 20 million views every video it ain't just me being. Right, just your boy. It's a lot. You know what I saw that was real disturbing? Someone posted this video, this is totally unrelated. So no one thinks I'm connecting these two, but someone posted this thing on Instagram of a video of showing children dancing around, like the people posting their children dancing around, and then they went and saw like who is liking this video [2:13:04] and who is following this video and who is following this video, who's following this person. And then they went to those accounts and they went to some of those accounts and some of those accounts are for straight up pedophiles. Yeah, straight up pedophiles who are watching your kid dance around and they watch your kid and they're fucking legit sex offenders and they're online. Yeah, that's fucking why you shouldn't have your kids online. Yeah, and some of them have a different language. So you use a translator and you translate it and see what they're saying. Yeah, yeah, they're real, man. Just like, don't put your kids online, kids. No. Don't do that. There's transport on there Like don't you can't you can't you can't see that young yeah you can't Kids today are just being inundated with images and things that we never saw when we were kids Well, I'm obviously a lot a lot older than you, but even you never saw no [2:14:02] This is what was the first time you saw someone get murdered on Instagram? Great question. I would say 20s probably like mid 20s where you're like, whoa. I just see somebody like a video of just somebody like fall or somebody getting hit by something where you're like, what the fuck is where you're like, oh that person's dead. Yeah. So I'd say around mid when I was like mid late 20s, when you started seeing people just die scrolling through your phone. Dude, I see it all the time. Almost every day I see people die. Almost every day. Yeah. I was on Twitter yesterday and I saw this video of this dude, this lady was complaining that this dude was too loud. She was trying to go to sleep. So the guy beat her to death in the hallway. He hit, I don't know what he had in his hands, it's like kind of a blurry security camera. But he keeps hitting her with this thing, and then she pleads for him, and then he hits her in the head, and she goes unconscious, and then he gets on top of her, it's just beating her to death. Bro. And then they had him, according to this post, they had him in jail. They had him in trial. [2:15:07] And he said she said she wanted to go to sleep, but now she sleeps real good. Like after he beat her to death. I don't know if he actually said that if someone's writing. Yeah, I know what the fuck it is. Movie life. The video of him doing it, though, is the most disturbing shit you'll ever see. It's like this lady. It's like overweight lady who can't defend herself at all I think she's got her hands up. She's getting beaten. I can't watch this I can't watch it's impossible. It's horrible. It's horrible to watch and there's so many of them so many people get stabbed and shot Ran over by cars like fuck man and people have posted casually That's what I don't post to post it so casually as well. There was one street takeover yesterday in Chicago. And I guess it was a cop that had just gotten off duty and he was driving through and he tried to drive through the street takeover and they shot him multiple times. [2:16:00] So this cop's in his car and he hit some people. There's like, you know, they're trying to block the road and shit they're trying and he's trying to get through and you know He thinks he's a cop so he's gonna be able to do this and they just you hear just Somebody just unloads it kind of But that shit makes me sick because like you'll hear like about like a rapper dying and then two seconds later You'll just see the video and it's like well. I don't think I'm supposed to live like, I don't think I'm supposed to live like that. What happens if Kendrick Lamar and Drake run into each other in the wild? Oh, Drake would fucking destroy that little guy. Yeah, he's a tiny little dude. But what if Kendrick is expecting that? So he comes prepared. The nice thing I like about this era is everyone's way gay or everyone's just so fucking gay and nice. Everyone has their fingernails painted and everybody's just gonna talk shit, they're not gonna shoot. They're just gonna be, I don't believe this is a two-pack biggie era. This is not, I think that ended. I think that's honestly when that ended afar. As far as rappers still get killed, but I think the idea killing each other. I feel like that was like, oh man, it's made me win a little too far. I feel like cats are killing each other. [2:17:05] They're confident that no one's going to use the nuclear bomb today. Just because they just thought they haven't used the nuclear bomb since 1945. Dirk relax. We're not, we're not new to each other. You say that. You say that, but it happened. It happened in history, you know? Tyranny has always taken place. There's tyranny right now in the world, right? There's North Korea. You go there, there's a run by a dictator. Yeah. Full on communism. That shit exists. It's real. It's today. 2024, you wake up, normal, in America, live in Texas, you're all out of the free. Not there, not there. Same timeline, same time on earth. It exists. This is a human pattern. And to think that the rappers can't shoot each other today is crazy. I know, but I don't want them to. They're so fucking, they're so not tough because like, what I like about two-pock and biggie, they were fucking real, man. I'm not to say that Drake and Kendrick didn't come up. I'm sure Kendrick from Compton. He's probably seen some fucking shit. But what he wraps about is that he's a literally a good kid from this mad city. Drake wraps about how he's a sensitive guy who just wants to fall in love. You know what I mean? You can't put those words back in a bottle. [2:18:07] You know, you say some dark shit about people's families. Like, why? Damn you, Kate. But why also? It's like, you don't engage in that. For what reason? Yeah. What's the end goal? Don't you? Like, you know, one of the things people do, like, in a street fight, people don't think, where does this go? They just think, I want to punch this guy. Fuck this dude. I'm going to punch this guy. And you think you just punched that guy. But now you've created a real problem because if that guy's still alive, he's going to remember that you punched him and he's going to want to get it back and know, maybe if he's the type of dude who's getting involved in street fights, it probably makes bad decisions. And so you set off a chain of events that could lead to your death, other people's deaths, prison time, all kinds of crazy shit that can happen. Just because you couldn't keep your emotions controlled in one moment and you didn't think it out. You think, I'm just gonna fuck this guy up. It's not that simple. [2:19:01] Like, nobody likes getting fucked up. They're gonna come back tomorrow with some friends. They're gonna get a gun Someone's gonna do something yeah, these motherfuckers. I talk about each other's kids on songs talking about each other's actual children So it can't be that they're thinking about where this goes because if you thought about where this goes Just it don't go to anywhere good it goes only one place You know what's funny? I said cuz right now everyone's like oh Kendrick's killing him and we were talking about this for sure So I was like yeah, I say Kendrick is up right now. He's probably winning this battle And he's being right way meter the clever all that stuff But I don't think when he went to bed he felt good no No, no can't can't be while you won't got into this business It there's no way and also for YouTube to be the two biggest rappers in the world and doing this It can't feel good because you know it's funny. I wanted it. I wanted people that when it first happened, I was like, gas, the two bass are going at it. This is what we want. And now that it's happened, I'm like, wow, I didn't want this at all. And this is dark. And it seems like this one, how many songs are they released so far? I think they're both at three or four. I think they're both at for each. For each. Jesus Christ. Eight. That's so crazy. [2:20:05] Now, imagine if they put that much creativity into positivity. Imagine if they just released new bangers all the time that they created based on world events. You know? They have eight songs together. Yeah. They have about eight right now together. If Nas was mounted Israel and Palestine going to war and just went at them the way he went at J.Z he went at Jay Z How genius would that be? Wouldn't it be jazz? Oh my god. I bet Nas could do that. Nas and I do the nature war looks stupid. Yeah, he's in it. Yeah, he either the war Yeah, not both sides of the stupid shit that is being said by both sides Both sides justifying the death of innocent. Even Jay Z lived on, that thing's living on. Yeah. Yeah, that thing's living on. Yeah. Like, oh my God, all the college protests, kids are gonna rest it. Bro, it's just crazy, Joe. They're not just that, but they're like spray painting up schools and kids are camping out on it. [2:21:02] They're just looking for this cause that somehow or another is gonna elevate their status That's a part of it and also being outraged at what is happening in Palestine which is legitimate, but it's also been a part of Anti-war protests forever and what scary is if you know what happened at Kent State No, no, I'll Kent State was a cause that was having an anti-war protest, and they sent in the National Guard, and the National Guard wound up shooting people. So they were shooting kids. So it was Neil Young wrote a song about it. It became like a cultural moment where we realized how fucking insane things had gotten that the Army or the National Guard was shooting, shooting students for anti-war protests. I mean, they just fucking shot people. Four kills in Kent State shooting. The fuck? Yeah, they broke up this peaceful protest by students with guns and the army. They sent the army in and they shot people. [2:22:10] It was crazy. Fucking crazy. What year was this? This is 74. 74. What year was this? 70, 1970. Sorry, 70. Wow. They shot people, killed kids. Of course, there was a wounding nine others. Men and women killed them. Oh, with killed kids. Of course, there's a wounding nine others. Men and women killed them. Oh my college kids. With rifles. With rifles like their armed combatants trying to kill women and children. No. He's a fucking people, baby. He's exactly kids, young people who didn't know any better, being shot by young people who don't know any better. Yeah. It's horrible, man. It's fucking horrible. Yeah, it's horrible man. It's fucking horrible. Yeah, what's going on? The image of that lady screaming. Yeah, that's so visceral man. Bro, this can happen here. Look at the blood pouring out of her. That is so crazy. Oh. Or him, I don't know who did it. This can happen here today, man. This is why conflict is not good in any way, shape, or form. And anybody that encourages conflict is foolish. It's foolish. Man, me and my wife, we live next door [2:23:06] to the Jewish fraternity on UT's campus and they have 24 hour armed guards outside now. That's a new thing. We live by armed for the last three years in the last since that happened on the UT campus. That's what it's like over there now. So you can tell us like just at their friend, not at the other ones. So it's like, what the fuck? Yeah, and so there are resting kids that are on the campuses, and then the kids become more emboldened, and now there's more of them, and more colleges are having this now, where kids are setting up these camps, and they're launching these camps, they're all sleeping on the lawn. On the lawns and the tents, they should be here. Yeah. And then if you stop it they say you're stopping their freedom speech But no because like freedom of speech is you have the ability to protest and to say things and to go out there with signs and You know to express yourself online But you don't have the ability to can't place it [2:24:02] You can't just set up a house on the school lawn and keep it there until you decide that it's time to go. Like now you're violating the school's property. Yeah, because if you can do it, then why can't homeless people just do it? Now what do we do? I can't everybody do it. Yeah, why can't I have this door here? Yeah, I think that we have to address climate change. I'm going to set up a tent. And if you open up the door for that But regardless of how you feel about whether or not people should be outraged, and I think they should, you can't just let people can't place it. It doesn't say that in the first amendment. You can just take over places. Yellow, Jewish students that didn't have nothing to do with it and demand compliance. So a lot of people that all of a sudden they have something to look forward to. This is something important in their life. You can feel it. all of a sudden they have something to look forward to. This is something important in their life. You can feel that. My friend, Constantine, from trigonometry, he went to one of those protests. What college was that? What do you want to, Jamie? Yeah. And he was talking to these kids. It was in New York, right? The Columbia? I think it was that one. Wow. Most of them had no idea what the fuck they were there for. They didn't understand the conflict, they didn't understand anything, they were given signs by people. [2:25:06] He interviewed a bunch of people that like, he tried to ask them and they would get upset at him. He's like, I'm not, I'm just genuinely curious. So they didn't really know what was going on. They didn't have a real position, the real. The river to the sea means, they didn't know if I can start it. Do you know the history of Israel, do you know when it started, when the first Jews arrived there? Look what is, this conflict's been going on for fucking ever, forever. Yeah, and it takes such a, like I'm gonna get arrested on school campus for it and you don't even know what's going on. That's wild to me. Yeah, it's wild. The whole thing is wild. Do you think it's because of just internet people want that community. I wanna feel like I gotta try. I gotta, I'm not alone. And you're a good person if you wanna stop genocide. That's true. Yeah, try to stop genocide over here, Derek. Camping, camping to stop genocide. It looks like he's in London, because that's where they live right. Could be New York too though, bro. I could be, I'm just gonna have to [2:26:00] have a look. So on. I'm trying to judge by where they're at. Listen to us. Listen to us. Gaza, West Bank, then people to be free. Yeah, Gaza and West Bank. Yeah, all Palestinians in general, you know, because we know that what's going on. All of them are being oppressed, so for them to be free, you know, it's nothing, nothing, you know, it's clear as day, you know. Yeah, yeah, well, I was just a Israel. That was just a Palestine protest. He's done quite a few of these. And they've done a bunch of different people have done as well on college campuses, asking kids. But a lot of these are, they were a bunch of college kids that he interviewed in this, one of these protests. They don't know what they're protesting. Or some of them do. But a lot of them don't. They're there because they think you're supposed to be a good person. And one of them actually said, oh my friend said, do you want to go protest? And I was like, okay, so I came. That makes more sense. That makes more sense to me why kids are like, cause I was, I talked to a sign about it cause I just don't really understand. I was like, why are kids from colleges? I noticed it's an effect in your life. I've been in college before. Just curious and then I was like, oh well maybe I played football. I had a tribe of friends and I was already Oh think so the idea of trying to get into another group of friends. That's what I think it really is [2:27:09] Like you want to feel some community. Yeah, that's a big part of it and also Genocide and If you watch they did some drone footage that showed a drone flying over Gaza before October 7th and then that same drone flying over Gaza today. It's crazy. It's crazy. It's crazy. They've erased just giant blocks of this city. It's just erased. Before October 7th, there was like ships. They flew the drone. See if you can find it. If not, I could probably find it. But they flew the drone over there the sea so you see the ships in the sea Not the exact same way, but yeah, you see how The universities have been destroyed look at this university. It was destroyed. It was gorgeous. Yeah [2:28:01] Look at it everything's just Targeted educational facilities under false permit look at that So they targeted educational institutions because I don't know if it's false premises so the problem The problem is you don't know unless you are there. You don't know like they do have tunnels They do embed themselves in hospitals. They do embed themselves in different places. And Israel doesn't give a fuck. They're just gonna bomb wherever the bad people are, no matter what's there, whether it's a school or whether it's a mosque and they're just bombing. And if you watch the, what it used to look like versus what it looks like now, it's fucking terrifying, man. It's terrifying. Look at that. yeah that's the same. It's crazy man. Everything's just blown the fuck up and no one's there and the streets are empty. I mean look at this. I mean imagine if you used to live there. That's what, because in your head in America, you're like, oh that wouldn't happen to me, but it's like why wouldn't it? That's the, it looks like a nice building in America. It looks like a regular nice building. That's human beings doing that to other human beings. [2:29:06] That can happen anywhere in the world. That can happen right here. And if we didn't have a strong military and we didn't have intelligence agencies that keep terrorist attacks from taking place and all this shit, but then again, how much are we doing in other countries that is like getting people to want to do something like that here? It's scary stuff, man. It's scary stuff because it's not you and it's not me. It's leaders that are telling gigantic groups of people that you're opposed to these people over here. And you get them to be a part of that community, be a part of the tribe, whatever side, whether you're an IDF soldier, whether you're a homos, you feel like you're on the right side, you know, fuck those people up. It's a horrible instinct that human beings have. We've had since the beginning of civilization, just tribal warfare. It's just tribal warfare on a global scale with insanely sophisticated technology, at least on one side. You're right. Because it's like if it was happening when we were [2:30:01] cavemen or when we were, you know, in tribes, it's not like it's any different. It's the same thing just on a, we can communicate now, we can. And with the whole world's watching it. And then it also gives people an opportunity, like these college kids, to protest it, and to feel like they're virtuous by camping out, and they're not gonna take their studies. And one girl just, there was an interview that she found out she wasn't gonna graduate because she got arrested for the protests and saw her family's flying in to see her graduate and she wasn't gonna graduate she's like oh shit you realize like what the fuck did I do I thought this was fun I just wanted I want to graduate, Anita Jam. My parents paid for this. And that's a lot of it too. A lot of it's like young rich kids. You have to be a young rich kid, I feel it. Those kids that glue themselves to like paintings and stuff to stop oil now. Almost all from wealthy families. Almost all of them from at least upper middle class, [2:31:03] highly educated. People that grew up in a struggle, they don't have time to glue themselves to the fucking wall of the museum, okay? You know, you have to pay for your mom, your mom doesn't have any money, and you have a side job while you're at school. Like, you know, it's got an injury, shit. Yeah, real shit. Real shit. Real shit, you don't have time to glue yourself or cut up paintings. See these fucking psychopaths cut up these paintings from like the 1800s, slice them up with a razor blade, priceless paintings, hundreds of years old. Well, I don't understand, because you would think those people would be the people who love art. That you're so, you would love art. Yeah, but they don't love art by colonizers and slave owners. And the thing is if you go back far enough in history, everyone's a piece of shit. You go back far enough in history, you don't listen to Socrates because he's a pedophile. You go back in history, you don't worship the Spartans. They all fucked each other and they fucked their kids. They fucked everybody. These are wild people, man. If you just like pederastic, like pedophiles back then, [2:32:02] it was so common. They talked about like having young boy lovers. It was like an open thing. You know, in other parts of the world right now, in Afghanistan, my friends that have gone to Afghanistan and served there, they'll go, dude, it's crazy. Some of the shit you see in Afghanistan. With these young boys, they get swapped around. Oh, dude, dark shit. That's fucked up, dude. Dark shit. And young boys that they use for sex and these guys don't shave their face or they shave their face or other where everybody else grows out of beard. Yeah. And they know it and they have like gay guys and they just toss them around. So they use women for procreation, some of these people and they use the boys for fun. Yeah, what the fuck, dude? And if you go back far enough in history, like, that's why you have to take down Thomas Jefferson statue, you know, that's why even Abraham Lincoln's piece of shit. Because Abraham Lincoln, even though he freed the slaves and even though Abraham Lincoln was the president of the United States during the Civil War, Abraham Lincoln also wrote about [2:33:03] black people that they were less than 100% of a human being he didn't consider them like the same as white people Yeah, so you got to go well he's a piece of shit too and then you go back to George Washington Founded this country with a fucking fuck that guy so it's fuck everybody I mean what are we doing, bro? I remember Trump said this once when they were taking down statues of Confederate soldiers They were taking down a statue of like Robert E. Lee and He said what's next you're gonna take down George Washington never was like no way meanwhile a couple years later They're taking down George Washington statues damn. Yeah, bro. Everybody was a piece of shit People will bring up like you know Martin Luther King Jr. cheated on his wife. It's like man He's that's not the point. Yeah, I don't like what people do that when they try to race art or history because people are living it. He did and they recorded him. So like they probably set him up too. So they probably brought in a hot lady used to fuck him. [2:34:00] Yeah. And he was probably like, yeah, I like how exactly I'm tired of me trying to stop Racism all day trying to stop you from dying trying to get everybody get along. I need to get along Yeah, so it's like if you go back far enough like JFK was a notorious womanizer It doesn't mean they should have shot him, you know like hey, they fucking murdered the president It would go to stop concentrating on the fact that he fucked Marilyn Monroe This a lot other shit going on, But if you go way, way back, like everybody's a piece of shit. Human beings were horrible to each other a thousand years ago, 2000 years ago, 3000 years ago. Murder was normal. That Aztec shit just rolling bodies down the steps. Come on. Oh my God, dude. Then a paca-lip-doh movie you ever seen that? That kind of, that shit. Oh man. What is that temple again, T-O-T-O-Con? The temple, Tenochit-Lon, Tenochit-Lon. The temple of Tenochit-Lon by the Aztecs, they don't even know how many people they slaughtered afterwards, but they sacrificed thousands and thousands of slaves. The upper numbers 80,000 some people would say it might have been as low as 20,000 whatever the fuck it was a moment They were finished with the the temples that they built okay time to die when I get a feed you anymore [2:35:11] You've finished your work. We're gonna fucking sacrifice you to the gods but they had like The myons had this really creepy when I went to Cheechanita they have this human sacrifice Chichen Itza. They have this human sacrifice like tray. It's like a guy who's like lying on his back and there's like a flat thing in front where they would cut people's fucking heads off in front of everybody. So it's at the top of the stairs of this pyramid. You see this thing and they would fucking lace someone down there. Yeah, I just throw that head down the stairs. Head with bounce down the stairs. They don't even know sometimes, there's speculation that sometimes they use heads to play games. They use human heads to play like ball games with. Those days were fucking horrible. [2:36:00] They were wild dude. They had ball games where the winning team was slaughtered. The winning team was second. I've heard about that and that was the honor right? You still you wanted to win. This is one of those things where the guide told me this when we were we were we had a really good guide in Cheechan Itza you pay for a professional guide and this guy was cool as fuck and he also told me that there was something that they were doing some sort of psychedelic compound that they were doing in this one very specific area. It was like there was certain things that they did that mimicked or that had lycurgic acid in it, which is like LSD. And so he was explaining all that stuff to me. They were just talking about the nature of like a lot of these sacrifices and that they used to think that they would sacrifice the losing team. But then they switched it and they think, no, they think they sacrificed the winning team. Which is crazy. That means no one ever got good at the fucking... You win the NBA and everybody gets their head cut off in front of everybody. You won! Now it's time to go to the gods! Whop! That's crazy. Me, Ma, they thought it was a way to go. Like, this is gonna be amazing. I'm going to heaven. We want to come back as a moth. Just f**k. [2:37:05] I was a badass. Athlete. Now I'm just going towards the flames. F**k. This is bullshit. Oh my god, I was so cocky. I thought I was gonna make it. Joe. Yeah. Is that true though that they sacrificed the winning team? I've heard that. Google that because I've heard that I heard that from that guy who's the guide, but this is you know 2000 They people didn't know much back then You know, I was like I don't know I don't know to this day how much they know About what what they don't know what what happened where everybody went. Yeah, where are they? I think we died from disease. I think they died from the same diseases that Most of the Native Americans were killed with. When the Europeans showed up with smallpox, syphilis, and like syphilis, they actually got from Native Americans speculative. But a lot of diseases they brought over here and just no one had an immunity to them. These European diseases, they just ran through it. [2:38:01] It killed 90% of the population. But the real genocide in North America is disease. How come that didn't happen? How come we didn't like some of whatever their diseases we didn't get so affected? We did, we did with syphilis apparently. But this is very speculative and it's disputed, but I'll just say it. There's more than one version of syphilis, right? So there's like one syphilis and again I've read different accounts of this. But there's a syphilis that existed in Europe and then there was a syphilis that they believe came from North America that these people that came over on the Mayflower and Oletia, they were fucking some of the Native American people and got their VD and then brought their VD back to Europe. And they think that this is why this rash of syphilis, this is one theory about why this rash of syphilis went through like European royalty to the point where that's where the term bigwig comes from. Really? Yeah, the term bigwig is there's these brothers that were French, they were some royalty, [2:39:04] and they got syphilis. And when you get syphilis, you're fucking hair falls out, you develop like holes in your skin, your face has holes in it. And to cover up the fact that they lost their hair, they got wigs. And they were so popular that it's like, you know what, someone wears something stupid, you're like, how is that work? Everybody's wearing this thing because Kanye wore it. So everybody's wearing the same shit that Kanye wore. Well that's how they were. They were so influential that when they got wigs, everybody won a wigs. And then since there are everyone's fucking everybody, everyone's getting syphilis. So they all have holes in their faces and shit and they got wigs. And the more money you had, the bigger the wig. So if you're rich dude, you're a big wig. That is so crazy. Isn't that crazy? Because like when you heard that term, when I heard that term was a kid, oh, he's a big wig. Like the big wig is like, oh, he's a banker. He's a big wig. He's a big shot. That's what it is. Okay, well the hoops. Sometimes the ball will go through the hoop would be hailed as a victor. Helmke said, but he didn't say that that was the point of the game. [2:40:09] He said that might happen once in a while that it was truly exceptional. Moreover, the vast majority of ball courts in the Maya do not have hoops. And then here's the sacrifice. Wow. Oh, human sacrifice. Well, just as part two. So like, I think the sacrifice part came over when the Europeans came and saw what was happening They probably did not understand what was going down. Oh, this is a sacrifice is probably not really part of it Interesting although it did happen, but they definitely sacrificed a lot of people right and not maybe I an association with this game Oh, I see I see I see interesting interesting. Um, so what does this say there? Given how popular and well-attended the ball games were sometimes a captive might be executed at the game just for funzies. But these sacrifices weren't an integral part of the game. That person would have been expedited executed anyway. Oh, so they would do it for fun. So when you asked this question I was looking through this article which [2:41:01] comes from a tabloid. I'll add the sun, but it talks about these skull towers they found. They had found upwards of 200, but the experts say that that means that there might have been thousands and thousands and thousands of skulls embedded embedded in these towers, but they were destroyed and covered up when the Europeans came. Oh, so they already had these skulls embedded in the these walls. Yeah, not then then you asked if they were coming from like the game. I was trying to find out if that's oh my god. Look at this one historical report claimed one rat contained more than 130,000 skulls. I could be like some guy saw it and he's like it was so big there was had to be a thousand and thousands of them and then maybe there was but bro imagine being back then Imagine going back then before the Europeans conquered them and to see what the fuck were you guys doing How did you go back up to that image of the what the the outside looked like a little higher up that one Imagine just showing up one day to this place going what the fuck are you guys taking [2:42:06] Why what are you guys taking? Cause this is crazy. Why did you, why, what are you doing? Why did you guys do this? Why didn't you just make huts? You made these, the steps, they're all skulls inside. Bro, they didn't even have horses. They didn't even have horses. They didn't have horses? No, no, they didn't have horses. When the European showed up in horses. They thought they were gods Like you look at these guys they're riding horses. They're fucking gods Yeah, that was part of the problem. They didn't understand how someone could ride a horse like oh my god These must be the gods they must be just like the prophecies they've come on These beasts right and beast yeah, and show up in boats like what the fuck you guys have a boat And they showed up with horses hop and horses out of the boat like this is crazy That would be like alien showing up in spacecraft cuz we would be like what the what is this Jamie three quarters of the skulls Analyze belong to men ages 20 to 35 and they were all said to have been in relatively good health before they were sacrificed [2:43:00] Oh my god, so it's all sacrifices. Oh my god 130,000 sacrifices at least in one wall In good health is crazy. Oh those people were wild. They were wild man building those structures no horses and killing everybody Just sacrificing people What were they taking man? What would they have to be on? They were on some hardcore trucks. They probably had their own version of meth, just methed out. Spanish conquisites were appalled at the Skull Rack when they entered Tenochtitlan in 1519. Two years later, they destroyed the city and paved over its ruins, leaving the Aztec sacrificial remains below the streets of what later became the Mexican capital, holy fucking shit man. What an energy. That's where Mexico City is, right? To live on top of that. Because Mexico City, like when they're doing construction, they have to stop all the time, but hold on, we found a temple. They'll find some shit down there. They find ruins. [2:44:01] They find all kinds of things. For a long time, many historians and anthropologists questioned whether descriptions by Spanish eyewitnesses exaggerate the number of skulls on the skull rack as well as a number of victim sacrifice by the Aztecs he told Fox News this discovery now makes those early accounts much more believable oh my god what's the new discovery just that like that this whole article is the discovery that they found all the skulls where they found it fuck dude look at this evil motherfuckers fat like what were they doing? Why were they doing convincing me in good health you guys you had to be on some kind of math some kind of I wonder if That's why God sent the Europeans to them Like you guys are just out of control. We got a teach you Spanish. We got to get you guys spoons guys are just out of control. We got to teach you Spanish. We got to get you guys spoons. We got to teach you spoons. Teach you Spanish and bring you horses. Which is horrible if you think about it at the time. I mean, we think about it as a terrible thing that happened. You know, the Europeans came here, brought to Z's, killed everybody and slaved everybody, turned the whole country Spanish speaking. [2:45:01] Like Mexico speaks Spanish, bro. Spain ain't nowhere near Mexico. It ain't even close to Mexico. That's a long journey. I don't know, raft. It took over the whole mother fucker. Took over the whole mother fucker. Took over the whole mother fucker. And the people that were in control of it before then, probably worse. Probably worse than them. Sacr-bodied men yeah and relatively good health off with your fucking head you become a part of the column congratulations and you're like yeah yes imagine you're a 25 year old guy like I'm fucking aspirations one day I'd like to run this thing. Nope. I want to win the I'd like to. You can't run this. You can't be a king. You have no chance. No, you gotta be born in this shit. The born into it is the worst, because you can't escape that. Cast system, right? Oh, it's the worst. The most evil trick that anybody ever played on the game. [2:46:01] Man. The ever played on the main the most evil trick. I seen it. First hand when we went to Abu Dhabi. I seen it. I seen what it was like, oh, over here you can't ain't no coming out of ain't no Joe Rogan ain't no coming out of the Boston swums and making it today. I saw it from the bottom. No, come on. Come on. Let's come on. But yeah, no, no, there's none of that there. There's none of that there and that's one of the things about England too I mean even in modern England my friends who've come over from England say in England They don't want you to change your status in society. They don't want you to rise up if you're lower class you stay lower class You're that forever Yeah, I like America only fans. It's the best. Come on. It's the best You got some big titties you read it. You want to show them you could be a fucking star Bro, I ain't getting a job an insurance company if I got these big titties Yeah, fuck that I feel you ladies go for it Oh, my daughter's doing it, but go for it. Do whatever you want to do. I want you to be free [2:47:01] Oh, if you're you know, everybody has different circumstances if you're trapped What I want you to be free. If you're you know, everybody has different circumstances if you're trapped. Yeah, what is this? You talked about how the horses came with The Europeans, but I was like what else did they not use anything? They now have nothing anything? They brought donkeys also donkeys weren't here either. Mm-hmm interesting. Yeah, that makes sense 1490 and then mules are the the cross of donkeys and horses Which are the best they didn didn't exist, probably. Well, they probably existed in Europe. Yeah, okay. I don't know. Let's find out. When did they first start breeding mules? Mules are non-viable, meaning a mule can't make another mule. You need a donkey and a horse to make a mule. 3,000. Wow. 3,000 BC. Yeah, but they're the most durable. They're the sturdiest of animals like the guys who go Backpack hunting like deep into the mountains my friend Clay Nukam he came on this podcast. He raises mules and He talks about like flashy mules a good looking mule like but mules are like better than horses because mules won't go over the cliff [2:48:01] Horses is like oh, it's go over the cliffals like, fuck you. I'm not going this way. This is dangerous. It's an edge. Yeah. When the mule gets to a place where it doesn't like it, it's like, uh-uh. That's why the term stubbornness of mule, that's where that comes from. Because mules are smart. That's smart. Yeah. They figured out that that's the run because they require less water, less food, they're more durable, they can last longer with that water and food. How many animals are like that in the world? It takes two things to make them, but they can't make themself. There's quite a few hybrids like that, that's a liger, like those lions and tigers and the burritos together and they make that one thing. It's huge. Yeah, well the thing about the liger is, I think what happens is whether it's the male lion or the female tiger. One of them is missing the gene that regulates growth. So when you combine it, coi wolf, yeah. The thing about coi wolfs though, grizzly polar rare hybrid, yeah. A Walpin. It's a whale of the dolphin. What is that real? [2:49:01] That must be the smartest animal alive. What a whale of the dolphin. A Walpin is extremely rare, cystician hybrid, born from a mating of a female common bottle nose dolphin with a male false killer whale. Wow. The name applies to a hybrid of a whale in a dolphin, although taxonomically, both are within the oceanic dolphin family, which is within the toothed whale provodoror there's a lot of fish there hybrids There's hybrid bass that are like a hybrid between small mouth and large mouth that happens a Jaggolion oh shit Jagger off a beef below a buffalo that fucked cow Interesting there's quite a few yeah, but most of them can't breathe Neanderthal, that's crazy. Most of them can't breathe by themselves. You can't take two mules and they won't make a mule. They just fuck, they just get wild. They just get crazy. There's nothing happening. Just cases. Just bad loads. [2:50:01] Just useless loads. Nothing in there. Yeah. Just dead loads. Nothing in there. Yeah. Just dead loads. Yeah, because nature's like, no, no, no, you can't be fucking around like this. Nature's like, you try once and then you're done. This one's not viable. It's interesting, nature is encoded that way, or it doesn't like the idea of a dog being able to fuck a horse and make a dog horse. Like, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, too crazy. Too crazy. It knows. Yeah, you have to stay within your species. And if you're different things in the species, like a cat, like a lion and a tiger, no babies for you. You can make a, you can fuck like, no, it's too crazy. Is it like, I guess like Down syndrome? How they can't have kids? They can't. We can have it. No, they can't. They can't have kids. Yeah, not only can they have kids, they can have kids that are normal. Yeah, yeah, 99% sure of that. [2:51:01] Have you ever seen this kind of dog? What is that? What is that? Whoa. 3000 year old boy, x-o-l-o-i-z-c-u-i-n-t-l-i. Pronounced, show low eats queen t-le. Queen t-le. Show low eats queen t-le. Show yo show low eats queen t-le. You didn show low eats queen T. Lee you didn't have a call. You didn't have a call that. I fucked multiple girls with M.A. The ancient Aztec dog of the gods is today a loving companion and vigilant watchdog. The alert and loyal X low comes in three, and he's either hairless or coated varieties. Wow. That hair is awesome. That little, you know. That's a 3000 year old dog. That's the wildest shit that all dogs come from wolves. So that thing at one point in time was a wolf, and the bitch ass wolves made their way to the campfire [2:52:01] and dropped their ears a little bit and kind of relaxed and became friends with the people because the people gave them food. And then they became dogs. All dogs, even little Carl over there, little tiny Carl. At one point in time, many, many, many, many thousands of years ago Carl was a wolf. They don't even know exactly how long ago that process started. There's like guesses, but they vary by a whole. But humans did that. We did that. Yeah, humans did that. 100%. Yeah, we did that. Cats too or no? Cats are like a lot of wild cats. There's a lot of different kinds of cats that bred, but the domestic cat of the day is very different than most wild cats. But it's like, they did this thing with foxes in Russia where they took wild foxes and the ones that were aggressive that showed any aggression towards people that all they killed them? And the ones that didn't show aggressive, they let them breed. And they kept doing this over many, many generations. And within a few decades, the fox completely changed its form. They had droopy ears. They had big soft, sweet eyes. [2:53:02] They had smaller mouths. They changed the fox. Quick, quick, like in the course of this study. So not something that took place over thousands of years, but by killing any one of them that was aggressive, they made only the ones that were like sweet and passive survive. That's how you get like my dog. That's how you get martial. I'll say you get martial. He just like any one of those golden retrievers that was mean they didn't let them breed. So what you get is it's like this big sweet loving dog just loves everybody. And that's how that was a wolf. That was a wolf. But over many, many, many generations of selective breeding they turned it into this crazy thing. I don't know how the fuck they did it, but it just shows you how bizarre nature is that nature can make those adaptations. I think about humans, I mean, we were just about to ask texts, we're like, gang is con people, or Vikings to now. Yeah, to now, yeah. Like we clearly just pacified it, and chilling it out. Yeah, and especially these kids on college campuses, they don't even know what gender they are anymore. [2:54:02] Like there's no need. There's a lot of them we're saying. There's no need for gender or it's all bullshit. That's the direction that things are moving. Things are moving into a genderless direction. Whether it's being influenced by who, what, how, or when, that's irrelevant. What I'm saying is it's clearly moving in that direction. And if you didn't have anything to do with the population, if you were something that was completely outside of society looking at us, he'd be like, oh, they're like feminizing. They're feminizing everything. They're also feminizing in terms of even men are behaving like bitches. Yeah. Like they're behaving like, like, caddy wenches. And it's also rewarded. It's rewarded and it's not disgusting. Whereas it would be disgusting behavior for a man to behave like that in a tribal society that requires those men to be strong and stoic. Like you have to be able to sword fight stupid. Yeah, they rid of that man. Yeah, you can't, that guy's a bitch. A caddy man in a tribe? [2:55:00] Yeah. The fuck are we doing? Yeah. Yeah. He's talking to your girl while he was on a reading party. I said, hmm. You think I longed he survived as a male feminist in the tribal society? Oh, you, I, because I come home, my wife said that, that you said that and I kill you, right? Yeah. I feel like that part. You'd be a part of that column immediately. Yeah, immediately. We have to get rid of you. Yeah, you have to get rid of you. And everyone else in the tribe will be like, oh, thank God you got rid of that. Yeah, that kind of was a problem. Yeah. Yeah. That was a problem, dark. But if you do that over time, and there's enough safety, we become just like dogs. We become some sort of a domesticated version of what was once wolves. And I don't know if that's good or bad. Yeah, because it's still resisting it in some ways, because there's still the problem is, these passive people are not overall kind. They're very aggressive with trying to enforce their ideas on everybody else and you must comply. So it's very much like I'm gonna get back at you thing. It's being picked on when you were a young thing, [2:56:02] an outsider that's finally a part of a gang and you're gonna enforce these ideas on other people. So the ideology is not rooted in compassion, even though it pretends to be. It's in rooted in, like all the ideologies, it's rooted in control. And people are just trying to control people and get everyone else to comply with the way they now see the world. And when you're weak and you're doing that, it's not good. Because you're also like you're angry at the world, you're angry at the way you were mistreated or you were an outsider and now you're not. Now you're a part of a group. And so now you're going to do the exact same thing to people that they did to you. You're going to hurt them. Just like you got hurt. Yeah. So worse mentality. Is that happened to me? Happened to me? That's what you're saying? Happened to me? That's how it was for me. It's like, what don't you want it to not be that way? Yeah. People don't, man. Yeah. It's just a natural human instinct for fucking whatever bizarre reason, man. So it's a control thing. That's the scary thing. You can't let people control. It doesn't mean that you shouldn't let people drift off into this genderless direction. Like, you do whatever you want to do. [2:57:05] I think this is happening, whether we like it or not. I think it's happening with it. There's a lot of like chemical influences, there's microplastics that are influencing the way testosterone levels are in young people, the development of their sex organs. And this, this, this kind of needs to be doing something. It's gonna be doing something. There's propaganda that's actually getting through your phone too. That's affecting the way people reward certain types of behavior and people like to gravitate towards behaviors that are rewarding. You know, if you're a loser and then also you're amazing because now you're wearing a dress, you're like, I'm gonna keep wearing this dress. Everybody like fucking hugs me when they see me. They think I'm cool. These things I was a loser. Yeah. And that's, and that you hear that, you're like, damn, I understand that. I understand it. I want to be hugged too. But if I was objective, and I wasn't a part of the human race, which I clearly am, if I was looking at it from outside, I would say, like, what is the end goal of this? Like, where does this go? What's clearly going to some genderless alien-looking direction? I think that's [2:58:06] where we're going. I think that's just, I think even if aliens aren't real, even if you don't really see them, I think that's an archetype in our head because it's almost like a light on the path that's showing us. This is where you're going. You're going to that. This futuristic, everyone is one being. Vikings, genderendelus. Slowly but surely, right? Caveman, Vikings, Gendelus. Yeah. But the thing is they're not nice. You know, you can go that way if you want. But don't try to force it on me. Don't force it on people that were born biologically male. There's nothing wrong with that. That's not, there's nothing wrong with that. That's not this the whole reason why you're not speaking German Shut the fuck up like like this whole idea of like toxic masculinity That's all great until you need someone to help you. You need it. That's all great until you need someone to open up a jar of mayonnaise You know shut the fuck up. Listen, you need all those things. You just need people to be nice [2:59:00] You need to be people to be nice that are like savages and people that are nice, that are pacifists. Everyone should just be nice. And we can live like that. Just don't fuck with each other. Yeah, because you never see them, not never, but it is crazy that they make such a big deal about gender stuff sometimes. And it's like, well, you don't look happy thoughled, right? They're in this thing, they're fighting for their cause, and then they exaggerated, like there's a transgender sign. Like, what? Stop. Okay, you get in a way with too much because you're in a university setting and everybody's like saying you're amazing. And no one wants a question. No one wants to go shot the fuck out. Because that's the other problem with kids today. It's like they only have one thought process, there's one ideology. It's not a bunch of right-wing people that are fucking camping and making sure they can carry guns to school, because it's a school shooter. We're gonna camp out until we can carry guns and just look at building. No, that's not gonna happen. So it's like you've got one ideology. And the crazy thing is like, there's two sides that ideologies because the left wing is always Jewish too. There's not a lot of like really hard, [3:00:08] unless thinking about like Ben Shapiro and a few other Dennis Prager, right wing Jewish folks. A lot of Jewish people that we know, they're Democrats. They've always been kind of traditionally like what percentage, let's find this out. What percentage of Jewish people vote Democrat? That's even a poll. It has to be. It has to be. And I bet you the majority will know. The group could tell you. They don't want to tell you that they know. They'd be keeping a track. Yeah, they know. They know. But I would guarantee you, it's a very high number. So now you have a conflict amongst that side. Because you have one side that says that what's happening in Gaza is genocide and the other side that says Israel has the right to defend itself and that this is you know what we did in Iraq after 9-11 what we did in Dada after that what we did in Japan all no one knows mad at any of them yeah gotta sign told me recently that I guess seven in ten Jewish adults identify with or lean towards a democratic party and have [3:01:07] described their political views as liberal. Yeah. So seven and ten, 70 percent. 70 percent? And so inside that party, you've got people that are literally on college campus is saying death to the Jews and supporting Hamas. And you're supposed to be left-wing too. So now if I was a country that was trying to destroy America, I would push these ideas. This is an interesting subsect, the orthodox Jews, which is one in 10 of Jewish adults, is 60 to 75% conservative of a Republican. That makes sense, right? Because they're strictly religious, which would make you much more conservative. 75% identifies Republicans or lean towards the GOP and 81% approved the Trump's job performance at the time of the survey. Everybody's making money. We're making money. Trump! He's doing it! [3:02:00] Derek, let's wrap this up. You're the fucking man. It's been a pleasure getting to know you, becoming friends with you at the store. And I just want thank you for being one of the early adopters coming out here early on. And it's been beautiful, man. We're having a good fucking time. We're having a joke. Thank you for changing my life, brother. I appreciate you for the job. I love you, I love you too. All right Thank you.