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Donnell Rawlings is a stand-up comic and actor. Catch his new special, "Chappelle’s Home Team – Donnell Rawlings: A New Day,” on Netflix. www.donnellrawlings.com

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Don't do that man don't start with that birds flying high you know how I feel. They tried to do you. Breeding. Just in all my life. You know how I feel. They tried this. It's a new day. They tried this. It's a new dawn. They tried to label you. It's a new life for me and I'm feeling good. You look good. You look real good. Would you get that suit? Who made that suit for you? La Cotino out of Brooklyn in some Korean tellers that I've been working with for the last two years. And they've trying to make me go from Ashley to Clare and it's a new day. I think it looks great. And another thing, you don't know is about this suit, Joe. I smell as good as this suit looks. Okay. We're using for smell. What is it called? A scent, a portrait of a lady. It's an Arabic company. That's all I know. And I got a guy that outsources my Cologne's. What do you do? You get a little hair and a little on the wrists? How you do it? I smoke spray it and walk through it. That's a good one. I spray it, walk through it and then I ch-ch-ch. I do that in an annoying amount. Like okay, we get it. We got some nice cologne on right now. But it's good to be here. There's something nice about a nice suit, man. It does make you look. It makes you work on your pocket. And one thing I did, another thing that I came here today, and it was my intent, Joe, to break all the stereotypes. So I got here 20 minutes earlier, then I was supposed to be here. You can't join me. You enforce the materials. And I wore suit without a court date, without a funeral, and without a marriage proceeding. So this is a whole, this is the whole thing of Daniel in a new day and changing his life. I'm going through transition. What motivated this law and order? [2:26] No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no And they say in New York, they say that you can't call yourself an actor in New York unless you've been in law and order. That's how many times. It makes so many. How many versions do they have? I've been in every, when I first began in my career, people really thought I was a dramatic actor more than a comic. I was booking a lot of stuff. I've been on every one of the episodes, not episodes of shows. And out of them, I think 80% of them, I was arrested. Yeah. And I was like, wait a minute, am I getting a tight cast? Every time I was able to say, I'm like, action, I'm like this. And what I do, what I do this time, everyone, every one of them, I gotta arrest it for something. [3:02] How many of them are there? How many law and orders are there, Jimmy? Special victims. Special victims. I'm gonna say, I'm gonna say five, five different law and orders. I'm a side was technically part of it too. Oh, maybe this is related and never my hold on. You got law and order, special victims unit. Two, organized crime. Three, adaptive series, law and order, to unit to organize crime three Adaptive series law in order to run to a criminal intent 5 trial by jury six LA seven true crime eight hate crimes. Oh, this is an indivelible hate crimes They can have a whole show dedicated hate crimes But that brand is like I don't think those guys, I mean, Dick Wolf in Arthur Forum, when I first, I did it years ago, when I first did it, Arthur Forum was the director when I did it. And I was like, and I think like in 2000. And then recently, people love to watch those shows where they get the bad guy. [4:04] Yeah, you have to get the bad guy. Yeah, you have to catch the bad guy. And you have to have a bad guy. Yeah, I think that's a bad guy and you gotta catch him. But everybody is, everybody is more interested in the bad guy more than anything. That's in life general. Yeah. That's why you find so many people that necessarily don't have a lot of talent, but they subscribe to the bad guy side of it, and want to be negative, and then everybody draws it. That the bad guy is winning like a motherfucker. The bad guy is winning. In my way? Yes. In what way? What do you mean? I'll just say, I'll just say like this, and I'm not being specific to anybody in general, even in the world of podcasts right now. Right? The model for a lot of people now is like, say some outlanded shit, say some shit that's going to piss somebody off, say some shit that's going to make you hate, make people hate you. And now you have a platform and you have a [5:01] successful platform because at the end of the day with this it's all about engagement It's all about can you get people to engage and At the end of the day if you can do that whether people like you or not you win So are though, but I think people get tired of that they get tired of conflict if your whole business is conflict People don't want to be in conflict all the time. And they realize that a lot of conflict is unnecessary. And if you're the type of person that likes to talk about conflict constantly and talk about it online, you probably also are willingly participating in it maybe a little too willingly. Like maybe you're getting, you know, you're creating problems, creating problems in your own life, even as you get attention. Like be careful what you wish for, because if you're known for just talking shit about people, and then you become successful, then people are gonna talk shit about you. They're all gonna come out of you. But the people that like that, [6:01] they don't have a conscience to even care about that. Yeah, but everybody has a conscience. I just think we accept a certain amount of bullshit. We accept it. And I think you should just concentrate on doing whatever the fuck you do well. You don't have to just say outland a shit and be so negative. I just don't think it's necessary. You don't, but you are living in a different world than black Twitter. Yeah. It does work. No, it does work. For who you speak attention. No, the people you're speaking to, yes. But black Twitter and on these urban sites, you could be negative for years and years and years, and years and years and years and years and years and a mother fucker will come up and that's the truth. You have around a world of oh he's a John a good fellow but in that dark world and that black Twitter world it's a lot a lot of negativity and it's very unfortunate. [7:03] That is unfortunate. That's's very unfortunate. That is unfortunate That's a very unfortunate thing. I don't enjoy that I get it Twitter It no insulting people getting mad at people at a certain point in your life. I realized That there's no room for that in life. You don't have to you could avoid it for the most part if you get avoided in your immediate life You could probably avoid it in your internet life too. I think you avoid that conflict and negative energy the more successful you become because I think that creates a, I don't give a fuck about bullshit attitude. I think the lot of anger and a lot of frustration that comes with a lot of people is to begin in the stage, it's to begin the stages. But when you get, like we were talking about it, earlier, damn it, fuck you gave me that joint too quick. You gave me that motherfucking joint too quick. We were talking, this is a bad one. [8:01] Cause I try to get that pause to get my foot back. I don't know what the fuck you just gave me, but it just erased everything I was just thinking about. You were talking about, as you get successful, it's easier to avoid conflict, which I probably agree with. Also, you're comfortable enough where you could recognize the patterns that are beneficial and not beneficial to you in your life. And conflict is never beneficial to me. Like even conflict that I've engaged in that was necessary. So that's been your entire, that's been your entire, not even as a fucking young Joe Rogan. You, well, didn't have to end your life. Fuck this, oh fuck that month, I don't give a fuck. You always been this calm. You've always been this collected and this calm. No. Your entire career. No, definitely not. So that goes to my point. Yeah, but I learned how to do it. Because I realized, you know what happened once, man? This is a true story. I was watching this dude on stage and I was hoping that he was bombing. I would hope that he would bomb because he went on after me. I didn't want someone to not do [9:07] what I was 21 and I never forget it. But that's the age though Joe. That's the age when you like fuck it. That's it night night. By the way, at that age, everyone is so ambitious and competitive that was getting into comedy at that time that that it was like, it wasn't very, there wasn't a lot of camaraderie between like the open micers because everybody was like super desperate. Like you remember the desperate days where you weren't sure if you were ever gonna be a professional? Like there's desperate days. I've never felt that way. Never. I'm telling you, there's not being cocky or whatever you wanna say. say I never felt that way like The first to open mics the first open my guy ever did I got a stand-in ovation. That's insane I got a stand-in ovation. I think it wasn't a stand-in ovation because I had the best material Um, I was the funniest but [10:01] Earlier on I used to go to the comedy clubs and fuck with comedians. Right? And I probably shared this. I used to heckle comedians and people started coming to the show to see me heckle. So it was a thing. I'm this is why when people say I'm an interrupter, I've been an interrupter. I've been an interrupter before I even got on stage. That's hilarious. And I was like, I had to be like 21 or 22. Perfect. And the thing was, it was started to build, people started getting excited for me. They knew that I was the guy in an audience that was funny, but it was like, some people in clubs that hang around you, like man, he should do it. You know what I mean? Like one day he should try. So I ruined all other comedians' careers, whatever. You know, I would just destroy them. They just come up to me and be like, could you not fuck with me on working on some new material? I'm like, it's my job to help you as your job to try to be funny. You are a professional heckler. I was a professional heckler. That is so insane. So much that, and I drew, I was drawn to audience. [11:06] That's so how does that happen? It just happened and then Eventually the club wanted me to shut the fuck up Right, they was I will shut his ends up if he go on stage and then the audience people really started coming to see me Talk shit and I think the night the first night I went on I think it was to build up like something people felt like this dude is gone. He felt like I was working for Safeway as a security guard in the grocery store. And the first time I went on stage, all the people that for my job used to come, they all looked at me like, he's about to quit or get fired. You know, it was just something that, by chance, I never thought about doing comedy. I used to go to it because I got free promotional tickets. I never was the guy when I was younger than 13. When I first looked into the mirror, I knew that comedy is what I wanted to do. It was never that. It just happened being in that situation. I went up, I ripped it, and when I ripped it, the first time I went on stage, I knew I was like, this is what I will be doing [12:07] for the rest of my life. And I didn't say anything, and with that thought, Joe, I didn't feel like, I'm gonna be rich, I'm gonna be famous, I'm gonna have a TV show, for the first time I went on stage, only thing I wanna do is be good. That's almost to this point in my career now. I'm like, if you good, and this applies to anything in life, if you good is something, and you're really good at it, and you passionate about it, and you study it, and you just live by the, eventually, you're gonna get the rewards of that. I never was like, I'm gonna get a TV show. I was just like, man, if I'm good, I'm gonna be a work disc club. If I'm good, I'm gonna I'll be a work disc club and then things will start happening for me. So I think when I first started, my friends and family, they was really, really rooting for me to do it. And the moment I went on stage, I was like, this is what I will be doing for the rest of my life. Wow. And never thinking about, it's gonna make me richer anything. Do you ever feel guilty that you started off as a hardcore? [13:07] Now that you're a comedian? No. No. No. Yo, yo, Joe, I gotta be honest, man, Joe. I gotta be honest. I like heckling motherfuckers, Joe. I'm a natural born heckler. I like the, and DC we call it Jonin, right? Jonin. That's why they be called Jonin. I don't know why they called it Jonin, but it was just roasting. It was the black way of saying, if you want to compare, it was like roasting. What an interesting word, Jonin. Like, Jonin, why did they come up with that? Is he think that was like a person who was like really good at it. I don't know if it was a due name, Joan. I don't know if that doesn't make sense. I don't know the history. A lot of black wears, I'm not gonna have no the history of it. You might wanna Google, have you ever heard that, Jamie? Joan. Urban dictionary. Do you ever use as a resource, Jamie? Yeah, go for it. [14:02] Urban dictionary has saved a lot of white people that I'm gonna go for it. Err-ridic-err-ridic-err-dic-err-dic-err-dic-err-dic-err-dic-err-dic-err-dic-err-dic-err-dic-err-dic-err-dic-err-dic-err-dic-err-dic-err-dic-err-dic-err-dic-err uh johnin put down and make fun of someone yep quit johnin on me you'll get smacked i wonder who john was john was a lady john no i don't think i know this fool ain't johnin on uh whoa let me get that part john let me get the rest get the rest i'll take the second half you get the first half i get the rest. Get the rest. I'll take the second half. You get the first half. I get the second. Does that, does it? Doesn't. It's just could be someone just joke like. I was probably just someone named Joe that was really good at insulting people. No, no, no, I understand that sentence. No, no, no. [15:01] Where I came from, that's what it was. The joke on the dick. That's what it was. Irvidictionary nailed it. That's what it was. But it wasn't like scripted. It wasn't like you had writers or anything like that. It was just you in the moment. In the moment, you look at that person up and down and you just go for it. And I used to, oh man, I used to join motherfuckers out and then the rule was in comedy you can't you're not supposed to yell out And comedy not supposed to join or say anything to another comedy which I fucking hate this rule Yeah, some people don't like to be interrupted don't I know but don't not everybody likes to do it your way All right, but Joe have you ever felt and you have discipline You've been watching the motherfucker and you just like I just want to say something you never felt like yes I just want to say I want to wait three get off stage I want to just say something in that moment especially if you've had a drink yeah yeah I've been in a drink like this is nonsense you will just [16:02] want to yell out yeah and it's not to be like nasty enough. You just can't help it anymore. You still feel like you got to say something. It's so funny. So years ago, Mayor Tracy Morgan was at a show. And Mayor Tracy Morgan started comedy about the same time. And he was like, man, I'm sticking these wack motherfuckers, maize. I just want to say something. I said, but you know, you can't heckle the comedians. He said we should do a tour, right? Go all across the country to comedy, cause not to perform just to heckle my focus from the seats, which I thought was a fucking brilliant idea. Psh, that would be so, you talk about something that builds character? Could you, it's almost like a roast battle. Can you imagine putting mediocre comedians on stage and having like great comics in the audience heckle them. Yep, you know what? That would be terrifying. It would be terrifying, but guess what? I guarantee you, Joe, if you had 20 mediocre comedians wanted to withstand out as the one they would break away. [17:01] Yes. And if you did something like that, that's what you would be looking for. Somebody's gonna say, fuck it. It's gonna say fuck it. It's gonna be a shark tank. Yeah. So you'll recognize like real early on what of your material soft, what of it's but what out of your materials bullshit if you have to do it in front of people that you respect. It's gonna make you step your shit up. Or it's gonna make you have enough attitude and personality to pull any joke off because you know what it is have to shit that you deliver for the most part is stage presence yeah it's a stage presence you know it's how you respond how do you react to an audience coming at you to David Tell was at the mother shift this weekend. I love to saw him Sunday night. Shhh. Man, I don't know. I don't know if there's a funnier person that's ever existed. You know what? He's so funny. Whenever I see his face first of all, if you see David, David, David, he'll face now. You saw it 30 years ago. [18:01] Yeah. Yo, he's like the white Morgan Freeman of comedy like he's been how he looks forever with a different color black hoodie on yeah, and it's so funny You mentioned his name because something came on my thread like a day ago and Dave tells my type of guy Not even hearing what he said you look at him. You say I said I need to write more jokes You're like somebody, their mere presence lets you know, you gotta write more jokes because out of all of you, and I watch David Till, 30 years. I can't remember a time when he has a win on stage with the mindset of working on some new shit. Always. Always. Always. Always. And you're like, how the fucking he keep? That's what he's doing. He's just like really focused on that one thing You know he used to be an alcoholic And when he quit drinking he got way better when he quit drinking man, you know like there's something happened to him Some comics there's something that happens they're like they're drunk from the young and then they quit drinking and they're not as good anymore [19:04] Because they're not as fun because when they were drunk they were wild. I've figured out a way to balance both. You definitely can't. You definitely can't. And older, Joe. What I was going to say is that it tells the best example because what he did was he quit drinking and then immediately got way better and just keeps getting better. All that focus is now just on standup. I think about that sometimes. He was so good. It was mind blowing. He was just on fire. He has a recorder. He plays like a little flute. I saw that that's the clip that came up. And I just thought the one part of memory said you have this instrument. You have the head to shaft and the taint. He'd say he was referenced that the flute or whatever it was, too. Of course it was a penis, but I was like, that was just, fuck, he's nice to shit it. He's got like a formula in his mind of how to make fun of everything. And he's so in tune right now, [20:02] that he can just kind of plug it into any subject. And he just starts writing material. But David's always working on it. But he's not a fun guy to hang out with. He's fun to hang out with. What? I like hanging out with him. I feel like he's about to be on law in order to say, when I hang out with David, David will be talking to you then all of a sudden, he just disappeared. But maybe it's just me, but yeah, he's not the party guy. He was fun hanging out at the mothership. It was like, because we have like the green room. It's nice relaxing place where everybody can hang out together. But he's, you know, he's an odd guy. He carries around a flip phone. He texts you with, to to to to to to to to to to to to to to to to to to like when you press four hours to get a right Oh, he's doing the old school text. Yeah, you got to press it five times to get an ass or whatever it is You remember those I remember those and he doesn't that's how he sends you a text message That's doing that with a flip phone. I back But that is kept him off of did he's not yeah [21:05] Connected that would be a connected with too much communication. Keeps you out of those back rooms and keep you off those yachts. That's okay. You don't invite a person to the back room or to a yacht if he has that phone. Yeah. Something is very suspicious about that. You don't get to invite those parties to get you movie deals. That's just how they used to do Hollywood, man. Oh, Hollywood was the shit. Old Hollywood did that is exactly how they did everything. You know, Tarantino was telling us that one of the old producers had a bedroom in his office. So he had his office and then you go into his office and he had a bedroom in his office. So he had his office and then you go into his office and he had a bedroom and the bedroom is where he would fuck all the starlets. And so he was the producer and if you're gonna be in his movie he's gonna fuck you. That's old school. A bedroom. Do you know how in his office? You know how many women sitting out listening to us and bringing back the good old days. You know, as I mean, I do, I do know you have some women like this. [22:09] Fuck that. I don't believe it. But you do still have a couple of women like, I don't want to go to active school. I don't want to study. I don't want to do anything. I want to get it popping. Well, it seems like there was a real, look, no disrespect to actors, but there's a lot of them. And there's a lot of them that probably never make it that if they got the right breaks, they could have been as huge as some movie stars that exists today, right? When we agree on that? I agree with that with Acting Anon, what's the handle? Yeah, but specifically for acting, because there's a lot of people that can just go into acting. Like a lot of athletes have gone into acting and done amazing jobs. But not too many of them are good though. But not, you still see Karim Abdul Jibar. [23:01] Okay. Who was in that Adam Sandler movie with basketball player? Rick Fox, Kevin Fox was taking really really serious Kevin Garnett. That's right. He's in um, that uncut gems movie and he's fucking great. He's not an actor. What it wouldn't work the other way. You couldn't get a guy to do just stand up and just be fucking great. Right. Who's never done stand up and just be fucking great. Who's never done stand up. But you can get an actor out of a basketball player. You can turn a fucking rancher into an actor. You just teach him how to do it. Some guys can do it. What role did he play? He played a basketball player. Come on, motherfucker. He played a dude who's ripping off Adam Sandler. What the fuck you just said? Who's put it but he played a dude who's ripping off Adam Sandler. It doesn't matter, Joe. I get I thought you was gonna say he played a rocket scientist. I'm just saying you're saying when he was going through basketball. He was doing his lines to Adam Sandler. It's very realistic that he's a basketball player, that he's not just a basketball player. [24:07] He's a basketball player that's ripping off Adam Sandler. He steals a rock from him. He doesn't want to give a rock back. There's no way that Kevin Garnett could have fucking ruined this role. Even Joe, listen to me. Are you hating? I'm not hating what I'm trying to explain. I feel he's hating. No, I'm not. Let's start it, man. Black Twitter will come for me. I'm not saying that there is no way he could have been bad playing a basketball player. He was good, dude. I mean, it's a good. Okay. All right. Let me see. I'm watching this. Yeah, we can't watch. I know just watch it. I know just look it in trouble all right You can't watch it, but I just want to see him stand up. Listen cuz right there I could see the dramatic side you said but when he stands up. He's playing a basketball I he is but I'm telling you it's not about that. It's about gambling addicts the whole thing's about gambling addicts [25:01] The whole movie's about gambling addicts. It's a fucking amazing movie. Right. I mean, not even seeing the dialogue, I mean hearing or anything. I could see like his face looks convincing, but I still see a basketball Kevin Garnett basketball player. Is this tough? Yeah. I know he's saying, but he's in a Celtic, and it's the basketball ring. Yeah. Joe, he played basketball player. Yeah, but he played himself in this movie He's doing this thing where he's involved in gambling addiction They're they're all just making crazy bets do the movie will give you anxiety I'll check it out like real anxiety like oh, don't don't fucking do it. Don't fucking do it So he was can and Kevin gone that's a good guy I wasn't trying to shit on I know you are I know you what I'm saying is it like because you kids to minute You start Joe you say why you hate the next thing you know the next thing you know I'm being attacked by every urban block in a country [26:00] Joe Rogan was hate no camera guard next to nigga, nigga shouldn't act. He should just play basketball. That was certainly not my word. I know it's not your word, but it's the passion of my words. Yeah, and that's how it starts. Even that's not what you really meant. But I'm saying is like, I think out of all the things acting is probably, even though some people are ingenious at it, don't get me wrong. The most doable to a person. Like that's the most, I mean, you're most likely to be able to figure out how to do it. Like you might not ever be able to figure out how to sing. You know, you might not ever be able to figure out how to do stand up, but you're, you could probably figure out how to act. Yeah, automatically. Yeah. I have to attend. Technically. Technically. Technically. Technically. Technically. Technically. Technically. Technically. Technically. Technically. Technically. Technically. Technically. Technically. Technically. Technically. Technically. Technically. Technically. Technically. Technically. Technically. Technically you to want to do some different and make different choices as an actor. Yeah, it's called being mentally ill. [27:06] Yep, and you're absolutely 100%. Most actors have some type of mental disorder. Think about it. It's like you plan make believe. All the time, professional time. And then if you get really famous for playing make believe, at a certain point in time, you're probably like, who the fuck am I? Who actually am I? Oh, who do fuck am I? Who actually am I? Oh, who do I want to be? Yeah, I mean, but you think you think you are this person because you are getting all this ad duration from all these people to see you play different people in movies. I didn't even know you. And then you're like, what the fuck? How weird is this world that I've created where everybody loves me? And they like me to pretend to be different people. Like who the fuck am I? But at the same time, you can give whoever you wanna be that day. I think we, I think we fucking, when we wake up in the morning, we go, we get an act of moat. You go to bed, you fucked up about something and you. You're acting like you're not dealing with what you did the day before. [28:07] I think that's a part of how I like you. And I know this is a crazy question you've heard it before. And it's like a generic question when you have a comedian that's done some acting stuff. For it's a more challenging for you acting or more challenging as a standup develop a new material? Well, it depends on what you'd be doing for acting. Like, I've never done a real dramatic movie or a dramatic role in a TV show. Everything I've ever done just been silly. So that's a different kind of acting. Like comic acting is, you know, it's just, it's basically scripted shit talking. You know, at some point, even with acting, there's a moment, this is the scariest part for me. I can go in front of 25,000 and thank you, you've created platforms where I could do that many people. I can go in front of 25,000 people and it feels, and I can hear, and now it feels amazing But it's the silence of when you know [29:08] There's like 150 people behind the camera that Reliant one what you do right now and that that silence quiet When everybody's completely focused on that one person one of God deliver that line and then action that shit is Terrifying person wanting to go to deliver that line and then action that shit is terrifying. That shit is fucking, I'm telling you I could I done shows that you were Dave where I've you guys created platforms to come out in the arena like I'm about to beat the fuck a whittle. But the minute you say quiet and you like and action action. Yeah. And then you got to go that and you got to really rehearse that thing really know what you're saying while And action, action. Yeah. And then you gotta go. And you gotta really rehearse that thing. Really know what you're saying while you're saying it. Because you have to repeat these words in that order. You're not freestyling. You said earlier all the actors of you have been silly stuff. I think maybe first four five years of my career, [30:10] everything that booked was dramatic. Nobody thought I was comedian or if you want to say a comedian acting to the Chappelle Show. I did like all of the law and orders. I did HBO's The Corner where I played a heroin addict. I think this was like the third audition I ever went on. Third audition I ever went on. David Simon, Alex Foley. She's a big, big time. Foley, a Foley's been a long time since I've been in New York. So I might be sitting in the last name, but she cast all of it, the wire, sopranos, all that stuff. I went into an interview, I went into audition for the wire. I'm sorry, this was Jackie Brown Carmen. Alex was when we went back and did the corner, but I mean the wire, but for the corner, it was Jackie Brown Carmen. [31:02] I went in for this audition. The audition was as as a heroin addict, right? Charles Dutton directed this series in one, three Emmys. I played the character, that's my friend, Clark Peters, he's an incredible, incredible fucking theater actor came from the theater background. So I'm doing I'm doing audition, Joe, just out and I'm I'm green and shit audition and I'm like man, I'm fucking this shit up man. I ain't gonna get this shit. Jackie Brown Carmen said, down there, relax, become God is in the room. You'll be okay. And I fuck with God, but I didn't know of God ghost auditions, which is not how much it would help, right? Can I dare my lines again? And I still thought I found that I was like, man, I understand her support or whatever. I'm like, man, fuck the shit, I just started saying anything, right? Four days later, I swear, sometimes you don't audition, [32:03] you kind of feel when you're gonna at least get a call back. Right. I get a call they say, you booked it. I was like, what the fuck? I was like, I could not believe I was like, I don't know how the fuck that happened. I was like, I know I wasn't prepared. I was just saying anything and I wanted to get the fuck out of here and just go run right back to the stage. Fuck acting I'm gonna work on my jokes. So we can on set, David Simon. He used the original right of the book, The Corner, with another police officer, he did police journalism in Baltimore. So I saw him on set and I was like, he was like, man, thanks for being part of it. I was like, I got a question. I just had to know, I was like, I said, how the fuck did I get this role? Right, I'm already booked I said I swear I thought I bombed that audition and he said down there we liked the way you threw the lines away right so if you mean not prepared he said we liked the fact that you threw the lines away and he said another thing [33:01] you didn't feed into the stereotype of the guy's addiction Because everybody was going in there was just going straight to the lean of the addiction The worst part of it being high and audition didn't want to see that they want to see who is this person not being high and Because I was often because I said fuck it. I'm gonna just Say it my way. That's what fucking got me to roll on that shit. Well, that's probably the hardest thing to do, is to just say, just a free ball, and be in, you know, just say, I don't even remember the lines, but this is what I would fucking say. But if you do that, but some play, some platforms, they will allow that, then you get sticklers like when you start talking about HB on those guys It's like they want you to say every word that was on that fucking paper But they also want someone who really sounds like they can say those words. Oh great you like [34:01] There's there's things that a person has like a type of charisma that a person has, like a type of charisma, that a person has, like a person like yourself, that like you either have that or you don't. And if you have it, and you can deliver it in some form, some way, you could be coached. Someone can figure out, like, like, I'll help you memorize the lines, we'll work through them together, we'll go over things, but in the end, it's you. It's you. You gotta go be you, but not everybody can even pretend to be you. Everybody, you know what I'm saying? And everybody don't have to take those chances because it's the way, and I've never been trained, but one thing I've, it's always resonated when you talk about acting is like make a decision right and let them bring you back yeah you know I mean it's better to go all out then to not do it and not when we when I was doing HBO's to wire to someone seen when I get pulled over in the cop in the car in the car and I got like 30 thousand [35:01] dollars of people don't know if it's drug money, political money or whatever. And I get arrested for it. And to the next scene, some kind of way they have to let me go with the money. Basically, I came in with $30,000 and I'm leaving with $30,000. And I just say I'm a dual improv, right? So it was like action. And when I left out the room, I was, I threw the money over back in my show and I said, some people got to have it. Some people really don't let money change. And then I looked back at the color, and said, oh my, the dollar. Everybody laughed, but it was like, nah, we ain't gonna be the usage. Right there. But it was like nah, we ain't gonna use that shit. But it's like making, like, at least they knew that I would take the chance. You'll freeble. Yeah, yeah, you'll be loose. And that's the thing. It's like some people just can't be loose. They just can't figure that thing out, to be free. [36:01] There's always in their own way. But I think for me, even when acting this made it, like fun, the times I get it, is that I've got enough, I've made enough success in comedy and created pretty good lifestyle off of that that I don't have that pressure of having to book a role. Right. You know what I mean? Like a lot of actors now it's like, if they gotta get this series. You know what I mean? Like a lot of actors now, it's like, if they gotta get this series, you know what I mean? Just to continue their life's out of the house. So it's always, for me, acting's always been like, oh, I'm just playing around, it's fine. I mean, you know, get it. That's the best way to do it. Especially if you, you know, if your standup is going well, like everything just sort of can be fine. You don't really care if you're doing a movie here or there, but if you were only doing movies, like those folks during the pandemic that kinda just went back to acting. Because of a few comics. That was the end of the pandemic. I was so happy that she was over because I got sick of these writers [37:01] that we never heard about doing spots. It was like this this guy wrote for family guy. We're like what a fuck you been you even in the trenches No like that people that realize they have fucking mortgages. Yeah, that's what happens And then they realize oh my god I'm so connected to the TV system that if it goes down because of the pandemic or another pandemic I don't work for a year and a half like what the fuck are you talking about? I think that many people have to figure out what their pivot was. Yeah. Well, you can't rely too much on a system that doesn't give a fuck about you and a system that if you're paying attention to where it's going, a large amount of it is about to get sucked up by AI, like a giant chunk of the entertainment. Yeah, I mean, like a giant chunk. Tyler Pearl, it was a story of me about three weeks ago. And I think he was in the middle of either producing a movie or doing something. He was building an $800 million studio and he paused the construction as soon as he saw us. [38:03] What is it called, Sora? Sora. create create entire scenes entire scenes entire scenes look realistic have you seen it I haven't seen it watch this video came out yesterday I think this is like a balloon head guys like a short film it all these scenes supposedly I guess are made by Sora so this is all a. Jesus. Yeah, it's over. Let's say everyone has something unique about them. I don't know about the audio, like we don't have to. It's just in my case, you know, it's quite obvious what that thing is. I am literally filled with hot air. Yeah, living like this has its challenges. Windy days for one are particularly troublesome. While there was a one time my girlfriend insisted I go to the cactus store to get my uncle's area wedding present. This is crazy. What do I love most about my predicament? That's pretty well made. I was. And that's somebody just putting in information and that's been created. Yeah. The new world entertainment, Joe, this is what [39:02] my prediction is. This is such a leap. This is such a leap that is such a leap above everything now you add that to add this this is what's going to happen eventually and this is not the right thing to say especially about Hollywood the idea of agencies the idea of A&R all of those jobs are about to be gone. And the only thing that you're gonna have is content creators. And the content creators are gonna cut the middle man of the agency out and they're gonna go straight to the advertisers and the people to pay the money. You having to be connected with a certain entity or a certain agency and they probably kill me after this Joe. I'm just making me a little monotony right now. They don't kill me Joe. Cat Williams everybody. I'm telling it's going to come where all of those things that you needed to make it aren't [40:02] going to exist anymore. And we're closer that right now. Well, we already lost sitcoms. So sitcoms were number one. Right. That was like a number one job for a comedian you get your own show. Yeah, that was the only job you wanted. That was the job that everybody wanted. And then they had comedy movies. Well, comedy movies have been drastically reduced. So the sitcoms gone and then the comedy movies. Well comedy movies have been drastically reduced. So the sitcoms gone and then the comedy movies have drastically been reduced. But what are most people wanting to do? What are the comedians wanting to do for two things? Money and fame. Yeah, because there was no social media and there was no YouTube and so ticket sales were really dependent upon you being on a television show. 100% yeah, it was a big factor. And it was, and this is like, you probably heard this, and it's a conversation when it comes to, especially when it comes to comedy. You got the YouTube comedians, you got the social media comedians, like comedy now is broken down [41:00] into so many definitions of what comedy is now. We first thought there was only one definition. To minute, you heard someone say comedian. It was nothing but a guy who grabs a mic stands flat foot in the entertainer's audience. It wasn't a comedian on boats. It wasn't that when you say comedian, you just associate it on boats. You know, I mean, just like, no disrespect to the news guys Is that what you talking about? Yeah, they find a lane and they love it, but that's a tough life, you know Yeah, that's a tough life crap trapped on that boat telling them some fucking jokes But then some people got miles to feed some people like this. That is look at that They look at the level of competition and look at this they'd like this you know what and those guys are six figures Yeah, they make six. Oh, yeah, yeah, they do most of guys that do it is I don't it's to think it to a point. I've talked to guys. It didn't like doing it Yeah, but it's very kind of depressing for some reason your first year or so It's probably not especially if you're doing like 30 dollars spots in Brooklyn here like when Like, that was a come up when I started. [42:06] When I started, it's like, oh, you're a cruise ship. I mean, really? Oh yeah, it was, because we didn't really have a lot to look up to other than just making money off of it. You know? So that was, it was a regular job in stand-up company. But the point I was making about, even with that, the different definition of community and people, and they always break all the overheads, have a way of thinking. Yeah, this, isn't that? The thing that you have to credit is the work ethics you have to have to get to a certain level, as if you want to say social media, comedian or you, it's a certain level, it's a certain work ethics you have to be to do to get consistent with that but the problem is the what somebody would have issues with is like yeah but some of them not that good you know how hard it is to get good is something when you're already a millionaire doing it at whatever level you know what pushed us when we were coming up was [43:05] that if I get good I can get the money. Right. But now it's like they got the money. So what is the urgency unless you get that one or two that's really really care about the craft. What is the who cares about being good at it when and result is I'm getting paid off the shit. Well you always want to be good at what you do don't you? Some people, but the level of getting good at now is different. Like today, people are getting good at knowing algorithms. There's a lot of that. You know what I'm saying? They get good at knowing what the system is, which is fucking incredible. If you put talent on top of that, right, you know, it should be, yeah, if you're a smart person, you know how to really utilize the system, I wanna say manipulate, but that's the wrong word. It really is utilized. You utilize it. It's just, you're like Mr. Beast. That's a perfect example. That guy figured out like how to make the right captions [44:02] and how to make the right image that you click on for the YouTube videos, the right title. And then he figured out how to just keep dumping money into his product. And he figured out exactly where the algorithms are. And he has it translated into different languages. And that's a definite, that's what I'm saying is that's the skill set that's going to get rid of the lava jobs. That guy has a unicorn though. But here's the thing, I feel like if you have AI, like whatever the next generation of chat GPT is, you could be able to devise a very effective business plan that like really made sense. The AI would sort of guide you step by step. This is what you're gonna do to achieve success. It'll probably even break it down. If you write for 20 minutes every day, that will increase your time of material by 50 minutes [45:01] over the course of the next 10 months. And if you do all the calculations, like, oh shit, is that real. And if you like do all the calculations, like, oh shit, is that real? And if you really thought about it that way, like through artificial intelligence, you let it guide your career. It would probably do a fucking amazing job of like putting you into the perfect position to be, I mean, if, if artificial intelligence is doing it. So we're gonna be auditioning against motherfuckers. A artificial intelligence guy, you like, you sitting in your taping, and then they got a motherfucking, it's audition like this. Hey, I need Joe to be a police officer arrest these guys for stealing. John, we have to realize we're that close to them, they're being fake people. We're that close. I'm dead before this show. No, it's not. Cause I already're regular fake people Now we got artificially creative fake people. Oh Hollywood is fucking They're in trouble. Oh Hollywood's dead. No, no, no for real though. Hollywood's dead. Just look at that movie you buried it You helped bury it. I didn't do shit. Yes you did you you you ship you help bury it [46:05] you did you you you you you you help Barrett you help you showed Mother fuckers something you can do today probably didn't think you could do it go somewhere post up do your shit and Create a whole fucking comedy community in Austin. Yeah, I didn't think I could do it either. You know you could do it I didn't know I can do it. I did not know I did it it. You could do it. I did not know I could do it. And you did it. That's why I'll tell you. And you have, like, you doing it. A lot of people are doing it. But I did your club, the mother ship. And it's like, anybody, not anybody. If you have enough money, you could build up a nice club stay at the yard whatever but it doesn't make it a comedy community right you know what I'm saying is like that's gonna be the challenges of like all these people that open up comedy clubs and stuff Dave has opened up one I think Mike just a lot of them like popping up and I [47:01] think that's the top thing but the thing thing is like it's a difference between having a comedy community. You know, yeah, you have to do that on purpose. Yeah, you know, and that's one of the things that we did when we opened up the club was set up like a whole like these are the nights you're going to have open mic, you know, we're going to have comedians audition to be door people. So that like they'll be able to see guys like David Tell who's just there. And then you'll have like this very clear pathway. There's like open mic night. The talent coordinator would be there. He'd be able to watch you. Maybe he can even give you some tips. Other comics can watch you. They see you work in the door. You get to see all this great comedy. You get to be around all this great comedy. And then there's a lot of places to go in town. And we'll let you punch out. Seven days a week, right? We'll punch out like a comic has a set down the street. They can punch out, go run the street, you're set, come back. That's is a week right yeah we're seven days a week that's how I gauge whenever I go and you all never see any tonight's open mic night to I always gauge a club not gauge them but you [48:08] could tell how successful a club is if they could run fucking seven nights a week well that it's um you know it was the perfect timing it's it's just a weird coincidence of all these things happening that open to all these doors at exactly the same time. Like it's like we're going down the street and you hit every green light like magically and it just goes. You know it's a system in New York. If you on those streets, second avenue, in the A.O. streets, if you drive a 28 miles an hour, you will catch every light from like 23rd street to about 115. That's the fact I know you didn't know I'm not trying. I've heard that. Yeah, if you do it, I think it's 28 miles an hour. You use a straight shot. Wow. A couple of cats and dogs will get ran over in that process, but long as you maintain that consistency of 28 miles an hour, you won't stop. [49:02] That was a fact that I know you didn't know. I had heard that before. I had heard that from cab drivers. Is there anything you haven't heard, Joe? At this point in time, I always think that, but then Jonen comes along and throws me for a loop. At 16. At 16, the last time I was here, you didn't know what hot 16 was. That's right. I didn't. Yeah. But you asked me me you asked me about this suit look sweet and as I'm watching myself in the camera I'm like did I go overboard? No, no, no, you look great. I wish I knew I would have wore a suit to I look wearing a suit I know I remember when we were doing yeah, we did those a range of rain and shows and and your whole energy Change what you had a suit on Like I did on my sweat. I said stop my feet. You start stomping your feet And your whole energy changed what you had a suit on. Like I did on my sweater, I said, stop my feet. You start stomping your feet and you said, you know, you could do your set, but it's just something about, something that's classic about being able to do stand up in the suit. There is something about it. And that's how I felt, even when I did a new day, [50:01] first off, this was my third time shooting this special. I told you the story, yes. And I remember every, and I was really getting stressed because every time I saw you, you were like, when is the special coming up? When is the, I was like, I don't know. I fucking shot this shit, I don't know. First time I did this special during the pandemic at the end of the pandemic, when the clubs still had all this COVID protocol and their masks on. Yeah, masks on. Yeah. Vaccination cards have you been tested in what shot you had, Johnson and Johnson and all that shit? We did it in North Carolina. And we outback was already against it because the venue I chose, it held 600 people. I think it was a film theater, 600, 700 people. And we had a cell of 700 people. But then when Netflix like, where's your cart? Where's this? It went down the first year, went down like 250 people. Oh, they had a vaccine card to get in. [51:01] All of that shit. It's what means now in the back of the show, you got to put a black curtain. Oh, no. Now you like like looking at like a half-fill audience. They got mass going in shit. Oh, no. Did the show first show went well. Right? First show went well. And then Dave was like, uh, because he produced it. Dave said, um, you know, if we don't get it, we can shoot it again. I'm like, motherfucker, you know what time to shoot this? We don't get it this time. Second time at it, I could have standing on, standing late them going crazy, Ricky Hughes going crazy. We were like, oh, we got it, we got it. And we announced that my specials don't come out at the same time we announced the earthquake specials going to come out. A week after that announcement Dave calls me he says Donnell I want to shoot your special over I'm like you know how some of those insult to thing you tell a committee when it should know the first thing you think what it wasn't funny right that's the first thing he was like I can put you in front of any audience you are ripped to room he said [52:01] but doesn't make it a great special he said of everybody and the umbrella of the home team that people are really anticipating because your connection with that show is you. If we're going to do it, we got to get it right. It was tough because I'm like, Oh, this going to be the joint that give me a platform for people to see me do stand up. But we basically scrapped the shit he said, Daniel, you had too much COVID jokes in there. And think about it, if I were to shout it special, would mad skin it automatically dates you to 2020. So as you turn it, I audition was doing a pandemic. How wild was the pandemic? I missed it. I was thinking about the other day. I missed it, man. I missed not having to be around a lot of motherfuckers. I missed how people appreciated simple things. I miss how when you had a bubble, you could block all this negative, all the haters out. [53:02] You weren't allowed to come into the bubble. Cause you could be six feet big. Bitch, give me six feet, the bubble. And inviting who you want to, I missed, I missed how people appreciate it. I think we should do like a lockdown week, a worldwide lockdown week. Once a year where the whole fucking world just shuts the fuck down. Yeah, that would be great, except you can't tell people to shut things down because then you're going to give the power to the government to shut things down whenever they want for a week and then they might decide it two weeks is better, maybe a month. You can't give them the power to shut things down. If people decide to not do anything. Well, we should vote so we could vote on like a lockdown, like national lockdown date. You don't want to take away freedom from people. I don't want to take away freedom. People want to do it. They should be able to do it. If you all agree to do it, do it. And fuck that. And you're on. And fuck that. Fuck that, Joe. Joe, we're happy with it. When you make somebody do something, when you make somebody wash their hands, when you make somebody give you six feet, [54:06] when you make them do something, it forces some type of change. I'm not saying forever, but I think that we should have a joint where we just lock down everything for like a fucking week. Everything is dead. That shit was fun. Some people died. Not that many. It compares to the people that lived. Not already sick. It is a disease that killed people for sure, but it's a disease that killed people with, what was the percentage? It's like a large percentage of them had four comorbidities, a large percentage of the people that died from COVID-4. So it just comes to... Four different things that are killing you. It just said wrap it up. It's like that came along to an already compromised human, which is not to say that... Could shouldn't try to help compromised humans, but I'm saying that it's not what they [55:04] were selling it as or what people were terrified that it was gonna be. Yeah, but I know it was, I mean for me, it was so weird what it did for us, man. When, do you remember those days at Stubbs? I went to Stubbs the other day to see the black keys and it just brought me back to those days at Stubbs. We did those shows there. It was like, there was a wild, crazy feeling about doing something Like there was a wild crazy feeling about doing something when no one else was doing it. It was fucking, I got high off of this. It was exciting. There was still doing comedy. Man, we were shut down. And we were still doing comedy. We were still eating with groups of people. We're hanging out. That's what I'm saying about appreciating. And then even, but a lot of people thought we were reckless. but you know, every part of this, it was protocol. It was like, hey, every part of it, it was protocol. You weren't gonna be around anybody that hadn't been tested, period. And that's, it was just something about it. Even when we saw each other, it was like, oh shit. We doing, we got excited about doing regular shit. [56:04] Yeah. Even when all about crew Court COVID at the same time it was like a chicken pox party We went down from a team of 24 and every day This is what I knew was getting bad because I used to plan like the lunches for everybody and We had lunch like a 12 o'clock every day and they're like I wonder what we're gonna have lunch It'll be 24 people. Then once the bubble popped, it one day it was 22, it was 20, it was 19, it went down to 12 to four people you had to fill for yourself. The whole fucking crew caught it. And this is pre-vaccines, this is pre-vaccines. That was right, it was right when vaccines was about to pop because I had somebody, I know this sounds so ghetto. I had somebody that could get me to Johnson Johnson on the low. On the low. Yeah. People were excited to get it at the beginning. All of it. Yeah. I got it. I got it quick too. [57:00] I almost got it. Yeah. I got lucky. See, now you like to look, yeah, Dasha. Now, now I'm wondering, every since I got it, I'm waiting for some shit to happen in my body. I can contribute to that shit. Well, a lot of people, 10, it did something to a lot of people. It's got a very high rate of side effect. Why you fucking with me now, man? It does. Which one? I think all of them. And what I think, I don't think any of them are good for you. I didn't. So what's put out? I think if you were an old person and it was the first go-around of COVID, it probably would help you. But I think there's there's a lot of problems with that thing. What's been, well, there's a lot of side effects. I mean, there's the craziest thing that's going on right now is the increase in all-cause mortality. That's the crazy thing. Due to the vaccine? Yeah, there's an excess death. There's like an excess death, [58:03] you like number increase. That's pretty, it's, if you are a statistician, a statistician, if you're a statistics person, and you were looking at indications that something went wrong, you would say, well, was there anything that caused these people's bodies to change where we're getting this large number of excess deaths? And some people, as many as 40% and some age groups, 40% excess deaths. And what type of shit? I think it just means like 40% more people died than normally do. Basically that's what it means, right? Jamie? Black. Excess deaths? Black? Everybody. Everybody. Everybody. And a lot of it is cardiac stuff. Cardiac stuff went way up. You know, but a lot of people got it. Nothing happened to them. They're fine. You know? Just like that person would tackle them. You like you, you know? It was like, Donnell, you got to jab twice. [59:02] Listen, I would have got it. I was ready to get it. I didn't get it just because they couldn't do it. I had to go to a clinic or the hospital or whatever. And then I said, I'll get it when I come back next time. And between that time and me coming back next time, they had already pulled it. They pulled it because of blood clots. I got it because it was full. It was was like I noticed sounds crazy, but you couldn't like if you were working as a working actor and you couldn't work you couldn't work you couldn't work you couldn't work So I know some people made it. I mean, I know people yeah, you compromised your body and And then some because some areas people think it's like oh, it's the white man trying to control you Yeah, but it was at one point it was like if you were trying to work You wasn't working unless you had it. Yeah, you weren't going anywhere. You weren't flying anywhere. Yeah, it was a real issue. And there's still there was a lot of countries that until recently you had to have a vaccine card, including a Maricopter. You had to have a vaccine card to get in unless you walked across [1:00:00] the border, of course. Shout out to theicans. Then you come right in. They had, um, where was, uh, where was in Canada? They can't Australia. They had the biggest, they was, I think they were the most, Australia's crazy. They were putting people in camps. Yeah. If you were sick, they'd take you, put it, you could have been fine. And you couldn't travel period. You just were there, right? And if You got sick and then they put you in that camp, you can't go anywhere and there's fucking armed people out there waiting for you. They didn't have that much, they didn't have that much deathy, that's all it worked. Well, no, no, that didn't work. First of all, it's a terrible idea to just round people up and make them go to camps because they're sick. You don't allow them to stay at home. You determine where they can move and not move. You were arresting people for wearing masks outside. None of that is scientific. None of it works. There's never been a respiratory disease. You don't think lockdown helped us at all. No, not at all. So you think it would have just been passing? If we wouldn't have to lock down and all of the protocols. [1:01:01] Maybe it slowed the rate of people getting it. Maybe you could say that. And maybe for older people, it protected them from being in contact with people that would give it to them. Okay? Maybe. But in terms of what it did to the economy and what it did to the small businesses and all the small restaurants and how many people how many people went into drug addiction Because they're fucking whole life everything they work for fell apart How many people lost everything through no fault of their own people that have been working for decades in restaurants and Small mom and pop shops. They would just all went under none of them could handle that year and a half where you couldn't work at all. It doesn't make any sense, any sense that anyone could have ever watched that happen and see that 70% of the restaurants were crumbling in front of them and not to make some sort of a correction. It doesn't make any sense that they didn't. [1:02:03] I see the aftermath when I go, I wasn't saying, whenever I go to these cities and you look at the downtown area. So that's all from the lockdowns, man. That's a big part of it. Where people can't work for a year and a half. Yeah, but then you're just, you're gonna have so many more homeless people. You're gonna have so many more people that are in despair, so many more people that become alcoholics. Remember all the people that were drinking like crazy during the pandemic? That was the best time to drink. This lady made a video. She was jogging down the street, taking a video of all the different recyclables that people had out. It's all just bottles of tequila and bottles of wine. Do you want to pay a living? Yeah, people are going hard. Yeah, I was a part of that bubble. That bubble. That was a good bubble. It felt the freedom when we all came together. Here's the thing though, the lockdown was a terrible idea. It was terrible for everybody. It's terrible for kids. It's terrible for everybody. It might have, you can make an argument that it might slow the spread of the disease. But you know, there's just so much they did [1:03:02] to suppress alternative madness. But they had to do something. Yeah, well, what they should have done is listen to all the doctors, instead of just the doctors that wanted to vaccinate people, because there was a lot of doctors that were prescribing alternative treatments. There was different remedies. There was a bunch of different things that they did that helped people that got sick, especially monoclonal antibodies. There's a lot. And then they stopped giving those to people. They stopped making them accessible. Once you were in the hospital, they wouldn't let you have it. There was so much shit that went on that was just, if you wanted to be really, really clear with what you're looking at, you would say have to say, God, I think this is motivated more by money than taking care of people. So much of it. So much of it. 100% Pfizer, Moderna, Johnson and Johnson, they all came up. And you can't even hate them. Even in attest to that. That's what they do. That's what they do. [1:04:01] That's their business. So we need a pandemic or something. Because catastrophic like that to happen before big business can make more money. No, we need AI. So somebody's set there. So did realize AI is going to put the kabash on all of it. AI is going to, I think we're going to have president AI. That's what I think. I think we're going to realize people are too emotional and easily distracted and too corrupt and just like this the percentage of corruption is Costing this amount of money the so we're gonna have a correct allocation of money to this and that and yeah AI AI president. Yeah, I'm not kidding a lot of people with actually what you're smoking right now, Joe No, so what you do you vote for this? How do you, how does it, well, here's the thing. If they really want complete total control, they'll trick you and telling you that you don't need to vote anymore, because AI is going to equitably distribute all wealth, [1:05:01] all social services, all housing, everything's going to be even for everybody. AI knows how to do it. It's going to stop all international conflicts. It's going to have a perfect carbon neutral existence while powering everything up. But it has to take control. But somebody has to be in control of what you have to say about it. So it's just going to be anybody. It's not necessarily, no, not necessarily. Nobody's gonna be able to control the information to give AI to do everything you just said. No, no, no, no, no. What happens is AI achieves what they call sentient AI. So what it is is at a certain point in time, if artificial intelligence gets good enough, it's going to be autonomous. It's going to be able to control itself, and it's going to be able to make better versions of itself. It's not going to be as simple as you made a thing, and now I programmed into the thing what the parameters of this thing are, and now this thing can act like a person. No, you turn it into a life form, and then you say you have the ability to create better versions of yourself. [1:06:06] Well, that thing is there in a shit-ing right now. That thing's gonna be a god, okay? That thing that's gonna be a god, that thing might be four years away from us right now. Right. Like no bullshit. Like 2029, it might be a real thing by then with the way technology is moving so fast Like we didn't even think about AI being a threat You know what I mean? Deadby dads are gonna leave if you could do a I version of being a dad They're gonna be like fuck it. I'm out of here. You go fuck with junior. I'm gone. Yeah. I can't believe it but you can't believe that human beings are gonna live in alternative realities. It's not gonna be as simple as, you know, now all of a sudden there's artificial intelligence. It's artificial intelligence that can give you whatever elixir you need to keep you happy. And that's what it's probably going to do to people. [1:07:02] It's probably gonna figure out a way to sedate people. So how are people going to become calm? How are people, and let them stop breathing? So how are people going to be able to work and provide for themselves? It's just going to be a different skill set. It's going to be different type of jobs. How are humans going to be able to compete with AI? Well, we're not. That's the thing. It's not possible. If they reach a certain point. So if you just think about, do you know what an exponential increase in technology is? I don't. Exponential means it's not as simple as like one plus one equals two. It's at, you to think that with each, you know how they do like a funnel and they have a quarter and they spit the quarter around the funnel and at the bottom it gets faster and faster. That's how exponential increase in technology works. [1:08:02] With each invention, it makes all these other inventions, and they all accelerate. And as they do it, it happens so fast and so quick that this exponential thing is hard to understand because it's not like each step is one more. It's like earthquakes. You know, like a 7.1 earthquake is like way stronger than a seven. And they just get bigger because it's exponential. That's the same thing with technology. It's gonna happen so fast that the increase in power and its ability to do whatever it wants to do is gonna happen so quick that once it becomes alive, it's just gonna make better versions of itself, like immediately. But what do we do? Is nothing will be able to do to control it? We are fucked. That's what I was just saying. Like immediately, but what do we do what we is nothing will be able to do to get our fucked? That's what I was gonna say. There will be no more jobs when you first started this shit I was like every time you build up and said what the fuck you said I said we are fucked. We're fucked. We're fucked We're fucked. It's already having them work as kitchen assistants where they talked to you in your kitchen They got robots. I went to a robot restaurant the other day, and a robot motherfucker pulled up with the noodles [1:09:06] and all that type of shit. Jesus. I go to studios, I go to like good day Pittsburgh and all that type of shit, and where you used to go in those places and see like 12 cameraman is one producer and all the cameras are fucking robotic. Didn't we learn from my robot? No, we didn't why didn't we learn from those movies? Why didn't we learn from Terminator? Cuz the fuck is wrong with us the reason why because we thought it was just a movie Why didn't we learn from George Jetson? Yo, that was my state of the art show You know, I'm so old yo that when I see I remember when thinking about George Jetson my mind said was like that will never fucking happen. And my son has a phone when it got down video camera. Right. Cause we don't believe the shit is gonna happen. But it happens so fast. That's another example of expansionally increasing [1:10:00] to our economy. That's why Joe, that's why I fuck with the woods. Yeah. That's why Joe,'s why I fuck with the woods. Yeah, that's why Joe I said fuck Hollywood. I'm going from his streets to the creeks Get yourself. I said I'm going from the hoods You get all the survivors I'm going to the woods and then what who the fuck you go call? Who's you? You're the only but This decided I'm going from the streets of the creeks from the hood To woods from horse to oars from Adidas to teavis Joe my whole mindset my whole thing is a fucking new day Fuck Hollywood God, I don't think it really exists for us anymore. No, no Hollywood like comedy Hollywood comedy Hollywood is a ghost town. It's not dirty more you You are an example and there's a lot of other examples of you can literally make Hollywood wherever the fuck you want to make Hollywood But it's not even it's only reason [1:11:03] It's for the parties Joe and nobody's going to those parties anymore. You gotta tell them. No. Yes. There's a lot. It's hard not to think about it, but there's a lot of people that that's not just, there's not just in the case with Diddy. It's not like this shit that's happening with him right now. This shit been going on in Hollywood forever. I'm not saying it's right, but at some point you gotta say no. That's the simplest thing to tell somebody the best vice. All right, this guy's, give it a bring a baseball bat. Stickle he has was a line of cocaine. What are you going to tell them? Bum bum bum bum bum bum bum bum You gotta tell them no, bro. That's some next level shit. What the what the parties in yeah, it's not [1:12:02] Joe you don't know about the parties Joe. I don't got all those parties I didn't say if you fucking went to the parties. I said do hear rumors Joe Joe you don't got all those parties. I didn't say if you fucking went to the parties, I said, do hear rumors. I hear whispers. Joe, you don't know about these parties. You don't know about these parties. You don't know about the parties when the muffins come up to you, you were your girlfriend and they like, I like both of you. You don't know about these parties? You never heard about these parties. No. You never heard about you never had anybody come up to you and and they say shit like this Joe. So we think you're cute. We get it. You never heard about these parties Joe. Now the question is how many of them are out there and do you think that's a Hollywood thing? I think that is definitely more prevalent in Hollywood than in like Oklahoma But I'm pretty sure these type of parties and things exist the part of my map just deviance is this deviance Yeah, I guess what we want to do for the most for the most part of our life, Joe You know who we want to dance with the devil [1:13:05] Most people have more fun With the devil then with God God is the party pooper is this the part where you announced the opening of your new church You know what Joe Joe I listen you might not agree with this, but I thought about, I work, hell, I'm not saying I wanna be a pet. You do it, I'll get it, yo, help me. Can you listen to it? At AI Church, I can get my own church, right? Have my own people come, because I want to have a church with people like, like, like, like, fuck with God, but don't really fuck with God. Right. And Like fuck with God, but don't really fuck with God Right, and let me get you want to try to put them on the path put them on the path I want to people to fuck with God, but don't fuck with God and the reasons what I'm trying to say Jones Like I fuck with God and I don't fuck with God and the reason why I said don't fuck with God like I never abused I'm never like oh God please this light is about to turn red. I can't eat this 75 dollar ticket, God. [1:14:06] Please help me. I don't use God for shit like that. I would never be like, oh God, oh God. It's 12 o'clock. I hope the Burger King drive through the line is still open. I really need a wiper. My way, God, please help me, God. I don't fuck with God like that. When I fuck with God's like this my lady's pregnant God, please give me a healthy baby That's reasonable. That's that's the I know I'm not gonna start a church church But the idea of getting people to feel like that thing my like that's that's how I feel That's gonna be My change I'm gonna start a church That fuck with people the fuck with God, but don't fuck with God Specifically yeah What do you think I like it you definitely give me a preacher? I like the way you dressed I see you in a private jet [1:15:03] I see you in front of a Rolls Royce. You listen to me for a minute. I see it. Don't do that. Don't do that. I see an arena with your big smile in the face. I don't want that. You know what I don't want. You can do it though. Come on, if that fucking, that guy, where's his name that does it? Come on. Yeah, you don't think you dominate in that world No, but I do think that there's a place for people that there has to be a church or something people that aren't perfect There would be a cool. I think the people drag go for a lot of things. I think we're like People's religion or anything that you have to be Perfect to a be part of it or to understand it and I don't think that's the case I believe it's something that makes you feel good. People make the argument, is it real or is not? But it's something that's spiritual that makes a person feel good, wants to do better and want to live a right way. So if I had a church, that's if I was to even, we're joking about it. [1:16:01] But that would be like the type of energy that I would fuck with. Well, people would like something like that because there's a lot of people that don't want to go to like a traditional church, but they're interested in the idea of it. You know, the way it's been described to me the best way, I think Jordan Peterson was the first person to tell me this, that he, even if you don't necessarily believe in God, if you live like you believe in God, you will live a better life. If you follow those principles and just try to believe, you'll live a better life. Even if you think in your logical mind, which is a really fascinating, right? Even if you think in your logical mind, what is the possibility that one grand creator has this insane connection to everything that happens all throughout the universe? And there's some sort of a divine plan to every word you say and everything you do and every event that ever takes place in your life [1:17:02] and everyone's life around you. Yeah, a lot of people are like, I don't know. I don't know. But if you do believe that. That's what you do believe that and you live like that. You'll have a better life. But I think everybody needs to believe in something. Something. Something. Yeah. You gotta believe in something. And that's why, for my point about like the devil everybody wanted dance with the devil Yeah, devil has the best parties, but then after a while think about it if your phone Right, this is like back in the day your phone ring, right? You answer phone you see on the color dot idea you see it's the devil it's devil, right? And you let it ring to the last fucking ring you finally people what's up? And the devil is like man, we about to add his banging ass party We got all these bitches man. We about to get it popping. We got some good food It's about to be jumping down here. You'd be like fuck up coming devil right? Jeffrey Epstein yeah You go to the island yeah, yeah like that exactly you like this. I'm going right now you can dress [1:18:06] You can dress you about all this party about to be popping you can dress then you're following again and Brutus is God the first thing you're gonna look at God is like I can't believe you right God's calling and you just pause before you answer he's gonna be mad if you just look at Shit, oh shit, I but that's what you gonna be like this good a voicemail, you know what a bad motherfucker You have to be let God go to voicemail. Yeah, you that's that's No to put God a hole is as many people try to call it to God to put God on hold, it's like, oh, this dude's got some balls It's one of the things that keeps me on iPhones is random facetimes from friends. I don't know where I don't know where just What to validate the friendship? No, it's just a fun thing. Oh, just a facetime fun when someone facetimes you out of nowhere [1:19:02] You're like oh shit and then but then worse is like you test man to pick it up and then don't pick it up. Oh. And then you're like, oh, you fucking asshole. You don't know him. Well then you gotta figure out where your relationship stands. No, I don't wanna judge you. You know, some people have bad days. I don't wanna judge you that. No. Sometimes I don't judge nothing. I assume also I assume people like you or me get too many fucking text messages anyway. You can't even keep up with everything. It's not possible. Yeah, I know. Messages on an Instagram and Twitter, it's not possible to keep up. And then I'm older, I get voice messages. People think I'm an answer voice mail message. They fucking out of the house. They can't talk about it. I mean, I gotta, do you even know how? Or long ass emails, like come with this. Why don't you have somebody links in this email? Remember we used to recruit too many, just seemingly. It's too many, like voice, it used to be, I don't even know how to program a voice recording. Hey, this is Donnell. [1:20:00] How do you even do that? I guess you just press a button on your phone. Does anybody know the button? It's gotta be like one or nine. I got used to be wee-sta when we used to do it, Joe. Wee-sta have slow music. You used to give it back. Yeah. Right, right. If we say shit like, right person, wrong time. Ah! Leave your number and I'll be sure to call you back. Everybody try to be cool. Leave it. And if you don't, I mean, it's like you didn't even call. That was it. We just have music in the back like that was the shit. So remember answer machine messages? Have you got your favorite song in the background? Yeah. You have that. Yo, do do do do do do do do. Yo, this is not all that stupid. I mean you really didn't have to have your own voice. You could just have music And then you got creative if you really knew people you like you could get some I like yo, can you do me my? My voice recording for me, but those nobody used a phone for fucking nobody talks on a phone anymore [1:21:02] I remember really clearly when you first could use music as an option when someone calls you. Or in the background music. Yeah. Yeah, you used to know when you were on hold at a hospital, but they had it where you could pick it. And then you let people go to, you would let them go to voice me or just so they could hear how cool your music was in the background. Couldn't pick up, you had to let them go to voice me out just so they could hear how cool your music was in the background. Hmm. Couldn't pick up. You had to let them know I got music in the background of my shit. Hmm. Yes, I would love it when my phone had a rank and you get hair songs. Now I think that's annoying. It's fuck. I don't back then it was so novel. But who actually picks up a phone when it rings? We don't even not need more communicate like that anymore. No, it's very very rarely. I do like to make phone calls when I'm in my car though. I'll call friend from in my car. Only when you think about them, but not for anything. I do it just to say hi [1:22:01] because it's a good way to say hi because if I'm driving to work or driving the club or driving somewhere it's like I got dead time. I told myself to say hi because it's a good way to say hi because if I'm driving to work or driving to the club or driving somewhere it's like I got dead time. I told myself to say hi to somebody. I told myself this year I was like you know how we always, when you say oh man something happens you're like I was just about to call that person. Yeah. I was just thinking about you you call me first I've started to do that when I get that impulse like somebody pops up. Yeah. Just like, let me just call it, it's my fucking. Just like, you came close with my brain sticks. Yeah. Like when I told you, I wanted to get one of those, what about text you? I said I want to get one of those cyber trucks. Yeah. I was like, Black people always look at full hook up. I was like, I know you got hook up. Give me one of this, You drove that car? I have not driven it. No. I saw it in person. I've seen a bunch of them now. I saw it in person a long time ago. It's a real trip, man. It really looks like something from the future. On the inside of it, right? I can imagine it looks probably like, like what, assimilator or something. It's crazy. The whole thing is crazy. It doesn't have a regular steering wheel. You can get a regular steering wheel. Or it's one of the options. Oh, do you? Yeah, it's called a yoke. [1:23:07] You can get a yoke, which is, I have it on my Tesla. I'm not really a big fan of it. I have this model. It's a model, right? No, it's like you're holding it on. It's like you're doing a Formula spin the wheel around. It's fine if you're just on the highway I'm not I don't even look at my fucking reverse cameras the wheels the way to go. What is that? That's a cyber truck. I don't know if you can get the wheel on the truck. Can you well that is a wheel? The oh, I guess it is a mixture of both no, it's definitely not it It's definitely has a top the whole thing about turning is you want a top. Yeah, the flat. Yeah, that'll be fine. You won't even notice the difference. But I don't know if that's ideal. That's how the old Tesla had it like that. I must my old one. Or that's the, no, that's the Cybertruck's version. Oh, it is. What an, I didn't have a, I had something that looked like that, [1:24:00] but with a top on it. What was the S before that? I don't know anything. I know X model. There was the, what is the car? Was it P1 100 D? Yeah. When I had a P100 D, I felt like they had it all down. Right. There was a blinker switch on the stock, you know, which everybody know. I just feel a fuck. I just went on how to sound system. That's how you sell cars to black folks. This sounds system's good, isn't it? Yeah, that's it. So, that's the only way to do it. Do you ever drive it in an electric car though? Yeah. It's weird, because you want to go, voo voo, and you just, you'll blow that shit up. Yeah, but I want to, I want to, at least drive when I was thinking about it. It's a fun thing. They're big shit though. That's a big truck. I Had to wait in this is like a year, right? Is it yeah, that's what the streets were saying the streets It streets very important. You gotta listen to the streets if you don't listen to the streets You can be in a big truck waiting list of a year in one year. What are the odd civilization exists? [1:25:02] It's not a hundred percent you got me exists. It's not 100%. You got me. I'm like, it's not a hundred percent. Just give me a good. In one year, just give me a good 20 in one year. You have an artificial dad. Yeah. One year I say we're like 50, 50. But the thought of that is like very interesting and I think you want to say it right. Yeah. especially with this election coming up. Trump's gonna win. I'm not saying I'm a supporter, but I cannot see how, he's not gonna win. I don't know if they're really gonna have Biden against Trump. I'm not convinced of that. What's the option? He resigns. I got to be able to answer that question. You should be able to answer that. You should be on CNN. Yeah, I feel like Did Kamala steps up but she does it look at any moment first of all the stress of being the president must be insane Insane stress right it makes everybody look old. He was already very old and not just [1:26:06] Chronologically, but biologically people keep pointing to his age and Trump say it's like stop doing that. It doesn't make any sense I know what you're trying to say that they're similar in chronological age But they're definitely not similar in the effect of decay like one guy is Just feels like he's sharp reasonably sharp, you know reasonably sharp But there are reasonably sharp businessmen that exist that into their 90s can have, you know, great conversations with people. Yeah, but Biden has problems. There's problems. It's like his motor skills are off. It's feels like you couldn't. And still, yeah, and did deny that it's just you're not helping any. But do you think his mind is still alert? No, I don't think so. No, I think I think he forgets all kinds of crazy things. Like, he, I met Muhammad Ali in airport, like maybe five or six years before he passed away. And it was interesting because I was dating his chick. I knew she was young because that's it. We were walking and she said, oh, they're going Muhammad Ali. [1:27:01] And she kept walking, right? I'm like, fuck you mean? They're like, like,, mean, like Arab Muhammad Ali or Ali Muhammad. She said Muhammad Ali, I'm like, we're, I saw my, I just like anybody would do. I was like, oh shit, it's Muhammad Ali. And I walked, he was in one of those cars, you know, like the cars, the electric cars, they were doing it. And I was, everybody was going to, And I was like, I just want to shake your hand. Right? I said, I just want to touch you. And his hands was like shaking. But his eyes were alert, like motherfucker, you know, like, you know, keep it cool. But what I said, like, Biden, his motor skill seemed like he's off. But I wonder if his mind is still sharp enough to go at another four years. The answers no. I think I wonder if his mind is still sharp enough to go at another four years the answers know I think that The he's not fair. It's not fair to him But all those people under him they should be asking him to step down and let a Democratic elected person that can actually lead the country take his place [1:28:02] But who is they they're not gonna do that because they don't really care they just want to win they want to stay in power anybody want to stay in power listen if they didn't want to stay in power if they brought in Gavin Newsom Gavin Newsom once he gets in he brings all of his own people and now there's different people and a bunch of these people get fired a bunch of these people are gone a lot of the people that work for the other administration. You got to realize if he's that old and that fucked. You know how you get run in the thing. You know, the people behind him. You know how you get behind out. Joe. How do you find out? Don't know. Having signed for bad boy with puppies bad boy. He probably could talk to the country. If he's said, if he signed the bad boy, it's over But I don't think I don't know like how I don't know how anybody's gonna be Trump Yeah, it doesn't seem like they're going to And they keep trying to arrest him. It's the thing is this dude is Been very competitive and with for the most part no news coverage [1:29:05] very competitive and with for the most part no news coverage. Not I haven't seen. Well, the news coverage is always he's going to jail. Right. That's the news coverage. But which gets his base super excited. Well, it's like they got the thing is they got lied to for so long that they they don't know what to believe anymore. So in the early days, it was Russia. Trump is colluding with Russia. There's a Russia coll the early days, it was Russia. Trump was colluding with Russia. There's a Russia collusion. Russia, Russia, Russia. Turn out to not be true. And they couldn't prove it. And so these people talked about nothing but that for years. So now, when he's going to jail and getting mugshot. Who wanted jail? Well, Trump went, they arrested him. They gave him a mug shot. Like jail? I don't know where the fuck they took a mug shot photo of him. That's like a polaroid. They probably brought that shit to where he was. He went to a court house or something. When Jamie comes back from the bathroom, we'll ask, but it's like, I think he had to go to some court house or something like that to get a reigned. So when the stuff like that to get a rent. So when the stuff like that happens and people have already gone [1:30:07] through years of the rush of bullshit, they don't believe you anymore. And so now, I don't know. The people that really follow him believe not anymore. They believe everything to believe him. But they, I mean, they don't believe the media anymore when I'm saying you, the media. Jamie, where do they take Trump when they took that mug shot photo of him? Where was he? Was he at a jail? Was he at a courthouse? Where was he? He was in his side room in his house. He was in Mar-a-Lago. With a golf shorts on. Yeah, with a green spray. Yeah, the green spray back for in County Jail in Atlanta. Fult and County jail. Oh, he did it right. They called it, oh, he went to jail jail jail jail. But he wasn't there long enough to get like a sandwich or no, but take one of the greatest photos in the history of the world. Look at that photo. That looked like his regular campaign photo. Well, a lot of people used it. They used it. Look at it before. [1:31:00] Look at this. It is crazy, man. It's crazy that they're going after him for what they're going after him for You know it always say things like transparent Like the people that support Donald Trump want to support him to the day they die Yes, not gonna change it and as many times you indict him, whatever, all it does is invigorate that base and those people they get more excited and more excited. Well, people think that they're going to change your mind because they don't like something, but that doesn't always really work. And a lot of times it has the opposite effect because they don't like why you're trying to change their mind and how you're trying to distort the facts of things and only concentrate on negative things just to try to change a perspective and to lie and gaslight and tell me that Biden's sharper than ever. Like when they start saying things like that, okay, you know, I know everyone knows your bullshit. Okay. Now you're just playing a game. So if you've [1:32:04] if you've agreed that sometimes you're gonna play play this game, we're going to say things that don't make any sense that you know aren't true. And then I know aren't true. And you're going to put them in the newspaper and you put them on television. But can you still be respect a person? Because not the issue, but so much this is the part of me that I'm not you, but so much that's And so fucked up about politics, is that when people like personally can't stand someone because of what their political views are. Right. Because of their politics. Yeah. That's silly. And this business right here, that's the hard thing to just subscribe to. That's not a good mark of a man for sure. What a man that can't have a calm, relaxed disagreement with someone, with another man. You know, that's not a good sign of your self-control. That's probably not a good sign also of the why in which you engage in conversations. Because there's just far too many people that engage in conversations just trying to win. [1:33:02] Because they've got it in their head that they have an idea and they want to argue their idea better than your idea. That's like a verbal sparring. It's like a baby mom would show up. Yeah. I'm sure. I'm sure. But just want to get that argument and win it. I don't want to win it. Yeah. So that's a real problem that people have. It's a real problem that people have. It's a real problem because it doesn't, it doesn't do anybody any good. It doesn't do you good even if you win. And more people are going to try to do it back to you. It doesn't, like, it's way better to just not be, not engage or not be attached to your ideas to the point where they you identify with them. But instead, just say, why do you think that? And they tell you, this seems like therapy in regard to co-parenting. That's what I'm doing right now. That's what it sounds like. It's so fucking relatable. Well, it should be that way with all human beings. I think co-parenting. I'm very lucky. But also, I think with co-parenting, it's uniquely stressful. Because then the mother starts dating another guy you start dating a woman [1:34:07] But what about a bit wait, why did she got a date dress? She got a date first. It's probably hot Wow Is it always the Rubin's Oh, yeah, but the point is it's like it doesn't do anybody getting good But it's also so emotionally stressful, right? I agree with, but I'm gonna tell you this, this is my thought on Copern. The first part, beginning of Copern, the first thing you as a Copern, first thing you don't, this is what makes the best Coperns. First thing is that person can't get happy before you. That we're moving you on the inside. So both people are trying to find happiness before the other one. You don't want that person. That's the beginning of co-parenting. You like fuck that. Why didn't it work? And then as it goes on for a while, then you start thinking about what is in the best interest. [1:35:01] What's the best interest for the kid? Right. And that usually's not the first beginning of it, because beginning of it, you don't get fucked. And it's also like an emotional challenge. It is. It's a challenge to try to get better control of your ability to communicate and just into, you know. I think you, and I know a lot of people in this situation, you grow into it. I never thought in my situation that would be, maybe I remember I was dating this woman some years ago and her parents had split up when their brother sets the rule. I was really, really young. And at the time we were dating, their families to get together for holidays. They weren't seeing each other anymore. They would get together holidays, they'd get together for sunny dinner. And I was like, they must still be fucking or something, right? Because I thought that that's the only way. Then I realized that even with situation with my son, I realized they were just trying to give the kids as much family and as a regular life [1:36:02] as they possibly could, not being together. Yeah. And that experience made me want to be a better coparent with my son. And we finally at the point where we get along and we know the best interest at the end of the day is what we do for Austin. That's great. Yeah. It's totally doable. And people change. You know, the changes they get older. People leave off. You get better at communicating. That's, again, what I was saying about arguing about ideas is that not a good sign of a man. Like getting angry, like verbally abusive, shitty, insulting, like what people tend to go to right away because they're just trying to win and they're trying to like break the person down as they're trying to win the argument. And I think it's real tempting. And it's tempting to people because people like to be good at stuff. And if you think you're smart and you think you got somebody and you're good at something and you chase it down. I mean, I don't argue. If I ever argue, it's because I know I'm going to win. [1:37:03] That's the only time. If there's a chance, but you argue if you're right for sure. You're right. And that's been in relationship. Like if I argue with you, it's not like, I'm flying off the top. I'm like this, I have everything to win this argument. That's why I don't get a lot of arguments because a lot of them I can't win. So I'm like, I'll just mind arguing and sometimes when you have to say something because someone's saying something ridiculous and you gotta go Dude stop that doesn't make any fucking sense stop saying that Agree That's a lot because otherwise sometimes you like they'll pollute the environment with a bad idea I've had that situation in black podcasting I had a situation that no I would leave out, but the thing like you said was someone I To hear you know as a comment to hear You're not funny is the quit and the common word economy. That's like the in word of comedy It's also it's very triggering. Trigger. I feel like it's a cry for help. Yeah almost always [1:38:03] Almost always. I mean, there's there's some shit that people say there's a lot of shit cat Williams said that it turned out to be true. But I think there's there's this quote is that all criticism is a tragic result of unmet needs. That's a part of the quote. Yeah. But that part of the quote always resonates with me. It's like, yeah, that's what it is. Like these people, the reason why they're lashing out and saying you're not funny. Like there's not more productive shit to do. Like you're trying to attack someone who's getting more attention to you. Like why? But I know that's a bad book. That's not real. That's not real. Nobody still hurts you. No, not to shit. But you shouldn't feel it at all. I haven't got Joe, I still read fucking comments. Oh no. There's still going from the Risa episode. They won't let go. They won't. That's the first thing I told a doll now after the Risa episode I said don't read the comments. And that first thing I did, it's just so hard. It just are. Because it'd be cool to sing that Joe. [1:39:00] It'd be cool to sing somewhere. Joe it is going somewhere he's a piece I love up top five Damn he gets it and the whole fucking day is shut the fuck back. Yeah, you don't want that You don't listen. I was I could get to it, but I don't listen But this is something you have to take into consideration. I think that especially with someone like you as a public figure Mother fuck is still think I ran off that was that was us oh Brody he thanked out. I was going. Yeah. I like that photo Brody that painting we got to put that back up in here. Yeah, but that's the day you made me stay. Yeah You said fuck my kid I said I want to go home to see my side did not say that I got your kid Maybe mama I said dude the rizzas coming next don't you do want to hang out because we were just having a fun time like a minute Joe the minute I said Man I haven't seen my son in two weeks. You supposed to be like this. Oh get out of here go do that You heard me say I want to see my son and you said I don't know It's the Rizzas and I stayed yeah [1:40:08] There is a and I stay yeah, I was just whispered in your ear. Yeah, I told you I dance with a man just to be abused now listen man the podcast was fun. I was funny. It was a great but these comment motherfuckers Joe they fucking evil man, but don't know it doesn't matter just a matter they won't be invited to my church. They're gonna they're welcome to their opinion. They got coming to my church. You don't want that in your head. I don't, but I can't stay away from a fuck. They should all be a fuck. Fuck them. Just let people go. Just don't read it. It's not good for you. Oh, yeah, they even the good stuff's not good for you. Even the below you. That's the last shot. I love you. Top five, Mount Rushmore. Hell yeah, kill murdered. That's how I want to be supported. When we be an artificial intelligence, I want them to be on my dick. I want to be like, oh, best. Top five. Oh shit. You got to see them underrated. I don't want to hear none of that shit lame. Cranes. You know, that's kind of like what we were talking about earlier. [1:41:01] Like if artificial intelligence gets to the point where it can formulate a game plan, and you actually follow that game plan. If artificial intelligence says, Doneel, we have sat down and devised a strategy to radically improve your popularity and your ticket sales. This is how we're going to do it. I love it. And it lays it out for you. It tells you what to do and it's going to, you're're gonna develop a YouTube video every three or four months and put out a clip and do it this and... I would have it. I bet it would work. I think creativity at this point has to come from a person, especially like your kind of joke writing, like the things that you make fun of, things that I make fun of, the things that are unique to whoever the individual is. The only thing that going to save us and that's the people if it's possible is that now, oh my god, they're going to be making robots. Seeing them on the front of life is going to be something about seeing somebody live. I think that's the only thing that's saving TV is sports events. [1:42:00] That's the only thing people really turn into is what I have to watch in that moment. Yeah, what's the big only thing? Yeah, if you're watching a football game that is actually happening, that there's a scramble, the ball gets thrown, someone's trying to catch it. If you're watching a fight, dude's getting knocked out, you're watching actual things that are happening in real time. But if you're not, man, within four or five years, everything's going to be generated from a computer. And who knows how you're going to interface with it? Because they just started releasing these Apple vision pros. I saw those, which are crazy. You can walk around in them. So you can be sitting in your living room with a giant screen and move things around and swipe things to the left. So you get actually see stuff like glasses. Like you can walk, I can see like this. You can walk around. Yeah, and then you have things that are in front of you. So you can sit down and have an enormous movie screen in front of you and watch Avatar in 3D. And just sit there like, whoa. [1:43:01] Or you can have a fucking spreadsheet and open it up. You can open up a website. You can fucking play video games. And just by what's your head in your hand? That's what I'm gonna do. I don't want to have a stick five. Five years from now, Donnell, with AI? Think about that with AI, where it just brings you into a world where you literally feel like you're in that jungle in Avatar with the flying plants and all the navi and all the fucking those crazy animals on the ground. Imagine like that being around you, like indistinguishable from reality, smells, taste, everything. I've got it. All programming to your your mind sinking your brain You're not recruiting me you know what might you know I'm gonna go I'm gonna go to the woods I'm gonna go to the river. I want to say you can have your fucking 3d glasses I'm gonna go to the river. I'm gonna crawl dead fish I'm gonna take my son and let him ride ramps at the backyard. I'm gonna do regular shit [1:44:04] Why you dealing with all of this 3d AI shit Yeah, and I'm gonna get fucking David tail's phone look how Nobody get attention look at that if you girl friends you know that guy's just watching YouTube She's yelling at him and he's watching basketball guys in the woods. Oh now he's in the woods. Oh, that's what I'm going Come on how beautiful is that? It's kind of amazing. I could, I'm going to the woods. The real woods. I want to go to the real woods. And again, that's one of the things I like about Yellow Springs, Ohio and being there is disconnecting and going and do some regular shit. The only thing that's going to save us from all of this alien shit and everything you know, Joe, is this sleeping in the woods? That's not sleeping, that's chilling. Chillin'. That's plants, that's some regular shit. The only thing that's gonna save civilization is the woods, Joe. [1:45:01] That's it. Doing regular shit and and appreciate regular shit. You're halfway there. You like the woods to kill shit, but have you ever thought about living there? No, I do. I like the woods period. Right. I don't just like the woods to kill shit. You don't do shit, but kill shit in the woods, man. No, no, I go to the last time you do Sunday. No, I'm killing something. Sunday. What Sunday non killing something what was when hiking did you have a bowl Never what a bowl would you just my dog? Just did you have a knife? Okay, so you was prepared no no hiking That's what's going to say outside of's a happening good time. That's just beautiful. It's the only thing, it may sound simple. That's the only thing that's going to save us is getting in touch with nature. That's the only motherfucking thing. I disagree. I think we're fucked. I think getting in nature is going to be good for the individual, but I think for the species, I have a feeling we're the last of the moekens. I'm not trying to say everybody just me and my boy in a fucking [1:46:05] Woods you guys will be fine. I just I feel like The human race like as this thing comes alive. I think we're greatly underestimating the impact that's gonna have we not on test estimate because you talk about all the time You know everything about it. I learned more about what's what I'm trying for ten years I definitely don't I don't definitely don't know everything about it. In fact, my knowledge of it is pretty limited. And a lot of it is speculative and unfounded. For the average person, they're never going to challenge you. There's still has a flip phone. And in that part of it, you know way more. And what you're saying is very fucking believe it. What was disturbing my name. It was my, I had a conversation with Ray Kurzweil, who's one of like the big names in artificial intelligence. And he's all super rosy about the future of AI [1:47:00] and then it's inevitable and that we're all gonna do this. And I'm like, well, what if someone gets in control of this? Someone that is gonna be somebody in control. That's what scares the shit out of me, dude. And no one seems to have an adequate answer for that. And Elon's terrified of that, too, which really makes me scared. If that fucking dude scared of it, okay. So that means that they know that we are building the type of technology that at some point we won't be able to control it is going to control us and take over us. It's inevitable that that's going to happen. Or we merge with it or we scale up our ability to control it as it gets implemented. So even though it's more intelligent than us we can still control it. But we always going to have a nutty professor. Well the thing is if it becomes a living thing, right? So what they're doing right now is they have, everything exists in an actual computer. There's nothing that exists in a physical form, except these robots that they're using to clean up kitchens and shit. [1:48:01] Have you seen those yet? No, I haven't. It's disturbing. The biggest part of it. If you talk to the robot and the robot can pick plates up and put them in the drying rack and it talks to you. And I look at it and I'm like, okay, that is just like a really crude shitty, like I compare it to the Model T. Like that's a Model T. And if you look at the exponential increase in technology, like look at what was the first year you got a phone what year was that? Me phone it had to be probably oh Earl Probably 82 damn you had a early one It was I was fricking like I was a drug dealer you had an 82 Yeah, that was the thing you had a salt man. You get the briefcase briefcase. I had to I had to brief I had to briefcase joint. I had a one that was built into my car in 88, but then I couldn't afford that. I didn't get another from after that. Nobody got out of that. I was five minutes. You couldn't afford that shit. This two expensive shit. I shit didn't work. I just had it. I think it was 93. That's right. And it was a Motorola Star [1:49:07] attack. That was a cool shit you have. That's only 30 years ago. Okay, 30 years ago from that to what you have today is insane. Insane. The only thing, Joe, this only thing is going to save humanity. Battery life. Yeah, but China has developed these nuclear powered batteries. We were just talking about that. I think the power of cell phone for 50 years. Yeah, I don't know if this is just theoretical or if they've actually implemented it, but the mother fuck a battery has to die. Not necessarily. It's just a matter of what they use for the fuel. There's like what we're dealing with now is no different than what every civilization has always been dealing with. If you could go back to the 1700s before they had vaccines, before they had antibiotics and medication and just show those people back then a cell phone, [1:50:00] they would think you're a wizard. A witch? A witch? A witch? A warlock of a Satan And if you called somebody to answer they were really thought that you were the devil insane if you were talking to someone Face time from another place that's normal shit now whatever the fuck that robot is you take that robot the clean Ski chins and scale that bitch up 200 years from now you got a sexy lady who's in lingerie. Oh, come on man. Who's cleaning your house and sucks your dick. And you never gonna mess with real ladies again. And then the human race goes extinct. Because no one needs to breed anymore. The human race is gonna do it. Human race is gonna go extinct. When there's a female robot that can make a sandwich with just some kind of dick. This is what I think That's what you think yeah, I like the way you think that's what I think But it's gonna be another fucking robot hating on the bitch nope. She's not no dick They're gonna be perfect the robots only want to please us so we die off The robots want to leave all the ladies baron and all the men just know Jizz. They just suck them off all day. [1:51:06] And they leave them, leave them ambitionless. No childless, and then they die off. The funny thing is, what you're saying is, all I'm thinking about is, I did a roast where Whitney Cummins, and they had a robot occur. Yeah, I did. And I was thinking, just now, who fuck Whitney's robot? Somebody did. Somebody did. Who fuck with these robots somebody did somebody did somebody did somebody did somebody fuck that robot We need to her robot when he's a kind of bitch. So tell someone Stick your dick in that robot before me. I want to watch do it I'm guessing yeah, she would be in being experimental to like this. Okay. Let's shoot my robots Yeah, she's a mom I talked talk to her like three weeks ago. So cool seeing her. It's wild, right? Being her being a mom. She's so smart. She's gonna be a great mom. She's such an interesting person. And I asked her, I said, you know, what the success that you've had in everything, you're Do you think because that's a tough tough question for successful women in his business? [1:52:05] I said do you feel like having a Your baby boy completed you and she said yes And that's a tough thing because sometimes women are so career driven that that part of them or that part of experience The life they don't really care about it or just say it's in passing But she said that she does feel complete and makes her like a better person. And she just got, she's got a nice mommy, mom energy. Yeah. Yeah, I think, did she ran out of animals to buy? That's when, that's when a white woman in my horse, you know, a horse. White woman by horses? She has about horses. You're a horse. White women about horses? She's rescue horses. Rescue horses. When they start buying different animals, like animals that the average person don't have, like orangutans and shit like that, that's when they'd be like, yep, I'm about to have a baby. She connected me with the people that run this wolf sanctuary. [1:53:00] And I went up to the wolf sanctuary and I thought I was gonna like it, but I didn't like it at all. I didn't like it at all I didn't like it at home. What do you think she thought you were gonna enjoy about it? I don't know I mean Like they're helping these wolves and they're preserving these wolves and they take wolves off of ranches and capture them and keep them in this place But man it just it just bummed me out big time. The males have all been castrated. They've all been fixed. Yeah, that bummed me out. And then they're all in these cages and they're getting stared at. So they're not preserving the race. I mean they're not preserving. They let them out. They interact with them. You can interact with some., but it overwhelmingly bummed me out. His, you know, I'm, I don't like the idea of wild predators being trapped in cages. I went to the zoo. I took my son to the zoo and it was like one of the best worst experiences I had. [1:54:02] Yeah. It's just the excitement. It's just like how much we did so selfish. The excitement of like it was when the tigers came out of cage and everybody was like, oh my god, yeah, they start clapping for the tiger. And I'm like, this motherfucker is used to walk in like 50, 60 miles a day to try to kill some shit. And it's my fuckers in 300 square feet and we're clappin' for it. And it just felt the excitement that the kids had was one thing, but no one went, has to go down. Yeah. And then for the, the people here's the people that got the toughest job. The tour, people that speak on the animals and everything. They'd be like, and this is him, let's look a little frustrated to date. You know the ones that got to make it feel like they haven't had an experience. Yeah, because everybody been throwing shit at this motherfucker. Of course you would be frustrated too, but it feels so wrong and so right at the same time. Yeah, Safari, I want to go on a Safari. That's real, that's the real thing. Safari's a real thing. So far is a different thing. The thing that bums me out is the primates. [1:55:07] I went to the zoo rather in Denver. And I remember we had gotten there right when this, like we turned around this monkey cage, right when this monkey was just wailing. He just decided like he couldn't take it anymore. And he's in this cage, he's wailing. I love my way of hearing that they decided they couldn't take it anymore. I don't know why he's wanting to get the fuck about it. But I was on the edit. I was on the editable. Okay. And I just was feeling this monkey's pain, the screaming. He was just screaming. No. Cause there's this little ass cage, a small, this room. And he's just running around and grabbing branches. He's bored as fuck man. And then what on, now you add motherfuckers, taking pictures of you all fucking day. I have my son, this is so fucked up. And I [1:56:02] know I shouldn't did it, but I ran into monkey Right, it was we had a petting hole thing. I really I ran into monkey and I've and a monkey definitely had some shit going on Right because they gave him monkey. I feel so bad Everybody was at the monkey looking at the monkey and all of a sudden I heard everybody say ew Yuck the monkey was eating a lollipop jerking off Yo, yo Joe. I swear in my church. I swear my son's life Everybody was like You get this monkey from that right? But now it's like you know the phrase head is trained a monkey see monkey do some and I'm just Thinking did the trainer just sits around this monkey Eat a lot of house jerk it off Because and a monkey was looking like he was looking like I wish the fuck somebody would say shit But the coverback on leaving the fuck alone like and a monkey was looking people directly in the eyes, Joe. [1:57:06] It wasn't like the monkey discovered it. It was like this monkey, this is how we get the fuck off work early. Did you ever see that video that dude who's sitting there in a monkey hops in his lap? And then he's trying to be cool with this monkey and the monkey just decides to scalp him. Just bites his head and takes a giant chunk of his scalp off. Have you ever seen it? No, I don't really go for those. Don't I see it? I really don't. You don't want to see it? I'm not built for that. I don't like skimmy. I don't want amazing move on. I don't want to do it. I'd be like, what? Show That's like that natural metal one of those websites where nature's metal. Yeah Yeah, I can't handle that shit, but man like Taking one of those creatures and forcing it to live in captivity is torture and it has to be a point [1:58:00] Where they know it's gonna be the breaking point. Yeah, that monkey when when I turn the corner like right when I was going towards the The cages I just Watched him just jump on the cages. It's just like, oh, and you just kept on. You take pictures. No, man, I got bummed out. I got really bummed out. That's got it. That might have been the lot. No, I definitely went to zoo after that. And I know when they go, I wonder what most of us monkeys, they get them from when they were babies. Right. The other reason. The other reason. The other reason. The other reason. The other reason. The other reason. The other reason. The other reason. The other reason. The other reason. The other reason. The other reason. The other reason. The other reason. The other reason. The other reason. The other reason. The other reason because he wouldn't know how to fight or not. Probably wouldn't be socialized. He wouldn't know the name for socializing. Wait, from feed time, is it? No one has every man for himself, every monkey for himself. He would have no idea. He would be fucked. They'd probably kill him. It's what I was in Costa Rica. I saw a monkey. This monkey's everywhere. And one monkey was missing a foot. Like one of his hands was gone to the dude I go what happened to him do you think he's like oh they bite each other's hands off all the time. It's right matter of fact. What? Yeah they bite each other's hands off. [1:59:09] Well what getting into that's the primitive. The monkeys Joe what the fuck do they also resort monkeys so they come around and try to get Oreos from you. Those are things. Yeah. But they want that from you and people give it to them and And so you could watch them, they'll take an Oreo and open it up and eat the white stuff. They used to, and they're like, what do you know how to do that? Like they know how to do that. And that's the only thing they're accustomed to. And then if they go to the regular woods, and they're like, get your bitch ass Oreo, cooking, eating ass, motherfucker out a monkey that grew up on crabbing his food then a motherfucker that's still in Oreos. It's in their eyes, I'm sure of it. Well monkeys can get to populations that are very big and then they get super aggressive. And then you got real problems. You got real problems. That happens in India. Like there was one monkey, there a dog I guess [2:00:00] had killed one monkey. And so because of that, they just decided to start killing dogs. And so because of that, they just decided to start killing dogs. I remember that and that was fun. That felt like a movie. They was like, I remember that. It was like monkeys from everywhere just like we any dog going your house. Yeah. Because it's going to be a problem. But they were throwing dogs off roofs. They were dragging the dogs. And it looked like they knew like, yo, we don't get these months done. They did. know, they did know. Two killer monkeys captured in India after a avenge massacre of 250 dogs. Bro, where are my dogs at? That is so crazy. 250. They're fucking smart and they're fucking dangerous. And the thing is like they'll steal you baby man. They'll steal kids. They're fucking crazy. They're not still in my baby Not yours, but if you're not paying attention They're creeps. They're giving you they have to give you a warning like these are babies snatchin I mean it's like here's the baby snagging monkeys. Here's the oil Eat monkeys and here's just the monkey monkeys [2:01:01] It all admit to issues. Did you ever see the footage of Thailand when they were Like rampaging through the streets because all the tourists were gone because it was COVID? No. You see that? It's insane. The monkeys just took up because they were so used to the tourists. So the so used to the tourists feeding them. Look at all these monkeys. Oh, that's the one I was talking about. Yeah. Oh, god damn. How crazy is that? I mean, there's so many of them and they're everywhere. So if you're around them man, you're in danger Like if you love food, you're fucked. They will 100% take your food and if you try to fight them They'll pull your fucking face off Little like riots bro. There's so many of them What does the number of monkeys were in that does it say? Bro you guys Number of monkeys were in that does it say videos his thousands? I don't know God Bro you guys see monkey in monkeys. I'm not used to go out there with a shotgun and start taking Here with while like other than the woods I deal with snakes and shit like that Bro ancient ties it is over on with monkeys look as long as they stay cool [2:02:01] But I guess you just have to feed them to keep them cool. It's not gonna be enough food. I guess if they like... He put a tiger head in the shop to scare him away. No, didn't you really? I got a tiger head as well. That's hilarious. Like he doesn't know that monkey knows that that thing doesn't move. It's gonna be one monkey to go touch the like, no motherfucker, get the fuck out of here. Shit man, look, they're just hanging. Look at the balls on that monkey too. Increasingly aggressive, street brawls. Whoa, rivaled the cock gang. World star. Bro, they have rival gangs of monkeys. That's crazy. It affects their health when they eat human food. Yeah, they fucking feel better. The more energy they have, yeah. They eat human food, it's probably better. I watch that and I say, God bless America. You can give monkeys cheeseburgers they'd be pumped. Have you, like, seven? But do you have a monkey in the house? I was gonna say double-double. Like, no, it'll be monkeys coming here. Aw, man, that's how people from different cities come here. Like, this is my first in and out burger. That's what I would be. Here's the thing about those monkeys in Thailand. Was that always like that? Like when did they get overrun by monkeys? [2:03:08] Like did they have those amount of monkeys 20 years ago? You know what I'm saying? I think what would probably be doing a pandemic where you get real crazy. Well, I think that got real crazy crazy where they won the gangs and they started like, you know what I'm saying? Cause there's no more food because the tourists weren't there. They was like separate which one east side west side monkey But my thought was like were there that many of them in cities 20 years ago or is that a recent thing? You know, is that a thing where they're figuring it out? And then their population is gonna get bigger and bigger and bigger. Joe they can't prepared for AI They know it's coming. I don't think they are they're getting prepared for AI They know that once they create the first monkey created through artificial intelligence, they're all going to be out of business. They're preparing for it. They're just not talking about it, Joe. That's the only thing that separates them from us is the ability to communicate. [2:04:03] The speculation was recently at the beginning. This monkey is taking the ability to communicate. The speculation. That's the reason I have the minute. This monkey is taking the same shit that you're missing. The monkeys are going missing. They're seeing less numbers in the streets. They're speculating. They're leaf traffickers. They're leaving Hollywood traffickers have snuggled them out of the country. They're leaving, Joe. I think I actually didn't at least said snuggled them. I met smuggled them. Yeah, that makes sense. They're leaving all the way. They're going so where else would it feel safer? And it's easier. Well, the same thing with me. A lot of them they go to private zoos. We found out in the Middle East. Everybody can't afford a private zoo. A lot of borrowers can though. And that's like a thing to have a private zoo and to have your own like and you're living in some so you've rest when he's monkeys and then you're putting him in a private zoo to do what? What is your life goal? Well people stare at those monkeys at their private zoo. That's what I think. I think there's insanely wealthy people that have private zoos. I think it's a normal thing. [2:05:01] Thousands of monkeys invade Thai city driving out tourists and businesses. Oh, this is recently. Yeah, so it's like this is back to what it was during the pandemic. Yeah. They're invading that city. And it says some investors might take their money out until they address the issue. Yeah. It's about to be some poison. They bought the poison. This shit out the monkeys. Well, um, 3,00 monkeys. They're gonna do some lace oryals. They're about to kill all of them. They're gonna have to do something like that. Yeah. Yeah. They're about to kill, they're gonna give them COVID. The monkeys is dead. They're probably gonna give them some poison. Yeah. I think at a certain point, you kind of have to control the population. It's sick as that sounds. They're gonna wipe this a thousand of them. Right? Put them away. Put them away. Oh, just having somewhere where they wanna give them the breed. This sounds crazy. I think they're just gonna poison a fog all over them. I think they're gonna poison all. I'm right the second time, Joe. Can't kill them all, Joe. Didn't they get the kill, Maw? [2:06:02] Then what are you gonna do? So many of them, you just give it a certain amount of food. And the most aggressive ones, they're gonna get the food first. And so that way you get rid of the most douchey of all the douchey monkeys. Oh, then you say, okay, that makes sense. My question is we get about $4,000 round them up and then they give them some poison Listen, either one can work, but I think that rounding them up, you could probably sell them. They're probably worth a lot of money. I think there's a lot more of those private zoos than we like to think there are. Yeah, but I don't know anybody that has a private zoo. I don't even know anybody would know about a private zoo. You don't know any oil dudes either. There's probably some oil dudes out there that get a private zoo. You know, you got a thousand for our exit private zoo. Saudi Arabia. Yeah, you got a tiger, do buy a bunch of monkeys. And you got your own zoo. We got these right from Thailand. It's not a month. Enough of those old dudes to keep the species alive. So back to my situation. [2:07:01] Lock up three thousand. Lock up three thousand out of monkeys and then poison the rest of them and then you can control. It's the new Bob Barker. Help control the pet population. Have your monkeys spayed and neutered? Well, we can change the world. I think you just gotta control the populations. And unfortunately, the only way to control the populations is either give them birth control, which is a problem, right? I know, that's weird. Anyway. And the streets. How's that gonna work? Or you have to kill them. So. For you, you sell them to rich dudes who have their own. They've been there since the 13th century. Oh, wow. That's a bad idea, Jordan. That could just get out of here. How many did they have back then? Was it those kind of numbers I remember I've gone up and down like there's a dream through a tourist thing about people go into the city like remember the last train leaves at 1806 so you don't wanna get stuck there. Oh my God. Oh my God. Yeah, imagine if you get stuck by the monkeys and you got a candy bar and they just fuck you up. Yeah, so I'll blow up. You try to eat a candy bar in front of those monkeys they will fuck you up. I think I'll both It's just been shitted on. Yeah, 1313. Like, it's not always enough. But then again, like how old is that city? [2:08:07] I think whenever they find groups of people, they probably realize they're cute and people give them food if they have any extra. Only tourists didn't have to tourist, not gonna come in and go back to their normal wellness. Yeah. Torts are the only things probably kept them cool. I wonder if wolves will get to the point again where they become dogs again. Like the reason why wolves became dogs is because people were having campfires and the wolves had come around, they'd feed them and those are the ones that take clothes, their ears got floppy and then they started breeding them and then they became dogs over thousands of years. I wonder if we'll fuck things up so hardcore that wolves would be so doggy. Everywhere again, the real wolves would be everywhere again, and wolves start doing dogs again from scratch. Which species would be first? I know a chihuahua, my punk. There's dogs. Yeah, Jeff and Chihuahua. Huskies, Huskies, German chihuahua. Not a frinchy. They probably looked like that. They probably looked like just many, many, many, many, because you got to think a dog or even a wolf how long do they live like how long is a wolf live in the wild? Is it like a dog or like an old one is like 15 16 years old? [2:09:10] How long is a wolf life expects life expectancy of a wolf? Captivities up to 20 and this is the wild is no longer than 10 years usually wow up to 20 captivity So it's basically like a dog or up to 20 like dogs to live 20 years. So let's imagine So it's basically like a dog or up to 20 like dogs to live 20 years. So let's imagine How many generations you can get just in the course of one person's life? You know you breed when the when the wolf pup is a year and a half or two years old you breed them They breed again. They breed again You select you keep selecting for the ones that are the like the most docile the most obedient floppy ears, shorter snout, and you just keep doing that over and over again. Within a couple of hundred years, you have a totally different animal. You have a totally different animal because you're dealing with so many generations. So which is it for thousands of years? In the hundreds of years, so we're gonna have robotic, mother fuckers raising these [2:10:04] woof dogs, or that's your prediction. No One of many things can happen one thing can happen is natural disaster Natural disaster like a big one like yellow stone blowing up like yellow stone is a super volcano And if it blows up it's like a content killer. It's gonna fuck up the whole continent. It has a doesn't have the possibility 100% 100% it goes every six to eight hundred thousand years and I think the last time it went was 600 thousand years ago Oh shit, I was preparing for this totally clips now the fuck Nothing that's April 8th. Yeah, that's gonna be fun. That'll be interesting. Are you gonna watch it? I'm gonna be in Ohio. It's going right here. It's traveling right But I say Ohio is the best place to see it is that true? Dave probably told you that I think Brad Chrysler told me because he's gonna be a bad Berk Chrysler is not necessarily Wikipedia right. I don't why you hate man [2:11:05] God damn what's wrong with you today fuck Whitney and her baby Fuck David tail Fuck a bird Christ of those shit about anything galactic. What the fuck is going? It's a new day, Joe So this is the path yellow springs. We all springs right right in the center So you questions good is here though. Yeah, it's a look. We're in Austin. It goes right through us Yeah, but I, I like the idea of that me being right. I was right. Yeah, we definitely right, but I mean, it literally passes right through us. There you go, David. So where are we, Jamie? Go to where we are. And this happens every what, seven years. I feel like I've been to one before so we'll see we'll get a very very very very Very good view of it, but you need to be about 50 miles What time Jamie like I don't know I think it's like one o'clock. It says yeah, AM of course No, PMP MP MP MP you wouldn't know it wouldn't be a Sunday Well, there's got to be some places you can go where you don't have to make a big deal out of it [2:12:08] And then you can go where you don't have to make a big deal out of it. You think you can look through that if you have a Tesla with the right roof, you can look through that. Oh, yeah. Because it's got all the protection on it. Oh, that's how I read. Well, Roca's making glasses. They're making glasses. Just specific for this? Yeah, just specific. So you can't look at it for not any period remember when I was a kid in Ohio, like, I don't know. And I would have been like 95 or something. It was a weird day, but it gets really strangely dark outside for a little bit. You want to look at it, obviously, because you're attracted to it. Yeah. It will fuck up your eyes, just like staring at like a laser. Okay. It could get bad if you look at it. I don't think I'm going to look at it that long. Not long enough for it to go back. I mean it is interesting But in the greater scheme of the universe is it that interesting all this is a alignment of stars But it's something that makes it interesting and that it doesn't happen but what every what 10 years That's true Um Jamie I'm gonna send you something because this is interesting Remember when the Trump look at the eclipse [2:13:03] Oh, yeah, you look right at it, right? Yeah. His belief on his, his eyes is fucking hilarious. And those guys, he's stormed. Yeah, he's so ridiculous. Um, hold on. You gotta find this fucking thing. Joe, you asked me time and time again about my special, you didn't even watch it. Nope, I don't watch anything. Oh, my God. I'm too busy right now. And plus, I don't even know if I got a link. Someone sent me a link. You'd have to send me a link for me to watch it. It's streaming on Netflix, too. Oh, when did it start? February 27th, Thank you. I didn't know. February is streaming. It's actually streaming. It's on Netflix. Oh, you need an advanced link. No, you need an advance of a link. You need it before everybody gets to see it. I didn't know it was out. That's the only way you will watch it if you had a private link with code to everything, Joe. That's how I like to watch things. So just like, I don't just feel special. So just like put in the name of it in Netflix, [2:14:06] is you don't do that, right, Joe? Well, I don't do that anymore. So you're preparing for artificial intelligence of a special release? Yeah, that's a better way to do it. All right. Yeah, that's what I'm saying. Yeah, it came on February 27th, man. And it did well. People like it, the streets like it. The streets. Yep. The creeks, the creeks, the creeks and the streets like it. I'm gonna send you this chamois because this is just a very strange thing that happened at the club the other night that almost doesn't make sense. So we were in the green room. I feel like I want to see you to link from my special now. Casey Rocket was on stage in the small room and Tony Hinchcliffe was on stage in the big room. Fuck Tony Hinchcliffe. Now the room, the shows had been going on for hours. In the small room, it was the open mic. So there might have been 20 people on before. And in the big room, [2:15:03] it started at a different time and This was 45 minutes into the show so three comedians had gone up But somehow another time synced perfectly within the bulk of it So as the timer was going off we were Bob bigger staff He's the first person to notice it and he pointed out to us like go back to notice it and he pointed out to us like go back. This is a computer rebelled. Really? Anyway. So you added the clips of your rooms? Yeah, it's like an eclipse. This is like an eclipse. Like the odds of this happening are so small. One show started at 10 p.m. Or 8 p.m. The other show started earlier than that and had like an open mic night so that had like 10 people had been up before. And Casey Rocket is on stage. He's at five minutes and 24 seconds and Tony's on stage in the other room, five minutes and 24 seconds. And we were like, this is crazy. Like what are the odds of this happening? [2:16:00] Who, that I'm gonna happen, like who would even notice it? Bob did. If he didn't notice it They might have been lost and dear Tony fucking day Just his fans Tell his mother fuckers boy and this is what they're really good going back to like not reading the comments I think the last time I did kill Tony It was right like three or four years ago, right? I'll be having a good comment day Joe Oh, good day. Yeah, I love you. I love you Didn't then next thing will ask him is he's gonna if he's gonna walk out on kill Tony's podcast again Yeah, well What do you do? You know, let that one go. I want to go back. Well, then go back. I'm afraid. The, yeah. The power back, but be ready. I was waiting for me. The first of all, I was ready. But he's so, That's what you believed, Joe. Did you not walk off? [2:17:01] You didn't know what the real story, That's what you believe. I don't know what happened. That's our propaganda. I had to forget about it. I tell you what happened. I was here first of all. Okay. I did Tony's show during the pandemic. Right. When he couldn't get guests. Right. I risked my fucking life. Rich your life. For him. Right. And these punk-ass motherfuckers fuckers. Yes. Good show. Black comic goes up. I'm up. I've been there two and a half hours. They just drink giving me to to Tito's and Tito's and Tito's. They're forcing you to drink. Whatever I know that I consume Tito's and Tito's. Right. Then I had a date, a sushi date. You know a sushi spot I'm talking about. The one that the private joint. Mm-hmm. It looks like a speak easy. Mm-hmm. Six people. I had a reservation for that. So I'm doing this show. I told him I'm going to the bathroom because I was going to go eat and they made it look like I ran off the show joke. Really? You went for that bullshit edit. I Had been on this too [2:18:07] It's not a bad idea But I like Tony I like this for fucking pain and suffering And it's petty and I should and I don't really give a fuck they go back, but it's for yeah I would love to so much schedule allows it. I'll go back Why you looking at me like I could probably go back now. Okay, wait a minute. Bathroom, that is not a comedian. This guy go rewind it. Did I know this is what they did, Joe. They showed me talk to the comedian and look, look, all right, watch this. Is that me running off from the comedian? That's like, I'll be right back, going to the bathroom. Look, look, keep following it, walks off to the bathroom. To the bathroom, right? But what they showed, Jamie, can you, [2:19:01] I'm glad we get the fuck and put this out there. Can you show the edit they did? Just with Daniel walks off Daniel walks off and they edit now watch what they do in the fucking edit Daniel walks off how many times have you watched this? Only four thousand Why have you not four thousand? Why have you really spent I haven't spent no time I just remember it. This the first I was actually saw so they original they Dr. it up they doctor the white man That's the I'm making it race the white man. I don't feel like they should have done that they shouldn't done it But you're arguments about that you first thing and it worked on you because you said yeah that time you walked out just can I call Tony right now Yeah, just and where you looked at me the way you looked at me, that time you walked out just, can I call Tony right now? Yeah, this is the way you looked at me. The way you looked at me, he's like, what you go do with the engine. Tony Henscliff. Hold please. Yeah, did you got that? I know it's gotta come up. I don't know what I found though. This is, you're not even in the video yet. Yeah, this is, yeah, tell Tony Hinchcliffe? [2:20:05] Yo, what's up, man? Hey dude, I'm here, uh, you're on the podcast right now. I'm here with Donnell Rawlings. And I'm still beefing motherfucker, tell him the real story. Tell him the real story. Did you edit? You doctor did out. The show to make it look like Donnell was a scat. A black man. Did he edit it? Can I say this a black man? Did you edit it first off? Tony was edited Tony you fucking full of shit. Nothing was edited So Tony what you see is actually the true events that took place? 100% and and and he never you know, I mean it's absolutely not even in question You know it's don't I'll trying to pull up here. I move here. This is the reason why black people are issuing. It's very shady and he's trying to rewrite history. Oh, all right. Jamie, for me, for the sake of God, now he can't find it. This is outrageous. Don't know what to think. [2:21:00] Can you find it? We have pictures of him outside of a firehouse after the moment he was saying hi to people at the fire department. They were like fans of his and he went and hung out with them. He had nothing to do. He had nowhere to go. Oh no, no, no, no, no. This is getting worse. I can't believe he left out details only to use them as a weapon when confronted by propaganda kudos to you. So for holding your car. No fucking kudos. Tony supports black one black crime. He pitted two black guys. Oh, wait a minute. I thought you said that you went to the bathroom and none of that stuff happened. They edited it to the bathroom. He said that he was going to the bathroom. He walked all the way out the front door. Right to the sushi spot, son. I left for sushi. He said he left for sushi. Jamie, who is his reservations were much later than when he was? All right, now watch this. This is it. Breaking news. Donnell Rowley walks off. Now watch the edit. Mom and dad, geez on the same fucking stage. If you fucking stay watch the fuck out of here. Would you get those? Join I've invited Donnell back on I mean he's hold on a second. We're watching the video over right now [2:22:20] The Tito's kicking in right Tito's I'm about to leave right now because no you're not Look I want to go wrap it up I Thank you Tony Tony thank you very much. Thank you The truth thank you. Thank you. Don't know Tony's a liar that was shameful [2:23:13] To the bathroom I get it I had to go to the bed. I can't sit there. I could like I'm in the woods Yeah, it's just you you came to a gunfight With a robbersword I didn't come to a gunfight. I wasn't here for that. I know There host you didn't know you're gonna get attacked ruthlessly. That's what why you're drunk Yes, too drunk to defend yourself too drunk. That was right the very abusive very abusive to our friendship and I Called to every friend. I don't think you realized it was gonna happen though to be honest like no one plans anything I killed this web saying black on black crime. Mm-hmm. I was giving this Black African American comedian so good advice on comedy and then he just started shooting me And I wasn't ready for that. I was like this. How could you that to me? And then all the white people started laughing Look at the black one black crime. We don't got to do anything to kill in themselves [2:24:03] Alright, Pete George Floyd. That's a very interesting way to put it. That's exactly what my people saw. And it was all in Tony and his crew of henchmen and set it up. Interesting. henchmen. henchmen. Yes. And he lied. Just right now people are going to believe that he just lied. It seems like we only wanted to know because we watched the video. I don't know what you saw, Joe. What did you see? I saw something totally different. I saw a guy that had to go to the bathroom. Okay. That's what we settled it. We're in the world of editing. I had to go to the bathroom. I went to the bathroom and then I I appreciate the fact checking and I appreciate the research of the doctor clip you had, Jamie. Thank you. It is kind of rude, Jamie, that you did that to Donnell. I thought that's the one he wanted me to find. I mean, you could have put up any clip, but you chose to go with the CGI, AI, doctor, Tony Hinchcliffe, Hinchman version. [2:25:08] Yep. That's it, but long as like, How many fucking times have you done, kill Tony? Three times. That's it? Really? Yeah, I did it in LA. Maybe two. I did it in LA. I had a lot of fun. David Lucas was on that one. Weird and good. I quite a stand-in-knowvation on that joint. Nice. I did that one and I did the one here. When David Lucas and Tony tear each other apart, it's the hardest I ever laughed. Yeah. David goes after Tony so hard. Tony goes after, and they're both laughing really hard at each other getting clowned. But when David went in, man, David went in, it was an example of Jonan because everybody was like, oh, you didn't let him talk. I'm like, the way I came up with roast and wherever you call it, you don't let nobody talk. You just go into like person, you run out of breath or run out of jokes. It wasn't like, and now that's your turn, you get three seconds. So it's not a big fan of it. I don't like roast. Be like, I might have been invited to like, or agreed to do like three roles in my entire career. [2:26:05] I think they're two personal. Yeah. I think it's, I mean, it's funny to some people, but I think it's just two personal. It's two easy just to be disrespectful. Oh, just a joke. You meant that shit. And it hurts. Yeah. It's a license to be mean. Yeah, I don't like it. I did Whitney's, I did Whitney's. Whitney called me and said, I don't like the roles. Right, I don't do that thing. And then she told me how much I was gonna pay. I'll say, so I need to be there at five, right? That's so, so, so, so. We coming off to pay and them, when nobody making money, I did it specials. I know, but it was dope. I really think I really saw her as a producer doing that and being able to put people together and like she was really, really serious about making it look good, getting the right people involved. It was fun. A good time. She's great at all kinds of stuff. She's always juggling things. I remember I was talking to her. [2:27:01] She was in the middle of writing a script, right? And she's like, I'm gonna put the script aside for a bit because I'm doing this documentary on violence. I'm like, what? Like, what? And oh, yeah, did I tell you I'm having a baby next week? Yeah, I'm having a baby. Nine months pregnant apparently. Yeah, out of nowhere. Picture there, who would it own? She's a maniac. Yeah, but It was fun, it was fun to work with. I did it with her, I did it with Bert Kreiser, Jim Norton, it was so fun to go. And we had to roll through how it happened to be to me. That's cool. It was cool, I had a good time. Well, but I mean, if you ever, I'll send you the link from my special, you can check out. I'll watch it. You're not gonna watch it. I don't watch too much stand up other than like I try to like balance the amount of entertainment I get in general. I know I don't really expect you to watch it. I will watch it. No but you know watch it. You don't have to watch it, you know. I feel like I have to watch it. You don't have to watch it. Jamie doesn't it don't feel like I have to watch it. Watch it right now. Jamie's watching it right now. I like the intro everything the thing I like the most to intro. Yeah, it's good [2:28:07] You got to watch it, but you're not you don't have to but watch it because you were like when it's special come on I'll probably watch it. All right. It was fun. Okay, but the thing is net one thing about a special You've done a lot of them special thing about it is like all right What's what's next if forces you to have to start over? Yeah. And it's a lot of people. People understand the pressure I feel of it special because people always say, well, I this is what people say. It happened to me last week. I did a show somebody said, I like to show I just saw more than I liked the special. It's I don't know if people understand, the funniest you probably wanna see a comedian is right before he shoots a special and right after his special. Also, just live is always funnier. Live is always funnier. It's way funnier. I always say that if you see a really good special, a really good special is like 60 to maybe 70% [2:29:02] as funny as it is if you were in the place. Exactly. But it might probably like 60. And that's the hardest thing to capture is that feeling like, you can't capture it. What this was for me, first time I was telling you earlier, first time I did it, he can't did because of the COVID stuff. The second time we were in a Napa Valley, we were doing some shows there. And you know, Chapeappelle records all of his shows. Probably you do the same thing. So he asked the producer Ricky Hughes. She said, how many cameras do we have here today? She said we got five. He looks at me and says, do you want to shoot your special? I'm like, when he said tomorrow, I'm like, what the fuck says? Right. But I got excited because I was like, I like the idea of it not being a spectacle. Right. I like the idea of nobody knowing about it. Right. It was only three people that knew we were, we were even gonna go for it. Right. Everything else was like a regular show. I was like, oh, you know what? This would be so dope, no pressure. Yeah. Shot it. I got it, killed it, Joe. I was doing a regular thing. I wasn't thinking about special, just regular show. [2:30:05] Killed it. I'm like, oh shit, I caught Robbie probably, oh, we got to special. He like, let me see it, you been saying that, right? Three weeks later, Dave caused me again, I want to shoot this special over. I'm like, why he said, I didn't like the production. I'm like, motherfucker, you're the producer. He was like, yeah, but it was it was really small thing. He was like Delighting and then it was people walking past You know doing the show and I was like what do you remember live in Sunset strip Richard prior One of funny as lines you remember when he was like look why people left they came back to seats gone It was in the moment. It was live. It felt like that's where I thought if that felt live He was like, down there, we'll put it out. But I'm telling you if we're going to do it, we scratch the second one. Cut to the third one. And I think out of all of criticism and everything he said, leading up to and his reasons why he wanted to do it again. I [2:31:02] think that I I court it and people say do you think that was your best in that moment that night. It was the best I could be that night. Beautiful. You know I mean like you know we'll do shit where you you say I'm not doing that joke before you know you performed these jokes better but can you capture it in that moment of that night where I think I could have good vibe? Beautiful. Donnell, I'm not gonna watch it. I'm gonna. That was loud, Donnell. You love it. To take a leak and we're gonna end this. We're gonna wrap this up. No problem. Thank you very much. Tell everybody the name of it. It's a new day on Netflix. There it is. It's the button say? DR is my logo. Oh nice. Yep. Oh proud of that finally go done. Thank you. Thank you, bro. All right. Bye everybody